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Full text of "The Old Testament in Greek according to the text of Codex vaticanus, supplemented from other uncial manuscripts, with a critical apparatus containing the variants of the chief ancient authorities for the text of the Septuagint"

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Volume I. The Octateuch (to be completed in 4 parts). 

Part I. Genesis. 


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FELLOW OF Christ's college, university lecturer in aramaic. 




Cambridge University Press 
London: Bentley House, 200 Euston Road, N.W.i 






C. F. CLAY, Manager. 


ffilasflob): 50, WELLINGTON STREET. 



Bombag ana Calcutta: MACMILLAN & CO., Ltd. 

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FELLOW OF Christ's college, university lecturer in aramaic. 




F£B 1 " <^^^ 

Cambtiligc : 



WHEN the task of preparing the larger Cambridge edition of the Septuagint was 
entrusted to the present editors by the Syndics of the University Press in 1895, it 
was settled that the first volume should contain the Octateuch (Genesis to Ruth). As the 
collection and arrangement of material have occupied a much longer time than was 
anticipated, it has been decided to publish the first volume in four parts — containing 
(i) Genesis, (2) Exodus and Leviticus, (3) Numbers and Deuteronomy, and (4) Joshua, 
Judges and Ruth — in order to place the information we have collected at the disposal 
of scholars as soon as possible. We are not yet able to present in final form our preface 
to the Octateuch, and must here confine ourselves to lists of the symbols and abbrevi- 
ations used, with a short explanation of the methods adopted in our critical notes. 

The object of our work is to present as clearly and fully as is possible within 
reasonable limits of space the evidence available for the reconstruction of the text or 
texts of the LXX. At an early stage of the undertaking it was decided that it would 
be premature to attempt to provide a reconstructed or "true" text in this edition; and 
that the text of the Vatican MS. should be followed wherever extant, its lacunae being 
supplied from the Alexandrian or another uncial MS. The text of Ur Swete's manual 
edition has therefore been reprinted with but few alterations. The punctuation has been 
revised, and a few departures from the text of the principal MS. have been made in 
cases where its readings are quite indefensible. Daggers (* *) have been used to indicate 
all such departures from the MS. which are not merely corrections of itacisms, misspellings, 
or trivial errors of a similar kind. 

The symbol placed at the top of the outer margin on each page is that of the 
MS. which supplies the text. A list of the MSS. and versions quoted in the notes is 
given in a line between the first and second sets of notes. Where an authorit}' is extant 
for part of a page only, its symbol is placed in brackets. 

1. The notes immediately below the text contain the itacisms and small errors of 
the principal MS., as well as of the other uncial MSS. quoted in the manual edition, 
but not of the remaining uncials, nor of any cursive MSS.' After the first 20 chapters 
of Genesis were in type, we decided from this point onwards to include in these notes 
also all readings of the principal MS. which are not adopted in the text, and notes on 
corrections in this MS. by the first or by later scribes. Its substantial variants are 
repeated in the main notes only where they are supported by other authorities or are 
important for the interpretation of the whole evidence. 

2. In the main body of notes we have endeavoured to give the substantial variants 
found in (a) all the extant uncial MSS. and the 30 cursive MSS. selected by us as 
representative, (i^) the chief ancient versions made from the Septuagint, (c) the writings of 
Philo, Josephus, and the most important of the early Christian writers. With a view to 

1 We are anxious to reproduce all the information con- cumber our notes with the minutiae of other MSS. than those 
tained in the notes of the manual edition, but do not think it used by Dr Swete. 
well, in view of the large number of authorities quoted, to 

SEPT. i * 


completeness, moreover, variants which are quoted by Holmes and Parsons from any of 
their MSS., but are not found in any of the MSS. selected by us, are given between 
angular brackets () on the authority of their edition, the MSS. so quoted being denoted 
by Holmes's numbers. 

The number of authorities quoted has made it desirable to exclude impossible forms 
and constructions, and minutiae devoid of special interest or value : but it has not been 
possible to follow rigid rules with absolute consistency. In recording possible variants, which 
may be only itacistic blunders, we have been to some extent guided by the character of 
the MS. which contains them. Where a reading is found in only one MS., its spelling 
is reproduced. Where two or more MSS. have the same reading but shew unimportant 
differences in spelling, all are credited with the forms of words such as are usually fol- 
lowed in the text. But in the case of proper names we have endeavoured to give all 
variations of spelling with the exception of such itacisms as the interchange of t and et, 
and (in some cases) of e and ai. 

In the arrangement of the notes the order of the text has of course been followed ; 
and variants on longer portions of the text precede those on shorter portions beginning 
with the same word. In each set of variants words prefixed to those of the text are 
given first (introduced by "pr"), then alternative words, and then words added after those 
of the text (introduced by +). Except in the case where words are prefixed or added, 
we have tried to avoid quoting the same authority twice in the same set of variants— 
unless one of the points in question is a mere detail of spelling. But we have not always 
been able to carry out this rule consistently. To discover the exact reading of any MS. 
it is important that readers should look through the whole list of variants on the par- 
ticular word or phrase in question. 

When an addition or alternative reading of some length is supported by several 
authorities, the commonest form of the reading is given first, followed by the symbols of 
all the authorities which yield it general support : then the detailed variations of each 
authority from that type are added in double brackets [[ ]]. This method, besides saving 
a great deal of space, seems to shew clearly at a glance what authorities really support 
many of the more important variants. In the case of these and other readings, where 
one authority differs in a single detail from the common type shewn by the authorities 
which otherwise support the same reading, the difference has been recorded in ordinary 
brackets ( ) immediately after the symbol of that authority. Where several agree in one 
divergence, it has been recorded in similar brackets after the list of symbols. 

When the reading of the text has the support of comparatively few MSS., the positive 
evidence has been given immediately after the word or phrase quoted from the text and 
to the left of the square bracket. In such cases the symbols of those cursives which 
support the commonest variant are not separately enumerated, except where there has been 
correction by later hands, but are included under " rell " (or " omn " if all the cursives are 
agreed). But the symbols of all authorities other than Greek cursives are in these cases 
given in full. If any are omitted it is because their evidence is not decisive for or against 
the particular variant. 

Our treatment of the several ancient versions has varied according to the character 
of each. The evidence of the Old Latin has been given with special fullness, not only 
because of its intrinsic importance, but also because of its relation to the Scripture citations 
of the Latin Fathers. The Syro-hexaplar is fully quoted for a different reason, viz. its 
extreme literalness, and the certainty with which it can be retranslated into Greek. The 
Armenian has the same quality though in a less degree ; and the character of the 



Palestinian Aramaic, where it is extant, is similar. The Ethiopic is too free to be quoted 
without c^reat caution, and from the iniddlc of Genesis onward the use of its evidence has 
been confined almost entirely to the cases where it agrees with some other authority or 
with the Hebrew original: much space has thus been saved without serious detriment'. The 
Egyptian versions are on the whole accurate translations, though they do not follow the 
Greek so slavishly as the Syro-hexaplar, and the Sahidic sometimes betrays a tendency 
to paraphrase. The evidence for some unimportant variants in the Coptic versions is very 
uncertain, e.g. as regards the copula before verbs (particularly in narrative), the article, and 
pronouns affi.Ked to nouns and verbs. In all these cases the evidence of the version has 
been neglected unless it is supported hy other authority". Where the weak article is used in 
Coptic, the version has not been cited for or against the presence of the article in Greek^. 

The evidence of the versions has been quoted in Latin wherever their variants are 
unsupported by Greek authorities. The original languages are quoted only in a few instances 
where it seems necessary to emphasize some point which is in itself doubtful or which 
cannot be clearly expressed in Latin. The forms of proper names found in the Latin 
and Egyptian versions have usually been given in full, and so too the Armenian forms 
of all but those that frequently occurs The forms of proper names found in the Syro- 
hexaplar have in the great majority of instances been neglected, as agreeing with those 
found in the Peshitta and evidently derived from that source: but wherev-er they deviate 
from the Peshitta form they have been given in the Syriac character, since there is no 
sufficiently trustworthy witness to their vocalisation. In the Ethiopic version the proper 
names are so constantly distorted and corrupt, that it has seemed best to neglect altogether 
its evidence on this head. 

The redaction of patristic evidence has proved in some ways the most difficult and 
least satisfactory part of our work. To the well-known difficulties due to the unsatisfactory 
state of the text of most editions of the Fathers, and to the habit shewn by many writers 
of quoting inexactly from memory, is added that which arises from the reaction of New 
Testament quotations of certain passages, which were more familiar to the writers in this 
form than in the actual Greek of the Septuagint. There are many instances too of 
"conflate" quotations, where elements derived from different passages of the Old Testament 
have been interwoven. The fractions which indicate the proportion of support that a variant 
receives from a Father as compared with the total number of his quotations of the passage 
must be regarded as only roughly approximate. They take account only of those passages 
which we have decided to treat as definite quotations with respect to the particular 
variants to which they are attached. It is not always easy to decide whether the re- 
petition of a verse, or part of it, in the near neighbourhood of a quotation should be 
treated as a separate attestation of the words. The improved texts of the Berlin and 
Vienna editions have been used wherever available ' : but in most other cases we have had 

' It is not often possible to quote the Ethiopic for or gint" which .ippeared in \\\e Journal of Theologknl Studies 

against the presence of possessive pronouns, and the peculi- for July igo2. 

arities of its idiom prescribe silence in many cases where its ■• With few exceptions the Armenian version maintains 

apparent evidence might be misleading. throughout the same form for each proper name. 

"^ The experience of preparing the notes for Genesis has ^ Where these and other modern texts— such as Cohn 

shewn that the attempt to give the Bohairic evidence for the and Wendland's Philo — are available, we have given a pretty 

definite article, when a variant involving its presence or absence full representation of manuscript evidence: and we have been 

is supported by Greek authority, is un.satisfactory, and it will supplied with this by fellow-workers in some other cases. By 

not be continued in Exodus. ■ "ed" we denote the text as edited: readings of one or more 

2 The above paragraph is in substance identical with one M.S.S. of a Father are indicated by "cod" or "codd." 
printed in our article on "the furthcoming Cambridge Septua- 


to depend on unsatisfactory texts. This is shewn only too clearly by the frequency with 
which two or more variants receive about equal support from the same writer. And it 
must be added that even when satisfactory editions of all the Fathers are available, it 
will still be difficult to estimate the value of their evidence without considering each 
quotation with special reference to its context in the works of the writer who makes it. 

Of evidence derived from the writings of Josephus we have been able to make little 
use : his relation to the text of the LXX. — so far as he used it at all — is quite different 
in kind from that of the other writers whose quotations we have given. The questions 
of the sources from which he derived his own account of facts recorded in the Old 
Testament, and of his method in dealing with his materials, are such as lie outside the 
scope of our undertaking. 

3. Our third set of notes contains the hexaplaric matter found in the margins of 
those MSS. which we quote continuously, and of the Syro-hexaplar version. We did not 
think it our duty to include in our selection all MSS. with marginal hexaplaric matter, 
or to collect such matter from other sources, for the result would only have been the 
reprinting of the greater part of Field's Hexapla. But when a MS. was chosen for its own 
text, it seemed desirable to give the whole of its evidence. We have thus added a 
certain amount of new matter not given by Field, but none of this is of great importance. 

Our task has been greatly lightened by the generous contributions of many friends 
and fellow-workers, who have helped us with the collation and photographing of MSS., 
and with the collection of patristic quotations. But we must postpone detailed acknow- 
ledgement till the publication of the first volume as a whole. 

There is however no need to delay the acknowledgement of our debt to those whose 
work is done. The obvious defects of the great Oxford edition of the LXX. by Holmes 
and Parsons, when judged by critical standards of a later age, have unfortunately done 
much to obscure its enormous value, especially in the volume which contains the Pentateuch. 
The amount and completeness of the information from Greek MSS. which this edition 
supplies is the more surprising the more the subject is studied. To have collected the 
readings of practically all the MSS. of the LXX. which were then in Europe, during the 
stormy years at the end of the i8th and beginning of the 19th century, was a very 
remarkable feat. Without this pioneer work our task would have been almost impossible, 
and it is only just to recognize the extent of our debt to the Oxford editors. 

Among the LXX. scholars of the 19th century the name of Lagarde stands first. 
His contributions to the subject are too well known to need special mention here. But 
it would be impossible to publish our work without declaring our indebtedness to them. 
In April 1868 he wrote " Mea autem Genesis editione conabor uti ad instituendos iuuenes, 
qui integri ueteris testamenti graeci editionem parantem me possint adiuuare : nam solus 
tantum laborem sustinere omnino nequeo." He alone, if any one, could have "sustained 
the labour," — not only of the preliminary task which has been entrusted to us, but also 
of its more important sequel — the reconstruction of the pre-hexaplaric text of the LXX., 
so far as that is now possible. We gladly testify to what we have learned from his edition 
of Genesis, as well as from his other writings. 

Once more, it is always a pleasure to Cambridge men to have an opportunity of 
recording their obligations to Dr Hort. It is altogether characteristic of him that though 
his name is nowhere publicly connected with LXX. studies the determination of the scope 
of this edition was entirely his work. In his memorandum on the extent and value of 
extant authorities for the text of the LXX. the lines are laid down which have been 


followed, uitli but few modifications, in this edititMi. 11 is hints on the best method of 
describing MSS., and of collecting the evidence of patristic citations, have guided the 
labours of those who have helped us, as well as our own. And all his pupils would say 
of him, as Gregory said of Origen, that much as they learned from his words they learned 
more from his example — TrapeKoXei, irXeov roi'i epjoK fj oh eXeyev. 

To all those connected with the University Press who have been employed on the 
printing of our work we would express our sincere thanks for the accuracy and skill with 
which they have carried out their task. 


N.B. — The inde.\ * everywhere denotes the original vvrilinsj of the scribe ; and for MSS. other than 
BADEFS (see below) '^ denotes corrections by the same or an appro.\iniately contemporary hand, '' cor- 
rections by a later hand. 

In the case of MSS. used by Holmes and Parsons, their numbers are here given in brackets after our 

Uncial MSS. 

B (li) Codex Vaticanus. Rome, Vatican, Gr. 1209. 

B' corrections by the original scribe. 

B" B*" B'= corrections by three successive later scribes (Dr Swete's preface, p. xix). 
A (hi) Codex .'\lexandrinus. London, Brit. Mus., Reg. L D. v-viii. 

A' corrections by the original scribe. 

A" A'' A*^ A'' corrections by four successive later scribes. 
D (I) Codex Cottonianus. London, Brit. Mus., Cotton MSS., Otho B. vi. 5-6. 

£> Grabe's collation, published by Dr H. Owen, London, 1778. 

Z)"' readings inferred from Grabe's silence. 

D the text of fragments still legible, as published in Ve/us/a Moiiuiitcnta (London 1747), and by Tischendorf, 
Gotch, and Omont. 

D' (/?') corrections by the original scribe or a contemporary. 

D" D*" (/)" Z)"') corrections by later scribes. 
E Codex Bodleianus. Oxford, Bodl., Auct. T. infr. ii. i. 

E' corrections by the original scribe. 

E'' E'' later corrections. 
F (Vll) Codex Ambrosianus. Milan, .\mbrosian, A. J47 infr. 

F' corrections by the original scribe. 

F» corrections in uncial hands. 

Y^ corrections in cursive hands. 
G (IV, v) Codex ColbertoSarravianus. Leyden, Univ. Libr., Voss. Gr. Q. 8. 
„ „ „ Paris, Bibl. Nat., Reg. Gr. 17. 

„ „ „ St Petersburg, Imp. Libr., v. 5. 

L (vi) Codex Purpureus Vindobonensis. Vienna, Imp. Libr., Theol. Gr. 2 (Lamb.). 
M (x) Codex Coislinianus. Paris, Bibl. Nat., Coislin Gr. i. (2uoted from the proof-sheets of the Rev. H. S. 

Cronin's edition. 
S Codex Sinaiticus (N). Leipzig and St Petersburg. 

On the correctors' hands see Tischendorf, as quoted in Dr Swete's preface, p. .xxi. 
Uo Amherst Papyri, iii c, containing Gn. i. 1-5. 
U3 London, Brit. Mus., pap. ccxii, containing Gn. xiv. 17. 
Ui Oxyrhynchus Papyri 656, containing parts of Gn. xiv. xv. xix. xx. xxiv. 
A2 Paris, Bibl. Nat. ; vellum fragments in the binding of Gr. 1397, containing portions of Gn. xxi. xxii. xxiv. 

These were copied for us by M. Seymour de Ricci. 
A3 Strassburg, Pap. Gr. 748 ; vellum fragments of Gn. xxv. xxvi. (see Archiv f. Papyrusforschung II. 224 ff.). 
A4 Geneva, n° 99 ; vellum fragments of Gn. xxxvii. (see Revue de Philologit., 1904, pp. 65 flf.). 
A^ Palimpsest fragment containing Gn. xl. 3, 4, 7 {Expos. Times, Nov. 1901, pp. 56 ff.). 

Selected Cursive MSS. 

a (15) Paris, Bibl. Nat., Coislin Gr. 2. 
b (19) Rome, Chigi, R. vi. 38. 

^(108) Rome, Vat. Gr. 330 — used to supply 

lacunae in b and some hexaplaric 

notes. We propose to quote this MS. 

throughout the later part of the Octa- 

Escurial, Y. 11. 5. 
Zittau, A. I. I. 
Florence, Laur., Acq. 44. 
Paris, Bibl. Nat., Reg. Gr. 17". 
Paris, Bibl. Nat., Reg. Gr. 5. 
Rome, Vat., Regin. Gr. i. 
Paris, Bibl. Nat., Reg. Gr. 3. 
Rome, Vat., Gr. 747. 
Rome, Vat., Regin. Gr. 10. 
Glasgow, Univ. Libr., BE. 7''. 10. 
Oxford, Bodl., Canon. Gr. 35. 

c (38) 
d (44) 
e (52) 

f (53) 
g (54) 
li (55) 
i (56) 
J (57) 
k (58) 

1 (59) 
m (72) 

n (75) Oxford, Bodl., Univ. Coll. 52. 
o (82) Paris, Bibl. Nat., Coislin Gr. 3. 
p(io6) Ferrara, Bib!. Com., Gr. 187. 
q(i2o) Venice, St Mark's, Gr. 4. 
r (129) Rome, Vat., Gr. 1252. 
s (131) Vienna, Imp. Libr., Theol. Gr. 
t (134) Florence, Laur., v. i. 
u Jerusalem, Holy Sepulchre, 2. 

V Athos, Pantocrator, 24. 

w Athens, Bibl. Nat. 44. 

X London, Brit. Mus., Curzon 66. 

y(i2i) Venice, St Mark's, Gr. 3. 
z (85) Rome, Vat., Gr. 2058. 
a2 St Petersburg, Imp. Libr., 62 1 

London, Brit. Mus., Add. 20002 J 
b2 (29) Venice, St Mark's, Gr. 2. 
€2(135) Bale, AN. in. 13 (Omont i). 
d2 (61) Oxford, Bodleian, Laud Gr. 36. 

(Nessel 23). 

of E). 

MSS. WHOSE Readings are occ'Asionally quoted (see above, p. li) on the 
Authority of Holmes and Parsons. 

It has occasionally been impossible to reproduce the evidence of H. & P. where it is unusually complicated, 

obscure, or doubtful. 

14 Rome, Vat., Pal. Gr. 203. 

16 Florence, Laur., v. 38. 

18 Florence, Laur., Med. Pal. 242 (from the Monastery 

of S. Domenico, Fiesole). 
20 Codex Dorothei. 
25 Munich, Gr. 9. 

30 Rome, Casanatensis, 1444. 

31 Vienna, Imp. Libr., Theol. (ir. 4 (Lamb.). 

32 Codex Eugenii. 

37 Moscow, S. Synod., 31. 
64 Paris, Bibl. Nat., Reg. Gr. 2. 
68 Venice, St Mark's, Gr. 5. 
71 Paris, Bibl. Nat., Reg. Gr. I. 
73 Rome, Vat., Gr. 746. 

76 Paris, Bibl Nat., Reg. Gr. 4. 

77 Rome, Vat., Gr. 748. 

78 Rome, Vat., Gr. 383. 

79 Rome, Vat., Gr. 1668. 

83 Lisbon, Archivio da Torre do Tombo 540 ff. (for- 

merly at Evora). 

84 Rome, Vat., Gr. 1 901. 

107 Ferrara, Gr. 188. 

108 Rome, Vat., Gr. 330. 

118 Paris, Bibl. Nat., Reg. Gr. 6. 

125 Moscow, S. Synod., Vlad. 3 (Matt. 30). 

126 Moscow, S. Synod., Vlad. 38 (Matt. 19). 

127 Moscow, S. Synod., Vlad. i (Matt. 31a). 

128 Rome, Vat., Gr. 1657. 
130 Vienna, Imp. Libr., Theol. Gr. 3 (Nessel 57). 

74 Florence, Laur., Acquisti da S. Marco 700 (49). 

All citations of 25 and 130 throughout Genesis have been tested by the collations of these MSS. embodied in 
Lagarde's Genesis graece. Those of 31 have been checked by a collation of our own. 

Ancient Versions. 

'3I = Armenian (ed. Zohrab, Venice, 1805). 

3l-ed means Zohrab's text, iS-cod or S-codd variants 

recorded in his notes. 
13 = Bohairic. 

W Lagarde's edition, Leipzig, 1867. 
3B" Wilkins's edition, London, 1731. 
JSp Paris Bibl. Nat. Copt, i, quoted for Genesis only. 
(!i: = Sahidic. 

C Ciasca's edition, Rome, 1885. 

ffi" Maspdro's edition {Mhnoires de la Misswii 

Archcologique FratK^aise an Caire, Tom. vi. 

Paris, 1892). C-cod is a Bodleian MS. quoted 

by Ciasca. A few fragments in Paris (Bibl. 

Nat., Copt. i2gb) not published by Maspero 

have been quoted under the symbol C. 
<S> fragments in the British Museum (Or. 5287) 

hitherto unpublished. 

1£ = Ethiopic. 

1E'= Uillmann's codex C. 
!Ef F 

!Ep Paris, Bibl. Nat., Eth. 3 (Zotenberg), collated 
throughout Genesis for our edition. 
3L = 01d Latin. 

IL'' Belsheim's edition of the Vienna palimpsest. 
li'' Robert's edition of the Lyons Octateuch. 
IL' Extracts given by Vercellone, Variae Lectioncs. 
3L" Ranke's edition of the Wiirzburg palimpsest. 
^= Palestinian Aramaic, contained in Mrs Lewis's 
edition of the Lectionary {Studia Sinaitica, 
no. vi). 
S = Syro-hexaplar (ed. Lagarde, Bibliothecae Synacae). 
S-ap-Barh quotations from S' in the Ai/sar Raze of 


Editions of Patristic and otiikk Writers used. 

(I) G> 

Philo. Colin and Wcndland, completed from Mangey. 
Phil-arm = Armenian fragments published by 

Pllil-lat = Fragments of a Latin version of the 
Qtiaest. in Gen. published by Conybeare in 
Expositor, 4"' series, vol. iv, in two recen- 
sions (' -). 
[N.B. Phil-arm and Phil-lat are quoted only 
where the variant is. supported by no quotations 
of Philo e.xtant in Greek. The symbol Phil there- 
fore = Greek evidence from Philo, whether alone or 
supported by quotations which are extant only in 
Armenian or Latin.] 

Josephus. Niese. 

N.T. authors. 

Ev or Evan = Gospels. 

Acta = -A.cts. 

Paul= Pauline epistles. 

Heb = Epistle to the Hebrews. 

Cath = Catholic epistles. 

Apoc = Apocalypse. 

[N.B. The N.T. quotations have been treated in 
Genesis like all the quotations of other writers. 
Their evidence is given only where they support 
definite variants, and quotations too loose or peri- 
phrastic to afford such evidence are passed over in 
silence. We have come to the conclusion that this 
method results in a somewhat inadequate treatment 
of such early and important evidence, and from 
Exodus onwards we propose to give the full text 
of definite quotations by N.T. writers in our main 
set of notes.] 

.■\postolic Fathers. Lightfoot and Harnier. 
Clem-R = Clement of Rome. 
Bam = Barnabas. 

Justin Martyr. Otto. 

Other apologists. Otto. 
Theoph = Theophilus. 

Clement of Alexandria. Potter. 

Paedagogus and Pro trip liens. Stahlin. 


Hippolylus. Bonwetsch and Achelis. 

Pliilosophumena. Duncker and Schneidewin. 
Origen. C. Celsum. Koetschau. 

Horn, in Jerejn. &c. Klostermann. 
Comm. in Joann. Preuschen. 

Philocalia. Robinson. 
The remainder from Lommatzsch. 

Use has been made of I.agarde's index of quota- 
tions in Origen, which is among the MSS. forming 
LagardeVNachlass" in the University Library at 

Or-gr = works of Origen extant in Greek. 
Or-lat = works of Origen extant only in Latin trans- 
Or is a symbol used only where the variant is found 
both in Greek works and in Latin translations. 
Adamantius. Bakhuyzen. 
Eusebius. Hist. Ecd., Bks i-v. Schwartz. 

Bks vi-x. Heinichen. 
Vita Constant. &c. Heikel. 
Pracpar. Evang., Dentonstr. Evang., Eclogae 

PropJiet. Gaisford. 
The remainder from Migne. 

[N.B. We have confined ourselves to those works 
of Eusebius that are extant in Greek.] 
Onomasticon Eusebii. Klostermann. 
Athanasius. Padua edition (1777). 
Cyr-hier = Cyril of Jerusalem. Touttce. 
Chrysostom. Savile. 

We have used Lagarde's index of quotations in 
Chrysostom preserved at (iottingen. 
Thd = Theodore of Mopsuestia. Migne. 

Thd-syr = works of Theodore extant in .Syriac (ed. 
C3rril of .Alexandria. Aubert. 

JuI-apCyr = the text of Julian as quoted by Cyril. 
Thdt = Thcodoret. Schulze. 

A-Z \ The di.ilogues of .Vthanasius and Zacchaeus, 
T-A i ~ and of Timothy and Aquila, ed. Conybeare. 

(2) Latin. 

Irenaeus. Slieren (supplemented by Mr H. N. Bate's 
collation of the Cheltenham MS.). 

Cyprian. The quotations were collected by Prof. F. C. 
Burkitt from Hartel's edition. They have been 
supplemented from Mr C. H. Turner's collations 
of fresh MSS. 

de-P-C = De Pascha Computus. Hartel. (Quotations 
collected by Prof. Burkitt, who recollated the 
text of the MS. in the British Museum. 

Novatian. Migne. 

Hilary. Migne, corrected from Vienna edition where 
De xMysieriis. Gamurrini. 

Lucifer of Cagliari. Hartel. 

Tyconius. Burkitt. 

Priscillian. Schepss. 

Speculum, i.e. Liber de Divinis Scripturis, quod fertur 
Augustini. Weihrich. 

Anoni''- = the anonymous Chronicle, preserved in two 
recensions at Lucca and Turin, edited by 
Lagarde in Septiiagintastudien, 2" Tlieil. 

Tractatus de Sanctis Scripturis. Batiffol. 

Vulgate. (Quoted occasionally, where some of the Latin 
writers usually quoted follow its readings, and 
their evidence is accordingly omitted, as of no 
value in witnessing to the text of the LXX. 




CQA = codex, i.e. one manuscript. 

coA-nmc = codex itnicus, the only extant manuscript. 

<:oAA= codici's, i.e. two or more manuscripts. 

codd-omn = <:w//V'£'.f o/iincs, all the extant manuscripts. 

eA = in editione, i.e. according to the text of the edition 

ex corr = ^.r correct ura. 
txiWn = extra lincas, i.e. projecting beyond the beginning 

or end of a line. 
\wc\ = inclusit or incliiscrtiiit. 
\mcx = inscripsit or inscripserunt. 
int \\Vi = intra litteas, i.e. above or below the line. 
mg = i« margine. 
oxa=ontittit or omittunt. 
omn = omiies, i.e. all the selected cursives. 
■px=praemittit ox praemittunt. 
ras — rasu//i or rasiira. Ras (i), ras (2) mean one letter 

erased, two letters erased, and so on. 

rec man = ?-£•««// manu. 
rescr = rescripsii. 

xe\\ = }-eligui, i.e. the rest of the selected cursives, 
s. = stue. 

sine nom = j'/«^ tiomiiie s. iioniinibiis, i.e. with the omis- 
sion of the signs a', tr &c. 
suhscx = subscripsit or siibscripsernnt. 
sup ras = supra rasurain. 
suprascr = suprascripsit. 
txt = in text a. 
uid = ?c/ iiidetiir. 
a = kKvKui^ Aquila. 
fj3p = u fjipalos. 
6' = SfodnTiO)V. 

01 X = oi \onroi, i.e. the other translators. 
(T = Svnna)(os. 
ca^. =To o-afiapeirtKov. 

Other Signs. 

: is used to separate variants on the same word or 

I is used to separate variants on one word or phrase 
from those on another. 

] separates the word or phrase in the text from the 
variants on it. N.B. The mention of the word 
or phrase in the text is omitted where there is only 
one variant, and it is obvious to what word or 
phrase it belongs. Where positive evidence is 
quoted (see above, p. ii) it is given between the 
word or phrase and the square bracket. 

[ ] Words or parts of words which cannot be clearly 
read are enclosed in square brackets. 

( ) after a symbol contain a peculiarity of spelling or 
wording found only in that authority. Where how- 
ever symbols are included within the brackets the 
peculiarity is found in all the authorities so de- 

(?), which indicates doubt, usually refers only to the 
letter immediately preceding. 

( ) containing a number (i) when prefixed to a word 
taken from the text indicate the verse to which it 
belongs, (2) after " ras " indicate the number of 
letters erased. 

[ ] See above, p. ii. 

{ ) enclose all information which is given on the 
authority of Holmes and Parsons. 

4- introduces an addition which comes after the words 
quoted from the text. 

-In any list of cursive MSS. a-d = abcd, k-n=klnin, 
and so on. 

— between two words taken from the text indicates that 

the intervening words are included. 
... between two words taken from the text indicates that 
the intervening words are not included in those for 
which the variants form an equivalent. 
... at the end of an incomplete word or phrase indi- 
cates that the completion is wanting or cannot be 
'i= explicit. 

t 1 are placed before and after words in the text in 
respect of which the reading of the principal MS. 
has been departed from. 
% is the hexaplaric asterisk. 
-^ is the hexaplaric obelus. Varying forms of this 

{-. ) are only noted for S. 

"<■ is the hexaplaric metobelus. 

I", 2", &c. indicate the first, second, &c. time the word or 
phrase occurs in the verse. 
A fraction after the name of an authority shews by 
the denominator the number of times that the words 
in question are quoted by that authority, and by the 
numerator the number of times that it supports the 
particular variant. Thus e.g. Cyr j-ed J-cod} means 
that out of four quotations of the word in Cyril, two 
have the particular variant according to all the evidence 
known to us : in the third quotation the edited text of 
Cyril has it, but a MS. or MSS. differ; while in the 
fourth case only one M.S. is known to have the variant, 
which is not found in the edited text of the Father. 



2 ^EN APXH eTToirjaev o 6eo<: t6v ovpavov /cal tt)v yrjv. ^r) Se y!) rjv aoparo'i Kal uKara- A § U, 

3 tjKeva(TTO<f, Kal (TKOTOf iiravfo t^? dffvaaov Kal Trvevfia deov eVet^epeTO eirdvw rov vSaro^. 3/eai 

4 enrev o deo'i Vevr^Oi^rco <^w?' Kai eyevero (^w?. -t/cat Xhev 6 Oeo'; to ^Sit; on koKov Kal 8te- 

5 ^(aipiaev 6 0e6<; dva fietrov tov (fxoTO^ Kal dvd fiea-ov rov (tkotov;. ^koI eKfiXeaev 6 0eo? 
TO (pax; rjfiepap, Kal to aKOTO<i eKa\ecrev vvktu. Kal eyevero eairepa Kal eyevero vpwi, r/fiepa 

6 fila^ ^Kal ilirev 6 ^ed? VevrjOriTa) arepkwfia iv fieato tov vSaTO<;, Kal earo) Bia^Mpl^ov ^V^ 

7 dva fieaov vSaToi Kal vhaTof Kal eyevero ovt(o<;. ^ Kal iiroiriaev o Oeot to crTepewp-a- Kal Sie- 
■)^(opiaev 6 ffeo'; dvd fjiecrov tov vBaTO<; o t]v vnoKaTco tov crTepecofiaTO';, Kal dvd fxeaov tov vhaT0<; 

8 ToO iirdvo) TOV cTT€p€oo/j.aTO<;. ^ Kal eKoXeffev o Oeo'i to aTepiuip,a ovpavov Kal IZev o Oeo^ oTi 

9 KaXov. Kal iyeveTo eaTrepa Kal eyeveTo Trpwi, rjfiepa SevTepa. "^Kal etirev 6 de6<; Xwa- 
')^6ijT<o TO vBayp TO vTroKUTo) TOV ovpavov et9 avvaywyrjv jxiav, Kal 6<f)d>'jT(o ?; ^ijpd- Kal eyeveTO 
ovTQ)<;. Kal avvi]~)(6ri to vh(op to vitokutco tov ovpavov ei? ra? avvaya)yd<; avTO)v, Kal w<f)dr] r) 

10 ^ijpd. ^°Kal eKd\€(7ev a 6eo^ ttjv ^Tjpav yyv, Kal Ta avaTtjfiaTa tmv vBdTwv eKuXecrev OaXdcraa^;- 

11 Kal iBev o 6eo<; otl KaXov. ^' Kal enrev o Oeo'i TiXaaTr/aaTO) i) yt] ^oTavrjv 'X^opTov, aireipov 
aTrepfia /cara y€vo<i Kal KaS' ofioioTrjTa, Kal ^vKov KupirL/Mov ttoiovv Kapirov, ov to atrepfia avTOv 

2 cire(pepeTu E | u5o(Ttos E 4 (ideu A'(rescr A"') 6 ^exTj^ip-o E | e/i/xecrw A(uid)E 

10 av(TT€fj.aTa A 11 ffTreipo*'] (TTret E 

EM(U,) abd-jl-rtvwyc,d^ai315i| 

Inscr ■yd'ecm Koafiov Ay Theoph] 7£>'£(ris EMabdhijIn 7 om kai 1° — arepcufia e* | om /cai 2° — (8) arepeana m | 

(7efe(rfts n^}pqtvw: tj y^veaii m: 77 yeveai^ fxuffeus o: 7; /3i/3Xoy om ^eos 2'^ d Theoph Or-lat | -qf viroKaro}] ov tjv vwoKarw o: 

7WV yeveaiwv r: apx'? ^w** 7e»'effaiwi' f: tov 07*01' wpotptjTov tcv nroKaruj n^-ed(uid): tov €7rai/w f Or-lat Thdt i | enavu] 

fibjffeoj^ avypatpT] eis Ttjv Koffjxo')€ve(riv e: om gCg I'Trepayoj (37.125) Hip : I'TroKarui f Or-lat Tlidt i | crTfp€Gjfj.aTOS 

1 —25 multa euanida rescripsit A"" qui etiam accentus 2°] + koi eytvcTo outw? efhjltvc^d^* 
addidit 8 om /tai iS(v — KaXof y*3-codd 

2 om 7)1/ Chri | aK0Tm] + T]v nUJI Or-lat Chr^ de-P-C 9 to vdap 1°] ra vSaTa Eus | to 20] om Or-gr-codd ^ Eus 
Hil: ( -1- eire/ceiTo 68) | 0cov] pr Ton Eus 1 Cyr-hier-ud | om T-A | ovpafov] aTepeoiixaTO! T-A \ eis (Tvvayayrii' niaf] en ras 
fTavu 2° Cyr \ | tou uSotos] ok vSaToi sup ras M : Twi' vSarwp ffvfayoiyas oi^twi' nir : ev Tats (rvvaydryais i''(uid) : om T-A | 
13 Just Clem Or-lat de-P-C-codd Hil om xcti 3"— l^o 2° i | xai 4"— ?t;/>o 2"] siib-HJv: om n | om 

3 0WS 1°] pr to p I om koi £7e«T0 (pus q* to wok. tou onpavon 2° lE^J Theoph | avTuv] avrov o 

4 om deos i"^ f \ om to tpojs b Eus | om Seos tP (78) 10 tuv uSaTwy] tov vSaTos vl3'^^' 

Theoph Hip | ^utos] O'kotous Hip | itkotous] i/>wtos Hip 11 (}\a<7Tr](raTui] eieveyKarta Cyr S : e^ayayera Cyr-hier 

5 om Kai 1° — fVKTa U^ | om fleos Phil-codil Hip | (om Chr | | o-Treipoc] irTreipoi'TO! Or-lat Eus-cod^ | /toTa 7fj'0S 1°] 
to 2° 31) I M'o] TrpoT-q (20) 33 om Eus J : si-cutuium siiiiin gt'iiiis Hil | om Kai Kad op.oiOT-qTa 

6 om KOI eo-Tui — uSotos 3° w | «rTio] cittoi bp Thdt ^ | Eusf Cyr-hier-codd | omoiotijto i"] oMoiutrii' y | f uXov] pr ttov 
iiJttTos 2°— (7) eTToiiiffei'] in mg sup ras A> | om rac dSotos IE j Eus^ | KapTrof] + eis to 7e;'OS an-ui- j(mg)v(mg) (127 (sub -Jc-)): 
vSaTos i"] inter aqua mW \ om /.ai e7ef£7-o outuj i'' {i-naTa yevos avTjf 78): + secundum genus suum S | ou] 

I — 5 (a') iv Kf(t>a\(ia eiiTiffev 8s aw tov ovpafof Kai t[7;]i' ynv tj de yq v" K€vu>p.a Kat [oluSfi/ koi [e]nre» 0s [7]e[v]j)97)Tui 
(pu[s Kai] e7£j'[«T]o (puis [/cm ei5e]p 9? to (puis o]ti 070901' . . di.ex[upiaei'] ds p.iroi,v i^u[tos] ks ixcto^v tou [o-koto]i'S Kai eyeyeTO 
e(r[jr]fpo koi [ 7r]pwi vM^P<^ Tvpur-q U^ I f <>-PXn] «' f K«pa\aiu : e^p- ppaaiB c^ 

2 oop. Kai OKOT.] a xei/M/jo koi ov$ev jS-ap-Barh : (j' apyov Kai aSiaKpiTOv jc^Sap-Barh : t)' ffev Kai ovSef c^: 9' ahijuid 
et nihil S-ap-Barh 

7 (icai eyeycTo oi'Tws)] (syBix KeiTai aaTepKTKos KciTai ixiv tv Tu ef}paiKU ov (peperai Se irapa Tois o j 

g (TivaxSvTu] a' a' ctuo-ttjtw jv | rai 4" — ^-qpa 2»] ti/ffo Kenai o ofie\i<rKOS ov KeiTai tv tu ((ipaiKu napa p.ovois Sc (pepfTat 
Tois f^SofiriKovTa jv(o o/SeXio-Kos] o/3eXos) 11 (rireipov (?)] a' airfpp.aTi^oyTa j 




A iv avrm Kara yevo<; et? ofioiorrjTa eVi rr)? 7?}?' Koi eyevero ovrcoii. ^^Koi i^rjvejKev rj yrj ^OTavrjv 12 
■ypprov, airetpov airepfxa Kara jevot; koi KaB" o/moiotijtu, koI ^v\ov KcipTri/j-ov iroiovv Kapirov, ov 
TO airepfia ainov ev avTw Kara yii'o^ eVt tt;? yrj<i. koL 'iSev 6 6e6<; on koXov. ^^Kai eyevero 13 

% D^eaTrepa koX eyevero Trpwi, r)fxepa rpirrj. '-tKat elTrev 6 Oe6<; TevrjdtjTaxrav <^U)(TTripe<; iv 14 

Tco cTTepewfjiaTi tov ovpavoi) elf (pavcriv t?}? 77)9, Kal ap-)^eiv Tfi<; i^fiepa'; kuI tj)? vvkto';, koI Sia- 
^(opi^eiv ava fieaov rrj'i rj/juepwi koI ava fxeaov tj}? vvKT6<i- Kal earwcrav elf crrjfieia Kal et? Katpov<; 
Kal el<; rj^epa'i Kai et9 iviavToVs' ^^Kal earwaav el<; <f)av<rii' iv to3 (yTepecofiari, tov ovpavov, axTTe 15 
(paipeiv eVt Trj<i yrj<i- Kal iyevero ourwi. ^^Kal iiroiriaev 6 ^eo? T0U9 Zvo cfxoaTtipa'; Tovi jxeya- 16 
Xouf, TOV (jxoaTijpa tov fxeyav et? ap')(af Tr]<; ii/xepw; Kal tov ^(oo'Trjpa tov iXdaaw et? ap')(a'i ttj^ 
VVKTOS, Kai Tovi ao'Tepa'i. ^'^ Kal WeTO avT0v<; ^t09 eV tco (TTepecofiaTi, tov ovpavov, cuaTe ^aiveiv 17 
iirl Tfj<i yijf, Kal dp^eiv t?;? i)fiepa<; Kal Tfj<i vvktos, Kal Bia)(^wpl^€iv ava fieaov tov <f>coTO<i Kal 18 
dva fieaov rov o-kotow Kal iSev 6 6eo<; OTt kuXov. ^9/cal iyeveTO ecnrepa koX iyeveTo Trpo)l,rip,epa 19 

U D TeTcipTT].^ ^°Kai einev deo'i Ei^ayayeTco to. vSaTa epTreTct ■\frv^o)v l^coawv Kai ireTeiva 20 

'7reT6fiev[a^ iirl TJ)? yrj^ KaTa to c7Tepeo}fi[a tov] ovpavov- Kal iyeveTO ovToi'i. ■^^Kai, eTTOitjaev 21 
o ^eo? TO. Ki'jTT) [to, /ie]yuXa Kal iraaav yjrvxrjv [fwfui' epire^Tuv, a e^i'jyayev [to, vBaTU KaTa yevrj 
aiiTwv], Kal Trdv ireTeivov iTTlepciiTov] KaTa yevof Kal i&ev 6 [Oeof ort Ka\d]. ^^Kai ijvXoytjcrev 22 
avTO, 6 d[eo<; Xeyav] Av^dreaOe Kal TrXtjOlvveade, Kal] TrXTjpcoaaTe Ta vSaTa [iv TOt9 6a]\da'aai,<;, 
Kal TO, 7reTe[ti'a TrX7jOu]v€aOcoaav tVt t?}? [7^9. ^^Kal e7t']i'€T0 ea-irepa Kal iy[eveTO TTpwi], ^jfiepa 23 
Tre/ilTTt]. '■*Kal elirev 6 ^eo9 'Ei^ayay[eTa> i) yrj y{rv)(^})v] ^Sxrav KaTa yevof, [TeTpdiroBa] 24 

21 Kara 2" A*(uid)] (coi ird A** 

22 av^afeirSai A 

(/?)EMabd-jl-rtvwyc2d, SBIP 

ovTivos j(mg)v(mg) | {Kara yevoi ev avTw 74) | om iv avTU q 1 
Kara yefos eis o/j.. A^'^] €ts o/t. Kara yfvos Ehtv Thdt -3 : 
Kara yevos Kai Kad o/x. Mi'^r : Kad o/jl. Kara yefos (20) Chr- 
codd Thdt J : om Kara yeyo! A*(hab A»' mg) q Theoph : om 
eis o/xoiOTijTO bdfgi'mnpwyCjtJIE Or-gr Eus Chr-ed Thd-syr : 
Ka6 ofiOiOTifTa aejlodj |3 | om etti ttjs 77)5 Theoph | 
T7;s 77js] T-qf yijf o I om Kai tytvijo — (12) y-qs bd 

12 e^-qv€yK€v^ e^Tjyayev i^r ] om x^f^^^ ^^^ \ of^^f-pov 
ff7rep/ia] semen seniinanlis Or-lat I Kara 1° — oiiot.orr\ra\ om 
Kai. Ka& ofiotor-qra Theoph : ^itoi/ est super ojnnem ten-am 
S-ed: + eadem S-codd : ( + eiri rrj% y<)% 37.63) | rrciom xopiroi'] 
om i* (hal> Trot i^) : { + *:5:*et5 ro 7CC0S avrwv 127) [ oc] ot'rti'os 
i(mg)v(mg) I om auroi; Theoph | avju\-v faciens friicttim Oi- 
lat I om KoKov 1* 

13 om riiiipa 13i'"^"}3 

14 eis 0ai'tni'] ets tpunaixov v(mg) : wtrre <paiV€iv En1£(uid)5^ 
Or-lat Eus Thd-syr de-P-C: -t-TT7s 7;/xepas rov (l>aivnv r | tt;s 
77,5 ADMehjq Ath i] pr eiri E rell g(!E^3 Theoph Or-lat Eus 
Ath i Chr Thd Cyr de-P-C | Kai apxfif — H'Kros 1° Alnr Ath J] 
Kai apxiruuav (D) — to/ctos D* (rescr /)»): om EM rell '35lJ1Ei3 
Theoph Or-lat Eus Ath^ Chr Thd-syr de-P-C | om Kai Siax- 
—fVKros 2° 1 Eus Athi | rai 4° AEMjnraBE}3 Theoph* Or- 
lat Athi de-P-C] om h: rov D rell Chr: ware (78) Theoph^ | 
rrjs rip.(pai 2°] rov ipiaroz n | (om Kai ava fieaov rTjs vvKros 71) | 
TTjs vvKros 2'^]rov ffKOTovsn | om /cai cffTwo'oi' — eis eviavrovs dii | 
eii 3° — rip-epas] in Jiebus ct in iiiensibus el in temporibus de- P-C- 
ed j om eis 3'' n Or-lat nil | koi ciy ti/iour. Kat cis T7Mf^«J Thdt | 
om Kal eis Tj/neoas Cyrhier Hil | om (li 5° D Eus-cod^ Hil 

15 om wcrre Theoph Ath 

16 om hvo Thd-syr | rov ^warrjpa i°] pr el Or-lat i | om 
eis apxat 1° — eXaaaw n* | om Kai 3" — (18) vvKros f 

17 om deos dp Eus Ath Thdt | uirre (paiveiv] eis <pav<nv 

18 ipujroi] aKorovs 13£'^' [ om ai^a peaov 2*^ 33''"' | (TKorovs] 
(pioro^ \^'-^ 

20 — 25 quae uncis hicl sunt perier in A 

20 TO vdara] terra S'l' | om epntra b | fucrui'] -f Kara 
7e;'or g EuSj Chri | TTfruva] pr ra Thdt j | om eiri tt)! 77)5 
g Eus Chr Thdt | ovpavov} -I- Kara yevos g | om koi eyevtro 
oiTojs Chr 

21 tl/vxriv TTaaav h | fwcji"] fwffwi' i''or3(uid) : fua'ai' gmBlE 
(uid) I f/jirtro?;'— I'iSara] ^!(i;c produxerunt reptilia aquarum 
Bp" I f/Jirtruic] TTCTfivui' o | om o ej | eji)7a70f y | i'5aTo] + 
(V Tois SoXairiTais n | yivri\ ytvo^ ei*jldj»<3131E^3 Or-lat Thd- 
syr I om avrwv 33 | Kai rrav — 7ei'os] om dg(spat relict)p : hab 
post KoXo iS'^P I T6T. 7rT6/).] (vrtp. Ti-er. 79): om. Trrep. r33 | 
7ei'os] + avruv t Or-lat | koXo] Ka\ov inrd^^ Thdt 

22 om &€os d Or-lat ] \tywv] Kai eiirev o : (om 1 26) | om Kai 
rrXridvveuffe a | to 1° — SoXaffuais] terrain^ \ uSoro] + ra egjlty 
'3B^ Or-lat Chr | ev ran 0a\aaaais] r-qs SoXocrinjs Theoph | wXi)- 
ffvveaduaav] wXridweaffu degi'jopqtc^d^: v'KT)6vveTu Theoph | 
ry]i yijs] om rT]s p 

23 om eyevero 2° Or-lat | om rtp-epa f 

24 ^eos] pr Dominiis B | i^ayera o | yq '/"'X'?''] '/'"X'! 
n* I ^I'X'?" — yfxos 1"] om Eus Chr \\ om ^vxv fwjo" d'OTo IE: 
om KOTO yevos J3 Thdt: (-t-Koi ra Kr-qv-q Kai vavra ra epwera 
r-q! y-q! Kara 7fi'o! 76) | rcrpairoSa] pr Kai 1 | om Kai 2° rlE? 
Chr^ Thdt | kOi Bvpia] om E Chr|: om Kai c^ (uid) BE'' | 
ST/pio] pr TO f: KTTji'T) Thdt | rrjs 77)5] om g: pr c?ri t Chr^: 
Kai Trof Kr-qvos Chr A : + Kai ra. Kr-qvq Kai iravra ra epirera T175 
77;s abdhioptwc^dj Chr I : (-t-Kot Trotro to epirera 74) | koto 
yevos 2*^] om h : -i- Kai ra KrTjvr] Kara yevos Kai iravra ra cpirera 

12 aireipov] a a' airepfxari^ovra, j(sine nom)v 

21 ra KTjr-q ra p.ey.'] rovs SpaKovras rovs fieyaXovs c^ 


II 2 

2 j Koi epirera Kal d7)pi[a rrji 7^9 koto] yivo'i, Koi iyefero [ovt(o<;]. ^^xal etroirjaev deot; to, [d'qpLa A 
7779 yfi<i\ Kara yevo<; Kal tci, ktIi^vt) Kara ye]vo^ Kal -rravra to, fpTr[eTa t^9 y^f] Kara 761/09 avrdv 

26 Kal iBev 6 0tO9 OTi KaXd. ^-'^Ka] elirfv 6 0to9 Uotijaiofiei' avOpwirov Kar eUova ij^ieripav Kal % D 
KaO' ofioiaxTiv Kal ap^x^ertoaav to)v Ix^voiv t)}? 6aXu(rarj({ Kal twv Trereivdv rov ovpavov Kai roiv 

37 KTrjvwv Kal irdar)'; Tf}<; 71)9 Kal irdvTwv rwv epTrerwv ru>v epirovTOiv eiri Trj<; yrit. ^'^xai, eTroir]<rev 

^S 6 0609 Tov dvOpwTTov, KaT elxova 6eov eiroirjaep avrov dpaev Kal OrjXv iiroirjaev avTov<;. -°«at 
7}v\6yr](Tev avTovi; 6 deb<i Xeywf Xv^dveade Kal TrXriOvvecrOe, Kal irXr^pdiaare Tr^v yrjv Kal Kara- 
Kvpievo'are nuT);9, Kal dpyere rdov I'^^diKov t^9 Oa\d<Tar)<; Kai twv TreTeivdiv rov ovpavov Kai 
vdvTcov tSiv KTrjvwv Kal irdar]'; t>/9 7779 Kal irdvTuiv rwv epTrerdHv rwv epnrovruyv ein, t>;9 7^9. 

29 ^'^Kal el-rrev o deo^ 'ISou Be^coKa vfxlv irav yoprov (nropip-ov (nrelpov cnr^pfia, 6 eariv eiravu) iracnj'i 
T^9 7J)9- Kal Trav ^vXov, o e';^fi ei> eavTO) Kapirov (nrepp,aTO<; aTroplfxov [u]fj,lv eaTai ei<; /Spwaiv, 

30 3°ical Trdcri [T0t]9 Orjpioi'; rf]-; 77)9 Kal ■ndai [Tot]9 irereivol'^ rov ovpavov [«at Trjai/rt epnero) tu> 
epTrov[Ti em rfj^] yi]<;, o e;i^6t if eavrrp [irvX']]f ?<i'»)9' Kal vdvTa ■)(6p[Tov p(;X]<i>poi' 6t9 /Spwa-iv. 

31 Kal [eyever^o 01/T&)?. 3'^^Kal ISev 6] 0€o<; rd izdvTa ^ocra eTroii][<T€v, /cai] lBov KaXa Xiav. /ca( § x 
II I iye[veTO eor]Trepa Kal eyevero vpuii, [r^fxepa ejari?.^ '[Koi avveri\Xeadria-av [o oipavb<i K]al 1 D 

■2 7) 77} Kal ird<; 6 Koafiot [avTwv. ^K]al (TvveTeXeaev 6 de6<; [eV tj; yj/xepa] tij eKTr) ra epya avTov 

27 0v\v D 

28 ei'\[oyrjtxep] D | TrXriOvveaOat A 

29 ffTrftpwf A 

T>)S 7»)S Kara 7e;'0s ejnff/Jirera] TeTpairoSa) : ( + xai ra KTy}vi) 
Kara 7ecos 83) : +t'/ omnia r^ptilia teryae saufiiittrn i^enus i5 | 
om Ktti tyev. — (35) avTwv g(spat relict) | om kai tyev. — (25) 
yevos 2° ^3 I om \ai eycv. — (25) 7ei'os 1" w | Kai tyfvcTO oi'xus] 
Kat Kad ofj.otorqTa Chr i 

25 TO 6ripia — avTuy] pccora secundum genus ^v ■ petora 
secundum genus et omnia reptilia tervae secundum genus et 
bestias terrae secundum genus lE"^ | om ttjs 71)5 i" bejy | 76^05 
1°] + avrav adf hiotvdj Chr : ( + avrijiv km eiSci> ds on KaXa 74) : 
+ Kat €y€V€TO oiTws Kai tirot-qcsiv 6} ra dtjpia ttjs yjjs Kara yevoi 
1 I Kai 2° — 7fi'o! -2"] om Kdfil-pdj Or-Ial : om Kara 7eJ'os bw: 
+ aiTuv aehjty Chr | Kai. 3" — outu^] 0111 defjiiopy : om -njs 
yqs r : om Kara 7f;'os avTav Theoph : om avraiy 13 Or-lat | 
(yevoi 3**] + eiTTiV ds Kai eyevcTO oi'TWS Kai iiroiy]tT€v 6s ra 
0-qpia Kara yfvos avruv Kai iravra ra eptrera ttjs ytjs Kat ra 
KTr]V7) Kara 7€^'0S I 26) | (om Kai iScv — Ka\a 74) | Ka'Ka] KaXoK 
r Thcopli tJr-gr 

26—28 rescr uid D" 

26 Oeosl pr Kvpios Phil ^ | ttoitjo-o/j.'^i' n [ 'qfj.sTepai^] tSiaf 
Eusy's: om Clem-R Barn Theoph 3 Clem Mip Or-gr^t. Or- 
latf Adam Eus^V AthJ Chrji CyryV ThdtJ A-ZJ Iran Cyp 
Nov Hil Vulg I om Ka« Clemi Or-gr-r»[ Or-lat Adam Eusi\ 
Athi ChrjV Cyrr'5 A-Zj Iren Cyp Nov Hil Vulg | 0^'""'^"'] 
+ i);neTepay Clem-R Barn! Cleml Or-gr j " Adam Eus^V Alh^ 
Chr'JJ eyre's Thdt | A-Z^: +tijv np^irepav Theoph^: +rip.uv 
Barni Clemi: +nostram 13 Or-lat Iren Cyp Nov Hil Vulg | 
apx^T'^'sai'} principatum gei-al Or-lat \ : dominetur Or-lat i | 
tij3v i° — yT)S 2"] Twv 6f]ptwv TTjs yijs Kai twv ttct. tov ovp, Kat rttii' 
iX^i'wi' Tij! 6a\. Barn | SaXa<r<r>)s] + Kai tuv d-qptuv T-qs 7775 rS | 
KO( TOiv wcTeipwv Tou ovpa sup ras circ 36 litt A" | om xai 5° 
— y-qs 1° Chr I | Kat Tiof kttji'wc] pr xai tuiv Briptav f Chr : pr 
Kal Ttott 6-i)ptu3v TTjs 77JS m : Kat Travrtijv twv KTujvwf 1 : -t- \'ai rwr 
S-qptuf ejv I (koi 7raff7;s] om Kat 74: koi ttoi'Tui' 108) | KOi 
iravTuv — yijs 2"] om foe,: om iravruv {25) IE | twv €pTiTuv'\ 

(Z>)EMabd-jl-rtvw(x)yc^d, aiSIE^ 

om Or-lat : om twv D (uid) | 7775 2°] -I- koi eytviTO ovTwi n 

27 5eos] Kvpios Eus i- j oi'flpanrof ] -t- €v eiKovi avrov (c^^ 
Eus ff I om eTToiTjaev avrov IE | avrov'] avTovs Theod-ap-Clem | 
om €iroir]ffev oiroi'S 13 

28 oi'Tous] (om 108): post Oeo! E Just | TrXTjpwcroTf] jrXij- 
6vv[eTe?] D \ apxiri] apxerwaav rv(mg)c^ | 0a\a<T<r-ns] + et 
bestiarum terrae lE*^ | ovpavav\ -t- koi irai^w;' twv Oriptwv fni^J [ 
om Travrwv 1° Ev Or-lat | kti)vwv [koiJ ira A'^e | koi :rao7j5 
T-qs 77)5] om EqlEy : el omnium quae sunt super terram Or- 
lat : et omnium bestiarum terrae Thd-syr | om iroi'Tuv 2° Or- 
lat I om TWV (pmrwv E | yr\s 2"] -f koi iiStv oTi KaXov 1 

29 — II 3 quae uncis incl sunt perier in A 

29 om KOI fi7re^ Beoi a | vfuv i"] tj/itiv g" \ irav 1° AEmqy* 
Theoph] vavra Z^^i'My^rell Clir Thdt | om airetpov — <nropi/iov 
1* I (TTrep/xa] + secundum genus et secundum si/ui/itudinem 3- 
ed I eariv tTroi'u] super faciem Thd-syr | om irocTTjs di*py1£P 
Or-lati Thdt I | eai'rw] ai'xM dmop Theoph | om Kapirov mo | 
(STropip.ov\ {jTTopipiOv Thdt | ^arai] farw m 

30 T7;s 77)! I"] agri Thd-syr | om koi 2° — ovpavov n | post 
TTOi-Tt ras (2 uel 3) A | rw AMlni] om /)'''E rell Theoph Chr 
Thdt I eavrw] oi'tw Mmop Theoph: +yap f | ^ux'7''] "■■""?" 
i/'uXT?! f : wvorjv n Theoph Thd-syr | fu7)5] t^wirav di*3y | om 
Kat 4° Theoph | (<un xoprov 79) | (om koi eyevero ovrws 127) 

31 rescr omn D' \ om flfos b | om ra Eab(spat relict) 
fmnrB Phil-codd 4 Theoph Eused J Chr | Cyr Thdt T-A | 
om otra eironjaev Eus i | i5ov] + wavra Cyr ^ 1 koXo Ato;'] 070^0 
Travra Phil-codd A : 070^0 ircpoopa Phil-codd ^ 

II 1 avvereXeffS'qa'av] avvereKeadr] bdpH Chr-semel: ere- 
\e(rSrj<riw Phil-codd; post avvereX. ras (7) A | ovpavos] om 
n* : ot ovvoi Phil-codd | om Kai 77 77; Phil-cod | ttos Koafios] 
irocroi oi arpariai Phil-cod : rraaai arpariai Phil-codd 

2 ev — eKTT)] om IS: om ev elmyc^ Phil-ed Chr Iren: om n; 
I" Phil-codd I tKT7)] epSopiri Barn(nid) Thdt-cod | to tp7a] pr 
omnia 3-ed Thd-syr Iren-lat : £^701' Phil-codd | avrov i"] avra 

27 KOT etKova deov] tr' ev etKovt Siaipopw opdiov Mv 

29 criropiiitov] n' uTrepfiart^ovTO. v | arreipm'] cr' artepp-ariiov M | ffirfpuaTos] a' airepiiarii^tvra c^ 

30 fiTjpiois] a fwoi! M : a' a' fu'Ois v II I ovpavos\ a' <r' 01 oi^oi Mvc^ 2 t7; cKTri] 01 X. tt; ejiSop.!) Mvc^ 

3 1—2 

n 2 


A [a eTroi7]<T^ev Kai Kareiravaev {rrj rjfijepa rfi e^Sofir) utto •jrdv\TWv tw\v epyav avTov wv 
[eVoiT/o-jei'. ^Kal TjvXoyrjcrev [o Oeo'i rip/] rj^epav ti]v e^hofiijv Kal i^yiaa-ev avrt'jv, on, ev avTtj j 
KaTeiravaev airo TrdvTOJV rwv epywv avTov wv -qp^aro 6 6€o<; Troiija-at,. 

"•AiJtij »; ^i^Xo<} <yevi<Tef0<: ovpavov Kal 77}?, ore eyevero' fi rjtiepa iwoirjaev Kupto? d ^eo9 tov 4 
ovpavov KUL Trjv yrjv, ^Ka\ nrdv ■yXutpov dypov Trpo tov yeveaOai ewl t?}? yv'>t '(^' 'n'uvra ■)^6pTov 5 
aypov Trpo tov avaTtiXai. ov yap e/Spe^ev o Oeo'i eVt ttjv yrjv, Kal dvOpu7ro<i ovk fjv ipyd^ecrOat, 
TTjV yrjV TTTjyr) Se dve^aivev eK Trj<; yrji; Kal iiroTi^ev ttSlv to Trpocrunrov Ttjt; yf}<;. '^ Kal eirXacrev -j 
6 Oeo'i TOV dvOpwrrov %oi)i' diro t^? 7^9* Kal eve<l>variaev ei? to irpocranrov avTOv irvoriv ^(or)<;, Kal 
eyevsTO o dvOpwTro'i et? ■>^V)(rjv ^waav. ^Kal e(f>vTeva€i' Kupto? d 0eo? irapdheiaov ii' 8 

"ESe/i KaTa dvaToXd'i, Kal eOeTo eVei tov dvOpairov ov e-TrXaaev. '^koI i^avkTeiXev o deo'i eTi eK 9 
Trj<; 7^5 Trdv ^vXov uipalov ei? opaaiv Kal KaXbv et? ^pwcnv Kal to ^vXov ri}? ^a>fj<; ev /xecro) tw 
! ffi" TrapaSelo'a), Kal to ^vXov tov elhevai yvcoaTov ^ KaXov Kal irovr^pov. ^°7roTapb<; Se eK'rropeveTai ef 10 
"ESe/i TTOTi^eiv TOV TrapdSeiaov SKelOev d<j}opi^eTai et? Teaaapa<i dp^d';. ^^6vo/xa tw evl (Peiacov 11 
ovT0<i o kvkXwv Traaav Trjv yrjv EuetXar, eKel ov eartv to ^pvaiov ^^to he ■^^pvaiov tt}? yrj<; 12 
eKelvrj'i KaXov Kai eKel eaTiv o dvOpa^ Kal XiOo'i 6 Trpdaivo'i. '3«;al ovofia tw iroTapai tS 13 

II 6 avai^eviifv A 

10 TrapabLffov A 

8 TrapaSKTOv A 9 efifMeau AE 

1 1 tpiffuiv E I eutXar E 

EMabd-jl-rtv-yc^dj aa3(ffi°>)Ep 

p: om fm | a] Phil-codd | KaTeirai>trf;'] + o Sf abdfgi*mopqv 
wCjdjE Phili Ileb Oi-lat Eus Chr J Iien-gr Ilil | tt] 77/i. tt) 
e/3S.] pr cv Mbe-hjlml-xcj PhiU Heb Tlieoph Or-gr J Oi-lat 
Eus ChrJ Thd Thdt Iren Hil: ttj c/SSo/it; ripiepa Pliil-coddS | 
om TravTuv Phil-codd i Or-lat | om twi- f | om ain-ov 2" dn | 
om ewoi-QO-ev i" — (3) wv m | eiroiriffev 2"] mchoaiiit facere Hil 

3 {om r-(\v 7]fi€pav 73) | om Kat Tjyiaffev avTTjv x | om iravTwv 
Or-gri I om ep^uin E | om uf — iroir/crai y* | Scot ttoitjitih] 
$s TToiav bw Chr : ttoicik o 9coi Phil-ed A 

4 om 7; I'' Theoph | ovp. Kai 77^5] avOpuirutf Or-gr \ | ov- 
pafov} +Te adfgioptvxd, Chr | 71/5] pr ti)S Phil-codd^ Theoph 
I om ore eyei'ei-o o 9[-ed Or-gr J Eusi Cyr | ore] on c^ | (ye- 
vovTO X Phil-cod \ \ T) Tjjufpa] tjfiepa 7] ny Theoph : ev yjpiepa 77 
Cyr: 4-1; i=''mqr Eus-coddi Chr: -fort Or-gr \ | xupios Oeoi 
AEhlpqyCjB Or-gr -^] om fftosg: om ku/)105 M rell (hab sub 
•S;-v-mg) ajlJ Phil Theoph Clem Or-gr » Eus Chr Cyr 

5 {irav] TTavTO. 25.128) | om Trpo 1° — aypov 2" (&'^'v | ^e- 
vea6ai} avareiXai y | om tiri ttjs 71)5 Theoph | jrai-ro] irav Eq 
Phil-codd i I aypov 2"] pr tou ej : om E Phil-arm | irpo tov 
2"] wptv Phil-codd ^ | avaTeiXai] yeveadat y | e^pexev n | deos 
— 7'?" ■"] pr ^ bejwCj 2-codd : pr •:;:•« v(mg)3-ed: d$ (vi 
Ttjs 77/? (Imp : eirt Tiys 77/9 ^s E : om tTri tt^c yijv Iren | Kat 3"^ 
— 7771' 2"] antcquam crealtis est homo 3E'i' | ■ri]v yr^v 2°] avTy\v 
bdfgiPnopwydj Chr-.iliq : (om tt\v 31) 

6 eK rtjs 777s] t'x Edcni 13 : om g | e/c] aTro v(txt) Pliil-codd \ 
I om nai — 77)s 2° lE'i* | om Trai' ^ Phil-codd \ \ 0111 ro f | 7-7)s 
77/s 2°] ai'T7;s Phil-codd \ 

7 €7r\a(Tef — 77;?] eXa^ev deos x'^^^ o^'ro ttjs 777s Kat erXaaev 
TOV avdpuirov Adam Eus Cyrf Chr f Thdt J Ireii } (0 9eos] 
Dontiiius) Hil I eTT\aaev'\ eiroi-qaev Hipi Thdt J T-A | Seos] 
pr iTs M(mg)eni''(uid)jcj Or-gr: pr •^•iis v(mg)3 | om tov Phil- 
codd 5 I X"""] pf Xa/Sw "■ : -I- \ajiuv a-gh'Jil-px-''y''dj Phil-ed 
Clem br-gr Cyr-hier-edi codd J Chrj Thdt^ T-A | otto] ck e | 
7775] x^o""^ Phil-coddi: +\apuv Jos Hipj Cyr J Ireiij Anon | 

eveiftvariBfv'] e^fTrcfUffei' Phil | Clem-aliq Phil-ap-Eus | eis — av- 
Toi'] in cum Hil | ttvoijv ^01775] Trvevfxa ^ciitjs Phil^: om Chr^ | 
avSpuTros] om Phil-codd J Eus-codd i Ath^: om o abp Phil- 
cod f Phil-ap-Eus Eus-cod^ Chr^ | 'I'vxv] ttvot)v (32) Phil- 
codd J I ^oiaav'] s'u)7S Phil-codd } 

8 om Kvpio! adfnoprtx-dj S-ed^ Phil Theoph Hip Or-gr 
Chr Thdt Iren | om i* | trapaS. ev eSefj.] pr tov Theoph ; ev 
e5e/x TTapabtiaov Phil-cod \ : om ev ebe^ Phil-cod \ | edeTo'] 
edtjKev Phil-cotl ^ | eirXaaev] eTroLTjaev Pliil-cod \ 

9 e^aveTetXev] e^aireaTeiXev Phil-codd | 6eot CTi] pr tcs 
fni3 Phil-arm: i/ftum Domitiiis Dcus Thd-syri: eTi. o $eos 
Thd-syr^ Thdt: om et-i 1 Theoph | ex T77S 7175] om 1* Chr^: 
(om T7)S 78) I Trav} pr Kai (108) I£p | upaiov — ppainv'] (juod 
honum csui el bonum uisiii IE : om e\.% opaaiv Kai KaXov h | tv 
ixeaijj\ ei% pieffov r | rw TrapaSetffw AEMhK[*t Phil-ed^ Or-gr] 
TOV wapaSeLaov q^(uid)rell Pliil i codd ^ Theoph Chr: -f Kai 
TO ^vXov T77S fwT/j ev fxeaui tov wapaoetaov w* | yvutTTOv \-aXou] 
KaXoL' yvuioTov n | yvujTov] yvwdTov Phil-codd ^ 

10 eKTroptveTai] iropeveTaL Phil I : etropeveTO m : exihat '^ | 
fj eof/a] a froiile eiiis Is : post TrapaSeiaw g | ■jroTi^eiv'] pr tou 
Phil-codd J: TroT-.fwv (32. 128) Cluid) | f Ketflti-] pr <•/ '-a3£j3 Thd- 
syr: (cKei Be 18) | a0opife7-oi] + nai yiveTai M(mg)ejv(mg)Cj 
(mg: sine Koi) | apx"5 ''"'''apas f Hip 

11 ovofxa]-^ del* | ^ettroji'] 077(TW»'gnl : ^I'trwv 33 Phil-codd | 
onTos] pr Kai q: +e<TTiv i | om t77>' (16) Phil-cod | enfiXoT-] 
evT}XaT q: (ei'77\a7-aj»' 37): evrjXaTTiov o \ om eKet — xp^*^^^^ ^2 I 
o[i] ovv Edefjl-prtydj Phil-codd Theoph : 7011;' g : om h"'it!r(uid) 
^ Phil-codd 

12 TO 5f] xai TO bw | om Kai 1° dp Phil-codd | eittii/] erat 
B : (om 76) I avdpaS, Kai] om o 

13 (oro/ia] pr tuj 31) | (om tw iroTa^io 128) | 777^*'] 7etan'b: 
7eM;'adfilnopxd2 33tE Phil-codd Theoph Hip Or-gr: 701WI' ej | 
ki'kXoii'] pr eiTTiv Cyr; m'kXoi '3 Phil-ed Theoph | om vaaav Phil- 
codd I om 777J/ v(mg) I aitfioTrios] aiBioiriav v : Aethiopum JSffi 

2 KaTC7rauo-e;'] bitXenrev M : a' SieXiircv 
r' auTCt ai yevecreis vc^ 
8 7rapa5ei(ro»'] KT)nov v 

I (T oieXiirev c^ 4 ai'T77 — yeveaews] a' avTai ai yeveaei^ M ; 

7 ets TO 7rpo(rW7roJ'] 01 \ €ts Toi'S /J.VKTr)pa^ v 
12 a^flpatj 01 X jiSeXXiov Mv : a' pdeXXiov c^ | irpaffifos] 01 X ovv^ Mv : a' on'l Cj 



H 23 

14 Bevriptp rt]a)v ovTot 6 kvkXwv iratrav ti)v yi}v Al0iOTrLa<;. '■•«at o TTorafioi; 6 TptVo? Ti,ypi<i' A 

15 0UT09 o vopevofievo^ KarevavTi 'Aaavpiav. 6 Be Trora/xo? Terapro^, ovto<; FiV<f>pdTr]<i. '-''/cat 
eXa/3ei' Kupjo? o ^609 toi' avOpwivov ov eirXaaev Kal eduro avrov iv t&> -rrapaBeiacp, ipyd^eaOat, 

if) ai/Toi/ KoX ^vkdaaeiv. ^^ Kal ivereiXaro Kvpw; 6 6e6's tm \\Bafi X67(ui' Atto TrafTo? ^yXou toO 

17 if Tco TrapaBeiau ^pwdei <f>dyT}' ^T dirb Se tov ^v\ov tou yird)aKeu> KaXbv Kal irovrjpov, ov 

is <f)dyecrOe utt avTov' /; S' ac i]fjiepa (^dyi^ade inr avTOV, daifdrro uTroOavelcrOe. ' Kat enrev 

19 Ki;p(09 o ^'eo? Ot) KoXop elvai tov dvOpunrov p.ovov 7roi>ja(o/j,ei> avrm ^otjOou kut avrov. '^Kai. 

eTrXaaev 6 ^eo? ert (k tj/s" 7';9 irdvTa rd drjpla tov nypov Kal irdina Ta -TreTetva tov ovpavov, Kai, 

tffayev avTa tt/so? tov ^ABdp, IBelv tl KaXecrei avTn- Kal irdv edv eKuXeo'ev avTO 'ABdp, yjrvy^rjv 

■20 ^(Saav, TOVTO 6vop.a avTov. ^°Kal eKdXeatv ^ABdfi ovofiara nrdcriv toI<; KTi]Vt<Tiv Kal Trdai Tol<i 

TreTeti/ot? tov ovpavov Kal -ndai, rots Otjploi'; tov dypov- Tfo re ' \Bdp, ov^ evpeOi) 0o)jd6^ op.oio'; 

21 avTci. ^^Kal eTri^aXev Oeot eKCTTaaiv iirl tov ^ABdp,, Kal vTrvacrev Kal eXa/3ev fxiav tcSj/ irXev- 

22 pwv avTOV ^Kal dvetrXrjpuxTev adpKa dvT avTr]<;. ^^Kal wKoBop,rj(T(v Kupto? ^eo? tt/v irXevpav, §s 

23 fjv eXa^ev diro tov WBap,, et? yvvaiKa- Kal i^yayev avTtjv Trpu'i tw ' ABdfi. ^'^Kal elirev ABiip, 
TovTO vvv 'ocTToOt'*^ eK Twv cxjTecov fiov Kal adp^ eK tyj'; aapKOt; fiov avTt] KXr]6)'jaeTai rfw/, ^ C" 

17 <pa.y«78(] (payecrSai AE | (fiayrtadf] <payr)(r6aL A 

22 OKoSo/iTJffff E* {OIKOS. K^) 

20 TaffL rots KT'qi'eaL E 
23 om oaTovv A 

14 om 1° e I Ttypis] pr Phil-codd : rvypn g: nypiis 
<lj|)td,13i' I'hil-coddJ^ Thdt : | oktos i"] owtos M | o Topevo- 
IJ.evos] pr TvoTO.p.os E ; o Trpoiropevofjiefo^ My | aaavpLui'] acrvptojv 
jmno: aaavpiai (12H) 3 Phil-arm | 5t] xai ^ Phil-codd : om 
5c I I OKTOS 2°] om i=''rvxC23 Phil-ed Theoph Hip: +eani' 
^e^as g I ci'0paT7;s] pr o m Phil-cod : ((ppaTrjs o : + outos p.eyas 
TTOra/ios i^'r: ■VJuagJiiim Jlumcn C 

15 (om Kupios 37) I ejrXaffej'] eTroiriaev Mhmnqv(mg)'3)3 
Phil I om aurox 1° dp | irapaSeiaoi AEMflxtjmqryJSflSiD 
Theoph Phil Or-grJ Chr 5 Thdti] +Ti)r rpvijnf^ M(mg) rell 
31 Or-grJ Chr 3 Thdt i | om avTov 2" 'I'luU i | ipv\a<T<T€Li>] 
+ avToi' Mtv(mg)c,B' 

16 om Kvpios fC I ti'Xoi'] prrouf I om fipuicrei IS Phil-codd J 
Chr^ I 0a7r;] 0a7e(rai Phil-codd ^ : tpayeiv q 

17 TOV ^v\ov] pr TOV KapKov a | yivojaKnv — Trovrjpov] etdivat 
yvwaTov Ka\ov Kai irovripov i3 Phil-codd 5 | xai] 7; Phil-cotid^ | 
<l>ayiu6i] (payrjaffe a Theoph: 0a7i) lE'^^f Chr ^ : (payeaai (107) 
I'hil-codd A I or outok i°] ej oi'tok Phil-codd 1: om '3 Phil- 
codd 5 Chr^: -f oi'O ov pr} a^i]ij6aL avTov iva p-q aTroffcLvrjTai r | 
77 5 ai* 7}p€pa] T] 5 av r^pepav de*n : rjv 5 av rjpepav Cyr: otl 
ev -qpepa i) E Phil-codd A | if^yqaBf A {<payri<T$ai} a*{iiid)dlmii 
Athi codi] (ftaytaSe fx Theoph: ipaytTt v; (payT^re Ma-^' rell 
Phil-ed Or-gr Ath-ed i Cyr-hier Chr^ Cyr Thdt J : ipayr, E 
5E' Phil-codd i Thdt i : (j>a.yr]z Clir yV : i/>a7€0'ai Chr ^'j : (0071/0-01 
107) [ OTT ai'Toi' 2^"] aro TOU ^I'Xoc Chr /j : tot€ Chr ^\[: om (33 
uid) Athi Cyr-hier Chrf\r Iren J | davaTov g | avodaveiadt] 
{txTTodavii^ lO't): aTTodavTj 3i'^ -"^'h ' Chr f^ Thdt A 


18 om Kvpios ec^ Ens [ (om roj' afOpoiiroi^ 31) | Tronj<Tiop(p] 
7roti/(7ai Phil-codd ^ j auTOj*] aiiTWi' dg; ai'Toc n 

19 evXaffev] cKaXKrev q | o 8eos <Ti] pr iii fy»'3C : f ti 8i 
xc^ Thd-syr : om ert Eus | ^€os] + top aVov 1 | om €k ttjs 7179 'S | 
ck] airo Eus J | TravTo i°] pr xai 1 | «ai 2° — ovpafov] om d, : om 
TraxTa t | TrcTeiva tov oi'^avou] kttjvij Chr \ \ 7;7a7€;'] -qvcyK^v g | 
iSetv — auTO 2°] om Theoph : om iScik 33 | /caXco-ei] KoXeoi; Mgo | 
eat'] av iMgl Theoph: om Edeijmmirc^ Chr | ai'To] ai'ra ad 
fgliiopd,BCE Phil-arm J Theoph ChrJ: om i*mxa(uid)|p 
Phil i j aoa^ 2**] pr glp: om c^: 4- ai'Tw*' m | om ^vxt^v — 
(20) a5a/i 1° e* I ^vxv^ ^waai/'] pr eis C'^^jn : om Chr^ | rovTO^ 
-f T/f Eus I ovopa] pr to i(mg)r Chr^ j aurou AEgi*rvc2 '31- 
ed^ Theoph Phili ed^ Eus-ed] avTi-ti' o33Cia ; outois a (ots 
sup ras) dmnpdj 9-cod Chr|: avTa Me-^'r^ rell Phil-codd^ 
Eus-codd Chr J 

20 om Kai i°a | aSap i"] pr 1 : om E | ovopa Epr | om 
Tcaaiv — Kai 2° x | toi? KTtjVfffiy iractv r | Kai 2*^ — ovpavov^ om 
1L: om TTOffi IE I tod a7poi/] Ti)S TV! a-gi(mg)jmoptv(txt)\vCjd2 
Chr: Tj?s yqs Kai iraGi tois Krrivtaiv x | Te A] Se EM omn ^ISC 
lE^^J Phil Theoph Eus Chr | ovx (vp€8Tf[ ovk ijj" Eus | /SoijSos] 
post avTU) p: (om 127) | opoiws c^ \ avTuj] +KaT olvtov Chr ?, 

21 (?€os] pr KS afmq'^ Ciir: ks h | piav twv jrXci'pw*'] 
coslain ex lateribus 33 [ oceTrXT/pwo'ex] avT€ir\-qpw<jf. f : e^'trXT/- 
picff^v Theoph | oi'tt/s] at'rot< ni 

22 K'i'ptos Oeoi] om Or-gr ^ : om ^eoj y Or-gr \ ] om aro 
TOV aoap c^ | om Kai riyayev — a5ap 2" m 

23 a6a^] pr o nt | vvv'\ ovv ns: -qv f; i'j'/lE'^P : om glE^" Tract 
Anon' I om Kai i"-pov 2"y* | (tijs oapKos] Twv aapKwy 20) | oitt; 

14 KaT€vavTi\ a' e^ at'ttToX?;? M : a' c^ avaTo\i}i v 

17 7) 5 oi" — <j>ayi)<!d(] a' oTt ei" Tipiepa /Spwo-ews oou M (om o-ou) vc^{ev] eav) | 7; 5 ai- 7)/ifpa] o' 7; 7a/) ai- i^pcpa v | OavaTw 

OTTO^a^'ftO'^f] Oi X dvrjTos fffTJ MvCg 

18 povov] ot X povaxov M : ff' povaxov v : a' povaxov c^ | \aT ai'TOc] a' ws KaTtvavTi avTov a' avTiKpvs avTov Mvc^ 

19 flTjpia] a' fua M ; a' cr' fwa v 

20 TOis dTjpiot?'] a' 0*' (tois) fwots Mv : a' Toi? ^wois c^ ] opoios auTw] o-' avTiKpvs ain-ov M : a' avTitcpv? avrov v 

21 <icoTao-iy] a' KOTa^opai' ir' Kapo;' MvCj (KOTai^opo) | a«7rX7;pwiTfi'] a' eTTficXTjo'ei' M : a' 07r«XciiTti' vCj : a' <TVveK\ei<rev Mvc^ 

23 TOVTO pOV 1°] o' 6' TOVTQ aTTO^ 0(TTOVV iK TWV 0(TT€WV pOV C^ \ TOVTO VVv'] C' TOVTO OTrO^ M | Ol'TTJ 1° aVTT) 2*^] eO-O^a 

efipaiiTTi Xij^ts 1/ avbpis o' oi'tt; KX-qdrjireTai t] avSpis oti airo avSpos i\rj<p6-q avTTf t] eirTiv yvvij M : e^p 8^ uraa 0' XTj^ts 


II 23 


A oTi, €K rov avhpo'i avTrj'; e\i]fi(j)6r] avrt]. ^■^eveicev tovtov KaraXeiyfrei avOpcoTTO^ rbv Trarepa avrov 14 
§ £> Kul rijv fi'qrepa avrov, Koi ^ irpoaKoW'rjO'ija'eTai rfi ywaiKi avTOV' ical eerovrai 01 Bvo ei? adpKa 

fiiav. '^ KoX ricrav 01 Svo yv/ivoi, 6 re 'ABafi kuI >; <yvv7) avrov, Kal ovk ■tja-^vvovro. 1 III (II 25) 

'O Be o<f>i.<; ^v (f>povifia)raro<; Trdvrwv rcov OrjpLcov rSiv i-rn rfj<; yfj<; wv eiroirjcrev Kvpto? o deoii' nn a 

Kal ecTrev 6 o^i'i rf) yvvaiKi Ti on el-rrev o 6eo^ Ov /a?; ^dyrjre tiTro Travrov ^vKov rov rrapa- 
Beiaov ; ^Kal ehrev ?} yviir) TfS o(^€t 'Atto iravrot; ^vXov rov rrapaheiaov cj)ay6fieOa' S^tto Se 3 
KapiTov rov ^vXov 6 iart,v ev fieaw rov irapaBeiaov, enrev 6 de6<; Ov (pdyeo'Oe tnr' avrov oiiBe jx-q 
§ L a-\lr7]crOe avrov, iva firj drroddvTjre. *-*K:at el-rrev 6 o(j)i<; rrj yvvaiKi Oi; Oavdrcfi uTrodarelade' ^fjBei 5 

yap 6 deo^ on ev f) dv ^fiepa (pdyrjaOe air avrov, hiavoij^Orjaovrai vfiSiv 01 6<p6aXfjLol, Kal earecrOe 
II D (B9 deoi,, yivd)(TK0i>re<i KaX6i> Kal TrovTjpov.^ ^Kal 'iBei> r) yvvrj on KaXov ro ^v\ov eif jSpcoaiv, Kai 6 
on dpecrrov rot? o(^9aXfx,oi^ ISeiv Kal u>pal6v etrnv rov Karavovjcrai, Kal Xa^ovcra rov Kaprrov 
avrov e(f>ay€v Kal eBooKev Kal rm dvSpl avTrj<; fier' avrrj<;, Kal e(j)ayov. '^ Kal Sirjvoi'X^drja-av 01 7 
d(j)9aXfiol Tftjy Bvo, Kal eyvcoaav on yvfivol fjirav Kal eppayfrai' (f)vXXa avKrjv Kat erroirjcrav eav- 
Totf nrepi^wfiara, ^Kat fiKovaav ri)v (fxovrjv Hvpiov rov deov TrepnTarovvro<i ev ru> TrapaSei,cra> ro 8 
§ E" SeiXivov Kal eKpv0rjcrav 6 re 'ABdfi kuI t) yvvr} avrov ^d-rro irpoacoirov Kvpiov rov 6eov ev fiecrtp 

23 (\-r\(j>0ri E 24 TOKTO E | KOToXii^fi A 

3 ifxiieau AE j tpayeaOai AE ) aTroBavtjTat E 

6 apauTToy A 7 tpa\pa.v E 

III I e-woiaev E 1 (payov/ieOa />'' 

5 i;5ei] eiSfi D | etreffSai AE | yeivajKovrei A 
8 5«Xivoi'] SiXtji'oi' a I e/i/ifau AE 


1°] TOUT); koi Phil-edl | om oTi — oi'Tj; 2° IS'" | avdpof avrri^'] 
iStov avSpoi m Chr i | om avrr) 2° Ehmnq'3 Phil-arm Or-gr 
Chr Cyr Hil 

24 eycKfy] eveKa PliiH Evaiii: avTi Paul Chr Thdt | om 
avTov 1° Phil Evan i Paul Theoph Or-gr Or-!at i A-Z | om 
avTov 1° bhmw PhiU Evan Paul Or-lati Chrf ThdtJ A-Z | 
om Kat 2° — avTov 3" Evan ^ Thdt \ A-Z | wpoaKoXk.'] koWtj- 
BriafTai Evan | tti 7W'aiKi Av(mg)y Evan Paul-mg Chr^ 
Thdt;] irpos T?)i' 7iii'ai(ca Z?EMv(txt) rell Phil Paul-t.xt Theoph 
Or-gr Chr^ Thdt | | avrov 3°] eaiTou r: om adpd^ 

III 1 yvfiPoi ot 5vo e | (ot 5i'o] +o^ov 37) | yvfivoi'} post 
avrov (128) IE I T]!^] <pi}atv s ; om v | ^povtfuorepos Di(mg)rv(nig) 
3(uid) Theoph Or-lat Eus Chri Luc | om toiv ewi i | wn 
eiroi-nffef] quain fecit Or-lat | Oeoi 2°] pr ks Eejv(nig) Luc: 
(ks 79) I <\>ay-r\Te\ (payq E: <t>ayqa6e Chr J | om irai'Tos E | 
irapabeiaov A* (sup ras 13-14 litt) />'' Eghjoqsvxy 13 Phil Theoph 
Or-lat Chr J Iren] ev tu irapaieujoi M rell aEJjS Eus Chrf 
Thdt Luc 

2 om TMoi^fi (31.83) Chrl | Trai/TOs] sup ras A'^ : pr KapTrou 
M: /ta/)7rou />''Eghnqr*xy'3B!E^ : (tou itapTrou 3 1 ) : om t : -I- 
Kap-nov efjr^sv | ^cXoi'] pr rov Dfghnqrtxy33(uid) | tov Trapa- 
Seicroi'] TOV ev tw irapabuaa dfilmprv(mg) lE^ Luc: {(V toi 
TTapaSeiffw 107) | (fiayop^eda^ pr ^pwtret a: tftayoipeda ejlmnsx*d2 

3 AapTroii] pr tou Z)*" a-fijopwyc^d^ Chri: om lE'i' | tod 
^uXoi'] om ^P : om tov E | o effnv'] ov eariv p : tou v(mg) Chr | 
TOU 7rapa5eicrou] Tw Trapaoeicw Mlq Iren(uid) Luc(uid) : -l-ou 
(payopL€$a c^ \ om ou h | ifyayeade^ (pay-qffde a* Chr^: tpay-qre 
Or-gr Chr-i : pif <payea6e h*q Theoph : pi} tpayticrde Meh''ijorC2 : 
py} (ftayfiTe dpd^: (payupeda n [ om a7r auTou (20) Chr^ | om 
ovSe — auTou 2° di(txt)p | ou8«] ou5 ov Mbri(mg)lmrdj Or-gr 

Chr^ I a^taBai E | auTOD 2°] pr a?r m: om f3[ Iren | otto- 
dav7}T€^ pr davaru e 

4 om Lf I om davarw Luc 

5 -qSei yap'] scd sciebnt Or-lat | om Sfos n | om ori s | f v 7; 
A/JMegjInsvCj Theoph ChrfV] t) Lqrwy Or-gr Chr/^ Cyr Iren 
Luc: 77 5 rell Eus Ath Chr ,-j: om E | rjpepav dpd, | (payTjoSe 
Afsv Chr-rV] <t>aye<ree m Chr A: <t>ayr,Te D { ELM rell 
Theoph Or-gr Eus Ath Chr ^\ Cyr | om aw avrov Ath Chr- 
aliq I diavoiyricovTai m | oi oipS. vpoiv xc^a Or-gr | om Kai 
eaeffde ws deoL lE^P | om yivoiffKovrf^ — Trovtjpov g | KaXo;*] pr ro E 

6 TO ^vXov oTi Ka\ov Or-lat i- Chr \ Thdt | om to f uXok 
Chr| I om Km on B | om oti 2° ejgiE}f) Or-lat Thdt | ape- 
arov] opti7>nim Or-lat^ ] om ihei.v Kai upaiov €<ttlv ^3 | om Kai 
^"—Karavorfaai Or-lat i | Xa^oucra] eXafiev (20) Chr^: -f i; yvvri 
La-fijopsvwdj Chr^ | tou Kaprrov auTou] pr ctiro ejsvl3(uid) 
Chr I : lie lipio Or-lat i | aurou] om em Chr \ : ligiii Or- 
lati i f(/.a7E>'] pr rai (3i>ChrJ | om rai 6° h*Cj'a!E Phil | (om 
auTTjs 1° 7g) I p(r a\'Tr){\ peff aiTTjs t : peB eavTijS (76) Theoph: 
om mr Or-lat i Chr | /lat e<payov] Kai erjiayev dpqrt : om &> : 
+ 01 5uo Chr \ 

7 7jvoixBy]<Tav r | 01 o<p6a\poL] pr avruv f Chr: +avTtijv 
noIE Or-lat f | om tuv Svo folE Or-lat j Chr | e7rf7cU(rai' g | 
epparpav tpvWa (TvktjsI av 0uXXa av .sup ras (6) A^ | eauTOis] 
ai'Tois mnos 

8 TTjv 0ui't;;' ALMa''gh*i*qstvCj Or-gr^] rr)! tpoivri^ Ea*h''i''' 
rell Theoph Or-gr \ Chr Thdt : om Or-gr ^ | om Kvpiov 1° 
Thdti I om TOU deov i" m ChrJ | om TrfpiTroTouvTOS — SeCKivov 
L I ro beLXivov] ru3 heCKivoi x : -I-tt;? rjpepas fv(mg) | eKpv(37]ffav] 
eKpv^Tj Phil-codd ^ 1 om o re — TrapaSciirou L | om kupiou 2° 
EnB Theoph | om tou fuXou Ebi'wxy 

av5pos a' aiTij KXridrjaerai effffa avdpis on arro avdpos e\r)<fidr] axrt) eanv ywrj v : o"' auT?; K\i]$r,jerai ets afSpos OTt aTTo fts 
avSpot e\ri<pdri avrij ecrn yvvrj c^ 

III I tppovipwraroi] a' rravovpyorepos M : a' 6' iravovpyos a' rravovpyorepos v | nov Otjpiujv] a' rcov ^woiv Mv | n on — 

irapadeiauv] a' p.r} on eiTre*' ^s prj (f)ayrp-e airo rravros ^v\ov rov ktjttou c^ | n on — 6eo^ 2°] ff' Trpos n etirev ^s c, | n 
oTi] ff' irpos Ti M 2 xapttSfurou] 6' ktjttou M 

5 dtavoixO-] 0' avventrOtjcrav XI; 6' avvenaOrjcrovrat v; 0' lyvveriaOrjre c^ 7 bty}voixd.'\ 6' avventrSriffav Mv 


9 rov ^v\ov Tov irapaheia-ov. '^koX eKoKeaev Kupto? 6 deo<i rov 'AS«^ koI elirev avrw ABd/i, irov A 

10 el; ^°Kal eJirev avrm ^Tijv (jycov/jp crov i'jKovcra trepi7rarovvTo<; iv tw irapaZeiaa, koX 6(j>o^t]07)u, on § " 

11 •yvfivo'i el/xi, Koi eKpu^Jji'. ^'kuI elir^v avrS Tt? dv/jyyeiXev croi on yv/xvoi; ei, ei fxr) mro tov 

12 ^vXov ov 6i'€Tei\dfjirjv aoi tovtov fiovov /j.1] (^layflv air avTov ttfiaye'; ; '"/cat elirev o 'AS'i'/x H 

13 7i""?j ^i* ehcoKa'; fier ifioO, avTi] fj,oi eBroKev dvo tov ^vXov, koI t<fiayov. ^^Koi enreu K.vpio<: 

14 6e6^ TV yvvaiKi Ti TovTO tVoiJ/cra? ; Kal elrrev '/ yvvt] O o^i'i ijirdTijcrev fie, Kai e^ayov. ''«ai 
elirev Ky/jtoj o 6eo^ tu) 6<j)ei "Oti eiroii]a-a<; tovto, eiriKaTaparof; <rv airo ttcivt(i>v tow ktijvwv Kai 
diro trdvTtov tmv drjpitov t^? 7^?' iirl tu) crT^Oei aov Kal tt koCKm iropevarj, Kai yrjv <f>nyi] Tracra? 

15 Trt? r}fiepa<; Trj<; ^a)»;? aov. ^^Kal e-)(Opav O/joco dvd /leaov crov Kai ava /leaov t';9 yvvaiKO'i, Kai 
dva fiiaov tov airepfj,aT6<i crov Kal dvd fj,eaov tov crirepfiaTO^ avTrji;- avTO<; aov Tijptjaei Ke<f)aXriv, 

16 Kai (TV T7]prjaei<; avTov irTepvav. ^^Kal TJ] yvvaiKi elirev ^YlXriOvvwv itXtjOvvco to? \i;7ra9 (TOv Kai § C" 
TOV oTevayfiov aov ev XuTrat? Te^t} TeKva, koi irp6<; tov avBpa aov ij airoaTpo(f»] aov, Kal avTOi; 

17 aov Kvpitvati. ^'^tm Be 'ABdp, elirev"On 7jKovaa<i t^? <J)Q)V>]v T17? yvvaiK6<; aov Kal e(f>ayeii airo 
TOV ^vXov ov eveTetXdpLrjv aoi tovtov fiovov fii) (payeiv dir avTov 6^0769, eiriKaiapaTO^ if ytf ev 

:8 TOi'i epyoi'; aov ev XviraK (t>dyr] avTifv irdaa<i ra? rffiepa<; t^9 C<u'y'> aov ^°<iKdv6a^ Kal Tpi- 
19 ySoXoi") dvaTeXei aoi, Kal (f>dy>] tov j^opTOv tov dypov. '9eV iBpcoTi tov irpoaooirov aov (fxtyrf 

10 TrepnraTovvTos] Tr^pnrafTos A 14 av] aoi E 1 arrjOi A 15 TTjp-qoL^ E 


om Kupios hy\3 Luc | om tfeos L | toi/] tu f | om avra n | 15 — 23 plurima rescr A"' 

rov « aSa/j. WE''' Theoph i | aSa/i 2"] om Labdgh*o-rtv(txt) 15 oin totuin comma L (spat 6 uel 7 relict) | St/o-m] jtoiijitm 

wc d SIE^^JJ Phil Theoph i Iren : +a5ati. mx Theoph | om ava p.iaov 1° — 7woi\-os /toi w | om nai ava /icaov 

10 KOI 1°] 5e 1 I avTu] adafi bmw(C3£p : ada^i t : om tt/s 7i';'aiK0! mil | om ava fie(70v T' C Phil J Cyp Luc | xai 3° — 
adi*lopd23 Luc : + aSa/i lE'^' | tt/I' ipuvTjv AEMh*((rtu Theoph] aov 2°] iiiU'r tc d semen tiium H : om nxEi' | om ava utaov 4'' 
Tijj tpuivqi Lh*" I'cll Phil Chr | om aov { \ ijKOvae I* | om Phil Theoph Ireni Cyp | aov 3" — (16) Kvpifvaei] uersio ualde 
Trepiir. ev tu wapaS. L Chr f | wepiir.] Dvmine Luc: om n3 corrupta in Iff' | T7)/)T;ufi trou sv S | TT)pj)afi\ calcatiit \ienh Cy\i- 
Phil Theoph | ei/ni] eif-itv o : eram 'E Or-lat | om /cai cKpv^yjv \^ ed Luc J ("'d) | Kf<pa\i]v] pr Trjx n Theoph | /cai ffu TTjpijffeis] 

11 auTu] omm: + ics 9s efjsvClE : + Jens hue \ tis — croi] ffou 5e n | oktou TjjpTtaeis Theoph Luc | ourou TTTfpi'ai'] <ra/- 
avriyyi\(v'L: TisaoidTfv Chtf: i/uis/i/iiiiiJieatiii hue | ei M')] cawH/w t'/«j- Iren-edi Cyp | TrTepj-oi/] pr ttji- n Theoph 

+ OTI Ea : + comeiiis/i )3tl | coi 2"J ere g | tovtov] air avTov i* 16 om tt\i}Svvuv Cyp \ \ om xai tof STiv. aov h \ tov 

12 om ELabdfimoprwxCjdj Theoph | 5e5u/cas ehjlns | aTtvaynov] tov% OTivayixovi d'lm(uid)opc,a Cyp | om aov 2" 
litT e/uou] ixoi fmnBC Theoph Chr|: om Luc | om airo tou MB"' | iv Xwais] tv Xvwtj 3 Theoph: e/ in Irislilia Cyp | 
JiiXouCEChrJ I atro] (K C\\x i, T^Kva] Jilios tuos C"^ | (exicrTpo^i; 18) | oVTOi m | aov 5"] 

13 om Kiipios Labdgioprwxyd,13|3 Phil Theoph Chr-ed ae o 

Luc I Ti] pr ■;«:• S | om t; yvvrj h Phil | om ^^ n | /le ijttott)- 17 tu 5f] /vai tu Labdi*nop\vd2ia | om T-qi tpuvifi (73) B^ 

irei' mn | p-e koi etjtayov sup ras (3) i^' Adam | om otto L | om ou (veTei\ap.iiv~eipay(s 2" L | om aoi 

14 om Kiipios eo Iren Cyp | om tu ocpei L | oti] pr ti b | Adam | tovtov hovov] hovov tovtov Theoph : om Phil i | tov- 
eiron]aas toi'to] /;( hoc fccisti Cyp: tti fecisti hoc Luc | ttrmaTa- tou] touto E | tfiayeai] <t>ayeL n | cur avrov ttjiayes] om Cyp | 
poTos cru] s iru sup ras i»' ] ffi'] (pr ei 1 28): ei g | om ojto i» — €<(iay(i 2°] pr el C'^ : om B | 17 yn} "v Phil-codd-oinn J Chr J | 
Koi 2° m Theoph Or-lat Chr Luc | otto i° — kttji'uj'] <7i5 <;>««/ ev tois epyois aov] in oinnil'iis operibiis tnis Cyp: propter te 
pecore Cyp | kttj^ui'] {drtpioiv 108) : + ayr/ C | om otto iroi'Tu;' Pliil-arm : + non ailckl dare tibi aim siiain U' | om ev Xuirois — 
2° C I om TOiv 2" L I {Bripiuiv] kttjvoiv 108) | ttjs 77)5] pr tuv t^wr)s aov E Cyr-liier | ev XuTraij] ;'« Iristitia et gemitii Cyp | 
CTTi A' "KEMbehi^jlnqrsuvwyB Theoph: prTui-oirom: ^ quae Xuttois] Xujtt) SC Phil Theoph Chr J | a.VTT]v] patiem tuum 
sunt super terrain Luc | (tTri] pr kot iS) | tu ffTTpSei] to aTiiSos lE'^ | om ttjj fuT/j L 

d I irou 1° AELMhi*'mnqrtuw*BE Cyp] om i'vy" rell S, Phil 18 croi] +ri yv nc, | Kai ipayr) — (19) aire\evari] Kai to e^rii 

Theoph Chr Thdt Luc | om koc ttj /coi\ia 3£ | tt) koiXio] jir eiri L | ipayeaai r | x<'/i'ro>'] apTov o | tou 07^01;] +aov Theoph Cyp- 

(76) C^jJ : + (TOV Ehi^'mnrtSBC Theoph Luc | Tropevari] irepnra- codd i 

T-qar) i* 19 c] pr Kai sE | lo/iurt] iSpoTijTi dfgimnoqsx'd^*: sudore 

12 c5u\'as /iCT e/;Loi'] a' fftTuKTja'aj /xoi M j 7;;' e5. /iCT ep..] a' ijv avvuKiaas fioi v : a' tj avvwKnaai fie c^ 

13 ijjroTTjffei' fie] a' ttrrtyaytTO pie MvCj 

14 drjpiujv] a' a' fuwi* M j tujv 6i]p.] a' tojv fwuv v [ yqv] a' xovv Mv 

15 rrip7\aei] Tpi^ei M : o' TrpoaTpi^pei a' dXupei vc^ 

16 TOV OTevayfiov aov] a' tos avWtj^eis aov Mv ; a' 6' tos Kvtjaeis aov Mv (om Tas) j aTroffTpo^?;] o' a' avvatpeia 
opfiTj M : a' avvatpia a' oppr^ v 

17 fTTUaTopoTos — oiTTj:/] 9' eTTiKOTopoTos T) 77; oSo^a ei- T7; -wapa^aaei aov ixeTa pioxOov ipayri oin-7):' Mc,(7i7 ooomo] 
a5a/i) : a' ewiKaTapaTO! ri yr] ev TTq epyaaia aov ev KaK0Tra6eia (jiayri avTTiv M (KaKOTToSti) c, | ev TOit epyoii aov] a eveKev 
aov V I ev XuTrats] a' ev KaKoiradeiais d' /xeTa iMX^ov v 


Ill 19 


A Tov aprov <tov ew? tov dij-ocrTpeyjrai ere ei? ti^v 'yrjv'^ i^ ^? eXi]fi<f>0't]';- oTi yP) el Kai et? yrjv dire- 
^ ^^ Xei'ar). -°Kal eKciXeaev 'ABdfj, to ovajxa t^9 yvvaiKot; Zm?;, on avrr) /xr'jTijp TravTwv twv 20 

^w/'Twi'. ^^ KcCi enoiTjaev Ki'p/o? 6 deo'; tc5 'Ahd/j, koX tt yvvaiKl avrov ■y^iTwi'at; BepfiaTivov;, kuI -21 
§ (H^ eviBvcrev avTov<;. '^Kal elirev Ki'pto? o 6e6<; 'ISou 'A8n/A yeyovev ^co? el? e^ r)fiS)V, tov 22 

yivaxTKeiv KoKov koX Trovrjpov ical viiv fir) ttotb eKTeivr] ttjv %6t/3a Kal Xd^rj tov ^iiXov t>;? ^a>rj<; 
Kol ffidyy, Kal ^ijaeTai et? tov alwra. ^^Kal i^UTrecrTeiXev auTov Ki/pto? 6 0eo? e/c tou Trapa- 23 
Beiaov T»;>> Tpv(f)rj<;, epydi^ecrdat, ttjv yf/v e^ rj<; eX7]fi<p6rj. -^Kal e^effaXen tov 'ABdfj, Kal KaTWKiaev 24 
avTov direvavTi tov irapaheicrov ti;? Tpv(^rj<;, Kal eTa^ev Ta Xepou/Sti' Kai ttjv (jjXoyivrjv pofxi^aiav 
1[ US'-}!) T^i' aTp€(j)0fj,evi]v (puXdacreiv t>]v 686v tov ^vXov t^? fiMJ;?.^ 

§ Z> ^^'ASa/i Se e^z'tt) ]ivav ttjv yvvalKa avjov, Kal iTvve\aj3ev Kai eTeKev tov Kdiv. Kal elirev i 

'EiKTTjodfjLiqv avQpwJTov hbd TOV Oeov. ^ Kal TrpoaedrjKev TeKelr tov dSeX-^w avTov tov ' A^eX. 2 

§ c Kat eyeveTO "A/3eX iroifir))' Trpo^drcov K.diV Be rjv epya^ofievo-i Trjv yi)v. ^^Kal eyeveTO fie0' 3 

riju.€pa<; ijveyKev Kat;' utto tmv KapirMi' t/}? 7^? dvaiav tw Kvplro- +/cai 'A/3e\ fjveyKev Kal avTos 4 

1 C" dirb To)v TrpfOTOTOKoyv tS)V Trpo/3dT(ov avTov Kal diro twv (TTeaTwv avT&v. Kal iiriBev 6 deot^ eirl 

IT Z'"A/3eX Kal iirl toI<; B(opot<; avrov' ^eTrl Be K.div Kal eVi rat? 6vaiat.<i avTov^ ov irpoaecr'^ev. Kal 5 

eKvivrjaev tov Kaw" Xiav Kal avve-ireaev tco TrpoamTrw. ^Kal elirev Kvpio^ 6 deo<; tcS K.dt.v "\va tL 6 

•7replXviro<; eyevov, Kal "va rt avveireo-ev to irpoaunrov aov ; t ovk edv opOw 7rpoa-eveyKr]<;, 6pdw<; 7 


24 KarWKeLCT€f A 


IV 5 eiri 1"] (TTU E 

7 TTpoa^veyKets E 

/I/O 33^^' I om aov i^ j Thdt | tou aTrotrrpe^ai ffe] ov atroffTpE^Tjs 
Thdt: 01' awo(rTpe\pw ae Adam-^: ov airoffTpei/'Cfs Adam ^ | 
TOV 2°] ov EfrCg 1 aTTotrrpe^at] eirLarpe^pat Phil l | rT]v 7771'] om 
tt;)' Edn | €\T}ix(pdti^'\ pr r/ Cyp-codd | 61] t/k fg: tTirj % | a?rc- 
XeuffTj] reuerlerii a33'"(ir!E Phil J 

20 om aSttjH E | ro ovofxa. tt^s] o^'o^a Phil-codd | ^t'l/aiKOJ 
A] ■^a.vTov ELM omn 2[Bffi!E}P(uid) Phil Chr | fwi;] pr eua 
oxe/) etrri f Chr; fwiji' Phil-codd | om on — ^tavTwv L | acrT;] 
+ i^v b 1 p-Tjrrjp avTT] slE'^^ 1 om wavTOjv IE 

21 om /cai i^ a I om Kvpws ^-codd Adam Cyr | (om deos 
18) 1 (om TW a5a/i 16) | depp-aTtvou^ x^"^^^^^ "i Adam 

22 om totum comma L | (eiTre;'] + airots loS) | A-i'pios 
AEM(mgsub •>c)efjstvxc,'ai3] om M(txt) rell iB Phil Just Chr | 
(om ^€os 108) I yeyoi^ev ada/x (79) Phil Thdt A-Z | om a5a^ 
Phil-cod I om €^ tJH Phil | tov i"] tw Phil | om A:at vvv (iC*^ ) 
om €KT€tvT] Tqv x^'-P^ '^^^ ^ I X^*P^] -+- ttKT-oi' dcf l^jprsvyiSC 
Chr Thdt | \afir]] (payr; Thdt: om 33 | tou ^v\ov — 0071; AEM 
hlnr] om qu : pr iK m: pr aTro rell Chr Thdt Cyr: om Kai 
^071; i* Thdt I ^r)a(Tai] j^ffi) Thdt 

23 avrovs Mi* | om d(os b | (ttjs rpv(ji-q% tov irapaSeLoov 
73) I om TTj! Tpv(pTis L I om cj ij^ (\tjpl4>6tj L 

24 Km 1° — ada/x] et Adam exiiiit 33 : om ffi": | cfe^aXez'] 
-}- ks ^s fi^ Chr: -\-oQ% mr ^*^ | KaToiKitrei' aiiToi'] KaTioK-tjofv 
lnqu33 Phil-cod : om ai'Toi' *31 Phil | ttjs Tpvtp-rj^ tov irapadeiaov 
dehi*jnpqu | om ttjs Tpvipr}^ L | cTaJf;'] tircTa^e Phil-codd | 
Xcpovfiti' AC] x<"pou/i(i)/n n : x^poi'/^'M ELM rell 33 Phil Or Ath 
Chr Thdt [ ttjv arpecpopLfvrjp] /xtratTTpe^o/tenjf h : om gy | om 
TTif oSov s (spat 5 relict) 

IV 1 om cvav ms Phil | avv^Xa^^v KOf. Ar Phil] av'KKa^ovffa 
Z)5iiEM rell 33 Theoph Chr Cyr | ereicep] +vi.ov w | ckttjit.] 
eKTiaafxTjv g*nwx : ni-quisiiiiniits IS 

2 7rpoo'e^7;Kei'] irpoa^diTO bdfgh^'ilmoptwxd^ Phil-codd Chr 
Cyr-ed ; irpoaeBfTO (Ti Theoph | toi* a/3e\ tou aS, avrov Phil- 
cod 1 I Toc aj3e\] om Phil-codd i : om tov o Phil-cod A | (om 

V 107) 

3 TjveyKei/l pr Kat sv : av-rjveyKfv JuI-ap-Cyr | tw;' KapTrwi'] 
Toi' KapTTou Phil-codd A Lvic | ^I'o'ta;'] owpov ^(uid) Phil-codd^: 
hostias Anon' | tw Kupiw] tw 6a ErySC Phil-codd Clem-R Chr 
Jul-ap-Cyr Anon' : kw tw ^w m 

4 om Kai airros Cyr j Anon' | om tw;' 2° (76.78) Jid-ap- 
Cyr I TrpojSoTwy] a/xviov Cyr ^ | om oktoi' 1° Clem-R Or-lat 
Cyr ^ Jiil-ap-Cyr | Kat 3" — ai'Twy] om Eus Luc: om airo c^ 
I auTwv] auTou adi*opC2 Cyr-cod \ : om ehm | om Kai 5° 

5 67ri 5f] Kai eTri h | om eTri 2° Or-gr Eus Cyr-ed \ \ Tats 
dvaLais] TOts Swpois Elr | om ov w^* | €\vtr-quiv rov] eXv-KyjO-q 
r333' Clem-R Luc | eXiiTrjjcrfi'] + ds m: { + 'Ki 8s 14.77.130) | 
{rovl t(x} 130) I o'l'^'eTretrei'] nnitalitm est 33 t "^^ irpoawTroi AEM 
clnqruyCj,(txt)1E'^'' Phil-arm CyrJ^ codd ^] -f auTou v(mg)c,(mg) 
Clem-R : to irpoauTrov avTov v(txt) rell 9[3S1E'= Chr Cyr-ed ^ 
JuI-ap-Cyr Thdt Luc 

6 om Kupios Clem-R | tw] vrpos Tof v(mg) ; Trpos Cleni-R | 
KaLv] Kai o I om ii/a 1° adfiopd^ | c7ei'oi'] -f <70o5pa g | avve- 
Trecrec] vtntatutn est 33 

7 oi'K — 6ie\?;s] ijuare non recte obtulisti Luc : om ovk z^ \ 
eav AEMi'mqaiwCj] av i* rell | opflws i°] +/xci' Chri | Trpoff- 

ig aTro<TTp€\pat ire] a' €7riffTp€\paL tie M [ aTreXci'tTT;] a' einaTpe-^rf v 20 s"wt;] a' aua <f' t^oyovos M : a' fwo7o;'OS v 

22 t5ov — X^'pci] *'■' *^^ a5a/t 7e70i'e;' opiov atp eaiTou yiViaaK^iv koXov Kai Trovtjpov fvv ovf fjLrjda/xws CKTeifas Triv X^*P* 
ouTou M I 7i;'W(rKti>'] -f a' a(p tavTov v | X"?" (ai'Tou)] -H a<p eavTov s 24 x^poi'/Si"] a' e^p x^povp v 

IV I e7i'w] eTre7;'W ffWiTiffOr} s; e7re7J'w Kai O'l'i'eTeKec v | eKTijcr. — $€0v] o e/^paios Kat o ffi'pos eKTijaafXTjif avbv €v 0w c^ 
2 irpoaeOrjKev TeKct;'] tr' TaXti' ereKev Ms{sine nom)v 

4 eTriSei'] 6' eirvpiofv a' eTepfpOtj a' (Tr€K\L$7] Mv : $' a' firvpLaaev €Tfp(p6r] eyeKXtjdri c, 

5 Kat eXi'TnjiTci' tov] a' Kat opyiXov tw a' Kai oipyLjd-q v 

6 iva Tt TTeptX. e7ei'oi'] a' ets tl opyiKov oov tr' ets ti topyiadyjs v 

7 OVK eav — auTou 2°] 6' ovk av ayaOus Troieis deKTOv koi fav fxr) ayadus tin Ovpa a/xapTia (yKadjjTai. Kai Trpos aa r/ 



8 Se fiT} SieXij?, ijfiapreii ; rjavxO'O'ov Trpo? ere 77 dTroaTpo(f))) avrov, koI av ap^€t<; avTOv. ^koI elvev A 
Kdiv 7rpo9"A/3eX top dS€\(f>ov avrov AieXOcofiev ei? to -rreSlov. kuI f^evero iv rut elvai avToiit; ev 

9 TcS TreSift) ^Koi avecTTj \\.<iiv e-Tri, ' A/SeX, tov nBe\(f>6v avTov koi aireKTuivev avrov. '^Kal elirev 6 S 3 
0eo? ■7rpo<; Kdiv Uov eariv" A^eX 6 dSe\(f)6<; aov ; 6 Se eiTrev Ov jivdiaKw firj (f)ii\a^ rov dBe\(f>ov 

10 fiov eifii €70); '"/cat enrev o aeo<: It €Trot,r}a-a<; ; <pwvq aifiaro<; rov (ide\<pov aov poa Trpoi /le e« 

11 T»j? Y?)?. "Kal i'Oj' eiriKaraparo^ trv iirl t^? 7»}9, »; e'^avev ro aro/xa avri]<; Be^aaOai, to al/ia 

12 roO dSeX^ov aov e« ti;? ■)(^eip6<: aov. ^-ori ipyd rrju yiji', Kal ov irpoaO/jaei rrjv la^vf avTr}<; 

13 hovva't aof arevcov Kal rpe/Mcov earj eVt t^}? yrj<;. ^^xal elnrev Kaii" Trpo? rov Kvpiov Metf&)i/ 57 

14 atria fiov rov d(f>ed!]i'aL fie. '•'et e«:/9aXet9 /^e a^jfiepov diro Trpoawirov rlj^ y'j'l, Kal d-TTo rov 
TTpoacoTTov aov Kpv^i'jaofiat, Kal eao/xai arevuiv Kal rpeficjv errl t»;9 yij'i' Kal tto.^ 6 evpiaKoyv fie 

ij drroKrevel fie^ ^^Koi elirev avrw Kvpioi; o de6<; Ov)(^ ovro)^' ttb? o drroxreiva^ K.div errrd e«S(- *' ^' 
Kovfieva rrapaXvaei. Kal edero Ki'pto? o de6<; aiffielov ru> Krui» rov fir) dveXeiv avrov rravra rov 

16 evpiaKOvra avrov. ^^e^ijXdev Be Kdiv drro rrpoawTrov rov deov Kal MKtjaev ev yrj NaiS Karevavri 

17 "ESe/i. '7Kat eyvco Yidiv rrjv yvvaiKa avrov, Kal ^ avWa^ovaa ereKev rov 'Eva^. Kal ^v %£> 

8 TratStoi' A | TratOiw A 9 €tfn] E 15 avaiXaif A 


€veyKrii] pr fioi i*'r | om opffus 2" — SieX?;? B''"'"' | 5e] om t Phil- 12 on] ore n"(ui(l): ?) Phil | (pya<nj 1'' Phil-codd [ ou] + 

cod: tuHW I p.!) hi^X.lofft'ras Jfii/ii^ j 6teXT;s] 5ieXeis g: cXtjsii: /^t; p | Trpoa6i}(rfi\ irpoadiLvai x | tt/i/ 2^ — gol] oovpai aot ri]v 

placeas (y^r!^) 5-ap-Barh | irpos <re— odtoi; i°] !(/ {^.c pecca- "'X"" a"''';' cc.aBES | Sowoi] pr fn r | om ecr^ m 
te/«) ««««-/f«/«r flrf tc S-ap-Barh | o.-Ko<Trp.-\ e,r«7rpo0, Cyr- ^^ "" "P'"" A] om rov ahdfgioplwd, Phil Chr Cyr-ed: 

ed| I ipi. ain-ou] a.rou a/>?«s adefjmopd,: auroi. ap?7,5 bginwx "" ^'' '^^ Cyi-codd : kv rov Bv EM rell SBS Or-gr | M«fo. 

8 Kai uirev-\ aire 5f ej | om aSeX i» m!£i' Anon' | 5ieX- ^I'^'^^x | CLna] ap-aprca mVBIa Or Chr Thdt | ^e] ^o' 
euMf] +Sv adefi-mopxd, Chr J CyrJ edj: Scvpo efeX^c^Mf" S"^*""') • °'" ^'^ili ed i : +A.a< ecro^ai ffre^w;- Kai. rp./^uiv cwi 
Chr I I eis] eirt Phil I ev ra TreScu] at ru TreSiu f: <ts to '■'Z' T^s P 

,r.5<o. i"': <om to, 31) | om ^-a. r abdei*joptwgj3E Phi! 14 «-^-p.^r,croMa.] pr ™< abdegijmopstvwxd,£fP Cyr-ed i : 

Clem-RChrLuc | e-n-<] vrpos b <""> '°'> I "'^«^"' ■'^'""y Cyr| codd i] «/3aX,5 acdiopqu 

9 om Ka. e^irev o* | e,ot AMabdgi»np«-d, Chr Luc] pr I'h'l-cod Cyr-ed i : .KJioXK-r,, t : e^•/JaXXe» EM rell Phil-ed Chr 
« Ei^.rell 3153 Cyr | Trpos] rw Cyr-cod | a^A] post <rou qu : ^yrf codd^ Thdt | <,nU-^pov] v,jvCyr\: om E Chr i | ,rpoo- 
om m Hil Luc I om tariv E PhiU Theoph Ath Chr^'r Cyrf "'^<"' '"^ P' '■'"' 1'1,.1-codd: om cE Cyrt codj Chri | om rov 
Thdt I 5e] A-ai abd-josv(txt)wyd; Chri Luc 1 o. y^v^aK^^ ^°1" l/""^ '""'?= <<"" 79> I «■" ^■'" ^^OMai-vl^ 2» p Chri 
„.. 0.5a fi Chr J Cyri | roL^'^] lyu up. xou aV MouChr A • ^yr i .as A^IE Cyr |] pr e.ra. Ac.".EM omn gSS Chr 
«M'ro..a5.M<.ua-ed Theoph ChrA( + f7"TV): rot, ao". /.oi- «m< ^>'7,I "m m£ 2» Cyri | (a^o.-reim 7 1 

Chr-,V I rou a5.] t.. ao-.X0a, 1 | om mou i Cyr i | ey- "M' Cyvl ^^ °"' «•"•" >" I «";'.'' ,«"' '" ^ I '^« °] P'' "" ^yri : 

10 »«s] pr i« fn B I eTro.was] pr rov E* : pr rouro " '^'" CyrJ: om^ai Phil i | awoKr,.vo.s Ka^v} e„p.<r*w ™<. 

E'^adegip: ir€Troi7}Ka^ y Cyr-codd : -{- tovto bclhimorstvwxc d^ r^, -, , ^ , , • ^ , \ 

atf Ti u /-'u r I T . . /J \ T?. " i nil i Cyr-codd i om avrov 2'^ I nil ^ 

S iheopn Chr Luc aifxaros] pr rov e: om c : + a/ie\ bus i'« v . , ; -, /, , 1 ^1 , / 

ChryV om <7ou Cyri ck ttjs yyjs] om tt;? Plnl-coddi Cyr A : ^ i n i — r / \ /i ■ ■ / . / ■ ,/. 

om oe a roi/ ^eofl pr kv f : <om rou ^i): Dotmni Or-Iat(uid)i 
tv TV yn n 1 j 1 \ j / / j 

11 ™. vvv-yr,t] om cr : om ra. vvv dpS*(uid) | ,r.-7,,s] ^hd-syr | a,^,«.] pr ras (3) x : K^ro,K-n„,y Thd | 7,] pr rr, 
■n yv IE Or-lati Chr* Cyrf | av] a dp: om s | e« AiyS "^"^ ^^ ^''^ I ■""«] "'^ qu : -a^o Or-gr i : ^a-.-m: valval | 
PhilJ codd-omnj ChrJ Cyr-ed^] (k f: otto EM rell 38S PhilJ f«wM >' 

ed J Theoph Or-lat-j Chr J Cyr-codd^ | om to aropa avr-qt 

17— V 9 multa rescr A*" 

E Theoph Cyr i | om r„ 2- Theoph ^'^ -"X '" A/>.'EMh*lmnp^rstxyc,aE Phil Theoph Cyr- 

awoaTpocfti] avrov Kai <Tv ap^eis avrov a' eav a7a^i';'7/s a/jetrcts ff' a\\ eav ayaOvvTjs atprjau eav 5e ^t; a^a^i'v?;? Trapa dvpav 
afxapTia eyKadijrai Kai wpos cc ); op/xr] avrtjs (cod citt; o-') aX\ c^OftrtaiTtts a^TT/s v | ovk cav — rjffvxo.o'ov'l eav aya$vvijs ap^ffTjs 
cr' aXX eav aya6vvr}s a<pr}<r(*j cav 5e jti''? ayadvvqs Trapa Bvpav afxapria eyKadrjrai c^ 

8 5(€X(?w/iec — jreSioi'] rairra €k rov airoKpv<f>ov 5oAcet UTro rwv o' etXrjtpdac cx^*" ^^ aura xat to trapLapciriKOP ev yap ru 
f^paiKdj ov yeypawrat ovSe ev rots Trept aKvXav v 

12 Kat ou irpoffd-qcrei] a' t) 5e ou/feri sv | ffrevwv /cat rpeynwi'] <t' avatrraros Kai aKaraararos sv : o «/3p. sat o <rvpos ffaXeuo- 
fievo^ Kai aKaraararuv • aKaraararo^ Kat avaffraros ev n] y7} c^ 

13 17 aiTia fxov] a' avo^Tifxa fxov sfpr to)v 14 et eKfiaXeis fie] a' iSov e^e^aXes fie sv(e|f/3aXXey)c2(sine nom) 

15 cTTra — TTapaXuffft] a septcmpluiter ttindicabitur. <r' septus ttindictam dabit. B' per hebdotnadem uindicahit (sine uindi- 
cabiiur). Is quein gentiit (<73^lA*^T^ 003) genti-atio septima uindictam dabit % \ aveXeiv] a' tfKri%ai a' irara^at svc^ 

16 vaiS] afaararov caXoy aaXevofievos s : <t' avairraro^ (xaXov tj ffaXevofievos v : (ToXos c^ : <r' rcbellis (?) (^^'^"VS'^j Q' 
Jluctuantis (^*^i:&^10>i\=n-n) % 

SEPT. 9 3 

IV 17 


A oiKoBofiwv -KoXiv KOI i'TTfavofiacrev ttjv ttoXiv eTrl rm ovofiari rov v'lov avrov 'Ei/<b;^. ^^eyevrjQi) i8 
Se TO) 'EyftjT^ FatSriS, Kai Taihah ^'yevvrjaev rov Man;\, kuI Mat»;X iyevvrjcrev tov ^\a6ov(Ta\a, 
Tf z> Koi Madova-aXd eyevi'Tjaev^ rov Ad/j,6)(^. ^'^Kol eXa^ev eavToi Aafxe^ Si'o yvvalKa'^' ovojxa rrj /.iia 19 
'A8a, Kot ovofia rfj Sevrepa 2eW«. ^°Kai ersKev 'A8a rov 'la^eX- ovro^ rjv 6 irarrjp oiKOVvrwv 20 
iv (TKijvaK KTi)voTp6^(i)V. '^ Kol oi'ofia T(p dBeXcjxo avrov ^lovf3dX' ovro^ 7]v 6 Karahei^a^ yfraXTtj- 21 
piov ical Kiddpav. ^^SeXXfi he ereKev Kai avrrj rov ©o/SeX' Kai );i' (T^vpoKO-rrot; ^aXxei;? ^(aXKOV 22 
Ka\ aihrjpov. dheX^rj he ©o^eX Noe^a. -^elirev he Ad/xex ral<; eavrov yvvai^iv 23 

'ASo. Kai SeXXa, aKovaare fiov t^? <puivrj<; • 

yvvaiKe'i Aa/xe;^, ivcoriaaaGe fiov row Xoyov;' 
on avhpa aireKreuva eit rpavfia efioi, 
Kai veavicricov eh firnXwrra e/xol- 
^"^ori errraKi'i eKhehiKrirat, eK Kdtv, 24 

e/c he Adfie-)(^ e/3ho/j,TjKovrdKi<; eirrd. 
§ D ^^5"Eiyva) he 'Ahdfi ILvav rr)v yvvaiKa avrov, Kai ovXXa^ovcra ereKev vlov. Kai eTroivofiacrev 25 

ro ovofia avrov l,i]d Xeyovaa 'E^avearijcrev yap fioi 6 0so9 airepfia erepov dvrl "A/SeX, ov drre- 
Kreivev }s.div. Kai rat ^ijd eyevero vio';, iiroovofiaaev he ro ovofia avrov 'Ej/co?* oSto? ijXTTKrev 26 
eTTiKaXeladai ro 6vo/xa K.vpiov rov Oeov. " 

22 x^^'^'^i's] x^^'^^^^^ E 

codd] eum W'p* rell 13 Chr Cyr-ed Anon | om koi 4° — ttoXii/ 2° 
d Chr I f?ri tw] ett o | om tov viov D \ (fax 2" AZ)*''EMh*lm 
nrstxyCj." 9-ed1E Phil Theoph Cyr-codd] om 9l-codd Chr Cyr- 
ed : ecw! hiiCj* rell 13 Anon" 

18 eyefiiffri—efiijx] Enos auUm gaitiit B | ey€S'r)dri AM 
achj*npr*w*C2 Theoph Chr Cyr] Kai fyiwrjUt) g : eyevpriO-q 
DEjVwi" rell lES | <om toi 16) | et/ux A/:'s'iEMh*lmp!'rstxyc/ 
911E Phil Theoph] e^x" n: ecws h'>p*Cj,* rell Chr Cyr Anon | 
7aiSa5 I"] pr eipaS etpao 5c c: 7at/ia5x''^: Gaieridad^: Gedaiii 
Anon I Kat 7ai5a5] yatSaS 5e c, | yaihah 2^] 7a(pa5 x : Gaici'i- 
dad a: Gedam Anon° | tuanfK i» Abh*(uid)jntwy'(uid)c3 3 
Phil-ed] /nei)X sv Phil-cod Theoph : naovia D Cyr-codd : /jiatovia 
1: fxaoviav Cyr-ed: /aaoi'iara s(nig) : /jaoiujX Mcr: /iaopiijX E: 
Haovia-qX quv(mg)x : ^La\e\ei]\ h^'y" rell B'""'^ Chr: Mmia 
33p-txthv . Malekl Anon": Malekih Anon" | ^oiijX 2" Aljh*(uid) 
jntwy*(uid)c,'3] jfev^ sv Theoph : /uaoina D Cyr-codd : /taiowa 1 : 
jaaoi'tas Cyr-ed: /tcaoi-X c: fiaovtjX Mr: ^aowi/X E: ^aovLaijX 
qux: MoXXtTjX f* : /iaXcKc-qX {'W'y" rell Bf'"S Chr: A/iv/js 
5gp.txt iw; Jl/a/e/el Anon': A/aleUch Anon' \ om tov ixadowaXa 
— eyevvriaiv 3° c | /la^OftraXa bis] /ua^oifffaTyXa sv: /ia^oi'craT/X 
quy* Cyr-codd : Matusalaiii Anon' : Matliisalam Anon° 

19 eaiTw] aiToj mn : om lE*^ Cyr-cod | 5i'o] post 71'^atKay p ; 
om r* I Tt\ I"] 5e Cyr-ed | aSa] o55tt bc^dormprSl Cyr-codd: 
aSaSa w | t-i; 2°] ti;s 1'' | creXa delopx Theoph 

20 aSSa bc'dfmprw'E | lU^fX] luifSrjX Ma-dfghmoprwyd, 
Phil Chr : u/3t;X Theoph : iwa^eX qu : tu^aX x : luifi-qS Eit : 
T/iobd Anon' : Tobd Ano\\' \ -qv} at 'SM | om b-fh^''i»-m- 
pq'i'rwxy^'dj Chr | /trij^oTp.] pr tui' i-^'rB 

21 Tou nSeX^ou aod^S | iou/3oX] io;3aX m : lu/SaX fi^'prs 
■315'''" Phil-cod I : lo^eXU'"': ioras(i)/3a5 n | t;;-] citt-ii' ^-ed U 
Phil Theoph : + wr/p x Phil : + ir^p c : +/>akr ^IEpS | 
— Kidapav] ^aXTTjpiov Kai Kidapas Phil ^ j /caraSet^as] (^«/ 

22 ireXa delpxCj | €T£K€v Kai avTi)] sat avTT} cTeK€v cyCjS : 
{om eT€Kev 107): om (,-ai oiti; 3 | OofifX i°] OovfiaX x: lu^fX 
Phil-cod I om x^Xkci'S 1 | OofteX 2°] ffovflaX x : Cw/JcX 1 | rof/iia] 
-f ras (i) h: voe^ai' iqruy Phil Chr: voefia/J, f: voep.ixa abtwc^ 
Anon" ; vo€^y.av g : A^eema ^-codd 

23 ctTTc*' 5e] Kai ei7r€ 1 | Xafiex i"] ^/^^^ g | om rats — Xa^€x 
2'^ n I eavTov yi'vai^ivl avrov yvvaL^if lo : yvvai^tf avTov be | 
aSSa bcdfniprw Phil-arm Cyr-codd | ireXXa] acXa dejlopxc^ : 
Sa//a B" I /iov Tr)s 0ur7;s] ttjs ipwv-qs /lov adfioprwc^ Cyr-ed^: 
/xoi' Tovs Xoyovs d^ | evwrtcraTe c | om on d | ets fiojXo}ira €^0i] 
mihi in plagam Phil J: in liuore ineo Hil Anon | f/tioi 2"] /ioi 

24 cTrraKts — Kaiv'\ €K jx^v Kaiv enbibiK'qTo.L CTrra/viS Chr : om 
eK en I eK 2°] iv fn 

25 eKai/] post avTov 1" Phil^: om y3E | eirwvoij.acev'] niii 
sup ras circ 16 litt A^: eKaXece x | to ovofia avTOv\ avrov Phil- 
cod J I Xe70utra]sub — S: SHb*'3: om Phil-codd-omn^ Clem | 
om yap gmnBlE Phil \ \ o Bto^'] pr k? (71) IE : 81 o* 

26 fn}d'\ -t- Kai ai'Tw xS | e7ei'cro] (e7ei'7;(?ij 64(mg).73./3o): 
ey(vvTjd7] ei(mg)jrtS : {-f-aurw 14) j ciruvofiatx^v oe] (pr Kai 31. 
128): Kai €irojvop^ai7€V dfpr Chri Cyr [ ej'os s | ovros 'qXiria^v'] 
Tjp^avTo Chr J | oi'xos] ovtws f*u* : avTos m: + primus Or-lat ^ | 

7;\7r((re»'] coepit ^^ : +'jrptoTov Phil^ | to ovofia 2°] rto ovop.aTi 

l8 yaibaB i**] a' apo5 s: a' tpaS v | /xa^oiitraXa 1^] titpiy. irapa tols 0' ^aBovaaXa cKeiTo owep diopOioaa^ifv ypa<piKTjv 
evpovres irXavrjv ovaav yap fxadovuaXa uios (ariv tov (vcjx ck tt/s avveaTu:(r7js yevcas twv airo adafi 5e pr.adovaai]X anuyovos 
uv TOV Kaiv e^ojpiarai airo tojv Xonru}v twv ovtwv air €k(ivov tt;j TrpoKcipKvtjs 7ei'ea9 sv(om oi'ffOJ') 

20 o nar-qp — KT-qvorp.'] a' o irpwros cTroSet^as uK-qva^ Kai KTi}voTpo<pia s : o"' ^' (?) o tt/jwtos uTToSet^as CK-qvas Kai KT-qvoTpo(piav v 

23 fea^'iffKoi'] a' a' iraioiov s : o' TraiStof v 

24 on — eirra] a' oti en-raTrXairiws CK5iK7;07;crerai Kaii' Kat Xa^uex '^'**' S* t'"' ori e/35o^aios cKSiKqaiv Swo'ei Kaii' Xa/iex 0' 
KOI f fido/j-aiuis 8' oti ejUdoixadai- (KOiK-qOqirfTai Koii" Xafiex ejidofir/KovTa Kai cirra s (ovra Kai eTrra perier) v £0 Kai f] e^do/ii)- 
KovraKis (TTTa \ e^SSo^aius] e/Soo/ioios]] | eTrxaKis eK5e5iKj)Tai] <r' e^So/aaSos SiK-qv Suaa c^ : a' septies tiindictam dabit Si 

26 oi/Tos — Seoi'] o' roTe ■qpx^"') ''<"' KaXeic iv ovoj).aTi a' totc apxv eyevero s (om <r') \St : ejSpaiOi exei outos riXwi(T8-q 
ewiKaXeiaffai ev ovonari kv tov 8v fievroi okkXos ouros rip^aro tov KaXeiaBai ev ovo/mti kv s 



V 13 

1 ^AvTT] 7) /3i/3\of lyeveaeox; av9pu>iTa>v. y i^fiepa ivoirjaev 6 deo<; rov W.8dfj., Kar eUova 0eov A 

2 iiroirjaev avrov ^apcrev Koi drjXv eTroiijcrev avTow, KaX ev\6yr)(T€i> avrovv. Kai eTrcavo/iacrei' to 

3 ovofxa avTwv 'ASa/U., »? rifJ-epa iTToiijaev avTov<;. ^e^ijaev Se 'ABa/j. BiaKoaia koL rpuiKOVTa ctt/, /cat 
eyeifptjaiv kuto, rrju elSeav avTov Koi Kara rrjv eiKova avToO' Kal iirtovofiaaev to ovofia avrov '^>')d. 

4 -^eyivovTO Be al i^fiepai 'ABafi ixera to yivvijcrai avTov rov ^■qd eirraKoaia err), koi eykvvqaev 

j i/i'oi/? KOi 6vyar€pa<;. ^^Koi eyevovro iracrai al I'jfjiepai, WBdfi a<; e^ijcrev evvaic6(7ia Kal rpiuKOvra § ffi'" 

6 eTi], Kal direOavev. '^"Mi^rjaev Be -i]t) BiaKoaca Kal rrevre eTij, Kal eyevvrjaev rov Ej/o)?. 

7 7/coi e^Tjaev %-i}d fieru to yevvrjcrai avrov rov 'Eva><i kirraKocria Kal e-Trrd eri], Kal eyevvrjaev 

8 vtoiif Kal 6vyarepa<i. ^Kal eyevovro Truaai al I'lfxepat ^7]6 evvaKoaia BtoBeKU err), Kal mreOavev. 
,0 9 Kai. e^ijaev 'Ev<j}<; eKarov evevt'jKovra eV?;, Kal eyevvijaev rov Kaivdv. '°Kal e^ijaev 'Ei/w? fxerii 

ro yevvfjcrai avrov rov Kaivdv ewraKoaca koI BeKa-rrevre err/, Kal eyevvjaev vlov<s Kai Ovyarepat. 
\\ ''Kal eyevovro ■ndaai al I'jfiepai 'Ei'a)9 evvaKocria Kal irevre errj, Kal drredavev^ '-Kai* •^ 

I.? e^rjaev Katvdv eKarov e^Bopn'jKovra eri], Kal eyevvrjaev rov MaXeXerjX. '^Kal e^ijaev Kaivav 

fierd TO yevvfjaai avrov rov MaXeXerjK eTrraKoaia Kal reaaepdKovra errj, Kal eyevvrjaev viovi Kai 

V 2 Tjv\oyi)ir€i/ E | [eiruvo/ilaae D 

15 TtaaapaKOVTa E (ita constanter) 

3 t^Tiaav E I iyevv-qai U | iSeav E | e-wovoixaatv E 

(32) Chr^ Cyr-edJ | Kvpiov tou 9eou] oni kvpiov Chr ; om tov 
8eov Clem Or-Iatf: + aiTOU CyrJ 

VI om 1] i'^ Phil-cod-omn^ | yeveaetas avdpwTrt.ov'lci-t'atioJns 
ho mill is 33 I avui sup ras (7) A' | Tiixipa] + ri r | (^cos] Dominus 
Uf' 1 aSa//] avBpcijTrop t | (iroLfjaev 2'*] eir\a<rev i^^r^ | avrov — 
(2) eiTOL-qaev i°] om dj : {om avrov 31) 

2 Kai €v\oyr)Gfv — auroi's 3**] om e(txt)m\v: om Kai evKo- 
y-qciv ai'Touy Madi^'oprtc^dj Chr | om auTous 2° g | om to ovop-a 
M I aiToiv aSap.'] av aSa/i sup ras (8) A^': avrov aSap. Dbd 
e(mg)fghi'^'jlno"prsy^'B£ Chr-codd : {avrui aSa^a 16): (om 
a5a/i 64) I avrovs 3*^] avrov dp 

3 SiaK. — en; A] rpianovra Kai SiaKoaia frrj DEMceh^jqsuvy 
c^^ Eus Cyr : om Kai n : rpiaKOvra errj Kai diaKoaia 1 : ctt; 
SiaKoffia rpiaKovra h^ rell Chr : (rpiaKovra Kai rpiaKoaia ertj 31) | 
eyfvvriatv] + I'loi' 1 3-codd 33 | om ain-ov 1° d 9-codd Phil | 
om Kai 3° w I Kara rrjv eiKova^ Kar (tKova E Chr; om Kara 
Trjv d I om avrov 2*^ m [ (om Kai CTru-vopaaev — a-rjO 25) 

4 €yev€ro t | at Tj/j.(pai] pr Traff ai t | aSap, AZJEMehi^^jq 
ruy333S] pr 09 et^ijtrcv g : + as ti^-qafv i* rell 15 : (aiirou 20) : (om 
83(uid)) I jxera ro yevvTjaai sup ras circ 25 litt A^"' | om avrov 
b I orraK. erij AZ'P^Mcehjlqs-vyS] (rri iiaKoaia r* : \(i' Kat e' 
(rr) Cj : fr-q eirraKoaia r^ rell Chr 

5 eyevovro sup ras A*(uid) [ om at n \ as ei^ijaev aSap m \ 
om as (i^Tjcev (73) IS Chr ( ewaK. — errj AEhCg] rptaK. Kai (vvaK. 
errj />''Mejlqsvy : om Kai nt : rpiaK. evvaK. erij u: €vvaK. err] 
KairpiaK. c: evvaK. rpiaK. f: eri) evvaK. rpiaK. rell Chr: non- 
genii anni et triginta aniii % 

6 e'^r)(j. 5e] Kai ei^Tjff. p ; om 5^ j | SiaK. — err) An] irevre Kai 
StaK. enff /^'^EMcehjlqsuvyCjS Cyr : om Kai t: er-rj diaK. irevre 
rell I eyevvT}aev'\ ereKe Cyr-ed | om rov f 

7 om eTrra^otrta — (8) atjO g | ewraK. — erij An] tTrra Kat 
errraK. errj sv : etrra errraK. erij i : eTrra erri Kai eirraK~ Z)^''EM 
cehjlquyCj : erij ewraK. eirra rell: {enraKoaia 31): •^' ajvios •< 
septem et ieplingentos antios S | om Kai 3" w | om /toi 4" f 


S ai r\p. a-i\S\ -V a% ei'riaev /)sxC | post e^^axoiria ras {2) A | 
evvaK. — ert} A] evvaK. dcKaSvo err] t : SuSeKa Kai evvaK. erri 
/?^''EMehjlquy Cyr: ScKaSvo Kai evvaK. ertj 003; erij evvaK. 
dwSeKa gprx: err] evvaK. SeKa bEP : errj evvaK. Svo s*: errj 
evvaK. SeKaSvo s'' rell : •:«;• aniii V JuoiUcint et nongenti 
auni % 

9 Kai eir\a.'\ e\r](!. Se i'''rx | fKoro;'] om A*: hab A'''"^ 
(rescr A'') | eKarov — err) AE] eKarov Kat evevr)K. err) ej : p' err] 
Kai evevr]K. c./ : p' err] evevr]K. c^* : (err) evevr)K. eKarov 20) : 
eKarov trapaKovra err] n : err) evevr]K. f : err) eKarov oydor)Kovra 
d^: err) eKarov SeKa x: err) eKarov e^VT/K. DM rell Chr Cyr: 
aniws ceiiliim et uonagiiila S 

10 om rov a | eTrraK. — err) An] rrevre Kat oeKa Kat errraK. 
err) cs: om Kai t; rrevre Kai SeKa err) errraK. /^^''EMhlquvy : 
err] e ras (20) j: rvevre err] Kai errraK. c^: err) rrevre Kat SeKa 
f: err) errraK. SeKarrevre rell (ras 3 litt post err] vv): qiiinque et 
decern annos et se/itingenlos •^- aniios •< % : seflingentcs et 
deeejii annos !£i' 

11 eva%\ +as e^r)<sev xlEi' | evvaK. — err) An] nevre Kat 
evvaK. err] sv Cyr-ed : om koi t : rrevre err) Kat evvaK. Echlquyc^ 
Cyr-codd : rrevre err) Kat evvaK. err] D : ery\ rrevre Kat evvaK. 
M : err] evvaK. SeKarrevre g : err) evvaK. eiKoai rrevre f : err) 
OKraK. eiKoai rrevre x : err) evvaK. rrevre rel! : •:«:• anni •< qitinqne 
et nongenti anni S 

12 Kat e^r)iT.^ e^r)ff. Se i''^rx33PS | CKar. — err) A] eKarov Kat 
e^S. err) n : e^S. Kai eKarov err] hsyS Cyr-codd : f/35. err) Kat 
eKarov EMejIquv Cyr-ed: err) e^S. Kai eKarov cc^: err) eKarov 
oySor)Kovra dp: err) e^S. f; err) eKarov efiS. rell: centttm et 
qiiinqne annos Ep | Malalael '3 (Malaliel codd) et ita 13, ij, 


13 Kat e^r)a.^ e^r)(T. Se tL [ fTrraK. — err) An] reffffapaK. Kat 
errraK. err) sy: reuaapaK. err] Kat errraK. EMehjquv : err] refftxa- 
paK. Kat errraK. cc^ : err) errraK. ffapaKovra gp : err) errraK. retr- 
uapaK. rell : qiiadraginta annos et septingenlos •!(• annos •< S 

V I Kar etKOi'a] a' ev opoiiopari svc^ : tr' ev opoiuaet sv(om ev) : a' op^oiws Cj 3 otaK. Kai r/iioK. ] ot \ ^\' v^ 

4 tTrraKotrta] oc X io' v 6 StaK. Kai rrevre'\ 01 \ pke' w : 01 \ pe' c^S 

7 firraK. Kat firra] ot X uf vc^ g fKarof evevriK.^ ot X 96' v : ot X ?' c^ | rov Kaivav'\ ot X rov Kr]vav s 

10 orraKotrta] 01 X to' v 13 orranoiTta] 01 X t>)' V 

II 2—2 

V 13 


A 6vyaT€pa<;, • ^'^koX ijevovTO Tratrai ai i^fiipat J^atvav ivvaKoaca koX BeKa err], koI direOavev. 14 
^5Kat e^Tfaev MaXeXe^X eKarov Koi e^rj/covra irevre erf], fcal iyivvrjaev tov ^Idpeh. ^^koI e^rjcrev \l 
M.a\e\€7]\ jxera ro jevi/rjaat avrov tov 'lapeS eTrraKocna Koi rpiaKopra erriy koX eyevvr^aev viov<i 
Kol Ovyaripa';. ^"^ koX iyivovro iraaai ai rjp^epai MaXeXe^X OKraKoaia koi ivevij/covra 'irevTe err}, 17 

% D Koi aireOavev, ^^^Kal. e^ijaev **I(7peS^ etcarov koX e^i^Kowa Si'o er?/, Koi iyevvTjcrev tov 18 

*Ez/to;Y' ^'^icaX e^Tjaev ^lapeB fieTa to y€vi'i](7ai avTov tov Fivco^ oKTUKoaia ctt), koX eyevvrjaev 19 
viov<; KUi uvyaT€pa<;. ^°Kai eyevovTo iraaai at Tjfiepat iapeo evvaKoaia Kai e^rjKovTa ovo €TT], Kai ?o 
direOavev, -^Kat e^Tjaev 'Fjvodx eKaTOv fcal e^rjicovTa irevTc eV?;, Ka\ iyevvrjo-ev tov Ma^ou- 21 

aaka, ^^evijpio'Trjaev Be 'Kvoo-^ tc3 Oeo) fxeTa to yevvrjaat avTov tov MaOovadXa BtaKoo'ia cti], 22 
Ka\ iyevvrfaev vlov^ koi 6vyaT€pa<;. ^^/cal eyevovTo nraaat at rjfiepai E/'w^ Tpiafcoata €^t]/covTa 23 

H d^ 7revT€ CTT/. ^^fcal evtjpia-TTjaev ^Evo))( tw Oew* Kai 01';;^ r,vpi(7KeT0, Bcotl pL€TeOr]K€v avTov 6 ^eo?.^ 24 
^5 Kai G^Tjaev MaOovcrdXa eicaTov Kai oyBorJKOVTa eiTTa errj, Kai iyevvrf<Tev tov Kdfiey^. ^^Kal H 
€^r]a€v M.a6ov(TaXa fxeTti to yevvrjaat avTov tov Ad/xex errTaKoaca Kai oyBot^KovTa Bvo ctt;, Kai 
iyevv7)aev vcovt; Kai 6vyaT€pa^. ^7 ical eyevovTO Trdtrai ai rffjuepat yLaOovaoKa a^ e^ycev ivvaKoaca 27 

18 taper A 


■22 y€P7]<XaL E* {y€PV. E-^) 24 /J.€T€T€$T}K€U E 

27 eyeyoTo E* {(yevovTo E^) | fxadovaa A* {/xa6ov(ra\a A') 

14 Kai 1° — Tjfifpai] fuentnt ii^itur omnia tcmpora ^-txt | 
om TTacai 13'^^ 1 om Tj/xepai o | Kaivav'\ +as e'^rjaeu x | ^vyaK. — 
€T7) An] S€Ka Kai evi/aK. ctt} Ms^ : om Kai t : dfKa ^ttj Kai 
€vvaK, Ecehjlvyc2 Cyr: Se/ca erj; K0.1 eirraK. qu: ert] efvaK. 
SeKa rell | SeKa] duidcKa Jos-ed^ 

15 fxaWerjX 1* | e/car. — ctt} Ahn] irevre Kai e^tjK, Kai eKarov 
err) EMejqsuvy Cyr: e' ctt; Arat |' /cat p' c^: €T7} eKarov e^T}K. 
Kai irevre 1: ery) e^rjK. irevre f: err] eKarov e^TjK. irevre rell: 
(ptinque '%• aniios ^ et sexaginta et centttm anfws 5 | tapeS] 
taped qr^tiiT : laper E Anon' 

16 lapeS] laped r*C: taper E | eirraK. — err] A] rpiaKOvra 
Kai eirraK. err} Msv : eri] rpiaKOvra Kai eirraK. Ecc^^hjlquyc,: 
(TTj rpiaKovra Kai evvaK. e*{uid) : ert) ewraKOcna i* : erij eirraK. 
rpiaKovra i^ rell : annos triginta et septingentos •%• a?i/ws V ^ 

17 fxakeXerfk] +as e^7]crev xC | o/cra/c. — errq An] irevre Kai 
evevTjK. Kai OKraK. err} MsvCg : err} irevre Kai evevrjK. Kai OKraK. 
Echquy Cyr: eryj irevre Kai evevrjK. Kai eirraK. ej : erij o/cra/c. 
Trecre 1*: eri} OKraK. evevijK. irevre 1^^ rell: afi?tt qiiiuque et 
nonaginia •%• anui •< et octiugenti •%• anni ^ <S 

18 om totum comma w [ Kai cfT^tr.] e^ri<j. Se x ] tapc5] 
tapf^ (79) 53p^^ Theoph: taper AEh* | eKarov — err\ A] om Kai 
n: 5i'o ftrat e%T\K. Kai eKar. errj D( + Z>)MhsC2 Cyr-codd: 5vo 
Kai (^r)K. err} Kai eKar. Ecejquvy Cyr-ed : errj eKar. c^tjk. dvo 
rell : duos et sexaginta •:»;• annos V et centum '%* annos "< & 

19 (om avrov 14) | OKraK. errj^ errj OKraK. abdgimoprstvw 
xdg : erT} eirraK. f 

20 fyevero \v | lapeS] ape5 n^s: +as e^rjaev x | evvaK. — 
eri] An] ovo Kai e^r)K. Kai evvaK. errj EMhsyc^ : Sfo A-at e^r)K. err] 
Kai evvaK. D( + /))cejquv; erij evaKoaia e^rjK. irevre g: err) 
evvaK. e^TjK. 8vo rell: duo et sexaginta a)ini ct nongcnti '%• 
anni V ^ | hvo\ evvea Jos 

21 Aral e^T/c.] e'^ri<j. he x | e»'wx] pr s(uid) | e/car. — ert] A] om 
Kai nt : Tree re ^at e^y]K. Kai €Kar. err] D( -f /)^'')EcefhjqsuvyC2S : 

Trei're Kai €^r]K. err] M: err) e^i]K. irevre g: err) eKar. e^r]K. irevre 
rell Chr 

22 et'7;peo"r. — ^ew] /cat e^r]<T€v evuix E: e^r]<xev 5e evujx^' 
+ Kai ei'T]<Te f: + Kai e^rjaev evcox abdghMmop\vC2d2l5: +e^r}a'ev 
Se evwx MC^ -^^ Kai oi'X r]vpi<XKero e^r}<rev Be eviox n | ria dew 
evojx s Chr | rw ^eto] rov 0v h* : riti kuj C: (om 79) | om avrov 
Eus I fxaOovaa\a] + et nixit Enoch '^l-codd | BiaK. err] ADEM 
ehjlnqtuyCjS'] om c: err] 5iaK. rell Or-gr Chr 

23 om iraffai Chr | rpiaKoa. — en; A] Trcfre Kai e^rjK. Kai 
rpianoa. errj D( + />^'')EMcehjlqsuvyc2: {rrevre Kai e^rjK. Kai 
rerpaK. err] 71): om err] n: err] rpiaKOcr. e^rjK. irevre rell Chr: 
qninqite et sexaginta anni et trecenti 'S^- anni "^ & 

24 KOI eiijp.] evrjp. 5e aC Phil Cyr: om Kai n: -h 81 ro) 
w* I Oeii}] Kvpiw Eus I om Kai 2^ — ^eos 1£p | (om oi'X 31) | T^upt- 
ffKero] est innentits postmodum Cyp | Stort] on Z'^'^Mcefgi*jlnq 
s-vyCg I fxereOrjKev — ^eos] /terere^i; Trapa ^l" f: D^ ilium trans- 
tulit Cyp ] ai'roi'] avru) dg 

(25-^30] om i8> 

25 Kai cfi/ff.] e^r]<r. he x | om eKarov — {26) piaOovaaXa f | 
eKarov — err] A^^ {oydo sup ras)] eKaroi' Kot e^r]K. eirra eri] A* 
(uid) : CTrra Kai 075. Kai eKarov err] D {..r]Kovra fca..D)EMahl 
qsuvy(o75o sup ras): (eTrra errj Kai oyd. Kai eKarov 68): CTrra 
Kai e^rjK. Kai eKarov err) ce]c^ : eKarov e^7)K. irevre err] (107) I3tff : 
err) eKar. e^rjK. irevre dp : poi' err] n : err] eKarov e^r]K. eirra rell 
Chr Theoph : septem et sexaginta •^* annos V ct centum annos ^ 

26 om Kai 1*^' — Xa^ex g | Kai e^r]^.^ e^r)a. Se 113 ) (om avrov 
16) I Xa^ex] pr fJ-adovffaXa m* | eirraK. — err] A{eirraK. Kai 
oydoi) sup ras A^)] om ^at n : dvo Kai oy5or}K. Kai eirraK. err) D 
{oy5or]K. rescr /)*')EMehjlqsuvy {oydo sup ras y'') : err) eirraK. 
oydor]K. 5vo a: Svo Kai oj' err) cCjIEp (ex corr) : ertj oKraKoaia 
8vo rell "xl-nig : duo et octaginta •%- annos •< et septingentos annos 
^\ octingentos duo annos ^^ 

27 paOacraXa g | om as t^r)<Tev adfghoplS^ | evvaK. — err] 

19 OKraK0<jia'\ \pire' v 

15 eKarov — 7re»'re] 01 X ^e' v l6 eirraK. Kai rpiaKovra^ 01 X wX' v 

20 evvaK. — err)] 01 X ojp.^' v 21 €\-ar. — TrecrcJ 01 X ^e' v 

22 ei'T;p.— 5et*i] a' Kai irepieirarei ev^x ^^'^ "^^ ^^ ^ (o'^i '^'^O ^'<S • '^^^ ave<jrpe<pero eviox s: c' wdevtrev v: a' conuersa- 
batur ^ I diaKoaia] ot X r' v 

24 Kai i^ — Beix}] a' Kai irepieirarei evitjx (tvv rci) Bia vc,{om Kai) ^ : u' Kai ave(Trpe<peTO evi^x Kara^aivwv vc2(om xara- 
^aivujv) : a' conuersabatur S 25 eKarov — err]] 01 X septem et octaginta annos et centum annos S 

26 eirraK, — bvo] 01 X u^' s | cTrraK. — err]] 01 y similiter: ot 0' duo et octingentos annos ^ 



VI s 



(V y.) VI 
(VI I) 

Kal e^rjKovra evvea hrj, kuI d-TreOavev. '^ Kal ei^r)a-ev A.nfj.ex eKarov oyBo^Kovra okto) A 

erri, Kal iyevprjcrev viov. ^^xal eircovofiaaev to ovofia avrov Nwe X.e'ywj' Ovroi hiavairavaet r]iia<; 
eiTTO rwv epyav rjixmv'^ Koi d-wb rwv Xvttwv tcov ^eipcSv rifiwi'^ Kal utto tv< 7';? ^? KarrjpaaaTO «[ (j;m 
Kvpiof 6 6e6<i. ^°Kal e^rjcrev Anfj,ex fierd to yevvr/craL avTov top Nc5e TrevTaKoaia Kal e^r'jKovTa " ^ 
irevTe eTrj, Kal eyevvrjaev vlow Kal dvyaTepa<;. ^^Kal iyevovTO iraaai al ^fiepat 'Aa/^e;^ eTrra- § k 
Koa-ia Kal TrevTi')KovTa Tpia eTi}, Kal d-jreOavev. ^'Kai ^]v Nme eTMv -rrevTaKoaitov, Kal eyevvt]a£v§d^ 
N&ie Tpei'i viov<;, tov —ij/j,, top ^XayU.*, tov Id4>€0. 

Kal eyeveTo 7jviKa i'lp^avTO 01 di'dpairoi ttoWoI yivecrdat iirl rrj<; yi)'^, Kal dvyaTepe<; eyevrj- 
drjaav avTol<;' ^(Sofxe? Be ol dyyeXoi tov Oeov Ta<; Ovyarepa^ twv dvOpwirav oti KaXai eiaiv, 
eXafiov eavTol<; yvvaiKai; dwo iraawv wv i^eXe^avTO. 3«rat elTrev KiJpto? 6 Oe6<; Ov p-rj KaTap-eivrj 
TO TTvevp-d fiov ev toI<; dvdpunroi'^; tovtok ei? tov alowa, Bid to eli'ai auToi/? adpKa'i' ecrovTai Be 
at yfiepai avrow eKaiov ecKOcn eTrj. -tot 8e- ylyavTef r}aav eVt t^? 7779 ev ^Talii rj/j-epaii; €Kei,vai,<;, § /) 
Kal /ier' eKeivo o)'; dv eiaeiropevovTo 01 vtol tov deov -npo^ tu^; BvyaTepa'i tmp dvOpoiirwv, Kai 
eyevpwcrav iavTol^' eKelvoi 7)aap ol ylyavTe<i ol dvr' alStvo^, ol dvOpwiroi ol 6vop,aaTOi. '^Slocop Be § C 
Kt//3fo? o 0e6<i oTt, e7rXr}6vp07]aap al KUKiai T&ii' dpOpdnrwv eirl t?]? 7(^9, Kal Tra? t<? BiavoelTai ev 

29 tTTOvoixaa^v E 

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4 'yiyavTei l^'\ yr^yavrt^ E | (Lairopd'OVTO K 

3 avTovffapKas A 

An] evvfa icai efTjK. (coi cvvaK. £tj) Z'*''EMcelij*(uid)lsvyc, : 
crveo KOI ffTjK- eT'T) KOI cpfCLK. qu : er-q (vvaK. f|T)K. ireyre o : 
fvvea KOI T€crffapaKopTa koi evvaK. exT; j'': ertj iVvaK. f^y^K. ivvia 
lell : itoitem ct sexaginta ■%■ anui •< el nongt-nli aiini & 

28 KOI ej'T^o'.] e^Tjff. Se x : + 5e 33p | iKarov — ctt; Al] oktw 
Kat oySorjK. KOI cKorof en; D (. .w koi 070o?;KOf| ..) EMcehjlqsu 
vyCj : pir' CT17 n : om oktw Chri: €T7/ ckot. oydotiK. oktw rell : 
^c/i? t'/ oc/agiitta •:§• annos V ^/ centum annos S : centum acta- 
ginia et duos annos 'S,' \ OYSo^jKoi-Ta] quadmgittla ffi 

29 om KOI 1" (31) i3'' I oi'Tos] pr qnoniam Oi-IatJ: (om 
76) [ T/M*^^ 5iafa7rai'cr€i Chr-ed (St? oyoTr. codd) | StofOTroi'trci] 
67; o»'07rat'(r€c Mctlnpx :\ i* | T//ias] u/ios f : w/t' I£ | 
OTTO i^^ — 77/iwJ' i^] ab opere meo H : rt mcuroribus nostris Or-lat \ \ 
om T/juwi/ r^ Phil V 1 Kttt OTTO 1° — y\p.wv 2°] et ah operibus nostris 
Or-Iati: om 33i' Cyr-ed | \u7rwi'] XotTrujf l*my : Xi'Tnjpwi' dfi^^ 
Chri I Tuiv Xf-!"^' tj^ui-] maiius meaelE'- om Phil J | om koi 
3° — 8io% C2 I dtoi] om JSp'"' Or-lat: +7);0wi' ej 

30 KOI eftjir.] cf»)<r. 5e 1 : Kai ef?) m | om avrov w | irevTHK. — 
iTq An] TTcvTOK. KOI €^T)K. KOI TTeiTC cr?; y^*: om Kot t: TTfCre 
KOI ti,rjK. Kai TTivraK. irt] EMehjlquvc^: Trevre Kat ^^rjK. errj Kot 
irevraK, c: €T7] irfVTaK. Kat e^T7K. irevTe w: irevraK. Kat (^ijk. €ti) 
y* ; ctt; wevraK. (^tjk. TrevT^ rell ; qninqtte et sexaginta annos 
et quingentos annos S> | om koi lyevvijaev — ^1170x6^05 g 

31 Xa/ifx] +"' eiV"^" " I fr^oK. — erji Ay] om koi nt: rpia 
Kat TiVT-qK, KOI ejrroK. ctt; EMcehjlqsnvC2 : ct-t; cTrroK. tcvttjk. 
Tpta afikorw; {(ttj enraK. wepTTjK. rpta €tij 108): €T7j ctttok. 
TvivrT}KOVTa Trevre bdp : ctt; irevraK. treyTrjK. rpta gx; ctt; ^tt' m : 
tres et quinquaginla anni et septingenti ■%• anni •< S 

VI 1 KOt i)v j'oje] KOI vwt r}v b\v ; I'wc -qv addj : vtoe de rjv p: 
(jjv 5e vtt)e 18); +';i' r* | eroj;'] post TTivraKOfftdjv cc^ Cyr : om 
d* I om xue 2° qu Or-lat Cyr | inoi'j rpet^ m j (TJ);o] (tjjC r | 


io0fS] op o(uid) I eyevtTo] eyevovTO c | iroXXoi ^iffffSoi] irX?;- 
ffweo-ffoi Phil-cod | yeveaSat Mn | ctti ttjs 77)5] ei/ tt; 71; dp | 
ey(tn]$-q<Tav AMai*] om f: eyefvijOritrai' Ei^ rell SiSIES i'hil 
Chr Cyr [ oitois] -h upotot koi KoXat k 

2 om 01 bcq | 0776X01 A'"«';sup ras)Eh*i*mnyBP""*Si' 
S-mg Phil Jos Clem(uiil) Eus-ed codd-ap-Cyr Spec] wot M 
ht>i» rell aHapo's-ia'S-txt Or-gr Evis-codd Ath Chr Thd-lat 
Cyr Jul-ap-Cyr Thdt Anon | eXaflov] -fai'Tas Chr J | foi'Tois] 
eavTats m : oi^ras c: ouT0t9 (^ avTdiv Thdtg: e| avnav Thdt^ | 
71'1'oiKos] pr CIS cej Or-gr \ Chri Thdt \ : om Or-gr^ Thd-lat | 
oiro] fK Ens | om wi' w | fJfXe^oro d 

3 om Kvpto! (14.73.130) Tlidt Mil | ptri KaTaftetvi]] Kara- 
/iffet Philed: /it; /(eii'i) Chri Cyr^ ] ex — roiToct] evt tovs av- 
Spwn-ous Toin-oi/s Thdt^: om ex c | Toirrois] sub — S : om quE 
Phil Eusi Ath-cod 5 | om eis roc oiwfo ny Or-gr l-latf Adam 
Eus Ath Cyr-hier Chr Cyrf Thdt| Hil | <ropKo k Cyr J | om 
01 r* I ouTuv] oiTou Cyr-ed: -hoi ttoitoi k | eKorop — erri] etKoat 
Kat eKarov trr) M: eri; fKarov etKotrt dfgirt Phil Clem Chr 

4 7t7oi'Tes i°] -1-01 oir oiwi-os c | om Tjtrav i" \* | /jter 
eKeira] /ier eKeivo gall's Chr: yoer eKeiKous n : juer eKeii'Ui' dk*lp: 
e7epoi'TO f: e7Ci'eTo i^V | om ws oi^ k j om wy n | ufffiro- 
pei'O^To] (eTTopeiJOiTO 32): eio'ijX^oi' Thdt | ot I'loi] om ot bin: 
01 0776X01 m Phil I om koi 2" .S [ e7e»')'ajcrai' eoi^rois] parU- 
bant ei's H | e7e;'>'UJoi'] e7ei'H)97;o'ai' m | oi'Tois />''Eh*mnvxy 
ES Phil Cyr | eKeii-oi Tjiroi'] /// sunt B | 01 oxflpu?roi] om 
ftdj,* Jul-ap-Cyr : om 01 dgp | 01 oi'o^oo't-oi] om 01 fpx'd^* 

5 (om Ki'pioy 76) | om deo^ Or-lat Chr ^ [ eir\7j6vvff. at 
KoKioi] multiplicata est iniuria C | tTi\i\9vvBT)(Xav\ (ir'K-qad-iiaav 
(18) Phil-cod J I om avOpuTuv Or-gr | om e?ri tt)? 71)5 (18) 
Chr J I SiovoeiToi] Sieyoctro Phil-coddJ: -hTOVTjpo g | om ev 

27 ei'i'ttK. — ecfeo] oi X ?e' s : ot X ^' 5 

29 Sioi'ojrai'det] o' TropoKoXeo'ci s {ira ) v | Tttjv Xi'Trajf] o"' ttjs KOKOTro^eios vS 

VI 2 ot OTyeXoi t-oi* $eov] a' ot vtot Tiov Oeuu <j' ot vtot tojv dvvaanvovTiijv vS Cyr; d' et Jilii Dei S | tov &eov\ a 
Tuv deutt M : a' ruv edvtiiv c^;. o"' Tujv 5vva<mvovTiav MC2 

3 ov fir] — oiufo] it' ov Kptvet to rrvevpu /xov rovs avdpujtrovs oiui'iws MjsvCj ^fJ-V Kptvrj M | otoii/ius] eij atwvtovs Cj]] 

4 ot 7i70>'Tes lo] a' ot eTriTriiTTOi'T-es : <t' ot ^loioi j(om o-'jvCjS | ot 7i7a>'Tes 2°] o' ot eirurnrroyres </ ot /Stotot M | 
7i7a>'Tes 2"] a SiwioToi jv : a' Svnarot c^S : ir' /3iaioi jvs(sine nonijc^S 


VI s 


A rrj KapBia aiirov eTrt/iieXw? eVl, ra Trovi^pa Trdcra'i Ta<; i'}/xepa<i' '^ koI eveOvfirjOrj 6 Oeo<; oti iiroiTjaev 6 
TOP avdocoTrop iirX t7)<; 7^9, ical hievoi'jOri. '^ koX etTrei' o 6e6<; ^AtraXeiyfra) tov avOpdoirov ov iirolr^aa 7 
WTTo TTpoatoTTov T?^? yP]';, OTTO dvOpMTTou ew? KTip'ov! KoX diTO epTTCrMV ea)<; rwv TrtTeivdov tov ov- 
pavov- oTi i6vfj,Q)6r]V on eTroirjaa aiiTOV^. ^Ncoe 8e evpev 'X^cipiv ivavnov Kvpiov tov deov. 8 

jP ^9Avrai, he at yeveaei'; Nwe. Nwe dvdpcoiro'i Biicaio';, Te\eio<; aiv iv tt} yeveaei, avTov- rS dew 9 

evrfpecTrjcrev NcSe. ^°e'yivvr]<rev he "Nwe rpet? vtov<;, tov Sr;//., tov *Xri/Lt*, tov ^\d<f)e9. '^^ecjiudpr) ,, 

i E' 8e »; 7^ evuvTiov tov deov, Kal eTrXijadi] >] yi) dSiKia<i. ^'^/cat iBev Kvpio<i 6 6eo<; Ttjv yrjv, Kai tjv 12 
KaTecf>6ap/j,evTi, oti Karecpdeipev irdaa adp^ Trjv ohov avTov eVi t)}? yP]^. '3]vat tiirev o 13' 

6e6^ 7rpo9 Nft5e Katpo? Trai'TO? dvOpcoTrov 'ipcei ivavnov fiov, on iirXijadrj j; yrj aSiKt'a? utt avTWV 
Koi IBoii iyo) KUTacpdeipa) aiiTOW icai ti)v yrjv. ^^ttoItjcfov ovv aeavTU> KijSoiTov eK ^v\(ov TeTpa- 14 
ytovwv voaaid'; 7rot);<rei9 Trjv ki^cctov, Kal dcr^a\TU>aei<; avTrjv eauiOev Kal e^toOev Ty aa'<pa\Ta>. 
^^Kal ovTOD^ TTOCrjaei.'i t7^v Ki^wTov TpiaKoatwv ■ni'i'^ewv to fiijKO'i t>}9 ki^oitov, Kai irevTijKovTa i; 
TT^'X^euv TO TrXaro?, Kal TpidKOVTa iri^^euiv to v^jro^ avT>'j<;. ^^eiTLGwdycuv 7ro(r;'cret9 ttjv klj3(otov, iC 

10 Tpis A I x^^ A 

14 rerpa'^ovuv E | aa(pa\Tuj(ris E 

1 1 adiKdat A 

16 irotrjaas i"] Troieicri;! E 


Tt) — €«ftfXws ffi I (t!' ri)] t; 37) | om avrov c^ Phil| ed^ Or- 
gr I (cTTt ra TTOvqpa fTrtjueXws 37) | firi ra Troi'T^pa] om g: om 
ein TO Cyr-ed: om eiri PliiH ed^ L'lir J : ( + \eiTai 18) | Troffas 
Tos 7;/»Epas] pr cic veoT7)TOS (37) 3£: pr a pueritia eiiis C: eK 
veoTTiTos X Chr§: +eiiis el dixit Dciis tern pus honiinis ontiiis 
tienit coram me d 

■ 6 om KO-i V Phil Or-gr-lat A | ei'iBvfiijfft] Oeos] di.xil Doini- 
nils Dins poenitet me C | 9(o%\ pr ics cfi^'kmo'^simgjtCj Chr : 
Domimis Or-Iati: om Phil-codd | om on — (7) Seos f | f?roJi)- 
(!iv\fcci (T I om eTTt ttjs 77/5 (18.37) ® I ""^ '''" iSieKoijtfT) C 
Thdt I 5iivoi)6T]\ evevoriOr] Phil-codd J : (vivorjuep Phil^; poeiii- 
Uiit in corde siio Or-lat : -I- Deiis B : +ev tij KapSia avrov cj(ing 
sub •^•)qs(mg)uv(mgsub •:Sc-)3S (tat dieu. — avrov sub ■^■) Oi'-gr 

7 om KOI tiiriv ffeos C | Ceos] pr ks ci''''hiio-'qtuC2'SS 
Chr : om B Or-lat 1 Cyr-ed | ef aXeii/'U (20) Ath Chr | | to^ 
ai'SpuTrci;'] omnem carnem S-ed Or-lat^ : cicatinam omnem C | 
tTroDjua] £7r\a(ra Phil-codd i Thdti | om ano Trpoauirov rrjs yi)S 
(JC I Tijs TTjs] pr vaarjs Chr^ codd^: ttjs x''""'" Phil-codd i | 
ojn Kai 2" 1<C Phili I 6pireTuy] pr Toix Cyr | tuv Teruvuv 
AZ)Mcghi*jklqsuvy Or-gr Cyr] om ruiv Ei^'' rell Phil Chr 
Thdt: jrerf ii/oi. Phil codd i | (Bviiuie-nv AZ)Ech*qsuv gBlTS 
Phill edi Or-gr-ed] evtevfiTje-rji/ Mh*" rell Phil-codd^ Or-gr- 
codd Chr Cyr Thdt: poenitet me Or-lal | aurous] avrov abdlcl 
mo*pvvdj IE' Pliil^^: homincm !£P 

8 evavriov'\ evavri adko*pd2 Phil codd 5 ; tvwmov Z^Mln 
v(mg) Cyr-ed | om Kvpiou bdi^rt Chr^ | deov] + avrov m 

9 om avrai — yue 1° d^ | om 5e c^ B''1E'' | om fuie 2" — 
we g I vwe 2"] (pr tjv 5e 18): om m Phil-codd o : + de c^B'* : 
+ Se Tiv at Eus: +erat B^ | om avSpunro^ Chr J | TeXeios] (pr 
Kttt 2j): om r Phil-cod^ Eus [ ai>] y)v 3 Phil-codd?,: om ^ 
Phil J Or-gr Eus Chrj | ev ri) ya'ecrei ourou] a natn sno IE | 

-rfvecu A] 7c^ea ZJ'i'EM omn SBCPS Phil Or-gr Eus Chr | 
om avrov 1 | om vue 3" k-ntE Phil J Chrf 

10 om 5c ef | om cue gE' | wous rpevs m | ffi/M] i^'?^ ' 

11 (pavTwv] tvavn adlpxdj | tov fleoii] pr kv ai''j*(uid)rC: 
Domini Or-lat | om 7; yn 2" (ITE Phili | oSiKias] -fair avruii' fll 

12 om Kvpioi fx Chr 1 | om ^eos o Or-lat -I Thdt | Kai 2°] 
i/twdVl^ I Kare(/)Sa/)/iej'?)] 5ie0()op/iei'7; Phil-codd : -I- Trocra Chr J | 
on] pr et E'=': ei CE'' | Kare^^fipei'] eipdctpiv E: Ste(p8upe 
Eus I auTOu] auT7)S Chr| Cyr | (om rr)S 79) 

13 Seos] pr its Z'*''ceJhnoqr-uv(mg)yc23CES Chr: ks n 
Or-lat I Trpos] toj dpy | om Travros E | ei'ai'rio*' fiov] wpoi fie 
xChrJ I evanri I \ f/uou Ma-eg-mpqsuvwc^dj | eTrXijo-^i;] cx- 
iirX-qtrd-i) k: {^■jrX-qdvfd'q 71) | om ?/ yj; b | om air n | om i5ou 
^ I om eyu bE'' Thdti | Kara^Sepw rBH Or-lat | oi'toi'S Kai 
rip 77;c] terrain et carnem omnem C 

14 7roi?7<roi'] pr Kai eiTrc ks ^s Tio vu)e f : pr av 5e C!ir ] om 
oi'i' fCj^ Chr I ireai'Tw] eai'Tw qu | eK ^v\uv rerpa-y.'] e lignis 
tetragonis incorniptilnlihus quadrangularibiis H | T-erpa^wi'wi'] 
pr atrv/Trruii' gB : -haaT^Trrwi* fi^M-^rt Chr | voaatas — ki/3wtoc 2^] 
oui gE' : /ac earn igitur sic loculamenta distega et trislega C | 
I'offcrias] nidos nidos 3^ Phil-arm : et ita W^ | Tr^y Ki^urop] pr 
eis a: jir e;ri k(mg): pr Kaxa c,'' Cyr-ed: ti; Kifiara f : in area 
Or-lat; en- avrtj^ bdlopwd^: ctt ai^ri; m | e^ojOty Kai ^fficdiv 
aurijy Chr | avr7)p\oi\\s.: post e^wtfec gj(uid)sv: post etrw^^ei' x | 
ejuijei' Kai eawOcv t | om tt; j*(uid)m* | a(r0aXrw] + inaaT) 1 

15 Kai — Kt^wrov] /acies antem cam sic CD | rriv Ki§o)rov\ pr 
aiJ m* I TpiaKOO'iuJi'] rerpaKoattiip E: rpt ex corr y'* | om To 1° 
D I TT}$ Ktf^wTov] avrr}S dE : om (ii^ \ ir-qxeuiv 2"] 7r7;xets k | TrXa- 
Tos] -f eins ^ Phil | rptaKovra'] dcoSfKa codd-ap-Clem j f^os] 
^affos Phil-arm Jos Clem | om ai'rijs abdkoprwxdj'SC Phil 

16 cTriin'i'aYWf — ki^wto;'] OvpiSa ty rrj KLfioiru 7roij;a"eis P' : 

- 6 (yedv/x-ijOrj] a' /xerefxeXtjOij M(siiie nom)jk(sine nomlsvCgS Cyr : a' a7re(Trpe\f/€y jsvc^ | SieyoijOij] a' dieyotjdTj a' eneweaey v 
7 OTi e^i'juoj^i;!'] o' on fitrefj.t'K'tjOtjy jqvyC2S(sine nom jqy) 
9 TO) (?ew ei'i7p.] a' ff' avy rw 6uj TrepitTrarei Mjsv(sine nom js) : 6' rai But tiniKoXovOijirey jsv{sine nom js) 

13 Kaipos] a' r€\os MjsviS : a' nepas jsv,S : e/3p. Kai ffvp, Trcpas i) rikos 7} wXtjpw^a c^ 

14 eK ^v\wy rerpaY-] €v toi e/3paiw €k ^v\o)v Ktdpiyuv i | rerpaywi'iji'] a' atriTrroii' redtufieyajy M | aff^^aXrwffets] a' aXoi- 
ipr}<r€ts jsv I 777 ac^aXru] r-q aXoiipt] y | air^aXrw] a' a\v(p'i] yi : a' a\oi<pTj jsvS 

15 Ki/3wToJ'] 0"' iXaffrripioy \^ j Ki/3wroi'] a' tXaarrfpiov s 

16 e7ricri'i'a7wi'] a' /J.tffijpi^piyoy jc^-S : a' ^e(njp.^pLvov ri) Ki/Swroj Msv : 17' oia^ares Ms(sine nom)v,S : ff' Sia^aj/?; c^ : ff' r-q 
Kt^urw 5ia</)a*'es j 



VII 3 

Kai eh Trrj-^w crvvTe\ecrei<; avrrjv avuiOev Trjv he Ovpav t^? ki^iotov TroirjaeK iK ifKar/iiov Kara- A 

17 'faia Bi(opo^a Kol rpi(opo<j)a TroiJjcret? avrijp.^ '7gry^ gg ISoii iird'yo) rov KaTaK\v<jp.6v vScop eVl ^ O 
Ttjv ytjv, Karacfjdeipai Trdcrav adpKa ev f/ earlv ev avrfj rrvevp,a ffuj}? vTroKUTo) rov ovpavov- Kai 

18 oaa eav fi eirl Trjs 7)/? reXevrijaei. ^^kol aTijaw Ttji/ Biaffi'iKTjv p,ou Trpos' ere- elaeKevarj he ei<; tt)p 

19 Ki^(t)Tov, crv Kai 01 vioi aov kuI i] yvptj crov Koi ai yvvai/cef rmv vidov crov fieTa crov. ^'^koX diro 
TravTwv Tmv ktijvwv koI inro irdi'Twv twv epveTcov xal diro iruvToyv twv 0rjpt(oi> koi diro Trdxrr]^ 
aapK6<;, hvo hvo d-rro -jrdvTwv elo'd^ei'; ei<; rrjv kijBuitov, iva •vpe^r)'; perrd areavroO' dpaev Kai drjXv 

■ 20 eaovTai. ^avo iravTwv twv opvemv raiv ireTeivcov Kara yevo<i Kai, airo "jravTcav twv kttjvojp Kara 
yevo^ Kai otto Tramwu tu>v epTrerwv twv epirovTcov i-jrl t»}? 7179 Kara yevo^ avrwp, hvo hvo atro 

21 iravrwv SLcreXevaovTai, irpo'; ae Tpe<})ecrdai fierd aov, dpaev Kai OijXv. ^'cru he Xtipyjrrj creavTo) 
airo irapTOiP rwv j3p(i)p,dT(op a eheaOe, Kai (Tvvd^ei^ Trpo? aeavTop, Kai 'icnai croi Kai eKeivoit; 

22 (f)ayeiv. ^^Kal eTroi-qaev NoJe Trdvra oaa everelXaTO avrm Kupto? Oeot, ovtcov eTroirjaep. 

VII I *'Ka(, elirev Ki^pto? 6 de6<; Trpo? Nws EiVeX^e ai/ Kai Tra? o ottfo? a-ov et? ttjp ki^wtov. 'irt % D 

2 ae ihop hiKaiop evavrlop p,ov ev rfj yevea TavTrj. ^dfro he rmp KTrjvcop twp Kadapdov eiadyaye - 
7J"po? <Te etrra eirra apaev Kai OrjXv, diro he tu>v kttji/cov tcov p,rj Kadapwv hvo hvo dpaep Kai OtjXv 

3 S/cat OTTO TcSv ireTeivuiv rov ovpavov twv Kadapwv eirTa eirTa dpcrev Kai dtjXv, Kai otto irdprap 

16 TrrixV" P I 5iMpw0a A Siupixpa DE | rpiopoipa D rpiupu^a E 
21 PfO)i.a.ruv E | fSecrSai E | A-axeicois E VII i 7«>'o E 

20 TrcTtcwc A 
2 fi(ra7a7(i'pos A* ((worfor^i rrpos A") 

fi^ieitrain fac ariae''S.' : induces cam lE | f.-Ki.(!vvaywv\ cwt(Twa- 
yayojv f: etnavvayuyyT)v i(nig)rx: einijvva.'ytiiyov mp | tt)v Ktfiw- 
T0»'] pi" Kara k''(i^: airrrjf f | avvTeXeaen] (rvvreXfis E | om 
ai'TijK I" 3-cod I om avui6ev — avrrqv 2" g | ti;? ki^wtov] pr •:«:• 
M(nig) : eiiis C : om abdk*op\vxd,35^3 Chr | Tronjueis (k 7r\a- 
yLwv'\ (K TrXaYiwv Tronjaeis c^'atS : (K nXivpwi' TOLTjaijs c : pones 
ad lattis eiiis C | Karuyaia defi='l-prx Chr-codd | Si.apo<j>a] 
pr ct %^S; I a\rrqv 2"] avrri (IS(uid): iit ea 3 

17 (y<i> 5c i5oi'] Kat iSov eyui n^llE : lSov eyu m(I: lOf eyoi 
E I €7ra7w] fira^u b'3J3C : {i/ira7w 1 8) | om toj- ekC | yT)ii] 
+ oiinicm C I KaTa0Cei/)oi] KaTa(t>dap-r\vai. m | t; i"] u h*px | 
om co-Tii/ m I €» aiTT) A] om EM omn SE Chr | irvei'^a] 
TTatra xcotj f 1 viroKarw rov ovpavov] super tcrram IE | oca — ■ 
TeXei'TTjfffi] quod est sub each et morietur omnis caro 12 : terrain 
omnem dclebo C | f tu' i)] f av -^ 7) <^ S : f aK rpi Ej (mg) : o;* ti 
acdegkopwxdj Chr : a.v eir) b : 7;i' qu : om t] t* | T-qs 7175] tt;^ 
yrju f : om tijs I* : + vwOKaTW rov ovpov x 

18 Trpos <re] sup ras c/ : ^era troi; abdegjk*lmoptv(txt)wxdj 
3(uid)}3(uid)(i!r(uid)EJ^ Chr | om de B | om eis njc ki^utov 
S^P I Kat 17 7Ui'f? aov Kai ot utoi (Tou EktiTiE | om ot fi*l*d, | 
om fiera aov dgi*k*opsd2 Hil 

19 om Kot 1° s"' I KTiivuv] tpireTwv e: Brjpiup hhnqulSS 
Cyr I (1-012° — fpTfTui'] om abdhopquwxdj.SBS Chr Cyr: om 
airo TracTwi' riav n: om Tracrwi/ (IT; (om twv 12S) | epn-eruz/] 
KTrivwv em I om vavTUf 3" C | 9i;piw>'] kttjvuv hlquJSS (fai 
airo TravT. twi' kt. sub -^) Cyr: epinTwv m [ Kac 4°] pr Kai airo 
iravTUV Tbsv weTeiviov 1 | Svo 5vo — {20) (?t;\i'] induces ad te et 
induces tecum marem et feminam IE (om ad te et induces E^P) | 
fiaa^eis atro iravTuiv f | airo iravriov 4°] om i-^-r: ad omnif)us 
attibus i£. I /tera] pr ^(Z i3C^J5 : ai'ra c | om eaovrai ^lH 

20 aTTo i°] pr Kai fqu | om iravTiav 1° cknquc^iSC^ Cyr ) 
Tujv opv€tt3v\ om EMnquC^ Cyr: +Kara 7e»'0$ k(mg} ; + \-ai 
gi*j I Titjy Trereti'w*'] pr Kai airo k ; pr /cara 7f;'os Kai airo Trap- 


Tuv y: +7roi'Tftiy Cyr-ed: +T01; owou d-gi*j-mopsvwd2 ''C I 
om Kara 7c>'os 1° — yi/s df | om koi 1" — j-fvos 2° muC^D Cyr- 
cod I irayTiav 2°'j om achjIqsvc^S Cyr : ras (6) x | om wavTuir 
3" ahwx [ om tuv cpireTuif p | tuv ipirovTitiv eirt r-qs yqs] terrae 
3: om y I om tpirov-av EMcknqtiiBS | om airrwv sc^S 
Chr I om OTTO irai'rui' 4° k* | (\evaovTai t* | Trpos ae] + in 
arcam ffi | om yuera — drfKv E | aoi'] aeavrov mn Chr ( St/Xu] 
+ eaovTai f 

21 om totum comma ffi | om Se B | afavroi] //era aeavrov 
bdhtinpwdj | om iravTai' nS*(uid) | om run E | a] uk k* Chr 
Thdt : om bqu | eSecrSe] edunlur Or-lat | ireauTo;'] tavrov d-g 
IptxCjdj Thdt I effToi] eirrwc: (aovTai dmnpc^d^y | (paytiv] 
pr eis w 

22 om Kvpioi Eabdfgi-npsv{txt)wxdj^3 | 0111 dios— 
iToitjaev m 1 oi'Tojs] + Kai x 

VII 1 Kai enrff] eiTre de dp | om Kvpim cw3[-codd | om 
$cos k I Trpos] Till {25) Cyr | vue] pr toi' Chr: +dicens ei Iff | 
ei(r«X9e] eto-eXf uo-fi n | ae idov] {eiSov ae 128): ae evpov^ Thdt: 
ovK idov r I diKaiof] +et />er/ectum C | efayriov /xov] evortriov 
^xou h : om Thdt: /tioi'oi' Or-gr | e/iou DEMabefi-lnqs-wc^d, 

2 om aTTo 1° — ^7;Xu 1° Ed | Tajf Kr-qviav i°] pr wavrwi/ ccfj 
mqtu3S Or-gr | om eiaayaye — (3) vereiviav 1" bw | 610-07076] 
eitreXcfo-oi'Tai i"r | irpos ae] tecum (!C(uid)l£; om ChrJ(uid) | 
om apaev Kai BypM 1° Chr Hil | om otto 2" — 0rj\v 2° D | otto 
i^^Krrivu)v 2^] et ab omnibus pecoribus 3i£p [ otto he 2"] Kai 
airo nCy Chr A Hil : (pr koi 128): om de J3 | {ktijiiuv 2°] +T01' 
oupovoi' 73) I Kadapuf 2"] pr ovtuv EMfhikmnqrsuvy3(uid)S | 
om opo-ei' KOI 8t}\v 2° Chr 3- Hil 

3 om KOI i*^ — $i}\v 2° <C3£P I Tuv Trereivitiv i°] pr iravTwv 
/Pejk I Tou ovpavov] post KaOapwv i" m : om ^S | (om tui> 
K-o^opojv — TrcTfii'Wi' 2° 64) I Tuv Ka0apu}v] sub -:- ^ : om bw [ 
(om eiTTo 1" — OiiXv 1" 18) | i-oi 3" — 8r)\v 2"] sub — S (sine ■^) | 
KOI OTTO 2°] OTro Se r | iroi'rwi' Aejky] om ZJEM rell SBE'^'^S | 

16 5iwp. Kai Tpiwp.] a' diareya Kai Tpiareya Mjs(sine nom)vc, 

18 Sia9. fiov irpo! ae] a' a' avvBijKriv /lov fiera aov M | SiaSifKriv] avvdriKri c^ : o' a' foedus S | Tpos ae] a! wpor ae j ; 
aw aoi js(sine nom) - ig e-qpiuv] a' a' t^auv Mjsv : a' ^uwv CjS(uid)- 


VII 3 


A ru>v Trereivwp tS>v firj Ka0apwv Brio Bvo apaev /cal 6Pj\v, BiaOpeyjfai airepfia eirl iraaav rrjv y>}v. 
^eVt yiip rifj,epaiv eirra eyo) eirdyw verov eVt rrjv <yrjv TeaaepciKovra rijjLepa'i Koi reaaepaKovra 4 
vvKTw;, Koi e^aXelifro) -rrav to dvdaTtjfia o eTroirjcra dvo TrpoamTrov rr;? 7'/?. ^Kai eTroirjaev Ncoe 5 

yi D TfavTa oaa ivereiXaTo avTut K.vpi,o<s 6 6e6<;.'^ ^Nc5e Be ^v iroov k^aKoaitav koX o Kara- 6 

KXvcrfj,6<; yi> e7n t^? 717?. '^elaijXOev Be NcSe Koi ol viol avrov ical rj yvvi] avTOv koI al <yvvaiKe<; 7 
T(Zv viwv avTOV /xeT aurov elf rrjv ki/Bcotov Bid to vScop tov KaraKkvcrp-ov. Kai, airo twv ireTei- 8 
% D vav Kol diro TWV ^KTTjvav twv Kadapwv koX diro twv kttjvwv twv fir) KaOapwv Kai airo twv 
nreTeivwv koi diro ttuvtwv tw;' epireTwv twv eVi. t^? 7J;s' '^Bvo Bvo elaPjXBov Trp6<: Ntoe et? ttjv 9 ■ 
KI^WTOV, dpaev Kai dijXv, KaOd eveTeiXaTO avrw 6 deof. '°Kal eyeveTO p,eTa to? eTrra 10 

rjfiepa<; Kai to vSwp tov KaTaK\v(Tp.ov eyeveTO enl t';? yri<;. " iv tw e^aKoaiouTw eret ev rfj ^wrj 11 
TOV N&je TOV BevTepov fi-qvo'i, e^Bofirj Kai evKaBi tov /jLrjvo-i, TJj rjp,epa TavTy eppayrjaav iraaai ai 
■jrrjyal t?}i> d^vcraov, Kai ol KUTapaKTai rov ovpavov i^vewy^Brjcrav ^^ Kai eyeveTO o veTo'; eiri t>)? 12 
7^? TecraepaKovra r'j/Mepa^ Kai TecraepaKOVTa vvKTa<i. '^'Ez/ tt ■>]nepa TavTrj ela-rj\6ev 13 

§ C" Nm6, 2»;/x, Xa/x, 'ld<f>ed, viol Nwe, Kai ^r) yvvrj Nwe Kai al TpeU yvvaiKe<; twv vlwv avTov /J.eT 

4 avaffrefm A 

I I €TTj E 

ireTuvoii' 2" AEMhi*lmnquyaH3^S] +tov ovvov Di'' lell W,'' | 
KaBcLpav 2°] + tov ouvou m | SmSpe^ai] + o-e M : milries ca 
tecttm (JT I cTTrep/iara ix | (fTri] cts 128) | om TraGO-v 15 

4 T^jUfpajf] T}fji.epas n^(uid) : {i/^ctepai 20) | e7w] (pr Kai idov 
20) : pr 6V a : et IE* : sub — S : om 33(!r(uid) | CTrafu (18. io8> 
aiSC I veTov'\ (pr rof 37): tov KaTanXvc^iov v5(^p U: aqnam 
dihmiil&: rov KaTaKXvff fiov Ath | Tqv y-qv] {ttj^ 777s 108): + 
omneJH 13 | om Tecrasp. 1° — yvKTas c^* | om T/yuepas xai T€<T<Tep. 
w ] vvKTOS^ t]iJ.epas w^*(uid) | irav — 7175] omnc tjuod monctttr 
super terrain'^: om irav C | irav to avacTT. AMj(mg)ks(mg) 
v{mg)y] om to n: Trai' to eirauaaTTj/jia fi''*^r; Tracrac tijp a^a- 
iTTacnv rjv /)(. .orao'ii'. .D)Ehi* : iraaav ttjv e^afaaTaatv 'qv 
j(txt)s(txt)v(txt) rell Phil Or-gr Chr: {waaav ttiv tTTOvaaraaLV 
T]v 77) 1 airo] .f?//fc'/' d : +avbv ews KT-qvovs fK n | tt;s 7t;s] pr 
7raa7;s DEMejlmnsy : + airo avov ews KTy)vovs abdfghklmoptwxd^ 

5 (om vuii 78) I om ai-rto l*n | om Kvpios g | 6io%] om 
:**I: ( + 011TUS eTron]<T( 71) 

6 om 5e ac^ | e^aKoaiujv ctujv elqu5 1 o Aara^Xi'tr/xos t/J'] 
«t'«;V (7<7!/(7 diluiiii BffiiE'P : //<■«// diliiiiiitm E' | j/x A] e7ei'fTo 
g : «7ei'e70 toi' I'Saros rtc, : fnit aqjia ^ : roi' uSaros e7e;'eTo EM 
rell as Or-gr Chr | ciri tt/s 7175] super omiiem terrain IE 

7 {eiariKdip'] pr k-ai 78) | vwe] + f is tt;!" KifiuiTov C Cyr | koi 01 
woi aiiToi'] post aiiTon 2" ISIS"^ Cyr-cod : om glS'^i' : om 01 Ebdp*: 
4-/neT aiToi' e: +/ier ai'roi' eis 7771/ ki^ojtov Sia to i'5top toi' Kara 
c* 1 om Kai 7] yvvtj avTou C | om juer ai'Tof e Chr | om eis 
77)1" OT/3uTox C Cyr I post KaTaxXucr/iiou ras (12) A 

8 KOI 1° — Ml KaOapuv sup ras circ 100 litt A" | xai i" — ttc- 
Teivttjv V^] om Ecflnotc^C: ko-l aTO izavTijiv rwv 7reT. quS: + 
T(t)v Ka&apiiiv d^: -{-twv /j-tj Kadapwv d: -l-Toii ovvov twv Kad. Kai 
airo TWV TTf r. twv fiTj Kad. b : Kai airo twv ttct. twv Kad. Kai airo 
TUX TrcT. TWV ynTj Ka6 . M(sub — )gi^kmprsv-yS1E^ Chr: Kai 
airo iraVTWv twx ttct. twv Kad. Kai airo wavTwv twv ireT. twv fXT) 
Kad. aeh(om Traxrwx 2")j | om Kai 2" — TreTtixwi' 2"dpa-ed1Epy | 
om Kai 2'- — Kadapwv i" Ebmw | Kai airo 2"] aTro 5e f : om a7ro 13 | 
/cat 2°] -\-siinipsit secit/n (JD | twv ktijvwv r^] pr iravrwv aej : {twv 
dijpiwv 83) I TWV Kadapwv] om Chr : + Kai airo twv tt^teivwv 

VII 4 (:rao"a»' Trjv €$axacrTa(7ii')] oi X Trax ro avauTijpia c^ 

TWV fXT] Kadapwv d,: -t- Kai aTro twv ttct. twv Kad. u(yr}\dov irpos 
vwe eis TTji' Ki^wTOV ewTa eTrra ap:rev Kai Bti\ii f | om Kai 3" — tiij 
Kadapwv Chr | om aTro twv kt^vwv 2° ffi | twj' kttjvwv 2"] pr 
iravTwv Eaejl | twv ^i) Kadapwv] om twv /^{uid) : -f 5i'o duo 
apaiv Kai drjXv f | Kat aTro twv ireTeivwv 2°] sub •:j;> ^ : om Mab 
eghi'jkmqrsu-xdj S-codd BliTIE Chr : + twv Kad. Kai awo twi/ 
TreT. TMC /.111 Kad. clotc^ : xai otto iravrwv twv ireT. twv Kad. Kai 
airo iravrwv rwv wer. twv /j.ij Kad. E ; + rwv fxij Kad. dvo 5vo 
apatv Kai dr^Xv f | TreTeixwi' 2°] 6-qpiwv y | om xai 5° g | otto 
jrai'Tuf] om n : om iravrwv /^alBC Chr | epirerwv rwv] epirov- 
rwv t!£(uid) : (om 71): -t-cpirovrwv Eabdfgh''j-mopr*svwxdj 
acy I om rwv eiri ttjs yijs n1£'=t' Chr 

9 5i'o 5i'o] aTTo Traxrwi' bgw : (aTro Traxrwi' fii'O 73): + aTro 
iravrwv adehlJipsydj Chr | eiariKdov] eia-qXdoaav cmot : (iar}\- 
dtv /JEbgirwCj | vwi] + airo iraxrwi' x | kijSi.jtot'] + 5i'0 Svo g | 
avTw deoi] o di avrw CO: ai'Tu ks #s MfklSlo : afTuj ks E: 
di rw vwe abdgpwxd^lE'': ks dl rw vwe m Chr: (om anTU 
64^') : + TO) vwe h* 

10 Kai 1° — 7775] e7ei'£ro d^ | Kai t7e>'eTo] 67ei'fT0 Se cj(mg) 
motC I ras eirra] om b: om ras dgmwJS | om Kai 2° kBtllE | 
om TO e I eiri tt;s 7775] ev ttj 77; ctc^ : super terrain oinneni C : 
om Ep 

11 post TU ras (5 uel 6) A | f|aKoo-ioerrw] pr evi Kai EylE^P : 
pr irpwrw Kai i''r: (post erei 83) | (om rov 1° 73) | Toi' Sevrepov 
fj.-nvo{\ ill sepliino inense ^-ed rhil(uid) | om e^Sofiij — firivos 2° 
mq I e^S. Kai eiKaSi] die iiieesimo et septimo S | om tod ixrpio% 
d I TTj r\)i.epa ravrt] AZ's''Mciqrt«ycJ om E: et%: pr ev rell 
Chr I TauTTj] eKeivr) Chr | om Trao-ai Ee*i*ktir^ | ttjs a^vircrov] 
iracTT/s a^viraov k: om g: -I-ttjs iroWitt cj(mg)s(mg)v(mg sub 
■^■)'3. (sub *) & (sub *) I 01] ai g 

12 E7c>'eTo] post KfTos r: praeuabtit (E | om glnqsu | 
veras] aqua diluiiii Btff | 7;/iepas reaaapaKovra E 

13 eiar/Xdev] eiariXdov ck*v(!r!S'^: + oe dj | vwe i"] + eis 
TTjc Ki^wrov (20) ^P Chr : +et filii eius (!D : ■¥ et tres filii ciiis B | 
<!T\ii\ pr et cum eo ^3 | laiped] pr koi dip | uioi vwt\ pr 01 Mbcf 
ghklmpsv-y13: Jilii eius 12'^'^: om nClEP Chr | om Kai r\ yvvij 
vwe E I vwe 3"] oiTou U3*!r'"J5 : om k | om ai r | om rpeis 

n efibofxrf Kai eiKaSi] 
j : <r' dvpiSes CjS 

J" Kai I sS : 01 i; Kai i j 

I 01 KarapaKTat] ot X Kai tr' ai dvpides sv ; 01 0' Kai g' ai duptdes 
12 reTos] a' op-l^pos o' x^^H-^^ ^'^2 



VII 23 

14 avToO 61? Tr]v Ki^ioTov. ^^ Kai, travTa ra Orjpia Kara yevo'; Kal iravTa ra kti'ji/t] Kara yevot xal A 

15 vdv epverov Kivcvfievov eirl Tr]<; yi']<; Kara yevo<; KaX irav Trereivov Kara yivo<; ^^elafjXdov Trpo? 

16 Nwe 61? rrjv KifffOTOv, Bvo 8110 apaev Kal dr/Xv tiTrb •7Tdcrrj<; crapKo<i ev c5 ecrriv trviVfia ^u)!]^. '''Kal 

Til eia-TTopevofxizva apcrev Kal 6i]\v niro Trdcrrj^; aapKo<; elaPiXdev, Kada everelXaTo 6 Oeb'i r(f> Nwf^' ^' ^ 

17 Kai eK\€iaet> Kvpioi 6e6<; rijv ki^cotov e^iodev avrov. '^Kai eyevcTO 6 KaTaKXver/16'i eVi 
T^? 7/}? reacrepiiKOVTa ■>'}fi€pa<i Kal Tea-crepaKovTa i'VKTa<; e-rrl t»}? 7))?' Kal e-jrXrjdvvOrj ro vhap Kal 

18 firtjpev T7]r ki0(otov, Kal vip-coPr] aVo t»;? 7//?. ^^ Kal eTreKpuTet, to vSayp Kal e-TrXrjOvveTO a-(f)6Spa 

19 eTTt T»7? 7/;s" Kal tVe^epero 77 KC^wro'i e-rrdvw rov vBaro^. ^'^to Se vBfop iireKparei, a<^6hpa%\. 
(Tifioopo)^ eirl T/;? 7';?, Kal eTr€K(iXv\frei' •mivTa ra opij ra v^frtjXa a rjv vTroKUTco rov ovpavov. 

2, '°oeKa irevre irrj-^ei^ eTrdvo) vyp'wO)] to vBaip, Kal eTreKdXvyjret' -rrdi'Ta rd optj ra v-yfrijXd. ^' Kal 
atreOavev Trdaa adp^ Ktvovfieinj eTrl tJ}? 7/;? Tojy Trereii'wv Kal tSiv ktijvcov koI twv 6r]pia>v, Kal 

22 irav epirerov Kivovp-evov eVi r;;? 7';?, Kal ird^ dvOpccnro';' ^^koI irdvTa oaa ex^i rrvorjv ^iori<i Kal 

23 TTa? b? i-jv eiri T17? ^r)pd<; diridavev. -^Kal e^ifKei^ev irdv to avdarrj/jia o r/v eVt TrpoaMirov ttcjo-t;? 
T7}<; 77;?, atro uv6p(t)irov ea)? kttjvov; Kal ep-rrerciov Kal twv ■Kereivwv rov ovpavov- Kal i^rfKeii^Or}- 

14 KiLVOl^^XfVOvl D 

21 Keimv/j.. bis A 

53 oi'affTf^tta A I (^u\-q(j>6i^<rav E 

(138) IE I avTov I"] fux X I IJL(T avTov} post ki/Sutok r: om 111"' 
lE-\3 Clir I (IS T-qv Ki/SuToj'] pr intrauerunt C: om 43 Clir: 
4- 6(a TO vhuip rov KaraK'KviT ixov D {..0 vdwp rov /cara-.D) j(nig) 
s(mg)v(mg) : +CI1W illo C' : -villi C"' 

14 om KOI I" — (16) vuf. ©'■ I xai i"] pr avTOi cmC23S(sub 
•X-) I om TTOKTa I" C™S I 6-i\fi.a.'\ +7-t;5 7?;s a-cghjlmp.stvHNtlj | 
7fi'os 1°] +ai/Tou c: +011TUI' otC'^Sisub -x-) : + sai irav (/jirfroi/ 
Kara yevos ej | Kai 2" — yevos 2'-] post yefos 3° IS^* : om Id^ : om 
rafra ntfT"'- : om ra E | atjj^t;] + 7-7;$ y>)S bw | 7f>'os 2°] + outok 
c*(sub •^•) : +aiira);' ftSd'": +(cai ttoi' opveou Trereipov Kara 
yefos bw | Kai 3" — yenos 3"] om efj : om ttox cffi": om klvovikvov 
— yr]S J3!£ I cpTTfTov] + Ti)s 7?;! Kora 7tvos g | Kivovufvov] (om 
14): +/coi TTOv opfeov g I Kara 7fj'os 3"] om .\1S: + ai;roii 
cS(sub •;>:•): +avTO!f i'miiStC^iJtuid) | rai 4" — 76»'os 4»] om 
bgnw: om ttoi' IE'^ | irfTeifo*'] pr opv^ov fhi-^kr5VxC2^-etIJ3(uid) 
C"'^ : pr TTTepuTov 1: opveov Tmpi*}TQv acdmpd,,: (opi/eoc Trav 
TTTtpuTov 14) I KOTO 76>'0S 4"] om c^ : +ai'TOu sv3[: +cvrutii 
C'": +auTou Trav opfeoi' 7rai' TrTepwrov ej5(sub ■:5:') : ( + auTOi' 
Trar opveov irav ttctelvov 18): +7rav opv€ov irav irTepuTOf Kara 
y€vos o : + Kai irav opviov Trrepwrov X 

15 iicrri\6oi'] pr itoi ejmc^S Or-gr : (La-qXdev EMbdfikpqru 
wc^d^^S I 7rpos voje] om iiT'" ; om irpos E [ 5vo dvo €is tt;!' 
klSwtoi/ g I (\'t/3wroi'] -t- 5ta ro v8wp rov KaraK\v{r^ov 71) [ aputv 
Kai e-n\v Ay] om/J(Duid)EMreUaBt!r"'!£43S Or-gr | ffapxos] 
pr fMr;s KOI c I om (v u — (16) aapKO! IE | w] t; f | eirriv] ei/i g | 
fMT)!] fwi/ g'a 

16 (iro/ifi'o/tei'a 31) | apaey Kai 6ri\v] post ffopkas o: (ono 
5iJ0 73) I om ffapKos w | om ci<xri\6ei' — rtiie c^ | eiari\d(f] eicTTjX- 
Soi/ j9aceghj-oqs-vxd2!E43S : + 7rpos vae abdfghlmopsvwxd, : 
(-t-7rpos vue as rr\v Kifiiirrov 37.108) | om Kada — vue dp | Kada] 
Ka$ o V : KaSairep Chr | 8(os ra vue] pr ks Eabgkmsvwxdj 
&' Chr: its ra vuc D{ + £>)Mi3€'^: tw i/we ds coS : ai/rw 
« ^s f : ai'Tw KS o ^s Tw ywc 1 : om tw vice 3£^i* [ aTre- 
/cXcio-e qu | om Kvpios E Phil-arm Just | om 8fos 2" B | rrii> 
— aiTou Ayl33£13] e^ojdfv avrov r-qv dvpav r-qs Ki^iiirov r]s 
(TToi-qae fi-^r: eJwOei' avrov r-qv Ki^arov EMi* rell 31 Phil 

Chr : ^i\cv=)jcA m \ -n ^— \ & (pro ojlin T>=A hab 

nUk^yC^^ S-ap-Barh): ilc /oris osliiim a/rffc Or-lat : ianitam 
aictu- super Noe C'-' | ejwffei' auToi;] ?wf c|w9e>' Just 



17 om rai i°— 7i;s 2" ff' | f7ri tt^s 7»;s i" Ahi^rt}3(E"'E43] 
om EMi* rcll 95 Chr | ko-i reaaepaKovra vvKras] sub -r- 5 : 
om qu I om (tti ttjs yT)S 2" bhi''rt\vl3tf'"'I£^ | om Kat 3" — yqs 
3° i* I evXriffvi'dri] {vvep(Tr\ri8vi>dr) 32): praeualuit tiaUc ^' \ 
TO vduipl aqua dilttuii C^' : + f7r( T77S 77;s t | €7r7^pci'] -Vro vdup 
fj(mg)s(mg)v(mg) : + &eus W' \ nai vtfyuOr)] om C: +ra 
Kv/iaTa E I otto] etti cdfmpdjffi"^"''!) : fjravuc]: eus i''(uid) | 
V)' 3"] ^fltiituauit cum aijua iC^ 

18 om Kai i" — Yr)s e | (vcKparei i* | (eirXridivOyi 108) | 
(r0o5pa] atpoSpws i(mg)s(mg)v(mg) : post 71;! a^3 | om eirt t7)S 
777s C" I om Kai eircipipero — (ly) 71;$ Cj | Kai 3"] pr Kai tire- 
Kpartj f I (tpepero k j eTrai^w tou uSaros] tV tlfdl cum aqua iS^ | 
€7ra;'w] (iravoidev n | ivSaros] 4- to Se i'5aip en"fKpaT6t cr^oSpa ewi 
rijs 777? Kai eTre^cpcTO tj ki/?wtos eTrarw tou I'OaTos w 

19 om TO 5e — 77/5 (ft"' | <r0o5pais] iripodpa adefh'*jklnpqs{txt) 
uv(txt)ydj: om EmBlT'^ | «7ri ttjs 77/s] fTri ttji* 77;!' n: om C | 
CTrcKaXt'^ec] eKaXi'^i'e*' dpy: +aqua ^JC'^ ) om a 971/ (JT'^ [ toi' ovpa- 
vov] pr Troi/ros ckc^ : \ coopcruit super ca ^^ 

20 SfKa TrevTe] Trei-Te Kai Scko EMcehjkloqtuc, Chr | (vavu] 
virepafu cjqu Chr-codd: super cos (^"'ii; post vtjiuBiq fm 
B : om LcC"^ | u6u)p] -1- iiravu ruv opeiai/ c ; •¥■ iialde C*-' | om 
Kai — v^r]\a ^ | eireKaXu^cp] tTTcKXui'EX' (20) Chr-ed | Traira] 
a7ra>'Ta (20) Chr: post opt) h : pr — S : om k | om ra i" n | 
om Ttt v\pri\a ELabdfhklnpqsu-xd,3BC"'y 5 Chr 

21 eTTi 1°] super facicin C | om twi' TrtTcifwi/ — frfs 2° de 
IE I TTf Ttii'Ui'] -h roi' ou?OD f I om KOI Twi' KTTjj'ui' ^3 | om Tras 

22 KO.I. r- — o.-n^&o.viv~\ quaeainiqiie habait spirit um uitac iH"^ 
I €X^0 ^'■X^^ ^' hahebat 'St: •\riv eaiTw m | ^ojtjs] om |J: + cc 
pwOuo-Lv avTOV cc^SS' | ^ras oy] Trav o i^r-HB Phil-ami | eiri tijs 
^tipas] super terrain 5 | eiri] utto d | aireOavov co 

23 om Kat i'^ — yijs 2** L | e^ijXu^f/ev] e^TjXu^Oi] E(<^ct- 
\7;0077)di(mg)mpqud^i31£: + 5s fi^r: ^ Doviiniis Deus C^ : 
+ Tts k I TO avaffTTjfxa tjv] qitod monetur 55 1 fiv — 7177 i"] 

fecerat C*^ [ ctti] o-ttq m; om g | TrpoawTroi'] irpotrojirou f(uid) : 
om C"'Ep I racTT^s] post 71;^ 1° x: om l)gkrt\v3H31Ey Phil | 
TT/s yyjs r^] om ttjs m | {avOpojTrujv 25) | ews] pr koi gk | om 
Kai 2'^ S-ed I €pirfTU}p'] pr aTro a^(!r'-(uid) : rwi' epneruiv Kat rtav 
drjpttjjy t: -^-omfiiitm ^C"'(uid} ] K'ot toji'] eojs a^ : *ro( ewj 
j{nig)Cr'^: om twv bi^'rwx Chr | om Kat 4° — yi/s 2° C'-'S^^ | 

VII 23 


A (yav aiTO t^? 7^?. Kai KaTeXei^drj fiopo'i N(Se koX ol ixer avrov iv rrj Ki^eoro). ^^-^Kal vyjrmOrj 24 
'to vBoip eirl tj;? 7';? r)fiepa<i (KaTov TrevTrjKovTa. 

'Kal efivrj<j6ri Oeo'i Tov Ntog, kuI iravjcov rwv OrjpiQJv Kai TrdvTcov tmv KJrjvwv koI iravToiv i 
Twv ireTeivwv koI TravTwv twv epireTwv oaa fjv /xer avTov ev rrj kij3(otm- xal eTnjyayev 6 deo^ 
TTvevfia eiri tj;i' yyjv, Kal eKOTraaei' to vSup. ~Kal ^ eTreKaXvcpdijaav^ a'l ir-qyai Ttj^ a/3vacrov koI ol 2 
KarapnKTai tov ovpavov, Kal avi'eff^eOrj o v€to<; citto tov ovpai>ov, ^kuI ereSiSov to vSwp -rropevo- 3 
fievop dirb tP]<; yyj'i' eve^lSov to vBap Kal rfkaTTOVoiiTo fieja TrevTtjKoma Kal sKaTov r]p,epa<;. ■^ Kal + 
eKaOiaev r) Ki/3u>T0<i ei' fiijul t(o e^S6fj,o), e^Bofj-y Kal elKtiBi, tov p,7)i>6'i, eVt to. oprj to, 'ApapciT. 
^TO 0€ voo)p TTOpevofxevov ifKaTTovovTO 6ft)? TOV heKCiTov fj,i}v6<;' iv 8e tm h'BeKaTO) firjvl, ttj irpdnTr] 5 
TOV fj,7]vov, dxpdrjcrav a! Ke^aXal twv opewv. ^Kat iyeveTO /xeTa TecraepaKovTa rj^ipa^; 6 

rjvefp^ev NcGe ttjv Ovplha t>}? ki^wtov rjv eTroirjaev, '^ Kal aTreaTeCKev tov KopaKa tov IBeiv el 7 
KSKovaKev to vhoip' Kal i^e\6oiv oy;^ inricTTpe'^ev ew? tov ^rjpavdrjvai, to ijhwp airb Trj<; yrj<;. 
°Kal aireaTeiKev ttjv irepiaTepav oiritru) avTov ISeiv el KeKOiratcev to vhdop airo Trj'i 7^9. ^/cal oup^ g 
evpovcra t] TrepiaTepa avaTravtriv Toi'i iroalv avTtj'i a.veaTpe\}rev Trpo? avTov ei? ttjv kl^ojtov, oti 

VIII 2 atrfKa\vtp$Tj(Tav A 

5 eXarrovovTO D 

om itai 4" m | otto 2"] tin d, | om 7775 2" f* | xai 5"] donee 
C' I vat ixovo^ Lbdmpwd^3£^9 | 01 — \-i(3utu] area C™ | 01] 
+ woi auTou m I «- tt; ki^wt-w] eis ttjv KijiaTov a 

24 cTTt] airo gi^rty | tj/xepas eKarov irfvTrjKovTa] ek. irfifTrjK. 
Tjp-epas nt : irevTriK. Kai (k. rifji. Z'EMcehjloqsuvCjS 

VIII 1 ora Ktu 1° — KLpuToi L I Kai i"] post haee C^ | avc- 
ful-qirdTi b I 0(o$'\ KvpLO! Tlidti | tov] tu fn | om /tai 2° — 
6r)pi.wv Tlidt(uid) | om dripiuv — oira -qv <tt^ | om TraPTUf 2°nC" | 
KM 4° — cpTCTwi'] sub -H M : om i*qulEf | om koi ^°—■weTeivuv 
c, I om iravTUv 3° nfiC'" | om tu>v Trereiv. — fpireruc lE'^i' | 
wfTeiviiiv] (pweruv k | Kai >;<> — epir(TO)i'] om /'ESIS : om iravruv 
nC"'i9 : + Tuv fpirovTuv bw | epiriTwv] vereivuiv k | oira] pr el 
omnium "^ \ ev T-q Ki/3.] eis ttjv ki^oitov elm | 6eo! 2"] Domi- 
nils Dens C'= | {ttiv 77/1'] t-t/s 77;$ 108) 

2 om Kai 1° — (3) ri/iepas L | aTreKa\v<j>dr)aap Aknyc,5E | 
at 7rT;7ai] pr iraaai kl3 | Kai avfeax- — ovpavov 2'^] om bemw : 
cessauit eaelum pluens C<^ | (o I'eros] tw vhap 31} | om aTro 
Tou — (3) TTopevoiuvov f I otto] om Chr: + kotw k 

3 TTopevofi. — vSup 2°] a Ma terra aqtia aittevi ihat imminue- 
hatiir C*^ I airo ttjs 77;? iropcvoficvov coc,S | airo T-qs yq;] (om 
25): post fvedidov 2° 31 | otto] fTri fli* | eveSiSov 2°] pr Kai 
(l4.64(mg))'3: om abdkmnp\vxc,d,SChr | to vSoip Kai -qXaTT. 
Af {-qXaTTOveiTo)] Kai -qXaTT. to vSap D( + /J)EM(to ii5. sub-f-) 
i= rell gUlE^S Chr : om to v5up i*®"' : +« terra dt^^ | mcto] 
prd'/(ir*^ : (om 71) | wfVTijK. Kai ck.] e/c. -KfVT-qK. abdfgi-nprsvvvxd^ 

4 om sai 1° aC | om cv fi-qvi — ^utji/oj L Cyr | fiqvi toi e/35.] 
pr Toi I0I3 : Tw c§5oixui nqvi abd-gijkmprsvvvxd^ Chr: (e/J5o|t&i 
/tTjvi loS) I om Tw n | om efHoix-q E | koi eiitaSi] om Jos(uid): 

+ TllX(pa Cfo I ETTl Ta 0/77) Ttt] .t/^/tV C,7/»/ IHOUtis ^'^ \ Ta 2°] T017 

gkn: om Cyri | apapaT] opapaS S-codd Hip: Barat ^^ 

5 om TO Se — (!3) 77JS i" L | om Tropei'o^fi'oi' abdgh*ko*pr 
vvxd,C°P Chr I -qXaTToveiTo f | om ews toi' — ixrivo! 1° (1= | 
ScAraTOL' jj-rjvo^] fi-qvoi tov d^KaTov coCg | ff 5e — tou fx-qvos] 
om abdgjpsvwxd^C^ Chr | (v 5e tu] xai cv tu ^ | om de 2° ( \ 
(vScKaTu ix-qvi] fiqvi Tui ev5. m | cfScKaToi] deKaroi i*krt^9S 
Phil I om fji-qvi k | tt; ttpwtt;] fxia o: om t7; h | om tov /x-qvos 

3 eveSiSov 2°] evSiSov E* {eveSiSov E'') 

4 e/ca^ettre*' A 

6 avtwlei/ DE 


Phil I oi^dTjiravJ pr icai Chr: +Se abdgjpsvwxd^ | (xe^aXai] 
Kopvtpat 32) I opfwv] + ev tw SeKaTOj prqvi ttj Trpojr-q tov pi-qvos 
abdjpsvwxd, |[om tt; ax | evScKaTU sv]| Chr: + ev tui SckutijI 
Ix-qvi TOV TrpoiTov p.qvos g : + prima mensis tJC*^ 

6 Kal e7ei'eTo] (yfv. 5e equ53'^(!r'^ t Kai cyevovTo t | Tetro'tpa- 
KOfTa] pr Tay dr^ Chr | Tj^epas] +et quadraginta noetes CH 1 
Tjceot^ev] pr Kai bdghmpwxtl^ Chr : rjvoi^ev r | om ewe gj ] ^uptSa] 
^I'pav ac-fmnpCj, Cyr | om -qv eironiaev fit™ 

7 sub 4- M I Kai 1° — KopaKa] post vSap 1° C'^ | (eJoTre- 
crTfiXe 32) I TOV iSeiv — v5up i"] sub -r- S : om kS Phil(uid) | 
Toi' id^iv] rescr D^ : om tov Ea-dmptwxc2d2 Chr Cyr-ed | 
KSKowaKev] (Koiraac sv ] vdoip i"*] rescr Z*^: +airo npoaioTov T-qs 
7775 f](mg)s(mg uid)v(mg) IE Cyr-ed i : + airo ttjs 7775 Cyr-cod J | 
e^eXdujv] airtXffujv k : e^oSu) c : + f |at o* : + eornus f^^ \ ov^ 
I'TTfO'Tp.] ovK av(aTp€\pev abdgkmpwxd^ Chr|: ovk e7re(TTpe^ei/ 
Chr-ed ^ | ovx] sub — S : om Jos-ed | vxcffTpe'pev] + in/us ad 
Noe ^'^ : -f intus ad turn C" 1 tws tov %qpav9qvai\ donee eessanit 
CT*^ 1 TOl; 2*^] ov D : otov v | aTro] e7r( fC | T7;s 7775] pr 7rpo<TW7rou bw 

8 e^aTreo'TciXcv Ebdfmpwd^ | om OTrttrot — 7T7y C | oTTiffw 
ai'Tot'] Trap afToi' dprtxd^^^ Phil Chr : Trap aiiTa a; oiriaia Trap 
ai'Toi'g: (om 37): {avT airrov 76) | t5etc] pr tov ej | {K^KOTraKiv'] 
(Kowaae I4-77-79) | tt/s 77/5 Ayl3] pr 7rpoffW7roi/ /)EM rell 
SIE^S Chr: (pr top Trpotrunrov 128) 

9 Kai oi'x — 777s] bis scr d | {Kai ovx fi'poi'fja] ^117; fupoi'o-a 5e 
20) I oux] A"; abw Chr | om -q irepioTcpa C"l£ | om ai7T7;s 
Phil-arm | aveoTpe^^ev Ay] virsaTpe^tv DEM rell Chr Cyr | 
Trpos oiJToc] post KifiiaTov i" f : ad Noe ^-codd CT*^ [ om oti — 
KijSwTOf 2*^ c I om OTI — 777s Cn*^ I I'Swp] pr to t | om riv glEP | 
iravTi 7rpo<TU)7ruj] 7rai'Ti tw TrpoaoJiroi 1 : Trai* to wpotrujTrov abdegj 
mnpwydj Chr Cyr-ed: om ttoi-ti i*B(!C'"lEP: (ttoitos tov Trpoo-- 
6j7roi' 74: iravTos wpoffiinrov 76): TrpoircuTroi' ot | TraiTTjs A/?EM 
hi*oqsuvy=J3S] om i»'y» rell a€"'E|3 Chr Cyr: (fTri 74.76) | 
cKTCivas] + vuiE C' Cyr-ed | om aurou kr S-ed Phil-arm Chr | eXa- 
^ev — ai'TTji' 2"] misii earn C"^ | om Kai €1(77770761/ avT-qv \*<i^*lE | 
om avT-qv 2*^ E Phil-arm | (om Trpos cai'Toi^ 83) | eavTov] avTov 
jy(rescr)Ebdkp\vyd, Cyr-cod | KifiuTov 2"] +oti to vdwp tjv 

24 Kai vypwdy)] a' et apprehenderttnt a' et praeualiteruiU % \ i;^a)(?77] a' €Vi5vvap.io6q j : fdvvap[w]dq s : a' fdvvafxojOqaav v : 
a' cw€KpaT-qoev js(sine nom)v 

VIII I £77777070'] a' Traprjyayfv M(sine nom)jsv : a' a' et transire feeit % \ tKOTraire;'] a' f(rraXT70-ai' Mj(sine nom)sv : 
a' €\o}(p(t3(T€v j : a' tKu(ptaffav s : a' SKOTraaev v \ a' et eoereitae sunt 6' et qttieuentnt % 

2 E7reKaXi;i^S.] a' iviippayqaav Mv : o' (we^payqaav js : a' et clausi sunt Si 4 f/35. Kai fiK.] 01 X seplimo decitiio % 

. 18 


VIII 19 

vScop fjv tVl TTavTl TTpoo-aJTTfo 17(101}'^ T179 7';9 ' KoX eKTeii'a'i t)]u %et/3a avrov eXa0ev avTr/v Kal A 

10 eKTjjyayev avrijv Trpo'i envTov et? rrjv Ki^unov. ^°Kal eiria'^^uiv ext 7j/xepa<; eina er€pa<i irdXiv 

11 e^aireaTeiXev rrjv irepicnepav eic tj;? ki/Swtov. " xal dveaTpe\jrev Trp6<i avrov r) irepicrrepa to 
7r/>09 ecnrepav, koI eZ^ei' <j)vWov eXalw; Kdp^o<; ev toI (TTOfiari avT)']<;' Kal eyva Naie on ksko- 

12 iraKev to vhu>p diro rt}'! 7'/?. ^'xal iirta'X^mv en i)pepa<; ktrTa erepa's irdXiv i^atrerneiXev Tr)v 

13 irepiarepav, xai ov irpoaeOeTO tov i'jriaTpi\}fai irpcx; avrov ere. '-^Kai eyivero ev rw ev\ 
Kai e^aKoaioaroi erec ev rf) ^(ofj rov Noje, rov /xrjvo^ rov irpcorov, pid rov fxrivo^, e^eXenrev ro vBwp 
OTTO TJj9 yrj'i • Kal uireKdXvyfrev Nwe rtjv a-reyrjv t^? ki^cotov,^ Kal iSev on e^eXenrev to vScop '' ffi'" 

14 ajTO irpoamTTOv rrj<i 77)?. ^^ev Ze tw p-qvl rw Sevrepa, €^S6/j,>) Kal eiVaSt rov p.rjvo'i, e^rjpdvdy] 

16 '^Kai enrev Kvpiot 6 0eo<; rw Nwe Xeycov ^^"K^eXde eV tt}? Kt/Srarov, cv Kal 1) yvvi) (tov Kal 

17 01 vtoi (TOV Kai at yvvalKe<; ro)v vimv aov pera aov, ^^ Kal iravra ra 0i)pia oaa iarlv perd aov, 
Kai TTciaa aap^ airo irereivwv €co<; Krrjvcov, Kal ttcIv ep-rrerov Kivovpevov errl t(}<; yr/'^ e^dyaye perd 

iS (joi)' Kal av^aveaOe Kal TrXi^Ovveade inl t»)9 yv'i- ^^Kal e^iJXdev N&ie Kal tj yvvr) avrov Kal ol 

ly vtoi avrov Kai at yvvaiKev rdov viiov avrov per avrov- ^'^Kal irdvrard Orjpia Kal Trdvra rd Kriji't] 

Kat Trap rrereivov Kat rrdv eprrerov Ktvovpevov iirl rij'i yPj<; Kara yevo^ avrcSv e^i'jXdoaav eK rij? 

10 e^ajTooretXec E 


It] I'i* E 

1 7 Keivovfxevov A | ■n\T)dvvia$at A 

19 Ketyovfj.O'Oy D 

eiri TrpoffoiTov tjjj yij! i'rfom to | 7r/)0(ruiroii]] : + ort vdup r)v f jri 
iraaav r-qv yi}V f 

10 om (TL 13 I riixfpai] post cwto. a-dfgnoprsvwxc^djS 
Chr: post trtpay k [ frepas TTa\kv'\ om abtltW-xd^lEi* Chr: om 
CTfpus ehi*jlmiio^'3t1i'^^'^3: om TraXii/ gp | aireoretXev f | (om 
Ttjv 32) I om €K TTjs — ([2) Trepiarepav b | €k ttjs KtjSwTOu] om 
(E : in tei-ram ut uidcret E 

11 ai/cffrpei/'fi'] aTrftrrpe^ei' iwc^ : etn"e<rrpe^e n | Trpos ai'To;'] 
pr iteritm Phil-arm: iraXtv f | (t; Treptarepa Trpos aurov 79) | 
om Tj wepLarepa KfH^ | om to Trpos eanepav \v | om ro 1° Dade 
fjlnpqs-vxc^d^^ Chr | ftrTrepav] ejTrepas dp: -{'irpos avrov f | 
eXaias (puWov e | Kaptpos] Ka\(pos r : om C1E \ a.iro'] sitper C" | 
TTJS 77)5] pr irpoiruiroi' /Jad-gjlmnpslvwxCjd^ 

12 en I" — TraXif ] TraXtf rjtupixs irt fwra erepas qll : om CTt 13 | 
ijjUfpas] post eirra EMac-gjl-prsvwxc,d„$ Chr: post excpas 
k I (om crrra 77) | om erepas ejnsxSH | TraXif etair.] TraXij- 
aTreerretXf o* : atrtareiXf naXii' r: aire(7TciXe k: e^aTreoTetXcf 
adpwxd^tC^'iiiJ Chr [ TrpoaeOero rov iinarp.l avecrrp€\p€ (37) 
C^ : om Tou ekc^"* [ €ti tou tirtarp. wpos aiToi' o^ | CTTiffrpe^ai] 
awoarpe^pat dp : vrroarp£\pat eh : avaarpe^ai k | om en 2** lSd£^ 

13 ec i*^ — erei] cc rw e^aKOfftotrrw erei Kai eft o: ;"k a/tfio 
sexce>itprum et unitts annormn ^ : om cet Kat EC | om ey 2° — 
vwe 1** qu I rov p.y\vos rov irpurov A] rov trp. ^tivos Z>^''EMomn 
Chr I /Ma rov p.Tjvos] pr ei> qu : om Z>Ebdmo*(hab p.i.a o*')twC^ 
Chr I {fJ.ia] TrptjTi; 32) | e^eXetTrei/ i**] e^eXtTref Z>''bd-gijlpt\v- 
d^^lS^ClE^^^ Chr I aTTo rrjs 7175] a terra oinni '^'^ \ rijs yTjs i*^ 
AZ)EMeino*qriiyl31l'''^3] pr irpoawTrov o^ rell SEi'S Chr | (om 
vue 2" 16) I TT/f — Ki^ajTov] {r^jv Kt^wTOv 25): (jo /caXi'jU/itt 127): 
+ ))>' C7roi>)ij-e>' /^'''EMa-jl-prstv-d^a (sub •x.)(C'-Ey Chr : + 
17s eTToiT/tref k | t?;^ trT€77;i'] ttjj/ dvpav nC^ : (to KaXvpL^a 64 
(to post eras)) | xat tSei- oti e^e sup ras 23 uel 25 lilt A-^ | )coi 
iSev OTt] uiJere si C | eteXeiiref 2°] post uSup 2° E : t|eXt7ref 
Labdegijlptw-djSlSffiE^S Phil Chr : /cexoTraKcc D \ om Trpoo-- 
ttJTroi' C 

14 om totum comma c, | om 5e dmpl3 | p-ti": tw SeiTeptj] 


SeiTepu ^ijft Labdfgijkoprsvwdj Chr : e^Sonui fi-qvi. x3[-ed Phil- 
arm I om e^Sofiri — 71; C | e/350|tn) — /iT^fOs] post yi; ajsv Chr : 
om Toi' fj.7)Pos xlE Phil : cTTTa /cat SeKarrj rjfiepa Lbdgklpwdj : 
(eTTTa Kat iLKaSitjpLepa 108): -1- TOf 5eiTepot' m | 71/] -}- Kat ejSooMi? 
Kat etKadt rof /xTjfos af etu^ev TT/f Kifiwrof Lbdgklpw[[ej35o/i7;] pr 
rrijK (om Kat i") d, 

15 no vwe] Trpos foje d^ : om L | om \e7toi' etE Phil-arm 

16 eK r-qs KijSurov] (pr ffv 20); (post ov 32); (post aov t^ 
77): om X Phil Or-gr Chr | Kat ot utot aov Kat 7; 71/^77 aov 
LabgkvwU Chr | om ot n | pi.era o'ou] /xera tre E: om eS 
Phil Or-gr Hil 

17 Kat i°] pr Kat TrafTa Ta Krtjvtj E | Ta ^7;pta] om 15: 4-tV 
^3 1 etTTtf] sub -T- S : om r | o-ou i"] o-eai/Tou j(mg)s(mg) | OTro 
— KTrifwi/] a pctoribui usque ad uolaitUa caili C | etjs] ct 13 | 
aov 2" AEdfpsv(txt)] o-eonTou Z'*''LMv(mg) rell Chr: -f Kot 
epirtre tin rris 77JS c(mg)j(mg)s(mg)v(mg)S(sub ■>;•): +ct repla- 
bunt super terrain % \ eTrt rr\% 71)5 2"] eTrt tijx 7771' f(uid)o* : Kot 
Tr\ripu(rare r-qv y-qp no'iE'^i' : et implete terrain et domiiiamhii 
earn C 

18 om Kat I" — (19) auTiiji' L | vwe] -^ ex area ipse C | Koi 
ot I'tot auTof Kat 7; 7L'I'7; avrov cCj | kol ot vtot ai'Tou] om A* 
(habA""S)n: om ot d^ | 7watKes] pr Tpets m | |Uer oiitok] ;uct 
oiiTtji' fk : om A* (hab A""";) e 

19 S7;pta] -hjueT avrov m | KOt 2° — Kr-qin]] om "^C : om 
TTOfTa ?E I KTT/fT/] epTfCTtt quU^ : -f Kttt 7raf Ta Ta Ktf oi'^ffa sv : 
+ Kat TrafTa Ta epirera ra Ktfou/tefo eirt r-qs yqs cc^ |[ep7r. to kik.] 
Ktf. epir.]] I Kat Trail werctvov] et uo/iieres ^: om kC}3 I Treret- 
votf] tpTTtrov Z>Ehlnty : reptile inottens ^ ( epTreToe] TreTetf of 
Z?Ehlnty:ll: om o*qul3 ] KtroujuefOf] pr Kat Trat* ZJEhlslv: om 
cCjS I eTrt TT/s 777s] e terra 3 | om Kara ytvos avruv bdpwd^ | 
7efos] 7€>'7; gtxlStl | aiTajf] eitts S: +et uohililia omnia et 
uiuuin omne mouens super terrain oiniuin^ \ iijiKSoaav Ano'^y] 
pr Kat rlE'-f: e47)Xflei/ b<.lhlmo*(uid)pquwd2: Kat iiT\\dav L: e^TjX- 
dov Z>E-M rell | om eK T7;! Kijioirov o* | ck] airo g | Kif}u>TOi'] 

II (^iiXXof] a' SaXXoK Mj(sine nom)v | Kap^os] tr' SoXXoi" sc,(sine nom) 
13 T77C OT€77;i'] a' a' ro Ka\vp.p.a Mj(oin o'')vC2(sine nom),^ 



VIII 19 


A Kl^QJTOv.^ ^° (pKoBofiTjo-ev NeSe Ovaiaar/jpiov tco deai, Koi eXa^ev diro iravTuv rwv 20 

\r KTTjvciJV Toov^ Kauapmv Koi into irdvTwv tuiv ireTeivwi' twv KaOapwv, Kal dvt'jveyKei' oXoKtipTToxriv 

t L eVi TO SvaiaaTrjpioi'.^ ^^ Kal uiaffipdvdtj Kvpio^ 6 Oew oa/x,))/' evcoBia^;, Kal elirev ]s.vpto<; 6 6e6<; 21 
hiavorj6ei<: Ov Trpoadt'iaio en tov KaTapdaaaOai t)]v yijv Sid rd epya twv dvOpwiruiP, orv eyKetrai, 

% /) 1] Bidvoia TOV dvOpmnrov eVi/iteXtSf eVi rd irovrjpd eK veoTijTO'i- ^ov vpoaOi'iam ovv en Trard^ai 
irdaav adpKa ^waav Ka0tb<; e7roi?;cra. ^'Trdaaq Tat t]fiepa<i t»;9 7';? (nrepfia Kal Oepiafio'i, tjrvxo'; 22 
Kal Kavfia, uepo'; Kai eap t'lfiepav Kal I'VKTa ov KaTairavaovaiv. 'Kat rivXayrjaev 6 6e6s i IX 

TOV NaJe Kal tou? vioiii; avTou, Kal elirev avTol<; Av^dveade Kal irX-qOvveaOe, Kal TrXrjpwaaTe ti)v 
yrjv Kal KaTaKvpievaaTe avTiji;. ^Kai 6 Tpop-ot vfiwi' Kal 6 <j)6/3o<; earai itrl irdaiv rots' ^»;piot9 1 
TTJ<i 71/? Kal eVi irdvTa tu opvea tov ovpavov Kal eirl iravTa ra Kivov/jisva eVi. t»?9 7^9 Kal Trai/ra? 
Tovi l^Ovat T);9 OaXdaarjf v-rro 'X^elpa<; v/uv SeSmKa. ^Kal Trap epireTov 6 eaTiv ^dov vfxiv eaTai 3 
el<i jSpdiaiv ft)9 Xdyava yopTov eoaiKa vfjuv rn TrdvTa. ■^TrXr/v Kpea<; ev a'ip.aTi yjrvyiit ov <^n- 4 
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ierrani <!! 

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aTTO 1° — Kadaptov i"*] a pecoribus et ovntihis imindis 3£: om 
iravTiiiv c: om tuc i° n | om xai 3" — Kadapoiv 2" nil3P'""l£i3 | 
om iravTiov 2° c | avrjViyKtv] riveyKcv Ef : + at'Toi ej ; + avra iitl | 
oXoKapTTUffiJ'] oXo(,ap7rw<reis MejUnqstvS-coddBS Eus Cyr : 
tiaptruaei^ i^r : oXoKavrojatv bw : oXoKavroitrfit I : kolocausta 
I'hil-arm ; om ^ ] en-t to dva t.aaT'Yipi.(iv~\ ctti tw dvaiaaTtjpiu f : 
Domino Deo (E | eTi] eis E 

21 om Kiipios 1° Chr| Cyri-cod.V | o Seos i"] sub — S : 
om Efgi*pt Phil-arm-coddi Or-gr Eus Clir J Thdtj | /cai ciTrex] 
fiTre 6e dp | om kh/jios 2" (E | o Seos 2°] sub — S | Ua.v<rr)8(i.%\ 
+ Toi'7o q: cogitaui quod Ib"^*^^ : iitraui quod ?£'' : poenitet me 
quod destruxi terram ^T | oi' i"] +/xt/ bdfgimpswdg (^r-grCyr^ | 
Tr/jotrfli/caj i°] Trpoaflu) Or-gr: -\^ atttt-nt C | en i" — afflpu/Trwc] 
percutere carnem omiiait inducere diliiuiit/n aquae super tenam 
omncm destrucre cam ffi | en i°] post iia.Tapo.aa.adM c^S: om 
1£}^3 I om Toil I" Eabcefijkpqrs(txt)vw<l, Or-gr Cyr; | Karapa- 
aaaOai] KaTapaa^adat df : KaTapaaOat blnw | tov avSpwirov] tiov 
a^f dj'-3-ed Athi: aurou 1 | tou 2°] TUf r: om Cyr I'W | 
e;r</ieXws] post TTOXT/pa c*15 Ath^ : om q 15(15 Cyr ^*j | i-eorTjros] 
+ o,vTOV Mbcefj-nwc^SBS Chr i Cyr j\ ed y\ : + Traaa.s Tas 
rifiepas Thdt : +cius omnes dies ciiis C | om om MknJS | om 
en 2° abdgpwxydjC Clir | irara^ai] pr tou ky: dcslruere ffi | 
aapKa\ sub — S | fwcraj/] om Eq Cyr-cod : + quae feci ffi | 
e7roi7;(Ta] -i- en aghtxSS Chr 

22 Tvaaa.% — 71)5] sed erit eis l£ | iracras Tas 7;/iepas] pr itai 
ej : pr eTrt k: {jravTa tov xpovov 64) | t7;s 777s] pr CTrt fs(e7rt ttji 
y sup ras ■!fl)\ : tt}s fwTjs c | Bepiaixov ai'''mrE'i' | xai'^a] koiwo;' 
m : eavfxa. d \ (flepos] pr icai 16) | ■qixepav koi ni/cTa] xai j;/ie/)a 
Km H't e : </«« et nox 1E'=S | rj/iipa cu | om yi'sra on x* | oii] 
(pr Kai 1 6) : om ^3 

IX 1 o 6€os] pr Ks htdt Cyr | tov] toj Host: om Ijw ) Kat 

eiirev ai'TOis] om lE^ : om aiTOiS o* | Kat 5° — /faTa/fi'/>.] sub -^ 
M I (tt}v yr)v] avTT]v 74) | Koi KaTaKvp. avTTj^] sub ^ S: om q | 
KaTaKvpieveTC M 

2 om Kat I" — (7) yi}S fiE | om Kai 1° i^^'r | om i" w* | 
Tpofios — 0o/3os] T/)o;i. xai 0o/3. ii/». hq "Sluid) Cyr-cod: <po^. vp.. 
Kat Tpop.. 1 Chr-codd f Cyr-ed-^: <f}0^. v/x. /cai T/)o/i. vfj.. 
emny IS(uid) Chr-ed } Cyr-ed | Thdt: <f>op. xai T/jo/i. vp.. 
EcoCj S : {(pofio^ VP.10V om Kai tfyo^o'; w | -qpLoiv 
dg* I om kai 2" f* I 0o(3os] +vij.uiv abdg^'ijpstvdjBJj) Or-gr 
Chr J: +Ti)j.u>v g* | effTOi] eirn f | «7rt i°] (v q : om w | iraaiv 
Toi^ dTjpt.ois] Tra^iTtt Ta O-qpia Chrf : Ta tf7;pia Chr^ : -f/fat «7ri 
TTaffi Tots KTTjveai Cyr.j | T17S 7175 i°] rt^^7 331E: -f Kat eTrt iraat 
TOts KT-qveai Ti)s 7775 />E(KTT/i'to"tv)Me-lqsv CyrA (omri^s 777$ fhi 
Cyr}): +Kai eiri TravTa to tiTijvrj tt)s yrjs 11: -f-r-c/ super 
omnia pccora lenac •< St \ om sai 3° Z)sU | Q,f, ^^j jroKTa 1° 
BS I om TO 1" crir* | opi-ea] opi-e sup ras (6) r^ : Trereifa bw 
Thdt I om eTrt TravTa 2" 3£ | om Ta 2° D\ \ /cot j"] sup ras (5) 
i^ I TravTas A (jraj" .sup ras A') efikhiory] pr em Z''''EM rell 
SBiflS Chr Cyr Thdt : om !£ | ito ^eipas] inrox«/)ioi>s y | I'lro] 
pr a 3 Thdt : (cm 71) | Xf'/Jis] pr Tas m : x"P« '"'r Thdt | I'/iij/] 
Ttixiv i: viiuv gmp'3U!£(uid)S I'hil-arm CyrJ : -t-Travra (20) 
l£t'S'" Chr 

3 epjreTo;' 0] inTiiVov a l)w : et tl k | eortf ] 4- ert tt/s 7i;s k | 
fttjf ] ^iiiov axCj I ecTTat] eaTif k | x^P^*^''] a7poi' Eus : om s | 
e6uj/ca I'/ttf Arx] 6e5t»;Tai iz/iic g: I'^ti^ oe5u)/ca fc^ : Sedo/^a vp.iv 
i)>'''EM rell Chr | Ta xofTa] om dlJi'lJ : om Ta a*f Inc^ Clem 
(uid) Chri 

4 k-pcas] kpea b-fia'jnoa'prwd^: om Or-gr | ev oi/«iTt] cl 
sauguinem Luc | ^I'X'JS 01/taTt oc^ | ou ^a7e(rfle] oi'/c eSeu^e 

5 ii^eTepof] ripfTipov cp ; om J53E | om tuv ^ux. I'/uuf f 
Thdt .' I \pvxi*iv vpLujv A^'"y | 7jp.uiv cgn | om €K^r}Ti}atij i" — Orjpiiav 
Ej I e/cs"7)T7jcru i"] sup ras A" (om A*md) : om bwy: -t-cnxo i* 
Chr Iren | om e/c x^'po^ l" — *■<" 2° dp | e/c xeipos 1° — $ifpiu>r] 

20 oXo/capTrujaij'] a' avatpopav M : a' avafftopas jsv : oXokapTruJO-eis js 

21 etTref — irpoaO-Qaw] etire /cs fls diavotjtfeis ov Trpoat)7]aio etTre ks Trpos KapStav avTou a' etTre ks irpos (avTov & (tire ks 
Trpos T1JV KapSiav avTov j 

22 Trao-as — 77)5] a' per omnia tempora tcrrae & \ -qptpav /cat vvkto] a' a' Tjixepa Kai vv^ Ms(sine nom) : a' a' Kai ■qp.epa, 
Kai vv( j(sine nom)v IX i 7rX7;pcj(raTe] OeprjaaTe M 

4 ev aipari i/'i'X'/s] a' ev ^pvxv ai'Tou aiiua auToi> M(aipaTi)jsvc,S : a' ov aw il/vxv aipa ai'Toii jsvc„([i/'MX7;] i- aiiToi']|S(om on) 

5 d-qpiuv} a' a' luuv Msv£ 



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6 eK^f]Ti]a(o avTo, xai eK ■)(^eipo<! avdpioirov uBeX^ov eK^rfTijao} rijv yp-v^rji' tov avOpojirov. ^o eK'^ewv A 
al/ia avOpdiTTOv uvtI tov a'lfiaTo^ avTov eK)(^v$)'](7eTai, on ei> eiKovi Oeov iiroujaa top avBpuTrov. 

7 " iifiel'i Be av^iiveaOe Koi ifKi^dvuecrde, kuI TrXijpcoaaTe r-qv lyijv Kai TrXrjOvvecrde iirl Ttj'i 7^9. 

, ^**Kal elirev o ^eo? to!) Nwe Koi toI^ vlolf avrov fier avTov \i'y<ov 9'E7a) IBoii dvlaTi)/j,i rrjp Sia- § L 

10 6i'}ici]v fiov vfilv Koi Tw cnrepfiaTi Vfiuiv p.e6 vfj,a<;, '°Kal iruari "^v^^tj ^tocrjj fied vfiwv, utto opveioi' 
Koi uTTO KTqvoiv, KoX TTctat, TOi<; 0r)pioi^ T?)^ 7?}9 ocra fxtd vjxwv airo TruvTrov rS)v e^eXOovToav eK 

11 Tiji KifSoiTov. ^^Kal aT)j(Ta) riji/ BiaOi'/Kiji' fiov irpo^ vfia^, Kai ouk diruOaveliai Trdaa crdp^ en utto 
TOV vBaro'i tov KaTa/cXvafiov, kcu ovk e<nai eTi Kara/cXi/tr/ios' vBuTO'i tov KaTacj}Oelpai irdcrav 

12 T»;j' 7>}j'.^ ''Kai elirev Kyptov o d'tos" tTjOo? Nwe ToOto to arj/xelov Tij'i BiadtjKtj'; o eyio BiSufit di'd H C' 
fLeaov ep-ov koX vpoiv xai di'd peaov ttuct?;? ■>|'"i'X'}s' foiff?;* !; e<TTiv p,e6 vpoiv etV 'yevea^ aiwviov;- 

13 ^^To To^ov pov Ti'diypi ev t/) P€cj)e\y, Kal eaTUi etV ar)fieiov Bia07iKr)<i dva p,eaov ifiov Kal Tr}<; yrj<;. 

14 '^Kal eaTat ev tm avvv£(^eiv pe ve<^e\a'i eiri Trjv y!}v ocpO/jaeTai to tu^ov pov iv Trj ve(j)e\rj, 

15 ^^Kol pvT]<rdi'](Topai TTJi BiaO)}K7]<i pov, ?'/ eariv dva p,eaov ep-oi) Kat, vpoiv Kai dva p,e<Tov irucr-q'i 
yfrvyfi'i fmcTT;? ev Truar) aapKi' Kal ovk earai eTi to vBcop ei? KaTaKXvcrp,6v,^ waTe e^aXelyfrai ^ L 

16 Trdaav adpKU. ^^Kal eaTai to to^ov pov ev t>/ ve<pe\rj, Kal 6'^opai, tov p.vria6i]i'at BiadtjKrjv 

12 fucTTJs] +»)S A* 

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1 1 aTToBaveire A 
13 TO^Ofiov E* {to^ov fxov E^) I T7;^i E* [nO-qixt. E"*) | a-qfXLOv A 

tK Xf'pos Trai-Tos fwcros C2(mg) | om Xf'poJ i ° lE'i' Phil-arm Thdl % \ 
om wavTuif ced^ | flT/piwi-] + ttjs ws f | om eicj'T/rijcTu aiTo fn 
Chr Iren | om auro — tKfjjTijirw 3" Luc | om xai 2" i*no | ox- 
dpuTTOV a.0i\(f)ov'\ frairis hominis ^ | avdftiaTrov i"] pr rou E: 
pr irafTos fi-'mrsv : avbpoi ] ; om c^ : + •^' €k x^^pos avopo^ j('iig) 
s{mg)v(mg)S('<' post avipo's)^'^ (sine •;«:•) | aStXipov — avdpuiwov 2"] 
e maitibus uiri animam sanguinis fralris eiiis cxqiiiiam 3 (om 
sanguinis coAA) \ o5e\i/)oi' AZ>''EM(t.\t)hi-'''lqry Phil] pr roir j : 
om is : -f ai^roi' e\' x^'po^ "^^po^ ^ ■ -fa'Tou M(mg)i*"j rell 3£(uid) 
S(sul)*) Thdt I eKirjTTiaui 3° — afSpwrrou 2"] om ^: om fKjT;- 
77}tT(a p 1 TTjv T^ict- ''"*'*' tt*'^p-] 7"r]v i/'t'X- oiToi' Thdt: arToi' TTjf 
^vx- a : oi'To yJS Thdt J 

6 fKX^^v] pr 'fot ^j • pr Tras Cyr-gi hal) e^■ell'ol' j(nig) 
indice siipra ekx'"" posito: hab eiceii'oi (uid)s(mg) | afdpunrov^ 
+ -i- in /lomine •< S : + sanguis Iren-cod | avn — f^X''"-] <'ff>in- 
lietur sanguis eins 13'"' : tffunddur sanguis cius pro sanguine eius 
13'' : cffundelur sanguis eius pro lo ^ | airr-oi'] hominis Luc | 
iKrxyQT]<it7ai.\ pr to aiTou Chr; -^-to aijua aiTOi' x^S : -^anima 
eius nil: +aninia hominis itlius Spec 

7 Kai jrXT/i'i'j'ecr^e I"] Kat •K\-f]ii\'Vo.Taf. c; om 13 1 om Kai 2'' 
— -KXridw. 2*^ Cj I Kat 3^ — 777s] pr Kat KaTaKvpuvaare k : pr Kai 
KaraKvptevtrare avnriv m: Kat KaraKi'^uctrare ai'Ti;? a-hi^j(txt) 
prs(txt)tv(txt)wxd,^ ; om i*nH=: + «ai KaraKi'/jiei'traTe avT-q^\ | 
eTTt T7;s 77;s] ctt auT?)r Z'EMj(mg)klmoqs(mg)v(mg)c,,'3J31l'i'S 

8 Ceo5] pr iTs Eef'i''(K5 sup ras)r3C: kj f* | (tuJ irpos 
108) I om Kai 1'^ — ai'Toii 2^(fC | om /ler aiTou i**'nrl3 | \€'^ojv^ 
+ ei€- 

9 E7U i5ou At'd^^] pr Kat />''LMahikst'"vxyS : Kat iSou 
£70) egjoqr'5 : iSou cyw rell 13*£1i Chr : koi eyu) E | om ixov 
dplE'i* I (om I'lXiv 78) I I'yuas] 7)/tas gl : Vfiuiv x* 

10 om Kat Tracri) — (11) ir/nas c | fi'xyi fw'^l] '/'I'X'? ^"t i'^av 
/)LMbeghk-nqtwxS(uid) : rri yj/.nj f. Esv: tt) fuiri? c, | viunv 
I**] T/^tdt' dg: I'/tas i**r: +ets to*' attufa bw | (airo i**] 4- re 20) | 
aTTo ktt)v(j3v] KT sup ras (4) A'*: airo t^^v KTT}Vb:v atlS : om 
a?ro i*lC!E I jratri rots ^T/ptois] ab omnibus besliis 3 : om Tratrt 
CIE' 1 om oaa — (11) u^as l£ | otra /nffl li^tijc] sub •%• M3S: om 
EqE'^ I otra] pr 7; s : rots ovc^ : + fcrrt h: +tiv nd^ | vpnnv 1°] 
+ Kai Tratrt rots fwois tijs 77)! s(om koi)v ] aTro 3°] pr f/ 3 : 


aTrai/ra ej | ck] airo fgikstv Chr : om c^ | ki^utov] + iraai 
ftijots tt;s 77;s o^ (sub •^•} : 4- Kat iratrt ^oii ttjs 77;$ c^^ 

11 om totum comma L | tj/jos n* | om oik i" b* | aTro- 
davovvTai bw | jrao^a tra/)^] post en 1" f ill3!£ : om Tratra 
|3 I om ETI 1° egx|3 | otto] Sta x | tov uSaTos] post KttTo- 
KXvapiov a: om 31 | ctrTat] post «ti 2" a-dfgijkmpsvwxd^^I Phil- 
arm Chr: eo-Ttv r | om eTi 2" c^C | kotokX. vSaTos} ai/ua 
diluuii 13C : om uSaTos q Phil | tou KOTa^Set/jat] om top />'' 
Ea-dfipqs-xdj Chr : toi' oiatpBapai M : &ia(ji8eipai 1 

12 om Kvpioi D \ amo Beos q | Tr^os A/;^'iEMehjlnoqrs(mg) 
CjS] Ta Ls(txt) rell ^(uid) Chr | put] +et filiis eius g-codd | 
(om TO 78) I SiaB-qKri^'] + aov dp | 0] sup ras i»' : of 1* : tjs 
Lacdeghjkmpslvxc/U Chr | om (71^ 13 | (ot5u//i] tiOtjiii 32) | 
Kat I'/ttdi'] sup ras i' | viiuv i"] pr afa ixeaov fE: o-ou Lacdkmp 
txd, Chr I om TratTT;! 0IE* | om smo-t)! bejw | 7;] otro dmpyd : 
0(77) Lag : 0! X : h"" I etTTat c_, | viJiuv 2"] i]ii.uv eg | 7e;'tas] 
genera/iones ues/ras IS | aiuvo^ ej 

13 om Kat etTTai — (14) ye<pe\Tj he | Kat ftrTai — 777s] om x: 
(om Kat euTttt 25) | fis ortfiitoi'] ev orjfiaoi g Chr | SiadriKiis] 
SiadTjK-qv p : -I- aiwnou i'V3jp | tt)s 7775] inUr terram JJ'' : inter 
omnem lerram giSfi': inler uos el inter omnem lerram 35': 
I'jtttjc j : (-f i';titji' Kai ava}xetsov Tza(jT\% ^vxtjs ^uaT]i 71) 

14 trwi'e^Eii/] irui'a7eti' M(mg) | (om Me 16.77.130) | i-e^c- 
Xas] pr Tos i"'r: vf^eXats af | cTrt t7)j/ y-qy] vrrtpafu ttjs 77JS 
M(mg) I T7).. 77);- AZ>*iiEMnowycJ ttjs 77;! L rell Chr | 
o«Sj;<rerat] pr Kat il3 Chr: +TOTe Chr-codd | om ;ttoi; />''o*qry 
13S I (om tt; 37) 

15 {avapwT]irffTi<rofiai 32) | om r) cctiv — uapKt L | 77 eaTiv] tj! 
iitBfpiT]v o I om ova jitEO-ox 1" — Kat 3" D | ava y-taov 1° — vpMv] 
uohiscum 15p | vfi.ijiv Kai e/ion Isv E' | om Kat vfiuf c^ | Vfj.uv] pr 
afa /ieffov o^S: (irou 107) | om TratTTjs cdmpd, | om fioaris h | 
om Ef TraiTT) c^ | om Kat 4" — (16) aapKi o | om Kat 4" m j 
f (TTat] post ETt agCjS : etrTtK fs | eti to vSup] to vdup en t : om 
TO cdfi'jkpsd^ Chr : vSwp eTi L : om eTi 13'' : om eri to bw | eti] 
oiiKETt r I TO vSwp Ets KaTOKX. ] dHuuium 3 : aqua diluuii 13(uid) 
y I KaTaKXiw^oi'] pr tok c | w<tte] tut eis E : 7) tov g 

16 om fiov />Mc|rl3 | oi/'O/tat] -I- aiTo ISS : -I- ti.vTr\v ms(mg) 
v(mg)yc2 I TOf] sup ras (7) A-' | diaOriKtis aiuviov c-fj-npd^ | 



A aldiviov ava fiAcrov e/xov koI ava fietrov Train;? ■v/^i'X*}? ^ot>crr}<; ev irda-r) crapKi y earcv eVl Trj<; 7779. 
§ (Up ^'^ Koi elirev 6 ^eo9 ^tm NcDe ToOto to aij/xelov tj/? BiadijKriii »/? hieOefirjv dva /xeaov efiov koX dva 17 
fxeaov •jvaafj'i aapKO'i r) uttiv fm r!}<i 7';?. 

^^'Haav 8e ol viol Nwe ol e^eXdovre'i €k tjJ? ki^cotov X'ljfi; ^dfi, 'la^e^* Xa/t i}v irarrjp 18 

IT ?| IF Cp XoWai'. ^'^rpel'S ovtoL elacv ol viol Nwe' diro tovtiov*^ Bieandptjcrav eVi irdaav T>;f yljv.'^ 19 

§L ^^°Koi rjp^aTO Nme dvSpunro^; yewpyo'; yrj';, koI i^vTevcrev dfiireXwi/a. ^^Kal ewiev sk tov olvov T, 

§ (S,p Kol ^ifiedva-Orj, koI e<yv/j,i'diOrj eV roj o'Iko) avrov. ^^koL elhev Xa/x 6 "jraTrjp Xavdav r-qv yvfivaaiv 22 

TOV Trarpo'i avTov, kui e^eXOiov dvjyyeiXev rot? Bvalv aSeXcpoiif avrov e^a>. ^^koI Xa^ovref Si;/i 23 

H Cp Kal la(f>e6 to ifjLiiTiov iiredrjKav iirl rd hvo voora avTwv, koI eTTopevBtjaav^ oiriadocjiavdoi; Kal 

avveKdXvyjrav Trjv yvfivcocriv rov 7raTpo<i avrdov Kal to TrpoatoTTOv avrcov 07rtcr^o(^aj/e?, Kal Tr)v 

ITS yv/jLV(i)<Tiv TOV TTttTpo? avTwv ovK iSov. ^'^e^evrj-yjrev Se NtSe otto tov olvov, Kal eyvw'^ oaa eTroir]- 24 

§ Cp aev avTU) o vio'i avrov o ^veooTepo<;. ^^Kal elirev 25 

EiTTLKardpaTOi; Xavdav 
iral'; otKerrj'; ecrrai rot? dBe\<f)OK avrov. 
^^Kal el^rev 26 

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If ffip Kal earai Xavdav Trat? avrov.^ 

27 TrXarvvai 6 de6<i ru> 'la^e^, 27 

Kal KaToi,Ki]adr(t) ev rol'; otKoi,<; rov 2»y/f 
IT L Kal yevrjdrjTU) Xavdav 7rai<; avrdov.^ 

20 avos (sic) E 22 tdev DE 23 OTrftrro^arwj A | fiSov E 

24 €^€P€t^cv E I e7i'ai(re;/ E 25 Trats] Tras E 27 KaroiKijaaTO E 


ava fiecrov i°] pr ?; ccrri;' k: om t | efiov] tov 8v as(txt)v(txt)xC2 23 ^c^/3o^'7■f!] eXa^ov y | (Tt)^] tx^M g I om Kai 2° E | to 

lE^PChr: + *fai I'/iwf bw : + Kai aov i: + Kat Tq-s yy}^ y \ om TratTT/s f/uaTio*'] (ra i/xaTta 79): + auTWi/ M | eiredrjKav A] pr Kat y: 

bwy I ^uxi)S — fl-apxi] capnos g | ei" iraff); aapKi] post ecrTii' y: om dp: ewcdem-o Z''''ELM rel! Chr Cyr | om eiri — Koi 3° dp | 

om E I om rj — 777? i [ 77 tCTiv^ +^ed v/xujif E | Ttjt 77/5] pr ra 5i/o j^wra] om rax: ra vura ra 5i'o c, : (om 5vo 31) | €7ro- 

TratTT/s m : post 77;? ras ( i ) A : + ^i'X7;s s''w7/s g pei'^77(ra»'] itropevByj w* : {fiaetropivd-qaav 32) | OTTta^o^acws] 

17 om totum comma e*f I fleos] pr K5 Z)hjrs(mg)v(mg)\v 3- O7n(rffo0a^es c(uid) | om Km 4° — o7riffOo0ac£S ELe* : pr •:»:• S | 
codd : KS m I tw] Trpos E | ro — 5ia^7j\'77s] Ustamaittirn vieitin 1£^p | (ri'fc\a\.] ^KoKv^av g : (eirfKaXv^pav 32) j om Kai 5*^ — iSov n | 
7)s — 77;s] 47z«a' statiiaiii inter me et inter iios 5£^"': (jiwd daho ra irpociawa c \ o7ri(rSo0avfs] O7riir(*o0ai'w! ZJ-'e^'ghjmyc, | om 
3w/i!s ego inter me el inter iios quod sta/iiam Sp | Siftfe/U')''] pr avTuv 4° s Cyr-ed 

C7M 5i5u/ii v/uv Kat g: iBenrjv dp | cm""] tou Sii s(mg)v{mg) : + 24 e^tv-q^ev 5f] Koi (^i'7ri'nr57; Or-gr | oii-oi'] +ai;7-ou ZJoc, 

Tcai ai'a ^ufcror ii^wi' g'3J3P-"'e (om ava fieaov) \ 7roir7;s] pr v^av 91E(uid)5(sub •:»:•) Or-lat : I'Tn'ou M(mg)c: vttvov oi/tou Or-gr | 

(ioi i='''r: om e^'m | (7-7;! 77)5] pr irpoiTUTrov 73) om avra cfnq | om avrov Phil-codd 

18 Tjaav 5e] /// autem sunt 3S'^I£ : hi sunt 3Sp | om ol i^ 25 Kai] pr /cai ^KaT-qpaaaro avTov f : om h* | x^^'aai' Trats] 
ace I vuf] pr toi> Chr | om 01 2" s | X"M 2" AZ)Mhjo*qrvy /;;«■ Chanaan Or-lat ij: irais x«M f I X'"'"'"'] X"M Ecdglmnpq 
S^PS Cyr-cod] om E: +5e o' rell B5£ Or-gr Chr Cyr-ed | r'''(uid)ydj T-A | Trais] pr xai ej : om 1 | Trais oneT7)!] bovKo% 
Xai'aai'] pr Ton Chr &ovKuv Or-gr: -Y hov'Ko'i hovKav (cod iovKivuiv) Phili | oiKiTqi 

19 iwiv 01 woi] om 01 abcegipqrvwxCjd^JS Chr : woi tiaiv eorai] i'/ fnV seruus 3[ 

jO: 7)<ra>' woi k'3 : om eKTii/ fhn Phil-arm | toitwi'] Trai'TU^'f: 26 eiiXo777/^£i'OS Phili | om K\ip{.o% Lj Phil-cod J | flfos] 

■fSeq'SlS I om 77)v m om Ec: + Deus 9 Phil-arm | om tou 1 Phil Cyr | x"-""-"-"^ 

20 om 77)$ J3 Phil J cod ^ X°/" n I ""ais auT-on] Soi'Xos aiTOis Phili | Trais] -foiKtT-T/s bw 

21 om e/c Phil-ed | oivov'] -t- ai'xoi' ir | efieOvoBi]] + nai virvio- 27 7rXari'y7; L | 0eos] Kvpios Just | tw] ro>' cld^ | post 
ffiv k I (om Kat 3^^ 71) KaroiK77iraTa)] ras (20) M : ras (3) x [ ev rots oikois] /« do/no 91£ | 

22 otSef n | om xa/t 7raTT;p Chri(uid) | ai^rov i**] aiTWf oikois] o-KT;fw[(Te](retf L: aK-qvu/j-afftv ac-gh^*i^mnpxyd^ Chr 
(20) 15 Chr I om Kai 2" — e^w f | f^eXBuv] pr — & : post ai'7;7- Cyr-ed T-A: (jK-qvuiixaaiv oikois h*k | om tov Lap Just Cyr- 
7etXei' c | ai'7)776iXei'] a7r7;77etXe>' Eabdiklmprwd^ Cyr-cod: edi | 7£j'7;97;rw] yevcaOw Phil: eiTToi /?bl\v T-A | xai'ttaf] xaM 
€7r7)77etX£ Cyr-ed | om Sftrtv eijr Cyr-ed | ui't-oi' aSfX^ois M | En | Trats] 5oi;Xo$ Phili | ai/riox] ain-oi; ELacdghMlmpxyd^lE 
om airron 2° (37(txt)) Phil-arm Just Chr Cyr-ed}: avru et : avrois Phil| 

22 Trjv yvfivojaiv] a' tr' ttjv affXOtJioavvqv M(sine o*')jsvC2S 

23 Kat TO — iSof] ot 7' el auteriora (^"isinoo) autem eorum lonuersa et dedecus (i^»bdto^o) patris eoru?n iion uide- 
runt ^ I tt;;/ 7U/xx'tijo'ti'] a' a' tf' T-qv ao'X^MO^''*''?*' v(om 8'Sh) 25 Trats otK6T77s] 5oi'Xos bovXoiv js 



X lO 

Ig ^^'E^Tjcre:/ Se Ntue fiera top KaTaxXvcr/iov rpiaKoaia irevTrjKovTa sttj. '^kuI iyevovTO nacrat A 

ai TJfMepai, Nwe ivvaKoaia TrevT>]KovTa eTrj, koI diredavev. 

X I 'AuTat he ai yevea-eK tcuv v'lwv Ncoe, 'Ztj/J; Xd/i, '\d^ed- koX eyevrjOi^aav uvtok viol fiera 

2 TOP KaTaKXvo'fiOP.'^ ~Tlol 'ld(f>ed' Fd/Mep xal M.ayQ)y Kal MaSai kuI 'lajvav koX '\\Ki<Ta H wd^ 

3 Kai ©o/SeX, Kai Motro;^ Kai (^eipa<;. ^koI viol Tdfiep' 'Ao";^am^ Kal 'Pi(j)dd Kal f^epyap.d. 
5 -^Kal viol laivdv 'EX.(cra Kal %apai<;, K>;Tto(, 'Vohioi. ^€K rovT(ov d(f)Q)pi(Td7jaav vrjaoi twv idvwv 

ev rfj yrj avTwv eKacna Kara yXwaaav ev rat? <f)v\ai<; avrdSv Kal ev Tot9 e6ve(7LV avrwv. 
J ^Tiot Se Xrt'/if Xoi)? Kal ^ieapdiv, ^ovh Kal X.avdai>. '^ viol he Xoi;?- Ha^d Kal KviXd Kal 

8 2la^adc Kal 'Pey^fid Kal ^a^aKadd. viol Se 'PeyxP-d' Sa/Sa Kal AaBdv. ^Xoii? he iyevvrjaev 

9 TOP Ne/3/3(i)8* ovTo<: ijp^aro eivai yiyat eirl Tt]<; 717?. '^ovto'; rjv yiya<; Kvvr)y6v ivavriov K.vpiov 
10 Tov Oeov' hui TovTO epovaiv 'H? Ne/SpebS yiya<; Kwifyos evavriov K-vpiov. '°Kal iyevero dp'^^rj 

X 1 7£C£(ris E* (-ffeis E=) 5 aipopiaSriaav E 9 KuiTj-yos 2"] 7D1'7;70! /^* (kvv. Z5^) : /cui'1705 E 

28 om 5t c I TptaK. renT-qK. eri] AjQEehlnoqtycJ ttci'tt/k. 
Kai TptaK. €T7j M : cttj rpiaK. V€1'tt]k. rell Chr 

29 om /tai 1° — ct-t) 1 | rwe] pr tou c, : +ijiias uixit 13 | 
cf^fax. — cri;] irevTTjK. Kai tvvaK. eTij M ; err} evvaK. ir^vr-qK. acdf 
gijkmprsvxd^ : {rpiaKoffia ■wtvTJjKOVTa erij 71): om eTrj D 

X 1 om 6f bdfpwB | om rwr g j ia<pfti\ pr Kai dp | fyivq- 
O-qaav AMb*cyl3] i-^ernid-naav Z>''El)''» rell WE \ (om woi 83) | 
KaraKXi'tT^woi'] K\v(jp.ov M * 

2 om vioi — (31) auTwi' 2" bw (i4 = Holmes 108) | woi] pr 01 
en 13 I Ia0eS] ai^fS & | 7a/ie/)] yaliep in(uid): yop.ep csv: 
yofxop f I om A-at i'^ fnp | /ia7w7] fiax^^f (' ^go^ 13'"' | om Kat 
2° dflip I MaSai] p.a\ai EIS'''"'^: fiapaXai r: padafx { : /iaSaipi 
ec, : (waSacj' 64.77): (juaSaeia 79) : /naSai; i (oa?; sup ras) : fiaidj: 
(fiaiSi 31): (moi5 83): afiaSa h13P: p.oi5ai c: Alada^: Amncha 
13': Madias Anon": Magias Anon" | om \-oi 3" dp | luua;'] 
Kjofaf agkot: ittiovap. dp: loji/mi' jsv : lofcaj/ 1: taiiffai' ^: ioi(iav 
f^lwp.txt. tctyyav n: lovwav \: (luai' 31.71): ai'a*' e : latUTH ^\ 
Lotham Anon' : Lola Anon" | om Kai eXicra fi(ras 6 litt)lE'= 
Jos I om Kai 4^ dp ( eXttra] ^\T\(ja d : cXeitra m : eXi'cra o : tKitrca 
be : (\iaav q : Xitro a : iveaav c | om Kai 5° dp | So/3eX] SufieX 
ex: Bov^iK c: 6o(iep { Anon \ om xai 6" dp | poirox] p-oaex c : 
p.oaax In : Mt^^oX P : Ma^wx Jg : P-^^OX f : {p'^ox 74) | Sf ipas] 
9j)pas Acgklnp*.x : ^ipcts adhjmop^rstv : 8apas e: S7;pas Koi 
Oapajjs f 

3 Moi] pr 01 Z'iM/'eflnoq*(uid)C3l3 | yapep] ya§(p i (4- ras 2 
uel 3)n(uid): 70Ai6pcfv: xo/SfP s | a(rx<i>'"f] prxair: aaxave^ 
x: ao'xai'afak: x" """s '" ^ Wji'/;aHaj S-coddlS'"'?'"' : Aggaiiaz 
Anon' I om xai 2° dp | pKpaB} pitpar oti3 Anon' : pci(pa$ l>mi\ 
Cj : prjtpaO cdp : pii^ffa k : epupaB D : epitpar a | om /tai 3" p | 
Bfpyapa Ag13i'""'s] Beppaya dp : Oupyapa x : dopyapa />''EM 
rell 13'"P-"": T horgoma % : TAargam Antm' 

4 om /cai 1° 1 | mot] pr 01 MefoB : +vui b \ luiiai'] luoi'ttx 
adg'''^kot : luovap p: tuutai' sv; luavav g* : Luvvav S^^'^v-i^t. 
{iujowaf6^): LWfiavf: ticfyavn: lovwavw lutal: auai/ ej : lattan 
3: Lotan Anon" | fXiffa] sup ras i: eXticra m: eXicrai 1: eXiff(ra 
ig: eXio-ai/k*: eXenraxc: Esrifaii Anon°: om c, | om Kai 2" 
dpc, I Sapffis] Bapaeis Z)s'lMaiicefgi-vyCj : Baparis d : tfopeis x | 
Kijrioi] KiTioi /)EMa(5fhilmnoq-vai8(uid) Phil-arm: kit™ 
c: KiTTioi j (loi sup ras): (xevoBaXteip ktjtioi 107): x^v^V^'P 
KOTioi d : Kai x^'">^i^'P kotioi p : Kai x^D^ieip kitioi g : KO.i 

/)EMab{ + *)c-tv(w)xyc,(d jai3E 

XericiyU KiTioi {Kvirpioi c^^) c^* : Kai x^OBdp Kai kitioi k : Citi 
Anon': Ciif/iim Anon' \ podioi] pr Kai Ec,91S: poiSiot x : /^odi 
Anon' : om dgp Jos 

5 vTiaoi] pr 01 m13 | 7X010-1x01'] pr T-rif E | om xai fv — (6) 
ipovS m 

6 uioi] pr ot e13 | om Kai 1° p | peapaiv Ay13i'"'i''] {peaa- 
paiv 78): (Ufo-pai/i linqstv Hip Chr: jUfir/)oei/i M : peaapaeip, b : 
fxeffffapaip f] : pKrpaup c: /teirpe/i Thdt : pfffTpaip Di\pc^: pt- 
tTTpaeip (gir : ptuTpiipo: ^corpejn aklxiSB' Anon' : (/neffpat 74) : 
Nestiem B"'': Mestrau Anon"(^): Esraim Anon"(S) | 0oi/5] 
•fiavB Z)a(5dgnoptvc, : 0ouX q .\non°(J) : ipovp x: x""^ j I om 
KOI 2° d I x<"'<'a/' !>* 

7 viai I"] pr 01 e13 | X"""] X""^ K | aa^a 1"] Siha Anon' | 
om KOI 1° p I cwXa] iviiKa bvy: em\aT Z^NIdghniptc^S'^P""": 
ei'eiXar akos: fin}\aT q: XeiuXar e: (Xei'iraT 71): Euilad 
.\non': EbUach Anon' | om Kai 2" — ptyxpa i" r* | Kai aa^ada] 
omlS'^P: om Kai dp | ira^a^a] irajSara adfgijir^x Anon': <ra/3a- 
BaT b : ffa/Saira t : {aa^aKaBa 64) : Si^hath Anon*' | om Kat 3° — ■ 
(TafiaKaBa q | om Kai 3° dp | ptyxji-a i" A] peypa /J^'iEMr^" 
rell 913'" Cyr Anon : (pex/ua 20) : peyxapa 13^ | (rajiaKaBa — 
peyxpa 2°] aa^a *){?) Bavbep pa^ m: om t | aa^aKaBa] tra/Sai- 
Kof'ar: (Te/3aKa9a .adH-codd : ffe/SeKoSa dgkpsxCj : aeafiaKaBa b : 
(TajSaKa^a? fi^^: aaf-ifKaBas i* : Sabat/uita 13' | I'toi 2"] pr 01 el3 | 
om 5e 2° 1 I peyxpa 2** A] p€ypa />''EM rell ^13' : pfXf^^ 
(20) 13"P-'>;i: peyxapa ^V'"S | aa/Ja 2"] a-ajiai' E.Mefginqv: 
oa^au c; Sabam Anon': om b \ haSav^ baidav Mci (sup ras ro 
lilt): SaiSa^a f : SaBav q]: beBav m: loi'Sai'dp; lot'^a n Anon': 
loi'Sas C2 : (toi'55ai' 107): lOi'OaOai' gkrx'St : (ioi'5a5a 74): loi^Sta- 
Sai* t : oi'5a5ai' a : i5a5ac o 

8 vi^piiiS] vifipijLjB mnr*E Phil-arm Theoph : ve^poiv E: 
efipojow c I ovTios d \ 7170? eicai fir | (om 71705 77) | om €7rt 

(9) 7'70S 1° X I 7-7)5 77)5] TTJK 77;!' c, 

9 om ouros 7/1/ 71705 d | 01T05J oi-rtus c : om 13 | om 71705 
r^ 3£ I Ki'f7;7os i°] (om 83): -^71705 q | evaiTio*' I^J (i'a»'Tt 
a/'dekpx : ecwTriov f | Kvpiov rov Beov'\ tov kv o: om tov Beov 
I)ag\*qrc^ Phil | om 5ia — Kvpiov 2° qxlE^ | i'efipa5\ ft^puB 
mnc^S Phil-arm : VifipuiT t* : vc^puu D\L \ om kiw7;7o5 2" y'3 | 
ei'ai'Tioi' 2°] ei'oi'Ti adp Hip | Kvpiov 2" A/^''hlyC2] tov 60 
iknr Phil: +tov Bij EM rell 3 

10 apxri AEelmny] pr 7) 73M rell Thdt | jSo^kXwj-] /3o/3iXui/ 

X 4 k7;tioi] it' xf7'a7; M: <r' KiTTav j(sine nom)s: <r' xfTToK v 

9 71705 2°] |3iaio5 j(-us)s 


8 71705] a aKv\a0 a' /3tatoj v 

X lO 


A T^? ySa<xtXet'a? avroO HaffvXav Koi "Ope-)(^ koI 'Ap^^aS Kol XaXai/i'r/ eV rf] yf) 'S.evvaap. "e/c tj;? u 
7^? iKeivr)<; e^\6ev 'Aa-crovp' koI uiKohofirfcrev ttjv ^ivevrj Kal ttjv 'Pow/3&)9 TroXtJ' koi X.aXa'X^, 
^D^^Kal TTJV Adcrefi, avn fieaov Nti'eu^ Kal dvd fxeaov XaXa^' aiirij »} 7ro\(9 ») fieydXr}.^ '3/<:al, ,^ 
Meo-p^ti' iyevvrjcrev rov^ AofSiei/a /val tou? l^€(j)da\ielfi Kal tov<; Alvefierielfi Kal Tov<i Aa^tel/J. 
'^/cai. Tovi UaTpoacovielfi Kal tou? Xacr/Lia)i'(et/[t, o^e;' €^f)X0ev eKeWev $uX(0"Tt6i//., Kat tou? ^a(f>- 14 
dopieifi. 'SXai'aai' Se eyevprjafv rov S(Stu7'a TrpwroroKov, Kal rov \eTTalov ^^Kal rov 'le^ovaaiov ,5 
«fltt Toi* A/j.oppaiov Kal rhv Tepyeaalov ^'^ KaX rov Euatoi' «:«(. toi' ApovKacov Kal top Aaevvalov 17 
'^«at Tov 'ApdSiov Kal rov Safxapalov Kal rov 'A/xaOL Kal fierd tovto hieinrdprjaav ai (j)v\al iS 
Twv ^avapaicop. ^'^Kai eyepoino rd opia ^avapalwp d-rrb 'S.ihcopo'i ew? eXOeip et? Vepapa Kai 19 

It) x^'^^^^^'^^ E* (-oj;' E*') 


e: Babelon % \ koi 2" A/'cmnoyc,a3E] om /JEM rell Thdt | 
opex] X S"P ^'^s i: wpex o: fpfX ^' opf^'i r: 6ov^€x n: wpeS x-H | 
om (cai apxaS Thdl | apx^S] axaS ZJEejinq'S On (cod axa/3) : 
apxa^ {31) Theoph : (apxa76): ap KaO c | xttXarv?;] Z)^ ex corr : 
XaXavrei c^*; x^^*^'''? d*efiprt Theoph Thdt Anon': x^^^^^V 
hn : x^^^^^V ^'^ '■ X^^^^ ^ '• yoi^dfi'v k : yaXavvi E : Chalame 
igiwp-txt. _}_^o( o [ om Tr\ D \ (jGvvfx<xp\ a^faap /'dgk*lmopsy33: 
(Tepfaapn*: cvvaap q: (xeevapf: paap c: St-/tfiar Anon 

11 aaaovp] pr x Chr : aaovp /^cdfjmpc2 j NiJ'eu??] siiprascr 
/)a?. j/ii/ei,( dfjo^pq^^ Chr : rT/vfi'i o*(uid)x : I'T^rec?? Eginq*(uid): 
vrjvet] a*(uid) j pow/5uJS A] powfiwd EMa/5efhjoqstvy On : pootfiod 
D^c^: p(j}o^w6 n: paw^w^ c: pow^-rjB ir: poof^ad x: poaj/3w/3 k: 
poio^o/x dp ; po(iotiJ/j. Theoph : po^ojjS g : po{iov6 1 ; pofiwd m^ : 
Roboth 33'" P'"" Anon': Koohoth Anon": /I'ooii BP-'"g : | om 
TToXii' — (12) a.vTi\ IE I ttoXik] pr tt]v p33 | x^^^X AMfijnqr] pr 
Tqv dh*pstx : KoXix D : xaXoK Ekyc^iS'"' On : Tt]v xiXa/c iico: 
Ti]v xaXex S * '^'?*' X'^^^^X ^ • X^^'^'*'^ ^ • '^'^^ xixKKa.K m : ti)v 
Ka\a,K Theoph: ttiv x"-^"-^ ^^^' X^Xa" e9 : ('"I" x"^" 79)' 
Chalcch Anon' : Calechi Anon° : + Iwcc est iirds iiia^na 15 

12 om Kal 1° — x^^'^X 1 1 ''"'7*'] ''ots p | Aatre/t] Sao-ec Eikr 
Theoph Anon' : Satreu c : fiacre ej : Sace/xaz' gC2'S : ba.(np.a.v dp : 
Sao'e/i/xaj' tx : (Sacro'e/iai' 76) : fiaffa-e/Lt/tai/ a ; Dasscn Anon | 
vivtvi^ Kat ai'afmrof^ om c^ : om apa/xfcroi' d | fittfvrj] rivei't 
Z^^i'cdfjp: i'T^rei'i Eox : i'7;vei'7/ gin | X'^^^X] ^■"^"X -'^'^"(^li'^i)^*^^^ 
XaXa/i /'CosCjIS : X^^^X g Anon' : xoXe/c E : xoXaotc I : x"^Xa)> 
m : KaXaK Theoph : X"^"" e3 : /loKax n : xo^"X"X '^ I o™ 
auri) — pLcyaXri H \ r) 2°] rescr ZJ": om Ej*y | iieyaXrj] fxeya 
E* (\i) suprascr E'') 

13 'Sleapaiv AyJSf'''^] p-eapaetv Theoph: {ticcrapaiv 78): 
fieapaiii Mhqst : jxeapaup^ Ekmo : /xecrapai^ j : ^etrtrapat/i e: 
IMecapaci/i b: niapaeiii c: p.f(Tpai]pL n: fuapfp. v: /letrTpoi/x Ic^ : 
/ifarpafi/i fgir: /ifffTpcyit a933'P'"" : /iearpafi x: ai/tfrparj^ dp : 
Esraijn Anon" ] tous i°] rot' ex | Xoi'5i€tyti] \ovbup. t; \oLi5n]/x 
d: XovdifLv E: XoSieiytx n: Xoi'Sioi/x c: Xoi'Soi'etjU Theoph: 601'- 
5ic(/x a : dovXieipi. oc^* : XouXtci/n c^^' : ouXtjS x : lAtdin Anon | 

Kat 2" Xa^£€l^] h- niih'lMhht/innhii Im^ ati tit ri^tt It Jtti ti jl ii II. 

ii-^L ili[9^ tu,j[tliif:uif[ttt '31 I xai Toi'S v(cf)$a.\iiifi Ar*(-Xei/x)y] 

om x: om hie EM r» rell 33'"i'"""iS Theoph Anon : A\-phnliiin 
jgp-mg I om Kat 3*^ — Xa/3tft/t r* | a.ivip.tTi^ip^ aivt^iiriuix M : 
atye;UtTtei/i n : atfe^ttirtetJ' q : €fc/teTietf E: ej^e/teTietjudgklpyUP-^'^-': 
cpe^artfi/t ejc^*^: ef at^iTtet/:t ht : ci'tjUtTtet/t svc,'* : crefejueTtfi/x x : 
»ffi€TL€tn 3. : (fe/tartet/t 16): ci/eTietju fir^: ci'i^tet^Lt o : ev^pityctp. 
Theoph: atcctayitiet/t (i : evcmau c: Miciiim }3'"i'"': Emiiiic- 
gim Anon': Cmi/ficg Ano\\' '. + Kai tov^ ver/idaXufj. f i : + Kat roi-y 
ce^ffaXi/i 1 I om koi toi'S XajSiei/t Ix | tous 4°] toi' c^ : om g | 
Xa|8tct/t] \afiLLpi t: Xa^uiu c^ : {Xa^eip 31): (Xa^iefi 18): 

Xajutftf o: 5a/3teitt dgp: XaSt^tct^ f : Latisin Anon': Latin 
Anon' : Bnh'ini Bi'"'"s : + xai toks fi<p9a.\eip. E/'hr^tlE Theoph : 
-f Kat Toi's v€(p0a\i€ifi Mejoqs : + Kat rous i/f i/^aXietu m : + Kat 
Toi's V€(p0al3uip, av : + Kat to:/ ve<pQa.^ieip. c^ : + Kai. tovs /t^0" 
$a(3L€tp. n : + Kat tovs vetpSadieipL dp : + Kat tovs v^<pdap.iiip. g : 
+ Kat roi'S j'e0(?aX(ret;a c : 4- Kat tovs vftpa^tetpL k : + Neptahiitn 
Anon': + Neplahin KwoW : +et Siipht/hibiim 'Q^^'V-^'^'^ 

14 Kat I" X**'''^'*"'^^^^] 'f**t ^"^'5 X^^^^^'-^l^ '^^^ ^Ol'J TTttTpo- 

ffwvupL t : om c* : om Kat tovs ttcltp. x | TraTpoatwiei/x] iraTpo- 
ffoviiip. (^hlniolS'*"'"^ : iraTpotrffovuip. ejqc2: Trarpotrovoup. Ei: 
TraTpoaojvoeifx r : rrpoaoytftp k : TraTpoadwvtei^i g : Trpoadovuip. dp : 
Tradpovaeip. c^ : TraTpoauetp. ! : Patrosoniiim jgi^ptxt. Patrosin 
Anon I om Kat tous x'"''' f* I xt"''/''"'"^'," Ay] xaffXajufiiU Maiif 
hkqvx2l (xaXir-) 53'"''" Theoph: x''"'^""'*'/" r^'c^'' : X"<'"Xo>'oei;U 
i: x^t^'Xt*';'* c^ : x'^^'^octet/x Cg* : x^^^^P^^*/^ ^j • (Ka(7X(*jptet/A 16): 
XaAtjftetju s: x^^XXwciet^ o : x^^o^'tet^u n : x^^wi/tet^ d : x^'Xo)- 
f tei/t g : x^ XortetAt p : x^^^^'^M ' • (xf^P^w'^'M 20) : xaXoet/t E : 
Kafiei/t m : C/tasloiiin Anon: C/tasmoniim iiP-"V; C/iasaomim 
J3'" I oCfi'] oiToi c I ff7)Xflei'] f^TjXSoi- gn3 : t/XSwc c | om cKuBtv 
n'31E Theoph | ^uXiffTiet^t] 0iXt(rTifi/t dfgilmnp : (fnXiaSriapL c | 
Xa(f>OopL€Lp.] xa*p^tt»pt€i/t k : xa(^('optetf v : xa^^aptet/t f : Ka(p&opi€ifi 
fehjmoqrx (ras 2 litt inter a et <p): Kai^fopii/t ti3'" ''■'"^' : Ka<p6a- 
ptftp agc^ : KaipdapuLp. i : KCKpOiopeip c : x^M^'^'t'ptet/x d^ : Xf^M- 
<puipi€tp d* : KapLtpBujpiftp p : Chaptcrini Anon' : Captorifti Anon' 

15 om Tof 1"^ t I trtdoi/a tip | TrpttjroroKo*'] pr avTov f: pr 
TOV c\: omIE'P: +ai;T<ii' Acj(mg)mnqs(mg)c,3H3 

16 Kat 1° — (17) euoto;'] om lE'P: om Kat 1° dp | le/Soiwaiof] 
Le^ovaaatov ek : ci'oi'tratoi' c | om Kat 2° dp | a/j.oppatop — (17) 
acrefi'aioi'] yepyeaaiov Kat TOf atrffcfatof {atriratoi' e) Kat tov ap.op- 
paiof ej j a/toppatof] app.oppaiov h: ap-opaiov c^ | Kat 3*^ — (17) 
ci'atoy] Kat TOV et'atov Kat tov yepyeaacnov k | om Kat 3" dp | 
yepy^ffatov] yepaaiov M : yepyeaaX p 

17 om Kat 1° dp | om Kot 2" dp | apoi'Kaiof] ap77ai0f d : 
apyKawv p(uid) | om Kat 3° dp | tok acref^aioi'] attiiJ^'btittfp'b 
'E I afT£vvatov] aaivatov dfp : atrat^'atof 1 : aafffvciiov m : apae- 
vaiov X : crtfatof c 

18 Kat 1° — ira/tapatof] om e: om Kat 1° dp | apaSiOf] apa- 
SaioK 1: Arodion B'": Azyrviis Anon': Assyrius Anon' | om 
Kat 2" p I om TOV 2° d I iraftapaioi'] aap.apeiov E* (tra/tapaioi' 
p-a.ingj. (rapopaiov en: papatov j* | a/taSi] a^affet agkr^xc^: 
aMa^Tj flmn* : apaSiei i : Amat/i 53'" | toito] TavTa EMi5efhj(txt) 
lnqs(txt)vi5 : toitui' c: ToiToir s(mguid) | om raii' ir 

19 cycveTO a/'cdfgikmoprsvxc^ | x^^f^''^"*'^ Aikr] pr twv 
EM rell 13 | o-etStuvos gk | (Xdetv 1"] €i!TcX0iiv Eicei^'jqsvCj : 
om o I om eis yep. — eXffetv 2° a | Ifpapa] yepepa f : ttjv yepepa 
q : (^fpatra 74): {yai'rjpa 107) | yat^av] ya^aX x : {x"'^'"' '(<) I «"' 

10 j8a/3uXwv] e^p. /Ja/SeX j 


X 30 

20 Fn^av, ea><i iXdeiv etu? lioB6fi(av Kal Tofioppa^, 'A8a/U.a KaX Se/Sojl/i e&)S' Aacrd. -°ovtol viol A 

Xc//i eV Tat? <f>v\aiii avrwv, Kara yXcoaaai; avTcov, iv Tat<; T^copat? avrwv koI iv tol'; eOvemv 
2\ avrwv. ^' Kat t&) -l»)/i tyevjOi] Kal avT(S, iraTpl iravTotv twu vidov "iL/Sep, dSeXcftoi 'ld(f>ed tov 
II fiei^ovo<;. ^^vlol i»//a" AlXa/u. kcu \\(Tcrovp Kal 'Ap(f>a^<)S Kal AovS Kal ''Aprtyu,*. ^3/cai viol ^Apdfj,- 

24 1)9 Kal Ov\ Kal Vd6ep Kal Moao^. -■'/cal 'Ap<pa^dB iyivvT^aev tov Kaivd/x, kuI Kaivcifi eyevirj- 

25 cev TOV XdXa, 2aXa Be eyivvriaev tov "E/3ep. -^Kal tui "E/3t/3 eyevvii6i]crav Suo vloi- oi'Ofxa T(p 
kvl ^dXeK, OTi ev Tal<; t)fj,epai<; avTov SiefiepicrOri 97 y!}, Kal ovofia t&J d8t;\(j)(i> avTov 'leKTav. 

27 -^'}€KTdv Be eyevvqaev tov '^XficaBdB Kal tov S«Xe<^ Kal tov ' AaapfiwO Kal 'IdpaB ^'^Kal 'OBoppd 
J, Kal Atf^X Kal Ae/cXa ^^Kal 'A/3t/i6?7X Kal "^ajSev ^"^Kat Oucf)e}p Kal KveiXd Kal 'I&)/3«/9. Trai/re? 
30 ovTOi viol leKTav. 3°«ai. eyevero >) KaToiKrjai'i avTWv diro Macrcr^e eo)? eXOelv et's' ^<i)(f>jjpa, opo<i 

22 a/>a;i] apa^wv A (/twi/ siip ras circ 10 litt A^] 

26 TOV 3° E*"] TUV E* 

30 K0T01/(7)(r«S A 

2°] pr Kai p I eXfftii' 2°] ei!Te\deu> Ecq : om firCj | ews 3" Ay] 
oni EM rell ^1£ Anon | ffodofjLuv] ets aoSofia c | 70yuoppas] 70- 
;Uo/)/)a c I aSatia] pr ncii c^^: om Anon^ | om /cai 4' p | 
af^ui^ Aty] aefioetfi fgi : ao^octfi n : (r^^ttjctv o Anon^ : tre^o- 
vieifid: o'f/SMi'ien' kp : <re/3wei/i EM rell | Satra] Xcwa EMiehj 
mnoqsvCj'StJP'"''' ; Xaaav a(post ras 2 littjcdgpx On: (Kcurio 
7S): o-aXal: ffaXavt: Lassa iS'^" : £/assa 'iSP-'" : L<i/>an Anon' ; 
Se/a IE : Sc;i^'or Anon' 

20 vioi] pr ot E(^jp]3 : om c j Kara yXuatras] Kai yXujtrtraii 
ej : Kai iv rais 7Xw(r(raty {25) 1E(vii[l) | 7Xtij£rcras] pr to.'S Ea ; 
•{K^^3a(Ja.v ch I om ai'Toji' 2" m | ej' rats x^P- ai'Twr] pr Kat cl£: 
om clB I om fv 3° {i6> E 

21 eycvTjOij Axyc^] post avro) k {eyeviijdT] k*) : ey^vv-qd-q 
EM rell '3i33£ [ aiTw 7raT/)t] ai'Tw ttt^p p: ai'ros irrip m'3-codd | 
om Tttjf o I e/5op E I aSeXi/ioi' mC2 | ta^e(^] ta^er klS^^ : + a5eX0w 
e: ( + a5e\0ou 18.79) | rou (Uet^ofor] tw /teifoj't atlpstv: + fiof 
(20) Chr 

22 i'(0(] pr Of el3 : I'toc cor | aiXa/i] cXa/A admpqc^ : tatXa/i 
o: atXei^ ej : fxatXapL s: atXaS E; KeXafi 1: (om 31) | om \-ai 
2° d3l I offoi'p E(''rijlmno*s*ty | api^a^aS] apipa^a.6 Theoph : 
ap(t>a(ria5 h* : ap^pafia^aS h''(uid) : ap^ax<ra\ q | om Kai 3" Md | 
\ov5] eXovS k : 6oi/5 x : x»i'5 g : ^"i &-'" : .Jo//; 13'" : + »ai 
poi'fi q I om Kai 4'^ d j apa^u] apa/3 n : apaS g : ap5 dp : + Kaivav 
j; +Kai Kaivav EMa/'deghklnpr-vxy13 : 4- Kai K€»'a/x c^* (Kai Kai- 
vafi c^^) : 4- Kai KanjX m : + Chattaatn Anon' : + Caiiiian Anon' 

23 Kai I'loi apa^] Kat i^t sup ras (11) i: om q : om Kai E | 
I'loi] pr 01 ieCjB I us] (wf 68) : ouj dp : tjs kmq : (w 1 28) : Obs 
Anon: om g | om Kai 2" dp | ouX] lOiiX ej : (eovX 73): leouX 
adgh'^koptx : troi'X r ; efiovX f : €fj.ovX\t^: + Kai Ka/zoi'T/X k | om 
KOI 3° dp I 7a<>ep] 7a5ep {32) 2: (7aTep3i): iraSfpfir: ya^ep 
n: dayep 1: Gaftra Anon'; Catt-ra Anon* | om Kai 4° dp | 
^0(TOx] Mo<^ux al : jneaex c : Osoch ^^"^^'^^^ : om Anon" 

24 ap0a^a5] aptpa^ad: Theoph apipa^od b: apipaff^aS h* : 
ap<t>ax<TaX q | om toc 1° — eyevvyiaev 2° acoqCj^-edBH^P Jos 
Theoph Anon ] tov Katvapi Kat] sup ras A^ [ Kaivapi i'*] Kaivav 
EM/'defh-npr-x^-codd | koi Kaiva/j.] Kai Kaivav Edfiklnjirtxy 
^-codd : Kai;'ar 5e M/'hjmsv: Kaivav e | om tov 2" — eyevvijaev 
3° 6* I croXa 5e] Kai iraXa adfgiprtx© : ffaXus Se b^ | om £76)/- 
i^trei* 3° dp 

25 om Tto e/3€p IE? | €7ei'i'7;^7;(ray] +avTu c^P | vioi 5i'o 
sv I 0aXeK] 0aXe7 a*gh*kmt1Ef: <paXex nc^S'" Anon: ipaXax 
V 1 om OTi c I 5i€fiepi<Tffr]] 5ie/iepiir0-riaav h* : ep-^piaSri m : 5i£- 
XUpiirS?/ c I oco^ia 2"] pr to s | leKrai-] cKTav f*n : lecta Anon' 

26 lEKrai'] fKTai' d : iKrax t | eX/nw5o5] eX/ioSaS 1 : leX/xuSadb: 


taXjUoSaS c: eX/uoSa/u. Easy: eXioiSa^ dp: Elmodii Anon' | om 
Kai I" — lapaS 13^'"' | om Kai i" dp | om toi/ 2" k | aaXap] aaXeO 
y: {aaipiX cro0eX 77): Salech 31 Anon"({) | 
om Kai 2° dp I om tov 3" Madeghj-mos-x | acropiUwS] aapfiad 
A*(o suprascr A')alvy : a(ri7ap;aw9 oq : airapaufld: aaapapiuO b : 
aaappLwv r : aaapfiov i : aaapp^a^iO c : aaaixop f : ffaX^uv E : 
AsarmoJ ^: Sarmokt Anon': Soromoth Anon" | om Kai 3" 
dp I iapa5] tov lapeo E : rov taped c : tov lapax fir : lapax 
Maglijklnoqstvyc^'SHJ : apax x : lepax /> : tepaxa/i dp (pr tov) : 
iapo(?)x m: lepaps: Serucli Anon'"(5^): Idurnm Anon"(i-) 

27 Kat ohoppa\ om f: om Kai dp | ohoppa\ tov oStopa p: 
TOV oSoppa/j. b : tov ou^av c : doppa ejq : o5wpa d : lecioram ^ : 
Odorrem Anon'^fJ): Odera AnovC {\) : om i*"' | koi aifijX] om 
E : om Kot dp | aifr/X] tov lefijX p : tov lepohap. c : e^T/X kin : 
iff);Xgqvx Anon°(i): leftTjX d : aj'ijX fi : lafTjX ejo(uid): (lafiTjX 
7.^): ffW a: (aifi;pa 74.76): afijpa t: icXtjX s: (iSjjX 107): 
Ezicl'^v-^'"-: ^Sflf?- Anon'°(i) | koi SeKXa] om fi''': om Kai dp | 
5eKXa] TOV SoKXa p : tov oiKXav c : deKXtj g: 5cK5a i*r : OfKXa n : 
/Av/a.v Anon' : Dct/am Anon'{i): Dec la ; Anon' (^): + Kai Toy 
7e;3aX agjtvxS: + Kai yffSaX b: + Kai tov yripaX kmoc^ (7';3oX 
niCj) : + Kai yij^aX 1 : + Kai tov ye^eX s : + Kai toi/ yejiap e : + tov 
iaf:iaX p: -i-ialSaX d: +Kai tov tov^aX c: +Tj^aXos Jos: +^/ 
Ubriia !£' 

28 om Kai 1° dp | afSifie-qX] pr toi' abic^: tov a^Ti/ttriX c : 
tov a/3ia/xC7/X p: ajJTjfietjX 1: a^etpieTjX g: {a^ifiaTjX 73): a^ifxe- 
Xe7)X E : a^ta/xfieTiX d : a^ia/3fiei)\ k : AbimeUch Anon | Kai 
ira^eu] om k: onr Kai dp | ira/ieu] tov aa^epi p: tov fft§w c: 
a-a/ie/t d : {ira^eK 107): oa.Sau Ei5h*lqstv : ira/Sai h-' (ua/Seu hi"): 
a-afiav ej: aafiavT m: (raKti; f: (o'ui/JeK 31): Sabji SI: Sobau 
jgiwp-txt. ^-p^a Anon'=(i) 

29 om Kai i"dp | oi'0eip] toc ovtp-rjp p: toi* ofi(pup c: ot'0ip 
t: outpTip do*: oui^ep c^: loviprip x: evipetp n: Sophcr U'"'''*': 
f^«- Anon': Sujer Anon" | Kai ei/eiXa] om lE'^P: om Kai dp | 
eu€iXa] TOV eueiXaT ^: tov ci'iXaT p: tov a^cXac c: euiXa Eh*m 
nrCj : eueiXoT aosv On : ewXaT Mdef hi^ijltx : ei'jjXoT q : ct/f iXaS g : 
Eitilath Anon' : Ebilath Anon' | iu)/^a/ii] pr tov c : tov tic^afi p: 
lu^afi de(uid) : {tovfia^ 16) : luafia^ c.^ : iw/3a5 Eln : (lOjSop 77) | 
jraKTfs] pr Kat fll£: post oi'toi c | om oin-oi q | i/ioi] pr 01 Cjj3 : 
cm j I leKTaf] cKTav djmn : veKTav p 

30 om Kai eyevfTO c | (om 77 31) | avTujv] avTio c^ | airo] 
€K c I ^a(T07}€ A] [laiT-r} 1 : /xatrirei o : /xaaire n : fiatrtrrjp m : jua- 
vaaiTT} Eh'»13'"'P'*' On : fieaav c : ixaaarj Mh* rell Anon' : Alassie 
jgplnigi. Mcssa Anon' | ews eXSeii' tij] irXijirioi' c | cXffeii/] om 
I*;: et(T(X$(tv q | fis — avaToXoii'] Go/ir a monle Salma Anon': 


21 TOV ^ei^oi'os] a' tw p.eyaXtij a' tov Trpetr^vrepov M 

X 30 


A. avaToXSyv. ^^ovroi ol viol *S^/a* eV rat? (fyvXaif avT&v, Kara yX(0(Ta-a<; avrcav, ev rat? ^mpai.'i 31 
§ d^ avTMV Koi iv rot? eOveaiv avroiv. ^^^Avrat al <j)vXal vlcov Ntoe Kara r^eveasK avrwv, 32 

§ \v Kara to, 'idvrj avTwv ^utto tovtcov hiecnrdprjaav jnja-ot rwv eOvdov eVt t»}? 7J;? /xera rov Kura- 


'Kat fjv TTciaa rj yij ^61X09 ei>, Kal ipcofrj fi[a Tramv. ^Kal iyevero iv tu> Kivrjaai avTov<; airo , 
avaToXaiv evpov Trehiov iv yf} ^evvaap Kal KaTWKrjaav iKel. 3/cal eiTrev ai'Opanro'i ru) vXijaiov 3 
Aevre TrXovOevcrm/iev -rrXivdov; Kal OTTTriamfjiev avTa<i Trvpi. Kal iyevero avroi'; r) nrXlvOo^ et? 
Xidov, Kal da(f>aXTO'; rfv avroK 6 ttj^Xo?. '^Kal elnav Aevre oiKoSo/x.y]a(op,ev eavrol<i rroXiv Kai 4 
§ D TTvpyov, ov 7) Ke^aXr] earai eax; rov ovpavov, Kal iroir/ao/j.ev eavrwv oi'Ofia rrpo rov ^hiaarraprjvat, 
iirl TTpoaooTTOv Trdar]^ t^? 7^9. ^Kal KarejSrj K.vpt,o<; iSelv rr)v iroXiv Kal rov rrvpyov ov wKoBofir)- 5 
aav o! viol rwv dvdpdnrav. ^ Kal elirev Kv/3W? ISou yevo'i ev Kal x^lXo'i ev Trai'Ttui'' Kal rovro 6 
r)p^avro iroiTJaai, Kal vvv ovk eKXelffrei, i^ avraiv Trdvra oaa av iTriOwvrai iroi^rjcyai. ^hevre Kai 7 
KaTa0dvre<; avy')(^euifiev iKti avr(ov rrjv yXwaaav, iva p,i] aKOvawaiv eKaaro'; rrjv (f>o}vr]v rov 
^ ' rfX-qaiov. ^Kal Bieenreipev avrov<i Kupio? iKeldev iirl ■rrpoawirov rrdari'i rrj'; yrj<;, Kal irrava-avro'^ 8 
§ ffl^^ OLKoBofiovvre'i rrjv rroXiv Kal rov rrvpyov. ^^Sta rovro iKXrjO-q ro ovop-a avrov Zvy)(^vai';, on eVet 9 


31 <ri7M] <^vS A 

XI 2 TraiSioy A 

6 eK\i^€t. A 

Gophera tnonte orientis Anon' | <ru0T;pa] awipetpa On : (xuxjupa 
a: aotp-qpa eglpx : ffo<p€ipa q: cocpLpa n: (Xop<p-qpa k: ffefpap c: 
{o(pT]pa 79): Sopher J3'^^ | opot'5 be \ afaroXajf] rov txpx^t-ov c 

31 01 viOL Aht] om c^: om ot EM rell | tre^ dp | ev rai^ 
tpvXais] Kara avyyeptas c | Kara 7Xw(T(ras] Kara 7X0; corr ex /cat 
€v Tats 1'^ : KaL rats yXujaaats y | 7Xaj(rtra?] pr Tas m : yXwccrav 
c I ev Tats 2^ — avrwv 4"^] om ni; om ev rats — /cat '|3p(^''t) | ^^ 
Tatj xtjpats] Kara x^ova c | ev tols edveaiv] ra e6v7] c 

32 aiirat] pr wepi rrjS Trvpyoirouas Kai tt^s KaTa(TTpo<prii rajv 
•y\oj(raii)v n: +de irl£ | vtwv] pr rujv dekmd^lS: I'tot q | om Kara 
yeveaeis avrwv 15 | KaTa yeveaeis'] Kat ra yevTj c | yeveaeis] {pr 
ras 37): (rii77€»'etas !>o: (xvyyeveiav c^ | om Kara 2" — avrwv 2^ 
Ko I KOTa 2°] pr Kai ir: /cat acg | om Ta ]M//ehstvx-d2 | toi'twi^] 
+ dij m \ dieffwap. — /caraKXi'tr/iof] om m : om vrjaoi — 77;? IS"^!' | 
fT^trot] pr at nlS | (e^ft^jf] +ai'Tat at 0i'Xat viwv vwe 107) | rov 
KaraKXvafiov] aquam diluuii 33 

XI 1 om Kat r]v m | Tratra r) yr\ y\v c, | (om 7; 108) | Tratrif] 
TrafTtjf acoCg : om 131E 

2 ev TOi] fiera ro (25) lE(uid) : (jiera 32) | Kivti<!ai\ fjieroi- 
Kriaai v/{eroi sup ras uid) | 71)] pr rrj c^ Phil : r-q h \ irevvaap] 
aevaap dflpsyCj^HS Phil-ed Jos Ath Cyr-ed : aevvap I'hil-coddi : 
evvaap q : vaap m : craap Phil-cod^ 

3 eiirev] eiwav c^,31E: etTraj m | avBpwwo^} eKacrros (20) 
Chr I Tw] irpos rov c Or-gr | 7rXT;trtof ] 4- ai'Toi' abcfkmoyCj 
333 Or-gr Chr | irXivBov bw | auras] avra E: avrovs pt | wvpi] 
pr fK q I om aivrots 1° I | {(is 'Kiffov ri Tr\iv6os 77) | v] " S* I 
XiSoiis X I acr^aXros] pr ij Phili | ri" avroii'] avrois -qv dpd^, : 
est 18: om 31E | ttt/Xos] i; tttjXos ce : om Phil i : in locum 

liili'^: terra eorum 33 '• hitiim eoriim E: "/ caementiim S-ap- 
Barh : pro htto Anon 

4 om Kai eiirav E I etTraf] eiirov abdfgjmptwxCj ; eiirev qd^ | 
Sevre] + Kai Imy PhilA Or-gr-ed ^ Chr: ( + 5eKai 20) | eofrois] 
aurois gy: om 35 | irvpyov /cat TroXtf mn | om TroXtc xat Phil- 
cod-^ I Tj KEtp. etjrat] om t] n* : earai -q Ke<pa\rj abdgjpsvwxdj 
'3E Or-gr -J Chr Jul-ap-Cyr: {earai r} Kopviprj 32) | ctrrat sup ras 
(8) y^' I rwv ovvwv g | noiri/ropiev Ac*] Tronjirw/j.fv EMc^' rell 

XI 2 KiCT^trat] a' apai a' airapai Mj{sine nom)sv 

6 otra av eiridwvrai] a o cvvoijOrjaovrai a' eav \oyiawvrai M : oBev evvo-qOriaovrai a' 0ea\oyi<Tovrai j : a' oStK voijirdrj- 
ffovrai a' 9ea\oyr!<rovrai s 7 (ru7x«Miafi'] a' avafu^w/xev Mj(sine nom)s 

9 ffvyxvins] a' /SajSeX Ms: a' <rvyxv(n$ v | crvvexeev] o' ave/u^ev Mj(sine nom)sv 


381E I eai'Ttjc AEij(mg)r"s(mg) Phil] eairovs m(uid) : eaurots 
Mj(txt)r*(iiid)s(txt) rell '3331E Chr Cyr Jul-ap-Cyr | ovo/iara m | 
Stao-TrapTjfat]. .trTTa/jijKat I): + T)/tto! bdejmpwdjJS Chr !( | cTrt 
Trpoawirov] in onincm faciem lE^*^ \ erri\ airo bvv | TpoawTrov — 
7t;s] iratraf r7}v y-qv Cyr | TrpotrtjTroi'] Trpoawirov 1 Phil : om (20) 
Chr I om Traaqs bglE | om r-qs w 

5 Kiipios] +0 tii bdmpvvdj Chr | iSeiv] pr rov d^ | (rov 
TTvpyov Kai r-qv noXiv 78) | ix;ko5o/xovv 3-ed Chr | om ot cen 

6 /ci'ptos] +0 ds cejkmr Chr | x^^Xos €v'\ tpwvq /utag: -(-/cat 
ipwvrj fxia Emn | iravrwv^ waaiv Eagn | -qp^aro A*(f suprascr 
A')no I /cat vvv'\ (pr Sevre 73): (ra I't'i' S3): om 'gl-codd: om 
Kat m I rravra 14 aurioi' i | e^] aTr a-gj(txt)mnps(txl)vwxdj 
Phil^-coddJ Or-gr Chr J Jul-ap Cyr | Trafra] iravrwv Jul-ap- 
Cyr; om (73) IE Chr I ai'] eai' m: (om 25) | eTrt^ti/frat] eTret- 
Swi'ro o I TTotTjcrai 2° Aoy Just] Trotctc />''£M rell Phil Or-gr 
Chr* Jul-ap-Cyv 

7 Kat /cara/SafTfs] om Or-lat : om Kai d3(uid)33£(uid) 
Chr^ Jul-ap-Cyr Thdti Nov | eKei avyxewfiev Jul-ap-Cyr | 
eK€t — yXwaaav] airwv CKtt ras y\o}rras Cyr^: avrwv ras yXwr- 
ras eKei Cyrl | ckei] post avrwv ac-fjlmpsvx33 Phil-cod| Or- 
gr | Chr^ : om bgwd^lE Or-gr-cod I Chr| Cyr^ Thdt | avrwv 
r-qv 7\.] TT/f 7X. ai'Tt;?v D{...vrwv DJoqc, Or-grf : om rr^v bw : 
avrwv ras yXwaaas Chr^- Cyr^ Thdt Nov: ras yXwairas avrwv 
y'Si Or-lat Chr^ Cyri | aKova. eKacros] eKairros aKOvwai Jul-ap- 
Cyr I aKova.] aKovcrwvrai e : aKoutri; dp Nov(uid) | ttjv (pwvqv] r-qs 
4>wvqs bcefgjsvwd, Or-gr^ Chr Jul-ap-Cyr: {(pwv-qs 108): om 
EaOr-gr-codJ | TrX-qaiov] +ai'roi' Z)EfkmnoCj3US Or-gr j Nov 

8 {eaireipev 68.83) I "''''• Kvp.] ics airrous owc^ Or-gr-codd : 
ics ffs ai'Toiis bdmpdj : (om aureus 78): +0 0s Eacgstvx 21 Chr 
Jul-ap-Cyr | Ki'ptos] Dciis Or-lat | om cKeidev cglE Jul-ap-Cyr | 
eTTt TTpocr.] n facie Or-lat | irpoffttiiroi'] pr ro y: irpoawirov eknsx 
Phil-cod Chr-ed Jul-ap-Cyr | 7i;s] + kcu oiirat at 7f Ketrets trTjjii 
q I Kat 2° — (9) 7175 2°] om E | Kat 2° — (9) 7;;s 1°] bis scr s : om 
33p**I 1 eTrautraf d | otKoSo/*.] pr ot k | roi' irvpyov Kat r-qv Tro\iv m 

9 ro — avrov] urisUP^'"^^ \ avrov Acg Phil-ed Or-gr i] aurjjs 
/>iiM rell 33'"eD(uid)E Phil-codd Or-gri Chr | <n.7x-] Sahylon 


XI 19 

a-vve-)(eev Kvpio<; ra xeiXr] Trdar]^ Ti}« yi]?, kuI eKeldev Bieaireipev aiiToi/^ Kvpio(; 6 deo'i eirl A 
irpoacoirov trdarj^ t)}? 7»]?/' IT d^ 

10 '°Kat aiirai at yeveaeiii i);/x. S?;/^ n/o? eToSi' eKarov ore iyevvrjo'ei' tov 'Ap(j)a^dS, hevrepov 

11 eTovi fiera tov KaTUKKvafiov. "/cat e^ijcrev Sr/fx, fiera to 'yevvrjaai avTOV tov 'Ap(jia^dB^ irevTa- H k 

12 Koaia 6TJ7, /cat i'^evvi^atv viovf Koi OvyaT€pa<;, ^ kuI diredavev. '^Kai e^Tjanv ' A ptpa^aB i '^"' 

13 eKUTov TpiuKovra irevTe eTq, Koi eyevvrjaev tov Kaivdv. ^^Koi e^rjaev Ap^a^ah /xeTO. to yei'vij- 
aai avTOv tov ]^aivdv eTt) TSTpaKOcna TpiaKovTa, Koi eyevv-qaev viov<; ical dvyaTepav, koi dire- 
6avev. Kat e^rjaev K.aivav exaTov TpuiKovTa €Trj, Kai eyei'i'Tjcrev tov Sd\a. koX e^ijcrev 
Kaivav fi€Ta to yevvijtrai ^avTuv tov — «\a eTtj TpuaKoaia TpiuKovTa, /cai eyevvrjaev f/oii? Kal § u 

14 dvyaTepa^, KOi dividavev. '^Kal e^rjcrev "Zaka eKarov TpiaKovTa ert), xal iyivvrjatv tov 
i^'lifSep. ^^Kal el^Tjaev 5]a\a fierd to yevvijaai avTov tov \i^ep TpiaKocria TpiuKovra err], Kal 

16 eyevi'jja-ev vtov'i Kal Ovyarepai;, Kal dveOavev. '^Kat e^rjaev "lujSep tKaTOv TpiuKovTa 

17 Teaaepa erij, Kal eyevvTjaev rov <J>aXe/c. ^7 /cal e^^ja-ev "E/3ep fieTa to yivvrjo-ai, avTov tov ^d\eK 

18 eT-q TpcaKuaia ejBSofii'jKovTa, Kal eyevvijaev vtovv Kal dvyaTipa<i, Kal diredavev.^^ '^Kal II ^ 

19 e^Tjaiv <t>rt\e« eKUTov TpiaKovTa errj, Kal eyevvrjaev tov Vayav. "^Kal e^yjaev *t>aXe« /xera to 
yevvrjaai avrov tov 'Vayav SiaKoaia evvea eTt}, Kal eyevvrjaev vlovs Kal dvyaTepa<i, Kal d-rreOavev. 

13 eyevvuaiv E^^ 


23p(mg) Igc . B abei '^-co^d \ om e^et tls | Kvpios i^] +o 0s Z)a-dg 
kmopqs-xc^d^'aC Or-gr^ Chr: o Bs (io8) Bp''"^) | ra x^^^V 
waffTjs] Tas y\ijj<y(jas waaas nJ3P*"'&'(uid) | om iraarjs i"^ — Beos o | 
oni Kai — yijs i"^ IS | Kvpios o Oeos] om n : om o deos bfkrwy Phil : 
{oKS io8) I TTpoffwwov] irpo<T(i}irov f: cm q Chr | (omrTjs 2° 73.128) 

10 om Kcu gc^BP'*' I tr^/M ^''■o^l pr '^cit o: (pr -qv 5e 108): 
tav m: /cat rjv crjfj. sap ras y^ : {Kai ijv o">j/x ws 107): +7}^ (79) 
5SCn : +v(jj€ 7]v h^ : +vu}€ ytvofxtvos k | i'(os^ap0a^a5] ore eyev- 
VTjffe TOV ap(pa^aS i-ios tjv (Karov eruv x ] erwc eKarov A] om n : 
EKarov erwv />''KM rell Phil | ore] pr Kai e: oni k | (om rov i" 
73.78) I ap0a|a5] ap^^a^ Theoph : ap<pa^ar Phil: apfpa^afxd 
ap^axcaS qsv | beirrepov—KaraKX.] {Sevrepw erei awo rov Kara- 
KXvtTfJiov 32) : om g | Seirrepov eroi'sj fxera ovo €tt) a^ 

11 om avrov d | om rov qs | aptpaxoad qsv | TrevraKoaia] 
post ctt; abdfgmprsvwx: irevre Kai rpiaKovra Kairpiaxoaiaqy^^ \ 
om Kai 2"^$vyar€pai C | om Kat airedavev f 

12 e^T^crei'] post ap0ata5 morc^^lt : ora c | ap0a^a5] ap(pa^a6 
Theoph: ap^a^o'ctS qv : ap^ax^aS s | enarov — ertj Anry] irevre 
Kai rpiaK. cry] Kai €k. o{Kai rpia sup ras 0^)02: frt/ eK. rpiaK. 
wevre Dabdgmpwx: wevre Kat rpiaK. ( + Kat enarov K'^"'^) er'q 
E: erri \e ex corf f^: om irevre iS^: irevre Kai TpioK. Kai €k. 
eTT} M rell | rptaKOfra] sexagiufa Anon^ | om Kai ■z^ — (13) err} 
1° cfo^ Theoph Jos{uid) Anon | om rov mq | Kaivav^ Kaivvav 
m : Cainam C*^ : traXa c^ 

13 Kat ej". I"] e^T}<T€v be n | ap^a^aS] ap0axo'a5 qv : ap(pax- 
5a5 s I om ai-rof I'J d | Kati'av i''] Cainam C'^: aaXa c^ | ert] 1" 
— rpiaKOvra l'^] €T7) rerpaK. Kai rpuxKOvra e : erri rpiaKOffia rpia- 
Kovra Z)Eag-mq— vxy^': t\' erij n-'JS : rpiaKOffta Kat rpianovra 
ert) C2 : TpiaKoiTa Kat rpiaKoaia ert] M : p\' €tt; n* | om Kat ^ 
— airedavev 2° E*(hab E^'"s) | Kai ef. 2**] e^Tjtrev Be x | eKarov 
— ertj 2°] €K. Kai rptaK. eri} y: rpiaK. Kai €K. eri} Ms: er-q eK. 
rptaK. ZJbejmvw : ck. rpiaK. evvea. err} tdH"*: ctt; ck. rpiaK. evvea 
adgprxCj | eyewrjoev 2°] +ai'roi' f | ffaXa bis] tr et X sup ras 
o^ I Kaivav 3°] ap<f>a^ah cfo^ Anon | om avrov 1^ d | err} 3° 
— rpiaKOvra 3*^] rpiaKovra Kai rpiaKoaia errj s: errj rerpaKoaia 
TpiaKovra dghnpxc^BdS Anon^ ; rpiaKovra Kai rerpaK. err} 
M: en{ vy' f: rpta icat TerpaKoffia erij co | Kat a7re^a»'€i' 2"] 
pr-^ M 

14 — 19 nonnulla rescr A*^ 

14 Kat e^.] e^rjeev de x | e^ K*{e^rj<r€v E*') | traXa] (T el X 
sup ras O'"': +Kat ovros qu | eKarov — errj Anr] rpiaK. errj Kai 
eK. o: erT} €k. rpiaK. /?abdgmp\vx: errj \' Kai p c^: om errj y: 
errj X' f: rpiaK. Kai ck. err) EM rell: annis centum qititujua- 
ginta VII h.\\o\^ \ e/3ep] sup ras o* 

15 om avrov dvv | (om rpiaKOffia — airedavev 8^} | rpiaKoaia 
— err) Any] rpiaKoaia Kai rpiaKovra err} c^: rpiaKovra koi rpia- 
Koa-ta errj M; errj rpiaKovra Kai nrpaKoaia quH*^ Anon*: errf 
rpiaKoaia vevrrjKovra ejlmsv : errj rerpaK. wevrrjK, E : errj try' f : 
rpia KOt rerpaKOffia errj co : errj rpiaKOCia rpiaKOvra D rell : 
centum triglnta annos IS"^'* | rpiaKovrd\ rpia tfT : om i5 | om 
Kai 2*^ — Biryarepas l)\v | Kat arreOavev] pr -i- M 

16 Kat e^.] e^yjaev 6e ux : + 5c q | eKarov — erij AryJ pr 
fjiera n: recrcapa koi rpiaK. Kat €k. errj Mehjlq[[Tea"(rapa] reffixa- 
paKOvra^^-v : recff. Kai rpiaK. errj Kai eK. EcoCg : errj X5' f : 
(TectrapaK. Kot eK. err} 25) : om refftrepa l£^i' : errj ck. rpiaK. reac. 
D rell I TptaKocra] qucuiraginta Anon' | om Kat 1° n | 0aX€K] 
0aXe7 Ma*cdgh*npqs-vc2 Theoph Hip: ^aX^x niC" Anon 

17 om totum comma 3£p | om koi i" — Bvyarepa% W \ om 
airrov d | 0a\eK] <pa\K A*(e suprascr A' rescr A*^) : 0a\e7 
Macdgh*npqs-vc2: ^aXex m | errj — e^dofi. Abwy] errj 5ia- 
KOtrta e/35o/i. />''(e7T/ 5taKO..,D)niv*3lC: errj e^Sofx. Kai 5iaK. I: 
ffo' errj n3$; e^bofx. Kai biaK. errj EMehjstv: errj Sianoaia evvea 
adgi^x : B' nai a' errj c^ '• c^"'? tX' f : rpiaKovra Kat rerpaKOffia errj 
coqu IS'^ I om Kat eyevvrjaev CT'" | Kai aireBavevI pr ~ M 

18 Kat ef.J e'^rjffev be x | i^aXcKj (paXey Macdgh*npqs-vC2 : 
<pa\€x ni Anon | eKarov — errj Any] rpiaK. Kai eK. errj EMchjI 
sv: 677; eK. rpiaK. rarx: X5' KOt p' errj c^: reaaapa Kai rpiaK. 
Kai eK. err} et: errj €K. rpiaK. reaaapa alxlgpwjJ^SXoni cKarov 
(if^): rpiaK. rrfvre Kai eK. errj qu: rpiaKOvra errj o: errj X' f | 
om Toi' r I pa7ai'] paya^ dfp; paxo.v s: Racau i£.'^ 

19 om Kat r^ — diryar. 1£i' | <pa\eK] ff>a\ey Macdglinpq?,-vc^ : 
0aXex m | om ai'roi' d | om rov c | pa7ai'j pai'7oe*(uid): paya^ 
dp: paxctf s | 5taK. — errj Any] errj biaK. evvea abdgmprwx: 
OKroj Kai biaK. err} e'^j : errj ab' f: ducentos septuaginta annos^'. 
dutentos triginta noiwni annos H*^: om e*(spat 20 relict): evvea 
Kai biaK. err} EM rell | Kat arredavev'l pr -r- M 

27 4—2 

XI 20 


A ^°Kai e^fjo-ev 'Payai) eKarov TpiaKovra hvo err), Kal iyevvrjaev tov 1,€pov)(^. ^^ koI e^rjcrev 'Pwyavl^ 
Hera to yevvfja-ai, avrbv tov ^epoii-^^ SiaKoata eiTTa eTij, Kal iyevurjaev viov<; Kal OvyaTepat, Kal 
aireOavev. ""p^ai e^t]crev Xepovx^ eKaTov TpiaKOVTa eTr), Kat eyevvqaev tov Nax<op. ^Kai 23 

e^rjaev ^€pov)(^ fieTa to yevvrjaat avTOV tov ^a^^top eTr) SiUKoaia, Kal eyevvrfcrev vioix; Kal Qvya- 
T€pa<;, Kal cnreOavev. ^'>Kat e^rjcrev Na^o^p err] e0Bo/j,)JKovTa evvea, Kal iyevvrja-ev tov 24 

@apa. '^Kal e^rjaev ^a^ojp /u.eTa to yevvfjcrai avTov tov &apa sttj eKaTov eiKocn evvea, Kal 25 
U ffl:"' eyevvrjcrev vlov'; Kal OvyaTepa's, Kal airedavev.^ ^^Kai e^tjaev @npa e^Bofi)jKOVTa eTr), Kal 26 

iyevvrjaev tov Affpa/u, Kal tov Na-^^wp Kal tov ' Appdv. 

^T AvTat, Se al y€vea€i<; %dpa' @tipa Be eyevvr)aev tov 'A/Spdp, Kal tov Na;!^&)p Kal tov 27 
'Appdv, Kal 'Appdv eyevvi)aev tov Acot. ^^Kal aTreOavev ^' Appdv^ evw-mov ^Ptdpa^ tov iraTpo'i avTov 28 
% D iv Trj yrj fj iyevijdr), ev Trj ')((opa Toov XaXSaio)!'. ^^'^Kal eXajSov WjSpdfi Kal ^a^y^cop eai/Toi? 29 
yvvaLKa<;- ovojxa Trj yvvaiKl ' A/3pdfi "Edpa, Kal ovofia tt) yvvaiKL Nax<op MeX;^a, 6vydrT)p 'Appdv, 
Kal TraT})p MeX;;^a Kal 7raTr)p 'leo-T^rt. 3° Kal i)v ^dpa aTeipa Kal ovk eTeKvo-woiei. 3^ Kal eXa^ev 3° 
@dpa TOV 'A/3pa/jL tov viov avTov Kal tov Amt vlov 'Appdv, vlov tov vlov avTov, Kal Tr)v Xdpav 
Trjv vv/j,(j}r)v avTov, yvvaiKa tov vlov avTov, Kal e^ijyayev ai'Tou? eK tt)? p^&ipa? twv l^aXSaliov 
•iTopev6r)vai et9 Tr)v yfjv Kavdav Kal r)X6ev eco? \appdv, Kal KaTWKr)(7ev eKel. ^^Kal eyevovro al 32 
r)fiepaL @dpa ev Xappnv StaKocria rrevTe eTr)- Kal direOavev Sdpa ev X.appdv. 

28 appa A 1 dappa A 

3J yvvaiKav D 


20 /cai ef.] c^T/ffeP oe x | paya^ dp | inarov — ctt; Anry] 
5vo Kai TpiaK. Kai eK. €tt] EMelijlqs-v: 5vo h-ai \' ett} Kai p' cCj : 
€Tij €K. rpiaK. 61/0 abdgmpwx : om 5i'o Jos: bvo xai TpiaK. ettj o: 
eTT] X/3' f I aepovy h*lstv 

21 (om /cat 1° — erTj 18) | paya^ dp | om avTov d | (repovy 
h*lstv I dia.K. — eTT) Any] ertj Stan, cwra abdfgniprwx: f km a' 
Cj'. eirra Koi Siax. iTri EM rell | Kai a.Trtda.vtv\ pr -^ M: om d 

22 om totum comma E | Ka.i ff.] e^riaen de \ | afpoi'y 
h*lstv I CKarop — erTj Agy] erij €k. TpiaK, abdmnpw'x ; ck. rpiaK. 
nevre eTr] rlE^P : rpiaK. €ttj o: cttj X f : rpiaK. Kai €k. errj M rell | 
Tpia/coi'Ta] +5i/o Jos(ut uid) | axw/3 dp 

23 aepoiry h*lstv I om avrov d | om tok c^ | axwp dnp | 
SiaK. err] Ecehjlnoqtuc^ | Kat a-Tredavtv] pr -^ M; om dp 

24 Kai f^.] e^Tjaev Se x | paxiop] axiop d: + 5iaKO(7ia €tt] 
Kai iy€vvqa€v viovs Kai Biyarepas 1* | om erij — {25) vaxi^p 1 1 
irq — ivv€a\ evvea Kai e^d. errj EMehjqs-vc^: ert) eKarov e^d. 
evvea b: evvea Kat eiKoai errj co: erij 0' m: septitagitita quinquc 
amios 13 Theoph: ccntunt uiginti annos Jos(ut uid) : lenliim 
triginta annos (lE"^ : cciiliini jioiteni annos 1£ | Oappa abcejmrt 


25 (om Kat 1° — evvia 18) | I'axtiJp] I'ax sup ras y*: axi^p 
d'l'n I om auTOJ' d | om rov y | dappa abceh''jmrtwc/33' | erTj 
■ — evvea Amy] {evvea Kai eiK. er-rj Kat eK. 77): pK$' eri) n: evvea 
Kal eiK. Kat eK. erri EMehjlqsuv: eri} eK. eiK. vevre bw: erri eK. 
eiK. dvo agprx'^; dvo Kai eiK. Kai eK. errj {c.^ [k' Kai p' erij sup 
ras Cg^) : om evvea 33: eri] pid' f : eirea Kat 5eKa Kat eK. erij co : 
errj k/3' d | Kat aireBayei'] pr -f- M 

26 Kat ef. ] et^-rjaev 5e x | ffappa abceb''jmrtwc,13'"' | f/35. 
erij] erri ef)S. abdfgmpsvwx : erri p0' n: centum annos TE^^ \ 
aftpaii] ajipaap. \\c^* : Arran Anovi' \ om Koi 3° d | oxwp dnp 
(!C I appaj'] apav dp; appapi j Or-gr : apayit m: Abra7n Anon': 
-^•Kai appav eyevvqae rov \wr qs(apai')u 

27 om aural — appav 1° Ecdglprli | om 5e i^bvvc^'S | yeve- 
i7fts] yevvTjirei^ t | Bapa ffapa] Oappa dappa A*"'''(f) 1° ras bis 
A''''')abejmqstu\vc233'" | ffapa i"] Bappa h'' | om &e 2° Mbefh 
jmnoqsu-xc^SB | afipaap. h* | ax^p nC | (om rov 3," 18) | 
appav i°] vappav n: appap. t: apayti jm | Kat appoi-] appai- Se eC 

[Aran): om Kai bw : ( + 5€ 79) | appav 2*^] apai^ dp: appa x: 
appap. t : apa^u j m 

28 appal*] apap dp: appa Ax: appap. t: apap jm | ^apa] 
dappa Aacegjl^moq-uC253 : 6apas v(uid) : Bappav bw : om E | 
(om auToi' 3 1. S3) I om ev ttj 1° — eyev-rjOrj dp | r]] pr ev moCj | 
eyevijdrj A] eyevv-qdr) EMabce-oq-c^SUSHiS | ev rri 2°] Kat ev o: 
om rrj r 

29 eXo/3e>'£)EcIil-oqrux*(uid)c2 Phil-cod | a^pap 1"] a^paapL 
E I vaxt*>p 1'^] Achor CE [ (7i'»'atKas] pr ets 107) | ovopa i**] pr 
Kat l*3l-coddl£ I a(-ipap 2^'] a(ipav n \ aappa gjn j vaxup 2**] 
Achor ^(mi\) | pe\xa i°] /leXxai" p: /iicXaxai' d | om Bvyarrip 
— pe\xa 2° o I appay] apav dfp: appavo% r: appa n : appap. i \ 
Kai irarrjp I"] patris 31 | Kai 4°] qui est C: om f | war-qp 1°] 
pr v: pyjr-qp XIE^^ \ pe\xa 2*^] (/leX^a 107): pe\a a | 7rarT]p 
2°] patris 3 I ifffX"] f'X" "^3 : lescan Anon° 

30 om r^v m | oappa Eefjnp | ereKroitoiei d 

31 Kai eX.] eXa^e he n | ^appa Z)"'abcejmo»q-t\vc,13'"P'"' | 
om rov I" dr j a/3p.] -i- Kat rov vax^p /)adeghjop(axwp) txc^ISP 
Chr 1 rov viov'\ om rov />''EMbcjmnqsuvw: rot's I'loi'S (20) 33^ 
Clir: ('tons adeghoptxc^ | avrov \°\ -^et Nachor filiuin suum'ii, | 
Kat 2° — auTou 2"^'] post auTOi^ 4° CT j rov \ijir^ \oir rov g: 4- rov 
fx I om uiov 2° — avrov 2^ d | viov appav] rov Chr | appav] apav 
p: appa n: appap jt: apa^ m | om viov 3° cx*'3Bi'3E'p | toi; 
I'toi' i°] fratris IE: rov viov c^ | om Kat tt^v — aurof 4" 28^ [ om ry]v 
i^dp I irapav] trappav ejntvvCj : trapa Emo : (-HKai 18) | om 71'v. 
— ai'TOU 4° dp I 7('catKa A133''] + a/3paix /?s''EMbcehjmnqru\\'y 
SIS'^'CIE : + 5e a/3pajn afgostvxCj Chr | auTou 4°] om n: +aPpap 
1 I Kat 6^777.] pr Kat iravra ra vtrapxovra avrwv dgp : pr Kat Travra 
ra virapxovra avruv eK rov apoppaiov Koi vaxwp viov avrov j(mg)s 

(nig) I aiTous] ovs ex corr j^' | om rr)s d | iropeveaOai D( 

veoOai D) | rijv 777V] om ri^v EMdhloqru : om 7?;v wc^ | xavaav] 
prrwv fsv: roiv xavavaiuv acdgm-prtxyc,C Chr| rjXOov bdw^liE | 
ems] ets Maflsv | x^P^^ cdf*gpC | KarwK.] ojK-rjaav bw'3ll5 

32 at •i;Mtpatl pr Tracrai ac-gjmoptvxCgStCIE Chr : -fTrairai r | 
$apa 1^] ^appa Oabcejimoq-tw^'c^lS'"'''"^': dappav vf* \ x^ppo-v 
I°]pr7?)bvv: C/iarau dt: x^W "iq"Cj | 5iaK. — err) Any] erri 
diaK. irevre Z)bgmps\vx Chr: ivevr-qKovra Kat 5iaK. en] t: ctij 



XII 9 

XII I *'Ka( eiirev K.vpio^ tw .\0pdfj,"F^^€Xde €k t;;? yt}<; aov Kal €k T179 avyy€}'€la<; aov Koi (k tov A 

■2 oIkov tov TraTpo? aov, et? t^v yfjv fjv av aoi Bei^o). ^Kal Troitjaco ae el<; e6vo<; fieya Kal ev\oyij(TO) " ' 

3 ere Kal ^i,eya\vi'(i) to ovo^a <jov, Kal ear) evXoyiiTof 3 Kal ev\oyt](T(o Tovf evXoyovvTdf ae, Kal tov'; 

4 KaTapu>fievov<i ae KaTapda-ofiai, Kal evXoyrjOtjaovTac ev aol Trdaai al <f)vXal t(;9 7f;<. '^Kal 
e-TTopevd-q 'A^pcifi KaOcnrep eXdXrjaei' avTU> Kupto?, Kal M')(eTO fieT aiirov A(ot' 'A^pdfi Be rjv 

5 eTwv e0Bop.rjKovTa -rrevTe 0T€ e^P]Xdev tK \appdv. ^Kal eXaffei/ 'A^prip, ttjv "Eapd yvvatKa aCiTov 
Kai TOV AwT v'lov TOV aBeX<f)ov avTav Kal iravTa ra virdp^ovTa avTtoi' oaa eKT)](TavTo Kal irdaav 
yjrv)(^riv rjv eKTtjaavTO eK Xappdp, Kal i^>jX6ocrav TropevOrjvai et9 yijv'dav Kal 7iX6ov et? yrjv 

6 yiavaai'. Kai oiaiBevaev A/3pdfi eiV to fj.i']KO'; avTrj<; ew? tov tottov Su^^e/x, eirl tt)v Bpvi> Trjv 

7 vyjrrjXrjv 0! Be Xavavaloi. TOTe KaTtoKovv tjjv ytjv. '^ Kal w<^di) iivpiO(; raJ 'A/3pdp, Kal elirev avTU) 
Tq) airepfiaTi aov Bcoao) tj;i/ yrjv TavTijv Kal WKoBofirjo-ev e«6t ' dvaiaaTt')pLOv Kvpio) too 

8 o^6evTi auT&j.^ ^Kal aTrecrr?; eKeldei' eh to opo'; KaT di'aToXd<; Bat0?;\, Kal eaTtjaev eKel t^j/ H dg 
<7K7)vr)i> avTov ev ^aiOifS. kuto, OdXaacrav Kal Ayyal kut dvaToXdii' Kal (OKoBop.rjaev eKel dvaiaa- 

9 T7)ptov Tw Kvpirp Kal eireKaXeaaTO eirl tu ovo/xaTL Kvpiov. ^Kal dirrjpev A^pap, Kal TropevOeli 
eaTpaToireBevcrev iv Ty ep'^fia. 

XII r ffuyyeyLa^ E | 5i^w A 
8 Kara avar. (bis) />'*E 

3 Karapov^ifos D \ at] a D* 
9 TTopeudi]^ E* ""^(TTopei'^eis E*^ 

Of' dr : ETij Tevre c^ : irevTi Kai S10.K. err] EM rell | om 8apa ev 
Xappav 2° dn | Bapa 2°] 9appa />''abcegjlmoqrtuwC5l3'"i''''' : 
om f Chr | x^-PP"^" -'] X'^P'^" sffi: X^W" Mmr Phil-codd 

XII 1 Kvpiot] +0 di Madprd, Cyp : Dtiis 9 | (rw] irpos 
2?) I effXSe] aiTfXSf Phil-ed 5 Clem-R: Topevov Phil-codd | | 
om cK 1" — KOI 2" Cyrf | om ex 2° Acta-txt | (;vyyepeia!'\ ye- 
veacus Phil-cod J | om Kai 3° — aov 3° Acta Hip CyrJ | eis 
Trif—ii) eiiXoyi)To!] mutila in C | eis AZ5a*h'rl3!£fP PhiU- ed A 
Clem-R Or-gr Thdt J-] pr kui Tropeuon cm : pr /.ai vtraye h^: pr 
Kai eXOe a'': pr a^AlOT 13: pr Kai Sevpo EM rell E' Acta 
Hip Or-Iat Eus Chr Cyr ThdtJ Cyp Spec: xpos Phil-coddi | 
Tiji' yri"] om Tr)v c-flnpsxyd. Hip Eus Chr Cyrf | lO'] tar E: 
om am PhiH ed i | Seiju iroi Phil-coddi 

2 /ie'ya] -i- xai TroXudpd^ [ om Kai 3° — fuXoy^TOS 15'' | fieya- 
Xvvuj — croi'] effTttf to ovofj.a aov fjnya m | ei'Xo-yi/ros] ti'\o'y7;/x€vos 
MbdfghInpstv-yCj(mg)d, Clem-R Eusi Chr Cyr-codd Thdt 

3 Tovs €v\oy. {re] t/ui te benedixcrit Cyp Spec | toks 2° — 
/carapa(ro/.mi] Karapaa. tous i-ar. <re Clem-R: malcu/icam qui /e 
maU-dixerit Cyp Spec | ivXoyfidijoovTai Aim Clem-R Cyr-ed 5 
Thdt] evfvXoyr^e-naovTai D(-t- Z)s'')EM rell Phil Eus Chr Cyr J 
codd^ I om iratrai x 

4 xaCaircp] nafla bnquw Phil 1 Chr | eXaXi;<rfi'] (vfreiXaro 
ej: fi praecepit ei Domiiiiis el IEp : tverciKaTo ej | nupio!] pr o 
jw : Beus S : -t- Ss dfglopsd^ Chr | jxtT aifron] ^fra rou j9a*mo 
Phil-codd I om a/Spa/i 2° — (5) Xut x | erwy ejiSo/iriKovTa irevre] 
CTw** TTffTC Kai e/35. Mc^ : irciTe ctwj' Kai e/S5. aco : irevre Kai 
cj35. CTwr Eefhjlqs-v | on] riviKa r | ek] eis h*l : if tdj Phil- 

c"*^? I X'^PP^^^ x^P^^ dpC 

5 n;** aapa] tt]v aapav Z>EMahqu: t-jjc aappa e: tt;*' aappav 
jo Cyr-codd: aapav r: tt/c (rapa ttjj/ t: T171/ aappa r-qv m: n?!* 
<rapaf TT^f sv : crapa ti;;* y: aapav ttjv bcdfgp^'w Chr: aappav 
TTiv np'Cjdj Cyr-ed | toi' Awr] Xur toi' acdgm-pc^d^, Chr: (om 
TOK 25.37.108) I I'loi-] pr Toi' fsvx* Cyr-ed: wos x^' | a5eXi/)oij] 


7] TOV appav c(mg) | om airrov 2° c^ | Kat iravra — (6) xtn'ocaiot] 
mutila in C | avTuiv] aurois m : avrov p : iavTU 25) : om c | 
iKT-qaavTo 1°] ■fei' xoWK gh(xoppa h'jtxCj | Kai Traaav — (ktij- 
aavTQ 2°] om dpd^lSIi Chr: om Kai x | om ck x^Ppav nc^ | ck] ec 
Mabd-gjoprs{txt)tvwd,3B(uid) Chr Cyr-ed | xapai- dps* | e^-q\- 
doaav ATnry] (^-qXSev />Ebglqu\vCj Chr Cyr-codd: e^rjXffov M 
rell I 77)1' I"] T>)i' a: om Chr-cd | om Kai r)\8, tis yriv xav. Ebd 
flmo'wCjdj'E Cyr-ed | tiXffov] ri^Oev Dx Chr : ci<rT)\8ov pqu | 
YT/i' x°-^°-^^ 2''] (pr TT?!/ 68.83.132): avTTjv p 

6 al^pap. Any] pr tt;** 77;f Cyr-codd; ttjv yr]v x: -f-T);»' y»;^ 
Z>"EM rell SBIE ()r-gr(uid) Chr Cyr-ed | eis to ^ijkos avTT,s] 
om Z)abcquwCjll Phil Or-gr(uid) : (om oirrjjt 37) | (ews] etti 
77) I TOV TOTToi'] om IE : (tov TTOTafiov 73) I avxf/i] pr rou 
gw Chr: (pr tjjs 108) | eiri] eis E Cyrcodd | (TTpi-] -t-oiTUK 

7 Kvpios] eeos ai-codd Phil Or-gr|: -1- Ss r Or-gr5(uid) 
Chr I Tw awepixaTi aov] pr tihi ct i3 | om 5a)(7w x* [ tt]v yT]v] 
pr TTOffai' r | afipa/x ekci IE Cyr | a^pajx 2°] om acdmopquxc^d^ 
Eus Chr: -f ras (10) w | Kupiw] pr tu abceghlmostwx Eus Chr 
Cyr: om p | poist avru 2" ras (i) .-^ 

8 aveaT-q cj^ \ eis — ^aiOrjX i"^] iii tt-rram Betel quae iuxta 
orieitteiu 1£^ : iuxta orieutem in terrain Betel lE"^ : in terram 
Betel IE" I ^ai$T]\ Kara at'aroXas t | ^aidtjX I "] Ka(^j;X s | om 
Kat 2" — ^ai$Tj\ 2" mpxlE^^ [ om CKet 1° abcow [ om atTou n1£ | 
cm ev Z)Mdfghnoqs-vc, | jSai^TjX 2"] koiSt/X s: ^aiBpia r | om 
Kat a77at ylE^P | Kar avaToXas 2*'] Kara votov h*tl3 I fKet 2'^] 
KaKft (20) Chr I Tw Ki'pttj] hZj toj dtxj rfiC: -I- to oi(p8evTi avToj c [ 
Kat 5** — Ki'ptoi'] et inuoeauit nomen eius lE*^*^***) : om lE*^**''': (om 
Kat 108) I ETrt Tiii ofo/iart] to ovop.a E: om etti In j Ki'ptoi'] toi' 
6v x: -^-Tov Bv tw oipBevTi avTU rC(uid): -HTto otpBevTi avru y : 
-I- ras (i,:;) A 

9 om Kat 1° — a/Jpa/t o* | ainjpev] +itije^ | TropevB. earpaT.] 
it/it C I KaTEtrTpaTOTTatSEi'trEc x | ttj] yq Chr-ed 

XII 6 TTjK Spvv T-qv vtpTjXTjv] a' TTis Spvos iiaij.pp7i Mjsv(sine nom jv) 

8 oiTEtrTT;] a' p.eTijpev M: a' neT-qyev jv : rr' awqpev Mj(sine nom)v | Kara ^aX.] a airo BaXaaa-qs a' airo iva/iuv Mj(sine 
nom)sv I KaT a^'aroXas 2**] oto:' KaTa votov M 

9 a^pap.] pr a' EKEtSEi" s: -t-CKEieEV jv | ev T-q eprjiiu] a' I'OTOi'Se a' eis votov Mjv : a' varovSe- 


eis voTou s 



A '°Kat eyevero Xi/io? e-rrl rJ)? 7))9' kuI Kare^rj 'A^pafi et? AiyvTrrov ■irapoiKriaai. sKel, on lo 

evicrj^ycyev 6 Xi/xo? eVt t*}? fyj;?. ^^ eyevero Be i)vlKa ly^yKrev 'A/Spafi elaeXOelv eh AiyvTTTOi', el-jrev ii 

H D 'A/Spa/x -,dpa rf) yvvaiKi avTov^ TivcoaKW eyo) ort yvvt) evirp6(TcinTo<; el- ^-earai ovv 0)9 av ihojaiv 12 
ere ol AlyvTTTioi, epovaiv on rvvrj avrov earlv avrrj' koL airoKTevovaiv fie, ere 8e trepiTroirjcrovTai. 
^^etTTov ovv OTi 'ABeX(f)r) avrov elfil, 07r(o<; av ev fioi yevrjrai Bia ae, Kal ^I'jaerat rj "'^vx'! fJ'OV 13 
evEKev aov. ^-^iyevero Be yviKa elai}X6ev ' A^pap, el<i A'iyvnrov, lB6vre<i ol Alyinrnoi r-qv yvvatKa 14 
avrov on KaXrj r/v (T(f>oBpa, ^^Kai iBov avrrjv ol ap-)(pvre<; 'Papam Kal errtjveaav avrrjv vrpo? 15 
(papao} icai eiaijyayov avrrjv ttjOo? 't>apaco. ^^Kal rm 'A/3payu, ev e^p'ijo'avro Bi' avrrjv, Kal eye- 16 

%'ii'' vovro avrS rrpo^ara Kal poa"Xoi Kal 6i>oi, TratSe? Kal rraiBiaKat,, rjp,iovoi Kal KdfiTjXoi. ^^^Kal 17 
rjraaev Oeoi; rov 'Papam eracrp.ol^ p^eydXoK Kal ■novTjpoK koI rov oIkov avrov rrepl Sdpa<; r>}<; 
yvvaiKO^ 'A^pdfi. ^^KaXeaai Be ^apaui rov 'A^pd/x, elrrev Tt rovro eTroirjad^ poi, on ovk 18 
dirrjyyeiK.d'i fioi on, yvvrj aov eariv ; ^^iva rl el-ira<i on WBe\(j»') p,ov eanv ; Kal eXa^ov avrr)v 19 
epavro) ei<; yvvaiKa. Kal vvv IBov rj yvinj aov evavrlov aov Xaf3u>v drrorpexe. ^°Kal everelXaro 30 
^apaut dvBpdaiv rrepl 'A/Spa/u,, avvrrpoTrefiyfrai avrov Kal rijv yvvaiKa avrov Kal rrdvra oaa ^}v 
avrm, Kal Ad>r fier' avrov. 

^^Ave^rj Be 'A/Spa/x e^ Alyvrrrov avroi Kal rj yvvij avrov Kal rrdvra rd avrov Kal Atbr fier i XIII 
avrov 6t? rrjv eptjfiov. ^ A/Spdp, Be ■qv rrXovai.o'i a<f>6Bpa Krrjveatv Kal upyvpioi Kal ^pvutw. 2 

10 ^pa/i A* (afipajx A") ii r)yyei(Tev A 12 aiyvjTTiOi] ai sup ras (i) A^ | aipovaiv E | yv\yri E 

13 eifu] ft fir) E 14 oi7Dn-Tioi] ai sup ras (i) A^ 

16 TraiSes] ai sup ras (i) A» | ira^Silxai A (iraiSifficat A'''''"'8) 

10 Xi/xos 1°] Xoi/xos n: + /xeyai dp | eis ai7i'jrToc ajipajx 
Chr I om fxei x | (finxvcf] tKurxi't" b: icrx^'cc dpx : xari- 
axv<ret' nr: {exeicre iirxi'ffe;' 107) | om p | Xi/tos 2°] Xoi/ios n | 
T7)s yq! 2°] Tiji/ yriii m 

11 om eyev€TO — atyvirroi' c^ | tjyyil^ev fn | a/3pa/x i"] afipaap. 
n I €ts aLyi'TTTov eicreX^tt*' m ] eiacXOeiv] {eXdeiv 107): om n | 
(o(7i>irTo;'] pr ttiv 132) | enrev} pr koi ocJSi \ om afipap. 2° n3 
Clir 1 aappa jmn*o | yivuffKuv d | om eyu 3[13'"1E Chr J | 
yvvrf] pr (Til 1 : om Up | fi] + ffu dgmpc^S Chr J 

12 eo-Tai] ecTTw gl | (om one 132) | us ai/] orav M Chri: 
eav Cj I ai"] eoi- acdginopx | aSuaiv Eg*orx | om ae 1° 3 | 
om earii' EMacefjmoqs-vxc^ Chr | om avTi] nr | a-n-oKTeifovaiP 
Emv I pe] e/xe f 

13 eiTTOi'] fiTTf a''bcdfgmiipx Chr: eirrep w | ovv] de x : om 
^: +auT0tsl I aiTOu etpi] pou ei Chr^ | ottws ai'] tva Chr^: 
om av I I om ev e | 7£t'7;roi] yenoiro r | om dia ae Chr J | om 
Kai — aov ^ I eveKev aov] 5ia (re f Chr I : om bw 

14 €7fi'eTo 5e T/ft/ca] 7]i'iKa Se d; om rjVLKa En j ei(rT;X^ef] 
7]\$ev dp : 7;77to'€i' 1 : desccndit. 13 | iSoi/res] pr <?/ '^ : (post 
ot7U7moi 77): -\- ovv E ] T'r)v yvvaA.Ka. avrov Ay13C1£] om dm: 
om avrov EM rell 3 Chr Cyr | 171' KaX?) e | iji'] 6117 j(mg)s(mg) 
Cyr-ed | (ff0o5pa] 4- aim] 76) 

15 i5ov] i5o^T£s aejffi Cyr-codd | om 01 n | Kai 2''—<f>apau 
2°] om c Chr (repugnante autem contextu) Cyr-codd : om Kai 
adej fit Cyr-codd | eTn]i'eaav] diixcnint IE | om avrrjv 2° n 
Cyr-codd | om Trpos 0apaai i" c^ | om ftai 3" — 0apau 3° Er* | 
om /fat 3° — avrr\v ^ c^* | r\yayov Cyr-ed | Trpos (jtapaw 2^] /« 
domum eitis 1£ | Trpos 2° A] Trpos rov olkov d : eis oikov r^y : eis 
Toi' oiKov M rell 918© Chr Cyr 

16 a(3paap f | om ev (128) Or-gr-cod | expiaaro gn | avrrjv] 
avrrjv f | eyevero acefjnorsvC2 Chr | avroj] aiTOis m : avruv M | 

TrpojSara] + re Cyr-ed | poax"^} 0"^^ Cyr-cod | TraiSes — ripiovoi.] 
pr KOI a-gjoprstvwxCjBC Or-gr Cyr : pr et cameli ei IE: era 
qu I ripiovoi.] pr icai abdfgmoprstv\vxc,13'"fir3SS-ap-Barh Or-gr 
Chr Cyr | om Kai Kapr\Koi. 15 

17 Kai. TjratTev — peya\ots Kai] mutila in CT ] 6eos] pr kI 
acms(mg)v(mg)Cj,13i' : icl Ebehjloqlu\vB'*''3L(uid) Or-lat Eus 
Cyr I eraapoLs] pr ev m | Kat irovqpots] Kai (pojiepois Cyr-codt\\ 
Thdt : om Eus Cyr J | rov oikov] pr airavra 3L(uid) Thdt | 
aappas ejmnoc, | a^pap] avrov qu 

18 Ka\eaa% be] Kai KaXetras (108) it | etnev] + avrin EMd~ 
InprstvxCjSJSCIE Chr | ri — on i^]i/iiaiv^ \ (ti] 4-oti 20) | pot 
i°] pe o: tjpxv riS^: om c^ | on i'^] Kai n33 | a7r7;77eiXas] avtjy- 
yeiXa^ c Chr; dixisfi 1L [ om /tot 2" "E-ed | aov] aoi n: /tou 
mylS'"' I (eariv] +avrTi 20) 

19 om iva ri — eariv y* Chr | iva ri] pr Kai blE'' : ri on r: 
«(('iL I etTras] tiTrts x : -\-niihi lEiL | om on EcejrlE Thdt | pov] 
aov dp I eXa/Joc] pr (yo 3L ] om eis EMabcfhI-oqs-y Chr | om 
vw mlL I om 1/ n | efarrtoi'] evoiiziov acoCj Chr^ | o^oi' 2*^] om 
q : +es/ ^ 

20 tpapau avSpaaiv] post a^pap acmoC2 : om (papaw ^ : 
-f avrov I I om Trept ajUpap tlTIE | a/3pa/t] pr toi' Thdt : afipaap 
ns : ai'roi' g | (Tt'i'irpoTre^^ai] avpirpoirepspa^ c^ : rov avpirapa- 
Trep^ai f: {rrpoTrep^pai 25) | ai/ror] ai'Toi d: Abram (ITIE | avrov 
I*^] 4- /cat Xttir to;* vv rov adeXcpov avrov n \ airw] avTov p : ( -h per 
ai'Toi' 128) I Kai 4° — acToi' 2''] om 1i/(uid) Thdt(uidj | Kat Xwr] 
om n: not rov Xut (20.32) '3(uid) Chr | {avrov 2°] avruv 20.32) 

XIII 1 om ave^T} — at'Tou 3^ lE^P | ave^r} de] et ascendit 
3L{uid): om be 1 | airos — a\<rov i"] om n: om acros E [ om 
Kai \iiir per avrov n [ {avrov 3°] avroiv 32) | eptjpov] -fews 
j^eSrjX eixis rov rovov ov rj aKrjvq avrov ro irporepov m 

2 om Kai i^ g Chr | ap7i'ptoi' m | x/^i'fftou m 

10 eviaxvaev] a' ejiapvvBri Msv : ct' efiapvvev j 12 TepiToiriaovrai] a' i^iooiaovaiv Mj{sine nom)s 

17 Kai rjraaev] a' Kat Tjirrero a<pai! Mjsv(sine nom sv): (itai) e^aaaviaev M 

18 Ti] 5iari eis ri j: a' eis n V XIII I eis rrjV epyfpov] a' en rov vorov M : o' eis rov vorov s(sine nom)v 



xin 14 

3 ^Kal ivopevOi) odev ^Xdev eh ttjv eprjfiov etov Bat^JjX, emi rod tottov ov rjv r) erKtjvi] avTov ro irpo- A 

4 Tepov, dvd fiecrov JiaidrjX koI dva fietrov 'Ayyai, "^ei? top tottov tov ffveriaarijpiov ov eTroltjffev 

5 eKei rrjv <7Ki)vt]V xai eireKoXecraTO exet A^pnfi to ovofia K.vptov. ^Kal Acor tw avfiTTopevofievai 

6 fierd 'A/Spa/x ■^v irpofiaTa Kol /3oe9 Kal KTrjvr). ^Kal ovk i-)((i)pei avTov<; r) yfj KaToiKelv ufia, oTi 

7 yv Ta vTrdp)(0VTa avrav iro'XXd' Koi ovk e8vvavT0 KaToiKelv dfia. "^ Kai eyevero iJ'd')^i) dvd fietrov 

TOW TTOlfieiaJV TWV KTtjVMV TOV 'A/9/3«/X Koi dvd fl€(70V tS>V TTOtlMeVtOV TO)V KTqVOH' TOV Ao)T ^ ol Be % D 

8 Xavauaioi Kal ot 'I'tpe^atot Tore KaTuiKovv Trjv ytjv. ^elirev Sf 'Afjpdfi t(S Amt Mrj ecrra) f^d^V 
dvd /Jbiaov ifiov Kal aov, Kol dvd fieaov tSiv 7roi/j,evwv crov Kal nva fxiaov rwv -jroifxevtav /J.ov, oTt 

9 avdptoTToi dhe\.<f)ol rjfiel^; eafiev. ^Kal iSov irdcra >) yrj evainiov (TOV hia-^wplaOrjTL «7r' ifMov. el 

10 av etf aptcTTepa, eym et? oe^uf ei oe av et? oe^ia, e7&) ei<; (iptaTepn. '"koi €Trapa<; A&>t tou? 
o^da\p,ov<; avTOV Ihev Trdaav Ttjv Trepi')((opoi' tov '\opBdvov, OTi Tracra rjv Trori^Ofievrj Trpo tov 
KaTacTTpeijrac tov deov ^oBofia Kai Tofxappa a)? 6 Trapaheicro^ tov 6eov koi co? rj yrj AlyvrrTov, e(ot 

11 ikdelv et? Yioyopa, ^^ Kal e^eXe^aTO eavTw A&)t irdaav Tr)v Trep/^tupoi' tov 'lopBdvov, Kal aTrrjpev 

12 AoiT diro dvaroXcov Kal Bie-)((i}pia6r)a-av eKa<JT0<; diro tov dBeX(f)0v avTOV. ^'^'A^Spa/i Se Kar&j- § dj 
Kfjaev ev yfj X.avdav Acot Be KaTWKrjaev ev iroXet, t&v Trept.^(opa)v Kal ecTKrjvoycrev eu. SoSo^ot?. 

\l ^^01 Be dvdpwTTOi oi ev %oB6fJ.oi<; irovTjpol Kal dfxapTaXol evavTiov tov deov (TffjoBpa. '4'0 Se 

XIII 7 TTOifj-atyoiv A (bis) 

8 TTOiu.aifoii' A 
10 Trapadiaos A 


I 2 evffKTjfwaey A 

3 fTTop.] abierunt % \ odev »)\9.] inde uenientes 3L | odtv\ 
oiroi Cyr-ed | »/XSf f] e^r]\0ev bwlE* Cyr : om a* | om eis — 
Pai9ri\ 1° g I om eis x | om eus jiaiBriX 1 | euis 2° — ayyaC] om n: 
om eu)S — ^aidrfK fm | eui t. tojt.] eis tov tottov j(mg) : ad locuni 
IL: +/3c^i7\ g j 01'] OTTou t I om t;:* qu | 7; CK'rivt)\ yvvij w | 
om TO (108) Cyr-ed | irpoTepov] irpuiTOV o | ava /j-eaov i°] pr 
Kat E 1 /Sat^T/X KOI ai'a fi.] (pr t7;s 18): om c^: om ai/a fj.(aov 
IL(uid) I om KOI 2" m | 07701] (£7701 74) : ^g.^fi IL(uid) 

4 €ts — eicet 1*^] ithi ficerat a/tare ll5'"(uid): iu locum tibi 
fecerat aliare }3P(uid)1£( + ibi !£'*) | ets rov tottov'] ews toi' tottov 

c^'. om TOV m 1 TOV — okt^vtiv] ubi initio altare fect'iat"^ \ oktjvtjv 
Any] apxv EM rell SUCS Chr Cyr | eTrexaXeiraTo] (oTrek-a- 
XeiroTo ,^1): eTT(Ka\«T(v EacIoqs(mg)tuC2 Cyr: eTre/coXeiro g: 
eir£KaXti dp: corr ex €TTeKa\eaavTo s(txt) | om cKd 1" bwlEi' | 
o^ptt/u] a^paafx n* : om d ( toj ovofiaTL y | KvpLov] D^i CIL : 
+ TOV dv Md-gipstvxCj.'S Chr 

5 TOV avp-TTopevo/ievov x* \ om Tw d | (ctt)!/?;] o-ziTjcai M(txt) 
acehjmoquiJlL : + xai aKTjvat En : +mu/ia iH 

6 om Kot 1° nJS'' I ai'Toi's] post 77; c | 1; 717] /ev/-<z i7/a 13 | 
om OTt — afia 2'^ e*wS | t/v — TroXXa] mtdta habebant IL(uid) : om 
T\v m I ai/Twi'] ai'Tw mo | om /fat 2" — a/ia 2*^ Eac^ | ehvyavTo] 
■t\v SwaTov b: exti^pet. avTovs 7; 717 y: +01 duo n | KaToiKeiv 2'^] 
o(/ceic m 

7 e7ei'ocro /xaxo-L dp | (e7ef6ro] + 5e 32) | om twv kttjvojv 
i° noClS I TOV a^papL — ktt)vojv 2*^] om bwlE : om tov d | 
a^paafj. f \ om ava fj.€(Tov 2° d3L \ om tiov TToifUviav 2^ gqu | 
om Tuiv KTTjvwv 2° n Chr | om tov 2° dnr | Xwr] +d^ Abram 
IE I k'ai 01 0e/'-] post TOTt g: if/ Feretaei JL | (77;;'] + eKeii'7)v 20) 

8 avfx fi€(Tov 1° — (TOV i°] inter te et inter me E^ | tpxiv\ 
TjfjLuiv d I Kat <rov] kcli aca fieaov crov htlSC Chr^: om /?dqu 
IEp I KU 2°] et Mon IL I om oxa ^e<rov 2° d | O'ou 2° AEnyE'^P] 
rtiiuv de»': fiov Z>s''Me* rell ai3«rE"=it Chr Cyr | om Ka.i 3°— 
/HOI' de I om ava piecrov y gnpr Chr | )iov AEnyE'P] <roK ZJ^i'M 
abcf-mo-xc^aBfiTE'E Chr Cyr | om avdpuTTOi (2o(txt)) Chr 
3E I 77/iei9] post effpLev bw^: om fy 

9 Kai tdov] nonne C | Ka.L Adjpli] om (20) IL Chr^: ovx 

3 eiS TT)V (prrifiov\ it' eis tov votov M 

9 eiSou E 


ZJMow : oiiK E rell 313 Chr J | iracra] iravTa s : om U | <roii 
And] «iTt.v E : + effrie i>''M rell a[33i£ll Chr | SiaxupiOOVTi 
s(txt) I ei 1°] 7; nr(£ | om eis 1° en | aptiTTepa i"] pr ra m: 
apuTTepav x* : ra Seiia cE'i* Or-lat | eyw 1"] pr 7; n: +5e 
fjs(mg) I om eis 2" n | Sejia i°] pr ra m : to apiaTepa cE'i' 
Or-lat I om ei 5e— apurrepa 2° n3EP | ei 5e] 7; rBi'C: ei A*(5e 
suprascr A')abcmop3 Or-lat i: lie/ si 'ii: ai/t si Oi-lali | om 
eis 3** o I Se^ia 2''] pr ra m: ra apiaTepa cl£^ Or-lat | eyw 2"] 
pr Kai (: +Be K | aptarepa 2"] pr to m : ra Se^ia c'B' Or-lat 

10 aTFopas I I Xojr] post auTOc bwit: om 33'*-** ] om aiTou 
j9hmqu I i5e»'] cTreiSei' bw : TrtpietSe (20) ii | om Traffof x 
Chri IEp I om tov lopSavou Chr I | on] Kai Chri: i/i/ae IL | 
om Trao'a b\vl3 Chr J | TroTi^o/ievT] r)v bw3 | om Trpo — yopoppa 
Chr I I om o qtu Chr| | Seou] kv c, : -l-7;;Ui>»' 1 | (om (cai 3° 
83) I '; yv^ om 1) En | ai7uirT0i'] Aegyptiorum IL | om eus — 
^oyopa IE I cX^et;'] pr ov qu : pr av cm : av cXOtj ao | fo7opo] 
(wyopa mx : ^oyapa e : aoyopa dprB^ : 70J"opa t : Zoora 3-ed : 
Segor -St-codd; Sogorra (I : Zogara in Segor E(uid) 

11 e|eXf faro] (eireXefaTO 32) : (eSe^oT-o 25) : e^eXaro g | 
eoi;7-u] post Xair bw : avTin dfmp : om laP | om iroo'oi' 13i' | 
aTTO l'^] avQ E | SieXiopLa&Tj c | OTro tov ooeX^oi'] Trpos tov 
aSeXipov aSeXipo" E*(om aS. 2" E') | o5eX0oi'] Tr\-ninov r 

12 ajipap. 5e] koi afipapi. MdfghopstvxCj Chr: om Se D* 
(suprascr /3^)acquffi3E'' | Ka.TWKr\aev 1°] TTapaK-rjaev Mdgptxd^S 
Chr I ev 77;] eiS yi^v bw | x^*''^^*'] -^evavTiov tov $v d(om tov) 
p I XwT 5e] KOI Xmt- eji3'"lL | KaTUKTjaev 2"] TrapuKTjoev dglpx 
d^: +ibi 3L(uid) | ;roXei] 77) bw | t-wi" — ffoSopois] a/>iit lor- 
daneu et ascendit in lerra?n Sodomam 1L(uidj | e(TKTjvu<rev] 
evaKj)viji(Tev Ag : {evejKTjvwaev 32): unriaev Chr-ed | om ev 3" 

13 01 5e — croSopLOis] ot Se iroSopuTOL p: exeKre Se vtttjpxov d | 
01 Se] -f 01 1 I om 01 2' Cj I TOI'. koi o/iopr.] afioprwXoi koi 
TTovTjpoi d: maligni Ii: -l-7;<ra>' {32) 3l(uid>13 | ei'oi'Tioi' tov 
fleoi'] post ff0o5pa (37) UffilE: in consfcclu Dnit erant li(uid) : 
om dp: om tov c^ j evavTi tx 

14 5e Otos etTev] enrev Se 0i hnw^lE : et dixit Dais D~s 

12 KOTWKTjffev i°] a' eKoffiffeK ir' e^ifii'ei' M 


XIII 14 


A ^609 elirev ray *A/3pdfi fiera to hiaxoyptaOrivaL rov Kmr air avrov^ ^ Avd^eyfrov rot<; o^OaXfjuol^ 
TT It*' crou Koi the diro rov tottov ov vvv crv el 7rp6<; /Boppdv Koi \i/3a Koi avaroXh'; fcal 0d\a<Taav* 
^^OTi iraaav rrjv yfjv ?jp av opa^y aol 8a>a(o avr-qv koi ra aTrepfiari aov e&j? rov acMvo^. ^^ Kai W 
Trocijaa) to cnrepfia aov cr)9 Tr)v afifiov Trj^ 7)79' el Bvvarai rt? e^apidfiPjaat Tt]v afifiov rP}^ 7/^9, 
Kal TO crirepfia (tov aptu/j,7]6)ja€Tac. ^"^ dvaaTci^ hiohevaov ttjv ytjv elV re to firjKOi; avryj'i koi el<; 17 
TO 7rA,aro9' ore aoi ooxro) avr^^v Kal rco arrepfiari aov etV rov aiwva. ^^ koi aTroaKr/pojaa^ ^A^pdfj, 18 
eX6(ov KaTWKTiaev rrapd rrjv hpvv rrjv M^afi^ptjv, rj rjv ev X.ej3p(OV' fcal wKoBofirjcrev ifcel dvataartj- 
If d^ ptov KvpiO),^ 

^'Kyevero Se ev rfj ^aGrcXeia rff ^Afiap(f>dX ^aatXio)^ ^evvadp^ 'Aptco)(^ ^aa-iXev'i ^^KXXaadp^ i XIV 
Kal o ILoooXXoyofiop ^aaiXev^; AtXdp, kuI ®aXyd /3aacXev<i idvwv ^ eTToli^aav rroXepiov fjterd 2 
BdXXa /3a<TtXe(0(; XoSofKoi/ koi fierd Bapcra ^aatXeco^ Vop.6ppa^ /cat ^evvadp ^aaiXeo)<; 'ABafid 
^ C*^ Kal 'S.vjxo^op ^a<TL\e(0'^ ^e^coelfjb^ Kal yu-era /3ao'tXea)9 BaXa/c* avrr) iarlv Srjyoyp. ^Trdvref; ovToi 3 
a-vve<po)Pi]<Tav em ri]v (j>apayya tt)v dXvKyv avrrj rj OaXao'a-a twv a\wv. ^hdiheKa err) eSovXevov 4 

eis i*^] IS E I avTTjs] bis scr A 

XIV I (TeWaaap A 

Z»EMa-hjl-yc,(d J^13(eD<^)3E( il»>) 

3L(uid) I $€0$] Ks EMacfhmquvc^B | tw] tt/jos bej IL(uid) Or- 
gr I 5iaxw/)i(7^77i/ai] aTroxijJpi-<T$r}vain : xwp((r^7;i'at Z)m( + ai'Toi') | 
air aiToc top Xwr EBB | ava^M^I/op Aejs(mg)y Or-gr Iren] 
ava^Xexpas DEMs(txt) rell Clem-R Clir | om aov acdopxc2d/* 
Chr Iren | om Kai ide C | Kai 1° AEejy Or-gr Iren] om DM 
rell Clem-R Chr | wp (TV ei] av ci'i^ et bfsvw : av ei vvp Chrf : 
om pvv n^iE: s^as et intnerc Or-lat | /Soppa D{. pa D)o | Xt/Sav 
'(imt I Kai aparoKas] post QdXaatrap Or-lat 

15 cm OTL Tranav m | iraaau ttjp 77/1'] iraaa tj yij D: onme?H 
terratn hattc Or-lat | om gv I'E-coddClE (_)r-lat | avrT)p'\ {TavT7)p 
78) : om Iren | ews tov aiiovos] ^era aov n : om l£i' : om tov 

16 om Kat i"^ — aov 1° lE^i^ [ (TOv 1°] + ois tovs aaTepas rov 
ovpov Kai h [ 777s i*^] OaXaaar}^ Eml£ | et 5vpaTai — 71;$ 2'^] om 
E: {om €( dvpaTUL tis 20) | ovpuTai] dvfaTOP c: (^dvuaiTo 32): 
5vPTja€TaL Chr | e^apiO/XTjaai] post yrjs 2° Chr : apiO/j-yjaai dp | 
nrjv 2° — 777s 2"] (om 20) : om ttjv a/x/xov p | tt)v 2"^] top n | 77;^ 
2°] daXaaa-qs hml£ | to a-rrepfia 2°] rw aircpfxaTi fnd^ | apid^-q- 
ByiaeTaC] pr ovk h: {apid/xTjaeTai 76): e^aptd/xrjSijaeTat Z)^''afgjln 
orsvc2 Clem-R : e^apiOfXTjarjaeTai w : e^apLdfirjaeTat bcqu : -f t7}p 
a/xfxop T7]s yrjs s 

17 aPaaTas] pr Kat fr^ : pr ei finfic ^ | biwhevaev f | ttjp 
7771'] post fis 1° n I om re adem-quc2d2 | om avrri^ dp | om 
CIS 2° dfnBCIE I irXoToy Abhlrwy Iren] -\-avTy)S Z>EM rell 
■Eisub -yOBC I Kai 2''-atwPa Abrwy«n] om />EM rell ^BE 
Iren(uid) | cls top aiwi-a] eojs tov aiujpos (20) Chr 

18 airoaKTjp. — KaTOJKTjaep^ iiiigT-anit Ahratfi IE } awoaKT)- 
pwaai] awapas (20) 53(uid) : (^avaKevaaafxepos 32): +if2c/c' 13 | 
om €\0(jjp 13'* I trapwKTjae egj | Trapa] (Trept 31: Trpos 32.83): 
cTTi m I {Bpvp] y-qp 78) | om ttjv /^a/x^. 1£ | T-qp 2'^] tt) q ] fiap^- 
^prjp AEh*j(uid)mnx] /xavpTj cdfgop : nap.j3pij Z)^''Mh^^ rell Chr: 
Mamre 13^ : Mahrc C 1 y) t\p'\ ttjp dpxd2 '3l(uid) Chr : om mn Or- 
lat : om T] s I x^^P^ cr(uid) | tArei] + a^pap. n | Kvptuj A' ""^amny 
c.] +^w A*"i^(ras A^"'d): +tu) OUj r'^h: pr tw DEM rell Chr 

XIV 1 om 5e d | ttj 2°] tov E : om hxl3 | afxap(pa\] a/xap- 
tpa5 fstv : afiap<f>aa c^ : afj.ap(pa0 n Chr : /j.ap<f>a\ qu : (a;xap0ap 
128): tafiop<Pa5 x: apfxa<pa\ d: apfxacpap 1 | acppaap^ atvaap 
Eabe*lqwy'3(uid)13'"'(!n : eppaap c : aapaap m \ aptotx] pr '^°-'- 
ol31E : apywx c: apiw5 x : apioj c^ | fiaaiXevs i°] ^aaiXeios bc^ 1 

eWaaap] eXaaap bh*msw : aXaaap (20) Chr : aeXXaaap AMacd 
gntxy'^Bp-n^^C: Scddasar B'"''^' : aeXaaap h^: aaXXaaap e j : 
aaXaaap p : eX^aap 1 | om /cai i*^ bmwIS^''' | Aacjr^^] om />EM 
r* rell (J Chr | xo5o\\o7o/iop] x<>^^^^'^'y°f^^P D( + ■^)Ma^^gor 
Theopli : X''5oXXa7o/iwp On : x'^^o^^o7o^ujp x : xo^'^^^TOMOp '3^ 
Chr: xo^oXo70ju.op deji Bd : x*'^0'^^'^(^)7°M'^ "^ (x^^o^oxo/xop 
20): xoXo5oyo/j.op (: xoXXo5o7o^iop j : ChoUogomor^'^ \ atXa/x] 
eXa^ d-gm-prx : aiSa/j. qtu: aaiXa/x D: acXa/x 1 | ^aX7a A] 
BaXyaX D ^BaXyab) dgp: ap7aX a: depyaX jr: dcpxaX f: 
apxaX h*^ : dapyaS x: dapyap. 1: dapyav m: BapyaX EMh* rell 
^B'p-H't'tQ: Theoph: (^apa7aX 128): (^a7aX 71): ^ap^a/c (20) 
Chr: T/md_^al W^-^'^^ : Tha7-gar ^'•'' \ /SatnXeus 3*^] ^ao-tXews c^ 

2 fTroi.] €Troi7}aaPTo qru Chr : eTronjae bd | ttoX.] pr TOi* f : 
-I-Me7a»' dgj{mg)ps(mg) | om ySaXXa— ^era 2° c | ^aXXa] /3aXa 
MB^ On: ^aX/?a 1: ^apXa e j : ^aXaK dgptxc^^C Chr: ^apaK 
o: (iapa Eah^msv: ^ape qu : {fiapXa 18) | (troSo/iwi'] pr rojp 20) | 
om nfTa 2° Bfcft I ^aaiXeijJS ^apaa g | /Sapira] ^apya t : ^apaae f : 
/3ap(ra/c Chr: {j3apaax2o): /3apcrajSa nr : ^apaa/xam | 70/ioppas] 
pr T7;s g I o-e^i/aap] pr Me7"ct MdfgpstvxC2^1E Chr: afpaap dfl 
ps(£: uei'i'ap \v : o■e^'raa/5 ao: eppaap c cei'a-yap g: .?a;mrt;'B* | 
a5a/xa] aSa^a x : (raSajUa Eqru : ae^a/xa t | avfio^op] pr /iera (31) 
'E: j8op sup ras {4) A^ : av/xfio^op f: {avfxo'^wp 31}: avfiop^a 
Chr: avfxop Mbovwx: av^wp m: fft/iop dp: I'/uoop Theoph: 
a/iopg: {avp.eo}P 71): Semodor iE-'- Synohor W^ \ ^aa. 4'^] /Satrt- 
Xei'S d I (re^oiei^] aefiwifx t: ae^oei/x cfhluc^C: ae^wpfi/j. n: 
aelioTjfx x: ae^uieLP Theoph: iTe/:fo77i' dmp: Esebon B^'*^' ( om 
Kai 4'^— ^aXa/c d | ^era 3° A-^] om />'1EM omnBIS Chr | 
^aXa\'] jUaXaaK m: /3aXa Eejqrsuv : aa§aK f: (caXa 25) ) 
(r7;7UJp] atyiop abfglquw: aiyop dp 

3 (^avP€(pijJPT]aap ovtol 108) | (oiyroi] ovv 16) | (ffi've^wcT^o-ac] 
avP€P€fiaXop 32) | eiri] eis ej j 0apa77a] daXaaaav g | aXvK-qp] 
aXrjK n: (aX/xvpap 32) | ai/rj?] -fetrrtf ExB | om 7; b 

4 om €TT) t I efioiiXei'o;'] pr ai'Tot bw: eSovXevaap ejo Theoph: 
edovXevaev x | xo5oXXo7optop] xo5oXXa7o/xop Maor Theoph : 
Xo5oXXo7op.aip m: xo5oXXa7o;iwp gn: x^^^'-^^'^y^f^^P D\ x^^o- 
Xoyo/xop elps*B: xo5oXa7o;iOp ^ Chr: X'*'5oXa70Mwp x: {xoSo- 
Xoxofxop 20): x^^^^'^y^P-^P ^- XoXXooo7o^op j : x*''^o55<'70Mop f : 
-f ^ao-tXei cXajU Chr: +£■/ regibus qui cum eo 15 | om tw 5e — 
(5) xo^oXXo7o/Liop m | tw 5e] /cat toj b: Kat w | ct^l aTreo-TT/ffaf] 

XIV 1 cXXaffap] a' ttoptov Mjsv ^-ap-Iiarh | atXa^] a' aKvdu)P Mjsv <S-ap-]iarh 

3 avve<f>ujvrjffav'] a' avpc^aXap M : a' avpe^aXop a' avptjXOov js{sine nom)v | ttjp aXvKTjp] a' avptjXBov M 



XIV n 

5 TfS ^oBoWoyo/jLop, Tw Sf rpiaKaiBeKciTrp erei aTTecnrjaav.'^ ^ev Se t&) TeaaapeaKaiBeicaTcp erei A 
})X0ev \oSoXKoy6ixop Kai o! ^aaiXel^ o'l fxer avrov, kui KareKoyfrav tow yiyavTa<; tov<; ev Xcrra- 

6 po)d Kapvatv, koi eOvrj la^upa ("ifjua aCrol^;, teat tov<; ^nfiaiov; roix; (v San*) tP/ TroXet, ^Kal tou? 
yioppaiov; roii'; ev toI<; opeoiv —tjeip, eco? tj;? repe/Mti'dov t^s' 4^apdv, ij iariv ev rrj ipij/xm.^ ^ E 

7 7/rai di'acrTpe-\p-avT€<i i'jXOoa-av eVl Trjv Tn^yip' t/}'; Kplaewi, avrr) earlv Ka8>yv, koI KareKo-^av 
Trai'Ta? tovi; ap-)(ovTa<; WfiaXrjK koX toi)? ' Afj,oppaLOV<i Tov'i KaTot,KovvTa<i eV Aaaaav ("taixdp. 

8 ^e^fjXOev Be /Sao-tXei"? 1oB6fi<ou koI /3acn\ev<; To^jLoppaf Koi ^aatKevi 'ABa/ia koi /SacrtXei"? 
'^e^we\/ji, Kal ffaaiXew HdXaK, avr-q i<nh> 'S./jycop, Kal irapird^avTO avToh et? TToXefiov iv rf] 

9 KOiXdBi, rfj dXvKrj, ^Trpo? X-oBoXXoyofiop /3acriX.ea AlXdfj, Kal (iaXydX jBacriXea iOvSyv Kal W/j,ap(j)aX 
^aaiXea "^evvadp *«ai* 'Apttt);^ jiacrLXea 'EWao-a'p, o'l Teaaape'; ovtoi /SacrtXet? Trp6<; Toi/'; TrevTe. 

10 ^°ri Be KoiXa<; >) dXvKtj (^peara d(T(j)dXTov. e^vyev Be fiaaiXev'i 'S.oBofj.oiv Kal /SacriXev? Fofioppat;, 
n Kal eveTreaav eKer oi Be KaTaXei(f)OevTe^ et? tIju opivrjv ecf>vyov. '■^'eXa^ev Be tt)v iTnrov Trdaav 

4 Tptff Arc ScKaT-uj A 

5 TOUS 2^'] TOV A 

9 om KM 3° A 

aveffTTjtrai' tr?; n : om crei E | om aTreaTTjuav — (5) erei y | 
aTTftrrT^ffai'] aTrccrrT^o'ei' x: {auva-jr^aTijaav air avrov 32) 

5 fv i*^ — erft] f / 1£ I om (rei Chr \ -riXOiv] rjKdov nlE: dtTjXOe 
1 I ^^oooAXo-yo/^top] ;^o5oX\a7o^op Magnor : xo5o\o7o;;-op ef ^Mpl3 . 
Xo5o\ayoiJ.op ^ Ciir : xw5oXa7o^wp x : (xo^^'^^X**/^"/) 20) : xo^o- 
Soyofiop tl : xoXXo5o7o^o/> j : X0X070M''/' f * | om ot 2** bw | 
KareKo^av] iKo^pav dp | om rovs €v aaraptoS Theoph | tovs 2"] 
om EaclmoiS'f^lS : iravras (ju | {ev aarapwd] €tTTapoj& Kai 31) | 
affrapwS] aanpud E; arapojd m: {(TTapwff 79): aarapaO c | 
Kapcai:'] pr f'/ ?E : Kappaeti' gsv On i: Kapavaeiv Tlieoph : Kap- 
pcLLfx aliHc, 3(uid): Kapraeifi dfpr On J : Kap^'aai' n: Koii-aiv 
Ebw: jcaii^aei/i o: Kapvaaiv Chr-codd: Kai apvatn) Chr-ed | 
(nrxi'pa afia ai'rotc] p.axiixa fxer avTujv 32) | Kat roi'S *TO/uaioi's] 
^'ilino^'^O S-aprBarh | aofxaiovi] aoiiimovs ii3 : <rofi;uaioi;s 
EMotc,*: aii3yi.p.aLovs 1: (Xrjpi^aiovs a; ff7//iaiot'S c; (ri^^aiot's h'': 
o^^atoi'S degjpqruvw c^'']l3"i^'*''^ Chr Theoph : oitJ-^aiov$ f ; e^- 
^atoi'S b: a/xnaioi's s | om Toi's'4" — (6) xopP^'oi'S n | roi'S 4° — 
TToXci] (•/ tir/vm Sczoi^ \ tov! 4° AMflirly S-ap-Barh] om E rell 
3 Theoph Chr | (ravri] (raw x: (ra;3a dp: aafifi'i) m: eaii?) a: 
f€ai;7; li'^ : (y^a^L 71): ayr?; 1 Theoph Chr | TroXet] +ai'TU3V ac'S 

6 xoppatoi^^] xopaioi/s p : x^P'^^*'^^ 1 • X'^PP^^^^^ hqwx : 
Xapatoi'S d: xop^cttocs E | (om opeaiv — (7) 6ap.ap 31) j opetriy 

Jitiihus i5 I (TTjeip] ffj/ip t : (Tteip quy'' : £ri7;/j dfhix: (r/ceip ms* [ 
om T7;s 1° bcow j 7epey.t.vQov\ r^pp-ivdov E]a'^V2: T^pe^ivBov 
bdglnpstw Theoph | om tt^s 2° d [ 0apa^] Kftappav s : 0apa o : 
(papap. Chr : tiailis 3 

7 (ai'acTTpfi^ai'Tfs] viroarpe^avTes 20) j TjXt^ocrai'] rjXdov Ma- 
hj(txt)l-prstvwxC2: om qu | 7ri)77)i/] 77;^ dejhiin: ttuXtji- o | 
(ta57)s] KaSSijs dfgm'p Phil-cod : KaSri c | a/iaX?(/c] pr tou amoc, 
33'P : pr Tous c | {om ^ai 3*^ 16) | a/xoppatoiij] app.oppaiovs d: 
a/U/iopaious h: (rop.oppaiov^ \ | roes KaroiK. ] pr Kai bw 3-codd | 
atrao-ay] aaaaap Mn : aaaaad c^ : ao'ao'oi' Chr: atrai' y: a(7(ra 
Pr: aira bf * : <ra w : a/ta c: Sasan Or-lat : Assart B''"': 
Nasen i5" | ^a/iap] Bapwp qu : (Tapiap dp : (?a/i C2 : /iap g : 
Thevi Or-Iat 

8 e^T\KBov Mh?E I 5^] + Trapara^acr^ai Chr | ^aatXevi i"] 
pr ejp Chr | (ia<n\evi 2"] pr ej : om cnJ3''""E''' Chr | yop.op- 


pas] yofipopa! 1 : yop-oppuiv t | xai /3o(r. aSa^a] om Chr : om 
^aaiXevs dl5P | aSa^a] adava x : (jaoa^a m : adafia^aX n | om 
jSaatXevs 4*^" d Chr | tre^wei^u] cre^tot/i t: ae^o^tp, f'lniqux: <r£- 
^oi/t n: ae^aap p: aajiaapi d: /SoeiM f* | om /Sao-iXeus .s" Chr | 
/^aXaKJ l^aXaaK b : /ia\a ejqsuv : (iraXa 25) | (njyup] aiywp 
bdfbiquw I Trapera^aiTo] Trapara^ai'Tes f | om aurots frl3'l£ | 
ecs jToXe/aoi'] post aXvK-q dgpsvx Chr: (om 107: eis Trapara^ti/ 
32) I er] eTTi bw I Ti) aXiiK?)] ttjs oXukt;? b: (tt; aX/j.vpa 32): 

9 xo5oX\oyop.op] xoooXXayopop aor : xo5oX\a7o/iwp gn : xo5o- 
Xoyopop dePjl])!}: X''5''^"7<'A"'P '''S t'hr: (xodoXoyvpivp 127): 
(xoXo5oxop.op 20): xo'f^ayop.op m: x°'>^'>y<>l^'>P f* I om pairiXca 
aiXap Chr | (SafftXea i"] ^amXtcj d | aiXa/*] eXa/t bdeflmpr: 
ciXo/x X : iXaM Cj : aiXei/i s | om koi i" — a/xap(paX e | ^aX7aX 
x\] #aX7ap q : SaX7a u : Bapyaa 1 : dapaaX d : dopyaX ao : 
dapyaX M rell 3 ; BapdaK Chr : Tkari;ar B | om ^aaiXta cBvuv 
Chr I fiaaiXea 2°] (ia(nXev! d : /SoffiXews (| | a/jLap(t>aX] X sup 
ras A" {apap(pap A*uid): aixapcj>aa 1: ap.ap(pa5 fstvx : afiapipa 
dgp: ap.ap(f>aB Chr: paptpaX qu : M or fhal '>&•■•■■ \ om fjaaiXfa 
(Ttvvaap Chr | (iaatXaj. 3"] ^airiXevi d | om (revvaap—fiacnXfa 
4° g I (TEwaap] o-ei/aap djlps^SluidjB"': o-raap m : fffwaao c | 
om Kai 3" Aqu | apiwx] ap7wx c: apiai c^: (apixw 31) | om 
/SaffiXfa fXXaaap Chr | /SairiXfa 4°] /3a<riXfKS c,: ^acrtXeut q | 
eXXairap] fXaffap alw ; eXacrwp b : (aXacrap 20) : (reXXn{rap cdegjnr 
313'' : (TeXaaap p : Xairap x : + Aral BapyaX ^acriXfa eBvuv e I 
01] pr (tat b I OU70I A] om M omn 3B"' Chr 

10 7) aXi'KTj] (aXpvpa 32): om JS" | (ftpeara Adfhwx Chr 
Jos] pr Tji- J3: +Ttv\: + (ppeara M rell 9J3S-ap-Barh | «pvyei>'] 
((pvyov dlEi' I ^acriXet/s i"l pr ac Chr | fl-oSoiUu;'] + €i! rriv 
(papayya e: ( + eii to (papaypa 79) | om /SaffiXfus 2" Imo 9-cod 
lEn Chr I eneTTeaav Anry] eveireaov M rell: {eveirfirev 79: ave- 
Treirof loS: areaov 16): occidirniit eos'^ \ exei] + f i/So to ^penra 
(20) Chr I eif — 60i'7o»'] e0l'7oi/ eis tt)v opiivriv b\v3B : ( + eij 
al^TT^f 32) 

1 1 eXa/3e>' Anos] eXo^ov M rell 3331E Or-gr Chr | 5f] + koi 
TTji* opivT}v Kai Mdghptx ('hr-ed ; ( + 71)1' opeifrtv Kai ewpoi'o- 
/ifi'O'ai' 3 1. S3): 4- Kat T-qv opiVT}v r: -{-Kai fs | tj}v iirirov irairai'] 

5 7i7aj'Tas] a' paipaeif jsv : ir' foifo/tfiei j(5ine nom)v | (ro^iaioi's] ff' ^oi^opip.eif s 

6 Tepf/Aiff?oii] 01 X Spi'os Mj(sine nom); a' Spi'os v 

9 atXa/i] a' aKvBojv v [ eBvoji'} ff' aKvBttiv Mj : o"' TrapL<f)v\ias Mj(sine nom)v | a^vpaap] ttovtov j | eXXatrap] <r' ttoi'toi' v | 
(ver 9) a' ir' aKvBup : 7ra/i<^i/Xtas : a' ttoptov s 





(A) (D) rrjv 'S.oBo/jiwv koI Tofi6ppa<; koX Trdvra to, ^patfiaTa avToiv, Kal airriXOov. ^^eXa0ov Se Koi tov 12 
A(BT vlov TOV aSeXifjov ''A/9pa/x* Kal Trjv a-rro(TKevrjv ainov, Kal airw^^ovTO- rjv yap KaToiKwv ev 
%D %oB6/j.oi.<;. ^^^Trapayevop.evo'; Be tmv avaawdevTiov Ti<i (nri'jy'yeiXev W/3pafi tw Trepdrrj- avTO'; Be 13 
"I c KarqiKei ev rr} Bpvl rfj Ma/jif3pi] o "A/iopt? tov dBeX^ov 'Etri^cbX kuI tov dSeXfpov Avvdv, ot ^aav^ 
§ d, avi'WfxoTai tov W^pdfi. ^ '-• d/coi/cra? Be 'A/3pa/u. oti, rj-^fiaXcoTevdrj Amt dBeX(f>o<; avTov,ypi,Ofj,i]- 14 
U A aei' Tov<; IBiov; oiKoyevei'i avTov, TpiaKoaiov; BeKa Kal oktco, Kal KaTeBlw^ev^ oTTtcrm avTtJov ew; 
Adv. ^5 Kal eire-rrecrev eir aiiTov<; tj;j' vvKTa avTo'i Kal 01 TraZSe? avTov, Kal eiraTa^ev avTOV<;, Kal 15 
eBico^ev avTov'i eoj? Xw^nX, »; eaTiv ev dpiarepa AafxaaKov. ^^Kal direa-Tpei^ev irdrrav ttjv I'ttttov 16 
XoB6/j.(i}v Kal A(i)T tov dBeXcfiov avTov direcTTpeyjrev kul iravTa ra vTrap')(^ovTa avTov Kal ra? 
LI' jC'^ yvvaiKa<; Kal tov Xaov. ^^'^^K^rjXOev Be /3a(TiXev<i ^oBofitov et? avvdvTrjaiv avrw, fieTO, to 17 

§ A VTroaTpeijrai avTov diTo Trj<! kottt)'; tov ^ioBaXXoyofiop Kal tmv ^^acriXecov tcov jxeT avTov, et? ttjv 
H U3 KOiXdBa Trjv %avrjv tovto r/v to TreBlov ^aaiXew;.^ ^^Kal MeX-^^icreBeK 0a<TiXev<; -aXrjp, i^^'jveyKev 18 

12 a^pav A 

13 afOiiTitidevTiS A 1 iTVfOfxoTat A 

17 aKOT-qs D 


iracav ttjv ittttov Macdgmopsvxc^ Chr; {iracrav ttjv oiarpov 107): 
otnnent pvaedain ^ : om irtxaav 33'"'3£ | ti)v 2°] om Macdghm-p 
stvxc, Chr : twv ly | 7o,uoppas] 70juopas f* : yoixoppo^v o | )3pw- 
/xara] ^pajra dgps: aojfiara r: ap/xaTo. m : {aiTTjpeaia 32 ; virap- 
Xovra 31.83) 

12 om TOV C2* I om viov — a^pafM mo | vtov AMbtw] pr tov 
rell Chr | aSeX^ov] + avTov 1 | avTov] +tov viov tov adeXtpov 
a^pafi mo | aTTuixovro] uixovto ejqu : ( + (j>evyovTe^ •20) : ffcus 
^-codd I Karou'wc] KO-TaaKt^viDv bw 

13 TrapaYCj'O^ecos] Trapayf I'a/uei'os n : irapayevo^cvoL i{md) | 
T(jiv avaaujd. rty] rts rwr ai'acrw^. Mbd-gjopsv\vx^l3(uid) Chr: 
Tt avaaojd. n: (rwi/ 5ta(rw^. rts 32: tis tuv diacrujO, 16.20) | 
ai'ao'W^ei'TaJi'] avaX^fpdevTujv c | aTTTjYYetXec] a»'?;'y7€iXei' 1 Thdt : 
07r7)77eiXoi' fn | afipaix i°] pr tw /JMbdfgptwx Chr Cyr Thdt | 
om Tu TrepaTT} dl£ | ai'ros] ai'Toi' a | 6^ Am Cyr-cod] Trapa bw 
Chri: jrpos DU rell aB(uid)1E(uid) Chr} Cyr-ed | ti; 5pi,i ttj] 
T7;i/ dpvv T-qv Inx [ ixafj-^p-r)] ^a/j.j3pt e: iiap-^p-qv nx : fia^pr] p: 
fiavpi) cdfo: Mamre iS'P | a/iopis] o afj.oppis Z^ : ofj.opL$ y^''{uid) 
Cj'': 0/j.opoi dgoprxc^* Chr-codd : oXfiopis h* : appuip b: o 
afi/xop w: (o a/Awp loS): yap-^pos m: Toi' apLoppaiov f^-ed 
13(uid): aMoppatou Cyr-ed : anoppaiot' 11^' : o/topou Chr-ed : om 
o t: -f 5e Cji Ainorrhacoriim "Sl-codd j (om tov i" 14) | om 
etrxwX — ah^(\>o\> 2'^ lE^P | ecr^oX dejmp.svx | 7-ou a6eX0oi' 2°] om 
dfiS'lE'^: om Tou abcgmoprwxc, Chr | avvav] {tvvav 6>i): avTov 
M I om 01 hl3"P I om avvwfxoTai. — (xvi. ij) lapa-qX c (spat 14 
circ linearum relicto) | iXvvuip.0Tai] (tru/i/taxoi 20 : avix\f'ij<poi 
32) I TOV 3°] Tu Mdfmnptx Chr Cyr-codd 

14 aKovaa? 5e] /cat a/coi'(7as c^ | om a^pap. ml£*^P | TjxMaXw. 
Tevdrj Ay] T]XP-o-XwTic7Tat dejp: ??x/iaXwrei'Tai />''M rell Chr 
Cyr I aSiXtpos] aSeX<t>idov5 dfpv(mg)xd2''''3-codd Chr Cyr-ed: 
avf^pto^ gn : Uios tov a5iX<pov mIE'-P | idtous] OiKeiovi 1 : om 
x3[(uid)13(uid) I om avrov 2° m Chr | rpiaic. — oktw] S(Ka km 

OKTio KaL TpiaK, D (5e ctous U) : oktu koh dena Kat TpiaK. 

aehjloqtu: Tpta/c. d€Ka oktw dmrswy : {oktuj Kai SeKa Tpian. 78) | 
(om Kat 2° — dav 83) | KaTedtoj^ev] KaTe.. A | oiriaw avrwv] 
OTTiaio airrov X : om bw | om etifs dav — (15) avTovs i" '3 | Sav] 
Sa^tt s : dadav g 

15 cTreTretrei'] en-etrez' nxC2 Cyr-cod | om C7r g | ttjv vvKTa] 

pr oXt;!' y Cyr-codd | (TratSfj] oLKoyevets 20) [ arroi'] pr /ter f : 
+ pfT avTov Mdgptxdj | om Kat eSiu^ev avrovi dgp3l Chr I 
eoiia^ev avTovs] KarcS. aiToi'S KaL €^€5i(t}^ev Cyr-cod 1 eottu^^^l 
e^eSiw^ev Mejlqs-vxCjdj Cyr-cod: eireSiw^ev Cyr-cod: Kare- 
5tw|ei' abw Cyr-ed | om avTovs 3° behjimqs-v Cyr-cod | x'^PaX] 
Xo;3aX bdfmpwCjd, Cyr-cod: x^fSijXg: X"(3a h*iiqruyB'" On : 
X0/3a Cyr-ed: x^M" ': X'^^o.p x: {a-o^a 83) | om ev dfgj*lnop 
Chr-ed | {dapaaKov aptfrrepa loS) | apttrrepa] apitiTa d 

16 aTrecrrpe^ef l°] ejreorpe^ei' qu : airtffTpe^pav y: (e(j)itya- 
Sevae 20) | Trocrav — iroSo/itoj'] miilos eorum |£ | tt;^ ijrTro;' Traaav 
qu I T?;v tiTTTOv] praedam % \ <!ohop.o!v'\ +et Gomoirhae 33 I 
XtiJT — avTov i°] TOV 'vv TOV aS€X(f}ov avTov Xoir n: (tov Xojt 76) 
XojT TOv] pr TOV bw : rov Xtur ht | ad€X(pov'\ aSeX^idovv dfpv^x 
dj,*"' Chr Cyr-ed : viov a5eX(pov mlE' | aireaTpeipev 2"] post 
avTOV 2° amoCjS : {aveauiue 20) : om di£p | om TravTa abmorwc 
1£ I om avTov 2^ ej | Kat tov Xaov ^-at ras 7i'»'atKas t Chr I ras 
^I'l'atKas] TT^f 7i*atKa o 

17 fiTiX6ov p I /SacriXfi's] pr o d Chr | croSoixwv] -(-cat /Jairi- 
Xei'j yo/j.oppas bw | om eis 1° — anTw Cyr-cod^ | avvavTijaiv] 
{vwavTTjinv 20); awavTTiaiv Cyr-ed i | ai;7-tii] avTov bemnwx 
Cyr-ed}: afipaph^tS.: om dpd^ | to 1°] tou m | i/Trocrrpefai] 
awoaTpe^pai U3dp: einuTp€\paL bw : avaaTpe^pai LMaefgj{lxt) 
iiors(txt)vx-dj Chr: vTrava<TTpi\j/ai t | om avTov bw | kotttjs] 
{Tpoirrjs 32): iTKoirt;! /) Phil-cod | rou xoS. /cat] om L: om toi/ 
Cyri I xo^°-^^'>y°l^''p] X<'^o.XXoyop<iip b: xo^"''^<'70M»P am: 
XOO0XX070/XOP h*qs-wyCj Cyr.V: xo^o\oyoiu.op deflpd,13t!E Cyr J-: 
Xo5o\Xayop.op Mgh'*''r I'hil-ed : xo5o/3^a70jUop U3: xo5oX\a7o- 
pup Chr: xi'^<'Xa7o/top o3 : x''^''^'^yop-'^P x: x^^^o^oyopop j: 
XoXo5tf70jttop Phil-codd : x^^oTOMo^op Phil-cod: xoXoyopup n | 
TO/i/ /teT ai/TOi'] om L: (^twv per aiiTwv 18: tujv ffvv aVTUj 20) I 
Ti)v 2°] T7)S Cyr-cod i: tou Cyr} edi: om gpd^ | aaimiv A] 
o-ai/if 11: o-at/t x: ito/St) dpw Cyr}: (aii?; 18): aairr) /JLM rell 
^Cyr} I om TOfTO — /3a(rtX*tus L | TovTo^TOVTwg^ -f- 5e Cyr-ed i^ ] 
i;//] «/ "S-edJSC I om to 2° Mbd-gnprstvwxd, Cyr } | TreSioj/] e 
sup ras A* | /3acriXews] s sup ras A'' : pr tov agoc^ : fiacnXeoiv 
ZJlqu'S : Ttt?!" fia(n\euv y Cyr } : n^ni E : 4- peXx'inSiK bw : 
+ TIIJV per avTov t 

18 Aai p-eXx-l peXx- ^^ (3') *E : + 5c e | /3a(r. a-aX7);ii] post 

13 Trapayej/OjUtJ/oj] tr' 5ta0U7ti//' v | avaawd.'] a' diarpvyovTuv j : <r' 5ia(p€vyovTOJv s | ro) TrepaTj;] a' tw TrcpaiTTj <t' to) efipautj 
jsv I a/topts] a' tou ap.ojpL sv : toi/ a/topt j : a' tov apoppaiov jsv 

17 TTjs /C07n;s] a' toi/ 7rXij|oi j(sine nom)sv : o' ^eTa to TroTaJai sv 



XV 5 

19 apTov<; Kol olvoi'' ^jv Be lepew rov OeoO rov v-^lcttov. ^9/cal iji/Xoyrjcrev tov ^A^pafi Kai enrev (A) (D) 

20 Kv\oyT]fi,evo<i 'A^pafi tw Oeco t(o ii-yjrLCTTa), 09 eKTicrev tov ovpavov ical Tt]v yPjv -°Kai ev\oy7]T0<; 
0609 o vyp'i.aTO'i, o« trapehcoKev tovs e)^Bpov<; aov viTO-)(eipiov<i croi.^^ koX eB(OK€P aiiTW oeicdrrjv airo ' 

21 •jrdvrav.'^ ^^ecTrev Se ^aaikew '^oBofxoov Trpo? 'A/3pa/i Ao? ^fioi Toii'i dvSpa<;, Trjv he 'lttttov Xd^e' 
II aeavTw. ^'^el'jrev Be 'A0pd/j, trpo'i j3aa-iKea ^oBofuov 'E/crei'w T>jv X^'P" /*'"' 7rpo9 rov deov tov 
33 VfjnaTov, 09 eKTiaev tov ovpavov kol ttjv yr]v, '^^el avro a-7rapTiov ea)9 a<f>ai.pci)Tripo<; inroB7))j,aTO<; 
24 \?;/zi|ro/tat^ t'nrb TrdvTfov tmv awv iva p,)) €iTrr]<; OTt, 'Eyeb tVXoyTtcra tov A/Spdp,. '^ir\>iv oiv ' 

ecpayov ol veavicrKot ical Trj^: fiepiBof tu)V dvBpSiv twv avp/iropevdevTWV fieT ifiov, *'Ecr;^<u\', 
Avvdv, Map-^pyj- ovtoi \7]p,-\(rovTai p,epiBa. 
XV I ^'Mera Se to. p7)fiaTa TuvTa ^eyevijOj] prjfia Kvptov 7r/309 A^pap, ev opdp,aTi Xeycov M.rj 

2 (j)o^ov, 'A/3pa/i" iyo) VTrepaaTri^co aov' 6 picrQo'i aov 7roA.i'9^' eaTai a(j)6Bpa. ^Xeyei Be A^pap,\ 
^eairoTa Kupte, ti fioi Bcoaec! ; eyo) Be dTro\vop,ai ciTf/ci'09" o Be 1/(09 Maae/c t?}? oiKoynvov'i fiov, 

3 ^011X09 AafiaaKo^; 'RXie^ep. ^^al el,Trev 'A/Spriyx 'E7ret8>/ ep,ol ovk eBuixa'i avepp-a, Be olKoyev7]<; i 

4 p,ov K\7]povop,7]aei fie. ■*/<:«( evOv<; ^cavrj Kvpiov iyeveTO 7r/309 avTov Xeycov Ov KXrjpovop-tjaei ae 

5 011x09 • dXX! 09 e^eXevaeTai eK aov, ovto<; KXi]povo/j.ijaei ae. ^e^yjyayev Be avTov 'e^(0 Kal eiTrev 





H A 


19 evXayriffev Z)^"' 
24 eurxutX A 

23 tr^atp.] (paip. A*{<t suprascr A') : ff(ptp. D 
XV I iroXus] jro...A 

vypiffTov IE I aa\€iix nd^ [ e^iji'CYA.e^] -i- avru) bhv Cyr-ed i^ : 
4-ai'TOu 11 I aproi's] apTOf mux | 7)v 5e i€p€i's] ^«/rt sacerdos erat 
^ I tepeus] pr t* | om rav 2° (79) Cyr^ ed \ 

19 Toc a^pafi] TOV a^paafi e: (om tov iS): auroi' amo : 
auTOf p.€\xi(Tid€K t)W I ei;\o7T;/i€»'Os] 6UX0777TOS (20) Chr^ Tlidt | 
TOJ (?eu)] pr wapa ej : om g 

20 om /cai i'^—v\f/i(TTos IE'^p | ei'Xo-yT^ros] €i'Xo77;^ei'0s dejp | 
Oeos] pr Ks bw | om u^tffTOS Chrf | TrapeSwKe;/] eSwKci' D 
Cyr I I crou — trot] ez'us in manihus t'ins Or-lat | I'Troxfiptoi-s] 
VTTo x^ipos ej : ets x^'P^' {32) ■3(uid) | (rot] (tou bdefi()t Cyr J 
cod \ I ai'Tw 5€/vaT7;y] deKarjjv auTOJ fl3 : a^pafi Se^aras aurw ej j 
aurw] -f afSpafi bw : {om 83) | Se^ar?;;'] StKaras 1 : + fioipav 
Cyr^ [ aTTo travTiov'] ad ofunibus suis Spec: -\-quae erant ei 

21 ^affiXei's] pr Z)brrw | (coSo/fwi'] pr rwc 20) | iJ.oC\ 
€fXOL qsuv I avdpas} 7rat5as n | t7]v 5€ lttitov] et praedam "lE | 

22 om 6e 1 | ^acriXea (ToSo/xwz'] pr tov bdf Chr Cyr-ed : 
avTov p I cKTeivuj \J^*{n\d)oR \ om tt}v x^'-P'^ f^^^ Eus ^ | om 
TOV $€ov Cyr J I TOV I"] pr kv qu Cyr-ed J: om m Phil-cod^ | 
om TOV v^iffTov Iren-cod | €KTi(r€v] ewonja-f {20) ^(uid)3£ Chr | 
71;*'] 4-Kat ev\o-y7]Tos ds vififfro^ quy^ 

23 et] eis I : ■>? p | om <nra.pTiov ews g | eojs] pr /cat x: fJ-^xpi- 
m I om i'7ro57;/xaTos d ] om iravTwv C-ed3£ | om otl Cyr-ed \ \ 
eTrXourttra] -mwXovTLKa Mdfgljttc^ Chr | tov a^pa/ji] avTov n 

24 (ajp] a 32) | veavLaKoi] {iraides 20): homines inci IS | 
trv/iTTOpefo/xf :'(*);' qu | etr^wX auj/av] aiifai* ecxwX aoxc^^E : Annaii 
et Eschol^^ I eo'xtt'X] eiTxoXdejp : etcrxoXm | (at'i^ai'] ai'7a;/ 18): 
-fetcxoX m j fxapLjipi]] /iafij3pi e: fiavprj f: /xavpt dp: fxavp-qv m : 
A/awre^i>: iMabre ^ \ fi€pi5a] + aurwf aefjmoxc^^i^liluid) 

XV 1 om Ttt b I eycvrjdTj] eyevcTo efjdj | ^17^^ Kvptov^ Kvpiov 


\oyoi Jul-ap-Cyr | ev opafxaTi Xe7w;'] Xe7ati' ev opa/xaTt sv: om 
€v opap.aTi Cyr-cod i : (om Xf7wi' 77): ev opafiaTi ttjs vvktos 
Xeywv efhjU{Xe7o»' jlj'E-od Cyr-ed k (cod Xe7o»') : (ev opa/xaTi 
vvktos Xeydjv 32): \eywv ev opapLaTi ttjs pvktos Mdgnpd^ 
Chr {X€7o»') Jul-ap-Cyr | X67aji'] X€7oi' Cyr-ed A^ | om a^pa/x 
2" L I {eyta] + 5tj 32) | VTrepaairi^u)] vmpacnriii} Lx'St Chr i : 
vTrepaffiTLffuj Cyr-ed f | earat (J0o5pa] est Tyc : om eaTat Phil- 
cod d 

2 X67C( 8e] ct dixit ei I£ | X€7€t] etTre pBC | 5^ r^] ai/rw f : 
om est IS'' I oeiTTTora A;i'pie] om L: om heawoTo. a*C : om Kvpie 
Mb-hj(txt)lprs(txl)tv\vyd^B3£ Phil Chr § Cyr ^ codd^ Jul-ap- 
Cyr I M'pte] post Soicreis Chr \ \ om he 2" e]3''(!r-ed | aTroXco- 
^ai] aTToXXuo/xat Ip : aTroXXiz/iat (76) Chr \ : aTro\v07}<TO/ Phil i : 
a7rcXei;iT0/iai Phil-codd^: moriar C | om 5e 3° dp | ^AacreKJ 
fiaaex ^1" Cyr-ed^: fxaeaeK x: {fia^eK 20): M^i* «^' (f^i) Cyr- 
codd|: yuou e« 1 Phil-codd-^: eK Cyr-cod|: om Chr | olko- 
yevovs] oik€ti8os Phil-codd J | om fiov Phil-cod i | oi/ro$] pr 
KKt)pQvopL-i]<TeL fxe Phil-codd lE(uid): om Or-lat(uid) 

3 Kttt etn-ei' afipafi] eiirev be a^pa/x ryC: etTre de a^pa/j. 
SeairoTa f : om dp | eireLdj]] eirei p: {eweLhav 6S.107) | f/xot ovk 
eSoJKas] OVK eduKas fxoi m{e5w\-es)pC(uid) Or-lat Chr | eSwKas] 
eSuiKes L | ffwepfxa] TeKvov bgw | o 5c — juoiv] oi'tos p Chr | 5cJ 
oi'Se g: (itat 37): ^/c Or-lat: om 5e dmEBClE | mol'] 
+ ovTo% fr I /te K\j}povofjL7}(Tei fr Chr 

4 om Kai — a-e 1° Lo | evOvs^ evOv a: ci'^ewj m | Kvpiov] 0u 
begjrvw Phil Chr: tou (/eoi/ JuI-ap-Cyr : Dei^iB: om dps(txt) 
x*yd23L Cyr-cod i | om Trpos avTov 15 | X<7Wf] \eyov<ra defjl 
mpquCjdj Chr Cyri ed i : \eyovTos Jul-ap-Cyr : tw Xeyeiv Phil : 
om x*(ir-ed | oitos i"] -t- Kat enrev avTU ovx ourws o | ovtos 
K\-qpov. ae] om (25) l£i'; om ere f* | ce K\i]povo/jL7}ffei f^r 

^ (f^'77tt7Ci'] e^e^aXe 77) | Be avTov] eavTOv 1 | om efw 

21 Touy aySpa?] a' ttji* i/'i'X'?^ o"' t^s ^^'X^ls jsv ] tt/i' 5e tTTTroi'] a' ttjv de wepiovaiav a' ttjv de vrrap^iv j{sine nom)sv 

23 (nrapTiov] a' a' VTjfxaTOS jsvc^ | ff^aipwTTjpos] a' ip.avTos MvCglsine nom) : a' i/iafT-os js : c' a<paipwTTjpa de 
TOV ifxavTa tov vtrodripiaTos j | iva firj ennji] tr' Kat ovk epeis jsv 

XV I virepaairL^uj] vrrepfxaxofiai Kadairep oit\ov j 

2 aTToX. arcKi/os] a' aTrepxo^at ayovos a' Tropevofiai M | aTeKvos] a' a70»'os j(sine nom}sv | Be — M-ov] <r' Se trvyyevijs 
tov oiKov fxov Mjsv{sine nom js) 

4 Xe7w»'] a' tw Xeyeti' ot de o' /cat tr' Kai 0' ujs yeypaiTTai Xeyuv sv 



XV 5 


(A) (D) 


TT U4C"' 


t A 

7rpo9 avTov ' Avd/3\e'>frov 8^ et? toj' ovpavov koX apiOfi-qaov rov'i dcrrepa';, el hvvj) e^apid^rjaai 
avTov'i. Koi. elTTev Outm? earai to ^(nrepfia aov.^ ^^Kal iiriaTevaev 'A^pnfi tco Bew, Kai e\o- 6 
'ylcrOr) avrm el<i Bt-KaiocrvvTjv. ^eiTrev he avrm 'E7ft) o 6e6<i 6 e^ayayMV cre eK yoapat; "KaXhaLWV, 7 
ftjcrre Bovval aoi rrjv lyriv TavTTjv KXtjpovofirjcrai. ^^eiTrev Be AecrTrora K.vpte, Kara ri yvoxjofiai S 
OTL KXr)povofj,r)C7w avrrjv ; '^elirev he avrm Ad/3e /tot hdfiaXiv Tpieri^ova-av Koi aiya^ Tpiert^ovtrav 9 
Koi Kpiov Tpieri^oi'Ta Kal rpvyova kuI Trepiarepdv. ^°eXa^ev he ainm Travra ravra, Kal hielXev 10 
avrd fieaa, koi e6r]Kev avrd avTiirpoaoJira dW')X.of?' rd he opvea ov hielXev. "/caxe/S?; he opvea n 
iirl Ttt amfiara, to, hf)(OTOfir)fiaTa avTwv Kal avveicdOicrev avrolf 'A/8pa/A. ^^irepl he rjXiov 12 
hvafid<i eKCTTaffi'i eTretreaev tu> ^A/3pd/j,, Kal Ihov (f>60o<; (rK0Tiv6<; ijLeya<; eTTiTrtTiTei avrm''' ^^Kat, 13 
eppedtj Trpo? *'A/3prt/i* VtvoiaKuv yroKTr) oTi irdpoiKOv ecnai ro cnrep/ia <jou ev yrj ovK ihia, Kai 
KaKtoaovaiv avro Kal hovXcoaovaiv avTov<; Kal TaTreivdxTovcriv avTovv TerpaKOcna ertj. '^xo oe 14 
edva w edv hovXevcrayaiv Kpii'co eyco- fierd he raina i^eXevaovTat, whe fierd airocTKevri^ ttoXX-i]<;. 
'•So-v he d-rreXevar} 7rp6<; tov<; Trarepa? aov /jier elpr/vrji;, Tpa((>el<i ev yijpei KaXa>.'^ ^^TerdpTrj he^ ,6 

9 Kpeiov D 

1 1 (TwcKadenrev A 

12 €K(TTa<r€ts A 

13 ap 

nv A 


Clem-R Jul-ap-Cyr | irpa ain-ov /JiKuid)] avra LM onin Clem- 
R Or-gr Chr Cyr Jul-ap-Cyr: oni Phil | avafiXf^l/ov] ava^\(^pai 
TOis o<p6a\fioi^ (Toil f : + tols o(p6a\fiois ffov r | om St; Labdfmop 
rw-d^aBCIEIL Phil Clem-R Or Chr Cyr-cod J Jul-ap-Cyr 
Thdt Spec | apidnvcrov] (^apid^rjcxov sv : tSe Thdt | ei bvvy}\ 
iav 5vvT]6i]S Phil | ei] (-f St; 32): pr 7/:V/^ ISGH j 5vvi] D] dvvaffai 
c^: Svi'Tiar) LM rell % Clem-R Or-gr Chr Cyr Jul-ap-Cyr 
Thdt I e^apL6fjLT]crai] s^apLdfiijffaaBaL L: (apidp-tjaai 108): tov 
apL$fi'r]aa.i Phil-codd | avTovs] roi'S acrfpas n | Kai eiTre;' 2°] om 
ejp Phil(uid) Clem-R Or-gr J Spec: +avTa Ladflmorxc^d^ 
gjJpffilE'flL Or-gr J: +ad mm Or-latf | oi/xus] pr Kai d | 
ecrai] etrrai L | to aTrep^a] tcxj cnreppLaTi f : . . €p/j.a U4 
6 — 15 nonnulla rescr A'' 

6 KOI eTriffr.] eirio-T. de bw Phil Paul Cath Clem-R Just 
Or-gr Eus J Cyr i | a^pa/x] a^paap. fv : post Sew Just | om 
eis m 

7 eitrev 5e] koi (iwev y \ avru Ay] Trpos airroi' Z'"'MU4 rell 
IL(uid) Phil Cyr Jul-ap-Cyr | eyu — o-e] ego sum qui te educo 
Or-lat I e7M] -hei^i Mdfglprstvc^djBffiiS Phil-arm Chr Jul-ap- 
Cyr I Seos] pr Fs xSE Phil-arm : -)- aov Id^aiE ; -t- sum % | 
e|a7wi' Jul-ap-Cyr | es] airo Phil-cod | x^P"'] P'' 7''' ^ • P^ '^V^ 
Chr: X"?"' <^2 '■ T"!' Phil-codd | (uffre] toi' 32) | K\ripovo- 
firiaai] + avrriv ZJMadfgl-pstvxc^d^Sl-coddBffEILiuid) Chr 
Cyr-ed Jul-ap-Cyr 

8 eiTvev Se] et dixit 3L: om 5e w: -F auru dp5l5'"!E: + a^pap. 
fn'^ I om de<nroTa — {9) aurw lE'^P j dea-jrora Kvpte] Kvpte dee C 
Phil-codd: om SeuiroTa f: om KvpLe U4* Phil-ed Cyri: +ffee 
bw I /cara Ti] Trws M(mg)J3(uid) ]'] +tovto Mdguptdj 
Chr Cyr^ ed^ Thdli | on — ainriv] quia lien-di/as ilia % 

9 Se auTu] ZJJ ad Ahram IL | /uoi] tibi'^ \ om TpieTifoiwai' 
1° — Kpioi' w I Kai ai7a rpierC^ovaav^ post rpieTi^ovTa fr Phil 
Chr-J: om Cyr-edi (repugnante contexlu) Jul-ap-Cyr Thdt(uid) 
l£p ; (om TpLeTi^ovTaf 20) | om Kai Kpioi* Tpterti^opTa Chr^ Jul- 
ap-Cyr I om Kai 3" dpd^ | Kai TrepicrTepai' Kai r/Ji-YOfa Chr ^ 

10 tXafief — raura] liaec aci-epit %: Kai eXafief Chr | e\a.§ev 
5c] Kai e\a^€t> bw : et sume IE \ ai'Tw] eaiTw jQo Cyr-ed ; ita IS : 
om 3 I rai'Ta iravTa Md-np-suvc^d^B Phil-codd Cyr | 5iei- 
\ev] diuide IE | om awa r° IL(uid) | pieaa\ p-eaov defjm | om 
KOI 2° — aXXijXois nlS | aura 2°] (aurw 31): om 3i(uid) Cyr-ed | 

oi'TiTTpocrwjra] ai'Tiirpoaonroi' df(uid)mp: (ai'ri npotriinrov 79) | 
aXXi;Xois] aXXTjXuc fr | oi' SieAep] tie diuiseris E | hieCKev 2°] 
-f Kai ediKev aura acTiTrpoo'a'Troi' aWrjXots n : + el sumpsit sibi 
ita haec omnia et diiiisit inter ea et posiiit quae diuiserat contra 
se altrinsecus aues aiitcm non diuisit lE"^ 

1 1 Kare^T] 5e] et descenderunt 3L(uid) | opi-fa] pr to. bi'lSIE"!' : 
pr erepa Chr; (ofiveov 18): ■\-eK tov owou frC | om ra ffUiuaTa f 
]ul-ap-Cyr | ra dix°'''-] P'' f""' e''(postea ras)hjlqtu Cyr-ed: ra 
dixoTOfj.-qp.ei'a n : ra 5ix°'''opri$eVTa (20) Phil-codd Chr : quae 
dinisa erant 3L | om aiTui' iiBIL Chr Jul-ap-Cyr | a/Spa^ii] 

-f et auertit cos E*^ 

12 TTepi de — afipa/i] om mw: om Se 3L(uid) | eKo-Tairis] 
(TKOT-oiris h I eTTCTrea-ei'] eirecrev In Phil-codd i Cyr-ed T-A : 
ejreirTj;<rei' Phil-cod i | tm] pr fTri Phil-codd i: cjri to;' M(mg) 
hs(mg)t Phil-codi Cyr T-A: firi Phil-codd i | om iSor S-codd 
33'^^ I (pojio^'\ yroipo^ bnw [ aKOTivos /ie7a!] jU€7a5 aKOTivo^ M^^gP 
rsvdjBtfT Phil-arm : ^E7as koi ffKOTeii'OS f Chr : (itkotos p-eya. 
32): om n: om Aie7a$ bhmwSISP | fTriTiTTTei] dmpd^: 
eiriTTTfi Ml : etrecrTei n : ueuit J3 | ai'Tu] oitwi' 1 

13 a/3po/i] ai'TOK dgr* | TropoiKos x | 77;] pr tt; (31) Thdt J | 
oi'K iSio] aXXorpio m Acta Cyri | kokuot. — oitoi'S i" A] Soi'Xu- 
croucrii' oi'Tous Koi KaKuiTovtnv Mb(SouXf uir. b*)dgh(5oi'Xei>iT. h*)ln 
ptwd,^ Phil-arm (om oitods) Chr J Tyc-cod : SoiAuir. oitoi'S 
KOI KOLKOKT. oi'Tous Z)5''aefjnio(uid)qrsuvxyc,53(!riE Cyr Thdt ^ 
Tyc-ed: Soi'Xwo-. oito koi KOKOitr. Acta Chr |: SovXoia. avTo koi 
KOKwir. ouT-o Thdt J- I auTo] oi/toks Or-gr | om koi SoiiXwir. outohs 
Or-gr (repugnante contextu) | koi roirei;'. oktohs] post f tt; B'"' : 
om ho*ciux Acta Clir | Cyr Thdt A Tyc | om owoi's 2° bw 
Chrf Thdt J- | eTT] TCTpaKoata Mbdfghlnprsvwd^ Acta Or-gr J 
Chr Cyr-ed Thdt Tyc 

14 TO Se] Kai to bejnw Acta | u eav Soi'X.] qui affligent cos 
IS I w] 01' n I fof] av bfrsvvvx | eyu Kpivu aoc^iE | eyw] -fXe7Ci 
KS bw I p.eTa Se] Kai p,eTa g Acta : om Se p | toiito Se m | om 
uSe y I a7roo'Kei'7;s] aKevrj^ n 

15 aireXeiwj;] nopeivr) abovvc^: i/'is et reuertere IS | (irpo! 
— iroi>] post eipTji'Ti! 37) I /UfT- eiprif-ijs Tpaipeis] ev eipr)vq Tpaipeis 
13 Or-lat 5 Thdt: Tpaipeii ev eiprivt] Z>yChr-codd: om 2 : om 
/ler eiprjvri! gran Chr-ed Cyr f | ev] iraiSeia ayaOr) 1 | ynpei] 
yripa. apuc, | koXw] KoKui i\ : {ttiovi 32) 

11 avveKaSicev] a aire(To§T]<Tev Mjsvc2(sine nom) 

12 eKiTToffis] a' Kopo^ (Kopcros c^) <t' Kopos jsvCj : oV nausea S-ap-Barh 
15 ev ytjpei KaXoj] o' ev TroXia ayaOrj Msv : a' ev ttoXio ayaOr} j 



XVI 4 


yeved a-TroaTpaj»'iaoinat. wSe- ov-rrio yap diiaire*\ijpo)VTai ai ufMapriai rSiv ' A/xoppai(i)v etos toO (A) (U) 

17 pvv. '7f77-et Be fyiP€To ii\io^ Trpo? hvafiah, 0\of eyeveTO' xal IBoii KKi^avov Ka7rvi^6/J,evo<! leal 

18 Xa/MTra.Be'i 7rvp6<:, at Sii)X6ov dvn ^ecrov rotv Bf)^OTop.t)/xdTwv tuvtwv. '^tVei SieO^ro 6 dew tw 

A^pdf/, ^SiaO))Ktjv Xe'7a)i' Ta oiveppLari aov Bcoatu Trju ypjv ravTrji', ('nro tov iroritp.ov Xlyinrrov %'\ 

19 ewi TOV TTOTafiov TOV fieyaKov Rv<f>pdTOv' '^tous- KevaioVi koX Toiiy Keve^aiov<i koI tov<; KeX/iw- 

20 vaiov<; ^^°Kal tow XeTxaioi/? Kal tou? (t>epe^aiov<; koI Toy? 'Pa^aetr '^'' «ai T01/9 'A/iopp«tou9 § A 
«-at Toi/? Xai'ai'aioL'ir /cai Toil's" Vwaiovi Kal tov-; Vepye<Taiov<; Kal tov<; 'le^ovaaiovi. 

1 ^Idpa Se rj yvvrj 'A.^pdp. ovk eTiKxev avjip- i)v he avTTJ TraiBiaKT) AlyvTTTla ^ ovofia 'Aydp. 

2 '€L-7rev Be 'E.dpa rrpo'i W^pdfi 'IBoii ^crvveKXei(7et' fie Kuptos" tov jxtj TiKTew el'aeXOe ovv wpos ttjv i & 

3 iraiBiaKiiv fiov, 'iva TeKvoiroi,r]aei<; t"f auT/}?. vTrtjKova-ev Be 'A^pdp, T/79 <^(ov?]'i avji]<;. ^Kal 
Xaj3ovaa Zapa -f) yvvr) 'A/Spap. Ayap rijv AlyvvTiav ttjv eavTfj(; iraiBiaKifv, /xera BeKa err] tov 

4 oiKijcrai A/Spap. ev yfj Xavdar, Kal eBrnKev avTrjv rm Wf3pap, dvBpl ainfji; avTto yvvaha. -^ Kal 
eioijXdev ■irpo'i Aydp, Kal a-vveXa0ev Kal iBev otl ev yaarpl exet, Kal rjTipdadi) ?'; Kvpla evavTiov 

17 (yLViTo] ^yuvtro D 

XVI 4 (yyaarpt A 

16 ^eyea 5e rerapT-q amoxc^ | atroaTpaf^rjuovTOiL^ etriarpa- 
tpTjaovTai r: iTTpatprjaotfTai Thdt^: {eTravaffrpa^TjaovTai 32): 
awo(jTpa(pri(TeTai (1S.79) lyc-coiid | oi'iru] oktm dpr | 70^] 5e 
M I apatrcirXTjp.] w€Tr\-r}pu3VTaL T-A : avaTr\Tjptj)ijovT(ii d : {av 
ai'aTv\ripu>i'Tai 71) | (oin ai apiapT. — (17) TovToif 31) | apiapTiai\ 
avofuat 1 Phil-ed | a/ioppatwc] ap.opaiwv ]i* ; a^fjiopaiwy h}' | 
(oni fw? TOV vvv 128) 

17 fTTfi] iwdS-q Mdf-joqstvyCj Chr Cyr | S(] +tj5ti Mbg 
w: om hqy &'" Chr | ijXios eyifero y | eyivero D(eyeiv.) 
Ma'or'ty Phil-ed] e7e»'e7-o ^H* rell Phil-codd Chr Cyr | om o 
j I jr/jos SitTfiat >jXiO! f | Sivixai a-npqr*(uwx Phil-codd Chr 
Cyr } I eytvero] eyivero h : om n | om Kanvi^opevoi e | \a)i- 
TraSes] pr riKSov b\v: \ajU7ra5aj m: \a.p.nabifx p(uitl) [ aC\ Kai 
Mdt;Iptc,a-coddChr: om fhjnsvg-etUS'-'C : asm | SiJjXSei' c^ | 
{SixoTo/j.rjOei'Twv 20) \ on] toitwp jnv'3^iri£(uid) Pliil Chr 

18 eK(i D] 61/ TTi rjpepa eKeifjj M omn 'SB^CIS Phil Chr 
(post Its) I SieSfTo] crvvfSfTo Phil-codd | o Seos /Jhy] pr k} 
Mdglpqs-vB"" : Ts rell ajSi' Phil Chr | Siae-nK-qv tu o^pa/t 
bmwS}3 I \iyuv SiadtKifv n | SiaSijK?;!'] cri'vdTjKriii Phil-codd | 
■om \(yav c^ | om aov i | T771' 77)^] pr Trctirai' h | om aiyvirrov — 
TroTap.01' 2° r Phil-codd i | ai7U7r7-oi'] tov aiyvrrTov n*: rou 
ai7iijrTioi/ n^ | eus] pr koi Mdptc^ | om tou iroTapiov 2" Phil- 
codd 1£P I TQV 2°] TOVTOV y | TOU 1^67. ei'0paTOl'] ((ppaTOV TOV 

pieyaXov f : om rou fiey. d | ei'^paroc] pr woTafxov a(part ras)x 
H Phil^: €<ppaTov 1: cm s 

19 aepatovs] Keivaiovs Mh^: iiyaioi'S a*dgtCj'S Chr: Kwai- 
oi'S p I om Ktti 1° jp I Tous Kev(^aiovsJ vel^aiovi d: NfAlceoc 
fit I om KOI 2° — {20) ^cpef otoi's qu | /cat tous KeXjucjvaious] om 
U'* : om Acat roi'S d : om ^at p | ^-eX^aji/atoi's] KfX^uo^'ators m ; 
)te5|itt.!fatoi)S Mbgh*jlotvwy9 Phil-arm Chr: (/caS/twi'aious 32): 
KcS^o^'atoi'S dp : (/ceS^aJ/atous 1 8) : /ceSa/zi/aioi'S e : /tt-eXjUtjpaioi'S h^ 

20 om Kai tovs i° — Kat toi'S 4° d | om Kai tovs i** — /cat 3° 
p I ^epej'atoi's] + ^ai tovs KeSp-wfaiovs /cat TOfS x^^'"^''*''' '^^^ 
Toi's 0€pei'aioi'S s | pa^aety] pa^atv nt : pa<pafifx Mabeh^'jmowx 
Chr: pa(paip. Ic^StuidlB: ipapaifv p | om /cat 4" p ( ojttop- 
patoi's] a/tti/ppatoi'S b : a/i/topatoi/s h : a/x/xoppatoi'S (papa-qv d | 
/cat TOi'S 5'^] om d : om Kai p | x*^*'ct*'°^<'^5] pr evaiovs Kai tovs 


a"*' I om (cat toi'S et'atoi'S Ma-fimoprwxc^SHS'^iE Phil Chr 
Iren{uid} | 7ep7eo'atous /cat tovs evaiovs iE- | {evaiovs] e^paiovs 
71) I Kat Toi'S 7"] om d: om /cat jp | om /cat tops le/iJoutratoi/s 
Chr I te/:foi'o'a(Oi's] c^oi'tratoi'S d : Jdmss^os iH 

XVI 1 crappa mn | ovk] ovkcti w | avru] avrij m | tjk — • 
a7ap] /cat ai'T?; dovXri r}v aiyvTTTia Kai ovofia avrrj ayap Phil- 
ctxld ( avTii] avTia Cyr: om 3-co<l | at7iiirTta] pr 7 c^ : pr Hi 
i5 : om {71) 1£^*^ I V ofo^ua] ovopiaTi i\ 

2 aappa mn j Trpoj r"] Ttu v | a/3paju i^] -f f 1/ 77^ xtifaa** 
/^(...xafaaf D)Mdf-jnprstv3CE'*' Chr : -H ef tj; 77; x<"'aai' c | 
t5ou] (/«(7«/t7?« ^ : -f 5i; /^{5...I))i>lilstvw(uid)yS: +Tj07fej \ pa] 
fioi bfgnw Phil-cod J: iitcrum meiim B | /ci'ptos] pr Mtl'pst 
Chr J: Ss fir: + JJeus lE'v \ pni tiktciv] ii-q TCKdr c, Chr: 
T€K€tv Phil-codd \ I oif Trpoy tt)v sup ras .V | ovv] om yfi 
PhiU cd \ Phil-arm Cyr: Sri Phil-codd J | <7rpos 2"] ets 107) | 
yttoi'] o-ou Cyr: (om 77) | tvo] et jtois Phil-codd 5 | Te/cKoirotijo-ets 
Adipr* Phil-codd J] Te/o-oirotj/o-jjt Mfrn Phil ?j ed^ cod J Chr 
Cyr : T^KVoiroi-qaT) (79) Phil-ed \ ; rc/cf oTrotT/trt*/ Z'ghlsv : tckvo- 
TToirfciv/xai ab'^jnoqmvxc^'SUSS : TiKvoiroi-qirofxai b'ey : TfKfOTTOiy}- 
ao>/x€v m : oiKooo/j.Tjd'qa' Phil-codd 3 | vmjKOvaev] fTnjKoviTfi* 
bsvw: cTTTj/cd'e I'hil-cod S | auTi;s 2° A] o'appos mnc^ Phil Chr: 
ffapas Z^-'M rell ajSCES 

3 o-apa — a^pap. 1°] om d : om o-apa D : om 7) 71*7; a/3pa/t £ | 
aappa mnc^ | eai'T7;s] post 7rai5t£rKj;f cj^: avrrjs M [ om fieTa — 
Xavaav Kat dp | 5e/ta] post eTT) 1 : iiiginli .S-mg ( om toi; f | 
(Ti'TOt/tTjo'ot Mfghstvc,(ff(iiid) Chr | a/3pa/i 2°] aapav toi avbpi 
ai/ri7s g: -Vtoj avopi aiTi;? Mft Chr: (-foapa Ttji avSpi airnjs 
'°~) I V;] '■'7 ^j Chr I I xa"'""'] X'^"'"'"^"^ (20) Chr j | kai 2" — 
yvfaiKa] om W: (om /cat — ai'T7;s 76): om /cat mc, Phil Chr | 
ai'TT)!/] tti'TTj o: om Phil Chr | tci a^pap. Any] (|)r trapa 71): 
om ajipap. p: a/3pa/i toi DM rell S Phil-codd Chr: -i-t(j Phil- 
ed I avopt avTTis] amjj ai/5pi Phil-codd : om E | om aiTw 
yvyacKa d \ aiTtj] avriiv Phil-cod Chr: post aiTt<r 5: om 
(20.32) B'"C I 71'1'atKa] pr ets enqsu I'hil-codd : yvfaiKi p 

4 Kot eio-ijXSei'] eia-q\8(v 5e f( -f a)3pa^)ir | a7ap] afipapi t : -1- 
Abram IE | om /tat 3° — c^ft JSpIEp | t; /cupta] om C: -f ai'Tip aejox 
S{sub •:i;-)3(sub -Sc-yB Or-gr | ei'oi'Ttoi'] (vavri i(uid)c2: om m 

ig /ceXjUtt/fatofs] a' avaToXiKovs v 

XVI 2 rri/xe/cXetfl-ci/] a' eTretrxe" Msvc^S: a' avveaxc svc^S | iva t(kvov.] a' ei ttus oiKo5op.i)6rtaopai Mc^: a' ft irtjs TcxruBoi 
M : ^' €t TTWS TeKvodiii c^ 


xvr 4 


(A) (D) aiiTrj's. ^ elirev Se %dpa Trpo? W^pdfi 'ABiKov/^ eK aov' eyui SeScaica ttjv TraiBi(7KT]v fiov eh tov 5 
KoKirov aov IBovaa Se on iv yaaTpl e^^et, i^rifidcrd^jv ivavTiov auT?)?. Kplvai 6 6eoi ava fiecrov 

H A ifiov Koi (TOV. ^elirev he ^A^pdp, Trpo? ^dpav 'ISov rj -TraihiffK-r) aov evavrioi/^ aov Xpo) avrj} ai? B' 6 
dv aoi dpearov y. Kai eKdxfoaev avr))V ^apa, Kai aTveBpa diro trpoaui'TTOv avT?)^. '^ evpev Bk avTrjv 7 
dyyeXo^ K.vpiov tov 6eov eirl t^9 Trriyr]'; tov vBaTO<; iv Ty ip7jp,Qy, eVi Trjt; Trrjjrj^ ev tt) oSc5 SoujO. 
^Koi elirev avrfj 6 dyyeXo'i Kupiou ' Aydp TraiBlaKTj 'Edpa<;, troBev ep-^y ; Kai ttov iropevr} ; Koi enrev 8 

§ 3L' 'Atto TTpoaM-rrov ^dpai; tj}? Kvpia>i fiov eyco d-rroBi.BpdaKui. ^'^elirev Be ainfj 6 dyye\o<; K.vpiov 9 

% a' ATroaTpd(f)r)di 7rpo9 T7]v Kvpiav aov Kai TaTreivoodriTi vtto ra? -^eipav avTtj'i. ^'°Kal elirev avTrj 10 
o dyye\o<i Kvpiav TlXydwaii' 7r\i]6vvo) to aireppa aov, Kai ovk dpidfitjaeTai diro toi) TrX/jdovi. 
^^Kal eiirev avTy o dyyeXof Kvpiov 'JBov av ev yaaTpl e%ei?, Kai Ts^y v'lov, Kai KaXeaec; to ovofia 11 
avTov '\a/j,a7]\, oti eTrrjKOvaev Kupto? t?; TUTreivmaei aov. ^'^ovto<; eaTai aypoiKO<; dvdpojTrof at 12 

II B X^'P^* avTov eVt iravTaf Kai ai yelpe'i irdvTwv^ eV avTov, Kai KaTa Trpoawrrov TrdvTiav twv 
dBeX<p6i)V avTov KaToiKJjaei. ^^Kal eKoXeaev Aydp to ovopa Kup^0L' Toi) XaXovvTO^ Trpo? avTi)v 13 
Sii o 6€0<; o e(f>i.B(ov p-e- OTt, el-rrev Kai yap eviainov IBov 6<f)devTa fiot,. ^■^eveKev tovtov exdXeaev 14 
TO (jjpeap ^peap ov ev(i)iriov IBov IBov dvd p,eaov KaSr/9 Kai dvd fteaov HdpaB. ^^Kal eTeKev 15" 
'Aydp T<p 'A^pdp, vlop, Kai eKdXeaev '' A^pdp, to ovofia tov vlov avTov, ov eTeKev auTa> 'Aydp, 
§c 'lap.a7jX. ^^^'A^pdfi Be yv oyBorjKovTa e^ eTcov yviKa eTeKev 'Aydp tov JafiayX tS ^A^pdp,. 16 

5 (yyaarpi A* ((v yaarpi A") 

g atrotTrpatpTjTL D 

1 1 e77a(rrpi A 


5 (jappa mnp*C2 | e7w] tSou Chr | SeduiKo] eduKa ahmox : 
+ <TOL e I TOV koXttop] ras x^^ptis fi*lr j ffou 2°] fiov {16) 1£P | 
om 6e 2° i | 7]Ttp.aa6Tj mc^ Phil-codd-omn | evojinov c^ Phil | 
(TOV 3°] pr ava p^€<rov j 

6 aapav'] aappav mc, : + u.xorem siiam IE | om i5ou 15'^P | 
om aov 1° d I'hil Clem Chr^ j ivavnov A] iv rats x^pct*' X^''IM 
omn S13IES Phil Clem ChrThdt: {<ev X'Pff' 76) I aim]] avTriv 
gps: aiiTrjs n | ms] KaSui; h | 6 ai' Dy] eav Me Chri: av rell 
Phil Clem Chri Thdt | om croi '3 | v] V o: om Ix* Phil- 
codd : + ev o<f>6a\pioi! ffov amoquxc2333''S | ai/ri/x aapa'] aapa 
avT-qv fi : Stira Agar IE | avTTqv'] avrrj bo | (om ffapa — avTTjs 
31) I ffappa mnCg 

7 om Kvpiov 33'" I om tov 6eov abdfgim-prsvwxc^SS Phil 
Chr Cyr-cod | om ttjs i° ( \ mjyrj^ i°] 71^5 w ] tov 2" — Tnjyri^ 3"] 
T1JS m: om 13^: om tov I'Saros Cyr-cod | ev 1° — (roi'p] 0111 bw: 
om ev 1° — Trriyrjs d Nov(uid): om ewi 7775 7ri77T)s npquCjlE Phil- 
arm Chr Cyr | vrjyrii 2°] 77;$ ef^ilrt : om f* | ev tt) odu] post 
ffovp d1£: om IS'"" 

8 aiTT) — Kupioi/] sub •:«:• S ; om 0776X05 Kvpiov dp : + ttXt)- 
dvvwv TrXrjdvvii) to (Tnepfjia aov Kat ovk apidp.rj$r}aeTat airo tov 
Tr\7}6ov$ Kat eiirev avTr] o 0776X05 kv m | om ayap a Phil-gr | 
aapas i°] aappas mnc^ | om Kai eivev 2° n | Kai 3°] ij 5e fir ; 
om h13P I enrev 2°] -f a7ap a : + tv IE | atro] irpo a ) trapas 2°] 
aappas mnc^ : om ag | (om p.ov 76) | eyi)> aTrooiopauKoj] om m : 
om eyui Chr J 

9 om avTri d | 0776X05 Ki'pioi'] (om 107): om M'pioi^ bw | 
OTroffrpa^T/^i] vTvoaTpa<prp-i Cyr|: eiriaTpetpc Cyr ^ [ 7rpo5] ets 

10 Kai I" — Kvpiov] OTi p; (om 31): om Kvpiov d | om 
jrXrjdvvoiv Phil-arm | om o-ou i(uid) 1 (ovk — TrXijfloKs] ojro toi/ 

Tr\Ti$ovi OVK api0iJ.y)8-oaeTai 74) | apidi.n}aeTai Aglmt] apiOfniOi}- 
aerai J>'^M rell Chr 

1 1 om enrev — Kvpiov dp | avTt]] post Kvpiov q | 077^X05 
ATiipiou] aiigehis Di IL : (om 107 : om 031)] om liov Phil-codd- 
omn i I om av morS Chr | Te\ei% mp | wov] naiiiov Phil -^ | 
Ki'pios] ^5 bwli : -h o Ss f ir | r?/! Ta-Keivwaeoii ej 

12 om oi'7-os — avdpuiros c^* | oi i°] pr Kai (25) ILIEfP | 
TTOiTas] TravTWV q | TrovTWf I"] airavTwv f | cTr] vir dp | ol'TOi*] 
auTu;' g I om -jravTuv 2° E'' | om xwi' j | om avTov 2° dgpc^ 

13 om a7ap DMabej-oquwCjlL Phil-arm Chr Hil | (om to 
31.83) I Kvpiov] Dei Spec-ed | outijj'] outoc n*: + et dicit 'B.'Si \ 
av] (om 32) : 4- ei /)bw'3 | om 1° ox Phil ^ | om 2° fv | 
eipiduiv Afh*n*py] eiriBuv Z3*''Mh''n= rell : {eireiSe 32) | oti — 
7op] e/ dixi quia IL : (juia iS | enrev^, eiTroi' (31) 33'"' 

14 eveKev tovtov] dia tovto Phil | €Ka\eaa h\v% | ippeap i°] 
ovoixa n: nomcn putci BE: (^eKeivo 31.83) | ippeap 2°] om 
mCj : 4- opKOv 1 [ evitiiriov ov dplL | evij}Tviov] -f ^u m | iihov] eide 
79) I i5ov] pr KOI fj3[: om JSIE Chr | koSSt/s dfm Phil-cod | 
/3apa5] /3apaK bdghpwc^B : ^apoxyChr: (/3apa| 83): apad k* : 
Ban-ad IL : Faran '3-mg Phil-arm 

15 KOI i°] pr et rcdiit Agar IE | 070P tm a/ipap] a^pafi tu 
a7ap t I a^pap I"] a^paap w* | om afipafi 1" bgmnw^l Chr | 
om Tou I'loti grip Chr | outoi'] om 1315: 4-toii 7t>'0^iEyoii outu 
ej{ai;roi')v(mg) | om ov — a7ap 2" gnpt | om ourw em 

16 om totum comma dp | 07^. ef eToiv] eTiov oyS. et D 
( -f Z>s'')bcgn'''sv-y3L : ctuv pTrr' n*(uid) | ef] Qtiiiiijue 'S,: om 
1 I {-qviKa] ore 77) | ereKev] 4-oktw gS | om a7op s | tw 
afipap TOV laparjX x*y | tw a^po/n] fi B!E : om g3 

6 eKaKbiaev'] a' CKaKovx^aev sv | oTreSpa] o' /xeTO i/fvyij^ vwavextJip^aev M 

11 i(7^oi;X] o' eiaaKO-q dv a' 0' epTjpov avos c^ | emjKOvaev] etpTj 5e Oi M 

12 a7pouos] o' O7pio! My(sine nomjc^S : a' a' a7pios sv : a' eprjp.ov avos My(sine nom): a' Kex^piapevos avUv vc, 
Kexupiapevos avoiv sy(sine nom)S 




XVII I ^ 'Eiyevero Be 'A^pa/x. irdiv ivev>']KovTa evvea, koI ox^Otj Kupto? Tm ^X^pati Kal elirev avTu> A 

2 'Ey£<J elfii, o deo^ aov evapiarei evavriov €/j,ov, Kal yivov a/MefiTTTot;' ^Kal di](Tofxai, rrjv Ziad>]Ki)v ' ^ 

3 fjLov ava p.iaov €/j.ov Kal dva fieaov croO, Kal trXTjdvvu) ae a'<f>oBpa. 3ical eveaev A/Spa/J, eiri 

4 TrpoacoTTop avTov, Kal iXaXtjaev avTw o ^6o? XeYa)!/ •^Kat iyo), IBov rj BiaO^KT} p,ov /jiera crov' Kat 

5 €(7X1 ""aT^/J TrXridov; iOvojv. ^Kal ov KXrjOtjaerat ert to ovo/xd aov 'AjSpufJ,, dW' earai, ^A^paafi 

6 TO ovofid crov OTi iraTepa TroWiav eOvSiv TeOetKa ae. ^Kal av^avw ae a(f>6Bpa, Kal Oijaai ae et? 

7 eOvTj, Kat /3aai\el<; eK aov e^eXevaovTai. ^kuI aTt^aio ttjv BiaOijKtjv fiov dvd fieaov ep,ov Kal ava 
fieaov aov Kai, ava fxeaov tov aTrepfxaTO<; aov fieTa ae et? 'yeped<; avTwv et? Bia6rjKT)v acoyviov, 

S eival aov veo^ Kai tov a7repp,aT6< aov fieTO, ae. ^Kai Bcoao) aol Kal t<o airep/xaTt. aov p.eTa ae 

TTjv <yr)v i]v irapoLKel^, trdaav Trjv yfjv \apdav, et? KaTua-^^eaiv almvLOV Kal eaofiai ainol'i deo';. 

9 ^Kal elirev 6 Oeo'; Trpo? ^AjSpadfi %v Be ttjv BiadrjKrjv fiov BiaTr]prja€i<;, av Kal to anepfia aov fieTO. 

10 ae ei^ Ta<i yei'ea<; avTOiv. ^°Kal a'vTT) rj BiadtjKrj 7]v BiaTt]p7]aec<; dvd fieaov ifiov Kal vfimv, Kal dva 
/xeaov TOV aTrep/j,aTo<i aov fieTa tre^' et? TU'i yevedt; avTwv TrepiTfiijOrjaeTai vfiwv irdv dpaeviKov. H /> 

11 ^'/cai TrepiTfiTjdrjaeaOe ttjv adpKa tt}? dKpo^vaTia<; vfxojv, Kal eaTai ev arjfieiq} Bia6r]Kr)<; dvd 

XVII II TT(pLrfj.-rjd7jffecr&aL A 

XVII 1 om €-yeyeTO — a^pan 2° m \ eruv — eyj-ea] (v(in]K. 
evv. €Twv hirtlL : om evvca Eus ^ : ertav p^d' n* | Kvpios rw 
a)3/).] KS avTa dpB'" Or-lat : avroj Kvpio! Eusi; avra o Seos 
Chr I Kiipios] +0 0s 13 Phil-arm | avru] om Or-lat: -l-Fj m | 
(cyut} pr ei 128) I ffeos cron] pr « c^ Phil-arm : 6eoi (tos Phil- 
ed g : (?eos {TOS Phil VI codf : om trou achlmqul51£ Or-lat Eus-ed | 
fi'apetTT. — €fj.ov] TrepiTrarei ets irpoattjwov fiou Phil-cod^ | evape- 
ffTci] {efap(ffrr]<reis 31): (<Tet mx*(uid) Phil-codd ^ : 
prospers age IL | evaDrioK be*{uid)gj(mg)miis(mg)w Phil \ 
Clem Eus Chri | cjnou] /lou bgnt | a/xc/inrTOs] reXeios Phil- 
cod J 

2 ffijffo/nai] Br]aui ad-gijlnoprsvc^d^fi) Phil Clem : aTr\aa c | 
om f/ioii Kdi ava. /if crov dej | e/iov] aov c(uid) Eus | om aca iJ.«rov 
■2° n3I.(uid)3-cod Or-lat | aov] ep.ov Eus: + Kai rov air^pfxaTos 
<70u Clem I om Kai. 3° — a^oSpa Or-lat | a<poSpa] -(-(r^o5/)a acej 
lmosvn>e(sub •^•)xc,9Bp Phil-arm 

3 avTov] eaiToi/ a: kv g: om dpd^lL Phil: +ct cuiorauit 
Deinn Or-lat | eXa\T;(rei'] eiTrei' f 

4 Kai 1° — iSoi'] ihov €701 Kat. f : ecce ego 13'"^; om Kai 13^ | 
Kai £701] om dlmpsd^.E Chr: ego sum Or-lat | £701 — f).ov\ meiim 
ecce testamcntum 91 | £701 i5oi/] i5oi/ £701 acn Clem : om £70) 
hejq*(uid) : om iSou x* : -f (cai h'' | J) hiaB. ii.ov\ testameiilutn 
meum ponam 3L | ;z£Ta cof] om m : -1- Kai ttXtjOvvoj ae a<poSpa 
d I om Kai 2° (31) B'' I tXtj^ous] rrX-qffuv s: iroXXui' ejlL Cyr | 
cffvuv] +et beneciicenliir in te omnes gcntes Or-lat 

. 5 £T( — aov 1"] TO ovoixa aov ovKiTi ac: om en md2(^)J31E^' 
Phil Chr^ I afipa/x to ovo/xa aov r | om aov 1° i ] aXX' forat] 
oXXa K\T)8r]a(Tai c^: om effrai Chr 5 1 +iam % \ a^paap. earai 
Ens I a^paafi — aov 2*^ A] to ovopa aov a^paap. D(-t-/>)iVI 
omn 33L Phil-gr Or Chr | iraTepa] KTJp q | T-f^fi/ca] ponam 

6 av^avii3\inultiplicabo^ \ ae i*^] -f Kat •K\r\Qvviji ae 1 Chr J | 
a(t>o&pa AdgyCj, Phil-arm] om ChrJ: +a<t>o... D: +a0odpws t 
Chr§: +nimis 3L: +a<poSpa Z>''M rell JJi'S | £is — e^eXev 
aovTai] ul exeant de le gentes el reges E | e$vT]] eSvos c, Chr i 
codd ^ I orn A-at 3° — £^£X£ii(Toi'rai y | (iaai\ei$] + edviov bw | 
f|£X£i/(70»'Tat] fffoz'Tat bwlL Phil-arm 

7 artjaui] 8-qau cdglpyd2(J)E: ponam IL | ep.ov Kai ava- 


peaov] om bqu Chr: om avapeaov dlL(uid) Or-lat | om ^£to 
ff£ 1° g I fty 7£i'£a$ — ^£Ta ae 2^] bis scr d | ets yeveas] et pro. 
getiies 3L I 7£i'eas] pr Tas befgjntwd2(J) Chr: 7£>'£a>' x | om fit 
2° h I aov 3" — ffe] Deus'^E^: Dens eoritm Ep : Dominns Dens 
tuns lE"^ I aov 6eoi\ Deus tuns IL: iihi Dens 313 | fleos] pr o f | 
Tou aTrepp.aros 2°] tu aireppiaTi aSB | (p.era ae 2°] /i£Ta aov 37 : 
om 16) 

8 om Kai 1° — ae p | Saaio] SiSapii n | aoi Kai] om E: om 
Kai f I Ai£Ta <r£] om cmquaiE: -t- fis rat 7£>'fas avriov 1 | ttji' 
yijv i"] om qu : terram hanc 915 | xopoiKEis — (9) deo%] sup ras 
jocirc litt A'': pr av fr: pr troi i | ..s TradoK' ti\v yr)v D | eao- — $eoi] Beos eao/xai avTwv Chr | outoii] ovt-wv nIL: avru c^ | 
Beos] fis ^v bwx 

9 om Kai t" — a^paap. (25) 31 | Beos] Kvpios Cyr | jrpo! 
a^paap.] tm a^. dfipr: om tt/jos M: Ahralsam 3L | a^pap. f | 
om Of B^IS I om ^ou gi | hiaTTipHiaevi] rripTjaeis m : diaTTjptjaov 
aco: -}- acajLifiJ'oi' fjuou Kat aov d | om ffu 2° — {10) diarripriaeis y* | 
av Kai TO atreppa] trot Kat tuj atreppaTi f: tri; Kat tw aireppaTi g: 
om av bwaiE Or-lat Cyr J Tract: Kot tu avepp-ari qu3-codd | 
TO ffTTf/jyaa] fw/«f semen Or-lat | pera ae] /iera aov n : om j | 
om Ta! Macdmopxc2dj(J^) 

10 om Kat I"' — airrt-iv fs | StaffijKTj] -t-jttoi' cgm91315Cyr} 
Tract I Tjf 5taTi7p7;(r£ts] ')>' Sia^TjcrwCyri: ijuoj Jisposui Or-lat^: 
om d Tract | vpuv Kat epov Cyr \ \ vpav i"] aov dgp3[2' Or- 
lat^ Tract I ai'a peaov tov ffTrfp^tt.] inter me et inter semen Or- 
lat ^ I om ava p.eaov 2° iL(uid) | om ;t£Ta ae lE'P Cyr J | £t5 
TOS 7£i'£as ai'TWx] transiet IL : e terra IE': e semine tno l;i' : om 
bwIE^ I om Tas aco | oktwi'] vp^oiv o Cyr^ | irfpiT,u);97)(reTat] 
irepiTepeiade C^yr-cod \ : circnmcidelis 1E1L | viJiUv — optrEHKOx] 
omne niasculiiinm uestrum Iren: omnem uestrum mascnlinnm 
IL Tract (omne\ \ vp-av 2"] vpiv hcdgjjwd,: om Cyr J | wav 
apofftKo;'] (om iraf 107): tojv apaeviKiov eis Tas 7ef£as ai'TttH' d: 
-f- CIS Tas yefeas avroiv p : -f £ij Tas 7£i'€as vptxiv fgstv 

11 om Kat I" m I£ Chr | trepiTn. tiji/ tropKa] circnmcidetur 
caro Tract | TepiTp-qB-qaeaBe] nepirefieiaBe M : TTfpiT/tjjfljjtrfTot 
cdgn : circumcidetis J33L Iren | vpuv i"] oirrou g | Kat 2° — vpuv 
2°] omc: om koi eo-Tat Iren | ev arfp.. 5to9.] fts SiaB-qKT)v 
Cyr^l I £>> a-qpeiu] eis aripeiov bfilmwd^ Cyr-ed | Thdt | 5to- 

XVII I apLep-TTTOs] a' reXeios j(sine nom)s 

8 Kat Suaitt aoi] a' Kat 0' rjv diowpi aot j 




A fiea-ov efxov Koi. vficov. ^^ Koi TraiZioi' oktw I'jfiepo)}' •jrepiTfx.rjOi^creTai iifilv irav dpaeviKov et? ra? 12 
y€vea<; vfjL&V 6 oiKoyevr]'; tt}? oiicia'i <tov Kal o iipyvp(ovr]To<; airo Travros' vioii dWoTpiov, 0? ovk 
ecTTiv SK Tov (TTrepfiaTO'; <tov, ^^TrfpiTOfij} TrepiTfirjO/jcTerai, 6 oiKoyei'rj'i t()? OLKia'i aov Kal o apyv- 1,5 
pwvrjTOV. Kal ecTTai r; 8ia0y']Krj ^ov eirl Trjii crapKO^ vfitov elf BiaO->]Kr]v alwviov. ^■^Kai airepi,- 1 + 
TfirjTO'i dparjv, o? 01! Trepi^r/xijOrjcreTai rr)v crdpKa t^9 dKpo0v(n'ia<; avrov ttj r^fiepa rfj oySor], 
i^oXedpevOrjcrerai, fj •^v)^ri eKelvr) e'/c tov yevovi avTrjf oti. rrjv Sia&rjKTjv p.ov BiecrKeBacrev. 'SEtTrev 15 
Se 6 ()e6<; rm 'A^paa/x Sripa 1; yvvij aov, ov KXrjOtjcreTat, to ovofia avTrji; 'Edpa, dWd 'Edppa earai, 
TO ovofjba ai^Tj;?" ^^evKoyrjcro) he avTi^v, Kal Sdiao) (toi e^ auTrjf; TeKvov. Kal evXoyrjaai ainov, Kai 16 
eaTai €tV edvr/, Kal /Sacr/Xet? eOvwv ef avTov eaovTai. ^'^ Kal eTrecrec Affpaa/j. iiri Trpoffonrov Kal 17 
eyeXaa^ev Kal eiTrev ev Ty Biavoi'a ainov Xeymv Et tw sKaTOVTaeTel yevr^treTai vlo<i, Kal el ^dppa 

% %' eveviJKOvra eToiv yevricreTai ; ^^elirev he 'AjSpad/j, Trpd?^ tov Oeov 'Icr/xa^X outo? ft/ro) evavTiov 18 
(TOV. ^^el-rrev he 6 deof Trpo? 'A^padfj, Nat- Ihov "Sdppa rj yvvr) aov Teftrai croi viov, Kal KaXeaea 19 

H d, TO ovo/Mi avTov laadK' Kal aTijao) ti)v hi,a6>JK7]v fiov tt/oo? ainov et? hiaOtJKrjv alwviov'^ Kal tc3 
oTrep/iaTt avTov fieT avTov. ^"irepl he 'la/xarfK Ihov eTrrjKova-d aov Kai evXoyrjaa avTov, Kai 10 
av^avw avTov Kal TrXr/dwrH avTov a(j)6hpa' hcoheva edvq yevvijaei, Kal hwaw avTov et? kOvof fiiya. 
'^^TTjv he hiadiJKTii' fiov aTijaco Trpo? 'laaaK, ov TefcTat crot 'S.dppa et? tov Kaipov tovtov ev tw evt- 21 
auToJ TfS eTepo). ^^ avveTeXeaev he \a\div tt/jo? aiJTov, Kal dve^ij 6eof d-rro ^A^padfi. ^3Kat 23 

eXa/Ser 'A^padfi 'la/j,ar)X tov viov avTOv Kal iravTa^: toii? olKoyeveU ainov Kai TrafTa? Ton? 


d-rjKTjs] om Thdt ; +aiojftov 1 | om ava/xcaov ej | iifxiov kcll e^ov 
Chr I I'yuwj/ 2°] TOV ffW€p(xaTos cyov gt : aov Kai ava^eaov efxov 
Kat TOV ffTcpfJUTOi aov dhp Cyr I : + Kat ava^iaov tov ffTrep^aroj 
aov fc^: + Kat avajxiaov tov (TTrep^uaros i'^': + Kat tov airepjxaTos 
aov s: +TOV airepfiaTos aov v{sub -r- uid) 

12 Kat i*^] tt\tjp acoc2 : om d^ \ oktuj Tj/xepojv] oKTar^fXipov 
cl Cyr-ed \ : octaiio die Or-lat | TreptT/xrjOriaeTat] ciirnmcides 
3Sp I I'M"'] vixij>v MfhiitSIL: in nobis Or-lat: ex iio/iis "£\ | 
apaevtKov] + lustrum i31E | vptttjv'] eontm 33'^ [ om 001^07. — 
(13) atijivtov dj I i°] pr Kat Chr : Kat Cyr i | tt]% otKta'i aov'\ 
domiis uesirae IE: om MacehjlmoquxQJS Or-lat J- Chr Cyr: om 
TT\% otKias ()r-Iat \ \ 2° — aov 2**] otnnis quejn einistis aitro uesiro 
3E: (om 16) I airo — (i-i^ap-ivpt»vT\To<i\^x et%: om dip | (xaPTOs 
woi'] 7£i'eas 128; Travros aj'oii 32) | etrri)'] post (row 2" acmoxCj 

13 TTiptToixf) — ap^i'p.] om IE: om TrfptTO/xij cirx*: om o 
otKoy. — apyvp. bfw: om aov ac | apyvptovtyTos] (-l-a7ro iravTos 
vtov aWoTpiov -ji): 4- irou acmoxc^'^lS'^ Or-lat | ecrrto g | ptov] 
-+ €wt TT}s dtadrjKTjs fJ.ov m* 

14 om Kat 1° 3 I oTrepiT/aT/Tos] pr o fir: pr ras Thdt: om 
ejnqudjjIE Tract | apaiji'] om l'13£: otnnis iiioiculiis Tract | ttjv 
— avTov'\ pmeputio suo^: om Thdt | {ttjv aapKa'] ti)S aapKos 
io8) I TT] TjAiepa] pr tv b\v | e^oXe^p.] •\- Kat a<pavtad'qaiTaL b\v | 
e/ceu'T;] avTov (32) Tract -5 | €k tov yevovs auriys] a plebe sita 
Tract ^ 1 y^vov% ai'T7?s] \aov n: airepp-aTos aiTT/s Cyr^ | om 
/ioi' Tract ] dieaKedaaev^ eaKcSaae y. (^dteaKtdaaav 32): irans- 
gressus est IL 

15 (tirtv 5c Afinry] Kat etirev M rell 133L Chr | Ssos] 
pr KS bd,: Z^kj 1L | tw] vpoi 13L(uid) | a§pap. dn | aapa 1°] 
pr<'^'3: ffappamn: -f 56 i | K\T)dr]afTat] + CTt MborwBi'E"'' | 
TO ovo^a avTT)^ i"] om cl3'"lE Phil: +(Tt gp | trapa 2°] aappa 
m I aappa] aapa m 

16 evXoyTjatjj oe] Kai ei'Xo77;crw nIL | reKroi/] pueros Phil- 
arm I om Aat 2" — €is IS I ai'Toi'] afro b^^cefilp Cyr \: avToj g; 
avTi]p m I fSvj)] eSvo! m Chr ^ | eSviiiv] om nl£p : -I- Kat s | om 
c| avTov caovTat lE'i" | aurou] avTTjs mlE"^ Phil | effovrai] efeXeu- 
(Toi'Tai c-gijpstvyCjdjBE'^ Chr Cyr 

14 e^o\€^p,] aipaviatitjaETat Mjs 

17 (ejreirey] eiirfi' 18) | jrpoiTuiroi'] + avTov abcefhnoqs(mg) 
uwxd,'313; -f aii7))s j(mg) | eye\aasv] £7710-61' d | 6i?r6i'] + intra 
se it I om iv berw Phil-gr Cyr | om anroi' bdgpvw Phil Cyr | 
om X67u>' acefjlmoxdj Phil | 76i'7;o-6Tai i°] pr 76 M : ycvv-q- 
06Tai cdlmtwx: yef-qOrjaeTai j; 76j'i'i;^r;o67-ai ei(uid)dj : 76I'- 
pyidr] f : 60-7-ai Cyr | om uios achlmoq.s(txt)tuvxCjBt'lL Phil | om 
61 2" d-gjouCjSB Phil Cyr-ed | oappo] oopo r* : pr 1; bfgouw 
Phili Cyr-ed: r} aapa m | evevrfK. ^tojv] post nona^nta annos 
3L : pr owa stvB | ctwi'] pr ovaa d^ : -f oiwa Ma-ruw-c^ Phil 
Cyr I yivi]aiTat 1° A] T6467-ai M omn 3Bl£iL Phil Cyr 

18 om totum comma d^ | a^paa^] Abrani % | om irpos 
TOV Beoy g \ ^tito}] f-qaeTat i | fvaiTrioK bw Phil | oou] -f/cig: 
+preeor Domine E 

19 6i7r6>' — 9605] 56 re? g I Trpos I"] TW Macefh-ors(mg)xy 
d^ Phil I a(3poa/i.] awoi' g | vai\ Kat dmp : om blw Hil | oapa 
m I 001] oou h*: om Phil-cod \ Cyr | om sai i" — loaaK '3-ed | 
iiaX6o-6is] KoXeo-erai t | ottjou] Sy\aa blw Cyr J | )kOv\ -\-uvat 
avTov K M(mg) | om Trpos 2° — 6ta8-qKi]v 2° c | aiunov] -t-eicoi 
auTu Os eg-jp(aiiTOi' 9i')qrs(mg)Uiy"''-'(aiiT0ii)13: (-l-eii'ai ai'Tui 
01 16: + etvat airros 6} 18) | avTov 2^] aiToi' gm : ain-t^jv c^ 

20 om 56 dp I vir-qKOvaa f | o-of] + njs Sctjocus Chr | koi 
1" Adf31S Ilil] +i5ou acmoqux: i5oi' M rell B | 611X07770-0 
Aafhw] 6uXo77;ow b3-ed3E Phil-arm : (v\oyT)Ka M rell Phil-gr 
Chr: (6!'6i'Xo7T)Ka 107) | auroi' i°] inter av et tov ras(i4 uel 15) 
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Hil: om koi Chr | av^aviS\ av^-qaw hlqsuv Phil Chr: om a | 
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Kupios Pliil : om IE | oto] Trpos qw 

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w I oi'TOu i^] 6auToi' y j koi 2'' — oirroo 2°] om o : om ofTOU 
dej I TTovTos TOV! 2"] om d : om TroxTos n | ap7i'pui'T;rous] op7u- 
puivriTai cf*go : -f ourou acdeghjmupqs(mg)tuxCj3[i3E Cyr | 
Troi* — Tojv 2°] uiros qui 13'"' | Trai'] Tracroi' c | apo'6i'] apaevtKov 

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dpyvptovt'jTov^ Koi irav apaev twv dvSpaiv tcSi" ev tu) oiK(p ^A^padfi, xai TrepieTeixev ra? uKpo- A 
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2j evev7]Kovra eiuea €t(Sv, iji'Iku TrepieTefiev Trjv trapKa T»y9 dKpo^V(TTia<; avTOV' ^S'lcryita^X, Se o mo? 
16 avTOv erwii SeKa rpicov rjv, I'jiuKa TrepieT/.i.>jOii ti)v crdpKa Tpj'i dKpo^V(TTia<; avTOU. eV tw Kaipo) 
27 T»J? Tjp.epa'i eVeiVr;? TrepieTp.tjdij ^A^pai'ip. Kal 'l(Tp,a>)\ 6 wt'o? ayToO- ^^^^i Tra/'xe? ot dvBpe^ rov 
otKov avTov Koi 01 oiKoyeveK Kal ol dpyvpoji'TjToi, e'f dWoyevMv tdi'wv, irepieTe/xev avrov;. 
XVni 1 ^^"il(j)Oi} Se avT(S 6 Oe6<i TTpof t»; Bpvl Trj Map,0p>'}, Kadijfiei/ov avrov eVt t//? 6vpa<; Tri'i%C''i^ 

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KTr/jKeiffav eTriivco avrov. Kal tSwv TrpoaeSpa/j.ev et? avviivri^ffiv avrolt; otto t»;'J dvpaf t»;? (TKrjvfj<i 
}, avrov, Kal ^Trpo(T€Kvvi](7ev eVl rrjv ytjv ^Kal elrrev \s.vpie, el dpa evpov ')((ipiv ivavriov aov, p-rj % B 

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vfjLMp,^ ov eiveKev e^eKXivare Trpo? rov rralha vfxtuv. Kal elrrev OiJtoj? ttoltjo-ov Kada)'; €ipi)Ka<;. ' 53 

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7 p,erpa aepiSdXew'i Kal rronjaov eyKpv(j)i.a<;. T Kal et? t«9 ^6a^ eSpapev 'A^padp,, Kal eXa^ov 

23 aKpo^varetas A 
25 aKpopvcrreias A 

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Ttts aKpo^i'ffrtas] ttji' aKpo^vffTia.v ejJ3'^ : tt;!/ aapKa. this aKpo- 
^I'cTTias Macfhi-^'lmoq3-vxCj9U3^'lS'Cyi' | ai/ru;'] ai>Toi/o: H Kai 
y I ef TW 2° — e^'fifT/s] ev T-q 17/iepa €K€iv7j c : oni IS [ /catpw] 
+ cKeifui dgpt I fleos] pr « s : Dominus 33'' 

24 (om fiv 68) | efevriK. — ercov] eruv tvtvf)K. ivvta. l)iiyiprs 
vw: ertav euevrjK. Kai cvvea. 1: erwf p^^'n*: erwv p' it'* | tjvlkix] 
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€T€fl€V ej I aiTOu] (ai/TW;' 7I.IOS): + €f TU} KaipixJ iKfifUJ TTj^ 

Tjl-iepat EKftvTjs p: {-i-ev toj Katpu CKeiyu 107) 

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TTJV (TapKO. rr]s aKpo^vana^ avTOu erwv oiv dcKa rpiwv 74) | erojv — 
T^**] -qv fTUiv 5eKa rptajp dc^^; 7jv (ruv rpiwv C^* '. om -qv \\ \ "qv 
SeKa Tpnov Mgpsv j 5e^a rptuiv'] TptcxKatSeKa acx | -qv— avrov 
2°] om n: om i/v o | om qviKa — (26) eKetfqt d \ TrepieT/xqBq] 
TTfpifTe/nero bw: {TrepieTefiveTo 32): circiiiiiiidit 'R 

26 om ev — eneivqs p | eJ-] +5c j(mg)qs(mg)u3315 | ru Koipu] 
omrajs(txt): + e^-cii'aj gt : tempore Jioc?^'-'^ \ Tqs qfiepas cKcipq^] 
eKeivw f I irepUTp.-qdq'] pr nai dp [ om j 

27 Kttt 1° — auTOu] post edvcov d : om Kai Traires 01 o | (om 
ot avdpes — ai'Toi'S3i) | /cai 2° — avrovs] circwndsi sttvf "^ \ om 
01 2'' Cg 1 otK07ffeis] + aiTou bmnwISP | apyvpoivtrat dp | e^] 
pr 01 egjpstvxCj^HS: pr/caioid: pr<f/13i''*' | wepterefiev avrovt] 
pr (cai eghjpqs-vxc^: om bw 

XVIII 1 avTU ^eos] 6eoi outoi Eus J : Deits Abraham IE 
P Tract i : Kupios tw afipaap. Eus| T-A Tract J^ : Ki/pios Seos tu 
a/SpnanEusI A-Z | avrui] patri nostra .-Ibraham iS-co(\ \ odeof\ 
pr ics c Phil-arm i Eus | Trpos] ey s Phil-arm | pap-fipq] p-a^p-q 
p: pLavpT] cf: ^aupi d: Maiiire iS^: +iuxla cxi/iis tiiarum 
Tract I (Ka97)/ue;'0li] -t-5e loS) | om avrov ■"dgp | etti ttjs fli'pat] 
Trpo!T-q 9vpa x Cyr-codi T-A(uid): aJ ostium Spec Tract | r-qs 
9i<pas] T7) fli'pa oy Just I : rai! 6vpai! m | om aurou 2" Justi 
(IT-cod 3E I p€(rqfj.^pia y 

2 avo^. 5c] Kot ava(3\e\pa^ dgpstv | om aurou 1° Just Chr | 
om i5et> (i-ai iSP | (cai i5ou] ora Ccod ; om iSov Phil-arm ^ | om 


rpeis Or-gr | iffTJjKeicrov] £<rTi;cro^ Thdt | om aurou 2" s | om 
/cat 2°— airrou 30 !£''• | lawc] -t-aurout (31) B'^C-ed Cyr-ed i | 
TTpoa-eSpapifv] <Tvve5pap(v Just | ain-ois] ai/rwi' do: airrou c | om 
aTro— ai'Tou 3" cd Phil-arm Tract | om tijs flupas r'c^ | os r-qi 
(TKqfq! avTov in mg et sup ras circ 10 litt A"' | om aurou 3" y 
C-cod E"^ Or-gr Eus | Trpoa-eKwqaci'] . . KW-qaev D : + facie (E,-eA: 
+ illis ffi-cod 

3 Km eiTTfi'] (//rt-Hi (C-cod | xupif] pr 5eo;ncn Thdt i; domini 
mei CE^P: + ""' 13 I om apa bfgi*nr3[i3 Phil-codd Ath 
Chr I Cyrj cod J Thdt 1 | evavTwv ffou] evw-jriov aov Chri : 
(i> o(p$a\p.Oii aov Cyr J : Trapa aoi Phil : eoram uobis C-codE'P | 
om ix-q — aov 2° E j iraioa] SouXov D | aov 2°] uestrum C-cod : 
(om 78) 

4 \qixipeqTa] stimam S-ed : fenim C-cod : feramtis E | 
5i;] 5f msvEC Thdt Spec: om lI-edEia | wSup] pr p.iKpov 
acnixEBi': ^ piKpov a \ VL\paTu A] vi^aruaav /)"'M omn 3J3 
(E-ed (/,;««/^ cod) \i Phil-ann Or-gr Chr Cyr Thdt T-A: 
lauentur Or-lat Spec Tract : laiumus E | vtto to ievSpov'\ sub 
arbore densa Phil-arm i | to SfvSpov] tui/ Sei-Spui' cm : om to j 

5 \-qp.^op.o.(\fcramus E | aprov c | <^aytaee\ ipa.-fOji.e6a t | 
TouTo] ToiTou d: TouTa ejBPC-cod T-A | ei5— I'MW >") om Da 
hmoB Chr Spec : om ei! dS | fH-fKe"] e>'c«i' ej.y : eiviKa afiorc^: 
eveKa m | irpos] eis m | eiTeti\ etirav L)iMachoquxc,a-coddJ3P 
C-ed Chr Spec: etnov dfgimprt Cyr: cnroK ai'ru Ath Thdl 
C-codE I oiiTws] TouTO dp: om C-cod | iroiqaov^ irot-qaotiev 
o Chr-ed Cyr | KaOm Acemy Cyr-ed T-A] Kada ZiM rell Chr 
Cyr-cod Thdt : {Kaffavep 74) 

6 eairevaei'] {eireawevaev 20) : eairovSaaev dgp | a^pafi o»'s | 
CTri — aappav] abiit ad Sarrain uxorem suam in labernaciilum 
C-codElom abiit) \ tvi. rqv aKiii'qp] (post oappai/ 16: tin tjji 
aKqv-qs 31): +avTou f | ein] eis tJ3T-A | ffappw] pr rqy fqu: 
o-apav Mm | om avrq gm | om koi 3" acmoc^B | (pvpaaof^ post 
aepiSa\eoii acmoc^ : -l-Ai<" f I P^^rpa] a\evpov m: +aXevpov 
acoCjE I] panes azymos IE- 

7 TasJ tow 11 I a^paap.} pr m | (Xa^ov A] eXajSei- Z>''M 


XVIII 6 /iETpa] 01 aara M : a' o"' o-aTa js 

xviii 7 


A fiocrX''pi'OV aTToXoi' Koi koXov, koL eSwKev no iraihi, Kal eTa^vvev rov Trotijaai avro. eXa0ev Be 8 
^ovTVpov Koi ynXa koI to jjioaxnpiov o eirolrjaev, koX irapeOriKev avTol^, Kal e^a'^odav avTO'i oi 
irapiar^Kec avroK vno to BevSpov. '^elirev he irpo'i avTov T\ov 'St'ippa rj jvvt] (jov; o Be awoKpi- 9 
6el<; elirev 'IBoij ev Tjj a-Ktjv!]. ^"el-nev Be ^E-7ravaa-Tpe(f)a>v "i^a) Trpo? ere kuto. tov Kaipov tovtov 10 
eU &pa<s, Kal e^ei vlov "Zappa r) •^vvr) aov. "Sdppa Be ijKovaev Trpo? tj dvpa rJ}? aKriv~j>i, oiiaa 

§ tU OTTtcr^er avTov. ^"'A/Sparifi Be Kal Zappa Trpea/3i!Tepoi. 7rpo^6/3»?KoT6? ^'jfiepwv e^eXenrev Be 11 
Zappa •ylveaOai Tcl yvimUia. ^^ eyeXaaef Be Zappa if eavTJj Xeyovaa Oinrco fiev fxoi •yejovev ew? 12 
TOV vvv 6 Be Kvpioi fiov TTpecr^vTepof;. ^^Kal elirev Kvpioi Trpo? 'A/3pa«/x "Ort eyiXaaev Z/ippa 13 
ev eavTjj Xeyoucra ''Apii ye d\r]0(o(; Te^o/j,at ; eyco Be yeyijpaKa. '■'/xv dBwaTel irapa tco Oem 14 

^d^pV/ia;^ el<; tov Kaipov tovtov dva<TTpe-<^03 irpo'i ere eU wpa^, Kal eaTai Trj -,appa vio'i. ^^rjpvrj- 15 
aaTO Be Zappa Xeyovaa Ovk eyekaaa' e^o^ijdi] yap. Kal elirev Ovx^-, dXKa eyeXaaa^. 
^^'E^avaaTcivTei Be eKeWev 01 dvBpe'i KaTe/SXei^av e-rrl -rrpoacoTTOv ZoBo/jlwv kuI Vop.oppa'i' 'A0padfi 16 
Be avve-TTopeveTO fier ainwv avvTrpo-jre/xTraiv avTov'i. '^o Se Kvpia elirev M)) Kpvyjrw eyco airo 17 

§?3 'Aj3pad/ji TOV iraiBo^ piov a eyco iroio) ; '^'A/Spa')/u. Be ^yiv6p.evo<; eaTai et? eOvo^ fiiya Kal iroXv, 18 

1 1 ynv^adaL A 

14 aBvvaTi D 

18 yavoix.fVQS A 


omn 9[JSd£ Phil-arm Or-lat Clir Thdt T-A | {fio^xa-P'-o"'] post 
avaXov 31: fi.o<ixov 76) | xat koKov] om Phil-arm: om Kai 
de*33 I {SeSojKe 78) | rw iraibi] si'fuis sin's ^^ \ -f ai'Toi; dfghi^ 
pstvB'"l!C-cod IE Ath Thdt | eTa.xvvev\fi'stiiiaiierunt 33^ | om 
TOi/ e 1 (7ro(7;(7at] Ovaai 32) | ai/ro] ai'rw dl: om ^ Thdt 

8 eXa/3ej'] pr xai e* | ^ovTVfiov\ pr Ko.i Thdt | 711X0] incl 
3E: -i-Kai a^vixovs T-A | om koi 3° Ath Thdt | koi t(^a.yoaav 
Ay*] om acmox : Kot ^(fiayov Z>^''My^* rell | aurois 2° — b^vbpovl 
sub arbore et ministrabat ns IE | odtois 2"] -1- titinistrans eis 
CT-cod I TO bcvbpov'l tov defdpov Kai etpayov m : -j- Kai ^tpayocrav 

9 eiTrec] el7^o^' acef^'jmoleiTroi'jxCj^C-coddlE^P: (u'li cessas- 
seui ederc dixeriint (JD-cod | om Trpoy avrov x | tjapa. m | om 
oTToKpiSeis h33'"!£T-A 

10 ctTrci* 5e] (etTrof 5e 68): om Z^n : om 5e m; -fTrpos 
O.VTQV ftf-edlS I en-acaffrp.] (pr ihov 31.83): avacTp^t^iujv t]c^'. 
eTrawwr Phil-ed i : (e7ra;'a(rrpe-/'Oi'r6s 68) | 7i^ijj]y}KU3 O'. {ij^Ofxiv 
68): om ISp | koto — tovtov] om y* | eis topas] tjs opas f; ets 
OJ/ opos mT-A: ets yewro Phil-ed^: anni ^ \ e^et — croi'] earot 
tt; aappa vtos y | e^et] e^i7S n*; T6|ei mCT-ed | ffappa. 1'^] capo 
m I om ri yvvrj aov IE | txappa 2°] uapo m | om 5e 2^* (31) 33'^^' [ 
TjKove t'M I Trpos 2° — aKTjvTjs] intra labcrnaculunt ^-cod ] Trpos 
TT\ OvptL\ Trpos TT]v dvpav abdhnnps{(?i'pa ns) : Trpo ttjs $vpas ir : 
Tropa TT]i> Ovpav (20) Chr | ttjs crKT]viji] post oi'tro fir : om IE | oi'cra] 
eurwcra ji^ Chr: om i3'*l£p j /iaroTricrf^ei/ h | om ourou Chr 

11 ffappa i°] tropa m: •^risci'uul quia 15p | TrpetrjSi'repot] 
om bw Chr: +erant 9H3ffi | Trpo^f^rjKores] +01 g: +riaai' 
bw I Tj^epoji/] ev rots Tjfxepais avTuv rirl3(ir(iud) : (^ + Tj<rav 108) | 
om c^fXeiTre;' — 7iJcotKta d^ | elfXetTrei^] e^eXtTrej^ abd-gmpstw 
xy33ffi!S Phil Chr Thdt : e|eXi7roi' Ic^ | iroppo ytveirdai] jir rr; 
qux : 7ti'f(r^at 717 crappo acm(o'apa)oc_, | trappa 2*^] coppas n Thdt 

12 f7eXa<rei' 5e] nat eycXaae f | trapo m | ei* eaur?; Xe- 
7oi'(ra] Xe7oi'<7a Trpos coi'ttji' ej | €v eavrrj] cj/ oi'Tt; b*wC2.d.,: 
{xaO eavTrif 20) | oiiTrw — vvf'] quod adhuc non ftirlum est tnihi 
nunc fiet 31 | oi'?rw] I- Jwc CT | /Hf k] ^t/i' t : om dfilpd^C-cod | 

/uoi] \hoc 13 I yui'] -f e7U) 7op fi/ti irpa^e^i]Kma, f | Trpeo-^u- 
repos] Trpej^uTTjs bw Chr^: rnv^V ?'« diibus suis C-cod 

13 KOi fiTTfi'] ciTrei' 5c bdfgiprsvwBC-ed | Kupios] om c: 
-foffsefijrd, | Trpos] tw ejnd^ | a;8paoM] -I- Xe76jc bw | on A] 
pr Ti DM omii SBtllE Phil-arm Just Chr Hil | o-opo m | om 
ev eavTTi Phil-arm Just Hil | aXjjflus] pr « e: om d-ed Just| | 
eyu 5e] quud ecct- fi;o "3 : om 5e bwc^ 

14 aSwar-qaei. blvvd^BC-cod | Trapo ru B(u\ a Deo Hil : om 
TTopo n I Tui deui] tov 0v Dov : dZo m Phil-codd : 9v achx Phil- 
codd : Kw bw I pwo] pr Trov efjmn Phil-ed Chr-semel: om a | 
eis I" — wpas] pr otl dp : pr ecce ego flC-cod : koto tov Kaipov 
TOVTOV eXeiwo/ioi Paul | avaaTpcjiiii — wpos] eis upas avanTptypw 
Trpos (76 bw(f TTorouTpei/'w) : «s wpas avuKat^fu Trpos ire Just J | 
avaaTpeipa] ava<XTpe<f,0! (107) Just |: eiravaoTpexf/a tx: eTrovo- 
(7Tp((f>oi (Igmp: oTToo-T-pe^w (128) JustJ | om Trpos ffc Just| | cis 
upas] anni C-ed : om f | eo-roi — vi.oi\ ti; a. wos ecrToi Just-^: 
TTi (J. uios 7er77(reTat Just -3 | o'apo m 

15 5e] {pr i) 78): om m | o-appa] pr t; ejm(o'apa) | Xe70i«ro] 
-fOTi fn^(uid) I f<f)0jii)eriv D*e \ enrcv'] + aiiTi? bdgptwc,C-cod 
IS I 67eXaffas] t7eXacra als : f7eXao'e g 

16 e^av. — KOTf/3.] ct abierunt ab illo suspexit autmi C-cod | 
era 5e 1° m | eKfiSfi'] post a.vipi% bejnwxlE: om Chr T-A | 
avSpfs] pr Tpeis dgptc^ : pr duo lE"^f | (eire^Xf l/'a^' 20) | om 
irpoiTonrov ffi-ed | a^pap, w | avveTopevdri g | om pur avTUV 
Phil-gr I Trporrep.TTwv n | om avTOVs D 

17 5e — eiTrfK] eiTTfC 5e KS x'ElS | 6e] Koi dgps(txt)tv | 
Kirpios] Ss fir I ci7r«^] + Abraham dice ns ei ^-coA \ p-ti} pr ov 
bcdfgpstvwc_.!E(uid) Just Eus | Chr Thdt A-Z Hil | Kpi'v^u 
(yoi] celetur aliquid % \ oTroxpui/'U c^[\) \ om tyoi 1° boc^lE 
Phil-arm Just \ Or-lat Chr \ Thdt | a(3poo/i] pr Trpoaomov ej : 
post pov nC-cod E Justi Chr^ | o] pr £7W Justi^ | tyu Troiu] 
P-iKkw TTOietv Just i Chr J : ^eXXw Troieiv £7(0 Ath Thdt : faclurus 
sum Bffi Hil 

18 yi.vop.evo^ esTai] Jiens Jiet el eril Tyc | 7iK0;ac>'0s] 7e>'0- 
Mfi'os afghlqux Eus^ : om (J-cod IS | koi ttoXu] koto ttoXu o : om 

12 eouTT;] a' eyKaTa anTTj! Mj(f7KaTo)sv | ovira—vvv} a p.(Ta to KOTorpi^i/i'oi p.e eyev(TO p-oi Tpv(pepia Mj(sine nom)sv: 
(t' p-iTO. TO TraKaiuj6T]vat /xe e7evero pot aKpyj jsv 

13 eouTT/] a eyKaTio avTrjs c^ 

18 TToXu] a' ocTTeivov a' lo'xvpov Mjsv 



will 28 

19 Kai evevKoyijdrjaoinai (v avTco iravTa tu Wvt] T17? y^?. '^rjSeiv yap on crvvrd^ei Tol'i vioU avTov A 
KUi T<p oiK(p aVTOv fieO eavTOv, koI ^vXn^ovaiv ra? dSoii? K.vpiov iroieiv SiKaioavvrjv xal Kplaiv, 

20 OTTW? ai' eiraydyri Kvpio(; gVt W^paafi tvavTa oca iXaXtja-ev eV" avTOv. ^^eiTrev Se Kvpto? § d^ 

21 Kpavyi/ —oBofj,a}v Koi Top.oppa'; TreTrXtjOvnTai, Koi at dfiapriai, avTwv fieydXat a(f)68pa. ~' Kara- 
y8a? ovv oyp-ofiat et Kara rriv Kpavyrjv avTwv rrjv ep^o/tiew/f ttjoo? fie avvreKovvraf el Be fit], Xva 

12 yvu). ^-Kat aTroaTpeyjrai'Tet; exeWev oi dv?ipe<; yXOov et? ^cSofia' 'A^padfi Be ^v earrjKWf; 

23 evavTiov Kvptov. -^koI eyyiaa'i 'AjSpadfi el-rrev M») avvairoXeay'i BiKaiov fierd da€/3ov<;, xal 

24 earai StVaio? w? d dae^rj'i. ^^inv uiaiv -KevrrfKOVTa iv Trj iroXei, BiKaioi., dTToXeK auToi'?; ovk 

25 ainjaeti; tov tottov ei'eKev tcov Trei'TijKOVTa ^Bixalcov, edv coaiv eV avrf) ; -^ fii]Bafi(')<; ait Troijjcret? § E 
ft)? TO prjfia TOVTo, TOV (iTTOKTeivai BtKaiov fierd «cre/3oi}?, Koi effrai o BiKaio>i (o? d atre/S;)?' finj- 

26 Ott/iw?. d Kpiveov itaaav rrjv y'jv, ov Trou'icrei'; Kpia-iv ; '^eWev Be Kvpto? 'Eaz/ evp(o iv 'EoB6fioi<; 

27 TTevTijKovTa BiKaiovt; ev Tp iroXd, dcfxjdco irdvra tov tottov Bi avTov<;. ^^/cai diroKpi6ei<; A/Spadfi 

28 €(7rej' ^vv ijp^dfiTjv XaXPjo-ai tt/jo? tov Kvpior, iyw Be elfii yP) Kal crTToSd?' -^edv Be eXaTTOvcodwcriv 

24 ToKi A 


mC-cod I ev\oyTi$Tiaoi'Tat liii | (raira ra cOinj] tratrai. oi ipvXai 

19 ^]S(iv'\ jjSei f»irs(i757;)\vEfp A-Z: aSev D \ awTo^ei] vm- 
raaaei Chr-ed J : trwa|ei 1 : 4- a^paa/i dfgiprClEy Chr J | tois 
I'tois] Tou! iiious ej : +tui' viav { | auroK i"] + Kai Ton wois tmi' 
wui' ai'Toi' ir: +appaa/x t | Kai 1° — caLVTov] /ler avrov Kai ru 
oiKoi avTov D I ikB (avrov A] ,ue9 ainov t: ^ct odtu)' djmii: 
jicT aiTou gn: |Uer avTov M rell Eus Chr A-Z: om 15 | Kot 
0iiXa^.] CH.fto/;Vt' 3}3 | 01'XaJowii'] 0i>Xaf ufft l)g*irtCj : i^uXoJw 
(Toi \v I KPpioi'] +TOU 6\t dfgiprt Chr| A-Z: -fori avvTol^d. tous 
wou! oiToii ej I TTOieii'] pr tod bw A-Z : pr TTonjiyai ai'xas tov g : 
pr (•/ 2 I 5»caio<r. itai Kpi^ii'] iiniicium et UL-ritalcm CT-cod | 
oiKOiotr.] t\(iT\ixoavvrjV A-Z | 0111 ko.l Kpiaw m | ottoij ai' tTraYa^?;] 
e/ inferet 9t : oni ai/ Z) Eus | eirava-yayr] ra | Ki'pios] om I'hil-arm : 
+ 6i dgplSC-cod A-Z I om Troi-T-a aclmoqsuvx I'hil-arm Or- 
lat Eus A-Z I offa] a acmoqux Eus A-Z Chr | eXaXi/irev] 4-ics 
i(uid)r I ew auTop Ay«] Trpoj aiToi' /^i'My^' rell S13(uid)}p Phil- 
arm Eus Chr A-Z : (aiTu 76) : « CS 

20 enrei/ 5c] xai eiire aT-A | Kirptos] 4-o *s efij(mg)r A-Z: 
+ deus Ahraham (£-cod | Kpa.vyr\\ cf)uivq Eus T-A | yo/xoppuv D \ 
v(Tr\i\»vvTa.i\ +Trpoi fie bdeg-jiiprlxc^dj^ Chr Thdt A-Z: Trc- 
irXripoiTai. wpoi p.e f: Tjcfi ir/jos ,nc Chr-ed J: |Soa ir^oj yue Eus: 
ascendil ad tne JS'^C | ko' 01 a/japriai] (ai anapricu ovf 14): 
(•^ (j/(-ra 13'" I om km 2° ej | (a(po5pa p.tya\ai 16) | /te7aXai] 
abuiidaiuyitnt C-cod 

21 /i-ara/9as] pr ft B'°'!S'^' | om ei i" b | aurwi/] auri;? c | t:)!/ 
— Me] post awTtKovvTai A-Z: om Mil | {avvTeKovvTai tt/jos /if 
77) I iJ'jvTe\ovvTaC\ uvvt^Kovvto. b: o'l'cTeXoi'trti' t* | {om et 5e 
— 7r« 73.78} I p.-i{\ iJL-nyc c^ Thdt i | om ira dp'lE^ 

22 om Kat — <rooop.o. dpd2 | aTroorpe^.] anoarpacpevres fgi-^ 
Ath Thdt: {vTro(TTpc}pai'res 78) | cKtidev'] post atS/jes bcejswx 
Cy Just : om mEi' | om 5e q | riv] pr eti Maceh'jloqsuxBP 
ffi-ed^Phil|: omb*: -h eti gimrc,?E A-Z | eittjjkws] -hivadp | 
evavTiov] evavTi Z)*(suprasc or Zf'^jbdghpwdj : evwwiov Phil J^ 
edj: ev tottui Phil-codd-ouui | | xiyjiou] pr tou A-Z : +tov Bv 

23 e77i<ra!] EuXo^ijoas A-Z | a;3/)aa/n] om i: +ad Domi- 
niuii C-cod I EiTrec] + ci Nfipiaqtiaw Do»iiiieiE,coA \ o-iwairoX.] 

(TwairoXcircit n'E : o7roXeir>)S Cyri: +Domine^ \ oirf/3oi/s] ao-e- 
/Sux m3t-codd Cyri | /cai eiTTai] pr-f- M: ne sit C-cod5E(pr 
el) I om 1° g* I om us y* | om 2° d^ Or-gr | oite^iis] aoe- 
/3cis dj* : oo«os ir 

24 eav i<>] -t-Se c^ | vevT. 1° — Su-aioi A] Siraioi Tre^-T. ev 
TTj ttoXt? g: EJ* tt; jroXet TrEi^T. diKaiot fir: om ev ttj jroXfi e: 
TTEi-T. onaioi fv TTi jroXci DM rell 315C1£^ Phil-arm Eus Chr 
Thdt A-Z i {ev I** — StKaiot] 5iKaiot eis ttjv ttoXiv 
128.130) I OTroXeo-Eis Dabdfginprtwx*(uid)yc,dj | (imi oi/roiT 
— Toi" 25) I ai>T0us] dUTTji' o | oiw avTjffeii] pr lot 3£ Thdt: 
ot'K avoiarj^ d | TOf tottoi' An^] oui djxl^: pr Trai'Ta DM rell 
3CE Eus A-Z T-A : pr airavTa Chr Thdt : -t- eKcivov D A-Z : 
4- omnem 13^ : populum omnem 33'^" | eveKev^ pr 5i airroi/j g : 
eveKo. Dm | Si/raiw;'] . . Kaiwt' E [ om eo.v 2" — avTi] 15 Eus [ eo.v 
2"] -I- ie m I at'TTj] outois Em* 

25 av\ ov Chr: (ovv 20): om hw^ Hil 5 | iroiijo-fis i"] 
iroiTjffTjs Mertvvxdj | om ms 1° EMbdf-joprstv\vxd,33315 Eus 
Ath Chr Thdt A-Z T-A Hil | om tou bpx'c^ A-Z '| om icat— 
a(re/3i;s fE | us 2°] oi E | pi.T]5ap.u! 2"] ■•- Kvpte Eus i T-A | 
TTao'ai'] post Tj;i' yTjv E: om m Clem Hil| | om rijc cA-Z | 
oi> ?roi. Kpi(Tiv] (om 76): om ov Ilil | )ron;<reis 2°] iroiTjffTjs bfh : 
Troiijo-fi Cyr-hier-ed Thdt | k/jktii'] //tfc ;«</m«/« 913ffii5 Ilil 

26 Mipios] pr Dlnvdj Thdt: +0 0s efijrs A-Z | (cai'] pr 
Kai 107) I ei'pu — SiA-aioi'sJ watv nevTtjKovTa oiKaioi ev <rodofiots 
ej I Ei'pw] wirii' bwT-A : evpedoiaiv (20) Chr | ev \° — TroXei] 
qttinquas^inta htstos in Sodoviis ciiiitate 13C [ ev crooojitois] evei 
T-A : om Chr | 5i«.aioi bw Chr T-A | om ev tt\ iroXei bgnw 
T-A [ a<^77irai] pr 5i eKUVovs Chr: avijffu bw: (a<p7jaafiev 16) | 
TracTa tov tottov] pr oXt;^ ttjv ToXtv Kai h\v : populum omnem 
33'^^ : totnm iirbem 55 : om tov g | om Oi auroi-s Chr 

27 fijre;' appaa/i E | vw] sup ras i* | om tov 1 Phil-codd | 
Kvpiov] 6v fir: + /xov dgmpstxd^ B(!E Chr T-A | om yt] C | 
om Kai 2'^ c* 

28 eav — TroXiy] eav de cXarToi'S tuv -jrevT-qKOVTa evpeBuai 
Kai TecraapaKovTa irevre uitlv ev tij ttoXei SiKaioi ov awffets Ttjv 
woXiv v(tous tuv et evpeSuiri — jtoXei sup ras, Suoioi — to\iv in 
mg tanlum) Chr | om de c3l \ eXoTTOi'uffuirij'] eXaTTovrfOuaiv 
iiur: EXaTTuSwo-ii/ d-gjlnpl.xc^d^ : eXoTTOfwirii' s : sXaTTop fi'pc- 

20 p.eyaXai] a epapvvBriiTav Mc, : a e^apwO-rj j(sine nom)sv : o-' ^e^aprjTai j(sine nom)sv : ir' jSejSa/nji'Tai c^ 

21 o-DyTeXoi/xTai] c' eTrcTEXEO'oi' to epyov Mjs(siiie nom)vCj(<riii'ETEXEa-a;') 22 tjX^'oi'] etropevd-naav jsv 

23 Kai 2" — aaejiri's] cikotu! w/3eXi<rOi; oiKEioTepoi' ev tois eJijs epiipepofievov peTa to tov awoKTeivai SiKaiov fieTa aae^ovs M 
25 firiSa/ias I°] it' ovxi aov s | prjoapws 2°] a' ovxi <Tov ] \ o Kpivuv — Kpiiriv] a' o iravTa a?o>' aTraiTui' 0iKai0Tpo7fii' UKpiTWS 
p.7} TTOiriaeis tovto M 





A 01 TrevTrjKovra SiKatoi irevre^ airdXel^i eve/cev rcov Trevre iraaav rrjv iroXiv ; koX elirev on Ov fiy) 
airoKeaco iav evpco exel reacrepaKovra irevre. ^^Kal irpoaWr^Kev en XaXrjcrac Trpo? avrov Koi 29 
elirev 'Eai^ he evpeOoyatv cKet reaaepnKOpra ; Kal eiirev Ov /xrj diroXeaw eveKev twv recrcrepaKOVTa. 
^^Kol elirev Islit) rt, Kvpie^ idv Xa\?;<7&) • idv Se evpeOwaiv i/c€t rptd/covra; Kal elirei^ Ov fxy) diro- 30 
Xe<7ft) idv €vp€dw(Tiv ixet TpiaKovra. ^^fcai elTrev 'ETreiSr; e;^&) XaXrjaai irpo^ rov KvptoVy idv .^i 

1 C= 8e evpeOwcrtv iKel ecKOcn ; koI elTrev^ Ov fit) diroXiaw €V€Kev tmv ecKoat. ^^koI elirev Mt; ti, 32 
KvpL€, idv XaX/jao) en aTra^' idv Be evpeOwaiv ifcel SeKa ; teal elirev Ov pbi) diroXeaco eveKev twv 
SeKa. ^^dirrjXOev Se K^vpto^ o)^ iiravcraTo XaXwv tm A^panfi, koI A^padfM direarpe'^ev eh rov 33 

If d, Toirov avTov,^ 

^'HX^oz^ 8e ol 8vo dyyeXot et? 2,6Sofxa eo-Trepa?* Acor Be iKnOrjTO Trapd rrjv TrvXifv 'EoSofMoyv. i XIX 
IScov Se A(or dveari] etV avvavTyatv ai^rotv, Kal 7rpoaeKvvt]aev rw TrpoacoTro) eVt rtjv yrjv* ^ Kal 1 
elirev 'ISoy, Kvpioi, iKKXtvare 7rpo<; rov oIkov toO 7rat8o<? vfxciyv Kal KaraXvaare, Kai viyjrare rov^ 
TToSa? vfiwv, Kal 6p6piaavre<i d-rreXevaeaOe eh rrjv 686v vfiMV. elirav Se OiJ^t, dX\* rj eV tt} 
irXareia KaraXvo-ofiev. ^kuI Trape^td^ero avTov<;, Kal i^eKXivav Trpo'^ avrov. Kal elarjXdov eh 3 
T)]v oiKiav avrov Kai eTrotijcrev avT0L<^ norov Kai aQvp.ov<; eTreyjrev avroa, Kat e(pa'yov ^ irpo rov 

31 T(i3v'\ rov E 


XIX 2 €KK\€tvaT€ A \ KoXvaaTc A*(KaTa\. A^) | 
3 €^€K\€lVaV AT){€^€K\€i[vav]) 

diffavres A \ aireXe vcrecr dai AD 

dujffip a j diKatoi Trei'Tc] Kai ciai fx(' oiKaioi m : om BiKaiOi E | 
Trevre i^] pr eis reffffapaKOvra Ea(mg)b-hjnoptwc2d^((7apaKoi'ra 
Egn) : (pr ets tovs reaaapaKOPra 37); om M^M | (aTroXet? — 
7r€PT€ 2°] post ttoXlv 77) ] a7roXe(r6is acdejnptd^ | evenev t(jov 
•jrevT€\ post TToXtf 1£^ | eveKo. m | Trecre 2°] pr reaaapaKovra. E 
((rapa/;opra)a{mg)b-gi^^j"ptwc2d2T-A | iraffav — etTrer] (om 78): 
om iraffav m | Kai etTref] eiirev 5e c: om x*: +/ts ml£ T-A | 
OTi AZ>EMhlnty] om rell ^3E}3 Chr T-A | om ov p.ri aTroXeo-w 
degjmopsvdj^ Chr | (01^ p.7)\ ovk 78) | eav evpuj e^et] cfe\ef 
Twv n ] ei'/>w] evpedwaiv Eov^'(euptj0aj(7t)p Chr ] om €K€l fv** 
Chr I trapaKoura g | wevre 3"^] -^^ ov aTToXecw deg-^^jmopsvdg 
IS Chr: + Traffai' tt;)/ TroXtf Kai €nr€U ov fxij airoXeffio g* 

29 Kai 1° — €Lwej/ 1*=] ef dixit ei Abraham IE | 7rpoo"c^eTO 
fimr I om crt 33 | om Trpos ai'TOt* Chr | om ^a.v — (30) tnrev 
1° w I 5e] post (vpeduxriv d: om D{a]iq deesse ind Z'^^)Eeft3 
T-A 1 om CR-ei ej ] TeffcrepaKouTa i°] (TapaKOUTa g: -^-iiisti 13'"' | 
om /cat 3° — reaffepaKovra 1^ y* | eiTrei' 2°] om h: +'cs mIE | 
01' }Xfi\ OVK EMaceijoq-tvy^C2 ] aTroXw quvy'^' | TeaaepaKotfra 
2'^] ffapuKOVTa g 

30 Kat 1° — XaXijffU}] et addidit eiiam dicere ei Abraham ei 
dixit ei 15'=^^: et eiiam addidit ct dixit ei Abraham IEp | /cat 
ctTre*' i°] om qu: +a^paafx m T-A | om tl 1 | Kupte] post 
XaXi](T(a hvr \ XaXyjaio] +€tl f: -^^ €ti aira^ 1 T-A | eav 5e] pr 
Kat i: Kat eav f | om 8e Z>s33 Chr | {evpeduaiv i"] evpw 127) | 
om €Kei 1° fir | om Kat 2°—TpLaK0VTa 2° b\v | enrev 2^] +ks 
m T-A I 01' fiT^I OVK ej | om eav 3" — TpiaKovra 2*^ s(txt) | eav 
evpeBwffiv eKei] eveKev twv Z>''ejnos(mg)v{mg)yl£ T-A | evpe- 
dtatnv 2°] evpw Mdghihnpqrtuvxd^BiiT Chr | om eKei. 2^ 1* 

31 Kat eiirev v] om s: +a^paap. mH | (om exw 31) | Xa- 
\r}(TO}( I KvpLOv] +pLov efgjmsvCad^*!?^ | om 5e EnCa^C | om 
exci E I eveKev tojvI eav evpw eKei b\v | eveKa m 

32 Kat eiwev 1°] (om 25): -ra^paapi ml£ | Ki'pte] ks q* | 
(om Xa\T](Tw 71} I (om en — 5eKa 2^ 31) | en] post aira^ g: om 
dp I om 5e ^Bp Chr-ed | evpedwaiv] iitueniam 33'' | e/cet] post 
SeKa 1° E: om e | eiTrei' 2*^] +ks m T-A: +0 Qeo% Thdt | ov 
p.y]\ OVK EMadehlopqtux=^yc2d2 Thdt | eveKa md^ 

33 (om 5e 73) | Kvpios] pr o befiprtw Phil-codd Thdt: om 

c^ I XaXwf] Xeywv Just | Kai a^p. aTreorp.] Kat a-jrea-rpeipev 
afipaap. qu : Kat vrrecrTpe^j/tv a^paap. fi : vTreaTpe^j/fv Se a^paapL 
dmpd^: Kai airyjXdev Just: et rediit Abraham ^ | a^paap, 2'^] 
a^pap. b [ aTTfO'Tpei/^e;'] vireorpexpev ghlr Chr Thdt: eTre<rTpe\l/ev 
acj^'{uid)oxC2 : enreaTpeypev w. itiit 1^^ \ tottoi'] otKo;' Thdt 

XIX 1 7}X6ov'] av7]X6ov E | om ot Cyr-ed | om 5vo ilE^ \ 
om 077eXot 1* [ Trapa] ire pi Thdt | ttuXt^p] ttoXii' f | <robop.wv~\ 
pr Tiiiv (14) IS^*" I Xtur be ibojv m^ | avearrj Abwy] e^avejTTjffev 
E ; e^aveaTTj /)^''M rell Chr Cyr Thdt | eis (XvvavTTjffiv] evav- 
Tiov Chr-ed ^ | aurois] avrwv mn* Cyr-ed | Kat— ^t^v] et se pros- 
iraiiit eis lE^ : om 3E*^p | rw TrpocttJTrto] pr ev dgp : CTri Trpocc^irov 
ej : in facitm Ilil: -fauxou Thdt: super faciem suam "HlSy | 
T?;i' 7771'] T7;s 77;; f 

2 etTrei'] -1- avT0i% tlE | i5oi'] om 13IE T-A: -^-ego '^t | Ki'ptot] 
Key: -1- yuoi' mlSIEtiud) T-A | cKKXti^are] eKXtcare M : €7KXtfa- 
rat n: -f- Trpos jue ej | Trpos — TratSos] ad piieriim 33^: ad serunm 
3£'> I Trpos A] eis DEM omn ^ Chr Cyr Thdt T-A | oikov] to- 
TTOv 1 I vpojv i°] tjp,tt}v g*i j Kat 2'^ — vp.wv 2*^] om K*{i^- KaraXva... \ 
/>■ vL\l/a...\T0V5 TT . . .\vp,(t}V E^"'^^) | KaT-aXi/ffare] -t ov eivenev efe- 
KXicarat Trpos rov TratSa vpujjv n | vi\pare Amquy] viypaa&e 
Z>^''M rell Chr Cyr Thdt: lanabo % \ eis ttjv o5ov] mutila in 
w* : om ets bn^ [ vp.iov 3°] t/^cu;/ n: -f-ou eiveKev e^eKXivare 
vpos rov iraiSa vpiojv Ebfir.s{mg)v{mg)c^(eti'eKa fir)33 | eiTraf 5e] 
etTTOi' 5e dfgimpr: etTra*' s(txt): Kat eiTra*' Z>^''EMehlqtu]3 Chr: 
Kat etTTOi' j Cyr T-A | aXX' 7}] om ij Z>^''E(aXXa)Ma-prsu-C2 | 
KaraXi'iTO/iei'] KaraXvatopev Ecdfglnoptx*y : +et se prostranit 
eis facie sua IE 

3 Trape/3iaj"fT0 A] -nape^iaaaro g T-A: Kare^iaaaro Ebw 
Or-gr: Kare^Sia^fv d; Kare^ia^ero DM rell Chr Cyr: (e^t^ia- 
fero 30): eoegit 'ElEiS Phil-arm | aurous] -ftr^ortpa acmoxCj 
^33p I om Kai 2° — ai'Tor y Or-gr | om Trpos — ei<xi]\6ov ^ | 
^i.tjyf\dov] 7}X6ov c^: -f Trpos r* | rtjv oiKiav] rov oikov />''EM 
dc-ghjipqs-v Or-gr Chr Cyr | om Kat 4° h | ayrots i'*] avrovi 
h I TTorov] roTTov h \ a^ufiovs] a^vp.ov c : afi'/tots dgp | eTre^ei'] 
eirep^ev EMbdfh*(uid)lmnqv*(uid)w : Kat eirepiypev y: irape- 
d-rjKev g I Trpo rov Koip.y)07}vai] pr et IE: om n: -f-aurous ac 

30 p.t] Tl Kvpte] a' p.f) 5-1] opyiXov roj Kta M(om 57;)jsv{sinc nom js) 



XIX 14 

4 K0L/u.r)6)}i'ai. ■^Koi 0! ai'Bpe'i T//9 TroXetus- ot SoSo/iteiTat TrepieKVKXcocrai' t))v olxiav iitto veavLcrKov A 

5 e<B? irpecr^vTepov, airwi o \ao<; Hfia. ^Kal e^e/caXovvTo tov A(ut, koX eXeyor Trpo? avrov Hov 
elcrlv ot ciifBpev ol elcreXdovre^ irpcK; at riji' vvura; ^e^ayaye avruix Trpos" »//i«?, Iva avyyevwfieda i H' 

J avTol';. ^i^fjXOei' Si Awt Trpo? avTovs, Koi Tt)v Ovpav irpoairp^nv oirlaco avrov. '^ elvev Se tt/jo? 
8 avTov-i AlrjSafj.w'i, «8eX<^ot, yu.») Trovr]p£vcrr]crOe. ^6i<Tiv Be /iot Bvo Qvyarepe'i, at ovk iyvtocrav ai'Bpa- 

e^d^w avT(i<i Trpo<i v/j.a<i, Kal -y^pi'jcraaOe ai'Tat? Kadci iipeaKjj ii/juv fxivov et'v tov'; avhpa<; Toiirov; 
y /ij/ 7roi)]ar]Te fiijBev dBiKov, ov tiVe/cec elarjXOov vtto t>)v crreyTju xfui' BoKoiv fiov. '^elirav Be 

Kirotjia eKel' eicrrjXue'; irapoiKelv, fii) Kai Kpiaiv Kplvat,; vvv ovv ere KUKwaofiev /iiiXXov rj eKei- 

10 vov^. Kai TTapej3uti^ovTO tov dvBpa tov Awt acf)68pa, Kal fiyyiaav (jvPTpl-^ai, ti)v dvpav. '°e/c- 
TeivavTe<i Be ot dvBpe<; Tn<; -^^elpa'; elaeairdaavTO tov Acot irpo^ eavTov'^ ei<; tov oIkov, Kal t))v 

11 ovpav tov olkov iiTreKXeio'av • "Toil's' Be dvBpa<i Tovf 6vTa<; iirl t^v 6vpat; tov oIkov eirara^av 

12 aopacria, iitto ficKpov ea>^ p.eyd\ov Kal irapeXvOyjaav ^rjTOVvre'i Tijv dvpav. ^^^el-irav Be ol dvBpef § i^ 
Trpo'i AftiT 'Ecrrtv ti? ctoi wBe, yafx^pol rj viol rj Ovyarepe^, r] e'i tIs croi aWos" eaTiv ev rf) iroXei, 

13 i^ayaye eV tov tottov tovtov ^^OTt, diroXXvfj-ev rjfiei'i tov tottov tovtov, oti vyfrwdri tj Kpavyrj 

14 avToiv evavTLOv V>.vpiov, kul uirecrTeiXev yp.d'; Kiipio<; eKTpi'^ai avTi'jv. ^^e^f]X6ev Be Aa)T Kal 

4 aoSofUTai D^'^ 
g KaKoatc^iiv E | y^yy^iaoLV A | TT)if 6vpa E 


1 1 T-qv Ovpa E 

8 XPV^^^^^^ ^ 

12 £i] 1) A 

4 om 1.01 la I ot (XoSo/x-l aoioixav n'3 : om IE : 0111 01 h | 
(KVKkaaav hwT-A \ om oii.-iai' — (5) Xut c^* | irpecrfivTepov euis 
veavidKov n | irpm^VTOV bfw Chrf | om ottos Xaos a/ta n | 
airos] jras bwx Chri: om Chri 

5 e^iKoKovVTO TOV^ vp0(T€Ka\0UV TW b ; TrpOlT€Ka\ol'I'TO wT-A I 

Km (\eyoy} Kai. eiTrav b\v : Xcyovra gl3 T-A | om irpos i" m* j 
(om 01 avSpet 51) | (\dovTes ejs | Trpos <re] ir/jos K,uas Chri: ('« 
liomiim tiiam |9 | om r-r)v q | Tj.uas] I'/tos 1 

6 Xwr Trpos ai'Toi's Ay*] \wt irpo^ to irpodvpov b\v : irpos 
avTovs \txjT irpos to irpodvpov ^c\*ox\c^: irpos avTov^ Xojt e|u 
TTpos TO TpoBt'pov i"'' : irpoa auTous \ut e^M Trpos 77;j' Siipoi' f: 
+ eis TO irpoOi'pou gill : + cf u Trpos to TrpoBvpov I : + irpos to 
TrpoBvpop D( + Z)«")EMyi> rell ^3(iiid) Chr: ad vos Lot extra 
portam % : ad eos Lot stetit ad portam quae extra 33 : ad eos 
Lot (Lot ad cos 1£p) ad portam ante eos IE | (om K0.1. ttiv Svpay 
71) I Kdi TTiv Ay] Ti)!' Se DEM rell B : ttjv /uei» Chr | Tpoir- 
eu^ff] irpoirea^ev tip: wpotreu^av g: (wpoceaiap 107): c/usit 
lElLiJ : exteiidit S | ottiitw outou] postquam intrauerunt lE'^f | 
aiTou] auTw;' D 

7 fHTfv 5e] KOI (i-nnv n\iiT-A | Trpos awToi/s] avrois abcefij 
orwxCjil/ T-A : om m | pi]da/ui! — T!ovrip.'\ iiolite fratres tiollile 
malefacere viris 3L | a5e\(f>oi pL-tj ■wovqp.'\ TrovTjpsvarjade a5e\0Oi 
/joii m I aSeXifioi] pr adopts bw : -f /jou 133 | om pi-rj iroprip. n | 
Tro;'7;pEiW7;ff(^f] TrovTipevi]irffe s» : TTOi'T/petieirOe a-egjlpqiivwc.,T-A : 
TTopeuTjadfE ^* : (iropevcade ^i): + eis TOi'S oJ/oi'S toi^toi'S o33'-' T-A ; 
+ super hos IE 

8 iitstv W\ ecce suiit'^^': om Sc '^^ | 5\jo] (post BvyaTepes 
74): om sv I oi'Spa] ai-Spas Macdeh''jmoptxyC2 Chr; afSpei g | 
e|ofw — uyuas] eduxit cas ad eos ct dixit eis Ecce eae IE'p | ffo^w] 
pricaiT-A: (cai a^u E : f5a7a7U fir: (e|^a7u 74) | vpa,%'\ iipa^ 
op* I XP'7<raff9e AZldgpc, T-A] xpair-^e E(-cr»ai)M rell Chr | 
aiTois] ai/Tos Ebdp T-A | /.affa] /ca^^o dp: Kaflws m : us 1 Chr: 
Kotfa ax EMcefijqrsuvy T-A: /caSo ax Dabghotu-xc^ | apeo-KT;] 
apecTKei dl-p Chr: apea-q fgi | axSpas] pr Svo e*(uid): avdpui- 
TTOi'S U: +ras (6) i | p-q — ^ijSex] /^i/Sfx TroirjcrTjrf Chr | (,aT;5ex 
TrotTjcTTjTc 20) I Trot7;(n;T€] TrotTj^are d | MT?5ex] /XTj^ex ejr-s(mg) : 
om DEbhlqs(txt)u-x33(uid)E |' aoi/cox] kokoj' f | aTcy-qv] (TKcir-qv 
M(mg)bdgnps(txt)tvwxCj Chr 1£{uid) | tux Sokux] domus 331S 

9 fiirax 5f] icat ciTrax acox : Kai eiirox m : f ittox 5e Ed-gijn 


prtC2: -I- ai/T-u bwlE : -fcKcixoi g | om e/cei n | eiff7)X6les] pr koi 
eiTTOi' acmsvxIL^ : pr kai eiTroi' gp: T/Xf^esMl^: eitrTjXStx s | koi 
k-picrix Kpixoi] ;// et indices IL : om koi be33 | Kpicrtv xpixai] 
Kpiveiv KpiTiv c : vopov^ Kpivfiv c, I Kpio-ix] Kpiffiis (\r\3 I itpixai] 
Kpivdv /^''EMabdefh-y Chr T-A: ttoieix g | (7;] -rpirep 33) | 
Kai TTope^iafoxTo] koi 7ap fSiofoxTO m : Trfpe^iafoxTO 5e Chr | om 
Tox axSpa efjn Chr | om tox \ijit IE | T;77i<rox] pr 01 oxopes f 

10 (om Se 128) I oxSpfs] a77£Xoi fi*r | (x«ipas] ffi'pos 83) | 
eiffeo-TroffaxTo] cTreffTraffaxro Ec^ Thdl(uid) : etcTTraffoxTO c: 
eo'Trao'axTo o Or-gr: ecTrao'ox n: (eio'etrTrtuo-axTO 107: OTretrTra- 
aavTO 71-79): einattav Just | Trpos eairrous] Trpos oirrous c: fis 
eoi/TOus Cyr-codd : post oiKoxbw: om Chri | om eis tox oikox 
ej Cyr-cod T-A | (om koi — (11) ffi'pox 31) | om xai — aTrexX. 
lE'i' I T7;x Supox] Tos Si'pas d | tou oikoi;] tov roixous E: om 
Or-gr Chr J- Cyr-cod lE"^ | Trpoa-f KXeicrax Just 

1 1 om oxras acimorxc^ Or-gr | t7;s ^upas] tt; ^upa amox 
Or-gr Cyr-codd: ttjx dvpav eg: om ttjs (79) Cyr-cod | tou 
oiKoii] Toi» TOixov E: om bw Phil-arm Cyr-cod | eTroToffx Mlx-^ 
T-A I oopaffia] pr ex w | jwKpou] ^-olTwx e33P | yaf^a^ou] 
-t- aiTux (20.32) 33"^ I 7rapeXu^7;(raxJ TrapeX7/Xi;(?ei(70x i**' Phil- 
cod : TrapeXTjXi'^otrtx T-A 

12 ciTrox acdfgijopr | 01 axSpes] auge/i lE*^ : om S^"*: om ot 
c I Trpos] Toi m T-A | eo-Ttx i°] etcrtx bfirwIL Or-gr | Tts i°] rt 
jt : Ttxes fir Or-gr : post trot 1° o T-A: om /JbglnwCjlL^J Thdt | 
om u5e it | yap^po! Eacdgmopsxc,3[ Chr Thdt | I'tot] vi am | 
om -q dvyaTepus 331* | om T7 3° m* T-A | om ft ELcIm-^'ii333 | 
Tts 2"] TL o I (Tot oXXos €ffTtv'\ est tibi alius IL | eortx aXXoi 
bfirw I ex tt; TroXet] in urhe liac 33 | efa7a7e] +avTov% Ed-gps 
(mg)a331EE T-A I om ik e 

13 om OTt i^ — TOVTOV s*l£t' I oTToXX. T;/iets] 7;;Ufts ottoX- 
Xi'juex qulL^ : nos dclebiinus 33 j oTroXXi'juex] oTroXXi'o/tex n : 
aTToXof^ex L | 'np^i.'iX I'jttets g j tov tottov toitox] urbem hanc ^ : 
einn 33 : om toitox Chr-ed | (t; Kpai'7T?] post oitux 77 : 7; Kapota 
79) I ai'Tux] aiTT^x d : om o | exaxTtox Kvptov] ante Din 33'*''1L | 
exoxTtox] exoxTt deghpty : exuTrtox bw | Ki'ptou] -f tou &v filr: 4- 
Kv s I om Kai — aiT7;x L | T;yxas] post ^KTpi^ai E : i-yuas 1 [ Kfptos] 
pr t Thdt: -f 9s dfgipr: om (71) 3Ei3 Phil-arm Chr-ed | 
(exTptiZ-ot 31.83) I aiiTTjx] oiTous s IL Chr : urhem hanc ]& 

14 om 6e 1° n | om koi eXoXTjtrex iS | om tous 2"— outou 


XIX 14 


A iXdX^jaev 7rpo<; rov^ yafi^pov^ avrov rov^ €l\7}(f>6Ta^ tA? 6uyaT€pa<; avroVy fcal elirev ^ Avd(XT7]r€ 
Koi e^iXOare i/c rov tottov tovtov^ brt €K7pi^et Kvpto^ rrjv iroXiv. eho^ev he yeXoid'^etv ivavrlov 
Tcov ya/jb^po)}^ avrov. ^^rjvLKa Se 6p6po^ iylvero, iireairovha^ov ol dyyeXoi rov Ator Xeyovre^ 15 
^Avaaras Xd^e rrjV yvvaiKa crov Kai ra^ Svo Ovyarepa*; aov «? ^'x^^^ ^^^ e^eXde, Xva fii] crvifaTroXj} 
rat<; dvofxiat^ rij<; ttoXeox;. ^^/cal erapd')(9riaav' real i/cpdrrjaav ol ayyeXot rr}<; X^fc/^o? avrwv Kal 16 
T>/9 ')(€tpb^ T/)v yvi^aiKo^ avrov Kai ro)v y^eipoiv rwv Svo Ovyarepwv avrov, ev rw ipelaaadai Kvpiov 
avrov, ^"^ fcal iyevero rjviKa i^tjyayov avrov; e^co Kal elirav Xco^cov aco^e rrji' aeavrov yjrv')(^i}V' puy) 17 
irepi^Xe'^r)'^ et? rd oTriao) fxySe crrfj^; iv irdarj rf) irepixdipw' et? to 6po<i aco^oVy fjn] Trore o-vvirapa- 
X7)/x<f)0[f^. ^^elTrev Be Ator rrpo^ avrov<; Aeofiaiy icvpie^ ^^errethrj evpev o iral^ aov eXeo? ivavriov ig 
a-ov Kal ifieydXvva<; rrjv BcKacocrvvyjv crov, b Trotet? eV ifxe, rov ^fjv rrfv '^v')(y]v fiov eyw Be ov 
Bvvrjaofiai Bta<7(odr]vat el<; ro opo^y purj KaraXdfBr) fie rd KaKa Kal drroOdvo)*' ^°iBov rj vroXt? avrrj 20 
iyyv<; rov Kara^vyelv fie eKet, r) eartv fJbiKpd' eKel aayOi](TO/j,at' ov puiKpa eartv ; Kal ^yjaerat 77 
'^^XV M'^^ €veK€v aov. ^^Kal elirev avra IBov eOavfiaad aov ro TrpoacoTrov Kal eirl rqy pi'jfjiarc 21 
rovrfp rov fir) Karaarpe'^ai rrjv ttoXcv irepi 7/9 eXdX'i]aa<;* ^^airevaov ovv rov acoOrfvai eKel' ov 22 

17 ffvfj.TTapa'K'rjfKpOTjs D 

18 5a 

20 TToXeis A 


2° L I Tas] om r : i/uas 1£ | e^eX^are] e^eXOere Ma-egli^*jqs-vc2 : 
e^eXBc w | tovtov rov tottov g | eKTpi^ei Kvpios] Dns contc7'i- 
iurtts est IL | fftrrpt^ci] KaTaffTp€<p€L M(mg): euTpixpei bB | 
Kvptos] Dens 33 | t^o\iv\ -k-To.vTy]V (loS) B!£p | om eSo^ey — 
aiTOi^ 3° L I ^ho^^v ht '■^eKQi.^piitahat autt'm se dcrideri "^\ om 
5e dpq | YfXoiai'eif] a77e\i'afeii' m: {irai^eiv 20'. yeXwroTToieii' 
32) I €t>avTiov'\ evojiriov bw T-A: fie avTi E 

15 -qvLKa] ws bw | op9po%] pr o Mfhrt | cyevero ELbdegl- 
qsuw-C2'^131£1tiP Chr Cyr Thdt | eTreairovd. — Xwr] pr Kai e: 
stabant angeli ad Lot It | eairovba^ov EabfgiIors(txt)tvc2 | 
yyeXoi top Xojt Xe-yov sup ras A^ | a77eXot] avopes Ly | tov] 
Toj n\ I a^ao-ras] ttfaara j(txl)s(txt)v: surge et '^ \ Xa^e] irapa- 
XajSe bw | tt]v — aov 2^'] duas Jilias tuas et zixorem tiiam 1£ \ 
om Suo Z)bhsvw | {ffov Ovyarepas ^i) \ ffoi' 2° ALlqs(mg)u'3iL5 
Cyr-codd] om DEMs(txt) rell 31 Chr Cyr-ed Tlult | as ex^is] 
om Ll£: ^-evravOa c^ | om iva — (16) eTapax^V^^o-v L | fi-q] 
+ /cai av />ii(D"''^')EMacfh-oq-vx^B'"-3£iHi) Chr Cyr: + Kai 
Cj I avvaTToXy}] avyaTroXeis n: airoXtj Ea: dL'Struamus te 13'^ | 
T);s TroXews] avTOJV n : chiitatis hiiins B1S1L 

16 Kai erap. Ko.i\ om m: om /cai erap. IE 1 eTapax(?i7o-aj'] 
pr?V'E: tnrbaius est B''1L: + ot ayyeXoi fn | eireKpaTTjo-av f | 
ot a77eXof] m'ri '^"^ : duo uiri IE'': om fn | tt;? x^'-P^^ i"] '"^s 
Xfi/>asd: manus % \ avTOjv ALacy] avrov DEM rell '-3i31£3t^D 
Phil-arm(uid) Just Chr Cyr Thdt: -i-Kai ttjs x"/>os avrov v* | 
om Kai 3"^' — avrov 2° L | r-qs x^'-P^^ 2°] Wf3:;;«j- IL: om E | rwv 
Xft/>wc] T7)s xeipos D( +/^s'')^Bt*: cm (71) IE Cyr-ed | om 5vo 
Eej Pliil-arm Just Chr Cyr-codd | Kvpiov] post avrov 3"* Chr: 
+ TOV dv ejlL I avrov 3°] avroj E: avr(jov Lml£3L Cyr-ed T-A: 
+ Kat e^7)yayoffav avrov /cat €$T}Kav avrov aire^oj rijs ttoXcws 
acoxC2[[e|7;7a7o*' ex | iOevro x | e^w o]]: -f /cat e^Tjyayov avrov^ 
Kat eOijKav efw tt]S TroXews m: -fKai e|?/7a7ef avrovs Kai eOrjKev 
avTOVS c^w ryjs TroXeujj j(mg) : -!- /cat e^T;7a7€»' /c? avrov kui €9tjk€v 
avrov e^ta rrjs -troXews v(mg)Bl[e^'?'vej^] posue^^unt B'^^J : -^ei 
eduxerunt cum et posuerunt extra ttrbem % 

17 om iyevero r\viKa c^ T-A | i^^yevovro 77) ] e'i;r\yayi^v\ 
e^Tjyayoffav c^: e^7;7a7ei' denstvB'^': e^efiaXov T-A: e^e/3'aXei/ 
g I avTovs] avrov EMachloqsuvBlSlL Cyr T-A | e^oj] pr eK 

ToXcuJS f* : pr €k r-qs iroXetos f^ : eK tt;? ttoX^ws ir : om dB : + ttjj 
TToXewj D(-f Z3^'i)gn I om Kat -2° t* ^B'^^^J) Cyr-ed | cittov b^' 
dfgijmprtc^ I om o'w^cov — ^vxv*' L j au)^wv] auj^e Just: om 
a*chmoqtuxc29l1£^iP Chr i Cyr Thdt ^ T-A | fftufe] <roj^ov T-A | 
€avrov m Thdt^ T-A | fxt] i°] pr Kat ?E Thdt Spec: fxtjre x^ | 
^^epl|iX€^|/^]s~\ Trepi^Xexj^Tj /^s'lMaceghiqrsu-Cg: {/3Xe^7; 31.68.83: 
€7ri/iXei//7;s 20) : respexeris % \ om fj.y)5€ — (23) a-7;7wp L | fiijde] 
fiTj Chr I om Tra^n; ?£ | (Trept^wpto] X'^P^ 79) I ^'5 2°] pr j^^^ 
B I iToj^oi'] {diaaoj^ov 32) : «(7i/6' tV iV;/ saluaheris 3L | ffvvirapa- 
Xr}ix<p$7)s] pr ^t; d: irapaXr)(pd-r}t bf; {(TvvairoXTjcpdris 128) 

1 8 om XoJT g I om Trpo? ai-roi's ^ | aiToi's] avrop (16) 
Thdt I Ki'ptot cdmIE 

19 eTreihr}] et Chr-ed j evpov bqwIE | om Trats ffov ^ | 
uov i'^] I'^wv m I eXeos] cXeov fgp : xctp'*' InvB^' | evujwiov x | 
aov 2°] I'/xtJi' dm | €iJ.eyaXvvai\ {e{j.eyaXvve 71): e/xe7a\L';'e /Ts 
m I troi' 3"] auroi' m: om ^ | Trotets] Troiei m: ttoitjctsis 
C2B : ov Trofr]<7€L^ En: 7}v Trotets fI5L: om il | eir e/xe] eTrt Cyr- 
ed I ctt] fis dnpIL Chr: (om 107) | i'rjvl ^tjaai bw | fxov] aov 
h I 5vva/xai oH(uid)B Just Or-lat | Siatroj^T/^'ai] aujdijvai bw 
Thdt: rov aujdiQvai T-A | ^77] + Trore dfgijIprstvxB(uid) Thdt | 
fxeraXa^ri Thdt | om Kat 2'^ e* 

20 om t; 1° b I €77i's] pv parua B'*^: p-iKpa T-A: {om 71) | 
fie — eoTiy i*^] eariv €K€i Just: om fie mo^ Phil-arm | 77 2° — 
(Ttj^T/iTo/iai] om T-A: om 17 eariv fiiKpa ^ | eo"riJ' fiit^pa] fiiKpa 
eariv Chr: om n | fiiKpa i°] fiaKpa I j cKet 2° — eariv 2°] et fion 
est pur ua sed saluabor Phil-arm: om B''" | eKet (ruj^T7(T0/zai] 
a(jj6r)aofiai eKet. acmox{pr et)c2: Kat awOijaofiai bwIE^ : Kat e/cet 
biaawO-qaofiai ej | ctj^T^cro^at — ^T^crerat] (TUidriaerai Cyr-codd | 
01' fiiKpa earivl quae est minima 3L^(uid) : om fn Chr | ov\ us 
Just I fiiKpa 2"] ficLKpa d\\.: /xaKpav \) \ om ej'eKe*' trou Dehlmo 
qs(txt)tuvc2B3£il Phil-arm Just Chr Cyr Thdt T-A 

2 1 etTTCj'] dixerunt 1£p | om ai'Ttij I | eQavfj,a<ja\ pr €71^ 
Cyr-ed ] ro irpoa-ujirov aov acmoxc^^lt | om Kat 2" m^ Or-lat | 
eTTi — rovrw] hoc uerbum IL : om cTrt rw s | p7;juaTt] -^-aov c^ | 
roil ^77 Karao-rp.] oiJ yUT; Karaffrpe^tu Or-gr ] TroXtt-] ^-raur?;*' cB'[ 
eXaXT/fTos] eXaXT/ca i*r : eXaXT^tre d 

22 awevaov — CKet i*^] iliuc saluare }p | om ovv ej Just | 

XIX 16 erapax^T/crac] a efieXXTjaev Mi(e;aeX7;(7"ef)v : a' 5e e(Trpa7eiiero M : a' de earparevaaro j(sine nom)v 

17 eyevero k.t.X.'\ a' -^^ Kat e^rjyayev ks avrov Kai edfjKev avrov e^w tt;s TToXews M 19 rov f'?''] rov ftocotrat js 

21 i5ou — TrpofrajTroc] a' iSov t)pa Trpoaiowov aov : a' opaaai edvawTnjov irpoawrrov aov c^ 



XIX 32 




yap Svv^erofiai iroiriaai "Trpdy/xa e'&)9 toO ere eXOelv eKei. Bia tovto eTroovofMacrev to ovofia t^? 
TToXeo)? eK€lvi]<; Sijycop. '^6 ij\lo<; e^fj\6ev eVt Tr]v yriv, Koi A(ut €la>}\dev et? "Ei^ytop, ^■*/crt(. 
Kyp/o? e^pe^ev eirl "SoSopa koI Vo/xoppa dclov koI irvp Trnpa Kvpiov €k tov ovpavov, -5/cat icare- 
arpeyfrev Tci'i TroXei? TavTa<i iv al<; KaTwKei. ei> avTai<i Awt koX iraaav irepioiKov Kal 7r<ivTa? TOv<i 
KaTotKOVVTa<; iv Tai^ TroXeaiv Kal irdnTa to. avaTeWovra ex tj;? 'y*;?. ~^Kal itre^Xeylrep r] yvvr) 
avTov etf ra ovia'j), Kal eyevero (TTijXtj mXo?/' ^'^ wpOpiaev Be W^padp, to irpcol els tov tottov ov 
laTijKet ivavTiov Kvpiov, ^^Kal eire/SXe^ev enl Trpoaca-rrov —oBoprov Kal Vopoppwi Kal eirl irpoao)- 
irov T»;? 7'/s" t?;v TrepL)(<opov, Kal I'Sev Kal iSoii avk^awev <f)\o^ rr/f 7179 (i)ael dr/il? Kafj-ivov. 
*^9Kat eyeveTo ev ra^ eKTply^ai Kvpiov Trdaa<; rn? TroXei? tJJs" TrepcoiKov, epv/jdOij 6 0eos" tov 
AjSpaap Kal i^aTreaTeiXev tov Awt €k peaov T^f KaTaaTpo^i}';, ev tm KaTaaTpeip-al, Kvpiov T(i<; 
TToXet? ev flls' KaTWKei ev avTals AcioT. 

^3° Kal e^>')\6ev AioT eK ^I'jywp, Kal eKudijTO ev tw opei Kal at Svo 6vyaTepe<; avTOV /xer' 
avTOV' e^o^)]dTi yap KaT0iKi)(7ai er ^t'lywp- Kal (OKTjcrev ev too anrrfkaiu) avTo<; Kal al hvo 6vya- 
T€p€<i avTov fieT avTOV.^ i^elirev he i) irpea^vTepa tt/jo? Ttjv vecoTspav 'O iraTTjp i)p,wv irpecr^v- 
Tepo'i, Kal ovBei<; eaTiv eirt t!}^ yrj<; os" eiaeXevaeTai Trpo? ^fia<i a)« KadrjKei Trdap Ttj yfj- ^^hevpo 
ovv "rroTiacopev tov TraTepa rjpwv olvov Kal KOipijOrSfiev ^peT avTov, Kal e^avaaT'jacopev eK tov 

•i D\. 


27 opOpKref E 28 ave^evvev E | Ka/xeivov A 21) ttoXis (1°) E* (ttoXcis E'^) | (fivrjafn^ E* (epLVqcrfJ-q E*) 

30 OvyaTfpais {1") E* [dvyarepis E^) 31 viurepa. A 

om TOV I" m I ffiijdijvixi] +(rf qu | 0111 ov — iKfi a** 1£ | ovvq- 
aoip-effa n | TTOiriaai.'] pr tov Dmy Chr-ed : om g | ews — eXSeiz'] 
afo;fcr saliiabci-is 33'" : (/iwitr /« iiilres IL^ | tou 2°] ou /) | <re 
{\6(ai AgCj Cyr-cod] eX^cti' <re bfoxy : ctffeXSeii' ae ilnqrtuw 
Just Chr Thdt: (76 eio'eXffeii' EM rell Cyr-ed: eicreXfli;? D | 
(5(a] ov yap iS) [ ^Trcjvofiacev A] ^KX-qdrj h]3{uid)?£T-A : eKaXecre^ 
DEM I'ull 3P Jnst Cyr: uocaui iL | ri/s iroXews] ron tottov 
np; om d j e/cetio;s] eKetfoy np : om DachlmoqtuxBIL Phil-arm 
Just I (TT^^wp] (n7a)p bdglpquw : fwojp Jos Phil-arm 

23 om totum comma cmE | efi^Xflej/] {et<rrj\9cv 16): ai-c- 
TeiXeK Eus Cyri | ttjs 77/5 Phil-cod | \oit eioTjXSfv] i)itrauil 
Lot IL I om uariXSev i* | a-qyup] pr ttji/ Cyr-ed i : aifoip bdgl 
pquw : Sygor IL : iroep Phil-codd 

24 Kiipios e/3p6je;'] e^pe^eu Kvpios 152^^ Just J Eus J Athf 
Chr Cyr J Thdt T-A+ Iren Nov Tyc : c^peifv Kvpioi Eus J | 
Kvpios] pr Just I : -I- 9s Efr( 4- ras 6) codd-ap-A-Z | eiri] eis 
Just J I <ru5o/nMJ' n | om koi yo/noppa Just J Eus * Cyr ^ | 
yop.oppa] yo/iopa s : Gomorain IL | Trup Km 6ei.ov xIE^ Just i 
Eusi Cyr-hier-ed Cyr J Thdt T-AJ Iren Nov | om Beiov Kat. 
Eus J T-A'j I iropo Kvpiov] post oupa^'ou (78) Cyp Spec: om d 
Phil-arm Ep | eK tok] ej b : an- n 

25 om totum comma L | KaTeoTpeipev] -hits Ss u'' | ras 
TToXeis] pr Jracras ejs{mg) Or-gr | rauras] ai^ras ht ; auTwc Cyr; 
xoiras /^E: om 13'" | ev ais — Xut- A] om />"(D''i<i)EM omn 
SiSIEILP Just Or-gr Chr A-Z | vaaav irepioiKov] haltilatioius 
quae ibi B'" : cinuiniacentia earum 3£ | wepwiKov Aly] ttjv 
wepix'^pO'' a-egjops(mg)\v933PlL Or-gr A-Z: pr tt/c DEMs{txt) 
rell Just Chr | woXeuLu] ^ d oimus hahitationes illas "^^^ \ (om 
Kat 4° 31.83) I Trayra to. aj^areXXoz^Ta] Trai/ avareXXoi' dgp Chr: 
om TTttt'Ta abcmowxc^lEIL^ : (om ra at'areXXoj/ra 85) : om to. 
ir I om cK tt/s 7175 E | e/:] cTri bn 

26 c7re/3Xf ^ec] ere/SXe^ev n : conucrsa est 31 | hktoiJ tou Xwr 
df(om T0i<)gptSBI£}3 = o™ E Chr | OTrio-u] -^all7■o^' a*(uid): 
-t- avTT/s a'^fmx 

27 apBpi-aev — Trpui] ?«««^ autem uigilauit Abraham IL | 
wpflpitrff] op9pi.<ra.% fif3 | om 8e l*m | afipaa/j.] post irpwi m | 
to] tm bcehjmquyCj | om tov o | c<rT?;K6i] eoTtiKtv m: 4- esf i 
Eh I tmvTi. bdgpw | Kvpiov] Toi. dv (20) Chr 


28 om Kai 1° flj'' | Trpoauwov i"] pr irai/ qu : om n | om 
oodopLojv — TTpoowTTOv 2° r* Chr [ ffwSofia n | 70/ioppas] yopLoppa 
n: 7ojaoppwi' bw : Gontoruin IL | Trpoauirov 2^ — Trept;^. ] o/nftia 
cireitmiaeeutia eius l£(om ovinia I£i') ) Trpoffu)Trov 2°] pr Trac 
acmoxCjS | Tr)s 71)5 i°] pr irao-i/s EMefijrs(mg) : /ii//«.f IL: om 
blw Chr: -rfKcicTjs ej | 7079 tijj Trcptx^poi'] wepix<^pov 777s n: 
om T17S f: -1- (ro5o;Uwi' Chr: +i//iits 33'': +o//inrs illiiis 33'^^' [ 
om KOI 5° n15"=P I awlSaiyEK] Katx^evcv t : om bw | 0XoJ ttjs 
77)s] OTTO Trji yr/s (fi\o^ fir: Kairi/os 7t;s t | ttjs 7i;s 2°] pr £k 
Ma-dghnopsv-CjISi'lS Just Chr: a terra IL: om 33'"' | wo-ei] pr 
KOI c : ms 17 En : as bmw | aT/iis] -)- Kajrvoi/ m | (Ka/xu-ou] KaTr- 
voii 31.71) 

29 ef T(u €KTpi\l/a.C] post .. . . IL [ Kvptov i*^] pr toi* o: toj" 9? 
abcfimrwc,^ Tyc: om ElE'i' | Tracras] post ToXfis 1° g: om 
IEp Chr I Tas TroXeis 1°] urbes has 3-ed | T7;s TepioiKOiJ T17S 
irepixapov Mefj : terrae illiiis \^ : habitatiomiin 33 : et omnia 
eircitmiacentia eius S 1 ep.vyiady]\ pr Kai jU'"|£ : -f 5e hw j 
f^cos] Ks ej I TOv^ TO} n | e^oTrfffTetXei'] -ho 9$ f | om ci' tw 2" — 
XajT 2° E I KaTa<rTp€\pai] eKTpi^at el£(uid) | Kvptov 2"] -f toj* 9P 
E Tyc : om bfw | om tos iroXcis 2° dpIE'*^ | om Xwt 2° IE 

30 Kai e^v\S(v ALy] etTjXSe 5c bw: a«|3i7 Sf D(-I-Z>)EM 
rell 33I£i3 Chr Cyr | ek] (v Edo : ets qu Chr-ed | <rqyap t"] 
(rt7a;p bglnquw : aeyojp L | om Kai 2*^ — opei 33^ | opei] -f oifTos 
EMbd-lp-wc2331£''^ Cyr | om Svo 1° w | juet oi/tou i"] ev tu 
opei d I om eipofiridri — aurou 4° ZJ(D'"^)Le*f | ei^o^Tj^Tj] e^o/Stj- 
fli7ira>' ce''jlnqtuv33'"' Chr Cyr-ed: ei^o^fiTo m Cyr-cod | KaToi- 
KTjo-ai] oiK-qaai Edgipr Chr: {avvoiKTia-ai. 20) | ev 2°] ets Cj : om 
d I CTjyoip 2°] ffiywp bdglquw | om Kai 4° c | UKijaevJ uKriaav 
1 Cyr: KaTaKT)(iev bcw: UKoSo/irjo'ev E | om 8vo 2° e^j | om 
/xeT ai/Tou 2° mtlS 

31 r; — veoirepav] iuiiior aii seniorem W' \ waTtip] pi eeee 
IE I 7)11^1 vfiwv g I ou9ei$ m | om ewi ttjs 7175 IS | firi] ck y | 
om TTJS e j eXeucerat c | tj/j/is'] v/ g | om ws — ^77 E | KaOfjue 

32 Sciipo] pr KOI c | ovv ALy] koi />'IEM rell a-codd Phil- 
arm Or-lat Chr J: (377 79): om S-edlSE Chri Iren | vf^oiv i"] 
vfxwv 1 I KOi 2"] /// Iren-ed | e^avaffTTfffopLev Mg | tnrcpyno ck tov 
TraTpos r]fxav IE(om ek IEp) Chr | €k] om m : +tou cnrep/iaTos c 


XIX 32 


A 7raT/309 rjfiMv cnrepfia. ^^evoTtaav Be tov irarepa avroov olvov ev rfj vvkti ravrrj, Knl elae\6ovcra 33 
rj npeaffvTepa €Koifi>']Or] fiera tov Trarpo? avrijii rrjv I'v/cra eice[vi)V' Kal ovk fjBei ev tco Koifj.r]6)}vai 
avrrjv Kal dvadTrjvai. 'i-^i'^evero he rfj eiravpLov Kal elirev r; irpea^vTepa Trpo'i rr)v vewTepav 34 
'iSou eKoifirjOrjv €%^e? pera tov TraTpo<; rjpwv Troriarofiev ainov oli'ov Kal tt^v vvKra Tainr/v, Kal 
elaeXGovaa Koi,fJi.i'j0i]Ti fteT avTov, Kal e^avaar/jacopev eK tov Trarpo? i)p,wv airepp^a. ^^eiroTtaav 35 
he Kal ev ttj vvktI eKeivr/ tov irarepa avTWv olvov, Kal elaeXOovaa rj vewTepa eKoipr'jdrj jxeTd tov 

% h 7raTp6<; avTTi<;'^ Kal ovk jjhei ev tw K0ifi.r]6r}vai avTtjv Kal dvacTTrjvat. ^^Kal avveKa^ov ai Bvo 36 
OvyaTepei; Acot e/c tov Trarpo? avToiv. ^7 Kal eTeKev »; irpea^VTepa viov, Kal eKoXeaev to ovofxa 37 
avTov Mwdfi Xeyovaa Ek tov TraTpo'; /xov ovto'^ iraTrjp Mcoa^iTwv etus^ tJ/? <jr)p,epov ^jpepa'i. 
3^eTeK6V he Kal r) vewTepa v'lov, Kal eKoKeaev to ovopa avTov 'A/i/iai", 6 l/('o? tov yevovi pov 38 
ovTO'i TraTT/p ^Ap.pavt,Twv eo)? ti;? crrjpLepov rjpepa'i. 

' Kal eKivqaev eKeWev A^padp, et? 7?;!' 7rpo<; \t/3a, Kal oiKrjaev dvd p,e<Tov K.ahr)'; Kal ctvd i XX 

§ S peaov ^ovp- Kal irapwKriaev ^ ev Tepapoif. ^el-rrev he K^padp irepl ^dppa^ t?;? yvvaiKoi; avTOv oti 1 
AheX^rj pov ecTTiv e(po/3}j67j ydp eiTrelv oti Tvvij /iov ecTTiv, p,ij iroTe dTroKTeivwciv ainov oi 
avhpe<; t^? TroXeo)? he avTip'. dnreaTeiXev he 'A^ipeXe^ ffacnXev'; Vepapiav Kal eXa(3fv Tip' 
Xdppav. 3 Kal elaJjXdev Oe6<; 7rp6<: A/3ipeXe^ ev vttvu) ti]v vvKTa, Kal elirev avTw 'Ihoii (tv 3 

H D dirodvii(TKei<; irepi. Ttji; yvvaiK0<; 17? eXa/Se? • avTt] he icTTiv crvvayKijKvla dvhpL^ 4 A^ip,eX€^ he oy^ 4 
^yjraTO avTrj'i, Kal elirev K.vpie, eOvo<i dyvoovv Kal hiKaiov divoXe2<; ; ^ovk ai'ro? pot, elirev 'AheX^t'j 5 

35 avrui' &] avTov E* 

33 eiroTiaav 5e] \-ai tTTOTi.aa.v (77) S-ap-Barh | cavTwn ax | 
ev I" — TavT-q] pr (';■ 3£ : om L | ev i»] ctti w: om c^ | ravT-q] 
eKeiVTj U4([e«;ei]i'>))a-clfgimoprstvwxc,3tB | /fat 1° — (Keivriv] om 
w: om KaL IE'^p | cm ai'T7?s U4(uid) | tt;*' vvKTa eKeiVTjv] ttj 
vvKTi CKeivri b(pr €v)dp: om Z'Llqu Chr IE": | gm Kai 2° — aca- 
a-TTivat "L I r/dei] iSev n: eyvu D: sciail Lot \ten \ cv tw\ ii.€Ta 
TO n I ai'Tiji/] avTov bmnw : {eKuvqv 77) | km 3°] ^) (v tui ej ; 
(om 107) [ apa(rTT;ra(] +avr'ijvacx 

34 eycvfTo 5e] Km d | ttj] pr ev he]v/u(n(Ta ttiv 31) | om 
Kai I" dl3 I (eiTrei'] post Trpea^irrepa 1 6) | 7r/)os ttjv veurepav] 
Trt veurepa LU4efijr | iooi>] +eyoi dgp | (exoi/u. fx»e^] X^fs 
eKOifi-qBrfv 79) | tx^e%] x^es Lb-eg-npqrx : £71^ x^f s f 3 : cx"" 
wl*: om U4*(uid) | yucra — ruiwv 1°] cum patre meo '^]&^--^' \ om 
iroTiauiiiev — Kai 3° L | ttotktuiicv] +ovv Chr | om Kat 2° n | 
TTjj' vvKTa TauTT/c] ev TTi VVKTI. TOUT); bwSB : {rri vvkti Tavrq -25*) | 
om Kai 3° m33P | eiatXdovcra] om 1£: 4 tj)!/ vukto TavT-qv c^ j 
ayrou] -h /cat tri' L j e^avaaT-qao/xev gi(uid) | anep^a €k tov 
Trarpos rifiuv E'31S 

35 om eTTOTiaav — olvov L | /tat i"' — auTujv] tov Trpd avTwv 
KM TTI nrKTt e/cetf?) f | om Kat 1° bciw | om (v 1° d Chr | eiaeX- 
Bovaa] e\6ov<xa. n : om L | 77 — ai'T?;!] pr /cat bw : eKoijxqdq fieT 
aVTOv 7j vewrepa L | /tera — ai'rr;s] /xer aurov tt)v vvKTav eKeLvr]v 
f: + Ttjv vuKTa eK€Lvijv U4(T7;[f ^/iwra e/c]e[if77^])gi^^pstvC2 : +T7] 
vvKTi eKCivri d | );5et] e7i'i<) /5 | aiTTji'] avTov bw ; om U4(uid) | 
afOcTTT^vat] (pr ev tu 16): +avTqv acx 

36 at — \ojt] post ai/rtiJi' bw : om Chr | Xo/r] post aiTt^f fir 

37 om uLOv Chr | Kat eKa\eaev] eKoKetrev 5e ir | om to U4 
(uid) I om Xeyot'tra U4{uid) | /xoujomc: 4- ouToy ejx : 4- ereKOf 
avTov g I iraT-qp] pr o | om ews — -qfxepas Chr | eo/s] fiexpi Or-gr h 

38 om totum comma u | eTeKev — veujTepa.] Kat q veunepa de 
ereKev acmn(om Se)ox.c^: om Kat (14. 16. 130) J3'' : om q e | om 
viov n Chr | avTOu] avTw Clir | ajct/xac] a^uaf cd ; a^ifitav c^ : 
Amon 3l-codd: +\eyov(Ta Md-gijpry'"3E Chr | om — iJ.ov 
Bp I ftos Af] om o ZJ5''MU4 rell Chr: woi' E | om rov V^hvi | 

XX I eKeivqaev AE 

fiov] (4-Xf70i'tra 83}; +///<" 33' | afiavqTUV c | om ettis — rj/jepas 
Chr I a-qfxepov Tj/xepas^ q/j.epas TavTqs U4 

XX 1 Kat eKiv.] [eKtvq]aev 5e U4 | a^paap. eKeidev bsvwlEP | 
ets — Xt/3o] 7r/)os Xt/3a ets yrjv i* : (eis Xi/3a 1-28): ct iuit ucrsus 
terrain scplcntrioiiis IE'': et iuit uersus lE^ | eis yr^v] fij TTjf 
mC2: ets rijf 7T7f f; Trpos 777f c: om bw Or-lat(uid) j irpos] ets 
c : etiis E I Xifiav dfw | om Kat uKqaev ava p-ea-ov 3Ep | afa 
fj.eo'ov 1° — TraptDK.] om f: om ava fiecrov KaSqs Kai q | KaBBq^ 
dm I 7apopots dpw 

2 ajipap. D | tra/jas m | om ort 1° DEU4(uid)acehl-oquxy 
3E.S Chr I e/pojjqOq — avTqv] sub — S: om U4a*cdgopxc2'SlE | 
ecpOfi-qtl-q] etpoj^qO-qv y : ecpoiietTu v | om ort 2^ Z^EMa^hmnstvy | 
airoKTevovatv ey | om ai'TOJ' s" | Tqi iroXeitJs] tov tottov h | 
aj3i/j.e\ex] -i- Kai eXa^ev avTqv oi'TOS -qv g | ^aotXei/s] pr 0(20) 
Chr^ I 7epapt»jf] 7aJ7apa/)tt)f E : 7apaptjc e*(uid) | Kat cXa/3ef] 
{tov XajSeiv 20): \a/3etf Chr A | cappaf] trappa U4*fn : ffapar m 

3 eicrj/Xtfef] ijXdev acmoxc,'3S' Eus | ap.ifie[Xex^ U4 | ev 
vwvw] evvwvua e: ev evvrrviuj j: z« uisione 3(sub '^jcOlS: om 
bwCj Chr: 4-aiiT0ii dgp | avTu] sub •%• Si: om DEMU4(uid) 
abdeij(txt)moprs(txt)vwxc2^ I'hil-arm Eus Chr: +in somnio 
IE' I trf] post aTro6vq<TKeis bwlE^' : om Edp'HIEP Chr j | 7)s] 1; 
C2 I (eXa^es] exets 71) I avTTf — avhpi\ quod mulier nupta est % 

4 a^ifieXeK o [ Ki^pte] pr Al}itnelech Phil-arm : a^ipieXex mIE : 
4-0 $s ej I {ayvoovv — airoXets] a7i'OC*'c eifit 71) | diKatov Kai 
ayvoovv jsv Chr^ | a7cooi'f Kai] sub -^ ^ [ a7f0oi'f] ayroXets g* | 
5tKaios n | aTroXcts] aTroXetrets c^ ; olik aTroXetrets a : aTroKrej'ets 
Thdt : ot'K aTTOKrefets bw 

5 oi'K oi'Tos ^ot] (um 71): om oi'k IE | fJ-oi i*^] post etTrei' 1° 
acmoxCj'ES : om jB'i' | aoeX^Tj] pr ort Eefirt Chr Thdt | om 
Kat I** — etTTii' 2° c*c^ I p-oi 2°] post etTrev 2^ c^xSl | aSeX^oj 
juoi' effTiv} pr ort Eefgimr Chr Tlidt : soror eius es^o IE | ev KaO. 
Kap5. ] pr et ei^o ^ : pr tY IE : (eK KaOapas KapSias 107) | Kat 2° — 
Xeipoiv] om Thdt ^ : om ev bcejowi3 | SiKatotn'*'?;^ c | xetpw**] 
Kpiveiv c : om f | Touro] pr to pTjpia Thdt 

XX 2 Trept — ai;rou] a' Trpos aappav yvva. Ka avTOV M 


XX i6 

fiov icrriv ; xal avTr/ /j.oi elirev 'ASe\.(f>6<! fiov eariv iv Kadapa KUpBia koI eV SiKaiotrvvr] ■^eipaiv A 

6 eiroirjaa tovto. ^elirev Se aJroS 6 060? «a0' vvvov Ka7(it> eyvcov on iv KaOapa KapBia iiroiifjaai; 
TOVTO, KOI €<f>ei(Tdfxriv «7aj crov tov firj d/iapreiv ere €t? f/ite' eveKev rovrov ovk a<f>i)icd ae cv^aadai 

7 auT';?- ^vvv 8e aTroSo'v rrjv yuvaiKa tco iivOpcoTro), on 7r/30<^>;Tj;? eariv, kol Trpoaev^erai, irepl crnv 

8 Kal ^i^crr)- el Se /ir) aTroStSo)*, yvcbdc on (nrodavfj crv koI iravTa rd ad. ^ koX wpOpiatv 'A^i/j,e\ex, 
TO trpcol Kai exdXi^aev irdpTWi toiV TraiSa? avrov, Kal €Xd\r)(Teii iravra rd prjfxaTa Tavra ei? ret 

9 fuTO avTiSv e<poj3r^dTji7av Be Traj/re? oi dvdpwiroi, (T(f)6Bpa. "^Kal tKuXeaev 'AjSifie^e-^^^ tov 'A/3/3aa/i 
Kal eivev avTw Ti tovto iiToiri(Ta<; tj/jliv ; fjurj rt ■qp.dpTOfj.ev elf ae, oti eTr)jya'ye<; eV €(ie Kal 

10 eVi T>)v l3aai\eiaii /xov dfiapTiav fieydXTjv ; epyov o ovBea TToujaei TreTroiijKd^ fioi. ^"elirev Be 

11 ' Al3ifi€\e)(^ TO) 'A/3padfi Ti evoBcov e-rroirjaa'; tovto ; "etTref Se 'A/Spadfj, KIttu ydp "Apa ovk eaTiv 

12 Oeoae^eia iv to) Toirio tovt^o, i/j,e re d-TroKTevovaiv eveKev Trjt; yvvaiKoi;^ fiov. ^'^koi ydp d\r)dw<; U U4 

13 aSe\0i; fioii iaTiv eV iraTpo'i, «X\' ovk sk fir]Tp6<;- iyei»']Oi} Be fj.01^ et9 yvvatKa. ^^iyeveTO Se ^ S 
■qviKa e^rjyarfiv fie 6 de6<; ix tov oIkov tov iraTpot; fiov Kal elira axnfi Tat'Tijj' Trfv BcKaioavvrjv 
•jrolrfaov iir ifii' et? iravTa tottov ov edv elaeXdcofiev ixel eiirov ifie on ABeX(f>6<; fiov iaTiv. 

14 ^■^eXafiev Be 'A/3i/:ie\eT^ ')(^i\ia StSpa^/xa, Trpi'i^aTa Kal fi6ayov<; Kal 7ralBa<i Kal 'rraiBiaKa<{, Kal 

15 eBcoKev Tw ^'A/3padfi\ koI dTreBwKev^ avTM Xdppav T>jv yvvaiKa avTOv. ^^Kal elirev 'A/3'.^6Xe^ U E 

16 Tftj Aj3paafi 'ISoi) r) yij fiov ivcivTuov^ aov ov idv aoi dpeaKij KaTOiKet. ^^tt) Be ^dppa etTrei/ IF i 

6 €<pYJ(TafJ.t]V E 

12 (fjLTjrpos A* (fK firjTpoi A') 

6 aiTtv] post deos fg: om d\v | Kad virfopl Kaff virvov d : 
Had i/iTKOus qii : in uisione 3 : in somnio 331E'^''S : om eoS' | 
Ka^u] KO.L eyoi afm : Km ye eyu dgp : tyo S | (yvuKo. g | KapSia 
Kadapa {Ka\pa E*)E ] eiroi-qiTa A*(e7roi7)i7as A')bs | Kai] propter 
hoc 33 I €<p€iaafir]v} e4>o^f)(rapiy}v s | cyw croi'] (Tou ^701 egjsvx ; 
ire e7W p: K[a7(i)] irou U4: om Chrf : om e7w bdwlSIE Chr| | 
om TOV — ep.e n | om tov c\ \ om jx-q fg* Chr \ \ ap.apTeii' ere] 
aixafn-avtiv ae U4Mrgp: om ae e Thdt : ap-apraveiv c^: a/iap- 
TTjaat bw Chr ^ | eveKa 1 | om <re 2° 3-coild | atpaaSai] pr tov 
b I ain-7)s] T-auTT)! e 

7 foyi ej I 56 i^] oiT n | rw av^pwTrw tt^v 7iif aua IE Phil- 
codd-omn | tu ovffp.] tov aFoi' n13( +«■) : J'/'-c eitis 3 | on i"] 
sub — S I ecTTii'] -ro appaafi v(mi;) | om Kai I^Tjari Phil-arm | 
i^7}<n}1 {^-qtreis io8) : yvwarj c | aTroStSws] aTToSois bet : airoSua-rjs 
f I 7rai^t] yvitjof) y: om Chr^ | om otl airodavri I£*^p | ort 2°] 
{7r/)ii' 107): om dp Chr^ | aToSavri] pr mortem S' : airoBvyi- 
(TKEis n'3(uid) I <ru] (pr (cai 16): + re Chr J | era] daTa ire c 

8 afJi/xeXeK o \ to] tw a1)cfgijmq*uw'yCj | om Trairas Chr | 
iravTa] pr Kara bw : om IS j om TavTa Chri | eipo^. he] Kai 
eipo^-qdrjoaf e: + Domiiium 3E | om iro^rc! li | 01 avdponvoi] 
01 avSpes U4([oi a]>'5pes)bdpqs(mg)tuw: 01 avSpes Toi' lei cfijr: 
om g : + TOV 6v c^'. 4- damns eitts i£ 

9 a(3i/i£Xex] a^ip.e\eK o: [a^jei^eXex U4 | om tj/jij' — ejTTy- 
7076? ^ I T;/i.t;'] ^ot 1)W I oin pLT} 1 Chr | -qiiapTop-ev] 7jp.apTaiA.ev o : 
TjfiapTov bw Chr'^ j e7r7;7a7€y] eiroLTjaas bw | e>if ] -h tV popitlitrn 
matm 33'^' | om Kat 3'^ w | om ctti 33 | oi;5eij] ov OeXet^ bw | 
TroiTjdfi] TreTToiTjKev bnw | 7reirot?;Kas] eTrotTjcras ir Chr | p.01.] -qfitv 
n33'P Chr 

10 eiiro' — o^poa^] om dnp : om a/3i/xe\fx ''" c* | a^ipieXex] 
afSipeXeK o : [a]/iei/3£\ex U4 | om tu ajipaap. g | eviSuv] eiriSwv 
m: {evvQiav ^2) \ eirotT/ffas] (ire7roii7*:as 25): -f yiiot f(/i ex corr f^)ir 

7 i^Tjoet E I yvw$7j E 

13 OTt] OT E 

14 a^pap. A 

I Touro] pr TO pJjM" acmox3iS(sub -S^- ) Thdt : to prjpa c^ : + noiis 

11 on; eiTTff Se aftpaap. m | (om etxa yap 74) | eifl-a] eiwov 
f I a/)o] /i7)?ro7-£ acdfgimo-rs(txt)tuvxy'''Cj3S Chr Thdt | 9eo- 
(re^eta] +'k-Dei S | -re] Se Eej33 | aTroKTeivovaiv U4(uid)m | 
e^eKa mw | yvvaiKOs] \ix TOiainrjs V. 7.,..U4 

12 KOI yap] seil 3 | oXtjSws] post eo'TiK h: post irarpos f: 
om cglc,lS'P Chr | pLov] /not Clem | irarpos] pr tou Chri | aX\] 
^/ SE I ovk] ov Kai m | (om eic 2° 31) | e7€i'>'))9») fsu | eis] pr 
Aat fioru Clem 

1 3 e7e;'eTo 5e TjvtKa] om s : om 5e E | om ^le 1 | fieot] pr 
its f i : KS d Chr J | om too 2" Chr ^ | om Kai p331S Chr | eijra] 
pr e^o "E; eiTro*' dgpt | iroitjaov A] Troitjatjs g; 7ronj<reis EM 
rell 333 Chr | ew epe] niecum 333 | eTr] air f* : en bejns(mg)w : 
^er m | ep.e i"] e^noi f | om eis — e/ie 2" w | tottov] pr roc o | 
(om eav 25) | eiTTOc] eijre a''dgj{mg)ps(mg)t Chr: -l-5e r: +ras 
(7) i I ejite 2°] pr eir fr : /ixe x : irepi ep.ov ej : om (20) 331E Chr | 
a5e\0os] (pr oi'tos 32): aSeXtpT] f 

14 aliip.e\(K o* | didpaxfJ^a] oi5pa7MO bcghimnqst*uwCj : 
-i-apyvpiov fir333£ | (om irpOjiaTa — traiSiaKa^ 71) | irpoySara 
Kai ^uoo-xoi's] pr Kai hdf ilnprw33i'E Chr ; el bones el ones 3 | om 
KOI 2" — iraiOidKai g | om Kai 2" MdehjpqtuySS | om xai 4" — 
ajipaap. Chr [ om tw wx j airehwKev] airooeowKev Chr i : eSwKev 
m333 : {deSujKev 32) | avrw] airra c | aappav] pr Kai (71) 
Chr ^ : aapav m : aappa v 

1 5 a/3i/neXex] pr o t : afiipieXeK o: om d | rw a^paap] 
avTui d I 7) 77; pov] sup ras i^ : om p.ov y33 : t) yv cou w : tj 

yvvTj aov dgjpstvxc, : {tj yvvij 31) | evavTiov] e i | aov] 

+ eaTtv Mcdfghlnp-v33[' Chr | oi' — KaToiKei] om ^'p: om ov 
ct I av fmoqruyCj | apeaKij] apeaTov ri g | KaToiK-qaov 1 

16 TT} 5e] Kat ttj bdw | aapa it\ | SeSw^'a] daideKa f* | x*^'** 

ev aTrXoTtjTi Kai ev aOwoTtjTi v ; a' aw awXoTTjTi a' aw 070^0 Cj : 

5 ev Kad. Kapb.] a' ev a&ojoTijTi a' anXoTrfTt M : 
a' in bonitate a' in simplicitnte & 

10 Tt — Touro] a' TL eiSes oti eTronjaas aw {av js) to pTjpa tovto a' ti looip enoiqaa^ to irpaypM. tovto 0' ti eviSojv eironjaas 
TO prjpa tovto 6' ti elopaKas OTt eTrotT^ffas tov \oyov tovtov jsv 

13 eiTTov — eaTiv] a' epeis irepi epov oti aSeXtpos pov eaTiv j(sine nom)s: yp. enrov pe oti aSeX^os pov eaTiv epeii irepi epov 
aSeXipos pov eaTiv enrov ep^e adeXipos pov eaTiv v 



XX i6 


A 'ISoy SiSfOKa 'X^iXia SlBpa^x/xa tS nSeX^m aov ravra earai croi, et? Ttfirjv tov Trpocrcoirov crov Koi 
wdaai'i Tat? /lera aov' Kai Travra a\i]6€vcrov. ^^Trpoarjv^aro Se 'A/3p(xa/x Trpo? tov 6eov, Koi 17 

If X Idaaro o deo<; tov A/3t/ne\e^ Kal tyjv yvvaiKa avTov koi Ta<; ■7raiBta-Ka<;^ avTov, Kot eTeKov ^^oTi 18 
crvveKkeicrev K.vpio<i e^coOev iraaav firjTpav iv tc5 o"ku> tov A/3iiJ,e\ex ^veKev ^dppa<i t^9 yvvaiKO'; 

§ d^ ^'Kat K.vpt,o<; eTreaKei^aTO ttjv Sdppav, KaOd elirev koI e-Trolrjirev Ki^pto? TJj ^dppa KaOd i XXI 

iXaX/qaev. ^Kal crvXXa^ovaa STeKev ^dppa tw 'A^padp, v'tov eh to yijpa^, eif tov xaipov Ka6d 2 
eXaXTjaev avTw Kupto?. ^kui, eKaXecreu A^paa/x to ovofia tov vlov avTov tov yevofievov avTw, ov 3 

§ D eT€Kev aiiTa 'Edppa, '\aadK- ^"^TrepieTe/jiev Se ^AfSpadfi tov 'laaaK T17 oyBoy rjfj,epa. KaOd iveTeiXaTo 4 
avTO) o 6eo<:. 5 A^paa/x 8e yv eKUTov eTwv, r)VbKa eyeveTO avTU) 'lo-aa/c o vlo'i avTov. ^elirev Be I 
2,dppa VeXwTd fioL eiroirjaev ¥ivpio<;' o? yap eav aKOvarj crvy^apelTai fxot,. "^ Kal elTrev Tts' dvay- 7 
yeXei tu> 'A^pad/j, oti drfKd^eb iraihiov Xdppa ; oti eTeKov vlov iv tw y^'jpei fiov. ^Kal 8 

7]v^rj67] TO iraiBiov Kal dTreyaXaKTiaOr]' Kal eiroiTjcrev ^ A^padjj, Bo^rjv /jueydXriv rj rjfiepa direya- 
H dj XaKTiadt] \aadK o vib<; avTov.^ ^IBovaa Be ^dppa tov vlov 'Ay dp tt;? AlyvrrTiai;, 09 eyeveTO Tip 9 
A^padfi, nral^ovTa fieTa laaaK tov vlov eauTJ;?, ^°Kal elirev tw 'AjSpadp, "E/C/SaXe Tr)v iraiBlo'Krjv 10 
Tavrrjv Kal tov vlov avTrj'i' ov yap firj KXripovofu^aei, 6 vlo<; t>}? 7rai,Bl(TKt]<; fieTo tov vlov fiov 

XXI 3 ere/ce A(uid) 


— iTov i°] Till a5. crov x'^'o diSpayiu.a b\\ E | SiSpaxM-a] diopayna 
cglmqs*uCj: SiSpay/iara n: argeitli Phil-arm: +argenti J3 | 
a5eX0w] avbpi 1 | (om TavTa 25) | eorai] post aoi Mbglw ; 
(^effTbj 14.16): €(TTW(rav m | om trot m | om Kai 1° — aov 3° 
Chr 1 Taaais rats] ets iratras ras n : om 7ra(rai5 13 [ (70v 3^] a€ 
f I (/cat 2^] Kara 32) | iravTa] semper 33 

17 irpocTTjv^. 5e] Kai irpo(n]v^aTo m Chr : -iju^aro 5e s j a^paa^ii] 
pr m: a^pafi s | irpos tov d^ov'] to; ^w g | Kai 1° — tov s**] 
irepi dp I fleos] (post a^iiieKfx 14): om n SBp | a^ifieXcK o | 
auTou 1°] + Kat Toi'S TraiSas- m | ras TratSto-Kas] pr Tratras bw: 

Tos Trai x: tous ratSas c | ai'Toi; 2*^] eorum ^^^: om n : + 

Kat TravTo. ra kttjvtj avTov h{avTwv)Vi' : -f \-at o\ov tov olkov avTov 
dghptc,33 I (TiKTov fhfa Chr 

18 avvfK'KaiTev A Or-lat |(iiid) Chr i] pr avvuXcMv M oran 
SBIE Phil-arm Or-lat } Chr J | Kvpios] $1 bejwB Phil-arm: 
om {128) Chr J I e^oi6ev'\ om ejmo Phil-arm: + olvtov g \ ii-q- 
T/jop] pr rrji" qtu | tok] tw Mlrv : om bdhmpqtu | a^i/xeXe/c o | 
om €V€K€v — afSpa-afj. s* | trappas] (rapas m: om Phil-arm | 
{a^paafi] pr tov 76) 

XXI 1 Kvpios i°] pr m : -I- Si efjrd^ | om Trjv c, \ (7appav'\ 
(rappa 1 : trapa m | Kada i'^] -f /cat gp | om Kat 2" — e\a\fjaev n ] 
Kupios 2°] 0s e Hil: om Chr: +0 $s ajd^ | ri; crappa] ti]v 
(rappa os: ttjv irapo m: ttjv crappav h: ei IS^IE | om KaSa 
e\aX7;(re»' 3E 1 (xa^a 2"] \-aSa)y 25) 

2 om /cat i"^ — eXaXTjaei/ C2 | eTe/cer crappa] aappa €T€K(v efjr 
(pr T/jsvdjlE'' I ffappa] ffapa m : om bwlEf | viov] post yijpai 
qu I eis TO 7'i;pas] ev yitpei c: ?H seiicc/iile sua el Hil | om 
et$ Tof Ka(.pov ddj | KaSa] *fa0 ov f | ai'rw] ai'TT; g | Kvpios] pr 
mn : -l-o Ss ad-gjprstd^: Delis'^: om 53'" 

3 om totum comma d^ | om afipaap. bfw Chr | om to 
ovo/ia m 1 Tou 1° — irappa] auToii d | om avTOV 1331E | tou yevo- 
fievov ai/Tw] om p3H3i'1E Chr : om tou mw | yevop.evov] yevvo- 
fxevov cf* : yevvu/iefov h^\ \ avrto i"] avTov a*y* | ai^TW o-appa] 
o'apa auTw m : om auToj fr13'* 

4 TrepLeTefiev de'] Kai Trepierepcev d | afipaap. tov itraaK] pr 
avTov 1: ai^TOf afipaap. f : ai'rof dd2 | tov to-aaK] iffaaK tov vlov 

6 (TvyxapeiTe D 

avTov e : -I- viov avrov /^MacCj^lSlS : tov vlov avTov mo : pueriitn 
Or-lat I tt; oySoT; wepa] tt; T\p.. T-q oyS. D( + I>'^)b]nwyd^ Chr: 
{ev TTj TjpL. T7J oy5. 32) I ei/€T6iXoTo] e\a\-)jfTev dp: eXaXT^tre ks g | 
om ai'Tu t53 Chr | o Oeos] pr ks acefjprs^'d^'S : ks bds*vw Chr : 
+ Abraham 53'" 

5 ajipaap, Se tjv] pr Kai m : Kat appaafi rjv />l(..a/3paoM D) 
bhlqtuwdjlSP: koi -qv a^paa/i acoc^ : om Se {31.68) 33'": rfv 
a^paap. Cyr^ | "qv] tj D | eKarov ctojv] eTtov eKarov D(eK[aTov]) 
b-gjnpsvw Chr : pe' ctuv c, | ■qviKa'] OTe Ath Cyr | eyeveTo 
auToj] pr av h : auToi eyevcTo ac : yeyovev aurw bw : eyevvqdr} 
avToi m33 I om wos auTOU 15 Thd-syr 

6 o-opa m | eiroL-qcrev p.oi Z)(D"''')hl-ovCj'333 Phil| | Kvpios] 
pr Mfst Phil I Chr: -t-o 9s ejd,: Dais •313'"' | om 7ap ej* | 
eav At] om dprey : av DM rell | <ni7xapeiTai] ou x"/"^ "■<" 
Phil-cod i 

7 om Tu 1° ej Phil | oti 1° — o-appa] post ,11011 dgpstvCj | 
^TjXafei] post TToiSioi/ In | TrmSLOv] post aappa (77) ?£"=' | <rapa 
m I eTCKev c„1E | vlov] iraiSiov a : om CjE | om toj 2° dgpsv 
Chr I fiov] eiiis IE 

8 Tjv^avOTj n | TratSaptoc d., | aTre^aXaKTttr^T; i°] +0 vtos 
avTov Chr | om Kat 3" — a7re7aXaKTto-^7; 2° gW^ ] om /ie7aX7;v 
^2 I ^ ^A^fptt] ^v Tjixepa 7} c^: pr ev aco | tcraaK — ai'Tou] vs 
avTov LaaeiK qu : us afToc tcraaK bl(pr 0) : om tcraaK Chr : om 
ftos aiToi' IE 

9 O'apa m j a7ap] -t- tt/s 7rat5i(rK7/s Jnst | om os — a^paap. 
gnlE I TraifovTo] post tcraaK h* : (oTt Traifet 32) J tcraaK — fairri/s] 
Tov VLOV avTTjS TOV LjaaK f I tcraaK] -I-oijtos de 7}v Lffpa-rjX 0$ 
f76VfT0 TU afipaap g | om tov vlov eavTr/s g | eauTTjs A] 
aiJTOi. dJSPl*': avTT,! />-i'(au...D)M rell Just Chr Cyr 

10 om Kat I" Md-gj-qstuCjB!E='' Just | enrev] + Sara IS | 
Ti^'] TOV g I om Tavrrjv befjloqruwS Paul Or-lat ChrJ Thdt 
Tract I TO!" utof] Ttj I'tcj d | om prj D(contra Z>'')Mdglmnpqu 
Just Clem I K\i}povop-q<Tri bceflijrtwCj Chr Cyr cod ^ Thdt | tijs 
7rat5to-Kr)S AbvvyaiE Paul Clem Or-lat Chri Thdt Vulg] +Tau- 
T7,s Z)!^i'(...Tj)s D)M rell 33 Just Chri Cyr 

16 X'^'" SiSp.'] a' x'^'oSa apyvpiov M 
XXI 6 7eXuiTa] evippoavvriv x«p<"' M 8 Sox^iv p-e-yaXriv] ttotov ixeyav M 



XXI 21 

11 laaaK. ^^(JKXiqpov he e<pdvr) to prf^a <7(j>6Spa ivavTiov 'A^paafJ. irepl tov vlov avrov lcr/xat]\. A 

12 ^^eiTrev Se 6 Oed<! tw 'A0padfj, Mf) crKXrjpov etrTo) to pfjfia evavTiov aov irepl rov •jraiBlov kuI irepi 
TTj^ TraiSiaKr]<i- TrdvTa oaa edv einrj croc Xdppa, UKOve Tiif; (peovP)'; ai/TJj?" oti eV 'laaaK KXyjdrjrreTai, 

13 aoi (TTrepfia. '^ical tov vlov 8e Trj<; ■rrai8iaKri<; TavTrji;, eli eOvo'; fieya Trotrycro) avTov, oti a"7repfia 

14 aov eaTiv. ^^•^dveo'Ti} Be 'A/3paa/i to irpmi, koX eXa^ev dpTovi koX daKOv vBaTd Kui eSw/cei' § C' 
'Aydp, Kal eTreOijKev eVi ruv wfiov xal to ttuiBlov, Koi dTre<7TeiXev avTt^v. direXOovaa he eTrXavuTO 

15 TTjv ep7]fJ.ov, Kara to (j>peap tov opKov. '^e^eXenrev he to vStop etc tov daxou, koI eppi-\}rev to 

16 TraiStov viroKaTOi fjLid<; eXart/?' ^^dtreXdovcra he ixdO-qTO direvavTi, avTov fiUKpoTepov, coa-el to^ov 
ffoXjjv elirev ydp Ov fir; "Sco tov ddvaTov tov irachiov fiov. Kal eKaOriTO direvavTi. avTov /xuKpoOev 

17 dva^ofjaav he to Traihiov eKXavcrev. ^'^ ei(n')KOV(Tev he 6 deb<; tt)? (j>a)vl}^ tov iraihiov ex tov tottov 
ov ^v, Kal eKdXeaev dyyeXo(i Oeov ttjv 'Aydp eK tov ovpavov Kal etirev avTrj Tt eoTiv, Ayap ; fj,7j 

18 <f)o^ov' iTraK7]Koev ydp 6 Oeo'; r^9 (pcovi}'; tov Traihiov aov iic tov tottov ov eVrtj/. ^^dvdaTqOi Kal 

19 Xd^e TO Traihiov, Kal KpnTr^aov tT) ^^ipi crov avTO' et? ydp eOvo<; fieya Trotr/cro) avTov. "^Kal 
dveqj^ev 6 ^eo? TOV'i 6(f)0aXp,ov^ avTfj'i, Kal ihev (f>peap vharo^ ^mvtoi;- Kal eiropevOr] Kal eTrXtjaev 

20 TOV dcTKov vhaTo<; Kal eTTOTiaev to iraihiov. ^°Kal fjv 6 6eo<; fieTa tov Traihiov, Kal r)v^i')9iy Kal 

21 KaTWKijcrev iv Trj epijfia' iyeveTO he to^oti)?. ^^ Kal KaTWKijaev ev Tjj epi]p.(o Trj ^apdv"^ «ai I1 C' 
eXa^ev uvtm 1) fitjnjp yvvaiKa eK yPj'i AiyvTTTOv. 

14 avaaTT] D 

17 TreSiou (j") A 

11 i(pavrf\ fiuTiini -jst t5 | pi/Ma] •\-to\jto nlE 1 om (S^ohya. 
C^SBp Chr I (om cvavTwv a(}paafi 79) | ajipaafi] pr tov g | om 
Trepi — ia-^ai}\ 53"^ [ tov vlov avTov] post i<]\ rlS'*" | Iir^aT^X 
Abrwy] om /)sii(L)"i<i)M reil all Just Chr Cyr 

12 oni 5e US'* 1 tw] irpos fr: om o*t | effxw] ecrrat dps | 
to prma'] post aov Chr: om /^''ahcmnoquwy^S Just; +tovto 
fr I irai5ioi>] TraiSos dgp : + huiiis B'" | om Trepi 2° ZJcdgmpq 
uCjlS Chr I TratStcTKT^s] + hitius 33 ] 0(ja — crot i°] av oaa enrot 
Phil-codd-omn j eav] av b(l-hjhn*oprs | {aot eLirtj 77) | trapa 
m I aKOfe] aKov<rov dgpt Chr: aKovffij ej | nXijdrjffeTaL^ {k\7]P0- 
vofj.ii6r)(T(Tai 78) : uoiabo )&v | om aoi 2° c 

13 5e] re r* ; om gn : +tovtov Chr [ TavTtjs] avTTj^ p: om 
abcmnw^IE Chr | eis — avrov] faciam in gcntem magnam ^ j 
^Bvo%\ post p.^a n | (om aiTOf 128) | uov ^(Jtiv'\ eoTiv aov D: 
aov eaTtv Cyr*ed 

14 avfaTq] avefitj f | to i'^] rw ahcrgmoq*uvy Chr | (aprous] 
apTov 2j) I (om eSwKev — xai 5° iS) | ayap] pr tt; bw : «' Tract | 
eiredriKev] €6tjk€v h : t/i^ifi/ ^-codd : om Phil-ccjd | eiri — TraiStoi'] 
TO TraiSiov CTrt Twv Wfxwv avTT)^ hw{Tov ui/xov) \ tov wfj-ov] rcav 
ii3fxo)v nr* : + ai'7-7;? IMacdh'^opstY'^lStir : T-aji- ujiiwv avTtjs efjmc, 
Chr Tract : tov o/xuv avrrji g | om Kai 5° SI Tract | aveaTeiXev] 
(e^aireaTetXev 32): air€\vaev hm | €Tr\avaTo] etrXav-qOnj p^ : 
Agar crraiiit Tract | tt)v ipT))i.ov'\ pr ets M : pr Kara bwc^ Chr: 
cv Ty\ €p7]p.oj f I oni KaTa — opKov Chr Tract 

15 tfeXeiirev] f^eXtirev abd-gjlmpqtwCjSISdE Cyr Tract : 
€^€\€i^€v y I €X'] ttTro dgpvy : om bmw | vttok. ^tas eXaTijs] sub 
arbore Tract : om p.ia% l£i' 

16 ttTreXi?. 5e] Kat aireXd. Da-dfgmoprstv\vCo3SC ] ^KadrjTo 
1^] €Ka0taev dp: sed/i ^-ed | (airevavTi'] evavTiov 12S) | fiaKpo- 
Tcpov A] ixaKpodiv DM omn Cyr: om (71) Chr | uo-ci] us o | 
To|oi'] post ^oX-qv moCj | ^0X7; s | om on Cj | om ijlov m Phil | 
om Kttt — /xaKpodev Chr | om cKad-qTo 2^ — iraidtov 35 | ^KaBriTO 2° 
Ac^a] iKadiatv I><i{...$ia(v L))M rell Cyr | om avTov 2" bw | 


tiaKpo9ev \y] om Z>''(D"'<')M rell <&!$<€- Cyr | avafimiaav Sc] 
Kai ava^oTjaav s{-(rat ui<l} Chr: om 5e ( 1 6) a33*^'C : av€{3o7fa(V 
5e D(....OT)crti') efjm : {e^otjae Se 25) | CKXavaev] pr ^at /?efjm 

17 ftarjK. 5e] Kai etajjKovaev n : €V7jKova€ 5e bw [ o 0(oi i^] 
pr Domiutts Hil : Dominus Tract ; om o | tt]z tptovrji i*^] post 
iratdiov 1** m : ttjv tfyojvijv c: om bw | TatSiov i"] TratSos f | om 
€K TOV tottov i*^ Hil | Tjv] eaTtv n | 0776X05 Oeov] pr 1 : Dc'tts 
a-ed I 0(ov] pr tov Zlahlnos-vCj Chr Cyr: pr kv tou q : kv 
bcfmrw Nov Tract | Trjv a7op] post ovpavov m | om firi (pojiov 
s I eTraKT}KO£v — $€o$ 2**] exaudiiii enim Nov [ ajraKijKoc c | om 
7ap U [ &eo% 2"] Dominus Tract | ti;s i^itivri^ 2"] ti]v 4>oivr]v 
r I (TraiOLOv 2"] TraiSos 79) | iroij om bhvv53(El£P Cyr-cod Nov 
Hil Tract: -^Kat exaXtaev c^ | €k tov tottov 2°] ev tw tottw e [ 
eaTiv 2'^] Tjv r*C2i3 Nov: + koc eKaXeaev €k tov tottov ov eaTtv g 

18 avaaTTjSi] pr (tai d : { + vvv 107) | om koi i° /)Ma-egj 
l-qsuvwCja(uid)J5 Chr^ Nov | vaiSiov] +aov dglnpt 3 | ttj — ' 
avTo] avTo ttj x^'-P'- tov dgpsva(om uoujiSCn : tt;? x^*po^ avrov 
bcw Chr Hil : om Nov | avTo] avTov n* : avTov m | om «5 — 
avTov lE^^ Cyr-ed | TrotT^trw] KaTaaTrjato dgp j airrov] avTO jy^^ 
Ma-fhjnoq-wCj Chr-ed Cyr-cod 

19 T)voi.^ev m | 5eos] Dominus Tract ; om Clir | aiT?;?] 
Agar IE I (om fuiros 74) | Kai 3" — I'Saros 2°] om g : om /cot 
eTTopevQf] C^ | eTT\T]aev] eTT\y\poiae ej | i-Saros 2°] pr tov Dry : 
pr CK TOf f ; om l>w Chr: A-'^wvto^ dhpt : de putco Nov | irai- 
5toy] + ai'T7;s bw 

20 om KOI 2" — eprriiioi e | riv^avOri n \ om koi 3" — epripia 
aC I eprifiu] +ipapav gj{: +tpapadb: +x<^ppctv dp: { + xapav 
107): +TT] <papav xc^: + tij ^appav ( : +Tri<f>apao \ e7fi'eTo — 
(21) epr)fjuii] om mw: (om eyeveTo Se Tofori/s 76) | «7«i/eTo 5e] 
^'ai C7e»'eT0 dfgprCj 

21 om Ktti 1° — ipapav dfgoprc^ | tt) epri/ioi] rnon/dH | om 
TT) 2° bcejw I (pappav n53 | avTu] avTov g : avTwv c^ | lirjTijp] 
+ oi^ou a-dfgl-prtwc^aU | ttjs] ti;s abdehlmnptwc,* 

14 TO (ppeap TOV opKov] a' ^Tjpaa^ee Mjs(sine nom js) 


XXI 22 


A ^^'£761/6x0 8e 6V Tw Kaipa eKeivfp koI elirev 'A/3i/ieXe^ koI 'O^^ofn^ 6 vviJ.(f)aya)y6<; avTov Koi 22 

^iKo\ o dp-^iarpaTtiyo'; rr}? Bvvdfie(a<i avrov Trp6<i 'A^padfj, Xeyayv 'O ^eo? fierd crov h' irdaip ol<; 
iav -TTOCTj'i. ^^vvv ovv ofiocrov fjboi tov 6e6v, fit) dhiKrjcreiv fxe firjBe to (T-rrepfia fj,ov firjBe to ovofid 13 
fiov aWa Kara r>]V BiKaio(Tiivr]i> i)v eTroirjcra fieTu crov 7roi7](Tei<; p,eT e/u.ou, Kal Trj yfj f aii 
Trapa)K7]aa<i iv ainfj. '^'^Koi elirev 'A/Spaa/i 'Eyoj 6/ ^^Koi ijXey^ev 'A^padfi toi/ 'A^i/u.eXe'^^ l\ 
irepi Twv (ppedrcov tov vBaTO<; wv d<^ei\avro 01 TraiSe? tov 'A/3t/u.eX6T^. ^^ koi el'rrev avTO) 'A/3t/aeX,eT^ 26 
OvK eyvaiv Tt? irroirjaev to Trpayp-a tovto • oi'Se av fJLOi dir)jyy€t\a<;, ovBe eyai fjKOVcra dWd 
crijfiepov. ^^ Kol eXa^ev 'A^padp, irpo^aTa koX n6a')(pv<s KoX eBcoKev tw 'A/3t/x6\e;^ • Kal StedevTO 27 
a/x<f>oTepoi Siad7]K7}v. ^^ Kal ecrTrjcrev 'A^padfj, eirTa d/j,vdBa<; Trpo^aTcov p,6i'a<;. ^9 /cal el'rrev Ig 
A/Sf/LteXfj^ Tftj A^padfi Tt elaiv ai eiTTa dfjbvdSe<i twv TJ-po^drav Tovruyv <h eaTi)cra<; p,6va^ ; 3°/cai 30 
eiTrev A^paa/j, oti T«s enTa d/j,vdBa<; Tavrat X'^fiyjrr} Trap' e/Mov, Xva waiv el<; ftapTvpioi/ oTi eyco 
copv^a TO (ppeap tovto. 3'^ Sid tovto eTrwvofiacrev to ovofia tov tottov eKelvov (ppeap opKiafiov, 31 
§ i OTt SKei ^cS/xoaai' d/j.<l)6Tepoi,. ^^ Kal hiWevTO BiaO/jKrjv iv tw (ppeaTi tov opKov. di'eaTrj Be ^2 
A/St/ieXfiT^ Kal O^o^dd o i>v/j,cj)ayQ}y6<; auTOv Kal <J'(./co\ 6 d p-^icrTpaTrjyoi; tj/? BvvdfjLea<; avTov, 
§ Aj Kai, eTreaTpeyjrav eh Ttjv yrjv ^tmv 'i>vXiaTi€l/j,. ^3 /cal e^vTevaev AjBpadp, dpovpav eirl tw cf>peaTi 33 
toO bpKov, KUi eTreKaXeffaro eKcl to ovofia K.vpt.ov, 0t6'> aiu)vt,o^. ^irapaKi^aev Be A^padfi iv Trj 34 
yrj T&v 'i>vXiaTteliJ, rifj.epa<; ttoXXu?. 
i djC'^^ ^'Kat iyeveTo fierd Ta p/jfiaTa TavTa 6 6e6<; eTreipat^ev tov W/Spad/j.- Kal etTrei' tt/so? ai^Toi' i XXII 

§ X * Al3padfi A/3padfi. 6 Be eiTT^v 'IBoii iyw. ^Kal el'rrev AnySe tov vlov aov tov dya-KrjTov ov 2 

23 adtKiffif A 

22 eyen. de] pr Kai f(uid) : km cyen. al)Cgraopsv(txt)wC2 : 
cm 5e /) : Kat d | ev T(j Kaipcx) cKeivtij] €v r-q -qfiepa fKeivT] n : /« 
illis diebtis i£ | om icai i" dgpS-edBIE | (o^iMfXex] pr 18) | 
KOI 2° — a.vTov i°] sub -=- M I oxojaS] o;(ofaT g: oxoi'aS bw : 
Xo^o-T dp: (7ofa9 71: oxoaj'atf 14. 16.25.130) | 0ik-oX] ^ix^X 
bdgh*mno''pq»'rt-wy*: 0ixwX cS : c/nxo" s: 0iXox Mafh''o* 
(uid)q*(uid)y*Cj: <pi\u!x 1: 0iXoX e: 0iX j: Pichol U'" | 
((rr/iar7;7os 14) | om t7;s bg | ea.v\ av fj*ory | TroLTjarjs n 

23 ora ow sv'3(uid)J3'" | /U°'] M^ ' I '''"' Scov] tov c^ (v ex 
corr Cj^) I aStKTjaeu'] aSLKijaai o: aStKT/cei w: adiKfjaTj I : aSi- 
KTiffOv e*(uid) : a5iK7?<TeiS dns | om ^?;5e i" — juoii 1° t | ^r]Se 
2° — /xou 2°] om M : myiu' quod inecuni IE ; om yaou d | 5«aio- 
<Tvvt\v\ +jLtou Inqtuv | 7ro(i7<Teis] iroi-qa^iv gC2 | (7?] pr ^v 32) | 
om uv bc*«'gi£ I TrapujKT/tTas] irapwKiaa nlE'^P : 7rapO(K£fy t 

25 TOf a/3i/ieXex] <'''^" IE : om roc ej | wf] op dp I a<p€i- 
\avro] a<pec\ovTo Mdqtu : obtttratierit7tt 33'^ | om rov 2^ bgly | 
o/3ijiifXex 2°] /3i;UeXex w* 

26 om A'at — a/St^ufXex fg | om ai/rw /)dnIE'' | aSt^eXex] 
a/Ji/neXcK n* : om bw | e7;'u bow | (.trtn.-qatv^ +<roi Mcejlqsuv : 
(V r*(pr cTToiT) r'') | om to n* | 7rpa7jua] frip.a. bw | /ioi 0^1)77.] 
oin)77EiXa! ^loi acmoc^S : juou ott. g : ^tte air. t | oXKa Abgwy] 
ei ;ii7 n : aXX 7; ZJ^'IM rell 

27 TTpoPara koi ^oaxo"'] ^"'^^ (^^ oius S!E | om tw bw | 
(om aai 4° 31) I SieffenTo] eflevTO s: {avveffivTO 32): buOtTo w | 

ttyH^OTtpa g 

28 a/ifttSas] a/iraoaif d : om n | om wpofiaTuip g | om 
/noi'aj ej 

29 om totum comma m | a;8i/i. tu a/3p.] o^p. tu a/iiM. o: 
Ttu a/3p. a^tM- s (om tw s*) | tw] Trpos ej | eiaii*] eartv dgpt | 
TovTuv] om Dbgrw: bis scr s | (om as earriiTai novas 2,s) | 
effT-qaa o | jno^os] pr /toTa I: (Oram me }3p 

25 ijXXeJfi' A (c 1° sup ras A') 

30 a/3paa/(] om abcmowc^^ : pr tw f | om ravras bfgmw | 
om Trap c/iou 33'^ j ^''a] OTi r ] uiaif] +^01 i>''Mbd-lnp— y 
3J3iE I /iapTi'pioi'] (/iiapTupiaj' 18): +^ioua: +yUoi moc^ 

31 6irwcojLia(rei/] tTTwi'o/xao'^T; fr33P(uid) : iijfo/ia<Tcv c^: nomi- 
naiicrunt IE | opKiap.ov\ opKOv d Thdt : Bersabee ^-codd | oTt 
— (32) aiiToii i°] sub H- M | a/i0oTepoi] pr 01 s 

32 hiidev7o\'^\' ibi^\ Ste^erof; et^ei'To acei*jmoc2 : edyjKav 
bw : +€KeL ej : + afitporepo^ y \ ei/] eTrt a-<igi*mopwc^33 | tw 
0peaTt] TW 0pea i* : to (ppeap bg : + e/cei s(mg) j om toi' fv | 
opKOL'] op/v't(r/Aoi' a-df-im-prtwyCj : +eKe(Poi'S [ oxo^a^] oxofaT 
g : X"^'^^ " '• Xoff" dp I om 1° — (piKoX d | 0noX A] <t>ix<^^ 
c'E : <Pl\ox Mfh^ny^ : 0tXwx Ic^ : tptXoX e : 0tX j : 0txo5 s : (o 
0iXo 18.79): o^ixopb: 0IXOX i5h'y*(uid) rell }3p : Pichol W" \ 
(0 apx-] (TrpaTTiyos 14. 18: om 16.79) I '"'?^ Sura^^ws] post 
avrov 2° m : om ttjs e | eTrecTp.] vir^arpe^av M : aireaTpi\]/av 
fi^r: €7reoTpe^ep svCj | om ti;p sv | twc] TOf f: t?;s e: tt;!/ n: 
om gl I 0i'Xto'Tfet;x] ^iXitTTtetyti dgilnp : 0tXi/Xi(TTtei/i c 

33 e0i'Tei'(rei'] eTrecroi' 5i'o M(nig) | om a^paapi n | ciri] ey 
Dh: {irapa 20) ) tw 0peaTi] toi' (ppearos dp: to ippeap f {20) | 
opKOu] opKuxp.ov Dg I ETreKoXfcrai'TO c | om Ckfi d Phil | to 
ovofxa Kvpiov'] post atwi'tos f : cttl toi ovofiaTL lev y \ Kvpiov] Kvpios 
Phil-codd-omn^ | O^ov aLUiVtov ^-codd Phil-codd-omn ^ | 
^eos] ^s t I aiwj'ios] aiwi'os f*s 

34 om 5e d [ a^pa^ r* | ev ttj 777] €nt tt] 717 w ; €ls tt}v yriv 
bn I Twi'jToi'n: om gl | 0tXt(77iet^ dfgilninp33P 

XXII 1 om Kai I'^iiS) | (e7ei'eTo] + eKei ciri tw ovo/iari 
.■0) 31) I Ttt pT}p.aTa ravTa'] hos dies IE | ^eos] pr Kat g^ Chr-g ; 
post eweipa^ey ceSlE Or-lat Chr-j Cyp: (om 18) | Trpos awoj'] 
ai'Tw bnwy Cyr i | a/Spaa/i 2"] ...a/i x | om a/5paa/i 3*^ <!ri£*^P 
Pbil-cod I de] Kai bdrgps(txt)v\vyd2<!t;(uid)1Ei3 

2 fiirei/] +KS m: +ai»Tw '31E Chr^: +Domittiis ei Surge 

31 0peap opKicr/iou] a' /Sjjpcra^ef Mjs(sine nom js) 32 0DXi<rTiei/i] aXXo^tXwf c^ 

33 apoupai'] a' Sei'Spwi'a ff' 4>VTeiav 'M]s.(Sf:vapu>na)\{5evSpuixa) XXII i eirfipafer] a' (So^airev Mjs(sine nom)v 

2 TOP a7a7ri;Toi'] o' tov /lovoyiin) Mjsv(om tok Mv); a' tox novaxov c^ : a' toi' /lo^ov irou MjsvCj(om TOf Msv) 



XXII 12 

ryyairqcrat;, tov ^laaaK, Kat ■rropevBr^ri «'? t^i* yrfv Tr}v vyp-rjXriv, koI dveveyKOP avTOv eKel etv A 
J oKoKapiraaiv €<j>' ev rS)V opetov iv av aoi ei-TTO). 3di/a(7Td<; Be W^padfi to Trptol eireffa^ev rrfv 
ovov aiToO" -irapeKa^ev he fied^ eavTov Bvo TratSa? Kal 'laauK tov vlov avrov, koX cr;i(;i.<ra? ^v\a 
el^ oXoK/ipTTCocriv aratrrnv iiropevOri. Kal ^jXOei' tVi rov tottov ou elirev avrS 6 Oe6<i '•♦' t,^ rj/xepa rfj 

5 rpirr]. ^ Kal civa^Xey^at 'A^padfi toU 6(f>,oK iBev toi' tottop fiaKpodev ^Kal elirev A^paap, 
Tol<; Traialv avTov^ KaOlcrare avTov fierd Tri<i ovov, €7&) 2e Kai to ttuiBIov BieXevao/xeda e&)? uSe- H A^ 

6 Kal TrpocrKwijuavTe^ dvaarpe-^wfxev irpni; ufji,d<;. '^eXa^ev Be ' A^panp, Tti ^vXa tj}? oXoKapTroia-ecoi; 
Kal eire6-qKev 'laadic tS vi(fi aiirov- eXajBev Be Kal to -rrvp fierd X^'P* "^^^ '^V^ p.d-)(ai,pav, Kai, 

7 eiropevOrjaav ol Bvo dfia. '^ Kal elnev 'lo-a«V tt/sos' 'A^padp. tov iraTepa avTov eiVa? TluTep- o Be 
elirev Ti eaTiv, reKvov ; Xeycov 'IBov to irvp Kal Ta ^vXa • ttov eaTiv to irpo^aTOv to ei<; oXoxap- 

8 TTwatv; ^elirev Be 'A^padfi'O 6e6<i oijreTai eavTw irpo^arov eh oXoKapTruxriv, TeKVOv. ■!ropev6evTe<; 

9 Be dp,(f)6Tepoi dp,a "^tJXOov eirl tov tottov bv elirev uvtS 6 Bed';. Kal <!>KoB6p.i)(Tev eKel 'A/3padp. 
OvaiacTTrjpiov koI eTreBrjKev Td ^vXa- Kal cru/XTroSto-a? 'I<raa« tov viov avTov eTredqKev avTOv 

10 eirl TO 6vaiaaTi]piov e-rrdvu) tmv ^vXojv. '°Kal i^ereLvev 'A^padp, Trjv ^eipa avTov Xa/Secv tt/v 

11 p,d-)(aipav, a-<j>d^ai tov vlov avTOv. ^'^ Kal eKaXecrev avTov dyyeXo<; Kvpiov eK tov ovpavov Kai 

12 elirev avTw 'A^padp, 'AjSpadp,. 'o 8e elirev^ 'IBoii eyd). ^^Kal elirev Mr) eiri^dXrj'i ttjv Xeipa a^ov 

XXII 2 aveveyKaL D \ tip €v'\ (ttl €v D 

5 KaSeiaaTC A 

1 1 om 5e eiTrei/ A 

C I om Uioi' (Tou Toc X* I TOV 2° — i;7a7r7)(ros] post iffaax ^ | 
TOV ayairriTov] illiim iinicum Cyp (om ilhim codd) | ■qyaTr.'\ di- 
Ugis Or-lat : + Si f/ie f | iropfi'S.] pr offeres mihi eiitn Or-lat : 
iropcuSfij ej | (eis i°] ctti io8) | om xai 3" fjB'" | a.v(viyKov 
AMniw] (viyKi p : avevtyKi D{-yKai)A.^ rell Chr Cyr : inpones 
C)'p I oitok] pr ti.01 nCj Chr | | c«i] pr mihi Biff : ad me W^ : 
om Z>Mbdefjlps(txt)vwdj Chrl Cyr J ed ^ Cyp: +>fMi P | 
om eis 2''{ro8) Or-lat Cyp | o'XoKafnr.] oXokapjru/ua x Cyr^: 
oXoKCLvroxriv D( + /)) Josuid Chr f Cyr-codJ: hostiam Cyp | 
e0 ei/] in uno Cj'p | €0] ii0 ejn : (eis 78) | uv'\ de quo Cyp : 
(om 128) I av] cav DA^ahiot^'vw | eiTru] iii^tii bg Chr^ Cyr^ 

3 om ajipaan D Cyr | to] tw abfgij*(uid)m*C2 Chr Cyr^ : 
omCyr^ | eircaa^fv] aaa^ev s: (eaa^e 32) | aiTou i"] eaiTou 
m I iraptXajSev de] pr Kai x : Kai irapfXapev /)(contra D"''')f 
Cyr^: (om 5e 77): + Kai m | /ic^ faiToi'] post Trai5a7 acmoxC2 
(/ter avTov mx) 13: Mf ai-roc e | ax^'^^^l post ^v\a r; snmpsit 
C I Kai rjXSei'] (sai avr]\9ev 32): om nilUE'' | firi] pr statim 
E'p : eis bdgoptwdj Phil -| Clem Cyr J | ov~\ ov D \ T-r\ t\)i.ipa 
Ti) rpiTTj] pr £•/ 3 : "; tjutt) rificpa Clem : post trcs dies uenil in 
ilium locum C 

4 om totum comma IE | om \ai 3 | (ova/JXei/'a/ifi'os 73) | 
rots — tSev] iihe tois o<p$a\^ois avrov Cyr 4 | tois 0(pda\fj.ois] om 
Clem Or-lat: +avTov a-egjm-pstvwxCjd^Slsub -i-llSir Phil- 
codd Chr | ^aKpoOev] pr aTro bw 

5 om ai^paafi fC Or-lat Chr Cyr^ | Traicrii'] TraiSapiois n | 
om aurou 1° W \ Kadiaare — ovok] tios sedtte Or-lat \ | om auroi' 
■2°g I TaiSioi' A Chri Cyr-ed I] iroiSopioi- D(-t-Z)"')M omn Or- 
gr Chri Cyr^ codi | duXtvffo^iOa] 5io5c I'trw/ic^a r: diobiv- 
ffw/ief i^ : eXei'cro/ie^a c^ \ om ews uSe C Or-lat ^ | ai/airrpc^w- 
/!€»' Trpos I'^as] Trpos u/xas ava<jTpi\pofjiiv sd^: ir/>os I'^as airoaTpe- 
\pop.€v i : TTpos I'^as vTro<jTpe^opiev f [ araiTTpf^w/Afi'] post I'/ias 
dp: ava<TTpe\poij.€v Mae^-mou-xi31E Cyr : avaarpf^oy^tv I; (cTra- 
caarpci/'o/xfi' 32): i/7ro(rT/)e;^o/iej' Or-gr Chr^: ai'aKa/i^o/iei' (20) 
Chr-i^ I Trpoj i^^as] e/cettfec D: om c^ Chr^ | T^/tias o* 

6 om a^paajx s Cyr \ \ ra fuXa] om n : om to c | 0X0- 
KapTrwcreujj] oXo^-ai'Traj<rea'j M : o\oKa\>Twaetjit D{ -^ Z?) Chr-ed [ 
eXajicv 2° — Tup] Kai to irvp eXa^e d ( Kat 2° — juaxaipac] in 


manum gtadium et ignem 3 (ignem el gladium codd) | /zfra 
Xeipo K0.1 TO TTiip D(-f />") I om xai 2" Machi'l-qtuvxc^BC 
Chr Cyr i | to — X"P''] /""''' X^'P" '''' "■''? Mahtvc^: /zeTa X"P« 
TO TTi'p ci'li.ioqux Chr Cyr ,V | M""" X'V] '" manibus suis 
Or-lat I (/acTa] irapa I28(txt)> | X^'P"' Ixlfnprwdj | afia] + 
lu-nerunt ad locum quern Dens dixit et C 

7 xai fiirtv Any] (tirev 5e DM rell J3 Chr | om iiraa/c jrpos 
s(txt) I om Trpos — ai/Tou !£fp | afipaafi] a/Spa^ d,(i) : om bwC | 
(om TOV irartpa avrov 25) | om fiTras — Xe7wi' Iff | eiTras AM1>!* 
(uid)v(txt)] eiirwx a*c : eiTroi' a''o ; om l)i''v(mg) rell EJ31i 
Or-lat Chr | tcki'oi'] post \tyuv h | Xc^ui'] pr tiirtv Se ej : (pr 
enre ri 18): pr respondit aulem Isaac J3'" : xai eiirei' f il'lnr^ : 
eiirei' 5e bdgpwxy'dj : Xe7fi avro q : (fi5e fiirf 71): et is dicit 
S: d?;>;/ ISp : om mc^ | to l^vXa Kai to imp rli Chr} | to 
i,vKa\ pr ecce'^: +et culler Iff, | om etrTii- 2° Phil | wpofiaTov] 
TrpocrdiTTOv s I om to 3° 3-ap-Barh Cyr | oXoKapTriocrii'] pr ttjv 
Mahioqrt-xc,i3 Chr: oXoKai/Twirii' JX\v'"S (pr rr/v) 

8 eiirev de a^paap.] et is dicit '& | {enrev 5e] eiSe eiirev 71) | 
om a^paa/jL y \ oiperai fauTw] millet nodis ffi | eoi>rai] avrw 
nps^^: om s* [ trpofiarov eis oXo^apTrw^iJ'] post reKVOv q | oXo- 
KapTTioaivl pr tt;!* \v Phil-cod j apiipoTe poi] post a/ta g : om bw15 | 
om afia (108) Or-lat Chr Cyr 

9 riXBev e | ctti 1°] eis Cyr | oi' — tfeos] om C: om ov enrev 
x* ; om d | e^-ei] post ajSpaap. acejmo Cyri(eKCio'e) : om bdp 
rswdjCT^^ I om afipaap. D \ BvaiaarTipiov i°] pr to ilq-vx}3'": 
+ TW KU bfClEP I om eiredTiKev aiTov y | aiTov] /igna 33p : om 
g Chr-ed Cyr i | ejri to dvtriaar-rjpiov] post ^i-Xwi' g 

10 a^pattju] post afTOf 1" mJSE 1 ttjv x^ipa aiToi;] om e: 
om ai^Toi' 31 I Xa^eii* tt]v ^laxaipai'] pr tou r\v : om j : om ttjv 
p I Xa/ioji/ Cyr-ed -^ | ir^a^ai] ]5r tou n Cyr^; -f i<raa>: ]3vC 

11 avrov — ocpai'ou] Doniinus Dcus Abraham l£(om Detts 
lE*^) I om ATupiou jm j om eK tov ovpavov Cyr | eK rov] e$ m \ 
Kai eiTTev] Xeywi' ejC Phil | om auTw />''lmqsu^'3[13C Phil 
Or-lat Chr Cyr Spec | om a^paap, 2" (25) Ep | 5e] koi ejC 
(uid)1E}p Chr | eiTrei- 2°] +ei<^ 

12 KOI eiJrei/] eiirex &e dgpd,: om I : dixit aulem angelus 
Domini ei ^■. + illi IS Spec | X^'P^J MOX<"P<"' s | ToiSapioi'] 


XXII 12 


A €7ri TO TraiSdptov, fiijBe Troirjarj<; avrS /jiTjBiv vvv yap eyvoov on, f^o^fi tov Oeov crv, Koi ovk e<peicru) 
Tov vlov (TOV TOV ayaiTTjTOv Bi ifie. ^^Koi^Xe^jra'i 'A^padfi rol^ 6(f)6a\/J,oi'; avTOv Ihev, Koi 13 
IBoi) Kpi6<; eh KaTex6p,evo<; ev <pVTa aa/BeK rwv KepaTwv. koX i-TropevOt] 'A^padp, /cat e\al3ev tov 
KpLov, Koi dfTjveyKev avTov ek oKoKapirwaiv avrl 'laaiiK tov vlov avTOv. '^/tai sKaXecrev A/3paap 14 
§ L TO ovofia TOV TOTTOV eKeivov Kvpio<; iSef Iva eliraxriv a-i'j/xepov 'Ev toT opei Kvpw; ox^Ot). ^'^^koL 15 
eKaXeaev dyyeXo<; Vi^vpiov tov 'A^padp, ^evTepov e'/c tov ovpavov ^^^^Xeyaiv '^Kar' ipavTOV wfxoaa, 16 
Xeyei Kvpto?, ov e'lveKev ivoujaa'; to pijp-a tovto koi ovk t'^etVo) tov viov crov tov ayaTrijTov ot, 
e/ie, '7et firjv evXoyoov evXoyqa-a) ae, koI ttXtjOvvwv ttXtjOvvu) to (yrrepp-a aov u><i Tovi aaTepw; tov 17 
ovpavov Kal &)? T7jv dfxfiov ttjv irapd to T^6tA.o? tj)? BaXdaarjt;- Kal KXrjpovop^jaei to <nrepp,a crov 
IT Z> Ta9 TToXet? tcov inrevavTicov. ^^Kal evevXoyrjOrjaovTai iv tw airepfiaTi,^ aov irdvTa Ta edvrj, dv6 18 
t dj mv inrrjKOvaa'i Trji; efirjt (f)a)vr]'i.^ ^9a7reaTpd(f)i] Be 'A/Spadp, Trpo? tov<; valBa'; avTOV, Kat, ava- 19 
t ffi'^ (TTavTe^ eTTopevOrjo-av eVt to (f>peap tov opKOV^ Kal KaTWKijaev 'A^pad/j, ewl tw <})peaTi tov bpKOv." 
■I LP '^°'EyeveTO Be fieTa rd prjp-aTa ravTa Kal dvrjyyeXt) T(o 'A^padp. XeyovTe^ 'IBov TeroKev 20 

MeXp^a Kal avTtj vlov<; Na;^a>p tm uBeXffxp aov, ^^tov 'fi^ TrpaiTOTOKOv Kal tov Bav^ dBeX<f)bv 21 
% D avTOV Kal tov K.ap,ovTjX waTepa 'S.vpoyv ^^^Kal tov Xda^aB Kal tov ' A^av Kal tov 't>aXBa<i Kai 22 
Toi- 'leXBd<p Kal tov BaOovi'jX. ^^kuI BaOovrjX eyevv-ijaev ttjv 'Ve^eKKav. oktw ovtoi viol ov<; 23 

16 €(picruj D 

(DL) Ma-jl-ycj(d jaB(C')1E(iP) 

+ (TOV b I jni;5e] (cat /iij t: et ne Hil | iroi))s s | auro jnw | 
(HT)5ev] jXT]6iv bdeptd^: malum IE,: + KaKov m | om vw C | 
00(3?;] pr diligis me et C | tov Oeoy] post crv Dbd-gjnpsvwxd^ 
^33'" Thdt : pr Dominum HiH: Dominiim Spec | <ti'] sup ras 
o": aov h Cyp Hil : om mffi Chi'l Spec | om tov viov <tov m | 
om TOV 2'* w 

13 a/Spaa/j, 1° — aurou i°] (roi! o<f>8, hvtov ajipaafi io8): 
Tois o(pff. a^paa/x dpd,(i): om appaafi gy Chr: om tois oip$. 
OKTOi'E: om aiiTou Chr | (om iSev 31) | icii 2" — Karcxo/uefos] 
arietem appreheiisum fit | eis r°] tis Cyr-ed : om Or-lat | fv — 
/teparuj'] Tav K^p. ai ijivToi aa^cK dfgjnpCjdjIE Phil-ed Or-lat 
Chr : Ttav nep. avTov ev <pVTOt aajSiK x : om aafi^K tuv KcpaTwv 
C I Tuv KcpaToiv'] pr ck el; pr airo m: om Phil-cod: +ai'Tov 
acmolS I om Kai (wopevdr) a^paa/x C | a7r7;i'e7/(6>' dp | om eis 
2° agxCj Or-lat | om outou 2° r 

14 om aflpaafi ac^ | to — cKCivov'] loeum ilium C : om eneivov 
d I Kvpio% i5ev] uisio Domini lE'^P : domus Dei, quoniam Deiis 
uidil me in eo ffi | om ihiv — Kvpwi 2° 18p | oihiv dm | optt] ■ 
-)• ToiTW fn^Bffi I Kiipios 2°] Domini 'Si'^^ : Detis tH | w0Si/] uidit 
IE: +mihiW 

15 ayyeXos Kvpiov'] « dp : 4- Dei B'"' | tov a/jpaafi] post 
dfvrepov d : eum (JT 1 5evTepov'\ eK devrepov f i-^r | (om €k tov 
ovpa.vov 16) 

16 eiKexa L | (om koi ovk — e/ic 71) | om Si e/tf qu 

17 ei p.ijv] 1] firjv a''b-ejlmptvwxy'(T; ex v uidjd^ Phil Chr 
Cyr Thdt A-Z T-A : nunc igiliir (J : nisi 53 Hil | om ev\oyoiv 
Cyr I TO (TTTepfia aov i"] pr crt /cai \\&: pr ///'/ IE'': pr te ualde 
et multiplieabo C : at B'' Heb T-A | toks affi-epos] to affrpa 
bnstw Cyr Thdt} T-A | ovpa.vov\ -i-tm Tr\ri8ei 3 Or-lat§ Cyrf 
Thdt} I om ws 2° b33P | tt)!/ 2° — OaXaaaris} T-qs 77/5 T-A | to 
p^eiXos T7;s SaX.] ?«ar« C : -f innumerahilis Or-lat -J | Kkijpovo- 
/47;o'€t] haereditare faciam (iD | twi' I'Treraf xiwy] -f tuoritm 13 ; 
+ suprum 31 

18 ei'eiAo7. — ffou] ev tw <r7r. (tou e»'euXo77;^7;(ro»'rat Thdt^: 
€v Tw (TTr. (Tou ei'Xo77;^7;(roj'Ta( Acta Thdt \ : ei* tw (Ttt. aov ei'Xo- 
7rj8);(r6Tat Thdtf: !« semine tuo bencdieentur de-P-C Tract | 

6vei)Xo7.] ev\oyi]6riaoyTai xChr|: (ev€i^oyriBi)aeTai 108) | ev — 
aov] in te \iv Tyc | a-KepixaTi] airep... D | iravTa Ta eSvij AC Or- 
lat Chr§ Tract] -(-t7,s 71)5 LM omn SBIE^ Eus Chri Thdt 
de-P-C Tyc : naaai 01 Tarpiai ttjs yvi Acta | arriKovaas cdnr*' | 
post vTTTjKovaas ras (14) b 

19 a-rreaTpaif)!}] eTreaTpa(f>v^<^2^'- eTreaTpe\j/ev aco: vireaTpexpe 
m I om avTOv L | e-rropeveTjaav Amy] -I- afia LM rell SBISJI : 
+ simul et uenerunt ff. \ om xai 2° — opsoi' 2° ejquwBIE | ffi 
2° — opKOV 2°] e\"et(re p | eTrt 2"] ev 1 | tw 0/>€aTf] to (ppeap abcg 

20 om yuera w | ac9?77etXoi' fm j XeyovTe^] XeyovTojv dgp : 
(\e70i'Ti 78): Xe7oi' M: i/uod 'K \ om iSou IE | /aeXxa] /icXxu 
p: (m^X" '8) I om KOI ai'XT) E | uious] wou qu : woi' Im | i/a^wp] 
post aov f : pr rw cdegmtc^: {evvax<^p 71): P-e^x^P qu 

21 om roi' 1° Inquy* | wj] uf dpl3' Or-gr: oi'sx: /3if n: 
OcA 3: Ofo Anon^ | irpuToroKoy] -l-aiTou acmoxc^SB'"' | om 
Kai I" — airroK c | om tov 2° sv | jSau^] /Sanf pl3' Or-gr Anon": 
j3ai'(73)'3: /Saj' ni : fa^ d : Koi/f e : 0ai'{ In | Ka/xovTjX] Kap.a- 
ov7]\ c(uid) : koljxovt^x qu : Kap,oTjp s : aap.ovrj\ p : Gamuel IS 
Anon" I avpov f 

22 om rai 1° p | X'"^fa5] xa^aa D(H-Z>)h*lquxa-edB'»': 
XafaS cosv^l-codd Or-gr: x"i"^ agh=''imnrtCj13i': X'^S'^" M: 
Xafaxaff bvv : {xaa^aB iS): x^Pf^ e: X'taT dp: 7a5'a9 f(f ex 
corr f=) : Canasat Anon° | om xai 2° p | {tov ai:av] tov avTov 
79) I aj-ai'] afa/3 m: afav fc2(txt) : a^av j: ai'fau t: fan M : 

cafaii ah'' : x'^f'"' ° • 

' 3-codd B'" ; Bat/utel Anon' \ om 

KOI 3° p I 0aXocis] <pa\Sa\ D*"'''(0aX5as D''): ^a\Sa pqu : 
(0aX5aM7i): 0aXoaK Or-gr: i^aXSes ach''': 0aXaas m : 5oX0as 
b I KOI TOV <eX5a0] om D: om koi p | ieX5o0] ieX5a/3 fstvc^ 
(mg): leXSoSbw: ieX5a/i i : ie5Xa0 Or-gr: i€5a0 a : ieSda(p \: 
ie\a<p e: icXa/u dp: (ifXXajS 108): £X5a0 Imqu : cXa0 gj : 
/e/dafM: Allafh B'" : ^sa" Anon" | om Kai 5" p | §a9ovr\^C\ 
/3ou))X n : Iiidul Anon' : ( + koi tox a^av 1 08) 

23 KOI (SaSoDTjX] fiaOovTjX Se acmoxc^BP: Ka.i p-aBovrfK d | 
/)e/3(«,-av dfgm | om oktu (71) IS^P | oi;toi] post luoi d | woi] pr 
01 n I lUfXxw fp I om tw 1° p | vaup Phil-codd 

12 vvv yap eyvoiv] e^p vvv eSet^as c^ | ayair-qTov'] a' jxovoyevov^ M 

13 KaTexop-evos — KepaTojv] a' KpaTovfievoi ev diKTVu tois Kepaatv avTOV M 


ev—Kcpariov] a' ev (Tiix^fw/'t ev KepaffLv avTov M 



24 ereKev MeX^a tc3 Na^iop tw aBe\(f)m 'A^pad/j,. ^^kuI rj -rraWaKr) avrov rj ovojia 'Per}pd, ereKev A 
Kal avTTj Tof Td^ex ical rov Tdafj, icaX tov To^o? koX tov M&)i^a. 
XXIII ^ ''EyeveTO Be 1) ^(ot) l.dppw; err} e/carov ei/coai eirTa. -/cat d-n-edaven Xdppa eV TroXet 'Ap^oK, 

^ iariv ev T<a KoiXcofiarf avri) iariv X.e0po)u iv yfj yiai'dav. fjKOev he A^paafi Koyfracrdai 

3 "Zdppav Kal ■n-ivdrjaai. ^koX dvearr) 'Affpadfi d-rro tov veKpov avrov- Kai enrev A^pa<i/JL rot? 

4 in'ot? Xer \ey(ov ■^lidpoiKO'; Kal ■irapeTri,Br]/j,o<; iym el/ii f^ed' u/MSif Bore ovv fxoi KTrjcriv Td<pov fxed 

5 vficov, Kal ddyfro) Toii veKpov fiov eKel. 5direKpi6'r]aav Be ol viol Xer tt/so? A^paap, \eyovTe<s 

6 ^M^, Kvpie- aKOvaov Be r)fio)v. ^aaiXev'i Trapd deov ah el ev ijfiiv eu rot? eVXe/crot? p.vT]^elot.<i 
rjfj.5>v Odyjrov TOV veKpov aov ovBel<; yap tjfiiov to fivijfielov avTov KwXva-et utto crot), tov dd-\frai, 

8 TOV veKpov aov eKel. '^dvaard<; Be 'Aj3padf/, irpoaeKVPT/aev tm Xaai tjj? yt}<;, rots vtol<i XeV. Kai 
iXdXtjaev wpcx; avroii^ 'A^padfi Xe7&)i' Ei e^eTe rf ■^vxj) vp,wv ware 6dyfrat. tov veKpov fiov otto 

9 irpoacoTTOv ftov, nKovaaTe fiov Kal XaXtjaare Trepl ifiov 'E(/)pa)i' tco tov '^dap- ^Kal Bora) fioi, to 
av)]Xaiov ro BnrXovv 6 eariv avTiZ, to ov ev fiepiBi tov dypov avTuv- dpyvpiov tov a^cov Sore /xot 

10 avTO ev vfilv et? Krijatv fivr}fi,eiov. '^°'K<l)pa>v Be eKdOrjTo ev fieaa roiv v'loiv XeV- aTroKpideU Be 
'E<^p(ui' o XeTTatO'f Trpo? W^patifj. el-rrev, aKovovTOJV tcov vimv Xtr Kal ttuvtoiv twv eiaTTOpevofievav 

XXIII 9 /xepiSe. A 

10 €fl^£(7iJ A 

24 om totum comma bw | TraXXaxis qu | om tj ovo/ia 12 | 
peripa A] /n^fia i'S-ed: peK/ia h^: pev/ia n: ye-n^ia fr: pe-qua 
Z>Mh*i* rell 3l-codd B^: (pci/xa 71.79): P"Ma IS'" Or-gr : 
povfia Phil Jos: Jiegma Anon' | (rcKev] + Se r | om xai avr-q 
S I TOJ' Too/i /tot Tox TajSeK D( +/)) I om tox rojSe/f nai Or-gr 
(uid) I TO/SfK] Tafie x: rafta-qK 1 : /3o« e: /Saai/c gj : {^aaK 14. 
16.77. 128. 130): 7aa/c f : raaic i* : raoSdop: 7aa^i='r: C««ot 
Anon" I om. koi 3° p | raafi] raaS tc^ : va^M axS : Ta^ex dfiop : 
TO(3atx r: (rafieX io8>: Timber Anon': ( + koi tox m^eK 16): 
+ Kai Tox ra^fx egj : ( + rai tov ra^ex 18.79.128): +Kai TOf 
7afioaM o | om koi 4° p | roxos] toxws egj Or-gr: toxoi- q: 
Toi'xwsdp: (ti;xos'2o): x"' f ^ (x"' 25.71.73): ^aasx: Thochos 
Anon' I yiiuxa] /""xa aclt : Mwxt"" egj Or-gr: (^oxa" 73-77-78. 
79: M'^XO/' "8: /ioixas i6): /ioxas n Anon': M^X^fo: (x^M^ 

XXIII 1 f.yiviTO 5e] bis scr w: om 5e s: -f Kai n | trapos 
m I £T7) — fTTTa] fTfTO /toi ciKO(ri KOI CKaroK fT-?; s | £tt)] post 
ejTTo achntCjJS : om lovx | eifcoffi] -I- /lOi 1 | en-ra] + ettj fwTjs 
(Tappas Dlo(t7-ui')vx(fu»; vx) 

2 om KOI 1° — aappa 1 | aappa] aapa m : om gx* | om ex 1" 
X* I TroXct] pr rri btwB I ap^oK] ap/Sw/c adegjlnp : ap;Se/c c: 
appTlK f: (ap^oi-K 31.83): (ap/Sor; 71): ap^M On | : (ap^wK 79): 
a/3e/( h : /a?-/w/(' B^ : £/-*o* B'" | t)— koiXmiuoti] sub H- M : om 
r, earip cS | X^^P""^ X^^'^P q I 71] P"" '"f ac-gijm-pyc^ | <7ap- 
paf] capavm: aappa q: (post ircrSijo-ai 25) | 7rcj/Sij<rai] -l-auTi)^ 


3 a^paafi i°] post ceKpoK e | om aTO— wois g | tuv ycKpuiv 
m I om avTOV bemoc^ I'hil-arm | a/3pao/i 2" Ay] om DM rell 
SBE I X""] pr "" D( + Z>"')e-lnqrtwxc, : tov xc u | om X£7ui' 

4 ?rapoiKos] + cp tt) 77) Clem | Kai. Topeir.] post C7U Thdt | 
et/Ji £7u Phil I 11(6 1°] /uf'^oi' oS | vfim \"] rnxwv e*(uid)l | 
Sore— (i/nuK 2»] om fc^ | ovv] post /aoi y: om Bp Thdt | Ta<poii] 
rai^jjs p : om b | p.(0 vp-uv 2"] p-eff rj/xoiv lo : om Phil-arm | fxei 
A] a<p vpuiv s(txt)v : air epov D^Is^mg) rell B Phil-arm Thdt : 


5 om oe gB'" | om 01 Mbdlquc, | x^''] Pf ■''<"' DMbhtw 
Chr I (om irpos afipaap. 76) | a/Spaa/x} pr Toy mox 

6 om p.Ti Kvpu acoxCj?[ | 5t] St; 1: om acmoxc^SB'^S | 
Tjfxojv i°] v/x(jv 1: +Ki acmox^ : ^ksc^ \ irapa — et] ft (Tu Trapa 
6(ov Thdt : ffu et tt. ^. r | ^€oi'] kD qu | cv fi Arxy Chr ^] om 
eia*dp:«(7uDMa=''rell Phil-gr Chr i: om (71/(31) 3 Phil-arm | 
ev Tip-tv €t Clem | eX€7KT0is l{uid) | p,vr)p€iots TjpiOjv'\ rjpLuv €v 
p.vT]p.eiots l)(om €v)\v I fji.VTjp.aaLv 1 | (om tjptov 2" 76.78) | om 
aov 1° 31-ed | ovSas egjsv \ om 7ap f*B'' | om ijp.uv 3" 3-cod | 
TO pLvrjueiov — aov 2'*] prohibel a te ntonurnevtum 31 [ ro — KwXi^- 
ffei] KwXi'o'ei TO pvy\p.(Lov avTov dprlE : ov p.-q KwKvarj to p.v. avrov 
D{om ou)be-hi*jlqs-w {KOjXi'o-ei fh : om /xtj i^') Chr | (/ivjjp^eioif] 
fiv7]p.a 79) I (om airo aov 25.107.128) | om tov Sa-^ai — €Kct 3 | 
tov 6a\f/ai] om tov egj : daypov D | aov 3"] + otto aov d | CKCi] 
H-ttTTo aov i*t : om Ix 

7 om TTpoacKvvTjaev — (8) a^paap. w | toj Xaw] pr Domino 
et Ep I om T7;$ yi/s hmE | x*''] P"" "^"^ Dbfilqsuv 

8 om Kat i^ — Xe7wi' g | om a^paap. dpc^ | {ti) ^I'X'?] pr 
€v 32) I vp.uv] tj/jLwv c*gim | waTc] tov n j Oa^at] 0a^u g | 
om p.ov I" emqsuvx | om airo — Kat 2*^ 15 | irpotrajTrou] pr tov x | 
om Kat 2" bnw | XaXT^trare] atrarai 1 | om irept e/iou 3-cod | 
€v<l>pitjv b I om TOV cf 1 traapl o^Kaf p 

9 om Kat S^" I Sort*)] Bot€ bcdlpl£^P ] om eaTiv airrt*) 
fSBS-ap-Barh(uid) | ai;rtii ro of] ro ov avrov b | ai/rtij] pr ev 
sv : auroi' acdilmoprtwxCg | ro of] (pr ci' 16.130): omar: om 
Of jn* I om Cf I" — (10) eKadriTo m | om ff 1° g | p.epiSi Ay] 
>xepi D(/tfpei Z)"'): jncpet M rell: (ritf ^epet 20) | ap7iipioi'] pr 
roll r : apyvpiov f | Sore AS] 5orw DM omn 3B Phil | ev 
vp.iv — /tfij/tetoti] et emam id a nobis IE | ev u/itf] post p.vripeiov 
e: om p | vpav] rip.iv aflo: epoi b | ets KTrjaiv] ev KTiaei bw | 
p.vrip.eiov'\ pr rou Dl 

10 om 5e i" cJEp | ff peaoi] ets ^co-of r ] x^^ i°] pf '''<"' ' I 
atroKptdet^ de] Kat aTTOKpt^ety p : om 5e d | om etf>potv x^Trotos 
p I Trpoy a/3p. etTTCf] etTre Trpos a5p. p : etTre irpoj al'rof e : Trpos 
ain-of ctTTf gj I rtjf 2° — TroXif] pr TrafrMf jsvc, : Trofrtjf n | 
XCT 2°] pr TOD w I om roif 3° b | om ci$ x | iroXif] {irvXitv 

XXIIl 6 aKovaov 5e i)p.wv\ a' aKouffOf Tjp.wv Ke sv 


9 ce u/uv] a' ev /j,€<tu) vfiuyv M 



A et9 TT)v TToKiv, Xeyav "Uap' ifioi yevov, Kvpie, Kai aKoixrov fxov. tov dypov kuI to (nr^Xaiov to 
iv avTO) <To\ hihmixL' evavTiov rwv ttoXitmv /jlov BeStoKti. aof 6nyfrov tov veKpov erov. ^^koI 
irpoaeKiivrjaev 'A/Spadfj, ivavTiov tov Xaoii ti)? 7j)?" '3 /cat elirev tw 'li<j)pa)i> et? to, WTa ivavTiov 
TravTo? TOV Xaov t»j? 77)? 'ETretS?; tt/jo? ejxov ei, UKOvaov fiov to apyvpiov tov aypov Xa^e irap 
ifiov, Koi Od'^ov TOV veKpov fiov eicei. ^^aireKpiOr] he Ficppcbv Tm 'A^paafj, Xeycov ^^Ov^l, Kvpie, 
aKrjKoa ydp' TeTpaKoaiutv BiBpa^^mv apyvplov ava /Jbeaov ifiov Koi aov to dv e'ir] tovto ; aij 8e 
TOi' veKpov crov dd-^jrov. ^^Kal rjKOvaev ^A^pad/j, T(p Ecjspcov koI aTreKaTeaTrjO'ev ^A^padp, t«S 
'Ei(f>poiv TO dpyvpiov o eXdXrjaev et? Ta wTa tmv vlmv Xer, TerpaKotria SlSpa'y^/j.a apyvpiov BoKifiov 
evTropoK. ^"^ KOi eaTT) 6 dypo'i Ei^pcov, o? r/v iv Ta> BnrXa (TirrfKaiO), 09 idTiv xaTa irpocranrov 
Ma/J,/3prj, 6 dypo'i koX to airr^Xaiov o rjv avTa>, Kal Trdv hevhpov o r/v ev tw aypS, 6 ecrriv iv tok 
6pioi<; avTov kukXco, '^tw ^A^padfj, 6t? KTfjtrtv ivavTiov t5)v viwv Xct icai -rravTOiv t&v ei.airopevo- 
fievtov et? Tr)v iroXiv. ^"^fieTa TavTa edaijfev 'A/9paa/A ^dppav rrjv yvvalica avTOV iv t&5 (nrrjXaitp 

IS TOV dypov Tw SnrXd), 6 icTTiv d^revavTi Mafi^pty ^avTr) icrTiv XfySpwy ei' Trj yfj ^avdav. ^°Kal 
iKvpcodr) 6 dyp6<i Kal to cnrifKaiov r]v avTm Tm A^padfj, et? KTrjcriv Ta<j}ov irapa tu>v viwv XeT. 

jL ^'Kat 'A^padfi rjv ■7rpeal3vTepo<; Trpo^e^r)K(o<; fjiiepoiv, Kal Kupto? evXoyrjaev tov A^padfi 

KUTa irdvTa. ^koI eiTrev 'Afipadfi tm ttuiSI uvtov, toJ Trpea/3vTepu> t?}? olKta<i avTov, tu> dp)(0VTL 






15 om apyvpiov A* (hab A^^k) 

16 efXTopoit Z)5'' 

18 Kai TravTwv Tui sup ras (5) A' 


32): ituXt/i' Tr)$ iroXcM! avTOV acmoxc^3l | 'Keyuv'\ \eya 1; 
om IE 

11 ep.ot\ €/xov dgjn^ps |7ii'ou b | Kvpie] + fiov 133 | Kac aKov- 
(rov] aKovaop 5e n | /xov i°] i;/xup n | toc 1°] +yap f | aypov] 
+ SeSoiKa <T0t acmos(mg)vxC23 : + SiSwko. dp | to ev aurai] to 
avTO c: om n | <roi didwfii] dado libi ^ \ epwiriof dps(txt)tv | 
Twc Anpy] pr Travriov D^'^M rell '3i31E | /^ov 2*^'] ^jlol h | S^dwKa 
(70t] pr ^(VfT lE^^: pr el ecce 35^: om n [ (i'x^ov'\ Kai da\f/at n; 
sefdire S-ed 

12 a;3p.] post ivo.VTi.ov qu | tov \a.ov\ pr Travro! (76) SS | 
T7;s 7»?s] om 3£ + I'tois tov xcTratou n : + Kat Tots uiots tov x^t y^'' 

13 Kai i^ — yv^] XC7W1' f: om sw | Kai enrev'] eiirev 5e y; 
+ Abraham 53 | om to> r* | cis Ta — 7?;s] dii'ii audiunt omitei IE | 
om evavTiov Z^MmquxSB | ttoktos] post Xaou i* : om ZJsiijjabc 
egi^'j-oqruxCj'SlS | (tjjs 7»js tov Xaou 128) | 7i)s] +Xe7wi' ac 
moxCj'S I om eirci&r) — cKei h | tnfiSri] eirei be lc^*{\x\A) \ irpoi] 
•jrpo n I fiov I**] + Ke f I TO ap7('ptoi'] pr did(i)p.L aco ; pr deSujKa 
mx : pr dabo tibi 31 : (to 7ap ap7. 79) | tou a7pou] (tou Xaoi' 
79): terraeW \ Oaxpov AdlE''] Oatpu ZJ^i'M rell aBIE"^' | om 
yCtoD 2° SEp I om eKei nEP 

14 om TW a^paafi d | \eyuv] + avTio acfmoxc^Sl 

15 oux'] "vSa D | Kvpie] + /j-ov acmoxc,'333 | om 7ap PS, | 
TfTpaKOcriui'] pr yij Mcfgjmxy'' S-ap-Barh : pr oti a53P : pr 
iSov ?7 71; o ; pr t/itod terra ^IS'"'" : rerpaf ocrta i^r | StSpaxM'*^^] 
Si5payp.(tiv bcgj-nw : dpax/J-i^v dp; SiSpax^a i^; SiSpay/xa r: 
ffTaTrjpiov M(mg) : {d-rjvapiwv 16) | ap7i'p[oi'] om A*1E: +aXXa 
b\v I ai'tt p.effov — ffov i°] pr Kai e: post tovto bw : ai^a peaov 
aov Kai ava jxeaov ep.ov x | O'oi' i**] pr ai^a p-eaov Dacdf imoptc^ 
3l(uid) I {ti] -q 83) I av eiri] av ei n : av ein m : eoTii- i*3B | 
TouTo] + Doiirine mi Bp | om 5c m | Ba^ov tov veKpov aov 


16 rjKOvaav c* | tui i" Am*] tov g; tou DMm=' rell | 
etppbjv I"] etppia^i e : etppaiix p | om Kai 2" — e(ppwv 2^ dgp | 
OTrexaTfo-T.] aTreo'TEiXe;' Mfmgjacoc^lS | om a^paap. 2° '3-ed | 
etppiov 2°] etppitjp m | x^^l P'' ■^°'' ^yjs | T€Tpa\offia] v' n : XL 

Anon' I 5i5po7|Ua bcgjmnoqrwCj | doKipnov f | (fi/iropois] Tpa- 
Tre^irais 32) 

17 eaTT}] eaTi np : eaTiv quc^ : ^rat 33 [ e0pw;'] e(ppaip. p | 
om OS 1° — a7pos 2° IE | t!" i°] «/ '333 | SiyrXw <r7r7)Xaiw] o-Trij- 
Xacw Tut 5nr\ui bdprsvvv \ om os fCTTtp "3 | 05 2°] />bcdmnp\v [ 
{KaTa rpoffoiTTOi'] evavTiov 32) ] KaTa] ets s | pap^^p-r} o] pap^prjs 
m I papjip-q'] pap^pi n ; pa^pi] c : Mamre 33p | 7;i' ai/rw] ov 
T/K ec auraij w | t]v 2°] est '313^ | om auTW — qv 3° dps | avrui 
A] pr eT c: pr /UfT n : pr ev DM rell 313 | (om irai' 31.68-83) | 
T}v 3°] est 3-ed | ev tw a7pw — kukXw] in eo^ \ tu> 2° — eaTiv 2°] 
auTw Kai n | eaTiv] pr Kat Trav f i**r ; oy ea"Tii/ tw : OTi eariv h : 
om 3: (om o 128): +7rac i* | Tots opiots] pr Taaiv D( + Z)) 
Machlmoqs-vxc,313 : pr Trao-ais i* 

18 TO)] pr eKvpui07) fir: ^x facta sunt 33: l>r fuit IE: tou 
a-d I ef arTior] ec auTwi' n | x^ ] P"^ ^^i' ^sw | om /cat — iroXtv 
IE I om TTarTojc 3 I (om TtiJf 2*^ 18) I TToXif] ttuXt/p t7;s TroXecjj 
aiiTou acfmoxc^Sl 

19 ittETtt] pr KOt egj : pr et 31E : + 5e bw | aapav m | om 
TTjv yvvaiKa avTov 33^ | ev l'^ — eo'Tti' I*^] eKetae p | tou — StjrXtj] 
Toj aypu} TOV dvirXov n : om tov aypov E Anon' | aypov] aypu) 
g* I etrrtJ' — x'^^^'^*'] <}t*am emit ab Efron IE ] papfipi}] pa^prj 
p: Afamre'iS^' | om tt; /)Mbdhmsv\vy 

20 om totum comma IE | {eiveKvpuiB-q 32) | a7pos] +<•/ 
posessio Anon' | iji'] to blw : om i)V t : <juod est % \ avTui A] 
pr ev i>''MS onin '333 Anon' | x""] P^ '''°'' bdlnpsvwx 

XXIV 1 ifv] post trpeafivTepo^ Chr J: om sv | Trpo§e§t]KU)f\ 
pr Kat t3 Chr ^ j ■qpepuiv'] -qpepais xy : om Phil | om xat 2' — 
TToi'Ta L I Kuptos] +0 ^s ir | 7;uXo77;Ke>' h | (om KaTa Traira 


2 om a^paafi L Chr | om toj TraiSi avTov n \ axTov i^] 
avTW d: om m | ttj^ oiKias aiTou] om 1£ : om avrov bw | om 
TW 3*^ — aiiTov ^° c I TravTwi'] post ai'Tou 3'^ Lbdfiprw Phil-arm 
Chr: om 15p | avrov 3'^] I'Trapx^^'"'^*' ai'Tw gj | (^es] vwoOfs ?,2) | 
I'TTo TOf /xTjpoy'] super maniim IE | utto] eTrt de*(uid)fiprs Chr^ 
Cyr ^ Thdl | to3V }i.r\pwv d(Toi')fp | p.ov\ + utto TT/f otr^uf ^ov L 

II Trap f^oi — Kvpie\ a' oi'Xi (fi'pte fiov M: ttXt/i/ eai' cot otpeXou aKOvtjtjs tiov c^ 
ly fffTfjl a' CKvpajdT} upKrOrj ebo$i} KaTa...T€iai' M 



XXIV 12 

3 Travrmv rSiv avTov ©t? ttjv X«p« crov inro rov /J,r)p6v /lov, ^kuI e^opKtcrQ) ere Kvpiof top deov tov A 
ovpavov Kai t^« 7'7'>, iva /j,r) \ay877? ywatKa toJ via fiov '\aadic aTro T<bv dvyaTepo)v toov X.auavaioyp, 

4 fied 0)v eyw oIkw /xer avTwv ^nWd et? t^i' yi)v fiov ov eyo'ofirjv vopevarj^i kuI et? tjjv (jivXriv /j-ov, ^ S 
j Kol \i^fj.yp-T) 'yvvaiKa tm vlw fi,ov 'laauK eKeidev. ^tlTreii Be tt/jov avTov 6 ■nal'i Mr; iroTe ov jdovXerat 

■f] yvvrj TTopevOfjvai fier e/juov OTriaio el<; ttjv yrjv rainrjv uTroaTpe\jrQ) tov vlov aov ^ei9 ttjv 7^1/ § S 

6 o6ev e^rj\(}e<; exeWev ; ^ ejirev Se tt^o? avTov 'A^padfi llp6(7e)(e aeavTM fiy d-rroa-Tpii^rj-i tov vlov 

7 fiov eKel- ^Kipiof 6 deo<; tov ovpavov Koi 6 Oeo^ Ti)>; yrj'i, 09 e\a^ev fie ex tov otKov tov TraTp6<; 
fiov Ka'i €K TJ;s- 7^9 ^9 iyevijdifv, 09 iXtiXtjO'ev fioi xal wfwcrev^ fioi Xeytov Sot 8c6<ra) ttjv yrjv "' Z-* 
TavTTjv Kal TO) airepfiaTi o'ov avTo<i aTro<7Te\€i tov ayyeXov uvtov kfiTTpoaOev <tov, xai \i'jfiyp-T] 

8 yvvaixa Tt?> vitZ fiov \<jaaK iicelOev. ^eav Se fir) 6e\r) »; ykj/^ iropevdifvai fieTtl crov eh Tiji' 
yijv TaiiTTfv, Ka()ap6^ ear) mro tov opKov tovtov fiovov toi/ vlov fiov firf i'nTO<TTpey^ri<; 

9 6«et. ' 9 Kal edijKev o 7ra£9 Ttjv %et/3a aiWov vtto tov fir/pov W^paafi tov Kvplov auToO, II S 

10 Kai (ofioaev avTw irepi tov ' prffxaTOf tovtov. ^°Kal eXa^ev o irai^ BeKa KUfiifKov; diro twi/ § S 
KafirfKwv tov Kvpiov avTov Kai inro iravTUiv tcov dyaOayv tov Kvpiov aiiTov fieO' eavTov, Kai 

11 ava(TTa<f eTTopevdrj ei<; ttjv MeaoTTOTOfilav etv ttjv ttoXiv Na^aip. "xal eKolfirjcrev Ta9 KafirjXnv; 
e^to T^9 7ro\e&)9 Trapa to (ppeap tov vSaTO^'^ to tt/oo? oifre, r'ji'LKa eKiropevovTai al iiBpevofievai. H L 

12 ^^Kai enrev Kvpie ueo<; tov Kvplov W^padfi, eiioBcocrov evavTiov e/iov (jiffiepov Kal Trolijaov eXeo? 

XXIV 2 post Tuv r.-is 3 — 4 litt A 

9 a.^paan] om A*(liab A»"">') 

3 €^opKt(Tw] e^opKi^o} my Phil-ami : e^opKojaw a^'(uid) : 
e^opKU a*(uid): opKito d Cyri: opKii'u Thdt | om ae a»' | om 
Kvptof IE Cyri I tt;! yris Aflc^S Clir^ Thdt T-A] pr tok 9i 
/^"LMS rell aB Phil-arm Plus Chr J Cyr | Xo/St, o* | to, via 
/xoi'] post tffaaK bw : (om tw 14) | itraaK] {yiv tw 14.16.77): itraK 
L [ otto] €k bw I om twv 2° Chr ^ | x^''^'''^*'*'*'] X^^°-°^^ "iS I 
fi€6 — aiTOj;'] /;/ qitibits ego kahito ^13 : om I^ | e7w] post QiKui 
IE: om dm | oiKw] kaT-oiku nt Chr^ : om b | /ner oitwv A T-A] 
^erauToisn: ex ai/rai! h : fK ai'Tois D( -h />'')MS':''"'S rell Chif 
Cyr Thdt: om S* 

4 aXXo] aXX t\ D"''l(Z>'')Macdei;hjlpqs-vxC2 | T-r\v 1° — c^i- 
vop.T^v'l {tov oiKov TOV TFps /ioi' 71): om piov Cyr-ed : om ov fyi- 
vofirjv L I 01'] -qv p I eyevofitjv] pr eyuj bw ; (yevvijdriv D( + />'') 
Chr: { + €v airrq 32) | iropeuffT;] Trope. .S | /cat 1° — /tou 2*^] om 
LIE: + Kai eis rof oi/fof roc irps /xof dp | ^t'X?;!'] <f>v\aK-t)v f | 
Yi'raiKa] post ttraaK 1 | tiraax] io'cik L: om Chr| 

5 — 8 om L 

5 5c] ovv t I Trpoy ai'Tox] post Trots bfi\v33 | ^-qtroTf ov 
j3oi'Xerai] quod si nolitcrit Or-lat | /xt; Trore oi-] pr av 5e f : eac 
p.t) bd Chr: eax ovv prq ptw | ^oi'Xerat] /3orXTjrai abeliijnoqrtuw- 
CjChri: /3ouXi;9t) dpChri: ^ovKt) g | t; 7WT;] post vopivS-qvai 
x: om n | Tropei'(?T;xat] (tri'>tTropei'0T;xat 32): eX^etf D(-^-/)) | 
om OTTio-tfc' — TavTTjv Chr | OTrttrw] (post tolvttiv 73) : om bgow 
a^ 1 aTToorpe^tj] pr Kai j : (pr /tat et 73) : pr Kai atroaTpf^iijv 
eg: pr /iTj aTToo-Tpe^wi- acmoxc^a | om eis 2° — e^TjXSf s d | yqv 
2°] + ravrriv en: -fras(i2)g | (oflef] pr cat 18} | e JijXScx irs | 
om €K€i6€V n Chr 5 

6 om Se m | Trpos avTov ajSpaap.} A hrahaiii ad puc-nim 
suu/fi Wp I Trpoy aiTOf] post a^paap. b\v53 : om ^ | Trpotrexe 
(TeauTO)] Trpoffx^s eaiToj v | treai'rox c | om top — (7) yrjs i*^ c^ | 
eKct^ef 1 

7 /cuptos] tat s: («e 18) | om (^eos 2*^ dflE Chr§ | om Kai 
2° bm I om TTjs 2° t* | om tjs Cj* | eyevrid-qv AShr*Cj Chr .1] 
e7C>'o/iT7i/ ny : ey(vvTj0ri ct* : e7ei'i/T)ST;i' /)5''Mrn»' reUHBE Ens 

XXIV 4 Kai r° — /tou 2**] a' Kot ety tox otKOx TOf ""ps ^ou s 
SEPT. 57 

3 e^opKtfftj A*""'] e^opKoa A''»'S 
1 1 e/tot/ttitref S 


Chr J I OS 2°] pr <coi m | om tXaXijffev juoi Kot E | om ^ot i" 
dp I (cat 3' — Xe7aH'] (om 31): om koi uifio<T(v fioi wcj Chr S | 
w/totrex] pr os acfi-moqruvx : pr 0$ cXoXTjtrei' /mi Kai os s | trot] 
Tia airepixaTi aov SacmoxCja | /tot 4" — trou i°] om Sacmoxc,®: 
(om Kai 18): (-Fftero trot' 32) | om outos — (8) TavTijv m | oiro- 
oreXet] aTrotrreWei f(uid)l : e^oTrotrreXei c | e>xTrpo<r(?er] Trpo Trpotr- 
WTrof Ath Thdt | ffoi' 2°] -f koi et'o5tj(ret r-riv odov (rov fir Chr^ 
((tat KoreuoS.) | (Xtj/i^t;] \ii\ 71) | 71*01x0] post ;oou 2° bn | 
(rtiT uiiii — CKCiffey] cKCiBfv Tttf iiiu ^tou 16) | Tii> viui /xou] post 
to-ooK .'Vth i Thdt J I om ttrooit MSabcegjlnoqsu-xCjE Chr 

8 eoc] ei qu | om oe d | om SeXyj i; r* | {de\ri] BeKijirei 14) | 
{■q-yvvrj] post iropfv6r)vai 79) | /lero aov] post TavT-qv eg | eiTT)] 
et crv dp: w/tr /;/ 3 : /»( E | op/toi] ootou mok b: +nov cw33 | 
om Tourou 33 | om p-ov g | (e/tet^ef 79) 

9 eST/k-ef] eviS-qKev L* : {vireO-r]K(v 32) | o Trots — oiToi/ l»] 
(ttji/ xfipo TTots 16): nianum suam pner'Zi \ ttois] +A6>(Mm 
"3 I (om ouToii 1° 2f} I uiro toi» pripov] super nianum E | I'Tro] 
eTrtacdnp | tui' /itTjpii)!' cdp | om o/3poa/i tou /tuptou dp | o^poo^] 
(post oiiTou 2° 73) : om A*9-ed \ Trepi] eiri 1 

10 om 5e(to x* | outou 1°] 4- KOt eTropefSi; axS | koi 2° — 
eoKToi'] om L: om Kot — outou f: om tuk — avTov c^ \ otto 2' — 
eoi'Toc] omnia bona domini sui secum cepil E : om oTro bnw | 
o7a9tji'] 4-TMx p I oiTou 2°] eoiToi' a*(uid) | p(0 eoirrou] /ter 
oiToi' Mhnsv: -f (tot ewopevffri c | eourou /cot oxaffTOs] e, s euan 
in S I eTropeiiETo sv | om ets 1° f | om ttiv i" bw | eis 2°— 
foxtiip] om L : om Tr]v h | oxwp Im 

11 sat — Kap.7;Xoii$] bis scr s | (Koip-iaav L | tos] rous n | 
om TTJS— i^peop n I TTopo] Trepi d | to 2"] rou I : (itot 31) | tjuko] 
-fSe dp I eKiropei'oi/Tot] K int lin m" : e/tTropeuofTo o: eiropeuovTo 
fnc^: e^eTTOpeuoiTO acxS Phil-arm 

12 om Kai 1° dp | icupie] ks In* | tou Kvpiov 1° Ai] om jE: 
+ HOV MS rell SB Chr Thdt | a|3poa|t 1°] pr toi/ jr | epov] pov 

g-nqux I euoStiKrof— a^paap 2°] bis scr s : om E | (jJ-era] ecoK- 
TtoK 71) I (om Toii 2° 79) I a^paap 2°] a^pap. o* 

II eitot/iT/irei'] o' e7o>'oTt(rei' Mj(sine nom)s 


XXIV 12 


A yLcera tov KVpiov fiov ^A^padfi. ^^ISov e7G> e<TTr)/ca iirl ri)? TryjyP]^ rov vSaro^, at Se 0vyar€p€<; 13 
T(ov oIkovvtcov r7]v TToXiif iKTropevovrai avrXrjcrai vSrop' ^^kul earat rj irapOivof; fj av eyoy etTro) 14 

IT S ^FiTTi/cXtvov r'r)v vhpiav aov iva 7ri&>, Koi eiTrr) fioi lite (Tv, koI ra^ KUfxifKov^;^ aov Trortw ew? 
av Travawvrat irivovcrai^ ravrrjv 7)T0ifiaaa<; rw TratSi cov ItrauK' Kat iv tovto) yvcoao/xat ore 

% D iiroir^aaf; eXeo? to) fcvpuo fiov ^A^padfi. ^^^/cal iyevero irpo rov avi^reXeaat avrov XaXovvra ev 15 

§ L T7; Biavoia, ^Kol IBov 'Fe^ifCKa ^e^eTropevero^ r/ T€-)(^d€caa BaOovi)X, vl(p Me\;;^a9 rf/s^ yvvatKO<; 
^ Na^fop, dB€X(f)ov Be 'A/3paa/i-, e^ova-a rrjv vSpiav iirl tmv w/x(ov avrrjf;. ^^rj 3e TrapOevo^ 16 
^v KaXf} rfj o^Jrec (T^oBpa- irapOevo^ r}v, dvrjp ovfc eyvco avrtjv. Kara^daa 8e eTrl rrjv Trrjyrjv 

%S€7rX7](7€v TTjV vBpLav avT?!^, Kal dve^i]. ^'^ iiriBpafiev Be 6 iral'i et<? avvdvTTja-cv avrrjf; ^Kal 17 
elirev Uoricrov fie pbiKpov vSoyp €k tP]<; vSpta? aov. ^^77 Be etTref ^^e, Kvpie* Kat ea-Trevaev Kat 18 
KaOelXev T7)v vBpiav eirl top ^payiova avrrf; Kal iiroTtaev avrov ^^'^^ e(Ds enravaaro Trivoyv. ^^/cat 19 

If S etTrev Kal rat-? Ka/xyXots aov vBp€vcrop,at ea)9 dv^ Trdaav irima-tv. '^^Koi eatrevaev Kal i^eKevoyaev 20 
rr)v vBpiav etrl ro Trorco'rtjptop, Kal eBpafiev irrl ro <f)peap dvrXrjaat vBwp, Kal vBpevaaro irdaat^ 

H L Tat9 KafjbrjXot^^ ^^6 Be dv0p(O7ro<; Kare/xdvOavev avrrfv^ Kal irapeaiwira rov yvoivat rf evoBtOKev 21 

§ L Kvpto? rrjv oBov avrov fj ov. ^^^eyevero Be TjvtKa irravaavro irdaat at KapbijXoi^ Trlvovaatt 22 
^^ eXa^ev 6 dvOpo^iro^ ivdaria y^pvad dvd ^ Bpa'^fxrjv^ 6X/c^9 Kal Bvo yfreXta eirl ra? ;3^etpa9^ avri]^' 

§ A^ BcKa 'xpvacov oXk}} avroyv. ^^Kal iTnjpwrrjaev ^avrr)v Kal elirev Svydri^p rivo<; el; dvdyyetXov fioi* 23 

14 eiriKKeivov S | irivvovaaL A [ tovtoj] tov A 15 avrov sup ras A^ 

18 Ka6L\€v D i\ odujKev ks rtjv sup ras A^ 

16 TTTjyTjvl post TT ras (i) 
22 Spax/J-V^ A 


13 om e7w blE Chi'][ ] eurijAras 1 | fTri] sup ras {4) a^ [ 
TTjs 7n777;s] ttjv Tnjyqv ir: tt;? yris pw | om 6e ds | 6vyaT€p€i\ 
+ TWf aviiv bw I evoiKovvTwv dip | rriv ttoXic] tt/j TroXeai? n: 
om Chr 5 : ^-Tavrrfv fi^r | (tKiropevovrai] eKwopevcrovTat 73: 
e^epxofrat 128) | avT\T)(xat] vdpivaaadat M(mg)j(mg)c2(txt) : 
vbpeveffdai 1 

14 av 1*=] (av t | eiTrw 6701 c^lE | {etTrw] + air?; 20.32) | 
cttlkXivov'] +/X01 Sac-gimoprtc^ Chr^ Thdt i | ttiw] pr C7W egj | 
inr-q] ecirev h: (airoKpLd-q 71) | om ^01 — Kai 3° 33^ | (Uot] om 
S*(hab S'^-^jaceghjlmosvxc^B'*^' Chr I Cyr : -\uirgo'^ \ tri'] pr 
Kai (25) Chr^: Kvpie Thdt ^ : om MSabceghlmoqtuwxc^'SJS''^ 
Chrf Cyr | om <sov 2^ r | ews — ■Kivo\}<jaC\ sub-f-M | av irav- 
(TUJVTai] iravaovTai f: 4-7rao-ot Chr | Trifoccrat] triveiv e: ttlciv 
Thdt ^ I (rjTOifxaaav i8) | firoiriaas] irewoiTjKa^ ^g'ljt | tw Ki'ptu?] 
^era Tot' Kr bdegpwy Chr^ ThdtA | fxov] -h -rraiSi <tov ir 

15 Trpo Toi'] TTpLv 7] CHr^: (om irpo loS) ) ffvuTeXeffat] post 
ai'Toi' Z^acfimorsvyc, | auro»'] post XaXoi/ira Chr A | ev tt; 6ia- 
i/ota] {ev avTO) 79): om Chr: + avrov Iqu^iS Phil-arm | om Kai 
2" fiSP Chr I om ibov W Phil-arm Chr^ | pe/3. c^cTropei'ero] 
e£e7ropci'€TO pe/3fKa o | pe^eKa dgm | i/tw] pr tw Ldfipt Chr: 
vios h I ^eXxay] ^eXxct st : ^eX^tJ p j ax^p 1 | a5e\0ou] pr rov 
bw I om 5e abclmovvc^ | cxoi'fac b | eTrt rwv w/xuiv'] super 
humerum IE | rwc Wjuaji*] roc iap-ov dhi^*(uid)]r*x''*^: rov ufiov e { 
om avr7]s LMbdinprwy Chr 

16 (7; Se] Kat 7) 73) I TrapOevos 2'^—avTf}v] om L: om irapS. 
7}v 1 : om Trapd. n | avtjp] pr Kat ml£ | eyvui] eyvusKUis m | Karaf^. 
— wTjyrjvl sub -=- M(om Se M'"^') | Kara^as bw j om ert m | 
w-qyqv] -h tou vdaros h \ ewX.] e-rrXtjpioffev fi | om aurtjs DhMA^ 
bd-lnpqrs(txt)t-w "^-cod Phil Chr | Kai'] pr rov v5aros 33p Chr 

17 — 18 cod S supersunt fragmm tantum leuissima 

17 eiredpa/xev] €5pa/j.€V bw Chr: TrpoffeSpa/xe Phil | 5e] om 
L^CjC (^-\-avr7]v 30) I Trats] uir^ | om eis ffvvavr7)(7tP avrrjs 
IE I atrn7s] auTT; bwc^ Phil | eiir^v] H auri; bw333£ | iroriffov] 

+ 577 t I A^e] Mo^ "• '+'^'? P^^'l I on^ v5ojp egjl Chr | (e/c rrjs 
I'Sptos] €ts TTji' vdpiav 128) I om ffoi* "31 

18 7; Sf] Kat y I Kvpte] -i-/iouacrj(mg)ms{mg)xc2l3P | (o-irev- 
(T€v Kai] <jTr€v(Ta<ra Phil-gr-arm^ | Kai KadeiX^v] KaBeK^iv acdm 
opxc, Phil-arm ^ \ vSpiav] -|- avrr}^ txCjlS : + eaiTT?? amo | 
avrrji] eavrtji aoCg : om m^P | om fws — waiov L | eojs] +01; 
Dh: +a-ov w: +0** y 

19 om Kai enrev m | rats Kap.t)\oii] rots Ka/nfKois f i : ras 
Ka^7}\ovs cmqt(rais) | (v8p€VJ0fj.aL] pr ttotiu} Kai 83) | av] ov L: 
(om 73) I (Traffae Triwaii'] Travawvrai Trivovffai 32) | irivuKnv x 

20 €(nr€V(T€v Kai] airevaaaa Phil-gr | {^Kevtjjae 128) | v^piav] 
+ ai'r7;s fhm*oxli5 : + eacrT^s acm^^c^ | etn 1° Abet wy Chr] ets 
jQ^'iLMA^rell'SIE Phil I 7ro7-7;p£o;'dgjpquw Chr^ | eirt 2° — i'5wp] 
fTi L : om 3E I (eTTt ro (ppcap] eirt ro wortjpiov Kai Kara ro (ppeap 
eopafxev 71) [ eTrt 2° Afimnr Chr^] pr TraXif bw : en eis o: pr 
en j9MA, rell ^B Chr^ | i'5wp Acegjy] om DMA^ rell <^ Chr | 
om Kat t'Speftraro 13'^^ | I'Spei'traro] v5p€V(Tavro c^* : vBpeviraaa 
Chr ^ : I'SpetJffao-^at Chr^ [ {wauas ras hapnjXovs 108) j Trairats] 
post /ia/x7;Xots dfipIE j Kafj.T}\oLs] -f ai'rou acmoxc^'31 Chr^ 

21 (om rov yvtovai 25) | -q i° ADn] et Z^^'MA^ rell '33315 
Or-grChrThdt | evobiixrtv D( + Z>)Mfgmosy Chr | avrov] avrtiv 
1 I om 7; ov Chr-^ 

22 e7efero 5e T/ciKa] 7;i'tKa 5e dn1£{uid) | cTrai'traro t* | om 
waaai DdlE [ Ka/j.Tj\at d [ Trtcocres s | eXa^er] pr t'/ ^ | evcjrta] 
pr 5vo bw Phil-uid | ava — ^eXia] om f: om ava — oXkijs L | 
dpaxfJ-V^'] SpayfxTjv bcmw : BpaxP-^v d\)[-fxov) : didpaxP-fJ^ 1 : 
didpayfxqv inr: oibpaxfJ^-^v e(-^o»')g: (5t5pa7/tov 14. 16.25.128. 
130) I oXvT/s] oXkt;^ Phil: -f/cat edrjKev cts ra wra at'r7/s dp | 
om 6^0(71) IE Phil-uid | xf^eXia] -fxpfffadptc^ | (eiri] wepi 30) | 
rqs x"pos Cj I 5€Ka — avrtov] om L: +Kat eSujKev ain-a eTrt ras 
Xetpas afr7;s h | oXkt;] o\k7}v m 

23 (auro»' 18) I Kai eiirev] om Cj : +ai/r77 firlB | rivot 
6vyaTT)p Chr | om et i" Chr^ | om ai'a77CiXoj' ^ot Chrf | 

14 7?roi;ua(ras] a' ijXe7|as M ; <r' ajre5ei|as Mj(sine nomjsCg 


17 TOTKToy /xe] o' ^poxSuToy fie Mjs(sine nom js) 


XXIV 34 

24 6(, ea-Tip Trapa t(o iraTpi aov totto^ ij/j,iv KaraXvaai ; ^^koX el-nev avTU) (dvydrijp BaOovi'jX elfii 
2; 670) Tov MeX;^a?, ov ereicey *to)* Na^^cop. -Steal eiTrev ^avro) Kal a^x^vpa xal ■)(ppTa<Tfia ttoXv Trap' 

26 ij/iiiv, Kal TOTTo? TOV KuTaXvaai. -^Kal £vSoK>'jaa<; 6 dvOpoiroi; TrpoaeKVVTjtrev Kvptw '~'^^ Kal enrev 

27 ^7 j^iXoyjjTof Kvpto<; o Oeof tov Kvpiov fjLOv \f3padfi, ov ovk eyKaTeXenrei' ttjv'' SiKaioaii^rjv icai 
TTjv aXrjdeiav airo tov Kvpiov fiov efii evoStoKev K.vpio<; eli oIkov tov dBeX<f)ov tov Kvptov fxov. 

28 ^°Kal ^Spafiovaa 1) Trats" uTrtj'yyetXei' elf tov oIkov tt)? p.rjTpo'i avTrjt; KaTO, to, pi'j^aTa TavTa. 

29 ^'^Tjj 8e 'Pe^eKKa dSeX^o? tJv a ovofia Ka^dv Kal eSpa/jLef Aa^dv tt/jo? tov dvOpunrov efft) iirl 

30 T-qv ■7Tr}y)'jv. 2° Kal iyeveTO rjviKa iSev Ta ivuiTia Kal Ta yjreXta eVt ra? ■)(^elpav tj}? dSeXc^^s avTOV, 
Kai, 0T6 ijKuvaei' Ta ptjfzaTa Ve/SeKKat; t>5? dSeX<f)Pj'i avTov^ Xiyovarj^; OvTWi ^XeXdXtjKev fxoi 
dv6p(OTT0f, Kal ))X0€v TTpof TOV ^ dvOpoiTTOv, kaTrjKoTOH avTOv eVt TO)v Kafir'fXwv evl Tfj<; Trrjyfj'i' 

31 3'«al enrev avTw Aevpo ^etKreXOe, evXcyrjTbi; Kvpiof iva tL ecrTr]Ka<; e^o) ; eycb Be r/Toifiaaa Trjv 

32 oiKiav Kal TOTTOv TaU Ka/j,rjXoif.^ ^^elarjXdev Be 6 dv6pcoiro<; et? t^i' ocKLav, Kal ^ d-rreaa^ev* Td<; 
KafirjXovf Kal e8(0K€v d-)(ypa Kal ')(opTd(7p,aTa Tal<; Kafit'jXoif, Kal vBwp tois" irotrlv avTOV Kal Tolt 

33 TToalv TOiv dvBpSjv T&v jj,eT avTov, ^^Kal jrapeOrjKev^ aurots' dpTov<; (f)ayelv. Kal enrev Ov p,r) 

34 ^dryo) etot tov XaXriaai'^ fie Ta ptjfMaTa fiov. Kal elvav Ad\7jaov. ^^Kal elirev ^Ylalf 'K^paap. 




§ /•> 

H L 



■24 rw] avTbi A 

?8 om ra A* (suprascr A^') 

32 e7re(7a£€v A 

(nrayy^CKov acoqtu | {fJ-oi] ij^tv 25) | et 2"^] pr Kai bdpwx Chr§: 
KOI t: om h I effTai f | Trapa — ffov] post roiros d1£ : zn domo 
iua % I (om TQTTos 14) I ^M'"] fM*** w : om Chr| : ^tov y 

24 Kai] t) 5e A^y | om avruj dlp33P | om 6vyaTr}p — (25) 
auTOJ Cg I eifJLt ^adovtjX Chrf | ei/xi] post eyuj firx : om m | om 
cyot Mhmwy Chrf | tov — vaxt^p] quae nata sum ego Mehhae 
uxori Nachor Hp | tov /teXxas] roc fxeXxa. Lsty^*: tijs ^eXxw 
P(tou p*) : viov /xeXxas 33{uid) Chr^ : om lE*^"" | ov €T€K€v] wv 
€T€K€v h: OS €T€Kev Chr^: os erexOrj clE | tw] avna A Chr : 
om fn 

25 — 27 cod S supersunt fragmm tantum leuissima 

25 Kai enrev atTw] om mnt^E : om enrev dp | om Kai 2" 
bdwlS I xop^atJ'Ma— '?M'*'l XopTa(7;uaTa Trap ■jj/zii' TroXXa t | X^P' 
raafia iro\v A'3[(nid)] xoprao'/tara egj : x<'P'"'^"''^'tt^'* TroXXa LM 
SfuidjAgrell Chr: om ttoXi' 1£ | tottos] +7;jUii'c!p: +<:affieHs fuis 
IE I om Toi' LMS*(hab S'^-^jacdhm-qs-vc^ | xaTaXt'crews Lm 

26, 27 cm L 

26 K-i'ptcj AMh*ilsv] +Tw^wfr: pr rw Aji*' rell Chr Thdt | 
etTrei'] + avry) dp 

27 (om ev\oyT}Tos — fxov 1° 77) j om ixov r" c | a^pa/x t | 
OVK eyKareXenrev] ovk eKKareXeiwev o^feKar. o*) : ovk eyKare- 
Xnrev aefgijqtuxyc^'-StB Phil-arm Chr Thdt : ovk eyKareXtires w : 
01' KareXetTTe;' S(uid) : ov KareXnre dp: ov /tareXiTrfs b: om ovk 
m I SiKaio<Tvvr}v AA^hlquy Chr] 4-o'ou bw : + ai'Tou M rell ^^3 
Thdt I TT}v aXjjOeiav] {^to eXeos 32): + afroi' acf Imoxc^JS Phil- 
arm Chr: TOf eXeov avrov Thdt S | fiov 2**] +a^paap. bd-gijipr 
s'"£(uid)w I om e/ie — /xov 3° mc^ | e/xe] pr Kai adptx^tlE : Ka/xe 
hThdt^: {xafie Se 32): +TebwThdtj: +autem^ \ evoduj- 
Kev] pr €v oduj A,^cqs-v : evodujaev Mglo : ev o5a? evodojcev ax : ev 
0*5(0 -qyaye dp Thdt h \ om Kvpio% 2*^ IE Thdt i | oikov] pr tov 
bfirtwThdt^ | om 7-oi» 3° jsv | tov 4*^] (rou u | ixov ^'^^ -hafipaafx 
S Chr ^ : -I- a^paa/J. Xa^eiv yvvaiKa toj i;tw aiTou be\v(om afipaa/J. 
e\v): (-f Xa/3eii' •yui'aiKa tou viou /xov 108) 

28 a7rT;77etXei' — avTijs] in tiomum narraiiit ifuitri suae 
Phil-arm | avr^yyeiXev LA^bdf ilprtw | ei% — /iT^rpos] tt; /zpi y : 
ets sup ras (6) d^ | om oikov L | tt^s p.-r)rpo'f\ pr rot' Trps /cat L: 
TOV trpi h^-codd | om ra A*U^* 


29 aoeXi^os] post tjv bmwS : aSeX^T; n* | om w L*mqu | 
om Kai edp. Xa^. A^ \ Xa^av 2"] XajSa w : om Ln : + eTrt tov 
TOTTOV acoCj I TTpos TOV avOpivwov] post 6|w acoCj Chr h : post 
TrT;77;i' dpsv | om CTri — {30) avdpiowov c^ | ctti] Trpoy p* | tijv 
wfjyqv] T7j^ Tn77i7s U4: ttjv yrfv Chr 5 

30 om totum comma L | Kai eyevero] om ^?E^p : om 
eyevero 1E*^ | €iri Tas x^^P^^^ **' '^^'■^ X^P""' ^aj • *^'" ^ I ">■( i°] 
TTepi U4 I Tas x^'pos] ras 5i/o xftpas bw: ttjs x^*pos " 1 om ttjs 
I" — prifxaTa IE | /cat 3° — XeyovffTjs] om b: om icat — prj^aTa f: 
om *cot w I (sat 3°] Xc7ou(rT;s 108) | ore] oti depq^: ojs n | ra 
p7)fiaTa — aiyrou 2°] ai/rry? d: (rain-J^s 107) | ra pTjfxaTa] post 
p€^€KKas g: om np | pe/SeKKa?] pr ttjs n: post acrou 2"^ irS : 
om jpsv I T7JS a5eX07js ai'Tofj pr prj/xaTa g: om fn | Xeyovarjs] 
(Xeyova-a oti 30) : XaXovc-qs n | oircus] ouros mn : + fie qu | om 
mp I om Kai 7j\&ev — (32) oiKiav Kai d [ om Kai 4" nl3 | ecr?;- 
koto^ airrov] eoT-qKOT avTov I ) earrjKOTOs] €(TTT}K0Ta c^ | eirt tujv 
KafxTjXtiJv] super camelos suos "^IS : om IE | eirt 2°] ^era n J 
eTrt 3**] pr Kat p | Tn^^Tys] 777s bfguw : (7779 Ttj-i Trrjyrjs tov 
voaros 2-;) 

31 Kvpios] Domini "^13 Phil-arm: om \J^*{k ^4^) : +0 

$s fir I om iva — c^w L | ii'a] pr Kai bw | eyoj Se tjToifxacra] 
ccce paraiiinnts IE | TjToip-aKa /^LMSU4aC''*efi-rib{ + ras I lit) 
p-vc.^ Chr^ I oiKiav] +/xou (108) B^ | om Kai 2** — {32) otMoi' 
g I ro7ro>'] pr tov efpr [ rais] rots n 

32 om ets ttjv oiKiav S | aTrecra^ei'] eTrecofei' Ab : (a^rc- 
ra^e 18) | eSujKfv] d^derunt ^: attuUrtint E {-^-ei S^: -f«> 
IS'") I om rats \ajUT7Xots (107) Chr | rais] rots n | ffiwp] -h^'ti^ao'- 
^at D{ + />'')MSaceghjlmoqs-vxc23l1S Chr | om ai^roy r° — 
Troo'ti' 2" p I Kat 5**] + uScjp d 

33 Trape^TT/fcv] apposucrunt ^iE | avToi^\ ain-ovs be : et 5E j 
aproi's] apTov dfpc^ Chr-ed : (om 31) [ [/cat etTre;' o]i' p.r} [(payui 
eojs rot'] Xa.. S | Kai 2°] Be fir-3 | etTrei*] H-o ai^sdpt: (-faJ^s 
107) I 0a7aj] 0a7i7 ]i : (7fi'0-uj loS) | XaXT^trat] post fie ht | om 
fxe egj I fxov] hacc J3p | etTraf] etTro*' cdmpc^ : etTrec />''befgiorw 

34 jrats — {35) tov] [Trats a^paap^ eyw ei|>it ] 

U4 I ante Trats ras (8) b [ a^paa/x eyu eifxi] a^p. et/xi eyw bfnw 
3 Phil-arm : {eyu eifxi a/3p. 30): ctjtu eyuj tov a^p. dp 

31 euXo7T7Tos /ci'ptos] to evXoyijTos ei Kvpie ov 7rp[os] roi' TratSa tov a^paafx eitrev yow aK tp{y}]^'-^ evXoytjpievos Kvpioi 
(TV de evXoyr}p.€vos k.. M 32 atreffa^ev] airtCTpuaev M 

59 8-2 

XXIV 34 


A 67CO el^t. 35Kvpto<? Se evkoyqaev rov Kvptov fiov o'<f)6Spa, Koi v^frco67}• koI eScoKCv avrS irpo^ara 35 
Koi ^6(T^ov^ fcal apyi'ptov Kal ')(pV(riop, iralBaf; koI irathiaKa^sy fca/j,T]\ov<; Kal ovov^. 3 fcai €T€K€V 36 
§ S "^dppa rj yvvT) rov Kvpiov fiov vlov €va rco fcvplo) fiov fiera ro yrjpdo'at avrov Kal €oq3K€V • avro) 
o<Ta rfv avTO). ^"^ Kal copKitrep fie 6 Kvpto^ fiov Xeycop Ov XijfjLyfrj} yvvaiKa r^ vi(p fiov airo Ttov 37 
1[ U4 Ovyarepcov t(ov ILavaualfov, iv oI<?^' €70)^ Trapoifcco iv rfj yjj avrwv ^^aX)C rj ei? top olkov rov 38 
s \]^ irarpoi; fiov ^Tropevcrrj Kal 6(9 rrjp '^(puXyp' fiov, koi \r)fL-y^r} yvpaiKa ToS v!S fiov eKeWev. ^^eiTra oe 39 
§ ^2 TG) KVpio) fiov M/; TTore ov iropevOfj y) yvpr) fier ifiov. -^^Kal elirev fioi Ki^pto? o 6eo^, (o evrjpearrfa'a 40 
ipavriop avrov, avro^ i^aTToareXec rov dyyekov avrov fiera aov Kal evoEcoaei rrfv ohov aov Kat 
Xrffxyfrr] yvvatKa tw vly fiov €K r?)? (f)vXri^ fiov Kal €K rov oXkov rov 7rarp6<; fiov. -^^rore d6a)0<; earf 41 
H S e/f T//?^ dpa'^ fiov rjpiKa yap idp eXOrji; el's rrjp (pvX7]P fiov /cat firj SoxjIp croi, Kal earj aOfoo^; airo 
§ S Tov ^opKKTfiov fiov. ^^Kul iXOcop c^jficpop €7rl rr)p Tnjytfp eLira Kv/jte o 6e6^ rov Kvpiov fiov 42 
^A/3padfij el cv evohol^ rrjp oSop fiov, rjp pvv iyo) TTopevofiac erf avryjp* '^^ISov iyco earrjKa iiri rrjp 43 
rrrjyrjp rov vSaro<;, Kal al Svyarepe^ tmp npdpcoTrcop ri}? TToXeo)*? i^eXevaoprai vhpevcraadai vooypy 
Kal earai rj irapOevo'i rf av iyd> ei'Tro) Yloricrop fie fiiKpov vhmp ix t^? vSpia<; aov, ■^-^kul etTrj} fioi 44 
IF A^ rite 0"i5, Kal rat? KafiyjXot^ aov vSp'evaofiat, avrrf y) yvprj rjp rfroi'fiaaev^ KiJpto? rto eavrov BepaTTOpri 
^\aanK' Kal ev rovro) ypoxrofiai on 'ire7rolrjKa<^ eXeo<i rS KvpUo fiov Ajjpaafi. "^^Kai eyepero irpo 45 

37 iopK€i(T€v S I dvparepiov S 40 fiera <rov Kai sup ras et in mg A^ (om fxera aov A*) 

43 eaTrfKo] pr ras 3 ut uid litt A* | iroXews e^eX*] $ f^e sup ras A^ | /jt€iKpov S | vdpeias S 


35 Kvpios 5e] Kai k? 1: +0 (?eos Chr^ : { -f euXoyijTos 25) | om 
de Dg^'^^Chrl \ euXoyTjcreu] evXoyrjKe 11: [€]voSu(T€v D | om 
Kat v\f/u}d7] Chr| j €5u}K€u] €yef€To dpsv(txt) : eyivovro t | aiTw] 
avTov t I 7rpo/3ara — KafJiijXovs] Trpo^ara /ca[i ^uotrxoi'S «ai] apyu- 
pLQv KOLi 7r[at5tff/fas Kai K'\a(x-T)[\o]vi U4(uid) | irpo^aTa Kai /j.o<x- 
XOKs] /wues et ones "HIE ] (t>m Kai 3*^ 18) | p.o<JX'^^'^\ f^offxoi dps 
tv : ^oas egj | Kai 4'* AAjy^!£ Phil-arm Chr J^] om DM rell B 
Chrf I xp''^"**' '^ct' a/)7('p(oi' DMlje-lqrtuw331£ Phil-arm Chr | 
om iraiSas Kai iraidiiTKas 1£*^t* | iraidas^ pr Kai DbmwlE'^ Phil- 
arm Chr X : 7rat5es dpt | irai5iaKai dpt | Ka/xTj\ovs Kat oi'oi's] pr 
Kai (31) 1335 Phil-arm Chr h : KapTjXoi Kai ofoi d(om h:at)pt 

36, 37 cod U4 supersunt fragmm tantum leuissima 

36 aappa] (pr t; 16): aapa m | r) — ^ttoi' T'] om 1£i^ : (om tj 
14) I TOV KVpiov fiov] (avTov 31.128): -fa/ipaa/x firlS*^^ | vioy] 
post MO"^ ■2'^ X I om ecaZ^MA^achlmoqsuvxiS Phil-arm \TUJKvpnt) 
fxov] om dnlE*^^: V Abraham 1£p ] avrov] uvttjv /^eghjlsvx: rov 
Kv /xov d I oo-a] pr Travra DMS'=-^U4(uid)A2e"Iq-vx^l31£ Chr 

37 wpKtjjff^v acoCj Chr§ | yvvaina] post plov 2° mlE (post 
laaaK 1£p) CTlr^ | piov 2^*] -i- laaaK sv{mg)'sl1£i^ Chr | : -\ €K€i0€V 
{ I €V ots] fJ.€0 ujv egj I e7Ctj irapoiKO)] {oiku) tyuj 79) : om 67^ 
IQP I wapoiKOj] {KaroiKU} 76): oikuj efgijr: +€v avrois Kai c | ev 
T7) yr) avTOjv] ev avrois h : cm Chr: (om rrj loS) 

38 om 7) bd-gh*ijmprw Chr § | rov oikov rou warpos] 
ierram iJi' | -Kopevafi] [Trojpei'tnj U4: post p^v 2'^ h: •\- p.01 n | 
yvvaiKa] post p.ov 3*^ qtu | p.ov 3"] -ViaaaK egjls{mg)v{mg) | 
om eKeiQev U4bw Chr 

39 ei-na 5e] ei-Kov Be dp: Kai eiira b: e^ ego dixi %\ ^ey(^ 
efgijr I om rot Kvpiw pov eg | ov\ om n: ^ pr\ dps(txt)w: ovv 
p.r\ v(txt) I -nopivBt) -rj yvfTj] ^ovXrjrai t) yvvr} iropevOtivai y3SlE ) 
TTopevOr]] irop€v0T](TeTai U4gi(txt)s(mg) : iropeva-erai D{ -h /J^'')MS 
A2(uid)achiloqrtuxc2 : iropeva-rjrai hn \ om i; U4(uid) 

40 om pot sv I Kvpios] {k€ 30): om V4 \ 6eos] om Z^MS 
A^hlmostvCgiS'"': + p^ov acfirx*^ | u>] n | evTjpear-qffa] ev-rjpe- 
aT7}<7w dp: TjpeiTTTjffa c^ \ evuiriov S*{evavTiov ii'^-^"^s^no \ avros] 
+ Se blS'^f [ e^airoffreXei Ay] airoa-reWei fn : awojreXei /)MSU4 

A2 rell Chr | p.era] ep-irpoaOev (77) IE | evoBoxjoi g | ywaiKa] 
post fjiov 1° (79) Chr I om toj tucu pov 1 | Kai 4°] ij \J ^"^ 

41 €K A] airo Z>''MS([a]7ro)U4A2omn Chr | apas p,ov] apap- 
Tias c : om pLov 1 : ( -I- airo rov opKiffp.ou p,ov 32) | yap eav] de eav 
egj: de d1£ : om yap ^ | eav] av a | om eXdrjs — Kai i"" 3£ | 
eiaeXOrjs U4 | <pvXy)v p.ov Acdny] ep-rfv tpvXtjv I}M\]4^2 ^^^^ I 
/XT] dujcriv] ov dwaei p : {ov Swau? 71) | dwaiv ffoi] croi Suiffiv MU4A2 
a-egh*|lmoq-xC2: (rot Soxrot h^^: a 01 8 coaijjaiv (iny : {aoi Sujffovai 
76): om (Toi 'H I om Kai 2'^ ZJbmpw'HBIE | eat] 2*^] /w IE: om 
qu j adijjos 2'^] +airo rrjs apas p.ov Kat 1 | (om airo — p.ov 3° 32) | 
opKKTpLoi'] optffpLov s'. opKov \J ^wi \ pLov 3'^] ijoi' bw I om apS'^'^ 

42 eXOujv] +e7w e ) (T7ip.€pov] hue IE | ttTra] pr Kai Ajt 
ei-nov abdflpw | Kvpie] its A^ : om U4* [ om p.ov 1° c | av] post 
evoSois dp : aoi o : om "SllS ] ecoSois] ei-oSot i : + aoi v: ■\-mihi 
'SllEi + //(7(/iV) I om ^01^ 2° Chr | r\v] pr e0 h : 7;s 1 : 7; U4(uid)A2 
np ; ev r\ bw | om vvv eg-jr Chr | iropevcropai fgirt | ew avrijv] 
eis avrT)v d-gijpr: ev avrtj bw : om Chr 

43 om eyw i"^' bwIE | earrjKa] eipeaTtjKa U4beghj(mg)lqs 
(mg)tuv{mg)wy : {acpearrjKa 7i.73(mg)) | rtjv Tnjyrjv Ac] Ttj-i 
yt)S u\v: 7775 TTfiyris />''MSU4A2 rell (tft; sup ras q) Chr: {rr^s 
yrjs Ttjs TT'qyqs 25) j Kai ai] ai 5e Z^MU4(uid)eghjlqs(mg)tuv(ing) 
33 Chr I Twv avOpioiruJv] post TroAecos t: om 1* | e^eXevaovrai] 
eKTTOpevovrai Sabcmowxc^'^SlS | vdpevaaadai] {pr rov 12S): av- 
rXrjaai U4{uid)bwx | 7} 2°] rjv mny | a*'] eav U4(uid)t | eyu 2°] 
post eiwo} nw1£P: om U4* | e/c] airo bw 

44—47 ualde mutila in U4 

44 Kai eiirrj pioi] om c : om p.01 h | ennj] enre d \ irie av 
Abw] vie Kai av S : Kai aoi irie o : Kat av trie /^'MA^ rell Chr : 
om (TV ^ \ rais Kap.7jXoi^] rois Kap.Tj\ois d; ras Kap.TjXov^ eg | 
aov] aoi ([ I vdpevaopLai] + ews av iraaai iriwaiv fir | r}TOip.aaas 
glE Chr I KvpLoi] pr i: om 3E Chr | ru) eavrov — a^paap.] sub 
-^ M I eavrov Be paTTovTi] depairovn avrov SU4(uid)acdfimopst 
wcj^eavrov sv)^: depairovn aov IE Chr: oni eavrov n | taaaK] 
■\- Domiiie IE | ev rovrw] €K rovrov o | eironjaas bhw Chr 

45 TTpo rov] TTpLV 7} D\ TTpiv TJ Kat s(mg): ev rio U4 | avvre- 

36 avrov] a' a' avrrjv 



XXIV 55 

Tov (7vvTekit7ai fj.e \a\ovvTa ev tjj Stavoia fiov, €vfiu<; 'Pe0€KKa i^eiropeveTO eyovaa rrjv vipiav A 

46 eVi TcSi' w/itov, Kal Kare^rj eVi t^v irriytjv koX vBpevcraTO. elira Se avr^ YloTiaov fie. '^^Kal 
(Ttrevaacra KaOelXev r))v vhpiai> eVl rnv l3pa~)(^lova avT>}>i ii<f)"^ eauTJ^v kui el-rrev Hie av, /cal rav IT S 

47 Kafi7]\ov>; aiiv ttotkZ- kui eiriov, kuI Twi Kafj,>')Xov<; fxov i-TToTicmv. •'''/cat jjpeoTtjcra avT>)v /cai*' elira ^ U4 
TtVo? Ouyi'iTjjp ei ; avdyyecXov p.01. r) he e(f)r) ^vydr-qp XiadovrfK. elfxi iyoi tov v'lov NaT^oip, ov 

48 ereKev avTw MeXT^a. xal irepieO-tjKa avTj) to, evioTia Kal to, yjreXia eVt ra^ ^eipa<; avTrj<:' '*^Kal 
evhoKTjcra^ vpoaeKvi'rjaa Kvplo), koI evXoyqaa K.vpiov tov deov tov Kvpiov p-ov 'A^paup., o? 
evoStoaev /tot ev oBm uXriOela';, Xd^elv ttjv OvyaTepa tov dSeXipov tov Kvpiov p,ov toS via aiiTOv. 

49 ■'yet ovv nroieiTe vp,€U eXeo<; Kal SiKaioavvrjv Trpof tov Kvpiov p,ov, d-TrayytlXaTe p-oi. 'et Se fiTj, 

50 atrayyeiXaTe fioi,* Xva eTriaTpeyjro) etv Se^tdv rj ec<; apicTTepdv. ^"uiroKpiOei'; Be AajSdv Kal 
QavovifK etTrav llapd Kvpiov e^ffXOev to TrpodTaypua tovto' oil BvvTjaofj-eOa ovv aot dvrenrelv 

51 KaKov KuXa. 5'tgov Pe^eKKa evmirLov aov, Xa0ct)v diroTpe'xe' Kal eaTO) yvvrj to) viw tov Kvpiov 

52 (TOV, Kada eXdXrjcrev Kvpiov; . ^^eyeveTO Be ev tm UKOvaai tov iraiBa tov A^padp- r€)V p-qfiaTcov 

53 TOVTWv, TrpoaeKviirjaei' eirl Ttjv yfjv Kvpiw. ^^Kai i^eveyKWi 6 vratv aicevij upyvpd Kal ^pucrd Kal 

54 IfiuTiafibv eB<OKev 'Pt/Se'/c/ea, Kal B&pa eBcoKev tcu dBeX(f)0) avTr)(; Kal Trj fiijTpl avTrji;. ^^Kal e<f)ayov 
Kat. e-rriov avTO^ xai 01 avBpe'i 01 peT avTov ovref, kuI eKoifnqdrjcrav. Kal dvaffTO.'i irpwl elvev 

5 J ' EKTrep-yfraTe fie iva diveXOui Trpo? tov Kvpiov fiov. ^^elirav Be oi dBeX<f>ol avTt]<; Kal r) p.i'jTrjp § E 

45 vSpetav S 

48 (vuidojtrev D^'^ 

50 avTitrtty A 

46 vSpetai* S I ray i^] a sup ras A' 

49 airayyetXarat {i") A | om ft 5c — /ioi 2° 
54 (KTTiiJL^aTat A 

47 Trepu6r]Kii] a sup ras (2) A' 

Xeo-at] post ^c bd-gijprw | ec ttj Siavoia tu>v\ om Chr : om cv Mb | 
liov A Z^siiblquwyiaB] om MSU4(uicl) rell | ei/fluj] pr Koi i5oi> 
bw: eiiSuajv: kclilSov D: i5ou Chr : (iropevBi) ■; [) : +fa-e 13 | 
Ty)y vSptaf ex^ovaa Chr | om ewi Twf ui^wv 3£ j tuv w/jlwp] tov 
w/Miv (Ihi'Ip : 4auT7;! Sacfmoxc^SlSChr | om rai 2"— (46) eavTijs 
m I om Kai 2" — vSpevffaro Chr | citto 5e] Kai eiira bwlS''" | 
fiTroi' ailp I /ie 2°] + /xiKpof v5up hCiprlw : + v5oip fniKpov d 

46 o-jTEwas bf I KadftXfi'] Kad-qKe Chr-cd | vSpiav] + oi'ttjs 
MhtIS Chr: ( + a7ro toji' ujyucjf 32) | cTrt — oitt^s] post eai'XTjs Mht 
B: om U4(uiil)cdegj(lxt)np3!£Chr: om eTri tov ^pa^ioi-a Z).Sab 
floqs(ixt)uvitxt)wxCj I om a0 fttnTT/s 2 Chr | a<f>] itp ac | fiTrej/] 
+ fioi Chr: 4 /loi a0 foi'XTjs m | Trie] +/cai Chr | om koi 3" — 
woTioi lE"^ I om (rou d | om Koi 4° — eTroTiaef H^'v | om ,uou egj 

47 eTfripuTijaa Me-jqrtu | xat eiTra] koi eittoi' d-gijopr : 
om Bi' I BvyaTrip tivoi /^''Mhlqs-vy | ei euyaT-qp acefgijmno 
(9vyaTep)prKC^ \ om ei d | om 01/07761X01' ,1101 /Jacdhl-qs-v 
xc,13 i v 5c] KOI n!E I c0ii] tiTTci' bcdfilmnprslv(txt)wy | (pa- 
doinjX n I C7W ci^i y | om C7W jO^i'Macfhilmoq-vxc, | om I'loi' 
bw I i-oxwrf (i'a7up 32): ax«p d | oiTu] ai>roi' f n : om IE'' | 

•^cXxw p I ircpieS7)i.'o] cTrcSijKo j : dic/i B | om otirij 3 | cvurio] 
+ ori luiKT-qpai ouTrj? acofcTri] + tous^xc^ : -f ctti to uto outt)! 
m3E'= : -L CTTi Toi' /S/Jo^iova ain-r)^ qu | om to 2° c, | eiri Achl 
mny] eis fir: irepi Z>''M rcU 

48 Kvpiui AZ>h*mquy] non liquet c: pr tw Mh*" rell Chr | 
om Kvpiov fhir S*^*^ Chr | om rot' Kvpiov fjLov 1° lE^^ | os] ws c: 
oTi Chr I Ei'oSuaei'] 007)7i;irci' h | /loi A/>lny Chr] non liquet 
cd: /tc M rell | om ci- o5w aXijScios Chr | Xo/SeiK] pr tou fir | 
TOV 2"] trou c I avTov] + cis yvvaLKa f 

49 om ii/icis IS Chr | cXeok dp | om an-o77ciXa7-c Atoi i" 
Chr I ci 6e — p.01 2°] om A/)dmopqx* : om 0^077. /noi beghjn 
w3£ I a7ra77ciXaTc 2^] a7ro77ciX7jrc x^ : ai/a77ei\oTC fi | om 
fiot 2° Phil-arm | iva] Kat Chr: om nH | cTriorpci/'w] I'lrourpc^oi 
dp: aTToarpopoi fir | as i"] pr t] f irE : om h | Scfioi-] pr ttiv s : 
Scfio X>Mbe-lnr«7a» Chr | (j)]' koi io8> | eis apurTepaf] cis 


apiffTcpa Mhefgijlrwy^' Chr: om cis mqu : apiffTepa Dhn 

50 airoKpidei'Tci bw3S | jSaflouTjX Kot XajSoi- ZJE | jSot- 
^oi'7;X d I ciTTOi'] EiTro s : cittoi/ b-fi])r^\v : cittci' t'"*- : cittoi' auTW 
m I to] oTi m I jrpoa-Ta7;ua] 7rpo7;iio bdj(mu)n'pquw3B : pJJM" 
(20) 1£ Chr I I 01' — oi'i'] f"/ /los non pos'iiimus 31 j ovnjaofjuii 
Chr J I oiri-] post (TOi s : om bdpwB'" Phil-arm Chr ^ | iroi] 
post oi'TciTreti' cfhir : om gj^E Phil-arm Chr^ ] ai'TciTrcii'] 
(ciTTCti' 31): i/iur B 1 ii'aA'oi' KoXw] K'oivW AToXoi* m=**: a-oXoi' A-aifw 
dm*: KaKoi" 1; KoXoK filq(koX«)r Chr ^ : KoXoi' t; kokoi' E Chr J: 
om n: om icoXw Chr i 

51 pefitKKa] pr 17 c | om fVuvLOP aov 1£ Chr^ | tvavriov 
Z)bdfiprs(txt)vvv | XoySoii'] 4- outiji' f | ottot/icxc] aircXCc fir | 
EiTTat mni> Chr | tw I'loi tov Kiiptou] tw Kvpiw B Chr ' [ toi' 
i;iou fimrE*-^ | KO^OTTCpChr^ | Kvpios] 4-o^$dpt 

52 om TOV I* — a^paap. IE | om tov a^paap. n [ tov 2" A 
D(uid)Ma*vcJ tw w: om x: tov />''a-''' rell | tovtuv^ avruiv 
a-egjopqsltxtju-xCjS : om B'' : ( + 1C01 18) | CTri xr^i/ ttji-] post 
Kvpiu B Chr I (tt^i* yy^v] tt}v vriyTjv 31 : om 18) | Kvpiu Acjnmy 
c J pr TW D( -^ />'i)M rell Chr Thdl : om IE 

53 TTOis] itir'^'^^: om n1£'' Chr [ apyvpa KaL xpi'tra] xpi'^a 
k-ai ap'/vpou E'P Chr : aurea et icasa argeiika 31E<: | xp""'"] pr 
aK€vr] Dacxc^ | om ifoi ifiaTtap-ov cowKev E^'* ] cSuatei' 1'^] pr 
KOI b: {SfSuKe 31) | pe^tKKa] K 2" sup ras o': pr tt; bhw Chr: 
pi^fKKav dg: pe^eKKas m | {eSuKev 2*^'] 5c5a)if£ 83) | tw adcX^w] 
Tois a5cX0oi! acoxCjS: palri'^ \ (om outijs i" 108) | K<u.Tr\ 
pijTpL auTrjs] om eg: om ai'T?;$ Mbdfilnjirwx^ 

54 (koi cTTiof] post oi-Tcr 107) I ouTos] pr icai fiqru | 01 1° 
— ovres^ 01 psT avTov avSpes t: om 01 avdpfs IE: om ot i^ fsv | 
avSpfs] post ovT€S f I oi/Tcs] CKCi Cg : om n Chr | avauTai] 4- 
Trais bw | irpwi] pr tw abcfirwx(To wx) Chr + | cittci/] + jrais 
dpt I EKTrc^i^aTc] E [ p,e] p.ot f | ii^a oircX^w] post p^ov b: 
(ii'O ettokeX^w 32): om n | irpos] cis f 

55 ciiroi' cdfimpr^ | oi o5cXi/>ot] /rater IE | auTTjs] post 
P.11TTJP E : om Chr | M'?'''??] + outijs acmoxCjB | r; irapSevos] 

47 Ei/wTio] a' ETTi pvKTTjpas avTqs M 

50 ou — KoXw] avpos ov ovvyjaopLcda fiwciv t] KaXov rj KaKov jc^ 

XXIV 55 


A MetvaTCi) »; Trapdevof fieO' rjfitop i)/j,epa<i axrei, BeKa, Kal /xera ravTU aTreXevaerat. ^^6 Se elirev 56 
7r/oo9 avTOVi Mj; KaTe)(eTe fie, Koi Kup/of evoScocrev rrjv ohov /j,ov eKTrefiyfrare fie iva d-rreXOo) 7rpo9 
TOP Kvpiov fiov. 5'^ 01 Be elirav KaXeawfiev tijv "rralha Kal eTrepcoTyjcroifiei' to arofia avrri<i. ^^ Koi 58 
eKaXeaavVe^eKKai' Kal el-rrav ainfj Ylopevar) fiera tov dt'dpcoTTOu toutov ; Kal elirev Uopeva-ofiai. 
S'^Kai e^eTrefi^jrav 'Ve^eKKav Trjv dBeXcfyrjv avTcov Kal rd inrdp-)(ovra avrrff;, Kal tov iralha tov 59 
A^paafi Kal tovi; fieT avTov. ^°Kai evXoyrjaav 'Pe/SeKKav t7]v dBeX(f>rjv avToiv Kal elirav avTpj 60 
AoeX(f)i] 7]fiS)v eh yivov el<; ^tXidBa'; fjLvpLahwv, Kal KXifpovopbrjauTO) to a-rrepp-a <rov ra? vroXet? 
Tb)v virevavrlav. ^'^'AvacrTacra Be 'TPe^eKKa Kal al ajipai avTYjif eire^Tjaav eirl ra? Kafiij- 61 

Xoii?, Kat, eTTOpevdrjcrav fieTa tov dvBpunrov • Kal di'aXa^coi' 6 7rat9 Trjv 'Ve^eKKav aTrrfXOev. 

icraaK oe eiropeveTO oia Tr]<; epyjftov Kara to (ppeap t?;? opatxeco?- avTO<; be KaTOiKet, ev tj] yrj tt) 62 
7r/309 Xl0a. ^3 Kal e^ijXdev laaaK dBoXea')^rjaai et? to ireBlov to Trpo? Set'X?;?, Kal dva^Xe-^a'i tok 63 
o(pOaXfini'i I'Bev KafirfKov<i ep-)(0fj,eva<;. *+«rat dva^Xey^raaa 'Ve^eKxa Toi<; 6<f)0aXfiol^ 'iBev tov 64 
laaaK Kal KaTeirrfBTjaev aTTo tj)? Kafii'jXou, ^^Kal elirev tco iracBl T/? ecTLv 6 dvdpwiro'i iKelvoi o 65 
TTopevofievo's ev tcG ireBico eh avvdvTrjcrLv rjpiv ; elirev Be o iral<i Ouro? iaTiv 6 Kvpio^ pov • 77 oe 
Xa^ovaa to OepiaTpov irepie^dXeTo. ^^Kal BiTjyi'jO'aTO 6 Trait; tc3 'laaaK TvdvTa to. prjpaTa a 66 
eTVOLTjaev. ^"^ elaffkdev Be ^YaaaK et? toi" oIkov tTj'; pT]Tpd<; avTov Kal eXa^ev ttjv 'Ye^eKKav, Kal 67 
1! w eyeveTo avTov yvvrj, Kal i^ydirrfaev avTrjV Kal irapeKXyO^j ^IcraaK -jrepl ^dppa<; tj}? fir)Tpd<; avTov.^ 

56 evuduKTev Z)^'' 60 7)i/Xo77)iTaj' E | xf^'oL^""] D | /cai }" — twv v rescr A'' 

61 avaara A* {apaffraaa A') | fxira toi' auBponrou] /xer avTov A*"''' (/tera too a[J'ou] A^) 63 waiBiov A 

64 eidev V' 65 TreSioi] TraiSiu A 67 t))S /iriTpos i°] Tr)s fi. sup ras A^ 


post ri/iuii' E I {fi.fl) rifioiv] nap -quiv 73) | r]fiipas uitei] oiaei 
Tlfi-epas r Chr ^ : Tjfiepas us ra : us rifiepas cfi : /aiu/iiam dies 3 : 
om wcTGL 3S3E I jtiera ravra] fj.€T avra D : ^era rofro bsw [ aTre- 
\eva-e(T8e dfps(txt)tv Chr 

56 5e eiirev] enref 5e fir: (om etirev 14) | om tt/^os avrovs 
9Bp I (auTous] pr tods 18) | Kai] on "3 Thdt i : om 133 : +ya.p 
Eacgjmnos(mg)xy''C2 | Kvpios'] pr o fj : {0 9s 6s 16): +enim 
33p 1 euoSutref] 6i'o5u<ret f : €vqO(a3K€v h Thdt ^ [ fiov i°] ai'roi' 
ep e/ioi qu | eKTre/ii/'aTe] aTroXixrore (20) Chr J | OTreXSui' s | 
(Trpos] + avTOv 3 1 ) 

57 ot 5e eiTrar] eiTrat' 5e Ijnw; eiiroi' 5e dp; r^ dii-unt 
fraires eius % \ enrov cfimr^t | KoKtaoixtv cdgsv | (irepUTi)- 

awfjL^v ADty] epwTT]<rofX€v cgpv : fpwrijffwfiev EM rt-Il Clir | 
avTT]S TO ffTup.a qu 

58 pe^eKKai'] pr tj/c a-dmoptwxCg : pr ttjv ab€\(f)-qv avriov 
fir: pe^eKKa n: tt^v TratSa h: (ro arofia pelieKKas 71): om 
Chr: +T7;c a6e/\(/>i)>' avruv 1 | eiirov cdfio*(uid)prsv»' | om 
TOiiT-oi) Chr I /cai 3° AE] v 5e D( + Z)s'')EM omn aB Chr 

59 pe^CKKaf] pr tt;;' bw : pejSeicKa n: om o | ttjv aSe'\(/yT]p 
auTu:*] pr /cai g* : ttji/ adeXtprjif ex corr g^^: om 15 Chr 4 j 
(ai'Tui'] auTOi' 18) I om Kai 2" — {60) auTOjf ft | ra virapxoi'Ta] 
pr iravTa h | auTTjs] avTTj m : + 1"/ nuti-iccni eiits *E-codd IE*-' | 
to;* 2° A-OMh'*] om dl8: toi' tou lis: tou Er'' rell Chr | aurou] 
ai'To^ g : avTijtjv cj : + ovTas ilr 

60 op Kai 1° w I TT}v a.Be\(prjv ai'Tui'] sub -=^ M : om qux^ 
Chr I eiTTo^ cdfpr^(uid)t | avT-q^avT-qv c\ om y | et] cru m : ei 
av fir : om ^ | 76^017 (20) Chr | x^^^'^^tis /xi'^taSui'] inyriadas 
33^ I xCKia-i mn | KX7;po^o^T;(7"aTu] KXtjpovofitjaw w(uid) : KXijpo- 
t'OfiTjaei hi I VTTfi'ai/TLCji'] evavTiwif \* : + Otoritw ^M^IE^ 

61 ai'ao'Taffa 5e] A'at a^atjTaffa (78) Chr | pejSeKKa] +aTrr]\- 

8(v D( + /?) I Kai a.voKa^uv'l ava\aliuiv 5e E | irais] tiir IE | 
a.TTiri\8€v^ + e\'ei(?ei^ v(mg) 

62 {laaaK Se] o Se icraaK 20) | eiropei'eTo] tiropevBrf f i : 5i«- 
iropeiKTo q : (f|j)f 1 20) : om 3-ed | om 5to ttjs epTj/xov m | (caTa 
— o/Dacreus] om c : om ttjs o^aireus IE | avros Se kotukci] <>/ 
fiiLfunl hcibitantes IE : om auTOS Se % \ avro b | (om de 7° 

loS) I ev] TTpos hB'"(uid) | om 71; s | ti; 2°] ttjs cs(uid): om 
EabJlmp'E(uid) | \i/3a] Xi^av fl(uid)ms: septentriomm '^ 

63 KM t^-ifKOev'\ e^-qWc 5e bwBP | eis to Trediov] ev tu 
■jrediu) bw | to irpos 5eiXT;s] Trpos to SetKtvov 1: om Chr^ | to 2^] 
Ta ac : om Ebc^, | Trpo g | tois o<f>8a\fiois] om IE : + outou qu 
333 I Kafir]\ovs] pr Tas (20) Chr: +di'i:c-m'iL | epxopievas'] epxo- 
fievov^ n : (eiravepxoixeva.^ 20) 

64 Kai I "] 1; Se pe^eKKa p | ava^Xetfias bgjn | pe/SeKKo] post 
orp$a\fj.oii f ir^ili} : Kai udtt; p | om tois o0ffaA/iois ol£ 

65 Tu TraiSi] tu TraiSiu d: {to natSiov 107) | Tis] ti dp | 
om eiTTii' 1° Phil I om 1° m | eiceivos] outos Phil: om d3(uid) | 
Trpowopei'o/xevos St [ om ev Tia TreSioi E Phil j awavTyjaiv c^ \ 
Tj/j-wv E!jd-gijnp{uid)rc2 Chr | eiTrei' Se] icai enrep p | Trais] 
f/ir IE: om p | om oi'Tos — (66) Trais d | oirros — fiou'] Ki'pios 
jUoi' iiraaK eo-rii' p | ai'Tos nr ] om eaTiv 2" bw Phil ] juoi'] 
+ /raizr B'" I om r) Se — irepie^aXcTO p | Trepie^aXeTo] irepie- 
/3aXXeT0 fgm Chrg: {ewej^aXeTO 16) 

66 Kal 5i7;7r;<raTo] eiTre 5e p | a eTronjaef] pr rauTa egj 
s{ulg) : oira eirofqaev c : TavTa E 

67 om Se B^ | Trjs /i-qTpos auTou i»] pr (rappas achj(mg) 
m(crapa!)os(mg)v(mg sub •:i:-)xC39B : +<rappas t | pejSeKKaii] pe- 
(ieKKa dopt : 71'i'aiKa ns | om Kai 2" — 71'^?; n | ai^TOu 2'^] auTu) 
fB Or-lat Chr | yvvTj] eis 7t'»'aiKa Chr ^ | (om Kai yyair-qaev 
avTTjv 25) I om iiraaK 2" Chr 5 | cappas] irapas m : om IE Cyr 

59 Ta i/TrapxovTa] a' Ti;v ti8t\vov M : a' T771' titSt/v jsvc2(om Trjv sv) : a' Tpo(pov Mjs(sine nom)vC2(pr Trjv jc^) 
61 ai alipai] a' iraiSiaKUL a' Kopaaia Mjs{sine nom)v : iratSiaKai /cat Kopaaia c^ 
63 aSoXeffx^ffat — TreSioi'] a' op.i\tjaaL ev x^P^ C->" o*' XaXT;crai ev tw aypto jsC2{sine nom js) 

67 eL(jri\8ev — avTov 1"] a' eio"777a7e*' avTTjv eis ttjv uktjvtjv cappas tt;s /ips auTou c^ ] TrapeKXj;^?;] a' TrapTjyopTjdTj Mv : 
Taoi;7opT;(Tei' j{uid)s : a' irapTjyop7]8'q c^ 



XXV 9 

XXV I ^Vlpo(T9efji,fi'o^ Be ^A^paafi e\a^€v yvvaixa ^ ovo/ia HerTovpa. 'ereKev Se avrm tov Zeffpav A 

3 Kal TOV 'le^av Kal top MaBalfi «oi tov MaSta/x. /cat tov 'lecr/So/c Kal tov Siuue. ^'le^av Be 
eyei'i">)(Tev tov 'S.a^av Koi tov f^ai/xav Kal tov AatSai'" viol Be AaiBav eyivovTO 'l?ayovi)\ koI 

4 Na/SSe^X Koi 'Acrovplft Kal AaTuvaielfi Kal Aowfieifi' 'i/iol. Be MaBiap, Tet^ap Kal "A(pep Kal 
s'Kvcb'x^ Kal 'Afftpd Kal &epyafj,d. ovtoi 'irdvTe<; tjaav viol XeTTOi^pa?. ^^eBoiKev Be 'A/3/3aa/i § Ut'" 

6 TTcivTa Ttt inrdp-)^ovTa aiWov laaaK tio vim avTov- ^'^ Kal toI<; vloi<i tmv TraWaKwv aiWov eBiOKev § w 

A/3padfj, BofiaTa, Kal e^airecTTeiXev avTov'i dirb ^laaaK tov viov avTov eTi fwj'TO? avTov Trpo? 

7 dvaToXd<; et? y!]i' dvaToXwv. '^TavTa Be Tri en/ ri/j,epo)v fa)^s" 'A^pad/j. oira e^rjaev, eKUTOV e^Bo- 

8 fiijKovTa TrevTe ery ^Kal eKXelTrwv niredavev ' X^padfj, ev yripei KaXro Trpe(T^VTr]<f Kal TrXrjpr)<; 

9 7]/j,epa>v, Kal TrpoaeTeOr] tt/jo? tov \a6v avTov. '^Kal edayfrav avTOV 'lcraa« Kal 'la/uarjX ol Bvo 
viol avTov et? to aTrrjXaiov to BnrXovv, els tov d/ypov '\L(f)pa)V tov ^dap tov XeTTatov, o eaTCV 

XXV I Tpoadefievos] <t6( sup ras A' 
fiaSai A' 3 te|ay] f sup ras A* 

2 fc/SpoK A*] feiippa/j. A' \ leiav] post e ras (i) A' | /iaSat/i] 
6 Sufiara E 9 XfY"""" E 

XXV 1-5 om w 

1 om 5e K I x^^Toi'pai' t 

2 €T€K€y 5e] eXa^e 8e Kat ereKe 1:>; Kai eTfKfv dnp : om 5e 
33p I om auTM b!E | fe^pac A*fl] fe/xpaf .\'3(uid): fc/i/Spa/i 
A'cdoBP : iofifipav />"' : '(eixfipa irl3'"' : iCfijSpavT)! Jos : ^e/xfipaf 
M rell Or-gr: Zamram Or-lat : Lebda Anon" | om xai 1" p | 
(e|ai'] tefftrai' h*qtx : if/c^ai' y : ie/craj/ Ebefgijrs(mg)^-ed : (f^'rai' 
71): lefav dmplS': tta^oK n: ^fl«: Anon" | Kai tov |Ha5ai^] 
om f: om /cat p | fiadai/x A*] pLaoat A^: /ia5a/i cimy : iiavbav 
dp: yuoXaynqu: M"5ai' Z'EM(uid) rell 9U3''Or-Iat: AdanW": 
lectan Anon^ | Kat. rov ^aStaii] om lE^P : oni fc'at p | p-abiafx] 
piaSiav V Or-lat 91 : nada€i/i e : /xadaifi gj(sup ras iiid) : A/aziivi 
Anon" I om koi 4° p | icu-(3ok] kit^ovk D: leafioiK cdfl Or-gr: 
ie(r;3aiiKgj(uid) : lea^aKe: leir/So?? h'''(uid) : ie<r/}oKi' n : leiroKE: 
leir/Sux (20) Or-lat : (leff^w?; 79: ie<r(3op 121 : uff^a/j. 31 : uovfieK 
71): £iioc 2-ed : /rfsir Anon" | irwuc] iraii'e c : truu dp Or-gr : 
ffuf fi: auye n: <roM (14. 16. 18.25. 31. 73. 78.83. 130) Or-lat: 
<ro(3e b : irout j(uid) : iravex m : Zoi/e 33^ : Coseri .A.non° 

3 tf^af] teKO'ai' hqtx : leKTav Ebefgijrs(mg)^ Anon": le^av 
dmpi3' I aa^ay] aajia Ecqux3 : aa^aK fir : aa^aO t : pafiav 
m: aaXitJT dp: jSav b: (ra^a.KiV7]S Jos: Sadat 18: Abaudits 
Anon" I Actti Toc ^ai/xa;-] om bmo Jos : om Kai p | flat/xaf ] 
Se/uot/ Ecdl*n : Bfixaiv i'\: 6aip.aiv t : flaX^ai' ah''' : ((^ai'/tai' 71): 
Temnan Anon" | SaiSav i"] BeSav f Anon": Saoai' ch'''mvxc2 
^ : Sada a : Saidad n : daip-av degj : de^av p : 5ai' b : \adav qu ; 
piaSia/i E I om 5e 2° 1 | 5ai5ai/ 2°] SeSaf f Anon" : SaSaf acm 
svxCjS : SaiSapL D(5aiSa. D) : Sai^uaf degj: Sfjuai" p: Sav b: 
XaSai/ qu : (7aijuai' 31.83) | om e7ei'oi'7o n | om payovTik — Kai 4" 
o Jos I pa70i/i;X] P070KJ7X t: pafioirriX m: pacronhX] D: (pa7oi'es 
83): Rakouel Bp | om Kai 3" dnp | va^BtT]\\ X ras(uid)E; 
va^daiTjX x: fai'5e7;X df: i^a^XeT^X qu : »'ai5ai7}X c: I'aSe s: 
(I'ai'^SeT^X 1 28) : ava^Se-qX n : vaydaip.a a : ava^datva c^ : a5€7;X 
b: <fiSer,\ loR): A''<r*&/ Anon=: Ebdefl W : Abdcel'Bv \ om 
Kai 4*^ dp I aaovpip. Ay] a<rovpL€tpi dflmops*^ : aaaovpiip. t : 
affffopieipi n: aaaovpiijX E: auffovpiufi D{a.<jo.pieip. D)Ms^* 
rell Or-gr : Assouriiu 13 ; Assur Anon" | koi Xaroi'O-tei/i] om 
(76) IE : om Kai dp | Xaroi'criet^] Xaroftrtt/i t : XaToi'trte/x 1 : 
{Xarovuup. 71): XaTwo-iet/i dp: Xaroi'trteti' ir: Xaroi'piei^ /?n^' 
XoToiipi??!' n*: XaTTOD(riei/.i bfh : Ladusiim'^v : /,a/;>j« Anon" | 
Xowfjieip^ Ajmv] Xow/xei;' D{eiv /^^)EMhoy: Xow^ti' Cj : XoiopL-qp. 
g : Xow/tc/i x : Xow/xt5 t : Xajw/xiy dp : Xowp-ieip. bl : Xtw^ei*' c : 
Xfu/ieiju. s(uid) : Xaio/xei/n (79) %: XuopiTjpi e: (Xao/xei/j. 20): 


Xwet/i f : Xwojetr ir*: Xoweiv r": (Xou/ifijU 71): w/tetc n: aQupKipi 
qu : a8ijip.iv a : Athouini 13'" : Lomon Anon" 

4 woi 5e] KOI woi n | juaSta/i] Mazias Anon" | 7C0ap] 
yaitpap /?Ecjtv: 7e0a a: Tftpapi y : Tai(pa x: /cac 76^0 h(mg) : 
Cef/iar Anon" | om <coi i°d | a0ep] e sup ras /)'': a^eipbqu: 
ajLtep f: patpep 1 | om Kat 2" dp | fvux] aivtax a: ei/ovx c: 
ei'tjK p; Atjoc/i 13'": Enodi Anon" [ Kat a^tpa] (om 71): om 
Kat dp I a/3ipa] a/3ctpa Maoc^ : a^rjpa 1 : ajSida bhmqsuvx^iSP 
Or-gr : (af3t]?a 30) : afiiSpa ej : non liquet g : OjSta E : cfiiBa! Jos : 
{aSifia loS: autoa 121): Aiidda'Qf'" \ ^cp7a/ta AMlny] [9]fp- 
?ra^[o] D(p7ra^ta rescr /)''): o-fp7a/to egj : (<reX70/ia 14): apaya 
E* : eapa7a E'"* : ffayapa m: €^fpa7a t: (e5ap07a 76: cXa7- 
pa7a 30): pa7a b: eXpaia c: x^pt*^7^^ ^if: ^atra dp: (yep^a 
31): eXSas Jos: €Xpa7a ahoqsuvxcIS : Kdraga 3: Ezrasa 
Anon" I oiTot Travrf s] irafrts ourot DEMaceglijoqtuxc,9[ : Kai 
iraPTiS ovToi h : iravres Se oiToi m : -t- oi'Tot d | ttot 2°] pr ot 
M13 : CK T-qs f: (om xf^'''0''pas 83) 

5 om 5e s | om Traira 13p | avTov i"] avrii} mu | ttraaK] 
pr Ttj egm : post avTov 2" fir | ra via] tov viov d 

6 Kai 1° — avTov 2"] pr edtiiKev df fir: om 1£*P [ aiToi; i*'] 
TOV a^paapi t: .-Ibraham 13: -!-0(rat toi' afipaap. zc\iTiS)c^ j 
om eStjKef — 5op.aTa f | eScuKcy a/3paa/i] post dofiaTa x* | eotttKev] 
om ir: -H 5e ac | a/3paa|t] pr ras (2) o: post So^taro egj : om 
a^'13 I 5o/xara] {^pw/xaTa 107): om ir | (om avTov 2° 107) | 
(om ert ^(jfros auroi' 76) | ert] €7r o | aiToi' ^wvtos acmoxc^^ | 
eis 7T;f] ev 777 c | 7t;»'] pr tt/c dlpl3 

7 (om Ttt 31) I -qpfpicv ftinjs] 7775 ^ojtjs tijov r}[xfpiav fim(om 
Tttjf)r I 7;/ieptuf] tujv rjpepuif t7;j bhv : om 13^1 | om otra — (8) 
ajSpaap gw j otra] (otras 16.130): as n | eKarof — TrefTe] post eTT] 
p I f/SSo^ijKOfTa] qiiadragiiita IE': Iriifinla IS'' | om iro/re E | 
om iTTi 2^ cefm 

8 eKXiTTtji' bdflmptvxl38r(uid) | a-redavev] post appaapi 
x3 I om afipaap. n | jrpetr^irnjs] TrpfaflvTcpos dgjps(txt)vxy : 
(om 71) I om Kat 2'^ ml3P | om Kat Trpotrere^i; — aifrou 13'" | 
TOf Xaof] Toi'S Trarepas D( : tovs Treparaj 

9 (9a^(v hm*(uid) | (om ttraax — odtoi; 128) | (01 Svo] post 
auToi' 78) I ot] r*: om c*Cj | om 5<jo />''a-dhil-prwxc,3CS | 
I'tot] t 2" ex corr(uid)r | tov a7pof ] to (nrrjXaiov m \ ^(ppiiivl pr 
Tou fir: x^^P'-'" TO eg: (x'/^fw 14): 4-to j: (4-Toi' 78) | tou i° 
— X^"""^*"''] TOV x^TTaiov viov aaap v(mg)c2 : om tov caap nC | 
TOO I"] pr VIOV fir: filii 13: +tov Ml: 4- won acjmoqsuv(txt)x | 

XXV 8 7T;pct KaXtij] a' d' TroXia a7a^7; jMjs(a' tr' ^')v(om ff') 

XXV 9 


A airivovTi "Ma^^pr), ^°tov dypov Koi to (nrrfkatov o eKTrjcraTO ^A^padfi irapd rwv viSv XeV* cKec lo 
eOayfrav *A^padfi koi "^dppav t^-jv yvvaiKa avTov. ^^iyevero Be fierd to drrroOavelv ^A0paf}fi n 
eiiXoyrjaev o ueo<; top ^laaaK tov viov avTov' fcal KaT(t>K7)a€v YaaaK irapd to <f)p€ap tijk opd- 
1 wC™ o-e&)9,^ ^^AvTat Se at y€V€<T€i^ ^IcrfJuarfK tov viov A/Spaafx, ov €T€K€p 'Aydp tj TratSiaKf) 12 

^dppa<; Tip 'A/Spaa/i. ^^ical TavTa Ta ovofiaTa tS)v vioyv ^}\ KaT 6i'0/xa toov yevewv avTov' 13 
TTpWTOTOKO's}X ^a^atco0, Kal }s.7]Sdp fcal Na/38€rj\ koi ^laaaiifi ^■^Koi Macr^a Kai ^\hovpid 14 
Koi ^\a<xar) ^^Kal \oSSdif koL ^atfidv Kal IcTovp Kal Na^e? Kal KeS^a. ^^ovtoL elaiv ol viol \l 
lap,at]\, Kal TavTa tu ovofJuaTa avTMv iv Tai<; <TK7)val<; aviwv Kal iv rat? ^iravXeatv avTuw 
ScoheKa dp')(^ovT€^ KaTa eOvo^ avTWV. ^"^Kat TavTa tu eTTj Trj'i fcoj)? 'Io'/xa^\, CKaTov TpidKOVTa 17 
CTTTa ctt;* Kal eKXetTrwv diredavev Kal TrpoaeTeOrj 7rp6<; to yivo^; avTOv. ^^ KaTatKyaev Be diro 18 
Ei/etXar eo)? 2ou?;\, ?; icTtv KaTa irpoamTTOv AlyvirTOv ew? iXOelv irp6<i Aaavpiov^' Kara 
%w TTpoaayTroi' TrdvTwv Toov d8€X(j>cov avTov KaTcoKijaev. ^'9 Kal avTat at yeveaevs ^YcraaK tov 19 

§ A3 viov 'A^padfi' ^A^padfM iyewTjaev ^Toi^ laaaK, ~°i}v Be laafiK eTwv Teaa-epuKOVTa ot€ eXa^ev 20 
T-qv 'Vej^eKKav OvyaTepa ^a6ovi]X tov Xvpov itc TJ/f MecrovroTayLt/a?, dBeX(f)7)p Aaj^dv tov ^vpov, 

1 1 TjvXoyrjcrev E 


20 TOV cvpov €K Tr}S fxcffOTTo sup ras A^^ 

Z)EM(A3)ab( + d)c-}\-v{w)\ycJ^h{iS:^)'E 

om 0— (10) (TirrfKaLov p | 0] 0$ EMbd-gijnoqru-y | Karfvavri fi 
mr I fiafjippT}] fxapi^pi o^ : /jLav/x^pt c : ^lAzwrt' ISi' : A/ii/>rrii^{md) 

10 Toi' aypov Kttt] pr €ts fm : tijiv aypuv eis I | 0] ov aegjos 
vx I ^KT-qaavTO b | afipaa/J. 1°] 4-Kat aappav ttjv yvfaiKa aiTov 
f I irapa tcov vlojv xer] om E : om irapa f | xf^"] P'' '"O" i9^''Mb 
ejopqs-vxCj | (om €K€i — avrov 83) | f/fei] pr e/ 1£ : Kai c | om 
Kai aappav — ^{11) afTOf d | aapav m 

11 a/3paa/i] pr tov p | $^0$ roc] om a: om tov bchil-prt 
WC2 I 6eoi\ Dominits Ox-X^X. \ itraa^ i°] iff ata/c c : post aiToy 
Cg I om TOV 2° Z>^''EMegquy | ai/Tou] + ko-l KaTuiKtiaev taaaK 
TOV uv avTOv t* I om icaav 2° Or-Iat 

12—18 om b(/;= Holmes io8)w 

12 om Se Etl3P I yeveaei^] 7efea( qu | ifffiayjX] post a^paap. 
1° n I om TOV egj | om viov c | ov €T€K€v — afipaap. 2°] his scr 
g I ov'\ ore t(oTi t*iU(1) | €t€K€v] (y€vvtja€i> r^ | ayap — afipaap.^ 
ei Agar famula Sarae 3£ | o.yo.p\ +7] aiyvwTia a/'cefgjmoxc^:^ | 
om 7] E I aappa$] (rappa dp: om m 

13 KjpLaTjX I"] + Kai Ta ovopaTa twv 7e»'eujc avrov h \ om 
KaT — avTuv IS I /car oi'Ojua] Kara to ovop.a dfpt : ^ Ta ovop.aTa 
E: Kara Ta ovo/xaTa hirStU | 01*701;] airruiv fhi*rC2l3 : om o | 
iff^taijX 2**] avTOv p1£ : + Kai paaffav b(fxa<jav /'*) | ca/3aiaj^] 
va^€(i}6 a/'OCj Anon': fa^aw^ c: va^aiu}T dp: ava'^aiwd 1: 
va^aL(ti5 qu: fa/3awo n: (i'a[Soj6 71): vajSatcov m: vaijSeojp E: 
Aiiabt'oih B" : + Malclcld Anon" | om Kat 2" dj*p | /cT?5ap] KiOap 
jn: va^€->)\ c^'- Accedar Anon" | om Kai 3*^ dp | ca^SeT^X] va^- 
8an]\ Dy: /3 sup ras o^: va^etjX am: t/aSSei^X n: ajSScTjX gqux 
^13: a/35ei?Xos Jos: a^5n]\ ej : (aeStijX 79.128): K-rjdap c^ : 
Nahdel Anon' | sat /Aa<r(ra/A] om ^*: om /cat dfp | fj.aff<rap. 
AMy Or-gr(uid)] p.a<rap. Im : fiacrav b^^\ pLaaop. di*p: {p-aawv 
79: p.aap.ap. 14): p.a^aav hsv : pLa^eav t: p-a^ffap. Equx^ : 
pLcpLoav r : pLepipav i i^ : pLaaaav y? rell : Ahsan 33 : -^^^ Anon^ 

14 Ktti 1" — (15) ra^es] p.affff7] 0€p,av va^es p-aap-av i8ovp,a 
XoXdap. i€Tovp dp : /cat p.ava<ra7] Kai daip.av /cat va^es Kai ^aap.av 
Kai i5ovp.a Kai xoX5a/Ji /cat teToi'p ti ^p.a(T<n] | /xaffyuac]] | paap.a^ 
/laff/xai' Z'Ea<5cghj*(uid)ortC2 Or-gr Anon': paap-ap^Me'}^: (^p-aa- 
crap. 25) : p,a€p.a\ qu : ^aapap. Kai p-aajiap. m : Asrnan 33 | tSoi'- 
(Ua] ibovp.av E: iSovp. qu : (tSoi'^ap iS): icSou/ia o: 5oi';U.a Or- 
gr: {tov dovpa 31) | paacn}} p-aar} cl^: p-avaaat) Dn 

15 om /cat i**— t'aijU-ai' IS''* | x^^^"^*'] X*'^^'^^ EMvx Or-gr: 
Xo5a5 acoc^: x^P^^-^ ^' X'^XSaS ^jlnt'1133'': x"^^^^^ S- X^^^^ 
D: xoXdav r: x^XXaS qu : x^^^^Xva: xoaSs: CAodan Anon^ \ 

0aip.av] 6ep.av (^cnor: dr}p.av Vidijp.. .)Eeghqtu^P: 6t)p.cov j: 
$ap.av s : ^e^aa x^ : ot^ac m : Themam Anon'' | terorp] leTTovp 
Z?Es(mg)tl3: (ttroi'f 107): 07)Tovp dg] : {BeTop 83): lechitr 
Anon" I ra^fj] i/a^ets (^ : va<pas o: vatped />n : Apht's IS'": 
A<z/^r Anon^ | {om K-at 5'* 71) | KcSjua] Kat5/ia n : (vt5/ia 32): 
/ccS^ai' /?egjo : Kcdipia d: KeSep-h: KcXpaqu: C ed mar Anon' : 
Ketma ct Choldat W^ 

16 om 01 EMadeglpqrs(txt)uv | /cat racTa] secundum 33 | 
om avTojv 1° r | a-Kijvais] avXais x: eTrai'Xefftc (^2l!E(uid) | om 
aiTOJi' 2° d I om /cat 2" p | eiravXeffiv] ewaX^ecriv a: aKtjvais b\ 
'2l1£(uid) I apxofres] +t-artim ^ \ Kara] Kai o \ fOvos] (pr to 
107): edvTj ZP^''EMa/^cqux^33 : ra eOvi) eghjImos(mg)v(mg) : 
y^vos n : {wavTa Ta edvr} 83) 

17 om Ta n \ €ttj t°] €0vr] D\ +ijpepi>)v Edeghj]ptv(mg) | 
om T7}s Z>Ehlnqs-v | iff^ai^X] + oo-a ef';o"ei' j(mg)s(mg)v(mg) | 
€KaTov — €7rra] post er?? 2° r: om cTrra ifiP: p^' m | Tpta/cocra] 
ziiginti 33 I CTrra er??] (om 31): om ctt; fmn | e/cXtTrtoi' Mcdfl 
moptv^^xl3 I TrposJ ets m*^ | to yivo'i\ rovs Trpas t^n 

18 KaTWK. 5e] \"at /cartj/c. E: om 5e m | ei'ftXar] fi^tXar 
EM/'d-jnprtC2( + ras 2 litt) : e/StXar 1: evrjXaT mqu : ti-etXa x: 
ei'tXa y "^-ed On: Ebilath Anon": Eula '^l-codd | (Tov-qX A] 
aovp Z>''EM omn E33 Or-gr On Anon^ j Krara wpoaojirof aiyvir- 
tov] in ^'Ji.g)'pto ^ | Trpo?] ets r | acffvpiovs] pr tods E33: affc- 
ptoi's flo'3l : affi'ppioi'sn : apo"i'ptoi'S c: ^'r/(zw Anon'; +a/5paa^ 
€y€VV7)(Te b* | Trarrtoc] pr TravTOJv tuv ttjs aiyviTTOv Kai airo irpoa- 
OJTTOV qu : post ai'Tou t | a5eX0a;f] ex^p^v o | avrov] avTwv b* 

19 /cat acrat] ai'rat 5e j9EMeghjqsuvx33P Chr Cyr: om /cat 
33'" : ( -i- 5f 30) 1 om TOV eglij | om aj3paap 2" — to'aa/c 2'' IE | 
a^paap. 2"] om b : + 5e n 33** 

20 tffaa/c] ttraaa/c A3: om f | eToiv Teffaepa/c.] TeacrepaK. €TOiv 
Z>A3(uid)acfioxC2: +Tpia}v egj: eTOjj' p-e' m | eXa/3ey] (€Xa/3ov 
18): +yvvaiKa m | rT/c pefieKKav] pe^eKKav Tr}v Chr 5 : om ttjv 
d Chr-^ : (7i'fat/ca 79: tt/c 7i'yat/ca auroy pe^eKKav 71) ( pe^eKKa 
ms I (om dvyaTepa — ffupou 1° 71) | {3a0oinf}X] pr roc m | ci'pou 
i'^] [jU€a"o]7roTa/xtTou A3 | €k ti)^ — eavrw] pr </ui efat "ti : om E: 
om €K — fft'pou 2° bqw | t7;s] 77^5 I | /xeffOTroTa/xtas] +ttj^ ffvpias 
mo*33'^: +o"i'pias acfgjo-'^^xc^: +.S^i'W(2£'^!£'^ 5-ap-Barh | a5fX- 
4>T]v] a5eX07; n : + 5e dpt Chr | Xa/^ar] Xa^a 1 | rot' cvpov 2°] 
[roi'] jueff07roTa|ju.iTou] A3: om Chr | (om eaiTO) yvvaiKa 71) | 
eavrw] pxtcpii^: ax'Tus r | yvvaiKa] pr €is EA3aceghjmoqs(mg) 
tuxc, Chr 



XXV 32 

ji eavTw yvvaiKa. ^^eSeiTO 8e 'I<Taa« Kvpiov nepl 'Pe/3e/CAca? rrj^ yvvatK6<; avrov, ori- areipa i)v A 
21 eirrjicovaev Se avTov 6 de6<;, ical eXa^ev iv yaa-Tpl 'Pe^eKi^a 17 7^1^^ avTov. ''^ivKipTmv Ze^ t« H A3 

TraiSia iv avrfj' elirev Be Rl ovt(o<; hoi fieWei yiveaBat, I'l'a ri fioi tovto ; sTTopevdr) 8e 
13 TTvdeaOai irapa Kvpiov. ^^ical elirev Kvpio<; avrfj 

Ato edvri iv ttj yaa-Tpl aov elaiv, 

Kal Svo \aol e'/c t^9 Kot\ia<; aov SiaaToKrjaovTaf 
Kal Xao'; Xaov inrepe^ei, 

Kal 6 fiei^cov BovXevaei tw iXaaaovt. 

24 ^-^Kul iirXripcoOrjaav at -qfiepai, tov TSKelv avTr)v Kal ryBe ijv BtSv/ia iv rfj yaarpl avTri<i. 

25 ^Si^fjXdev Se 6 w(o? irpcoTOTOKoii TrvppdKr}<;, 0X0^ wael Bopa Baavf iirwvofiaaev he to ovofia 

26 avTov 'Hcrau. '^^Kal fiera tovto i^PjXOev 6 (i8eX.<^o? avTov, Kal t) ■y^elp avTov iTreiXr]/j,iJ.ev7j tt)? 
TTTepvT]^ 'Haav- Kal iKciXeaev to ovofia aiirov 'Ia«&)/3. 'IcraaK Be r/v iTwv e^tjKovTa ore iyevvi]- 

27 aev aiiTovf 'Pt/St'/c/ra. ^^7r]v^)]6r)a-av Be 01 veaviaKoi- Kal i}v 'Hcrau dv0poyrro<; et'So)? Kvvijyeiv, ^i, 

28 aypoiKO^' 'laKOt)0 Be r)v di'Opwiro<; dirXaaTO';, oIkSjv oiKiav. ^^rjydirrfaev Be 'laaaK tov 'Iltrau, 

29 OTt 7] drjpa avTov PpSjai'; avTw- 'Ve^eKKa Be rjyd-rra tov 'laKd)j3. ^^''U-ijrrjaev Be 'la/cw^ 

30 eyfre/xa- ^X6ev Be 'Haav e'/c tov TreBlov eKXei-rrav. ^o^al el-rrev 'Hcrau T£o ^\aKu>^ Tevaov fie diro 
TOV etlre/jiaT0<; tov Trvppov tovtov, oti t'/cXet7r&> eyd>' Bid tovto eKX7]d7j to 6vop,a avTov liioco/x. 

^2 3^elvev Be 'laKo)^ t<5 'Haav 'AttoSou p,oi. a-tjfiepov Ta trparoroKeld aov ifxoL ^^elirev Be 

II eSeero Z^" | eyya<rrpi A 24 tov] bis scr E 25 eTovofMirev E 

27 a^XaffTos A 29 Tratotov A 30 trvpov E | tovto'] to A 

26 eTri\7j^fievJi AE 
31 irptijTOTOKta AD^'^K 


21 KvpiOv]Kun: (ki'3i): om bcdfmw Barn Chr | pefifKKas] 
post airrov 1° dfip : om A3 | avTov i"] +rov kv bw | (on (TTeipa 
ijj/] ijTis o-reipa 128) | j/k HTcipa Ebw | CTnjK. 5f] koi eTrtjK. Chr: 
KOI iiir[j)«:oi;](Tei' A3 | cTryiKomev] v-jnjKOVje dp: ciffjjKODO-ei' (js(mg) 
u I om de 2° fJSPl** ] avTov deos] avTov k[s] A3 : ks aurou f | 
ourou 2°] auTw EMcegil-os(mg)x | fXajSei'] post ^atrrpi y: ffw- 
cXo^e bw I cK 7a(rT/3i] post pf^(KKa bw: om A3 | peficKKa — 
oirrOK 3°] om n Or-lat : om r; yvvi] avTov B'' | pe/3eKKa] pr tj 
t : pe^eKa s 

22 etTKipTOVii A3 I iraiSia] iroiSapta Chr-codd | fi — toi;to] 
bis scr Cj | oirrus] /loc B | MO' '"] post tt-e^^Xei v : om dp | 
fieXei fm | yifeada^] yevinOai. Emnqu Cyr i : yeyeaffai irapa. kv 
b I TOUTo] TO ^-qv Chr i | om 5e 3" a^'c^ | TrvBtaOai] pr tov 1: 
ireidco^Bai dp: 7ri9ecr(?ai n : Trpoflfffflai i^r | Kupioi;] + tou 6u fir 

23 M'pios] post auTi; 1 Or-Iat 3: + Ss firlE'P | avTrj] irpos 
avTTjv Barn : om Cj | 5i'0 i"] pr iSov dfipt | ev — eiaw] iron- 
cepisti 33: om Cyrf | iv — troi' 1°] post uaiv f Phil-arm '3!£ | 
eiffii'] idTW acdim(uid)noprxc, Phil-gr-ed Chr: om Barn | om 
Kat 5i;o — eXatJtroft C2 | e/c tt/s KoiXtas] ef tt; KoiXia v Barn Chr | 
SiaaraXT/trorTtti] (StafaffrT/trofTat 16): om Barn | \a.o% Xaou] pr 
Cyr ^ : post UTrepe^et Barn [ lyTrepe^ei] i^Trap^et b | Kat 4'^ — 
eXacrffoi-i] bis scr g | (o] to 18) 

24 Tj^cpai] +aKT7)S acmoxc,3[(uid)B Or-lat Phil-lat | om 
TTjoe -311315 Or-lat | yaaTpi] /coiXta />''EMabce-ij(mg)lmot[r 
s(mg)tuv(mg)wxC2 Cyr 

25 om 5e 1° x* | I'tos] om Thdt : (om 71.83): -faiTT^j 
EI131E I TrpuTOTOKOf] jrpwTos m Thdt | TruppaKTjs] Truppa/to! c : 
Trnpamos bw : iruppos Thdt | oXos] pr t-/ Or-lat : oXws cd | uaa] 
pr KOi bw Cyr J Phil-lat | 5opa] om m : Jlos rosae £ | om Saav! 
l£p I f7ra;;'0^a(rec] e7r€/caX€(re Cyr | om Se 2° dfgmiS 

26 tovto] tovtov Mfil£(uid): tovtujv s: rafra /)g Chr | 
eir)\$ef] 4- xai m | (om oitoi/ i° 30) | eirciX.J c7riXeXei;ii/ney7; g : 
eTTtXeXtc/te^'T; n | rjaav] avTou gc^: {tov adfXfpov avTou "jl : -^tov 
ad. ai'Tou 30) | Kat CKaXeo-ec] e/caXftre 5f 1 : Kai cTrwf o^a<re i-^'r 
B(uid) I cTws'] post e^i^KOVTa acoxc, | £7£W7i(7f v A Chr i] ereKei" 
Z>''(D"''')EM omn iS Chr 1 Cyr | aurois] airrois c: auToi dp: 
^c'y //// 33 I p€/3eK/fa] pr r) dp 

27 i;i'^)S7)irai/] ijv^wdriaav f: 7;t'Ji^fl7)craj' n: t/i'^ijcto)' e | 
apffpoiwoi eiows] pr b : om dp : om afdpuTros Phil | KvviiyfU'] 
KVP-qyos bdp I a7poi)(OS — Tjy 2°] 5e aypoiKos -qv Chr | om tjv 
2° /^''ELMacdegj-npqs-vxCja Phil i, | avepuiiros airXoffTos] 
an-XoffT-os ai-oj dglp Phil J : om avgpuiros no Phil | : ay-qp 
a.v\a<TTOi Cyr | cod \ : oTrXao-ros nj-iip Cyr J ed | | airXacTTosJ 
«tf« Kiii^us £-ap-Barh | oi/ciavj ei/ omia i\(oiKiav q*) Cyr-ed f 

28 ■qya-Ktjaev Sf] riyaira Cyr J | iitok L | 17 Si7po] s^W" 
L : om 1) sv | avTov] aVToi L | jipoiati] pr cr<;/ Phil-arm : ;Spw- 
o-eisn: ^pua-iv L: +es/^-cod: 4-7);' (20) S-ed Chr: {as jipw<ni' 
7)1' 32) I ai/Tw] ai>TOD Cj Phil-arm : omL: 4-7)i' fir: eiiiseratlS | 
pejieKa g | om 5f 2" (130) 33" | {riyawriaf 31) | om to^ 2° m 

29 iaa\u/3 t | ei/'f/ta] -I- 0a/coi/ Inv | fKXeiiru;'] eKXurwx Lf 
Chr : om IE 

30 Kai «irev] eiTti' 5c bw | om riaav c, | om tw h | a/twjS 
c I yevcroi' ixi] giislemus Phil-lat | p-c] ij.01 hjmn | otto] (k bw | 
ei^f^aros] + aov bwIE : -r huius 13 | 7-01; wppov tovtov] om JE : 
om TOV irvppov Phil-lat Hil | {irvppov] irvpos 71) | eKXnru Lf | om 
eyu—edup. L | e^u A Cyr] om />"(D™'')EM omn a(uid)J3E 
Phil-arm-Iat Hil 

31 aTroSof] aTrooo? egjln^-t : avoSovs K \ om ^ot Macfoxc^ 
lEi' Phil-lat Cyr-ed | om arnxipov IS | aov] /iov n : om Cyr-cod | 
om e^oi Z'(D"«')blwaBE'' Phil-arm 

32 eiirey 5c] pr KOi v : koi ti7re^ EMeghjlqstui3" Cyr: om 

22 eaKipToiv] a avvcBXaaB-qaav vioi M : <r' SuTraXmov Mjsv : a' (ia< (t' certantes S-ap-Barh 

23 ii7repe|ei] 17' KirepKrxi'ffei Mjsv(sine nom js) 25 Saavs] <r' TeTpix^^P^cos Mj(sine nom)sv 
27 ttTrXoffTos] a' B' oTrXous ff' a/iw/iOi MjsvC2(om 6' jCj : om a' s) 

29 ExXeiTrw^] 9' TTdvav M 30 c/(Xei7ru] Treini) s 31 awoSov] a' iroiXriaov M 

SEPT. 65 9 

XXV 32 


A 'H<7au 'ISov iyo) iropevofiai, TeXevrav, koX Iva Tt, /xoi Tavra ra TrpcoroTOKela ; ^^Kai, etirev avrm 33 

IT y ^laKco^ "Ofiocrov /xoi (rrjfiepov. koL ^Wfxoaev avrm' aTreBoTO^ Se 'Haav ra irpioToroKela Ta> 
^laKco^. 34'Ia/cajy3 8e eSwKev to) 'Hcrau aprov xal eyjrefia <^aKOv- icai e<}>a'yev Koi eiriev, Koi 34 

1[ L dvacrTa<; co^ero* Kal e<j)avXicrev 'Haaii ra irpwroTOKeia.'^ 
XXVI ^'EijepeTO Se \ifib'; evri t?)? yV'S, %^/3'? '''ov Xip-ov tov irporepov 09 ejevrjOr) iv tm ■)(povq> tov i 

'Affpadfi- iTTopevBr] Se 'IcraaK Trpo? 'A/Si/ieXe;)^ fiacnXea ^v\i,(TTi,elfi et? Tepapa. ^dxpdrj Se avrw 2 
Ki;p(09 /cat etTrec Mr; KaTa^jj^; et? Ai^fTTTOi'' KaTocKrjaot/ Be ev rfj yf/ f/ civ aoi eiTro). ^koI irapoi- 3 

§ A3 Kei iv TT] yf] ^TavTr)''Kal eaofiai fierd crov koi evKoyrjtru) ere- (toi yap Kal tu> airepixan aov Bmaiiy 
Traaav rrjv yrjv rainrfv, Kal aTrjaco tov opKOv p-ov bv wfioaa A/Bpaap, tw Trarpi crov. -^kui, 4 
TrXrjdvvS) TO airepixa crov to? toi/? acTTfpa^ tov ovpavov, Kal Bcoaco tm aTrepixaTi aov wdcrav 
II A3 Trjv yrjv TavTTjv, Kal evevXayTjOrjCTovTai, ev tco crirepfiaTi aov TTcivTa to. edvij t?)? fyi)?-^ ^dvd^ wv 5 
VTr>']KOvaev 'Affpadp, 6 TraTrjp aov Trj'i ep.rj'i (payvrj'i, Kal i(pv\a^€v Ta TrpoaTay/iaTa /xov Kal ra? 

§ L evTo\d<; fiov Kal Ta BiKai-ci)/j-aTd /mov Kal Ta v6p,ip.d fxov. ^^ Kal KaTcpKtjaev \aadK ev VepdpOK. 6 
'^eTTrjpcoTtjaav Be oi dvBpe^ tov tottov irepl 'Pe^eKKat; t*}? yvvaiKO<; avTOV, Kal elvev otl ABe\<f>i] 7 
/j,ov eaTiv e(f>o^7']6rj yap elTrelv otl Vvvq p,ov eoTiv, //.?; TTore aTroKTeivmaiv avTov oi dvBpef tov 
TOTTOV irepl 'Pej3eKKa<;, otl d>paia ttj oyjrei ijv. ^eyiveTO Be iroXv'x^povi.os €Ker TrapaKv\}ra<; Bk 8 


34 irpuTOTOKta D : irptoroKia E 

33 (a/io<rov E | irpbiTOTOKia. DE 

XXVI 3 iraaav Trfv yriv sup ras A' 


de 33'P I 7)<rau] +tw laKwfl LI | om iSov E | Tropevofiai TeXeurai'] 
moripr IE Hil | iropeuo/iat] iropevaofiai o : peri^arn Phil-lat | 
rtKiVTr\atxi. D \ om k-ai LJ3 | raura] post 7rpwTOTo\fia firsv 

33 om oww 1° m | arii).ipov\on\\i: +te reddituriim mihi 
primogeiiita tua IE (om tua IEp) | (aTreSoro 5e] k<xi aTreSoro 73) | 

aireSoTo] aTre y | om 5e egj ( ra Trpairoro^-eta] post LaKwj3 2° 

irlE: -t-aiiT-ou a-dlptwxSJS" | tm laxw^] om bw : om tu E 

34 om Tu egj | Kai 2° — wx""] ^' cefii/ et abiit el edit el 
bihit 5Ep I om (cai eipayev Kai tinev L | axMxero bw | om Kai 
EjO — irpwTOTOK^ta i£ I Ka( ((pavKiirei'] post Tyffau L : { -f ai/ra 30) | 
om T]tTav 2'^ g I irp(ijTOTOK€La] + avrov h\v ^^-codd 33"' Pliil-Iat" 

XXVI 1 ey€v. 5e] Kat eyef, f : om 5e w [ Xot^u-os n | Xi/xoi'] 
\oLfiov n: e^ou s j tov 2"] to s | Trporepov DEflno | eyePT)B-q 
A] cyivtTO />''EM omn Chr | iv tw xpo»'w] ff' ruy Kaipta egj : 
(fjri Tw Kaipw 16.130: ETTi 77) I Tou 3°] Tw UEMa*{uid)eh*(uid) 
jloqs-vv : om c^ | eirop. 5e] Kai eirop. bw : om 5e m | luaK m* | 
a/3iMf^fX] a/3i^eXf\- o: afit/KX t | (om ^a<n\(a. 78) | 0iiX. eis 
7epapa] yfpapwv eis (ptKiffTteifJi n \ 0iXi(TrietjU dfilop | 7epapa] 
7€pa»'a o* : 7€7e/ja w: {y^ppa 128) 

2 Kupios] pr bn: tis EMI Chr: + ffs firlE''^ | enref] 
+ ei J3IE Or-lat | (mi] Ml"" 71) | om Se 2° (79) B'" | yv] om 
g: +Tau7-77 E*(ras E''"') | om r; ai* — (3) 77; egj | (om 77 — eiiroi 
14) I v] V Ex Phil-gr I eap qii | inroi croi m'Si 

3 om Ktti 1° — TavTT] D \ wapoLKijaeL d | om Tain-r] 3S'P Phil- 
arm I Kai 2°] eyui yap Chr | ejo^ai] ibo IE | (/"era] Kara 31) | 
om Kat €uXoyT](T(jj at 33^^ | ffoi] ffe p | om 7ap gl5 | toj ffirep/aari] 
tt; a-wopa A3 | bwaui — <70i; 3"] bis scr (om iraaav) \v | Tracaf r?;!' 
7?;i'] ^ao-as ras [yas] A3 | iraaav'] post raimjif dp: om Ebcefjn 

0SVWC2IE Chr Tyc | rauTT/y] Tauras A3 : om qu | arTjaw] w 

A3 I om (tiou A3(uid) | om ov ufioaa Eus | ajjpaafi] pr tw qu : 
om Phil-arm-lat | aov 3°] + Kai tw airepfj-art aov 1 

4 TO (TTrep/na] to airep/iari w : tijj' (r7ro[poi'] A3 | (tous acTTe- 
pas] TO aarpa 108} j Swcru] -f <roi xai degjptc^ Phil-gr Tyc | 
Tw atrepixart i°] tt; o-7ro[pa] A3 | om Tratrac — aov 3<* Tyc j 
iraaav — Tai^rT;*'] iraaas Ta^ 7015 [Taji'ra? A3: om Tracra^ egj: 
-f- Kai aTTjaoj tov opKov p.ov ov uj^oaa a^paafx tw Trpt aov Kai 
irX-qdvvw TO atrep/xa aov wj toi^s aaTcpas tov ovvov Kat Sojaoj aoi 
Kat Titj airep/j.aTi aov Tfjv yr]v TavTijv g | ei'Xo7T;(?T;(roi'Tai Just j 
TOJ airepfxaTi 2"] [t]t; airopa A3 : nomine Phil-lat^ | om TravTa 
A3*(uid) I t6vrj\ ircpara E 

5 eTrT;/v-ot'o'ec de*f Phil-gr-codd | a^paa^i] ajipafj. r: om 
Phil-arm-lat | om iraT-qp aov egjlB Or-gr | tt;s ep.-r]s tf^v-qs] 
T7}s (puji'T)^ ^Qv 1 : om Phil-arm-lat | Ta irpoaT ay p.aT a'] pr TrauTa 
h]\v: TO TrpoffTayp-a f; Ta^ evToXas dp Eus | Kat Tas evT. /iou] 
Kai ra irpoaTaypiaTa /J.OV dp Eus: om egjIE Or-gr Chr | Ta 
5i/ca£W(Uara] pr Tra^Ta 1 : tous f o;xoi'S Fhil-codd | om /xou 3° d [ 
Kai Ta vo^ifxa iiovl Kai Tas Kpiaeis Phil-codd: oui (31) Phil-lat | 
Ta I'o^tjua] pr iravTa bw: Ta vop.7}txaTa M : om Ta d 

6 (om totum comma 31) | Kai KaTcoKr}aev AMln] KaTojKTjaev 
5( D(-f Z>sil)i^ rell B Chr: rapuKriaev d( E: [rf] habitauit pere- 
grinatiotie Phil-arm | laaK L 

7 ew7jpo)TT)aav 5e] Kat eTnjpioTijaav bfirw: einjpojTTjaev d€ t: 
om 5e 33'P I om 01 — tottov i" IS'^p | toij tottov i*^] tt;s ttoXcws b | 
Trept I"] pr Isaac IE | pe^EKKas i°] pr tt;s (31) Chr: post avTov 
m I OTi I" A] om i9s''ELM omn SIE Chr | aSe\(pri — TroTf] 
sup ras i^ | 7op] 5c dp | om cnreiv — eariv 2° Chr | om oti 2° 
/)(uid)LMacdegj-q5-vxC2 | 7ui'7;] yvvaiKa dp | airoKTCii'wcriy] 
(aTro/cre^'WCTii' 20): aTro/cTT;rot^(7'(Z' c* | om 01 avdpes 2° — (8) €kel 

L [ TOl' TOTTOV 2"] OV TQTT Slip raS 1^ : TTJS TToXcWS f | pC^fKKaS 2'^} 

pe^cKttS gs : -fTT^s yvvatKos avrov d-gijlprst131E | t^c ujpaia ttj 
o^ei bw I T)v TT) o-ij/ti Edfiprsv'3?£'"p 

8 TToXi'xpofiOs e/cet] iKti ttoXvx- fir^13: (cfet TroXi'c xpco** 
32) I TrapaKi'^as 5e] pr TrapaKif^as d* : Kat TTapaK. qu | om Se 
2° E I a^ifieXex] a/Si/aeXex L: om doplE | om o A*aegjnCj | 

34 €\p€/j.a (paKov] aTTOTptfifjta ^aKijs s | etpavXtaev — TrpwroT. ] a' f^ovdevojatv rjaav ttjv TrpioTOTOKtav M | e«^ai'Xio"ei'] a' e^ou- 
devtxjffev v 



XXVI 20 

A0i/jte\e-)(^ o 0aai\€v<! Tepdpwv Sia tj')>,- 0upiSo<; iSev rov 'Icaaa irai^ovra fiera 'Ff^eKKUs t^? A 
9 ywaiKoii avTov. ^eKoXea-ev Se 'AlSifieXe')^^ rov 'l<raaK kuI el'Trev avra> "Apa ye yvvrj aov eariv ri 

ori eiTTWi ASe\(^j; /xov earcv ; elirev Se ai/Tfo 'laauK liil-rra yap M»; Trore * (ittoOuvo}^ Si' ovtiji'. 
10 enrev ot ai/Tcu Api/J,€A€X li- touto e7roi7j(ja<; >jp,ii' ; /xiKpov eKoip-iiurj rt? tod yevov<; p-ov /xera. 
u ttJs' yvvaiKOf crov, koI €Trrjyaye<; €<f> 7]p,d<; dyvoiav. ^^ crvveTa^ev h'e 'Affip.eXex Trai/Ti tw \aw 

avTov Xeycov lias" o aTTTO/zei^os' tou avOpdy-rrov tovtov r) t/;v yvvaiKO<; avTov Oai'drou evoyo<; ecrrat.^ ^ L 

12 '^ecTTrei/sei' Se Icaa/t eV t^ 7_^ eKetvj}, kul evpev iv tw inavTO) eKelvea eKaToarevovcrav Kpid>')V 

13 ev\oyr]aev Se avroi' Kvpiof. ^^Kai vy{ra)dr] 6 dvdpwKO'i, KaX Trpo^aivcdv pei^cov eyiveTO eoy; ov 

14 p,eya<; eyivero a(f>6Bpa' '^■^eyevero Se ^ avrS^ KTrjinj irpo^aTcov xal kti]vtj jBowv xai yeoiypyia iroWd. 
'i e^V^uxrav he avrov o! ^uXccmeip,' ^^xal iravTa to. (fipeara & wpv^av 01 iratSe? tov •trarpo'i avrov 

16 ev T&) ■^povo) TOV Trarpo'i avrov, ivetf)pa^av avrd ol '^vXiarielp, Kal evXr}<Tav avrd yri<i. ^^ehrev 

17 oe A^ipeXe')^ Trpo? 'Icrac'iK "A-rreXOe d(f>' rjpLwv, ori, hvvard>repo<; ti/jloiv eyevov <Ttf)6Bpa. '^^al 

18 airrjXOtv exeWev laaaK ical KareXvaev ev rrj (f>npayyi Tepdpoyv, Kal KaraiKTjaev iicel. '^/cat irdXl.v 

laauK dipv^ev rd (ppeara rov v8aro<; d wpv^av 01 Tral8e<{ 'A/3padp, rov Trarpo? avrov Kal eve- 
(ppa^av avTa 01 (^vXianelp, perd to diroOavelv ' A^padp, toi' irarepa avrov- Kal i'jrwvop.aaev 

ly avToi'i ovopara Kara ra ovopara a wvopaaev 'A^padp o irarrjp avrov. ^'^dipv^av Se at TratSe? 

20 s.(7aaK ev rrj (papayyi I epapojv, Kai evpov e/cet ^peap voaros Qa}vro<;. ■'"Kai, epa'x^eaavro 01 rroi.peve'i 
Tepapayv /lerd ruiv iroipevoyv 'IcaaK, (pdaKovre'i avrwv ecvai ro vScop- Kal eKaXeaev to ovofia rov 

8 om A*(hab A") | ir^foira E 9 airoBavri A 10 touto E''] tov E* 

II tfavaTOK evoxoi eaTai sup ras circ 40 litt A" 12 rivXayrjaer Z)E 13 /leil^ov E 

14 at/Tw] ai/TT? A 18 evoi'Ofj'.affev E 20 TroL^aife^, Trotfiaivuv A 

yepapaf] (pvXicmeifi acj(mg)mos(mg)xCj3[: om LbirwlS | dm 
TTjs ^fptSos] om egj : om tt^s o | om tov L*filr | taaK L [ 
(iraL^oi^Td] avfovaia^ovra 32) | pe^eKas g 

9 cKaXeffey 5e] Kat eKaX. f : om 5e d | a^ip-^XeK L | (om tov 
31) I LaaaK i'^] tcraK L | om ye fra | eaTiv i*^] erat % \ tl oti] 
iva Tl 1 : om ti L : om oti egj : et qtiare 3 : rf IS | ima.i\ ciTres 
m: eiTTfS oti dp: +oti ELegjl'31 | om axna 1" LegjmIE | isaaK 
2°] t(7aK L: +7rpos a^ip^eXex m ] eiira] eiirov dilpr^ : etwoj t \ 
om xore Dh | avT-rjv] airrrjs n 

10 om totum comma L | om aiToi EcdegjpEP | irfTroii/KOS 
1 I om Tjfiiv Chr | eKoifj-ijO-r}] pr Kat c ; post Tts bw | toi' 7^1/01'^ 
fiov] pr ei- bw: om E | fjr7;7a7f!] +av Z>''Macegijmn(uid)oq- 
vxc, Chr I e<f> ijwat] super me }3"p1S: ( + ai' 25) | a7i'0ia>'] 
a7i'0ia m ; {a/xapTtav 20) 

1 1 a/3ij[i€Xex] rex lE*^ : om I£^p ] om iravTi Chr | om ai'Toi' 
1° s I (om \eyojv 25) | aTrro/iet'Os] a^ajuecos h{o\pap.evos I*} 
bnw I oiv. 7) — ai'TOU 2° 15 | >;] koi bdpwJS™ | LMcqs-vx 

12 fv TW — exeifu] post Kpifftiv Chr: om IE: (om fKeivw 18) | 
{KpiBtjv] pr T7]v 23) I Se 2°] 7ap Chr | ics avTOv I | Kvptos'\ pr 
Mcdegiip : deo! Chr : + o Si f irE'P 

13 (om Kat 1° — avffptoTTO^ 25) | f^oi^T;] tjv^tjOij E | /cat 2** — 
e7ii'eT0 2"] e( crescebat et crescebat IE' : creseebat IEp : et creiiit 
IE' I Kai 2°] + eiropeveTO Koi a : + CTopevero cmoxCj | irpoafiatvuv 
X I /ietfoj*] pr KOI cmoxCj | e7ti»6To 1°] £7ei'eT0 Ebd-jmnpqrtu | 
om ettjs — e7ti'eTo 2° dm Or-gr^ | (oy] +5e 31) | (;ue7as] fxeyaXtj 
128) I C7tvero 2" Ac] E7ei'eT0 £fi'^EM rell 313 Phil-arm-lat Or 
Chr Thd-syr(uid) | tr^oSpa] om m : + tr^oSpa Or-gr-lat J 

14 KTTjvri 1° — ^oujv] bones et ones Thd-syr: om irpo^aTuiv 
Kai KTTfvrj nsCj : om kttjvti 2° fE : om /tat d | nai 2°] iKava I | 
(ttoXXo] TTo/iTroXXa 32) | aiToc] ai'Tti/ cegj | 0tXiaTtet^ Mdfgiln 


15 om Kal 1° — (f>v\iaTieifi g | om a h* [ jratSes] -^rov 
afipaafjL rov laaaK m | tov irarpoi avTov i°] a^paafj. s(mg)S : 
om Chr: om tou TroTpos /^Ehi'lquSB : { + a^paaix 30) | om 
ev — ai'Tot/ 2" bfjm Phil-arm-lat | xpo*'^] + a^paafj. actiopxCjE: 
i + rrji TrapotHas 32} | om oiiTa 1" er*3 | om 01 0i/\t(rTi£iy[i b 
Chr I (piXiaTieifj, dfilii-quvlS | eirXija'av] €vetr\Tjjav afhinor 
Chr: {eTrXijpwirav 71) | om oura 2° Chr 

16 (Trpos] TU 2 j) I iira/c n | (oTrfXSc] tfeXfle 32) | om rifiuv 
2" fEP Phil-lat' I om tr^oSpa Phil-lat° 

17 laaaK eKeiOev Z)blw | om ttraaK c^ Chr | KaTe\va€v'\ 
KaroiKiiaev E Chr: deuerleriint '& \ om tt) 1 | om Kai Karu)- 
KTjaev cK€i E Chr | KaTuiK7]iT£v] KaT€ffKi}vwa€v qu 

18 tupi'^e;'] -J-e/cet efgi^'jr | om Ta 1° r | om tou vSaToi Or- 
lat I a^paafi i"] post airrou 1° (30.76) E : om c Chr | om /cot 
eveiftpa^av — aiTOi/ 2° Z) | (e^pa^ai/ 73.128) | om aiTa f | 0i/X(- 
ariei^'] tpv\i(TTuiv u{uid): ^tXto-Ttetw MbdfilnopvlS'"' | om 
ajSpaa/t 2° h | om Toi' Trarepa avTov n | (om tok 83) | tvwvo- 
fiaaiv] (eniiivo^affav 79): €Tre&T]K€v Chr: posuit 3 Or-lat ' | om 
ovofxara i^ — wvo^atxev c^ \ om Kara Ta ovoy-ara /'dplE | Kara] 
Kai qu I uivo^aaev Abnquw] €7rct)/'o;xao'ci/ ZJEMe-jmo*r: eiro;- 
vop.aa€v aiToty aclo^stvx : posuerat Or-lat^: -fai/rotj dp3-ed 
3315: -I- aura (30) 3-codd | appaayi 3"] paa^a sup ras i^: om 
Ebdhlnpqs*t-w33 Or-lat .1 \ om irarrjp aiTou E [ avrov 3°] 
+ ovofjiaTa C2 

19 upv^av de AnJ3] /cat upufai' D(Kat i>>...)EM rell Or-gr 
Chr I om ev — yepapav Chr | ti;] tw c | fi'poi'] eupai' Esv: 
evpev Ddr Or-lat | om e/cet htlE Chr 

20 5i(piax«ravTo (32) Thdt(uid) | tuaa/c] pr tou EMtv | 
ai'Twi'] auTw o | to vduip] puteunt 3-ed | eKaXe(jev'\ eKa\ecav 
bf*quwxc2 : eTFbivoiija(jev \\^[notninanerunt 33*) | to ovop-a — 
eKeivov'\ TO ov. avTov 1: {<ppeaTa 16) [ <^peaTos] Toirov bfw : 

XXVI 10 a7>'0ia>'] a'a' w\T]ixiJLe\T)p.a M(sine nom)jsv 


20 f/ttaxfcravTo] o' eoi/cacravTo Mjsv(sme nom js) 


XXVI 20 


A (f>peaTO<; eKeivov 'ABtKLa' rjhiicTjaav yap avrov. ^^aTrapwi Be laaciK eKeWev wpv^ev <f>piap STepov 21 
eKpivovTO Se Kal irepl eKeivov, Kal eTra)v6p,aaev to ovofia avrov 'K')^0p[a. ^-a7rapa<; Se eKeWev 11 
wpv^ev ^peap erepov, Kal ovk ifjiay^ecravro Trepl avrov • Kal eTrtovofiaaev to ovofia avTov ErptiT^wpia, 
Xe7ft)!' AioTi vvv iirXdrvvev Ts.vpi,o<; tj/xlv Kal rjv^rjaev rifia<i eirl t?}9 7^?. ^^dve^rj 8e eKeldev tirl 23 
TO (j)peap Tov opKOv. ^'^Kal ux^di} avrui Kupto? ev rf} vvktI eKeivt], Kal ehrev '£705 elp-i o 6eo<; 24 
'A/8poa/x TOV irarpo'i crov firj (f)o/3ov- fierd crov yap elfii, Kal evXoyijao) ae Kal ifK-qOvvSi to 
crwep/xa aov Bid A^padp. tov iraTepa aov. ^^kuI wKoBop.tjaev eKei dvata(TTtjpLov Kal eireKaXeaaTO 25 
TO 6vop,a Kvplov, Kal eTrij^ev eVet rrjv (tktjvijv avTOv' (hpv^av Be eKel 01 iratSe? 'IcraaK ippeap. 
^^Kal 'A0ip,eXex eTropevOr] Trpof avTov diro Tepnp(i)v,Kai '0-)(o^d6 o vvp,(f}ayo)y6<i avTov Kal ^ikoX 26 
o dp')(^i<TTpdT7jyo'i TJ}? Bvviip,6(i)<i avTov. ^T Kal elirev avTol>i laaaK' Iva rt ip^Oare 'jrpo<i p,e; vfieK 27 
Be ep.i<TriaaTe pe Kal aTreaTeiXaTe fie d(^' vpwv. ^^Kal enrav IBovtc; ecopaKapev oti ■>)v K.vpio'i 28 
fierd aov, Kal ei' Teveaffio dpd dvd /^eaop rjpwv Kal dvd p,eaov aov, Kal Sia6riaop.eda fxeTa 
aov BiadijKTjv ^'ip.Tj TToiijaeiv p,e6' i]p<Ji)v KaKov, KaOori »;/j,et? ae ovk e/SBeXv^dpeOa, Kal bv Tpoirov 29 
ej(^p>jfj,edd aoi KaXw9 Kal e^aTreaTet,Xa/j,ev ae p,eT elpijvij'i- Kal vvv av evXoyrjTOi; vtto Kvpuov. 
^°Kal iiroLrjaev avTOK Bc^i^v, Kal et^ayov Kal eviov. ^^Kal dvaaTdvTe<i to vpoyl wpoaav dv6p(OTro<; 3° 

27 eiJ.(i.<rrio-aTe A 

22 e;iax';<ra'"'0 E 24 dia] 5i E 

29 voiTjaiv E 1 KdKov A*{uid)] KaKa A*^ | eKjSSeXi'^a^e^a A 


+ T07rou Chr-ed | om eKuvov Z)^''EMac(uid)e-hjmnoqrsuvxC2 
3U8 Or-lat Chr | aSi/cia] aSiKiav acoc^: adoKia g: (ppeap aSiKia! 
13E<:f I avTOvl + 01 TTOi/xei'es 1 

21 aTrapavTC! m | laaaK] post CKeiBev ilr331E : om Macfmn 
oqs(txt)u-Cj'3 Chr | apviav m | om eKpivovro — (22) erepov Em | 
eKpivovTo] pr /tai n: eKpivov I | om Kai 1° i* | (eKeiyov] tovtov 
32) I Kai eirwi'.] eirujv. de acnoxc^ ] ro ovo/xa airoi'] avro Chr | 
avTov] TOV TOTTov eKeivov bf | ex&piCL] exSpa. 1st Phil ex*^po.v Chr 5 

22 om be 1 | icpvk^av s | (h'at ovk e^iaxe<^o.vTo] eKpivovro be 
Kat 73) ] /cai tTTtij*'.] eno:v. Se dfipx | evpvx(^pmv cmx | vvv] ks ac 
Cj ; om o I Kvpios] pr egj ; post ri^iiv SIE : om acc^ : + ffi fi^'r | 
rip.iv] rjp.(jiv f I T>)s yrii] ttjv yqv n : om 77)5 (spat 2 litt reHct) g 

23 avelif] be] et viigraiiit IE: Ka.i eiropevdrj Kai avejiij Ens | 
eKeidev] (pr e/cei 1 8): avu}0ev Chr: om 1 Eus 

24 auTM] post Kvpiot Eus | Kvptos] pr p : o Oi (ir: Angeliis 
Dei 1£P: +o8i egjE' | enev] +avTw filrBIE | eya] pr ecce IE | 
deos] pr its c^ | om afipaa/i i"^1E'p I'hildat | fitj (pojiov] post 
ei/u 2° n I om 7ap 33"1£ [ €v\oy7}aitj]{ev\oyT]aa |6): -qvXoyqKa 
Z'EMacdeghjopqs-vxC2B"P Phil-lat | om afipaap. 2" Phil-lat | 
TOV Trarepa] tov irps cl | ffov 4**] + p.7} <^o^ov pLera aov yap eip-i Kat 
ev\oyt](Tw (Te KaL ttXtjOvvu to ffweppa aov bi afipaapi tov irpa aov 1 

25 Svaiaarripiov] + toi ioS Edf ipstlE' : + ku Irc^ : + Domino 
Deosito^^^^ I eireKaXeaaro] eireKoKeaero i\'. (cire/caXecaf to 1 8) : 
eKa\eae c: eirwro/xaffe dps(txt)v(txt) : +eKei. Eir'3-ed | to ovo/xa] 
€7ri Tw ovop.aTt 1: {ev tw ovo/xarL 32) | Kvptov] +Tov 6v firlE | 
eKei 2"] om m: ev ttj <papayyt yepapuv M(mg) | auTou] + ev tt] 
(papayyi yepapu}v 1 | ujpv^av be] Kai wpv^av Chr : om be g | eKei 
3"] post taaaK xE: post tppeap c \ ^peap] pr eKet 1: pr ei* tt] 
(papayyi yepapojv Edeghjpstvc^ (om tt} egj): +ev tt) e^apayyt 
yepapwv bw : { + €v tf>apayyt yepaptov 32) : +ev tu (ppeari yepapujv 

26 ((.>ni TTpos aVTOv 25) ) yepapujv] + i/>s£ 13^^ | oxoi^a$] 
oxoi^aT a: oxoi^ab I: x^f^T dp: oxo^ax D \ (avTov \^] +aTop.a 
iravTojv 108) I om Kai tpiKoX — avTov 2*^ f | (piKoX ADa*] 0txw\ 
c'3 : fp^X'^X ** : <f>t^ox dpc^ : tpiXoxos Jos ; 0t\wx ' : </>tXo\ u : 

^iX egj: 0iXwx m: 0ixoX EMa''' rell: Pichol B | om 2° 
dCj I (crrpaTT)70s 14) | om tijs Si'vo/teur c^ Chr(uid) 

27 om auTois slE | iffaait] pr e | TjXdere Ma-gh'''ijq-u\v 
Cj I i)/xeis n I 5e] 5?/ 1: yap (32) Or-Iat "3 I om /xe 2° am | 
a7reo"TetXaT6] e^aTreaTeiKare />''EMabcefgi-morwxC2 : eiecistis 
Or-lat I om jxe 3° dgj*pC2'3 Chr | Tipii>v gl 

28 Kat r-'] 01 be qu | eiTraf] ftTTo;' adopr* ; dixit 3£^: 4-ai'T(j 
bfilrwS I tSoi-Tcs] + ire egjloqsuvxc, | euipaKap.ev]eijipatxev z.aiy.: 
opuip.ev lc2(t*'p-) : eibo/xev m | -qv] post Kvptos bciw : et n : est Or- 
lat : om dp Chr | Ki'ptos] pr o cm : Dens B'P : + Dens H"^' | 
om Kttt 2"^ — aov 3*^ w | etTra^ev] enrop.ev acdm*(uid)otxC2 : et-jruj- 
pLev bp I yeveadio apa] yeveadai apav Chr | apa] opKos s(mg) 
C2(mg) : om c ] -rjpiojv] pr aXXT^Xuj;^ Kai ai^a p.eaov cx'3(om Kat): 
vp.tjjv 1 : aov b1£ : mei iS'i* | Kat ai'a fxeaov aov] om c^ : om af a 
pLeaov d Or-lat -^ | aov 2°] ij/xuv b1£ | btadTjaopieOa] btaSijaw- 
fxeda n: oiaOuj^ieda f: biadop-eOa o: btadrjaopat E | btadi}KT}v 
p-era aov acmoxc^ B Chr 

29 TroiT^ffetJ'] ironjaai bw : 7rot7;o'i n : iroi-qaeis fo : {Tronjatjs 
79) : TTot?; m 1 {p-ed] Kad 32) | KaKo^] pr pL-qbev E : KaKa A^ | 
(KafloTi] Kadus 32) I rjpeis — e^SeXv^.] pr Kai dplSluid) : okk 
e^beXv^. ae rjpets bw j vp.ets 1 | ae ovk efibeXv^,] ovk ejibeXv^. 
ae Chr : tii/iii peccaiiimus tibi 31 : om ire oc^ | e^beXvi,apLeda] 
e^beXv^opLeda m : e(ibeXvaaope6a dp j expvP-^^<^ A] exp^aap.eda 
/>i'EM omn aE(uid| Chr | Kai 2°] + iiune U'p | ae 2°] aoi 
fmw I Kai vvv — Kvpiov] bis scr(om av)c^ : om 33'^ : om vvv a | 
av euXoYT^TOs] pr eau] ej : av evXoyripevos dpt Clir j: evXoyrjp.evos 
av bwlE Chr i : (ci'Xo77;^fi/os et av 18): {earj evXoytjros av 25): 
eai] evXoyqros g : om av c^ Phil-lat | Ki'piou] dv egj : + rov dv 

30 (auTOts] ai'Toi'S 14. 16.25. 130) I Soxv] <''^""""""' '""£• 
«?/w Or-lat : iu7-a/fien/ujnlE^^ \ Kat cTrio*'] om d]i: -J- Kai CKOt/tT/- 
6-qaav f 

31 om Kai I" — at'TOU i'^ dp | c^ai'airTai'Tes fi j to] tw E* 
(to E*)bcfgqrt*(iiid)uC2 Chr | u/xoaev EbefgijlrlwCjlS Chr | av- 
SpwTros] aPot m: fKaiTTos Iij^'w Chr | Tio] irpos tov (20) Chr | 

20 aSiKta — ai'To;'] a' avKo^avrtav tavKocpavrtjaav yap aiTov jsv(sine nom js: om ai'Toi' v) | aStKta] a' avKoipavria a' eavKotpav- 
TTjaav M 26 »'i';U0a7W7Os] a' trui'eTepos M 



xxvii 6 

TO) TrXrjaLOV avrov' Kal i^aveareiXev avTOv<; 'IcraaK, Kal airio^omo inr avrov fiera cra)T77/)ia?. A 
31 yiyeveTO Be eu ry -ijf^epa iiceivrj Kal irapayevofjievoi 01 TratSe? 'lo-an/c uTn^yyeiKav avrw irepi tov 

33 d)peaTO<; ov oipv^av, Kal elirar Ov-)(^ evpop.ev vBcop. 33«at eKaXecrev to ovofxa avrov "OpK0<;- '8t« §11' 
rovTO eKuXeaev to ovofia t;) iroXei ^l>piap opKov, ea)<; rr]? cn]p.epov i)fiepa<;. 

34 34'Hi' Se 'Ho-au eTwv TeaaepaKOvra Kal eXa^ev yvvaiKa 'lonSiV, Bvyarepa Berjp tov Xerratoy, 

35 Kal Tr]v Maa-efip,dd, dvyarepa AtXcap. tov Viiialov ^^Kal })aav ipi^ovaai tw Icj-aiiK Kai ttj 

I *''E76VeTO Se fieTii to yr)pdaai •'Icraa/c* Kal rj/x^Xvvdr}(rav o! 6<p6aXfiol avTov tov opav, Kai XXVII 

eKaXeaeu 'Haav tov vlov avTOv tov Trpea^vTepov Kal eiTrev avTw Tie fiov. Kal enrev avT(o loov * 2 
' 67&). ''Kal elirev 'ISoii yeyrjpaKa, Kal ov yivuxTKCO ttjv I'^fiepav t?;? reXeuT^? p.oV ^vvv ovv Xa^e 

4 TO OKevof;, ti]v re (jjapeTpav Kai to to^ov, Kal e^eXOe ek to Trehiov Kal di'jpevaov p.01 dtjpav ■'/cat 
TTOiijcrov fJLOi ehearfiaTa ax; (piXw eyat, Kal eveyKov fioi 'I'va (f>dyo}- otrax; evXoyrjar) <re rj "^vxi t^-ov 

5 Trpo ToO aTToOaveiv fie. ^'Ve^exKa Be fjKovaev XaXovvTO^ '\cranK Trpo? 'Hcrai; toi" viov avrov' 

6 eiropevOr) Be 'Hcai) ei<; to ireBiov drjpevaai, di/pav Ta> iraTpl avTOv. ^'Pe^eKKa Be elirev ttjOO? 

3 cKcvoi sup ras A'''(toJo;' A*"'"") | n-oiSioi' AE 

5 vaiSiov A 

avrov i*^] avTwi' m ; om bw | avrovs] ai'Tois m ] {awiJxovTo] 
airepxovTat 79: +56 32) | air — au}TT]] om m : 0111 aTr avrov 
1£ I air] ix€r c^ | {fiera aojrrjpias] (v (Lp-qvy) 20) 

32 TT apay ivoiifvoL — ai'Tw] aTr7;77e£\a»' laaaK oi iraioty avrov 
d I -KapaytvopLivoL] TrapayevapLevoi En : Traptyivovro i\H \ ain]y- 
7et\av] pr Kai fi^r | om avroj m | (ppearos] + rov opKOv s | Kai 
etira*'] ijuoi^ ^ \ eLiraf — nSwp] non imietieruni aquam in eo IE 
(om non S*^) | etTrav] ei-wov dfpt^': +aurai abmowxc^: eiTrof 
ouToi c I om ovx fS-codd 

33 {fKaXecref i°] ^KoK^aav 79) | to ovop.a avrov A/)n] 
airru adfl*pqu: ai/ro EMI=' rell SBE Phil Chr : avrov Cyr | 
opkos] opKo;- Chr Cyr: (oikos 107): fo/Zi; 3-codd : Bersa- 
beck ll"^ I iKaXtaiv 2° — TroXfi] nomen est ciuitatis itliiis iL | 
^KoKeG^v ro 2'^] eKaXeffav to fIS : eKXtjOT] ro 1*03 : om acmox^ : 
om TO /^'^''Meghjqsuv | ro 2° — TroXci] (T17 TroXet ovofia 79): tt; 
jroXfi (7!s) IE I rjj TToXei] + eKetvrj bwCg^ : tou roirov ^KCiVov dp j 
tpptap opKoi'] iitra?iientuni H^P ; Bi^rsabt'ch lE"^ | op^oc] pr tou 
fir 1 rrji\ r-qv i | a-qpLepoi' -qfj-epas] rip.. rtjs (rrip.. aco : om rjpepai 
f Cyr-ed 

34 T/i* 5e] pr cV li, I T/a-au] ttraa^ n | r^aaapaK. trwy acdm 
orsvxCjlS I yvvaiKa] yvvaiKai dpxc^: om Chr: +ri ovopaav^ \ 
iovdiv Adpt] pr r-qv bw Ch (loufiet^) : lovSeiv Z)EMgjqrbUv: 
iovSt}V e : luiiivi 93"' : iovdid mnc^ : ioi'6et6' aco : LovSijd hlx : 
Judith ^ Phil-Iat : a55a;' f: a5av sup ras (6) i^ | Qvyar^pa i" 
Ai>''bw Chr] pr ri[V EM rell: om 3l-cod | jSe»;p] /iaitjp Megj : 
^eripei. x : (/37;pi 20) : Beihcr 3L : tiyjprp' dp : fffTja a : /SfTjX orc^ 
JB" : /3an;X Ec Chr: (fitior 83(uid)): aiXaii/ i" : oXwi' f: eXoip. 
bw : (eXa/t 108): Heber Anon* 1 rov x^rrai.ov\ rov ivaiov bw : 
Ccutfui % I om Kat 2° — euatof ^^P | om tt^i/ c^ j paaepp^O 
AEh*r''']/nao'f/i^og: {p.a(iep.p.av 18): /aa<7f/noSj(mg)r*w3-codd : 
pLa(T€p.ap. e: pLaaepia (71) ^-ed : ptaaffipa j(txl)n: fiaaedap. b: 
§ Mcloqs-vCj: §ac!ep.a6 xlS"''"'''' Chr: Basemat Anon°: 
{paaep.p^a 14.77): ^ m: Bassemat 5t : iieaaepaff a: 
(itdfaad wio'f^-': ^aaevaixaB /)(uid) : Barlianath Phil-lat" : 
Barhatnath Phil-lat°: a( dp: e\t^(pa fi" | (flu7aTepa 2"] 
pr tt;!/ 71) j atXu/i AEgjx] eXw/i er Chr: aioiap. D: eSupL n: 


aiXui' Ma'chstvc^: eXuv a'''dlmopqulL : Helon Anon': (eXa^ 
79: eSwv 16): ^ewp b: ^aiuip w: ava ftiryaTepa cre^cyuv fi^' 
(Si/7aT7;p) I TOU euaiou] Tou creuaiou 1: Eucliei IL: rov x^rraiov 
E(x"~y)bwx : om tou D^'' 

35 epifouiTai] +/;«!<:•</««(.• IL | tijJ tijv cm | pe/SfKKOv c 
XXVII 1 /xeTo to] «>> Tu bw | iiraax] pr to;' adegjnpc,dj 
Chr Cyr-ed | om koi i° blmwli Tlidt | -qp^XwOriaav] rj^^Xv- 
d-qaav bw : TfppXvwB-qaav mo : Tpi^Xvonrrioav /^(i;/JX.)E(i;i'/3X.)iIr| 
auTou ot otpOaXpoi d | rov opav'\ rov p.Tj opav Ddmpv,- : et tiihii 
iiiilfhal It: (om 25: om tou 107) | om Koi 2" 313 | iKaXtoev^ 
+ ttraaK acegjmprlE'^ 1 r\aav\ post avrov 2*^ d: om acegjlmpr ( 
Trpfiff^vripov~\ irpuroroKov Cyr | om *co( 3" — ^yw E j om auTW 
1° bwB' I om ixov — (2) uirev E | om piov bdhprtwd^lL | om 
Kai 4° — e7U gii3"(hab w5e i") | (om Kai (iT(v avrw 2° 14) | «roi 
4°] 5e fr3-edlL | avrw 2° AS] irpos auTOv acoxc^: om />''M 
rell B'PiL Cyr | (om €70 i8> 

2 kai 6i7re>] tV is dicit ei 31 : tnrev Se avru dfiptd^ : + auTu 
/).\Iehj-nqsuJ3'''1E1i | i5ou] pr iffaaK dfiniptdjlL : +£7(j)d-gij 
prslvdj^JS" Alh Chr Cyr-ed | om Kai 2° (31) B'^ | yivaaKu] 
oi5a Cyr-ed | (ttji' — reXevrrjs] rrfv rtXtvr-qv 30) 

3 {pvv'\ -H vu 37) I TO ffKivos A] (Ta OKtvi} 32) : om Phil- 
lal": -t-o-ou ZJsiiEM omn SISIL Phil-arm-lat" Chr Cyr | r-qv — 
roiov] arcuni i-t p/um-tiarii '3, \ om Te o | T0 2'']Toi'q | ro^ov] 
+ aov E13 I om Kai 2" — ffyjpav g | f^ijXOev s | (eis ro TreSiov] 
pr ets aypav 32: us O-qpav 20) | dtjpaaov m 

4 e7iij tpiXw sv3l I om ^70? IE Phil-arm-lat | ei'e7K0»' AEi^'r] 
rjveyKe c: eveyKe Z>''Mi* rell Chr Cyr | oirusj kai bw31t | 
(euXo77;ff77 at] pobt ^ou 83) | cuXo7T70"ct Z'Ebdimnprw^ [ irpo 
TOU Am] wpiv ri bdi*(uid)opwdj Chr: irpiK ZJ^'EMi^' rell 

5 p(li(Ka g I TiKovaev] ijiouc qu : (et7)K0i«re 20): ut audi- 
tiit 5L I XaXoucToj icraak] laaaK XaXou^'Tos egjx : (ttraak- XaXoui'- 
Tos aiTOU 14) I om Tjirau 1° 3 | (om 5c 2° 108) | ffTjpa;"] 
eijpa/ia g 

6 iiTTiv 5e pe^^KKa *31£ Chr | pe/SckKa 5eJ Kai pt^fKKa bw : 
om 5e g*; ■\-T)Kov(r€ XaXovvros ravra Kai d | (om irpos 1° 18*) | 

31 p.(ra ffMTijpias] 01 X pier (iprivr]S M : ev eipijvn s 32 fupo/xey] 01 X evpop.ev M 

33 opKos] a' TrX-qa piovri M 35 epij'ouiroi] irup. ouk euopeffTouirai jCj, : ovp. Kai 

XXVII I rip^Xwdi^aav^ a' \yf\pavpwdT}aav r]a0€vj}aav M 


€/3p. irapop7ifov<roi j 



A ^'laKtoyS* TOP vlov avTrj'i Tov eXdaffo) "ISe iyco rjKovcra tov waTpo'; crov XaXovpro^ Trpo? Uaav tov 
aBe\(f)6v crov XeyovTO<i ^"EveyKov fioi, 6tjpav Kal •jro'iTqcrov fioi eheafxara, iva <j)ay(ov evXoyr]cra> ae 
^ Z> ivavrlov Kujotoy^ irpo tov cnroOavelv /xe. ^iwv ovv, vie, ciKovaov fjuov KaOa iyco evTeXXofiai aof 
^Kol 7rop€v6el<; et? Ta irpo^aTa Xa/Se fxoL eKuOev hvo epicpovi aTraXov<; Kal KaXov<:, Kal Troiijato 
avTov; eoeafiara rtp irarpt, aov a>9 cpiAei' km eiaoicreiv too irarpu crov Kat, (payerai, otto)? 
evXoyijcry ere 6 TraTtjp aov irpo tov airoOaveiv avTov. ^^enrev Be laKw^ Trpo'i 'VejSeKKav ttjv 
/XTjrepa aJroO "Earn' 'Haav 6 d8eX(j)6'; fiov ciprjp Baav<;, eyw Be uvrjp Xeto?- ^-firj vrore -yjrrjXatpi^crrj 
fie 6 iraTrfp fiov, kuI eaofiai evavTiov avTOV o)? KaTa^povSiv, Kai, eira^u) e-jr ijxavTov KaTcipav kuI 
ovK evXoyiai'. 'SetTrei' Be avTW ij fitJTrjp 'Ett ep-e i) KaTapa aov, TeKVov p.ovop viraKovaov Ti'i'i 
(payvfj'; pov, Kal TropevOeh eveyKal jmoi. ^*Tropevdel<i Be eXa/Sep Kal tjpeyKep tPj p.rjTpl, Kal eTrolrjaep 
■f) fj.iJTTjp avTOV eBeafiaTa Kada e^iXet, 6 TraTrjp avTOv. ^^Kai Xa/3ovaa Ve^eKKa Tr]v aToXi]v 
§ k 'Hcraii TOV vlov avTr/i; tov TrpeajSvTepov ^Trjp KaXrjP, i) i)p irap avTy ep tw o'Ikw, Kal eveBvaev 
^laKOi^ TOP vlop avTrj<; top peanepop' ^^Kal to, BepfiaTa twp epi<p<op TrepieOt^Kep eirl Tovt; ^pa'xiopa'i 
avTov Ka\ iwl to, yvp,pa tov Tpa')(^i'jXov avTov- '^'^ Kol eBcoKep Ta eBeap,aTa Kal tov; apT0V<i ov^ 
eTToirjaep et? to? yelpai; *'Ia/fft)/3* tov vlov avTrj'i. ^^kuI elai'/peyKep tw iraTpl avTov' elirep Be 
TlaTep fiov 6 Be elirep 'IBoii eydf '*Tt9 el av, tSkpop ; ^'^Kal eiirep 'Ia«a)/S o vio? avTov TtS iraTpi 

6 iaKU|3] KTOOK A 

9 atpLtpovs A 

1 1 Xios AE 

17 la/cwfl pe^eKKas A 

18 Tis] pr 5e enref A 

(D) EMa-j (k )l-xc^d^ai33ElL' 

om MKa^ Chr | viov aurrjs top] bis scr w* | om a\iT-qi E | tov 
cXacrcrw] tw eXaaaiij g: rov vcwrepov bdfi*mps(txt)vwd2 : om 
aoxc^S Phil-arm-lat | i5e] pr Xtyowa acoxc^'S : ijSe Mhqrsu : 
oi5e I : liov cefgioCj : om Phil-lat | om eyu Phil-arm-lat | 
rov — XaXoi/JTos] 'KoXowto^ rov Trp? (rov bdfimnptd^: XaXoi/i'Tos 
t(TaaK TOV TTpt <rov w | (XaXoimros] Xeyovro^ 32) \ om rjaav ^ | 
om TOi' aSeX^ov iroi< dpd^ | rof 3°] bis scr m | 'SiyoPTOt] pr Kai 
Chr: ((cac eiirev 32): om fn!B 

7 ej/e7itoj'] ei'e7« Mac-fhi*j-npv(?ex corr)xCjd,Chr : Sr/pev- 
aov bw I (om ixoi 1° 16) | om Bripav — p.01 1° n | e5c<r/aa r | 
iva] Kai a-dmops(txt)v-d,5B3l | (payoiv] <payu Kai. fi*aB'P: 
om 5E I ev\oyT)<ra ire] evXoyrjai) ire i) ^I'XI M"^ f I om eva.vTLOv 
Kvpiov i* I (evumov 128) | Kvpiov] +rov 60 {\'r | om Trpo — p-e 
bw I Tpo Tov] irpiv h | ix( oTroffai'ei;' dfi*mpsvCjdj 

8 we] rcKvovX: + p.ov cmqii3B | akone Chr-ed | piov] fwi 
E I KaBa — ffoi] Tijs <t>uivT]% 1 | Kada] \aSus w: Kai c | aoi eyoi Chr | om cyu wBiS | evrcWopiat <roi Aacffi-reXM- 
pai)moxc^'M] (TOI evreWopai EMf'ifvTcXt^ i*) rell IL(uid) 

9 Jtai 1° — (11) eya Sc] ualde mutila in IL | tis ra wpo^ara] 
in agriim 3 | om ixoi g | om cKeiBev IE | f/)i0oi<s] + caprariun 
Phil-arm | oTraXous Kai /taXous] bo)io\s cl tfni]ros IL | riTraXous] 
primogenitos IE'p : om lE'^ : -f re egj | Kai koXoi's] om 1 : om 
Kai BE I Troir](rvi\ i!on]<rov f1£P : /ac cito Phil-lat : -I- eyoi m | 
om avrovi blmw | om ws — (10) aov 1° dmpc^ 

10 oTTW! (v\oyr]ar\] et benedicet 3E | ivKoyrfau Eabdinpqr 
u\v I Trarijp aov] ij ^vxf} avrov f : om i3"'l£ | avrov arrodaveiv 
svw I avrov] (fie 107): om bdmpdj 

11 om Trpos — avTov d | pefieKKav] pe^eKKa d^: om Chr \ 
eariv] ecce E Phil-arm: om 33" | i)<rau] post p-ov cfiSlEP Chr: 
om bdempwd, | avrip i°] oi^os E | om avrip 2° egj2 Phil- 

12 ,117; TTore] pr el IE: 4- oiry w | tj/rjKaipriaei dnprsv | om 

Hov di'pqsuvdj Phil-lat Chr | eira^a] eiaeveyKU 1 : adducat Phil- 
lat I err efxavrov] err epavru) c^ : om err bdtw : ep.avrw ei*lmnp 
Chr : eir avrov Ef*s : {err avrov 79) 

13 eiTrei' — (15) outtjs 2°] ualde mutila in iL | avru] post 
p.rirr}p m : om cf | 7) P-VTVp] avrov n : + airrov acf i^oprxc^^lBiL 
(uid) I T] Karapa aov] maledii/io ista 31 Phil-lat': om aov Phil- 
arm j vnaKovaov] ewaKovaov Ebfl-qstxd2 Thdt : aKovaov d | tt;s 
i/)wj'7;s] post ^ou Iqu : om blE | eveyKai AUhlnoc.^] eveyKOv i^^i: 
eveyKe Mi* rell Chr | p-oi] -J-T/cau s 

14 TTopevdeit de] [tV a]diit lacob IL : (om 5e 83) | r-q p.T]rpi] 
{rrjv 14. 1 30*): + avrov Mac-gi-ptxc2dj'3333L(uid) Chr | 
ewoiT} c I om ij p.r}Tijp avrov p^E Chr | 7/ ptjrijp] T}fxas s | KaOa] 
KaOws d-gjp I eipiXei] amat % 

15 pelieKKa] pr t; {20) Chr: + muter eiits IS \ om ijaav o'M. 
Chr I avrrjs i°] at'roi' dp | irap afr?;] -jra bis scr d2 : irap avrijs 
ci*(uid)n : om IB \ ev ru oikw] (ev rrt oiKia 73): om IE: +e!iis 
IS I om Kai 2'' EMbd-ij^'kln-qluwdj'aB'P Chr | eveSvaev] 
+ avrT]v bwT-A [avrov cod) | om laKu:^ c | rw viu) avrijs rw 
vewrepiij 1 

16 epitftojv] atYw** M(mg): +rwv a(7wi' ackxCj | irepiedTiKev] 
eB-qKev egj: ligauit 33 | om etfi i° — Kai 2" egj | en i°] jrept 
bdfimprsvwdj Chr | em 2°] Trepi brw | ra yvpiva tov t/joX'jXoi/] 
nndani ceru'u-eni %: centkevi IE Phil-arm 

17 fSu/ifv] (htOiiiKe 16): -^Kai s | tov% aprovs Kai ra edea- 
para 33" | oni edeap.ara d,* | iaKW§ — avr-qi] avrov E 

18 TjveyKe fv | eiwev Se] rai enrev bdfi*(om rai i^i'lmpwd^: 
+ ad fatrem siitim % | piOV Aacfoxc^'SHS] om EM rell IL Cyr | 
om o de — iSov d^* | Se enrev] koi fiTrc;' i* : f/ dixil ei pater 
eius IE I om iSov eyu i'''nr | tis ei ffi'] pr Se eiire;' A: pr Kai 
enrev hmS : pr et dixit Isac IL : quid est 33 

19 Kai enxev] enre 6e n | o wos avrov A] om EM omn 333 
lElL Chr Cyr | tu irarpi aiToi'] om E : om aiToi' hiktjrtuS 

6 i5e — \eyovro^] a' i5ov rjKOvaa tou Trps aov \a\ovvTos Trpos rjaav rov adeXipov aov rw \eyeiv a' ijKOvaa rov Trps aov \a\ovvros 
TTpoj tjaav rov adeXipov aov Xeyovro^ d' i5ov e7w fjKovaa rov Trps aov XaXovvros wpo^ tjaav rov a8eX<f>ov aov Xeyovra v | i5e] a'd' 
iSov s 

12 Karaijtpovuv] a' Karap-UKupievos a' Karawaij^av Mc„ : avp.paxos ro Karaippovuv avrl rov Karairaii^uv Se aKvXas Kara- 
pMKOjpievos j 

15 TTiv aroXriv] a' ra ipiaria M 16] a'a' Xeia M 




avTov 'E^ftj 'Herat) o Trpa>TOTOKO<; aov, eiToi7]<ja Kada i\d\r](Td<s fioi- dvaa'Ta<i Kadiaov Koi <f>d'Ye A 
10 Tri<; 6>)pa^ fJ-ov, ottw? ev\oyt](7r) /xe »/ "^v^V crov. '"elirev Se 'laaaic tm vw avTOv Tt tovto o to^u 
51 evp6<;, <S reicvov; 6 he etirev ''O TrapeScoxev Kvpios 6 0€b<; evavriov fiov. "eltrev Be 'laaaw Ta3 

22 laKa)f3 'Eyyiaov fioi Kal ■\frri\a<f»]<Ta> ae, reKvov, el av et o uio? fiov 'Hcrai/ r] ov. ^'i^yycaev Be 
YaKwjS irpo<i ^\(7aaK tov Trarepa avTov, Kal e-\jr-ij\d<f>r]aev avrov Kal elirev 'II <f)(i)vr) <j)ci)vi) 'luKoy^, 

23 at Be ■^eipet ^et/ae? Haav. '^koI ovk i-rreyvo) avrov rjaav yap al ')(elpe<; avrov &)? al ■yelpe<; 
■24 'Ho-aii rov dSe\(pov avrov Baaeiaf Kal riv\6yi]aev avrov. ~-^Kal elrrev ^ii el 6 v'i6<; fiov 'tiaav ; 
25 o Be eirrei' Kym. ^^Kal emev Uporxdyaye fioc Kai, cfxiyofiai urro rr)<; Orjpa^ aov, reKvov, otto)? 

evKoyrja-r] ae I'j i/^i'Y'i M-ov. Kal irpocrriveyKev avrm, Kal e^ayev ^KaX elaTJveyKev aiirm olvov, Ka\ § /> 
'* eTTiev. ^Kal elrrev avru> 'IcraaK 6 rrarrjp avrov "Kyyiaov fioi Kal (piXijaov fie, reKvov. ^'^ Kal 
eyyiffa<; e<f)L\-r]CFev avrov Kai a)(T<j)pdv07j rrjv ocrfjLtjv rcov ifiarlcov avrov, Kal rjv\6yT](Tev avrov Kal 

'IBov 6ap.r) TOV viov fiov 

ft)? oafif) dypov rrXrjpovi ov rjvXoyrjcrev Kupto?. 
^^ Kal Bcprj aoi 6 6e6<; drro rrj'; Bpocrov rov ovpavov avasOev, 
Kai, arro rf/<; ttiotj^to? tj;? yfjv, 
Kal rr\fjdo<; ctltov Kal olvov. 
^'^Kai, Bov\evcrdru)crdv aoi eOvrj, 

Kai rrpoaKwrjcrovaiv aoi apyovre';' 



19 i>.ov\ y. sup ras A' 22 ■qy-yeiffii' A | eifrj\a(f>T!(Tii'] xj/riX sup ras (4) A' 

^3 X^V -"] X^'Pt"' A I T/trai)] sup ras (6) A" 26 (yyei<Toi> A 27 fvXoyqad' E 

Cyr I f7w]om a: +ei/<i cfln 313122- Phil-arm-lat' Chr Thdt | 
TrpojTOTOKos (rou'\ t'tos <rov TrpixjToroKos Chr: + I'toy fn Or-gr | 
€iroi7](Ta] post fj.oi Cyr {ir^iroi-qKa cod): TreToirjxa EMabceghjlo 
q-xc^: (fai 7re7roir;Ka 32): -KewOi-qKo. 1701 (20) Chr | Ka0oi! bw | 
e\aXT;iras] post ^01 c : XeXaXj/icas bw Chr : firreiXw 1 | /loi] /xe 
m I ovatTTas KaSKTOvl avaarijOi T-A | afatrra?] + 5e r | om 
Kai 2" xSIL I THIS Sripas /iou] pr otto nl3 T-A: pr ck {20) Chr: 
om dmpd^ | oirws] ifa T-A : 4- i^'i IL | EvXoyijaeL dinprsv 

20 om Tu via avrov (107) Chr | tov viov E | i°] (u 71 : 
us 32): on Eefgiln3 Phil-gr-codd J Chr: om a Phil-gr-cod 4 | 
Taxi' evpes] eraxwas In | xaxi'] /ci»i cito IL Phil-lat | om w mns 
aiSE Phil-gr J I (" *f ei-n-ei/] enrtv 5e 73) | Se] Kai Edi*mps(txt) 
vd^: ?ui 3L I 3°] {on 61): situ/ 31 | ■irape5uKev'\ + /loi 1?E | 
om Ki'pios f13'P Or-gr | 6(09] om Phil-gr-codd ^-arm-lat : +aov 
EMabeghi*jknoqs-xCjiE3L Phil-gr-codd i Or-gr Chr | efafTiov 
/HOI'] in maims mcas Phil-arm | epai/Tiov b | f/ioi' Eabi*owd , 

21 om TM iaKu)/3 E'^f Chr | fioi] /le b : om 31 Phil-lat° | Kai 
\p-q\a(pT]iT(j:] Kai <pi\t)tT(jo n : nt palpem H, | tre] (soi fm | et i"] -q 
no I om ei 2° bflm | vios /ion] post riaav 1 : om IE | (7)irai'] 
pr 31) I om y] ov fi^'r Phil-lat 

22 (ijT-jio-fC 5e] /cai 7)77i(Tef 32: om 5c 31) | itraaic] tfaav 
b* I om (cai f^^7)Xa0l;(rEf anroi' lE'i' | {Trepiiif/TjXaipTjcci' 32) | 
(dUTo^] auTu 79) I eiTTei'] -t- /m,;^ fE^P | ij Ahoquv] ei fuv t : 
+ li.(v EM rell J3E3L Phil-lat Or-gr Chr Cyr Hil | om 0uv?) 2" 
mps* I Xf'peJ 5e qu | x^i-P" -"] {pr us 32): x^'P"' f : "m mplE 

23 ryi'u c | Tjo-ai/ 7ap] et erani au/t'»i IL | 7ap] Si 1 | ai'Toi' 
1°] -qirav r: -t- 5o<r€iai (73) E Phil-arm | om x^^P" 2" B Phil- 
arm I om riffav nr | om tou aSe\tpov airroi; E | om Saatiai 
(73) E Phil-arm-lat | TivXaYncc} eTTTjpuncrei' k | ai'roK 2'=] 
+ Isaac IE 

24 o-i>] pr €1 diprtdj Phil-Iat Chr : post ei m | (ei] + Se 61) \ 


om Se — €7U IE | 5e] Kat cl3*iL: om 13''' [ etTrci' 2''] re- 
sfoiidit ei iL | e7u] -f tiixi (30) "SBIL 

25 xai ciTTfj/] ((lire 5f laaaK 25 : om 18) | /toi i"] Se c | 
«?re;'] A-ei 1E3L : ( -H eTT'KToi' /ioi 30) | Kai <^ayo)iai\ Kai (paywiiai 
cnq ; post uov % : Kai (payu d : om IE i om otto M | om ttjs 
1 I OTfws — nov] ut henfilicam tihijili mi J3" | oirus A] Kai dmn 
pd,: iva EM rell Chr: +edam et IE' | cnXoTijo-fi dmnprd^ | 
(om ae 30) | om Kai 3° — eTiev E'P | TTpooTjvcyKtv] Trpoa-qyay(i> 
acdfiklmorsvxCj. | ouru Kai eipayev] tw rrarpi ra (Sea/iara Chr | 
avTui i°] ai'roi' cm : (avro 107) | om koi f(^a7f>' — avra 2" g j 
(KrrjfeyKct*] {rrpoa'tjveyKei' 79) : €itnjyay€v r | ai'Tu 2"] avTov p : 
om Chr 

26 om ai'TU d | om laaaK — avrov Chr | laaaK^ post aurou 
bw j irarTjp avrov] rw viu avrov d : om EIS ] l^oi] fie f : om 
SE I tai tpiK-qaov fu] post tckvov E | (/itXijiroi'] (piXrjuu egj : 
{\p7)\a<tiT}aio 71) I /Uf] /iot bdmnpsw: tre ej | (om reKvov 25) 

27 ujippapffiiv t I T>)s ocTM';s f Or-gr Cyr-ed | om koi tjuXo- 
yriufv avrov iiE | fiTrer] 4-ai<Tu Cyr | oafXTi 1°] -t- twv i/ianuK 
J3 T-A I om us E'^P I a7poi) TXijpous] irX?7p7;s a7pou m | irXij- 
pops] ir\-npri% D( + Z>)Edinoprwc2*(uid) T-A : TrXripiis kx | Kvpioi] 
pr Or-gr |: Deiis Phil-lat Iren Cypcod Ilil J: + Dcus % 

28 Kai 1"] om 1 Iren : el dixit ei E | Soiirei brw B Phil-lat' 
Chr J I Seos] pr its en Phil-arm: its f*i*m Or-lat Cyr Chr J 
T-A HiH: K$'^ 1 I OTTO i"] ck ChrJ | aruSei- AefgijrIL T-A 
Hili] om DEM rell aSE Phil Or Chr Cyr Iren Cyp Ilili 
Vulg I airo 2°] tK ChrJ: om Tract | om Kai 3° — oivoi' Cj | 
om Kai 3" bw 3L Phil-lat' Cyr Iren Cyp Hil Vulg | ttXtj^ous Id^ j 
Kai 011-01'] iiitii et olei in domo tua Tract : tiini et olei IL Cyp 

29 Soi'Xc pffaruffttf] sertiient Phil-lat Cyp Hil | t.dvri\ popitti 
33'P''"e' I ■npn(jKvvf]aovaiv i**] 7rpocri;;/T;(roi'(n d: Trpo(XKVv7\(saroiaav 
DEeghjIqtul3E(uid)iL Chr Cyr Iren-ed | o-oi 2°] ce dmnp | 

27 a7pop] a' xupas M : ffppos apovpjjs c^ 



A Kal yivov Kvpiot tov dSe\(pov aov, 

KoX TrporrKwrjcrovcnv ere ol viol tov Trarpo? aov. 
o KUTapiOfievov ae iiriKardpaTO'i, 
6 Be evXaycov ae ev\oyr]fi,evo<;. 
3°Kat eyevero /xera to "Travaaadai l<jaaK eiiXoyovvTa tov 'IaKw/3 tov vlov avrov, Kal eyevero 30 
ft)|> i^rfkOev 'laKw^ airo irpoawTrov 'laaaK tov 7raTp6<; avTov, Kal 'H<7ai) aBe\(f>6<; avTov rjXOev 
airo Tfj<; Orjpa<; avTOV. S'/cat eTroiTjcrev Kal ayro? eheafiara Kal irpocrriveyKev tw waTpl avTov' Kal 31 
eiirev tw iraTpl avTOV AvaarriTw Traryjp p,ov Kal (payeTO) t^? ffripa<; tov vlov avTOv, OTTtB? 
evXoyrjad fj,e r/ yfrv^V '^ov. ^^Kal elirev avTM 'laaaK -jraTrjp avTov Ti'? el crv ; 6 Be el-rrev '£70) 32 
§ U4 elfii ^vto'i aov o irpcdTOTOKOf 'Hcrau. l^e^eaTij Be laariK excnaaiv fxeyaKriv crcf)6Bpa Kal el-rrev 33 
T U4 Tt? ovv 0r]pevaa<; fioi 6>]pav Kal elcreveyica';^ fioi, Kal ecpayov aTro Travrrov irpo tov ae elaeXOeiv, 
Kai TjvXoyrjaa avTov ; Kai evXoyrjfjLevo'i eaTw. 34^rygpgYO Be rjvixa rJKOvaev 'Hcai) Ta prj/xaTa 'laaaK 34 
tov ■rraTpo<; avTOv, ave/Borjaev Hcrav (pcovrjii p,eyci\Tjv Kal TriKpav a<f)oBpa, Kal elirev ^vXoyrjcrov Brj 
Ka/jLe, TTtiTep. ^^elirev Be avTW 'EX^oji/ o aBe\(f>6'; aov fieTii BoXov eka^ev ttjv evXoyiav aov. 35 
S^/cai elirev ^tKaia}<; eK\r)6r) to ovofia avTOv 'Ia/cco/8' e-KTepviKev yap fie tJBt) Beinepov tovto- to. 36 
re 7rpa>T0T0Keia p,ov ei\r](j}ev, Kai vvv el\r)(pev ttjv evXoyiav fiov. Kal eiTrev 'liaav Tm TraTpl 

31 f[iXo7?;<rfi] i) sup ras A" 33 ei(rr]v(yKas A | iraTuf D | iv\orff\aa D'^'^ 

34 aipoSpav D \ i!a.rif>\ irep (e sup ras A^'jA 36 irpwroTOKia />*■'£ 


apxoi'Tei'i bis scr 1: + kcli /SaffiXfis m | 7i>'0i< Kvpios] doiiiinis 
eris Tract | ytfoi'] "^iv-r] g : cris Cyp | rov aSeX^oi'] tuiv a5€\(pwv 
Cyr-edJ V u\g : /ratri '^ \ vpo(jKvvri<!ov(!i.v 2°] TpOirKvuriaaTuKrav 
!E(uid) Chri I tre i» Aacdhpsv] <7oi I>''EM rell Chr Cyr T-A | 
om 01 b-egi*k*pCjd2 T-A | 1° — evXayrniei/os] qui beiicdket 
tibi benedicttts sit ct qui maledicei iibi matedictns 1£{ -t- sit 1£*^P) | 
1°] pr /v'ai 3L T-A Cyp Hil | eTri/caraparos] pr erit Cyp: 
-f eiTTai n'illL Phil-lat Iren Hil | Se] koi ln3LS-ap-Barh 
Phil-Iat Cyr-ed^ T-A Iren Hil | om ire 3° j Phil-arm Cyp- 
cod I fuXoTTj/ifvos] pr erit Cyp-codd : (v\or^T]To% c^: -¥erit IL 
Iren Cyp-ed Hil 

30 tcraaK i'^] pr tov egjmp Chr | ^vKo-yoiv p | om tov 
iaKu/3 ds I TOV 1° ADMcflpq] om E rell Chr | toi- -2" — 
laKUi^ 2**] /xera ro €^€\deiv p | om tov 2^ Dl | Kai ey€V€TO ws] 
om f: om nai (yev. 31: om eyev. ws IE | ws] oiro;' Eacdeg* 
h*(uid)jknqsuvc2 Phil-gr: ore h''(uid) : + av td^ | om mKoifj 2° 
Chr I om npo(ru}7rov m | laaaK tov irarpos] £sau filii JQp'*) : 
om p: om luaa/c (30) Phil-arm-lat | om aurou 2° Phil-arm-lat | 
om KOi 3° X Phil-arm-lat | T/crai)] pr liov 13'" Chr | aSfX^os 
ouTou] om S; (om airot' 61) | otto 2" — aiToc 4"] om E: om 
avTov Z?s'lMbdeghi*j-mpqs-\vdja[BE'''ll Chr 

31 om ai'Toi' i" Lh Phil-arm-lat | tw iraTpt avTov 2"] om 
bdefi'i'mnprwd^lEiL Chr: om avTov Z'"'EMghi*jkk)s-v | om 
fiov s I <f>ay€Tai p | ttj$ B-qpa^ ADEMklqrsuv Chr] pr otto rell | 
TOV I'toi.' avTov]yilii tui 13™ | onus €v\oyr}cr€i] €t benedicat ?L | 
eiiXo77)(ra Aacdnpr] ivKoyrfdr) DEM rell Chr | <!ov\ cius IB'i' 

32 om ai'Tw m | i.(jo.a.K — afTou] om lE^P : Isaac lE'^ | to-aa/f] 
post aurou f | waT-qp] om b(spat 3 litt relict) | a-v tis « T-A4 | 
av] +T€Kvov T-A ^ j 6e enr^v] respotuiit t'i IL: t'^ dixit ei 
Esau IE I I'los — ijtrai'] T^trau TrpwToroKos T-A | wos — irpw- 
TOTOKOs] post r}(Tav %: {o irpojTOTOKos aov vs 78): Trpwr. us 
ffou c : wpwT. aov us egjmr | uios — (33) eiaeviyKas] ualde 
mutila in U4 

33 cKaTaaeL fieyoKr} fi^rlL(uid) | ff0o5pa] pr ews ac : onr w 
Phil-gr I om eiTTfj' m | tis oux*] pr /cai t : (jl ovv 18): Tts-rjvm: 

KM Tis eaTiv dpd^: (tis ccrrii' 31): jY/,? autf/n qiiis erat 3 («/ 
codd) I — /4ot 2^] qui apportauit jnihi quod itcnatus ej-at IE | 
Bi}p(vaat\ $ripas b: uenatus est 333L | M"' i°] Mf 1: om m | 
fiaeveyKas'] fLOiveyKOjv dm\\<\^: ei'e7\-aji' Phil-gr: aay^veyKeiri]^: 
intiilit 3L I P-oi 2°\ om mu'^t-edB'f : + ffr]pav E | om icai 3° 
cdpJ3'f^ I om airo — €tae\6eiv 3£ | aTro iravTuv] et ah omnibus 
aepuiis IL | Jrpo — eitreX^eti'] priusquam lu venires ^3t Phil-Iat 
(antequam) \ ae fiffeXfffix Aknr] eiaeKBuv at qu : eXfffii/ tre 
dfmpsvdj: o-e eXSeii' ZPEM rell Phil-gr Chr | xai i)uXo7?;ira] pr 
Ka.1 ((payov m: Kai evXoytjKa c^ Chr^ | Kai 5*^ — eotuj] ut bene- 
dietus sit 3L | Ka.i 5"] bis scr f | iaTa\ earai bfl-owxdj,J3 Phil- 
gri codd^-lat Chr J codd J 

34 TjvLKa] ojs Z)E \ Ta prqfiaTa T)aav egj | taaaK — avTov] 
ravTa m | taaaK] post aurou c : om EfntlS'i'IE | avef^otjaev] pi 
Kai Eai^''knortxC2lL : Kai e(ioTjae bw : om g | 7;<rau 2*^ A] om 
Z>''EM omn 2B3E5L Phil-arm-lat | (puvriv — wiKpav] (poivyj p.e- 
ya\yj Kai niKpa EfilnrIL Phil-Iat : <f>tt3V7j pieyaX-q dp | Kai iriKpav 
(r0o5pa] acpodpa Kai iriKpav (20) Chr: om g* : om aipodpa d | 
Kai fiTre;"] + Tu irpi avTov ZJacegi'^jkloxc^SB''* | om CUX077;- 
aov — (36) ettrev 1° b 

35 ciwev 5e] Kai (iTrev eg]: dixit igiturW^". et respoiidit'^ \ 
avTio] + di\j:e}ts] 31 | eXSujv] post aov i'^ It | eXa^ev] eik-qtptv 
mn I om <rou 2° x 

36 Kai lojrfwa I cnrev i°] +iiaav dfhkmptd^BlE Chr | 
fTrek-Xt/STjdptd^ChrThdti | eirrepviaev /JEf-i/tjs-jefgjort Chr-edi 
Cyr I 7ap] post /xe E Phil-gr Thdt j: (om 108) | pie] fioi s: om IL | 
TjdTi — TovTo] TovTo Tjdr} 5evT€pov Cyr : et ecce iterum hodie IS : iavt 
bis iL : bis iam Phil-lat' | rihrj] ecce Phil-arm : om 13 | om tou7o 
bw Phil gr I TO re] rorf ro Phil-gr; -l-7ap flL | om ix.ov 1" v 
Phil-lat I ei\i)4)ev i"] eiX7)0eivChr | vvv] pr Aa-IE'': om Thdti : 
-l-i5ou (37) 13 I ei\-q(t>ev 2"] eXafie bw Cyr Thdt ^ : post /lov 2° f 
IE : om Thdt J | r?)!/ euXo7ia>'] pr Kai ckl3(uid) | om fiov 2° Phil- 
lat' I Kai fiirev 2°] enrev d( i*'(uid)rl3 | ijtrau — avTov 2°] ei Esau 
IE I oux] pr jxriTi acoxc,^ | uvreXeiirou qu] uTreXiTrou M(mg)c, 
Chr: uTreXtirw /^eg: UTroXciTTW Ed: vtreXtjtp&Tj n: uTroXfXetTrro 

33 e^eo'rT;] a'a' (^eirXay-q Mj{sine nom)v 

35 p(Ta 5oXou] a' 5i evedpas Mjsv(om di js) a' ev ewiOeaei Mjsv .S-ap-Barh 



37 avTov Ovx inriXeiiTOv fioi evkoyiav, Trarep ; 37aTroKpidei<; Se 'laaaK elirev tw 'H<rau V2 Kvpiov \ 
avTov eiroirjcra aov, Kat, iravTwi rov<i aSeX^oi)? avrov eVot»;(7a avTov olKeTa<;, airo) kuI olvfp 

38 €<XTi]picra aiiTof aol Be ri Troiijaa), tekvov ; ^^ elirev he 'Waav irpo'i 'Icraa/c tov irarepa avrov 

39 Mj; evXoyia fiia croi ecrnv, irdrep ; ev\6yi]aov 8/; Kt'ifie, irdrep. y^d-rroKpidei'i he 'l<raa« 6 traryjp 
avTov eiTrev aiircS 

'ISoii (iTTo T?)? TTi.oTijTO'i t!]<; yrj>; ecTTcii 1) KaroiKrjal^ aov, 
Koi uTTo tP]^ hputrov TOV ovpavov dvwdev 

40 ^°Kai e-TTi rjj fiax^tpj} cov ^'io-j], 

Kal Ta5 dhtX^io aov hov\evati<;. 
earai oe tji/lku eav icadeKr]'; 

Kal ^€K\vaei<: tov ^vyov avTov d-Tro tov Tpa)(ij\ov aov. § U4 

41 •♦'Kat evexoTei Haav tco laKm/3 irepi tt}'; ev\oyia<; r/? eiiXoyrjaev avTov 6 'rrarijp avTov'^ *I V^d.. 
elirev he 'Haav iv ttj hiavoia avrov 'Eyyiadroiaav al rjfiepai rov rrevdovi tov rraTp6<i fJ.ov, iva 

42 diroKTelvto laKw^ tov dh€\<f>6v p-ov. ■^'^ dm^yyeKi] he 'Ve^eKKo. rd pt]p,aTa liaav rov v'lov avTrj<; 
tov TTpea^vrepov Kal Trep,yfraaa eKoKeaev 'Ia/C(i)/3 rov viov avrfj': rov vecorepov Kal elirev ainw 

4.5 ISoii 'Waav o dh€\(f)6'i aov direiXel aoi rov diroKrelvat, ere. ■^^vvv ovv, reKVOv, UKOvaov fiov ttj<! 
(pwvt)^, Kal dvaard^ dirohpadi etV Ti^v MeaoiroTafiiav irpo'i Aa^dv rov dheX<f)ov p.ov et9 X.appdv 

36 mreXeiTTU A 37 aurou 2°] ov sup ras A^ 40 SouXcuffJjs E 

41 r]u\oyr]atv DK | avTou 2"] v 2'^ sup ras A^ | airoKTLVw E 

bj""!*: ujroXfXtiTTTai f : i/TreXeirrw AM(lxt)j* rell : reliquiitiW&'^ 
IL : dcreliqttisliV\\\\-\-A.\.: w<7//,r// Pliil-arni ] ;tot] (rot fii : +€tiafn 
mi/ii J3 I eiiXo7ia bfnw Phil-arm | 0111 irarep Phil-arm-lal' 

37 om fie I'* CjIS"" [ ttraaKJ +0 mjp auTov n | cnrey] pr /cat 
(18) IL I Tio rjffav] avToj (30) Chr : aiTw rjaav w*: om n | et] 
7; o : ifiou Ath : om kl£ | Kvpioir — aov] dnm luiiiii /Wi cum IL 
Phil-arm | cTronjiro i"] ircToi?(/ia Mkqu | (Sov\ <roi n3U3(uid) 
rhil-lat I avTOxi i"] <sov f3-ed : om dp | iiroir\<!a. 2°] Tmroi-rina. 
/>''Eaceghjkoqs(-Ka!)tuv.\c, : om bw Chr | auroK 2"] ai/ru fE 
IS(uid) Hil: aiTois g: om bw Phil-arm-lat Chr | <ri7-u Kai 
oivu] areis it arborilms Phil -arm | tarrfpiaa] eartpriaa. hn: effr?;- 
pi^a. /)^''d Chr: effrepewffa 1: (er-qpiaa 130: eTijpyjaa 16): oi'x 
vartprfaa m | avrov 2°] atrw m | om fit 2" 3 Phil-lal 

38 om Trpos — oktou d | tffaaK A/)i\Ifhilnr3E] om E rell 
3331L Or-gr Chr | /um] post aoi. Phil-gr : om m: + p.ovi) 
/)(D"''') I ffoi] post eaTic E.\31i Phil-arm-lat Cyr (eo-Tai ed) : 
/ioi m I eiTTai Phil-gr-codd-omn | (om Trarep 1° 37.73) | 
ivXoyrtoov iri Kaii,e] om 3E: om fiij 3[ Phil | Trarep 2° A] om 
Cyr-ed: irep KaTavvxOevros fie taaaK m: Tep KaTafi'x^ei'Tos 5c 
t<raaK avtfioT)fjiv (j>iov7}v tiaav Kai eKXavaev D(-f /^'')EM rell 
ajSll Phil-arm-lat Or-gr Chr [om Trep deptxc^d, Phil-arm-lat | 
Karavvx^' 5e] Kai Karayvx^' 133 : /caTaj'i;7e)'70s fie n : om fie g* ; 

citnctan f/ii IL 1 ttraa/c] pr tou e 1 i<xa.v E*^* [ tpitivT^v] (puivi} 

bentvwdj Phil-lat" Or-gr Chr: uoccm suain 3: (puv-r) /j.eya\ri 
EfilqrsuB^lL Phil-arm-lat' : om c^lS'P | om T/irai' EJ : ci liim 
clamattit Esau et fleuit IS 

39 airoKptSets — aiTw] cV dixit Isaac IE | airoKp. fie icraaK] 
om m : om laaaK IL | om o Trarijp avTov d33 | om tfiof IE*' | 
aTTO 1° — avuidev] a rare caeli desupcr et a rare tcrrae ( + sul>tus 
lEf) sit uictus tuus IE I airo rijs irtorijros] a potu IL | om effrac 
fi''' I 7-r)s 3°] Toil c 

40 om /cai i° egj | om tt] Phil | om (Tou i" Phil-lat | fie] 
omr*: ('r^o Phil-lat | a;/ a-gjmpwd^ | KaffeXi/s] aOe sup ras a : 


Bi\i]%Y^c\\\'^( + te suhmilte ei'Z^^): (koi SeXjjs 7 1 ) | koi exXi/o-eis] 
{tkr\var\% 71). om Thdt Hil | om koi 3" E'f | exXweis — (41) 
ourou I ] ualdc mulila in U4 | eKXi;(reis Afkmn Phil-lat' Chr] 
cXkwijs bl: (kKv<si\% />i'EM rell IL Phil-gr-lat° Cyr | tov firyoK 
ouToii] iugum tuutn J3" Phil-lat' : om oi/tou dpc^ Phil-gr-arm 
S'' i om TOV Cyr \ 

41 KOt cceKoret f)a(xv] tc subinittc "^^ \ efeKorei] minatus 
est (iutcm 1i^ I Tu> lOKUj/i] (rw ofieX^w ourou iOKWjS 76) : fratyi 
suo 3L : om ru egjm | irepi — tjs] propter heiiediclionts quas 2- 
ed I Tjs] ?;;' m | ourov] (pr icroax 37) : ktook m : om b£p : 
-fiffooK degjpd, I ouron 1°] -t-ouroi' m | eiTrev Zi\ koi ein-ei' 1 | 
oiT-ou 2°] sub •%■ M3 : om Eegjksv Phil-arm-laf" Chr Cyr | eY7i- 
iToi'o-i Chri I rov ntviovi] rov iradovt dj(mg)ps(mg) Phil-gr- 
codd Hipp-ap-IIier: mortis 931L: om Thdt.i | rou Trarpos] ex 
r-rj Siavota f ] iva aTroKTetfw] Lva airoKrevu i*o : koi oTroKreyw 
flL Phil-arm Hipp-ap-Hier Chr-ed -J : koi otieXa; Chrj codd J: 
KOI rore (povfvaa Chr| | iokw/J 2°] post /mov 2" l(pr tov)%: om 
Chr i Thdt i 

42 airriyycX-q] air-qyyfXd-q Cyr: aff7;77eiXei' Ekmnp | pe- 
/SeKKo] pr 7; k : pr rij c^, Cyr : pe^tKO. i* : om m | ro pTjjiiaro] pr 
Koro n I riaav i'] post aurijs 1° r: om (73) lElL | wou] ofieX^ou 
b* I avrrti 1"] ourou m* ) om rou 2° — avrrqi 2° g | exoXeo-ev] 
nuntiauit B'l' | iokm/S] post veoirepox 3: post auTijs 2" f i : om 
Edejmp Chr ] a.vT-i)i 2°] -I- rov loKoi/S dp | om ifiou <i& \ aZi\- 
0OS <rou] uio! iiov m | oTreiXei] ojretXetroi Ebirw : irascitur 13 | 
om o-oi3 Phil-codd-omnA Or-lat | om rou 3° Phil Chr | oiro- 
Kretcot] davaritxrai n | ere] trot bp 

43 om reKi-oK Chr | p.av i°] /ooi t*(uid) : post i^wi/t/s acmoxc, 
31i PhiU I oi-ao-ros] oiroa-ros Phil-gr-codd J : (om 76) | oiro- 
fipoffi] airodpa mo: airoopauov c: wopevSiiri fi'r3(uid)J3 : pro- 

Jicisccre 1. | eis rr\v Meo-oTroT-OMiai"] om Eacmos(txt)v(txt)xCj 
Phil Or-lat Chr : om ri\v Mdp | XojSoi'] post iwv 2° Chr | eis 
Xoppoi/] (>.% x"-?"-' cfglsw Phil-lat' : in Charra IL 

37 aoi — TiKvov] (rot Trpos roiro ri irotT/o-w ute p.ov M | o^ot] Trpos rouro j : 7rpo(7rarrci s 

40 eo-roi — ourou] a' earai fie ordv Kap,(p6rii (nXvirus rov ^Vfov avrov M | e(rrot — KoSeXjjs] ecrrot fie tav Kap.<t>0T]S a koi 
etrroi Kada Koro/SijSotrets jsv(om o' js) 42 ojretXet trot] fiiavoeiroi koto aov js 

SEPT. 73 1° 



A '^KOt otfcrjtTov fier avrov i)fi€pa<; rtvdf;, ^S^ft)? tov airoarpeyftat rov Bvfiov Koi Tr)v opytjv rov 4-* 
aB€\<f>ov (TOV CLTTO (TOV, KOI eTTiXdOTfTai a TreTTOiTjKa^ aifr(p, Koi diroaTeiXacra fieraTrefiyfro^ai (re 
€Ket0€V' fJUTj TTore areKvcoOo) diro r6)v Svo v/i€>v iv rjfiepa fiia. 

4^Efc7rei/ Be 'Pe^ifCfca Trpo? 'l(TadK npocroo;^0tA:a rrj ^wfj fMov Bca Td<i Ovyarepa^ rayv viayv 46 
XeT' el XyjfX-^JreraL 'laKoy^ yvvaiKa o-tto tmp Ovyarepwv rrj^ yrf^ TavT7)<i, iva ri fioc ^j}p ; ^irpoa- i XXVIII 
Ka\€(Td/jb€vo^ Be ^l(Taafc rov laKco^ evXoyijaev avrov, koi evereiKaTo avr(p Xt'^wi/ Ot* Xi'i/jbyfry) 
yvvaiKa €k tmv Ovyarepoyv l\.avdav' •^dvacrra,'^ diroBpaOi etV rrfv MefTOTrorafiiav Xvpia^ etV rov 2 
otKov ^adov7j\ TOV irarpo^ t^9 fjLTjTpof; (tov, kol Xd/Be (reavrm eKeWev yvvaiKa eK tmv Ovyarepcdv 
Aa^dv TOV aSe\(^o{) ri}? /ztjt/jo? (tov. ^o Be Oeo^ fiov evXoyyjcrdt ae Ka\ av^t](Tat ae koi 7r\7)6vvat 3 
o"e, Kol €(T7j eh avvay(oyd<; eOvoyv '^Koi B(pr} (rot ti'jv evXoytav ^A^paa/x tov TraTpo^i aovj aol Kal 4 
§ C"' Tco airepfiarL aov ficTO, ere, KXT^povofMrjcrai Ttjv yrjv Ttjf; TrapotKrjaed)^ aov, ^t)v BeBcoKev o 6eo<i t(o 
*A^padfi. ^Kal direaTetXev laaafc tov 'la/coo/S, Kal eiropevdr) et? ti]v yieaoiroTafJuav Tvpos Aa^dv 5 
TOV vlov ^aOovifX TOV Svpov, dBeX<j>6v Be 'l?e^eKKa<i ri)? firjTpos ^laKco/S Kal ^Ho-av. ^iBev Be 6 
'Ho'aL' on evXoyqaev ^laaaK tov 'la/coj^ Kal a7rft);^eT0 et? rrjv M.eao7roTafjLtav Sf/Jta? Xa^elv 
eavTw yvvaiKa, iv toS evXoyeiv avroVy Kal everetXaTo avT^ Xeyeov Ov X-qfiyfrrj yvvaiKa diro to)v 
0vyaT€po)V ^avaav* "^ koi rjKovaev 'la/co)^ rov iraTpo^ Kal rP]^ fi7)Tpo^ eavTov, Kal eiropevOr) ei<; 7 
T?)z^ M^eaoTTOTafiiav, ^Kal iBev ^llaav oti Trovrjpai elaiv ai 0vyaT€pe^ \avdav evavriov 'Itxaa/c 8 

46 TTpoffoxdcLKa A 

XXVIII I -qi^oynff^v E 

6 y}v\oy-q<j(v Z?E | aTTox^ro E 

44 oiK7)<Tov fX€T avTov] TTOiTjaov eK€i l*hil-codd^: om fier 
avTov 15^ I Tt^'as] TroXXas x'E 

45 TOV aTTotirpe^ai] otov aTroarpeipuj Phil-cod A [ tov r'] 
ov n I om Tou Ovfxov nai 15 Phil-cod ^ Or-Iat | om airo ffov em 
IS Phil i Cyr | €7r(Xa^77Tai] eiriKaOTjTOj c : ewiXadeadai. f | a] pr 
irafTa IW^ '■ m | aiTw] aiTou a*(uid) | om a7ro(7T€tXaa"a 33 | 
fXiTaTrifiyp<j} Ecfnr | Trore] ttw? (32)Chr5 | aTeKvuBui] atro- 
T€KVixi6(a D(a7ro...w, sed areKi/w^ai Z>)bdf pw : post a ras (i) o: 
K€vo}6co E: -{-Kat'ir \ airo ?°] €K t Chr^ ed i | 7jfj.u)v De*gi | cv 
7]/x€pa fjLta] ev ju.ia 7]fxepa fllL Cyr-ed: eis 7}/x€pau fitav E: om 


46 om TTpos laaaK m \ irpos] tw Ef [ irpoawxffiKO.] wpoa-iox- 
^ttra Z>Maegh(-(?e((ra)ilr-'tc^ Chr Cyr-cod : ■7rpocri>JxOT)(ra Ecfkno 
r* : desiinaiii 1L | T-q '^(jirf] ttj ypvxv % Thdt | tuv viu}v x""] 
J/^f/i Phil-lat' : Chettat-oi-ufu Phil-arm: twv xa^'O^'atwi' Thdt: 
Chanaan 15 | x*'"] ^^^ x^'"'"'^''^^ fir : om s(spat relict) | et] 
•\-autem 13*^15 | \y\p.yp^To.i\ X-qxj/o/xai bw j yvvaiKa] yi'^'atKas cv : 
w5e d: om E: +w5e p | awo tujp 6i>y-] pr airo rwf viojv x^ 
TOLavTas o : pr aire tijjv OvyaTepojv x^t" Toiain-as acmx : pr a *^' 
fiUabus Chet%: om twv Buy. Phil-lat | ttjs yrjs ravTijs] avTiav 
f : Chettaeorum Phil-arm | tea] pr ct '^[-codd | ^'i]v\ pr to bw 
Chr Cyr-ed 

XXVIII 1 5e] -f tai^w^ r* | tov\ tw c | laKWjS] -^filiiim 
suiini 15^P I avTOv] tov iokw/S b | avTw] avTov m : om Ed | 
7U»'at«a] BvyaTipa m | cv] aTro Z)Eacdfhioprx Chr | BvyaT^pwv] 
vLOiV x: om m: +ttjs yy}% Tain-qs c | x'**''^^*'] '"'*'*' X'^*'^*'^^^*' 
bcw'E(uid)i31L Chr : + us 7ui'aiKa m 

2 amcrras] pr aXX (20) Chr: ^x sed ^%'. + 5e t | airobpaBt] 
awoSpa f: iropcvov (20) Chr: //at/tf ^ISIL | om ffvpias j?>''EM 
beghjlqs-\vB!£!L Phil Chr Cyr | ^aBovTiX] ^aiBovTjX Phil-gr- 
codd \ : om Chr | tov Trarpos] ad fratrcnt 15^f : om tov bw 
PhiH cod^ I <r€ai'Tw] post eKeiBiv k'HlL Phil-gr i : (reavTov E | 
eKct^ei'] post 7i'caiha cht Cyr: om EbfwIS Phil-arm-lat | {ck] 
pr Kat 18) I om Xa/3af Chr | om tov 2° Phil 1 | <xov 2°] -f^/ 
accipe tihi indc uxorem % 

3 ci'Xo77;£ra(] cvXoyijffei US: av^Tjcrai r: eai [ibit lE*^) tecum 
et atigeat {augebit ISO ^ I ^^ i°] +Tc/fvo;/ b | om xat ai^^T^irat 

(re bowc2i3 | av^-qaai] ai'^T^tret I : av^avt\(sai. n : cuXo77;(Tat rlE*^ : 
benedicct"^^: irXTjBvuai E | om Kat irXrjBvvai tre M | TrXrjBvvail 
TrX-qBvvet 15315^ Ath : ai'^T^trat E ] ftr?;] stt 15*^ | ffi'f 0701705] 
(Ti'i' 0710777;' (79) Chr : 0701705 fm 

4 Swt;] Swtret bcwl315^ | om ti)v i"^ b | a^paa/x — aov i^ 
AIS Cyr-ed] tov vps fxov ajSpaap. e% : tov wps a^paap. dp: 
appaap. tov irps /jlov />''EM rcll ^13 Ath Chr Cyr-cod | om 
(TOi 2" 331L I K\r}pouop.yjaai] +(re acx3 | om ttjs irapoiKTjffeujs 
ffou IE I {TrapoiKe<nas 20) | f)€5it}K€v A] tdojKev />''EM omn 
Chr Cyr | Beos] pr acs Ef : om IE 

5 taKOJj3] ■\-filmm siaan 15 | om /cot enopcvBi} 35 | Kot 2"] 
+ ai'ao'ros iOKoi/S dkptc^ | om rr;*' egj | p-faoiroTapiav] +<Tvpias 
Eacdhi*j(mg)k-ps(mg)lxc2'33315 | om Trpos — (6) ffvpias d | 
TTpos] pr It/ acciperet 35^ | om tov 2° bnw | om tov avpou "^^^ \ 
om o5eX0oi' — Tjaav e | adeXipov Mgk ^-codd | om 5e Eabcghj 
knqu-c^ 1 pefieKas g | om tt/s — ijffav 15 | tt^s] kul m | laKw^ 
2"^] taK{t)j3ov b I om koi T^trou c^ 

6 i5e»'] tSw;/ fips{txt)vc2'ai315: (uwev 71.73) | (om 5e 76) | 
L(raaK] pater eitis S: om w | om tov nw | om /cat 1° C2 | a7ro>- 
Xero] pr ofOtTTos j(mg)ls(mg): pr qttm 1L: OTro + ras (4) b | 
eis — 71'fatKa i°] CKeiBev egj | ets] bis scr m | truptas] pr r?;? bw | 
eaVTOj] avTOj Dm: om 15 ] 7i'i'aiA:a 1° A] tKeiOev 7iii'ath,os x: 

+ €K€i&€V D(...^ei/)Ebiqtuwl3tS"15: pr cKfiBev M rell ^H | om 
ev — 7Ui'atKa2°C2 | om ev — auroc 15^ | er] pr /cai Mdfhilpsf^ | 
ev'Koyciv'] evXoyijaai c | om atoi 2^ MdfifiSilS'P | om ai/rw *^ | 
71'i'atKO 2° — BiryaTepwv] BvyaTcpa n [ 71'i'aiKo 2**] •\-tibi 13"'C : 

^rindc 15^P I aTro] e/f bw | om twv x | x^*''^^''] '^'^^ X'^'^^^^^^^ 
j9^''b'E(uid)33'''3L: Ti^v xcti'oi'ew;' caifrw 71'^oiKa n 

7 om totum comma p | atoi i°] ^^ (/i^crf 3L | ^r\Kov<Tiv^^ eiatj- 
Kovffcv Phi!-ed : vinjKovffcv Phil-codd | ttjs koi tov wps 
Phil-gr-codd | Trarpos] -Houtou Z)Eimr33CIL | eouroi' A] om r 
Phil-lat: avrov />''EM rell | om ttjv abcw | p^ffoiroTapiav 
AbnwBtiTElL Phil] +ffvpias Z>'iEM rell ^: { + T7fs cri'ptos 32) 

8 KOI iSev] {iSu)v de 31): itidens Phil-lat: et ubi uidit 35: 
et tunc postqtiant nidit '^\ /foi 7J'oi;j j{mg)s(mg) | x'^*''^'^''] ^^f' 
Xaj'Ofatuff n^{uid)i3'''lL | (cfo^rtor] otto TTpoiTWTroi' 71) | firaaK] 
post auTou 35: 7;<ray E*(7;ffaaK^ E'''*) 1 aiToi'] sup ras (2) i* 

46 7rpO)7£OX^t«a] a' €<tlkx<^^°- <^' cvcKaKTjffa js(om ff')v 



xxvni 17 

9 Tov Trarpo? ainov, ^koX e-TropevOrj 'Waav irpov 'IcfiaijX, koX ekafiev rrjv ^laeXeO dvyarepa A 
'la/iaTjX TOV vloii 'Afipadfi, dSe\<f)r)p Na/Satto^, tt^o? rat? yvvai^lv avrov yvvaiKa. 

10 S'°Ka( t^ijXOei' laKio/B utto rov <f>p€aTo<; tov opKOv, xai evopevBrj ei? Xappdu. "kuI uirrji'- § Ja 
Tijaev TOTTfi) Koi fKoifiijOij sKei' eSv yap 6 yXio*;- Kal eXajBev diro tS)v Xidcov tov tottov kuI 

12 iTreOtjKev Trpo<; K€<f)aXrj<; avTOV, Kal eKoifiijOi] ev T(a tottw SKeiv^, "kuI ivvirvidcrBy]- Kal ISoii 
KXlfj.a^ €(TTr)piyfj.epr) ev rrj yjj, 7}<; ^ Ke(fiaX7) d(f>iKvelT0 ei? top ovpavov, Kal 01 dyyeXoi toO 0€ov 

lydvefiaivov kuI KaTe^aivov iir avTrj^. '^o 8t Kvpt.o<; e-rreaTiipiKTO eV avTtj'i Kal elirev ^70) 6 decx; 
A^padfi TOV Trarpos" crov Kal o 6t6<; laaaK' fiij <}>o/3ov' t) yrj etf>' ij? <tv KadevBeif err' avTfj<i, aol 

14 Stucro) avTt]v Kal Tu> cTTrepfiaTi crov. ^-^Kal eaTai to cnrepfia aov d)<; 7; dfifxo<; TJ}? daXdaai]^, Kal 
TrXaTwdi'iffeTai etrl ddXacraav Kal eirl Xifia Kal 67rt ^oppdv Kal eV ai^aroXa?"'' Kal evevXoyr)- ^ £> 

1; drjcrovTai ev aol trdaat, ai ^vXal ti)^ yrjt; Kal ev Tm airepfiaTi aov. ^^Kal Ihov e7(>) fieTO, aov, 
Bia(f>vXdaaci)i' ae ev rrj oBui Trdarj ov edv 7ropevdf}<;, Kal diroaTpe-^u) ae et? T^r yr)v Tavrrjv oTi 

16 ov fit) ae eyKaraXeLTTCo eti)9 tov iroirjaai /i€ irduTa oaa eXdXrjad aoi. *'^/cal e^rjyepOr) '\aKtb^ % D 

17 niTO TOV imvov ainov Kal elirev oti "ILaTiv Kvpio<; ev tw totto) tovtm, iym Be ovk fjBeiv. ^^Kal 

12 riyvri'taaffri DE | [o0t]K>'i[ro] D(uicl) : a^KVciTO E 

9 om Kai I" pJSE'^IL Phil-Iat | om r;<rai' Ep1E?L | naeXiS] 
(SaeXeff 1 : fieeXeB r : ^aeXf m : MaelUth C : Paleth W : Mala- 
!cel%: Mahh-Ut Anon- : M.hhol VK\\\o.l: {tiae\(j>e ■;H): naae- 
fxa$ f(-fju)i^ : fxaac^ar dp: (iaffffiaOrfP Jos | ade'Stfiifv ya^aiwd] 
fratris Nachor £ | aht\^i)v\ + 5« dfikpt | i/o/Saiwtf] a^atuB 
m : va^ibiB abfinoqrtuw : ¥a^awB c : vufiatLyr dp | atrrov] eainov 
dnp I yvvaiKo] pr oitu acfhikmor.\'3fi<!r£(uid)i 

10 KOI e^rjXBtv} e^TiXBf Be IS : sitrrexi/ C | om laKW^ x* | 
om Toi' i*^ Phil-codd | tov opKov'] aqtiiii !£(' : om tov Phil-cotid | 
Kai eiropfvBTf\titi irel 'iL \ x"/""' <-"ek*lsw 

11 om /cat I** — TOTTW lE^i^ | aTryfvT7)<T€v Toirw] pcTuefiit in 
tfuendain locum %. \ aT!i\rTi\<s(v\ vTryirr-qam d Phil J coddj : 
KtxTi]VTT\<nv i* I TOTTw] pr fc Tw It PhilcotW J: pr tr i»' Phil- 
codd } : pr TOI e : ci? Tontor m : + t-iw o T-A | om ku exot- 
li.T\8ti CKCL Philj ed^ | eKOifi.i)Bri i"] riv\i(r8ri Phil-coiidi: nitiii- 
si/% I tSv 7ap] £Sv Sf M: oti naTfKBer Phit-codd|^ | o 17X105] 
om 3L: + ft pernoctiUiit 'S,^' \ eXa/Sei/] +Xieo>' egjls(mg)Btf3L : 
+ \iBov €va T-A I om ajro — tottou 1 T-A | tov tovou] TUf 
Toirwr Cyr-cod: /<w« i//iiis UdlL : om Ens i | firf0T)K€v A] 
f$riK(y />''EM omn Phil Just Eus Chr Cyv T-A : (vwiBriKf 20) : 
posuit "SIEIL I Ki(jM\riii fh''os Phil-cod^ Chr-edi | avrov] 

-f Kai a(pijwvw(X€ 1 [ ev rw] v T e\ k€l r^ | om €K€iyia E Chr 

12 ecuTri-tatr^T;] -f laKut^ Phil-codd i | t5ov — eartjpiyfxevTj] 
uhii'bat [dixif Video £P) sccilam aiircam £ [ eaTTjptyfjLtvri] pr 
T/** (?o) Chr ; ejTtpixBv n : ;t€7oXr; taTrjptKTo T-A : confirfnata 
erat 3t | ff tt/ 777] tire ti;i' 7771' H3*C(uid) : fiy tt^i' yv\v Phil- 
coddi Eus J T-A: omPhilJcoddJ | om )j Eus-codi | Kn^\rj\ 
+ avTov (lo) 3-ed I a^uKciTQi Cyr-ed | om 01 Phil-co<l J | 
avf^aiyof Kat KaTefiatyov] ayafiaiyoyTfS Kai KaTa^ivoyTfs E : om 
«roi KaTc^Lvoy w Chr J | avr-T/s] aim) Daghjlquv''' Phil-co<l ^ 
T-A ; avT-qy b-ei*kpwxd^ Eus Cyr : + Kat iSov K\ijua^ f (Ttt?- 
ptyfievq fv Ti) yq Phil-codd 

13 Se] KaL o Phil-codd i : icai Phil-codd 1 | {avpiot] Bi 
(37(5)) I ^^((^T-rfpiKTo] ear-qpiKTO t Just Chr J : eaTTjXwTai Phil- 
codd J I avTifs 1"] ain-rj m Phil-cod: avTr^v h Just | (toi uTrev'\ 
tiTTivStV.: o 5€ eiTfi' Just : -frt'£ | €7(11] -l-€i;ii bt-hi*jlnt313 
(fES. Phil^ Just Chr| Cyr J | #eo» 1°] pr ics aci''kmorstwxCj 
aCE Phili Just Eus: Dns 3L : om o Phil-codd t | aj3/)aa/i] 
post (TOV 1° bw I TOV traTpo^ trov] .]yr pater ?L: post ttraaK Megj 
IE Chr|: om tov Phil-codd^: om <rou Phil-codd J | flfos 2°] 

14 croi] (TV E I rw] to E 

14 \i^av A 

16 iScii" E 


XXVIII 12 77 — oi'pacoi'] Tf apxv tttcto tov ovyov js 

om Just Chr J: om Phil-codd J | (i<;oa<c] +Kai o Bi laKU^ 
37 (^)) I V yv] pr i/ifiii %: Tijy yijy 3 Phil-C(xUl : /cat 7ap tijc 
yr/y Chr | i)s] 7; Mdempv Phil-codd Chr: 771/ blw Eus J | KaBev- 
5cj E3 I «7r ai)r77s 2°] (ir a\TT)v di*lp Eusi: om SEIL Phil 
Chr I om avT77>' Phil-codd | om lai 3° — <rov V El* | o'ou 2°] 
-f /ifTO oe i*nJ3: -!-«« aclcrnum C-txt 

14 ciTTat] multiplicabitur (K-txt ( w5 77] wo-ft Eflnwd^ Cyr- 
ed I 77 — B(3Xa.*j(yq%\ TO. affTpa tov ovvov dp | 77 afxpMt} x^^ 
Phil-codd 3 | »<iXa(T<r77f AE'^i'iL Eusi Chr Cyr-ed] 7775 DEM 
rell HJSCE' Phil Just Eusi Cyr-codd | irXaTvv#77(rfTai] tXtj- 
BvvB-qcreTai. r Phil-codd J : ir'\ri8vvBTi)<royTa.i Phil-codd i: repli- 
bitur IL : crtscet semen liiiim et replebilur E | om en BoXacaay 
Kai El* I eirt i°] ety 1 Just: 7rpo$ (20) Chr | (^oXairo'a*'] pr T77K 
37 (J)) I om fTi 2" a-dfhi*k*mopqtuw-d,13(!r(uid)3L Phil Just 
Eus Chr Cyr-ed \ Xi/ia] i-orot' Just: {fioppav 18): a^aToXa? ac 
moxc^a Eus I om *:ai fwt fkippay n Cyr-co<i | om eirt 3" dfi* 
pdjlJC(uid)E1L Phil Just Chr Cyr-ed | /Soppoj-] §oppa. /JMio: 
(Xi^a rS) I om fir aci*omxc,13€(uid)iL Phil Just Eus Chr | 
aKaToXas] X(/3a acmoxc^'3 lOus \ evXoyriB-qcovTat Phil-codi Just |^ | 
(y aoi\ om Phil-cod J : om ty Phil-cod<l \ | jro<rai — 7175] post 
ffov 2^ p^'x : TTOKTa Ta iByyf f | 0uXa(] (rv77€i'f tat Phil-ccxld \ \ 
om Kot 7° f I om ey 2" Phil-codd-omn Eus-cod | <tou 2°] 
om i(aid) : -t Kai ecTai to airfpfta aov us 77 afipio! ttjs 777s Phil- 

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qn: eece era U"': e^o ibo E(om fgo Ep) : -ftiju' aimoxCjB'i'C 
Eus Chr J I ;ueTa aov Sto^iXatrtrtiw] ota^i-Xatrirtj Phil-codd | 
/u(Ta aoi'] +(ipLi aiL Chr 3 | Sta^vXatrirMi'] itat ota^uXat" i3E 
Chr J I iv — Traarj] ill om>ii uiti /III! Si's, ( om T77 (37(1)) Just | 
odw] 777 b: riia tun J3'' | om Ta<r77 Chrj Cyri ( om ov i" — 
TavTTiy i I ov i°] 17 Phil Just Chr i | (ay itopevBTis] iiropfvBris p | 
ay MquvxCj | :Topev*77j] 7rop*nr77 bn Chrf : iropevr] Chr^ | icai 
2" — TaiTTTfy] bis scr b | eirttrTpe^cij Phil-codil i | om <r€ 2° fqu | 
OTt] Kai B"'E Chr I ae y] pr ae ayu ovS ov /xri f | e7«raToXi»-ti) 
b*egjkqstuw-<lj Phil Just Clem-ed Eus-cod Chr Cyr | tov] ov 
1 Eus-cod I /xe] pM A.,: om dp: +tibi E | om xarro Clem | 
o<ra] o Phil-codd | (om iroi 79) 

16 rat ff777fptf77] e^riyepBi] de IB | otto AZJdi'mnox Eus 
Chr] (K EMi'' rell Just Cyr | om avTov B jom oti — (17) avey g | 
om OTI aE I eo-Tti'] post Kvpioi SEIt : tarri w | «vpiof] 0i 1 Cyr J 

16 oTi] o' apa a' oyriot (oitos M*)Msv 




A ecpo^rjdT) Kal eitrev 'fl? c^o/3e/30? 6 Toiroii ovto<;- ovk eariv tovto nW' rj ot/co? 0eov, Kai avTtj 
%d^y TTvXr) Tov ovpavov.^ ^^Kal aveaTt) 'laKw^ to irpon koX eXa^ev tov XiOov ov eOrjKev e/cei Trpo? 18 
K€<f>a\rj<; avTov koX eaTqaev avrbv crT7)\rjv, koI eire-xeev eXaiov eVt to uKpov avTr]<;. ^'^Kai, eKa- 19 
Xecrev 'Ia«-w/3 to ovofia tov tottov eKeLvov OIko<; deov- Kal OuXaM/iiv? j/k ovofia ttj ttoXci to 
irpoTepov. ^°Kal rjv^aTO 'iaKco^ ev^V^ Xeyav 'Eav y Kvpto<; 6 Becx; fieT efiov Kal Bi,a(f>v\d^r} fie to 
iv T§ oSfo TavTjj f} iyio TTopevofiai Kal Bw fioi apTov (f>a'yeiv Kal ifidriov irepi/BaXea-aai, -^ Kai 21 
aTToa-TpitfrTj fjLe fiSTO. aan7)pia<i ek Ton oIkov tov 7raTp6<; fiov, Kal earai fioi, Kvpioc; et? Oeov, ^^Kat, 22 
6 XiOc; ovTOf, ov ea-Trjcra aTrfXr^v, ecTTai jxoi oIko<; deov- Kal ■wdvTuiv u>v edv fxoi, 8w<;, SeKaTrjv 
d-jToSeKaTwao) avTd aoi. 

^Kal i^dpa<; 'Ia«:ft)/3 T01/9 TroSa? iwopevOr} eh yrjv dvaToXwv -rrpot; Ka^dv tov vlov BaOovTjX i XXIX 
TOV I.vpov, dBeX(f)dv Be 'Pe/3eK^a? firjTpd'i 'Iukod^ Kal 'Haav. ^Kal opa, Kal IBov (ppeap iv tw 2 
ireBia. rjaav Be eKel Tpia Troifivia Trpo^dTcov dvaTravo/jieva eVi to avTO- eK yap tov <f>peaTO<; 
eKelvov iiroTi^ov Ta Trolfivia- Xido<; Be '^v fieya<i eVt tw arofiaTi tov (f>peaTO<;. ^Kal (TvinjyovTO 3 
eKel irdvTa to. iroifivM, Kal dveKuXiov tov XiOov diro tov o-TO/taTO? toO ^peaTO'i, Kai bttoti^ov Ta 
TTpo^aTa, Kal aTreKadla-Toyv rbv Xidov ivl to (TTOfia tov <f)peaT0<; ei<f tok tottov avTov. 4 el-jrev Be 4 
avToh 'iaKco^ 'ASeX(f>oi, TroOev ecrTe vfieh ; o! 'Be eiTrav 'Ek Xappdv eafiev. ^etTrev Be avTOK 5 

18 [eX]foi' D 10 0a[7]ii' D(uul) 

XXIX 2 iraiSiw A 

22 atroocKaTojcroi A 
4 fffrai A I e»c] ex A 


17 Kal 1° — eiTrei'] bis scr b | etpo^'qBTjv mt | o toitos outos] 
uisio haec S-codd | tovto] locus hie C | om 7; 1° flin | flcoii] 
pr Tou clx Chr J | om i; 2° g 

18 (om Kttt 1° — irpui 25) | Kai a^'eim;] surrexil autem dlL | 
om TO TTpm Chr | to i°] tw bcfglijiiqrt^uc. Just | ok] o n | 
ee-nK(v AEra(uid)3£(uid)i] cTreSijKfi/ dep : inredriKei' />'IM rell 
Just E\is Cyr Thdt : eixe Chr | exei] sibi % : om Efi^'iiraiE 
Eus Chr I Trpos] eiri ttjs m | Ke0aX7)s] Ke(pa.\-nv bw Chr: {tt^v 
KC(pa.\rjV 20) I (auTox] auToi 79) | eXaior] pr to Just | to 2°] 
Toi' q I ai'Tijs] aiiToir di*pt Just 

19 om ia/tu/3 Ebquw 1E3L Cyr-ed | om cKfii'Oii Just | oiKos] 
oiKo;" m : nomen % | oi'Xa^/^aus A] oi'Xayn/iaoii a : Xa/u/iaous b : 
ouaXa;a egj(txt): onXaous w : oiiXa/iXoiif j(mg)C2*': ouXo/i/iaons 
DE'MCj* rell Just On: {ouXafM/iaovi^ 20): oi'Xajuaoi-s (74) B: 
ouXo/a/Sai-oi'S E»': (oi> Xa/ifiavovati' 71): Ulaiiiiiaus 1L : Oula- 
iHoiis C: Ulmatis 3l-ed: Aulomaus S-codd: Lma S-codd | 
i/i'] 1) n : est B I JroXei] + f Ktii'r; c^ | om rpoTfpov c^^ 

20 T;u|aTo] ej-i)i<tOT0 c^ : iiomiiii IL : + (kci. h | laxw^] pr 
o e I C'xnv] + TOI icu dfp | (om eav 14.18) | tj 1 »] f i hs : (cittc 
1 8) I (om Ki'pios deoi 18) | Scos] Dms nttiis IL Or-lat : om 
Eegj lE'P I (om rai 2" 16.83) | Sia^uXaJi;] Siaipv\a^ei dklnptc^: 
^uXali; bw Chr | om eyw flE ] Tropeuo/iai] wopeiKTOfiat liffi: +ev 
ai'TT) DMegijnr | (om xai 3" — Trcpi/SaXeoCai 16) | 5ai] post jxoi 
Thdt: 6ui) EMbcfhilmnrstvw Or-grJ Chr^"^:' Sacrr) Chr^'^: 
{duiaei 130'') I i^iaTioJ'] \)X deiierit ?)n/ii'iL \ ■wepi.^akeadai] Trepi- 
jiaWeadai f : efdvaaa-Oai E 

21 airoffTpe^T] — /xov] awoKaTaaTijaeL fxe /j.€t etp-qprji Thdt | 
airouTpe^-q — £rwT7;/3ias] p.eTa aptas airo(rTpe\pr) fxe E(-^fi)fir | 
{air Off Tpe\l^ 7] jue] a7roaTpe\ loS) | aTroffTpe^?;] aTTOCTpf^ei 
dknpc^: cTriaTpexfiri j(mg)s(ing)t : eiriaTptipei 1 | om fxe dp | om 
HeTO. (TuiT-qpias IE'' | M"'] post Kiipios Dacchjkmoqs-v.sCj Phil 
Or-gr Chr : om glL Spec 

22 om OUTOS ^(uid) Thdt Spec | farT^ira] eoTrfKa t: + eyitt 
c I om (rTijXT)!/ E Thdt Spec | oiitos 8v effTai /loi fi | om /ioi 

I" 1 I oLKot] €is oiKov Tlidt | eai"] ai- Edmp | 5ws] pr Domine 
Or-lat; 5w (31) S'^'': dcderil Dominus Spec: dedcrit Dns D's 
3L I SeKaTt)v — 0-01] da/io liM decimas % \ StKaTi?!'] + otto tto^'Tui' 
1 I airoSek-aTwirw] aToSeraTW t: + 1701 i* | airra] post ffoi Or-gr 1 
Thdt: auTas fj : aurw p: ex ilia iL Spec: om 1 Phil Or-lat | 
om iroi dp 

XXIX 1 Toirs TfoSas] fedem IL: +aiiTOii acmoxc^SBC | 
neopev6rj\ et ahiit % : ire 'E | 71)1'] pr T^v mB | "Ka^av] + ras 
(6) b I om TOI/ cf ht I I'loi'] tou E : eK bw | /3ai9oiu;X d | a5f X- 
<j>ov o I om 5e Eabckov-c^ | pe^evos g* | M'/Tpos] pr tijs Z)E 
Mafi^'jlrsvCj | (laxu/S Kai i/o-ai'] auTou 31) 

2 Ktti opa] et uidit SB : iiidit (E1L : om dp | ijoai- 5e] koi 
■qaav n Cyr-ed : om 8e B" | Tpia] Sua egj | eiri to auro A] vie 
aiTov I: fT auTOu /^''M rell SBCEii Cyr: om E | «— 
eKiifOv] et e puteo illo 3 | 7ap] aiitcm 3L : om f | ettotis'oi'to 
E1L I iroi/ti'ia 2°] irpofSaTa hns{mg)v(mg)3B*ffi | om Xiflos — 
(3) TTOiixvta dp I om 5f 2" t | i)v] post /ie7as 13 : -I- m egj : 
4- eKfi n I tw crro/.iaTi] to OTop-a f : tov aTop-aTOi Z>hi | 4>peaTo^ 
2^] -1- Tou I'Saros k 

3 (rui'T?7a70i'ro El | Ta iroLpvLa iravra (Kei 1 | TrafTa Ta 
TToi^Kia] Traj'Tes 01 irotpeves irBd£3L : om Trai'Ta c : + Kai 01 
TTOipevei bfhktw | Kixi 2"] H- 01 iroi/uexes dp(-hKai)Cj | om tok 1° 
Or-gr I om airo f | om tov i^ w | 0peaTos i°] +eKeLVOv d: 
-t- Kai o'i'rj;7oi'TO Or-gr | Ta -wpo^aTa] pr Trai'To m : Ta iroipvia 
r I aireKaSiiTTuc] pr jraXiv bw1L{uid) : airoKaSiirTui' Eabckpqtu 
wxCj : a^T€^:aOiaTovp fu j tov \l6ov 2^'] eum IL | ctti — ^peoTOS 2"] 
post ai>TOii o I fTri] fis u | to irToyiia] tw STop-aTi /JMbclw: 
TOV ffTopaTot dinprsv | aTop.a tov ippeaTos] tov tppeaTOS (TTop.aTt 
f I om eis — ai'Tou 3E j om toi' 3" c 

4 om 5e 1° rB''^ | aurois laKoj/SJ {laKoj^ aiiToi^ 3<1'3')- ""pos 
auTOUs iaKw/3 eg; iaKW/3 Trpos afTous j | Tro^ev aSeX^oi p | 7;^€is 
g I (om 01 S( eiwav 77) | eiirai'] eiwov cdfimpr*stCj | x^W""] 
p 2° ex corr c : x^P^^ df*!s* : x^PP^s E | om eapev bhwB 

5 eiirEi" Se] 5e eiwey Cyr-ed | auTois] -1-taKW^ E | om 

ig oiKos 6eov] a' ^otS?)X Mjs(sine nom) ; a' Xouf js | ouXa/i/iai'S — TroXei] a' a' TrpoTtpov Xoi'f ovofia tt; TroXei e/3p. oi'Xa 
Xov^ (yep aeip j ] ocXa/i/iai's] a' o*' Xoi'fa M 

21 pcTa aoiTTipia!] a' a' ev eip-i)VT\ Mjs(sine nom js) 

22 SeKaTTjv — aoi] a' SeKaTrj airodeKaTwaia avTO ffoi v : ir' SeKaTTjv deKaTWffu uot 0' SeKaTTjf avTa airoScKaTwo'a) js{sine tlom)v 



XXIX i6 

6 TwaxTKeTe Aa^au top vlov 'Naxa)p ; ot Be elirav rivua-KO/iev. ^elirev Se avToti 'Tyialvei ; oi 8e A 
enrav Tyiatvet. eTi avTov XaXovvTO'; Kai IBov 'Pa)(T]\ r) ffvyaTTjp avrov ■tjpyero fiera rwv irpo- 

7 ^UTMU Tov traTpo'i avT)j<;- aiWij yap €0o(TKei> ra -Kpo^ara tov Trarpo'; a^'T>}s^ '^Kal eiTrev 'la/coi/S 

hWt ecFTiv r}p.epa iroWr], outto) o>pa (TVi'a')(6i]vai. to. KTi^viy TTor/crai'Tes tu Trpo/Sara diTe\66vTe<; 

8 ^oa-Kere. ^oi Se elirav Ov hvvi)a6fie6a ew? tov a-waxSrjvai iravra^ rov<; Troip.h'a';, Kal uttokv- 

9 Xiawai, tov X'lOov and tov aTOfiaTQi; tov <f>peaTO<i, Kal TTOTiovfiev Ta vpofiaTU. ^eTi avTOv 
\a\ovvTO<i avToh Kal Pax>)X i) OvyaT-qp Aa^dv r)p-)(eTO fieTO. tmv Trpo^/ncov tov Trarpo? avTt']':' 

10 avTT} yap e^ooKev Ta irpo^aTa tov 7raT/30? avTt]^. ^°eyeveTO 8e &)? iSev '\aKO)0 ttjv 'Pa;^^\ 
dvyaTepa^ Aa^av dSe\<f>ov Trjf fj.rjTpo'; avTov, Kal 7rpoae\6d)v 'laKOi^ cnreKvXitrev tov \idov airo % D 
Toil CTTo/iaTos- TOV cJ3peaT0<!, Kal eiroTia-ev tii trpofiaTa Aa^av tov dBe\<f)oii tj/v /j,rjTpo<; avTov. 

J^ "/icai ecj)i\t]crev laKw0 ttjv 'Pai^j;X, Kal /9o>;cra9 tPj (^wvij avTov eKXavaev. ^-kuI uvrjyyeiKev Tjj 
Va'^rjX oTi aSeX</)09 tov iraTpof avTyj^ eaTiv, Kal oti uto? 'I'e/3e«:«a? ecniv ^Kal Spa/xovaa % I) 

13 a-7rt)yyeiXev Tto Trarpl avrrji;^ KUTa Ta pi)fiaTa Tavra. ^^Kal iyeveTO W9 i'jKovcrev Aa^av to orofia *\ D 

\aKU>0 TOV vlov TJ}s" dBe\(f)ii<; avTov, eBpafiev ei? avvavTijaiv avTov, Kal irepiXaficov avTov e(f)i.- 
Xtjaev, Kai eiaijyayev avTOv et? tov oIkov avToif Kal Bii^yrjcraTO tm Aa^dv TrnvTa<i toi/? Xdyovi 

14 TovTovi. '■♦/cat enrev avTco Aa^dv 'E/c toiv oaTwv fiov Kal eK t>}? aapKO^ p.ov el av- Kal yv fieT 

1} avToi) ^fitjva ^'jfiepwv. ^^el-rrev Be Aa^dv reo '\aKmj3"OTi ydp dBeXj>d<; fjiov el, ov BovXevaei<; fioi § z> 
16 Bcopedv dirdyyeiXov p.01 T19 o fnadcx; aov eaTiv. '^tm Be Aa^dv rjuav Biio dvyaTepe^' ovofia tj) 


8 aTroKv\t(ru}(Tif DK 
13 Viov TTji sup ras A' 

yivu(rK(Te — (6) ai'7-ois s | yivu(TK(Te] a vyiaipei m | Ton uioi'] 
vios m I vaxi^p] faaxutp k : jiadovrjK i* | om 01 5c— (6) ot 5c m | 
c(Trai'] eiTTov cdf iprtCj 

6 ciTTci- 5c] 5c ciTTci' Cyr-ed | vyiatvci. i"] pr ci akx | om 
01 — Vfiiuvd. 1" gCj I enraf] cittoi/ cdfiprt | om crt — ot<T7;s 2" 
w I cTi avTov XaXoi/vTos AEfilr] om />'' M rell 3[IE<^3L Cyr : c/ 
dum ita colloi/mintur IE^p: +eis 13 | /cai — Tpof3aTuv] om D: 
om Kal fBCE'P I paxi-V^ jlm | om r; $vyaT7ip ai'Tov lE'i' | auToii 
2=] Lahae IL | om tov jrarpos ai»7-i;s 1° />''Maceghjkmnoqsuv'3 
Cyr I auTT; — ain-qi 2" Ad] om I>''EM omn 91323L Cyr 

7 cnrcv] +auT0is bwlEli | om laKoiji |£3L | ccriv tifxepa 
iroXXi)] stipcrest de die mnltum IL : est Iiora C : om IE | ovwoi\ 
pr (tai Cj : nee est % \ wpa] pr effTiy egj3J3 : pr 1; m : om b | 
awaxOv'"'-'] pr '''"" "^'- { + po-XV^ 3^) I KTrifri] iroiiivia bw | 
iroTL(TQ.VTi{\ TrOTtffarc Cyr-ed \ : -f itaqtie % | ra ■wpofla.Ta atreX- 
ffoxTcs] (om 71): om Ta vpo^aTa IE | Trpo^ara] KT-qpri E | 
aTreXflofTcs] pr /tai S Cyr-ed ^ 

8 ot 5c ctTra;'] 01 5c cittoi' cdfiprc^ ; ctiraf 5e D : om gm | 
SvyafieOa bmw'SdlL [ fws tou cri'i/a;i^^.] tn'si conneniant 1E3L | 
Toy i^] ou al I om /cat 1° 1 | aToKi'Xtffwfft] aTro^-L'Xtffot'Ut bemqu 
w Cyr-ed: aTro/ffXurw/xcj' dp; aTOA'cXiffo/tCf f: O7ro\'i'\to-at I | 
otto] ck k I Toi' ffro^aros] t7\^ Ovpa.% n: om bw | om tov 
(ppearos E | TroTKTU/tci' g | to 5r/30/3aTa] aura Cyr-ed : om ra g 

9 €Ti — Kai] et ditr/i ita colloqitiintiir IE | crt] -\-autefn 33''' j 
Kai]£'cCi''3B(!r!L: 4- i5oii Z>*''Ebi='krtw | poxi^jX blmnos | -rt Svya- 
T7JP Xa/SaJ'] om efgjIE : om -q blmwc^ | tov irarpos avTijs i°] pr 
Laban "S-codd: om p | om ai'Tij — ai<77)s 2° Er'13"!! | ra 
irpo^aTa — aiTT/s 2^'] aiTa n 

10 T))!" — auTOU i°] avn)v p | rijf] post paxv^ Or-gr : om 
bw 1 pax^X] paxtTjX Ins : om g | OvyaTcpa — laKU)^ 2"] pr ttji/ 
qu: om E | aScX^ou 1° — avrov i°] pr tou hilr Or-gr: om n | 
tt;? i^TjTpos ain-Qv i°] Rachel ex corr IEp : -f/cat ra Trpo^ara 
Xa/Saf TOD o5cX0ou ttjs /jniTpo! auTou Macfjkoqs(mg)uv.\3(pr 
•^•)13 Or-gr |[Ta TrpOjfiaTa] to Trot/ti'ioi' f | om tou Macfo]| | om 
KOI I'—avTOV 2° 1E'f(*li' I icat i"] om mpB'PlE'''''' Or-gr: +Ta 

10 a5cX0ou I"] <^ou sup ras (7 uel S) A'"'' | aTrcKi'Xi7(rcf E 

1 4 OfTT€0}y E 


irpopaTa avTOv dIL : -r to Trpo^ara ndt | Trpoo-cXffwx] irpoaTjXdfv 
v!E'(''l I lOKu/J 2"] auTot Or-gr: om npYB^lE'"'' Cyr | atreKv- 
Xtffci'] pr Kai V : fircKuXtoe 1 | om tou (TTO/taros S^'*'* | to — 
auTou 2°} ei cues eius £'"'1 

11 KaTfipi\T](T€v egjv I Tr}v] TT) c ] pax('?X Is I Kai 2" — CA-Xof- 
aev] et Jleuit eitm itoee magtia %, \ ava^or^ca^ fx 

12 avi)yyfLi\<Lv\ aTrriyyei\€i> bdeghi*jlnpqsuvw Cyr : (avriy- 
yf\ri -20): c\f7cc c I rrj paxiX] pr lOKoi/i acefgj-oxCj'3 : ouri; 
laKio^ E I TT}] TTJV dp I paxt'^X Is | om oti i*^ — Kai 2"^ d | oti 
i*^] o m I a5c\<^os] a5eX07;s m: aoeXiftTj p: a5cX0(5os 1: a5eX- 
0i5ous x^'Cyr-ed IE: om r'>(uid) | om tou ttot/jos E | out?)? 
I"] outos bl I om eariv i" n Cyr | Kai 2° — touto] (om 31): om 

OTI 9[ I pc/ScKOJ fg* I CO'TIK 2°] -|- a5cX0j;5 tou TTpS aUT7)t d : om 

3 I Kot 3°] t; 5c Efi»'r | Spafiovaa] +ri Trots ndiL: + Jfae/iel 
IE I a7n;77ciXci'] afij77c(Xci' /)Eacfi'''kmrx; (om 76) | a'oto] 
irotT-o n; om (16.84) ^ I '^'^ P'^Moto] pTj/xa o 

13 Kai eytvcTO A] -f5c m: eytvcTO 5c EM rell ISCIL Cyr | 
(om laKojji 30) | utou] -H Rcbeccae IE | cSpo^cK] pr i-/ H. | outou 
2 "] outoj EMac"eghij*kloq-c,lL Cyr-cod | om itot TrcpiX. — tou- 
Tous o I avTov I"] post c^tXTjircf ECj.'S; (ourw loS) | «^iKT\iTi\i] 
KaTtt\)iKTi<Tiv egj ; -f outoc acmnxISd [ om auTOf 2" En | Kot 
5i777r)(raTo] A-iaKoi^ v: dixit autcm iteriim lacob 13 (om iteruin 
I3IP) I T(j]auTa?bw: om Edcgjmx*c., | Tourouj] ourou bgwIL : 
-f ous ctTrcv TT] paxv^ M(mg) 

14 oiTW Xa^of] Xo^a^ Trpos laKcj^ flE [ ^'ot 2° — ^ov 2^*] post 
TV % I T7)S aapKoi] [t]wj' [(7apK]af M(mg): Ttiif aapKuv j(mg) 
ninos{mg)'3 Chr Cyr-ed | om /tou 2" Cyr-ed 1 | ixTiva ijyitcptjy] 
dies et metises % '• + Kara iravTas tov? Xo7ouy Toin-ovf f 

15 ciFcK 5c] Kot ctTTci' /^Eacdfmoprxc, : om 5c Cyr [ om 
TOI m I OTi] pr jut; j(mg) | yap] ye fi-^': om ei*313"lSlL | o5cX- 
0OS fjLOv] aSfXipov 1 I €i] -i-ffu dfmptSl Chr | 5oi'Xci'(rcts] laborabis 
13''': -l-5c f I /tot 1*^] Mc cs: (/tou 25) | om oTroT^ciXof piOi S*" | 
aira77ctXoj'] ai'077ct\of fnr : die ergo IL | rti] Ti btlp | <rov 
jxiadoi brw | co'tik] ctrToi r: (om 31) 

16 to; dc] pr •:!:• ^ : om 5c 13'p [ i^troi'] post OvyaTcpes bmw 


XXIX i6 


A iiei^ovi Aeia, koI ovofia t!) pecorepa 'Pa^r;\. ^'^oi Be 6(f>0a\fj,ol Aeia? dadevel';' '^axrfK he rjv 17 

Ka\r] TcS el'Set Kai mpaia rf/ oyfrei. ^^/jyairf/aev Se 'laKw^ rifv 'Paxv\ "^^t elirev AovXevaai aoi 18 

eTTTfi eri) irepl 'Va-^-ifk t/)? 0vyaTp6<; gov rfj^ vearepat;. ^'^elirev hi avrw Aa^dv BeXrioi' hovvai, 19 

If (jm yue avTTjv ffol r) hovvai fie avrrjv dpSpl ereprp-^ o'lKrjcrov /act' e/iot). ^^°Kal eSovXevaev \aKui^ 10 

§ ®'' Trepl 'Va-xrfK eirrd eTt). ^^elirev he 'Ia>ca)/3 tcU Aa^dv 'AttoSo? fiot ttjv yvvaiKa fiov, veTrXijpuivTai 21 

yap ai rj/j-epai. fiov, oVo)? eloeXOw Trpoi avT'jv. ^- (Tvinjyayep he Aa^iiv irnvra'; tov<; dphpat; 22 

H Cp tov tottov Koi iiroiifcrep ydfioii."^ ^^Kal eyevejo eairepa, Kal XalBoyv Aeiav t^jv Ovyarepa avrov 23 

elarjyayev avTijv tt/jo? 'Ia«ft)/3, ««( elarjXOei/ tt/so? avrr)V 'la/cco/S. '-^ehaKev he Aa^av Ze'K(}>av 24 

§ ffip Aet'a ^TJj dvyarpl avTov rt)v TraihlaK'rjp avTov ainfj iraihiaK-qp. -^eyeveTO he -rrpwi, Kal Ihov rjp ■jj 

§ €' Ae/a" eiTrei' he ^laKmji Aa^dp Tt tovto eiroitfad^ fioi ; ov ^ Trepl 'Pa;\;>?X ehovXevcra croL ;'■' Kal 'iva 

Tt irapeXoylau) fie; ^^elirep he Aa0dv Ovk ecrrip oiiro)? eV tcS totto) ijfidip, houpat ttjp veunepap 26 

TTpti" ^ Tr)i/ irpea^vrepap' ^'^ avpreXeffOP ovp Ta e^hofia ravTr]<i, Kal hiocrto troi Kai ravTrjp apTi 27 

T^? epyaaiat; ^<; epya Trap' efiol en eTrrd eVi; erepa. ^^ eTroiTfcrep he laKOi/B outoj?, Kat, iipeTrMf- j8 

ptoffep T« e/Shofia ravrrfi- Kal ehcoKep Aa^dp 'Pa;^>)X tijv dvyarepa avTov avTa> yvpaiKa. 

16 \m AE 

1 7 Xtay E (fere ubique) | iSet A 

?5 iDa Ti] tTi /) I jUf] M<" E 

26 ■>)] 


IL: om ax | om 6110 1* | \eia] \eiav ds* : Line IL | om oi-o/ia 
2'^ nIE I v€OjT€pa] SciTcpa a-doprwc^: frepa 1 Cyr-edi; (eXaff- 
ffoi'i 20) I pax"!^ Is 

17 ot — atr^ei-eis] 7/ 5c Xeia t;** aadevtjt d[[\e(a 7;f] \ta;']jp: Z?rt 
a;(/(r«/ era/ caeca 1l5(uid) | paxv'f^ Se] -q de paxv^ ' I P«X";^ 1 I 
om Se 2° w I om t^v Eabcmorwxc^lE [ KaX??] post aSei E : 
utpaia m | wpaia] koXt; m | tt; oipei] atpoSpa. Cyr^: +cr(podpa 
EMbd-lpqs(mg)t~wll5C Cyr^ Thdt 

18 om 5e kiH \ laK. r-qv pax-] T-qv pa-x- ^ ta.KOjfi hw{Tri) | 
rriv] Trj c \ pa.xv'^ i*^] paxtTjX I | eiirfv] +eiill: ■\- Jacob Lahan 
IE I om ffoi d I TTtpi] VTt(.p D I paxJjX 2°] pox")X Is 

19 (fiTrei' Sf] k-ai aire 77) ) om auTu /)l)egjwx*3L Cyr-cod | 
\a.^a.v\ +ad lacob % | /SeXrioi'] +M<" ' I Souvai /it our?;!' i°] 
post cot bw'3l(om fi.e): pa bovvai avTi}v E3L | M* i^'] MO' cdenp : 
om lU I om ffoi — aiiTT)!" 2" h | ^c 2°] ^01 dnp: om 3133L | 
avTTjv 2**] aiTi; m j irepu avbpi Elt | otKi^ov] +5< b; + ovv 
dfi»'prtl£ I om p.(T (fiov IS 

20 KM eSoi'X.] eSovX. 5e Er | iaku/3] (pr avrui 30) : avrui s | 
paxi;X] (pr TT)! loS): pax"/^ ls*{uid) | eTrra err; A] er>) eTrro 
Kai rjaav (vavTLOV avrov ws T]p.fpaL oKiyai irapa to ayawav avrov 
aiT>)^ r)( + n + D^''')EM omn ^iJCIEl, Chr Cyr [ctttii eri; 
Edhln p-sx33d£ 1 (vt^inov fi* Chr.V | oatjixepaL e | ojs] oiaei 
E Chri- Cyr-ed | irapa to] wapa tov n: om to k: 5ia to 1: 
Tou m I oi'Ti)!'] Slip ras i ; auTj; c(uid)]] 

21 Tw] Trpos Ea-df ikmoprswxc2 [ airoSos] TrapaSos egj : 00s 
b Cyr-ed: t/a 3(C: 5os 5j; (20) IE | om p.01 EI\[acehjkbioqruvx 
Cj Cyr-hier-ed Cyr-cod | TreirXripuiiTai — avTriv] ul ingrediar ad 
earn quia finiiti dies eiits 1£ | TrtTrXT^pwrai s 1 om yap w^ | 
om p-ov 2» Ebdpw3B"fflL | Trpot] «s g' 

22 om TravTa^ 33 | too tottou] domus suae IEp : + eKdvov 
fi^r BC1L I 70^01'] pr Toi- (20) Chr 

23 kai 1"] ws 5e EfrlE | etrirepa cyevfTO E | om kai 2° Ef 
i^'r-aiSE I Xa/JuJ- Abg»\vE] (pr Xajiav 32): +XaJ3a o: +Xa/3o>' 
Z)EMg=' rell SBIE Cbr Cyr | Xtiav] post ai/Tou n: (om 73} | 
ei(niyayef]pv e/ IL: riyaytv n | om outtji' i° b\v25EP | lak-u/S 
I"] (pr tov 20): aiToi' dp | om koi 3° — laKui^ 2° dnplEiL | 
Tpos auTT)!-] post iokm;3 2° E". avri] jrpos m | iokm^ 2"] pr eg 

24 cSuKev 5e] ScowKfc 5e Cyr-cod : Kai eSuKe mp : om Se v | 
S'fX0a>' — QiiTOD l°] Ti; 0vyaTpi avTov Xio ffX^ax ElE | t;e\(pav] 
post aiiTOK I" MbdfiklprwCiL : post Xcia egj | Xcia — TratdLCK-ijv 
2°] aneillam suatn famulam filiae suae Liae 31 | Xeia — ai'Tou 
i°] post auTOU 2° jDachmoxCjB Cyr: om t | Xeia] post avrov 
1° n: Xfiai' dfpv | Tr\ Siry. ] tjik 8vyaT(pa gps | om ttji- Tai5. 
auTou enlSi' | avTov avTi] iraiSia-Krii'] om q: om avrov IE | avr^]1 
post iraiSmKriv 2° n : om ZJacmosuxc, Cyr 

25 (irpwi] pr to 108) | om t]v i*!S | Xeia] +fi-o Kachel 3L ] 
uTr(v Sf] Kai cijrei' egj | ia*.w/i] post \afiav m | Xa^ai/ A] pr 
jrpos TW b: pr a./ IL : pr tu />''EM rell Cyr | Ti i°] Tifos 
iveKcv Chr | /*oi tTroitjo-as fik Chr | om p.01. 31 | paxipX] pr rr)i 
Chr: paxi'?X Im | ooi] pr irapa Z>'''Maeghi*kloquvxc, Cyr: 
irapa o-ou s | om koi 2° dpSUE | iva ti] (om 14): om ii-a 1: 
+ Toi'To t I TtapeXoyiaa /ie] dirisisti me 5L: mutauisti ucrbum 
tuum 13 I p-i\ jioi. h : om dp 

26 fiiei' 5f] (pr kai 18): om hi ac | (}^a^av\ pr iaku/3 18) | 
fffTif] fiTTai E I om oi'TMS mB'P | (om tu 78) | jjm""] toutu 
bhmowB'PC Chr | rrpi 1" — j)] om n: om r] bgpw | r-qv irpea- 
jivrcpav] tijs Trpeo^irrfpas bvv : -f eo-xaTus tt; veortpa n 

27 oi'i' — TaiiT-i)s] (■/ /;«!'(■ septem annos IE 1 oin-] St? s: om 
CC : -I- kai f I Ta — Suffu] i'/ ^;(/«i septem annos hauc dabo IL | 
Ta — Tai'Tijs] kai TaiTJjs Ta fliSop-a Chr: septem etiaiii annos pro 
ea 3 I 5wou] 5w i | kai TanTtjc] om IL : om Arai g*3[-cod | 
aKTi] airo bw | (om rr)% 79) | r;s] y\v m | ep7a] 6p7airei D Chr: 
ep7a^oi' x : eip7affu) Elm : opcratus fueris 3L | Trapa ^01 s* | 
CTi— fTfpo] om n: om eti Ebdfhlmpwej33(!l;!E(uid) Cyr-ed | 
eTTTa ctt;] ir-i\ eirra Ebdfpwc^ : post ertpa c : om €T») t | eTtpa 
erij X* I om eTcpa Chr 

28 (om f7rou)<jev — outus 25) | om lak-M^ Cyr-cod | apcjrXjj- 
puffei'] (ynr\ripoiae d : iirXrjpuae I'm | to e^oo/io TaiT7)s] septem 
etiam annos pro ea 'It: ci etiam septem annos eius E(om eitis 
IEpC'I) I Ta E/35oyua] annos alios IL | toitt)!] aiTTj! blwc^ | 
eSuk-fi"] -faiTM l)Mabdi*km-qs-CjaiL Cyr: -I- auTTji- c | om 
pax';X— (29) ^aXKav n | paxiX — 7iii'aik-a] Jacob Rachel IE j 
pax'?X] post ai'TOu r: paX'V^ ls*(uid) | Ttji- fli>7aTepa] r-q ffvyarpi 
j I oi'tm] ouTu c: om (79) HIL | 7i;>'Oiki dp 

XXIX 17 aa9(y(i.f] a a' ottoXoi M 22 7aM0i'] a' a' totoj' js 

25 irapeXo7io-u) ^f] a' txdov /»« M: ff' erifSpeno-os ^e Mj(sine nomjs 



XXX 4 


29 ^9eS(oKeu Se Aa^av 'Pa;^»)X t!} Ovyarpl avrou^^ ]idWav rrjv iraiZiaKijv avTov avrf} iraiZiaK-qv. A 

30 ^Koi elarfKOev Trpo? 'Va')(r)\- ijyaTrijaev Be 'Pa;^^\ fxdWov r) \eiav Koi eBovXevaev avroi eirrd ^ ^ 

31 eTJ] erepa. ^'^'IScbv Be Ki/pto? Oeo^ on fiiaecTat. Aeia, i'jvoi^ev t>)v p,i)rpav avTij';- 'Pa^^X 

32 8e ^v (TTelpa. 3~ical avveXa^ev Aeia Kal ereKev vlov tw 'la«ft)/8' eVaXecref Se to ovo/xa avTov 

33 Pov^rjv \eyovaa Atort eiBev fiov K.vpio'i tijv raTreivaxrcv vvf ayaTTrjcrei fie 6 dvi'jp fiov. 33/cal 
crvveXa^ev ttciXiv Aeia Kal ereKev vlov BevTepov tw laKU>(3, Kal elirev on "WKOvcreii Kvpio'; oti 

34, Kal irpoaeBcoKev fiot, Kal tovtov Kal eKuXea^ev to ovop-a ainov ^vpeooi/. ^^^Kal awe- § /; 
Xa^ev eTi Kai, erexev viov, Kat ei/irev Ev t&j vvv Kaipw 7rpo<; ep,ov ecnai 6 dvi')p /xov, reroKa yap 

35 avTcp Tpei'i viov<:' Bia tovto eKXrjdrj to 6vop,a avTov AevL ^^Kal avXXa/Sova-a en ereKev viov, 

Kal elirev Nvv en ^toOto e^o/xoXoyrjcropai, Kvpiw' Bca tovto eKtlXeaev to ovo/j.a avTOV '\ovBd. § C"' 
Kal eaTT) tov TiKTeiv. 

1 ''ISoOo-a Be 'Va-)(rfX oti 01) TeTOKev tw 'laKco^, Kal i^ijXoKrev 'Po^^X, tijv dBeX(f>T]v afTJ}?, Kal 

2 eiTTev Tm 'laKO)^ Ao? poi TeKva- el Be /xi), TeXevrijao) eyai. ^edvpu>Oij Be IaACco/3 tt) Pa^»;X, Kal 

3 elirev avTfi Mj; uvtI tov 6eov e7(u elfii, 09 eaTepijaev ae Kapirov KoiXia<; ; ^eiirev Be Pa^»;X tm 
'IaK<o/3 'IBov f) iraiBia-Kr) p,ov BaXXa, efVeX^e Trpo? avTr)v' Kal Te^eTai eVl twv yovaTcav p.ov, 

4 iva TeKi'OTroirjaoyfiai Kayo) e^ avTl]<;. ■'/cai eBiOKev avTM BdXXav tj;i/ TraiBi(7K7jv avT)j<i avTco 

31 fjLiffiiTe A 

32 iSef E 

33 fjL^LffovfxaL A 

29 (nn eSwKec — avrov \^ E | eduK^v 5f] Kai e5wKt fil3^^ 
Cyr-cod : + oi/ttj k | om Xa^av IS | po-xtM pr T?f in : pax^v^ 1 | 
TTj Ovyarpi ai'roi'] TTjf Ovyarepa avTov bdw: om p3E | jSaAXai/] 
pr Kai E: /SaXaf dlop: Xa^a** g | om tt^v ira(5t<r«7;»' aurou 3E | 
om avTov airnj iraiOiffK);;' qu | oitt;] (auTi;^ i6. 130): om 331 

30 £i(rr)X#«j'] +iaKU^ dfpiElL | paxiX 1"] (pr outtji' 108): 
poxilX 1 : avT-qn laKup E | om 5c tC | pa^XV^ -"] P'^X'V^ ' ■ 
£'(/«/ IE I Ti \iav /jLaWov 1 [ /cat 2° — erepa] om Efp ; om avruj 
IE'' I ejrra] pr adhuc IL : post er?; m : om 1 | erepa] om a : 
^^ propter eiun IS 

31 om 9eos abcmowxc^SlEiL Phil | (/iiireirai Xeia] ^icrci 
rTjK XcioK 3i(om rT)i').7i) | Xeia» do* | ti\v nTfrpav] post aurj)s 
Thdt I aiiT7;s] +£t concepit % \ pax'lX 1 

32 /cot 1" — ercfc'ev] f/ rtplcto tempore peperit Lia It | /cat 
trui/eX.] trufeX. 5e (78) i3"'i!D | Xtay s | viov toj ta/c.] ro/ ta/c. w 
Elr : om ruj ta\'t*jj3 15 | rtj] tov n* | eKaX. 5e] pr Kat m : /tat 
exaX. brwiSIl, : (om 5e 30) | pov^-qv] povl^cLv c, ; pov^tv tvx : 
pov^Tjfx k: pov^et/x ep; pov^t/x (ifgijl ] 5tort] ort (20) Chr | p.ou 
i°] post Tawetvuaiv bw33t: om Ed]) | /cupios] + 0i i"lr | 
raTretfttiffti'] •f/wf /cat e5tj/ce juot I'tot' dp{om /cat): +/cat eSttj/cec 
;tot in* EMeg-lcirtuv^tiD : + eSui/cc /tot f | om vvv — fj.€ i* | vvv] 
{ovv 71): +0VV egjlqsuvC: +5e mlE(uid) | ayaTr. jue] /xe a^a- 
iTTjtrei abc(-trat c'jdfi^'kmoprwxc^ : 7/ie ciiiiKit 3L 

33 om iraXtf (84) B"' | om Xeta IEp | tctokiv 1 | utox 
Seurepof] SeiTepof utof d^ : post ta/ctti^ 1 | SetirepoK] post laKufi 
eg] : cTepov rli | ort i**] m | yjKOvtrev Ki/ptos] etffT/voi'ffef /t"s t: 
/ts etSef V : + Ss f ir | om /cat 4° ntJ'i'Eli | irpeweSai/cei'] /rpotr- 
e^Tj/cef Eflnv: adauxit IL | om xat 50 ^E | /cot e/coX.] e«.aX. 
5e Ea-dfikmpr\vxC2 

34 (om /cot I" — /catpti/ 18) | trvfeXo/Jei'] (ri'XXajSoi/tra ZJacmo 
xCj I ert] om EafSl-ed: +Zi<z 13 | /cot ere/cex] /cei- i* : /cat 
CTcpov Chr-ed: om /tat /Jacmoxc^JS''' | viov] +aliiim lacob (£ | 
iv TOi vvv Konpiii] hoc tempore iS^^GC: + /rpotre^t/ce /tot Q\ Kot n ] 
/catpoi' q I jrpos tp-ov ecrroi] irpotrAretrat irpos ^e E : rettertetur ad 
me fir I irpos] fter m(txt) | e^tou] e^oe f | cirrot] idjiv l!E(uid) | 


rero/to] ere/cof Eabilfikmoprwx : ere/te cc, | om oirrai Ep | 
I'loi's rpets fir | 5ta roiro] (pr /cat 79): A-ot E Chr: -Venim IL | 
eKXi/flT) A] e/caXetrei/ />''EM omn SlBlIElL Chr | ai-rou] oi/rw 
Chr I Xeuti- El 

35 ert i°] /cat f: om Eacdegjms : + Lia 13 | viov] 4-ert f | 
ert tovto] ctti. tovto tc, : i« /we B'"!**''': //t'f ISfl'C | roiTo i°] 
rotTu cm : tov n : om Edgpv | e^oMoXo7»)a-u/:iat Ebgn | Kvpiw] 
pr Tu /Mfimnp Chr: +tu Bu EICE | ota roirro] et SE'' | om 
avTov f I toKSo] toiiSof Mabdegjpqs-wc^ T-A : ludas 13C | 
om Kot 3" — TiKTuv E''' I re/ceiK bhv 

XXX 1 om 5e 1° fg13'''*' | po-xn^ i"] pax")X d-H | reroicei'] 
Tt/cret m'E"^!' : pareret fliiim uiro suo 3L : +1* i'T^ffi | om 
/cat I" Edfikrv-aHSEiL Chr | paxijX 2"] pr Xetox ej : paxti;X dl : 
om fprvB^EIi Chr | tt^v aOi\(pr\v] pr Xeiof dfiklps"'S(Xeta)v 
CE: (1; a5eX07) 14. 16.77. 130) I <xvtt)%\ ->, IJam iL | om tu 
ta/ct.jfl 2" E I Sos] pr v Eus | reKfo] t(kvov EbltwEi'E: +«: 
/(• C'= I /")] MJ/Te ot Thdt I reXeuTTjcrtj £70] aro8vTf<xKW eyu 
Chr^: e,^v iiioHor%: om eyoi HE: OTroffoJ'oi'^tiai Chr J Thdl : 
iiiorior 3 : a/roKrcti'oi' joe Eus 

2 eOv/xoiDij Se] (icot ctiv/xu0ri 7tj): ffvixaOfii Se tuiv | om rij 
paxiX Z'p I T7)] ri)!/ j I poxtijX 1 | om /cat quvJS | aimi] tt) 
pox^X V>{ + D): om E | ofrt rou tfeouj fleos Chri | rou A/Jn] 
om EM rell Phil Eus Chri Thdt | Otov] 0ta g: +troi Eus 
Thdt I eifti eyui fivSE Eus Thdt J | om et/ti BC Chri | etrre- 
priaev <re] sterileni fecit 11 | trej /xe g : om 3 | KOpirof] Kopiru e 
Chr.V: KopTrou (32) Chr i | KotXtos] +troii (20) ajSCElL 

3 paxiX TU to/cojfj] oirru paxv^ ^2 : oiirtti dmp | pax"7X 1 | 
rw] irpos cfikorxc, : om n | laKufi] + tu avSpi aimjs n | /SaXXo] 
(SoXo 1 : Ballam C' : om dp | (irposj ets 79) | om /cot — /xou 2» 
c, I referot] re^o/xt o* | tfa Affi] K0.<. I>-^Y.^\ omn SBEIL Cyr | 
T€KvoTrotrjaoj^ai Agnqr*sll T(KvoTrotTj07jffo/xat b: TfKvoiroirtffw f; 
TfKvoTToi-niroixai Z)"'EMr^ rell B3L Cyr | /ca7t<j] sot £71^ Dakm 
owxc^: (yu i*: om blS'i'lL 

4 om oiTtj 1° bewJS | ^oXXof) ^aXaf dip : Bellam E | om 
TTji' xat5t<r/ci;>' auTJjs E | airrijs] avrov m | o-vtu yvva.i.Ka] 

34 Trpos e/xou etrrat] a' Trpotr/cetrot Trpos /xe M(sine nom)s 


XXX 4 


A yvvaiKa, koI elarjXdev Trpbi; avrrjii 'Ia/cft)/3' ^ical avveXa^ev BaWa 7] TraiBiaKt] 'Va')(^rj\ koI 5 
ereKev tw 'laKW^ v'lov. ^xal elirev 'Pa^riX "FiKpivev fioi 6 deo^ Kal etrr^KOvaev Ti']<i (f)(ovrj<; fwv koX 6 
eStoKei' fioi vloV Bia tovto (KtiXeaev to ovofia avrov Adv. '^ Kai (7vv€Xa/3ei> eTi BaWa r) irai- 7 
hiaKrj 'Va')(^))\ Koi sTeKev v'lov Bevrepou tw 'la/fco/S. ^Kal elirev 'Pa;^>;\ 'Evve^aXero fioi 6 Oeot, 8 
Kal avvave(7Tpd^i)v Trj dBeX(f>7] p,ov Kal rjZvvacrOriv' Kal eKoKeaev to ovofia avTOV Ne^^aXei. 
'^I'B^v Se Aeta OTi eaTrj tov TiKTeiv, Kal eXa^ev ZeX<J3av Trjv TrathitTKTjv avrrj<; Kal eBmKev avTrjv 9 
Tw 'Ia«:ft)y3 yvvaiKa. ^°€t(X7]X6€v Be Trpd<i avTr)v 'la/cw/S* Kal avveXajSev ZeX<f)a rj TraiBiaKi] Ae/a? 10 
IT C' Kal ereKev tw 'laKO)^ vlov. ^'/cat elirev'^ Aela 'Ev tv^j/' Kal eircovofiaaev to ovo/xa avTov FdB. 11 
'^/cai (TvveXa^ev eTi ZeX^a r/ iraiBlaKri Aeiaf Kal eTeKev eVt to3 'Ia«a)/8 vlov BevTcpov. '3«;ai '^ 
enrev Aeia M^aKapia iym, oti fiaKapii^ovaiv fie Traaai a'l yvvaiKe';' Kal exaXeaev ro ovofia avTov 
Wcn'jp. ^•^eTTopevdr] Be 'Vov^rjv ev rifiepai<; depia/iov irvprnv Kal evpev firjXa fiavBpayopov ev T<f> 14 
dypw, Kal ffveyKev avTci iTpo<; Keiav Trjv ixrjripa avTov' etirev Be Pa^^/yX- Trj Aeia Ao? /xoi roiv 
fxavBpayopwv tov vlov <tov. ^^elirev Be Aela OJp^ iKavov aot, on eX,a/3e9 tov avBpa ixov ; firj Kai 15 
Tov<; ^fiavBpay6pa<;^ tov vlov fiov Xrjfiy^rj ; elirev Be 'Va')(^rfX Ovx ovTa>'s' KOifnjOi^Tui jxeTa (tov 
Trjv vvKTa TavTTjv uvtI tmv fiavBpayopcbv tov vlov crov. ^^elcrrjXOev Be la/cto/S e'f aypov ecnrepa<;, \6 

XXX 6 TOUT-o] TOV E 8 (jwtoXeTO A* (o-uct/S. A') 9 eiSeK />" 

II Tvxv] '■"X't A(uid) I tTrovo/taffec E* (eTrui'. E») 15 ^0x5^070^05] fiandpayopovs A 


7i»'aiKa avTw n: in miilierem 3L: om d: om avTu msSd ) 
KOI £i<T7)XSfx] cia-q\dev 5e EabcefgijkmorwxCjffi'iL | Trpos avr^qv 
laKwfi] laKwfl TTpot ai'Ti]i> nffilE : /aco/i ad Ballam ancillam 
suam IL 

5 <svviKa.{iiv~\ ai/XAo/Jouiro a | /joXXo] ^oXa dip : jSoXXox bw | 
om 7) TvaiiiaKT] paxv^ IE | paxv^] P^X"/^ ' • outtjs nc, | om 
KOI 2° — (7) CTeKO' m I om koi 2" aB'P | tui iokm/3] post vlov dps 
SBCEIi: (ornru 18) 

6 poxt'/X 1 1 eKpicff] Kpivai n | (juot i^] ^ue 30) | ^eos] pr 
Doniinits CT; ks E | cTTT/Koi'tTex] i'7rT;Koi'(Te Chr ; {eiCT/Koi'O'e 25) 

7 om en 33"' | ^aXKa. — paxi)X] post fTCKef acoxc, | ^aXXo] 
^oXadlp: Balliiin % | paxv^] oi'tt/s 1: (om 16) | vlov — iokw/3] 
om (16) Chr: om vlov d 

8 pax')X] poxiipX 1 : om Ebw(!E!E | ffcxe^aXero ^01] adiiiiiil 
tiic '3: suscepil mc BCIEIL | (Ti/re/SoXfro A'h] cri'i'ai'reXo/SfTo 
aegjptx Chr : fffxavTiXa/Joiro d: tn'ceXa/Sero /^EM rell: (orre* 
\afieTo 20) I /ioi] /IE p: fLOv egjt Chr | ^eos] pr Dominus 
(fT I Kot 2°] ^«('(^ "^ I ffvvaveffTpa^p-qv^ avvaveffTpacp-rj g: tri've- 
(TTpafpTjv cdi*quv : avvfarpafpi] ms(mg) : conparaitit >hl' 3i.{^£7«- 
pantit IL*) [ Kttt 3°] pr Kot slttov d ] Tj5vv7}6t)v dfp | (/coi 4°] 
5ta 7-otiTo 71) I vc^SoXet AZ>''rsx] xfi^ffaXi^ intSJS : Ncplhalim 
iL: v€(f)da\'qfj. b: vs^&aKefi E; veip&oKeiv k: v€ipda\tLp. M rell 
IHiEphlh- Chr 

9 iSfK] iSowo fir3[13!E Chr | (om 5e 18) | effri;] ctm dpc^* : 
effrtx f; eireaTTj bw | tou riKTetf] pr xoi/ tek^lv m: tou t^kelv 
s(txt) I om KOI 1° f3131E I feX^ox] 5f\0aK 1: om bw | avn^v] 
avT-q f : om 91£ | 7111'oiKo] pr eis c3L Chr 

10 om fio-ijXefi'— toKW/S 1° Z>Eabcl-oqs(txt)uwxc2affiE1L 
Chr I (uj-qKSiv 5e] koi cLarjXBev fpr : om 5e gs(mg)J3"' | iokw^ 
Trpos auTTjv dlS'P | taKW/3 i"^] pr o gk : om p | koi tryi/eXa^ex] 
avvf\al3€v 5e Ebdoswxc2lL : koi ere/ce a ; ereKc de cm | om 
fe\0o — Xetos p | 5eX0a 1 | om 77 jroiSttrKT; Xetos 1£ j KOi eT-eKcx] 
post ioKW/3 2° IE : om acmo : 4- f rt g : + vlov devrepov i* | om 
TW — (12) erenev s | tw ioku^J post woi' S15CiL | woe] om i* : 
-f StfTepov g 

11 — 13 plurima periere in (!E"' 

11 Xiox d I om ev — (13) Xeio g | (V Tvxv A(iiix'; uid)Z>''E 
M(txt)lqu33(!D(uid)] ti'Tuxi r: cvtvxvk"- cx: tvTvxvi"^ M(mg) 
rell Thdt : TfTvxvK"- (^o) Chr: impctraui iL: ad me forluna 
mea 3 : felix fui ego etiam IE | to oxo/jo outou] avrov n | 5a5 m 

12 o-uxcXo/3ex] ereKf acmo | om en i" Z)EMacefhj-orx3 | 
d(\ipa 1 I om 1) iraLSiuKT) Xeios IE | om koi ereKev en acmo | 
en 2"] ilenim IL : (ev tw TUTeix 16): om Ebdfi!npqt-wCj"3-ed 
15 I TW lOKw/S] post SeuTepoi/ acikmoxc,91} : post vlov (16) 3L | 
VLOV SeuTepor] om IE : om deurepov IL 

13 e7w] pr upu {^: + sum %: + Lia IEp | otl] el E | 
p.a.KapLov(TL d-gimpst'SlS Phil Chr | iroffai AEfi-ir] om Z>''Mi* 
rell 3BlE3LS-ap-Barh Phil Chr | om ai f | koi eKoXeffec] cko- 
Xeuex be Er | aiTijp] oireip qu : Asser JS : + ttXoktos Edpx 3-ed 
B: +0 eo-ni' jtXoutos fikr S-codd (S- : + quod est dines 3L 

14 om 5e 1° mB(pr e/ B") | povprjv] pov^LV itx : pov^-qix c: 
povpeL/x ep Cyr-ed : povjiip. Edfgjlnq : pov^L v | ij^epo begjlmq 
uvw I TTupwx] pr Tiov m | ei'pwx i*k [ /Aoc5pa70pou] /xavSpoyo- 
povs M : fiavSpayopuv d-gijkpfS Chr | om koi 2" i*k | ■i}veyKev'\ 
r}V€yKav f: avtjveyKev It j Trpos — fj.TjTepa] ttj p-rjrpL Chr: om 
Xeioc IE I eiirei/ 5e] koi eiTre Chr | poX"!X 1 | r-q Xeio] tt; ade\(pTj 
avrr)! d : om m : om ti; bfikprstw: +T17 adeXifrr] oi>t))s be-kpqr 
s{mg KOI TT))t-w3C Cyr 

15 multa periere in C ] om etTrex 5e Xeia b | etTrex 5e i"] 
KOI enrev dpiL | Xeio] Xiai" d: +ad Rachel IL | om <roi jB | M'?] 
oXXo E : ntotc IL | koi — p.ov 2°] post Xrtt^i^V acmoxc^ IE | tous] 
Tos dp I Mai'5pa7opot'S A/)bchi*lnquv | (om tom vlov i° 16) | 
eiTrex 2° — <rov 2»] di^^i/ aiilem Lia Da iiintm tuuin mihi hac 
nocte dabo tibi mandragoras filii tnei pro eo dixit autcm Raclul 
ei Sitnw eitm et dedit Lia ei mala mandragoras pro Jacob 33'^ | 
ctirec 5e 2*^] koi etTrex d | pox^/X] poxt7?X In : om d | om oi^tw? 
iL I K0i/ii7)S?)Tw] pr jcrflL: KOLixrjdriireTaL f: +Sri (20) Chr | rriv 
vvKTa TavTTjv] Tq vvKTL TavTT] d: ( + taKW/!J 30) | ffov 2°] -i- et 
dedit ei !E 

16 tLtrriXSev] -qKdev noiL | om ie eq | om e| O7poii x | e|T)X- 

XXX II ex rvxri] o' riXdev ev^ujLa ff' rjKdev 706 M 
15 oi'Tws] o' 5ta TOVTO M 


ev^itivLO. TJXBev eufwxio ri\dev yap s 


XXX 2g 


Kal e^fjXOev Aet'a eiV avi'dvn^aiv avTio Koi elirev llpo? ifie elaeXevat) <ji)fiepoi>' fiefiiadiofiai yap A 
ae uvtI Ttoi' fiavSpayopwp tov viov fiov' Kal €K0i^n^dr) p,€T avTT)<i rrjv vukto eKelvrjt'. ^^ Kai, e-m)- 
K0V(T6V auTf)? 0609, Kul (TvXXa^ouaa €T€Kev T(o 'Ia/ifft)/3 utof TrefiTTTOi'. '^Kal elirev Aet'a AeBcoKei' 
p.ot 6 0€o<; Tw fiiadov p.ov dv6' (vv e^foKa rrjv TratZiaKrjv p,ov tw avhpi fiov Koi eKciXeaev to 6vop,a 
avTov 'I<Tcra^«/3, 6 iariv Mtcrf^os". "•'/cal (TweKa^ev en Aeia Kal ereKev viov sktov tq> Ia«myS. 
'°Kal enrev Aeia AeBoopyjTai 6 Oeu<i fj,oi 8o>pov koKov ev tw vvv Kaipw atpertel /xe 6 din'jp fiov, 
reroKa yiip avTw uf'oi/s" e^" Kal eKuXea-ei/ to ovofia aiirov 'Aa^ovXwv. ^^ Kal p^era tovto ereKev 
OvyaTepa, Kai iKaXetreif to ovopa avTri<; Aeiva. Kal earri tov TiKTeiv. ~'ep,vt](T0T] Se o 0eo9 

Pa^j^^f/X- Kal eTrrjKovcTev avTfj<; o Oeov, Kal di'erp^tv avTP]^ ttjv p,rjTpav' '^koI crvWa^ovaa eTeKev 
TO) \aKO)l3 viov. elirev Be 'Pa^»/\ 'A<^etX6// o 0eo9 p,ov to 6v€iSo<;' ^'^Kal iKd\e(r€v to ovop,a avTov 

l(oaij<f) Xeyovcra IlpoadeTco 6 deo'i p.ot, viov eTepov. ^^liyeveTO Be (o? eVe^ef 'Pa^f;X toi* 

'\to(r7](f>, eiTrev 'laKm/S tw Aa^dv 'AirocTTefXoi' pe iva d-ireXdw et? tov tottov pov Kal el<; Tip> yfjv 
p,ov. -^dTr6Bo<; poi to? yvi'aiKa<i Kal Ta iraiBia, -rrepl (Lv SeSovXevKa aoi, iva direXOii)- av yap 
yivwo'Kei'i T>]i> BovXiav i]v 8eSovXevK(i. (701,. '^elirev Be uvtm Aa^dv lit evpov ^dptv evavTiov crov, 
oiQivcanprju av evXoyTjaev ydp p,e 6 Oeb^ Ttj af) elaoBw. '^^hidaTeCXov ^tov pia66v aov Trpo<i pe, g ^c 
K(u SftJcro) (Toi. -'^eTirev Be avTto ]aK(o/3 Sii yivdiaKet,'; a BeBovXevKu aot,,^^ Ktii oaa rjv kt)'jvi) crov 1; (ffm 

19 Xta A* (Acta A') -20 atpexiei] eper[tei] D : aipeTiact E 22 -qvew^ev />E 

23 atp-qXtv E 26 bovXaav Z>'' 

tfef] T/X^e dp 1 auTw] ai^rou c*dfgnplL : {axiTiiiv iS) | /cat eiTrec] 
om w: +aura) dpCTIEiL | e/ie] yue Da-gijknopwxCj | eXeLJO"?; 
nv I om yap c | <Te\ ffoi c; -^ crrjfiepov m ^-codd Chr | (afri] 
aTTO 79) I *:at eKOLpLTjdrj] iKoifJitjdtj de Efir: om /cat It | ttj vvkti 
€K(tvTj dp 

17 Kai eTrijKov(T€v^ eir-qKouac de m | eLarjKovan' is(mg) | 
oi/T7;s 6eo$ A] ^f tijs Xetas Ef i^-Ir : dt ttj \ta n : d^s Xetas 
/>''Mi* rell 313I£ Clir: /JSj- Liam IL: Domiiuis Deus earn 
C I om (Ti'XXa/^oirtra 33'*' | T-ero^e c | rw (aMj/3J post 7re/iTrroc 
bwlSC : 0111 15 I om -weii-mov n 

18 — 24 fere omnia periere in ffi 

18 htaaKiv Abdpstw] iSuKev DEM rell Chr | om ij.01 DE 
Macdeghm-rs(txt)tuvxCj | toi' nicrdon fiov] moxcihin iiiagnam 
IL I p-ou i°] /uoi E I uv] ov DEMacdeghjmopqs-vCj Chr: {ov 
ovK 107): +01* u 1 Tqv — pLOv 3"] t'i inandrai^ofas Jitii uwi 1£: 
om TW avhpL p.ou m | €/caXea"€f] ajj-o/xaffe d[)3S | taaxap dflmnp 
1331. I firxic pii<r8os] om acoc^ : om kttip 33 

19 i_)m ert c1£^'' | e/cror] post (aKW/3 1£: om E 

20 dedwpTjTai] iuiiicauit IE | (?eos /xot] ^ot (?s /?EMa-df 
il-prstwxCjSIEIl Chr: {o Ss piov 78.83) | 5w/)0i'] (fp7o;' 71): 
iudiciuin IE | aiperifi] pr xai m: diligd 9331E1L (-,;;/') | om 
ai'7;p juou g [ TCTOKa] ereKOf a-dikopwxc^ : €T€K€ fm{uid) | 
avTQi mov! ff] CKTOP VIOV m | ej uious abckwxCj | ej] septan 33" | 
/tai f KoXeirev] e/.aXetrei' 5f Eir | kai 2"] propter hoc IL | eicaXeirei' 
— aiTOi'] TO ofo/na tov cktov c/caXea'a(?) f 

21 om KO( 1° Cj I TOUTo] /laec 33 | Stixa:' Iv | vai 3° — 
TiKTeif AE] om />=i'EM omn SBE Chr 

22 om 5e r* | pax^jX Abw Thdt] pr ttj nr : t7)S paxi^X 1 : 
pr T7)S Z)s'iEM rell Chr Cyr | om koi i" — 8eot 2° IE | eir-qKOVtv 
Cyr-cod I auTTjs i"] post fleos 2° c: outt; iknquv | o ffeos 2°] 
pr Z^/^-f 11 : Ki'ptos Cyr : om en Chr | aveia^ev] ■\- DTis Ds iL [ 
Ti\v p.T)Tpa.v avTrj^ Z^acfiklmoxc^SlIL 

23 (Ti'XXa/Joi'ffa] aweXafie Kai (20) ^(uid) Chr | tu laKuifi] 
post viov a-dmp\v3333£ : om tw Chr | anev S(] koi. eiirev EIL | 
paxt^l pax"?X In : om IE | a<pei\ev'\ + air epov 3 Cyr-ed | 


^eos ^01'] ^oi> ^s bfikmsw Chr Thdt: /tot (?s dp | /lov to 
ovetoos] TO ovdbos p.ov clnv^lL : -\- piov ax 

24 Trpoo-^eTtj] irpoaO-qTw egj Thdt: wpoae$€To bcdfiklprwc^ 
Chr Cyr-ed : irpoaeBiKe n | fltos /tot] /tot 9s /^Ebd-jlnprs 
vw'33L Phil Chr Cyr Thdt : 9i pov ac'mc,^ : iiii/ii Dominus 
Or-lat I om fto;' dpw 

25, 26 multa periere in C 

25 (e7fi'eTo — i.ix>a-t}<p\ reroKf Toiyvv toi" iU(jTi<p pax')X 14) | 
pax")X In I tov i°] Ttj mv | iaKi»/iJ] pr n | om ru Xa^af c, | 
(om tj/a — /tou 2° 79) I om eis 2" 33''* 

26 oTfoSos] pr rf <^E | /tot A/->EbfirvElL Chr CyrJ piov m: 
om M rell 3 | Tas 7iifaiKas AE3l-ed Chr] +fiov />"M omn 
3-codd 3311 Cyr : liberos nieos IE | Ta jratSta] om Ta c^: +p.ov 
Z)*''MbfiklwE3331 Chr Cyr: nxores meas IS | Sibov\evKa i"] 
ieSovXevKas f: cSoi'Xewa o: eSonXeucra Equv | trot 1"] trou n | 
om ti'a — ffoi 2" ef Chr | ti-a aircXffu] et eo IL: om (77) 2 | ixa] 
\at bdpw I SoiyXiav] +jaou gs | om t\v g | SfOoi/Xeina trot 2°] 
ihoxihivca aai. 'E: feci tecum ( + £"/38p) quanta erant fecora tua 
ihi mecuni 33 

27 ftTTef— Xa^ax] bis scr d* | fupoc] (vpi\Ka 1: ifv 25) | 
oiuvicaprjv — yap] aiisl>i(atiis sunt enim quia henedixit 33(om 
quia)"^ : quia noui quod benedixit IE | ott*)fitra/t7;(/] OLOjvqaaitiTjv 
bw: (et ov-qaapTiv 107) | om av amosxc^'Sluid) | yap] post /if 

•v: om begjw | Tr; a-q fttroSw] pr fTrt /P^'id-gijprv Or-gr Chr: 
eir ofo/ioTt o-ou M(mg) : in [>ede tuo 3 : propter A- IE : + ad me 
C I etffoStii] o^iji E 

28 om totum comma tlj) | SiatTTttXoi'] pr kox enrtv /Jacegj 
mno(a7roo-TctXo>')xCj : pr /cat imv avTOi firC : pr et (licit Laban 
3 ] TOV fxiadov (701'] pr /tot g3 : pov tov piffdov E | (ffouj fiov 
84) I om xpos /te Ei'IL | /te] <t( D \ om oot EMabcegh-kmqrs 
u-c,a Chr 

29 ai'Tw taKw/3] toKW/S oktu Cyr-cod : lasiij/S tw Xa/Saj/ n : 
om aiTw efgi'jmCjIL | om <sv os | a] oo-a c^Sinid) : quantum 
IL: et E: ttjv oovXeiav tjv li\v33C(uid)Cyr-cod | SeSouXcuKo] 
SeSuKa Chr-codd | KTrjv-q aov] pr Tadp: post c/ioi'IL: omtroua 

20 atpcTtet /te] a' avvoiKTjaei /tot M 

24 a' tr' 0' irpocrOeTOi o 9s s 

28 StaiTTuXov] a' eirofo/tatroc j : a' opi<rov Mj 

1 1 

XXX 29 


A yu-er' efxov. ^^fiiKpa yap rjv oaa rjv ivavTiov fiov, koX 7)v^7]6'J] e/? TrXf/^o?' ^ Kal T^vKoyqaev <re 30 
Kyp/09 eVl no TToSi fMov. vvv ovv irore ttouJo-co Kayo) i/jLavrro oIkov ; ^^ KaX elirev avro) Aa^av 31 
Tt aoi Swao) ; elirev he avr^ ^laKO)^ Ov Bcocrei^ fiot ovOev iav Troujcrei^ fioi to prj/xa tovto, 
iraXiv TTOtfxava) ra irpo^ard aov /cat <f)vXa^(o. ^"TrapeXOaro) ra 7rpo/3aTd aov ayjfiepov, kul 32 
Biax(opi(TOv eKeWev irciv Trpo^arov <^aiov iv roh cipvdaiv /cal irav htdpavrov koX Xev/cov ev Tal<; 
al^lv* earat fioL fitaOo'i. ^^/<al iiraKovaeTai fiot >; BiKatoavvrj fiov iv tt] rjfiipa rfj ahpioVy on 33 
icrrli' 6 fjitad6<; fiov ivdoiriov aov irdv o iav fit] jf pavrov koI htdXevicov iv ral'^ ac^iv Kai (paiov ev 
TOi^ dpvdacVy K€KXe^}ievov earat irap' i/ioL ^■^ecwev Be avTM Aa^av *E(TT&) Kara to prj/xa aov, 34 
35 /tat SciareiXev iv ry rjfi^pa iKelvj} tov<; Tpdyov^ tov^ pavrov^ Kal tov^ StaXevKov^;^ Koi rrdaa'^ 35 
Ta^ alywi ra^ pavrd^ koi ra^; SiaXev/cov;, /cal Tvav o })v XevKOV iv avTot'i, Kai irav b rjV <^aiov ev 
rot'; dpvdatv, Kal eScoKcv Sta %etpo9 rcov v!a)v avrov. ^^Kal diriarrjaev ohov rpioiv rjfiepMV dva 36 
H D fikaov avTOiv Kal dvd /xeaov Javco^* 'Ia/cco/3 Se iiroifjiatvev^ ra irpojBara Aa^dv rd v7roX€nj>0ivra. 
^'^eXa^ev Se avrai 'la/cwyS pd^Bov arupaKivrjv ')(Xo)pdv Kal Kapvivi^v Kal TrXardvov, Kat eXeinaev 37 
avTd<=: 'laKco/B XeTrlapLara XevKdy ireptavpoyv to ')(Xoyp6v' i<j)aiV€T0 Be ifrl ^ratf* pd^Soi^ ro XevKov 

30 €{.t\o-yr]<7ev V. \ ttoSi] ttoSci A : 7ro5iw E 

32 txi^aiuLv E I ixktBos] s sup ras A^ 

36 a.Tr€(TTr)(T€v^ a. sup ras A^ | iTroi/x^vev E 

30 om yap ^ | om tjv 1° e \ otra -qv AEir] oaa (Tov -qv hm : 
offa virripxov f: om k'E Chr-codd : oaa aoi tjv />''M rell B^JT^L 
Cyr: oaa aoi ChT-ed | fxov i^] cfxov /^''Mac^ghjklnoqs-vxCj | 
(jju^Tjdtjs 71) I €v\oyT}H€v c^ | cf] post Kvpios ao : eas IE: om 
Imn I Kvpios] el EirlSC Chr^ Cyr-^: +0 $1 x<B. \ €Trt—fxov 
2*^] in ingressu mco ad te IStfE [ (fTrt] ^v 84) | Troniaco/ 1 | 
Kayuj'] Kai eyw />adopxc^: tYot eyw f: om LiBp Cyr^ | efxavTw] 
pr as i : e^avrov dk 

31 ai'Toi Xa^av] Xa/Sav aurw bw: om m ] aoi 5wa"w] trot 5w 
Ldei*jklpquv: Tronjaw aoi E | enrev 5e] Kai enrev Eachmnorxc^ 
Cyr-ed | om avroi 2° egjkms Cyr-cod | (om ov Swaets fioi 25) | 
01'] Kai dp I fjLOL i°] fJL€ cs I ov5€v Z^EMacdfikmoprxc^ | eav] 
4-5eChr | -rronjai}^ 2>''EMaeh-lqrtuvxc2 | om fioi 2" EgMCIL i 
TO p7jfj.a Toi'To] ucrbum meiim % | om iraXiv cl£pf** | Troi^aifoj 
ox I TTpo^ara] pccora 13'^^ | ao\i\ +(rT;^e/JOi' Cyr-ed: -i- ai)fj.€poi* 
iravra f | om /cat 2*-'— (32) aov x* | om Kai tpifXa^oj Chr | Kai 
2*^] i/(7 IL I (pvKaTTU} n 

32 wape\daTijo AZ?Eh*r] pr ei WE', pr itaqiw %: wapeXea- 
Twaav 1: irapeXBeTU) Mh'^^\■^ rcll : Kai wepieXOe L: {nai urepieX- 
$€Titj 71) I ra — aTj/xepou] {ay^fxepov Travra ra trpo^ara aov 78): 
hodie onincs oucs coram te ^ | ra Trpo^ara trot'] pr iravra Z^''EM 
abchi^-oqrt-wx^c^lS^lElL Cyr : post tn/^uepoi' egjl | aov'\ iuxfa 
te (!D: om E; +3ra»'ra L: +rai'Ta s: + coram te 13 | ffT/juepoi'] 
om Cyr-cod: -fTracra fi* | om Kai i*^ Cyr-ed | Staxwpto'oi'J 
Smxwptffoj quv : Siax^pT^aorrat E: {avax<^pi-(^ov 30) | irav irpo~ 
(iarov €K€i$ep E | Trpoj^arov] post (paiov fir: om Sp : -^ iroiKiXotf 
Kai irepKfou [irepKOV akm : XevKov o : + Kat pavrov m) Kai irav ^oa-^. 
KT]/jLa ackmoxc^'lt Cyr-ed: ■\-uarhtm aid fitscnm . .omne pascens 
jS-ap-Barh | tpaiov — aii,iv\ cuius album ttcUus {alhits color IEp) 
eius et omne album (om et omne album lE*^) d cuius iiarius color 
cius et genus eius 1£ | ipaiov'\ ov E | om €v Tots~(33) <paiov m | 
biapavTQv Kai XtvKov A ^-cotld{uid)] maculosum in ouibus et 
aUnim "i^cd : hioXtvKov Kai ttoiklXop i3''(uid) : diaXevKOf Kai Trap 
pavTOP X : biaXevKov Kai pavrov Z>''ELMi* rell i3{uid)(ir!3L Chr 
Cyr I ev rats ai^ii/] (pr ev toi% apvaai Kai 83): -^ et alba 33 | 
earai] pr Kai Z^B''iL | pioi] epioi aoc2: /xov Irt IL: aoi bjw: om 
•^-ed I /xiados] pr Ldpst^: + /fat eorat /xot qu 

33 om Kai i** — trot' IE | ewaKovaerai /j.oi] uidebitur ^ \ fioi] 
efioi acox: fwv Lbdeghjlnprtw Chr Cyr | ri? 2^] ravr-q dpl13'"' | 

Kayoi cfxavTOj oikov sup ras circ 8 litt A'^ 

33 ai^eatv E 35 rpayovs] y sup ras A* 

37 rats] rots A 

ewavpiov qs(mg)uv | eortf] post fiov 2^ fik: (77V %: om 13 | 
pLiaBos fiov'\ fxoi o /xiaOos p : om E | /xov 2°] {aov 16): om a | 
(pavTiov ELors(mg) | irac] pr Kai ElE^ | eav — e/xoi] quod 
fton est uarium et cuius ?ion est album genus eius tibi sit {sit tibi 
IEp) id IE I eav'\ av LMadegklnpr-vx : om D'y \ om ^77 c | 7; 2^] 
riv n I {hiaXevKov Kai pavrov 76) | Kat 2°] ij bw Cyr \ Kai 3°] r) 
Cyr I 0aioi'] (paivov f : om g | rots] rats f | KeKXe/xfievov] (pr Kat 
79): K€KX€iap.ePov d \ om Trap (20) '3( Chr | e^ttot] e/aou Cyr-cod 

34 om avTuj En^P | earat Z>C 

35 dieareiXev] + Xa/5ac L | om ev r*^ m | om tovs 3*^ hp 
Chr Cyr | StaXei'Koi'S i°] XevKovs E | Kat 3° — BiaXevKOvs 2°J 
post aiTots i* '^-codd : om dmpl3P | om Tracras CD | om Kat 
ras SiaXevKovs (ID ] Tas 3"] rovs t: om hlquv Cyr | Kat 5° — 
avTois] post apvaaiv bw: om LdplEIL 1 ev 2°] eir Chr | avrois] 
aurats kx : aura; s | Kat 6° — apvaaiv] et cuius fusciis color cius 
IE I om ira*' 2° nIE | ^atof 7)v bw | om Kat 7" 3[13p1Ep | 5ta 
Xftpos] 5ta x^'-P°^ c: per manus IL | auroi'] -^ iroip-viov Kara 
/.lovas L(pr To)bdhkptv(7rot/iat('eti')wc2 : -i- woifxviov Kara fxovas 
Kai irav wpo^arov ttoikiXop Kai pavrov fi^pavrov] wepKov i* : 
fxeXavov i^]] 

36 aireaTriafv] aTrearijaav ik Phil(uid): aveariqatv m : Sito- 
piaev M(mg) | 7jf.iepiov rpiojv cfinriL | aca fieaov i"] pr Kat qu j 
avTitiv] laKOjIi E | laKojfi i"] atTtui' E | laKwji Se] 5e laKwl^ m | 
eiroifxavev Plxc^Chr | \a/:^ac] Xa/3a L: om m | airoXenpOevra m 

37 eXapev 5e] et accepit % \ ai'ruj] post laKw^ i*^ d : eat'rtj 
MabegjkmstwxCj Or-gr Chr Cyr: om LlIC : -¥ uirgam % \ 
taKtti/3 pa^bov'\ om lE^P: om laKu^ c | trri'paKtj'T?!'] XtTrroKap 
i(mg) I om x^^P°-^ Em | om Kat KapvivTjv m | Kat TrXarafoi;] 
magnam IE | eXeiriaev i°] eTriXeiriaev 1: e^eXeiriae Phil-cod: 
eXe-jrrvaev p{uid) ) om laKwfS 2'^ plL | Xeiria/xara Xei'Ka] uariae 
purgaturam ducens albam % \ XeirTva/xara p(uid) ) XeuKa] 
xXiopa di^^p I Treptcri'pti)!'] pr Kat qu : irepievpujv L: wepiavpas 
acdkopstvxc^ Chr: Kat Trtpun'pas m | x^'^po*'] '^^'''^'^^ qu: -i-ro 
eiri T(i)v aKvraXixJv M{mg)acdkImopxc2 ^to] rare M{mg): om 
mx]]: + in uirgis^ [auirgis codd) j f<paivero — irotKtXoi'] sub4- 
M : om mCg | e<paivero 5e] Kai etpaivero EIL : om 5e quIEP | to 
XevKov eiri rats pajiSois L | e-rri] ev Efir'3(uid)]3C | ras pa^dovs 
dp I rats] Toi^ Afis | to XevKov] ro x^^P^^ E Cyr-cod: om 
o* I eXeiriaev 2"] eXewTvae n | TrotKiXo;'] TrotKtXas L: uariae IL 

32 ^atoc] TroiKiXoi' js | \evKOv\ irepKov js 

35 payroi/sj a' XevKoirodas js 


37 Kapvu/rji'] a' <j' a/i.vydaXii'iji' M(/Ui;y5-)j(sine nom) 



38 o i\i'7riaev ttoikiXov.^ 3*/cai napeOrjKev raf pdfiBov<; av eKeTriaev eV rat? Xijvol'; to)v Trori<jTripi,(ov A 
Tov vSaroi, 'iva w? av eXdoiatv to. TT/ao/Sara irieiv, ivw-Kiov row pd^Batv Kal eXdovrmv avrav 61.9 

39 TO inelv, ivKicrarjcraiaiv ^^"^Wa Trpo^ara etV raii pdfiSov<;. i'Jical stiktov to. irpo^ara BidXevKa 

40 Kai TTOiKiXa Kal (nroBoetS!] pavrd. ••°toii9 Be ufivov'i Bi,€(TT€i\ev laKoj^, Kai kaTTjcnv evavTiov 
tS>v Trpo^aTcov Kpiov BuiKevKov Kal irav ttoiklXov iv rolt dfivoT^' Kal Bie')((i>piaev eavrto Tioifivia 

41 Kad' kavTov. Kal ovK ep,i^€v avrd ei? rd Trpo^ara AajSdv. ■i' eyfveTO Be ev tm Kaipw w iv€Ki(Tau>v 
ra TTpofiara ev yaarpl Xafi/Sdvoi'Tii, eOijKev laK(iti/3 rd<; pd^Bov<; evavriov roiv irpo/SaTiov iv Tal'i 

42 \rjvoi<;, TOV evKiffO-fjaai avrd Kara ra? pd^SBovi' •^-■qvlKa yap ereKOv ra Trpo/Sara, ovk eTidet,' 

43 eyevero Be rd darjfia tou Aa/3di>, to Se eVtcrT^/ia tov laKw^. ■'3Kai iirXovTijcrev o dvOpcDTrof 
(T<f)6Bpa a^oBpa' Kal eyeveTo avTio KTt]vrj iroWd Kai ^6e<i Kal iralBe'; Kal TraiBiciKai Kal KufirfKoi 
Kal ovoi. 

XXXI I ^"HKOvaev Be \aK(o^ rd pyjfiara twv vtMi> Aa^dv XeyovTCdv FdXr]<j)ei> 'la/cw/S vdvTa rd tov 

2 Trarpo? rfp-wv, Kal eK tS)v tov TraTpo^ -i^fioiv TreTToitjKev Trdo'av ttjv Bo^av TavTtjv. 'Kal elBev 

3 IaACCi)/3 TO irpoacoTTOV Aa^dv, Kal IBoii ovk 7]v tt^o? avTov w? ^X^^^ '^'*' Tpirrjv rjiiepav. ^^elirev § dj 

38 eXeTreiffci/ E | aiToji'] airrov E* (o) suprascr E^) | fKKifffftiffWfftv E 
41 ev 2"] V sup ras A*'' | cyKiaa-qaai E XXXI i Trarpoy 

2 ei5«v] e(5 sup ras (6) A' : iStv E 

39 ffjToSofiOT)] St) suprascr A"''' 
"] ir rescr A'^ | tK tuv sup ras A» 


38 om ^at i" m | ras I'^^cXeTTfirei'] om lEi': om as eXe- 
TTtfffc lE'^f I iXeicrvaev n \ €v — v5aToi]ht alueis aquaris in quihus 
adaqnahantur oitfs % \ om ev c^ \ rais] rois bfinnpquvw Chr | 

TWV irOTLffTr}piU}v] TU3V TTOTtJpiUV ej{txt)w: TOV ITOTKTTIJpiOV 1 | TOU 

fSaros] ouium 13'': om tfD : -\-oniitm lij'^^' | eX^wtrti'] (\dy\ dp | 
om TO. irpo^aTa i*^ IL | Trieii/ i"] Trtpeiv egjn j om fcwTTioi' — 
TTieiv 2° cllj I (vujiriov tu)v pa(id(jjf'\ coram eis essent itirgae S | Kat 
2° — ccfc'KrfTTjffwo'ii'] €J'Kt(ro"7;o"W(r(i' cXtfofTwc ayrwi/ fts to Trietf 
afkmoxc^'3 [[trjfKjo-.] pr Kai f: f7\'i(j-(rtj(Tif a : ^vKi<jT\Gov<jiv m | 
eXtfocrwi'] -!- 5e fm]] | om /cai 2*^ — ttuiv 2" (iC | om /cat 2"^ EMb 
deg-jln-xIL Chr Cyr | ikQovTUiv aurwy] itbt neuernttt ones"^ \ 
(om fts TO 25) I tnuv 2°] Triv€Lif dkp | €fKt(T(rT;(ru;(7ic] eyKiacrt}- 
ffovai 1: cyyttruKTi d: €V€Kia<Tov i* : om c | to irpo^aTa 2^] pr 
€v£Kiff(rr}<f€v km: pr ^at ffCA.tffO'wc f^l: pr \"ai evcKiaar^dev aco 
{-(rai')xCo: pr Ta wpo^aTa eis tos papJooi'S /cat iVfKtfxadiv Mgjilj'™ 
Chr: pr ra TrpojBaTa tts Tas pa^dovs /cat eX^oirwc fts to jrieiv 
ej'efctfftrwt' E(eKta'(r77<raj'}i3rs'^*"^'"^(om /cai): i'«('.v ad 2iirgas ct tibi 
uencrunt oites bibere conceperitnt (!L : ad similiiiidincm uirgarum 
et ubi uenerunt et biberttnt conceperitnt lE*^*": om lEi' ] ro.'i 2*'] 


39 om KQ.I i"^ IEp I Ta irpo^aTo] om p: om Ta Cyr-cod: 
+ 7rotA'iXa E I diaXcvKa — pavTo] stibalba et maculosa ft uaria % \ 
6taXei'/ca] pr Ta c: albas 3L | om ko-i -koikCKq. J3'' | irotA'tXa — 
pavT(x\ colon's cinerei et uaria IE 

40 Toi's 5e] Kai tov; h Clir : om 5e Ej | €ixr't)a€v'\ €6t}k€v a-do 
ps(txt)t\vc2lL Cyr-ed | evavTiov — Kpiop] eas cora?n arietibus IE | 
jf/)toi'] pr t'/ ^ : omc^: +(V 3L | Taf — o.iivoi%\ color is fusci''^^ : 
coloris albi ^'^ : om 3E*^ | "^OlV i^oikCKov\ irafnroiKiKov efgj : om 
wav m I a/ii'ots] +\aj3av acli^'mxc, : +tou Xa^ai/ o [ eauTw] 
airro) f inorsc^ : airrots a: om IE | ttoi/jlvlov ir{uid)x Chr | KaO 
eauToc] Ka8 eairrqf 1: (^ara /iofas 32): om 33 | Xa/Jar] pr tou 

41 Kaipu}] -i-€K€ivu} dfhmniit | w] pr ev (25) Chr: us mn : 
ois af dp: om fi*{iiid) | €V€ki<T(7<i}v] eveKKTcrfaav o: evcKKrarjae 
acmtxc^: (Ki<Ta-r}<T€ d: €77U(r<7T;(rof p(77i' ex corr) | 7rpo/3aTa] 
-f Ta Cj j €&r}Kef} pr \ai f: fiXTT}fffv j(mg) : 1- St Eb | evwvtov 
ir I om €v rais \Tj»'Ofs Chr | Tais] Tots bfmpw | X-qvoi^] apvois 
m I om TOV mCj [ ai'Ta] ai'ras m: (ai'rw 25): cues ^ | om 
KaTa w I (tos pa^oovs 2"] tujv pajibuiv 20) 

42 -nviKa yapl et cum ^E3L | 7ap A] 5e E*(uid)dkpt13PC: 
5av E^M rell Chr Cyr: om 13'*^ | ctcko*' tq TTpo^ara] coepisscnt 
ones pare re IL \ ^tckov AEbhimrw] cTtKTtj' dfkpl^ Chr: €T€K€v 
M rell Cyr | ovk] ovKtTi m | eTeOij i* | eyeif^To St] Arac tji* Or- 
gr I Ta a<n}fia — laKftfji] omnia in quibtts signum Jacob et in 
quibus non signum Lahan IE | tou i"] pr Ta n*: tw El : om 
in I TO. 5e eTTtffT/MCt] ^'t notatc 1L | toi' 2'^J tw El 

43 af^pwTros] ai'7;p fir: Jacob 5S | cr0o5pa 2"] atftodpus 
(20) Chr: om fhmnCjC Cyr-ed.^ | e)'€vovTo bhnpw Cyr-cd | om 
ai'Tw m I Kai (iocs] post waidtaKai k : om Kat lilL : + et ones fS'^ | 
Kai Traioes] 7rai5es tc Cyr^: om Kai MhjIn-qtuSt-ed j naiSi- 
(TKat Kai iraiScs acmx | om Kat 6^ — ofoi Chr | om Kai 6'* Mdeg 
hjln-qs-v'E Cyr h \ ovoi] + Kat rj/xtofoi b\v Cyr-ed .V 

XXXI 1 om Ta pij/xara fir | om Xa/Jac e | Xe7o;'Tw»'] -fra 
pTjfiara TavTa fir | €i\7}(p€v] pr oti v^(uid) : -f- 5e n* | om ra 
1° Edps Cyr-codi | Kai — rip-wv 2°] om dlL(iiab et inl lin): om 
fK — y^p-uiv Im I €K Twi/] e.x omnibus 33: om TOiv Efpvx* | ttc- 
TTOiT/Kfi/] eTTonjffev Edfipr: (7re7rXoiT7;/ce 32): + tairrw k'StCT | om 
iraaav Cyr-cod | Tavrriv] om egj : -^cKctdcv 1 

2 om TO irpoffwn-ov n1£ | to] t^ +ra.s (1) b | Xa^ai*] pr ro 
aq*u : pr tov bcegj-oq^'twxCg | Kat toov] oti E331E: om t5oi/ 
f I TTpos aiTOv] pryiz^/Vjtw/y IE: TrpotrajTroi' acroi' j(mg)qs(mg)u: 
70 irpofftoTTov avTov V Cyr^: om Cyr-cod . I | ws] ucrei qu: KaOus 
Cyr^ I ex0€i AEMaiors] x^fs rell 

38 iva — cpKifffftjaajaip] a' ottws cpxop.ei'ujv tojv ^oaKTjfiaTUP irtety avTtKpvs coo^iv tuv ^oaKTj/xaTtijv Kat fyKiffffrjffrj €\Bovra 
irt€tv M 

41 €v TW — pa^dovs i^] ff' TravTOTe oTav €V€Kt(T(TO)v Ta (ioa-Krj/xaTa irpuifxa cTtOet ioa-w/^ Tas pa/35oi'S Msv JTom a' sv | €Kta<rufy 
s I ^offK. irpujifia] irpofiaTa s | pajidovs] + Tas x^^P^^ ^11 I ^^ yaffTpi Xap^^apovra] a' avTi tov irpwifxa KaTaStSffievois M(indice 
ad (42) eiTKnjfxa posito)s(sine nbm) 

42 TjvtKa — €Tid€i] <t' owot€ (awoTi js) 5e 7}v o^j/ifxa ra ^ocKy)p.aTa ovk CTtBet Mjsv(sine nom) | ijutKa yap €T€Koy] a' xai ev 
5€VT€poyoP0ii Mjs | aarjfxa'] a o^t/ia Mjs : a' devTcpoyoua M{pr Ta)js(sine nom) 

83 1 1-2 



A Be K.vpiof 7rpo9 laKcafi A.iroaTpe4>ov en ti]v yrjv rov irarpo^ <tov koI ei? Trjv yevedv aov, koI 
eaofiai /nera aov. ■^cnroaTelXat Se 'laKco/3 eKoXeaev Pa^^X, kuI Aelav et? to irehiov ov to. iroifivia, 4 
^Kal elwev avraK 'Opw iyto ro irpoaunrov rod Trarpo? vfim> on ovk eariv /j-er eftov &>? e%^tf Kol 5 
TpiTr)v i)/j,epav 6 Be ^eo? rov Trarpo'; fiov rjv fier efioO- ^Kal avrai Bk o'lBare OTi ev irdarj la-xyi 6 
fiov BeBovXevKa to3 irarpl iip.S)v. ^6 3e Trarijp vjjlmv irape/cpovaaTO fie, Kol rjWa^ep rov p,ia9ov 7 
fiov Tu>v BfKa afivSii', kol ovk eBfOKei' avrm o Oeo<i KaKOTTOiriaal fie. ^iav ovtw; e'liry Ta iroiKiXa 8 
ecrrai aov fiiardoi;, Kal re^rai -rravTa ra irpo^ara iroiiciXa' iai/ Be eLTrrj To XevKci eaTcu crov 

§ C" fua-Qot;, KoX re^erai Travra to, irpo^ara ^XevKci' '^koX a(f>eiXaTO 6 deo<; nrdvTa to, KTifvrj tov Trarpo'S 9 
vfL&v Koi eBfOKev fioi avrd. ^°Kal eyevero i^viica eveKicrcrav ra irpo^ara, Kal iBov ev roi<; 6(pdaX- 10 
fioit ev TO) vTTVrp, Kal IBov 01 Tpdyoi Kal ol Kpiol dva/SaivovTe'i vjaav ewl ra irpajBara Kai ra^ 
alyaii Bi,dXevKoi Kal iroiKiXoi, Kat a'!roBoei,Bel<; pavroL ^^ Kal elivev fioi o dyyeXoii tov aeov Kav u 
inrvov laKo}/3 laKcojB. eym Be eiira Ti eariv ; ^^ Kal elirev ' A.vdl3Xe-^ov tok o<f)daX/iol'i aov, Kai 12 
§ £> iBe Tov<i rpayov<i Kal Tou<i Kpiov^ dvaj3alvovTa<; ^eirl rd TrpulBara Kal rd'^ at,ya<i BiaXevKov>{ Kai, 
TTOiKiXovi Kal o'TToBoeiBeK pavTOv<;- eaypaKa ydp oaa croi Aa^dv iroiel. ^^eydi el/ii 6 ded<; 6 o^deii 13 

H C o"ot e'l' Tfo TOTTO) CO i]Xei.yp-d<; fioi eKei cttijXtjv Kal rfv^ai fioi eKel ev'xi'iv^ vvv ovv dvaar-qOi Kai 

3 TOV iraTpos] ov irps sup ras A' 
8 TTOlKtXa 2"] irotKeiXa K 

4 Xcav A I 7rai5ioi» A f to] o sup ras A' 

13 TjXei^a^] TjXi^a A* (s suprascr A'): ijXi^aj £> | <rT«Xi;i' E 


3 Kii/iios] +0 Ss fil<r3l(ilElE'i* I aTTojT pe<pe {(m(\)i | om eis i" 
— Kat 1° m I T71V 7V^] TOV oiKov dj | cov i°] +ras (18) s | e*? 
T-qv yev€av'] ad gt'nleni It | om ^at 2° — cov 3° Evd^ 

4 aTTocreiXas — fKaXecrtj'] ct JtocanU lai-ob IE | Xetap Kai 
paxi)X Ebdef(/3(ix';'')g'jl^ii(p«X"!^)P<5"'vw<'2ffiE3i Phil | pax'V^ 
1 I eis TO TTfStoi'] e cajtipo 3£p | to. iroi/icia] ]ir Tfli Ebcfw3-ed1L: 
(ro TTOc/xi'toc 16): ra Trpo/iJara f : + fTrot^an'ei' Chr : + pascel'atjtur 
C: +erant'S.-coAA: +eicrant'^ 

5 aiTOiS q ] om eyw Phil | ir/jotrwTrov] x/>o/3ara k* | v/xtiivl 
■qixtav Eb*gl [ otC] Kat tSov 1 | fi€T e/ioy 1° A] irpos e/te Edklpq 
ruvw*' Phil Cyr; irpos /le aflnd^ Chr: Trpos ep.ov Mw* rell : 
aii mi 'ii: om Ath | x^^' b-hj-npwxd^ | rpirT/i'] pr ws Phil- 
codd I iji'] c-st BE 

6 om Kai avTai 5e 15 [ om aurat — wacnj m | om Of p^{uid) 
131L I icrxKi AEbw] pr tt; M rell Chr Cyr | eSov\(v(ra Er | 
Tjfxwv in 

V — t'/icijy] bis scr C2 ; om iraTtjp vfiuv f | 7;juuf bgiw* | 
wapeKpovaaTo ^e] iiiuidit inihi 33 | TrapfA-poi'ffaro] 7rapeXo7io'aTO 
El : spmtit IL I /ie nai 7;XXa^ei'] om Cyr-codd : + Tfjiv a^ujv 
fxov m j om ixov m | twv deKa ap.vbjv'\ twv S^Kav m : hi decim 
agiias allium % : decies lE"^ | rwv] rox c : om c^ Cyr-cod | 
aM^'aSwf Cyr | Kai 3°] aXX f | ov SedwKev o \ arroj ^fo?] om 
% : + roi; Trps p.ov quv : + rov kmx 

8 eac I**] pr ^/ IEp: +ovv ao^c^; +7ap 3L Chr | oitws] ouros 
eflp: om 933C1E | eiti; r"] eiwoi g"'] : +>//i/ii CIE | ra iroiKiXa 
eo-rai] i^?//;? itariatiei-it Hl \ ToiKiKa 1^] +o'ot' s | eo-rat i°] eorw 
g: ,v?V E I aov I"] <roi egjnc,38(I Chr | om Kai 1° 'SIE'-'P | om Ta 
irpo^ora i° i^"' | iroiKika i" — Trpo/Jara 2°] bis scr l(om koi) : om 
dp I 5e] + oi'rws aciorxc^ j ra Xti'^a] pr Trarra j(mg)s(mg)}3'P j 
eirrai 2°] ecrrw (14.25.130): i;V IE : om m | <tov 2"] aoi egjnc, 
13C Chr I fxiaOos 2"] niaBo^ aov m | om (cai 2" 1'8IE'^' 

9 a^etXaro] a^etXero Mefgh''iqsUiC2d2 : a^etXe*' liw Cyr ^ [ 
om Travra Chr .V ) KT-qv-q] kttjvtj Ta d* : KTijfiaTa d-^ : om 1 | 
TJ/J.OJV Iq I SeSuKeif a | fj.ot] post aiTa IL [ om aiira ^ 

10 (om fc'ai 1° — idov 18) | eyeveTo] /u'/ui/ ^ : (f7ei'o»'ro 30) | 
TjVLKa eyeKiaawf'] postquam conti'pi'raiit IL | 771'iKa] ore f | evsKia- 

(Twi'] EKiaaiov d Just : e^'e/.idiTT/o'f m | Ta irpojSaTa i^^] om 33p1E : 
+ €v yaaTpi Xa/ifiavoPTa EMbfhii(mg)r5(mg)t\vJ3 Just Cyr: 
+ i)i uirgas "^ \ Kai ibov'\ itideliam "alS ] ihov — o0^aX/iots] roij 
o0^oX/aois IXOV (iSov avTa acmoxc, | fx i" A Or-gr] om EM 
omn Phil Just Chr Cyr | o^SaX/tois] 4 piov fhlns(txt)td,aiIL 
Chr Cyr : + aura Eir Phil Just : + iiov avra Mbegjkqs"'S(uid)uv 
w3S^(uid) Or-gr | €v rw I'Trrw] in somiiis It : 7« somiiio ^tJClE. 
om ro) o Or-gr | ot !" — Kpioi] arietes t't hin'i lEIL: om oi i*^ g | 
avafiaivoVTe% T)aav\ ave^aivov Phil | {eTnfiaivovT€% 20) | om tiaav 
boquvwc, Phil Just Cyr-cod j ra 2^ — at7as] ras ai7as Kai Ta 
irpoSara lE^i' Cyr-ed : om Kai ras ai7as C2 | om Kai ttoikiXoi quv 
IE": I poproi] pr Kai lEIL Chr 

11 om M"' c I — Beov] angelus Deiis^': Domintis Deus 
IEp : Deus lE*^; (om 18) | tov 6eov'] Domifii Cyp: om Chr | 
Ka9 virvov'\ it! somiiis IL Cyp: in sonuiio iSCIE : in uisioiu'Si, \ 
virvov\ vTTvov p; v-Kvoi n: vvvovi Just ] laKu^ 7^] om acdhl-qs 
-vxc,9I£pIL Phil Or-gr Eus Chr Cyr Vulg: + lacoh C" | iyw 
5e ctTra] <■/ dixi Kcce ego IE*^p | (7(0 6e] et ego IL Nov: om 13"' : 
oni 5e Im | fnra] fiiroy dfiprdg | toTiv] +K<(37)Just 

12 eiTrev] + fxoi blwCt'-IE I'hil-codd | avafi\e\j/ov'\ pr xai 
g* : ava^\e<pas dp: + Kai c^ | om rois — Kai 2" dpU | om o-ou 
Phil-codd I i5c] ei5e ho; iStv n* | (tTri/^ati'oi'ras 20) | ra — 
a(7as] capras et ones lE"^!' : om ra Trpo/iara Kai TluU | om Kai 
4^' — Kai 5" 33p 1 ras a(7as] pr €ir( I'SIIL | 5taXei'Koi's] pr ras k: 
iiarialos albos Nov | Kai ttouiXoi's] om (31) lE"^: om k-ai (128) 
Chr I pavroi's] pr et C'lE Nov | ewpa d | om 70P mJ3* | o<ra] 
pr Trarra Eus | <roi] post \afiav x Eus 5 : post Tout Eus » | 
TTotft] faciehaf S-ed : fecerit IL Spec: fed! Nov 

13 eyiii\ 4-5e egjIL: -r enim C" | om ttp-i % EusJ | Sfos] 
pr ics IE Phil-codd i : om Cyp-codd : -f irou quv IE Chri Thdt | 
o o0^eis (TOi] ^/i-^vw uidisti Cyp: w^^r; o^ot n: -t-un^Hi; trot c | 
ru Aqsu Just P^us J Chr. I] om /)*''EM rell Phil Orgr Eus-| 
Chr ! Thdt | roTrw AC"'E' Eus| Chr ,V Cyp-cod] 4- flu Z>'1EM 
omn aBffi'IEfPlL Phil Just Or-gr Ehs| Chri Thdt Cyp-ed 
Nov Spec I 01 An] ok Z>iiEM rell Phil Just Or-gr Eus Chr 
Thdt I om ixot i» 33'p | om ck(i i° r^BIEIL Phil Chr^ Cyp 

XXXI 7 irapfKpovaaTo ;ae] a' a' irape\oyiaaTO /te Mjs | riov deKa ap-vutf] a' ScKa apiO/xovi a' ScKaKts api6fjiw Mc^: eXf7Cv 
5c e^paios otl 5cKaKi^ tjOfTijaev ras avi'&^Kas Trpos roi' laKufi Xa/jai' Sta to Ta yevvwp.iva rrr oro/taros roi' laKwfi TrXtiffra 
oo-a virapx^iv KaKetvov €Tro(pffa\p.iai' avTtxJf ojrep eSrjXwaav ai Svo eKSoaeis M : avpos deKaxis c^ 



XXXI 25 

14 uTreXde sk ti/s' ytj'i rauT??? Kal uTreXde ei? t/;i' '■/fji' t»}? yeveaeco'i aov, KcCi ecrofiai fiera aov. '•'/cat A 
wjTOKpiOda-a 'VaxrjX. koX Aeia el-jrav avrm Mf/ eariv r/filv en fiepU r) Kkrjpovofiia iv rip oiKm rov 

15 ■jrarpbi; I'l/xioi' ; ^^oiix «? at ^uWoTpiat XeXoylafieOa ainw ; ireTrpaKei' yap >';^"?, ical Karei^ayev § I' 

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17 r)p,S)v, t'jfjuv e<rrai koI toi<; reKvoiv rjnuiv viiv ovv oaa elpi^Ksv 6 de6<i <roi iroiei.^ '^ Ava- U d^ 

18 crra? St 'la/ca)/3 eXa^ev t<)? yuvaiKa^; koi tu jraiBia aiiTou ctti th? «a/ir;\oi/s'" Kai wrrtjyayev 
irdvTa TO, vndp^oi'Ta avTov Kal iracrav tt/v diroa'Kevi}v avToO, fjv -TrepieiroiifaaTO iv rfi Meo"07ro-. 

19 rafiiq, Kal iruvra rd avTov, direXOelv ivpo<i 'laaaK tov iraTepa avTov elt yrjv Xavdav. ^9 Aa^av 

20 Si oiy^eTO Keipai Ta irpo^aTa avTov' tKXei^rev 8e 'Va-)(rjX Ta eiB(oXa tov TraTpo^ avTfj<;. ^^eKpvyjrev 
ii 8e 'laKOijB \af3av tov )Lvpov, tov fii} dvar^yeiXai avTw on diroBiBpaaKei' ^' Kal direopa avTof Kai 
22 iravTa Ta avrov, Kal BielStj tov iroTafiov, Kal oipfMrjaev ei? to 6po<i VaXad^. "* AvriyyeXt) 
13 Se Aa^av TW %vpa) Trj TpiTrj I'lfiepa oTt d-jreSpa 'laKw^' '^Kal "TrapaXa^oiV Traj/ra? tov<; dSeXtfyov; 

aiiTOu fied eavTOv eSlco^ev oirlaro) auTov oBov )'ip,€po)v eiTTa, Kal KareXaffev avTOv iv tw opei 
■24 VaXadS. -h'/XOev 5e 6 Oeo<i Trpos" \a/3dv tuv ^vpov KaB^ inrvov Trjv vvKTa Kal eiTrev avTu> ^l^vXa^ai 
25 aeavTov fj.)] irore XaX/jo-))^ fierd '\aKO)/3 Trovr}pd. ^^kcu KaTeXa^ev Aa^dv tov 'IaKftJ/3" * laKa)/3 § I, 

15 -n/xuip] rifi sup ras (3) A' 

A'ulg 1 oni fiM 2" ^ Just I (Kei 2^] po-^t ft'X'/'' gill '■ oni bdcfi 
nopwd^^iEi' rhil Chr Thdt Cyp | avaurriSi Kat aireX/^e] f^eXtff 
Kat avaavTjffi Jusl | Kai aireXOe i" — Tairrrj^] om dp1£: 0111 Kai 
aTTfXee Phil-cod | aircMf 1° A] tfeX#6 V^''EM rell SIL Phil-eil 
Or-gr Chr: (fi(re\<*e 18): pjvficiu'cre Nov | c/>- — Tai>Ti)5] ex 
loco hoc ]3''* I TV5] A'ffov e | ((nreXOc 2**] HdX&e 32) ( yevvi}- 
ffeus c Phil-codd Or-gr 

14 aTTOKpieeiaai KMabceghjUInorslvw-xd^^JSCEilCyr-cod | 
paxv^ "ai X€io] Xeia km paxv^ Ebd(Xiai')f(56m)ikn(paX"?X)p'' 
vwd^ilT: om 3£ | etTrai'] enrov Kii-gijhiioprxd^ : eiTTtv n ] om 
avTuj d I r}fjuv] post fifpt-S Cyr-ed | fri] post ^epis 1 ; on\ Efm^ 
Chr Cyr | ?? KXtipovofj-ia] KXTipovopnas b\v | 7;] Kat ^ Phil-codd- 
omn \ : om C2 | kXtjpo^ egj j tw oikw] TOis b\v | jj/xtap^ vp.wv k 

15 om at c-fi*jprtvl5ff Phil J edi Chr | aXXorpiai] ...a: 
F(ai ras F'''): aXXorpiot Phil-codd-omni: {aXXor/jiu 71) | XeXo- 
yifffieda aiTw] pr Xo'^taw^eOtx g : 2tideniur illi esse 5L | T/^as] 
fjuas p I Kare^a^ev] post Kora^ptjaaei quvIL Chri | ^-ara/S/JwtTct] 
(pr Kixi 79) : Kwrc^putaiv i : KaTa^p<i>^ d : om 1£ | ro] pr 7//Aay 
Kat Chr 5 I rjiJMv'] u/xwc f* 

16 iraira — So^ap] pr k<h % Chr: iras TrXoiTo? Kat 77 5o$a 
'3 Phil: <•/ omncm gloiiam lEi' : <■/ omiiis gloria lE'f | xai i"] 
ij^ttj^ 1 I om TTjf t I om -rfv — Stos 1° B'l' | a^tXero Ma^'cefg 
h'''jqs-vc,d, I Toil roTpos] pr c dotiw E^i' : rviv wpuf e | •>;/[tt^' — 
Tjfuav 2*^] T/juets c^oMf' KCLi Ta TCKJ'a 77/ttiji' Chr^ : trot eSuKe Chri | 
etj-Tt ml£ I rjfxuv 2"\ -qfuv t | I'l'i'] pr ct It | om ovu v3{uid) | 
upriK€v ^60s] pr cot mv : post trot bnquwiL | etpTjKff] etTrev 
fir; 4- trot n* j Ofos o-ot] trot o 9} /JEFMcgi-lrs(txt)xE Cyr- 
cod: ffot ds <rou defps(mg)td^C^ Chr Cyr-ed; 0s aov ov 

17 (5€] oi'f 16) I ras l*^ — Tratoia] to TraiSta oi'tou teat Tas 
yvvatKas a(mioc,(7rai5apia) | tos i'^] 4 oi'o F* | 71'ratKas AD^^ 
hi] -f OfTou EFM rell SBtTlL Chr Cyr | Kat] pr Kat avc^tfSaacv 
aiTas h I om aiiToi' Chr | cTrt] pr Kat aff^ifiairfv at-ra dfikprt 
(aiTardfplSBlCE Chr{at'Tas) : pr cl iv/'osiitt ^ | (om Tas 2° 20) 

18 air7;'ya7ei'] €7r7;7a7e dm; om v | atTOti i"] aiTtu quv | 
Tratraf — oi-Tou 2"] sub -x- M ; om vaiyav p£ Chr | om attTou 2° 
C(uid) Chr | TrcptfTrotTjtroTo] cirofqaev Edfipqrs(txt)u; feat 313 
it; -{- KTT)(Ttv o; -^ KT-qatv KT-qa^tos avTOVTjv TTeptovtrtaffaTO M(mg) 
acj(mg)kms(mg)xc,(TepiE7rot7)<raTo j'"es"'i.'C2) | MffOTOTayttta] + 
o-uptas ackmoslmgjxc^S | Kat 3" — airoi/ 3"] om 3 | om ro 2° 

19 tStoXa A 

24 0i'Xa^e A 

m I aTrfXAfif] Kat airijXCe (S4) (TIE Cyr | toaaK] post airroi' 4° 
S: om f I om ets yriv xafaaf Chr ] fts 77)1'] (v yq (14. 16. 77. 
78. 130) Cyr I 77;!'] pr T771' dpt 33'''; T-rir m 

19 Xajiav Se tJxfTo] bis scr i | tti^fTo] £?ropei'97; M(nig) ] 
{kXc\(/(ii] CKaXvi/'Ci' E*(uid) | poxi7)X In 

20 eKpi'tj/ev Se laKta^] lOKU^ oe tKpvtj/ev ErE: ie laKUip 
CKpinf/c p I EKpi'^fv] eK..>pev F(fKpii^ey l'"*") ; CK-Xe^ei' /)h3 | 
taKafi7/3 1 I Xa/Sa** tov tri'povj rtji' Kapdtav \afiav rov ffvpov F''ac 
[tw <nip(i!)m(Trj KapSta)nxc.j(Tov (nipoi')S-ap-Barh : eor Lnban 
soceri stii ^ : oin p | avppov e ] om rot' — an-tu f | tok] Ttjj \v : 
TO Phil-cod J, I om ixrj pc, | a7ra77ftXot p Phil 1 | om outu 
OTt awodiSpaffnei 11 | avTto] Xa/3av p | aTroSiSpatrKct] CTreStopatTKC 
Cyr-ed: (StSpaoKei 31) : -f at-Tos F^ 

21 om Kat aTTfSpa a | oi'tos] pr Kot c | ttoi-to] post oi'tok 
Elikqrsuvw Phil | Kat St«^7)] pr Kat aftoTT) /Jcitmoxc^S : Kat 
Ste^-qaav t ] uipix-qaav t | om to opos IE 

22 om avfiyyeXT^ — {23) 7aXaa5 g | Ttj o-ifpo;] Ttj avppta e : 
om F'^* I T77 TpiTir] 77/tepa] T7; Tjfifpa T7] TptTTj /^''bcdkmopqu-Cj : 
{riixepa tt] TptTTj 30); om IE: (om t7; 12S): om 7);tepa a ] taKt<)/3] 
pr el 

23 TrapaXa/Stuf] ( + 5e 14): + Lahiii E : -fToi'S I'toi'S aiTou 
Kat bw I om ira^Tas abcmowxc.'SIL | aSeX^oi-s] pucros JS**' 1 
Ik6 eaiTOi'] p.(l) aiirov F* ; lier anToii Mbhs(txt)l\v Cyr-ed : sinnil 
it : om dmpcE | f Otitiff ><] pr Kat f : KartStbi^tv bdptw | auTou 
2°] avTov v: avrav (79) E | eTTTO ■tip.epuv ackmoc^ | ain-o;-] 
post opet Cyr-cod ; eos E( + in campo E'') | 7aXaa5] pr tu DV 
Mcejklnquvxc, Cyr-codd : 7aXo5 n ; (70X0* 12S) 

24 om 5e gffi | fleos] 0775X05 quv; om b | om tov trupox 
p I avppov e I Ka.9 I'TTfof] /';/ somiiio 15CE : in tiisii 3iL ; om 
Chr (repugn context) | uttpoi' p | Trjv h'kto] tt; vi'Kti d; om 
no I ipvXa^ov c, Cyr-cod i | oeanToi'] (pr irf 18); Giavru dg* 
(uid)p: om bw | ii-q van XaX7)o-7)s] pr ne facias et 'Z^' : tov p-Ti 
XaXj^aat Cyr-ed -i | ^1*7; ttotc] jU7;tc m; pt7; 7rtt;$ f Cyri | Xa\7;tT7;s 
— 7ro»'7;pa] OKX-qpa Xa\7jo"7;y (-traj g) ^era taKtj^ egj | \aX7;tT«ts 
bdhmopw | fuTa lOKtjjS] post wovrjpa EIL : (irpot ai/Toy 31 .83) | 
liera'] Kara (20) Cyr-ed 5 Thdt: irpot Ebdpqrw Cyr-ed i ] 
taKiojS] pr TOV (20) Chr 5 | Trofiipa.] irovripov Chr 5 : axXrjpa DM 
(mg)s(mg) Chr i Thdt 

25 KaTeXa^cii Xo/Sav] KaTcXa^av b | om iaKtii/3 2" — 70X008 

19 ciStjXo] a' iiop(j>wixaTa. Mjs(5ine nom) : a' simililiidincs S-ap-Barh : Stpai/Ht/i F^: a' 9epa.<t>eei> MjsS-ap-Barh 


XXXI 25 


A Be eirrj^ev ttjp a/crji'rjv avTOv iv rS opei' Aa^av Be earricrev rov<; dBe\<j)ov<i avTov ev t&) opei 
VaXadB. ^^eiTrev Be Aa^dv tw 'Iukco^. Ti eiTo'ir)ffa<i ; '^7) JVa n Kpv^fj direBpa-;, koX €K\oiro<p6- 26 
pjjad'i fie, '^^'/ca!. dTnjyaye^ Tat Ovyarepat tiov &>? ai^/j,aXd}TiBat iiayjiipa; '^^ Kai ei avr)yyeiXa<i 27 
fioi, e^aTreareiXa dv ere fier ev<j)poavj''i]<; Koi fierd /xovaiKMV, rvfiirdi'wv Koi KiOdpa';. ^°ovk ■iS 
rj^idiOriv Kara^iXriaai rd -TraiBia fiov Koi rdi; Ovyarepa'; /j,ov vvv Be d^poviot eirpa^a'i. ^'^Kai 29 
vvv iaj^vei r/ ^(eip fiov KaKOTroirjaai ae' 6 Be $eo<; tov Trarpo? crou e%^e9 enrev Trpo? p-e Xeytov 
(piiXa^ai aeavTov p,i] irore XaXijaiji^ perd 'laKa)(3 Trovripd. ^^vvv ovv Treiropeva-af eiriOvp.ia yap .50 
eiredvpr)(Ta<; el<; tov oIkov tov waTpo'; crov direXOelv' Kal '(va ti e/cXe>/fa? tod? deovi pov ; ^^ airo- 31 
Kpi6ei<; Be 'Ia«-&)/3 elirev tw Xa^dv EtTra ydp M»; iroTe d(f>eXr]<; xa? 0vyaTepa<; aov d-rr ep,ov Kai 
irdvTa TO ep,d. ^^Kal elirev avTw '\aKu>^ Ilap' c5 edv evpr]<; tou? Oeov'; crov, ov f>;cr6Ta(. evavTiov 32 
Tftji' dBeX(j)S>v r)p,S)v' eiriyvtoOt, tl eaTiv tuiv (jwv Trap e/xoi itai X«/3e. koX ovk eTreyvw Trap avTM 
§ ffi' ov6ev' OVK rjBei Be ^laKio/B otl 'Paj(riX 1) yvvrj avTov eKXetfrev avTov<;. ^33flaeX0a)i> Be Aa/3av t^pev- 33 
iirjcrev eit; tov oIkov Aeta?, Kal ov)(^ evpev Kal e^eX6(dv eK tov o'Ikov Aeia^, 7)pevvr](7ev et? tov oIkov 

29 lax"'- ADEF | ^uXafai] 0i'Aatf A: (puXa^a E*(-at E'') 

32 Tuv i">] T sup ras (3) A'>' 33 -iipavvriair A(bis)F*(i") 

31 laKufi — Xa/SaK sup ras A*" 


Cg I €TT-q^ev'\ earijae 1 | ffKtjVTjv'] oSov Ti}^ ctktjvtj^ qu : {oSof Tt]S 
ffK€V7js 31.68) [ Opel i°] +7aXaa5 fhi'^{Ya3aao) r Cyr-cod | om 
Xa/3af 2° — opei 2'^ g | Xa^ar 2"] yaXaao w^"^ | a5eX0oi's] o0^aX- 
/iovs L I 7aXaa5] pr tu L : om Cyr-cod 

26 €LTr€v 5e] Kai etirev Er Chr | ti i°] pr tva n | ewotijaas^ 
pr TovTO (20) Chr J: /fcz IE: +tovto dfhi-^Uprl'SiL ChrA | iva 
— a7r7;7a7es] c/am 2it aitfiigeres vie et fitrarcris a ine 1£ | iv(x\ 
pr KO.L nIL: 0111 (20) Chr ^ j om tc 2'' I | Kpvfit) aTeSpas] aTre- 
5pas Kpv(f>ri bw | Kpiifi-ri] Kpv<f)i] DEFLMd-hi''jhnoprs(txt)tv 
Chr: Kpv(pa ackxc.,: tpopadtjp s'"s:(uid) | airedpa^] airodpa^ t: 
aweSpaffas n | e/vXo7ro0op7;(7as] €K\owofpopT}Kas t : €K\oTroff>poi'7jcras 
Los(txt)x: {eXc7)XaT7)(ras 20) | p-e] M"' o: om 3L | om ws j* | 
/iaxaipa] paxo-ipo.^ n : Kat €\' paxaipa^ I : om L: -t-cis ti eKpvfiy]^ 
TOV a-jToopavai Kai e^Xei/'as /le ackmox(a7reKpi'/^7;s)c2(aro5pai') 

27 ei] Kai n* : om L* | a>'7;77€tXas] aj'a77eiXas d : 01177- 
7eiXas Lr ] (efoT. ok ire] (laTrfffTeiXa;- uoi 30) | ai' <re] crt av 
L : (Toi ai- s : om av f*l | ptr eiKppoavrrji] ill salu/c B"' : + km 
/ifTa Tpa-fuS ¥^ I om Kai 2° — (28) ejrpafas L | om koi 2° hJL | 
om piTa hiBC I Tu^Jrarwc] pr koi F''a-dh''optC2lSffi!ElL Or- 
gr Chr I ^Kidapai] xopi^v 11) 

28 oi'A' ri^njidi^vl pr ^ai ackmoquvx^lSlE ; ov KaTtj^ioidriv 
bw I KaTa<^iX7;(rai] (piX-jjixai bw Chr: KaTaipiXftf Phil-cod | tos 
5^7. ^ou Kttt Ta 7rai5ia /lou E | om ra — Kai Chr | (ra 7rai5ia] 
post pov 1° 30) I om /.lov 2" Phil | vvf Se] koi vvv Cj, 

29 j'yy] ecce^: om c.,iQ Chr | nrxt'ce' egj | KaKOTroiT^troi] 
pr TOV Z^acdlmoptxCj : pr koi e: kokixxtoi s{txt) | ire] croi d | 
{he] post 6eoi 14) | rov TaTpos trou] pati'is inci lE^ : patriitn 
nostroriim 3£p | cxCfs] post eiTrti' d(xSfs)oI£'': x^^' E"'''bcef 
hklmpwx: o^e F'': om n | om Xe7uv 3I-ed IE | <pv\aiov L 
bwxCj I ffcouToi'] ffeavTU c*dps(txt) : om 3[(uid) | XoXtjit;;!] 
XoXijffciy bchinoq : XoXi^aas g : facias IE | peTO. iokw^] post 
irovTjpa LIE 1 pera] (koto toi' 20) : Trpos Kir Chr | iroviipa] 
CKXijpa D 

30 ovv] +OVV L I TrcTTOpciJirai] pr eiKe 1; (TreTropei'iro 71): 
TTopeu^iyTi f: wopevei n: ilfas IL: iropevBeis TropevOtjri F^: i/tvi*- 
dens aits 3 | eiriffvpta yap] quia IE : om egj | tri0vpiav bkw | 

eis— ffou Abw] post airfXflcii' DEFLM rell SBCIEIL Chr Cyr | 
Kai AiSIE] om DEFLM rell B«riL Chr Cyr | ti] + ovv kffi 
(uid) I Tons] pr Kai n(I(uid) 

31 aireKpiO-q bw | om 5c b | {eiirev ioku/S 14) | eivev] pr 
KOI bw I Tw] Trpos k | citto] pr oti eiftojlrjdyv F''(om 0Ti)La 
c(-6)))dejkopsxCj3H3"': eiToc dp: oti e(f>olirjdT]v mffi | om 70^ 
•SlBiuid) I o0eXi; Labcd(-Xf i)qsuc, Chr | irov] pov r* 

32 KOI 1° — Tjpwv] pr €;rei 7ap eniyvwdi ti eaTiv epoi Ttav ffwv 
Kai Xo/3e koi oi'K e7re7J'af Top ai'rw ovdev m : post ov6ev DELbdfi 
kprstwIijffiEli I om koi i" — laKui^ 1" F'^'S,'^ | koi eDrei"] eiirev 
de ErB | oi^tw i" ABC] om DEFLM omn aiElL | Top «] 
irop ov qu: ped ov acoxc^ | eav] av bdmpqs-w: om acoxc^ | 
ci'pT^s — ffoi'] evpedwaiv o( ^eoi trov bw13'P(uid): evpeOioffiv Chr A: 
et'pijs] ci'pois (20) Chr A: evpi}<rr)t k: evpujaeii acmoxc^ | (om 
<Tov 79) I ("ijo-fTai] iiiiiat 3L Or-lat | d'ovTioi'] pr el ecee lE'P: 
pr ^/ ecee aitdiam /i- IE'- : {evtcwiov 128): KOTci'ai'Tioi' D( + Z)): 
KaTevavTi ackmoxCj | a6eX0wi'] otpdoKpwv i'v^r \ -qpwv] vpiov 
m: eius BCT | e7rt7i'ai^i] pr iV ?/;/7/i- IE : yviodi ^: siinie (IT-ed: 
-foi'j" bw(bis scr ovv ti)33L | ti] pr ei dtlElL Or-lat i Chr | 
om eGTiv ^ I Ti»iv (jiiiv] post eyooi quv | om Trop epoi C 1 epoi] 
epov o : t]piv egj I KOI 3'^ — oi'^ei'] pr et iiiirauit Laban lE^P : 
om F'''mlE' : om koi 1L | irap 3°] pr ti n : om E | outw 2°] oi'tou 
i*ns: oi'Twj' p | oi'Sei' Ebdfi^'knprwx | 6e] 7ap (76. 78) B'Pffi 
it I om OTI — (33) Xfios 2° dp | pox^jX In | om t) yvvr\ avrov 
IE j eK\e^ev] eKpv^tv mo j om auToi'S IE 

33 €iae\du}tf] eiaijXOev nIE | om Xa/3aj^ h | 7)pevv7j<rev 1° — 
Xeios i°] fis TOK OIKOV Xeios koi -qpevvriaev nB(om koi): om ripev- 
v-qirev mIE: om tis ELbkrwtffiL Chr | om Xeios 1° — oikoc 2" b | 
Xeios I"] lOKu/i /)acmoxc,S1£' : +semlaltis est domum lacoh 
C I om KOI oi'x evptv i" ace'moxCj'Sl | koi 2° — evpev 2»] pr 
•^J-a : om fin Chr | e^eXflwi" — ripevvrierev 2"] dixit de domum 
Liae et scrutauit IL : om -Z^acmoxc^^ : om e^cX^wf — Xeios Letv | 
eJeXSwi'] etTjXSev FMg-kqsu | om eK — Xeias 2" IE | om Xeios 2° 
— oiKO;' 2" (jn*^ I -qpevvijaev 2^ — TraioiirKWi'] pr koi F'^M(Kai -qpevv. 
— TraibiGKWv sub •:ic* )dg— kpqsu : om F* | TjpevvTjaev 2°] eiatjXdev 
E1E I om eis 2° F=LMdegijkpqruvw(!l;'"!L | iokw/3] Xeias D( -)- Z)) 

26 tva — eKXo7ro0op7?oos] eis ti CKpi'j8i;s Toi* oiroSpapot koi eKXe^as pe M 

33 ets 1° — oiKOi' 2^] eis tt;!' ffKTjVTjv tov iaKw/3 koi eis ttjv ctktjvtjv F^ | Tot oikiu] tois (TKijvai^ F^ \ eitTT^X^e;*] pr koi e^rjXSev 




XXXI 41 

'Ia«<w/8 Kal e'f tco oikw twv Bvo TraiSiaKMV, Kal 01;^ evpev elaffKOev 8e koX etv rov oIkov 'Va')(rfK. A 

34 34'Pai^jjX 8e eXafiev to. etBa)\a kuI ive/BaXev avra et? ra awyfiara ri}? Kafirfkov Koi eTreKadiaep 

35 avTOK.^ 35^a( elirev rw TruTpl avTTjf Mr; /8npe&)9 (f>ep€, Kvpie- ov Svi'ttfiai dvaaTTjvai evonrLov *!, \^ 
aov, on Ta Kar' edKTfiov rSiv jvi'aiKiwv fxov eariv. ijpevvrjaev Be Xaj^av ev 6\(p tqJ o'lKfp, Kal ou^ 

36 evpev T(i eiBcoKa.^ ^^wpyi'xrdr] Be 'Ia/ca)/9 Koi e/ia^^eVaTo tm Aa/3(iv cnroKpiOel'; Be 'la/tw/S elwev ^ D 

37 Tft) Xa^dv Tt TO dBtK7]/j,d fiov Kal ri to dpdpTrjp/i p,uv, ort KaTeBini^a'i ov'iaw p.ov ; 37 ^al on 
ypevi'Tja'ai^ iraina ra (TKevij rov oIkov fxov, n €vpe<i avro Trai'Twv rSiv aKevdv tov oIkov aov; 0e<; H F 
wBe evavTLOv rwv aBe\.<^wv crov Kal twv d8e\<f)(Sv /ioi/, Kal eXey^drmo'av dvd fiiaov tS>v Bvo rjfiSjv. 

38 ^^^raind p.01 elKOffi ert] iyd) elfii /xerd aov- Ta irpo^aTa aov Kal a! alyeii aov ovk yjTeKvcoOrjaav § ^ 

39 Kpiow Tcov irpojBdTtdv aov ov KUTe^ayov ^'^OrjpidXwTov ovk di>ev)ivo')(d aoi, eyoa direTivvvov d-jr 

40 tfiavTov, KXefifioTU ■t^fxepa'i Kai KXe/xfiaTa tj)? vvkto^;. ■^"iyevoiJ.rjv Tfj'i I'jfji.epa'i avyKac6p.evoi to!) 

41 Kava(ovi Kal irayeTw tP]<; vvkto<;, Kal d^iaTaTo 6 virvo'; fiov diro twv cx^daXfiwv fiov. -^'TavTa 
fioi eiKoau eTT] eym ecp,c iv Trj oiKia aov iBovXevad aoi BeKa Kal Teaaepa STt] dvn twv Bvo Ovya- 
Tepwp aov Kal e^ err; ev to« irpo/BaToi'; aov, Kal TrapeXoylao)^ top fiiaOov fiov BeKa dfivdaiv. t £> 

34 eTTiKaOeiaei' AF 
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35 Siwoiuc E*(-|Uat E^"'*! 
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acmoxc,'E!E'-' | Kai 3°] + ovx evpev E : 4 ovx evpe km ilegijk 
prtC"' I ev Tw oiKui] «s tok olkov Dacmosxc^: chmiim C"': 
domos 1L: ei.<s-r\\6ev eis top oikov e : exploraiiit ( +ft noii iiuienit 
IE') «'^ intrauit domiiin E | (om 5i'o 16) | JraiSio-Kuv] +illius 
IL: -\-i)pe\vy]aev F-''dipl | Kat ovx evpe:* 2*^] om E : om Kai mtj*^ j 
eta-qXSev 5e] pr /cai e^-qKBev eK tov oikov Xeias D( + /Jjacmoxc^'S : 
xai eLarfKdev egjtj | om km j» \iace^mc^)&>E.lE(u\i\)TL | oikov 
3°] post paxri\ k : om F | paxi-n^ 1 

34 pax^V^ 1 I e\af3ei/] e/3aXe b* | to eiSwXa] -Vpatris stii 
(2;ni]£ I fyejBaXev airra] post KafxrjXov k | eve^aXev] efiaXev fr : 
eveKpvyfie n: absconJit IL | om ai/ra (14) -3 | ra aayiiara] ra 
Ta.yixa.ra w*: to cray/ia F*"': stratum IL | tw;/ Ka.ta\\av eg] 
Chr I aiiTOis] pr eiroyw f: eir oiitois n(-7;! n*): auTois j : +Kai 
5tf^pi}\aipTi(Tev XajSap (ri'i* Tratrai' t-jjp aKTjvrjv Kai ovx evpev F'^ack 
nioxc^'3 [[5ie^. ] e\p-q\a(pr]iTe c; tjpevvTjaev Y^ \ aw iraaav ttjv] 
avpLiraffav Trjv ackCj,: rriv dv/xTraffav m: om <tvv F''3 | CKriv-qv] 
OKeir-qv kmx] : -vct palpauit S-ap-Barh 

35 Kai eiTTev] emev 5e E | Ki'pie] 4-^oi/ mc^JSC Chr | on] 
pr OTi iirElL : OTi f I 5un;(ro^ai bw | eniririop] ep.Tcpoa9ev f | 
TO 1°] TO egijlnqs(uid)iiv : om mli Cyr-ed | kot] Ka.-ra. to n | 
e0t<riiitiv c I 7tvat/cwv DadkpquvCiL Phil Chr Cyr-eil 1 p-ov] fjLoi 
abdkn-rt-xC3L Phil Chr Cyr-ed : /iuiv D \ ■r)pevvi\(!ev 5e] xai 
y\pivvr\<!tv /)( + />'')acmoxC2 : om Sf qlj" | Xa/3a»] + evuiriov 
avTov bw I €1/ — otKw] om F''': +avTt]s Chr: + ai/TOu Cyr-ed: 
4- fi'us IL : + Rachel IE | om to eiSuiKa. Chr 

36 (om ujpyiffdT) — Xa/3av 1° 71) j opyiadeis p ] om Kai 1° 
p33*^ 1 om TW I" cdkni | airoKptdeis — \a/^ai/ 2"] Kai airoKpideis 
eiire Trpos avTov p : /cat eiirev avrw dfn3£ Chr{om auTw) : ditcus 
iL: om Em | aTroKpi.deis 5e] Kai anoKptOets bktw | taKw^ 2"] 
post enrev hk | (Xa/^ai* 2"] -i- Kai upyiad-q etr avrov 71) | Kat 2^] 
>; SIL Chr I om ti 2° dB | (om on — p.ov 3° 130) 

37 om ort EEiS^IIE | 7;pei'i/770'as] 7;pau,...F*: ^pevvrjKas 
E(7;patyi/-)abckowxC2 | tov otKov i*'] ra ev toj oikw c: om Eafi^^k 
morxc,3l(!C1E3L I ciipes] evp-rfKas E | oiro — ffKevuv] fx omnibus 
uasis tuts 3L: (om airo 18): om Tra^TWi' clE | om toi' oikov 2'^ 
bw^ I (Tov i°] +in dome mea '3 | 9fS u5e] nos pignore ob- 
stringamus IE : om u5e ^ | evavTiov — fiov 2"] coram fratribus 
twstris S 1 evoiiriov a-dklmops(txt)twxC2 [ ruv 2^*] pr ttoi^twi' 

I Ta r"] a sup ras A''- | Kar} t sup ras A*^* | 7}pavvT}a-ev F* 
41 Teaaapa E | oi'o Oirya sup ras {4) A''^ (om dvo A*uid) 


dpt I o^oi' 2"] pLOv acoxc'St | tuv adeXtpojv 2°] pr evavTiov Ecgj 
(E : om IL : om tuv m | ptov 7"\ a-ov acoxc^^I | e^e\\ey^aTu<rav 
a I ava /iecop] pr e^wTriof 1 : evunriov c^ | ijpLwv] {vpLwv 16): om 
n a-cod 

38 TaiTtt — 7}TeKvuj&7)iTav] uiginti anni mihi dum cttstodw 
ones tuas (*' copras tuas ct ^ | Taura pioi] eca C : om f: om 
p.0K 9i5: 4-cTi E*(eTT( E"''"') | fr?)] pr a o : 4-adhpIL: + AodU 
C I om eyia 'HJ3 | ei/uj 1)^1" lc,'3 | MO'o] f ti; oikijo 1 | om 
at abceh*no | at7es] ^oat E | om o^oi' 3° ^-ed | •qTeKvudtiaav'] 
goicraucrunt IL | kpiocs] agnos IL | om tuv f | ouk e^ayov m 

39 Qy)pt.oX(jiTov\ O-rjptaXojTOi q* : (^7;/>iaXwToi'5 74): dripio- 
fipwTov begj\v(S7)po^p- cgj) I ai/enjpoxa] fpeVTjraxa c: an'fi'T)- 
roxa fi • ei/T/i/oxa bdelpqruvwc^ Chr Thdt : avijvoxa n : avtjveyKa 
m I {aoi] <re 16: (70i' iS) | eyu aireTivvvoi'] ucc abscandi IL | 
eya\ +ie taffi' | aTr Aacj(mg)oCj] trap />''EMj(txt) rell Chr 
Thdt I ep.avTov\ ep.avTfii D Thdt: {epxiv 73) | K\ep.p.aTa i'^] 
apiraypaTa Trjs Thdt | TjpLepas Kai KXefxpiara] om k : om KXe/t- 
/xoTo Thdt I T7)s Aj Thdt] om />''1;M rell Chr 

40 eyevopyjv — vkktos] ill rare pernoctabani 1E(pr ct lEi*) ; om 
C"' I f7epo/i7)p] C7i;'0/x7)i' Z^EMaol3[1L : e7w 'Jm';'' Thdt(om 
670)^) [ 777s T/^fpas] tt; ^/j.epa f : om bw Chr^ Thdt | Kaviritivi 
Afhi*j(mg)ns(mg)] koi'moti Z>iiEMi»'J(txt)s(txt) rell }3 Chr 
Thdt I Kai i°] pr ttjs vp^P"-^ 'jw Chr J Tlult | ira7eTu tj)s 
vuKTos] ohrigescens noctu 11, | 7ra7tTi<;] pr tu b-fi'klpqsltxtjtuv 
CjB" Chr Thdt: 7ra7€Tos /-'Ea*hmors(mg)x: tw w | etpiaraTo 
p I om /xou I" Ea-gjkmowxc^SUffilElL Chr Thdt | ajro — p.ov 
2"] OTT ep-ov Chr i | oiro] eK Er : om j Thdt J | o^SaX/iMv] 
^\e<t>apuv m | om ;aoti 2" Thdt i 

41 ravTapoi]ccce(S.: om^otSSI erri i'>] 4-ado»piL: \hodie 
^ \ ev Tj) oiKia <rov ci^ut eyw D \ eyu\ post eip.i dp : om I3i31E 
Chr I ei/xi] ijA")" Ic^^l: om fiiEIL | ev i" — o-ou i°] tecum 33 | 
Kai 1° AE] om i'-'M omn Chr | «t)) 2"] +seruiui tibi ^ \ om 
oi/o bdpw'aiS 1 (tfi/7aT6paij'] post o'ou 2° 77) j e^ ctt;] e^eoriv d | 
tK TOis 5rpo/3aTois] in gregcs ouium IL | ev 2°] ctti dpt: (om 
1 28) I irpo^aatv E | 7rapcXo7io'w] aestimasti % | tov putrdov 
juou] pr TrafTa dpt: «/i' /k mcrccdc 31: M' Chr S | Jcko apva<!iv'\ 
Tuiv SeKa ap-vadwv i-'''j(mg)r(a;ii'<jv)s(mg)9[(uid)J3: dccies E^ | 
aM^ao-ix] afwas f i* : apivaSas dp Chr J 

41 Kat 3° — a/i^acriy] a' Kai T^XXa^as {-^a*' j) tov puoBov piou oeKaKis jc^ 
apiSp^ois jc^ 


5c/ca a^ti'ao'i;'] a' 5f/coKts aptOfiov M : a' Se/ca 

XXXI 4- 


A "^^ei fj,)) 6 ^eo9 Tov Trarpo? fxov 'A^paa/x Kal 6 (f>6/3o<i 'Icrau/c rjv fioi, vvv av Kevov fie e^aire(TTeiKa<;- 42 
rriv ra-n-eivwaiv jjlov Kal tov kottov toiv yebpwv /xov cBev 6 0e6<;, ical ■ijXey^ev ere %^fc'9. -tSaTTO/cpt- 43 
dfU Se Aa/3av elirev rco 'laKio^ Al 0vyaTepe<; aov Ouyarepe^; /xov, Kal ol viol aov viol p,ov, Kal 
rn KTijin) aov kti^vij /xov, Kal -jravTa oaa av oprj? €/j.d eariv Kal rat? Ovyarpaaiv /xov ri Troirja-Q) 
%n ravTaK crrjfiepov i) rciis" rsKvoi^ ^avTuiv oh ereKOv ; -**,'{)/' ovi'^ hevpo SiaOcofieOa 8ici6/]kt)v eyo) Kal 44 
av, Kai earai ets' fiaprvpiov tiva /xeaov e/xov Kai aov. enrei' oe aurro XaKtofB \hov ov6el<; peO' 
^/xwv iarlv I'Se 6 6eo^ finprv^ dim peaov epov Kal aov. -^^Xaffrnv Se 'luKiofB \lOov earijaev avrbp 4; 
aTijXfjv. -^elTrev Se 'laKto^ toI<; dBe\(f>ol'; avTov 'EvWiyere \i0ov<;. koI avveXe^av Xi6ov^, koX 46 
eTTolrjaai' ^ovvov Kal ecjyayov Kal e-rriov eVet eVt tov ^ovvov. '-t^'/fai et-rrev avTU) AafSdv (48 a) 
O /3ovvo<; ovTO'i p,apTvpei dvd peaov ep.ov Kal aov arjpepov ■^'^ Kal SKnXeaev avTov Aa^dv 47 
Bofi'o? pdpTv;, 'Ia/cft)/3 Be eicdXeaev avTov Bovvb<; p^apTvpei. -^^elirev Se Aa^dv tw 'laKto^ 48 (51) 
ISoii 6 ^ovi>o(; ouTO? Kal ^ aT)]X-i] avrr) rjv eaTTjaa dvd peaov ep,ov Kal aov' '5=' /xaprt/pet (.sia) 
o ^ovvof oiiTOi, Kal p.apTvpel 7; aTn'fkr] avTrj • '4* Sid tovto £K\t'j9i] to ovopa avTov Bof I'os" (48 b) 
paprvpel, ■^'^Kai H opaaK, ijv elirev 'E(f)i8oi 6 0eo? dvd p,eaov epov Kal aov, oti d-7roaTi]a6p,e6a 49 

43 evfaTfmiTiv] $vya.T(pes A 44 biadufiida.'] 0a sup ras (4 uel 5) A' | cri'] cov A* (o ras A''-^') 

48 efiou Kai ffov] ixov Ktxi aov sup ras A'' 

42 ei] pr el 3-etl IL | Seos 1° — laanK] ^o^os tov Trarpo^ fiov 
Chr i : (po(io^ caaaK tov iraTpos Cyr | uin /j.ov i'^ p | al-ipaap.] pr 
0s amo : pr 6s cxc^: pr Deiis 3 : -i-i)" dp: + >;;' /ier epov f]3 | 
»fai 1° — Kraax] post iu.oi EbegijkrwialL | 0o/3os] di a"'m | laaaK] 
px pair is tuei C'^ : post p-OL 1 | -qv /ioi] ijk per cpov 3[(uid) Chri: 
om tlfp]3 I ap] ovv dp | Kefov /ie] pr ^e d : p-e Kevov Efprsli 
Chr"| e^aweffTeiXas] aTreffretXas dp: (e^aweaTei\e 79) | ttjv — 
Kai 2°] om m1£: (oni pov 25) | tov kottov] tov tto^oi' abdejkop 
WXC2 : Tujv TTovwv g I om tdev o deot E j oidev n [ cm o 3" dp | 
rjXeyiev] i/XXaje e | exOes EMaioqs-vc, 

43 airoKpideis 5e] Kai awoKpideis cdp | enrev] pr d'/ 3L | ra'] 
OUTW n* I om troll I" EMa-T'ceghijftxtjlnoqrt-c^SBClEiL Phil 
Cyr-cod | om Bvyarepes 1" Phil-codd | om /vat i" — pov 2" eW' \ 
oui 01 F^bgpqw I'hil-cod Cyr-ed | oni woi aov dn | aov 2°] 
pov p Cyr-cod: il/ayum%: om EMacgIiij(txt)loqrt-c„2Hl3l!riE 
Phil j iiioi 2°] pr 01 f : om Phil-codd | pov v] aov p | aov 3°] 
;uou p Cyr-cod: om EMa-eg-jlnoqrt-c,'3J3(!E155L Phil | om 
/<Ti7i'77 2° Edn Phil-codd | pov 3°] aov p | iravTa oaa] iravTuv 
lov m I oaa] Ta E : om f | av] aoi bn : om 531L | opas] exeis v : 
-t-oXa E I Tai! Ovyarpaaiv A{-Tepes)] tup Oiyarepoiv EM omn 
g(uid)li3(uid)(!r3EIL Phil Chr Cyr | ri] pr el ,„„ic^: + e^v ■£ | 
iroiijffu] 7ron;(rtis dp: -I- eyu fi^'r | TavTais] pa^i a-qpepov XCyx- 
cod: Jiliabtis mek 13 | om aripepov p | 7;] xai fi^'nrslE Cyr | 
om avTojv c | ois cTeKOv] tois rex^eiatv Chr: om c^ \ois] ot dp: 

44 fia^u/uc^a SiaflijKTji'] SiaOijKrjv SiaffriaupeBa E | Sia$u- 
pe9a] Sioffuipev bn : 5ia9u/uai qu | om SiadijKijv 1 | eyu] + Te 
Chr Cyr-cod | om Kai 2° Im | earai] earw ek Cyr-cod : sil IE | 
eis papTvpiov] coneordia IE | papTvpiav Cyr | om ava /uecroc r" 
bmw I epov i"] +Te Chr i | ei?re>' — (45) aTriK-qv] sub -=- M | 
om eijrev—aov V bmlS Cyr-cod | om eiirev — iaKw/3 13 | iaKM/3 
AIL] om I>*VM rell ad Chr Cyr-ed | om i5oi. sc, | oveeis] 
oiiSfis Z>(-Si!)Mac-gi^'jkprxC3 : ev0e^s^\•: (om 31) | pe0] peaov 
dp^iuid) I I'/iwi' f*w*c,*(uid) | om ecrrij' c^ Chr | iSe 0] idov 
Z>Macefgjorsv-c, : Se dp'^ Chr: <;/>/ !L : om :5e E 

45 om XiSoc — (46) lOKWjS w | XiSoi'] {aTTjK-qv \i0ov 71): om 
Chr I aveaTqaev acmoxc^ | ai'To;'] eavrov c: (avTrfv 71): om 
SIEIL Chr I ottjXt;!'] pr fis E(6i)c2: (om 71) 

46 EiTTci' be] Kai enrev n3L | lOKW/S] Xafiav % Cyr-cod: om 
In^ I <n'XXe7er6] avWe^arai n: avvayayeTe dpv | Xtffoi's i''] 
■+ aw TOV at^pov tovtov k | om Kai avveXe^av Xi^oi'S t | avve- 

XeJaK] (Twr;7a7oi' dp | om Xiflons 2° (107) 3L | om »(ai eTroiT/iroi' 
^ovvov "^^^^ \ eiroLTjaev t Chr | Kat eiriov] post f3ovvov b{ff7roi')\v: 
om y>'ihi*l-oqsuv!E<:3L Chr Cyr | om eKei EdglpvBE Chr | 
TOV fiovvov] TOV jiovvov dfpt : -t- Kai eKaXeaev avTov Xa^av awpevpa 
papTvptas Kai laKwl^ eKaXeaev avTOv aujpot papTvs acmox'3l[[ai'T0i' 
bis] avTo m : avru x | aicpos] fiovvos mx]] : 4- Kai eKaXeaev avTw 
Xa/3ay (iovvos Trjs papTvpias iaKw/3 Oe eKaXeaev avTo fHovvos paprvs 
f I Kai eiirev ai'rw] eiirev Se b | papTvpei] paprvs tj c : paprvs o 
'jH-ed1£(uid) : leslis en'l IL: papTvpwv dp: papTvpia 1 | om Kai 
aov qu I a7]p€pov] pr Kat 1 : om Chr 

47 (cat — papTvpei] sub •:>(• M: om f | koi eKoX.] fKaX. Se 
Er I avTov i^] post Xa/^aii k: avTujw: noi/ieft rills'^: om Cyr- 
cod I [-iovvos i*^] pr awpevpa M : pr egjIS : fiovvov E3i [ paprvs 
A] papTvpias EMdhlm]it Cyr: {papTvpiov 107): ttjs papTvpias 
IP'^ rell : teslimonii gjStfflEiL | om laKujS — paprvpei mo ) 
laKio^ Se CKoXeaev] el ztocauit Jacob IL j laKiofi Se] pr Kai etjj : Kai 
laKoifi n: Se laKwfi b\v : om Se a j avTOv 1"] avjo c : to ovopa 
avTov E I fiovvos papTvpei] congenetn. Icslimonii ^ : siiitl is IE | 
papTvpei A] papTvpas i* : paprvs Z>''EMi''' rell '3BCS-ap- 
I5arh Cyr 

48 em-ev — papTvpei 3"] sub -4- Mv | Xafiav toi laKU^] oiTU 
Tu laKuji Xajiav g | iSov] {iSe 84): om al 31-ed | om r° — Kai 
1° 3£fi' I om xai 1" — avT-q 1° IE' | -q arrfX-q i"] lapis 11 | avrri 
i"] (auTOu 1 28): om />''EMbdeglijnpqrt-w | riv eaT^qaa] rfv 
eaTTjaas Eacdlim-pstvxCj(ff1l( + /« «^«(7): om 1 : +aT]pepov h: 
+ testis ?E I om a^-a peaov — aTijXi) 2° b | om papTvpei V — 
(49) aov p I om papTvpei i" — avT-q 2° IE | papTvpei i"] paprvprj- 
aei ml!, ; testimonium erit nobis Hil | o 2° — avTTj 2°] om f3L : 
om ^ovvos ovTos m : om ovtos (£ | Kai 3'^] (post papTvpei 2** 
108): om ( S I papTvpei 2"] papTvs egjn(uid) : 
testinionitim erit Hil : om i ] {aT-qX-q 2'^] -I- -qv earrjaa ro8) | 
(om 5ia — papTvpei 3° 107) | eKXijB-q — auroi'] fiotni}?aucntnt aim 
is I eKXT)0-q] uocaucriint 3L | auroi' fiovvos] moiiliodi 91 | aiiroii] 
TOV TOTTov bw : TOV TOTTov eKeivov Kit: om />''Machkmoquvc., j 
papTvpei 3°] paprvpias ImB'i'lEIL: paprvpiov E : papTvpiov d^ : 
i/ui tcstiitur IS^*" : testis iiT 

49 Kai i°] pr ct dixit ei Laban iE' | t) opairis] uisioneni 
IS*^? : om 7) E I eivev] eiSev EborwlL : eiSes acx : iSoi' ZT iffi3E : 
+ 0% dktCj I e0i5oi Afh*in] e-neiS-q b: tTriSoi Z'*'il':Mhl' rell | 
(om o 16) [ om aTTO g Chr | om tov b | eTepov] -^ avTov { 





(XXXII) (i) 55 

XXXII (i) 1 

(3) ^ 

erepo? airo tov erepov. i°el Taireivdiaei<i Tai; ffvyaTepa<; fiov, el \t]fj.y}rT) yvvalKat ivl rah A 
dvyarpdaiv fiov, opa, oiiOei<; fieS" -qfiSiV iariv. ^^idv re yap e7(M fit) Sia^w irpo<; ere, fitjSe crv 
Sta/3^9 Trpo? fi£ TOP fiovvov toutov xal ttjv ar/jX^v ravTrjv eirl KaKia. S3o deo<i 'A/3/)aa/x Ka\ 
o ^eo9 Na;^&»p Kpivei dvd fieaov ^!)fj,Siv. ^i^^Kal d)fio(T€v 'IaKa)/3 Kara rov <j)6^ov rov irarpof § S§G 
avTov IcrauK. l54»/cal edvaev 'laKwff dvaiav iv rtf opei- Kal exaXeaev rovi; dSeXcfiov'; avrov, 
Kal e(f>ayov Kal eiriov, Kai eKot/j,))0t)a-av ev no opei. iSdvaara<i Se Aa^av ro irpwl Kare- 
(f)i.\r](Tev Tov^ viovi avrov Kal ra<; Ovyarepa'i avrov, Kal eiiXoyrjcrev avrov<i' Kal d-iro<rrpa<^eh 
Aa^av uTrrjXdei/ el<; rov ro-rrov avrov. 'Kai ^laK<b^ dTrfjXOev et? rrjv eavrov oSov 

Kai ai'a^Xe-\{ra<; joi'i 6(j)daXfx.ol<; iSef irapefi^oXTjv Oeov Trap€fi/3e0XTiKViap, Kal avvijvr'tja-ai' § d^ 
aiiry ol dyyeXot rov Oeov. 'elirev Se 'laKoo^, t'jvUa 'iSev avrow, Ylapefi^oXi) Oeov avrrj- Kal 
exaXeaev ro ovofia rov rorrov sKelvov Hape/J-^oXal.. 

(4) 3 ^ AirecrreiXev 6e laKcb^ dyyeXou<; Trpo? 'Hcraii rov dBeX(f>ov avrov et? ytjv -.rjelp e:? ywpav 

(5) 4 '^oa>n, -^Kat, evereiXaro avroi'i XeYO):/ Ovtw<; epelre ra> KvpUo fxov 'Harav Ovrayi; Xeyei 6 Trat? 

(6) 5 <7ov \aKai0 Merd Aa^dv irapwKrjaa Koi e-)(^p6viaa ea)<; rov vvv ^kol eyevovro p.oi, /36e<; Kal 

ovoi Kai rrpo^ara Kal 'TratSe?* Kal iraihicrKai,- Kal direcrreLXa dvayyeiXai rro Kvpiw p,ov 'Herau, 

55 TfvXoyTiaev E 
4 oi/Tus 2"^] oi/rw A*(s suprascr A') 

XXXII 2 eiSfv I>'^ 

5 jraiSes] /3o6S A 

50 Taireivudd.^} raireiVuiaTii kqu : (raTTfU'wo-ais 20): aSl- 
ATTjo-cis M(mg) I ei 2°] pr aul'H: ri hIC: atoi j | \t]ii\I/t]] Xa/Sjjs 
Ee-jlnpqs-vw*(uid); \a/3ois Z>.MI)clnv» Chr | ymaLKa'slyvvaiKa 
Imoq-vE: + alias 3L | eTri] irpo! Chr | tois duiarpiKTiv] ras 
dv-yarepai i* | Tois] tos dnp | ouSeis EMdfi-^'lprx | eirrii'] 
+ opQjv ds fiafyrv^ fiera^v e/xou Kat fj-era^u aov ackmoxc^^lSw 
fopu;'] prom: om c, | Ss] pr •<:• 3 : pr o | om 'niTa^v 2° 

c*m53"' I jov] +iia.pTi's ffupos oi'tos cj : +0 opuv tfs jxaprvt 


52 idv re yap'] pr /cat etTref Xafiav toj (aKw/5 l5ov trwpos 
oiTOS Kai Ldou -q ffTi}\-q j\v earriaa fi^Ta^u e/xov Kat /zera|u ffov 
fxapTvt (Tuipos oiTos Kcii fxapTvs 71 (tttiXt) ackmoxCj'EJS" fom iSov 
2° niB" I V — <yT-q\ri 2°] /laec Ustatur 33" | e<rT);<ra] (crrriffas 
cCji statitimus '3,: epiifT/tra kmx(-/)oif-) | e/uou] <rov km | <tov] 
e/iov km | om ovtos 2" 3l(uid) | o-ttjXt; 2°] + avr-q km]] : pr xai 
(nr(v laKufi iSov 7; arijXi) oitt; ixaprvpu Chr : (/Kt'rf 3[ | re 7ap] 
■yap re d : erjo IL : om yap t*B | eyu /xri 5ia/3u] 5ia/3u eyu b : 
om 67U c,£1L I MJ?] (pr f 1 18): om 1E<: | Trpos ffe] Trpos ffou bt" : 
acc'ruum '^ ; + tov atdpov tovtov ac^ ; + aw tov awpov rovrov 
cox : +€v r(j> copw rovrw m | M'?5e] /tT^re qu : uel IL : tV j/ 15*^ | 
om 5ia/3i)S IL | om jrpos /ue (25) 31 | e/ne m | tov — xairTTji'] COK- 
geries hoic et hie tapis qiiem slaluisli 3L | om tovtov 3(uid) | 
om raiTTjv dp [ (KaKoj 20) 

53 KOI — i/axwp] post Kpiva 3L | om Seos 2° d | i/aaxup k | 
/cpij'Ei] (Kpij/r; I oS) : Kpii-oi (20) Chr : /cpii/ai iQsi'Edpqrsux : iudicet 
IS I ■r\p.oiv'\ + fls Trpj auTwv a(pr ojckc^S : 4- fs irpiiiv avTuv mx2 : 
+ ^s irps 7]fj.uv o: ai^Twi* G(sub •^* uid) 

54 0o/3oi'] ffeoua.^ | tou 2° — icraajt] post too ras(5)j: Kraax 
TOV Trps aiTou \vl31£ : itraaK tov wps pLov b | laaK G | icat edvaevl 
eSvtrev Sc Er | ia/cu/3 2°] post $v<nav dp : om b\v Chr | dvamv] 
post opci l" 1 I ej" lo] eir: dpB | (opei I"] 4-ei' eip-qvri 107) | 
CAiaXeo-ei'] eTrcKaXeue j ; -f laKiafi 1 | ai'Toi^ 2**] (payuv apTov f : 
4- 007611' aproi' Z)M(mg)ims: +tov ^ayeiM aprov Gackoxc^ : 
edere pane/n %% \ 6^070^] 4-apToi' G(sub •:!;• jacmosxc^S | 
CTioi'] 4-oiyoi' s I opei 2°] 4-e;' eipTji/i) dp 


55 to] Till acfhijoqCj Chr | toi'S — aiTou i^^Jilias sitas el 
Jilios siios IS: filias suas ct filios eartim IL | om Tout — /coi i" 
3l-cod I om airrou i" Ebdpw | (koi oTroaTpa^fis] airoo-Tpa^ts 
5e 77) I airoffTpai^eis \a^av airijXffev] airri\9(v a7ro<rTpo0eii 
Xa^av Gacmoxc^.^^: aireaTpaipT] Xafiav b\v: {€7r€aTpa<p7j Xa/Sai' 
108): aTeffTpa(fni p | TOTrov] oiKoi- 33''' Chr | aiTou 3"] eoirrou 
GaoC2 : TOV eain-ou s 

XXXII 1 Kai ioKW|9| ioKw/3 5e dC: 5e laK. f | aTTTjXflei/] 
avriXdevc.,: rciiiif JE,'^< : om nBi' | om tis bw<a | T-qv -oSov\Tr)v 
odov eavTov Z>''*(D""')aos : {rtjv avrov o5ov 79): T-qp o5ov aiTou 
EGbcdhnpwx^l : om eourou nlEP : tok oikoi' eaurou c,ffi-cod | 
Kal 2'* — 7rape/i/3e^X7jKi'iaj'] sub ^- 5 | Kai ava^Xe^as] ava^Xe^as 
Se laKu^ fi"'rC: + ioku/3 eghjkmtd^lL Or-lat Cyr | tois oi^ffaX- 
fiots A] 4- auToi" laKO}^ nlS : 4*ai'T0u Efi^^r: om /^i'GMi* rell 
9BIL% Or-Iat Chr Cyr | idev] pr iSou auTot k | Trapt/xj). ffeov] 
bis scr g: om tfeoi/ Cyr-ed | Trapcfi^e^XijKviav] qjtai uentrat 
super eti/n CC 1 om ot dfmp 

2 T^fiKa ibev aiTous] om n Chr : om ai/Toi's S | Trapffx^oXyj] 
7rape^/3oXai d | auTT;] ai'Tai d | eKaXeaev] 4- laKta^ dp ) (Kftvov] 
sub -h G(uid): om D( Cyr | trapeft^oXai] irape^/SoXij i*msv 

3 a77eXoi;s A3S] pr €pnrpo(r8(v ai<Tov ('Iir: fpnrpoadfv bw : 
+ efnrpoa-8ev auTou Z^s^^EGM rell SCCILS Cyr | (om aSeX^ov 
31) I eis yiv} (IS TTjv gm: (v 717 G*(iiid): ev rri C*' | ffijeip] 
ffTjip t : iri;j;p g(<j-et7)p g*') : ffieip de : o-iTjp fl : arip n : CKeip m | 
om ets 2° fm 

4 auTOis] {avTovs 79) : auTw t : om Chr | (om p.ov 79) j 
ouTus 2°] oirros ch : TaSc p : om nr | Xe7€i] dixit iL | expoviffa] 
+ ibi% 

5 om Kai I" f I e7e»'o»'To] e7t»'oi'TO E: (€7€»'€to»' 18) | ^oej — 
jrpo;3oTa] asini et lameli el boues ^{ + el ones IS') | Koi 2° — irpo- 
jSaTa] (cai 7rpo;3. Kai ovoi fiaJS'P; om Kai oxoi C: om Kat 
TrpojSaTtt n | om Kat 4" ^ | a»'a77eiXai] a7ra77eiXat bcfhimrw 
(post 7;<rau bw) : a77etXai Cyr-ed : om Chr | (om /iOU 79) | 
jjiraii] sub -r- G(uid)S : om Chr | ixa — <rou 2°] ul inueniam 


52 o^ej a' -:j* tjvv tov ffiopov tovtov M 



A "va evpj} 6 iraii; aov %a/3H' ivavTLOv aov. ^^koI dvearpeyjrav ol ciyyeXoi, Trpo? 'la^ccoyS Xeyovre^ 6 (7) 
"HXdofiei' TTpo? Tov uBe\<f)6i' aov 'Htrau, koX ep')(eTai €i« avvavTrjalv croi, xal TerpaKoaioi 
avSpe<i fieT avTov. '^ e(}>o/3(lT0 Be '\aKU)^ cr<f)oBpa, Kai rjiropelro' ical BielXev tov \a6v tov 7 (s) 
/ier' avTov koI tovv /Sow; kui ja irpo^aTa et? Bvo 7ra/36/U/SoXav. ^koX eVirev 'laKw0 'Eai» eXOrj 8 (9) 
Haav et? irapefjifBoXr^v jxiav Kal eKKoyf/r} avTi]V, eVrat r) 7rapefJ./3oXri r) BevTepa etf to aco^ecrOai. 
^el-rrev Be laKco^ 'O $e6<i tov TraTpo'; fiov 'AjSpaafJ. Koi 6 Oe6<; tov ■rraTp6<i p,ov 'laadic, K.vpt€ 9 (10) 
eLTra<; fxoi A.-jroTpe'^e ei? tjji' yrjv tj;9 yeveaeo)'; crov, Kai ev ae Tronja-co- '^"iKavovaat fjMi airo 10 (11) 
TrdcTtji; BiKaioarvvrft; /cat diro Tratr??? d\T]det,a<; ^9 eTroitjaat; to> iraiBi aov ev yap ttj pd^Bcp 

IT d^ P'Ov Bie^Tjv TOV 'lopBdvTjv tovtov,^ vvv Be yeyova et9 Bvo Trapep,0oXd<;. ^^e^eXov p,e eK ■y^eipo'i 11 (12) 
TOV dBeX(f)ov fiov ^Haav' otc (j)o^ov/j,ai iyo) avTov, fit] iroTe iXdu>v TraTa^r] /xe Kal p.r)Tepa eirl 

% & tSkvok.^ ^^av Be etTra? KaX&i? ev ae 7ron]au>, Kal 6)]aw to airepfia aov d)<i Trjv dfifiov rf;? 13 (13) 
OaXdaaTjf, i] ovk dpcd/nTjO/jaeTai. otto tov ttX/jOov^. ^^/cal eKoi/xi'/Or] eKel tijv vvKTa eKelvrjv. 13 (14) 
KUI, eXa/3ev u>v e<f)epev Bwpa Kal e^aireaTeiXev Haav tS dBeX(f)m avTov, '^•^aiyaf BiaKoaia<;, 14 (15) 
Tpayovi eiKoai, irpo^aTa SiaKoata, Kpiov^; eiKoai, ^5 KafiijXov<; dijXa^ovaa^ Kal to. TraiBla avTcbv ij (16) 

II li( i°] iitxi AZ)E 

12 cu] ev D 

14 6(OK0<rta] a 2° sup ras A' 


gratiam ante te ego senilis inns IE : om eupj; f* | xa/jii/ o irais 
<rou Ed, I x^P""] post COD i" Chr | aov 2°] + it? dp 

6 Kai avf<7Tpeij/av A/)*''MfInqu] Kai a-we<TTp(^av Lbdegijpv 
wdg Cyr: ^ai tTr€<rTp€\pav st ; /cat vireaTpf^av Gachkmoxc^: 
aTf<rTp€\pav 5e Er | Trpos iclkoj^ Xeyoz/res] Xey. Tpos iaK-. m : 
dixeriint ad lacob IL | irpos i°] irepi f | r\\doii.(v^ air-qXdoixev 
Chr: fuimus % | tov ade\</>op oov] post riuav dpvd^'SUlEii | 
om T/irau Chr | epxerai] pr iSoii auros ELMbd-hii'jlpqrtuwBC 
IL Cyr^: pr l5ov ZJ^'^kE ] ets (XvvavTriaLv'\ post (rot Cyr ^ j troi] 
aov E*(croi Ei'jMbc^'d-gi-npruxCjdjiJ Chr: om Cyr-edi 

7 c0o/3eiTO AiL] itfo^-qe-q Z^i'EGLM omn aJSIE* Chr Cyr | 
om 6e L* | om arpodpa ^ Chr | Kat 7?7rop€tro] /cai dnjTropeLTO \v 
Chr: om 1 | eTriStetXep L | {tov i" — avTov] Xaov avTov 16) | 
om Toj" 2° f I /j.(T avTov] fieS eavTov Z's'iLegjcjU Cyr (ai'Tou Z>'' 
qu) I Kai Toi'S /3oas] pr Kai Toi's Ka/H7)Xol's k : post Trpo/Sara 
Gacmoxc^lSIE^L^ : H- Kat ray Ka^^Xoi-s egj | roi's] ras r | ets 
Svo] pr KOI ras ko/it/Xoi'S EGM(rvig)acmov(mg)xC2'31E'=S'l[sub •?:• 
Gv">B I Tous Gox] 7rapf/i/3oXas] partes % 

8 Kai eiTrep] ei?rw 5e ELr | i.a.Ka{i\ sub -=- G: om m Chr | 
eXfl?)] eiae\9Ti f : om 1 | om i;<rau Chr | Trape/if)o\r)v /xiav] p.iav 
7rapf/i/3. Er : iinam partem !L : prima castra % \ ckkoi/'t;] 
(yKO\pr) E : (KKotpei c : ko^t; td^ Chr-ed : Kofei dnp : Kop.if/-q b : 
abstulerit IL | effxai] pr xai Gackmoptxc,d,^'5i | i? Tapenfi. -q 
SeiiT.] /«;-i «/!a it I om r; 2° o | om ei^ to s 

9 om totum comma L | fiTrev Se] koi eiTrev d, | om 6eoi 
1° i* I Tou TraTpos /lov 1°] patrum meorum Deus lE'^: +«/ Z>fKJ 
!E>' I a^paaix — icraaK] (om 77): om afSpaau — /lov egj : om Kai — 
iiraaK ISi": om Kai a% : om — /j.ov d: om tou TraTpos pLov lE^*^ | 
iffOK G I Ki'pie] Ks Gt Cyr-cod : koi c : Kai its fiov f : o 0s 
/?EMi*ms: av ffeos Chr: om dplE'^: 4-0 $s iiov gi^'r: 
+ fls ejkqu C | etwas'] eiwuv bcdfTi4k-npw»'xCjd2 Chr 
Cyr: om egj | (om ,uoi 31) | OTrorpexf] avarpexf E: aTro- 
<rTpe0f f : reuertere }31L | ae TroiTjiraj] iroiriaoi ae Cyr-cod : faciavi 
tihi a I ae] aoi. bdfi'hi 

10 om totum comma L | iKaj'ouirai /ioi aTro] non sum 
dignus % I iKa^'ouirai /xoi] (ikocos ci/xi 31. S3): benefaciat igitur 
mihi et E | iKai-oiwai AGh*i»'qrtuv] iKovovTai DVMV.% Cyr- 

cod : iKafoucrrai o : iKaj'wtroi' m ; iKai'Oi'o'^ai hW* rell Chr Cyr- 
ed : satis est IL | om Kai — aXj;9eias i* | om otto iraaris 2" 31E 
Chr I Tit] Tjv E: (Kai 14. 16. 77. 130): +av c | eTroitjcras] + »iiki 
% I ev yap] on ev Chri j p-ov] om IL: +TavTri dfh-lnpstCjd, 
Chr| Cyr-ed Thdt: +TavTr)v bw: -j-ras (7) x | diefirfv] dieftr) 
ft: SiiyX^oi' Chr f : 7rap77\0oi' Thdt : (fTrepaca 20) | TotToc] rouro 
m: om bisc^d^JS Chr J Cyr-ed | vvv Se] et ecee IL: et iiutie 
eeee'Si: Kai i5oi' I'liv Chr | vnw Z>''Mb-hi''jlnp-w 

11 om totum comma L | e^eXov pe] pr Kai dp '^-codd : pr 
cru vvv Chr J: pr et mine ^t-ed: -f Ki'pie IL Chr^ Cyri T-A | 
TOV — 7}aav] Tjaav tov adeXipov pov s S'^f Chr '^ T-A : ?;a'ai; eK 
Xfipos Toi' aS. pov Chr ^ | 7;crai'] pr eK x^'POJ Gabcloptwxc^iSCD 
5: om m Chr^ | oti] pr \ey(av Chr^ : pr iv egj: {iva ti 73): 
om c I eyw] post auT-ox bw: om Ath Chri Cyri | om eXduv 
Chr \ I 7raTa|ci npqu | fie 2°] +patrem super filios IL | Kai] 
sub -^ G(uid) : om 3 | pr]Tepa AG*bsv\vx9!£3LS Cyr-ed] irpa 
m: irpas g(uid) : pijTepat /)EG'''M rell 33(!E(ui<l) Cyr-cod: 
(irpa Ktti ppa 71*: Trpas Kai yiipas 71"') | €iri] ev i* 

12 om totum comma L | de] + poi fi^'r | eiiras] +mi/ii 
33IEIL I KaXus] post TToiijo-M E : om bmswSBCIEIL Chr | ev 
ae TToii/irii)] 01/ criwiriiru c: om ev Cyr-ed | ae] aoi 1£fi*n'al | 
drjaic] earat n | to aireppa aov] hune lE'^P | ^aXafro"?;?] 777? o | 
7;] Kai Cyr-ed j ovk apidpT]0TiaeTai] tiunierari iion potest IL | 
apifl^i';^'] apidpTiaerai b*c : e^apiffpTjOTjaeTai. Chri Thdt(uid) : 
avapidp-naerai E \ airo] vtto Chr-ed | om rov d | 7rX7;9oi>s] 
+ avTTjt (12S) }3C 

13 6Kei] 4-iaKW^ L | {ttj vvktl eKeivTj 107) j eKetVTjv] ravTTjv 
1 j om KOI 2° 1 I wv — 5ajpa] pr e^ f 1 : dujpa a<p uiv eipepev i^'r: 
do/ia queu ferebat IE | etpepev] ferebant IL: +ev x^^pt avrov 
G(sub •:5:*)acmo(ei' T7? x-)4"^^2^ I *^°-'- ^^aTreoreiXei'] sub-^G: 
post 77<rau m: Kai aireffreiXfi' 1: om Li^-rlEIL | ijirac] post 
Tw s I om Tu a5eX0w oi'roi' IEp 

14 SittKoirias] SiaKoirious It | rpa7oi'$] pr Kai InlE : -fir' c^* | 
ei-KoaC] L n | 7rpo/3. fiiaK.] pr Kai nmIE: om E | Kptovs eiKOffi] 
pr KOI InlE : om c^ 

15 ^T/Xaiouiras — avTujv] cum pullis ^{ + eartem)'^: foetas 
cum puliis 'il ) avTWv] avTov o* | om ^oas TCircrepaKoi'Ta bp | 

XXXII 7 TjiropeiTo] a' ^Xi/^wSes aww M(sine nom)v ; a' uexatio fuit ei % 
9 Kvpi.e — /tioi] a' ir' Ki eiTrui' Trpos p-e jv 




(17) iC) TpuiKOVTa, /3oa>f TeaaepaKoi/ra, ravpov; Sexa, ovovt eiKOcri, Tra)\ov<; Bexa. '^/cai eBcoKev Sia A 
^€tpo9 T049 iraiaiv avrov, iroifiviov Kara fiovai. elirev Be TOit iraitrlv avrov WpoiropevetrOe 

(iS) 17 efiTrpoaOiv p.ov, koI Bui(jrrjp,a Troieire dva p,eaov •Koifj.vr)'; koX iToiixvr)<;. ^'^ Koi eveTeiXaro ru> 
TTpwTrp Xe^&jj/ Ivii* (Toc <rvvavrt')a)) 'Hcrai/ d dhe\<p6'; p.ov Kal epcuTa ere XeyMV Tii/o? ei; Kal 

(19) 18 TTov TTopevj) ; xai Tivof raiira to, •n-poiropevofievd aov; ^^koX ipel<; ToO traiBo'i aov 'laK&i/S* 

(20) 19 owpa inriaraKKev tw Kvpico p.ov 'Iltrai/,^ Kal iSov ai/ro? oTriaw T)p,(t)v. ^'^Koi fveTeiXaro rm ^ L 

TrpwTM Kal Tc5 BevTepo) Kal tg3 TpiTfo Kal iraffi Toi<; irpoiropevopevot,'; ottlo'co tuv ■rroip.vLcov 

(21) 20 TOVTtov Xeycov Kara to pr/pa tovto XaXijaare T<p *'Hcraii* ev tc5 evpelv vpa<; avrov, '°Kal epelre 

Icov o iraiv croi> 'IoK<it)/8 Trapayiverai oiriao) 7)po)v. ilirev ydp 'E^iXdaopai to -Trpocroiirov 

avTov iv Tol<i Sdypoci toi<! irpo-rropevopevoi'i avrov, Kal perd rovro oi^opai to rrpoawirov 

(21) 2 1 avroi)' l<T(o<i yap ■jrpoo'Be^erai ro irpoawirov pov. ^^Kal rrpoeTropevovro rd Bwpa Kara rrpocr- 

(23) 22 loTTou avrov- avrot Be eKOipijOr] rrjv vvKra eKeivrjv eV r^ rrapep^oXfj. ^-^'Ai/acrrra? § L 

Be rr)v vvKra eKeivrjv tlXa^ev Trt9 81^0 yvvaiKa<; Kal rd<; Bvo rraiBiaKa'i Kal rd evBsKa rraiBia 

(24) 23 avrov, Kal Bie(3r] rrjv Bid^aaiv rov 'Io/36«;. ^^Kal eXa^ev avrov<i Kal Bce^rj rov yeipdppovv, 

(25) 24 Kal Bie^L^aaev rrnvra rd avrov. ^^v'7reXei<\i6ri Be 'la^rwyS p.ovot, Kal errdXaiev per avrov 

15 TToXouj E r6 TTpoTTopevcffOai E | Trounai AE 

19 Tiffav] (raou A*(7; suprascr A") 20 c^fi\a<rojxai A | TrpocrSe^erat] e 2" sup ras 2-3 litt A"' 

22 Tatdi\airTov E 23 Sie^Tj^aaev E 

TtdfffpaK.I h-ii^if/ta 13'^' [ SeKa i°] CKarov L: eiKoiTi bwil | 
eucoat] V d | iruiXovs ALfoJSeEi'] pr Kai. />"EGM rell 31'% 

16 eSujK€v] 4- aura bwiS^JT 1 5ta x^'pos tols TraLaip] per 
manus pucyorum IL : om Sta x^*-P°^ ciS'^^l 1 ■Koi.p.vt.ov — ai'roi* 
2°1 om g: oni Trw^i. Kara ii.Gv, b [ ■KQi^viov'\ pr Kai to f: pr to 
Li^^r: irotp-vta w: +€v o \ Kara] kcu ras f | etTrev 5e] /cot etTrei' 
bit: +iaKW^ LC-cod | rots iraiaiv airrov 2"*] fiV IE: om b: 
+ laKuj^ cfi-M- I r/>07ro/>fi'6(r^e] Tropfi'efftfe Lbmw: ;V^ % \ Troutre] 
TrotijaaraL L: TrotT/crere m | TroifjLfijs I"} pr T77S w | om ^at 
Troi^rT^s m 

17 troc] post cnipavT7]ffTf xS}3 : ffe cf | {airapT^inj 32) | j^trai'] 
post /xou JSIEi'lL : om b [ epcxTra] epwrijcnj fjrstv ; fptjrrjaet di^'p | 
om <T€ ]v'^ I X^yojp tivos ei] om E : om Xe7aji' 'E 1 et] /z;V 3S | 
/cat 3^] z^eV U't^lL [ om Kat Tti/os — (Xov L [ rai'ra] post Trpo- 
Topevofjiefa. dpw: aura m: (Trpo^a-To. 84): om b3L; + ra irpo- 
^ara /cat i* | ropevoficva. h \ aov] pr (p-irpoadey lidptw : trot fin 

18 om /cat 1° I>''EGhMace(gi]]im-ruvyLC.JE% | fpeis] e/)et 
s: om c* : +ei CIEIL | rw Traioi a | {aov] tov 78) | 5wpa aire- 
aTa.\K€v]ijuae praemisillL \ aw€aTa\K(i']pr suft/ i/uat:^: prt/itav 
IE: airecrraX/ca m : airfffraXe d : aTretrretXe ns | ^ov] sua ^-ed 
53CfEIL: om Lh | om rjirau t | 0111 tSou 3[ | ai'Tos] +(pxercii 
fiS" I ii/tiw] "M"" I : +!tiiiit'Si: +seijnitiir iios'^: +isllL 

19 Tui irphiTui /cat] sub -;- G : itcntm IE' | om tw 3" r | Trpo- 
Tropft'O/xeyots] irpo sul> -7- G; wopevofxevois efIs\vlL(uid) j om 
OTTtfftj X* I TrotjUJ'ittJi'] TTOtfievwP dp I TOiTtj;'] ai'TCt;!' Z) : (tovtov 
77): om dnp3U3ffi1S I om toi'to ffi-cod | XaXTjaare] (X0X17- 
(Terat 107): t/ifi'tis ^iCih : \(yoiv n | tu iiaa.v]fra/ri nuv Jisau 
IE I TW 4' AGx] om />''EM rell | ef — u/ias] ubicunqtie tios 
inueneritis IL; om ef c | tvpnv] post u/xas E | n/jas] post 
aifToi' f: r;^o! oc^* : om M 

20 ipiLTt] +«' B^C-edlE I tSoi'] (pr on 20): om a | om 
taKW^ b\v Chr ] 7rapa7tfeTat] sub -H G | oirtadep E | 7ap i°] 
autcm % I e^tXatrop-at] e^fXei'ao/xat mS(uid): forsitan placebo 
IL: + ras (4)0 | to irpoo-. ai'Tou i'] /a«V;« /«aw B^C-ed : om 


m 1 ev Tots — avTov 3^] om dp; (om ef 73) [ om rois r* m | 
Stijpots] +TouroLS egjiSIEii: +/iOu k | afTou 2"] pr to npoawnov 
m: efiTTpoafiev fiov f: nnte me 13t!t: oni begjwc^lL | om Kat 
2° — p.ov m 1 TouTo] TOVTOV c | TO TTpoa. avTOv 2°] faeiem hiatn 
U"\!E-ed: om ffi-cod | om to-tos — (21) awTou Ebc | tffus — )j.ov] 
lit accipiat faeiem meam in salute IS | itrus] sie 13 | om yap. 2° 
hc^^ I 7rpO(r5f^7;Tat an(-€tT-) | to wpoawirov 3°] post ^01; 1 

21 irpoew. — avTOv] post haec misit dona IE | TrpocTropeuoi'To] 
irpotreTropei'orTo e*g : 7rpoe7ropei/tTO D( +ZJ^'')fimrC2 Chr: Trape- 
TTopevero Gadopwx (ras i litt post e 3°): anteeedebant eiim IL ] 
5t*/pa] +eiiis 3L ( (/caTa Trpotrti/Tro;'] ifxirpoadtv 77) | 7rpo<7tt/7ro;'] 
pr TO p I eKoi^fidrf] iKO^-q$T)V (?) b : mansit 3L : + e/cet dpt [ T-riv 
vvKTO. iKUvriv] post wapep-lioXT) f|£: ti) yvKTl eKcivi) d \ ev rri 
irapenfio\ri] in comitatii siio iL 

22 oni 5e g | T-qv vvktol ^k^lv7\v] ttj vvkti eKetvTj dp Chr(pr 
ev) : Tu TTpwt hTL : om nIE : + ef ti) wapepfio\ri s | eXa^ep] + Se 
f I yvvaiKas] + avTov LnCiL ] Kat i" — 7rai5t<rKay] om i* Chr: 
+ suas 3L I iratdia ai'Toi'] auToi' iratSta m: (Tratota avTwv 79) | 
om TTjf dia^. — (23) Stef^r} p [ r-qv Sta^atrtv] riuiim 3L | tou] T't)v 
Eus: (aiTOK 84: om 16) | ta/SoA,] ta/SaK cin-^B" Or-gr: ia/3ox 
Eus-cod : M^wx Just Eus-ed Chr: {ta^u$ 83): ia/3« Cyr-ed J: 
lufiuiK 1 : Moe S-ed : to/.-o/3 u : ta/cu^ a*dfmn*sa-coddS'PlL 
Cyr^ ed J codd|: (o ta»;u/3 84): pa^oK c^* : pa/iu/c cgj : (pafiux 
78: pa/xtijx 14): top5afOi' t 

23 /cat eXa/Sec — xf'/""?/""'"] ''''" '"'"' X"/'"'^/""' <' • 0"1 I-'' 
om eXa/Sei' — Sie^i) n | auTous] anTas ci"' | om Kot 2" — x^'-f-'^P' 
povv m Eus I 5te/3»;] iKjitfiaaev avTas aw Tots Traiirti' auTui' c : 
Sic^i^aacf avTovs Gaoxc^^ | Tor] to w | x^'lJ^Ppo""] iopoavrfv 
k I om /cat 3° — outok Chr | Ste^t/Satref] OHjiijiaaav n: om 3 | 
Ta auToc] iiasa sua IL [ taiTou (128) Eus 

24 vTr(\ei(t>l)-q oe] aTreXeKpOr) 6c (30) Cyr-cod i(ora Se): Kai 
f/uctvexm: Kat aweixeiye CyrJ | fiovos iaKUp g | £iroXoi<re>' dlpS 
3E3L Spec I (HeT airrou afffpairoi AegjB Clem Or-gr | Eusi Gyr- 
ed J] a77£Xot jtteT avrov D( + />■') Just-codd-omn Thdt(uid) : 

20 i(j(*)s 7ap 7rpo<70€^€Tat] ea** Trtjs ecTpaTrT; j 

24 cTraXatej/ — avOpuirot] a' iKovteTO av7;p...M(sine nom)v : a' a' GKvXiero avrjp p.f.T auTOi/ jc^ 




Ka,v6p(OTro<i eo)? irpuil. ^^'ihev he OTt ov Svvarai 7rpo9 avTov, Kal ij-\lraTO tov TrXarou? tou •25 (56) 
fiijpov avrov, koi evapicritrev to •jrKaro'i rov fitjpov laKool3 iv tu> TrdXaieiv avrov fj-er avrov' 
^^Kal elirev avrm ATroareiXov fie' avej3r) yap 6 op6po<;. 6 Se etTrfv Ov fXT) ce diroaTeiXa, iav 26 (27) 
fir) €vXoy7]<TTj<i fie. ^T elirev he avTU) Tt to ovofia aov ecrriv ; 6 Be elirev 'Ia/cco/3. ^^Koi elirev ^l (°^) 
avTw Ov KkrfOrjaeTai ert to ovofid crov laKO)^, dXXa laparfX ro ovofici aov ecTTai' on evi- 
a-)(y(Ta^ fierd Oeov, Kal fierd dvOpanrwv SvvaTO';. ^'^rjpuirTia-ev 8e 'Ia«:a)/3 koI el-rrev ^ Ai'dyyeiXnv 29 (30) 
fioi TO bvofid aov. Kal eiTrev' Iva tu av epa>ra<i ro ovofid fiov ; Kal rjvXoyrjaev avroi' eKel. 
3° Kal eKaXeaev la/cw/S to oi'ofia rov rorrov eKeivov EtSoy Oeov' iBov yap 6e6v irpoawrrov 30 {31) 
Trpo? rrpoaajTTOv, Kal eadidr) fiov rj '<|'"i'%»;. ^^ avereiXev Be avrai 6 fy\io<r riviKa rraprjXdev ro 31 (32) 
Et^o? ToO Oeov- avrof Be erreaKa^ev ra> firjpw avrov. 3^ei'eKev yap rovrov ov firj (j)dy(oaii> oi 32 (33) 
viol YaparfX ro vevpov o evapKijaev, 6 eariv enl rod -TrXdrov^ rov fitjpov la/cco/S, e(o<; t?/^ 
t L IT /> Vfiepa'; ravrrif on i'jyfraro rov TrXdrov; rod fir^pov 'IaK(W/9^ rov vevpov, Kal ivdpKtjaev.'^ 

' Ava^Xeyfra<; Be 'laKw/B iBev, Kal IBov Haai) 6 dBeX<l)o<i avrov ep)^6fievo<;, avro'i Kal rerpa- i XXXIII 

25 ciSe £fi''^ 28 a\X E 29 ev\\o-Yri<!ev'\ D 30 koi i°] ai sup ras 4 litt A* | (ibov /J*'' 

32 liTipav 1° — (xxxiii i) yuer avrov'] in mg et sup ras (exc litt pov mk 2°) A= XXXIII i ei5ev E 


afos fier auTou EGLM rell <3i% Justed Or-gr h Eus J Chr Cyr J 
cod I Nov : angflus cum Jacob Spec | om tus Trpwi Chr | ews] 
fj-^xp^ Clem 

25 (Sec] enrev tCg* [ 5e] + (j>-q(7LV e | tov i° — la^-w/S] iicruitnt 
in/erdictum ^ \ rov 7rXaToi»s] to TrXarosgnp: (om 128) | rov 
i°]toutoi;w I om airrov 1° — p.7}pov 2" G Nov | ro TrXaroj] pr 
neruus super 13 | taKw^] pr auTou g: pr rov L: airoi' 1 | (xvrov 
2°] ai'TOi' bt 

26 /cai ei7r£c] fiTrc Se (84) Cyr J | om aurw (84) 33" | ("ro- 
ffreiXor] e^aTTOoreiXo*' Cyr-coddJ: airoXiiffoi' Chr Cyr^ ed g j 
(jxt: i°] jLtoi 79) I om o 1° Gi*k13 | 5e eiirtc] xai eiTrei' E: (r/ 
/a«i5 dixit it Spec : f/ dixit «' IE : + f/' IS'i* | o-e aTrocrreiXw] 
aTTOOTetXw <re f^: (re aTroXuffw n Chr Cyr^: (re ai/ij Cyrf | 
fvXoyri<rris fxe AS Chri] /if Ei'Xo7i7(r>;s i>'lEGLM omn IL Just 
Or-gr Ath Eus Chri Cyr Nov Spec 

27 etTrei/ 5e] c/ is dixit 3 : <;/ dixit Nov | om ai'T(>) egjm 
Nov I om Ti — (28) aiiTU f | to oxo/ta (rou] post e(rT(;' Nov: 
tin nomen IL | om to Gabcoswxc^ Eusi | aoi GMbkov-Cj 
Eus^ 1 om €ff7iy GLbkwxfilE Or-gr Eus | be eiTrei'] (Lirev 
5e b : et dixit ei'E: + ei 3 

28 om Ka.1 eirrev auTU) n | Kai etTTfj^] mrev 5e GLa-dkmortw 
xCjlL Just Or-gr Eus Spec : 5e eiTrei' p | auToj] sup ras j"': om q 
tuGT-ed I ov — (afc'(*?/3] ovk^ti taKOjfi K\T]d. ro ov. aov Gackmoc^ Or- 
lat Eus y-j I ov — aov i^] ovKert k\t]6. ro ov. aov x^ Eus-j^ Thdt : 
om 6T1 EL33"(uid)(!riL Phil Just Eus y'j Spec : oi' kXtjO. (Toi ro ov. 
aTTO Toi' vvv f: ov Kkrjdrjaei n | aXXa] aXX t} /^LMcdejquv Cyr- 
ed J: om n | laparih] pr eis Eus-cod fV | to 2° — ((!ra.i A] tarai 
aov ro ov. EG(sub -^)aegkoqsuCn(uid) Phil Cyr-cod J: (arai. eti 
70 ov. aov 1 : om Lm Or-lat : om to ov. aov c^ : etrrai ro ov. aov 
D(-K £i5i')M rell SIEiL Just Or-gr Eus Chr Cyr?j edi Thdt Nov 
Spec I om orri — bvvaros b | eviaxvaai] (viaxvae c : taxvaas 
PhilJ edi: rjaKijaas Phil-codi | $eov] pr tok Egow Just Eus-i'j 
codd^ Cyr-ed^ | fj-era avBpuTrwvl fiera avov m: inter homines 
It I Svvaroi] pr eari a^& Thdt J: bwaru^ Phil-cod i: om 3E: 
4-e(r7) ZJsilEdeflmopJustEusJ ChrgThdti: ■^esto'i,: 4-einB 
Phil-cod i Chr J Nov: +/actiis es %^Or-\!i\.: +/actiis eris Spec 

29 om rjpwr. 6e laKui^ 1£ | tjpojr. de] eTTTjpojr. 5e aiTov 
Cyr J: +ai.rrov LerffilL Vulg | ^ai eiirc;' i"] dicefis (H-cod : om 

CT-ed : + Jacob tE"^ | a7ra77ciXoi' Meghjqu Cyr J | p.o{\ p.e 1* | to 
ovo/j.a 1°] pr Ti Efilrw Clem: om to Cyr-edJ | aov} (om 18): 
+ OTI (viaxvaas G*(sub -=-): +quia inuabii (EC: -^(.ari I | koi 
2°] 5e IL Phil Spec | nirev 2°] -1- ci IS^CIE | ti] ti touto 
Thdti: -fToiiTo Z)5''EGLMa-eghi*jkn-qs-wxc33L Phil Just 
Clem Or-gr Eus Cyr J | av] post e/juTas EMbcegi*jlqt-w Cyr|: 
tibi'^: om DGLadkmoxCjaClL Phil Just Clem Or-gr Eus Chr 
CyrJ Thdt Spec: +toi;to fi-^'r Cyr^ | /lou] -fxai avro eariv 
eavpaarov Lcdfpxffl:|[rai aoro] id qiwd ffi-edJIL Cyr^ ThdtJ 
Spec: -f Kttt rouTo eiTTii/ ^ac/iaiTToi' h^ Mem Thdt f: -\-quia ntira- 
bile est lE"^ | koi 7;i'X.] tvkor^r)af de C-cod Cyr| | om ckei Chr 

30 eKoXea-ei' ia/;w/3] avaaras laxM/S CKaXeaev Eusi | la/cw^] 
post (Keivov Eusi : om Lbw Eus J Chri Thdt | e/ceii'oij e/tei j : 
om Eusi I eiSos SeoiJ pr P/ianiiel 'S.-coi: 6v eiSos b: -f enrui' 
Eusf : -^rXeyiiiv Eusi | {6eov — jrpoo'wTroj' 2'^] ^eoi^ TrpotrwTrox 79) | 
deov] pr rov bw : 6v egi* Cyr^V^ DTim IL: om d | om Trpos 
Trpoo-UTToi' eg Cyr-jV I eauBri] eawDev m: ex°/"7 J"StJ | p.ov 1; 
i/'t'Xv] 1 i'"X't M"" Gbcfmox Just Eusf Cyr-edJ cod J: aninta 
mea 33L Or-lat Nov : -f et fades mea IE 

31 om be i" mffi | avrw\ post 7;Xios Phil Ath|: om nquIE 
Or-gr CyrJ | om dm Phil-codd Eus^ Cyr-edJ | TrapijXSei'] 
-f auTo;' Cyr 5 | eTreir/cafci'] eireaKia^ev e*(uid) | om ai'Toi; 13 


32 evenev yap roiToi'] et propter hoc IE | yap A] om Z)^''E 
GLM omn "SBCIL Chr | toutoiJ -I- ras (3) i | 4>ayuiai.v'\ ipayov- 
Ttti D I om 01 elquw Chr | iapa,T\K\ (pr tou 14): r\aav E : post 
fei'poj' I I evapKriaev i*^] -fi'i'IL | om o eirrii' 33^ | toi^ TrXarous 
i°] TO TrXaxos bcehuw | ioku/S 1° A] avrov LIEIL : om 
Z^^^^EGM omn 'HBlT Chr | om eus — ixr^pov 2° E | T]p.epa% 
ravri]%\ ai\jj.epov r\p.epa% hrIL: om Tai'Tjjs G* | rov 3° — evap- 
KTjaev 2"] /leriium interdictum Jacob is neruus interdictus IE | 
Toi' TrXttToi'S 2**] post fxtjpov 1° k : om n : -f- rov vevpov egj | taK{jj(3 
2°] pr gj*': auTOK 1 | om tou vevpov egjSBIL Qhr | Kai] pr 
Chr : o amostvCjffilL : ov bcdfi"prw : {ov xai S3) | evapKijaev 2°] 
obstupefecit ncruuiii eius 91 : 4- neruus super ilium 33 : +ti% 

XXXIII 1 iaKu/3 i°] 4-Tois o0(?aX/xois outou G(sub ■>:-)Mac 
ef(om ai'Toi')gjmosxc,31E' | k'ai i5ou] 5e s : 4- ras (3) v: 4-u5e 
d: { + Se 30) I a5eX0os auroij sub •^ G | epxop-evoi] omChr: 

25 evapKTjaev — ^T;poi'] a' tvetrayrf rapcoi fjifjpov avrov c^ 29 Lva ri] 5ia Toiav airiav Mj 

30 et5os deov] a' Tpoawnov laxvpov a' <pavovT]\ Mjc^ 31 eTeaKa^ev] eirex^J^evev eireKXivero rw woSt M : ei'eKXtreTo j 

XXXIII I avajiX. — ai^rou 2°] ir' eirapas 5e taKu^ tovs o^&a\p.ovs avrov etSev ipavevra 7)aav epxo/xevov /cat fier avrov v 




KOCTLOi avhpe<; fier avToO' koX eViStetXei' 'laxco/S rd iraihia eVl Keiav Kai eiri Va')(r}X Kai ra<; A 

2 Bvo iraiSicTKai;' 'koI eirolriffev t«9 hvo ■irai.hi<TKa<; Kal tov<; vloi)'; airmv iv irpcoToi'i, Kai Aetav Kai 

3 TO, iraihia avTPj>; oiriaco, Kal 'Pa^^X Kal Iwcrrjcf) ta-y^drovi. '^avTo^ 8f Trapi)\6ei' e^irpoavev avroyv 

4 Koi irpoaeKiivrjcrev eVt ttjv ytjv kirTtiKL'i e(i}<; toO eyytaai rod dhe\(^ov avTov. '/cai ■jrpocreopap.ev 
'Ho-aii ei? crvvdvTrjcrtv avrw, xal irepiXaj3mv avrov e<f)i\-r]a-eu Kal TrpoaeTrea-ev eVi. tov Tpaxv^ov 

5 avTov' Kal eKXavaav dp,(f>6repoi. ^kuI dva/SXe^fra'i thev rdi 'yvi'alKa<; Kal rd rraiSia, Kal enrev 

6 Tt ravrd aol icrTiv ; 6 he elrrev Td iraiBia ol^- ?}Xe'j;o-6Z/ 6 6eo<i rov iraZhd aov. ^Kal irpoa-tjyyicrav 

7 ai -waihicTKai Kal rd irathia avrSiv, Kal rrpoaeKiivrjaav ^ Kal Trpoa-qy^iaev Aeta Kai ra reKva 
avrri<;, Kal rrpotriKvvqffav Kal fierd ravra Trpoar]yy(.(r€i' 'Pa;^»;X Kal l(0(7t'j(p, Kai, -rrpocreKvi'Tjcrav. 

8 ^^Kal elirev Tt ravrd ffoi ecrriv, rrdaai al rrapep-jBoXal avrai al« d-n-a'^vriiKa ; o Be eiirev' Iva evprj § D 

9 o Trat? aov ydpiv iv 6(f>OaX/xo2'i aov, Kvpie. ^elrrev Be 'Haav "Fjariv fioi rroXXa, aSeX<f)e' earco 

10 aoc rd ad. ^"elrrev Be 'Ia«oJ/8 Et evpr/Ka X"'P''^ ivavriov aov, Be^ai rd Boypa Bid TWf ep.o}v 
yeipmv evexev rovrov I'Bov rb rrpoawrrov aov ft)? dv ri<; iBoi rrpoaanrov deov, koi evBoKrjaei<: /tie* 

11 "XttySf rd<i evXayiaii jj,ov a? Ip/eyKa aoi, on 7]Xei)aev fie 6 Oeo'i Kal eariv fioi rrdvra. Kai i^ia- 

6 irpo<7y)y^€i,aav A 

7 Trpoay)yyiL(r€v A (bis) 

+ f IS avvavT-qaiv avrov i"r | oktos A] om EGM omn SlSCIEiL 
Chr I T€TpaKO(Xiot — avrov 2°] pr oi E : fier avrov rerp. el's. 
GacnixCj : fJ-^r airrov av5. r€rp. k'S : om /xer avrov o | StetKev 
Chr I laKuifS 2°] pr o g: sub -i- G | om eiri 2" Gackmno*xc, 
Cll Chr I paxii/X din | ros] pr en MhIstv'a(uicl)B1E3l 

2 Kat 1° — iraiStaKas] om fgkmntw1E*^PlL : om Kai e | eTronj- 
ffef] edero A\)iSl Chr [ I'lous] pr Svo E : viujv ef [ aiTWf] avrov 
dp: om Ef: +€d€To n [ ev Trpwroi?] efjurpoaSfV m | om Kat 4° 
b I om avrtjs d | OTritra;] ep.irpotrOei' m : er Trpwroty Chr-codd | 
fc-at paxv^] P^XV^ ^^ b\v | pax^V^ hi | tu)(77;0] pr tov c Chr | 
cffxarou?] etrxoToiS m : er effxarots (20) Chr-ctl 

3 oi/Tos] /rtCC(5 IEp I TrapTjXOci' A3(uid)] ;r/)oiri)\Se» r(uid)s: 
om 1: wpoTjXffep EGM rell 3L Chr: (i/Xflej/ 14. 16.77. 130) I 
(€7rra\'is] +ai'Tor Trpoff€KvvT}(rcv ais evwtriof $v 14) | tov e-yytffai] 
7)77i»,e Chr : om rov bw : + aiTov kl : + £saii C | rov a5e\(pov] 
ru aSeXipuj Ma-egh(roi; h*)j-nptvwc2 Chr : rov aScX^of f 

4 Tr/JocreSpa/ifi'] rpoeSpap-ev i^'rlE : aweSpaiXiV egj | om eis 
(Ti'vai'TTjcnf auToj C-cod j ai'roj] aiToi' dilmnpc^ Chr: fraU'i sua 
3L 1 Kat TreptXajiuiv aurot'] teat wepuXa^ev avrov G: om IS | 
irepiXa/Swc — CTrt] atnpUxus est IE: om avrov h Chr^ | i^tXtjaev] 
sub -^ G : Kare^iXijire f : + auroc IniSffi : + ras (4 uel j) c | irpotr- 
eTretref] eTretref bw : (eTreTrece 32: en-eTreuaf 20): Trpoaedpap^ev 
o I CTrt] £ts g I aurou] + Kat KaretptX-qaev ai'TOf GM(mg)aci*k 
moqsuv(mg)xc23iE'^ : ( + )tot e<pL\T]<Tev avrov 20) 

5 ii-at afajSXe^as] afa/SX. 5c r C-ed : afa/iX. Se Tjtran Chr : 
+ '?(rai' bowlE-codlE*^ | om Kai enrev — TraiSta 2'^ gw | Tai-ra trot 
etrTtf] sunt isli libi 1L | o St] xat bdnpv(mg) | to TratSia 2°] 
liberi mei sunt '3J31E | ots] pr ev c: oi/s Phil-codd : o p: in 
quibus"^ I 7;Xf T/tref] 7;X€7j(ras c : T^^eXTjtrf f c^ : fXaXj/trefg: (ei'Xo- 
ytl(jev 71): 4-/ue b | (^eos] jue c | rov Tratoa] rov 5ov\ov Phil- 
cod : TttJf dovXojv Phil-codd 

6 (om Ta 18) I TratSta AIL] reKva EGM omn (sup ras 6 
litt x) Chr I Kat TrpocreKi'i'Tjtrai'] om C-cod : ^ ei SIIEp 

7 om Kat r^ — irpoaeKvvtjaav i" n ] Kat i'^] + pier a raira 

10 ftoof D I eiSoi G( + D) \ fiiooK);<ris AE 


gu* I TTpoffTjyyioev i"] wpofftjyyiirav m*o : Tjyyicre bw ( reKva] 
TratSia c | TrpoaeKvvqaav i"^ se prostramt ^( + ei'&): 4-«3 | 
{ova pera ravra 16. 2-;) | rauTa] Tai'Tj;i' f ffi : rovro bdkmnpwx 
1i: (toutous 71) I TT poariyy laev 2'>] vpoaifyyiiyav m | iu<T-n(/> Kai 
paxiX Gacmorsxc^ 3l-ed | paXfjX In | om KOt luarfip E | Tpoir- 
eKvvqaav 2°] TrpoaeKuv-qaev o1E( -t- W IEp) : adoraueruni eum ^i 

8 etirtf ;"] -(-«■ 33i£: -Fijtroii fi^r: -(-«' £/(?K ffi-cod | om 
rauTa 13C | ffot] post ttTTtf m : om wSffi | eariv] earai g* | 
Tratrat at irapt/x/yoXat] omnia in comitatu %: om iratrai {31.83) 
IE'' I (at irapepji.] post auTat 31.83) | aiiTot] TaiTa m : om D"'*" 
(contra Z>''')Ebk*quc„'3BE''1L | om ats aTrijfTTjKa E^' | ats] aj 
bfkpw: am | ajrT/rrTjKa] aiT-qvr-qira jQGackmotxCj : ujrijfTTjtra 
1 I 5e eivev] et dixit lacob 3L : c'/ dixit Jcuob Esau Quod feci 
tibi domine IS | tfo — trou i°] pr i/uaf rnisi tibi C : itt inueniam 
15 I Trats aov'] post x^P'-^ Gacdkm-pxc^ : om o 1 [ om X^P^'^ 
1 I ev oipSaXpois aov A] evojtriov uov D( -f- /5)egj : evavriov aov 
EGM rell Chr: ante te aiSHIEU | om Ki.pte SIE Chr 

9 etrrtj/] earai f [ a5eX0t] do/nine i3P | Ta ira] Tairra g* 

10 etTTCf Of] -l-aDTti) U(-f /5)s1E | toKtj/S] -1-/177 5r) G(sub •^•) 
acxc^a I eupjjKa] evpov Ga-dkm-prsv(txt)\vxc, | evuniov dmn 
p I ra Sotpa] + ravra efgj13C : fiaec munera Or-lat [ 5ta] ck Chr : 
(om 30.71) I epoiv xeip^v] xeipi^v pov (20) Chr | eveKev rovrov] 
qjiia sic^ \ eveKev] tvaKa f(uid) | Toin-oit] TOirrt*j»' 1 : Toi;g: ov 
0% Or-lat : + on nc^* : ( -f) 107) | iSov] pr ort dp : bis scr g | 
ro TrpocThnrov] post o-ou 2° Chr J: ^-ras (6 uel 7) x | of] 5ct>' u"': 
et dnpv Chr 5 ] toot] toi; lop Chr^ : ei5rj d: tSi t | euSoKJ/o'ets 
pe] fflorietur IL | ei'SoKijofts] pr ft niE : a (vSoKriatfi k : evSo- 
Kijat]^ iln : evSoKtjaas f : €i'Xo77;(j€ts bquwc^ 

1 1 Xa/3e] pr koi vvv s : pr ^/ 2 : fXo/Je roivvv f : + Kai w | 
^01'] o-of gH: has B: om Eafg* Chr: -fTouros c | riveyKa] 
efi;f oxa dlnplv(txt) Clir | pe] poih \ etTTtv] eoTot c | ^ot] +5i 
aiToi/ Chr-ed ] irafTo] iroXXo ns : +Tavra\ | irapf/StoiroTo (32) 

avSpe^ 6' ava^\e^a$ 5e laKio^ rois oipSaXpoii avrov etSev Kai iSov Tjaav ep;to/i6fOS Kot per ofToi' v' ofSpcs v [ avafiX. — epxopevoz] 
a' ejropas 5e toKi^/3 toi>5 o<f>BaKpov^ avrov eioe (pavevra ijo-au epxopevov j | ofo/SX. — Kot i°] a' Kat Tjpev laKw^ o<p8aXpovs avrov 
Kai ei5ev Kai v | afa^X. — laKw^ i°] a' Kai rjpev laKujS o(pOaXpovs oi'tou j 

4 to Kai Kare(piXriaev avrov ovep eariv e^paiari oveaaaKT} ev iravri. e^paiKW ^t^Xitt) TrepieariKrai v 

5 ots riXeriaev] a' a exapiaaro a' a edwpriaaro Mj(uid)v 
10 Kot fuSoKijtrets pe] a' 0' 8' Kai evSoKriaeii pe v 




A (Taro avToVy koI eXaffev, ^^Koi etirev ^ A'rrdpavre^ iropevOQjfxev iir euOeiav. ^^etTTcv h€ avT£ 'O II 
Kvpto^ fiov fyivwaKet on ra irathia d7ra\a>T€pa, Kai ra irpo^ara /cat al )36e9 Xo^evoprac iir i/ze' 
iav ovv KaraSifyy^Q) avrov*; 7]p,epav pbiav, aTroOavovvrai TrdiTa ra fcri]v7}. ^'^TrpoeXBdrw 6 fcvpc6<; 14 
fiov ep.TTpoo'Oev rov irathos' iyco Se epta')(^v<J(t> iv tP/ oBco Kara c^oXrjp ri}? TTopevaeiix; r*)? ivavrlov 
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IF %^ 'Hcrai' KaraXetyIro) fj.erd crov cItto^ rov Xaov rov p.€r ifiov. o he elrrev "Iva ri rovro ; l/cai'ov on 
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Chr I €Ptaxv<^t^ — TaiSaptujv] sftundttm uim et secundiim otium 
itineris ante me et secundum coimalcsccntiam liberonim meorum 
progrediar ^ \ (eviffx^'"'**'] ^"*' tffxi'ffw /S) | Kara i*^ — p.ov 2**] 
ieuiter iter faciens in conspectu meo ^ | Tropei'fffws] €Kirop€v- 
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fkms Chr | TratSaptwv] -^^ov fi-^n(fl^: H-fTOi' bw | tou 2''] orou 
b: om p [ p.€ eX^eiv] eX^fU' /*e Z)''''Efi-^qi'u-x Chr: om ^e adnp: 
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c^ I om eKetvTj B'^^ | om tt^p c | crtjup'] (rteip d-gjn : atijp 1 : aijip t 

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auTttf €f "] f/ict eauTw mr | auroj] eauTtiJ Z>^''EGMabdfikn-qstux 
Chr Cyr : om c | €K€t] post ot^iay n : om Z^egjoiSC-ed Chr 
Cyr-ed | (om otArtas — aKifpai 2^ 7p) \ ot/irtcrs] ffKijvas v Chr [ 
al^rou] eauTou Cyr [ om ewoi-qcrev ffKrjvas oE Chr | eTrotrjaev 2°] 
eirotTjffav i* : om ^ | aKTjvas 2°] oiKias v(mg): staiioiii's '31 [ 
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sub -i~ G I cTKtjfai] (TKTjvas m'|[ 

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coXt;/! TToXtj'] in atteram ciuitaiem Anon' | (jaXtifx] caXei^u 
dmn: (o"aXiet/i. 107) | ttoXlv^ pr riyi' E: pr ety dp1£ | fft/ct^ttew] 
(TLKLfioj C2*(ui(I): (JiK7}/j.iify dfu Chr-ed: (rtjKt^ctiv q Chr-codd 
Cyr-ed i: KiaifAWv m | om er m | 7-17] tt; i* | xo^'oa*'] +y>; i* | 
T^X^e** 2"] eiraPTjXBev Cyr-ed | om ttjs i® dhlnpt [ ffvpias] pr 
TT^s dhlnpt: (om 71) [ iraptycBaXev] ■rapiVfjSaWfy ({irape^Wey 
P): Trap€U€0a\ov v: irape^aXe In-^^: irapcXa/ki' n*r: induxit 
Anon': peritenit'% 

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efxfiopop c^ I warpoj] pr rou hmtc^ Chr : pr viuiv k : /tlii C-cod | 
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Anon' I €3r€/i'aX€(7aro] oce/toXftraT-o m: +eKet (76.84) i!r(uid)5£ [ 
deop] pr KP h I ttrpaT^X] pr rov t Chrf 

XXXIV 1 e^T]X&€v — laKUf^] bis scr c^ | om dewa b | om 
Tw gj I Kara/iai^etJ'] iBeiv (20) ISCIE Chr 

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epifxojp h^^{e/j.u}p b*) | X'^PP'^^''^] x°°PP°-'-^^ M* X^PP^'^s h: 

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3 avTT}v €K0t.fir]dT] fi€T avrrj>;,^ Kal eTaTreti'axrev avT'^v. ^/cal Trpoaea^ev rjj ^^X,'/ AeiVa? t^9 A 
Ovyarpo'; 'laxai^, koI iyyatrqaev rijv irapdevov, Kal iXdXvo'ev Kara ttjv Suivoiav t?}? Trapdevov 

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utoi avTov rjcrav p,eTa tu)v kti^vS)v avrov ev tco TreStfo- Trapeaiw-m^aev he ^laKw^ eo)? toO eXOelv 

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rfkOov Ik tov TreSiov (09 Se rjKovaav, Karevii-^^O-qa'av 01 arSpe?, /cat Xvirrjpov Jjv ai/T0t9 (7(f>6Spa, oti 
acrxrjfiov eiroirjaev 'Ev^ef'- ev 'lapai'jX, KoiprjOei^ p-erd t^9 dvyarpoi; 'Ia«&j/3' /rai 01!^ ot5T(i)9 earai. 

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7rpo9 TOV TTaTepa avTfj<; Kal Trp6<; toi'9 dBe\<})ov<; avTrj<; Kvpoipi -^dpiv evavriov vpoiv, Kat o idv 

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Xopacos c, (x/Jaios Cj*""'): X'^P'""' c,(mg): x°PP" >" = X""""""" 
dlnp: fiwcos E"^ Cyr-ed | apxi^y] ap... M | \apwv aiTTji'] e\apev 
a\m]v ATCti u I ai/Ti)s] + Kai eTeKeK qu | {(Tairdvuxrev] efuavev 31) 

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om TTjs Svyarpos iaK<i»/3 p | fXaXTjffff] rj-yaTniffe n | tora — Trap- 
Sevov] ]X)St ai/nj Chr | ^Kara] post Siavoiai" 107) | oni ttjv 2° 
c, I tt;s Trapi^ei'Oi'] «/^ 3£ | avrij] avrtjv E ; avrrj^ admp : om 


4 (Trpos eiifUiip TO!"] ii? ffiptap tov tt^os 31) | fMM"/)] ffi^op 
m: f/iop g: £?»or C: aij.p.ap Gf | om \e7wi' bE | om /U"' ' I 
iratStffKT;!'] 7rai3a Gabcmowxc^ 

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pr (Tvx^pi- beghjltv(mg)wl3ll : sub -=- G: post deivav ac: post 
airrov i"^ riS I ep-p-oip] ep-pop m : epup x* : Emor ffi | Seiva flqv* | 
woi] pr ot Cj I ■r)aa.v — hvtov 3°] om gj : om juero — ai'Tou e | 
aiToii 3°] airrwi' p1£P: om bmwSCIE*^ | tv ra TreSitij] eis to 
TiSmv eg) I om oe 3° m | airroKs] + tvT rt^i! IS" : + '« agntm 

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e/i,uwp] fMM"/' m : Emor CD : fpMwi' E | Trpos — hi'tw] (irpos to 
XaXj)i7ai Tu laKu^ 30): om Trpoi laKw^ D | {ai>T«] aiiTOi' 130) 

7 om 01 1° — Ti\8ov w I woi] pr 01 f I iokw/S i"] «'/m !£ | (om 
Sc 2° 31) I KOTci'uxffija-ai'] post avdpes {{KaTei'iiyri6.)\^: Kare- 
vvyrjaav eghjqu Chr | om 01 avSpe^ E | om utpoSpa dnp | 
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om DEG rell '3 | om cv mn | (lo-pOTjX] uiKiafi 71) | {Koip-rj- 
ffiji-cii 16) I (10/cw/J 2»] i^ 71) I icai 2"] om acov: +enrov d(/toi 
fiTrox bis scr d*)np 

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Chr: «;i/«.)i' E: om Cp : -^ pater Sidtem J3 | o'l'Xf/^] Emor 
C-cod : om m | xpof iXaTo] TrpociXero d-gh''jnpqtuc, : irpoo'- 
eiXaTo ms Chr-codd ; Trpoo'etXeTo c | tt; ^I'x^?] ttjc ypi'xv^ bh* : 
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oi'K b\vC15 I yirmiKa] pr eis 1 

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•yap^ptviraa^t Gadi''m-qstuv(txt)x : ciri-yap^pivaas Jew: (cai 
F7rt70M/3pciiraff«e Eb(eire7-)i''rc, [ tjikii' 1°] u^if dor* | om rot 
1° — Tipiv 2° wCj I vpwv I°] i)/:«wi' g I om Sort ij/xii" \n | i);ctii' 2°] 
u/Mi' d: T015 uiots ripuv i"r(i'/inji' r*)C 1 (toi — ti/huc] (post vpuiy 
2° 30) : avras xai d : om I ; om koi G*pw ] ripwr] vpwy G*pw .| 
Xa/Serf] pr km Gp | vp-uy 2»] tj/mji' gh* : + «s 7ui'a«ta! fgWihi 
ptv(mg)l3 : + CK Twf diryarfpotv tjpuv ets 7ivatKay d 

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KaroiKCLTe 2° f | om ftoi 2" rW^m | i5ou ?; 71)] t) 71; iSov D( + />•') 
E(iabhilm(om i))oqs-CjSE: V ^« 7"? 'Oo" r | om fnavnoe vpwr 
w I {evavTM 1 8) | om \aTOi«lT£ 2° — ( 1 1 ) vpwv g | KOTOnrciTe 
2"] pr ei" ij/tii' w: pr iV 31E: Kai oiKfiTf Gacx | om koi €pTro- 
peve(70e Ep | «ir ttUTtjs] fir auTr/i' h: (V outt; 11: (ott oitijs 2j): 
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f I om Kai 4° — aiTJ) fmnwc^.E | ci'KTa<jde] tKToade A*(-o-Sat)E: 
e7KTi70'oa'^f Gaci^(uid)ov(txt)x: eKTijcracrffc d : KTi7<ia<r#e pr Chr- 
ed : {eyKarairSe 18: FyKaTaO«j6e 71) | ei" oim;] fir annj dp: (tt 
auTT)!" E : + ei qitiJijuiJ dicetis tlabimtis C 

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auTou fi* I om Trpos 2*^ dnc^^C | aiJTjjs 2**] afTou Xe7aji' f: 
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ei ei/pov dfnpfpr Kat)}3 1 u/xwvj tj/iujv o ] om Kat 2=* fpS [ o] oira 
m I av d*mtux | eixoiTc u | iipiv A] om /J^KG omn 'SBCE' 
Chr I SoiffOjUtv] Sttyuitjpfv bchihiipvw : i/ir^i? E' 

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0€pi>7/v] post <T<po5pa Gacmoxc^^l 1 om atpoSpa Chr | Kat Stacw] 
pr Kat Sojua G(sub •>:')acm{5ojue»')x'H : Kai 5o/jta Swtrw oc^ : om f | 
Siiio-m] TrotTjiTM E: dabiiiius 33''' | KaffoTt] Ka9o Ebcvwc, : Tfrt 
m I iav Efhi^'pr | om €nnp-( pot Kat f | fiiroiTe u | /tot i"] {pe 
16): om E^33 I SwffcTe] 5tt)o-T;Te f: Sore p\v | om /toi 2** g | ttjv 
TratSa Tairn?*'] ai'Ti^f w | TraiSnTKTjv nrv(mg) ] om ets Tvpatsa p 

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107): om Of E*(hab E'^t-'jlS'i"® | om 01 Ebceglc^ | laKw/SJ 

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^7edi> Se fir) ela-aKovarjTe rjficop tov TrepiTefiveaOai, \a/36pTe<; raf dvyaTepa<; r/ficop direXevaofieOa. 17 
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avTov Trpo? ttjv irvXrjp Tfj<; TroXeo)? avrcov, Kal eKaXrjaav 7rp6<; tov<; apBpat; t^? TroXeo)? avToyv 
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yvpaiKWi, Kal ra? 6vyaTepa<i I'jfjLWP Bcoaofiep ai'rot?. ^~ p,6vov ip tovto) oixoiwOi'jaopTai, r'jfiip ol 22 
apdpojTToi tov KaTOiKeip fieO' r/fiwp aicrre elvai Xaop epa, ev tu> irepiTefipeaOai i^/xwv irdv dpaeviKov, 
Kaua Kai avTol "jrepiTeTfiTjVTai,. ^3/cal Tci kti'jptj avTwv Kal tu virdpyovTa Kal tA TeTpd-rroBa 23 

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+ dicentes IS. | (om tu i° — avroii 107) | f/UMW/j] pr tw r: tu 
e/ifiop m : e/t/nop p: efiup IE- Chr ; ep/iuv E: (om 25) | om 
/lera — avriiii' d | fiera SoXou] post avTOis v : om np | om koi 
e\a\TI<rav aurois lE"^ | e\aX7)<r€i' fo Chr-codd | avTois] + /xera 
TO ixaduv np I (p-mvavl efuavevl-o: eixoXivav {20} Chr \ SeLi/av] 
leiva Imn : om egjx* Chr 

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ai/Tois] avTu 1 : om d3 Chr | ffv/ifuif — Xeias] sub -^ Gv | om 
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31: om 76) I r)p.uv'\ v/xuif 1* | os ex"] (<" '»"'' fX" 7i)- fX""'"' 
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vfitv I* : 7J/X0JV hmo 

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TW dnp I op.oio}&.'] 0/j.oLOjdTjaup.eda Eh : op,oiu)0T]ifai dnp | u/xti' 
i°] T}p.LV l^'o* : om dnp j Kai. t'^ — vpiv 2'-'] sub -^ Gv | KaTot- 
KT)(Tup,eii} KaToiKTiaop-ev Z'*''Gac*lmi|-vl3(!riE : oiK-qaupiev bw : 
oiKTiaoixev egj : oiKeiv dnp 'I ei* u/xii'] ep rip.iv i* : jufT avTov dnp | 
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v(txt) I us — Ujtieis] KOI vpeis ois i;^cis fv""(Kai i/jueis sub -;- uid)'3: 
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b I KOI I'^eis] Kai T/^eis H'B'P : sub -e- Gv(uid) : om (I | Trtpi- 
T/ii79i;j'ai] Tre/jire/ii'effS... D(contra /5*'') | vp.oiv] rifiuv d: i/^i!/ 

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f: Tj/nw g: ti/ias e: (xai ii/twv iS) | vixuv] r)piv b*(uid) : om d | 
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bw I oiKTjiTU/nev] oiKTtao)xev D( + Z)*'')EGacegi*jmqs-Cj13CiE : 
evoiKTiaopev {(-oipev)i-^''ir | trap] ev rlS'P | vpiv 2"] r)piv bi | ecro- 
p.e9a\ eaiiip.eda hi : yevwpeOa u [ ws] ets 1 : om bwlE 

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64(mg)) I Tjpuv l»] u/iw)/ g : {iipiv 73) | tok irepiTe/xretrffai] tod 
irepnepeadai qu ; tou ^77 irepLTefieadat G : tou TepLTpTjd-rjvai 1 : 
Kat TTfptTep.vea&e b: om 15 | tt;:' OvyaTepa !£*= Chr | 7;/twi' 2°] 
u/xu)!' dl*^ I atreXevao/ieda} iropevaop.eda bw 

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Tiov i°] ei'WTrioi' v(txt): om C | epp,oip 1°] e,a/iio/) m : ejcioip gffi | 
om Kai 2° — ep/j.wp 2^ ] \ om evavTiov 2'^ dfd | ituxcm] pr tov 
eg I om Toil vwv ep-pup dIE | epp.iap 2°] efijttop 'H- Emor ffi: 
ai'Toi' f inoplS 

19 (expo''*o'f»'] T)peKKT]aev 20) | om Toi' \^ bprw | (TrotT^trat] 
ttXt) puffai 20) I om toi'to 3 | auTOs 5e] aiiT?; 5f m : Kai afTos 
c^ I 5f] Tap o: .\- enim C | om t;** dp | ei'So^oTaTos] evdo^OTaTTj 
m: ei'Su^os di^^pr | iravTWV tuvI irapa iravTas tovs r: om o [ 
ai'Tou] avTTjs m : avruv p 

20 rfKBov naiE"^^ | eppujp'] efxp.op m : e/xwp gC | om vio$ 
avTov IE I ot vioi p I om afToii/ 1° 33'i'3E^p 1 om Kai 2^ — avTwv 
2^ gCj I {Kai eXaXiytrai'] \eyovTes 14) | eXaXrjaev Gf ] om avTuv 
2" dnlB"' I Xe^oi'Tfs] Xe7wi' r* ; (om 14) 

21 (om euTLv 71) | ij.eS Tjpoiv] post oiKeiTOiaav mlSffi | oiKei- 
Tuiaav] pr «««(- 3 : prtVlE'^'': (oiKTjcraTUO-a;' 71): om 5Ep | eiri 
T-qs 7???] /;; ///"i^i^ iwsiro 1£i' | Tropeveadioaav j | ai'Tijp] ey ai'Ti? 
D( + Z))bwa33: terrain nostram IE? | -q 5e yri] quod terra ^ \ 
(5f] post 717 78) I i5oi/] post TrXaTeia dp : om nCj^l | f ^-ai/Tiov] 
pr ev xepciv G(sub -ijj'jacmo | ripiv^ ripav n : om f1£i' | (om Kai 
2^ — auTots 107) I avTois] +7uyaiKasdp 

22 fj.ovov ev TouTw] ev tovtuj povov tpi : {ev tovtoj povio 128): 
.\- assimilahimiir eis et ^ \ r}p.iv^ -qpuv 1 | avSpijiwoi] + ovtoi 
bfirswlS I KaTOiKeivJ oikciv Ga-dfim-prwc^: (KaToi/c);rrai 32) | 
eva] + onines 53''^ | trepiTepeadai i*qu | -qpuv 2'*] vpwv h : rjpiv 
dlp3 : (^/^as 30) I aptrec u'o*'] -f KaSa Kai avroi Kai viKov c* | 
KaOaTrep r | ai'rots fn | TrepiTeT/iT^yTai] irepiTepj'tjvTat dhn: Trepi- 
TepvovTai fmplE(uid) : TvepLeTixqdrjaav o 

23 KT-qvTi] virapxovTa Gacmoc^a | avTuiv i°] + omnia ffi | 
om Kal Ta vwapxovTa bnw | Ta u7rapxo»'Ta] Ta KTTjvr] avTtop 
Ga{om TajcmoCja : to TtTpairoSa DEeghjqsuv : Ta TeTpawoSa 
avTiav ItlSIE' : + aurw;' 6{ipr(ll{ + omnia) | om Kai 3'" — avToiv 
2" C I Ta TCTpaTrooa ai'Twc] pr Traj'Ta w : om Ta aoc^ : om av- 
Toji* Gf imorc^ : ra i^irapxoi'Ta aiTwy D( + Z>^'')Eeghjlqst(auTots) 
uvlE*^ : Trayra Ta mrapxovTa avTUiv (lo8)13: -Y Kai Ta virapxoVTa 
avTuv A* I om ovx — ijpiijv 2° d | om ovx fil | 7jp.iijv i"] -qpiv 
m j eCTiv firlE(uid) | om povov — -qptav 2<* '^pi*) | povov ev 
Toi^TOj] -T- ev TovTtij V povov G I ev ToiTw] post opoioidupev ac : 





^4 avTCfSv oi)^ t'jfiSv ecrrai; fiovov iv rovrto oixoicodw/iev avTOK, Kal oiKt'jcrova-iv fied' ^/mwi'. ^-^Kal A 
^ ela^Kovtrav^ 'Ei/j,fi(op kuI ^v^efi rov viov avrov Trni/Te? oi eiciropevofievot rrjv ttvXtjv Trj<; TroXetu? 

?5 avraii', Kal TrepierefxavTO rtjv aapKa t^? (iKpoj3v(7Tia<; avTwv Tra<i dparjv. ^^eyevero Be iv rrj >]p.epa 
rfi Tpirrj ore ?}o-ai'^ eV t(o Troixp, e\a/3ov oi hvo viol '\aKMjB Svp-ewv Kal Aei/t, dBe\<f>ol AetVa?, ^ ©"= 
e/eao"TO? ttjv p-ay^aipav avrov, Kal el(7rfK.9ov elf t);i' itoXiv da<^a\(o<; xal direKreivav Trdv apaeviKov 

ifi ^^Tor re 'E/u./itop xal rov -.v)(^ep, tov vlov avrov nVe/CTeti/aj/ iv crTOfiart, fiay^aipa<;, Kal eXafiov rrjv 

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28 Kal BiijpTraaav ttjv ttoXiv, iv fi ifilavav ^eivav rrjv dBe\(j}r}v avrdov ^^Kal rd Trpo/Sara avrwv 
Kal rovf /Soa? avrwv, Kal tou? ovov<; avrwv, oaa re rjv iv rfj TrdXet Kal oa-a rjv iv rw ireBlw, 

29 eXa^ov. ^"^Kal Trdvra ra awfiara avrwv Kal iraaav rr)v diroaKevryv avrwv Kal ra<; yvvaiKa'; 
JO avrwv ri')(^p.aXwrev(jav''Kal Bii^pTraaav otra re i]v iv rfj rroXei Kal o<ra tjv iv ra?? oiKiac<;. ^°€nrev 

Be 'Io«&)/3 ^vfiewv Kal Aevi M.L<rr}Tov /x6 TreTTOiijKare, ware Trovrjpov fie elvai Tot? KaroiKOvaiv rr]v 
ytjv, ev re rot? X.avavaloi<i Kal rots' <t'epe^aiot?' iyw Be oXiyoaro'i elfii iv dpidfim, Kal <jvva')(6evre<i 
31 irr ip,e (rvyKo^ovcriv fie, Kal iKrpi,/3ofxai iyw Kal o oiKO<i fiov. 3'ot Be elirav 'A\X' wtrel rropvrj 
j^pi'jcrwvrai rf) dBeX^fi rjfiwv ; 
I ^'EtTrei' Be o Oeoi Trpo? YaKwjB 'Avaara's dvd^rjdt, el<; rov rorrov T^aLdi]X, Kal niKei eVei" Kal Trot- § L 

Tjcrov eVet dvaiaari'jpiov rw dew t&) 6<pdevri aoi tV Tfo aTroBiBpacTKeiv ere drro Trpoawrrov Waav rov 

23 ai'Toiv 2"] H- Kai. ra (iTrapx^*'^" avTojf A*(om A') 
28 Tratoiw A 29 ■tjvxiJ-a\itJT€V(7ai' E 

TovToX: eif: om moc^ \ ofiotujOoj/xef] o^oiajfl7?(7o^e^a Df + />) : 
{ + Tf}fj.€ts 16) I OLK-qcTovaiv fxi$ T?/iWf] oiKy^(rujp.(v /^er ai'TWi' V \ 
ocK7j<rwi7i f I iie8 ■qixav'\ €v rnuv aco3C3E'=': + et inter nos lE^ 

24 Ktti €ta-qKovijixv'\ fiarjKovaav de firC | ffJ-fJ-f^p] ^f^/^op cm : 
f/iu/) r I (om (i-ai 2" 31) | om tov E | Tra^'Tfs] pr Kai (31) Ep | 
ot eKTropevo/j-fvot] qiti intrabant in IE [ 7T)v iti'Xt;*'] rtjiv vvKtav 
c : om d | om a-vrtiiv v~* mlS | TrepterejuovTo] •mpt^Tfpivovro 
fgjp : Trept€T€fjLOv Ebw : + Tavres m | rtjv 2^ — avrwv 2°] sub -f- 
G I iras apff?;!'] Tras apaev ch*i : Trac apa-qv Ggp : Trac aptrcv 
Edflnopst; (Trai/ ap<TevLKov 71)" Tayra ra apfrez'iKa m : + iravres 
e^epx"!"""" ti'Xt;!' iroXeus avrov G(sub -^jc-jacmoc^SHEftpX'] V 
ot m I avTUjv moj] 

25 eyevero 5e] Kai e7ef€ro p: om 5e e | om ev 1° hn^'o 1 
om Till E I cXa(3oc] Xa/JoiiTej bw Chr | om dvo Em | vioi] (pr 
ot 31): om p* I io\'w/3] +oi 5vo m [ Xeuts E | aSeXcpoi] pr 01 
Ga-ejmpstwCjlS | eKatrros] pr tV ceperunt IS'^P | ai'Tw;/ h | om 
Kai. 2° b Chr | fis T-r)!" TroXic] post otr^nXMS m | om Tav IS^P | 
apffef (KOI'] -f avTuv ml3'* 

26 TOf re] Tore qu j e^ujuwp] e^ifxop m: e/iwp n: ep^iuv E ] 
Toy 2° Af] om -Z>''EG rell | om rov vlov avrov IE [ ev (jTop-ari 
fxaxaipa^^ {fxaxaipa 107): om ?£: om ev rs | ((rro/iart] pr tw 
31) I /iax^tpas] po^fpatas fir | 5ei;'a] Seifai/ />''(D""')EGabce 
g-loq-Cj : + sororem siiam JS15 | f /c] pr el editxerunt earn IE | 
oiKou] ^vrov 1 I om rov 2° ZJcdeghj-p | om /tai f^TjXSoi' 3E | 
ai:T]K6ov egj 

27 5e] oin I ; 4- XoiTrot f ] eiffT/Xf^oc] pr Kai 1 | rouy] ray e | 
hn\p-Ka(rav'\ (pr 5i7;X^of \'a( 16): a<f>y)pTraaav qii ; (ytpiipTracav 
128): 7;p7racrai' CC2 | e/itafac] ep.eivav dp | Seti'ai'] sub -r- G: 
post avrwv dp: om fmnosc^ 

28 Kai 1° — avrwv 2°] boues et ones 3(pr et codd) : om m | 
om avTwv i° p | om /cat 2° — ai'xtijv 2** w | om Kai 2** d ] om 
avTui' Ktu 2° d I om xai 3° — ai'rtiji' 3" IS'" | om avrwv 3° d | 

24 ei(n;Koi'cre(/ A 25 Xfi'ft D 26 ft.axaipr\% E 

30 ixeiarfTov \D | 0e/3€f6ots A [ o'l'i'/fo^ouo'ii' /?E 


om re E1)l | om ev i° — tjk 2" a | fK tti ffoXei] in campo E'^ | 
ev i»] (om 78): -VavrT] m | TroXei] -^et quae eratit in doniihus 
eontin ^ | om Kai o<ra tjv d | otro 2"] -f-re s [ ev tw Treoiw] in 
urbc lE'^'": ( + 7rai/Ta 25) 

29 om TTacra IS ] ai^rtj*' i**] om clf : -\-Kai irauav rijv nrirov 
avrwv D( + V) \ Kai 2° — aiTt***' 2°] post avrwv 3'* IE : om i* | 
om Tratrai' dc^ | avrwv 2"] + eXa^of n | avrwv 30] om i*w : 
+ oniiies Bp I Tjxi""^-] V '"' ^'''' '7XMaXM7-t<rai' i* | aipripiraaav 
qu I otra re] ouaTrep p: om r€ m | om ev r* j | otra y^v} oca re 
7JV Ec: om d: om tjv ^: {-^-ev rw TreStw eXa^ov Kai oaa rjv 16) 

30 av/xewvl pr irpos qu Cyr-cd | /te i'^] /xoi s | roty Karoi- 
Aouo'ii'] pr Tracrt G*(sub -f-)abdfim-pstv\vc,3H3E Chr J Cyr J : 
pr ev Chr^ : om c | r-i]V yriv\ pr TrotraK G*(sub -H)aegjv(mg)1S: 
irairi r?) 77) c: +xoirai' r ] om re Ec | rots 3°] pr ev bfinrtw 
Chr Cyr-edi; om dl | ct/ti oXi^oo-ros Chr^ | et/it] rifuv E | om 
ev 2° i* I apiBfiw] + ppaxei v(mg) | e/ite] f^ot m: + rat d | 
eKrpijSofiai A] eKrpi^riirofiai /^''EG omn 9U Chr Cyr | 5711) 
2"] pr Kai S Chr ^ : + re Chr t | otxos] pr iras m 

31 ot 5e] Kat dmnpw^lSE [ etTroi' bcdfnoprc^ [ waei] ws 
dfmt I TTopvij] TTopvTjv p : 01 TTopvoi m : at wopvai d{uid) | XP'^' 
awvTai AZ>] expij^avro lv(txt)i$IE Cyr-cod ] : expri(raTo fi^'r; 
KaraKfXP')'"''" Cyr-ed^: XTji/'Ovroi t : XP'7<''<""'<" EGi*v(mg) rell 
Chr Cyr J | ri^v a5e\(t>T}v dfp 

XXXV 1 Seos] /ci'pios CyrJ | om xpoj Legjl Eus | avatrras] 
ai'ao-rTjSi icai m Hil i(uid) | oj-o/STj^t] ai-atrrTjSi d : iropeuffTjrt E 
Cyr -J I rov roirov] rov olkov h: om G331E | otKft] oiK-qaov a | 
Trotijo'oi'] TroiJjcreis i* : fades 91: + iJ-oi h | om cicet 2° LdnplS 
Eus I Si'ffta<rrj)/)to>'] sacrificium Hil i | rw 9eio] rij /tw E Chr: 
Kw L Cyr \ I o<j>6evTi] (pavevri w | om ev — <roir Cj | tre airoSt- 
SpaaKeiv DELhilrst Chr Cyrf | om ae bquw Cyrcod J | om 
TrpoawTov L ] ijo'au] post trot' f ilE : om E Hil^ [ om rov ade\- 
ipov <rov Hil ^ 

24 /cat 3° — apcnji-] a' Kai vepierixi]8-q(Tav Tros apcrj;!' Travre^ e^epxo/ievoi Trv\-qv TroXewt avrov a' Kai repiereiiov vav apaeviKov 
Tavrei ot irpoepxoixevoi rit! iroXftjs aurou o' Kai irepiereixovro TTas apariv rriv aapKa rrfs aKpojivirriai avrwv •:«:• ravres e^epxo/ievoi 
TTvXrjv TToXew^ avrov 0' Kai'irepierefiaro iras aparjv Tavres e^epxo/xfot ttuXt;!' TroXcttis aurou v 

25 off^aXwy] TreTTot^orct/s j 

SEPT. 97 13 



A aSeXSov aov. ^eiTrev 8e 'laKio^ tcS oikoi avrov koI -rraaiv rol'i /xer ainov ' Apare tov<; Oeov; 2 
Tovt aX\orplov<; eK fiecrov vfimv, koX KaOapicraaOe, koX aWd^are ras (Trokwi vjxSyv ^Kai ava- 3 
■ aravTet ava^aifiev et? Baid^jX, Kol ■rroujaayfiev €K€i dvaiaa-Ttjpiov no Oeio Tip eiraKova-avn fioi ev 
■naepa BXiyfreo)^, of fjv fier efiov koX hteauxrev ne ev ttj oBm fi ijropevofnp'. ^ nat eh(OKav TfS 4 
§ y 'laKO)^ TOW Oeoiii; T0119 ^aWoTpiov^ ot r/ffav ev Tal<; ■)(epa'iv avTcov, koi ra evwTia Ta ev tok wtriv 
§ C" avTMV KoX ^ KaTeKpuip-ev avTn 'laKW/Q viro ttjv Tepe^ivOov ttjv ev '^iKifioi'i, ical airoiXeaev avTa e&j? 
H L T^? ar)fj,epov r]fiepa<;.'^ ^Koi e^Tjpev ^\aparj\ eK 'S.lkijjlwv' koX eyeveTO <^o/3o9 6eov eVt rn? TroXei? 5 
Ta? KVKkfp avTWv, Koi ov KaTehiw^av OTriaco t(ov vlwv ^\<Tparj\. ^ffKdev he \aK(b^ et? Aovt^a rj 6 
eoTiv ev jfj l^avdav, "j eaTiv Bat^i/X, avTO'i Koi Tra? o Xno? o? rjv fjieT avTov. ^ Koi (OKooofiTjaev 7 
eK€i OvariacTTrjpiov, koi eicdXecrev to ovofxa tov tottov Bat^»/X" eVet <ydp eTre<f>dvr) avTa> o deo'i ev tw 
% L, d7roBiBpd(TKeiv aiiTov utto Trpoa-WTTOV 'Ho-au tov dSeX(f)ov avTov. ^^uTfedavev Be Ae^^wpd rj 8 

Tpoipo'; 'Pe/Se/c/ea? KaTCOTepov Bai0j;X vtto ri]V fSdXavov Kal eKdXeaev 'Ia«-(w/3 to ovofxa avTrji; 
IT L BaXavof wevdovi.'^ 9"D.(f>d7) Be 6 deo<i 'laKO)^ ert ev Aou^a, ore irapeyeveTO eK MeaoTroTa- g 

liia? T?5<> ^vpoa^, Kal TjiiXoyrjaev avTov 6 ^eo?. ^°Kal elirev avTa> o 0eo^ To ovofid (tov ov kXijOi']- 10 
§ X trerai eVt 'laKm^, aXX' 'IcrparjX e(TTai to 6vop,d crov. ^^elirev Be avTU) ^o deo^ 'Eyaj 6e6<i crov, n 

XXXV 1 Trao-i E | KaOapuiaaeai A 6 ^tdrtX D 

10 ert laKCvfi aX\] sup ras A^ 

9 (uXoyvTev J>"{T)"'"^) 


2 TO) OLKitj] rots viois w | om jcat 1" lE^P | yuer ai'Totj] Mf^(?) 
cauTOi;/) I aXXoTpiow] +70115 jneS u,nu;' D( + />'')Ld-jnpit(7;/iU>' 
dp)3[93 Pliil Cyr-ed^ | ex /ieffoii] ava ixiaov f | u^mi/ i"] tj^wi' 
bdpr* ; + toi'S /xe^ u/xcjp a ] om Kai 2** — vfj.wv 2^ g Eus ^ Cyr- 
cod ^ j /faffapiffatr^e] KadapKTCtrSe E : Ka6apLa6ijT€ LbquwCj 
Chr ^ Cyr-ed § : cxitite uestes uestras lE'i' ( + d sitrgite ascen- 
damiis 1£i^) I ^'at aXXa^are] /cat aXXa^a(T(?e {20) Chr Cyr-cod^: 
et laiiate IE': om o*(uid) | n/iuv 2"] riixoiv bl* 

3 om avaaravTe^ o | afa/^w/xer] awap(jtifi€v egj | Tronjtrofj.ev 
Cg Eus ^ 1 ^I'tnacrTT/piof] ^ot/Mov i* | rw ^ew] tw kw d Eus Chr: 
KW E : + rw Q<f>devTt fxoi ef roj awoSidpaffKctv fie p | VTraKoxiaavTi 
D( + Z')ac I juoi] /if cdhp : /iou i>''GLefgjntw EusiChrCyrj | 
Kttt 3° — jue] sub -7- G I SteffwiTfr] otetrwfej' Gamos : effiiiffev 
Ednpv Eus; iutti^ev c^ | om ttj m | o5w] + Tratri; fi^^r | 1; 
enopivo/xTji''] ct transduxit me 1£ (pr et seruaiiit w/^'IEp) : om L | 
7)] oil t(txt) I tTsopivopajv A/)i*13 Cyr-cod J] (Troptv9rjv EGi^' 
relia Eus Chr Cyr led J 

4 om A'at 1° — aXXorptofs 15'^P | tu>] to;* s: om afm Phil 
Cyr-cod \ \ tov% 6to\ii\ omnes decs lE"^ : om g | om toot 2" j 
Cyr-ed^ | 01 — avTwv i°j ei ovme quod fuit apttd nos IE {apud 
fos IE') I om Ktti 2" — avToiv 2° aegj | (om to i° 31) | Ta 2° — 
avToiv 2*^] t/iiae in auribus twstris lE'i' : om ra — waiv L : om ra 
Efi* I /careKpui/'ei'] KaTiKpv\pav p : iKpvypev L^^ Eus On Chr : 
(Kpv\pav L* I om ai'ra 1° G1E | Tepefiivdov GLir | om T-qv 
2° '3 I ffiKi^ois] arjKinoii Equ Chr: o-iktijUois dfn: ((Tuko/uois 
71) I KOI 4° — ijjiicpas] sub -r- Gv : +•:»:• 3 | airwXeira;' bw Cyr- 
ed ^ I cws — T/juepas] CA'ci L | a-qp-epoi' ij/xepas] ij/j.epas TavTijs 
Cyr-c<xl J I rj/ifpa c 

5 e^rjpev] e^apas i^rC : e^?;X^ei' m | lapayX eK atKifiwv] sub 
-7- G I LaparfK i°] iaKwji dnplS^JT | f/c] ei' c | o'tf.-t/iwi'] aijKtjioji' qu 
Chr : (T^Ki]fj.wp bdfinp; (TiKifMOts t: 4- ^ai eiropei'^7; f: +€Tropev6-q 
i^iiH I 0eoo] KU dmnp Cyr | ras TroXets] pr Trao'as Chr^ | ra? 
kvk\w avTwv] avTojv ras kvkXoj dnp : om I£p | ircpiKVKXw 1 
Chr^ I avToiy'\ airrov ev3l: (om 107) | KarfSiuiev c^* 

6 TjXSei'] air»;XSe (20) Chr: eiirf g | om 5e f | Xoi/fa] Xonfai/ 
dfhi^'lpr Chr: (Xou^o lb) | 1; 1° — X"'''""'] ""i 1£'i'(»id) : om t) 

eiTTiv bfir | (?) i"] 20) | eorii' i"] sub -^ G | ei* yi)] €is 7771' 
Just 1 77 2'^ — aurou] om IE : om 7/ eortj' n | rj 2°] G : ou acmoC : 
auT77 E9(uid) | /3ai97;X] pr ev n | om au7-os Chr | om iras Eus | 
OS Tjv] acmoc^ Eus Chr : airou w : om G : om rivl^: + esei n 

7 uiKodofLTjaav D | om eKCi i*^ n | GireKaXeaev ir | tottoi'] 
oiKov Eus: +(Kavov Ecdeghj-nptlSffi Just | ^ai^TjX] pr tax^'P"^ 
G{sub •^•)acmo^{mg) | e7re^ac77] eirefpavev T) : e(^af7; blw Just 
Eus (post avTLo) I aiTw] airoi' d | aTrodtdpaaKeLV avTov] avTov 
airoSiSpanKCv Eegj : om aKTOi" Just : + a7ro5i[5pa(r^]i>' D{contra 
/>'') I 77oau] post auToi' fi Just : sub — G : (om 76) 

8 om 5e gny* | de^^upa] pe^^wpa E : 5e^(^opa c : 5e/3wpa 
Leghc^S: Si^uppa jquy: Befioppa bdflmnpw Just Chr | 7;] o 
m I pf/JeKKO! AELlqruwB'PlEIS'P] + Kai eTa<pT] DG(sub •^•) 
rell (pf/3e/cas fg*)3H!5"'i£' Just On(uid) Chr | Karwrepov] Karu- 
Tepu /)(contra D) Just : (kotoi (is 1 28) | ti;>'] toc c^ | koi — 
)3aXai'os] et tioeaucrunt cam Nemtts IE' : om lE^P | ta/cw^] post 
at'77/s \v: our G Lanioc^'^d | to ot'ofj-a avTtjs] caw 33 | avnjs 
fiaXavos] ttjs ^aXavov 1 | aL'T7;s] (pr tov tottov 16: tov tottov 
71): TOV tottov €K€wov f j (iaXavos ttcp^oi's] (3a\avoTT€vdov f | 
^aXafos] ^a\avof dp Just | TTevOos In 

9—15 om L 

9 om f^eos i^ b | la/cw/^] pr toi dlnpstw Just Eus Cyr | 
om en ev Xoi'^a IE | ert] pr /cai Eus : ovtl f i^^33 : om tJT : -f oi'rt 
S(uid) Chr-ed | ev Xoi's'a] sub -^ G | ev] eis s: firi dp | XoiijT; 
h"^ 1 7rape7ej'eTo] + eKeiae qu | /teooTroTa/^tias] post ttjs E j (om 
TTJS 30) I ovTw m I Sfos 2°] sub -i- G : om o Just 

10 om avTu h \ om Seos DdfhtCjffilE Chr | to oco/xa oou 
I"] post K\Tj6TjaeTa.L r1£ : post ert y: +(aK(u/3 DEGaceghjbioqtu 
vc^SJS Just I /iXTj^T/o-fTai] iiocabciis 53 | en] post laKup r : om 
(71) 33"(uid)lE I om lasM^ lio Just | aXX] -f 7) DGdefjv | om 
eorai — o-oii 2" IE I e(7Tai] KXyjBrjaeTai c^ [ (tou 2'^] -f ^'al eKaKe(jev 
TO ovo/xa avTov i^X G(sub •:jc-)acmijC22 

11 om eiTrec — 5eos i" m | etTrey 5e] Kat eiTTev fir | deos i"] 
pr Kvptos Eus 2 : om yIE | om eyw o ^eos G* | e7w] pr e7w et/xt 
6eos (Tos Phil : + eifu b3lBCE | 2°] pr Dominus lEv ; om m 
Phil-codd-omn | oou 1°] om (16) (I Eus J: +iKavos G(sub -i-) 

XXXV 2 Kat KaffapiaaaOe] a' a' d Kai KaBapiaBTfre 6' Kat Ka6aptaaix0e v 



XXXV 22 

av^dvov Kal ir\r)6vvov Kat edvt] koX a-vvayoyyai idvwv eaovrai, iic aov, Kol y3a<7tXet9 e/c tj}? a 
6a'<f)vo<: aov e^e\ev<rovTai. "^Kal rrjv yfjv i)v BiSoyxa 'Affpaafi Kal 'laadic, trot BeSatKa avTi]V kui 
TO) airepfiaTi aov fierd a€ Swao) ttjv y!}v ravTrjv. ^^dve^r] Se o deot dir avTov ex rod tottov ov 
eXdXijaei' fier avrov. '■'Kai eartjaev 'Ia«ftj/3 aTi'jXrjv ev t^ Toirtft (o e\d\r)aev fi^r avrov, aTijKijv 
Xidivtfv Kal eairetaev eV avrrjv airovhriv, Kal itre'xeev eV avTtjv e\atov. ^^Kai eKoXeaev 'Iukoj^ 
TO ovofxa Tov TOTTOV, ev c3 eXaXijaep fieT avTov exel 6 ^eo9, liatdijX. 

^'-" '^'A7r«pa? Se 'IaKto/3 e'/c ll^al6r]\ eirrj^ei' Trjv aKr/vrji' avTov etreKeiva tov trvpyov TaSep. § L 
(i6i j/ygi/g-ro g^ rfViKa fiyyiaev j^a^pdda et? yfjv eXdeiv ^E,(f>pdOa, eTeKev 'Pa^^X Kal ehvaTOKrjaev ev 
TU) TOKSTiS. ^^eyeveTo Se ev tco <T«X?;pw9 uvttjv tIktsiv elTrev avTrj rj fiala &dpaei, Kai yap outo? 
eaTiv vi6<;. ^^eyeveTO Be ev Ta dcjiievai avTtjv'' tijv yfrv')(i^v, dneOvrjaxev yap, eKuXeaev to ovo/jm H C'" 
avTov Tto? 6Svvr]<; fiov 6 8e TraTtjp avTov eKaXeaev avTov Bevia/xeiv. ^^direOavev he 'Va-x/fX, Kai, 
eTd<f)r) ev ttj oBm 'E<f)pdda' avTr] eaTiv TiijOXee/i. ^Kal eaTTjaev laKW^ aTrjXtjv e-rrl tov fj,vr]p,eiov 
avTijif- avTi} eaTiv aTi'jXi] fivrj/ieiov 'Pa^>;X e&j? t?}? arjfiepov rjfiepa'i.'^ *^-' -' eyeveTO Be i^viKa'C.t, 
KUTWKTjaev 'laparjX ev ttj yfj eKeivrj, eiropevdrj 'Vov^ijv Kal eKOifi7]0r] fieTa BaXXa? t?}? TraXXa/c^y 
Tov iraTpai; avTov Kai ijKovaev iapaijX, xai irovripov e<pavr) evavTiov avTOv. tlaav 

14 ejtriafv E | atroSijf }\ 16 riyyaa^v A | €T€x^^ E 

T(\Ti)v K"(riKTfii' E'') I avrt) — Bapan sup ras 10 — 12 lilt A» iS jSena/aii' E 

3 1 eirop«i'9i)] T et ev sup ras ((u sup ras 2 — 3 litt) A' 

amx'S : + ikoi'us cCj : + iKavovaBui o | av^avov] ai'^avu at c,^ | 
om Km i^ e | n\T)Ovvov'] ir\7]&vfffji.ov c*(uid): TrXrjdvvw <T€ c^ \ 
Kai 2° AEyc,!E Chr] om DG rell SIBC Eus Cyr | eOyri—aov 
2"] pr (IS m Eus A : eris in nationes et synagogas nationum C : 
om (Bvr\ 13* | Kai tjwa.y^a'iai (Qvuv^ om Ep : om (Qvwv nCj | 
ecrofTat] post CK aov o Eus \ ; e^eXeiicroiTat Eus i : om a | j3curt- 
Xeus n I T7;9 o(r(pvoi aov] {atjs oatpvos 84) ; aov 115 | c^eXeu- 
aovrai] e^eXeucreTat n : iaovrai s 

12 5e5wka i°] (pr w)i.oaa 71): post icraaK Chr: eSuKa EG 
beoswxCj Cyr: uifioaa ]{mg) | a^paafi] pr tu egj Chr | om xai 
laaaK g | to-aaK] pr tw ej : tca^ Gm*: +tw Trjii aov y \ aoi 
5e5o}Ka ain-T^f] om dmo: om <roi (71) 3S'' | SedwKa 2°] fl'«//(' '■315 [ 
Kai Tbi — TaiTjjv] pr aoi earai. D( + Z>'')G(sub H- )a-dfim-prstxC2 
S(<ru dp: ari fm) : (pr Koi (roi eo-Toi 31): om Iv : om xoi Ep | 
om fj-era a€ m | om Sujaui — rai'TJ/i' n ] 5w(rw] ^/c-d^/ i3''^ 1 Triv yijv 
TavTr]v'\ avrqv f: +aoi earai h: ( + eis tos yeveas avTuiv 31.83) 

13 (om oe 31.83) I OTT ai/roi^ Ss Gaoxc^^ | om air avrov 
dfnpiai' I auTOi' 2'"] + Dms E'P 

14 Kcu 1° — (16) Sc 2°] sup ras j' | Kai i" — aurou] bis scr x | 
eaTTiaev} +eKei c Cyr | aTriXr/v 1°] pr tj)i/ w : +\iSii'rjt> Chr | 
om ev — ctttjXtjv 2° c | w] (pr tv 20) : ou 1 | yuer aiTou] pr o Os 
o: ai'Toi 8s (: +0 Si bdi^'nprtc^B Chr Cyr-ed | ittijXijj' 
XiSii'Tji'] om E Chr: om imjXrjv m | e<j-7reitrev] (eTreaTreiaci' 20: 
effn-fipei" 31): effrtjirei' do: cireafu dp: eroiTjcrfi' fn | airv i°] 
aiTijsZ'dnp | airovdrip] (a-jrodov 18.31') | (w avrrjv 2°] eir avnjt 
ZJ(uid) : om Chr 

15 om iaKw/3 egj'S Chr | totou] + fKfixoi/ cmnw | om ev — 
0€O$ nH I /Ji^T avTOV e\-e(] post (?eoy egjp : om /ier ai'TOi' m | 
etrei] post o Scos diorw : om cfmqu3(uid)13(ir(uid) Chr Cyr-ed | 
$eos] om (14.79) Chr: + laKU^ m 

16 awapas — 7a5cp] sub -7- v j airapas] atrijpev G{aTT]p€v — ■ 
/Sai^TjX sub -^)axa | om iaKw/3 Gaci*moxc,a[CE | om (k 
^aiSi)\ Chr I eirij^ex — yadcp] pr koi a : om Gx2 | om avrov 
E I TOV rvpyov] om Ep : om tov m \ yaSep] yaorjp (20) Chr ; 
aSep m : yaeSep t : ya^ep E : Gared ij'i' : Gareth U" | €7f j'eto 
5e] k-ai eYCi-eTo Grx | jjctxa] ore Chr | 777'^"' Lr | x'^^f-^"- 
€1! yijr] /^•rrai' Efrata £<:': om Ep | xo;3/)o9a] post fis 3: 
Xa<t>pa0a qu : yajipaBa n: x<«/3oepa ey: om fi»'' Chr | fis 7i)i'l 


pr roil I : post (\6etv d-gjnpC Cyr: fis ttjv (i(uid) : om b Chr | 
e\8eiv] pr tov Ebdnp Cyr: tou eiaeXSeiv Chr: inlrare in 3: 
om w I <i^po<'a] pr eis tj/x b: pr fis Chr: evippaBa f: oippaBa 
c,*: ((ppavBa g: {((ppaOav 84) | eTcicei' paxijX irai] tj pa^ifX 
Chri I <TtKTe Cyr-ed | paxiv^ 1 | eoi/<rT-o/,>((rei'l (pr ev tiktiiv 
108): pr ev TU TiKTeii' bdn(-l-ai>T?)>')pv(txt) | ck tui TOKeru] ev 
Tw To(cu Chr-edi: om bdnpv(txt): om ev L 

17 eyeveTo 5e] Kai C7f>'€7-o dnp Chr .J | om avTifv qu | eiTrcv 
— Kios] pr Kai h3l: (om 18) | avrr)] post fiaia f: oirrj;i/ c j om 
Kai m I om yap t | outos] /Va E'^p : om (E | eo-TiK vios A] pr 
(joi' quCjS: aoi luos fffrix b: pr aoi Z>''EGL rell C Chr^ Cyr: 
eaTi aoi vios Chr A : «v/ tibi Jilius J3E 

18 f7fV6To 5e ck] fi* 5e p I ev ru] (airw 84): om g* | 
aipievai avn\v'\ acfieivai atnrjs E: om avriiv djvS | om atreBvr)- 
aKev yap n | eKoXeaev i »] pr Kai wEp Chr J : H- Sc E | om to — 
fxaXfo-ei' 2" w | om pios — avTov c,* | avTov 2"] sub •:ic. G*(uid) : 
■%■ T...0V VG^"': om Z'ELbd-bipqnuvc,^3Cyr | oi/tof] roovofia 
avTov bdps'S-coddB"' | ^evia/jnjv bdf'hnw* 

■ 19 paxJjX] paxfl'S. In : paxvp c | eTa^r)] post e(f>pa6a t | om tt; 
Eus I f0/jaSa] prroi' iirTToopo/xoi/ ef(-A«<'"Jgijrv(mg)Cj'': (^potfi*: 
fi/0/)aCo l(uid) : (evtppavffa ■;t).io-;): e<t>l)apa j{mg) : +tou iirro- 
Spofiov dnp I fiTjOXeeix] (fJijtfXe^ 13°): fi')<''!^fr<^] ^■- ^aiOriX f 

20 jxvTjpieiOv I"] liv-qiiaTOS denp | outijs] paxi)X w: om 1 
Chr I om avni—pax-n^ L | pivTiiieiov 2"] pr tou m | paxv>^] 
paxiV^ In: oirrTjs y: +ras (13) w | (om rqs 18) | arifupov 
rtfiepas] rnxepas Tavrqs Lbdinpr | riiiepat] sub -=- G : ilp-epa 

21 eyevero] pr Kai airripev irj\ Kai eTn)tev tijv aKriv-qv ain-ou 
eireKeiva Toi' ri'/ryou yaSep Gacmov(sub •:i:.)xCj3l ^eKit^ev tt)V 
aKTiv-ijv] e^eKXivev aKerniv mc„ | om OKrou c"' | 7O0fp] aSep m : 
eSep ace,] | laparjX i"] pr lacoli B'P : post CKeivri E | eiropevBri] 
+ Se pEP I pou/aTji-] poi'^ii' X"': povjirip. bhc,: povfieip. emp : 
povpipi dfgijlnqt*(uidix* | ^oXas dope, | jraXXakijs] iraXasiSos 
f : TraidiaKTis 1 | oktoi; !<>] (om 64): + laKufi bdfinprlwE | laparjX 
2"] laKufi i* I Kai 3»— auTot) 2°] sub -7- Gv | evavTiov avrov\ pr 
avTU} m : ai'rw n | eviiytriov Ga-dmoxCj Cyr 

22 ),i7oi'] sunt BE I om 01 EGabdcghlrtc^ Chr | laKuji] 
pr TOI' Chr : (om 83) 

99 '3—2 

XXXV 22 


A Be 01 viol 'laK(i>^ BaiSeKW ^^viol Aei'a? TrptoToro/co? 'laKw/S 'Pov^tjv, "^vfiewv, Aevei,<;, 'lovha<;, 23 
'laaa^ap, Za(iovKoiv ^^vlol Be 'Fa)(rj\ 'lwai](f> koX Bevia/j.elv ^^vlol Be BaWa? ■7raiBiaKr]<; I* 
'Paxv^ AaV Kol Ne(j)6aXei,/j,- -^vlol Be ZeX<^a? TraiBl.tTKr]'; Aew FoS Koi 'Aai'jp- ovtoi 01 viol 26 
'JaKw^, ot eyevovTO avrm ev MecTowora^ilq. rr}? %vplas. ^7'HX0ei' Be 'Iukw^ 7rpo9 'Icradx 27 

Tov Trarepa avTov et? Ma/i/3p?;, 6i9 iroXtv rov ireBlov avrrj iarlv Xe/Spwi/ ev yfj Xarciai', ov 
§ L TrapoiKTja-ev 'A/3pa<l/j, Kal 'laaaK. ^^^iyevovTO Be ai rjfiepai, 'laadK a? efr^o'ei' err] eKarov oyBotj- 28 
KovTa. ^'^ KaL eKXiTTOov aireOavev koI TrpoaereOrj Trpos to yei'O'; avrov tt pea ^vTepo<; Kal •jrXy'ipt]'; 29 
H L r)/j,ep(Sv' Kal eOayjrav avrov 'Haaii Kal 'Ia/cco/3 ol viol ayroO.^ 

^Avrai, Be ai yeveaetii 'Htrav- avrof eariv 'EBcofi. "'Haaii Be eXa^ev yvvalKa<i eavrw d-KO \ XXXVI 
§S TOJV dvyarepav ^twv Xavavaiiov ttjv 'ABa, dvyarepa ^'EXc<5^ tov XeTraiov, Kal tvjv '0\i^e/x.a, 
Ovyarepa 'Am tov viov ^e^eymv tov Evaiov, ^Kal ttjv$, dvyarepa 'lafiai^X, dBe\<f>r]V 3 
Na/3aicod. '^STeKev Be 'ABd rS 'Hcraii t6i' 'EXi^a?, Kal ^Baaep,p,d6* eTeKev tov 'PayovijX, ^Kal 5 
OXL^efia ereKev top leou? Kal tov ^leyXop, Kal tov Kope- ovtoi viol 'iiaav, ot eyevovro avrw ev 
yfj Xavdav. ^eXaj3ev Be 'Haav Td<; yvvalKa'i avTov Kal tov<; viovs Kal ra? dvyaTepa<; Kal irdvTa 6 

26 /xe<roiroTafiias E 27 waidiov AD 

2 eXu A*{ii supraser A") | x^'^VO'oi' E 

XXXVI I atdufi D 
4 IJaire/jifiaB] /3acre/i' A 


23 wot] +5e lliSIS'* | (wpuTOTOKoi ioku/S pov/j-qp] pov^-qv 
irpwTOTOKos taKojfi 83) I LaKwIJ] fins IE; vios avrov sup ras w^: 
om de I pov^rivlj pov^-qp. bhqc^: pov^eifi emp : povfiip. dgijlt: 
povfxiix { I avp-tuvl pr koi btc^lE | Xfwis Ay*] Xcws E: Xeuci 
Z>Gvj>»': Kai Xew c^lE: Xcw rell SB: Leuui Anon" | loi/Sa 
E Anon' | i.<raxap dfilop'318 Anon° | fo/3ouXwc] pr km wIE: 
om a* 

24 om hie totum comma fir2-ed!E* | paxv^l P''X")'^ 1 '■ 
+ iixoris lacoh 13 | om Kai d | fSeviafietfi m : ^eviapriv bg*hnw 

25 uioi — ve(f>8a\(Lp.^ post (26) amip "S-codd | om 6e Ef | 
/3aXas dpc^ [ om TraibiffKT}^ P^XV^ 15*^^ I Traidi(TK7j h | pax^T/X 1 | 
Sap. h I vf(pda\eip] VicpOaX-rjp nquc^ : vetp0a\ei Gosvx : ve(pda\Lv 
t^*: A'fpthalyn Anon* 

26 om he Efl | {7rai5i<rK>)s] pr tt]^ 73) | yai) m | a<!r)p'\ 
aatip h : aavp g : aaarjp rlS^" : + viot Se paxv^ tajo"7/0 ^at ^epiapiv 
firSE* I 01 1° AbswCj] om J>''EG rell Chr | om 01 2° c^ | 
om avToj cd | {ev peaoiroTapta] eK peaotroTapias 78) | peaotro- 
Tap.ta'] pr tt; nry Chr; peaowoTapias E; ^eirw Trora/xtas s | 
T7;s (Tcpias] om Chr: om ttjs acm 

27 icraaK ro»' Trarepa] Esau fratrein IS'*'^*^'' | laaaK i^] itraK 
G I at'Tou] + CTi s'wi'TOs aiTOf Z)d-npstv33 ; ( + €7-i j'wi'tos 30.84) | 
pap^pT]] pr TToXti' d(//ai'p7;)fi-^n(yua^/ipT;»')p(/ia/3/j7;)rsl£: pap^ip-qv 
Cj I €is 2° — reSioi'] ^i^tit' />; caiiipo IE | €is jroXtz'] om dnp: om 
ets GacmoxCg ] t^oKkv tou TreSioi'] to TreSioy f j TroXti'] tottov i^r: 
( + a/>a^a 71) | ireSiou] ei'aiof egj | (om eortv 78) | x^/3/>aii'] 
/xaj' E 1 ev yTj xavaai''\ sub -f- G [ yr}] pr tt; /J^Elquy | x*^^^^^ 
Cj I ov] rjv m \ irapwK-qaev} habi/aiicninl WE: + esei xy | om 
KaL LaaaK mu' | laaaK 2"] icraK G 

28 eyevero n | om Se L | at] pr Tratrat Gacdfi^nprxS | 
itraax] post e'^-qaev w ; tffaK G | as e^-qffev] sub H- G ; om ^ \ 
e^7](Tev] pr Kai. u | om eTtj E | OYSoT^/kOrTa] -jrevTTjKovra dp 

29 fKXetTTOjp Z?^''EacfhioqruvwyC2 | a-jreOavev A/?Efmqsuy 
3£] -T ttraa/c L; pr taaaK G{-'k' taan V) rell '313 | to 7f»'0s] top 
\aoP L ] Trpea(3vTi]s n Chr j eOa^ev p | {iaKu)fi Kai ^aav 84) | 
ot] pr ffai p: om Ebdel | (i-tot] aoeX^ot 16) 

XXXVI 1-43 om L 

1 om de bw33'^ 1 T^troi' ai'Tos eartv] eiaip m 

2 yvpaiKas] post eauTW j^hylE'': pr Tas Ga-dmnptvwx : 
yvpaiKa fl \ (aurw] ai'Tw Eoqu ; avTou bdnptvw : om (25) lEi' | 
Ttt^f xtif'arattjr] Xfi^'ttai' dnplE: om Ttof y | ttjp 1'] ovo/taTt f | 

aSa] aSaf dhi*(aSav i^'lnprtyc, : Sav \i: aSSa O-ed | e\wp] 
aiXojp gy : aiXa/i h'' ; e\up ft® : aiXuv EGbch*inqsuvx : [A]e/[o]>i 
3L: aXtiJj' dp: edoip m : aiSup D \ om tou i° G* | oXiflepa A 
ji95''csv\vy] oXifSepap gjn ; oXijiaipap Ee : Olibama 9 : oXi^apav 
qux: oXeLJ3apap G; (oXefiepa 20): eXiflepa i*(uid) Anon°; eXt- 
fiepap dt : £[/;■]/)(•[ «;i2«] 3L : eXifiaipaP h : eXei^aipap o : eXi^apa 
ai^'fuidjlS^P; cXt^a/xai' Iprc^ : aiXt/3a/tai' f ; ElibamW: eXifiah: 
pe^apapm | ai'a] avax ach''(uid)qrtuCj, ; awaj/ m ; A nnei Anon^ : 
epap b ; aii'ai' dh*nops : £?;« 15 | om tou 2" p | tr£/3e7t.);'] pr 
TOU i* ; ire^at7w>' gj : o-f^Sa^tji' dp ; ae^eyoipo: (je§eytii\: (fieyuv 


3 om k-at m | paaeppad] |3a sup ras i"" : paaeppad Z)(^a . . 
D)hc,; (fieaeppaO ii): §aaepaehegxs,*wyW&P* : [B]asem[atA'[ 
1i; {paaepad 71: paaaipaS 79): (iaaaepaB y. fiaaepaSa f: 
/SatTf/itaT dnp Anon'': /3o<re/ita 133" ; /ttao£(*/t<"' E : o-e/3£,tia(* m(o-o- 
mg uid) : + Kai. r-qv paeXed t|u | io,aa7;X] [/]iw[«]/ 3L : I/elon 
Eiaiei Anon'' | aSeXip-qp] a5eX<p-q Se c^ ; + Se dp | pa^aiud] 
ya/Setjff acf ImtwCj : A'a(''i[oM] 3L; a/3attjSqu; a^etaflg; va^aiup 
D : va^auT p : vafiauijJT n ; ►a/jtjT d 

4 aSa Tu? ?7ffau] aurtj aSa bdnp | aSa] (pr tj 83); aSaf c^: 
a55a fi^"3 | om to> -qaav i*w!E!L(iiid) | tu] TOf c^* | eXt^as] 
eXt0af Eabdeh'^'imnpstwxCj'S : f Xet<^&s' Go : eXt^ajc: eXto-a0 
gj(sup ras) I om Kat mlS'i' | fSaaeppaO] paaeppaO Dhc^ : /Jao'e- 
//aS bl\v9J3i'*; [A']aftv«t7/[/;] IL; ftaaaeppaB G; jJaa-irepaB jy: 
jjeaaepad m : fiaaeppar A : jJaaepaT ]i53"' : paaipar n : paaeBpaS 
E I payi)37}X o 

5 om Kai. i" m \ oXtfiepa] oXi^aipap e ; oXifiapa abcnio(pr 
ojxS: oXei^apaG: eXi^epa i*(uid)lt Anon°; eXi^aipa h: cXt- 
jiepav dlL: fXt/3a/ia i''(uid)prCjB: aiXi^apa f | teous] tou! v: 
tetous y ; leo-ous 1 ; teo-/3ou! E : teouX bdefinptiS" Anon° ; /[(■//]»[/] 
%: tfouXs o (0 sup ras o") ; ktouX c^ : ras (2) +70U7;X Kat 
oXi/3e/ia ereKev rov ieovX w : payav r | om Kat 2° p | om rov 
2° g I i£7Xom] X sup ras i^ : uyXuip egjmtwc, : ieyXovp E: 
uyaup n : leyup dp ; leclom Anon'' ; eyXoip aS-ed : \_IegY\o\n 
IL: {leyvop 31): te7Xai' 1 | kot toi' Kope~\ (pr xat rov payovqX 
18): om b I Kope] Kopai m: Koppe f: Correin Anon": +ras (3) 
i I ouTot] <•/ [']j['''l 3i' I "'<"] pr <" bfmwB: ( + €7ei'o>'TO 16) | 
irau b I (om ot 71) | om aurai d | yrj] pr tt; s : tt; i* : om d 

6 eXa;3cf] pr e/ S | utous] TauTOU bdfhlmnprtwc^B | koi 
ra^ 8vyaTepa%] om dpIE^i' ; + outou fn3B3L | om /cat 3° — uirap- 




Ta awfiara tov oikov avrov Kai iravTa ra viTap-)(ovra Kai ra KTrjvrf Kai iravra oaa eKTrjcraro Kai A 
ocra TrepieiToiJjaaTO ev yfi Xavciaif koI iiropevOr) e'/c 'yi]<; Xaudav d-iro Trpoawirov 'laKW^ tov 

7 aoe\(f>ov avTOv. "^ >]v yap avrwv ra VTrdp'^^ovra'" iruWd tov oiKelv lifxa, Kai ^oik eSvvaTo »; y!) t^v lilL^ilL" 

8 irapoiK'jaeox;'^ avTwv (pupeiv avTOV'i diro tov TrXtjOov; twv VTrap-)(OVT(i)v avTwv. ^aiKrjrrev Se 'i li-" 

9 Viaav iv tw opei ^rjeip' Hwaii avTo^ ioTiv 'ESoi/i.'' ^Aurat 8e ai yeveae<.<; ']\aav Trar/jos H w 

10 EScoyii tV TO) opei —ijeip. '°«a!. Tavra t<) ovo^ara Ttov vlwv 'Hcrau- 'EX«^a<f, vio'i 'A8a yvvaiKO<i 

11 ilaav, Kai 'Payovt'jX, uio? Iiaae/j,p,(i6 yvi'aiKO^ '\lcrav. "iyevofTO 8e oi viol 'lLXi<f>d<;- ^)aifj,dv, 

12 rifidv, Xa)(f>dp, Vodofj. Kai Keve^. '^©a/xi/a 8e rji/ TraWaKij 'EXK^a? tov viov 'Ho-au, Kai eTSKev 
li TcD EX,t(^a9 TOV AfjLaXijK. ovtoi 01 viol 'ASa yvvaiKO'i Haav. ^^ovToi Se viol 'VayovrfK- l^dyofi, 

14 Zape, ^ofie Kai Mofe* ovtoi. rjaav viol yiauejjifjidd yuvaiKO'i hlaav. ^^-^ovtoi Be viol 'EXt/Se/^a? § U" 
6vyaTpo<i A-va tov vlov "^e^eycav, yvvaiKos 'Haav- ere/cei' Se ToiJ 'Haav toi/ 'leix; xal tov 'ley\6/j. 

15 Kai tov Kope. ^^ovtoi ol rjyep.ove'i vlov 'Hcrar. viol 'EXu^ay irpaiTOTOKOv 'Vlaav' rjyffiiov 

7 om TToWa A*"''' [xmapxovTa, ttoXX in nig et sup ras A-') | lyoi'^'aro E 

12 TOl/] TOI A 


XOKxa f I om koi 3° — aorou 2° i*m | om tov 1" w''' | oi«-oii] 
bis scr w* | wai'Ta 2° — Krtjvi;] omnia pccora sua et omnia bona 
£>= I i'7ra/)xo>''rt>] +ai/Tou cdegjlnptwBIL : ( + ain-a) 25) | om 
KOI ra Kr7,..7, B'i'E''P | ra 3° AdpS] pr Trai-ra DKG lell B"3LS | 
•■''■'!'"?] + ouTOu acfo©" I Kai 6°—e/v7-7;<70ToJ post xti-aai- I'dnp 
(om 7ra;'Ta oaa.) : om Kai Trai'T-a 15 : (om Traira 83) ( SKTrjaaro] 
eKT-qaavTO 1 : €K€kt7]to qu | om Kai oaa TrtpieironjaaTo Ef1£ [ 
ocra 2"] pr iravra Z)"'bdegijnprstx3L : om 1 | (V yrj] fc rij h : (K 
yns o I om Kai 8° — X"""""" 2° G* | Kai eiropev$r)] ejropei'flj; oe 
G^'acimorxCjS : om Kai b: +riaav bilE | om £k yri^ x"-""-"-" f I 
7775] pr TTjs bg*"': TTjs g* | x'"'<iti>' 2°] x"-"'^" g I ""> laxu/S K 

7 ai^Tuv I" — TroXXa] miiline res eorum '3E | at'Twr 1°] post 
wrapx<""'a Ga-dfimoprxCj : auru v* | ra i)7rapx<"''"a] post iroXXa 
egjIE I TOV oiKHv a/ia] Kai tov oiKeiv a/^ta ovk rjovfafTo flS : hab 
Kai OVK riSwaVTO y''(mg) | Kai — avrom] Kai oi'K exw/Jfi ai'rotis 1; 
yij Ti)S TrapoiKrjatus avrui/ f: om IE | TrapoiKT/o-CMs] (TrapoiKfo-ias 
20): TrepioiKijirews m | om aiiT-uf 2" 3 Chr | aTro] a/ia t | aiTUv 
3°] auTu c: aKTois fmw: (airrous 16.130): om Chr 

8 uKTiaev 5e] KaTuiKria(v oe hloqtu : xai KaTUK-qaev E | a-qtip] 
aieip def imn : ffKeip s : aeirip h : arir)p g : ai-qp lot : a-qp w | om 
jjo-ai; 2° — (9) aijeip cf | om ijiraii 2° — eSw/j, p | ijaav avros] ovtos 
rjaav irTJp w : avrij m | ovtos egi^jr | om eaTif w | eoufi] + KaToiKd 
5e iaKU/3 Cf tt] yi) ov irapwK-qaev nijp avTov ev yt] xavaav h 

9 om avTai — (43) edajx 2° w | om de c,13(hab Bi'"'') | Trarpos 
eSuia] pr tov Ebegjnpt : om d | eSe/j. m | om ev — aTjeip n | 
ffijei/)] ffifip de^'impCj*: aKaps: arjipt: airfp lo 

10 Kai Tttura ra] ra Se { \ vtuiv] +ai'Toueg | rjaav i°] + eiaL 
Tavra f | om cXi0as— (ij) T^irai' 2» lE^P | eXi^asJ eXci0as o: 
eXii^af Eacefh'''ptvxCj3: eXei^af G : tXo^af m | uios 1°] pr 
Eflm I aSa Atx] aSSos fi»»a-ed: adas DEGi* rell | viwaiKOs 
7;i7oi' I"] om p : om Tjiran c^ | Koi 2° — (15) i^trou 1°] sup ras plur 
litt h I Kot 2" — riaav 3°] om n: om Kai & \ pajSowjX m | wos 
2'>] pr 1: om f | fiaaep.pLa9 yvvaiKo^].. . [m'\at[/i'\ !/j-...iL" | 
^aaenfiad] /xaaenfiae oc^: fiaaeiiad bls'S-edBP* Or-lat : ^aa- 
ae/xfiaS Egj : ^aaaep.aO anu9-codd : {fMaaatp.a9 79): ^aaep/xas 
y : (iaaep.aT dpB" | om 7waiK0! rjaav 2° p 

11 om totum comma Cj | eyevovro Sc] ...k/ ««/<•[/«] IL" | 
01 woi A] post eXi0as D( 4 />") qu (om 01 qu) : om 01 EG omn j 
eXi0as] tXi^af acefhi-'moptx^ On: e\u<pai G: eXiipae E j 
eaiMai']9fMa;' E*(aisuprascrE'')bmn: Themaris Anon' \ up.av'] 
ujiap Gal)cfh*ia'nrxa: o^ap dmp : Omcra Anon": om Bip<*l 
Or-Iat I (rw0ap] uo^ap n : {aatpap 79) : aop.ap m : Omar 33'"'"^' : 
om dp: -vNomades Anon" | 70^0,11] pr Kai x: 70*01/^ egj: 
Gotham %{-em codd): "71*01^^5 : 7ie,,;a m: 70O0P os: 

XoBop. c : Todo/J. I : Todwp. h : lodoji f | om Kai Eadfimpr | Keve^'\ 
Cenes Or-lat: Kever G(uid): tve^ D: vei^ bn : -fKai afiaXrjK 
ovTOL I'loi aoas 7i'»'aiK05 i^irau y 

12 om totum comma c^ | Oa/zi-a] 7'//n/«»aj- Or-lat : Oefiva 
h: ajiva dp: Thamar%: T/iam Anon' | om rjv bd-jnprl3E' | 
TraXXoKT)] pr I) Ebd-jnprlJ | cXi0as i°] eXupa^ Eaccfh'''m-ptx 
3 On : tXci0af G : e\ipa^ d : eXXei^as Pliil-cod | om tou — 
eXi0as 2** m | rov'] (post vlov 79): oni p | I'lou] + avrov rov c | 
Kai ereKev] Kai avrrj ereKev dnp Or-lat: ereKev 5e Gacox5: om 
Kai be-UjIw*^ I Tw eXu^as] post ajuaX7;K Or-lat | eXi0ay 2°] (Xttpai^ 
Eac-fh'''noptxS : eXei^a^G: e\i(pa& y |(om7-oi'3i) [ om oiToi 
— rjaav 2" y | outoi] pr <•/ Or-lat: + &e Em | 01 Af] om U"''\D^'') 
EG rell | aSa Aqux] adSas fi^'rS: aSas DEGi* rell: (Sav 84) 

13 om totum comma c^ | ovroi 5c] Kai oi^-oi p: om 5e 
eB'P I vtoi 1°] pr 01 vB: om f | vaxop. Ay] vox-. G : vaxoS Lf^^ 
Eacqux : vaxwS emS : vaxf" bhltvB" : Nachath^^v; vaxoSs: 
vaxer dnp: vaxe^ r: vaxop o*: vaxoip o* : vayvS gj : piaxeO i: 
fJ-exed f I fape] pr Kai x: Kai ^apeO ac : ^apa Chr: ^ope dnp: 
fopcs t I aopie] xot aapia ra : ao/ b : aufiai 1 : aop, t : aafip-a 
Gacox: Amma '3: fioaop egj: (/Joffup 32: pioaop 79) | /iofe] 
p-u^ai 1: ^efa GacmoxS | oi'toi 2"] sup ras (13) i"': -f 5f d | 
7;ira>'] eiirii' egj3B : om d | p.aaep.p.a8 Aly] paae/ipad /JGefgio 
qstux-'B'P"" : fieaep.pad r : paacfiaB h : (paaaip.a0 79) : ^aaep-aO 
cvx*^B"'P* : ^aaejxvad j : fiaaaep.fxad a : fiaaaejiaO E : ^aaaejxad 
bm : (iaae/jiaT np : ^eaepar d 

14 om OI'TOI — T/o^ai; 2'^ g | om oitoi — T^tray I** y | ovtoi oe] 
K-at oKTOi p: +Tjaav Ga-fijmnortxc,3LS | om uioi qu | fXi- 
/Se^as] eXi/Saijiias h : e\i^a/xa5 afi'opc, : eXei/Sa^ot G : (\i/3ayua 
xB : Elibamalh 3L : oXijSe^as /Jcjqsuv : oXi/Saiyuai e : Olibama 
3: \ifjefias b: (oXiKe^uas 2j): e^afiav m | ova] ovaK ec^: aiva 
o : £>ta B" : aivoi' dnt : ei'ai' bp : Eman B'P | om tou p | 
o-c^c7w;'] pr tou i* : aefiaiywv j : Semegott B'P : aefieuv p : 
St'boin IL: -f-Toi' d'aiof x | om ereKev — (15) rjaav I*^ d | ereKev 8e 
rw] sup ras i* : xai ereiie ro npc^ : om rw cs | tox i»] tou g | 
om lei'S Kai rov r* | levs A] leous DEGacgjmoqsuxS : ifiout y : 
leovX bef'ilnr'tvCjBli/ Anon": louX f* : i£oi;5 h: leou p | om Kai 
1° p I if7XoAi] X sup ras i^: leyXa/i egj-np: Icclom Anon': 
e7Xo;U a : e7Xu,a c^ : Egloni 3-ed | om toj' 3° 1 | Kope] Kopai 
m: KWpes: Koppe { : Correm Anon' 

15 oiiToi] pr f/ lE'S Or-lat: + rjaav npt | 01 Aegj] om DE 
G rell I viov Ae] vtuv DacB Or-lat: kioi EG rell 9E'S | 
vioi — T^oau 2^*] pr eXi^aj" (uioi cXi^o^ d) rrpuroroKOS rjaav dp : 
sub -7- 5 : om c : om I'loi eXi<pa^ E : om vioi nc^ [ eXi^ay] 
eXKpat D(contra ZJ^iijadefm-pstyxc^a : eXfi^af G : tXtjias b | 
TrpwTOTOKOp] TrporroTOKOS Emnsc^: -H'tou f Or-lat | riyepiuv 




A ®aifj,dv, rjyefiuiv 'il/idp, T^yefiMV 'S,a)<f){ip, rjf^efitov Kei^ef, ^^i^ye/xibv Kope, r/yefioav To6d, rjyepcav i6 
Ap.a\.7jK' ovToi r/'ye/ioi^e? 'EXt^a? ev yfj 'IBovfiaia, ovtoi viol "ASa?. ^'^ Koi ovtoi vioi PayovT]\ 17 
viov Haav riyep.(iov ^dxoO, i^yep.wv Zdpe, -qyefiaiv Mo^e, rjy€p.wv So/^e* ovtoi r)yefi6ve<; VayovifK 
ev yf] KBcofi, OVTOI viol MaaefifidO yvvaLKO<i Hffav. ^^ovtoi Se viol OXi^efj,a<i yvvaiKo^ ^Haav 18 
HG Tiye/imv \eov\, rjyefimv leiyXo/i, ijyefioov Kopf ovtoi tjy6fi6ve<: 'EXt/Se/Lta?.^ ^'^ ovtoi Se viol Hcrav, 19 
KoX ovToi ol riyep.ove'i avTwv' ovtoi elcriv ol jjyep.ove'i avTwr, viol 'EBdfj,. ^°Ovtoi Be viol 20 

Sijeip Tov }i.oppalov tov KaToiKovvTO'; Trjv yljv AwTav, Sa)/8aX, ^e^eycov, 'Avd ^^Kal ^tjacav xal 11 
^dap Koi Veicwv ovtoi ol Tjyefi6ve<; tov ^oppaiov tov vlov ^i]elp ev t!) yfj 'ES&j/x.. ^^ eyevovTO Be 22 
viol AuTnv H-oppel koi Al/xdv' d,8e\<f)r] Be AwTav %ap.vd. ^^ovtoi Be viol Soj/SoX" FfoXroi' Kal Mrej'- 23 


1° — (16) Kope] om e: om iiye^iwv Oaifxav q | ffatfiav'] Oefiav bin 
C2 : Oaifiva t : {de/j-vav 84) : Bafivav E : yoBofj. f | om Tjyefiuv 
ufiap t I ufiapl sup ras i'': o/iap c^ : ovap m: Cliomor Oi-lat: 
w/ittf 113"'; vajxap dp: /cece^ f: ap^aX-qK i^ ; a/iaXi;x r 1 o™ 
i)y€pwv aw(pap g] [ trw^ap] sup ras i^ : tro^ap dlmpc^33'i^'^*: w/iap 
i-'i^r: ^a^ai/ f | Kci^ff] C-^[^]?/(' 31: 70^0 v: yoOo/x dip: yoBtap 
11 : ap.oKrjK f 

16 om -qyiptjjv Kope '3l-cod IL | Kope] Kopai m: Wjuap f: 
Kcpe^ di'^{sup ras)npv : yodop r j -/jyep-uv 2'^ — apa.\r}K} 7]yep.ujv 
e'Xi^apa. (-^ei/a i^"^) tiyep-wf tXa (iXXa i'^*) fjyipwv (ptvioif -ijyepojp 
fiayeStTjX Tjy€p,ti)v Koppe [Kope i^^) fi^' {sup ras) | 70^0] 
yioOa q: {iwda 71): yodop. Z)EG{ -f 7;7€/xwi' yoBop. G*)aostxC2 : 
yoSap. ce: Gothotn Or-Iat: Cothom IL: yoB^p 1: Gotham 3: 
•Tia\o^_ % : 7070S m : Kopt nprv : yape d : ( + ■r)yipuv Kevef 
30) 1 fxpaKT]K\ o-ptxK^ip m : abicpap r | eXi^as] eXt</)as' Eac-fmu 
pstvxc^^ : e\ci(f>a^ G: eiprpas l(uid) : -{-irpwroTOKOV t]crav d | 
77;] TTj Gacdgnpx | iSovpaia] idovpatas biii*lsty53 : {tovSaia 
107) I ouTOi 2°] om p: { + Se 31.83) | uioi] pr 01 Elj | aSas] 
aSa x: aSSas fi^'rS-ed: +uxons Esau 9l-codd 3L 

17 om VIOL i*^ dp I payovtjX] +7jy€paiv Tjyepwv 1 | viov] 
mot EGbdmtuCj: oi wocq: uios x : primogc'iii/i U" | ■qyepuv i"] 
pr (//^rc'j" IB*^ : 7;7ejU0ces m : -f 7776/40)1' 1 [ vaxoS A/^oqsux] vax^^B 
beghjlty'S: Nac/wflL: vax^B adirvc^lS: yaxerdp: ^'ox^ip E : 
axw^ m : ax^T u I Tjyfpoii' 2" — cro/ie] om 1 : (om tjyepwv fape 
79) I f^Pf] f"/"^' dm: [6']n?-a %: fepe /) : fioaop e \ T)y(puv 
3'^ — ffo^e] rjy^pujp po'^e e : i^y^putv tropf t | /iofe Ay] (rope Ebg- 
jqrsuvB : cropai /)dp : (aupe 20) : aupai n : ^iiw/n IL : aoppt 
c^: (ro7e f; aappa Gamox: aafi^a c: Atnma "3: {jioaop 79) | 
ffo/ie Ay] fo^f f: /aoj'ai Z): juwfai m: Mof« EG rell 3US : (/3off 
79: /iwo-e 20): Af[o]4«'] 3L: (<rwff 25) | om ovtoi 2° — eSuplL \ 
OVTOL 2°'\ om qu : +ot E33 : (4-t'iot 16) | iv y-q] ev ttj befgi*n : 
utot dp I fdwp] + fape a-ope po^e I | ovTOt 3^] ou b : + 5e fi^rlE^ | 
inoi 2"] pv 01 D13 : om b | paaeppaB AZ'(uid)Elii*yc,] ^aaeppaB 
G(uid)efi»'oq-ux: [pa]<Tepa[$]lXmd): flair e pad ac)\^WP : /Sacr- 
(TtpaB g : Baseintha ^S" : fiac-eppaT n : fiaaaeppm h : (jafiepaB 
m ; ^a.aepuv I : As\f\nimat 3L : crc^ar dp 

18 om ovTOL i» — 7)(rai' Eafi^'lmrCj | om 5e nl}''' | (uioi] pr 
uatv 83) I oXifiepai] o\i^aipas e: oXi/3e/i/ias D: Xei/3a/tasG(uid) : 
oXi/3a/iO x3: eXi/Jf/ias bdi'noqt^'uv : eXi/Jai/taS h : Eli\b\cinat 
IL; EUbania 13: tXtjSas p; eXi/ias t* j 71'cat/ios T/ffai'] pr Bvya- 
Tpos ai-a V : om d | r\ycpav 1° — (27) ouKav] sup ras plur litt h | 
icouX] icoX dp: ieou»)X D(contra /^'^''jf'i* : ioutjX f* : itroi'Xs: leous 
EGacmxS : eXioi'j o | qyepav 2°] + -riyepuv 1 | ie7Xo/i] ley'Swp 
Z>(uid)d-gi='jmnCj: ce7Xo>' 1 | om r)yepuiv Kope 1 | nope] nopal 
m : Kupc s : Koppe i \ ovtoi. 2°] + 5c q | eXi/Jejtios] eXc/Sot/nas h : 
eXtjSa/ios D3o(pr i'ioi/)pCj: aiXi/3o^as f: Eliliama 33: Eliba[m'\ 
IL : cXiSa^as m : oXijSe/ias cgjqsu : oXi/iai/xas e : oKi§epa E ; 
o\ei^apas G : oXi/Sa/ia x3 : + •^- Siryar/ios ava G : + BvyaTpo^ 

afa yvvaiKos rja-av !){ + I>'')ace-hi*j\motxcM^&{suh •:>(•) [pr 
kope 1 I ai-a] ocas D : ai/ai/ ec^ : oitvav t : Etia 33" : Email 38'P]] 

19 om oiToi 1° — Tjo-at) egjS-ed | oitoi 5e] et hi % \ 5e Ay] 
om DE rell ^l-codd B!£'=3L | I'loi i°] pr 01 f: (pr tiaiv 31) | 
om Ktti — (23) upav 1£'P I Ka.1 — f5w/i] duces EJom & | om km 
(79) 3L I om ovToi 2° p I 01 1° Ainr] om Ef-'^V. rell | riyepoves 
i°] pr ei<riy E ] om ovtoi 3" — e5w/u p | oi'Toi 3"] pr xai mS : 
«7/? 5i I ot -qyepovei avTwv 2° A] om Z^i'E omn "SISILS | I'lOi 
2"] pr 01 Efr33 

20 5f] om dps33': eio'"' h: + euriv fhii''r13 | om tioi hy* | 
ff»)€ip](rieipd-gimpc,*: iriTjpl: cn)tpl: ffeips: omAnon'CJ) | xop- 
paioy] xwpaioii 1 : xf''™'<"";'"p53" Anon"(5) | tov 2° — yiiv'] qui 
hal'ilaliatit in terra 1E<= | Trp/ yr]v"\ Seir '3-ed | irujSaX] uojSaX 
mt : Ai'«/'3-ed: Sodol W" : Su/nil Anon' : (ro§av dl : {cro§ap 
31): fff/Sai-p: aa^Xapc^: (ffwX/Sai' 25): ^t-A?/ a-codd | <rc^e- 
7wy] pr Kai x : crcpaiyuf gj : aepeyuiv dp : ffe7£7wv E | ava] pr 
KOI x: ai' 1: ai'ai' e: Auuam Anon': ^HO?- Anon'^ 

21 om Kai 1° pS I ir)ahiv'\ Sei.(Tuv i: Siauv egc^: Sttrui' m 
SattroJf acox: 5r}€Lffwy d: 5tet<rwi' p: STjaacov jv; {St'irtTwc 71) 
X»)(rui' bi : \ria(xuv 1 | om koi 2° p | aaap Ay] oo-fp acmS 
afftip dn : aaitip p : otrai/ o Anon' : Asam Anon' : eaep x : atrap 
jO^'IE rell 331L : {aiap 71) | om koi 3° m | penrwi' Ahipsy] priawv 
e^'(uid)ln: {priaauv 26): pfiyuvA: Beiauvl: SeiiraJ' acox : piiru;' 
Z)Ee' rell | ot Ai] om DE rell | tov xoppoiou] pr trTjttp n : pr trijip 
t: pr (Tieip dp: (pr (n-qp 76: pr <Ti-rpp 107): Chorraeoriuit S | 
Xoppotoii] (pr VLOV 18): X'^pt""" ' I o"i ''■'"' "'""' <r')"P dnpt | tov 
I'loi'] _/7/« (nom pi) W3l : om utou E | trrjeip] o-ieip ef(pr TOi')gi 
mCj' : <m;p 1 : + tov kotoikodi'tos y | ex ti; 71)] ^ /t'r/'i; "S-codd : 
om T-q Dcdlpty 

22 om 5e 1° g | i"oi] pr ot cfgj33 | XopP" *■'>' oi^oi'] 
Email el Choni Anon | xoppf '] X^W Ebghjqtuv : xi'PP') en : 
Chorrc 33''': t7;ii?-r 31: X"PP^' o{xupeei o*) ; x^W Im3S''' ; 
XiJppi; d: XOP" s: (xop' '8): X"P'!P: X"/"" c^ | aipav] epav 
bdmCj: Emman %: ^=r>oOJ Si: Enaiii 3L: Baipav i: Bep-av 
r^ : aiBepav f | aoeX0?;] a5eX0oi Im : aScX^oj d : o5eX0oi'S p j 
om 56 2° Edp I XajTO^ 2°] + X"W ''"' ^Moi' ade\(f>q 5c m | fio/iva] 
S/ii-af: ThamanaW: Themaii Anon' (i): Tham Anon' (i) 

23 woi] pr 01 f33 I o-w;3oX] (TO/SoX dpt : Sohol "3: ^;//w/ 
Anon": (o-o(3a/t 31): .S"oAzrf33'P: o-o/Jo 1: {aujiav 64: ffuXySai' 
25): uoi^Xap c^: 0-07oX m | 7ijXwi' — 70ip?;X] o5(.)M t: (f5u/i 

84) I yui\uv A] 7oXtji' acdnpxc, : ^ CO t^ S : 7toXw/x ZlEfgijoq 
ruy: 70X1^^ el: 70X0^ v: [G']o/ot«3L: 71^X0/^5: GoUam Anon". 
ya\up (79) 3: 7uXu h33 : 7otwi' m: (troXu/i 77): twXom b | 
om KOt I" dp I yuoj'faxoff Ay] pavaKaB egj : pava.xe6 f i : {pava- 
XfB 32: pavaxo-B 20): pavaxo-T dp: /uoj'axor n: l\/aiiachas 
%: pavaxa E: /torax c^,: i-oxcfl r: papaxaB Z»'' rell '333"': 
Maiiachaehat Anon' : Macha Cath Ano\^: MachathW' \ om 




C4 vdxad Kal Vai^ijX, S&5<^ Kal 'n/Miiv. --^Kal ovroi viol le^ejoiv 'Ate xal 'ilvdu- ovt6<: eanv o A 

'fiva? 0? evpev tov "laiJ.eiv iv ry ip7]/j.ip, ore evefiev^ Tii vTro^vyia ^ie^eywv roD Trarp6<; avrov. T !L" 
^2'^ovToi 8e viol 'Xpr'f Atja-wv Kal 'OXt/9e/ia 0vy/m)p 'Avd. ""^ovTOi Se viol Arjawv ' AftaSd xal 
Vs'^f'^,"" '^"' ^'Je^/"'" 'f«' y^appdv. ■^TovToi Se ui'ot :£«ap- BaXani/ /cai ZovKaix Kal luvKa/j. koi g k 
^, OvKUv. ""^ovTOi Be viol 'Peia-wv 'H? xal "\pdfi. -'Jqvtoi >]y€fj,6ve<; Xoppei- ^yeiMwv \o)rdv, 

30 riyeixwv Iw^dX, rjye/Mm' :i€0ey(6v, t^V/ia-i^ Wvd, 2o^yep,wv £^i]<twv, ijyefiaiu tdap, ^yefiwv 'Peiawp- 

31 ovToi ■nyeiiove'i Xoppei eV rat? 7]yefiovlai<i avrcSv eV yj} 'ES'.'tfi. SiRal ovrot ol 0aai\ei<; oi 

32 0a<ri\evaavTe<; ev 'ESwp, irpo rod ^aaiXevaai, 0a<TiXea iv lepovaaX^/j,. 3^Kal e^acrlXevaep ev 

33 'ESto^i V,dXaK vl6<; Tov Bewp, Kal ovofia rf iroXei, avrov Aei>vd/3a. ^^diredavev Be BdXaK, Kal 

34 e^acrlXevaeu dvr avrov '\w/3dB vl6^ Zdpa eV Boo-op/aa?. i^d-rredavev Be 'la)0d0, kuI eiBaalXevaev 

31 01 I"] T) E 


Kai 2° dp I yai{i-n\] ye§ri\ a-dfijmnpr: -,fM'!X 1: 7e/3i7;X c^: 
7ai/3aXx: 7e^aX oS: 7ai/3v s: Geia Anon' : (yeSriX ■jS): hel 
B'P I ffw0] KOI ffu^a fi: kai au^taf, oS : xai (ru^ai' /3(4-/>'i)r: 
Sofa 3L: ffuxpap acquxB"': <ro0ap mc,: 'ia^i'ijE. S: aoKpav h 
Anon : aoip E : (7W;U s | ainav] ofiav m : wfia/j. D : Ufia. egj : 
wvixv a*cf hilnoprv(uid)xCj'aJ3'i'S Anon : i.avav A : Ona[m] % : 
iafxvav t: (ofivav 76: ai/iLav j-i) 

24 om Kai i" — uvok Anon' | koi out-oi] ouroi oe r: oni nai 
dB'f I om vioi p I (re^tyav i»] (re/3ai7wi' g: {ae^ayau nS: 
ceficyaii 76): £U€7ui' c: {^eyuv 31) | aie] aeic o : omi bnr : 
eai dp: ae e: ^(;a Anon': voif E: ai5i t: .-led 3L: tokoi m | 
unav] oi/av m: wva. EiS": ei/oj" 1>: nivav c,: ai/aK defi''np : 
w/ia>' s: Aiinam et hi fiti Sebegon 3L | oirros] outus c | om 
tnTiv b I om DEbd-hi='jlmopqtu | wvas] ^i«;[ffj] 1L : acas 
fi^': aii-os v(mg)c, : pas m : aj'oD(?): aiva Thdt : urai- /:>(?) g 
l(]tiiv(txt)3S: {pvav ^6): avav e: aivav]: e;/a;' b : omKacdnp: 
OwiTW Anon" | tov ia/xctv] fonUm 'Si^: Lizminir Anon' | Toi-] 
TO f I m/icii' Ai>''Ecgjr] la^ii/ eh: laMi)!/ 1 Thdt: eafi(ii> aqsu: 
coMH-btfi: aia^iii-dnx: ata/iTivp: ai/nii' v(txt) : a^tji-m: la/Sii' 
o: laniMdv y: {ia/j-eifi 78): e\/j.eiv fiv(mg)c2 | ep^w] +j5'/aj- 
Anon' I (ore] on 30) | fye/xei/] evfxv b | to. uTroj'ifyia] OHfj Bi* | 
o-e/3e7Uv 2"] oe ex corr n^': post ai/Toy r : ffefiai7&)i' g : {ae^cyaii. 
76) : (Tffiiuv m : cre/Sup dpl3" | om airroK Thdt 

25—30 om !£fp 

25 ara i°] avacer: aivai' nt : ei'a;' bdpc,; Aunam Anon': 
Anor Anon" | ii)aijiv\ Seiaujv x: di^ray egjlm: Se(ruv i^: Baiffoiv 
abcfor: Seau/i c, | ora km d | oXt^e/LO.] oXi/Sai/ia eh: oXt- 
pafia xS: oXi/Sf/xafl t: oXilSafxaO cm: {oXijio/j-aff 76); oXi/3a 
E: (oXi^iai 79): eXi/3e^a iorv: aLXijSena f: eXi/ia/ia adnpJS : 
eXipe/iad h : Xi^apM c^ : EUbathe Anon' : Euiliaihe Anon'' | 
^ii7aTpos o I ttKa 2°] avay e : ya c,13 : aivai' n : eyoi' bdp : 
a/xai' t 

26 ST/trwi"] Sktw;/ egjm : Jfcrui' i^'c^ : aaiauiv acfor : Xi/o-wi" 
i*: Wra« Anon'(l) | a/ia5a] a^mSai v : AmaJait^: Einadan 
Anon: aixaXa. dnp: aJa/ia Ey: ava/xa 1 | om dai i" p | o<r/5av] 
aaa^av h : a<r^iav r : ao-/3a bJS" : aa^an v : - Ti--^ -^ S : 

effjaoi/ cmox 31 : Asman 13'P : ao-;ua/<dnp: (re^af a: aefiati c^ \ 
om Ktti 2° p I leffpoj'] tf(?pa/n diipc, : iffpav b: Ethtiaii ij''' : 
{leaBpav 31.68: lexSpav 71: le^paK 7S): x"Bpav f: Tliasra 
Anon : Tharram Anon" | om /cat x^ppai' ij**' | x'lpp^*'] X^P*^^ 
dps* : Chorrd Anon' : Corram Anon'' : flapa c^ 

27 {woi] pr 01 130) I o-aap Ay] lao-ap D: ao-fp akoxc^Sl : 
aastp m : amp E rell B : Asam Anon' : Asan Anon' | fiaXaav 
AacyB'"] fJaXanay x(p ex corr uid): £a»an 3: ^aXa^ qtu 
Anon : ^oXaa/t Z>'IE rell : Balaam B" | om xoi i" dp | l;ovKa/i] 
<fw/ca^ 20): fouKai- acklmoxc^Sl Anon': Zuai Anon': Zoi-an 
B": o-ouKO^ qu : {^ap.aK 31) | /cat luuKaM] om niB'i'lE'^S' : om 

Kai dp3 1 twt'Ka^l tewuKa/t /? : (tw/fa/:* 20.32: tfurtica;A 70): 
tovKap. bB*" : laovKa^ 1 : twi'^a;' ko : iavKav acx : lu/caf c : ovKav 
qu : tuivajn i ; iwmav r : lupai' f : Osnican 2 : Jtischa Anon' : 
loascan Anon" | /tai ovKav\ sub -7- S: om bi'lB'i' | o\)Ka.v\ 
ovKafi d-hi''jnoprtvy'3[ : MuKa/j. qu : luschan Anon' : lusca 
Anon" : ofitLiv m 

28 oiiToi Of] et hi S | piiaijiv\ piawv cgjqrtuv: pTjtrwi/ Ebln: 
ipiawv c„ : piaaoiv dnip | ws] os ImCj, : om E On ; we ir Anon | 
apa^] apoy D(?)acfikopx3 : apuv n: Arrant Anon': appav 
Z'(?)bdmrs: Arratt/t Anon' 

29 oiToi — Tiye/jLuv i"] rfs X"W oi/rot -qyinovf^ 1 | oi;roi] 
+ 5c ad- gijnpqruvg!E= | 7)76^01/6!] (pr 01 18); pr uio< f | xo/J/ki] 
Xoppi Eglijqs-vc, : xopfn e: (xop' '8): X"P' 'Jp: XOW" b: 
Chorracortvii S | o-u^aX] o-o/3aX dmpt: ffa/Sa\ v: irw/3a5 fi*: 
(roi^ap E : lyofiXaix c^ : ffe^eyufi 1 | o-e/Jt 7MI'] ae^aiywi/ gj : 
cefieywpL Cj : aafiaX 1 : ova f i : irjauv r | riyefiuw 4"] + Tjyefiuv 
1 I a>'a]ayai'C: fva c^ : aivai' nt : epai/dp: Ww/rtB'i': atptyav 
r : S-qffuv f i 

30 om riy(ixav i^ d | OJjffwv] oeioaii'a: oio-wi" cgjl : Siauv 
pB'P : biffffwv m ; deaauf d : dtjaiofi c^ : aefiiyijiv f i : a»'a r | om 
■nyefuoy 2" dg | (700p A/)sy] a<r(p acxc^at : a(ri7p dmp : oo-a E : 
picruj/ r: om g: aaap rell B | riyenui/ 3"] Kai d | peiiruii] piawv 
Eeghjmqtuv: prjuuv bhiB'P : ptaaaf p: (j^qaawv 20): picrw/i c : 
aa-ap r | x^PP^^ — aiToiJ'] om d : om x^PP" — vy^l^oyiais c^ | 
xoppei] pr TOK X : xow />''libglijls-v : xoppv^- X"PP' <i'- XOP" 
p : {xt^pi 78) : Chorracoriim Si \ yy\\ pr Tt\ np | eSw/i] Scir W 

31 om KOI i'B'i' I 01 pacriXds] (om 30): om 01 c, | /3o(f<- 
Xeiio-aPTes] /iatriXeuirorTes 1 : /JoiriXeiioi'res f | om ev i<'{ | eiui/i] 
pr 77; /)acdh(4-ev h*)km-qtuxc,9[S | om Trpo — (32) eSu/x. m | 
jrpo — lepouffaXrjju] a/ifr:i/iu!m regnart-nl filii Israkcl Anon' j 
^ao-iXewai] ytv^aSat yB'i' : om f | om fiairtXia dp | iepowaXi)/i 
Al] i^X />iiE rell SBIES 

32 e/SatriXei'oaK dnp | om cf c, | flaXaaK fi'mqsu | om 
wos— (33) IJaXaK n'E''' | {I'los] pr 84) | om tod bcdhlptc, | 
/Seoip] (Saiwp begjprx: (/iaiwi' 79) : S(/>/i/wr 'B, : +/Sa<nXeiis /iua/i 
dp I Sei-^-a^a] S(i>ye(ia j: Demiitba iVnon': Sew/ia fc._,B" : 
Dinaha B'p : Soi-a/ia On : Scava^a s : Seva/SaX 1 

33 om 5e df | jSaXax] fiaXauK i*mqs : (SoXex E: fiaK 1 | 
om e/JaoiXei/o-ec n | om a»T auTou g | om m^ad — (34) airrou 
dp I lufiaS A] io;3a/3 m: /adai .\non'(J): iwa/Ja^ 1: (tafia/j. 
79: iai/Sa« 128): iw/joK E: lua/Sg: iwfi a(mg) Chr Anon'(.}) : 
iw^ajS />'ia(txt)y»'(i^a)3 y*) rell aB Thdt : +oi>to? eariy iu§ 
k(mg) Anon'(^) | om vwi — (35) aoaS E | j-apa] Zar,: A : ^apoK 
1 I e». ^oo-oppat] eATOoo-opas a* : f^oaaopas a"' | fJoaoppat] /Soffopos 
eiaB" Tlidt : floaaopas gjnquvB'i' : (Soffirupas 1 : fioppopas m 

34—39 om !£ 

34 iu;3a/j] io;3a^ m: iua/So(S I»': iuo/So,a 1*: (iui/3ait 31) | 
om Kat — (37) (TaXa^a y*(hab y** in mg) | oin aiTo/A — (3;;) airrof 




A avT avTov ' Aabfi e'/c 717? &efiav(ov. ^Sd-rreffavev Be 'Aaofi, Kal €^aa-i\ev(T€v dvT avTov 'ASaB vl6<; 35 
BapdS, 6 eKKO-^a's MaStn^ eV rm ireSiw Mwct/S* Kal ovofia tj) iroXei ainov Ve66difi. ^('d'rreOavev 36 
Be ' ABdB, Kal e^a(Ti\evaev dvT avrov 'S.aXafjid €k MaaeKKa^;. ^^ direOavev Be 'EaXafid, koX e/3a- 37 
aiXeva-ev dvT avrov 'SaovX eK 'Vow^wO rrj'i trapd TTOTafiov. 'i^direOavev Be 'S.aovX, Kal i^aai- 38 
Xeva-ev dvT avrov BdXaevvoiv u/o? ' A'^^o/Scop. 39 direOavev Be BaXaevvoiv uto? 'Axo^oip, Kal 39 
e/3acnXeva-ej> avr avrov Apd9 vi6<; Bapd$- Kal ovop^a rfj iroXei, avrov (i>6ya>p' ovopa Be ry 
yvvaiKl avrov Mere^er/X, OvydrTjp MarpaelO viov Mefoo/S. ■^°ravra rd 6v6p,ara rwv r)yep.6v(ov 40 
VLaav ev ratf (f>vXai<; avrwv Kara tottov avrwv, iv rait; ■^wpai'; avrcov Kal iv rot? edveaiv avrwv' 
rjyefiwv ®a/j,vd, r}yep,wv VtoXd, I'lyefiwi' 'lef3ep, '^^ I'^yefjuiv 'E\LJ3ep,d<;, i^yep-wv 'HXa?, )jye/J,(ov 4>(.i'e9, 41 

35 TraiSiM A 37 poa^aB A'] poaaB A* 

38 om iws — (39) ^oKaevyuv A*(hab A""^) 

39 "Xo^wrf XO/Sup A* (a suprascr A") | evyarrip fiaTpauff] rjp p.a sup ras (3) A"' 


1° f I airon] aiTW/x egilmquCja-codd : aaffw/j. j: Asor Anoir | 
e/c y-ns] (pr o 83) : ht terra 'S.-tA \ yr,% Acdp] pr tt)! /)='! rell | 
ffeM""""] ''olMai'w'' />''aceghik"loq-x : TXivwaw Anon°: Baip-av 
dp: Thamanacorum 'E-ed 

35 ao-o^i] aaap. egilmquc,: aaauiti j: +(k 77/5 BaiiJ-av c* : 
+ ex T);s 77)S Bainavun quy'' (31) Join y^ | om 7J)! 31 | 
Bf/xavuv y'']l | auTou i"] +tiios fjjpa ex pocroppas atreBave 5e 
lo^ap. Kai f^a.<n\ev<T(v avr avrov p | aSaS] aSaB m : aSar dnp ; 
aSSa On-cod: apad i \ jSapaS] fiapaB q: /3apa/c Ic, Annir: 
;3aSa5 ox: /SaXaS a: .-^rm/ B" | (0] koi 14. 16. 77} | exKOi^as] 
fCKOi|ta! iir: Trarafas i"' | ixaSmix] Mazian Anon'' | (tw irfOiw] 
T17 x""?" 2°) I MWj" E I yeBBai/j.] yeBBaa/i e : yeBBe/M ctx : 
7fT9ai/xdnp: Cet//um Anon' : yeBai/j. do : ysBf/i a.mcJ^iS On- 
ed : 7£Seo On-cod : reBBatu i* 

36 om 6e g | aSaS] aSar dnp: aoa/« E: aSa o: a55a r: 
apad f : a7a5 m | a-aXafna A] <i'^:3il£0 ^ : Sahiia Anon" : 
(TeXe/iam: aaia/iaW': a5a/ia E : cra^aAaK dpt : <ra/xa5a egh*j : 
aafiaa bquy'' : aa/jiaa r : aa/jiOaK n : aa/xaXa D rell 333 | hk] pr 
dnp: om % \ /lacrcKKas] ^0(re\KO! c, : /xaa-CKKa qu(om e u*) : 
/xeaeKKas v : /iaffireKKas a : (/uetro-eKKas 30) : fiaireKas dp Anon" : 
juacnre/fas ej : /xaap-qKais) On-ed: /iaci<rp7)xa(s) On-cod: {aa/xi- 
fK/v-as 71): ,%?«(7rfX-(; BC-zfaj 13"): fferas m : Kas 1 

37 aaXafia A] i« C-n^ m jj : (raXfia E: craSap-a h^: crafxa- 
Xa/t dnpt: <rap.aSa h*: ira,uaa bquy'': off^aa r: p.a\aK o: 
(TafiaSa ck naaeKKa^ egj ( [es] cai 73 | /j.aa-creKKas 
73-77 = /laffexas 16.18: ^aatreKas ejj : (ra,aaXa Z) rell SB"' | 
ffaoiiX] ffooi; m : crOyUOUTjX i'' | f /c pow/iuiS] pr knt : ex KobotJi 
ciuilatem Anon' : de ciiiilate Roboth Anon° | pou/3ai^] {puufSuiB 
16): poo^wB fi: (pojSuaB 31): Robooth B''' : Roboth B" : po/jof* 
mc^S-codd: Raboth%-tA: poulioirn: pojioT dp: {/jouSwS 30.73. 
77: pooBwB 79): pu)w(?a)(? gj : poo^o^ e : pow^ow(^r: (pw/5oui5 20) : 
poujuB A* : poyojB 1 : Bifiitip E | Trora/zof] Trora^wf e* : Trora/itas f 

38 aouX f* I jSaXaei'i'Wi'] pr c^ : (paWaevvuv 64): jiaXa- 
fvuv Z)ef ilmp : Ballaenon SB" : Balaeiiioii B'p : jiaXaeffup Ey : 
(/SoXeewui' 71): Balfinwti Anon' : paWevvwv x* : /SaXXei-uy bqu 
Anon' : {fJaWauv 31)] axo/5wp] axw/3wp b : Ocliobor 3 : axu^ap 
m : xo/S"/' -Ory : aaxojiuip i : axojioiB o : Agnobor Anon 

39 aTTf^ai'ei' — axo/3wp] om e: om 6c gl | fiaXaevvuv vios 
axo/Swp] KOI auTos d | ^aXacn'w;'] (/SaXXttei'Z'ui/ 64) ; fiaXaevoii/ 
Z)filmp: Ballaenon SB": Balaeiiwn B''': /SaXaci'pup Ey: 
{^aXetvav 71): ^oKKaiav bqu Anon': (fiaXKawv 31) | wos 
axo^Mp] pr a: om i^'nprsB | axo/3up] axo/iop o: Ochobor 
3: axw/iap m(rax- m*): x"^"? A'ZJby: aaxo^ap i* | om 
(cai 1° IB I apaff AEbhmtyB'i'] apoff s: apaS Z>''egjB"' Anon: 
apa,ii 1 : oppar n : aoaS acikovxc^^ On : a55a5 r : ap5a5 qu : 

aoaX dp: hpap. f | I'tos jSapa^] pr o: sub-:-^: om (71) 
Anon' I ^apaB AltyB] i3apa s : 0apa5 dp : /JapaS Z)si>E rell S 
Anon': T^"\t<lr3 ^ | <^oywp\ ipwyiiip i : <f)oyop np : <f>oyu}^\^\ 
^"i^^CVSi S : 0opa)p c, : 0woy ililuid) : {ippoayup 84) : xo/3wp 1 : 
(Xf^wp 71) I OKOyita 5e] KOI oi/o^ia EpB : om 5e b | /icre^SfTjX] 
Metebel Anon': p-tra^i^-riK hqtuxc,3-edB'i' : Metabel Anon° : 
/xare^e-rjX n : Alatabeel B'^' : p.e7}Tafierj\ o : p-ivra^f-qK a : fxare- 
(SoiiTjX dp: {fj.eel)er)\ 3i(ind)): Mesabcel S-codd : ra^e-qX c: 
(i€^f7iX { I Biiyarpi m' \ parpafiB A] p-arpfB e : Mathraith 
B: parpatd f: piarpai h*: p^arpa-q h*^': fxarpab ir Anon^: 
Afatrab Anon': parpa. mo: papaiB E: fxaT^B c^^-ed : Matethr 
•S-codd : parpiSad dnp: arpaeiB y: para-qX 1: parpaiB D^^^ 
rell I I'lou] iiioi o | pe^oofi AEabrvy] ^icfool Z) : /toifoo^ 
ikqux: pei^o(j^ cgjm: pei^w^ h Anon': Mezab Anon": Alazob 
91: Mcsob B": M^^oo<j> dnp: (/^ej-ow^ 76.84): /xefew0 t: pefoo- 
<pov c^: pe^ooK s: /iaifooX f: /iffof 1: {/jefc/3w/3 79): pel^e^oup 
e: (pe^f(3ooi6 1 8): £2()i5 B'P : ^ffooi o 

40 ravra — 7)7e/io>'M>] pr Kai kxlE: hi sunt duces W^ | ovo- 
^ara] (Ta.para b [ TWi' 7;7e/xoi'WJ'] p\ Jiliorum Esait et 3: (rwi' 
I'tw;^ 25): + oi'Tot Tjyepope^ tov xoppctiou tod I'lOl' crteip ci* tt; 77; 
65w/i e7f»'Oi'To ot I'iot Xwrac X^PP'- '^^^ aipav adeXtpot Se Xorray 
Bapva ovroL be vlol tTujj3aX g* | -qaavl 01 -qtrav m | /cara roTroi'] 
;;/ omni loco ,S ] tottoc] tottwc fgx* : rojroi'S k^B : irpoawirov 
D I auTwy 2°] -r e** Tots ovopaaiv avTiiiv qu (31.128) =S{om rots 
31.128) I om ev 2° — {43) avTUiv 1£ | om ev 2° — ^'ai moCj. | ev 
2°] pr Kai k I om xai ac | om ev 3° 1 | eBveaiv'X ovopaaiv mc^ | 
ai'Twy 4*^'] sub -:- S: •\-ev roi'i ovopaaiv avrwv ackx9[(pr Kai kx) [ 
777f/.twi' ^ttjupa] om g : om 'qyepoiv 1 | Bapva] Thaniana ^ ; 
Baipav ef^ijr: Bepav f* Anon: Elibamas dux Themna B"^ | 
om -qyepoiv 2° dl | 7(uXa] 70X0 dip : 7aXa nB : Golla Anon' : 
aXoi'a On-ed: aXXouS On-cod: Bapva egjr: ffapvav f i : Xuirav 
amxCg^S : XwXav o : iwraM c ; -f rqyepwv Xwrav k | -qyepiav 
3°] om d: +Tiyepoiv 1 | if/3ep A] leBep />^'iEbhqsuvy : laBep 

On: ifflffiaclot: leBaiBx: leBaB k<S.WP ■■ leBepc,: "TJmcuS: 
Tefthe Anon : leBoop n : effoo/i dp : leaXeB m : TVicM B" : 011'wj' 
fir : (peivwv gj : (p-qvwv e 

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eXi/Saiyuaj h: eXifiepav n: eXifiapai c^B'i': eXeipapas /'(aid): 
eXifiapav dp ; Elinias Anon' : Telintas Anon' ; oXi^epas OS : 
oXi(iapas acm On-ap-hier: oX(/3a/xa kx ; Olibattiasa %: 7wXa 
gijr: 7oXa e | riyepwv 2**] om d: -f7;7e(Uwi' 1 [ T/Xas] T^tXas 
nptCj : iXas v : 17/Xas d : ijXo acox3 : oiXa m : -qXaB On : Alas 
B'f' : .^/(7/(Zy B": /fecef fgijr : Kci'ai' e | om -qyepicv 3° dl | <pives 
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/Jadkpx: ^t/i'ojt' mii3 : 0aii'a)co: tpeiXojv s: le^epegjr; ie^e^ fi 




*'' ^fiy€fia)V Keve^, rfye^iojv Sai/^dv, j'jyeficav Ma^dp, ^j/ye/xwi' MctoBi^X, i]ye/j,Q)v Zatfycoec- ovToi A 
ijyefiovei 'E8w/j, ev rah Karancohoixijfiivai'i ev rfi yfi tt}? /erijcreo)? ainrnv. ovrof 'Ho-av iraTijp 

XXXVII ' ^'KaTWKei Se 'laKW0 ev rij y^ ov irap^K-qaev 6 iraTTjp avrov, ev yrj Xavdav. ^avrai Be ai § L"' 

yevicret'i 'iaKw/3. 'Iwarjfp Bexa eirra ercov rjv ■woifiaLvtoi' fiera twv uhe\<^oiv avTov to. Trpo/SaTa, 
wv veo<;, /MeTo. rojv v'loov BdWa^ Kal fierd twv v'lwv Ze'Xc^o? rwv yvvaiicoyv tov Trarpo^ avTov- 

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'\eo(T)j(f) trapd irdvTa'i Toif! ^vloix: avTov, oti vlo'i yy'jpovt ^v aiiTio- e-rroirja-ev Be aintp x''"''^""- ^ ^* 

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5 avTov, eftia-tjcrav avTov, Kal ovk eBvvavTo \aXelv avTw oiiBev eiprjviKOV. SivvTrviaa6el<i Be lm(Tr)<f> 

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XXXVII 3 Tjyairo] riya A 
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7 opa7/itaTa I°] Spox^ora AZJE | eiiniaa A | iraiSiu A 

42 Tyyc/j.uif I"] + ■qy(ii(jiy 1 | Kfctf] /cai;'(f m : Keves bly; 
Kfi/afOn: Kez'e.fijs qu : Gemz Anon' : Cenet/tz Anon' : /tafap ef 
gi^'jr: /wafep i* | om riye/iav ffai/xav c^ | om ■qyeiioii' i" dl | 
6at/w,i>'\ 8ffuw Ebcdnp: d-qnav k: Themna Anon: ^i:sia\ Sk: 
eXi/Se/uas r : eXi^f/iia e : e\fi(3e/ia j : e\i(3ei/as f i : eXififXo g | 
ityifiaf 3°] om d: +riyef).ai' 1 | )ial^a.p] fio-ifp q Anon': fiaffap 
On-cod(uid): /iajiirap x On-ed: Naziir U'P: ^:«;- J3": fterf- 
5tj;X e : /xe^eSfT/X fgij : yu.a7e5tT7X r 

43 om TjyepiUjv 1° dl [ fj.€TodiT}\ A] incert /?: /ie7o5ti7X y: 
ficyeSiTjXbqluc^: ^a7e5ii)XabcklovxOn Anon: A/a^ede/'B: A'ege- 
fl?/d/J3''' : yep.^bL'qX n : eye^L-qK d ; i7€5iT;X p ; /AaXeXiT/X E : Maliel 
is* : /;ta7a5(et^ m ; iiay^hi s : TjXas r : tXay egj : ijiXa fi(uid) | 
tp^fp-iav 2**] om df: 4- 7/76^011' 1 | ta0wet A] fw^aet y; i^atpweifi 
gij On : ^a(j>ouii m : ~JpMf^CiZ^^\ $ : s'ai0aici|i k : l^e^oeifi n : 
fo0O€t/A dp : i^av<piO€ifjL f : fa0i'€t/i Tryf/^wi' 1 : fa^wiy bt : fa^oet*' 
c^ : ^aipoiv e : i'aipaeiy DIE, rell : Zap/tain 13 : Zaboin 3 : Eram 
Fazoin Anon {-;p« Anon°| | 7)7e^io>'6s] pr 01 y13 | fSujn i'>] ai/8u;u 
n I (ec i°] Taty TroXetjt 76) \ \-aTtoKo5o/xT7/iei'ats] KaTuiKodo/j-T]- 
aafftv o : -(- airrwi' klSS | om ei' 2° n | om tt/s n | KTijaeoj^] 
K-Tt(r€W5 bfhijmoxC2* : KaTOLKTjaetJs Ednp [ ouros] pr ef 31E : 
ouToi f : auTos egj : + t [ Trariyp] pr m : Trap p 

XXXVII 1 KaTWK€i] KaTojK7]<re egjlSIE: irapwKTjae i^' Chr | 
01/ — x^"^'"-*''! 0.1'Tov 1 I 01'] 7} fmr: 77c i^(uid) | om TvtxT-qp 
avTov E 

2 om 5e 1° bBP'*' | luinttp i"'] +5f fqnJS"'2 | Sexa — tjc] 
CTfTo. KtLi Sexa erojv riv Phil-codd : crtav 5eKa iina rjp aosC2 : erwc 
eirra Kat deKa rjv c : erwc i^i' tf' m : tjv erwi' if f | CTrra] pr Kat 
Equ Cyri | eTwv'] post 77;' r Cyr^ | i]v TroipLaivwv] eirotfiei'e n : 
yfyovws TTOifxatvijjv t]v Cyr-ed^: +5e Phil-codd | [lera i" — 
ai'Tov i"^] post Trpo^ara 15 : om w : om avrov L Phil | Trpo^ara] 
H-Toi> Trps avTov Z>be-krsw131E: ( + tov Trps avruv 79) | av veos] 
« OS uiv Cyr-ed : om n | iiera. 2" — ffX^as] pr fiera tuv viioy Xiat 
Kai d(om Kai)ny: <rvv viois /SfXXas Kai idiots f"ea^as I'hil-codd ) 
/3aXXas] |3a\as dc,* : Xeia! fiaXas p | om /iCTa tu;' uiu;' 2"" p | 
om rotv 4** L Phil-codd | ywaiKojv] TraXXa^wf v(mg) | om tov 
Phil-ed I auToy 2°] avrojv c^ | A'aT7;pe7Kaj'] KaTt]vtyK€v La*df 
i*kmnptxS Cyr-ed i: (oiTrr]KyKav 20): tirTiviyKav Chr-edJ: 

XXXVII 2 KaTT)veyKa.v—Tovripov'\ a' et ferebai losefh calutnniam malam super eos % \ Kart\v(yKav\ 
CjSpaiOS KtlTj)veyK^v jc^Com a') : a' Ka-r-qv^yK^v ff' Kai itfupiv v 
3 TrofKiXo*'] a' arpayaXojy <j' r\ KapTrorrov v 

SEPT. 105 


ferebanl 3 | iwa-q(p 2 "] pr koto i-^r : post irovrjpop dnpSlS : 
inKw^ h I Lapa-qX — ai/rwi'] toi" Trpa avrov irjX rfS'P | i.apa-r]K] 
post avrav !£'' : laxw^ ly : om S | outm;'] avrov I.bdfi'kopyB 

3 mKu^J i^X /Jacxc^aS | nyavrjafv L | woi/s] .ious A4 : 
a5cX(^ous Diy \ I'los yvpous] pr h : ..aoipwv A4 | 7)» oitu] (ev 
aiTM 1 07) . dns erat 9H3 | eiroiTjoev Of] ... cvoirfaev A4 | oi/Tu 2»] 
avrov m 

4 5e] om A4d : -(- ai'Tov D(-I-Z>)L | om avrov 1° LA4(uid) 
Chri I airro;' 1° — auroii 3°] o TrTJp ai/Toi' irtpto-ffoTtpoi' tuk aXXwK 
i^iXci p I avrov 1° —Trar-qp] Trarijp ai^rov i^iXei Chr Jr Cyr | avrov 
e0iX«] 0iXei avrov d9 : om avrov e | f 0iXei — oi'tou 2°] o rarrip 
aiTou ^iXei ChrJ | e(ptXeL TrarTjp] 0iXei ir^p abckmoyS : 
x^p (^iXei />i'(D""')ELe-jlnq-w(e0iXei i^r) Or-gr Chr J | «j>i\ci] 
i)ya.. A4: airiat is \ avrov 2° ABChrJ] avruv A4acm1S'-^: om 
/>'1EL rell aS Or-gr Chr 5 Cyr | f k — vuav] vapa iravras tous 
inoi'S h '3(uid)13(uid) : uTrep tous aXXoi'S viovs Chr J : «.i; omnibus 

fratribits E'P | om ruv vi.oiv avrov 'E' \ {avrov 3°] avrov 79) | 
{cfii(Triaav] ffj)Xw(rav 71) | aurov 2"] 4- 01 oSeX^oi Ldhlnp : -Hoi 
aSeX^oi avrov D( 4- Z')bfikrstwB1E'P | ovk — ovSev] ovBev -riSv- 
vavro XaXciV avroi Chr f | XaXav] post avru Lb(airro)cfhikn : 
XoXTjo-ail: Xa/JeiJ" m | avru] avrov m* | ovdev Df-fZ'jLaklm 
oswc^ 1 iip-qvLKOv] firivLKiOv m 

5 evvTTVLairdeii'] evvTTviaadfi n : evvwvia(r$Tj s | 5e] ow f | 
a7r?;77€iX(j'] pr rat sB" : avqyyctXev \ \ oijto] aurw E*(o supra- 
scr E''')bfijn: om Z)(contra Djacegjkmqs-vxc^aES Chr | 
avrovl +Kat Trpo<r(Oi]Kav en fiKxav avrov acmoxc,9S(sub -i^-) 
[exi] rov Cj : om o] 

6 om avTois h | aitoi/crare] aKOvaam: -t-S?) ek: +/i.ov{io) 
Chr-ed | rov — 01;] ro evvirviov rovro c^ | rovrov] pr fMov kiS ; 
IJ.OV f : om dpya I ov cvvwviaaSriv] ov evvwvia<rap.riv Lbdnpw : 
om Chr 

7 oifi-qv — TTtSioj] era (ramus in campo (mtdio campi JS'P) 
ligantes mattipiilos B | up.-r[v — dpaypiara i»] uidebam mani- 
piihs uestros IE | wmj?"] oiojUTjf n'' : ttidebam & : -f eyu t | u^as] 
ijjuas fikmn*xa Phil-ed Chr-codd Cyr-ed : om c^ | Beo-fieveiv] 
post Spayfiara 1° fS: ScT/xtiv c, | om fi«ru DO'S. | tou ireoiou 
Ecdfilmnprwc^ | xat oi-effT?;] ....rexit IL: ai/effTij 5e Phil | 

(Tupos /cat 




A Spdjfia Koi U)p6w6ri' 7repi(TTpa(f}€VTa Be ra Bpayfiara vfxcov TrpoffeKvvrjaav to ipov Bpdyp,a. 
^elirav he uvtm ol oBe\^o{, M^ ^aaiXevcov ^aaiXevaeK; e<^' /;^a?, rj Kvpievrov Kvpievaeif rjp,<av ; 
Kal TrpoaedevTO ert pnaelv avrov eveKev tmv evvirviaiv avTOv Kol eveKev t&v prjfidrtov avTov. 
% ^4 ^^iBev Be evvTTViov erepov, Kal Bi'rjyijcraTO avro rS irarpl avrov koI roi<i dBeXcfjol'i avrov, koX elirev 
IT A4 ^\Bov evvTrvidardrjv evvirviov erepov waTrep o t)\io^ koI rj aeXrjvr) Kal ei'BeKa^ darepes irpoaeKvvovv 
p,e. '■"Kai everbfj^ricrep avrw o TraTtjp avrov Kai ebirev 1 1 to evvirvLov rovro o epvTrviacrur]<; ; apa 
ye eX.0ovTe<; ekevaop,e6a eyd> re Kal rj fujrrjp crov Kal 01 dBe\(f)ot aov rrpotrKvirjaaC aoi errl rrjv yrjv ; 
^^ e^rjXwcrav Be avrov ol dBeXipol aiirov' 6 Be Trarrjp avrov Bierrjprjaev rb pfjfia. '^'Etto- 

pevdrjcrav Be ol dBeX(f>ol avrov /SoaKeiv rd irpo^ara rov Trarpb<; avrwv «'? Si'^e/i. ^^Kal elrrev 
'laparjX rrpo<; 'laar'jcf) Ov^ ol dBeX(f)ol aov rroiixaivovcriv ev Su^fyu; Bevpo dTroarelXia ae 77/309 
avrov^. elrrev Be avrw ^\Bov efyw. ^■^ elrrev Be avrm IcrparjX Ylopevdel^ IBe el vyialvovaiv ol 
dB€\<f>ol aov Kal rd rrpo^ara, '/cat* dvdyyeiXov jioi. Kal drrearetXev avrov eK rf)? KoiXdBo'; xr}? 
\e^pd)v Kal rjXdev el<; Su^^e/x. ^S/cal evpev avrov dvOpoiiro'; rrXavwjxevov ev rw rreBtai' r'jpcorrjaev 
Be avrov 6 dvBpwrro^ Xey(i)V Tl ^r]rei<; ; '^o Se etTrei' Toi"> dBeX^ov<; /xov ^rjrdo- drrdyyeiXov p.01 
rrov jBoaKOvaiv. ^7 g^rrj-ev Be avra dvdptoTro^ 'AmjpKaaiv evrevOev r'jKOvaa yap avrcov Xeyovrmv 

7 dpayfxa t°] dpaxfJ^o. ADK | dpayfiara 2°] SpayxfJ'-o.Ta A: Spaxi-LO.Ta /)E | bpayixa 2^'\ dpayxfJ-o- A: 
9 eiSeM Z>'' 10 cireTftiirjcro' A 

14 KM 2°] ei A 15 TrXai'OjUf^'Oi' E*(-vMyii- Y,^) | TraiSiw AE*{7re5- E") 

SpaXfJ-o. D 


afoip^w^T^dfi^^jlnprtwChr | 7rtptiTTpa0ei'7a5e] KanrepiaTpatpevra 
ackmopxc^lL : om 5e dl3'i' | dpaypiara i-juajp] v^ojv dpayp.aTa mr: 
vfj.€T€pa. dpay/xoLTa Chri | TrpoatKvvi}(X€i' b | to €^ov 5payfj.a 2°] 
Tw e/xoi dpayp-an Cyr-ed 

8 eiTTov a-dfim-pC2 | om aurw I | ot aSeX^ot] om yl£ : 
+ avTov i>''Eabce-hi"kmqrsuw3381LS' | om ^aaCKmwv dp | 
fiaatXtvaits f-ikorsx^'c^ Phil-cod-unic Chr-ed | om f0 f*g*h | 
77^as] I'/^as p* ; 'qpiujv ahilmortx : rifjLLV Phil [ Kvpuvatis^ Ki'piev- 
iryjs f-ikx'' Phil-cod-unic Chr-ed: Kvpicveis E | Tj/iwi"] ■q/j.LV I: 
ijpLas f : c<p Tj/xas c | irpoaedeTo n j 6ti] pr to e: om m|3 Phil : 
{ + T0 18) I eveKev i"] eveKa Phil | om tuv 1" — eveKev 2° m \ 
Tov evvirviov p?E | avTov i^] ai'rai^ b | om Kai 2° — avTov 2° Lf 
x*'3l-cod I eveKev 2°] eveKa Phil ; om pl3'i* Chr [ pTjfj.a.Twv'] 
\oyiijv E I auTOu 2°] TOVTOiV m 

9 tbev'] eiire bk : evvTrviaaBrj A4 | 5e] + Kat d | evvtrvtov i^^] 
post erepov 1° fikrw3l3L | om Kai i^ — erepov 2° p | di-qy-rjaaro^ 
aiTTjyyeiXev w | ai/ro] avru cdhn*y: om Ej^ Phil ] rw — Kai 
2°] — patri suo •< -r- et •< %: om A4(ui(l)33"' | om avrov \" Phil | 
om Kai 2° — avrov 2° mlE | avrov 2''] om Cyr-cod : -)- ct patri 
j«fl 13" I om ihov— erepov 2° Phil | evmvia(T6T\v Aefgjmy] pr 
ego 33" ; evvrrviacQei^ evvirvia<^ap.T]v i : evv7rvia(Tap.y]v /^^''E rell 
Cyr(post evvirviov 2° 1 Cyr-cod): tiiihbam ^: om L | evvirviov 
erepov 2°] alhid somniitfn 1L | wairep] w^t/j/ on irepi: Kai i5ov 
A4: et ita somniutn ciiis'S,: + ecce 38 | om f* Phil-cod-unici | 

om t; Chr | cfSeica] pr 01 m : e A4 : 01 L Or-gr | /uc] p.01 In 

Or-gr Chr 

10 Ka.1 i°] pr Ktti di7]yT]aaT0 avro rui irpi avrov Kai rois 
ade'X^oLS avrov acmxc^^i^^ub •^•) | avrio] avrov fix: om c | 
om avrov Phil | eiirev A'3133'P IMiil] -!- avrov k: +avro) />''EL 
rell 33"1£1LS Chr Cyr | rovro ro evvirviov jv | rovro] om c^S 
Phil^: -i-Ji/t mi ^ \ om 2"^ Phil A | evvirviaaOiji] evvirviaaOei 
c: + reKVov (i^^r | om eX^o;'r€S plE Phil-.V Chr^ | om Te fikms 
xCj Phil I om (Tou 1° Philf | om cov 2° Phil^ Chri | irpoir- 
KvvTfijovaiv b I ffoi] (re mpt Phil J 

11 om 5e 1° g I avrov] post avrov 1° m: om Lr* Chr | 
om Oi r* I om avrov 1° Phil | om o — avrov 2" y* \ avrov 2°] 
eoiiim ^'v: om dfikm-pwc^SIL Phil Chr | dieriipijaev] Sierijpei 
£"333 Cyr : notaiiit sibi 3L 

12 (om totmn comma 31) | (jSoctkeii'] pr rov 18) | irpojiara] 
-t- avTuiv v(mg) | om roc irarpos 1£*^t> | eis] ev dp 

13 L(rpai]\ ir/>os tcucTTj^] Trpos Lwai)(p iri)p avrov e ) irpos I°] 
Tw or I ovx\ ovxi tlegnpu Cyr-ed( 4- 7ap) : ovk ibov 133'p Chri 
Cyr-cod(-t-7op): iSoi' PhiH : om 1£i* | om ot n | iroipiaivovaiv] 
irpOfTfxevovo'iv dp: ^OGKOVffiv Chr^; om 3£ j ev] ei^ Z>''ELabc 
e-kqrsuvyc, Chr [ oix^p. Cyr-ed | Sevpo] -f Kat a: +ovv Phili | 
aTroffretXttj] airotrreXoj degjnpy Cyr-ed : aTrooreXXtti f | eiirev de] 
5e eiirev Phil : Kai eiirev ht Cyr : ei respondit It | om avria — 
(14) 5e mw I avroi] iioirri<p df: om h3L Phil: + luaijif) nop33" 

14 eiirev 5e] Kai eiwev hk | avrw] irpos avrov m: om egj | 
icrpaT)\] sub — &: (0 rrrjp 71): om c3£3t Phil Chr | iropevdei^] 
-f St) k I om et cej w | <roi>] o-ot t : om n | Kat 2°] ei A : om cd 

ja?|glp I ai'a77eiXo:'] pr e\dwv m: a7ra77etXoi' Z>bdknopv(txl) 
x I /lot] +piiiJ.a acmxC2'E(uid)S(sub •^•) : +ro pr/fjia v(mg) | Kat 
aTreoT.] OTreoT. de a | ai^rov] aifrous f [ om rijs 2° dp | x^i^P^^] 
;^e/3ptt) V : x^4'P^^ ^^ '• X^M/^/'wi' j : x^^^^'^ L | ijXOov c^* | avxep.] 
Sycit % 

15 ai'TOf I"] post ac^puJTros i^Phil-edi: aiTtjf | ev rtji irehiw] 
ev rt) o5io y Phil ' : rij o8oj w | ijpionjaev 8e] Kai i)pu}ri]aev egj 
Phili; /cat enripiiinjcrfv v(mg)w; et interiogauit %: om 5e h | 
om avBpuiros 3E Phili | om \eyu>v bwc^ii, Phil | ri ^rireii] quid 
ijiiaereret 3L 

16 5e eirrcv] et dixit ei loseph 3E: -^r avroi Lir | tous — (17) 
5e] om f : om tous — f»)Ttj IE | fi/rw] pr eya Phil^ | a>'a77etXo>' 
D(-f Z))La-dhikm-prsvwxCj Phil Chr | /not] -f St; k | /SoffKOtnTti/] 
+fratres met 15 

17 om 5e Phil-codJ | ai'rtu] post avBpuiros Phil-codi: om 
s I (om 31) I airijpKaaiv] airijp-nKacriv \: airijpaaiv i*(uid)m: 
airrjpav i^ | i^Kovira yap] et audita ^1E( -1 autcm) \ yap] autem 

7 irepi<TTpa<pevra be] a' Kai ibov cKi'KXttitra a' Kai ojaavi irepieKVKXiotrav v 

14 et — irpojiara] a'a' ri\v eiprjvijv rwv aSeXipujv aov Kai rijv eipijvrjv rwv ^offKijpiarojv aov j(sine nom)v5[[ trou 2^] eorunrl^ ; a' rijv 
eipijvijv rojv aSeX^uv trov Kai rwv lioaKi]fj.arwv c^ 




n.opfvO<?ifiev eiV ^(oOdei/x. xal eiropevOtj 'Iwatjcf) KaTotriaOev twv iiSe\(j>Q)i' avrov, Koi evpev A 

18 'ai/TOi/?^ 619 ^(oddeifi. ''^TrpotSoi' 8e avrov fiaKpoOev irpo tov iyyiirai avrov 77/309 avrov'i' Kal 

19 tiropevovro arroKrelvai avrov. ^^eiirav 8e eKaaro<i^^ irpo<; rov dSe\<f>ov avrov 'ISoii 6 evvirvia- 1 L 

20 <rrr]'{ ixelvo-i ep'^eraf ^°vvv ovv hevre drroKreiveofj-ev avrov, Kal plylro/xev avrov €49 eva rdSv XaKKtov, 
II Kai epovfiev ("tifpiov rrovijpov Kare<f)ay€v avrov Kal 6-^6fie6a ri eariv ra ivinrvia avrov. "ukov- 

aa<; Se Vov^rjv e^eiXaro avrov ex rwv ^eipwv avrciiv, Kal el-rrev Oi) Trard^o/j.ev avrov el<; tlrv)(^>jv. 

22 "etTTej/ Be avroli; 'Poii/3';J' M>7 SK-x^erjre alp,a- efj.^dXere 8e avrov el<! eva rwv XaKKfuv rwv iv rrj 
epi]/j,a), %6tpa Se /u.}] eireveyKTjre avrui- ottcu? i^iXrjrai avrov sk rwv yeipwv avrwv Koi drroBm 

23 avrov rw rrarpl avrov. '^eyevero Be rjviKa r]Xdev Iwarjcf) 7rpo9 rov<i dS€X(j)ov<; avrov, i^eSvaav 

24 TOV lo}(77j(t) rov ■)^irwva rov rroiKiXov rov irepl avrov, --^ Kal Xajiovre'i avrov eppi^^av et9 rov 
2 J XuKKov o he XdKKOt; eKeivo'S vSwp ovk et%ej'. ^^eKudiaav Be (par/elv aprov Kal dva^Xe-<^avre<; 

roi'i o(j)6aXp,ol<; lBov, Kal iBov oBoiiropoi 'lafia^jXeirai i'^p-^ovro eK VaXadB, Kal 01 Kd/MtjXoi, avrwv 

26 eyefiov dv/j.iaf/,drwv Kal piru'ij<i Kal araKr?]';- erropevovro Be Karayayelv eh klyvn-rov. ^''elrrev 

Be 'Ioi;Sa9 tt/oo? T0119 dBeX^ow avrov Tt ^pijacfiov iav dTtoKreivcop,ev rov dBeX<f>ov r)/j,wv Kal 

17 aSeXtpuv — avTovi] om trat (vpev avTovs A*"'^^{<p<ov avrov koi in nig, evpe sup ras A'', aurou loco avrovi A) 

18 irpoudov DE | avrop 1"] avru E 22 CKXcvrai A | e^e\r)Te D 23 x'^o^o E 
25 (KaBiiaav A | KT/naijXirai Z)"'(D"'<')E 26 aSe\<p(j)i' E*(-o>' E^) 

% I TTOp^vOwftev] iropcvawiMeOa m : ibinnts 1£ ) SwOaeifi i'^] 
5w$at^ t : Sw9a-qfx n : dodan/x LepwCj : Sodat/x Cyr : SoOaijfi d : 
SuiOaeLvk: 5w^ai;' Phil^: DothainlL: Soj^aci/i qu : ow^a/ta 1 : 
OwSacL/j. m: 5ofi€da^ifi Chr-ed | om Kai 1° — S(i)da€ifi 2° E | 
iuarj(p] pr f : 4- cts Sudaetv k [ KaToirtadef] KaToiriau} i : KaroTriv 
Pliil: oTTLadei/ egj ; ottktw f | €15 2^] ef Labdfik-npqs-xCg 
33(uid) Phil : om 1L | Sui8aei/i 2"] duiBm/i t : SoBaeifi Lepwc^ : 
boda-qp, d: bwda€Lv k: budaiv Phil: Dothain %: duOaatpi qu: 
dwSa^ifi m 

18 om totum comma d | irpoiSoyTf^ fyB | 5c] yap p; (om 
31) I avToy i»] +/ra/n's >3i5( + <'/;«) | /la/c/jo^^ei'] pr airo a | 
om avTon 2° ZlELeghjlqsu | om irpos avroui Chr | om 
Ktti f J3 I iTTOpevovTO A] (TTOvrqp^vaavTO egjnops'3[53IE : eirovy]' 
pevovTo D( + />'l)EL rell 3LS Chr | airoKreivai. Aquy Chr J] pr 

19 fiira;'] enrol/ dnp: eiTrei' abcfiklmorwc^lS Chr | {rov 
aSeXtpQp avrov] aXXj^Xoi's 107) j a5e\(pov] irXriaiov egj | lSov] 
ide Cyr 5 | ei/virviacrBeis dfgp(-0j;5)qt | eKEivos] om m3l : + ttov w 

20 om j-ui/ ovu s3!S Chrf | Seupo Cj | aTroKTei.voiJ.ev Ijio | 
pitpo/xev Ac'd] pitf/ufiev DEc* rell B1S3L Chr Cyr | om auTOJ' 
2° (31) 3 I eis] e0 Cyr | ruv XaKKuiv] XaKKov fit: +tovtuv 
IBS I e/JOK/je;/] enTup.ev Chri: diiamus 2 | om Trov-ripov 1 | 
(c0a7ei' 14.16.130) I o\fio^ie$a] o\pune8a ai'lnty Chr^: i8up.ev 
Chrj: iiic/eiimus'^: yvwaopiida f\^'t^''v | t<j-Tiv Ayl£(uid)] ccTT-ai 
DE rell ^ILS Chr Cyr : /acient J3 

21 poi'/J7)>'] poi'/jii' tx»': poiij37;/i hkq : pou/Sfi/ii emp Chr Gyr- 
ed : poK^i/i dfgijln I effiXttTo] eJeiXeTo eghi'jnqtuCj: eJeXero c | 
eic Twv XfV""] {«''■ ■^is Xf'P"' 107): e/cx^'posp: e viami E'f j 
Ktti eiTrei'] Xf7uv Cyr: om n | ou] ei p | TroTafo/iex] jraTa|u/iej' 
bfghnvyiS'f'lL Chr: ■Karai,op.t9a 1: occiderilis IE | tis \ti'X')>'] "" 
i^nX'! n 

22 eiTEK — pou/3i)>'] e/ IE : om d Chr | aurois] auTw p : 
om n I poi'fJT)!'] povfiiv t.\"': pov^ri/j. hkq : pou^eiw emp Cyr- 
ed : poi//3i^ fgijln | eKxei/rf] eKxeere cdfmpqu\v(-rai cdf ) | 
ot/»a] om p: +t-/«j- BElS'f | e/i^aXere oe] aXXa e^/3aX- 


XfTc (128) Chr J I enfiaXtTe] (fifiaXcTo t: €/ij3oXoTe dh*n: 
e/i^aXXere fm Chr Cyr-ed : e^/3aXXo7-e /)(?) | om 5e 2" 
i9'''Edegjklnpqstuv(txt)xC2l31ES Chr .J Cyr | eva tuv XaKKoiv 
Ay] +Tovruv D{?)bfirwB'i'1E Cyr-ed: toi' Xokkoj' tovtov £>{})K 
rell 93"(om roi/rocjlLS Chr Cyr-cod : cistermim unam 'Si \ 
TUV 2" AD(?)biryJ3'PE Cyr-ed] om cfl-owa: rov D(>)Z 
rell 33"1LS Chr Cyr-cod | om ev rri epri/iu n | eTrevey- 
K7)7f] eveyKrjre mp : eveyKere (1: (f>'C7KaTe 107): iiiferamus^ \ 
OTTws] (pr ef7)Tei yap 31.83): pr ciirc 5e outois Cyr-ed: pr hoc 
auUiit dixit B : pr cl ila Jiccbat Robcl E= : pr et &' | e^eXtjTai] 
e^eXeirat Ebclnl : e^eiXaro p | avrov 2"] -f ciipiitii lE^ j f k 
Toji' X^*pwi/] i; tnaiiti 1£ | Kai] cXeyc;' 5e raura oiru; k: -fetTci' 
rayra oTTUJS m | aiToij] airajy dpS : A- dicchat hoc "^v 

23 eyecero 5c Tjvu'a] rjvina 5e d | (irpos] ct$ 79) [ to** luatjip] 
pr ai'Tovg; awoi' nv(mg)3£: om'S: om tov Z'^'abdi'mowxCj ] 
Xtruifa rov TTotKtXoj'] iroLKiXov xtrhiva p | x'l'wi'a] -f ayrou Dacfk 
moxc^SSisub ■^■) I 701/ Tcpi auroi'] ab eo 3: om fii Chr | 
aiToi*] ai'Tw d 

24 om /cat Xa/iotrcs oB''^ | ai/roi' cppii/'ac] eppi^av avrov 
e^B'i': om auroi^ k: -t-airroi' IqluB'^S | eKeivos Adnpy Cyr- 
cod] om 1 : 4- Kci-os k : kcj-os D( -I- />") E rell SlLi -f cr,ii)& Clem 
Cyr-ed : tjv kcvo^ (20) B Chr : nomts IE | ctx^*'] ^X^** k<[uw Chr 

25 <^ayeiv~\ pr rov Chr | aprofs v(mg)lL(uid) | Kat ava- 
/3Xe^acTcjJ ai'a/^Xc^ai'T-cs 5c m | i5o;' Kai\ opwai. Kat w : om B'**: 
om Kat IE I o5oi7ropoi — yaXaaS] incrctitor aiii/iti.s iienicbat e 
Galaad hmaclites is lE'^i' | icTjuaT^Xctrai] to'^aXcrai w : -t- efiiropoi 
dfi'^'npt Thdt(uid) | ^pxoi-To] -qXeov o | c/t] ev fnc^ | (yaXoaS] 
pr T7JS 77)s 31 : pr yijs 20: yoXaoa 79) | ot Afioy] om g*: 01 
DEg*' rell | {eyep.ov~\ fipiBovirai 20) | om Kai 4" dpS | piT. koi 
irra/i.] slynicis et resinac 3 | pinvri^] pririvy)! /^''abcefliilr.stvwyCj: 
petTivrjs k: {K-qpiv 130'') | oraKTT;?] aranr-q E: (^riayapii' 130"*) [ 
CTTopei'OvTo] €Kiropevovro n : ciropcuero o [ Karayayeiv] Karayeiv 
Eb: (aTrayayciv 18): cK«to B'i'(uid) : ct desccitdeba/it ^ 

26 xP»;<''i/xo>'] (to KcpSos 32 : OTi 18) | airoKreivoixev bikm 
X"' I om KaL — avrov 2° f | Kpv^o/iev bdkmsx^'c^ 

18 eiropcuovTo] a' a' eSoXvevaavro j(sine nom)S: a' a' eSoXievovro v 25 BvpLiapiaTuv] a' trrvpaKOt jv 

26 Ti xp')<r'M<"'] a' ri irXeoi-c/CTTj/ia aXXoi 5c ti KepSos j ; a' Ti rXeovcKTTjpia a' Ti kcpSos vc^ : a' a' quid lucrum S | XP'!"'/""'] 
TO TrXeovenr-qfia aXXos 5c to Kepdoi c 

107 ,4_2 



A Kpir\{ro)/j,ev to alfia avrov ; ^'^hevre anrohuiixeOa avTov toI<; ^\(TfiarjKiTai<; TOVTOi<i, at he ■)^eipe<t rjfitSv -ly 
%%" /irj ecTTCoaav eV avrov, oti aSeX^o? f^fjbwv koX aap^ r^fiwv ea-rlv. ^rjKovcrav Se ol aheK<^o\ avTov. 

^Kul irapeiropevovTO ol civOpwrroi oi y[ahir)vaioi ol efiiropoi, Koi i^eiXKVcrav Koi ave^i^acrav tov 28 
la)(7i]<p eK TOV XciKKOv Kal UTreSovTo tov 'luarj^ tow 'l(Tfiar]\iTai<; eiKoa-i, ^pvawv Kai Karrj- 

yayov tov 'l(o<Tr)<f) et? AiyvirTov. ^'^ave(TTpe-^ev he Pov^rjv eVi rov Xukkov, Kat, 01;^ opa tov 29 

'l(i)ar](j) ev rm XaxKo)- Kal hiepptj^ev to. Ifidrta avTov. ^°Kal aveoTpe'^lrev 77/369 Toii? dBeX<f>ov<; 30 
IT Z> avToO Kal elirev To iraihapiov^ ovk eoTiv iyu) he ttov eTi ; 3'Xa/3o!'Te? he tov '^iTwva 31 

tov Itoar)^ ea^a^av epi^ov alywv Kal e/j,6Xvvav tov '^LTWva ai/j,aTi. ^^Kal aireaTeiXav tov 32 

-X^iToova TOV ttolkLXov Kal elarjveyKav TtS iraTpl avTwv, Kal eiTrav Tovtov evpofjuev eTvlyvwui ei 
IT iL" ^tTft)!' TOV vlov GOV idTw fj oil. 33 /cat eivkyvb) avTov Kal elirev \itwv tov vlov fiov earii'*^' dTjpiov 33 

TTOvrfpov KaTe<j}ayev avTov, Orjpiov r/pTraaev tov 'Ia)(77^<^. ^^hieppT^^ev he 'laKw^ Ta Ijiaria avTOV, 34 
%%" Kal eiredeTO aaKKOv eirl Trjv 6(T<f)vv avTov, Kal eTrevOei tov vlov avrov rjftepa^ Tivaf. ^35o-yi;^T^- 35 

dr/aav he Trai're? ol viol avrov Kal at dvyarepev, Kal rfXdov rrapaKoXeaai avrov Kal ovk ijdeXev , 

IT IL" 7rapa«:aXetcr^at, Xe7c<ji'^ ort K.ara/37]aofJ,ai Trpo? rov vlov fiov Trevdwv el<; ahov Kal eKXavaev 

avrov irarrjp avTOv. 3^ot he Mahi7]vaiot drrehovro rov 'laxrrjcj) eh Aiyvirrov rw TleTpe<j>Tj rm 36 

<77rdhovTi ^apacio dp'^ifiayeipai. 

^'Eyevero he ev rm Kaipo) eKelvo) Kare^i) 'lovha<; diro twv dheX^wv avTOv, Kal d<f>i,KeTO ew? i XXXVIII 

32 fi] ij E 

34 eirei'dTj E 

36 apxi/J-ayijpu E 



27 Sevpo C2 I aTToSojjUf^a] aTroSw^ei' di-'^^(-5o/t-)ry : a^oSuj- 
ffujfxev m I avrov I**] Joseph % | om rovTots "SiS | (fir ai'rof] 
CTTi TovTov 25) I a5eX0os] pr Chr | om ij^uwc 1° DbilrSli | 
om Kai <rap^ rjfjiwv IEp [ TjKovcraf 5e] {eir-ijKoiKTav de 32): et 
otiaHiiieriint 'H' : ..aJi/uivui:rttnt%'-': + aurou D3131ES 

28 Trap€TTop€vovTo] rfKBov m | (om ot i** 77) | avOpi^rTroi — 
e/XTTOpoi] tcr/iaT/Xt-rat El£( f- uetidideritnt mm ad cos IE^p) | ix-a.^it]- 
yaioi] /xaSiKoioi b-egj(txt)Ic,13: /taSTixaioi mpy : Madianci%': 
((TjuaStrtai n : ttr^aT/Xirat i{mg)v{mg)iL^ | om 01 3** dhi*lp j f^eiX- 
Kvfjtxv^ iCKKVGav o ; dccHnai(en(ijt ^ : +frtJtres eius IE | sat 
ai'e/3i/3a(ra(/] ei eieeerunt %J : om 3L^' | tov iwa-ri^ i'^] auroi' i"^ 
Chr I CK*] aTTO (20) Chr | Kai aTreSorro] Kai OTreSwro f: aTre- 
80VTO 5€ i I To»' iojat]<p 2^] avrov fnpIL^' Chr: +c;f rov \aKKOv 
u* I (om rois itr^aT/Xirais 14) | etKOffj] rprjaKovra n^ : deeeju ^^P | 
Xpv(riuiv ar*(uid) | /caT>;7a70i'] (air);7a70j' 71): dtt.xenint 3L'' : 
dederiint 33^^51^ | toi' itj3a-q<p 3"] ai'TOv li 

29 acetrrpei/'ei'] airecrrpeipe m : {aveSpafxf 32) | /joi'/^i^i'] pov^iv 
x^': pov^rip. hkq: pov^eifi emp Chr Cyr-ed : povfiip. dfgijhit" 
{pov^i t*) I fTTi Tor Xa/cKo;'] ei* toj \aKKio dmp | fTTi] eiy oc^ | 
bpa] i//rfiV 131L'S(txt) : eiipec l)x'3153L"S(mg) | to;' iu<ri;0] avrov 
dlE'^P I om ei' TW XaK/cw IE Clir | difpprj^av p* 

30 are(7rpei/'€^] aTr€irrp€\p€v dlmnpc^: eTreo'Tjoe^ep abcikoqr 
sux Or-gr: iiTcirrpetpfv £X | om rovs g] \ om avrov egj | irai- 
diov k 1 effrtv] + e^ tw Xa/cKw EbefgijkorwlE ; -f ;*/;?" "S [ om roi' 
1 I iropfKOMai] iropeva-0/ abdejmoptvwCj3(uid)B Or-gr Chr 
Cyr ; Topevtruifxat cgii : Tretropev/nai E : €i(nrop€vo^aL s ; fio-jro- 
pevffofiai ilL | om en SBIL 

3 1 om Se s* | tou] tuE: ro^orv: om adc^ | ai-yuv] avrav 
o* I {(fioXvvav] efiatpav 32) | X"'w^a 2"] +rou iaxn)i/> s | om 
ai/nari — (32) x'^rwa b | aip.ari As] pr ci" tw dfi"npr<3[(uid) : pr 
Tu Ei* rell B Chr 

32 Kttt 1"^ — ■KoiKiKov'] om El£ ; om Kai — x*''^*'^ P 1 "■"* 
et(r?ji'€7Kar] icat ua-rjveyKf dp: om fti | aurwc] ai'Tw c^* : avrov 

dpwIEf'*' I eiwav] nirov Ecjmno: eiire dpEP | eiipo,ue>'] evpov 
c=(ex corr) : 4- ev tu TreSio? fiW- | ei] 1 : + tw | om ianv bk | 
om r) — (33) fiTTix f 

33 KOI f7re7i'u] e7rf7i'w 5e w | om avrov I^IL' | (xitw] pr 

16) I {irovripov} pr ro 83) | S77/)[oy 2°] +Trovr]pov dUmnptB"" | 
TOP taj(T7jfp^ avrov mu 

34 Sieppri^ev Se] Kai SieppTj^ev ylL | laKU^] post aiTou 1° 
fnE: om a Chri^ | areeero] ewee-ijKe dgp: TrtpiefleTo (32) Chr- 
coddi^: Trepie/SaXXfTo Chr-ed i f om Kai 2° — aiTOH 3° rc^ | fTrev- 
O-rjfffv f3£ I rof I'ioi' afToi'] rov ittiaritp ad: t'/^w 1L : + iw(n;0 m | 
Tivas A] roXXtt! E omn SBIEiLS Chr 

35 TravTfs 01] 01 iravres b: om Chri: om ttovtes mIE: om 

01 eInCj I (woi] + 01 30) I ai Bi'yaripes] pr irao-at acmosxCj 
Qipr *)5'(sub -x-) : ^//a %- : om ai y: +ai;Tou Efi='mrs3U3 
Chri I Kai Tj\8ov irapaKaXccrai] consolati sunt JS" : om koi 
TjX^'or (71) 3L' Chr: om Kai US''' | (irapaKaXeo-ai] Trapi]yopr)(Tai 
10) \rj8e\ev]T)8c\ov\i: TjSeXTjo'fi' xyBSlL'' Chr J | Tra/joKaXeiffSai] 
TrapaKa\€ffai avrov w* : TrapaKa\eaaa-dai w'* : TapaK\T]d-t}vai ace 
fgjkm( + aiiTwi')xy Chrj Cyr: om Chr|^ | om Xe7ui' m | om oti 
Chr^ I Karafiy]<rop^ai\ desceudo Or-lat [ tt/jos — juoi'] post wevOwv 
o^ I TTEvdojvl post aSot' ^ : om b | eis] eois b | aSTjv cdknpxC2 

3G /j.aon}vaioi] /xadivaioi hcegiitxt)]!^ : pLaSyjvaioi my: Madi- 
aitd '^'.\Knai jlmglnvc^fmg)^ : i<rtxat\Kirai epnropoi dp^ 
(mg): +eixTropoi t | (om toi" iw<ri)0 2j) | om «s aiyvirrov (16} 
Phil Chr I om rw irerp^p-q Phil | om tu i° Eabcfi'kmoxCj 
Chr I irerp((j>-i) A] {wfrretpp-q 16): ■n-fvre<f>p-n c-''h'>'i»'lmquy : 
wevreippi dnp : wereiftpri Ec*h*i* rell 1S3L Jos Or-gr Chr : 
Pciaphte ^ I (jiraoovTi (papain apxip-ayeipw] apxip-ayrjpw tw 
tnraoovri (papatti c : apxip-ayeipoj rov 0apaw IE Chr j (T7ra5ofTt] 
eTraSoPTt dp: inrevdovTi 1: aivapovri E; aSovTi n: ei'foi'xw 
j(mg)Cj(mg) I (f'-P"-^^ post apxip-ayeipw 333S | apx'Mn7"P"] 
pr !■/ ^ : pr tw np : tw apx'M^T^ fl • apxovri iiayeipoiv egj 

XXXVIII 1 fus] ws c^ Cyr-codd: om SBE Cyr-ed | 

27 TjKOi'irai'] c' eTTeiaStjaav jv: a' eireiffB-qffav c^ 

31 Xal^ovre^ — tajo"7;0] a' /cat eXafiov rov xirinva ioi(Tt](p a' "Xal^ovres rov X"''^*'^ ^^*' iwtrijfp 0' Xa/^oi'Tey 5e top x^^'^"'^ ''"*"' 
loitTTiip 6' Kai eXa^ov rov xtTWPa lit3ar)if) V 



xxxviii 13 

I TT/oo? avOptoTTov Tiva 'OhoWafiiTtjv «5 ovofia E/po?. ^Kal iBev ixel 'louSo? dvyarepa dvffpanrov A 

3 X.avavaiov § ovofia 'S,ava' Kot €\a0ev avrrju xai eiariXOev Trp6<; avrrjV. ^Koi avWa^ovva eTSKev 

4 v'lov, KoX eKoXea-ev to ovofia avrov "Hp. ^Kal crvXXa^ouo'a ert eTf/cef viov, Kai €K/i\ecrev to ovo/xa 

5 avrov Avvdv. ^Kal Trpoadelcra eVt erexev v'lov, Koi eKtiXecrei' to ovofia avrov ^riXay/J.' avrr) he rjv 

6 €v Xao-/81 t)vUa ereKev avrov'^. ^^ical eXa/Bev '\ovBa<; yvvalKa'Hp tm rrpwroroKfp avrov, rj ovofia § /JiL' 

7 &afj,dp. '^iyevero he *H/3 Tr/soJTOTO/co? 'lot^Sa Trovr}p6<i evavriov Kvpiov, xal uireKreivev avrov o 

8 ^ed?. ^elrrev he 'lorSa? tm AiJi'rti' EicreX^e Trpo? Tr/i/ yvvatKa rov dhe\(l>ov crov Kal ya/ji/Sptvaai 

9 avri]V, Kal dvdarrjcrov arrepfxa rm dheXtpco aov. '^yvov'; he Aiivav on ovk avr<^ earai to a-rrepfia, 
iyivero, orav eiarjp-)(ero vrpo? rr)V yvvalxa rov dhe\(j)ov avrov, e^e^eev errl rrjv yrjv rov fj-rj hovuaL 

10 airepfxa rco dSe\<pm avrov. '^"■jrovrjpov he ecpavrj to p>}/i.a evavriov rov deov on errovrjaev rovro, 

II Kal edavdruxrev Kal rovrov. ^^elrrev he 'lovSa? (^)afj.dp rfj vvfj-cPy avrov Kddov X'W"- ^^ '''?* oiko) 

rov 7raTp6<; crov^ «U9 p^eyaif yei'rjrai, —TjXcofj, 6 vlo'i fiov elrrev yap Mr] wore diroddvTj Kal otrTo<; % 1L' 

12 warrep 01 dheXipol avrov. d-TreXOovaa he Hafxdp eKdOrjro ev no otK(p rov irarpo^ avrr)<i. ^^errXT}- 
6vv6r)aav he at i)p.epai Kal direOavev '^ava 1) yvvi] 'lovha- Kal TrapaKXijOeU '\ovha<; dve/Br] errl 
roix; Keipovra^ ra irpo^ara avrov, avro'i Kal Et'pa? d ttoi/xtjv avrov 6 'OhoXXafieLrrji;, et? '©a/tva*. 

13 ^3xal d-jnjyyeXr] @ap,dp rfj vv/xcpi} avrov Xeyovre'i 'I Sou d Trevdepo'i ffov dve^t) et? P> Kelpai 

I Tixa odoWa/iiTriv sup ras A" | ipas E 9 eyetveTo D( + D) 11 i)/io A*{xvp°- A") 

12 lOuSos] lOvSa A*(s suprascr A') | Kipoyrai E | ipai E | oooWnfuTris Z>''E | Saiixva A 

a.vSpiiiTrov'l afSpa Cyr-ed : om 9.2 | Tiva] rov m | oSo\\a/xiT-))v] 
oooWa/iTjTrtv d : oSoXaixir-rtv egjquy^S Cyr-ed : oSoXafiiieiT-qv c^ : 
au5oXa^ir>)v m | Jjpas aim 

2 cf(6i lOuSas] lOvSas eicei e : om IE | avBpuiwov] post x"'"" 
vaiou Em | ffava] ex corr i»' : ira/3o dfn*p Cyr-ed : ira/3/3a m : 
Saiiiia %: <ravpa e: iram 1 | aii-7)v i"] -t-jjZi/ uxorem S | om 
(tai 3° — aiTTji' 2° 1 I (irpos] eis 20) 

3 (ffuXXa/Souira] -I- en 79) | om koi 2° — (4) viov nslEPiL* | 
{to ovofia aiTov] ainov 83) | 7;p] up p* 

4 evWaiiovaa. crt] iraXtf truXXa^oi'ffa m : iterum concepit et 
IL: iruXXojS. iraXu- f Cyr-ed: om en Edi*jpw | wov] pr erepoK 
d: -HScurepov E | om ek-aXeffei' — (5) xai 2° h* | a.vva.v\avav c: 
(avt'ai'i' 1 30) : Onam Or-lat : {(J7\\tjiy, 1 8) 

5 TTpoaSeura en] ilerum cimcipiens et IL | en] post ercKec 
m; om licdfps | om viov xai h*'(uid) | (utov] +rpLTOv 31: 
-f iTfpov 83) I aitXup.'l triXoi/i bflm On-cod : aii\uv dkv ; aCKuv 
np: o-iXua/i \v : (awai' 18) | oi't?;] auros m | om 5e E | X'"''W 
Xnff)3rj d-gi^'lpwCji X^-^P^ ^* ■ Chashin %: xof/3' c: x^fiii- 
o(ei ex corr o") : x^f^l m : {^a.a^r\ 1 28) : x^f^ ' ^ ^ X"-?"^"^"^ 
n I T/viKtt ereKe;*] ipnKO. 5e ert/cre;' C-, ; r^vtKec k | aiToi'?] -F tjj/ ei* 
Xaff/37) Cj 

6 loudas] post yvvo.iKo. ii^' : om E j 7;p] pr _y?//f ^//(J IE ; etp 
Phil : ev p I om rw f* | irpojroTOKoj avrov] I'tw auroK tw Trpun-o- 
TOKW (14. 16. 77.130) 11. I TTpwToroKui] -I- I'ttj m I ^a^ap] 0a;xa n: 
0a^as f; Chaniar'^^: Hamar "^^ 

7 Tjp] eip Phil: om c | tpmtotokos] pr o degjknpst: (-l-wo! 
18) I irovtipo^] etjtavyj 5e irovy^pov c^ | ecai'noi'] evaiTt Ednpr 
Phil i : exuTriov ackmoxc^ | Seos] « v 

8 (om 5e 14) | rui i^] Trpos egj | aucoy] avav h: oai'i'ai' n: 
+filw eitis 13" I irpos] ets d | om aov i" 1 | yap.^pfvaa.i\ 70/i- 
pptvaov D( -h Z>)myC2 : eirtyaixjipevcrtu bef (-;8piffe)gi 'jnprstvx : 
e7r(70^/3pei'(rof cd : tiubes %^ | airrniv] avT-rj af: ai'Toj o | ai'a- 
(rTT7(reis i 

9 aivav^Auiion^": (aiTo 16.130): ai'i'ai' Phil-codd| | om 
OVK y I ai'Tw fffrai] «/ « SIE | ai/rw] ai'roi' bwlL' | om to n 
Phil-coddi I e7ii'eTo] pr et lL': eyei'eTO a-dfik-prvxCj335LS 


Or-gr : om IE Phil : -f oe ci*1L' | oral'] ore r* | eio-TjpxfT-o] 
eiffjjXfle;' abcfikmorvxCjIElL Phil: enreTropeDero hit | -njp 1"] pr 
avTi\v m I ■yvvaj.KO.'] post aurou i" m | om aiirou 1° (25) Phil | 
c^exee"] fjex" touto Phil: -fro <Tirep^a(32) '3£'^ | (om /«j 25) | 
Tw aSeXi^w] Toi' a5eX^ou f | ai'rou 2"] cov g 

10 woPTipoi dnp£ I TO pij/na Acju] om Z>''E rell SILS: 
(roiTo 25): f/ /j" S(om t'/ £t') I evafTiov tov ^eou] aK/<f DTim 
If: /« conspectu Domini 1L^' | ei/wTrtoi' dnopv [ tov ^eoi/] pr ku 
dnp I on (iroiriafv touto] o/kj quod fail 3: om t | Km toitoi'] 
KOi auToi' \v^(uiii): auTov (?y flL^ 

11 Tt) vv/xfpTi ai'Toi'] {ttjv vvpt.tpT^v ai'Tov 130): om 3$*': 
-f^eTtt TO airo6av€LV Toi'S 5uo i/iou5 avTov D{ 4- /))f i^r | Katfov] 
«;■» IL"' I eus] -*- aK s : ( + ov 79) | ffTjXwyn — ^011] Jilitts metis 
Selon IL 1 o-TjXw/t] ciXajw bilnwc, : a-q\ujv dp : om m | iiov] <tov 
f I {enrev 2"] ciTroi' 71) | tap] 5e bIL : (-f ev T77 jiavota amov 
31.83) I om TTOTe h* | outos] outois c | uffirep] Ka,0u>i c: u)5 km 
f: -f Ktti Z>''Ebdgi'^'jklnopstvwxc._. Cyr-cod | oi ooeX^oi]yra/(;?- 
IL I aireXS. — (Ka9y\To\ fiiit autem 'J'hamar sedens }Sff \ axeX- 
(?owra m | om 5e 2° g | ev 2°] eiri ra 

12 ETrXrjffuvfljjo-ai'] eirK-i]pui0i)aav flo : eTrXi/o-Cijffoi' egj : rc- 
pleti sunt lElL | om it f | om ai nji | <roi'a] pr Svya-TTip etpas 
k : pr ffvyaTijp rip m : jir OiiyaT-qp acx3S(sub ■)<■) : aa^a dfop : 
(rai'J'a e: aaia 1: Anna 3L ] om t; m | ioi/5as] pr e | ave^it)] 
inil "3 I eTri — 7rpo/3aTa] /« tonsuram ouium % \ eiri] irpoi 
Eegj?L(uid)j5 1 TOI'S KeipocTaj] tov% KfipavTas k: tov Kijpat f | 
om aiTou 1° n | om airros egj | /cat 3"] -i- karf^tj egh*^] j 

, T^pos bdlnp I om 2*^ ep | o5oXXa/xeiTi;s] wouWa/iLTTjs c 
oSo\a/xiTT]i aempuy(uid)c..l3 : o5aX\a/HT7;s g: oSaXo/itTT^s j 
oooXXaTTjs d I Safiva] f : &a/jj/av o : dafivcu d : da/xa h**' 
dapivada. 1: (-f KTjpai to irpo^aTa avTov 107): +/ieT ain-ou egh''j: 
(-f/ie^ auTOl' 79.83) 

13 avrjYye^V f'"r | T-q vvpKprj outou] sub — S | Xe7oi'Tes] sub 
-f S: Xe70>'Twv h*" | avej'JT; AEbegjvwyB'i'] aTryj^aiv n: ava- 

/Soii-ei /}"' rell '313"'(uid)i£,S Cyr | om eis Sa/txa Cyr-cod |] 6apLvav h: dap.vada 1 | om Kfipoi — (14) ^a/ica f | oitou 
2"] (-t-ai'TOS Kai Tjpa? o woifiTjv avTov oSo\afivr]Ttj^ ei$ ffafiva 

XXXVIII g elexff] "' "■' eorrnmpeliat S 



A ra irpo^ara avTov. ^'^xal -TrepteXofievr) ra IfiaTia t^? %7?/36VO-eto? a<^' €avTfj<; irepie^aXeTO Oepiarpm 14 
Kol eKaWto-Trla-aTO, koi eKcWicrev Trpo? rats' TruXat? Alvdv, r] iaTiv iv TrapoBo) Safivd- HBev yap 
on fj,eya<; yeyovev St^Xw/x 6 v'lo'i avrov, avTO<i Se ovk 'ihwKev avTtjv avTw yvvaiKa. ^^Kai, lOaw 15 
avTr)v 'IovBa<; eBo^ev avrrjv -jvopvqv elvai- KareKokv-^aTo yap to Trpoa-wTrov avrij'i, kui, ovk 
eveyvw avTr]v. ^^i^eK\ii/ei' Be Trpo*; avTrjv rrjv oBov Kal el-irev avTrj "ILacrov fie elaeXOelv irpo'; '<r6'* 16 
ov yap eyi'to on r; j'v/ji<f)7j avTov iarlv. r; Be elirev Ti fioi BdicreK edv elcreXOr)^ 7rpo<i fie; ^"^ o Be 17 
eVirev 'Ey&j crot a-iroaTeWu) epi<jiov alySiv eic tSjv Trpo^aTcov. ■>) Be elirev 'Eaj» Sm? appa^mva eco? 
Toi) diToa-TeTKai ere. '^o Be el-nev Tlva rbv appa^Mvd croi Bmao) ; ■)) Be elirev Tov BaKTvXiov crov 18 
Kol TOV opfiicTKOv Kal TT]V pd^Bov TTjv ev Trj %6ipt (TOV. Kal eBuKev avrfi, Ka\ elarjXOei' Trpo? 
avrrjv Kal ev yaa-rpl eXa/Sev e^ avrov. ^'^Kal dvaffTacra UTrTjXdev, Kal *irepieiXaTO^ to Oepiarpov 19 
«(/)' eauT?}?, Kal eveBvaaTo to, l/iaTia tj";? xiP^v(Teco<; auTi}?**. ^°a7reo-Te(Xei' Be 'lovBa<; tov epicpov 20 
i^ aly&v ev Y6'pi tov ■jroifj.evo'i avrov tov 'OBoXXafjiecTOV, KOfiiaaadai rbv appa^uva irapa t?/? 
yvvaiKb<i- Kal oi'x evpev avTt'jv. ^^eirifpcoTrjcrev Be tov<; dvBpat; tou? eVi tov tottov Uov eariv ij 21 

14 eKaXXoTTio-aTO E | eKa$ei<iav A | ciSfi- D 16 e^eKXetfev A | ffe] fie A | ouffis E 

17 aiptcpov A I appaj3<i\ E 18 So<tw E | fyyaarpt A 

19 avaaras A*(a suprascr A') | TrepifiXaro] xf/Jie/SoXero A | eepta$pov E | x"Pf"<^"^' E | auTTjs] +a(p eavrrjs A 

20 aipi(pov A I TTOiMaiKO! A | oSoXXa^firon] o5oXXa/mTOU D: oJoXXajHTjron E | KiiifxriaaaBai E 


107): +ai'TOs A'at etpas tol^tjv avrov degjp(i7pas dp) : ( + ai'Toy 
KOI ei/)as 73.77) 

14 a(piXofj.€VT] ir | r?;? XTjpei/trfwy] (x^pfias 32): +ai'T77S 
acclegijkmnorxCjSISS Chr | ai/) eaiiTt)s] (air aDTijs 128); om 
cdnr*(uid)1E(uid) Chr | TrepiefiaXero] (pr Km 32): Tepie/SaXXero 
bdmo Cyr : {irepujiaXi 20) : irtpicXa^eTO g | depiarpu Aach*k 
vx Cyr-codd] pr tu i : to Sepiffrpov Ebr* : apKoSi/iTjx r'' : 
SepiaTpov /J^^ht- rell Chr Cyr-ed | eKaXXajTrttraro] efraXXwTrttrci' 
w*{uid) : surrexit lE*^? | Kat eKa^tcre*'] /cat eKad-rjTo Cyr : om 
bw I 7r/)os rais iruXais] arf poftam SJSIL | rais iri'Xais] tijs 
ttuXtjs V : Tos TruXai be : rais Supais nir | om aii'ai' — $ 
Chr I oti'a;'] fvay bdnoprvv : oval' i : aifiav h'>' : avvaf m : 
avva Cyr-cod : aivaK y : caivai' s ; fivav I : Asnati % : om 
IE I om J) efTTLv aiE I effTiv] iar-qKev c | om ev cj | Baixva] 
ffa/jLvav abcmowii : Oa/ivada It' : dafivaaOa t*(uid) | yf-yovev] 
eyefCTO bw | o-i;Xu;u] pr egj : ])ost aurou Cyr-ed : aiKap. b=''lm 
n*wC2: arfKwv dp: ffiXwv n*''^ | om Uios ai/roi' Z)5''Ea-di*km- • 
qsuwxCjSlElLS Chr I eSuKci'] e5i5oi; O : tw/nit dare IE | anTijv 
avTu] aiiTw(?) aiiTj; m : avra avTijv acox S-codd | auTw] eauxw d 

15 om avTTji' 1° sIEp | KaxeKaXiii/'aTo] (pr Kai 31): /care- 
KaXvpe cd | aurijs] eairr>;s X>: om i*3£i' | Kai 2° — avn)v 3''] 
sub — &: om m | eyiiw fiyc^ 

16 e^(K\ipcv] c^ereivev r | (5e l°] 7a/) 128) | tt/jos outi;;'] 
post oSoi/ S: Trpos ai'r?; 1 | r-qv o5of] om f3L: +ai'Toi' (20) 33 | 
OUT?)] auT))! o : om '3 Phil | eiireXffeiv] eXtfeii' dfp: eiireXflai c,*: 
<rir>'7ei'ecrSat n | om ov — eariv IE | oi' 70^ e7i'u] «.ai ovk eireyvw 
E: ov yap (yv sup ras i'' | om i) i" Ebhihirstw | vvfii/irj'] 
yan^pr) ^^x" \ om i) 5e — yue 2° j 1 1) 5e eiTrei'] et dixit ei IS: om t* : 
+ ei iS I fioi] post Swtreis /Jackmoxc^^lS | ei<reXS7)s] eX^Tjs n 

17 5e] o sup ras j": 01 5e 1: koi dSIE | eiTrev i°] -!-«331£ | 
om £70) 13 I croi] post aTroo-reXXw 'E(m//'/a'«)1ES | OTroiTTeXXw] 

airotrreXw abd-gi*jbnpr»'tv-ySBl. | 017101'] pr ef m : (/c Cff/;-M 
IL: woijivmv v(mg) : om d | (om twv 25) | Trpo^aTuv'\ voinvioiv 
nc,1L: +^101/ Z'^i'Ebfhirstw'E | ■>/ 5e eiTrei/] c/ rfz-riV ei !E: +« 
B'P I eav 5us] rfa «»/;/ E | Su%] (post ire 78: Sui<xw 79): +/U01 
bJS" I om ews — (je B'P | eus] ws r | tou] ou m | aTTOffreiXai] 
pr (\d€iv Kai f I <re] Joi bd : + avro I 

18 6e eiTrei'] et dixit ei !E : om g : +n IS" | tiko] ti I | 
TOI' appa/Jura] post o-oi o | om Toi' i^fl | (roi] post Siiiaui rv(txt) 
S : ffe 1 I ouiTw] du Z'ckloquv(mg)x | t] Se] Kai dp3-ed15 | 
TOf daKTvXtov] TO 5aKTv\iov gl : ro SaKTV^iSiov f | aov i''] aoi m | 
om Kai 1° r | tov op^iaKov] torqitent titinn % j om Kai iSijOKev 
avTT] "^ I avTTj^ avTTjv c<)s: auTa f: -t-Tai'Ta lit | (om Kai 5** — 
ai'Toi' 7r) I {eXajSff] avveXa^ev 20) | om e^ acToi' 3E 

19 om Kal avaoTaua aTrrj\6iv (7i)^-cod | ai-affTay A*Ei* 
loslvc,* IL 1 oTTT^X^ec] alnit homo 3L | TrepieiXoTo] TreptetXeTO eh^j 
mpqtuc^: ireptetXeg: a0etXaToir: a0etXeTofn: il/a abstuiit "^i 
■Vornatum sitiim qui erat super earn et 33 | to — eai'T?;s] nesti- 
meuta sua IE : om to jm j BepicrTpov] H- avTfjs Z>^''abcmoswxC2 
^33^ 1 ef eSi'daTo] cTreSi'craTo m : eSucaTo o | x^P^^^^^^~\ X**' 
poiavvris i* | ai'Tijs] auTwi' f: a0 eavTrjs E: om IS'^'IL: + a0 
eai'T7;s A 

20 om 3e w j om rov 1° — ai7Wi' o | tov i°] ttjv d: om c 1 
epi(f>ov e$ aiycov] post oSoXXa^eiToi' c : om e^ aiyaiv Phil | e^] 
CK Ttav /?: tujv dnpt^ | X^'PO P^ "^V " t avTov rov oSoW.] om 
o: om aiToi' Pliil : (om Toi' 31.83) | oSoXXajuetTou] aSoXXa/itTOU 
bh ; oSoXa/iiTOK aegjmpuy 33(-XojU- 33^) Phil-cod: 5oXa;iiToi' q : 
odo\afj.fxiTov c 

21 om 5e f I om Toi'S 2° acmnoxCj3[33ES | eiri 1° A] om 
acmoxC23[381ES : eK DE rell IL Phil | toi' toitou] /oci iUitis 33 | 
jrou] pr Kai tiirev avTois U( -I- /JjackmosxCj^Slsub •^•): pr Kai 
etTre llE*^*^: om i* ] eartv] erat IL | yevafievq k | ev — oSoi*] 

14 dtpiarpw] airaBapiffKov j : a' airaOapiKiti v | ai/Tos — 7i^i'atKa] a' Kai avr-q ovk eboOi) avTuj eis 7i'i'ai\a tr' 7] 6e ovk eSodtj 
avTOi eis 71'caiKa 0' 6' auTos 5e ovk eduKev avTuj avrrjv eis 71'i'aiKa v 

18 rov 2° — opuiffKov] a' ttjv acppayiba irov Kai arpewrov aov j{sine nom)v: a' rrjv atppayida (7ov Kai rov urpeirrov ( toi' 
urpfirrov sup ras) aov to ovv1.ov c^ \ opp^iaKov] a-' quod ad colluni { — wepi rpaxv^^v) ^ 

21 7) iropvrj] a' t) (vSiriWay/ievr] jv 





22 TTopvr] }) yevofiipT] ev \lvav eVt ri}? oBov ; Kcil elvav Ovk rju evravda Tropi>7). "Kal airecrrpa^rj A 
Trpo? 'lovSav KaX el-Trev Oi^^ evpov^ kuv ol avdpwtrot, oi eV tov tottov Xiyovcriv fir) elvai evravda ^ ^' 

23 TTopvrjv. "3f(7j-ej/ Se 'lot-'Sa? 'R^era) avTci, uWa p,>j irore Karaye\aa6u)fiev eyco fiev aire(na\Ka 

24 TOV epicj)ov TovTov, crii Se ov'^ €vp'i]Ka<;. ^■^eyevero Be fiera Tpi/xrivov aTrrjyyeXr} tu> ^'loiJSa XeyovTe<; § M 
'^^KireiropvevKev @a/j.ap r) vvfi(f>r] aov, Kal IBov ev yaarpX t'yei eK iropvilaf. elirev he 'lot/Sa? 

25 '¥j^aydyeTe avri]v Kal KaTaKavOrJTO). ^^avrrj Se dyofievt) (iTreaTeiXev Trpo? tov irevdepov avTi)^ 
\eyov(ra 'E« tov dvOpdoTTOV Tivo<; TavTa ecTTiv iyai iv yaaTpl e-^uf koX ti^irev Vjiriyvudi tu'o? 6 

26 ZaKTvXio^ Kal 6 opfj.iaKO'i Kal r) pd^Sov avTi]. ^^eireyvco Se 'Ioi/8a? Kal elirev AtSt/catwrat ^)ap,dp 
rj 67Cd, ov eiveKev ovk- eZcuKa avTTjv ^tjXw/j, tc3 viw fiov Kal ov irpocredeTo en tov yvoivat, avTrjv. 

^1 ^iyiveTO he rjviKa ereKev Kal T^he rjv hihvpa ev rf KoiXia avTfi(;. ^^eyeveTO he ev tw TLKTeiv 
avTTjv 6 el<; irpoe^rjveyKev ttjv -^elpa- \aj3ovaa he >) /u^aia ehrjaev eirl ttjv X^^P^ avTov kokkivov 

29 Xiyova-a Ovto<; e^eXevaeTai Trporepo?. ^^toy gg e'm.avvijyayev ttjv ^ftpa, Kal evdv<; e^XOev 6 
dhe\^o<; avTov. 17 he elTrev Tt hieKoirr) hid ere (j)payp.6<; ; Kal eKdXeo'ev to ovo/xa avTov ^dpe<;. 

30 2° Kal fxeTa tovto e^)X6ev o aheXtpo'i avTOv, e<^ e5 i)v eirl ttjv %etpa avToii to kokkivov Kal eKa- 
Xeaev to ovo^ia avTOv Zdpa. 

1 "'IfucrJ^c^ he KaTrj-^^''] elv AcyvTTTov Kal eKTtjaaTO avTov WeTe(f)prj'i o evvov^o'; ^apaw 6 

2 apxiP'dyeipo'i, dvTjp AlyvTrTio<;, eK x^ipiov 'l(T/xa7]Xei.Ta)v, o'l KaTrjyayov avTov eKei. -Kal IjV 

23 KarayeXaffOojfif;^] /xc sup ras A* 
25 eyyaffTpt A | ewiyvwOij E 
30 TOVTO A*] V suprascr A' 

aipi^ov A I €vpiKai E 24 eyyatXTpi A | tropvtas E 

26 ov 2"] om A*{siiprascr A') | Trpo<TfOeTu K 
XXXIX I KruarjXiTwi' />'' 

Slider uiam Enan 93 | ^v atvoi'] ad Ina 3L : om IB | atcai'] 
ivoM bpw ; ai/Mav h^^ : auva*' fm : fivav 1 | ^at] ot de fir | 
eiirai'] €i.Trov cdfmnp : eiwev o | rjn] sup ras{3 uel 4)]'' : esi 
33IE: riXBev d | iropvi)] om f: +7; e7ri\e7o/iefT; (ju 

22 (nre(Trpa(prj\(aTr€aTpa(p7}v 16^; avcTTpatpT] n\ : €TTeffTpa(p7j 
D\. : (eirecrrpfi/'ec 30) | ioi'5ai'] lOi'Sa hniw [ avdpttjwoi — tottov'] 
€K TOV TOTTOV avot f | avBpwTTOi] apSp^s degjnp | om ot 2° bmw 
3[B12 I om fK quSBE I TOV T07roi>] /oa illiiis B" | evTavBa 
AEahlrtv(mg)y] ude I)<-^v(t\t) rell Phil 

23 (^LTTev 5e] Ka.i etTrec 73) | om aWa IE'' [ p-fj Trort] /xt^ttw 
n : om ttotc m | KaTay€\a<Tdwfi€v] irricUar B'"^ : l^Ka.TQ.yvt»i- 
ffffu/ifx 20) I om iyw — evprjKas f | eyu /lev] om s: (om Mf 
31): +7ap Eacdnpt | aireffTaKKa] aTfirreiXa ms | toktok] 
caprarum 13: om m3(uid)1E | eupijKas] ei/pes dnp: +a.vTT\v 

24 5e i°] yo.p dp | ain777fX7)] pr (cat h : a;'i;77cXj; Z>''Ea 
c(uid)ikm(a»a7-)orxCj: a7ra776XXei p: oi'a77e\owri f: X^yovai. 
d I Tw] Tou E: om Z'aci*kmoxc2 | \iyovT(%\ XtyofTa m: om 
d: ( + OTI 31.83) I $aij.ap] post irou '^ \ iSon] +/tac p | (om 
eiwev Se iovdas 16) | om de 2° C-, | Kai KaTaKavSijTu] ut com- 
hiira/ur'Si-coAi \ (cara/cai'ff. ] /caTo/ia/x^STjru dp : KavdijToiX 

25 oiTTjs 5e ayo/xemis bilr\v(a7ra7- i-^r) |'T]] a7ro70- 
/iei'7/ Z)fs : om c^ | om eK tov avOpuirov f | tlvo^ i'^] pr 
ei p: ovrivos M^'efgjlmsty^'Cj Phil Chr Cyr-ed | Tama] hacc 
pignora ^: (om 107) | etrTtf] ei(nv m | £701] pr a a*' : a ex'->>^'. 
e^ eK^LVov Phil : om elS | (e;* yaoTpi] post e^w 79) | om ex^ ^ I 
om ciTrev a | €7ri7;/aj(?i] +TairTa fi^kr | Tivo% 2"J 4-e(rrti/ fi^r^ 
33 I om SasTi/Xios KaL I£ | SaKTi'Xios] opp.iaKOS f i | om 2** n | 
o/j/iicTkoj] SoKTuXios fi(5aKTi/Xos i*) | om ovtt) 3(uid) 

26 (€7re7i'a) 5e toi'Oas] A'at €7r€7;'. tot's. 14: om 71) | Bapap] 
avT-r) dnpS Chr: om x*©" | etfesa f | ovk edwKa] ov SeduKa 
dhnstv Thdt : ovk sdoiKev f | <r»)Xw/t] post p-ov 3 : triXu^ blmw 


C2 : (Tr)\oiv jps : triXtiji' n | irpotdeTo m | om Toy Cyr 

27 om totum comma a [ om T^viKa — ouri;y f [ fTtKiv AbS] 
iTiKTev DEM rell '3H3S Eus Chr Cyr | xat ti)5€] om pB: om 
TTiSe WB I om Ti; el | KoiXia A] yacTpi DE.M rell Eus Chr Cyr 

28 e7€i'ero Se] Kai d : om Se p | iTpoe^TjifeyKei/] Trpoae^rj- 
feyxcu: (7rpoe^7)7a7e 14.16.130) | x^'P" i°] + ti'Tou Ebd-hjkl 
nptwSB Cyr [ Xafiovoa — avTov] bis scr g | eorjfffv] pr ('/ ^ : 
edrioay w | e?rt — avTov] post kokkivov E3B(»id)5 | kokkivov] 
pr TO cgj I Xe7oi>ffa] + oti fi^'r | outos] oitos (20) Chr | irpo- 
eJeXei'creTai t Eus | TTporepos] TrpuTos degjnpu Chr : irpuTOf q 

29 tus 5e] ojSe g | (e7ri(ji'i'7/7a7€f] 6ir€t(r777a7e 14.16.1^0) | 
Xeipa] +auToii mBS(uid) | om rat i" DMackmo.S-NC^'SiBllS 
Eus Cyr | evBvs] evBeus b\v : om iS Chr | om o — (30) f^TjXBev 
lE'P I 71 Se] Kai (16) S" I (Tt SifKOTT?;] eTn)5r} (kottt) iff') \ SieKOTTrf] 
SiaKOTTTei d | {ippayp.os] pr 20) | om Kai 2° — ^apes m | 
{eKa\e(Tav 107) 

30 om Kai r** Cyr-ed | p.eTa tovto] p.(T avTov It | touto] 
TOVTOV A^EMfhquwy Chr: TOirra (25) B"' | a5eX0oy] pr Kai 
A \ e(p 01 Tjv] exoiv f i-^r | u] ov egjlmy | t)v] ligalum est B : om 

Eus I CTTt kokkivov] TO KOKK. eiTl TT^S X^^P^ aVTOV dp: om TO 

Eus I cTTt] ev Ei* Cyr | ttjv x^ *P^ Act] ttjs x^^pos dnp Chr : tij 
Xeipi Z>''EM rell Cyr | Kai t/taX.] exaX. Se c | ^apa] l^apav s: 
fape i^'r: +tov Se erepov (fiapes m''(mg) 

XXXIX 1 KaT-qvex^T) qu | 7reTe0p7;y] TreTecppis h : Pela- 
phres ^: (iTeTTefppri^ 16): TTevTuppTji ei^mqu: TrevTe(ppis dnp; 
7reTe0pi; htB : TTeTTe<l>pT] i*(uid) : TrevTetppr) ly: om Chr | o 1° — 
apxip-ayeipos] apxip-ayTjpo^ tpapaw sup ras pi litt E^( + po5 E*) 
Chr{-7ctp-) I (papau)] post apxip-ayeipu & \ om 2" DMabce- 
hi*jlmosw-C2 | om avijp aiyvTTTios Chr | avT)p] p | at7t'jrTt£»;i' 
d I x^'po^ /JMa-dftiik-prtywCjlE'S Chr | t(r,ttai)XetTiiii'] pr tuv 
acfi^'orCjB : to-/toi;X Xe7W>' E | om 01 — (2) avrjp { | (ot] + Kai 
14) I eicet] +in Aegyptum'Q'^ 

22 aTTeaTpaipT}] a' airearpe^f/ev jv(sine nom) | fir) — iropvriv] a' ovk Tfv ev tovtu SniWaypievr] jv 

23 i^T] TTOTe KaTay.] a a'' ne fianms contcmpti S | /(aT07eXao-Su|tte;'] a' a' yevoineSa ets efoi/SeftJtrt;' jv 

25 Trefffepof] eKvpov M: Kvpiov j: a' 8'{}) Kvpov v | op/iiuKot] a' to irept TpaxiXov M(-Xtoi') j(sine nom)vS 
29 Tt — 0pa7^os] a' Tt duKo^a^ eTTi ire SiaKOTTTjv j 




A K.vfuo'; fjuera '\coajjcj>, Kal ^v dvrjp eTriTvy)(^dv(i>i>' koX iyeveTO ev ro) oIkw irapa tcS Kvpitp rw 
Aiyi/Trrlo). 3jy'8ff gg o tcvpio'; avrov on Kvpio9 /xer' avrov, Koi ocra av Troiy Kvpto? evoBol iv 3 
Tat? ■)(epaiv avrov. "^koX evpev 'I&)cr?)(^ X"P'-^ ivavTiov rod Kvpiov avrov, evrjpearei Be avra' Ka\ 4 
Kare<Trr)(T€v avrov eVt rov oIkov avrov. Kal -rravra oua jJi' avrw ehtoKev Bid ^et/oo? l(jo<Tij<l>. ^iye- 5 
vera Be fierd ro Karacrradfjvai avrov errt rov oikov avrov Kal errl iravra oaa r)v avrai, Kai rjvXo- 
yrjaev Ki^pto? rov oIkov rod AlyvTrriov Bid 'Ia)0"'7</)' xal eyevijdtj evXoyia Kvpiov ctti rrdaiv rot? 
vTrdp'^ovo'iv avraj ev r<f oikw Kal ev rw dypw. ^Kal eTrea-rpeyjrev rrdvra ocra rjv avrm eh '^elpa'i 6 

i C' 'Ia)(77;'<^, Kal ovk fjBeo rCiv Kaff eavrov ovBev rrX'ijv rov dprov ov ^riadiev avrot. Kal rjv la>arj<f> 
Ka\6<! Tftj e'iBei, Kal d)palo<; rrj oyfrei a^oBpa. '^ Kal eyevero fierd ra prifiara ravra Kai errefidXev rj 7 
7t/i'»7 rov Kvpiov avrov rov<; o^OaXfiovt avri]<; iirl 'I<oo-J7<^, Kal elirev }s.oifiridrjri fxer ifxov. ®o Be 8 
OVK ■ijdeXev, elrrev Be rrj yvvaiKl rov Kvpiov avrov Et 6 Kvpiot /mov ov yivdxTKei St ifie ovBev iv toS 
oiKO} avrov, Kal irdvra ocra icrrlv avrw eBwKev et? rat yelpw^ fJ'OV, ^Kai, ovy vrrepe^ei ev rfj oiKua 9 

§ L avrov ovdev e^ov, ovBe inre^rjpr^rat, ^drr efjLov ovBev ttXt/v aov, Bia ro ae yvvalKa avrov ecvai- Kai 
TTft)? 7rot';a"(a to p->]/j,a ro rrovripdv rovro Kal afiaprijaopbai ivavriov rov deov ; '"i^viKa Be eXaXei 10 

3 TTOiet E 4 evtjpeffTTi E 

5 ciiXo77)[irei'] D | om eyepiidri A*(hab A'"'s) | ev>Loyeia D | 7ra<ri Z>''E 
9 ^^x] ^^'^ E I ii7rc^7;p7;Tai] VTrf^eipiyrai AE : v(p€^tjpT]Tai D \ tovtq\ tovtop E 


2 /xcTO. iw<r7)(/>] /J-CT avTov 1 | eyevero — aiyinrTiu'] praepositus 
(conturstis IEp) est super Jomiim domhii sni IE | tyevovro g* | 
Trapa, Toi Kvpaa] domiiti sui % : avrov c^ ; om tu E : + avrov 
D( + Z'^'')abckmoswx33S{sub •%■) \ ra aiyvirrioi] tuv aiyvimuiv 
f ; in Aegyplo % 

3 ifiu 6e] ubi cognouit 3: et ubi uidit IE | iiSei] pr ovk 
km: eiSe;- il : ciTre f | Kvpi.0% 2°] pr ip km!E: pr o ef: o dto^ 
Phil(uid); (o ffj tiv 107): +t)i' bquw Chr : + eo-ri f33 | om p-er 
— Kupios 3° m I auTOf 2°] + ctn-i egj'3(uid) | om koi — avrov 3" 
b I o<ra] pr on iravTa k : pr Tiavra achosxc^SlES Chr: dnp | 
av ttoit;] e^oiei n | eav DEdePglii^'jklo-ruvvxy | euoSoi] evoiav 
m : (Karci'oSoi 25) | tv — aurou 3°] sub ■%■ Si : om kv(txt) Thdt 

4 iw(n](p I''] post X'^P^^ ^^v • ^(^^0 s I fvioTTtov D | om 
evripearei oe aurw m Chr | evnp. 5e] Kai evrip. qu : quod grnttis 
erat '311E [ ev/jpeffrrjaev Ddfgsc^lS | KaTear-rjaep] Trapeo'Ttjoev m : 
€<7TT]aev Cj ] Tou oiKou] TOP otKOf egj : t7;s otKtas Eacdhk-plv 
(txt)xC2 I om avTov 2° admnpv{txt)xc, | (Tra^ra] pr en iS) | 
avTu 2°] pr ev egj : (pr eTT 107) : om C2 : + eTrt tov oikov avrov 
dnp I eSuiKev — (5) avrov] bis scr n | ScSukcv mpc^ | 5ia X"P<"] 
per niatitts S | 5ta] irapa i* | Ht3arj<fi 2"] aurou axC2.S(txt) 

5 om TO f* I KaraGradr)vai] KaraaO-qvat x*C2* : KaraarT]vaL 
t: KOTao-TT/ff-ai (31.83.84) J3S | tou mkou] toi" oikoi- dp | koi 
!» — avrtij i*^] om plE : om Kat y | eTrt Travra] cttl Trao'ti' j (mg) : 
om eirt m13 | om Kai 2° — (6) w(rri(j> i" 38^ | Kat r)v\oyy](rev 
Kiipios] eis Xf V"s laarjip g : om Kai fmoylE | Knpios] pr c^ | 
om rov 2'^ dip | iyivrjdri] eyevero fir | (ei'Xoyia] pr t] 79) 1 
Ki/piou] pr Tropa dp | eiri 3° Anv{mg)S] ei- i5s''EMv(txt) rell 
33S I om jraffiv bw | avra 2°] aifxoii Di'nc^ | ev i°] pr Kai 
C2 I oiKu] + auroi' ml3 | ay pui\ + avrov Dabckoswc, 

6 eTrerpei/'ei' />''Macdfghjotuw^'yc,3 Chr | aiTw] pr eK i* | 
eiy x^'P**^] ^*5 "^^^ x^^P^^ ^^ ■ ^'■^ x^'pos o Chr : j'u manum IE ] 
iw(T7}ip I"] +eii'ai qu | ruiv — ouSei'] omne qitodctiiuqtie erat in 
donio sua ^ : om rwv Kad eavrov Chr | KaB eavrov Aw(-(ji' 
w*)y] Ko^ eauToi' 1>; Kar aiTov D(?)EMacfirv: Kad avrov 
/>''(?) rell I ou^ei' i*v | -rjadiev — atpoSpa'] mutila in C ] tjoOiev] 

post avros amoxc,S | om auros i)n'313!E Chr | KaXui q | om 
(Tfpodpa Chr^ 

7 Kai eyevero] eyevero 5e m | om ra ptjfiara Chr | om 
Taura qu | om Kai 2° fmplSlS | eireflaXev] eireflXexpev dnp | 
Kvpiov] avov c I rovs 0(f}6aXp.ovs] {rots o<pda\p.ots 107): o<f>da\p-ov 
Cyr-cod : om rovs t | twaT)ij>] pr rov (20.32) Chr | eiTrev] + auru 
fi»Imr(-rj; r* uidySlSffiE 

8 T)8e\-q<Tev arx'SBffilE Cyr-cod | ri) — avrou i°] airr?;] dlE | 
ry) 71'vaiKi] 7} yvvT} Ep(r7/) | auroi' i°] sub •:$:• 5 | ei] ihov Chr ^ | 
ov — ovbev] hi epe ovbev ytvtjjaKet Eus | 5i e/Ae] post aurou 2° h^ : 
post oi>5ev dkl-Serjnp Thdt: (5i epov iS): om EmIE ChrJ | 
ouSev] ov$ev DikmorsCj : om b | ev] pr roiv EMegjhnolE Eus- 
ed Chr | (om Kai — avrw 78) [ Kai] aXXa (31-83) Chr§ j Travra 
otra] quod 33 | om otra eartv avrut ^ | ecrriv] -ijv Efm : DTrapx'? 
c t ai'rw] pr ev (68) Eus-ed : avrov Thdt : ev roj oiKoi auroi' eg 
j I deSuKev Mdfilpqstu Eus-ed Chr Cyr-cod Thdt | eis ras 
Xeipas] ev rij X"/" Chr^ codd J : i>i mauum IE: om rar 1 Chr- 
ed^ I ;uou 2°] durou e/toi n 

9 I'lrepexei] I'lrapxei Z)MbjqrsuwIE(uid) Thdt: +ovdev a: 
-l-ou5evmx: +a/iquid &: + ov8ev rwv o \ ourou i» AEcyffiS] 
aiir?) nx*(uid): ravra w: om op31E'' : raun; DMx-'' rell ^"iE'^f 
ChrCyrThdt | ovdev — ovSev]quod non fuil commissum mi/ii'^ \ 
ovdev] ovSev degjn ; om abmopwxc^^ Thdt 1 epov i"] pr eKros qu ; 
epoi OS : om bopvv Thdt | oi<5e] ij p | UTre^Tjpjjrai] I'Tre^aipeiroi 
br{-/)7;r-)w Chr i Thdt : aire^r)pT)rai pc^ | a?r eynou ovSev] ovSev 
epov fir Thdt(-5ev) | aTr epov] post ovSev dknpv: om g | oiiSev] 
oi'Sev Els I om 5ia — eivai d | aurou yuvoiko r | eivai oitoi' f | 
om Kai 2° fCjB'P I om iras E | ro 2° — rouro] uerbum hoc 
malum et mapnim 91 : malum hoc magnum S (pr uerbum mg) | 
om ro piipa dlE^ Chri | pripa ro jrovTjpov] TTOv-qpov pijpa o: 
iroVTjpov pijpa ro /xeya acxc^ Eus: +ro pieya m | ro 7rov?;pov] 
post roi'To fin | Kai 3° — 9eoi'] om IE: om Kai Thdt | apap- 
rrjaopai] apaprrjau nt : apaprrjKojs eaopai Thdt | cvavriov] evavri 
fi : evuTriov Chr^ Cyr-cod | 6eov] kv m 

10 T^viKa 5e] eyevero 5e T)viKa a1]$(om be 33'P): Kai eyevero 

XXXIX 2 eiririryxavuv] a' Karei'^i'vo/xevoy ir' euoSoujuevos Mjv{Karei'o5-)^ 
9 ovSe vire^riprp-ai] neque reliquit neque suhtrnhit sine subtracluiii {\ ^ r^— ri) % \ ro 
ravrrjv M 

7 e-Tre/SaXev] a' T^pev M 
TOin-o] a' r-Tjv KaKiav rrjv peyaXrjv 




^l(i)ari(f) rffiepav e^ T^/iepw;, xal ov^ VTrrjKovev avr-p xadevSeiv fxer avTT}(; rov (yvyyeveadat avr^. A 
II "iyevero Se roiavTr] tw rjfiepa' elarjXdev 'leocn)<j> et? rrjv oIkiuv tov Troieli' to. epya avTOV, Kai, 
\2 0170619 rjv ev Ttj oiKtq. eaw ^^Koi eTrecrTTc'iaaTO avTov twv Ifiariiov avrov Xeyovcra K.oip.'jdTjTi p-er 

13 e/xov' Kal KaToXeiiTOiv to. ip,dTia avrov etf)vyev Koi i^fjXdev ef(u. '^Kal iyevero co? elBev on 

14 KareKenrev to ip,aTia avrov iv rai<; ■)(epcn.v avrfi<i /cal e<f)vyev xal e^fj\6ev efw, '"*«;a^ iicdkeaev 
rov<; 6vra<; iv rfi oIkm koi eiirev avrin<; Xeyovcra "ISere, elariyayeii rralBa 'E^palov ep,rrai^€i,v 

15 eiarjXOev rrpo'; p,€ Xeycov }\.o(pij0t]ri. per ipov' Kal i/Sorjcra (f>a)vr} p,eydX7j. '^e'l; Se t&J 
aKOVcrai avrov on v-^waa rfjv (fxovtjv pov Kal i06rj<ra, KaraXeiTrmv ra Ipana avrov "Trap epoc 

16 e(f)Vyev Kai, e^rfkOev e^w. ^'^xal KaraXipirdvei ra ipdna rrap eavrrj «o? r/\6ev o Kvpio<; et? rov 

17 oiKov avrov. ^^ Kal eXtiXrjcrev avrcf Kara ra pr']p,ara ravra Xeyovaa Klo'rjXOev Trpo? pe o iraif 
is'E/3pato9, ov €Lcr7jyaye<; tt/jot rjfid^, ifirraZ^al /xot, Kal elrrev fioi KoipTJdTjn per' ipov. '°o)9 Be 

i^Kovcrev on v^^waa rrjv cfxovi^v pov Kal e^orjcra, KareXenrev ra lp,dria avrov Trap' epol Kal e<f)vyev^ II L 

19 Kal e^>}Xdev e'^o). ^'^eyevero 8e 019 yKovcrev 6 Kvpio<; ra prjpara rrj<; yvvaiKo^ avrov, ocra eXaXtjaev 

20 Trpo'; avrov Xeyovaa Ovrw^ irroLrjcTev p.01 6 7rat9 aov, Kal eOvpuoOt] opyy. ^°Kal eXa^ev o Kvpici 

lO i.oijr)(p K'(iU(rri<p E'') 
16 KaTa\eiiJ.7ravit E 

13 iSev D 

17 eyUTTfJoi A 

14 eiSere AD | itx-m^tw E 
18 ^itjvr\ E 

ijKiKa ckmoxCj'SSlKai tyivero sub •:Sc.): et IE | cXaXtjire j | 
kWGi]<f> Ai] pr TW DELM rell Cyr: om Chr | ■r\ii.epa.v\ ri/xepa c | 
om Kai egjB''' | vrrriKovacv D(coiitra />'')LMacdegj-rtu.\Cj13 
CIEp Chr I avTTi i"] aiTT/i'c: aurijs Eo Chr: om 3 | Kaffev- 
Sfiv juer avTijs] pr rov f : om n | KaOcvSeipl Koiixrjdyjvai p | iied 
eaiTT^s E I om rov (Xirfycveadat avrrj piijn | Tov\ Kai f15 : tteque 
3 I avTTi 2°] avTTiv o : airrou d : om 31 

11 c/evT^di] acdi*km-pxCj | om 5e fknpyc, Cyr-cod | toi- 
avrq Tcs rifxtpa] fita twj' rifiepwv fp{pr ev) : /« itfto die 1£ | roiavTt) 
ri%\ Tis ToiaiTT) km: ttj aim} a: ravrq o | t(s T/jUfpa] ij/iepa rts 
x: TJjs Tj/^Lfpas dn(Tis) : tis upa. i'r: om ns Cj : +Tis c | rjijiepa] 
+ ras (2) a | eimjXflei'] pr Kai befgjpwyCj Cyr-ed: iiigressiis 31 | 
(tt)!' oiKiai'] Toi/ oiKov 79) I TOV Ay] om DELM rell Phil Cyr | 
iroiritrai f i'r | oi/5fis ac-gijkm-prxc^ | tjv] post oikio S : om 
Lk I iv Acfnyc,BE Cyr-cod] pr tuj/ DELM rell aCS Cyr- 
ed I TTj oiKia\ 7-01 oiKtji m 

12 /cat e7r€(T7ra(raro] KaKeiv-q fxrjb^va iBovGO. aAX 77 toi* ni)(Tt}(f> 
eKpaT-qa^v m: om /cat Ldnp'31 | eireairaaaTO — avTov i°] appre- 
hendit uestes eius nitdauit eitm iis 13 | (^e<nraaaTo c^ | avTov] 
avTuv g* : avToii fj : om aCES | twv ip.aTiav avTOv] ucstcm cins 
IE: om E I oDTou 1" Amy3lS] om Z>''LM rell Cyr | {koiij.t\9t]ti 
fUT e/iov] KoifiTjSTiffonai /icTa aov 108) | (om kai 2" — e^ui 83) | 
Kai 2"] KOKeiKos m : 5e (20.31) 3(uid) | KaraXeiTrui' AEhkno 
ry] KaTaXiwuu Z)s''LM rell B Phil Cyr: KarfXijre (14. 78) S(iiid) | 
auTou 2°] sub •^- S: om ELbdhkptvwyc^ Phil | ecfrvytt' A] 
pr €v Tais x^pft'' ai/TT^s Kot r^ ; pr ev rats x^P^^" aiTijs />''(D'''*') 
ELM rell (om ev mjJoffiES Phil Cyr 

13 Kai I" — 6^(j] sub ■— vS: om (71) Cyr-cod ] Kai ey^vcTo] 
eycycTO Sc acdfikmnor^(sHp ras)xc2S: om koi (20) U'l' : om 
(yevcTO piS I KaTeXenrey] pr re/ir/m'/ earn el e.xiil et IEp : pr exiit 
et^'^'i /careXiTrei' DLad-gijlpqstuxyc,ail5ffilES: KaTaXiTrwi" b\v- 
Cyr-ed j om aiTou i*npvCo j fv — ai'T7]s] ifi maitu eius ^: om 
c I om Kai 2" — c^w dnIE | Kai e0i'7fc] (om 16.77.130): om Kai 
bepwlS" Cyr-ed | kbi c^-qMey ejw] om k : om Kai S : om ffw p 

14 Kai CKoX.] exaX. 5e k : om Kai Z)df kmnpqxaJ33E Cyr | 
om ovTas m Cyr-cod | (otKta] 4- ws eiSiv oTi KareXtTre Ta tp.aTia 
avTOV 71) I Kot enrev ai'xois] om (J: om aurots E [ om Xeyovaa 


fmivaBE I iSfTC — rt/xiv i"] quid adiulistis super me (om /«/irr 
me Ep) uidete quoa fecit super me E | iSc mw | (layj^aytv'^ 
riyayev a(riya sup ras a")cmoxCjS(txl) | om Tiiiiv 1° C Cyr-cod | 
om TToiSa I I fjUTroi^ai j(mg)ii | -qiuv 2°] /ixoi j(mg)nc,E | eiinjX- 
Oivl pr Kai e: -f7ap k | om \iyuiv dnpU^^' | KoifiijOTjTi /j.€t 
e/iiov'] Koi/xtjBriiTOfiai fxera aov bw | K0i/jn]$7jTi] Ka0€vdew dnp | 
(om Kai 3" — p.eya\ri 71) | e/Soijffa] pr e^o 3 | (^uk); ^70X1)] 
fj.eya\ij ipuvq 84 : tfxiivijv fj.(ya\r}i/ 32) 

15 om auToi' fm [ (ore 84) | om /lou i* | om Kai e^oTjaa 
y I om KOTaXeiTrui' — ep-oi L | KaToXfiirwi'] /caroXiTTUi' D{ + />"') 
Mabd-gijlmpqs-xCj Cyr: reliquit SJ3CES | e<^vytv\ pr koi 
LaE,S I om Kai ffT/XSe;- CE 

16 KOToXi/uiraKfi] KaraXtiTci dp: reliquit E'''S: posuit S 
JSIEE'^ I ip.aTia\ -fairrou Efni53'''E(uid) | coi'tt;] oi/ttj fnpc^: 
eouT7)s i*o : au-nj! d | cus] us L : us 5e ui | ei(n)X(?cc (79) J3"C | 
Ki'/)ios] -fauTou Edegjknpt13CE(uid)S(uid) : -t- cucri)^ D | fis — 
aurou] (V Tui oikoi avrov f : om egjl3"d : om eis x* | (avTOv] 
avTrjs 84) 

17 om KOI 1° mlS'i' | aurov m | om KaTa^ravra r* | 
TOKT-a] avTov i*(uid) | irais] puer tiieus Tract : om n : + aov 
1]BE I et(T777a7e$] €i(r7;»'e7Kas Chr J : i7i'C7Kas m | om Trpos ijfias 
El I ejUTraij'ti^ Lf I Chr f codd J | fioi I"] /te Chr-codd J : rifias 
fJS'P: TIM'" E'P Chr§ I om koi eixtK pioi y* | Kat curex] ciirjc 
Se r: di.vit enim Tract | om fioi 2° Lbcew | Koip.y)8riTi jner 
f/iou Ac,3H3 Tract] Koip.ri6riao/iai /iera aov D( -t- /^''jELM rell 
[-aiatiai ny)(!rES(Kat eiTrcv — itok sub ~): + aa et e/amaui Jioce 
magna ^ ^ 

18 7)Kovaev'\ ijKovaa ttjv iftiov-qv n* | om ^ov efgj | KaTe. 
XeiTrci'] KareXiirej" /5Mad-gijlpqs-vxc,3t3CrES: KaraXeiTTOi' c: 
KaraXiTTwy Lbw | om oitou Lhi*kquy | om Kai 2" LbcwJ3 | 
om Kat (^Tj\$iv E 1 om e^w bw 

19 Kupios Af] +avTov />»{D''''')EU rell aBC;E(uid)S | 
ra pqpiaTa] om n: -t-raura dfptJT | om njs 7i/i'atKos airof dj) | 
oaa — <roi/] om fp : om oira — aiToi' iE'' | Xeyovaa^ Xeyovaris i : 
-t- Tj 7i;i'77 avTov d | ourws] + Kai ovtws m | oui Kai Efkmnpa 
B'pE I opyTj] + auTOu k 

20 Kat eXa/SeK A13C] om f: Kat Xa^uv DEM rell S | om 

17 c^tIraliot ;Uot] KaTa7i't^i'at /tot M 

20 Kai r* — iuaTj<ff] a' Kat eXa^ev ks ujaijip avrov a' eXa^ev ks auTou tox iitiaTjcp 0' Kai Xa^wv ks luaTjtp v 

SEPT. I I 3 




A lo)(rrj<p KUt iv€^a\€V avrbv et? to o^^ypw/Aa, e^9 rov roirov iv o> oi heajx^rai rov ^aaiKew^ tcare- 
')(OvTat €K€t ev Tco oxvpoifxart. ^^ Kat t^v KiJpto? ftera 'l(0(Tt)(f) koi KaTe')(^€€V aurou eXeo?, kol 21 
ehcM3Kev avrto %«/3/i' ivavTiov rov op'^theafJuo^vXaKO'^. ^^kuI eBcoKev 6 np)(^ihe(T^o(^v\a^ to hecrfico- 22 
TTjpiov Ota \etpo<; ^lcDa'rf<f> koI TravTa^ tov^; n7n)y/i€i>ov^ ocrot iv tco BeaficoTijpLW, kol irdvTa oaa 
irotovciv ixei. ^^ovk rjv 6 dp)(^iS€(T/j,o(f>v\a^ ycvooaKayv Bi avTov ovOev irdvTa 'yap tjv hta %e'/3o? 23 
'Ift)O"/?0, hta TO TOP KvpLOif fieT avTov elvat* Kal oaa avTo<^ eVotet, Kupto9 evohol iv Tal'i ')^€p<Tlv 

^ Er/€V€TO Be fi€Ta to, pij/juaTa TavTa 7)fiapTev 6 dp-)(^toi,vo^6o<; tov ^aatXio)<; AIjvtttov Kal 6 i XL 
apy^KTiTOivoio^s tco KVpKp avTMV /SaaiXei AlyvirTOV. '^/cal MpytaOr] ^apao) iirl toZ? Bvatv evvovy^ot^ 2 

§ A5 at'ToO, eVi Tft> dp-^i<nvo')(ow Kal iirl tS dp'^iatTOTroia)' ^/cal eOcTo avTovt; iv ^(jivXaKJ} irapd tS 3 
dp'^cBeo-fj.otpvXaKt 6i9 to BeafKOTt^piov^ et«? tov tottov ov 'loxr^c^ dirr^KTO ifcet. '^Kal cruvicrTTjaev 6 4 

IF A5 dp')(^iS€afi(OT7)<i T(p ^Ywarj^ avTov<;, /cat irapeaTr}^ avTot^;' yaav Be rjfxipa^ iv t/; <f>vXaK7}, ^Kal iBov 5 
afM<f)OT€poi ivvTTVioVy €KdTepo<; ivvTTViov iv fiid vvktl, opaaiii tov ivvirviov avTov, o dp')(^LOivo')(oo<i 
Kal o dp-)(^ia'CT07roto^ ot TJaav rco ^aatXet AlyvTTTOV, 01 ovt€<; iv tw BetrficoTrfpitp. ^ela-qXOev Be 6 

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B^C I /cat 2« Af] om DEM rell 13«. | ei/e/SaXer] ez'c^aXXep w: 
eire^aXev 1 | (om avrov 107) ] (om to 20.79) 1 ^^^ '^'^ — ^1 P^ 
Kaif: OTToulEChr | ev u'] ov f'l'^^ | Karexovrai] Karexovro w : 
KareixovTo Ef^ : KaTepxoyrai d: eraiit 3S | om c/cet — oxi'pw- 
^art cfn Chr 

21 (a)(TT70] + A:at 971/ a^'T/p er(Ti'7X"''w Thdt | avToi<\ avrw 
cklm Thdt | eXfos] eXeof Thdt: iXatov dnp | x^P'-^ avTOj edojKeu 
C2 I om eSwKc*' avro) Tlidt | x^-P'-^ avru akx | om apxt-^^a/MO- 
(pvKaKos — (22) g I dea/j.otpv'KaKOs Efhi Thdt 

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k I om apxi^5€(r/j.0(pv\a^ (71) 3E | om tovs n | a7r7;7^€i'oi's] 
aTrayo/jL€vov$ qu : KaOapy/xeuovs m : e7Ke>vXei0"/i€i'0i'S D + D{'K\l(T-) 
Ehhirst : (TvyK€K\€i(T}j.€vov^ {{(tiv€k\- u\d)[: c/azisos iil^ ^{m^) : in- 
iectos 13: om k | otrot] ocra o: om bfi^^kmrvvc^C | eKu^ +ai'T05 
7/1/ TTOLiov Mabckmoswxc2'HS(sub •^•) 

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Any Chr] +e:' toj 5e(7/iut-n7ptu) iri1£: + rot' Oecr/iwrT^pioi' D( + Z?^'') 
EM rcll '315 I yivu}(TKUJv — ovOfv] i^i^Xa^ f | 5t avrov^ Oi aurwf 
imp: om Chr^ | ov6ev^ ovdcv bdghiinpx : eos 13 ] om to Dg* 
C2 I om rof Mah*i*nopvxy | Kvpiov] ks x | fier avrov] post 
etrat fE : (5i aiirou 30) | oaa] pr Tracra 1: om f: +01^ egj | om 
auros dl3dE | "Jroiei (30) ^fil | Kvpio^] pr o egj : post evodot d1£: 
K-at Ks o 6s fi{om /cat) : /cai b | ^vwdou Mabce-knqt-wCg'ECS 
Chr Thdt ] ev — avrov 2°] sub -r- <S : om rais cjru 

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1° f: om rov mCg | om 2*^ n | Kvpiw] kv m | avrujv] avric c^*: 
at'Tou m I /SactXa] pr toj Dacdnptx 

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1° Ddnp I om ai'rou dnpB Phil | eiri 2" — apxtffiToTroio}] pr 
/cat c^E: om El£ | CTrt 2'^] om d33*: +r€ npt | om €7rt 3^ d33 

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rov apxt-fJ-o-y^i-pov m | apxi-5.] 5e<r/xo0i'\aA;i D( + /^)Megjksv: 
apxi-fJicyeipu) A5acdnopxC2'3U3S Phil-codd-omn | ets ro Sea-fxca- 
TTjpiou] €u Tto deafxojrtjpioj f: om H!r(uid) | ets rov roirov] om 

f m : om rov n: +€V toj oxi'P'»'/^aTt dnp(pr rov) \ ov] owov D: 
€v oj { \ iii}a-Tj<p a7n)KTo ckci] pr bmwx : Joseph erat %\ rjv 
L(j}(n)(p EdS I a7r->7Kro] airripKTo n: aTr^ipKTom: {ain}V€x6r} 108 
mg): KarwKei 1 | €\-et] om 13: +€V to) oxt'pw/tart j(mg) 

4 om totum comma 15 | (Tiiyeo'TT^o-ei'] KaT^<jrr}<jev m | — 
avrovs] avrovs o apxf-Stff/j.wTTjs iu}ffri<p dnp : t*i>i princeps-carni- 

fitzifu ( = apxi-f^CLyetpos) Joseph ^ \ apxtSeo-pacriis] apx^Sea- 
fxoipvXa^ Mj{mg)v(mg)y^{uid) : + auroi' f | ro) LwaT](p avrovs] 
aiToi'S Ttu ia!£n;0 Chr-ed : ta>a'7;0 avrovs kmx : a^roi'S LO}<n]<p i'^ : 
Trpos LW(rr}<p avrovs f: ai-roi'S Trpos LOJ(nj<p i'^-r: airots roi' iwarfip 
Chr-codd : (om avTovs 30.107) | tcij^ g | avrovs] •\- dedit eos 
in mauHiH eiits 13 | ^at Trapeffrt) avroLs] pr aiiendebat Us 38'p : 
(^at TrapeffTTjaev avrovs avToi 31.83): erai super eos CT: om 
Z)(D""')fl3"' I TTapi<TTT)ff€v E I (ai'Tots] ai'Toi'5 14.16. 130) I 6e] 
(7ap CKft 71): +e/cet dnp | T/^tpas] 77/xepat c: +7roXXas C Chr: 
+ TrXetoi'S knv(mg) : + TrXetoroi^s dp | 0r'XaK7/] +7rXetoiys egj 

5 a/i0oTtpoi en'Trf toy] ei'i'TTi'ioi' a^0orepot afimnorxc2'3[i£S : 
afjLfporepoi evvwvLa (14. 16. 7 7. 1 30) Chri : e^'UTTi'ta a/xtporepoL ckC: 
{evvTTViov OL afX(poTcpot 30): om afM<por€pot Edp | e/carcpos — 
auToi'] in una node itnusquisque ex zis laderunt soinniiim 
suH/n IE I om €Karepos evvirvLov bdlilpqsu\vl3'P Chr | eKarepos] 
CKarepov i* : eKarepoi egj : €Kaffros mn | evvrrviov 2'^] om m : 
+ avrov k: +ezus uidit 13"' | M^a] post vvktl acfimorxc^^S | 
vvKrC] 0i;Xa[A:?;] D(contra Z>^'') | om opaffts — dea/j.ujT7)ptof dm | 
opaais — avrov] quod itidit in somnio sito ^i om p Chr | apao-ts] 
pr 7; 36 qu: ^v wv at opa<ms bw | om rov evvTrviov fi^^r| aurou] 
auTOJi/ bwylS''' : om Dacfi^'''koqruxC2*ES(uid) | 01'' — apxtffiro- 
Trotos] re apX'-'^'-TOTroios Kai apx^-Oivoxoos p : rov apxt-OLvoxoov 
Kai rov apxKTiroiroiov 1J( + /?^'')acf i'^^koqruxc^'tfl^^om rov 2" qu | 
r^Ad3t.T^ { = Tov OLVoxoov) .S™^]]: {tov apxi-<TiTOiroiov Kai rov 
apxoLOvoxoov 76) | i°] +t€ Chr | oivoxoos bw | ciroTroios 
bw I om ot 1° — defffxuTTjpioj p | ot 1° — ^acrtXet] rf^j 1315: om 
ot 1) I TOJ i^] pt ev r I oi 2-^—5€<r/j.ojT7}piu}] om f : om ot bw3[ | 
(oires] ac5pes 31) | ev rw Sea/xitjTTjptdj] cv (eTt 78) rots dfCTfiu)- 
TTjpiois egj (78): +riv avrtj qu 

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20 /cat 2'^ — oxupw/ia] a' /cat e5(»;A:ei' airoi' Trpos oikov rov 5€a/j.iOT-ijpiov M | ets ro oxi'pwMct] ft? to dea^wTTjpiov M 

22 a7r777;Lte»'Oi's] e7\'e/cXei(r^ei'oiiy Mjv : SeS^fxevovs j 

XL 3 ainjKTo] a' SeSe/xevos A5 4 0"i'i'e<rr7;a'ei'] tr' 7rape^[€]T0 A5 j irapeffTT]] a' eXcirovpyei M : c' eXtT0i'p7et A5 

5 l"^ — apxnTtroTrotos] a' 7ro7t(7T7;s /cat Tretrwc M: a' o ttotktttjs ffov /cat Trats ffov j(om cou i")v 



XL 15 

7 TTOo? avTow TO 7rp(ol 'Ia)(r>;<^, kuI lSsv avTov<; Kal ijaav ^T€Tapay/jievoi. ^Kal r)p(OTa tovv evvov- A 
Xov<; ^apao), o'i ?i<Tav fier airov ev rrj (jivXaKr) trapa Ttp Kvpi,(p aiirov, Xiytov Tt oti to, Trpoawira ^ ^ 

8 vfiMv (TKvdpwira crij/xepov ;^ ^ol Be elirav avrto 'l\vvTrvioi> 'iSofiev, Kal o crvyKpivwv avro ovk eariv. H A5 

9 elirev Be avTolt Iway'jtj) Ou%t (>ia rov Oeov r/ hiaa'd<^riai<; avToiv iariv ; BijjytjaaaOe ovv fioi. ^xal 
hirp/TjaaTO 6 apj(i,ot.vo-)(oo'; to ii'virvLov aiiTov rm 'leoaf)<f)^ Koi elirev 'iiv Tip vvvip fiov ^v afj.ireXo<i % d^c 

10 evavTiov p,ov '°ev Be Trj dfiireXfo rpet? ■rrvOp.eve'i, koi. avTr} ddWovaa uvevrjiio^vla &ka(TTOv<;- 

11 treTreipoi oi 06Tpve<; (rTa<f>v\.i]';. ^^koI to iroTtjpiov ^apaw ev ttj x^^P'' f^ov Kal eXa^ov ttjv 
aTa<f)v\rjv Kal i^eO\i\lra avTijv ei<; to iroTrjpiov, Kal eBrnxa to TroTrjpiov el<; ra<; ^etpa? <l>apaa). 

" '-/cat elirev avT<o 'I(bo:>/<^ ToOto *?; crvyKpicrK avrov. ol Tpei'i Trvdp,eve<! Tpei<; r)p,epai eiaiv' '36Tt §11" 

Tpel<; Tj/j,epat Kal fivrjaOi'^creTai fl'apacb tj}? ap;^;'?? fou Kal aTTOKaTaaTijcrei ae iwl Trjv upxioivoxoiav 

crov, Kal Bwcrei'; to TroTr'jpLOv ^apao) et? t^i/ Xeipa avTOV Kara Trjv dpxv" O'ov tt)v irpoTepav, o)? 

14 Tf(T0a oivoxo&v. '■^dWh fivtjaOijTi fiov Bta aeavTov orav ev aoi yevrjTai, Kal Troi.ijaet'; ev ifiol 

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eK\dTrt]v eK yfji; 'R^paucov Kal coBe ovk tVotr/cra ovBev, dXX. eve^aXov /le elt; tov Xokkov tovtov. 

6 eiSep Z>''(D"''') S €iSoiJ.ev DE | oio<7a0?)<rets A | 5i.i)yT)(Ta<rffai A 

10 7ni[9/tt]e>'Ois D I afcvrixvia E | Treiripoi A 12 v<'"' E*(e<(7ii' E'') 

13 ere] aai A | apxioi/oxot-av A | wpwrepai' E 15 aXXa D 

irpuii irpos oiTOi;! fr : <U(n)0 irpo! airrovs tu Trpoii E(to E^jilS : 
TToos auTOL'S TO) TTpojL c : Tpos aiTouj iwcr-qtp Trpwt bw : irpos 
ouTous lUKTTjip TO! Trpui ajiiquc, : Trpos aiTovs loiaijcp to Trpoii Z)*'' 
(D"''')M rell: ad eos Joseph mane SS : om to irpoii (25) IE | 
auTous 2"] avTOv i*(uid) | {TfTapaypLenoi] aKvipwirot. 20) 

7 TipoiT-qat dnp315 | tous — avrov 2"] airrovs f: avTots m: 
^oj Joseph IE I om cc — aurou 2° bsW | om Trapa — \e7ui' p | 
TOV Kvpiov D( + /?)i'''r | aitrov 2°] auTMi' i^'rB'i'C | om ti 1 | 
om 07-1 acoc, Chr 5 | aKvffpuira ra wpoffoiwa vfioif 311SS Chr | 
(rjpLOiv 18) 

8 fiTra:"] (Lirov DEacdfm-prsc^ | om avTo) bw | {evvTVia 
107) I {StaKpivojv 20) 1 avTO ovk effTiv AbfpwyS] ovk fCTiv 
auTucdg*nq: ovk (aTiv auro DEMg'' rell Chr | aurois] post 
Loia-qip Elt : om degj ] oi'xt] ou t | tov Beov'] tov $v f: om tov 
a I ai'Tu;"] ai'Tou Ebefjo : om mw | om laTiv 2" Chrf | 017)77;- 
o-offSe] aTrayyctXaxe Tlidt | oi*] post [xoi. {12S) S'(uid) : om 3 

9 om T03 iw<j7]<p dp j eiTref] M- aiTw klS : + avTO) 010*01? bw | 
c(/ — 7p] ziiekbatitr inihi in uisione mea ^ ; uidebatn in soninio 
meo IE I U7r»'w] evvT:vioi dJS | a/A7reXos 77V E | om eva.vTi.ov — 
(10) aiTTj f 

10 ex 5e] 771/ Sc M: Kai ei- c^: +Taib ] tt;] tw quw | rpfis — 
<rTa(^iiX7;s] germinaucriittt ( + /r« 1E'=) pahnites eius (om ««.t C^) 
^/ extiilit (extulerunt IE') raeemos (Ires uueiiios l£t')lE | rpfis 
Truff^e/'es] 7' ^XacTTovs i''(mg) | Tv6/iev(s — OTa^i/XTjs] pahnites 
ttirides nalde et haliebat tres racenios vtaturos roiemos uuaruni 
^ I SaXXoua'a] t; ^aXao-cra e: +t;i/ kmS | ai'ei'T;i'oxi'ia3 fvevrj- 
voxvio. v: €VTjvoxvia. adfmiip: ci'C<TX7;*.'i'ta 1 | ^Xacrroi's] pr rpeis 
e I TreTTfipoi oi /SoT-pces] pr Kai qu : 7re7rfipoi'S /Sorpuas bfimrw | 
7r€7rfipoi] 7rcpi rjv Pliil-cod-unici | om 01 v Phil | ^oTpva] 
+ au77;sacoC2 | o-ra0i'X7;5] pr ti;s DEkmqstuy: omo: +Tpeis 
f: +riv Phil-cod-unici 

11 {iroTT]piov i'^] + fj.ov 79) [ (papao> 1° — iroT-qpiov 2'=] bis scr 
r I (om rqv 25) | i^etiXc.fav q*(uid) | om oitt;!' mS | ttott;- 
pioi" 2°] +0opaw acdeg(^apu g*)jm-px3(pr •^•)lES(sub •:ic-) | 


Km 4" — (fiapaoi 2°] et porrexi ei E: om g | nai 4" — eis 2°] sup 
ras i** : om /cat — Tror7;p(Oi' fhhv}3 | eSw^ay q*(uid) | to troT-qpiov 
3*^] ain*o ci I TCLs x^^pcts] t-t;!' X^'-P^ EMbcehjwlS'P : om ras 
/)(coiitra D)i*np 

12 Kai etTrec] enrev 5e v(mg) : om kui (31) 53"' ] om avTu 
efmS I 0111 Toi/To m | 7; ffu7kpi(ris| ..terpraetatio IL | ai/rou] 
somnii IL | (01] [ir oiitoi 25) | TrvO)i.iv(<i\ ^orpues flE 

13 £Ti] +7ap m | apx7;s] apxioij-oxoms Chr | a7roKaTa- 
ffTTjffei tre] a7roA:aTa(7TT;(r€is s: eTriKaTaanjtrei (re bl : KaTauTi)- 
aei at dm | eiTL—aov 2"'] super ninum in officio tuo 3L : om 
Chr J I CTTi] eis Chr J | t7;i' apxioivoxoiaK] t7; apxioii-oxoia m: 
■"■ij" apxT)!" 7-7)5 oii'oxoms cgj | hoiati m | om to fn | om 0apaw 
2» DhylL I tt;!- xf 'pa] Tat Xf 'pa' fi*(om Tas)aB : (om rqv 76) | 
auToti] o-ou mlE: 4"^pa.oi [JylL | xaTa] pr koi mqu | T7)>' Trpo- 
Tepav aov ac(o'oi)moxc2'3^ ] irpoTtpov v | om wy TjaBa oivo- 
Xooiv C2 I oivoxoo3v~\ super iiinum IL 

14 oXXa \xvr]aO-i]Ti\ aXX iiva.ij.v7]a$-ryn (20) Chr J | om /ivria- 
SrfTi jxov El' I om 5ia aeavTov liW,'' Chr} Thdt | 7€i<7)rai <roi 
EMeghjlqtiiy^S | om Kai i» E'' | 7roi7)(j7;s El | ev e/j.01] eir 
f/ue Ef i''nprv(txt)l£ Chr^ ed J : eit (p.e d Chr J co<ld \ : /neT e/jou 
bi*mw: mthi 'Si | eXeoj' dnpv | nvriaffriin)] fivi)isOet! b: /ii/Tjo-- 
97)Ti Chr| : memur sis % \ <j>apao) Tept efiov firE | om e/iov E | 
0apacij] pr Trpos DMbdegjkmnp\vy''*lj(iiid)lL Chr; pr coram 
3S I e|afeis] £faf7)S clpCj : ediicas % 

15 (cXo7r7)Sg I fKXaTrri t | (k 77)5] /« /«rr<z 9-codd | e/Spaiwy] 
e^patov I* : at7UJrT0P n j oi'k — oi'Sev] oi'Sei' KaKov eiroirjaa 3L 
Thdt i : om ovk DCj [ ou weTTOtijKa o ] oi^Scf] pr KaKov fi^r: 
oirSei-bw: •fifaKoi' 33 Thdt i | oXX] koi dnptv-aiL Chr? Thdt | 
ei/fjaaXoi-] evepaWov bdem Chr j : immisil % | toi" Xokkoi'] car- 
rtvvw; JJ^lE'f: domtim careeris IE'' | Toy bis scr b | \aKKOv 
TOi'Toc] ou'of TOV \o.KKOv TOVTOV bdf i*knptv(txt)\v^iL Chr J- : 


XaKKov TOV oxvpojfiaTos tovtov T!uU 2 I om TOVTOV mis 

6 T€Topa7^ei'ot] a' epL^paaaofxevot MAgjv; ff' CKvffpoj-jroi MA5JVS' 

7 Trapa Tw] a' a' ev to) o[i]kw tov A5 | O'Kl'^pwTra] a' KaKa <r' irovrjpa A5 

8 ffvyKpivojv] a entXvopievbs ff' biaKpLvotv M: a'(?) <r' soluens S | O(aoa07)(Tts] a' cTrtXi/tris Mj{sine nom)vS: ff' StaKpiaii MvSh 

9 7}v a/xTTeXos fi^avTioi/] ev toj lovo rjv k\t) evav i'' 

10 TTvB/ieves] a ff' KXriptaTides M(om ff')jvS | tfaXXoiwa] a' ff' (iXaffTuffa Mj(sine nom)vS(uid) 

115 15—2 

XL l6 


A ^^Koi iBev o ap;;^tcrtT07rofo? on op6u>'; avvsKpivev, koX elirev rm 'Iwa^jcp Ka.70) iBov ivvtrviov, Koi 16 
^fiTjv Tpia Kava j^ovhpiTOJV alpeiv enri tt}? xec^aX,?}? /xov ^'^iv Be rw Kava> tw iirdva) airo iravTatv 17 
Tojv yevr]fj,dT(ov d>v /SautX-eii? (papao) ia$iei, epyov aiToiroiov' Kol ra TreTeivd tov ovpavov 
H S KaWja^iev avra airo tov Kavov tov eTrdvco t*)? icecpaXrj'i fiov^ ^^dTroKpidel<; Be 'l(oar](f> elirev avT(p 18 
AvTrj rj avyxpiai^ avTov. Ta Tpia Kava Tpel^ r'jjj.epai elaiv ^'^eTi Tptcov rj/xeptov d<pe\el ^apaai 19 
TTjv Ke<f)a\ijv crov diro aov, Kai Kpefxacrei ere eiri ^v\ov, Kal cj^dyeTai to. opvea tov ovpavov Ta'i 
<rdpKa<; aov diro aov. ^°iyeveTo Be eV tjj i)p,epa Trj TpLTrj I'l/xepa yeveaeoo'! rjv 'Papaco, Kal eTrolei 20 
■noTOv Trdai rot? Traurlv avTov- Kal ifivija'drj Trj^ dp'X^rji tov dp')(^ioivo-^oov Kal Trj<; dp^>]<i tov 
IT IL" ap^tCTtTOTTOtou ev fieao) t&v TraiBwv avTov. '^^ Kal direKaTearr^aev'^ tov dp-)(iOLVO-^oov eirl ttjv ti 
dp-^r]v avTOv, Kal eBooKev to iroTtjpiov et? Trjv 'X^ipa (l^apad)' ^~tov Be dp^ianoTroiov eKpep,aaev, 22 
Kada avveKpivev avTol<i 'Icoaij^. ^^qvk e/Mv/jadr] Be 6 dp')(^ioivo'Xpo<; tov 'Ioxj;;^, dWa iireXdOeTO 23 
§ 3Lv ^'E^eveTO Be fierd Bvo eTt] I'jp.epSyv <i>apaa) 'iBev ivvTrviov. weTO eaTdvai iirl tov iroTap-ov- i ^LI 

ly L ~Kal IBov wairep eK tov iroTafiov^ dve^aivov kirTa ^6e<; KaXal tu> etSet Kal eKXeKTal Tat9 aap^iv, 2 
Kal e/36aKovTo ev Ta d')(^eL- ^dXXai Be eTrro. /Soe? dve^aivov fieTa TavTa'i eK tov TroTaixov aia-y^pal 3 
Tw e'lBei Kal XeiTTal Tai<; aap^lv, Kal evefiovTO ai Poe<i irapa to ^etXo'; tov 7roTa/j,ov ev tm a^^ef 

16 fioev D^'' 18 (XvyKpiam A | rpis A 

20 om Tjixepa 2° A*(hab A'^"S) | eirowv A | Tracriv D | ep,ficaui AE 

XLI 2 ave^aivop] apajiiaLvoi' A : avejSeppov E 3 ave^evo] 

23 aX\ Z)si'E 

16 Kai idep'l et iibi jiidit^[om t'/)5S''^IE I uvveKpivev'] eKpipe 
1 1 om Kat 2^ (30) ^iJIE"^*^ I /cat eyw dfinr | idov'] uidebam ^ | 
tvvTTviov Kai ufiTjv'] ita in somnio inco uidebam 1£^^: in soninio 
meo IEp I ivvKviov\ in somnio ^^ : om f | om Kat. 3° Z^bdlnp 
w^-ed331L I uj/xrjv] epofxii^ov yi[ing) : uidi ircel^ \ Kava'] Ko<fiLva^ 
a»'a n | ;toi'5ptTw:' aipeiv] ha., et olera It [ (xo»'5ptr7;s 107) | 
aipuv\ post ixov n: tollcbam 13 : ayiiv fie m: H-fie acoc, : om 
(14. 16. 77. 130) 3£ I TTjv Keipa\Tiv a. | Tr;s] 77;? c^ 

17 ev — Kavwl in qiiib canistrislL \ e-ravw i"*] 4-t7?s Ke0aX7;s 
p.ov o I om aTTo travruv f* | ru}v yevqp.aruv A] om rtjv y: tojv 
yevuv bde(om TMrjfgijknpitwc.lElL: rwv yeveuv \\^ : om Z'EL 
Mh* rell SBS | i»v] a l(uid) fo— ecreiei] eiiebai rfx Pharao % : 
edit Pharao rex Aegypti 15 | ^aaCKevi\ om b : (om 84.128) | 
^apaw /SaciXeus m | ^apaw] post eadtei bw : oiTi oy | epyw bw [ 
ffiTOTOiov] pistoriivt 3[ | tov ovpavov\ om /JELMaeghi'jloqsuv 
CjSBlEILS: +ras(23)c | Kart)aDiev'\ Kart)(!9iav \j: KaTTjadtov 
defi*jnp | tov eiravw] tov etri Edi*knp13(uid) : om bw 

18 ia!(7770] pr a: ( + oi'Tais 71) | aurw] aurois s: om L | 
aiirri — odtou] (om 71.77) : om auTj; c | Kparii v/ | om rn Ef 

19 €Tt] pr /cat C2 1 Tpiuv ijfiepwv] rpets -qfiepai Kat m Chr : 
+ KUL Z)5''bikrswl3"'3L | a0e\et] aipeXeiTai. £>{-Te)hiv.' : a^etXerat 
f: a^atpet Chr: a^atpetrat 1 ] tpapaw] pr ^aai\evs n: post 
crov I" r I om aov 1^ g | Kpe/xaaei tre] Kpep-aaeis Cg*: KpepLaa- 
Bai y: {Kpep.aaB-qaei^ 31): om ue d | (fi'Xou] pr rot/ 31) | om 
/cat 2° — crou 4** g | tpayovTai E(pr 7ra»' E*)bfhir\v | Ta opvea] 
post crou 3° m: ra weTeiva Eo : (om to 128) | om tou oiiporou 
m [ om aov 3*^ e | {aov 4°] 4-auT77 7; cru-y/cptffis aurof 77) 

20 om CK I" ego | Tj/tepa 2°] punctis notauit p^' : post 
yeveaewibw | yeveaeu^] post 7?f k : yeveasl \ t;**] post 0apa(u f : 
om cgE I /cat £7roiei] \at cTrofqaev Efhi*v(mg)x*(uid)133L(uid) : 
eTrotT^crej/ 11£ : ttoiujv n | irorof] tottov f | Tratfftf] ef rtti otKt*? 1 : 
om t I om Tf^s apxv^ '^ ^ I "^ov opxtoifoxooi/] tov oivoxoov 

E(o!'ox-)'l(om ■'"'"')"'"''q'i- ''''" qtii a iien\is\% \ ovCiTT\% apxv^ 
2'^ Ed I atToiroiov dqii | ev fieaoj] ava p.eaov m [ om avrov 2° ElE 

21 om /cat 1° — avTov f | (eirt] ets 76) | (om /cat 2° — 0apaw 
71.107) I om TO n I (TTOTTjptoi'] +aurou 30) | ets — 0apa(j] 0apa<j 
Eirt x^^P"-^ c I ras xfipas efgjS | 0opau] ai'Tou dp 

22 o-iTOTroiof m | eKpefnaaev] + tirt |dXoii E311E | KaOas fn | 
fl-i/i'e/cpti'ev] o-ufero^ei' Ei* | auTots] aurtj L3[-codd 3E : om S-ed 


23 om OVK — i(i3a7](p g | ovk ep-vijad-rj 5e] (pr /cat 31): h'at ovk 
epvTjaO-q b | Toi'] Tbi E [ om auToi' 33 

XLI 1 /ttera] ra s | om eTi} n | om y}p.epwv Lfml£ | eiSev 
(fiapau p^l£ I toef] post evvTrvtov m ; tSetf n | wero ecrracat] 
eree stabat 33 | loero] wffTe dnp: tjs m: evo/xtfef M(mg) | 
eaTavai] se esse iL | eirt] in ripa 9 (ac/ ripam codd): +tov 
XetXons fij(mg)rv(mg) : ( + to x'tXos 30) | tou -woTapiov] tov 
worafiov m : -ttco etdet j"'e(uid) 

2 e/c] eiri Ecmqu : (aTO 73) | /caXot f | tu etSet] tt) o<pei 
DM(mg)dfinprv{txt) : (oii^ft 107) | e/cXe/cTot f | rais] Tois d | 
ejioaKovTo] eve/xovTo Ebdnpw | ev] ein i* | to) axet] (ttj ox^V 
31.83): Xi^aSt fi''''(-ti') I axei] a7X" c : eXet k 

3 aXXat — /3oes I"] /cat tdov eiTTa ^oes erepai E: et tree aliae 
septem bodies 9-codd | aXXoi f | ^oes cTrra bfiw | p.eTa rauTas] 
post KOTapiOu 1° n: jUETa Tavra i*s : /teT avTas bbkhinvSluid) 
lE(uid) : oiriaoi avTOif E: om fi'''r | om e/c tou TTOTap-ov 55''' | 
e/c] aTTo m | attrxpat] ataxpoL f : irov-qpai E : + 5e d | Tt*i ei5et] 
tt; opatr?; c | XeTrTat Tats] XeTTTats c^ | XeTTTai] XeTrTOt f : XeTrpat 
d I crap^tc] + otas ovk eiSov TotauTas ev 0X17 tt; yij atyvirTov 
aiaxpoTcpas E | om xat 2° — axet Edf | (eve^ofTo] efioaKOVTO 
30) I at (iocs A] om ny33"': Tapa tos (tous m) /3oas DM rell 
'3[33'i'1£lL : (Trapa ras /^oas Tas A-aXas Tui eibei /cat exXe/cTas 25) | 
om irapa — (4) /Soas egj | jrapo — irorap-ov 2°] seeus orafliiminnm 
IL : ad riuiim 33''' | ei- tu axet Ay] om DM rell a33ElL 

16 Tpta Kava xovSpiTti/i/] o' Tpets Ko^tfot yvpeui McjvCjSl-foi'S cc^) : a' Tpia Kava ^aiva Mc(/cot pro a')]\-c^ \ Kava] KaviaKia M 
XLI 2 e/cXe/cTat rats ffap^tf] a' aTepeupia trap/ct o-' Traxeiat o-ap/ct M: a' o-TepeM^atl-tot j) /cpeaTt(-eet j) o-' rat Traxeiat 
aap^if j(sine nom)v | ef Ttii axet] a' c' c tu eXet Mc(om o-')j(sine nomjvCj 



XLI 14 

4 ■^Kal ^ Kariipayov al k-ma ^oev at aia'X^pa), koX Xetrral ral'i aap^lv rat evra /9oa<f ra^ icaXa'; rm 

5 etSei Koi Ta? eV\6KT«?.^ r]yepdr) Be ^apad). ^Koi ivvTrvidadri^ to Sevrepov. ^Kai loov eirra 

6 o-Ta^ue? dvi^aivov iv irvOfievi kvi, SKXeKTol koI koKoi' ^ciWoi Be^ kina <Tru-)(ye<; XeirTot Kai nve- 

7 /x6<f>dopoi dve(f>vovTo p-er avTov'i' '^ Kal KareTTiov 01 eTTTo, a-Td')(ye<i oi Xeirrol Kal dvep.o(f>6opoi tou? 
S eTTTa aTd'x^va'; Toii? eKXexToii? Kal rov<; Tr\7Jpei<;. ■^yipdr] Be ^apad), koI ■^v evvwiov. eyevero 

Be Trptol Kal erapd')(6ri >; ■v|fv%i) avTOV, Kal diro<ne'LKa<i eKuXeaev irdvTa-i toi/? e^r)yriTa<i AiyvvTOV 

Kal Trdvra<! tov? crocpoix; ailTJyf Kal BitjyijaaTO avrol<; tl'apao) to evvirviov, Kai ovk rjv o airay- 

9 yeWo3v avro tw tl'apa&j. ^Kal eXdX^aev 6 up-)^ioivo-)(oo<i Trpo<; 'Papaca Xiyiov Tiju ap,apT{,av fwv 

10 dvafiip-vrjaKai aijfiepov. ■ '°<t>apaa) wpyicrOr} Tot<; iraialv avTOv, Kal et^ero r)fid<i ev <^vXaKfj ev toj 

11 oIku tov dp-)(^i.B€ap.o(f>vXaKO<;, efxe re Kal top dpy^KTLTOiroiov "Kat IBofxev evvirviov ev vvkti fiia, 
\2 eym Kal aiJro?" eKaaro^ Kara to avrov evvirviov iBop,ev. ^^rjv Be eKel fieff" ■t'jp.tov veaviaKO^ irai<; 

13 'E/3pa£0? TOV dp-^ifiayeipov, Kal Birjyrjad/xeffa avrd), Kal (TvveKpivev rjfilv. ''^eyevrjOr) Be Ka6o)<s 
avi'€Kpivev i] ovToyt Kal crvve^r), efj,e re diroKaracnaOyvai tVi Trjv npX'/i* pov, eKelvov Be 

14 Kpefiaadrivai. ^^W.iroaTeiXa<; Be ^^apaat eKaXeaev rov 'lo3ai)(}), Kal ^e^i'iyayev avrov eK tov 

4 effxpai ADE I iS(i A 5 Tivlii]vyiaa[dri] D | ave^evvov E 

7 vyvp6v E II iSoiiev i"] eiSofiev D | e/tacrTos A"">-' | avrov A'] ai;TO 'A* | iSoiief 2°] aSo/UP DE 



1: %" 

§ IL" 

4 KaTctpayov] ...eritnt IL"*' : i(Pa.yov d: Ko.7iTnov i'^^or [ oni 
at I" — crap^"' df | om /Soes (25) 3L" | aiirxpai] +tu ciSfi i^'npt 
13'PlE(uid): +T7;o/)0(rei Dacmxc^: + h/.v« 3 | tois <rap?iv] om 
v: oni Tais q' | tos i°] tods f: alias |L" | om ctto 2" lEIL'' | 
Tos KoXas] pr ras (7) t : pr ras irpuras (25} JS" : tou5 k-aXoi's f | 
(om Tu etSfi 25) I om ras 3° D(contra Z>'')cdflCj | fxXeKTas 
(-TOKS f)] +Tais o-apjin rtCj33 : +Tais crapji lai ov SiaSrj\oi lye- 
vovTO OTt €L(rrj\Oov fty ras KotXtas aiiro)^ KMd-gijknopvfmg) 
( |[Tai! ffapti] Tois Opi^iv 11: eiiii)\So>' 5e eis ras 
KoiXtas avTcjv 25; om EMgi*jov(mg) 18.32 (?) | ov SiaSrjXoi] idov 
a5rj\oi 31.83: om k | StadtiXov fi | eyevero f | on] en 18 j 
€iffrf\6ov] post oi'TWi' 32: etar{K6o(jav k: om e 18]]; +carnibtis 
et ecce nam con ..a..u... in inlrauerunt in . . . IL" 

5 Kai I"] pr Ka.1 vwvoiaiv ackmoxc^lE'^ : pr cf rursits dor- 
miiiil 9B'i'lL(om et) | evvTrnMaSri] tiidit 3L | om to 1 | om 
ai-c^aivov — (6) araxves d | e*'] ex b \ irvdfKvi] (post (vt 32): 
^Xao"Tw i^' : + ^v ^Xainoi f | om €vt c | eKXe/CTOi Ka.i KaXoi] 
bonae [t?/ c'/tvVoc'] IL 

6 aXXoi 6£ ejrra] el ecce septe.rn alii 9J3(om alii 33') | aXXoi 
5e] /fat aXXoi o: /cat tSou abcnpwxC2l£ : et it... It | trraxi'es 
CTTa r I ffTaxi/es] H- ai'f|8aii'0f 1 | om acei^i'O/'To — {■j) afefj-otpdo- 
poL d [ ave<ftvoi'To] pr /fat o3£' : e(pvovTO c \ fJ.€T ai'Toi's] fxera 
TOWOVS D( + />) 

7 KaTeTrtof] KareTTLvoi' gj^ : KaT€(payov np ; KaTtjffOtov m | om 
ot cTTTa OTaxfes 'S-codd | ot 2" — ai/e/i.o0(?opot] om egj : om ^at 
ay€/io4)$opoi nqsuv3-codd | av( iioipopoi o* | tous 1° — /rXTjpets] 
om lE'^P ; om Toi;s eTTTa trTa^faj egj j e^■Xe^■TOl's] pr Ka.\ovs Kai 
i'^^r I (om TOi'S 3" 76) | TrXijpeis] probatos 33 | /cat "^v ef I'Trrtof] 
e/c Tou I'TTf Of m : om pc2 | ^v\ pr ecce 33^ ( ef I'Trvtoi'] -i- ain-tj h*^^ 

8 om tytv^To 5e irptot C2 | e^efcro 5e] Kat €7et'CTo p Chr : 
(om 5e 31) I TTptjt] pr to n | (xat eTapax^i;] irapax^V ^^ ^^l) I 
(aTrotTTetXas] afatrras 71) | om TrafTas 1" b\VC233 | at7i'jrT0i'] 
pr T»;s (20) Chr | <ro0ous] (TO0ttrTas dnprv(txt)w | om auTTjs 33 | 
StT^TT^traTo] +ai'To 1 | aurots] post fpapaoj 1° acox : om y^ | om 
(papaiii I" flE't' I cyvTrviof] + avrov DacefgijkmorsxC23l33'i' Or- 

5 ey Triiff/tei/t] a' <r' (v KaXa/ua Mj"'''(om a')v | e/cXe/CTot] a' irXjjpeis v 

6 afe^o0^opot] a' np6app.ivot Kavouivi Mj{uid)v ,S-ap-Barh 
8 eTapax^;;] a' KareirrvpT) v : /caTeTrapi) j(uid) | elTjy/jTas k 

Kpvcpiaa-ras a' p.ayovs j(uid)v | o'o7ra77eXXuf] a' eTrtXi'O/ttefot 
14 /cat 1° — oxvpo)fiaro^] a' /cat 5pop.ti3 tyyayov avrov €k tov 
Spofiia Tjyayov Mjv 


gr I aira77eXXa)i'] aira77eXw>' Mceko: {airayyc\u 31): avay- 
7eXXuv dnp: a>'a77eXu>' 1 | auro] aKT<») a*cdnpt : samnium 'jl \ 
om Tcj (papau) fn 

9 Trpos 0apaa;] post \€yuy h : toj tftapaw fs : om l£i* | {tt}^ 
a/xapnas 32) | om /lov bw 

10 ipapaa] post oipyiffOri'Si \ apyiadt)] riv opyioBij w: +irpos 
E I effevro d | ef i" — apxiSetr/tot^uXakOs] in domo ciislodiae E | 
0uXaK7)] pr rri diiopv(mg)33 | (om ev 2° 16) | apxtSetr/to^f- 
Xaios Afi(5e(7/iO0uXaKos sup ras i'')ry] apxt/ta70u d; apx'P^- 
yeipov DEM rell 933 

11 ei'i'Tri'ioi' I"] pr e/ca(7Tos D( +j9) : pr e/coTepos efgijrv(mg): 
(pr e/cttTepot 79) : pr a/i^oTcpot hos3 : l-a/ii^orepot EMdklnpqtu 
iE'f: +simiil &" I ef fi'/cTt /tta] ev /ua n'/CTt n: om E | e7t«>] 
+ Te D( + Z))Ea-gi^jknoprtwCj: ( + 7e 73) | ouros] apxwi- 
TOTToios bw: (apxicfiTOTroios 108) | om e/cacrros — iSofiev 2" f | 
e/catTTOs] pr <■/ 3l-cd : om A*y | airron] post fH'Trvtoi' 2" Dackm 
osxCjS : avro A*y : eavrov egi'jrtv 

12 (om 5e 31) | e/cet] post ri/iuv k : om dE | I'fai'tcrKos] om 
c^: +Tts m I e/3poios Trais dnpv | fjSpatos] + Soi'Xos acegjmo 
sxCjSl I om Tou g* I 5tT777)(rO(He9a] aiprfyriaaixtea qu : {f^iryn- 
aapeda 31) | ai'Tto] +evi/7rf tov egj: { + ro evuTrvtov 25(0111 to 
25*1.73) : +"i^ic"es nostras'^ \ truvekptvev] eire/cpivev dp: 5tc- 
Kpivev o : + anTOS m | Tj/ttv] I- Ta evi>irvta rnuov avSpi Kara to 
evuTTvtov auTou eTreXi/trev acegjhiioxCjS fovSpi] pr •^- 9 | om to 
X I avrov] tj/jloiv CjH 

13 eyeyq$rj] e7evv7;ei) !»': e7evfT0 fi»r | (om Se 1° 12S) | 
KaSo/j] pr /tat u : /caOa dnp | (TuveKptvcv] e/cptvev v* : crweTofc 
n I /cat oi'Tws iiiE | (om e^e — Kpeiiacdifvai. 31) | Te] to n | /caTa- 
trraOrivai. bdk | eirt] et! Eac-gjiiopt | apxn"^ apxtotvoxoiav I: 
Tt^>)v f I om fi.ov EachkmoqsuvxCjS | 5e 2»] tc Cj 

14 aTTOo-TetXaj — avrov i"] el niisit Pharaon et uocaiurunt 
loseph et editxerunt cum E"^': et niisit Pharaon et edu.xerunt 
loseph Ep I aTTOtTTetXat] OTretTTetXe m33" | e/caXe<rev] pr »ai 
m33°' I ej7;7a7ev ai'Tov] cductiis est % | e{7rya7ev] fJi;7a7ov 
Df + jCjEMacdhio-suv.x^'SS-ap-IJarh; ej»;70v n : eta7a7tijv f | 

.T.X.] aKV Xe7et Kovipiaaras /cat fiayovi (ro(f>ov! C | efi/7i7Tas] a 
XoKKOv a' Karcrpoxtirav avrov aito rov Xa/c/cou Cj | fj7;7a7ev] 


XLI 14 


A 6yvpcofiaT0<i • Kot e^vprjaav avrov koI rjK\.a^av ttjv a-roX-qv avrov, Ka'i TjXOev tt/jo? ^apao). ^^eiTrev 15 
Se ^apao) rw 'l(oaij(j> ^Kvinrviov ecopuKa, koX avyKpivwv avTO ovk eariv iyw Se aKiJKoa Trepl 
<rov Xeyoi'TMV, (iKovaavrd ae evv-rrvia crv^Kplvai aiird. ^^diroKpiOel'; he 'laxrijcf) to) 4>apaa) eiirev ifi 
"Ai'eu Tov 6eov ovk diroKpiOricreTai to awTiipiov fpapaco. ^'^ eXdXrjaev Be ^apa(o no 'Ioxtj;^ \eya>v 17 
'Ei/ Tc5 iiTTva) pov cppiju eardvaL eVi to ^etXo? tov iroTapov' '^k«i. Sairep eic tov -rroTafiov ave- 18 
^aivov eiTTa /Soe? KaXal t&j etSfi koI eKXexTal Tai<; aap^lv, Kal evepovTo ev tu> iiy^ei- '^koI iSov 19 
eTTTO. ySoe? eTspai dve^aivov oniao) avT&v £K tov -jroTapov Trovrjpal Kal ala-ypal toi e'lhei Kai 
XeTTTal rat? aap^iv, koX ivepovTO ev t&j d^ei- oiw; ovk elBov ToiavTat ev oXy AlyvirTrp aKT'y^po- 
Tepai}' '°Kal KaTe(j>ayov al eirTa /3oe? at alaxpal Kal XeirTai Ta<; eTTTo. ^oa<t to.^ irpcoTac; to? 20 
^31" KdXa<; Kal e/fXe^Ta?, ^^Kal elarfxOov ell Tat; KOiXia<; avToyv'^ Kal ov hidhrjXoi eyevovTO oti eio'yX- 21 
§ L 001' eh Ta<; KOiXias avTMV, ^Kal al 6-<\rei<i avTOiv ala-)(pal Ka6d Kal ttjv dp'X^i^v. e^e'yep6el<! Be 
eKoiprjOriv. ^^Kal iBov vdXiv ev Tm VTrvo) fiov, Kal wairep eTrra crrd')(ye<i dve^aivov ev irvdpevi evi, 22 
Tr\>}pei<i Kal KaXol- '^'^aXXoi Be eiTTa aTdyye^; XeiTTol Kal dvep6cf)dopoi dve(f>vovTO i^opevoi, avTMV 23 
^'*Kal KaTeiTLOv ol eirTa aTd')(ye'; ol XeiTTol Kal avep6(f)0opoi rovi ctttu aTa^vat; tov<; Ka\ov<i Kac 24 

15 ewpafca] eopa /?{D"'^) 18 avf^ivvov E | eSet A 

19 avejieui'oi' E | ecrxpai A \ Kai 4" — ax"] om A* (asterisc adscr A>''"s) 

21 KoiXias 1°] KotXtaaas D(contra Z)^'') | at^xptt A 22 eiSov D 

20 eaxpai E 


om €K h\v I oin Kai 2" flL | e^vp^jaav] e^upiaap aceilnr: 6^i'- 
py]a€v dp ; e^vpLaep m \ avTOv 2^] Joseph 1L | om /iat 3° — afrou 
i* I ?7\Xa^€ m | nji* GToXqv ai/roi'] (pr avrov 79): avTOV ffToKriv 
f I injTJ\6ev cl Chr | tpapauj 2°] 0aw tl 

15 rw] Trpos bfquw: wpos tov Clir j €U)pa(ca] ibov s | ffvy- 
Kpivas dp I aiiro Abdnpvwy?L] post earLv ZJ*''EM rell (auru g*) 
Chr I (etrrat 107) | eyuj 5e a^,] aK-rjKoa Se plE*^ Chr^ | aKijKoa] 
TjKovaa fi'^r | om a^oi'ffa^'Ta <r€ p | aKova-avras ft | om ae 1 | 
evvTTvia] sonitiiiim 35 | avyKpivai] \>Y Kai f : aiiyKpiveiv dnp Chr : 
(bLaKptvat 71 : jvyKpiviLv ewiffTap-ivov 107) j om ain-a npSS 

16 Tui 0apaaj] post airev bdfinprvw'SlU?! : om 1£i' ; om roj 
m* I atroKpidTjaeTai — (ftapaw 2*^] potero ititerpretari id 1£ j to 
troirTjpioi'] Tw (Tu}TTjpL n : to f I'UTn'io;' a^ | (papao) 2^] pr tw cknv : 
pr Tou Chr 

17 f\a\Titr€v] etTre p | om tw iwa7j(p np | om Xe7tjj/ p j 
ev — p-ov] in uisionc ima ^^^ \ I'Trrw] evvirviitj dlpl£3L [ tJilJ-T)v 
e(jTavai\ t'lre staba7fi 13: sotnniaui tjuasi stabam IL \ etri AyJS"' 
Phil i] TTfpi dp : 7r/)05 o : Trapa Z)s"EM rell B'P Phil i Or-gr : 
iiix/a 3L 

18 «.-ai i°] (om 31): +i5oi' d-gijknp | om ucrirep egjlE | 
/3oej eiTTa Phil | KaXai — aap^Lv'] eK\€KTai {-tol dfp) Tats aap^iv 
Kai h-aXai (-X01 f) tm eiSfi a-dfikm-prvvxc,'31£lL Phil | xaXoi 
M I €v TW axf t] {ev tt) oxf^V 31): iitxta ripam jiiiminis IL : 
om ev c* 1 a7xei c 

19 cTrTa poes ercpai] erepai evra ^oes bf (-poOiw^ISIom CTrTa 
1E'^)3L Phil : eTepoi /Sots eTrra dnp | erepoi af j at'TWi*] ai'Tou p | 
TTOvqpot Kat ai(Txpoi f ] (TTOfij/jat] + Gfpobpa 1 28) I ei5et] + fftpoSpa 
D( H-ZJjackmosxCj'S | (om Kai 3° — crap^iv | Xe?r- 
TOi f I KOI 4°— axfi A^'oig] om A*U( + Z)s'')EM omn aBIEIL 
Phil I otas — Totai^as] /ales i/i/a/es nuniquam uitii 3L | otaj] 
oie? m; oioi/s f: as Phil [ TotauTas] ToiavTai'i etrxpoTepe^ m: 
(aia"x/>0Te/>as 107): om f | aiyviTTio A] pr tt; mc^ Phil: pr 7T; 

/'dnpy'3Bl£: Aeg-yp/io 'iL: tt; 71; ai7iiTrTou Eefgjl: 7T; 0171™-- 
Toii M rell I aitrxpoTcpas] aiffXpoTepous f : om m 

20 (om Kai 1° 79) | KaTe0a7oy] KaTCTrioi' fi=r | ai 1"] 01 f: 
(om 83) I om ewTa 1° — nai 2" IE | cjrTa 1"] XeTrTai m: om ak 
xCj Phil I 01 eaxpoi f | Xe^TTai Kai aiaxpai D( + Z'jacdiknprsxCj 
311L Phil I om Kai \evTai fm | om tos eirTo ;3oas f | tos 
TrpoiTos] (post KttXas 31.83): tov$ TrpwToi's f: om dnplElL | tous 
k-aXous f I Tas 3°] (pr xai 14.16.77): Kai Eblr | raXas Kai 
eitXeKTas] pingues et bonas IE : om Kai ek-XeKTos Ef | fk-XexTas] 
pr Tas Ddhikprty 

21 kai eia-fiKdov^^ Kai 7j\$ov n: eiarjXOov de egj : om kai (73) 
W% I Tas KOiXiai i"] uentrem 31315 | xai 2" — avTwv 2°] et 
i:on iii(iebanlur%: om befi*lmB'P Phil-cod-unic | e7ei'eT0 k | 
ei<nj\tiov 2°] eiariKBoaav dp | rai koiXias 2°] iientnm 13"1E | Kai 
ai] 01 5e f I ai oi^eis anTui'] post aiaxpai e^ | avTuv aiirxpai] 
Tiiiv ai<rxpwv t I Kada] Kadairep i\'r: KaS tjv c^ | apxT;i'] + eiiroi' 
Phil I eyep0ei! bowCj | om 5e (31) J3' | eKoip.r)0T)v]\>t ilennii 
3 : + iteritiit adhttc 33'^ : + iterttm 15 

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soniiiio%&E: ev tu oikw y | om fiov acegjmquvx'3131E' | Kai 
2°] om na!5: eeee B'P(uid) : ( + i5oii 31.83) | ws Phil | om 
ave^aivov — (23) ffraxufs E | ev] eK h \ 7rXT;peis] probati J} | 
om k-ai 3° dflmpy | kaXoi] (taXai blqw : k-a/coi p(uid) 

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acmxCjSfpr •>:•) | XeTrToi f | aveixotpopoi L | are^uoi'To] e0iioi'To 
ELMhoquvCj: ai'iypxoi'To egj : ave^-qaav \: avepxop-evoi ecpvovro 
f I om exofxevoi avTuiv c^ \ exopievoi] {epxop-evoi 79): TrXT;o'ioi' 
M(mg) I om avTuv Phil 

24 om Kai 1° p | kaTCTrtot' — avepioipdopoi] post TrXrjpeis c^ | 
KaTetrioL b | om 01 eirra aTaxvei IE | om 01 2'^ — avefioipdopoi 
Phil I XeTTTai d | ai'f^uo^^opoi] + ave^rjaav 1* j om toi'S cirTa 
trraxi'us 35*^^ Phil | roi'S 2" — TrXT7p6is] plenos et boJios IE | om 

16 avev TOV deov] a' ovk €710 aXX Seo% Mv<S-ap-Barh ( +paeejn, pro ^^'^^ k-j^ ts^lajcA) [ to ffii)T7}ptov] ttjv 
eipyjvTjv Mv 

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XLI 36 

Toix? Tr\>jp€i<i. elira ovv Toh e^tjyrjrai'i, Kal ovk t)v 6 nirayyi\Xa)i> fiot. ^i/vat emev 'Iwcr^c^ tw A 
<i>apaw To ivvirviov <i>apaw ev ea-riv oaa 6 deoi; iroiel eBei^ev tc5 ^apaw. ^^al eTrra /Soef a'l 
KoKal kirra err) eanv, Kal ol einii <TTa')(ye<; oi koXoX eirra err) eaTiv to ei/inrviov 'Papaw ev iaTiv. 
^Kai ai etrra jSoet ai XeTrral at dvajSaivovaat. oiricna avToiv eirTu eri] ecrriv, Kal o't kirTo. (ttuyv€<; 
01 XeTTTOL Kal di'€/j,o(f)6opof eaovrat, eTTTii err) Xifiov. ^^to Be prjfia o eXpTjKa 4>apaw- ocra 6 de6<; 
iroiel eSei^ev rm <\^apaw. ^^Ihoii eiTTa hij ep^eTai evOijvia iroXXy) ev iruar) yfj Ar/rTTTfO- ^°i'j^ei 
8e eTTTii ert] Xifiou fierd ravra, kuI eiriXrjo-OTja-ovTai t/;? ■jrXjja-p.ovPj'i ev oXtj rp yij AlyvTTTtp, Kal 
avaXwaei o Xi^os' tj;)/ yfjv 3^ Kal ovk eTnyvwa-dija-erai rj evdrjvla eirl Trj<; 7779 avo tov Xifiov tov 
ecrofievov /xera ravra, l<Jxvpo^ "/dp earai cr4>ohpa. i^irepl he rov BevrepSxxai to ivvirviov ^apa(i 
0^9, OTi dXi)de<i earai to ptj/j-a ro irapd rov 6eov, Kal ra^vvel 6 0€O9^ rov Trotijaai avro. 33p{)f, .[ j 
ovv a-Ke^jraL avOpwrrov <f>p6vi,fJ,ov Kal avverov, Kal Karuarrjaov avrov iirl rrjt; 7^? AlyvTrrov 3iKal 
TroiTjaarco (Papaw Kat Karacrrrjcrdroy roT7-dp)(^at; eirl t/}? yi'j'i, Kal dTrovefnrrwcrdroxTav irdvra ra 
yevi}fiara rrf'i yi]<i AijvTrrov rm> eirrd erwv rl}*; ev0Tjvia<;, 3Sical avvayayircodav irdvra rd /Sp&J- 
fiara ro)v errra ercbv ru>v ep^Ofievaiv rwv koX&v rovrcov Kal avva'yQr^rw 6 crtTO? vrro yelpa 
^l>apaco, ^pcofiara ev rail rroXeaiv crvva-)(drirw. 3<^Kal ecrrai rd ^pwfiara Tre<f>vXary/j,€va rj} 
yfi els rd eirrd err] rov Xifiov *a* ecrovrai ev yfj Aiyinrrm, Kal ovk eKrpijSrfcrerai 7) yi) ev rw 

24 ttXjjjjtjs D(contra />'') 

27 ITT) i°] «TT-q A I effovTai A'"'*-' 

36 om a A 

Tovs 3° D(conlra /?''')mnc, | TrXripen] probalos 13 | fiira ov\i\ 
eiTTov ovv Mdmnpv; tV narraiti 33E: cirtv 5e L : +tiisio>ietn 
meain J3 | rois] pr ras (2) w : pr ev b : pr iraai dknp : rais f | 
f^Vr^t's] — ai^DTTTou fi'rB'i' | aTra-yytKK{iiv\ aTayyeXaii' dnt : 
atrayyeXofiefOi f: eTrayyeXXoi' s: e7ra77eX(jj' !p : arayyeWwv 
Li*kx : ai'a"y7fXw»' o [ fioi] + auro f i-''lrsi3 : ( -I- toito 3 1 ) 

25 om Tw (papau 1° f Chr | om to — (papaw 3" e | om 
0opou 2" mc, I om iv — (papau 3° f | woirj^fi. c^iS | xw 2"] ffoi 
M : om g 

26 at I"] 01 f I ai /taXoi] Oi /taXoi f | ccti" i"] uaiv efgjko | 
om Arat — (gtiv 2° rc^ | om 01 Ka\oL k j ionv 2^'\ €i<tl efgj | 
TO — €(TTiv 3'*] pr Kat m : om Ep | ec] bis scr D: om d 

27 at r^] Oi f; om c*ens | ot X^tttol ot ave^aivovTe^ f | ai 
Xeirrai] bis scr g: post avTitiv dnp: tttrpes et macrag S; om e: 
-f Kat at KaKat cxCj : +Arat at(7;^pat km: +ftirp£s et malae^ \ 
om at 3° c* I fffTiK] etfft fj | om Kat. 3° n | av(ij.o(p6opot\ pr ot 
v: CTT) s"' eo-rii/ n : +e7r7-a CT17 etrrti' D( + Z^)EMbdef(et(rt)g-jIp 
sv(mg)wc,531E I e<70^Toi] (pr itai 31.83): \ix et E'': effrat mS 
(uid) : om A* ; + Se en | om iiTTa 4" n | Xt/iou] Xot/xou n : 
Xi^o! Eaegi*jkmov{txt)Cj'3 

28 om pT]iJ.a — (papau i" p | pTj/ia] +Atoi; dn | om o i" n | 
fipriKas gm I tpapaiti 1°] om i: -^-hoc est 3 | om oo-a — tpapatii 
2" m I Troiei 9s pE | TroiTjfftt (31) 13 | eSfifei'] eSftfa f : eTrc- 
Set^ef 1 I om toj (papaoj n | rtj] (rot 5ta pTjfjr.aroi /tou p : om egj 

29 toot'] pr [at firra] ^oes at xaXat L | epxerat] post ttoXXi; 
E : epxovTai Ddnpt | om ttoWtj L | om iraarj E | 77;] ])r ttj 
efgjlo I at^i'Trroi' LMb-jm-quvx 

30 e^et L | St] +TO]tpapa(i^ i5ou cTrra iT-q epx^Tat evdrivta 
i/fet 5e w I Xijuok] Xotyitoi) n : Xi^uos aefgjc, | om /xera raura f | 
fTrtX-fjadTjaovTat Amsy] en-tXT/iroj'Tat D( + ^'')ELM rell | TrXrjtr- 
/xoi/rit] TrXTjffftotrw'Tjs Tits etrofievrjs L: +t7;s etrojuei'Tjs Efilqrtiiv 
(mg)33; +Tris yevo/xevris dlinp : { + Tri! yfyefri/xevT]! 20: +/itTa 
rai^ra 73): +7179 fieTa Tavra iao^ivr)^ egj | om oXt; E13 | tt/ 
717 Aij] om quvlS : om tt) /)ELM rell | atyviTTov Ldf-i'lnopc^ | 
Xt/ios] Xot/ios n I (xT/f] pr eirt 16) 


31 om Kat — 7»7S E | oi'K e7rt7f{*Kr97;(rerai] {ovk entypttjffCTat 
25): e7rt[at]flS?;<TeTat L | om ctti tt/s 7775 y3 | eiriJcTTjo: om 1 | 
om CTTo — TavTa f | otto] tz facie ^ | Xot^ov n | tov taofnyov] 
bis scr L 

32 om 5e wlS | xou i"] to gs | 0apau] (pr tok 79): om 
Lbvv I 5ts oTt] Siort Lf : om Sis bwl3(uid) | aXTjSfia y | earat] 
cffTtK Eimqu'3-edE{uid) : om L | pT/jaa] opaiia ("'r | to irapa] 
{tovto irapa 71): tov opafiaTos fK ii om L: om to aci-'^'lnorc^ 
333E I om TOV 2° bef | Taxwei] pr oTt Chr : ov PpaSwet L | 
Toi; 3°] Toin-o efgm : (om 128) | avTia c 

33 oi'f] om c^: +t5e x3l | o-Ke^at] iTKefl/aTuj (papaw aCj : 
+ (papau km : + tu (papau ex ] (Twerov Kat (ppovtfiof b | (Tvv€- 
Toy] ^ Fharaoni "^ j om KaraiTTT^troy — ^34) ^ai 2** c, | KaTa- 
OTjjireis qu3[(uid) | e«] +0X1JS dfinoptxE | om rijs DEMabc 
fhik-oqsu-x | om 777s dpr 

34 om /cat 1" — 7775 1° mE^ | fat i"] pr o/iotus f | om 
Trotr}(TaTU — KaTatTTTjtraTU f | 0apatij] post Toirapxas H | ToTrop- 
Xas] (pr Kara Ttytrovs 20) : TOTrapxofJ f : promptuaria E"-"^ | ^irt 
Tr\s 777s] fTrt TT\v yrjv dp: om f j aTroTrcAtJrrajcrartjtraf] O7ro- 
TrefiTreTOJuap Ey : (ri'i'a7eT(j(Tai' f ; recondant E | om Trai'Ta 
hi*x^33S-ap-Barh | 7erv77/AaTa Cj | t77$ 7175 ai7UTToi'] (post 
ivdr^vtas 73): om 13": om T77S c^ : om 7175 E | om Ttiif 
— cii977i'tos f I eTtuf] + Tfciv a | om t>7S eu977i'tas E | tt7S 3"] bis 
scr m 

35 ffii>'a7a7eTuo-aj'] <rw'a7£Tt»>(Ta;' i"'p : om f | fiptoptara i"] 
yffTjfjLaTa M(mg)j{mg)v(mg)c2 1 ^^^ ^^ — TouTtt;f] abuiidantiae 
E [ ruv fpxofJ.evuv] pr T77S ei'9T7i'ctas kl3 : post tovtuv c : post 
KaXttif DalosxCj'E | om tup KaXuv k | om TouTtiii" atuid) | om 
o h 1 x^ 'ptt] (pr T171' 20) : X^*P' *^ • X^^P^^ ^ I ^pt^fJ-ara 2°] pr 
Kat (20.83) ^ I xots] Tots f I 0wax0nTw 2° ADMbhlmwy] 
(pvXaxOTiTuaav c : (pvXaxSv''^ E rell 313 : et ciistodiatur E 

36 fcTTat] eo-Tu kntE':'(uid) | Ta jiputxaTo] om egj: om to 
E: +Ta bquvxE(uid) | T77 71;] pr ev qu : T17S ttjs f | om ctt; 
c" [ \ot/j.ov n I (a co^ofTat] at €(TovTat 64: etreTat 73) | cf 1°] 
T17 E : + T77 aegjloCj | yi] atyvirru)] om 717 at x' : 717 ai7ii7rT0i; 

24 rots eJi/7T;Tai$] a' irpos Toi>s /cpii^taifTos (r' ixayovs j(om a')v | i^rfy-qTais] a' Kpv(pia(rTati a' /tayots M5-ap-Barh : 6' 
(ToipKTTati M 31 itrxi'pos] a' <r' papvs Mj(sine nom)v 

32 aX^CfS — pi7Ma] a' tTotfiov to pij/j-a a' (3£/3ato! X070S Mj(sine nom)v 34 TOTrapxas] <r' e7rt(T(;o7roiis Mj(sine nom)v 

36 7r£i/)i;\a7/tej'a] a' ft! irapaffiiKriv a' ets evdr/Kiji' Mjv | eKTptfirjtrfTat] a' o\(dpiv$T)«iTat M 


XLI 36 


A Xtfio). 37"Hp6(Tez' 8e ra prjfiaTa ivavriov ^apao) koI evavrtov Travrwv tmp iralhwy avrov' 37 

3^ Aral elirev ^apaw rrratrtv rot? iratalv avrov M?; evptjaofiev avOpwirov rocovrov, o? e^et irvevp.a Oeov 38 
€// avrco ; ^^elrrev Se ^apaco toS Igjctt^c^ 'ETrei^?; eSet^ev o 0eo9 crot Travra ravra, ovfc ecrrtv avOpo)7ro<i 39 
<f)povip>(jiTep6<^ crov koI (Tvv€roiTepo<;. '^^av ear) iirl rco otfcay fiov, Koi eVt rw arofiarl crov viraKov- 40 
IT /> aerat ira^ 6 Xao9 ^Liou* 7rX?;z^ roi' Opovov vTrepe^eo aov iyoo. •^^eiTrei' 8e ^apa(o rcS 'Ici)o->;</)^ ^ISov 41 
KaOt(Tr7)pt ere atjfxepov eVt 7rnar)<; 77)9 AfYfTrrov. **^/cai 7r€pt€\ofj,€vo<; ^apaw rov SafcrvXtov mro 42 
§ C" T/;? %^ipo<? avrov irepteOi^Kev avrov irrl T7]v X^^P^ ^ \cLKry')<f>, /cal ipeSvo-ev avrov aroXijV ^vcraipijv, 
fcal irepie67}Kev kKolov ^puiroyj/ rrepl rov rpd^rfKov avrov' ^^Kal ave^i^aaev avrov iirl ro apfia 43 
TO Sevrepov roiv avrov, Kat i/cijpv^ev efxirpocyOev avrov Ki)pv^' Kai Karecm^crev avrov i(f> oXi?? tt}*? 
7?5'? AljVTTTov. '^'^elirev Se ^t^apaco rw ^J(oa7]<f> 'Eyco ^apato' avev aov ovk e^apei ov^ei? rrjv X^lpct 44 
avrov iiri rrda-ri yTJ AtyvTrrov. "^^fcal iKaXeaev ^apaco to ovofia \coar)(p ^ ov6o fx<^avr)X* f^cil ehwKev 45 
H C" § /> avTco rr]V ^Aaevved Ovyarepa Uerpecjii} !ep€o)<; *'HXroi;* TroXew? avro) e/9 yvvatfca.^ ^-^^'Iw- 46 

ar](f> Se i^v iroiv rpid/covra ore earrj ivavriov ^apaw ^acn\e(o<; Alyvirrov. e^rfkOev he Icoarjip etc 

36 Xet/Lioj A 39 (Ti'ceTorepos E 43 ave^rj^aaev E | avrov i^] avTo A*{v suprascr A^^*') 

44 trot'] fou E 45 TO ovo/xa ioj(n)<f> A^^^s | TjXiou] lov A* : iKiov A' 


DEMace-lnosuwCa | om ovk dp | Tpt^ijfffTai cf* | ff rw Xi^uw] 
{fK Tov XifjLov 31) : airo rov Xlixov Ehtv(nig) | Xotfioj n 

37 Tjpeaevi ijpeTiae I | ra pij/xara] om ra D*(suprascr D'') : 
TO pr]fxa Edeghjqu'U'i': -{-ravra fi'rIE | om evavriov i*^ h* | 
(papaw — avrov] rov $v f : om 0apaw Kai ivavriov m : om evav- 
Ttov dp I TraJT-oii'] Trairos i* : om DIpsyCj | {TraiStuc] ^epa- 
TTOvriav 64 mg) 

38 om iracnv fi^'' Hip Chr | ^7/] pr oi' f: pr apa Hip | 
ei'piyo'o^ef] evpyjcroj/M^v dfilnvy: fvpofiev E | ac^pwTroyJ post tol- 
ovrov Phil: afSpa Hip | os ex^O f ^ (o^riv Hip | (?eot'] Oeiov 
Phil I ef ai'T-oj] tp eavrw Maehjoqt-y^ Phil-ed Or-gr Chr: ctt 
avrov Hip 

39 €nr€v 5e <papauj] Kai fnrcv f Chr : om 6e t* | ffoi ds 
Eb-gijmnptvwx'3( Chr | ravra travra EfgimntCo'SllE | ovk] pr 
Kai c^ I eanv av^pwTros] ex** avov m | ^po^'i/iwrepos] ^povi- 
fitarepov m: {(ppovqfxos 2~.) \ ffov Amn3£(uid) Chr] om f: post 
(Twerwrepos DEM rcU 'm3(uid} | Kat avv€T(jjr€po^~\ om m : -\-aov 
nl£{uid) : + etri rtjs yijs f 

40 ffu] -i-ovv 1 Chr: +Se qu | em i^] ev qu | rov otKOv 
DMacdjl-ps I om ctti 2° — <rov i"* 33"' | arofMari] pij/xari egj | 
ewaKouaerai cs Ciir | Tras] Trats f | om fxov 2° ?£ Chr j rov Opovov] 
rov Opovov 1 : tn throuo S^-ap-Barh : {rov xpovov 84): rov Opovov 
fxov f: ■\'fj.ov \^rJS( + so/t/m) \ aov 2°] post eya) ^•. (rot f 

41 ftTrev — KadL(rTT]fj.L] Kadi<TTT)fxi yap f | (cnrev — tO}(T7](p] Kai 
107) 1 KaOiaTTjfiL] constitiii "^ | (re] cot d | UT^/ifpo*'] e;^o IE | 
7racJ"T;s 7179] Tracrai' 71}!' Chr: om Traffij? "It | 77/5 ai7i'7r7-oi'] pr 
ry\<i Ei-lrt: rr\% aiyvirrov w: tt/s x^^po^ ^-i;? rj/Mcrepas ( 

42 om TrepteXojU.ex'os — aurou i** f | 701* SaKTuXioc] to 5aKTi»- 
Xioi' bl: rov 5aKTv\ov i* : ttjv daKriXTjv c: -¥ avrov d'3l3S | om 
ttTTO 0C2 I om avrov 1° d j avrov I'^—TrepteOTjKev 2"^] Kac m | 
avrov i°] (ai'Tw 30): daKTvXiov f: om bnq'3!1£ | eTrt — tw(77;0] 
Tcu lUXTTjtp f^i '"'?*' X^^pci dp I eTTt Tj/j/ x^'P^] P'^^^t iU}tT7](l> 1 : om 
11 I tu>ffT70] pr TO) nv: om f | eveSvaav 1 | xp^'fo" mn | Trcpt — 
avrov 2"^] super cnni 13 | Trept] cTrt ac-gj-psxc2 

43 (om avrov i" 25) | htvr^pov] devrepuj c: Sevrepfvov din 
prtv(txt) Chr-ed: Sei'repetof Phil | om rwv avrov "H^ \ run-] (to 
18): om d*efi*lntv(txt)^ Chr | ai'Toy i°] (eai'Toi' 18): avru 
fi* I (Kr}pva-<T€V egj^ Or-gr | efiirpoaOev — Ki)pv^] Kt)pv^ e/i- 
irpoa-Oev avrov fl£ | Krfpv^iv i* j om Kai 3° — at7i'7rT0u f j om 
oXt/s ^ I rtjs yT}s At] om 7175 adejnp Chr: om rrjs EM rell 

44 0apaaj 1°] pr ras (i) r | tw] Trpoj bow | laijfp Q \ €ya) 
(f)apa(A3] pr t'lre ^ : om (107) Chr j av(v — e^apei] ovk a^apet avev 
ffov f I OVK e^apei ovOeis] ovdeis f^apT} {-pet codd) Chr | ovk e^apei] 
bis scr c: ovk e^aipet 1 | oi'^ets] dci sup ras j^: ovSeis c*dfknpx: 
ovOtj m i auToi'] (om 73): + Kai {rj k) rov woda avrov ackmoxc^ 
^ j iraaT] yr]] waayjs 77;? efgiqu Chr-codd : 7ra(7T;s rtjs yrjs j | 
77;] pr r7) Edt 

45 Kat fKoX.] t\-aX. 5e j(nig) ) 0apaw] post ovofxa j(mg): 
<pa(o w* : om c | ro ovo/xa iu3ffT}<p] om A* : om ro ovo/xa "SC-cod | 
iai(T7;0] pr TOU abj"'e(uid)m\vxC2 : pr tw s | ■\l/ovOop.<f>avT}x AMc 
riii(]rtuv Or-gr] \povOofx<pav7)K dp: \l/ov$oj/j.<pavr]x yl3''^(ex corr 
i5i^) : \pov0w/x<f>av7]K li3"' : ^povoo/j-^avijx E : \l/ofj,0ofj.<pav7)x ^gjo 
vjc^: ^ofiOofxipavrjK as: Psomphto7npha7iec Or-lat : \pofj.(pOofj.- 
tpavT] x^: ipofxdovf/javtjx (.^^) Chr-codd: \f'Ofx6ov<pavT} Chr-ed: 
{\pop.OovfX(pavr}x "(*))'■ ^I^OfxOoipavijxh: Psothompha7icih ^'. \f/ofXL- 
OofX(pafxvex Thdt : yj/ovOovipavnfK m : \l/ovOo(pav7jK o eariv tTT/p 
KOdfxov n: -k-T) eartv aiyvirria Xe^is €pfxi}V€V0/x€V7} nav Kpv<pi(j]v 
yvwffrris li. | (om tt;^ 20) | airei/fff/] acece^ Eacegjk*'Mmqu Phil 
Or-gr : (affjjveO 31) : Asaneth '31 : Asncth (J '■ aaaeveO b\v: aacv- 
veO n: aff€P€T p; aaevveK On: aaevcK d: a(T€vvax y: acrvveO 
yvvaiKaf \ Trerpetpi) Ay] ireretPpibn : 7rePTe0p7/ defilmn{-pt)pqu 
Phil-codd : TrcTc^pT; EM rell BC Phil-ed Or-gr On Chr;^ (ttct- 
Te0p7; 16): Pt'taphre% \ t]Kiov] pr wv i^: iXiov A'ar* : On iJ | 
om ai/Toi 2"* flS-ap-Barh | om cts 7u»'atKa f | €is Alo Chr] om 
EM rell 5-ap-Barh Or-gr | 7i;z'atKa] ■\- avrov 1: \ nai e^-qXOev 
iioarjtp eiTL yrjv aiyvirrov acoxc^ : + f/ exitt Joseph a facie Pharao "31 

46 rpiaKovra eritjv cfimoxCj Chr | om /SafftXcws aiyvirrov 
a Chr I om c^rjXOev — at7V7rTou 2^ d | ck] awo Dbcfilnpw Chr | 

40 vwepe^w] /xeii^ujv eao/xai j 42 kXolov] a' a' rov fxaviaKtjv Mj(sine nom)vc2(om rov jcj 

43 t^VP^^] °-' yovari^eiv(-^ii M)Mv: ro eppaiKov etrriv a^prjx M{indice ad (45) \f/ov0o/x^av7]x posito) 

44 e^apet] a' v^j/wau M 

45 \povOoix<()avrix] o-' (Ta(f>a/X(pavrj u' ffa<paO<pavt] jc^'' o ffvpo-i eiSoJS to Kpvirra cCji <Tvpo^ <ra<f>aO<pavr] ex^* 
(0 ^iXoi' C) KpVTTTWV €vperTjs{-\-T] oveipoKpirtjs c)cc2 




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47 irpoaioTTov 'Papato, Kal BiijXOep irdcrai) yiiv AiyvTTTOv. ■^^Koi eVon/crei' »} y!) tV rot? eirra ereaiv A 

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ev yj} AlyvTrrov, Kal eOrjKev to. ^pcofiara ei' Tot9 7ro\e<rti'' lipwfxara twv TreBitov ti)? 7ro\e&)9 

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so OaX,dffat)<i woKiiv a<})6Bpa, ea>9 ovk fjhvvaTO dpifffirjaai, ov yap tjv dptfffi6<!.^ ^°T(p Se ^l(0(rr]<f> 1i /J 
eyivoi'TO viol Svo tt/jo tov eXOeiv t() kirrd err) rov Xifiov, ov<; ercKeu avT<p \aei've6 dvynrrjp 

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XiyoJv'OTi iiriXadeaOai fie eTToitjo'ev o 0eo9 irdvTwv tS)v irovtav p,ov Kai ttuvtcov Twf tov iraTpo's 

52 /MOV ^-t6 Be ovofia tov BevTepov exaXeaev 'K^pdi/x, "Oti i/'x^axrez' fie o Oe6<; iv yfj TaTreivooereo)^ 

53 fiov. ^^^UaptjXOov Be tci eind eT-rj t»)9 evOijpia^; h eyeveTO ev yfj XirfviTTtp, 5-t«at§C"' 
rfp^avTO TO, evTa eTi] tov Xi/iov ep^ecrOat, Kadcl elirev 'l(o<7)](p. Kal eyeveTO XifiO'i ev Traa-j) ttj 

55 7!7' f" S^ Trdari yj) AlyinrTov ovk tjaav dpToi. 55 ^at eireivaaev iratra f) yi) AlyVTTTov, eKeKpa^ev 
Be TTo? 6 Xa09 TTjOos" <I>apa«5 rrepl dpTcov el-Trev Be ^apam iraai tok AlyvnTioK Ylopeveade 

56 TT/jo? '](oa7](j), Kal b edv eiir-i) vftiv^^ TToirjaaTe. ^^^Kal 6 Xtp,6<; yv eVt irpocrwirov iT<iar]^ tj}? IT ffi"' %D 

57 7^?' uvew^ev Be liO(Tt]tf) TrdvTat; tou? (TiTo^oXwvav, Kal eVftiXet Tratrt rot? AiyvirTiof;. ^^Kai, 

47 Spaxpara DE 48 evdiji/em A | TraiSiuu AE 

51 \eyttjv A^'"^] om A* | ewf^XaffeffOai A 53 ev07]V€ta^ A 

55 c7riva(rc»' .V | Tropive<xOai A 

KaL 5i7}\8ev] bis scr g: (^ai ?;Xtfe 18.30) | nacnj yi) f | 77;^ 
aiyviTTOv] pr tt;;/ Et : yqv aiyimrov i* : ri^f aiyvKTov egjux-' : 
aiyvTTTov D( + Z))Mabclmnpsvwx*C2: Aegypliim 3[ 

47 Kai] pr et iienerunt scptem anni alniiiiinntine in omni 
terra Aegypti 33 | ^7] pr Tratra t | ivd-qvia$\ + aiTT/s n | dpay- 
fia-To] pr TO egi : (om 16): -f Kat €^-r}\0€v LW(Tr\tp airo TrpotTwiror 
tpapao} Kai diriXOif iraffav aiyinrrov d 

48 hoc comma libere uertit E | (om km i" — ^pap-ara 1" 7 1) | 
wavTa] (Tvp-TauTak: om c^ 1 om ra i" s | ^pojpLara i"] apw/xara 
g I (om TWi' i'^ 16) I om CTrra dp ] om 7;f acx | om ^ D(contra 
/>'')bdegjswc^ I evd-rjvta] + Spaypara k | yTj] pr Traatj dimpt : 
pr TTJ l*q: (pr Taut; T-q 76.84): tt} u: om e | aiyvirrui Ebegjq 
r*itw I (Bi]K(v i°] tS(To E I om ra 2° i*l | om ev 3" — ^ptii- 
para 3" mCj 1 c** Tats TroXecij'] ets ras iroXeis E | om (ipiapara 
3° — TToXcws f I iroXeus] +tw;' TrfSiuK a | (aiTijs] aurui' 18'') | 
ui- Afi-'''ry] om Z^iiEMi* rell aj3E | e6'77KEi' 2"] pr km (16) 
31 : om Cj I om ev 4° Ecoqu 

49 (TiTov] +7roXw i* | itxrei] ei ex corr r'^ : us Z)(D"'<')bdlp 
w Chr I TTji'] TOV k : om c | TroXi)!/ ff</>o5pa] om f : om ttoXiw c | 
eus] (ms 71): 0! bw I fiSvi'ai'To Mcef^gi-ln-suxyc^lSE | a/)i9- 
/iijirai] apiOpiiv f: api8p-rifly\vai bvv Phil(uid) | on] oi'Oe b | apiS- 
MosJ (pr 25) : + ibi JS 

50 5vo VLOi bhx [ tov 2"] ttjs E | \otpov n | oi's] x | 
affevfeO] a(T(j€vv€0 w ; aa^veS ac-gjkloqu Cyr : a<Tive$ m : 
(ofTi'i'e^ 31): Asaiwth^'. affaevetih: a<rev€T p: aa-vvcT n | om 
diyaTijp — TroXews 1£ | 6i'yaTr}p] pr ras {3) r; pr 77 begw | Tre- 
TpetpT) Ac*y] 7rcTE0pt b: wcvTeippv ef ibnqu : T(VT((j>pi dnp: 
T(Tt<t>pri EMc'' rell JS Cyr : Pclaphre "S | icpews tjXiou iroXews] 
(om 107): om lepeus E | ijXiou] iXiou Aa: Ok 33 | om iroXews 


51 om iwaritp abwE Chr | tov irpiOTOToKov] tov irpuTOv b 
Chr: aiTOU d: +avTov hpt33 : + aurwf n | pavvaatrrj Ajn] 
pafaarj e3l : pafacrari EM rell 33 Or-gr Chr Cyr-cod : {p,ava(r- 
a-qv 18): /iai-aira-ijs (20) Cyr-ed(uid) | om Xf7Mi' A*EMabcegi*j 
lmoqrsuvwC233 Or-gr Chr | pt\ poi f : post eTroLijaff aegjkxc^.lE 
Or-gr I e-jroLrqaef] TT€Troti}Kcu v ; + pf m j om (?eo? n | irai'Twc 

49 covvaTo 1) 50 iXiov A 

54 \ipos — aiyunTov in mg et sup ras A' 
56 creiTOjSoXwi'as A 


I"] ffvpTratn-uv k | f)m woi^uv — ruii' 2'* m | ■jrovo}i'] Xi'n-wv M 
(mg)33(uid) : KaKwn k | om TravToif 2" 33 Chr| | rw;' 2"] om f: 
+ TOV01V (.',1) 31 I om Tou 2° M 

52 TO 5el icai to v"«(uid) Chr | eippatp (-aiv n)] -(-Xe7a)» 
dfi'''knptxCj'3i£ | u^oiirei' Amy] iji'Xoyijirc 1: iji/fijo-ei/ P^M rell 
SISE Or-gr ('hr ] er 77)] cv ri; 71; Or-gr^ : e/c tt)s bw | rairfi- 
rucTEWsJ pr TT)$ Or-gr|: TaTreivuirei a 

53 Tra.pri\0ov oc] f«/« traitsissent CD | TrapTjXfloi'] irapriX- 
Buiaai/ fi ; ira.p-qXBiv acdkloprstxCj | om ra a | e7ei'CT0 Admop 
vwy] e7Ei'oi'TO EM rell | 71)] pr rr; qu : terra tota ffi | MyvvTov 

54 ijp^aTo Macegijoqrsuvwc, | om tou c33 | \oipov gn | om 
epXCfOai 33 I KaOa] KaSa^ 1ms : (coi c | utoi e7e«'eTo] £7ei'tTo 
5e E I Xi/xos] pr a33 : Xoi^os gn | ef i»] ciri c | 7)) I"] 
+ AegyptioriiM Sl-codd | om (v 2"— (55) m 'JE \ c 2° — 71) 2°] 
i/iiod in omni terra 31 : om cf33'r' | m 2"] pr tt; Eo3S" : tij i* : 
om ew I ai7i'irTW Ebegh*i*jvw | ouk] pr ov f: non liquet c: 
om abdi*m-qluw*xC; | -qaav} (rfv 30) : om b 

55 om 7; ds I eKCKpa^n' Se] iKfKpa^av oc et : KCKpa^ev Se ks: 
fKpa^fx 5erw: (cKpa.^ai' SeH^): Kai (KCKpa^ey dopa: KaicKpa^ci/ 
n: et clamauerunt IE'': om 5f b*fm | iras AEbmwySE] om 
M rell 33ffi I o/)Tuv] pr toiv f : (oprou 79) | fiTrti/ 5e] Koi ftire 
egj I (papaoj 2" — ai7i'7rTfO(s] eis E | om Traffi i* Chr | irpoiro- 
peveaffe m | om xai 2" 33E' | aj/ Mqtu | tun;] Xt7et E | ijM'" 
g I TToiriixaTe] pr f/ E*^ : pr tovto Ek 

56 Kai Xi^ot] fames eiiim 33''' | Kai 0] o Se efgijv(mg)33" 
E I Xoi^os n I om itf f* | eiri irpoawvov iraarii] m omnem 

faciein E | 7r/)0ffujroi/J wpoauwov l)(-t- />)Ebdpv(mg) : om f | 
7ra<r7;s T-qs 7775] t7;! 7775 aTraa-qt f | i(jiaTi<p] pr tw c, | (jran-as 
TOU$ (TiTo^oXwi'as] Traira ra (riro5oxEta 20) | TToi'Tas] ffvpiravTas 
k : om Chr | ffiro^oXurat] o-iro^oXons n : o'lTai^'OS f | Kai 2° — 
oi7i»7rTiois] sub -=- v | eTrwXcuffe d | om jracri egjqu Chr | (tous 
ai7inrTtous 14) | ai7ii7rTiois] -t-KOi CKio-xwe" Xi/ios a> yi) 
aiyuTTTOv ackmoxCj ^Kat\ on k | 71;] pr oXt; k : pr jrao-i o | 
ai7iijrTu c] : +et pracualuit fames in omnem lerram Acgyp- 
liornlii % 


49 OVK 7;5ufaTo] a' u' ovk eiravaaTO M : a' a' eirixvcavTo v 

XLI 57 


A Trdcrai al ')(Sipai ffK6ov et? AiyvTTTOv dyopd^eiv tt/jo? 'Icoarjcfi- eireKptirriaev yap 6 \i/m6<; ev ■Kaarj 
TJj yrj. 

''I^a^y Be 'IaKw/3 on earlv irpdai,^ ev AlyvTrro) elirev toI<; viol<; ainou "Ira ri paOvfielre ; i XLII 

§ ffi™ ^IBov ^(iKijKoa OTi ecTTiv ariTO'! ev AlyvTrTW' Kard^rjTe SKei Koi irpiaude j'jfilv jjitKpd f^pwfxara, iva t. 
%wp,ev KoX fir] diroOdviofiev. ^ KaTe^rjcrav he oi aSeXt^oi 'Imo-^c^ ol Bexa Trpiacrdai, criTOv e'f hiyvir- 3 
70V "^Tov Be Hevia/jielv top dBeX(j)6v 'Jroar](f> ovk aTretTTeiXev fierd twv dBe\(j>a>v avTov' elirev ynp 4 

TIC"' Mr; TTOTe avfi^f] avrm fxaXaKia. ^t)X$ov Be 0! viol laparjX dyopd^eiv^ fierd twv ep^Ofievcov rjv 5 
yap 6 Xi/m6<; ev yrj X.avdav. ^'IwaTjcj) Be rjv ap')(a)v Tfj<; yrj<;, ovtos eTTtoXet Travrl tw Xa<p t?)? 777? • 6 
eX06vTe'i Be ol dheX^ol 'I(uo"»)^ irpoffeKvvrjcrav avrw eVl Trpoawjrov enl rr/v yrjv. '^IBwv Be l(i)(Tr)<f) 7 
TOi/? dBeX<})ov<i aiiTov eireyvto, Kai rjXXoTpLOVTO dir avrwv koI eXdXrjaev avroK (TKXijpa koI eiTrev 
avTol<; Y\.66ev rjKare ; ol Be elirav 'E« 77)9 X.avdav dyopdaai ^pwfiara. ^eireyva) Be 'lojcr^c^ tov; 8 
aBeX<f)OV<; avTOV, arjTol Be ovk eTreyvaia'av avrov '^koI efivrjaOrj 'Jwarjip twv evvjrvUov (Sv iBev 9 
auT09. Kai elirev avrol<; KardaKOTrol eare, KaTavorjirai, to '(."Xyrj t?;<> ■)^wpa^ rfKare. ^°ol Be elirav ro 
Ov'xi, Kvpie- ol TratSe? aov fjXOofjbev Trpidaacrdai. ^pwfiara- "iravTe^; eafi'ev viol evo^ dvOpanrov 11 
eiprjviKOi e<7fj,ev, ovk elalv 01 TralBe^ aov KardaKOTroi. '^^ecTrev Be avrol<! Ou^^t, dXXa ra i')(vr) r^? 12 
7>'}9 fjXOare IBelv. ^^ol Be elirav AtoBeKa eafiev ol tralBe^ aov dBe\<f>ol ev yfj li.avdav • Kai IBov 6 13 

XLII I TT/jao-eis A I paOvnetrai D 
7 av7tj3v'\ avrov E*(w suprascr E''*) 

3 irpiaade K 

9 tidev D(contra Z?)E 

ecrrai AE*(ccT7e E"') | 1%"^^ E 

57 X"/"*'] + 'Z""^'' ti'cinac- sunt Aegypto 13'p | riKBov] eiuriK- 
00V egj ; avTjXBov r ] npos iwcnjcf) ayixjpa^eiv eiy aiyvTTTov c | t ts] 
Trpos m I ayopaidv] post lUffT;^ S-ap-Barh : + ititoi' (20) IE( + 
pyopter fametn IEp) Chr | irpos iMcn;i^] ah loscph "SB : om Chr | 
om iir£KpaTq(7ev — 7?/ k | eTreKparet ^ Chr | yap] de dlnps | 
\oifjios n I ev — yij] eiri Traaav r-qv ytjv mlS 

XLII 1 inKufi] {pr Kai 79): ku/J sup ras a-^ | (om ori — 
aiyi'TTToi 25) I etTTtc] post Trpaais c,: earai 1: om a | irpairis] 
prffiTouqu: triticmii 3-codd ; +(ri7-oii dkmnptJS Or-lat Chr | 
fv aiyvTrTw\ in terra Aegyptioriim 3 | eiTrei'] pr koi v(mg) ; 
+ la/tw^ acegijstxCj9H3 | rois uiois] Trpos Toi/s vwv% r : rois 
traiatv Chr | a&vfiure w 

2 iSov] pr KOI eiTrev acUmxc^ | aKr/Koa] audio 2 Or-lat | 
effTii/] eiTTTi c: om f [ triTos] pr ^pufiara Kai b: (rpaffis 71) | 
aiyvirTuj] pr 797 d : 777 aLyvTrrov pt | eKet] i^^ititr 5£ : /'/; Aegyp- 
tuin 13'P: om Chr | xai Trpi.aa9i\ npiaadai Chr | 7rpia<rSe] 
irpiaaaade bdw : ayopaaare fi'''r | 7;/xti'] c/tti' d : om f ; + eKctdev 
acmoquc^ | /iiKpa ppu/xara] om IE : 4- cKeWev x | ^'oi/J-ev] frjffa- 
/jeK D(+Z'*'')bw I om Kai /xt; a7roSa>'u/i«;< ll£p 

3 Se] \in Aegyptuiii B"' | iuitt;^] post 5e/(a f: (om 16) | ot 
5c/ca] om a Or-lat: om 01 cmquv; -\-eius fratrcs'^ j irpmff^at] 
V pMaaaSai bcdfio*(uid)pr(-(r€(rOai r*iiid)w | e^ 0171/^x011] /h 
Afgyptum (s. /k Aegypto) 3-edlE'P 

4 §tviap.T]v bfgnowc^ | aireo'TfiXei'] +i.aKwfi Daclmosxc^ 
3(pr •^•) I ^era — avrov] p-er avrwv f: om avrov 3 | 7ap] Se s | 
(TU/ajST)] pr avroi n \ /ia\aKia] KivSvvo! 11 : + ev rrj odoi ElB" 

5 om totum comma y | Se] ovv f | om 01 E^Mbdeghlpc, | 
Lapar)\] pr rov di*pv(mg) ; mKufi lo | ayopa^eiv — epxop-evwv] 
ad Joseph E | ayopa'iew AbcmovwxS] pr cis aiyvtrrov DEM 
rell BC : -t-fftroc fi^'rilT | 0] pr xat cgj : om d | \i/xo$] \oipLos 
n: -}- K-ai dfi^^ptxCg | 70;] pr tt; dnop ; ttj e]: +ofnni^^ 

6 om tu}(r7i<f> 1° — 7?7s 2° f | apx^v] pro Edhinpstw: -f Tra^?;? 
kr I om TT/s i^ r | yr)s i°] at7i'7rTO(' egjIE Or-gr | dittos] pr et 
B : et is SIE'' ; ovros eg | om ru \au r' | om r-qs 7775 2" bdnw | 

e\0ovTes] TjXdov bmw | aSeX^ot twatjfp] vtoi tTj\ bw | {iwaTjtp 2^'] 
aiTOi; 16) I TrpoaeKvvTjaav] pr Kai bmw: adorabant 3: i-ivi- 
deruni B | aiTw] ai'Toi/ q : om s'^B | om ctti irpoauirov df | 
(eiri i°] eis 14.16. 77. 130) | TrpoirioTrou bw | om e?ri 2° bmw | 
r7]v yr]v] rijs 777s abi*owxc2 : +adorauerunt cum B 

7 eireyviji] -t-ai-roi'S DklB | aTTT^XXorpioifro o | om aurots 
2° 3 Chr I rjKare] ijKere dnpc^ : eare f \ f iirai'] eijro;" acdfm- 
pxc I 777s] r77s i* Chr | X'**''^^''] +e\6etv Chr 

8 e7r€7Piij — airoi^] (om 71): om Se mB'P | e7rc7i'a?(rai'] 
eyvwcrav Efmn | (aiTof] toi* ibia-qtp 71) 

9 ei'UTri'iwi'] -I- auroi- EMeghjlnptv(mg)3B*^' | LSev]eLtrev \*\ 
sotnniauit IE | om acTos 33S | om ai'Tois d Chr | KaTai'077(7ai] 
pr A'ai 31E Chr : Kai KarafTKOTrrjffai d : Ka7"a(rKOTr77£rai np : Kai 
bw I (om ra 79) | x^P^^^ JV^ D{ -f-Z>)Eegi*i : TroXeujs v | 
77KaT€] 77Kere nCg : + tSeiv bw 

10 01 Se eiTrap] et dixerunt ci 1£ | eiTrai'] eijroi' acdfmopxC2 : 
eiTToc Trpos auro*' k | oi'xi] ov egj | 01 2'^ — 77X6'ojUCi'] aXXa 77X^0- 
fxev 01 TraiSes ffol' f | Tj\dop.ev] rjXdapiev y: TjXdov i'^n3£ | -rrpia- 
aaadai Adfioq] TrpiaaSat DE(-<rffe)M roll Chr 

1 1 Trai'res] pr uos ( + enim B^^)B : pr et 1£ : aTrajres egj ; 
+ 7ap qu I eff^tev VLOi] nos Jilii siimiis '^ | evo*t] post avdpta- 
TTOv a I eip-qvLKOL eir^ei'] pr 77/^61$ uioi evos avSpos etr/xev c : pr 
77|A€is effp.ev kx : pr 777HCIS mC2 : "qp^eis eijp.ev eip-qvLKOt a: ea^iev 

' eip-qvtKot o; om IE | oi>k] pr et 31E | eiffii'] etrfiev aB [ (jov] 

ffOl t 

12 om eiTref oe avrots E | 7779] xi»'Pos ns^-codd | 7;XtfaTe] 
TiKdere Ma-egh''jnpqtuwCj: TjKare v | iSeix] p.a6eiv egj: cognos- 
cere IE 

13 eiTrav] ciiroi' acdfnopCg : 4-^/BlE | SwSeKo] SeSwKa w | 
eap.ev — a5eX0oi] fratres sttmus seriii ttti filii uiri unius "Si | 
eo-;U6i'] -qpev k | 01 TraiSes aov] post aS^X^oi npB | aSeK(^oC] post 
Xaraoc 1 : om d : et fratres nos l£(om et IE'') : -f 77jueis I'lot evo% 
avSpo% mxc^ : -f 77/^61? kioi evo% avov k : -t-T/^eis efoy avSpo% vkol c: 
-fuioi evo^ avSpos ao | om ev 777 x"-"'^"-'' Chr | 777] T77 t: om 

XLII 4 juaXaKia] a' avpLTrufia a' KtvSvvos M(om a')jv ^S-ap-Barh 7 77XXoTptoi'ro] aTre^fvouTO M 

9 KarafTKOTToi] a' e<f)oSevraL Mjv ^-ap-Barh [ ra — x^P^^] ^' ^' ^^ Kpvirra rjji x^P^^ ^^ I '"^ ^X^v] ^' '^' ^^ Kpvirra jv(om a') 
II eip77i'iK0i] a' op^oi ir' ottXoi Mjv 



XLII 24 

14 vea)T€po<; ^eTii tov traTpo'i >)fj,(!>i' cnjfiepov, 6 Be erepov ov^ v'irdp')(ei. '*enrev Se avroK \o}a-t]<f) A 
i-.'Vovt6 ecTTiv o eip7)Ka vfjuv Xeyiov ^oti KaTiia-KoiTot iare- '5ei' tovto) <\)avelcr6e- vrj ttjv vyiav % t' 
i(, ibapaco, ov fi>] e^eXO^jre evTevOev (<ui fiJj 6 aStX(/)09 vficbv 6 vewr€po>i eXOr) &;8e. '^uTroaTeiXaTe e^ 
vfimv €va, Kal Xo/Sere tvv (iBfX(j>6v v/xwu' ii/nei? Se oV^x^/yTe eo)? tov <^avepd yevea-ffac to, ptj/iaTa 
17 v/iwv, el dXrjdeveTe f) oil- el he fii], vf) rrjv vyiap <i>apaoi, el /J,r]v KaTaaKOiroi iare. ''^Koi edero 
is avTov'i ev <^vXaKrj 7jfj,epa<; Tpelv '^elirev Be avToU rfj i)p,epa Trj rpLTrj Tovto TroinaaTe, Kal 
ly ^'jaecrde- tov 6e6v yiip eya) (po^ovfiai. '^el elprjviKoi eVre, dBeX<fid<; vp,wv eh KaTaaxed'jTO) ev Ttj 

20 <f>vXaKT]- avTol Be ^aBlaare Kal dwaydyeTe tov dyopacrfiov TJ)? cnToBocria<; vp,wv, ^°Kal tov dBeX<f)ov 
v/MWV TOV vewTepov KaTaydyeTe Trp6<; fie, Kal TTiaTevdi'jaovTai rd pi)p.aTa vp-wv' el Be fir), mroaa- 

21 velaOe. e-rrol-qaav Be ovToi'i. "Kal elvev eKaaTO<i tt^o? tov dBeX<f>dv auTOv Nai, ev dfxapTLci yap 
eafiev irepl tov dBe\(f>ov tj/jlwv, oti vireplBofiev ttjv dXiy^w ^tt)? ■>ffVXV'^ avTov OTe KaTeBeeTO r)pwv § L 

22 Kal ovK elffrjKOvaanev avTov'^ eveKev tovtov eVJJX^er e(f) y]fid<i tj ^ti|ft9 avTrj. ~-aTroKpidet<; Be H F 
'Pov^rjv el-rrev avT0i<; Ovk eXaXtjcra vp,iv Xeywv Mj) dBiKijcrrjTe to iraiBupiov ; Kal ovk ei(n)KOV- 

2 J craTe fiov Kal IBov to alfia avTov eK^rjTecTai. ^3avTol Be ovk yBeicrav oti aKovei lo3a-r]<f>, o yap 

24 epfi,7jvevT7}<; dvd fieaov avTWV rjv'^ ^■^ d'iroa'Tpa(f)el<; Be avr* avTwv eKXavcrev ia>(Tri<j). kui iraXiv ^ D 

14 o] TO A I eo-rai A 15 iryemK E 16 aX-qSeverai E | vyiav] uyciai' E: vytaav />" 

18 ^Tjaeadai D 19 «] ') AE | a70/)a<r/iui' E* 20 [o;ro]9oi'ci(rffai D 

?i u7rf/)e(5o;iei' DEF | tt;*'] tt; A*(i' suprascr A''*^^) | ore A"] on A* 

22 aoiKtjffyjTat E | €K^T]TeiTat] (K^tTirai A* (eKftreiTat A') 

E I urn xai tiS'i' 1 i5oi'] «/ iiniis IE : om 3 | vf urtpos] /iiKpo- 
Tfposh: +7)fi(tjv fi€V€L k: +T7/iWi' degi*jnp | /icra — tj/j-uv] tiptit^ 
patrem siium 3 | om ruiuv i* | om arnxtpof (32) 15 Chr 

14 avrois iwctt/^] Joseph fratribus sitis 13*: om ai/rois dp: 
\\f.-y{av f I ToiTo] pr Qv i | vij.kv\ -qfjiiv d : om ^-ed | om \iytav 
<m, Chr I om on (76) IE'' 

15 fj'] pr (?/ ^S j fpaveiade] (paiveiffde i^*r : ipatP-rjaBe d: 
<paipeiT0c (m : (pavrjaeade K \ vij] fi.a DEF*M(mg)bceghjklrstv 
wyC2 1 fvT€v6€v] fKiidiv i* I eai> ^7;] eifi'ijy: ews ov Chr | o 
I** — p€ioT€pos'\ post €\dTj acdfikm-pxc^^^ | tj^up o | oiof] irpos 
^f f 

16 oTTocrreiXare — i/;nwv 2"] pr nunc '^•. om lE'i' | f| u/twi'] 
post eca dnpvSBE'^ Chr: f| 7;/uw>' o | \a;8eTf] \a/3eTw Fl>'ack 
loxc^: 07076X6 t Chr: 07076x0; F*^*(uid)dnp: (0^07076X6 76): 
addiuat ^IS'^ | a5eX0ov] post I'/twc 2'^ ni | I'^owi' 2'^J Tjyuwi' go*s : 
(om 77) I (om n/icif Se awaxSi]Te 18) | 5e i°] koi f | OTrox^iJxe] 
post o 2° ras (i) x: ai'oxS'/xe qu: ciraxBriTc m: airaxSrifB-q- 
aeadai n: ojroKXfKr^Tjxf F*": rdinebiint iios 13 | xoi'] ov F'>'a: 
om Ke I (jtavipa] <^a..oj e*{uid): ^afepoy k | xo p-q^ara] to 
prrfpia k I et I"] 7; o I om be 2° i* | om /lit; n | fi;] na EM(mg) 
hlr''s I €1 firiv AFMinxc^] thj-ip hy''(ex corr) : vixti^ hii : Xf7U 
vp.iP r'^{sup ras) : om Ecfkl3(uid) : 7; fi-rip D rell : nisi ^ 

17 eflfxo] eBrinep b | (pvXaKV)] pr xi; dl3 Chr | xptij ni/xepas 

18 oixois] auxont e: + i.oi<niif> D( + Z>) F'^amosxc^ajS''' | 
7]^€pa Tt] TpiTri] TptTTj T}fJ.epa cc^ | xoito] pr lucnitp c | TrotT^traxe] 
TToiTja-cxf E(-xoi)d I s-jjfffffSt] fjjiTocrffe e : au'ieaOt E | 70^ ^v 
DEMflmtv Chr | om 7ap e* | e7u] ep m h 

19 om ei fn | ooeX^os u/zwc cts] cvo abi\<pop vfxup n : //;///.f 
fralruni ueslrorum 13 | aSeX0o$] pr s : aocXi^oi a | vfxwp eis] 

eis f? u/tuc aSE | v)t.uip i"] i7/iu» y* | eii] post Kaja<sx(0-i\TW U: 


om s I KOToirxf^'Jxu] KaraxOvT^ '"t : koxa<rxw n | (om €p 18) | 
auxoi] i»/icis a | jiaSiaaTe koi] jSoSifcxe k-oi o : fiadiffapres f i : 
om a I a7ra7a7ex€ — ii^aii' z''\ stimite frttmmtum quod cmistis 
33 I oira7a7exe] a7ra7eTe s Chr : O70/)a(rax£ Ea 

20 vp.ijip i°] ijjuui' g I (om TOP peurepop 31) | (caro7a7fTe 
A] {anayaycTC 76) : 07076X6 Z>''(-xoi D) EFM omn SiSE Chr | 
«(7r6iiSi;<70>'Tai] TnaS-qaoPTai r: inaTCvSriaeTai. F'''acdfikm-psx 
c, Chr I £-7roLTj<Tsp o 

21 KOI 6i7rtv] ciircp oe f i | 6iir6i'] eiirai/ Emorv(mg)x : 6i7ro>' 
abcw: <//<««/ S-codd : lolliviili sunt ^ \ aSeK(l)Op'\ irXriaiop A \ 
{pai] KOI 71) I (6>'] pr oi-Tus 83: ok 31) | a/iopxiol ojoopxiois 
EFMabdegjInptw Or Chr?^ Thdt: pc-cailis nostris 13 | om 70P 
dlS^lE Chr|-ed^ | tj/^mi' 1°] vp-uip m | u7r6pi00|O6>'J inrepidafiep 
r: Tapcido/iCP bw | xiji' — oi'xou 2°] ouxou X171' dXi'pip Chr i | 
om X7)s ^vxv^ sis I 0x6] oxi A*L | (toeexo 32) | ruiuip 2"] v^jlup 
a*b*l I 6io-7;Koir(ro/t6i'] -ijKOi'ffo/jtp dfi*lmp: + xtjs ^ui-Jis y | ept- 
K(p'\ +yap Chr 4: +ou>' Chr 1 | 60 i/^os) (</> rip.iP m: Tj/ios s: 
Tj/^if Chri I r) fiXii/'is] pr ira<ro EdhiklnptB Chri Thdt 

22 povjirip] povjieiP E: pou^ii' tx''': pov^-np. c»hkx* Or-gr: 
povpeip. emp Chr: povpi/x adfgijln | ouxois] (irpos ouxons 128): 
+ X67ti)>' w I om OVK 6XaXrj<ro i/oi^ b | (XaX-qaa] tnrop Chr J, | 
u/jiv] -qiMLP p I X67UI'] 67U L : om bllE Clir \ \ oSi/i-ijo-Tjxe] oSi- 
KTfatTai L: oSi/cTjin; st | om KOi i" — ^u egj | -qKovaan i*lot | 
om KOI 20 fiBE'f I om xo 2" Or-gr i | om ouxou f | fKfi/xeixoi] 
eKijiTeiTf DEcp: fi;xeix6 g : 6k5ik61xoi e 

23 {ijSei(rap] eypuaap 71) | OKOi/et] pr ouk t | iu<rij0] pr o 
w : om t I 7ap] 06 L | ep/njpevs DELcdfikmnpsxCj Chr(uid) ) 
aiTUp] afJupoTtpup dnp | tip] e<TTip n 

24 O7ro(7xpo06is] oiroxpi/Seis d | of outui' CKXavaep] post 
Luxr-qip afE I om 07r auxwv 1° Is | eKXavaep] post uiiffiiip Imns 
13 I iwitt;!^] pr Lko^xCj,: pr ras (i) i | jrpoffi)X96>'] aTrjXffep L: 

15 .^a>'6io'9e] a' ff' doKifxaaBTjaeafff lljv | i-?) — 0opou] o' f); ipapaui Mjv: j'?; o ipapau !■'' 

16 oTOX^'^xe] o' <r' oeSriaeade M(5oS-)jv | ><>; — ^opow] fi; 0a[paw] F** 

21 KOI fp o/iopxio] a' KOI ;oaXiffxa ep TrXrifi/icXia MvCj(om Koi Mv: + ea/iep Cj) | pai] a' KOi ^oXo 7; ovxuj Mv 

123 16—2 

XLII 24 


A TrpocrfjXOev Trpo? ai'Tovi Kai enrev avToi'i' Ka] eXa(3et> rov "liVfiewv air avTWv, Kai eBijaev avrov 
evavTLOV avTwv. ~^ev€Tei\aTo Be Iwaijcf) efiTrXyaat, tu dyyia avTWi> <mov, Kai aTroBovvai to ^5 
II L dpyvpiov eKaaTov^^ et? tov (tokkop avrov, Kai hovvat avroK eTncriTiafioi' eh rip' oSov. kuI eyevrjOi) 
§ L avTol'i ovTto'i. -^Kal iiriOevTet; rov crlrov errl rov<; ovov; avrwv aTrTfKOov eKeWei'. -'^Xvaa<; Be ^el? "^ 
rov fiapaimrov avrov, Bovvai ')(ppra<Tfiara Tot9 oVot? avrov ov KareXvcrav, IBev rov Becrfiov rov 
dpyvpiov avrov, Kai 7]v errdvo) rov arofiaro^ rov fiapcriinrov' -^ Kai elrrev rol<i dBeX^ol'i avrov 28 
'ArreBoOi^ fioi to dpyvpiov, Kai IBov rovro ev tS /xapaiTnro) fiov. Kai e^earr) rj KapBia avrStv, Kai 

§ F § /) ^ erapaxdrjcav Trpd? ^dXXijXov^ X€yovre<i T^ toOto erroi-qaev o Oeo^ rj^lv ; -^rjXOov Be •rrp6<; 'laww/S 29 
rov rrarepa avrwv el<i yijv X.avdav, Kai aTDjyyeiXav avru> rrdvra rd avix^ejBrfKora avroi<i Xeyovre'! 
^°AeXdXr]Kev o dv6pa)TTo<i 6 Kvpio'; tt}? •y^? Trpo? >;/ia? aKXrjpd, Kai eOero r)fj,d<; ev <f>vXaK^ ctJ? Kara- 30 

II E i ^2 o'Korrevovra^ rrjv yrjv."^ ^^^e'irrafiev Be avrm lS,lpr]viKoo eafxev, ovk ea-fiev KardcTKorrof S^StuSeKa^^ 
dBeX<^oi eafxev, viol rov rrarpcx; i^p-wv 6 ei? ov^ vrrdpyei, 6 Be fiiKporepot fxerd rod rrarpo'; I'jfioov 
a7)fiepov et? yrjv xLavdav. ^^eirrev Be rjfilv 6 dvOpwrro^ o Kvpioii t?}? 7^? Ev rovroi yviocrofieda on 33 
eipr}viKoi, eare- aBeX(pvv eva d<l>ere wSe jxer e^iov, rov Be dyopaa/xov t?)? mroBocrla'i v/iwv Xa- 
^ovre'i drreXdare' ^'^kuI dydyere rrpo's fie rov dBeX(l)6v vfiwv rov vetorepov, Kai yvcoaofiac on ov 34 

27 Sea^uv E* 

3^ SuScKo] SuKa F* 


rfi/ersus fst'iS: om 1 | (?rpos] ctt 30) | Kai enrev oi'tois] om d: 
{ + Ka.du$ Trporepov + mius uestriim relinqticlur 
hit- sicut dixi (dictum est IS") nobis fratreiii iwstrum viinoreni 
ducite uohiscum in hoc enini apparehitis quia uos pacifici iios 
noil exploratnres 13 | tov tn/^ewp] tov av/newva Chr : post avTuv 
2° ackmoxCjS | om air avTuv 2° E Chr | eSrjirev] eSiOKev bw | 
om avTov 3[ I (evuinov 128) | avToiv 3"] TravTwv Chr 

25 om iaa7)<j> t | irK-qaai \* \ (om Kai 1° 31) | to apyvpiov 
f«.a<rTou] {cKaaTOv to apy. 30): cKaaTU to apy. bdfihipw | 
cKatTTOv] (KaaTui Laeghjliorstxc^ Chr: amuv eKauTu quia | toi" 
(saKKov] OS sncci W"''^^^ \ om avTOv bi*w | (oktois i"] avrov 30) | 
ewiaiTHTfJ.ov} +ets Tr\i]iTpi.ov7]v qii : (^-^■irX'ijixp.ov'ijv 31) | {eis Ttjv 
oSov'l ev TT) o5w 76) | Kai 3^ — oi/rws] om q; et fecerttiit omnia 
sic 1£ I eyevT^di]] eyevvrjOT] 1 : eyeveTo cdnp j om avTois 2° c33 

26 eiriOevTe^ — avriov^ ^untit inunAh-iui pt.Huigjtu'b*pi^ti 
I'Zlil (' " tollentes iiniisi/nisqiie asino) 3 | eTriBevTei\ eiri- 
6evTos b : eiriTidevTes i* | tov — ovovs] Tois ovoi^ Clir | tov oitov^ 
(tov^ (tltovs 71.107): -i ai'Twi' acmosxc^ | eiri'] eis yc2 | o;*©!'?] 
Ufious dmp I aTrrj\0ov] pr Kai c | om cKeidev f Or-lat Chr 

27 Xi)ffas] eXvae a | eis] + cf avrwv 33 Chr \ tov p.apixnnrov'] 
TO [xapaiinnov f | bovvai] pr tov Et: pr wore Clir: eiaSovvai L | 
XopTaaixaTa'] xopTair/ia f: (om 83) | tois oi/ois] iumcnto % \ 
avTov 2°] ai/Tui' Lfi*lE : om abmovwc^ | on KaTeXvaav] -if- in 
deuersorio %: om r | iSci'] pr Kai Labckowx3-ed : eiiov c^ \ 
avTov 30] avTiiiv y | Kai] quod S | eiravio tov ffro/ioTos] in ore 
^ I /j-apaiinrov] ^apanririov {: sacci sni ^^^"^ 

28 a5eX(poi^] post ai'Toy f ] a/irebod-ri — apyvpiov] aireSovro 
apyvpiov fiov a | IJ.01 to apyvpiov] (Xrgentuw mcum mihi U | juoi] 
post apYuptoc ksxc^: om mo | apyvpiov] +juoi' bcm | om toi'to 
1° 3E I Kapbia] Siavoia egj3(iii<l) | Trpos] eij Chr | touto 2°] +0 
aegjltv(mg)ai | fls eiroi-qatv J) \ 0eo%] post -niMV F''Lcdnpx 
3 Chr: om e | om -qiiiv f 

29 7J\6ov be] pr Kai tjv eirai'W tov aTo/xaTos rov ^apunrnov d : 
(sai rjXBov 128) | (om fis yqv xa''<iai' 128) | fis yrtv] ev 71; 

/){?)m : eis tt]v 'y?;!' o | a7r7;77f iXai*] a7r?;77eiXor m : a»'7;7- 
7eiXai' F*VC2 | Ta avp.fie^7}K0Ta Adhlp] oca avfx^e^oiKe n: Ta 
avpL^avTa ZJsi'EFLM rell 

30 XeXaXT/Zie;'] eXaX7;o"ei' s: + Ke 1 | i" — yn^] post T/^as i*^ 
dn(om a;*^. )plE | avdpuyiro%] avijp F^ \ ev ipvXaKT]] eit 
<pv\aKT]v af I KaTaffKOwevovTa^] KaTaff KOtrevaavTa^ Ltj : KaTa- 
OKOTTOi'i'Tas dnp | (tt;c yrjv] ttj y-q 18) 

31 eiTTOpiev F'^acdkmnpxc^ | eipijviKoi] pr OTt (20) CItr | 
eirfiev i"] ( + 01 iraiSt s aov 128): + « k : +et SIE 

32 a5e\(poi] post etr/iei' acmosxc^lE Chr: om bw | woi — 
^Ifiujv 1*^] pr 01 ba^lS : om Chr: om vioi a | tov iraTpos T]fjiwv i*^] 
patris nnius '3-ed : unius uiri IE : + TroTe a^ | o ei%\ pr Kai a^ 
IS: /cat ^ev eis Chr | oi'x I'Trap^ft] atpavri% yeyovev a.^ \ fxiKpo- 
Tfpos] fxiKpo^ F*I,egi*jknK|Uvx: ercpos y ( /tCTa — 7)/xo}V 2"] post 
oi)p.(pov acf kmoxCj'S | i)ixwv 2"] + etrTiv n : + vitapxei a^ | 
om (n)p.epov dnpa„1£ Chr | om eis 77;!' xa^'aac Chr [ eis yqv A] 
eaTiv ev 71) (rrf i')fir: om Cj : ev 71; jQ"'F(uid)LM rell 313 | 
Xa*'aaj'] +eo'Tti' y 

33 T^^uif] (post aj'^^/jwTros 31): vp.iv I''^: om lifw | o 1" — )'7/s] 
om Chr: om ai'f?pw7ros f: ( + Tr/)OS i;/tas 14.16.77) | ev] pr oTt 
a I TOfTOj] TovTo m-fj I yvwaop-eOa Aa] 7fwo'o^ai I'/xtr m : yvo)- />''FLM rell 9113: copiosceinini '^: ^aj-eiir^f (20) Chr | 
oTi] (ei 14. 16. c 30): +ei j I a5eX0oi' eva\ et untiin e fratrihus 
7tcstris lE*^*^: et unuin c nobis IE'' | ahe\(^ov] ]:>r eav tov fna^^ : 
aoeXipwv vpwv (84) 33 : + vp.wv ov (pare (pepeTe Kai a^ : + vfiuv 
Z'F^adn''''m-plx: { + i]i.ioiv 107) | eva] pr tov f: om u : +vfiwv 
eva c* : + ef v/iuv 0.^: + v/xav c^'kqsuc^^l | a^eTe] post w5e F'': 
atpT]Te fS(post Cfiov) : a<f>-i]erai n | om uiSe sa^ | to;- — Vfiuv] 
/r/tmentnm autem quod emistis domus uestrac 33 1 fftTOOocrias 

Aafklnsa2C.,1E] pr rov oiKov dji: oiToboTia% tov oikov x: -^tov 
oiKov Z^i'FLM rell <Si | awe\8eTe Fi'Mafg-'Mi^tituwc^ 

34 a7a7e7-c Trpos fie] post veojTepov ^ \ avayayeTe r | wpos 
/xe] post vewrepov /^La-dfikm-pwxc^ : post v/nuv I^'IE: om s 
Chr [ vpLwv 1"] 7]/j.ojv o* j TOV veioTepov] om IE: +Trpos fie F^: 
+ w5e s 1 {oTi ov] firj oTi 18) | OTi 1"] .r/ IE'' | ov KaTaaKowoi 

25 t7ri(TtTi(r/xol'] Tpotpas M 

27 to;- papffiiriroi'] tov aaKKOv Mv(om tov) | yua/Jo-iTTTrov] a' ev\aKov a' aaKKOv cjc, | fiapannrav] a SnXaKou M 

28 aweSoOif fioi] a' aireuTpaipii fioi Mv 30 cOeTO .. ev ^uXukt;] ff' cXo7i(raTo Mv 





KardaKOTTol eVre, «W' on eipijviKoi iare- Koi rov dSe\<f)ov vfimif mroSioa-w vfjuv, Kai ry yfj e/xiro- A 
35 peveaOe. ^^iyeuero Be iv rto KaraKevovv avTov^ row <tukkov<; avrwv, Kal i/v exdaTov o Se<r/Ji,6(i 

Tov upyvpiov e'l' T(S atiKKrp avran)' icai Xhov rov<; Becyp-ovi rov npyvpiuv avrwv avroi Kai o TraTijp 
i6 avTwv, Kal e(f>oj3t]07]crav. 3<^€iTrev St ai/roi^ 'laKwfi 6 vaTijp avTwv ^'Efie TjTtKVMaaTe- 'Itocrr/^ § Ji,' 

37 ovK eariVyXv/ieuv ovk ea-Tiv, Kal rov ^evia/ielv Xijfiyjreade' iir e/ie iyevero travra raina. '^Tei.irev 
he 'Vov^Tjv T&) iraTpl avTOv Xe7a)j' Toii? hvo vlovt p-ov uTroKTetvov, eav p7j dydyw avrov 7rpo<; ae- 

38 So? avTov eh rrjv Xft/3« f'-ov, Kor/a) avd^o) avTOV 7rpo9 cre. ^^6 Be eiirev Ov Kara^i'jaeTai o vwi 
p,ou p,eO' vp,dov oTC o dBe\<l>6<; avrov dtreOavev, Kal avioii p.ovot KardXeXenrraf Kal avp-^rjcrerai, 
avrov paXaKicrdrjvai ev rf/ oBm f) dv iropevecrde, Kal Kurd^ere pov ro yripai; pera \vTn)<; et? 

' ^^'O Be Xip6<; evL(T')(y<Tev eirl tj)? y!]'!- ^^iyevero Be rjVLKa crvvereXeaav Karatfiayeiv rov airov § S § (Jt'" 

ov TjveyKav e^ Alyvirrov, Kal eiTrev avTol<; 6 trarrfp avrwv IlaXti' •nopevdevre'i irpiaade r/piv piKpa 

3 0pd)para. ^elirev Be avra 'lovBa<; Xeycov ^capaprvpia Biapepaprvprjrai i)plv o avOpwirof; Xeywv 

4 Ovk dyjreade ro irpoawTVuv pov idv p>j 6 nSeXc^o? vpwv o veoorepO'; Kara^y •7Tpo<; pe. 'et p,ev ovv 

5 aTTOffreWet? rov dBeX(j>6v r/prnv p.ed^ rjpdiv, Kara^tjo'opeOa Kal dyopdaapev aot, ^pwpara' ^el Be 

35 KaraKaivow A | ftSov D( + £)*'')>" 
38 TTopeveffOai A | Kara^eToi D 

effre] ovk eare KartuTKOTroi bdiipw^ Chr : eipijifiKOL (are (76) 3£^' ; 
on) ov F*(suprascv F') | oXX — ecrre 2"] Kai ouk eare KaTaaKovoi. 
(76) IE'': om ma^lEP | om on 2" bnwSJS | 0111 eo-re 1" n | tok 
a5i\tpov Djuwf 2^] htoic quoqtie fnitn'tn *^ | o.oe\^ov 2**] bis scr 
I, I om Km 4° — einroptveade f | (koi 4"] ec 31) | tt) 717] pr tv 
F'^dnpt: tiji/ttji/o: Ti/i>)quy^': +vij.uv en | e^Topencfffif] (v- 
iropevaeaBat o331E(uid) : iropevcade d 

35 avTovs^ po5t avTOtv i^ m : om />v | ai'Toji' i**] eavrttiv 
L I om Kai I** — avTuv 2^ e | om riv fm | {eKatrrov — apyvpiov i**] 
TO apyvpiov 'J i) \ eKatrrou] post 5e(7/i05 b : om \v | apyvptov i°] 
+ aiTov q\i I {aaKKO}] fiaptTLir-n-w 71) | aurwi' 2°] avTov adfmnpt 
1} I i5ov] iSoPTes bliwa^SlIE: ( + T01/S aaKKovi Kai 16) | om 
aiToi — avTLjv 4** mc^ | Kai i<po^iidi]aap^ om f: om /cat bkw^ 

36 om oe fotj | arrots] post ai-Toji' m : irpos avrovi Ijfw | 
laKia^ — aiTWi'] om f: om iraryp avTWf 3£: ( + Kat eiTrej/ 71) | 
ffujuewf] pr £■/ 1£ 1 /iej'ta/ieti'] ^tviafx-qv bgn-'ow*(uid) Chr \ : 
fitviap-ip. Chr-ed i : 4-/ioi; L | €ir e/if] Kar tp^ov M(mg): ott 
tpMv 1 I eYevero] CYevovTO cegja^ I'hilcodd J Chr J : Ye^ove 
Chr J I TTOKTa Ai9MhkmvxylE'^'3L I'hil-cdJ] post raura FL 
rell SEi' I'hil i-codd J Chr 

37 <jni 5e f ] povli-riv'l pov^nv X'^^a^: pov^iv r^: poif^i}/x chk 
pov(i€ip, empx* Chr: povfiip adfgijhit j avrov] airrwi' bquw | 
oni \e7aj;' hi*m1£li/ Chr | om 5vo y Or-lat X- \ viovs piov] fiov 
viovs (^ : I'tous fJLTi m : onr p.ov f* | airoKTeicov] aTrcKTcivoy p : 
airoKT€iP7js m | a7a7ai] afayayoi cgj | avTOf irpos ffe] irpos ff€ 
70V ^(fiapiv d Or-lat : om avToif p j 00^ — ae 2"] om abfgnw | 
5os] +/101 kE^IL I ras X^'P"' i*'3-coddJ3''' Chr | Ka7u] Kot 
lyoj dip: KOI m | auaiui avTov] 0^01 ai'Toc /^chii''3(uid) Chr: 
avTov a^w ej 

38 om o 5e enrev f | ou Kara/ii7;o"eTat] ot'K ava^Tju^Tai c^JS**' : 
?/^« i'*^// IS'i' I KaraXeXetTrrai] 4 ;;///// d'.r uxore; 7itea 13: -V matri 
sitai S'* 1 Ktti 2" — /xaXaKta^T/fat] ite injirmitas apprehendat earn 
33 : ne tontingat ei injlrmitas 11^ | a\nov\ post /iaXaKiff^T/i'at 
bdf inpw : aurw aU^{uid) | om t) av iropevcffffe f Chr i | ?;] jir 
evChrl: ouFl": we dp | ai-] fay FLMlidegijlnCei" n*)pqt-wa2: 
S ay c^ I iropeuecrfle] Tro/ieiiTjirSc Z'i'''FMabd(ras i lit post i))cgh'' 

35 Se(r/ios] Kop^os V^ | 5e(T/xoi;9] Kop^ovs F'' 
38 /iaXaKKrfliji'ai] appwiTTTjaai M 

36 \T]p.^€adai A 
XLIII 3 ovt-ea-Sai A 


i'jklo-suwa^Cj Chri: iropcvariaBe i»'t: ;&/;> 331L | om nai 3" 
do*pl£i' I Kara^ere] Kara^-qre Mf i* : Kara^are s : i7|€Tai gj : 
(%ei 20) I pov 2"] siq) ras r^ : post ytipai acegjkniovxa,Cj3[3L 
Chr J I om TO r | pera XuTrjjs] pr ii lE^: per oSwris (16) Chr J | 
adriv a Chr -^ 

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'31 I en-t TT^s yij^] f"" ttfTOts f 

2 eyevero de T^i'tKa] ?;fiKa 5e [»1£ [ Kara^aYeiv] tpaynv cdno 
pc^ : (payTjyai a : 4- roi' apTov Kai f [ e^ atYfTrrof] ^ ierra 
Aegypti ^(Acgyplionim)^ | om /tai LfinSlSlL | 0] pr laKoi^ 
DF''dfhilnptv(nig)i3 | avruivl +iaKup k | iraXiv wopevBevre!] 
aireXt^oires TraXtv Chr : t/c- itc'ritm ^: om TraXtc a,,i3''' | iropf^v- 
6€VT€i\ TTOpiv^ade F*IVIk; anXdofTei s | irpiaaOtl irpiaaOai k: 
TrpiafTautfe bdfilo'luidjptw: avopao-OTf l)( + />) : ko/iiffoTe Chr | 
t^piv] vpiv p: om ^ I piKpa] post jipiopara f : om a^ | lipupara] 
+ 7/t' moi'iiiinuy ij" 

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r IlmnlS Chr | oiajaapTiyia] papTvpia m: per lestinwnia 31 | 
oiapfpapTvpTjTai] pepapTvp-qrai 1 : SiepapTvpaTo D{ 4 /))F'''bcdfi** 
km-prswxc, Chr | -opif] post X£7Ui' 2" (lnp{vpii'); ijjaat (20) Chr- 
ed I av0pu)iros] post Xe7Wf 2" bw : avi^p F'J; +0 Kvpios e: 
(fTijt 717s 77): +0 Kiipios TJjs 7J)S Mfgijkrya3(3i( + ai7i/7r7-oD)) 
IE I \eyav 2"] pr Tj/tii' k : ( + on 20) | ;aou to 7rpo<TW7rov f i | « aK 
— p(] nisi (uiiieneril /rater iiester iiinior tiobisciim ^'■' : nisi 
adtiilcritis fratrem uestrum iuniorem iiohiuuiii El' | aa^Kipoi — 
;'ewTe/30s] vf.idi€po% vputv a5tX(/>os Chr | I'^wi'] ripiojv g : T\piv f : 
avpeuv s | om 3" — (4) 7)/xwi/ i" w | veurepoi] sub -r S | 
Kara^ri irpos fie A] fXS>) p(d vpuv mOL: (jied vpoiv e\$r\ 31.83: 
pe$ vpwf TjKTi 32): iioHsciiin uencril IL: 1) ptO vpjuv Lbnp())v)v: 
Mefl .'Mw;- 7) Z>'iFiM rcU (i^Mw"- cj ^BS Chr 

4, 5 om aj, 

4 ei — (5) Tropeuo-o/xfflo) post (7) aiToii d | om ovv D \ airo- 
o-TeXXets] aTroffTeXXi;? hkt : ajroffTeXets dn33C : airoiTTetXeis al | 
rjpoiv I"] vpoiv 1 : +TOV viUTipov f JJ" I om peS Tjpwv J)m Chr | 
KaTajiriaopeda Kai ayopaaupcv'] discaniimtts H emimus iL | 
Karafi-naupeea hln | ayopaaop.€v Z>''MacefjkniqsuxyC2l3 Chr | 
o-oi] -qpiv niJ3 : om dnp-S | ^pupara] paiiais escas B''' 

37 airoKTeii'oi'"] ^avaTcoffeiS !■''* 
XLIII 2 ffirov] airapKiffpiov F'' 




A fi'i aTTOcTTeXXe/? tov dB€\.(f>ov^ r)ixwv fie6^ 'If^^or, ov iropevaofieOa- 6 lyap dvdpcoTro'i etTrei' r)/J,iv 
^ ^ A.e'ywj' OvK. oip-ecrde fJbov ro Trpoawirov eav firj 6 (/SeX^o? vfiwi/ 6 vewrepo^ fieO' vfiwv f). ^el-Trev Be 6 
^IcrpatjX T^ eicaKOTroii'^aare /j,oi, dvayyelXai'Te'i tw dvOpiotroi el ecrrtv vfilv dBeX^ot; ; '^ol Be enrav 7 
'UpayTciov e-rrTjpcoTtjaev i)fid<i o dvdpanro'i koI ttju yeveav 7]firi}v, Xeywv Et en o TraTrjp vfiwv ^fj ; el 
eaTiv vfilv dBe\(fi6<; ; Koi dTrrjyyelXafiev avTw Kara ttjv iirepiaTrjaiv avrov. fif) rjBeifiev el epei 
r)fuv 'Aydyere tov aBeX^ov vficSp ; ^enrev Be lovBwi tt/oo? IcrparfX tov iraTepa avTOV KiTocjTeikov 8 
TO iraiBdpiov p.eT ep-ov, koi avaaTdvTe<; TropevaopeOa, iva ^o>p,ev koL fir) aTToduvu>p,ev koi Jj/j^eK Kai 
(TV Koi r) aTTOcrKevrj r)p,aiv. ^g'^o) Be eKBe-)(^op,aL avrov, eK ')(ei.p6<; fiov ^tJTrjcrov avTov eav fii] dr/dya> 9 
avTov Trpo? ae Kal aTi'jao) avTov evavriov aov, rjpapTrjKW'; eaop,ai irpo'i ere Tracra? ra? r)p,epa^. 
'°6t p,rj yap i^paBi'vap,ev, r)Br} av VTreaTpe\frap,ev Bis. ^^eiTrev Be avTol<; 'lapatjX 6 irarijp avrwv j° 
Et ovTa)<i iariv,TOVTO woiijcraTe • \d0eTe diro twv Kapirwv ti)s yrj<; ev Tol<; dyyioi^ vfxwv, Ka\ kutu- 
ydyere T<p dvOpanrw BSpa, rys piTlvi]<i Kal rod /it'\(TOf, Ov/j,lap,a Kal araKrrjv Kal repep-ivOov Kal 
Kdpva. "kuI to dpyvpiov Biaaov Xa/Sere eV rac<; ■)(^epalv vfiwv ro dpyvpiov ro inro<7Tpa<f>ev ev 12 
^ (ji;m Tot? fiapaiinroi'; vfiwv aTroarpeifrare fieO' vp.wv'^ /j,?) rrore dyvorjfid ecrriv. ^^Kal rov aBe\(f>ov 13 
vfitov Xa/3eT€, Kal dvaaTdvTe<i KardjSrjre rrpo<; rbv dvdpwrrov. ^^o Be 6e6<; p-ov Bwri vpJtv p^apti" 14 

^ o^i<r6ai A 

6 ^01 A':'"?] om A* 

eiSft/ie*' D 

II «rpo7)X] om A* (i(t\ A^'i^s) 


5 QTroffTcXXeisJaTToirTcXXijshikr: airoffrfXeis l(-Xr)s)op: mittcs 
^-codd iSCT- a7ro(TTCiX7;s d | rov — ti^wv 2*^] sulj -:- MS: om n 
Chr I a5eX</)oy] a... k | t)fx<j)v 1^'] vixiav 1 | om fx^Q Tiy-wv djmo 
p3L I om i*^ — f] df I ac^/JOJTros] (xvyip Y^ \ {Kfyojp rjixtv 30) ) 
om \eyav acmc^IE Chr | ovk] pr on (20} Chr | tiov] post vpoau- 
TTOP aljcm-psvwxCj'SIL : /if t | Mv] +V bn(f()w | v/xuiv i"] ijfiuii' 
m I I'fWTepos] sub — M(uid)vS: om s | yiiefl vfiui' 1;] 7; fieS 
vfj.uiv Chr : tienerit uobiscum IL : irpoo- . . n | vjiuv 2°] rDiiiiv c*m 
w* I i\\ rjKTi m: {Karap-q 32): om bw 

6 fKaKoiroiTjaare /xoi] fie eKaKOTroi-qaaTe Clir^ | fjLOt A*^"'2] 
om A*F*x: /if /)*"F''LM rell Chr | ai/ayyaXafTe!] awayyei- 
Xai/Te! /)FMej Chr : airayyeWoyres m : {e^ayy(i\ain-es ^1) \ av- 
dpuwoi] avSpi Fi' I fi] OTL Lbrstwa^giuidlBiiriEESlmg) Chr i : 
(um 83.107) I I'M'"] pf c eg] : W" b(nid)cf\v 

7, 8 miitila in % 

7 om oi—aoeX0os Lj | ot Of etTra*'] ciTrai' 5f y; cl dixcntitt 
ei IE I furoi' F-''a-dmnpwC2 | (epoiTwi' — aSeX0os] outos ripuiTij- 
ffev 7}fj.iv 14. i6(T;/ta5).77. 130) | epwriov] eirepoirtjv o : om Chr ] 
TfpuTTjaev Ir | t/m^?] ^/M'" fm | av(?/)ai7ros] arT/p F** | Kat l^ — 
■q/xuv] ijuoj ,yt-«[?/j] nostrum IL : om f Chr : om km B | tt;;/ 
yeveav'] rrjv yeveaiv m : ttjv ffiiyyeveiav y : intei'rogauit de genere 
(JT I 7)/iu"] i/Mw p: (w" 107) I Xe7u>'] et 3: om Chr | ei en] 
fi 07-1 11 : 071 £1 m I v\x{isv i"] jj/i'""' bdilo* | « 2°] pr Kai F'^bd 
npvw'a(ffil£E{iiid)S Chr: pr t] (84) B: i) i* | uM"'] pr f eg: 
jj/i'" bd I aTrriyy<ii\ap,tv'\ avriyyeiXafiei' blwc^: a7ri;77iXai' L | 
om Kara— oiiTou Chr | epo>T-r)cnv acdn | aurou ASlKuidjiE] 
ravrriv D( + £)5'')FLM omn US | om Mi) — v/iuv 2° da, | i;5«- 
pLCp] mda/j-ev f ; (iSoficv s : i57;rt p | ei 3°] on Fabcefgi^jmnrtw 
xyCj,'3[(uid)Jl5(!n!£S Chr: i/u.. %: t< L: om p | 17/x"'] I'M"" Ip I 
0707576] pr oTi ex : 07076 n : oca707eTe c^ | v/xav 2'] ■qp.uv 
hot : + aii me U : \paruum C 

8 5e] + TToXi" Chr | om i(xpo.t\K IE Chr | (^f 6M0>^] M^ ^ T/ZAWf 
14. 16.77. 130) I TopivBop-edo^ Troptvaiop.effa dgilnpya,: Troptv- m : eamns IE | om iva ^up.iv egjB" | om koi /ii; otto- 
6a.vijip.iv 1 I I'^eis 1\>' | O'l'] <>■<" L | om koi 5" — ■i\p.03v n | 7; 
oToo-Jcei'T;] pr ttocto Y'^'^X: liberi'^'- | vp.wv c*s 

9 om 6e bcwS | e/tSexoMoi] SfxoMO' (20) Chr: eyyvapai. 
11 I eji — ouTO;' i°\ ■wapa. cov Chr | ex x^'P"' A""'] ^ iiianibus 
iiieis <3HS I avayayui g | om xpos ae i^dfS-edU^S Chr | om 
oiiroi- 4" '3 Chr | evumov cdp | taopai] post at 2" & \ Tfpos at 
2°] ill pittrem meiiin B"' : om ^S | Trpos 2° Ahmy] eis Z)FLM 
rell ILS Or-la't Chr | om ttoctos m | ij/utpos] +T7)! fuTjs /loi/ 

10—12 mulila in % 

10 om totum comma m | ei pri yo.p'\ it si iioii IE | fi] + 5e 
a, I om yap B" | e/S/JoSuxoMf] (pi\\rpsa.p.ev Phil-codd | jjSi)] 
TroXoi i*Cj : ecce iaiii atitein S | I'lrcirrpfi/'ajOfi'] periit i) sed 
superest spir asp in F : eireaTpc\fiap.ev dop : awea-Tpt'pap.ev Li* : 
avearpiipapev Trpos irf bw | om ^is Phil-codd-omn 

11 OIITOIS] (post IffpOT/X 79: aVTbl 128): om jC I (ol'TWI'] 

aUTOU 128) I {etrriJ'] fX" 7.?) I touto] ovtu n | otto tuv Kopirui-] 
to;/ Kapirov b: a fnictu 3 | KaT07a7e7e] KaTayere Or-gr: oiro- 
7a7eTf fi^'r: /•ortalc'^ \ ttj^ 2"] +Te F'>'1 | piT-ii'T)? AFMdeg' 
jm-pa^Cj] p-qTiv-qi DLg"' rell | {om koi 2° 31) | UTaKT-qv koi 
dvp.iap.aY^'' I fli'Mio/io] pr koi f ioSClE : pr ^epioK^ i^" : Xoo[ai'oi'] 
F'' (aretpaKa 71): +tc Lqu Or-gr: -l-<7TupoKO c | irroKTT;^] 
Xooovoc i^ I om koi 4" L | repfp-ivdov Ai9i*l*oc|iiv] T(pp.Lv8ov 
¥*: TtpefiivBov F''»LMi»l»» rell BffilE(uid) | (Kopuoi' 71) 

12 Siffo-oK] &nr\ovv M(mg)o | ev tois x^/"''"'] "' '''" X^'/"" 
abcmwxCj. | vp.uv i"] -qpioiv g | to 2" — (13) Xa/j<rc] pr koi abc 
wCj'E-coddS : om m : om to ap7i)pio;' nlE | oiroOTpf^oTf — (13) 
I'yxw"] om c : om airoaTpe^paTc peO vpwv a^ | oTTotrTpc^oTe] 
a-n-oa-rpetfiiiTc x : siimetis (I | Mf^] "0 L | vixuv 3"] tj/jwi' dl 

13 vp.avl om L: +uobisciim B | om koi avaaravres Kara- 
l^tjTe bw 1 or^pwiroi'] ocSpo F'*'"S 

14 Sun;] (5woi 32): Soi e ChrJ ed J: Suffci (20) BE' | JJM'" 

5 TTopeiwoMfCo] KOTa;3i)<rop[fi'] F'' 8 7; o7ro<rKei'i)] o' a' ra vijvia F''(sine nom)M(om a' Ta)& 

9 eKSexo/^ot] avTitpuivovpai F^: a' <t' €77i'WMOt M(om or')5(a' dubium) 

11 0vp.iapa] a a' sTvpaKo. M(sine a' et indice ad pmi-Tjs posito)S | Kopno] oMi'7i5aXa F'*: ev tu) iocS omi'75oXo i 

12 e;* TOiS /xap(7t7r7rot9] ev tois 5t^o... F'' 

14 — M<*>'] '^ ^'^ iffx^'/'o^ iKoi-os I'"'' I oTrooreiXoi] o' inittLit iiobistum S 




evavTiof Tov dvBpcoTrov, koX dvocrTeiXai tov AheK^ov vfiwii rov eva Koi tov Geviafieiv iyco /xei/ A 

15 yap Ka6a i^reKvasfiai TJTeKvoyfiai. 'SAa/Soi/re? Se oi avBpe'; ra hwpa ravTa, Kal to dpyvpiov 
BittXovv e\a0ov ev Tac<; ^epa-lv avrwv, Kal rov Hei'ta/ieiv Kal dvaardvTe<; Kare^rjaai/ et? Atyvn- 

16 TOV, Kal earrjaav ^ivavTiov la)a>j(f>. ^^iSev Be 'Icoaijcj) aVTOvt Kal tov ^^ev^-afxelv rov dBe\<f>6v § h 
avTOv TOV onofiijTpiov, Kal ^eveTetXaTO Tip iirl tj)? oiKia^ avTov ela-ayayeiv tov<; dvOpuiTTOv; el's § (S;'" 
Tr)v oiKiav Kai (Ti^d^ov 6vp-aTa Kal €Toifia<rov fieT e/xov yap (^dyovTac ol avdpioiroi dprov; ttjv 

17 fiearjfi^piav. ^"^ eironicrfv 8t" o avOpwiroi; KaOa tiirev '\co(Tj^(f), Kal elcn'yyayev tow dvdpwTrov<; ei? 
iS Triv oiKiav lo)cnj<f). ^^ISovret; Be oi dvOpwiroi oti elarjvi'^^Oi^aav et? tov oIkov Iwarffj) elirav Aid 

to apyvpiov to aTTOcTTpacfiev ev Tot^ fiapacTnroK 7jp,a>v tt)v dp'j^rjv r/fieK elffayofieda, tov avKO- 
19 (^avrrjcrai Tjnat Kal iirideaOai ^ifilv, tov \a/3€iv 7i/iid<; etV TralB(i<; Kal tou? ovovi ijfiwv. ^'^vpoo'- 

eXoovTef oe irpo<i tov dvopwirov tov iirl tov oIkov laxrrjcf) eXdXt/aav avTrii ev Tfu ttuXcuj/i tov oikov 
^^XeyovT€<; Ae6/j.€$a, Kvpie- KaTe0ij/j,ev ttjv dpj^rjv -rrplaa-Oai ^poofiuTa' "kuI eyeveTO ^vUa 

rj\6ofj,ev 61? TO KaTaXvcrai Kal TJvoi^a/xev tov<; p.apaLTnrov<; j;/xftlr, Kal roBe to dpyvpiov eKaaTov ev 

Tw fiapaiTTTra) avTov. to apyvpiov rjfiwv ev (TTa6p,a> dtreaTpii^a^ev vvv ev Tot's p.apcriiriroi'i ij/xwv, 

16 eiScc F 1 avTovi] avTov sup ras A*^ 

g I om x^P^^ ^ [ ffwTioi' Clir -^ | rov av&pioirov] rui ai^ d : 
TOV avdpos F*""*-' | Kai i'] tov Chi I : om dnpa^JS''' | airoareiXai] 
airoaTei\et F*"! : a7ro(rTeiXT; v Chr-codd ^ : aTrocTeiXw a : ajro- 
(TT-eXet mis : aTroariXaTe L: e^aTTOffreiXat t | Tov i°] pr v/iiv ac 
xlES : pr iiobisciim S : bis scr L* | vixav] rjiioiv i : om L : 
■i fled vjxuv fB I TOV 2° — peviaiieiv] om f: om tov eva 33!E | 
eva\ erepov p'''3 | om Kai 2° i»'r | /ievm/irtv o Clir J | om eyu 
— (15) fieviafieiv p | eya iiev yap] sed ego S: om ixev bf Chr: 
om yap x* | om Kada. lyreKvoj/nai. d | KaBa] {Kara 83): Ka$o 'D'. 
Kaftawep bw | TjTeKvwfxaL i°] opaTe 1 [ om TjTeKvufiai 2" fjs^-wiL 

15 om 5e e | avSpes] avoi di'nota^ | om Tavra 3 Chr | ro 
apyvpiov StirXovv] dtirXovv to apyvpiov c : oljtXovv apyvptov amx 
Cj: om TO i* | eXa^ov — avToiv] om df Chr: om eXafiov 3 | 
aiTwi'] avTov u: (auTois 107) | (om tov 31.8.5) | ^eviafirjv o | 
om KOI 3° dfSB'P Chr | om ava<rTavTes (107) Chr | om (tai 

4° LUJiTTlIp t 

16 iStf — ofiofj-T^rpLov] ci itUiit /osc'pfi Beniatn aivP Us IE' : 
om lE'^r* I i^ev 5e] ihwv 5e o^ : {/cat eihev 30.107) | ai'Touy iwar}^ 
dmnpsySiSiL Chr(o iwcrrj(p) | avrovi] Tovi aoeX0oi'S avTOv D \ 
(om Ktti 1° 77) I om Tox 1° Ldfimnp | fieviafieiv] post op.op.ri- 
rpiov n : ^eviafiijv o : ^evtap.eip. w : + Kat avaffTavres g* | tov 
aSeXipov avTov] sub -r A [ om tov ofjLopijTptov Lacmqsuwb^ 
^3LS Chr I op.op.ijTpuov i^r | om Kat 2** o3 | eveTetXaTo Af i** 
ry] ei-irev i>'iFLMi* rell aJ3C(uid)!E{-t /w,/// 1Ep)ILS Chr | 
Tw] -j-avw d: +avw tw n | ai'roi' 2*^] +Xeyu}v f j ei0'a7a7e(:' 
A] ei^ayayeTeh/imd): emayaye ZJ^iipLMb/' rell SBffilElLS 
Chr I ai'^pwTroL's] ai'Opas F'^'"^; -{-toi'toi'S egji3C1£ | om eiy tt^i/ 
oi/tiai' f I dviiaTa] civ/a B'P""": ui/iilos }3"'P''"sl | koi eroipaaov] 
om Chr ; *f oirws (payojaot f | om yap ^ayofrat f | tpaywvTai 
agj I ot avOpojiroL] post aprors ilL : 01 avdpes F^""? : om mn : 
+ 0U7-0I DLMbefgjsSBffiEIL | oprous] sub — S: aprov sU: om 
f 3-ed Chr | ttjv p.earqp.^pLav] ttjv p-earipepiav g: tt} pi€ai}p.^pia 
e: (ficffTj/x/Spias 18): om f Chr 

17 av^pwTros] avtjp F*""S j elirci'] fft'i^CTa^ei' avrw f: + aiJxw 
F''dnptl3dE3t I iw<Tr]<p i°] pr p I om koi — ioiittj^ 2° 13 | 
eiatiyayev] eifj-qveynev D: +0 o»^p F*""Sacmxb2C2S(sub •%•") \ 
Tovs avOpoj-irovs] tous ai'Spas ¥^ : oitoi'S m | tijv otKiav Aegjln] 

20 irpiaffQe A 

21 liapciTrirovs sup ras A' 

TOV OIKOV i^>''FLM rell | iuimt't' '"] pr tov /)F*LMi*rv: pr tov 
F'''befi"ptw : om n 

18 idovTes — (W(r7j(^] (pr Kai 31): om f | 01 av$pwwoi\ 01 
avSpe! Z>''FLMer'jloq-v : om Chr | euyqvexSTtfav ADhY'tw] 
eKjtfXdoffav L: ffwrixOijcrav 1 : eiaTixOrj^^av FMi* rell Chr | {tov 
oiKOv] TTJV oiKiav 76) | iwff7;0] pr tov i* : pr tou Z)^''bn\v Chr | 
eiirav] pr koi F^": eiirov Fi'^cdmiipvc^: om L : + 5e f | om 5ia 
f I (om ev 16*) I om tjiiiiiv i" egjo Or-gr | om tt?!- apxv f I 
om Tj/xets t 'S-ed | eiffayofieda] eiaayayofieda 1; ayopieOa a.,: 
yp/ayoneOa m | tov \^ — Tifi'-v] pr Trpo f : om n | {avKotl)avTyjffai] 
KVKXuiaai 128 mg) | om koi 1° 9 | eirideaBai] ireideaffai c^ | om 
Tliiiv TOV Xajieiv o | ■np.iv] (ij/ias .^'.T?): om em | tov 2°] pr ci 
311E: (to 16) I Xajieiv] fSaXeiv <in(^aXe)p: /a<:ere IS | tj/xos 2° — 
7;/xwf 2°] Tons Of oi'S 7;jLiwi' Kot €is JToioos m : om t/jUOS — ko* 
!5 I om eis 2° b* | iroioosj i ))fias te Chr-ed : ( + koi tous av- 

ffpWTTOVS 18) I TOUS] tov L 

19 Trpos — TOV 2**] TW ofw toj f I oft'pwn'Of] oi/Spo F'""K | om 
cjrt L I TOV OIKOV I**] Toj oiKu fr I iwo'770] pr TW r; pr tov />■' 
FMaefijmoqluvxa^ | oitw] oi'tov cj : om 'E | om toi' otKoi- 2" 3 

20 KOTc^Ty^cf] pr KOTo/Soi'Tes F'' | ttji/] tt; L | Trpia<7aff6ai 
dfiy I Ppwp.a f 

21 KOI {YecfTo Ay3L] eyeveTo Se />''FLM rell 33"CS | om 
i)f iKO d I eis to] tou d : om aegjr | om koi 2" dlSlttP | om 
■i]p.av 1° d I KOI To5e] tote fit: koi evpo/iev (128) 13E(om koi 
Jgw5£cf). om m: om ToSe /'(uid)L'3Cn: +i)i' t | om to 2" gj 
na., I apyvpiov i^] +7jp.(ijv af | om eKaffTov — apyvpiov 2** c, [ 
EKoo-Tou — ouTou] ii>iiiis(!i!!i.«/ii<' iioslrum in saccis nostris li. | 
eKoxsTa aobj | (fv tw /lopo-iirTrw] tois papffimrois 16) | piap- 
o'tTTTTw] (TTOfiaTt fiapiTtmrov F^' I oiToi'] oiTwr b: fjpiwv (16) 
3-codd IB : evpop.ev m : + evpopiev y** | to 3" — aireffTpeil/apiev] pr 
KOI fuf Siffuov y^: jir ««H(- 3[: inuenimiis d reliiJimus ai 5L | 
TO apyvpiov ripiUjv] tw apyvpioj rjfiwv b: KOt f : om to apyvpiov m ] 
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dpyvpiov vfiwv evSoKifiovv oTre^w. koI e^ijyayev Trpo? ai^rou? "^v/xecov' -^Kal rjveyKev vBfjop vt,yp-at, 

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elirev 'O 6eo<i eXerjcrai ere, TeKvov. 2° eTapd')(6ri Be 'I&)o-»;^, avveaTpe(f)eTO yap Ta evTepa avTov iiri 

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22 /i-at] pr Kai avTO f: ])r aXXa o: om m | erepov apyvpiov 
flL(uid) I !xe8 eavrwi'] post fipuifiara acxb,c, : (p-er avTUv 31): 
ped Tjpujv in: ev x^^P' yjpojv F'': om ni | ^pwpara] +7iptv miS | 
ovk] ov yap m'^: et non ^1£ | eve^aXev] evejiaWe e : ejSoKe m : 
+ TjpLv F^^hlosl V : ( + vpiv 30) : + v^'-^ pera x^'-P°-^ ^^ I apyvpcov 
2°] +r}piov acmsx(i'ja- x^)b,C2^ : -^ripiv egjIS^^ | ev rots pap- 
(Tt-mrots cegj 

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Chr I i\eus vpivl eipiv-q vpiv n : pax iiobiscinii ^ | vpw 1°] 
Tfpiv dg I pi] — vpiv 20] om f: om p-r] (po^eiaBe F'''(hab F'^') | 
(fiofi-qaSe e | vpwv i"] pr peB j : T)puiv o | om Sfos 1" (18) 3 | 
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eSitiKev] posttit "3 | vpiv 2"] rfptv i : om r | eis rocs po.panr'Kov% 
ayb^ I I'/iw;/ 3' ] tjpujv u | to 5e] to 7ap 3L Chr : ^ai to qu : om 
Se C2 I vpcov 4°] Tjpoiv qu | (aTr^xciJ evSoKipovv 83) | aTrex^^] 
exexw a*{uid) ; KaTex^ m | e^i?7a7ei'] e^7]veyKev F{ H- avtjp 
pb?uidj I om jrpos avTovs (30) Chr | ervpeav A] tok crii/jeMKa 
na^c, Chr : pr tov Z>''FM rell Or-gr 

24 Kai i°] pr /cat eiaijyayev o avijp tous ai'5pas Cis toc oiKOf 
iwo-7;0 acmxb,'3S(sub •:ic-)l[ei(rt;i'e7Kfi' ex | avrip] iu<Tr](j> a \ av- 

opas] ai^i'S m^(uid) ] eis tov oikov] ^^ ^^q> i~^N ( = oiKoi'Se) 
^ 1 icxjutjfp] avTov a]l | ijveyKev i**] T7t'e7/cai' />F*dhi*l-qr*(uid) 
suvxa^SB'^IL Spec : (r;7ci7ei' 84) : + avijp tous avSpas e^s oikov 
iwff7](p Kat eS... F^-"*!? | ci^ai] vi^affdaL abdv(mg)w: t't laua- 
tierimt 13(om ef) Spec | avTijsv 1°] (ivrw n : om iL Spec-ed | om 
K0.1 ^° — ai'Twc 2" a | 7;»'e7KCf 2*^ Ar(e 2*^ ex corr r^)] ehwK0.v hi* 
movE: eloiKev /)siiFMi=» rell aBCIES Chr (post xopraffpaTa) 

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Ta 16) I {omT0U3i) | e\6ei.v]\6ei.v Z'FMilmoqrtuvxa,1£'f 
IL: ( + ei! TTiv oiKiav 31: + eis 83) | iw(rri<p — (26) iu<rrj<l>] pr Tor 
bnw: om a | om pecTTj/x/Spia — (26) iuo-7)0 bj | pearipfjpia AD] 
peff-qpfipLas FM rell | om TjKovaav yap o | 7ap] 5e qu | peWet 
eKeL n \ apiarav] apLffTeLv f : -\- emu i/lis ^^"^ 

26 ry)v oiKtav] tov olkov o | eiff-qveyKav dnpd^ | ai'TW i"] 
Toj noatjtp r(mg) : ol a8e\^oi avTov h : tw twa-qfp 01 a5e\(poi avrov 
d^: +TOJ itaaTjfp 01 aSe\fpot avTov s | om Ta egj | eixov — Kat 2"] 
mutila in F | eixov] rjv lUffi | om avTuv amxb,c,S | ei$ tov 
oiKov] om no: +ci cecicUrutit super faciem suam super terrain 
33(om et 33'i>) I aKTui 2°] auToi' b | eiri 1° — yn''] "rt T-qv yifv 
e-jTL vpoffojTTOv avTCijv o : om 18 | etn trpocrioTrov] post ytjv et sub 
— S: {eri Trpouairov 84): super faciem suam 31C : om IL Chr 

27 om be c | aiiToi^s] (aiTois 77): Joseph %: +iu(n)(p D: 
+ et dicit ^ I om Kat enrev auTois hy | om auToty b\v | om et 
/JMabe-hjlnoqsuwa^CjdjJS | -qpoiv lo | vpeu^vTij^ F(-T.s)Mbgj 
Iquwc, Chr | ciirttTe] fiTra e : + Trpos pe bw : + mihi 1E3L | ert] 
(pr oTi 20): on bfow: om g | ^tjv F»'Mdegj-npquxa cAjSi 


28 om OL be eiirav m \ eiTrai'] eiirov F''a-dfnpwb,c d I 
irais o-oii^ post Tjpuv o: om IEp | vpuv c*e*(uid) | eTi ^-q] pr 
Kat (S4) 1£: om fa^d/' Chr | Kat 1= — dew] koi enrev sub -z- el 
€uXo7i)Tos — dew sub -^ S : om F*"' | f iiXo7i;^ero! M(mg)bdegh 
i*jlnplv(mg)waj | {eKtivoi avot 14) | Sew] ra t | TrpoaeKvvrj- 
<rav] +avToi /?'''Mabcefgijmqrsuv(mg)\vxb,c,'a331ElLS(sub -^j: 
-!- acToc 1 

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iw(r7;0 TOi! a5eX0ois aiiToi; a, | TOiS o^tfaX/iois] pr twcr-qtp g : post 
iu)crr)<fi 1: + avrov ac-gijnin(Toi'S o0SaX;Uous n*)prxl),9BiLS' | 
om iwiTi;0 a-dfi'mnpwxb^Cjd^aiS'PlLS | ^eviapetv] ^evtap-nvh: 
om aob, | o/to^TjTpiof] -i- toi' jjeviapetv ab^ : 4- sai ef?;Tei /cXoiwai 
n I om Kai enrev avroii e | airTois AlE] om D^''VM omn '3J33L 
S Chr I e(TTLV A/?5''y] om FM rell Chr | -rjpoiv i | ov — Oeot] 
mutila in F | jrpos /le] mihi IL | a7a7eii'] 01-070761^ 1: om 
iLS: +Kat eiirav ovros a,: +et dixeruul ei Ita E | eiTrep 2°] 
+ avTw itj)(si)<p a,1E I eXerfaai] post ere oslL : eXei;i7f i dnpva^ 
(post a^e)i3: eXeijo-?; i: £11X07170-01 1 | om ese F*m 

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rpe<t>eTO s | evrepa] evroi r(mg) : evbov dp: e7KaTo bfmw: 

23 iXeus vpiv] a' a' eipi]vq vpiv F''(sine nom)MvS | evboKipovv airex^] rjXOe Trpos pe F^: to e, 
25 peWei aptcTTai'] a' a' cdent paneiu % 

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30 erapaxdij be] Kai eraxwev 1'"'* | Ta evrepa at'roi'] a 

ei7Ti{v} |8a rjXai M 

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cr' ra awXayxva avrov F''(sine nom)Mc2S (i«^:tu»St\ r^i>. sn 



XI. IV 4 

31 To3 aSeX(^a" avrov, Kal i^tJTei KXavcrai- elaeXOaip Be ei<; ro rajiieloi' eK\ava-ev eicei. ^^xal viyp-d- A 

32 fjLevo<i TO Trpoa-MTTov e^eXdoDv iveKparevcraTo,^ Kal elirev Uaptidere dpTov;. 3^ xal TrapidrjKau avToi T dj 
fiovM, Kai avTOK kuO €avTov<>, xal rot? AiyvTrTioi<; toI<; (TvrBenri'ovcni> p,er^ aviov Ka9 eavTov<;- 

ov yap ihvvavTO oi AiyvTrrioi avvecrdUiv fxera twv 'E^palcoi' apTov^, ^BeXvyfia yap eariv tok 

a AiyvTrTioi<} tra'i TTOifitjv Trpo^drmv. ^^eKadiaav Be evavriov avTov, 6 TrpcoToroKoi; Kara ra irpea- 

^ela avTOv Kai o veroTepot Kara rr)i> veoTyTa avrov- e^icrravro Be oi avOpwiroi eKaaro<; tt/jo? -rov 

34 iiBeX<f)6v avrov. ^-^Ijpav Be fiepiBa Trap' avrov Trpos' avrovf efj,eyaXvi'0T] Be ij /j,epi<{ Beviafielv 

irapd T(j? fiepiBaf rrnvrmv •n-evrairXaaioa'; irpo'i t"? eKeivaiv. eiriov Be Kal ifiedvaOrjaav fier 


XLIV I 'Koi evereiXaro 'laxrij^ ra ovrt, eirl ri]<; olKias avrov Xeyoiv WXi'^crare rov<> fiapcTiinrov^ 

rdv dvOpcoTTcov ^pa/idrmv ocra iav Bvvmvrat. apai, Kal ifi^dXare eKaarov to dpyvpiov eVt rov 

2 a^rofiarof rov /J,apannrov avrov' ^Kal to kovBv fiov to dpyvpovv ep^uXare et? rov fidpirnnrov rov 

3 vewrepov, Kal r->]i> ri/j,7)v rov airov avrov. eyevi^drj Be Kara ro pTJfjia 'l(i)(TTj<f) Kadia^ eiirev. ^ro 

4 Trpcol Bieipavaev Kal oi dvOpanroi dTrecrrdXrjcrav, avrol ^Kal oi ovoi avrwv. •''e^eXOovrwv Be avrwv § k 
rrjv TToXiv ovK direcrxov fiaKpdv, Kal 'i(oaT}(f> elTrev rm eirl t^? olKca<: avrov Xeycov 'Ai'OffTO? eVt- 
Blco^ov OTTtira) rwv dvOpayirav, Kal KaTaX7]fj,yjrr] avrov<; Kal epei^ aiiToh Tt on dvraTreBwKare fjLoi 

30 Kat ef7)rei xXoinrai] sup ras circ 34 litl A* 
XLIV I oiKcias A I (fi^aXaTai A 

raficilov] D 33 eKa8a<7av AV* 

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<rw\ayx'"i egjntv(txt)ydj Clir | om eTri — avrov 2" ylE | om Se 
2° g I TO ra/ueioi/'] ro/j-eiov 1 : + avrov bdwUiL | om exa bfirw 

31 TTpoffuiroi'] + aurou F''degjmnptdj2i3IL | ffeXSui"] tiireX- 
Suf f Chr ?. : e^\0€ Kai niB": om wd,IL : { + eK€i.eev 79) | 
eKpaT^vaaro <.[* [ irapaOe^ p | aprov F''* 

32 T7ap(6riK(v p | Kai aiTois] Kai auTous b ; KaKeivois Chr : 
et posuiriint eis 13'P | om Ka9 (a\rrov% Kai iS" | om Kai 3° — 
eaiTOM! 2° bfa„ | Kai 3"] fonierunt 13'P | (om tois 2° 83) | 
h^iTzvovtjiv (18) lE'^f' I p-^T avTov'X /x€T auTov 1: avrui egj : om 
(25) 3E'P I (faurous 2°] avrovi 31) | ov yap'\ oi;6e yap Chr: Kai 
■yap 01/ d I Si'i'oi'Tai d | (Xvv(aSi.uv\ post e^paiuiv &{[«!() Li iv)\>^: 
{ia6{.uv 76) I aprons ^era tihv e^paiuv {30) 315 | aprovi] avrovi 
q: apTOi" F^^: om it Chr | etrrii'] post ai^uTrriois 2° f i : ei-aiti 
'S.: om 1* I Tois aiymTiois 2°] oktois D | iras woip^qv irpo/3a- 
Twv] (Tvv€adt€iv fxera Ttav i^paiwv aprovs en : om Z^'^FMahmqst 
uvCtxtlwxbjC^'aS Chr 

33 cKaBiacp Z)gi*msa3ES Chr | 5f i°] 7ap m : om 1 | 
ivavTLOv aiTOu] post avrov 2^ D \ ^vioiriov dnp [ 'Kpl^)ro■roKO%\ 
irpuTos Chr | -ra wpscrpcia'] (tt;^ Tpea^etap 30) : om ra c^ | de 
2"] enim % \ 01 ai'ffpuiroi] oi avhpfi F'""Ba: om (25) IE 

34 T^pf;/ F''13pI''I I /ifpiSa Aegjt] Mfp'^as U(+"/>'')FM rell 
3U31LS Chr: portionem suam E | irap] pr ras 19 litt c | 
oiToi/s] eai'Toi'S Ft'a-ilhi*m-c|U-xbjCj33L | 5e 2°] 7cip h | {itvia- 
yufiv] ^ivia.pT)v o : (ifiapei/i wB*" | (irapa — aurou 2°] Trap avruv 
(uid) 31) I Tropa — eKeivwv] in ijuiitqiii/tlo prae illorum partes 
3L I iraiTwi'] +auTwi' F'' | (eTrraTrXatrtwy 16) | Trpos ras eK^LVU3v\ 
sub -:- & : om amob^c^ | om ettio;' — aurou 2° d | fxioc Sf] et 
biberiint 3L : om 5e c^ | om /ier ain-ou n 

XLIV 1 iw(r7?0] pr fqux: om mnc^ | om ovji bw | ttXt/- 
o-oTc] ttXtjo-oi' F''3E Chr | tuv av9pijnrwv'\ pr ai/Tw:' f: +toktui' 
egjlSIE I Ppu/iaTuv] Ppufiara c : o-itou egj13IL(uid): om(3i)1E | 


oua] ocrov Q{{offujv f'jgjBIL | fac dwuPTai] possunt 1L | ok c-gi 
jl-pstvxCj I hvvtiivTai. apat] apwtrt egj | 5i;»'ujfra(] Si'^'avrat adi-^ 
Inprsxa^Cj Chr: Svnarai f: Svv-riBuaiv bw | €p(ia\aTe ADh'y 
aj] e/i^aXXerf fmw : e/x^aXcis egj : eppaXfre FMh"" rell : iKjVif 
IB I exaffTou] post apyvptov acdm-pxb,3 | om to b, | firi — 
auTou 2°] €ts T0»' p.apannrot> avrov Chr; z« scueis eortim 1£ [ to 
arofia m \ rov piapaiTrwov] saccorum % \ avrov 2° Afhltv(mg) 
SB] auTui' a^: om />''FM rell H 

2 TO i°] Tox c I jiioi/] post apyvpovf i*: om Chr | to 2°] toi' 
c I €pfia\aT€ AZ?h*ya2] epfiaWerc fmw: ep-^aXe dpS Chr: 
f/Xj3aXeis egj : (pfiaXere FMh'' rell | toi/] to dgmp | ixapamiov 
m I om /cat 2" — ai'Tou c | om auTou F | eyevTjSij 5t] iyevcro 5e 
bw : et fecit 15 | Kara — ^t.Trtv\ sieitt dixit {praecepit 15^) ei 
Joseph 15 I Ttt prjpLara o \ iU(Tr)<p xaSus eiTev] pr tou abw: 
qttod dixit Joseph 33 : toi' tojaTj'p f | ciTrex] Trpoenrcv 1 : ( + auTO(s 

3 to] pr KOI m : pr et SE'pIL : tw cjh : -t Se FWlnptB | 
irpwt] + Se Cj I 6ietpavaei']{dutf>aV(TK€ ^2): dtetpoiaKCi' c^: fipavaev 
M : ((juiiaep n | avOpwiroi] anSpes F''"'ednpv(txt) | aTrecrraXTjo-ai'] 
e^aTTeffTaXr/o'ai' FMeghjltva^: (e^fa'TaX7;a'ai' 76) | (om avroi — 
avrwv 83) I avToi] pr oi a : om it | ovoi] aVoi j | om ai^Twc s 

4 (^eXdoPTui' S( avTuv] pr c/ it : airr. Se e(e\. acmosxb^Cj 
S I (tt;!-] pr eis 25) | on/t] pr Kai f3 | aTreaxof] aireixov M: 
eirco'xo;' m: awcxovruv f | om Kai i» f3B | iuai]ip'\ pr f: 
post fiTrti' aob,3[1£it | om XtywD Z)s''F*M(txt)abcefgi-mors 
vltxtjwxb^CjSiEitS Chr | eirioioi^oi'] e-n-iw^ov w: Siu^ov b: 
(KaraSiiti^ov 25.32) j oTrio'UJ ruji/ aj/f^pwrrajf] ^(7j/ ///iij homines 
^ I 07rtO"w] oTTiaOe a : + aiTcox c [ ro)v ac^puiTrwr] twc ai'Opwi' 
j.'hmB. avTUf (18) Chr: +toutw:' cdnpv(mg)Cj}3"'1E | om «:oi 
Kara\-qp\prt avrovi Chr | KaraXij/ai/'i;] (pr et 25): Kara/ieprf/r; 
qu I aiiTois] aiiTOi'S bp* : om S-ed Chr | ti oti] </uid S | oire- 
SuiKare acdkm-pxb„c, | poi AyajE] om />'IFM rell SBitS 

30 rapieiof] KeXXa[pio>'] V^: Kotrui>a M 

32 ov — e^pattof] ort ot at-yuTrrtot e^SeXvffffovTO avveffSieiv rots ((ipaiois h^ 

33 Ta Trpeo/Seia] riji' irpwroroKiav F''j XLIV i luapcrtiriroi's] 8v\a[Kia] F'' 

2 KOfSu,. apYiipoui/] |etrT[7;f] KavK[iov] ap7[L'poi'f] F^ | KOfSv] a' aKV<poi tr' <pia\Tjf '^\]v{ffKv<pov)c^ S-ap-Barh: noTTjptot* M 

SEPT. 129 17 



A TTOvrjpa avrl KoXotv ; iva Tt eK\iyjraT€ fiov to kovSv to dpyvpovv ; ^ov tovto icrriv ep a irivei o 5 
Kvpio<i fiov ; avT0<i Be oluivicrfjim olcovi^fTai iv avrw- Trovqpa avvTeTeXeaOe a ireTToiyjKaTe. ^eiiptbi' 6 
Se avTov<; etvev avToli; kutu tu pt^jxaTa TavTa. '^ol Be enrov avTw'lva ti XaXeZ o Kvpio<; KaTa to, 7 
fnj/j,aTa Taina; fir) yevoiTO rot? -jraccriv aov iroirjcrai to prjfia tovto. ^el to /J.ev upyvpiov o evpa- 8 
fiev ev TOt? fiapcruTTTTOK; rj/xtav diretTTpe^jra/xei' 7rpo<; ae eK 7^? ^apdav, irci)^ av KXetfrai/Mev eK tov 
o'lKov TOV Kvpiov (TOV apyvpiov rj ')(^pvaiov ; ^irap' m av evpeOr} to kovBv TOiV TralBwv aov, aTroOvrj- 9 
OKeTto- Koi rj/iieii Be eaofieOa TratSe? tw KVpia> ijfiioi'. '°o Be eiirev Kal vvv o)? Xeyere, ovTwii eaTai' 6 10 
dv6pa)iTo<; Trap w dv evpedrj to kovBv, avTO<; eaTai fxov iral'i, vfj,el<; Be etreade KaOapoL ^^ ica\ ecnrev- 1 1 
aav Kul Ka6ei\av eicaaTo'; tov fiupannrov avTov eirl Trjv yrjv, Kal ijvoi^ev eKaaTO'; tov fidpcmnroi' 
avTov. ^^rjpevva Be drro rov Trpea/3vTepov dp^dp,evo<; e&)? f/Xdev eTrl tov vecoTepov, Kal evpev to 12 
KOvBv iv Tu> puapalTTTTa tcS ^evta/ieiv. ^^Kal Biepprj^av to, IfiaTia avTwr, Kal e-rredtjKav 'eKaaTO<; 13 
TOV fidpcninrov avTov eVi tov ovov avTov, Kal eireaTpei^av ei<; tijv ttoXiv. ^"^elaffKOev Be 'louSa? 14 
Kai 01 dSeX<pol avTov tt/oos lioaijcf), en aiiTov ovto^ e'/cet* Kal eTreaov evavTiov avTov eVi ttjv yr)v. 

5 (TVVTfTeKeaBai, A 6 Tovra — (7) tovto] a 01 Se — tovto sup las circ no litt A^" 

7 Kvpios] Ks F*{vpio suprascr F') 8 xp"'"-" F* 10 eaeaBai. AD 

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Chr I nrovripov \ \ koXwv] {koXov 107): o.yo.6biv \s \ tva. — apyv- 
povyj sub — S : om ti k | fiov] fio^ jl3L : /if t: om Fa^SiS'P | 
(om to Kovdv 31) I to i^ 2"] roc c 

5 ov tovto ecTTLv'] {ev tovtw eaTiv 79) : om UlE [ eariv] cral 
3 : om D I ev w] o m | irivei] liibchat 3 | Kvpios fiov] (iain- 
Xcus 33" Hip I om auros — ai/rw 3E | 5e] cnim % \ om oiwn(r,uw 
Chr I oiwcif erai] dhtinahntur % \ om ev 2" — iTeiroi.i]Ka.Te f | {ev 
tt.vTw\ eir aiirois 79) | ev 2"] fir beg): Trap n | auru] ea.vTui ka, : 
a-MTT] o I om irovripa — TreTroir/itare c^ | irovTjpa] pr nunc S-ed : 
pr et nunc S-codd : ■!rovr)pov c : + eni/u 38"' | <TvvTeTt\eij6e 
A(-ffflai)Z'Fkqsux] <TvvTeTe\e(jTai. c(mg)dlmpvyS Chr: avvTe- 
\eadaL n: crureT€\e(roT€ aegj : <TVveTe\eaaa6e Mc(txt) rell : con- 
summantes 5L 

6 om Se\ \ (aurous] +0 avos 31.83) | aurois] om (25) 31 | 
ro] TO Cj* 

7 01 5f — rai'To] om bg : om emov — Toura m | eiirav Z>*''F* 
Mefh-lq-vxy | om avTw ew | XaXei] XaXeis MI£: xaXei s: 
X€7ei ej I Ki'pios] post tuvto. f: +/ioi/ Z'F'>': + koi o-u a: 
+ noster nobiscuni 33 | om raiTa 1 | yev-qTai p | toi^] pr ec e | 
TTOLTjaaL — tovto] {Kara to. prjfjiaTa ravTa woiriaai i6) : om iroiTiaai 
g I TO priixa tovto] {h'aTa ra pij/xoTa TavTa 14.30): om to prj^ia 
d I TO AlB'PlElL] pr KOTa /)s"FM rcll aUS'-S' Clir 

8 et — apyvpiov] quia si argcntttm ^ ; si propter pccuniai/i 
IL I liev TO d I (om p,ev 76) | apyvpiov i"] +7ifi.uv n \ om a | 
evpafiev Ahisya^,] evpov f : evpo/iev D^<^YM rell | rifioiv] om egj : 
+ iniiio IL I aireoTpe^pa/jLev — x^^^°-^] pr '^^^ 3.: (om 76) [ 
Trpot ire] post x<"'<""' "> I "'f] "/""S /)3[ | 7175] ti;s i* | 
Xapaat*] x^^^^ F*vv: x^^^^^°-^ f 1 ^^ KXe^paifiev] ergo fu7-ati 
sumus IL I av] S av F''bcdikm-pvvvxc,1ES | KXetfai/xev] e/cXe- 
^ap.ev Fa^: {eKK\eipaii^ev 18) | trot^] Tz/iwi/ f33 | apyvpiov ij 
Xpvaiov] TO apyvpiov a„: poeulum argenteum ucl aureum 3t 

9 Trap] (pr avOpioiros 77): pr t-/* nunc 3I£(om et lE'^'j | av 
evpeOr}] ergo inuentum fuerit 3L | ai'] eav /)l''aeglijksvxa2l), : 
om f I evpeBy)] evptjt l)egi*jqu\vl£ : {evpois 83: ei'pT; 31) | Kovdv] 
+ argenteum 33 | tuv] pr otto f | iraiowv] dovXwv m | om Kai 
fi33 I om 5c FbnopIL | eao/xeda] eowixeda cdn : simus IE | 

TraiSej] {SovXoi 20): post t;/iwv abc(ujawJ')dfikm-pvwxbjCj3l1L | 
TOJ /ci'piw 7;;iu!»'] domino tuo 1£ j i^^twi/] I'/iwv 1 

10 om Se ei-nev 31 | om rai (128) W& | om i/w ka33'P | 
ojs — effrai i°] izV J!V;(/ dicitis 333E | Xe7erai cPinostw | ctn-ai 1"] 
effre aj | avOpuiro^ Tra sup ras i'' | af^pwTros] o at'v/p F"^'"^': 
om abfkmowxbjCj'SSIiS Chr: om v | av] eav Z'Maeghjk 
Inxa^bj^ om s | evpedrj] sub -i- S | Kovbv] -\- p.ov abj | aiTOs] 
oiTos Chr: om abci'kmowxb^c^SlEiLS' | p-ov] fioi IB'pS: om 
33^" I Trats] + povos (20) Chr j eaeode KaSapoi] awoXvOtjiTeade 
Chr. , 

11 eowevaav koi] anevaavTes b5L(uid) | om Kai 2° — yrjv 
33" I KaSeiXai'] Ka$ei\ov ^'Mdckn-qstuxc^ : Ka8ei\ev ab33'P | 
enaoTOi 1° — avTOv 1°] onus unusqiiisque "E | ctti — avTov 1°] om 
egimna^ : (om cTrt tt)v yrjv 20) | Kai 3° — avrov 2°] om ab^^L : 
et coepernnt aperire IE | -qvoi^ev] rivoi^av FMhloq-vxyc^SS : 
-T avTov p I om tov /xapffnnrov avTov p 

12 Tjpei'j'a de] Tjpevvtjae 5e b\v^ : ap^apievoi de f: et scruti- 
nauit homo IL : om IE : om he g | aTro tov irpea^vTepov] post 
ap^a^evo? '31L | ap^a/icros] T^pei'i'a f : om a,lE ) TjX^ei'] T;X^or bv ; 
om iiiE I €Trt] €is dp ; om n | tov veojrepov] Tujveu)]: +avvTe- 
Xecras M(mg)ackmxb2C,3S(sub •:»:•) | {nai] + ovvTeXeoa^ 31) | 
evpev] inuenernnt 33" 1 to] toi' ca, | tw 2° AFMgiqsvxy] om 
cdc^: TOV D^^^ rell {v sup ras b^)^ | jSevta/xeiv] fjeviapyjv o: 
l3evT]afj.r}v n : ^eviafieip. w 

13 Kai dieppTj^av] diepptj^av 5e c^: Kai diepptj^ev Irs | t^aTta] 
pr eKOfTTo^ f 1 : -i-eKacTTO^ v | om avTOjv — fxapanrirov ( \ avToiv] 
ai'TOf 1 : 4- eKOGTo^ y \ eiredijKev i*kmy 33 | eKao-Tos — avTov 2°] 
TraXif Tovs fiapaimrovs avTwv Chr | tov p.ap(r. ai^Tor] om/s suunt 
^: om mxlLS | om ai'roi' i*^ co | tov 2"] tt^c d | CTrecrTpe^ac] 
vireoTpexfav I.)( -^ /))dfhinoptaj : airfcrTpei^ai' F^'c^ | eis] eiri c^ : 

Trp05 s 

14 eiOTj\0ev de] Kai eiaeXdwv Chr | iocSas] +eKei m | aiTou 
i*^] +eis TTjv TToXiv i* I om Trpos loitTrjip oc^ | iwcnjip] pr toj/ 
Chr I om eTi — c/tci n Chr | eti] post auTou 2° bciwxS: om 
dpt I avTov 2°] post ovTos ky : om ic^ \ om Kai 2^ Chr | eireaov] 
CTrcffaf acfikmt>rsxb2 : TrepaTreaat' n : eireoev y'^ 

4 TO Kovbv] a' scyphuni (x3CU3;m^ a' phialam S 

5 oi(jivi<rp.oi oiwviffTai] p-avTeia fiavreveTai F^ \ auTos — auTw] to Se aaiiapeiTiKov Kai avTos Treipaap-u ireipa'^ei ev avTu c, | 
TTOvqpa, avvTeTe\ea6e] KaKa enoiijffaTe j 10 Trats] SofXos F'' II ^voi^ev] eXvffav M 



XLIV 25 

1; ^^eiirev Be avToi<i lo}(7>'j(f> 'lY to Trpayfia tovto ciroiijaaTe ; ovk o'lBare OTt oloiviafiM olmvulrac A 
16 uvdp(OTro<; olo>i eyco ; ^''el'rrev Se 'lovBa<; Ti dvTepovixev tu> Kvpltfi f) ri \aXij<TO}/j,£i' rj ri SiKaito- 

OSifiev ; o Be deo^ evpev rr/v uBiKiav to)v TTaiBimi crov IBov eafiev oiKerai no Kvpiu) i)fio)i>, Koi 
1; i)fj.el<i Kai trap a> evpeSy to kovSii. ''eiTrev Be '\cocn'j<f> IM»; /xoi yevoiTo TTOU)aai to pi}P-a. tovto- o 

av6punro<; Trap w evpeOt) to kovBv, avTot eaTai fiov irai'i' v/msk Be dvd^TjTe peTO. a(OTrjpia<; 7rp6<; 
18 TOP TTUTepa vfxo)v. '^'Pjyyiaa<s Be avT(o 'lovBa^ elirev ^, Kvpie' \a\r]<TdT(o 6 Traif 

ly crov pPjpa evavTtov auv, kui p,i) OvfiwOy'i tw TraiBi crov, otl av el /iera ^\>apau>. '^^Kvpie, av I'jpco- 

20 Tt)cra<i Tov; TraiBd<i gov Xeywv Et e^ere vaTepa 7] dBe\<f)6i' ; '°Kal et'Kap.ev Tm Kvpio) "Ecrrti' 17/itj' 
irar^jp TTpecT^VTepoi, Kal iraiBiov veoiTepov j'jpw^ ainm, koi o dBe\^o<i avTov diredavev, avTb<; Be 

21 fiofoii inre\ei(f>Otj tco iraTpl avTov, 6 Be TraTtjp avTov jjydTnjcreii. ^'etTTa? Be TOi'i Traiaiv crov oti 

22 KaTayayeTe avTov Trp6<; pe, Kal tinp.ekovpai. avrov. "Kal eiTrafiev rS Kvpicp Ov BvvrjcreTai to 
■21, iraiBiov KaTa\ciT€ii> tov iraTepa- ear Be KaTaXeiTrr] tov vaTepa, diroOavelTai. ^^aii Be eiTra'i rot? 

TTaiaiv gov \\av p-rj KciTa/Sy o dBe\<f)6<; vpwv 6 vecoTepo^ peO' vpcbv, ov TrpoadijGeaOe eVt IBetv to 
2+ TTpoGCOTToi' p,ov. '^iyeveTO Be rjuiKa dve^yp.ev Trpo? tov iralBd gov iraTepa Be rip,cov, aTrrjyyelXapev 
2j avTO) Ttt p>ipaTa tov Kvpuov. ^^eiirev Be riplv 6 iraTrjp i^pSiv BaStcrare irdXiv, dyopaGUTe rfplv 

15 oiwi'cetre A 

(6 r}i'pi6yj D 

23 TTpoaS-qatTai. A*"'''(-(7t(rSai A') | eiSeiK AF' 

19 om (Toci A*(alkj deesse indie A') 

22 awodayetTC A 

24 Kvpiov] Kvp sup ras (4) A''' 

15 eiTrev 5e] Kai (tTTCf hylL : oni 5e n | avTois] post tuatjtp 
s : airroj w : + ovf n | iojfftjcp] pr ej | rt — tovto] quid sunt res 
quas % I om to irpayfia IE Chr | tovto} + Z'cdelilinpta2l3(uid) 
E I (7roi7)iraT£ — £701] om f: om ovk — 6701 i£ | eiroi-qaaTc] ttc- 
7roi7/\are n Chr: i- v/xiv I | otSare] TjSeiTe cxc^'^-codd'^^{l\i) : 
TjdrjTaL o: fidrjTe k: oiSeirat ll | (om oti 31) | otwcietTat — £7^] 
OLwvi^o/j.aL ef avTw Chr | otupuiTat] oiiijvi^sTaL 0( -I- Z))deghjkp 
qsu'315 Thdt: augura/ar iioii est IL | avdptsmo^l pr Z'^i'F'M 
hcdiklnq — xa^bjC^lS Thdt|: avipuirov g: avrjp Y^ \ oios] ois 
dl : ei n ~e 

16 epovfiev r | tqj i** — XakijatjfjL^i''] tj tl \a\tjaofiev to) Kvptot 
Chr I Kvpioi I"] ->. -qixoiv F^iiv-JSIL | ti 2"] om S: bis scr f | 
\a\y}aopiiv aegjkmpsxb^^'c^lS j 5iKaio\oyi$oip.eif k | 5c Ocos] 
quod Dens IE I he 2'-'] post Qeo% qu : om {76) J3* | ^eos] ks i* | 
evpev] evpot F^ I (aSiKtaj'] KaKiav 76) 1 twv] aiTwi* w*(uid) | 
iSov] pr ;;««(■ 3 : od dp : et ecce uero IE : + 7j/tcis y | oiKeTai] 
iKeTai f: +(tov m | rw KvpLOj 2"] tov Tv m | v^uiv k | Kat Tifxeis] 
om y : om A-ai b33 | (om kcu 2° r6) | evpe^TJ] pr eav a^ 

17 eiTTti/ 5e iii)<nji/i] et is dicit 3 | eiwev 5e] om x* : +iis 
33: +«/1Ep I om iu(n)0 mxCjS | ixoi.]'pO'A yevoiTo\-s.'3iS}: om 
osCj I om TO prjp.a Clir | a^^puTrot] pr Ktif 3L : ai/iyp F''"'S | 
ei/peflT)] pr eav a^ | to 2°] Toy g | om airro! m | eo-Tat] ecTio qu : 
sit HE I MO"] MO' kllSS I TIME'S 1* I ava^r]Te'\ avajSaiycTe ab^ : 
5ia/37)T£ m | 7;mw>' b*d*(uid)g 

18 £7710-05] eiricTTas dp | avToi] 01 sup ras (2) r": post 
ioi'5as(83) ii^': om (14. 16.77. 130) E'' I ^eo^oi] +o-oi' Ft^fi^'l 
nrJ3 I p7)M"] PW''" -^f'^rw : om (31.83) Chr | (evoiwiov 76) | 
o-oi' 2°] +domine mi IE | om /cat mSlE | ffi'^w^'!'] opyiaB-q^ 
bw I TO? TraiSi] seruis S | om OTt — (papaui Chr | oTt] ore egj : 
om B" I ei] i/s egj | iJ-eTo] wj F'" 

19 /fi//)ie ov] le ov sup ras x^ : Kai (sv m: (Kvpie a 31): 
»(i'pio! Moi' F'': oma: om Kvpie b^ | tj/jutijo-os] pr ouk a | toks 
TTatSas] TOV 7ra(5a c^ | Xc7w;'] \eyov(ji w^*(uid) : (om 77) | (om 
ei 83) I om T) ade\(pov % 

20 enro/ifc F'''adkm-pxbjC2 | tu avpioi] +t)ixuv ptajC^JSlL: 

15 OVK — €7^] TO 5e aafxapeiTiKov Kai yap eyvioTe OTt Tteipaffixoi Tretpa^erai ofj.oLos epLOi c^ | oKJVLfffXta k.t.X.] to aafx. ijv koi 
avTos Tetpaofxo} ireipa^et ev avru ] | oios £701] aXXos ofioios e/xov F^ 

18 evavTLov aov] ev oicri Kvpiov pov F'* | OTt — <f>apau] a' quia sifuilis es (aU^^ ^inT\T\T^ \^^n ^ sieiit Pharao % 
21 eTri/xcXoKMai aiiTou] Qy\ooi otp&a\p\ov] err avrov Y^ 

131 17-2 


+ vp-biv d : om f I (fo-Tii'] pr on 31.83) | muv] (post irarjip 25) : 
Vfuv a. I jroTTjp] (post wpeff^vrepos 1 8) : om c | raiSiov — yripui] 
puer itinior jiHus sePtectutis ^ \ irai^iov] iraidapiov D\ : watSa 
n: filius ^: +£i' m ] veuiTepov yyjpojs auToj] quern genuit in 
seneetute sua 13 I veunepov yqpcijs A] yrjpoj^ veonepov /?FMae 
{-T£pos)fghi'''jhnrvyaJ)2 Chr: £k ttj/jois veuTepov i* rell (■t£^05 t) 
S I ai'TQj] auToii y'S: aiiTOK n* | om o 1' mt* | a7r£Sa>'fv] 
pr non est 33 ] auTOS — i'ir£X£i0^7j] nr£X£i057; 5£ auTos fiovos 
acmoxbjC^S | om 5e I" f33 | iiovos] post nr£X£i007j k | nro- 
XfXeiTTTai Chr ] tm TraTpi .\bdIp\vS(mg)] ti; p.pi />''FM rell 
aB1E3LS(txt) Chr I ?raT7;p 2"] + auTOu acemxbjC233S | airroi'] 
post riyairricrev acemov-xb^c^a : (om 1 8) 

21 £t?ras 5£] £t7r£s 5£ x: av de enras v: et tu dixisti nobis 
1L I OTI A] om ly-'^VSl omn 3[1£ILS Chr | (caTa7a7£Tf] koto- 
7a7at y : adduiite 1L 

22 £iiraMfi'] ei.Ttop.ev knc, : £i7ra bw | tu KVpiu]domine %: 
+ P.0V bw: +rip.itiv 133 | jraiSapto;' jDMa-dhi'l-pstvwxajb^Cj | 
KaTaXiTrei)'] «.aTaX£i7r£ii' jOchnra^bj,* | 7raT£pa 1°] + awoi» bdm 
ptw333 1 om cai' — TTOTepa 2" h* | 5£] 7ap nCj ( KaToKcLinj] 
KaraXeixei d: KaTaXnrri Mabefgh''jko*ixit-xb2'''c2: KaTaXijTTjt 
s I iraTepa 2"] + airrou acmoxbjCj333S(sub •:«;.) 

23 £i7ras] + nobis lE^iL | (£a>'] pr oti 31) | Karo/Sij] KOTa- 
Xa^T; f I vpwv i^] ijp.uv n | om veutTepos h Chr | trpoodtjaecrde] 
TrpooOrjOeTai A* "''^ : TrpooSrjoeTe p : irpooTideaOai n | f ti] (post 
iSeiv 77): om bkwxa,3331iS(txt) Chr | /ioii to irpoffuiroi' c 

24 eyeveTO &e 7;v«a] Tjrifia Of p | avepripev] ave§-q<rav p* | 
7roT£pa] pr «.ai m: pr toi' dp | om oe 2"bdmp | vp-uv 1 | 01/7)7- 
7£iXaM£'' sCj I TO — Kvpiov] secundum uerba tua IL | to pijpaTa] 
pr/coToabj: om bw : +o-ouF''l Kvpi.ov] +-np.wvTap-np.aTa hw: 
+ riiiuiv 1333: +pov Fl'acfkxb^CjSfsub •:>;•) 

25 ripLV r] I'M'" 1: post 7;mwi/ Chr: om bcdi*nwx'3331LS | 
o] pr Trais o-oi- dnptlL | jJaSicare iraXiv] {wopeuSevTei vaXiv 74): 
TraXii/ jropfuSevTfs dhj(mg)lptv(mg): TroXii/ TroptveaOe a,: ^aSt- 
(ra:/T£s TraXtf 7rop£u^7?T£ k : om Tva\t.v m33'^ | a70/5a<raT£] pr Kai 
bsw : (a7o/)affai iS): Trpiaoffe hj(mg)ln(-0'Sai)v(mg)aj : ir/Ma- 

XLIV 25 


A jXiKpa ^patfiara. ^^ij/J.eK Se eiirafiev OiJ hvvqaofieOa Kara^rjvai' aXfC el fxev a^eK(^b'; rjfj,a)v 6 26 
vemrepo^ Kara^aii'et fied\ ■^fiwv, Kara^ijaofieda' ov yap hvvqffofieda iheiv to -rrpocTcenrov tov 
avOpunrov, tov uB€\<f)ov tov vewrepov fii] 6vto<; /u,ed' t]/j,wi'. '^^ elirev he 6 Trat? aov TraTrjp r]/jiQ)v ^^ 
7r/309 ?;/ia? I fiei<i yivaxTKere otl ovo eT€Kev p.01 rj yvvi}' ''°Kai, e^i)Kvev o ei? air efiov, Kai enrare 28 
@rjpi60peoTO^ yejovev, Kal ovk tBov avTov eTi. ^^eav oiv Xd^rjTe koX tovtov eK TrpoacoTrov fiov Kai 29 
avfi^fj avTw nakaKia iv t!} oSai, Kai KUTa^eTe /lov to yrjpa<; pLSTO, \inrr]<; ei<i aBov. ^°vvi> ovv eav 30 
elaTTOpevo/xat nrpo<i tov TralBd aov -rraTepa Be ij/jlcov, Kai rb iraiBcipiov fit] y fied' yjjiwv, jj Be ^^vyrj 
avTOv eKKpefiaTat eK Trj<; tovtov yjrv^^fjis' ^^Kal eaTat ev tw IBeiv avTov iir) ov to TraiBaptov fieO' 31 
T^fiwi', Te\evT7']aei, Kai KaTci^ovcnv ol TratSe? aov to yripa>i tov TraiBov aov Trarpo? Be ij/jidov fxeT 
oBwiTi eh aBov. 3^6 yap TraK aov eKBeSeKTai to iraiBiov Trapd tov TraTpo<; Xeyuiv Eav /i»; ayayas 32 
avTov Trpb'i ae Kai aT)jaa} avTov evavTiov aov, rjixapTi)K(o<i eaofiai Trpo? tov iraTepa •rraaa<; ra? 
rjfiepa'i. 33i,Qp qvv Trapafievw aoi, Tral<i dvTl tov iraiBlov, olKeTrj'i tov Kvpwv to Be iraiBiov dva- 33 
^TjTO) fieTii TcJov dSe\(j)mv. 34 77-(uy yap dvaffi'jaofMai, tt/jo? tov TraTepa, tov iratBiov /J,r] ovto<; fxeO 34 
■r^pLwv ; "va fir) cBo) ra KaKa a evpijaei tov iraTepa fiov. 

id KaralTafiaifei F* 28 aSov F 31 fffre A 


aaaBe dpt | vp-^" 2"] I'M"" 1 1 n^Kpa] post ppu/iara mns : erf pa 
qu : om o 

26 fura/tei"] eiTTO/iei' F'^'ackmnoxbjCj : +aiiTu1EChr: +fatri 
nostra 33 | ou Sivija. KaTa^ijifai] pr a\\ m : om egj | dvmjtro- 
peda] possttnins IL \ KaTa^tjvai] + eai^ fi-q adc\(pos y)^tav 
KaTo-^Tj lied Tj^wv Chr : 4- nisi f rater nosier minor nobiscitm 33* : 
+ sine frntre nosiro IL | oXK ei /uei'] nisi QIE : (om /xev 7 1) | i" — 
Koxa/Saivei] mitles fratrcm nostrum minorem 33'" | KaTo^aixei] 
Kara^T] n: om f | Tjfiujv 2°] vfiuv f*p: +7; f | Kara^-rjaop-eOa] 
pr et tunc 31: Kara^-ricrutieda cl : om n3E | (ov 2"] ov5e 71) | 
hvvriaopitda. yap 1 | av6puTrov\ avdpos Y^'"^ | a5eN0oi'] +T]fi.iot' 
abnovwxb,^'^331L | pieO -qp-tjov 2"] irpos ij/ias f 

27 Trats aov'] post ijpiwi' qu : om f | warTjp] nar-qp 5e F | 
om ij^uu;' f I om irpos ri/ias afb233" Chr | 5);ias] v/xas i*o*(iiicl) 
q* : r/fiuv b* | iijueis] Tj/ieis m* : + 5e 1 3l-codd | Suo] liuos 

fiiios 33 I M<"] (("E 16): inov k: om IL | yvvi\\ -h- p-ov /?F'' 
( + 1)1011$ F':')acoxb2C2'aiLS(sub ■%■): + pious f 

28 eis] post e/ioii a^ | CiTrore] etjra Fi"': +/uoi a5E | Biipio- 
^pijOTOs yeyoviv] hestia cepit cum et coniedit euni lE^ \ Oi]pto- 
PpoiTos Acegi'jmxlE] on SnipiaXuTOS k: pr on //S^FMi" rell '3 
IL^(uiil) Clir 1 {yeyovev] eyevero 31.83) | €ri (29) cav sup ras 8 
litt y** I eTi] OL>K€Ti D : pexpi vvv bcw : axpi *'!"' i*s : axpt tov 
vvv m: -\- axpt- Kai vvv qu : + axpt ^i'*' afi^koxb2C2; + Kai Jifi/ 
F M va J : + Inicusque a33i£S 

29 eav ovv] /cat j'l'i' oi'v ea;* Z^degnpt Chr (om Kai n Chr) : 
Kai vvv eav lijllL: om ovv k | Xo/Jt/t-e] post rouro^ nSIL Chr | 
om KOX \^ d I tovtov] avrov d j eK irpoaojTcov {xov] air e/xov 
v(txt): om Chr | irpoo-WTrou] pr tou i>''FMcdeghi''jlp-uv(mg)y 
a.^ I (Ti/ju^Tjcrerai a^ | aurw p.a\aKta] avTov p.a\aKL(T&T]V€ f | o5w] 
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^331£''1t^ Clir I KaTa^eTe] KaTa^eTat bhl : KOTa^TjTe j9j : KOTtt- 
Ta^eTe w : Ka|KaTa/37;{reTat f | /tou 2"] post ytjpas x^% | /texa 
Xi'7rj;s] post a5oi» s | ets aSoi'] eij aS?;;' w ; (om 71) 

30 ovv] 5e m38 | (om eav 25) | eicTTropei'Ojuat] eto-Tropei'WMat 
/^''F^aquxbgC^: €i<nropev( Mi: eiairopevffwixai en: (e^Tro- 
pevop-ai eKTropeviofiai egj: iropevop-ai dhpta^: 
(TTopei'Wjuai 84) : iropei'<ruj^at 1 : 7£';'t>1L: eiawopevaofxedai: eiffiro- 
pevdafiev F''(uid): iuerimus "EE | TraTepa] pr tov a | om Kai — 

25 ^iKpa] 0X170 F*^ 29 p-akaKia] (TvfiirTujffi? F' 

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32 6K5e5cKTai] eyyvijffaTO F^: a' eveyvijaaTO M 

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eivai f I ijpiav 2°] vp.wv f: + mortetur Hi | om 1) 5e — (31) );/iai>' 
!■: f I Se 2"] entm 1E3L : post ^I'X') g I aiaot'] sub * S | e/c/cpc- 

fxaTai] pr crucScfie/A Serai Kai c | ck] aTro ackmxb^Cg : om 

o I TOiiToi;] post i/'i'X')' abwbj : om 33 | '/'"X'!'] ^pnci 33 

31 KOI 1° — aurox] si iiiderit nos 38'P: ^ nos 33" | ex — vraiS- 
apwv] cum non uiderit pnerum ^IL | p-i] ov] post TraiSapioi' n | 
iratSiov FMbeg-koqruwxyCj | om p.e6 t]p.av m | KOTa^oiwii'] 
KaTaTa^ovcTiv t* ; Ta^ofO'ii' f : KaTa^erai a.^ \ 01 TraiSes] tov TraiSos 
a^ 1 om ffov i^ F*b | tov — rjpiujv 2°] tov Tps aVTojv n: patris 
nostri send tui it: (om 107): om tov TraiSos uov a.^ | om Se 
Chr I /tier oSuxtjs] ^eTa Xutttjs abfirvvb^ Chr: om t 

32 7ap] e7a; 7ap o ml£f' | (eK^eSeKTai — TraTpo?] post 
Xe7wi' 107) I eK5e5e/<Tai] (pr -iraT-qp ripuiv 31.83): eK-SexeTai 
F*(eK5e5eKTai F'^ujk: eK0e5e7/iai IE'' Chr-codd : eKSe^ap.?;!' m : 
(ej'e77i/77(raTo 71) | to Traidiov Trapa] (om 76): om to traiSiov g | 
TraiSaptOK Fi'dlnpsva^ Chr | irapa — Xe7uj'] (vrap e^ou eiToxTor 
auTw 31.83): om d | Trapa tov Trarpos] eK Tov TraiSos crou bw : 
a patre suo 233: ( + croii 79) | eac] pr Kai d | ayayoi] diayij i* | 
auTOc i°] ai'TO dl Chr: auroi n | Trpos ire — odtoi' 2°] bis scr c: 
om bw I ae] avTov d | om Kai — iroK 2° Chr | Kai arrjaoi auToi'] 
sub — S I auToi' 2°] avTo 1 : om dS | ei'wTrioi' Mabcegjkmos 
wxylijCj I iron 2°] aurou d | eaufiai ns | Trpos roi- TraTepa] ei'ai'rioj' 
o-ou Chr: super te pater IE'': paler IEp: (om 16.76) | Trpos 2"] 
ei% F'Mbchik-np-xbjCjlLS | roi/ TraTepa] pr ae (64) IE'': o-e 
hsa^Cj : +/iiou fS33 | T)y.epa%] + t>;s s'ut)s ytioi' f IE 

33 T!apap.eviii] irapa/ieivoi bw : ero IE | aoi ttois] ttois O'oi m; 
aov Trais k: Trais irou cx(pr ojc^SS: om aoi Chr | Trais] ttois 
a: +aov i* j TraiStoi'] TratSapioi' F^'^l : TraiSos n Chr: +toit-ou 
k I oiKerT]^ TOV Kupioii] et liahitabo apiid te dotnine 1E( + mi IEp) : 
om F'''laj I Tou Kupiou] diio IL : +/1011 F"''acfimn''osxb2C,'333S 
(sub •%•) I (om 6e 25) | TraiSior] iraiiapiov Is Chr | ava/SoTw 
v(mg) I aie\(poiv] + an-oi> f i»r3333L : ( + M0"3i) 

34 ai-a/STjcro/uai] pr ai* d : avaftriaoipai en : ava^riaopev Chr | 
Trpos] iSeiii d | toi' TraTepa] patrem meiiin 9[-ed33S | tou] tou- 
TOV m I TraiSiou] TraiSapioc (20) C!hr: vewrepoi' k: 4-tou veta- 
repov F''(ras F=)dn(Trai5os uidjpt | p.eB ■r]p.oiv] mcciim 33 | om 
ica — /loii f I om /LIT) 2° dp | i5u] eiSu F(uid)bx : post KOKa d 

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31 oSwTjs] a \wri% Mv(om a') 

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Trpos TOJi Trarepa] a' eis tov Trpa piov a' 6' 



X1,V 1 ^'Kat ovK ijSvvaTO 'Iwffrjcfy ttvi'^eadat ttuvtiov tow irapeaTt^KOTUiv avrw, aW enrev EfaTTO- A 

areiXare vavTaf utt' efioO- Kal oi) irapiarijicet ouSei? 6Tt rw 'l(oa7]<}> T/pUa aveyv(apl^€To 'l&xr^^ § '' 
: TOi<; dBe\<f)Oi<i axnov. -Kal i't({)PiK€ii (pwi'tji' fiera K\av6fiov' rjKovaav 8e irdvrti; oi AiyvirTioi, Kai 

3 iiKovaTov eyeveTO et? rof oIkov ^V>apa(i}. ^elirev Be 'laxrr;^ Trpo<; tovs" uoi:\<pov'i avrov I'^yo) €ip,i 
'looa-rjij) 6 dBe\(f)o<; up.a)v, ov d-jreSoade ek Aiyvirrov en 6 irari'^p p,ov ^fj ; Kal ouk ihvvavTO ol 

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i direBoade ec? AiyuTTTOv. ^vvv ovv fit] Xvirela^Oe p,r]8€ (TKKrjpov vfiiv (fiav7jT(o on direBoadi p.e mhe- 

6 61? yap ^(i)7]v diria-TeiXev p,e o Oeot e/x-rrpoa-deu vp,o)v. ^tovto yap Bevrepov eroi; \t/i09 eVi t»}? 

7 7'^?) '^C'l fiTt XotTra irepTe err) ev oh ovk earat, dpoTpiacTK oiiBe a/iTjTO?" '^ direcTTeiXep yap /j,€ o 6€0<; 
efiTTpocrOev vp,oiv, vTroXeiTreadai vficop KardXeip-fia eVl tj;? 7>}<?, kuI eKdpeyfrai vp.oiv KaraXei-^LV 

8 fieydXr^v. ^ vvv ovv ovx^ v/j-ei>i /xe dveaTaXKaTe wBe, dXX' r) o ^eo?' Kai iirotrjaev fie a>9 irarepa 

9 ^apao) Kal Kvpiov TrafTO? tou oikov aiiTOV Kal dp')(0VTa •n-da-tft; 7^? AiyvTTTOV. 9a--7rev<TavTe<; ovv 
dvd^rjTe Trpci? tov Trarepa fiov Kal eiirare avTw TwSe Xiyei o vio^ aov \aicr)]<^ Kiroirjaev fxe o 

10 0fo? Kvpiov Trda-r]<; yPj'i XiyviTTov KaTu^rjOi, ovv -rrpoii fj-e Kal fiij /itiVi??' '"/tat KaTOiKijcrei^ ev yj) 
Veaep, 'ApaySt'a? Kal ea-rj e77W9 fiov aii Kal ol vloi aov xal oi viol tS)v viSiv ffov, ra irpo^aTa aov 

11 Kal at /S069 aov Kal ocra crol t/cer "«ra( eKOpeylrio ae eKel, en yap irevre errj Xifj-oi;- \va p.rj 


I Trap€liJTf)K€L F 
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i» — 7ap] sup ras circ 80 litt A*"' | TjSwavro F 
8 aXXa />"F lO apa^eias F* 


XLV 1 W(Tri<j> i°] pr f I ovexftrSai] avaxf<!Oat /3(.sed 
...o'Xf'J'^at D) : cu'ao'xeo'^ai m : exf(TOai j | jrafrwc] pr e^'ajTriov 
m^(uid) I oni ruf d | aiTw] avTOjv o: aurov b: + ubi rcve- 
lalus est loseph fratrilms suis S(nig) | aXX] Kai. f | efaTTO- 
(TTetXare] e^aTTOffreiXerc h*^ ; 6|a7re(TTe(Xarc d : dimifti'%, \ nav- 
ras] Trafre? d ; wavra b | om air e^ou dp | of — iijiin)(p 2"] //tv/zt? 
i/f/jV cjVca losepli 3L | 7r£i/)i<rT7)\-ei] iropeiTTTjKei' x: TrapeiiTTi)- 
Kea-ax m | onSeii] (post iw(r770 2° 30) : ouCf is bwa^d^ | en] ctt 
o: ciri F*: om bnud^BS | tw iu<t7)i/>] auTw ackoxb,C2SS(lxtl: 
airrou m | eyvtcpi^ero bdg | laarjiji 3" Aacmoxa^b^c^S] om 
Z)5''FM rell "SBIEIL | aiTou] + to SeiiTepoK p : +toi' 5ei>r€/)oii d 

2 om k-ai 1° d | nero] tieyaKnv F*(liab /itra int lin F'')v 
1£'^(uid) I TraiTEs] post ai-yvvTioi k: om acnoxb^c^d^SlL* | 

€tS T0»' OlKOl'] TW a^ 

3 (etTrez' 5e] Kai etTrej/ 76) | Trpos roi'S aSfX^oi's] tois aoeX- 
i^oi! F I iuar)<j> 2°] pr m | i" — aiyvirTov A] om />''FM 
omn 3J33LS Chr : om ov — ai-yt'Trroj' IE | oiSui/aro n | aSeX^oi 
AF»Mkqruv(txt)w] + oi-tou Z)Fi'v(mg) rell aiSILSlsub •)?•) 
Chr 1 {avTa-jroKpid-qvai 16.77) I ("■" at'Toj 76) | 7a;)] + otto 
vfioaoiTTOV avTov ack(ai'Tu;')mo(ouTov)xb2Cj9S(siib •:»;•) 

4 Kat A] pr etir^v 5tL iijia-qcf) wpos tovs aSeXtpoi's avroii eyyi- 
aare irpos /xe km riyyiaav />''FM omn {■;(>) 31131E1LS feiirei' 5e] 
KUI fiTrev 76 | eyyuTare} + 5t; x | irpos /nf ] /loi m : om IE'' | 
7;77i(rai'] ■J777e((rai' F: +auTwbw: + Trpos auroc FM(mg)dhInpt 

vajISIE]]: pr iyyio-an tt/jos /te Chr | cittci'] +(vV 1L : 

+ t'iV losepk IE 1 om €70) et/ii LW(nj(p m | ei/xt] t/m**' ti 1 iwo"?;*^] 
post I'^wi' sis Chr^ ; om 1 | I'/tojf] ■qfji.ciji' dgii : + i(i)(7t](f} eyoi €i/xt 
m I €ts aiyviTTOy airiSotjOf Thdt 

5 vw ovv] Kat vvv Thdt 5 | Xi'7ret(r(?e] {\vTn}dt)Ti 84); 
0O|8ci<r9e Chri Thdti | vfuv] rnxiv g: post ipavqTu bw'3 ] 
(pavTjTijj] <fiavrj h : {tf>ave(j6u 20) [ ort — wSe] om Thdt i : om 
u5e ndj | aTreo-reiXe;/] post ixe 2° 1 Chr}: awtdToKKtv ai'b^ 
Thdt : e^ttTrecrretXe Chr} | vfnav] + I'jroXetTreo'^f Tj/tuiv /cara- 
Xei^jUct cTt T7/S 77^5 a^: + iva 5iaTpa<p-q Xaos TroXi'j Thdt \ : +tov 
Sta6p€\pai Xaov TroXuc Thdt} 

6 Toi'To] pr KOi a^ | Xt^os] (post 7775 14): prow: Xoi/uos n : 

XLV I ofex^o'^at] a' o"' 
6 ap.r)Tos] a Septaixoi F''(sine nom)M 


Xi^ou j(mg)lv(mg): Xi^uwi' m: est f amis 3B1LS: +fffTiv o: 
( + e(r7-ai 37) | om cai dj''J3 | en XoiTra] STriXoura abj | en] i 
ex corr i*': ert; hp | XoiToi' Chr | irei/rej post erTj 1 | eT-ij] om 
h: +X1/H0;' v(mg): + tr«H/ IL | eirnv Mfhi^lrnqrua^ 

7 aireiTTeiXev 70^ /le] lY me misil 'HIE | areiTTaX/cey i* | wro- 
\cLire(T$ai — ^e 70X7;^] om IE'' : om i/TroXe iiretrflai — Kai a^ | UTro- 
XctTreir^at] pr wore Chr ^ : uTroXiTretr^at fix : aTroXeiirecrf^at bkw | 
viuov 2°] u/uv DF''c-gi»'jbnnpqituv(txt)c,d23lJ33tS Chr | om 
eTTi TT/i y-qs egj | kcu — jKyoKriv] om n Chr : om Kai Ic, | vtiuv 
3°] viuv bgwCjJS : Vjxas fi^ra.^lE'^f | om KaraXei^iv ix(ya\T\v a^lE'' 

8 (i'/ie<s] pr us 14. 16.77. '.i°) I ("^ '"l P"'>' aTreffraX/care eko 
vxa2(3o(/i0())E : om 1L | ajreardXare s | wif\/ioc%: om IE | r} 
AaciorvxbjC^S] om Z^-'TM rell Or-grChr | om Kai 1" egj | om 
ws 9E 1 (om Tracrvs 77) | 7175] pr xijs fnuB : tijs i* Chr : om oS 

9 om (Tn-euo-avrcs — ai7U7rT0u 1 | ow i"] (5?; 32): om bwlS" [ 
/ioi'] viiiiiu a., I {iiiiffijip I'los (Tov 37) I tfeos] Dfls Ds IL | 
Kvpio% D I 7i)s] pr TTjs i^kprtB: tt/s F'''i*q*u : om (77) S | 
ovv 2°] om djB"!!: i to xaxos M(mg)fikrslE | om /lii; Z) | 
y.(ivri%\ ei sup ras b^^"': fievris h : ara/neii'ijs (20.84) Chr 

10 KOTOKci/o'eis] KaTOiKTjaov F: oiKijireis ml^ | 71;] pr ttj s | 
7e<reya] yf ncre/j. i : ytOaiy. a^ : (7effiTe 1 4. 1 30 : ytaaai 84 : yeaafp 
16) I apo^ias] sub -^ M: (pr t7)s 32 : appafiia^ 16.130): apajiia 
ci*(uid)iiosv(txt).xdjS(sub — ) : appafiia dp: /h Arabia '3, {in 
Arahoth codd): om !■'' Chr | om av g | om 01 i" beld^ | aov 
I**] ^ Kai ai yvvaiKes tojv viuv aov n: + Kai oiKos aov v{mg) | 
om 01 2° d*elndj | o-oi' 2"] + Kai oikos aov M(mg)j(mg) | 
Ta] pr Kai F''acfi*k-oaj-d23[lSS Chr | om irou 3" nd^ Chr | 
om KOI .s" — aov 4° abj | at] 01 j'/^i'Fbd-kpqrt-wc^dj Chr | om 
aov 4" d, Chr | oaa] pr wavra c,» : ( + Kai 84) | c/cet A] pr 
eariv h: eariv Z>''P"M rell 'SBEILS Chr: {{arai 71 : om 73) 

11 eK8p€\l/w] eK$pnf/aTe a: dpe\pu be: SiaOpetpu dnpvd^ | 
ffc] tios 2-codd : om a | om exet Chr | en] i ex corr i"': err; 
fp* Phil I TrevTe] pr est !E: post eri; m | ctyj] post Xi/xo$ c: (en 

107): om f Phil I Xi|Uos] Xoi^os n: /amis S: est /amis ^J3 : 
erii/amis %: { + earai eiri tijs 77;$ 3 1 . 83) : + effroi dhnptxyd^ : 

+ effni' o : + ejri ttjs yns f | iva] pr Kai di*ptdj : Kai a | eKTpipti 

/cvlfio^sraO^) 5 5 fu7/x] a' ^ojujaiv a' auTijpiav Mjv 

7 (cat — pieyaXrjv] a Kai Tov ^uuaai vpiiv eis avaauanov ;ite7ai' MS(om eis) 



A eKTpi^fj'} <jv Kai 01 vioi aov koI trdina Ta virdp-^^ovrd aov. ^-Ihov ol 6<f>0a\fJ,ol v^wv ^Xe-rrov<Ttv 12 
Koi ol 6(f>,ol Jieviafielv tov d8eX(j)ov fj,ov ort, to arofia fiov to XaXovv tt/so? vfjM<i. ^^dirayyei- 13 
\aT€ ovv T(o irarpi jxov iracrav rrjv Bo^av fj,ov ttjv iv AlyvTrTco koI oaa ('Sere, kuI TU'^vvai'Tev 
KUTayayeTe tov iraTepa /xov whe. ^^Koi iimveaiov eirl tov Tpci^TjXov }ievla^ielv tov aBeX<})ov 14 
avTov eTreireaev ew avTW, Kai Heviafietv exXavcrev eV( tc3 Tpa'x^/jXM avTov. ^^Koi KaTa<^iXi]cra^ 15 
TrdvTa^ Tou? dSeX(f>ov'! avrov eKXavaev iir aiiTOK, koi fi€Ta Taina iXdXrjaav ol dBeX(f>ol avTov 
TTpof avTov. "'Kat BLe/SoijOi] i) cfxiiin) ek tov oIkov ^Papatb XeyovT€<;"liKacni' ol dBeX<f>ol 16 

IT dj 'I&)<7»;<^ ■ e'ydpri oe ^apau> koI j; Oepaireia aiiTov.^ ^'^eiirev he ^apao) ttjOo? 'laarjij) EtVoj' rot? 17 
dSeX(f)oi<i (TOV TouTo TroiijaaTe- ye/xlauTe ra iropia vfiaiv Kai uTreXOaTe et9 yr/v ^avdav, ^^ Kai 18 
•jrapaXaj3ovTe<i tov iraTepa iifiuiv Kai to, vjrdp^^ovTa ^v/jlmv* "jKere irpo^ fie' Kai Scocro) vp,lv irdvTav 
Ttov dyaOojv AlyvTTTOv, Kai <f>dyecrde tov fiveXov rJ}? yrj<;. ^'^av Se evTeiXai TavTa, Xa^eiv aurot? 19 
dfid^a<; e'/c yrj^ AlyvirTov Toit; TratS/ot? vfimv Kai Tai<i yvvai^Lv, Kai dvaXa^6vTe<i tov iraTepa vp,Siv 
Trapaylveade- ~°Kai jxtj (^eia'qaOe Toi'i 6<f>6aXiJ,oi'i iifiSiv tcov aKevojv, to. yap irdvTa dyaOd h.1- 20 
yvTTTOV vfilv ecnai. ^^ eiroiria-av he ovtcov ol viol 'IcrpaijX' eScoKev Be 'Ift)(7»)0 aiiTOK ufid^a<{ Kara 21 
TO, elp'qfieva iiiro <^apau> tov ^aatXeox;, Kai eSwKev avTOK i-maiTiaixov eh t^i" oBov ^'^ Kai iraaiv 22 

17 7rop£io DY 

18 vfxiav 1^1 'qiiitiv A I (payiadai A 

19 €VT€i\€ D I 7rapa7ti'e(r^e] 7ra/)a7ft»'e<r^e D '. TrapayetifeirSai A 

20 ipiaijaSe F* 


f I om Km 2° — <Tov 1° IE I om 01 belnwd^ | crov i"] + Kat 
ou-os (TOV dhlnoptiS | <rov 2°] iroi e*(uid)!mnqud2S(uid) 

12 tdov] pr Kai alE | 01 oipdaXfioL i°] aSeX^os fiou m [ 
om v/xojp — o(l>&a\fi.ot 2° e | fiefiafj-eLv] post /xov 1° a.CQQ{-/j.ijv)\ 
bgCj^ ■ ^^vt.a.fjiy}v wi\^* : ^evLafieifx. w | om tov adeXipov /jlov m | 
liov i"] aov f: +uidfnt ^ | on — viia{\ om b : om on m: om to 
1° nyd2: om fxov ey: -hravra dhpt 

13 avayyeiXan (\^ \ om ovv 13 Chr | iratTaf ] pr ffvv x : avfx- 
iracav k : om c^ .| Sojav] Ti/iTjv D : i^ovaia.v m : honorein 3L | 
oaa\ pr Tracra x | tSere] iSarf c : (otSarc _y( -ere). 76.83): ttidetis 
^-ed3L [ (raxi"'Oi'Tes] CTrei'traj'Tes 32) | ror warcpa fXOv] post 
w5e v: avTov Chr | ojSe] Trpos /xe f: om (30) Chr 

14 eTTLTTiffuiv'] en ireawv o : ( 4- tujcnjip 76) | ^eviafxuv i°] pr 
Toi' r Chr; post avrov i^ x: ^evLaiirjv no: ISevia/xet/x w | om 
Toi' — ^efta/xetc 2^* ce | om roi' a5eX0oi' ai'roi' w Chr j avrov i^] 
+ matei->ii B" | eireTreoex A] eKXavatv I>'^¥U rell aBEJLS 
Chr I om CTT — eK\av<jfv c^ \ C7r ai'rai] e7r ai'Tou j : C7r avrop n : 
TTi/cpus m : om axb^SS Chr | om Kai 2° — avrov 2" 13 | 
eK\av<T€ Kai ^eviap-eiv m | fieviaiifiv 2*^'] ^efia/j.iji' f*no : /Sei'ta- 
/xet;x w 

15 om ^'ac 1'^' — acrois f | KaratpiX-rjirasI KaTeipiXtjai Chr [ 
om iratfras bJ3^^ | fK^avaev] pr ras {3) o; pr Kai (20) Chr | 
aurots] auTous F'^*bc(uid)egjlv(mg)d2 j eXaXijcrai'] \e\a\7;/ca(r(i' 
qu ; + Trpos avrov be | om avrov 2*^ i*w | om tt/jos avrov c 

16 7; ^wz/t;] 0apaw I'^m: (7; ^t/^ut; 32): + avrwv 1 | eis] 
eTrt b\v I (papaw i*^] (papui f | om Xe-yocres — tpapaio 2^ w | Xe- 
70yres] (XeYoyro)^ 32) : diccntis\i\ {on 16): om egj | t] Qepa- 
lTeia\ pr Trao'a FbwlS : (01 7rai5es 20) | avTOv'\ + iracra t 

17 eiTrec 5e] Kai ctjre egj | Trpos] tw fhi''*r | etTrof] etire km | 
ffoi'] aiToc Chr-ed : 4- on comb^ | om rovro rroir\aare m1£ | 
TTopta] (popia bnwCa Chr: 0opna dpt: rrvpfia Cyr-ed : onera 
'US I li^wv] tO'itoii F'''"'S(sed abrasiim)bdfhi(partim ext Hn)n 
(Tj/iUcjoprtwylS^lLS Chr | koi] ext hii i | ajreXSere Megh''j 

n"qt-wCj I om eis yt]v xavaav Chr | 77/1'] pr tiji' m ; r-qv i* 

18 oj'oXa/Soi'Tes Chr | vp-oiv i°] (j)|au;' 18): om bw Phil | 
om Kai 2" — vp-uiv 2° e Chr | ra] pr vavra diiptlE | om uirap- 
Xo^-ra n | ij/iCTe] TjKare bcdfilptwya^: a7a7eTe Chr-codd | om 
ruv abj | oi7i'7rT0i'] pr 71)5 kx: (ttjs 717s 25) | ruv /j.v(\iav 
Phil-codd-omn | om this Phil-codd-omn | t-jjs 7175] Aegyfli 13 

19 av 5e] et ^ | (eiTeiXof 16) | raura Xa^eifJ post auroty 
S> I Xajieiv avrois] accifiant sibi 3L: dahis capeie 3 | avroii] 
auTOus abdegi'jkmptybj Chr Cyr-ed: eauTois a^ | ajua^as] post 
ai7ii7rTou acdmopxbj,(a;UoJai! bj*)^^ : o/iatai' f: om t | c/c 7?)! 
aq-uirrou] ex Aegypto iL: om Cj Chr | 7?;s] rjj! ra.^ | tois] pr 
et% I iraiSio-Kois c, | vp.u>v i"] r\p.iMm* : ««i iE3L : om S Chr | 
rai! 7Uvoi|ii'] uxoribns sui's 1E1L : -t- ii/iMi- />|'9U | h/iuk 2°] 
T^^oji' e : eorttm 1E*^I^ | 7rapa7ti'€ff^e] irapayeveade adpty : ad- 
ducile % : addiicant eum IE 

20 (tai — iTKei'uf] om dp | p-rf — o0(?aX/(ois] tois o0S. vpiiiv 
pij ^eiaaadai c : ne parcaiit ociili 3 | pi] (p^iariade] post o0^aX- 
/UOis aox(ffecrSe)b2C2$; pri (pacrfoOai g* : p-q (po^eiadai n | om 
Tots 0(p6a\pois m | u/iaj;' roJi' aKevujv A] rwi' aTrocKeucof if/iajp bw ; 
om rwv fTKevuv st: -^ucstroyum "^IS : tw»' (jKivicv vpuiv Z)^''FM 
rell (ij/uuK i*) 3LS Or-gr Chr Cyr | ttovto 7ap to Chr | vavra] 
post ayaffa acmoxli^Cj^lS : + ra fa^ j om aya$a n | ai7KirT0K] 
pr T7;s 7775 ii'3-edlL | ii^aiJ'] 77^'" 1 : vpuv k'E-codd Or-gr 

21 om 01 d-gl I fdoiKev Se] Kai eSoiKcv abcfimowxbjC^iLS | 
iwff. aiiT. a^o^as AFMegjmqru] pr aurois d: aiirois ap. laa. 
filE'^': om auToisc^: avroii iwir. ap. D rell 313LS | Kara. ra\ 
Kai ra a | Ta — 0apaw] tos evToXas Chr | ra eipTjyuei'a] to eip77- 
ptvov f: quod dictum est ei iL{om est iL*) | I'lro] Trepi a: 
auTO) m: om cl | tou /SairiXeus AMcrwxya^ Chr] sub — S: om 
i^amb^c^: om tov b: jiaaiXeus aiyvwrov Fjlostv: -fa<7U7rT0i> 
rell BEIL I (om eSuKCv avrois 71) | anTots 2°] {avrovi 16): 
ai'TO) d: om c^ \ ets T77C oSoi*] (v rij o5w p: ets toi' oikov a 

22 Tratrii'] + pev Chr | eSwKev 1"] bis scr 1: -feis ai-Spa 

II e\-Tpi/377s] a' afaXw^77S M | Kai 2° — crov i*'] Kai oiKos ffov F^M 

16 diej3oT]$T}'\ T]Kov(r0T) ¥^ | i) depaneia'] a' dovXoi M 

17 Ta TTopia vpoiv] a' a' innicnla iiestra ( ^ o ^\« :\ ^"U^^^i}^) S 

18 TOK piveXov] a to ariap F''(5ine nom)M(om to) 

ra iropia] ra 6v\aK[La] F': ra v7ro^i>yia F^ 
21 €7rt fftTto'^oi'] 5a7ra»'ij;' F'' 


ehasKsv hiaaa<; a-To\d<;, Kal tw Bevia/xeiv eScoKev rpiaKoaiovi ■^pv<Tov<; Kal irevre aWatrcrouffa? A 
33 o"ToXd?" ^3 /cat To3 iraTpl avTov direaTeiXev Kara, rd avrd, koI htKa ovovi aXpovTa<; airo iravTiop riov 

24 dyadojv AlyvTrrov, **/icol Bexa 7'i//,i6vou<; aipovaa<; dpTOv<; t(o -rrarpl avrov et? oSov. ^^ i^aiTeaTeiXev 
15 Se Toil? ttSeX^oii? avTov Ka\ eiropevOrjaav Kal eiTrev auroli Mr/ opyi^eaOe ii> rfj oow. -^Kai ave- 

26 ^rjaav e^ Alyinrrov, xal rjXOov eh yrjv Kavaav Trpoi ^laKO)^ tov Trarepa avTcbv, ^^/cal dvrjyyeiXav 
avT(p \eyovTe<; oti 'O vi6<; aov ^l(oarj(f> ^f], Kal 0UT09 dp^ei vrao--/;? ti}? 77}? AlyinrTov. Kai e^ecrTt) 

27 77 Stai'oia 'laKoo0, ov yap eTriaTevaev avToi<i. ^^^ e\d\7]aav' Be avTm -rrdvTa t<x prj6evTa vtto 

'l(i)(Tt](f) o<Ta elirev avT0i<;' IBmv Be ra? dp,n^a<s «? dveaTeiXev 'l(Off'q<f) axne avaXa^elv avTov, 

28 dve^oovvpTjorev to Trrevfia 'laKO)0 tov TraTpo'i avTOiv. '^el-rrev Be ^XcrparjX M67a fxai etJTiv et ert 
6 ut'ov p.ov 'lco<x>)<}> ^fj- Tropevdel<; oyjrofiac avrov irpo tov aTroOavelv fxe. 

XLVI 1 ^''ATrapa? Be ^laparjX, avTo'i Kal TrdvTa ra avTov, rjXdov eirl to cjjpeap tov opKOv, Kal eOvaev § d, 

2 eKei Overiav tw 0eS tov Trarpot; avTOv 'laaaK. ^el-rrev Be o 6eo<: 'laparjX ev opafiaTi t?;? vvkto^ 

3 eiTra'i 'Ia«-ft)/3 'laKwff. 6 Be eltrev Tt ecrTiv ; 3\iy(ai/ 'E>y(u elfii, 6 Oe6<; t5iv Trarepiov trov /irj 

23 Kai 2" — airo sup ras .V | Oi^i'sroi'] +aipovrar A 

F'""e I om 5i<r(7os F''' | <XTo\as 1°] ■\-iiiaTiuv F^ | itai tu A] tw 
Se ZI^'ipM omn 18£'=1LS Chr | P(i/ian(ii'] fieviafirjv no : pevm- 
jHfi/i w I om eSuKiv 2° n | rpiaKOffiovs] Sia.KO(novs C2lE'^S(nig) : 
quin^enlos 3-codd | aX\aff(rou(ras An] e^aXXairtroi/cras Z>'lF(uid) 
M rell Chr : om IL 

23 Kai. 1° — ttTTeo-TeiXfi' mutila in F | aTrtoTfiXex] post Kai. 
2^ fE'^f; e^aiTeijTu\e egj; (om 31.83) | Kara, ra aura] au int lin 
i"': Kara Tairra bfwl3S(uid) : o^ioiusChr: om to r* | aipoi/ras] 
atpoi'ffaj fir [ aTro TravraJf] aTrai'Twi' o: om Travritiv (76) =S(txt) 
Chr I aiYi'TTTOii] pr ex 77/5 m | (om Se/ca 2° 76) | nipoixras] 
aipovT-as v(mg) Chr | aproi's] apToi- eis t/jo^t/i/ m: +(cai Tj>o(f>r]v 
acovxbjCj3(pr •x-)S(sub -^O | tu jrarpi auTou 2°] post oSov bfik 
nsvwlL (om ain-ov bw) | avrov 2^] ai/rwi' t | €is 0601'] om m : 
(om f ty 30) I oSoi/] pr TT/f Mdfinpt Chr 

24 {e^air. 5e) Kai efojr. 107) | 5e] twariip d: om c: +iti><Tii<p 
F''M(mg)eghjklnoptv(mg)B3L | (rots a5eX0ois 128) | om avrou 
w I om Kai erop(v6Ti<rav a,1S | *:«' eiTrei/] Xe7ui' a, | (op7i- 
fetr^e] 0opfv^eia6€ 32) ] ci' tt; o6ai] ets tt;!/ o5oi' f: /cara ttjv 
odov m 

25 e{] e terra 13'P | 'jXSoi'] rjKdav v(mg) : rfKBoaav dklmstx 
a, I fis vi)!" x"""""] post avrwv bw : om t is v* | 77/1/] pr ri/y dp 

26 a7rj)77eiXa>' FMbi*jknv(txt)wxy(uid) | om on nq3[ 
1E3L 1 o — f?;] ^7? lujffTjip Phil : om Chr | cios a"ou] post 
iwtrriip oJSlE Or-lat J | <rou] onroi' v(mg) | iuarj<p~\ pr g Chr | 
ovTos Aeg] ai/7os ZBi'FMy(uid) rell a(uid)BIElLS Or-Iat Chr: 
om Phil I om Tracrjjs h | 7-775 7775 Aefhoy] om mqru Phil-codd: 
om 7771 iw*aj Chr-ed: om ttjs D^''FM\v' rell Phil-ed Chr- 
codd I (e^aveiTTTi 14) | 7) AF*MfhiorsvyEE] tt; ZJ^up-b jgU 
ajSS Phil Chr I Sia^OiO— (27) Se i"] mutila in F | laKU^] pr 
qu: eitis SiL: om amxc,S Phil | eTricrT(v(i> Mcklmv'3J3 | 
avTovs gn*(uid) 

27 om c\a\T](Tav — aiTOiS eg | eXaXT^tre;' Abp* | om avroj 
afn 1 wavTa] pr aw x ; ffv^iravra k : («ara ra ptj/xara 76) | 
7-a — oi/Tois] ^Hiic (/!>;■/ loseph 3: iii'riSa ywat' loseph dixit as 
et lit uidit lacob omnia uerba quae losepli dixit eis IL | 
p-r)iiVTa\ pr prifnara ravra ra i* : pr pri/xaTa ra qua,: prifiara 

24 opyij^eirOai A 27 eXaXTjcrcx A | afe^aTvpuTd' AF 


dpty}3(uid): (pTHiara ra\a\Tt6evTa 128): H-awoisZ'lE | (viro — 
aifT-ois] offa eiTrev avrois i.uiai}it> 71) | >'7ro] Trapa 13(uid) Chr: om 
dpty I 103(77]^ i°] pr TOV (20) Chr: latjtp 1 | oira etTrey at'TOts] 
pr /cat fc,l£ Chr : om n | otra] a D \ iSwf 5e] /cat iSwi' (7 1) It | 
Tos a/ia|as] /uco^ omnia iiehiciila iL | WTre ayaXafiiiv awoi'] 
ut aJduiirent earn %: om E: om Mffre a, | a/'aXajSfij'] (Xa^fi:/ 
J4.76): ai'a7a7cti' o | avTOv^ aiirovs d: -fras (6 — 7) o j avi^u- 
Tvptjo'ev'i \^r et ^^ : ave^wo-rrvpijae (i^^r^-tirev): reaeeendit Or-lat \ 
rw Trv€vp.ari fs j iaKio3 — avrwv] om f: om tov Trarpos avroji/ 
(71) Or-lal i Tou Trarpos] Tr^p s | avTujv^ avrov a* 

28 eiTrev 5e] Kai ciirfv fya, Or-lat | io-pa7;X] iaxu/3 hta,S : 
om f Chr | /iC7a] ;ie7aXa Chr ; fiepos Phil-cod | /ioi] post (imv 
SiES I om « cf I en] on cm : om Or-lat J | luaTjip uios 
/iouZ>=ii(D''''')FMacdegjklopqs-va^b2B"ES Or-!atJ Chr | om 
lujffrjfp c, I Tropef^eis] -r oe mp : + itaquc iL | o^w/tat n | /te 
airoDavuv abcfinowb^c, 

XLVI 1 (aTrapas] CTrapas 31 : afaaras 64) | i(ipaTi\\ laKw^ 
F"h I auTos — auTOU i°] pr Kai c: ipse cum omnibus suis IL: 
eum omni supellectile sua IE : om auros Kai m | auros] sup ras 
a^,: om hegjnwyb, Phil-codd | tiKBov Afi"'krbj15'] tjX^c;' />" 
FMi* rell aB&^ES Phil | e7n] fis egj | tSwci'] pr ei/flus a^: 
^evaav r*: (etfwioffc 31) | f«i A] om jf^'iFM omn aBJEILS 
Phil Chr I ^uo-iai"] ffvaiat V^: uietimas 3L: (om 31) | to? — 
Trarpos] patri 33"" 

2 5e i°] 4-^/ lE'i' I lo-poTjX] pr nu P'^bdgjnplwyd^E'^luid) 
Chr: pr Trpos /JMakosvxb^c^aiuidjS : ad Istrahel 3L: ru 
laKu^ m I ef opayuan] jjost f u/cros IL | om ti;s Z^FMchilmox* 
bj I eiTras] eiTrwi' 1(|U : Kai inrtv F"*: Xe7ai>' /Jbknxyd^: om 
ad^h'^'jmpajB'i'lE'' Chr | taxw/S 2°] sup ras ^p : om c^ | om 
2° — etrni' Chr | o 5e eiTrci'] <•/ c//>/'/ 15 : et respondit Jacob IL | 
n eo-ni'] ^///j ^.t ^ : tooi- €70; F^^"'Sa2 

3 Xe7wi'] (pr o Sc ctTre 16): Kai X€7€( k: Kai enrfv F'^dnpt 
y3L: eiirfi' 5( x: dixit ^(+autem ei B") : Kai X(7ei ourm f: 
Se Xe7et aurw q: A:ai ctTrcj' ai-rw /^( -t-/)^'')d2 : et dixit ei''^; 
om a^ Chr | om ei/tt F* | Titiv Trarepwf] rou Trps f?E*^ 1 Kara- 
firifai] pr roi' kv(mg) 

22 aXXa(rffot'(ras] Sta^opoi'S ffupos Trej/re ^1/70$ aTo\ij3v c^ 

23 T7^{orous] o;'a5os F^ | aprovs^ airov Kai apTovs Kai rpoipriv F^ 

24 /iTi — o5w] a' Ke- tumultuemini in uia S> \ firi opyi^eirBe'i a' pat K\ovwi0e Mv: a' p.ri iiaxcOe M 

26 e^effTT/] a' efei'T/^ev MvS: a' eKftno^vxTja^v MS: ff' f\nro$vpit]a€v v 

27 a;'e^u?7rup77o"cf] av€^7}<r€v ¥^ XLVI I to — opKov] <r' Hersabee (■ ^"iT .'X^) 5 
3 flcos] laxvpos F*" 



A <j)o^ov KarajSrivat, ei? Atyvmov, «'? yap edvo<; /j,eya ttoiijctio ere eVet' ■*«■«( eym Kara^-qa-o/xai fisTo. 4 
(Tov 6t9 AiyvTTTov, Koi 67ft) ava^i^dcTW ae et? reXo^' koI 'Icocr^c^ eirij^aXei ra^ ')(elpa^ '*e7rl Toy? 
6<j)0a\/.iovv (TOV. ^dvecTTT] Se 'laKco^ (itto tov ^peaTOf tov opKov, Koi. nveXa^ov oi viol laparfX. 5 
TOV TTttTepa avTWV Kal TrjV aTrocrKevrjv Kal ra? yvvaiKa^ avTwv eVi ra? dfLa^a^ a? aireaTeiKev 

H F 'I(»<r^<^ apat ai^rof ^/cai ava\a^6vTe<; to, v'rrap-)(0VTa avTWv Kal Traaav Trjv KTrjaiv^ i]V ^kty)- 6 
aavTO eK 7% ^avaav, Kal elarfKOev 'Ia«ft)/3 et< A'iyvTTTOv, Kal ttov to a-jrepfxa avTov fieT auTov, 
"^ viol Kal 01 viol Twv viwv avTov fieT avTov, dvyaTepe<; Kal 6vyaTepe<; toov v'lwv avTov fieT avTov- 7 

TI d^ Kal Trdv to airepfia avTov r^yayev eh AlyvirTov."^ 

^TavTa 8e to, ovofiaTa twv viwv 'laparjX twv elaeXOovrwv el<; A'tyvTTTOv. 'Ia«&)/3 Kal 01 8 
viol avTOv' TrpwTOTOKO'; 'Ia«:o)/3 Vov^rjv '^vtol Se 'Vovff^'jv '¥jvw')^ Kal ^aXXovB, 'Aerpcov Kal 9 
^apfiL ^°viol Be %vfiewV 'lefiovrjX Kal 'la/xelv Kal "AcoS Kal 'la^e!^ Kal Saap Kal Sn/ioi")X v/o? 10 
T^9 Xaj'OWTiSo?. ^^vtol Se Aevi,' Trjpamv, KaaO Kal Mepapei. ^^v'tol Se'lovBa' "H/3 Kal Avvav " 

XLVI 4 xf'P"5] +(Tov A 10 axfi/i A* (i suprascr A'] 

1 1 Xfi'Ei D I fiepapi />■' 


4 KOI eya i°] /ca7w ackmosxh^c,: om khi nd^SiL Chr J: 
om eya Or-lat Chr i | KaTa^-qauiiai en | om ytiero (tou b | om 
€is ai7i'7rToi' Chr-^ | om Kat. 2'^ — reXos f | Kai eyw 2°] ^070? ack 
osb^Cj Chr: om eyw 1 Phil | afa^t/Sacw tre] nopevdijao^at juera 
iTOiJ €ts ai7i'7rTOi' Kat eyw Tropivdiiaofiai d : iropevBrjCTOfxai pt : frt? 
tecum IE I ara/St/Saffoi] ava^L^u Z)F*Mbvw: ft-rducam iL | om 
tre X I om Kat 3" dp | tuJiTT;^] ■\-filiits tuns 5L | om e-jrifiaKeL 
Tas Xftpas v{txt) | eTrt^aXet] eTrt^aXXet f: eTTt^aXetrat m : filitiit 
It I ras x^*/'^^] manum 3L : + iroi' A: +ai'Tou Ma-d{eai'roi; c) 
hk-qtuxb^c^aUSSlsub ■%■) Or-lat Chr i 

5 aveaTTj^ a-TreaTTj m : ave^-q k | ai'cXa^oi'] af eXa/3o»'To y : 
accipientes 3L : + at^roi' p | om ot. ePhl Or-gr | ttrpai^X — aiTtj;' 
lo] ai'Tou p I t(Tpa7;X] pr taKU}^ iklnswd^lE'^'^ll' : taKto/3 be— hjm 
58'': -t-taKO)^ Fi="«acdtxc,'aiS'i'(pro NeM leg N)Si{/5!-ael mg) \ 
avTuiv 1"] eavroiv ej : ( + iaKu:(S 84) | rj/f aTrotrKei'T/f] supelUctiUm 
stiam secum IE: ■fanTtoi' fl3B( +<"«««« 33") | om koi 3° — 
avTbiv 2"^ IS"" 1 Tas 71'i'atKas] (ra virapxovra 76) : pecora IEp | 
C7rt] pr imposiieritnt ea 33 : pr t^/ imposiientnt IE | t£o<r7;0] t^ixpfxui 
acbjC^Sltxt) I apai ai'roc] apat auTons (128) 15: om f : + Kat ra 
KTTjvTj avTwp Kai KaT€(ir]ffap eis atyuTrTop egj 

6 afaXa^ofTcj] a:'fXa/3o;' FMrya^ : ai/eXa^otra»' v{mg) : ace- 
\a^€v a^ I ai'Tt»ji'] Kat rT/f aTTOcrKei'T^f aurttfi' Traaav p ] Tratrai' — 
Tjv] omttia quae 33 | waaav tt]v KT-qffLf] ttjv KTTjfftv ai>TU)f traaav 
p I om Traaav 1 | KTTjatv] ktt}.. F: aTroaKevTjv bl{ f ai;Ta)i')\v: 
+ avToiv degjnstdjS Chr | eKTT/traro dw | om (k yrjs x""'"'"' 
eg] I fK T'js Adp] fi/ 7r; />''M rell 333(uid)1£lLS | X'^'aa;'] 
■Vproffcti sunt 3L | om Kat 3° Z)5''d-moqstuxb,C2'333S | eiir7;X- 
flef AC'gi'jmvwyajjb^lEli Or-gr] riXSov fps Chr: (iar]\Sov /P'' 
Me*(uid)i=' rell 2i3SS | taKti/J Aya,5E] post at7i'7rTo;' Z?*''M 
rell 3133S Or-gr: om li, Chr | om Trav nd^ | /ter avTOv] om 
fc2: (-5-1770761/ ets at7U7rT0i' 107) 

7 i/iot I" — iituv i°] ot utoi a I I'tot i°] pr ot Z>Mckmovc,33 : 
+ avTov Z'cfmosxb5,C2333"PS(sub *)• -fa^ua aurou k | om Kat 
ot utot j I om 01 Mdeg^lnprtwxb^d, | aurou /te-r aiToi' l^] cutn 
eo ipsius 3L | om /ler avrov i" Mabdmntvvvdj38"1E | om Su7a- 
Ttpei 1° — avTOV 4° 1 I Bvyarepis i°] pr Kat at acolE'^': pr at kx 
c^33": om m: +avTov Z>ackoxbjC2915'PS(sub •:»:•) | om Kat 
Ovyarepa f | 8iiyaT(p(i 1"] pr at Macgjkmovxa2Cj33 | (om twv 
2° 73.78) I intof 2"> ACjS(txt)] -l-6i>7aTfpui' n : Sii7aTep(»Ji' />'' 
M rell S33!E3LS(mg) Or-gr | ourou 3"] aiTuv mr | p-er auTou 
2° Ahyajb,38"!S'f] om V='m rell '^ii''''£p'!tS, Or-gr(uid) | om 
Kat 3°— at7i'7rroi' IE | om ttoi' 1>,, | om aiToi' 5° — (8) ovo/xaTa 

f I om riyayev fts at7ii7rToi' (107) 1L | '!7a7ef] (post ai7ii7rrof 
T28: eiaTjyayev 25): om n: +auv avTOJ k 

8 om Se bnwC233 | om tuv vhov tapariX o | ettreX^ot/rwf] 
eiaTropevop.evav M(mg)dhi*Inpt*(-eii/:t-) : eiaTreTropfu/iivuv t»: Trf- 
-TTopei'/tef tijf v{mg) : Staawdovnov f | at7ii7rroi'] -f tov ra ovo^iara 
afia taKuj/3 tio Trpi avTwv f: -f a/ta LaKW^ tuj Trpt avTiOv M(mg)bd 
hilnoptvwy^CjiS | laKuj^ 1° — auroi'] pr afia k: (oi'Tot Se etaiv 
Diot aurou 31.83): om dnplE: om taK(j/3 o: (om Kat — auroi; 
107): om ot behlqu | Trpott-oroKOj] (pr 31): TvpuiroroKOi h | 
laKW^ 2°] pr TOV f: (airroii 107) | povfi-qv'] povfiiv jtx: povfi-qix hk 
Or-gr: poi'/3ei;x a^*ep: poi'^t^ a*dfgilmii 

9 inoi Se pou/STjf] pr ot ( 1 6. 1 30) 33 : om f | om 5e d | po\'(ii]v'\ 
povfiiv ]tx: povpri/ihk: pou/Sfi/it a^'ep : pon/St/t a*dgilm(pr Tu)n | 
evcijx — X^Pf^'-l Quatuor IE 1 evuix\ ey^x g*(uid) : Enech 33": 
Enos Anon" | 0aXXoii5 Ary] 0aX\oii bwa^ : (/laXons jmpt Jos- 
ed: Palushnon^: 0oXXoi'S Z>M rell a33'P3L Jos-codd : PImlcuh 
33" I acrpuf] pr ct 3LS ; aapwp. abcehmnsva,bj33"': aaptji' f: 
atpijip. 1: (eapuiv 76): Esrom 33'P : Sarson % \ xopi"'] X^PA"; q: 
{x^Pf^ 18: x^P^/^ 70- Carinin Anon*; /tapx^t x 

10 om Se f I tefjLOVTjX — x^*'^''^^^^'^^] quinque lE'^P : sex lE*^ 1 
te^ioiiTjX] f^aoinjX Im: /aiiiuei 'SMj Anon' | om Kat i" p | ta^uftf] 
ta^tytt m : iaveiv s: te^ic v: ajxtv (71) 33" | om Kat 2° p ] atuS] 
■nooj^^ S' : aui$ fi Anon'^: otjp b^ : oiiiX r: aStaS ac,,: tau5 de 
ghjtv(txt)y'': ttiiaS lo : iau8 v(mg)33"' : {i-wuiB 30): taw^ p: 
laoll&V: lao 3L: X"^ k : aveaBhvi: Troii^oSos Jos: Jamil W \ 
om Kat 3° — traap r* | om KOt 3^ dp | laxet-f. A'agya^li Anon] 
laxetf Z>Mcfh-moqsuvx3[33(-X"' Mhlm33) : taxtfos Jos: axfiM 
A*e: axetf r^b.,: axti* bdnptwc^: (tO'X"' *-8) I ^'^^ '^°* 4*^ ^P I 
traap] traaX D: Sara Anon': aaaap egj3L: aaap b,: {afiaap 
79): (Toapos Jos: Sochar 38" | aajxovrjk A] craoi'X />''M omn 
93811: (o'aoii 31): traoiiXos Jos-cod: aaapos Jos-ed : Sa/ainie! 
Anon'' I utos]prol: woisCj: 6k dnptv(txt) 

1 1 om Se dnia^ | yripaoiv — p.epapei] Ires IE | yT]pawv^ yT)p- 
aoi/i ka^: yepawv In: yeSauv bhi'''ptvw33': ye$au>v (30) 3-ed ; 
Getsoii%: Gedso'^'": TeiisoiiWiV; Gessou Anon' : 7e<rt<)i' codd- 
ap-Or : yeSeuiv dfi* | Kaaff] pr Kat Z'abcfikmswx'SILS' : KaaS 
egj: Ka\$ qu : Ka9 x* Anon': Elaath 33" | Mfpapfi] Merarii 
Anon" : p.apapei a : papaipos Jos-ed 

12 I'tot 1°] iitos c, I om 6e 1" daj33" | vp f — ^apa]quiu- 
quf IE I oni Kai i" dp | avvav 1"] acj-ai' f33P | om Kat 2° dp33 | 
iTTjXw/t] "-ac^-fCx- %: aiKniji. bl(t ex corr)p\v: (trtXi-ja/t 84): 

5 aTTo — opKov\ a' a Bersabee $S 


XLVI 20 

Kal St^Xo)/!,^ KaX <i>dpe^ xal 'Ad pa- direOat'ev St""H/3 Kal Avvaf €V 717 X.avdav eyevovTo Se viol A 
13 (pape<i Aapwfi Koi lefiovj^X. ^^viol Be ^\aaw)(^dp' ©ojXa koL tl'oi/a Koi 'laaovif) kui Za/j-^pd/x. ' -"ij 
J4 14 1,(01 he Yja^ovkuii'- '^epeh Kai' Aapcov Kal' Woi]X. ^^^ovroi viol Aei'a?, OL19 ereKev tm 'la/cc«>/3 § IL' 

61' y[ecroiroTafj,ia rP]<i iupia?, Kal Aeiimp ti^v Ovyarepa aiWoO' irdcrai, at ■<^v)(ai, viol Kal ai 

16 dvyarepev, rpiuKovra rpeh. ^^viol Se TdB- Sa<l)Q}V xal' AyyeU Kal %avifl<; kol @a<To/3av Kal 

17 Af/ol? Kal ApoijBl'i Kal 'AporjXe!';. '■'^ viol he 'Aa^'jp' 'le/ti'a Kal 'lea-o'al Kal leoxjX Kal Rapia Kal 

18 Zciap ahe\(f))j avTU)v. viol he Viapid- Xo^ccp Kal MeXxiijX. ^^ovtoc viol ZeA.(^a?, i/f ehcoKSv 

19 Aaffdv Aeia rfj duyarpl avrov, fj ereKev tovtov; t&J ^]aKCo^, heKa ef ■\jrv)(^d^.^ ^^^viol he 'Po;)^i)\ IT H' 

20 yvvaiKo'i 'Iokco^' '\<otT>](f) Kal Beviafieiv. -°eyevovro he viol loio"'}^ eV yfj Alyvirro), o&? ereKep' 
avT(p Aaevved OvyuTijp IleTpe^i} iepeo)'; 'HXi'ou' 7r6\eo)<;, rov ^\avvacrat] Kal tov 'E(j}pfit/ji,. eye- 

16 (raweis D 17 papaa (bis) /3 | /neXxe'lX O 

18 Xal^a;' Nio in mg et sup ras A' 20 iXiou A 

(T-ii'Kuv nlL I om Kai 3" dnpB" | (fapo] /Sapa iS) | aTctfaj'Oi' g* 
nSlElL I 7;p Kai avvau 2"] tiiio !£ | -qp 2"] t7;i-r IL | {km 5" — 
Xai'aai'] ev yri xavaax xai o awai" 16) | owaK 2°] oi/i'au f | woi 
2°] pr 01 o33 I aapuix \oi te^uoi/T/X] </;« £ | ao-pMjn] airpu;/ />M 
ejoqsuv(txt)Cj: (affpof IJO'^'): eo-pu/t bfUn*H-.\b2l33L Anon: 
co-pwi/ n»v(mi;) : tapuvoi Jos-ed | xai lejuouTjX] Ka7re/iiOU>)X m | 
ie/ioiT)X] Jk»cvl35T«i!» S: le^ioi'X n: lepoiniX f: /aniiu/ 'SL: Ge- 
niiu-l 1L : c/iOi/TjX r 

13 (uioi]prKai 128) I icnraxapjio-axapacdfilmptHljIi Anon; 
aaxapT \ 0<a\a — iap.^pap.] qtialuor '^ \ fluXa] T<^'«^oa\ S : 
floXoacmc^; ^ouXasJos: SuXai-bw: Swx<i o : Swan: 0wXa hj | 
om Km 1" /JackopsxiL | 0oi'o] ipovS bwSJS" : 0ouXa g : 0a s : 
Fiiei 3L: Ca« Anon' | om km 1" jOdnpsvb^ | laaou^ An] 
latroi'/i hb2 : ta(roi'pe: (tatrffoup 32) : acoi'/S acor33"' : '^=3Ctflo^^ 
S: aaaovfi m: aaovp. c^: laaov^ Z)M rell ^33^ Anon'; ioffou- 
^05 Jos-codd ; lasob J3' : htsiip 3L : iw/ios Jos-ed | (om xai 3° 
71) I foM^pa/i] ftt/i'^/'ai' ZJegjnqc^ : iajxjipac: j;ap.epap. \: fo^- 
po/n Mx : "^Tin\ S; Zauira Anon''; Zamam 3: Ta/j-^pa/i, 
dp ; appap. hniB''' : Abram 33" : taapjipo. nai '(afijipiv bw 

14 (Tepe5 — aXoT/X] i';t'J IE | (reptSj ^■St«ico ^: trapaSos Jos- 
ed ; (TEpefl gjr; eepeS e : &7-£al3'P: Zacd ^li"^ : tapehD: crcSep 
ac(5 ex corrjfik-ovc^ Anon: ffaSap b^: <reSe)i bw: Stiir IL | 
om /cat I^ dp | aapwv Ay] ao-poj/i r: eXu,;' 1: aSwy dpt: aXwy 
alL: aaXwi-Cj: oXXui' Z>''M rell 313 Anon': Sallon Anon° | 
oXo7)X AMv(mg)y] ax<")^ '^'r^ Xoxo>)\ f: ao-ij/x 1: &■«; Anon': 
£/« Anon"; la^TiXos Jos-ecl ; XaiijX i* : laTjXhkobj: (if7)X 76) : 
OTjX m ; £•/ IS" ; e>;X Z>nsgB'i»: ai»;\ v(txt) rell: ^,;c-2 E 

15 cTCKei'] e7€i'i'Tj(re qu | rw iaKW/3] fa /a^tJ^^ 3L; om tw am 
t3[-ed I ptaoiroTapia] pr t?; bf ikmwxb, ; pea-oToraptas a | om 
T7)s cp I Ti;!" ffvyarepa auToi/] sororcm conim 3L' | aurou] aunjs 
nB" I iraa-ai — viol 2°] pr icai egjIE ; fl omitcs Jiln%'' | om at 1° 
acdliklmopst | tioi 2"] pr ot fi33; ftcji' oSs: om I | at 2" Afi] 
om />''M rell | Si'^arfpcs] Stryarepuv oS | om TptaxofTa — (16) 
/cat 2° g I TpiaKovra rpeti] .XXIII iL»' : om c, | rpt is] pr xat o ; 
Tpia X 

16 om 5c b^P I 7aX (ju | (ratpwv — ap07;Xets] septan IS | 
trai^wf ] aa<fxl)tjiv M ; aairtpuv y ; {aafiuv 1 8) ; aaptrwv n : a^ui' 
dp: Asfhon B" : io/a« Anon': Fonan Anon" | om koi 1° — 
apoi)5ts f I om sat 1° dp | 077615] 6771! I; Angcs Anon': 
Arces Anon": Maiis 31 | om Kot 2" — OTjStj j | om xat 2" dp | 
trani'is] {aavvris 76): trai/fi 1; Saonis %' \ Saitnia 3: Siiiimis 
JS": ffaffts g: (Sai/fti m | om 'icai 3" dp | tfa<T0/3a»'] Oaaofiap 
biknwy: Baavfiav c: {Ooao^av 128): Tliansobam %: aatTojiay 
a; Chasoban IL': Soban Anon: {Bajffovav 71; trajiwBap 76): 

S I om (rat 4° dp | a7;St; icat apoijSit] 


{appar Jos : ^ O S 

Isniamelis Anon' | ajjSts] arjorjs i*lx; ae;5»)s m: atJjjj adply: 
(07707)71): X7;5ets r: XtjStjsi^': .'/«rfw }3'i' ; Aededis %"•. Aelis 
J3" : Ac/iis %' ; /jot Anon" | om xat apoijots oyb^ | om xat 5° 
dp I apoTjSis] apoi)5ris ajtB'i': apoeiSi/t m: apoiSrj! dpc^; apoa- 
5etsi*3L; apoi'Setsn: apotjST^sl; A /Oi:/is ^ Anon^ : (aopT^Sets 3 1 ; 
aopaStjt 76) ; opfaflts s ; oppodets \v : oppujdtis h ; auapty j9 | om 
Aral apo7)Xei5 jos | apo>)Xeis] apoTjXTjs ft : aporiSeit i* : opaijXTjs dp : 
ope7)Xftsqu: apii/Xts Z'c(-Xets)kv(mg)x3 : apiJjXrjs 1 Jos-ed : api7;- 
XiotCj: Ariolis Anon': Ariobs Anon"; aptftSft? n; apiTiSii o; 
Aricdis \': A rindis IL^ : apixX/jt a: apiXX?;? m : a7r7;5«5 bw 

17 i<toi 6c i°] OKTot 5e utot abci*kmowxb2C23S: om Se egj 
13**" I aiTT/p] Asser 13 | tcjafo — auruji'] quiuqite IE 1 {tjepva 30) | 
om Kat 1° — tfoi/X t I om cat iftra-ai 13 | om Kat 1° dp | ictrirai 3y] 
uovX h : tetrouX IniL^' : uaovp bw ; letroi/ap dopC2 : tctrtroua i*s : 
iiriroKa j: eacova. fi-^'r; ifffona /JM rell S-codd Anon; {(iisa 
3l-ed; lessiisiita %' | xat leouX] om al; om /cat dp | icoi;X] 

tovX b: /tz«/ IL^; Ao^^ S; (iiroiiX 71 : teoi'/x 76): tepoi'aX m: 
tcffffona h: Zeiii 3L' Anon°: Z/V;« Anon': -f koi ttoux D: +et 
lesiia 13'1' I om /cot 3° dp | /3apia i"] /Satfyti c^ | aaap A] irappa 
Z'di'sv ; crapaa l(uid) ; irapa Mi"' rell SIBIL Anon | aSeXipr)] pr 
1) hm : a5e\0i7i' o | avrup] avrov c* | om Se 2" dpHlL' | /Sapta 
2"] .S'it;'(Z it'"' : -f /cat irapa adsXtprj \v | X^^^P '^"' ^c^X^^^] ^'"^ 
IE I XO^^P Aekyc,] x^i^ap ch : x"^"^ /Jfgis : xo^op M rell 13 : 
Chcbor 3 ; Chobcr Anon : Lobar 3L'' : /oii//- 3L' | /ieXxiTjX] 
Mekhiet %': {fitXxvX 31): /ttfX"!^ "i = Echiel 33" 

18 I'toi] pr 01 c^lS I om eSoj/cci' 1 | Xcta] post awToi; s; om 
1 I 7;] /cat (78) 3L' I ereKen — ia/CM/3] /(m gciiuit Jacob IL'' : om 
Toi'Tot'S m1£ I om Tw dp [ om Sc^a — (19) laKup I | 5e/ca e^ 
^I'Xas] ^/'I'xas ocxa e^ mpv : ^uxai iS"' n : animae sunt XVI H,' | 
et] pr KOI bfiwx | i/'i'xas] ^I'xat /?s E(uid); yf//w 'S 

19 om 5c 3Sp I om paxvX f* | om 7W'ai/<os ia/ct>>j3 s | jScvia- 
peip] ^aviapriv novvc^: ^evtapcLp y 

20 e7e>'o>'To i" — c5c,u] sub -=- M | I'lot i"] pr ot iol3; post 
tu]fjy]<p mis : om bg | 77;] T-q gi* ; om n | at7U7rTOL' jmqu | om 
OK! I" — TToXcus IE I om avTw 1" mo | aisfmd AZ>''Mo(vc sup ras 

o'jrxybjCjlSlT] oUT'ioo'f^ S : Aseiinel .^non' ; aaccvtS bh : 
ocrcj'CT p; a<TivcO n: aaiviB rell; {p.a-i]vtB 31); Asaiietit 31: 
Asednec ?L | SK7aT7;p] pr 7) k | Tr(Tpe<pri Ay] irtvreippi] filmqu : 
wtvTtcppi dnp: Trereippi b: irereif'PV ^''^f rell 13(!D: Pctefrcs 
% Anon' : Pi'taphrc 3 | 7)Xiou iroXcus] ()« 13 | tXiou Aa | om 
TOV 1° fl I pavfaaar] 1° A] fiai'affT) mS : pai'aa-aTjs f: pavaaris 
1 ; paya(rirr]i' qsu : p.avaaay] Z>''M rell ISCIL Anon | om tov 2" 
bfhv I (ippaip 1°] (v<ppatp f | c/tvovTO 2° — c5c/i] sub -4- S | 

137 18 

XLVI 20 


A vovro Be viol Mavvaaat], ov<; ereKev avT(S >] TraWaKT] ?'; 'S.vpa, rov Maxeip' Ma^elp Be eyevvrjaev 
TOP TaXadB. viol Be 'JLcftpdifi dBe\(f)Ov Mavvacra-r]' 'EovrdXaa/M Kal Tdafi. viol Be ZovTaXaafJ,' 
'ESe/x. ^? 11(01 Se Beviaf/,elv BdXa Kal Xo/3&)/3 Kal 'Ao-/S?;\. eyivovro Be viol BaXd Trjpa Kal ti 
Noefiav Kal ^Ay-^^el^ Kal 'Poxr Kal Mafupelv Kal Oc^tytttV' Vripd Be eyevvrjcrev Tov"ApaB. ^^ovtoc 22 
viol 'Pax^jX ov? iyevvrjaev 'la«(i)/3' TrdcraL yfrvxal BeKa okto). ^Sy/ot Be *Aai/*' ' Aaofi. ^-^Kai ^3 
viol 'N€<f)6aXl- 'AcrujX Kal Tcavvl Kal "laaaap Kal ^vXXij/j,. -^ovtoi viol BdXXa<i, ijv eBwKev 25 
Aa^dv 'Pa%^X t!} Ovyarpl avrov, i} ereKev tovtov; tco 'IaK«/3- irdaai ■y^v)(al kind, ^^irdaai 26 
Be yfrvxal al elcreXOovaat, p.erd 'Ia/c(w/8 els Atyvirrov, oi e^eX66vTe<; e'/c twv fiypcov avrov, ^wpt? 
rS)v yvvaiKwv vlwv 'laKoyjB, iraaai -^frvxal e^i'iKovra e^. ^7 viol Be 'Iw(tj;^ 01 yevofxevoi avrai ev 27 

23 5a^] 5at5av A 
25 ?;] T,v A* 

24 aueiTjX D | vwiwei Z> 
26 ei(\6oiiT(s A'] eiXdoyres A* 


iiioi fi.a.Pva(7<jTi'\ navaari vioi m : to ixavaacrri vioi c | viol 2°] pr 01 
oJ3 I fiavvaaar) 2" A] /lavain; VSi: fiavaffffi) £>^''M rell JSCTJL 
Phil Anon | ous 2°] ex coir p^ : t/v d | oktm 2°] aiToi' d | cm 
1; 1° dfi*p I TraXXoKis c Phil-cod | cm ti 2° Phil-cod | tox 3° — 
7aXaa5] duo IE | om tov y f | /iaxf'p i°] P-^^XtP c" I /""X^'P 
2° — roi' 4°] I'tot 5e ^ax^^p h | /xax^tp 5e] Kat fxax^ip np | /iaxftp 
2°] pr Ktti f : fJ.axvp 1 ^ {/^^PX^'-P '^) I 7aXaa5] 7aXa5 f : 7aX5a5 
ej ; x*^^ci^5 b: 7aXi5 d: ya\i p: Gaaii Anon^ : (5aX5a5 79; 
/ia5aa5 76) [ aoeX0w p | iiavvafftri) 3" A] /iai'ttin; Im^: fiapaajTj 
Z>''M rell iSffi: Manasses 3L | <roi>raXaa;U. i"— cSe/n] /rf^ fE"^*": 
decern IEp | trouraXaa^ i°] (Toi'ra\aa5 c^ : (rouraXa/i aefgjntl3 

It Anon' : *^1A ^ V cv^o <S : (ToinaWaafx o : <7ov0a\aajj. wtfT : 
(ffot'^XaajU 30) : Sn/hald Anon^ : ovToKaap. 1 : ^oi/traXaa/i h j om 

/cat 2** — ffot'TaXaa/i 2** cfCj | raa^] Taijn It'. Thaam Anon': 

\^\ oni 5e plE'' I Sai'] oa/i be : SaiSai/ A : aCKav o | acrojn] ocro)^ fl : 

Cham Anon" : TaXa/t dnpt : "^BJ^"Cjj Si | viol Se a-oiiraXaaii] niroiv m Anon" 
om i*m : om 5e v | aovraXaafi. 2"] aovTaXafi aegjUB'^lL Anon' : 24 koi I'loi] i.ioi 5e egjB'P : om xai b, | vioi] pr o» bioB | 

Machpt(-/ici/t Mh): o0ei/iei/i qu : oipifirni d: o<f>i/itui' v : {o<pi.p.- 
mil 30) : otpipLiii n : o<pi.\(i/i 1 ; a<p-qixi.p. b^ : o^^'M'M c, : oipixuv 
D: <piij.eiv g: ^i/iet/J, ej : ((pruid/i 79): *71»£^C1^ S: 4A« 
Anon': O(p0eiiiee i* : Ophi et Ophimin%: (0aft(/>77i' Kai 0im"M 
73) I 7))pa 2° — apaS] sub -^ S | 7i)/)a 5e] xai '/■qpa. p ] 7?)pa 
2"] -^-qpu c: Ci-t-ra 3: 71-n7 13": Arad Anon' | om tov r | 
apa5] apa^ (3 1) 18"' : a5a5 m : apo/u dptb^ 

22 oiTOi] -t-5e (18.32) J3"E1i I woi] pr 01 oi3 | om paxv^ 
1 I eyiVVTjcrev A] ere/te pa^X'-V^ ^w 1 : ere/cei' tw Z>s''M rell 3BC 
1E3LS I iciKw^] -I- ai fio-eXSouffai M""a iaKW/3 eis ai7D7rT0i' bw | 
vaaai i/'^X'"] omnes filii 'H-codd : om 7ra<rai CE1E | "Aiixai] pr 
ai Z)*''MabccfginoqwxJ3 | Seita o/ctw] 56»ca Kai evvea D: noneii- 
decifii CIL : 6e/i-a retrcapes aoxb^IE*^ : t' m 

23 uioi Se] pr /tai acoxb^c^: /cat I'ioi d: filius aiUein IL: 

vc^SaXi AM{-\ei)qu] i-fc^flaXij/i y3(uid) : i-c^ffaXi/i dntIS : Kf^- 
flaXei/x D rell: Nffhlhaloim C : Nepthalim %: Neptaliin 
Anon' : Neplhalyii Anon° |\\ — ffuXXij/i] ipia/iior IE | oitit/X] 
A>v^-Ui<^ S: (oirijeiX i6: affTjX 31): itxffirfK filL: naatriX 
acobjCj Anon: laff/SijX bw : affwv 1 | om Koi 2° p | 7ui)i'(] 
701'ft mp Anon: yovvis Jos-ed ; (yujivi 71): ytaivyj f i : yujvL c* 
xl-vtOS : Goiii/ii/i C: 7WPiii'ei n: 7Ui'i7;X 1 | om Kai 3° p | 
uriraap] ifftraxap qu: iiroap abcPlop : airffaap mx: Asaar 31: 
lacrtraap egj : lessaar IL: leiraap nvc^; (if trap 30): ^i*^ S: 

"T"'''^-^^^''' S: ffouTaXai' n : Siitadam ^P; aovBaXaa/Mhv/iS,: 

{aovOXaa/x 30): Suthald Anon' | om e5f/t — {21) ^aXa 2"^ p | 

eSe/t] ■^^^Tl^i^ ^(mg): Acdcin lL(pr tV) Anon": eSoi^ begjos 

wCjB'i' : f Xf/i i*y : aCKtp, n : -7)i<^^ 5(1x1) 

2 1 om 5e I " Z)C1Ep | om /3aXa i <>— a.<!^T\K E | /SaXa »cai X"/?"?] 

n<\=iS.^'iAi<i=i S(mg) I /3aXa i^] yiiAi-ira S (txt) : 

/SaXai fib : /SaXXa v : iJflri? C : ^aXa«r cobjB'P Anon' : Bdlach 

Anon': fiaXax a | nai 1° — /3aXa 2°] sub -i- &: om fi^'r"* | om 

(tat 1° bnswc, | xoi3wp] S(\=i2» S: x^^op bcdnqs'tvw: C/wder (^^aaaap 79): £'«2f/- Anon | (tiiXXjjm] "TaAitiJc. S: avWapi. 

egj: (TuaXijjit y: {cvXyjfi 71.76): o-nXi/i dm(-ei/j): aiWrjix. n 
Anon': (riXei/i P^ ^ ffiXiyyit 1: 6'/7a,? Anon°: acWiiix fi^'rC: 
(TfXXi/xo! Jos-cd: {xaXXij/tc: ffaXi;^ a : Oiia/em &". Symeon% 

25 ^aXas delmpq | Xa/3as c | paxvX — aiirou] Jiliae suae 
Rachel %,: tu laxuji 1 | 7/ cTiKtv tovtov$] hi sunt qiios peperit 
d I 7)] Kttt aci*mnsxbjC3'3f 3LS | om toutous m | Traffoi i/zuxai 
fTrra] om €3: om iraffai (iT | Taffai i/'i'xat] iraaas ^uxas m: 
omnes filii ^-codd | i^ux"'] pr <" /J5''a-gijn-qswx33 | eTrra] 
(oKrw 1 28) ; quinqiic ISp 

26 om 5f InvJlS'P | i/'i'xai i"] pr ai Z)b-gjmnv(mg)wxC2l3 | 
eiiTfXSouffai] eXBoivai k | pera laxw^] post ai7U7rToy (30-77) C 
((-««/ lacob paire suo)'^ \ laKwfi 1"] irj\ m | eJeXSoi/res] e^T/XSov 
j I EK TMi/ /UTipuc] ex J'acmorc 3L | pepux m | om Tai)/ 2° egjmx | 
mwv'X pr Tw;- efgijv(nig)b,c,''3S(!r(uid): twv tov m : om Cj* | 
(iaKw/3 2"] i^X 25) I Trairai i/'i'xoi] om (107) IE: om Tracrai npffi | 
i/zuxai 2"] pr ai i9^''Mabcfgjmv(nig)wxc,13 : +01x011 laKwfi h | 
e^] irevTi bw : Sdo f: septem 35*^ 

27 om iw<n]ip p I om ot m | 7e;'opf)'ot] (7ei'rw^6»'ot t8): 
£7ei'oi'To acfikmoxCj | om amu f | om yq befinp\vai3fiE1L | 
ni7U7rTa)] ai7u7rToii mqu: -(- /iavoirffTjs icai ecppat/j. f | om i/'uxai 

Anon : axofiup k : f^oxoip ao'Si : ^opwK b^ : xo|3"X J^ I om Kai 
2" — /SaXa 2° n | acrjST/X] a<r^7)p 1 : ^f(>c« ^t-ed : otr/SaTjX d : 
Asibel Anon (4A- Anon'): {mrtj>rik 31.83): .-/iw/ IL: aa-qX s: 
Masbel W: Sabie 3-codd | luoi 2°] pr 01 oB | /3aXa 2°] 
•^•~^\fC=^ %: ^aXas m: ^aXXa (30) B'P: Bara C : ;8aXaK 
cobjAnon': Bellac t\.\\ot\ : p,aXax a | 7T;pa 1° — oipi\Jiiv\sex'^ \ 
yrtpa i°] Geera%: yt\pav m: 7<;r« 58": ^li'rt?' Anon': Arad 
Anon': (om 31) | om Kai 3° dp | voefiavl voaiixav e: yiefiav 
k'21 : fcepaxT/s Jos-ed : I'eopai' m : voe/iap c: t'oeppai/ w Anon' : 
I'oep/iap b: ^oafxav D: Alohelmal "^ \ om Kai 4*^ dp | a7x^'j] 
ooi^il^ S(txt): Aitachis 9: 077615 c^ : axfs a: Alchis 3i : 
«v-"^\"g^ S(nig) : Xaxf'S b-^nw : (paxfts b* : a7X£i'' ZJgjqsud : 
(a7«i' 128: ayKriv~f6: eyKciv-]^: aX'" dh(axf i'')Iptl3'P : Achoii 
IS": a7X€i^ e: (ei7Xf<» 31: axt'M >8): Jachim Anon: 07x1; 
m : (ax' 84) | om Koi f° dp | poos n Anon' | om *ai 6° dp | 
pa/ii^cii'] Matiphin B'pCJL: pap^jji" ej : p.(p.fl>iv 3i*(-eiv) Anon': 
fiafiipif^ blmoptwxb^^l'f^/* liw) : " ^>°s*T >rjj 5: fxi^tfn^ c: 
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Anon' I om xai oipiiuv fi''or33" | o^t^ix] otfyqiMii/ y: o(f>ifiiii 




y!} AlyvTTTro yjfv)(^ai evvea. iraaai y^v)(a\ oikov 'Iukio^ al ela-eXOovaai et? AiyvirTov e^hofii]- (A) (B) 

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Tft) iraTpl avToO Kaff' '^ipwav iroXiv kui 6(f)0e\'; avrw eireTreaev eirl top Tpt'f)(i]\oi> avrov, Kai 
(o SKXavcrev KXavOfiw iriovi. ^° koX el-Trei' '\aparjX 7r/309 ^'Iwcri;^ ' \ utto rov viiv, eVetSi) § ^' 
.ji eoipuKa TO Trpoa-anrov crov en yap av f?/?.^ i^ei-rrev Se 'la)cr>i(j> 7r/309 Toi)? aSeXc^oy? avrov Wva^a^ » iL' 

airayyekSi rm ^apao) koX epSi avrm Oi' <iB€\(f)oi fxov Ka\ 6 oIko'; rov Trarpmi /xov, ot iicrav ev yrj 

32 'Kapdav, rjKaaiv irpo'; fii' 3~ot Se avSpe'; ela\v rroifieve^- dvSpei; yap Kr7]vorpu(f>oi tjaav Kat, ra 

33 KrijpTj Kal T01/9 ^6a<i Kal irdvra ra avr&v ayi6')(aai,v. ^^eav ovv KaXea-j] vp,d<; ^t>apa(o KUt, eirrt} 
3+ vfiiv Tt TO epyov v/xcbv eariv; ^ipelre" Avhpe<; KTT]voTp6<f)oc ecrfiev 01 rralhe'; <tov eK Tratoo? ews 

Tov vvv, Kal rjfi€l<; Kal 01 Trarepe<; t'jfimv' "va KaTOiKr]<Tr]re ev yfj Tetrefi Apa^ia' ^oeXvyfUi yap 
iarii' Xlyvrmtov 7ra? rroifirjv rrpo^draiv, 
XLVII I ^'^X6(ii)v he 'looat)(p d-TrtjyyetXev Ta> fi>apaoi) Xeywi' O rrarrjp Kal oi dBeX(f)ol Kal ra kttjvi] Kat, 

2 01 06€<; avrSjv Kal rravra ra avroiv rfxOov eK yi}^ ^avdav, Kal ISov elcnv ev yfj Tecrep.. ^arro oe 

3 rCiV dSeX(j)cov irapeXa^ev rrevre dvSpai; Kal ecrrrja-ev avTov<; evavriov ^apaii).'^ 3ical eirreu ^apao) 1! ffi™ 

29 i'et'las] £v sup ras B'^^' | ttiovi] TrXeiofi H^** 

(vvea qu \ i/'i'xcti i°] pr Traffai 1 : yf/» 3-codd : om cJE | cyca] 
Svo ac'a2":S(txt) : sex !£': Si-/i/em !Ei'S"'S{hab et nouem) \ 
irao-ai] pr et/m't^: +Se o3(!C: +i-ri;o % | xf/vxai 2"] ^ ex a 
i^: pr ai Z)bcegjmnv(mg)wc,13 Cyr Thdt | oiitou iaKu/3] pr tou 
k: post 01 n: om bi'wCEIi/ Cyr Thdt | on-oi'] oikoi m: (e( 
71) I at €icreX^oi'<Tai] at eXSovcrat kx : om 1: om at w | ets 
atyvirTOf'] pr /ler aurov f: pr taKt^^jS qu : pr a^tta laKU^ Cyr; pr 
fifra lOKWjS dhinpstB: /ttera taKw/Sb^iEP: +/tfTa ia<ufi Z)begjw 
CDIE*^^ I f^5o^riKovTa Tretre] pr ^I'^at />^''qiiC : o5' ni : 7re' f: 
om Trev7€ ^^ 

28 toi'Sa en | airearciXei' ^inrpoa$(v o.vtwv'] ajitea misit ^ | 
efitrpoadiv avriov] in itrbem lE^P : om 1 [ o.\rrwv A] avrov Z>''M 
rell BUE^iLS Clir | Kad — pOytteirffT)] sub -^ M : j'« terram 
Rames [Rdt/tese 3E*^) niiiis nomen Cdteroiu IE | T/pwoji'] Pdhom 
33 I om iroXtP f I om cts 'y?;!' pay.t<rat\ D \ yqi^] pr tt;!* bw : 
tt;!/ nc, I pafjLeaa-Tj] pa/xe(nj bjImptxC2: pa/xattri n: pafj.f<njf d: 
(paKftrtTT; 31; pefL€<T(nj 25): Ramasse 33: Ramesa ^E : + ^'al 
7;X0ei' VJ/i-Se yeaffi ackmxc,3S(sub *) [[dot j/Xflef] f/ ;/« 
ztetiit *3[: om kmCj | 777f5e] et? 7771^ x(post 77;!* ras i litt): in 
terram ^S : ey 77; a | 7etr€/t] yfaae^ k : x^'^^^f^ ""'H 

29 tttj(Ti7</>] +(n'i'ai' g* | (to apfxa 77) | om aiTou i"^ Chr | 
itrpatjX] iakw/3 nlES(mg) : om e Chr | ra Trarpt] tov ir/js y | 
Kcd rjpwojv iroXi;^] om dp Chr: +ei$ tt;** pa/tetrtrr; s | Kaff] 7ti 
?^^^ I t]pij>u]v\ PcthoiH 33 I o0^eis afTtj] iiidcns eum It | fre- 
jre(Tef ] post aiToi' 3° m : oTreTretrei' w : eirco-^v ceghjkns [ rov 
rpaXTjXo*'] TO irpofjonrov 1 | (cKXai'trac 76) [ KXavd/xu wiovi] 

Jltiu tnagiio 11.: fietitin magtittnt ^(pr jn)&: magna Jletti C: 
magnum Jletum 331E [ ^Xai'^^tj] pr tf /): KKa-Qfiov m | Trtofi 
B*n] Xtoi'-!) m: TrXeioft B^''A(7rXto>'t)/)(7rXeioi'et)M rell Chr 

30 ttrpaT^X] pr t | 7rpo$] Tia c | i<ji\f^ 1 | cTretSj; B] otl m 
33(uid) : fTret AZ>''M rell Or-gr Chr | crt — f?;?] om f : om <ru m 

31 Tous aSeX^oi's] top aSeX^oi' m | ai'Toi'] +Kai Trpos oikov 
Trp% ouTou ackmxc,3[S(sub •^•) [[oiKOf] pr TOf mc^ | trps] pr top 
mc^jl 1 acajSas] ibo ^ | a7ra77€\tj] a7ra77eiX(«j c^ : a7ra77eXXtj 
li: (a»'a77eXt^ 32) | om tw c^ | Ka.i epw avTu] om 'S: om avTW 
w I ot I"] pr TTrjp iiov Kot fi^rJL : pr on (20.31.83) 3S(uid) | 

28 avva.vT7}<TaLi afTOj] a ^wTtj'eiy tts trpoaujnov avroy g' 
a-VTOv tra/t. otpdjjvai ifiirpojdev auToy c^ 

30 <rou B^"'] <ru B* 32 irot^iffs A | a-pioxo-'riy B»"' 

(om 128) I om 01 2" qu | lyKatrtf] pr vvv Se qu : TjKOKtri 

32 Ot — iptraf] ct pastores pecorum ( + et homines gregum 12"^) 
it homines IS | om 5e Iv | €itrt>'] post Trot/ie^ei 3 | Trot/tcffs] 
4- Troifxvtiov kIL ; -f trpofiaTuv n | om avSpes 2" — Tjo-af iL 1 
a^^pes 7ap] f.' «;>;■ 3 : xai p: om 7ap e Chr | ijo-af] ettrtf bdnt 
\vc„333C Chr : om p I ra kttjj't)] iumen/a sua et ones 3L | ;3oas] 
+ aiiTc.;p Chr I koi 3" — ain-i^f] om Chr: om iravra b^ | to 2°] 
+ I'lrapxoi'Ta bwbj : om tn | (a7ioxatrt>'] (ko^tfof 128 mg) 

33 eaf] pr Kat tnrtv auTots f: pr dixi ei £i> | om ovv 
dfp I etiTT)] ctTTot a : firei c^* | om vfjuv bhw3 Chr | to ep70f 
vfj.wv'\ post etrrti' S 1 I'MWf ] post etrrtf S : i\'pii.v 107) | om 
cerrti' AZ^Meghjlqrsuvyb^S I'hil Chr 

34 f petTc] dieite e*/' 1£ : -r ei 33*" | ecrfiev] post troit A : fitrti' 
n*C I om EK TratSos a | eus] pr /cat k | tou] ttjs bw : om i* | 
Kat I** — Tjfjiojv] om i^: oin Kat T^^uets S | ^JM^^y] vfieis In*: 
+ KoXot o I KaTotKT/crr/Te] KaTOiKijo-erai o : habitcmus 33"' | 7f<TfM] 
yeaaefi Mikt3L : y^aaaifx o: yeaev D\ yeauep f(ras i litt inter e 
1° et a I°): peffept 1 | apajSta BAZ'ch*i*nstv] appa/Sta dp: apa(3 
o: om axCj'SS: appa^tas f: apa^tas MhV rell 33(uid)(!r(uid) 
IL 1 (7ap] 5e 76) | EtTTii' at7i'7rTtttiJ'] ai7i'7rTtots iffTiv fi | om 
eo'Ttp abcmnowxc^S(uid) | at7i'TrTti*»' B Phil] Toty at7i'ffTtO(S 
Adlyb,33 Chr: a't7i;7rTtoti D( + />'')M rell: Aegyptiis ILS I 
Trao-t n 

XLVII 1 eXStji'] eiaiXOuv h | tuff?;^] (pr 79): ipapau A | 
avriyyeiXev ZJabkmnosvwx | tu ^apati;] iw<!T](t> A: om tw egjr | 
irarnp Bei*lmoc,] +Mot» A/>''Mi»' rell aBClLS | aScX^ot BS] 
+ P.OV -qKaaiv h\\ : + piou Ay>''.M rell 33(!D1LS | Kot 2° — owuf 
1°] et pecora eoriim IE: om n | ktij^t;] -^ avruv fv(mg)33C | (01 
2°] at 76) I om aiiTuy 1° f | om Kat 4" — aiTuc 2° D \ om to 
2° mbj I TjXfloi'] 7;Kaa-t>' Mbdhj(mg)lprtv(mg) : ijKOi'trtc n : uenil 
3-codd : om b : +ad me ffi | om eK 77;! x""""" " I T*)] {w '"I 
31): om 3 I yetrefi] y«r(re/i. Mot: ye/nfif; (-', appajita 107) 

2 aSeX^uf B] + oi/tou AZ>'I.M omn 93SC1LS | TrapeXa^cv] 
eXajScf b : ci/// secum 3 | tt^vtc] post o;'5pas m | (iraptirrTitrey 
31.83) I om auTOK! 3[-cod 

3 Kat fiirff] furfx 5e c | iuari<p'\ avrov acmxC2S(txt) | Tt] 

STjXtoo-ai avTu M : a' oriXuaai aiTtu t/ ^tin-ifftv ets irpoaonrov 
30 airoflafoti/ttai] a' airoSowi/Ut Mjv 

139 18—2 



B Toit aSeX<f>oi<; 'l(oa7](j) T^' to epyov v/xmv ; oi Be el-Trav tm <i>apaoi} Hoifievef irpo^dTOiv ol TratSe? 




aov, Kai rjfiei,^ Kal ot Trarepe? ijfKov. ■*enrav de ru> 'i'apaw llapoiKecv ev rrj 7;; r}Kafj.ev ov r^ap 4 
eanv vojxi^ roii KTijveaiv tmv iraihutv aov, evla^vaev yap o \t/io? iv yfi ^avaav vvv oiiv Kaioi- 
Ki'jaojJiev iv yrj Vea-e/j,. ^elirev Be <i>apaa) rm 'Iaicrj;'<^ '^' KaTOi/cetTtBcrai' ev jr} Tea-efi' el Be eTTiary 5 
OTL elalv ev avTois dvBpe'; Bwaroi, KUTcicm^a-ov aiiToin; ap')(pvTa<i twv efiwv kttjvwv. rfkOov Be et? 
MyvTTrov 7rp6<! 'I&)cr/)<^ 'lo-Kfu/S Kal 01 viol avTov' Kal rjKovtrev <$>apao) /3aa-i\ev<i AiyvrrTOV. 
^^^ Kal elirev ^apaoi irpo'; 'iaxri)^ \eyoov 'O 'rraTijp aov Kal ol aBe\(f)ol, aov i'jKaat 7rpo9 ae- ^IBov 6 
■t) yi) AlyvTTTov evavTiov aov eariv er ry ^eXrlaTrj yfj KaroiKiaov rov -jTarepa aov Kai tov<; 
aBe\<f}ovi; aov. 7 ela/jyayev Be 'loiaijif) 'laKwf3 tov warepa avrov Kal earrjaev avrov evavrlov 7 
<i>apaa>- Kal evXoyt^aev 'laKm/B tov ^apad). ^ elirev Be (i>apaa) tm 'laKcl)/3 Iloaa eV?; i)p,epwv T)"/? 8 
fft)^? aov; '^Kal elirev 'Ia«(i)/8 ra> ^apaw Ai rjfiepai t(uv erwv t?}? fwJ}? fxov ixi irapouKOi eKarov 9 
TpMKOVTa eTi)- fMKpal Kal Trovrjpal yeyovaaw at i^fiepai twv eToJv Ty<; ^(or}<; fj.ov ovk acfuKoino 
619 Ta<i »;/xe/3a? Tiov eTwv t?)? f(U»;? twv TraTepcov p^ov, a? yjxepcK; TrapoiKijaav. '°KaL ev\oyi]aa<; 10 
^}aKM^ TOV ^apaoi) i^PjXdev air avrov. "/cat KaTMKiaev 'la)a>](j) tov irarepa Kal toi)? dBe\(pov'i 11 


5 KaTOLKeiTUffav B^^] KaTOiKiToiaav B* | 

9 fieiKpat B*{^t\-- B'') | a<fi^iKovTo D 

rjKainv A 
1 1 KaTijOK'qaiv A 

6 KaTOtKTJffOt* A 


+ csf 5LS I v/iitov] pr €<rTLP k^: n-eariv cfirB | ol 5e] €/ IE | 
eiTra*'] etTror a-fm-quC2 | om roi 0a/)aai dfho | Troiixeves'] ^-ea^ev 
dnptlS I TTpofiaTiav'] kttjvoji' f: -^-suni^: -\siifNUs%: + nos"^ \ 
{rraibes] bovKoi 14) | <tov] -]-€(T(X€U fi^^: +e/f TraiSos eois tov vw 
egj Or-gr: ( + eujs tov vvv 20) | om koh 2** — ij^oii' Or-gr | T^^ets] 
vfX€L% al* I Trarepcs] TraiSes a \ rffiijjv^ vfxoiv a : 4- ck TratSos ewj 
TOV vvp M{mg)dhi^^j{mg)npqituv(mg)yb223(uid): -^eK Traidiodev 
eoj? TOV vvv A: +6K v^ott^tos ews tov vvv o; +eujs tov vvv I: 
-\- axpi TOV vvv f 

4 eiirav Se] elwov 5e acdenopCg: eiircv 5e i*: /cat ciTrav bw | 
om TOj i*jn Or-gr | -rrapoiK^Lv — 7}Kafi€v] adscendhnus in ierram 
(pro enujlol leg etycom) 13: fac nos habita7-e in terra in 
qitain uenimus 1£ ] KaToiKeiv n | ev 1° — 7}Ka/j.€v] itefiimus in 
terra hac % \ om T17 Ib^ | 777 i°] H-7€(r6/t b^: +7? f | 7;Ka/ner] 
TjKOfxev ahmorvxCg : rjKw/xev en : €i(nofj.€v k | efrrif] ^;v?/ S | 
vojjLij] 17/Ltti' c I (tois] pr ev 30) | ei'icrxi'ffe''] ewo'xi'ef C2: tffxi'o'ej' 
n I Xoi/ios n | 7?; 2°] pr ttj hv | KaToiuriaofxev B] KaToiKTjo'ujfxev 
Aa-dflnpwy Chr: +01 TraiSes ffou AZ>M omn ^BS Or-gr: 
{KaToiKovfxev 01 iratScs cou ^j): fac habitave {-Vnos '^'^^) sertios 
tuoslE- inorahuntur pueri tzti %, \ 7C(7cre/i Mfioqt 

5 om env€v \^ — 7eo-e/* dfl | fiTrei' £<>] pr •^- ^ | om tw 
i(x}at](f> Chr I i(j}(77]^ I*'] +Xe7ajf egj: -rXe7Wj' Tr^p ffou Kat 01 
aSiXfpoL (TOV TjKaffLV Trpos tre t5oi' 7; 77; ai7i'7rrou cvavTLov <tov 
effTiv ev TT) ^eXTiaTTj yrj KaToiKLcrov tov wpa crov Kat tovs a5e\(povs 
aov a*ckmoquxc2'^l£S [[\e7wi'] i/uia IE: om c^ | Trijp] 01 
TTpes m ] om aov 2*^0^' | i^KaaLv] eXriXvOaaiv limc^ | ae] -fef 
ynj aiyvTTTov o | om i8ov c^ | om ai7i'7rTOi' o | evavTLov] evaj- 
TTLov c: ets irpoaui-rrov c^ \ tv ^eXTiaTr} 77;] ayaduj tottoi c^: om 
777 mlE^P I KaTOiKtaov] Kadiaov mCj : Kadiaai k | tovs aSeX- 
001'?] ot aoeX0ot k | crou 4"^'] + "^ ^J | om KaTOLKeiTiaaav — 
yeae^i S | Karoi/vetroxra;'] pr (f/ "SL: KaTot^Tjcartucrar imnp Chr- 
codd I om ev 777 yecrefj. Chr | yeaae/j, Mx | et] ?/ c: ctTre j ( 
om ejriffrT? otl f | eTrtcrrT;] €Tn<rT7}s qu : CTriaTTjffai gj : C7rt(rra<rat 
ekl: eTTtcrraire j9: €<pTjff6aff€ m | ev ai'TOts] post Si'varot c: om 
d I om avopes Or-gr | om roiv h | e/iwi' KT-qviov] r}fiti)v kttjvwv 
rt: KTT}V(ov -rjfxiov dplL | om rjXOov — (6) crou 3° x31£S'{txt) | 
7}\$ov — at7i'7rrou sub -^ Mv | t}X9ov] riXdav m: tjXOev jquB: 
etarjXBov w: eiarjXde b | om wpos i(j}atj(p i*^ acfoCj | om laKia^ 
— avTOv % I om o(. i^ cdln* | om ^-at 2*' — (6) trot' 3° k | om 

vat 2" — ai7i'7rT0i' c^ I <P^P^^ '2'^'] pr o : om 1 | om /SatrtXci'S 
a:7ii7rT0i' p | Kai ^"^ — (6) aov 3°] sub 'i^c- Mv: om qsu | (papaia 
3*^] om np : {-\- ^aaiXevs aiyvirTOV 25) | (om Trpos itoarjcp 2" 30) | 
TTpos 2°] Ttu Z>Ma-eghjl-ptvwb2C2^(mg) | Xe7tov — (6) troi/ 3**] 
a7a7e avTOVs Trpos ytte m: pater tuns ,S(mg) : om c{spat 5 litt 
relict)oc2 | Xe7w»'] om Ipv: ( + OTt 79) | {waTrjp] 7rat9 16) | 
aov 2°] om v: -^-ct pecora eorum B | Tj^aut] -qKovaiv ny{uid) ; 
eXyjXvdaatv v | tre] fxe a 

6 om totum comma b^ | idov] pr cY 3L: om bvw | 7;] -fSe 
bw I evavTiov aov] ets irpoaojTTov aov v : corafn eis B | ev — aov 
3°] hahitent pater tuns et fratres tui in terra bona B | tt; 
^eXTiaTT) 777] a7a^aiTaTtJ ttjs 777s v: om 777 dp | KaToiKtaov] 
KaTaaTTjaov b: KaBiaov v | tov — aov 3''] avTovs n 

7 et(r777a7ei' 5e] Kat eio-777a7c»' k | om laKta^ 1° befgjlE | 
avTov] avTio m: om (18) ^ \ om /cat 2° — (papauj 2" cfuqsu | 
TOV 2°] rtj p I <papau3 2°] + etTrev 5e taMO/3 toj (papau b 

8 enrev — ta\'Wj3] /cat eiirev avTio 0apau) p | Troca cttj T/^tepojc] 
TTOcrat 7)fxepaL eTUv h^: quot dies IE | om eT77 f* ) 7;/xepa)v] pr 
Ti^v {20) Chr: om v | om T77S Abb2C2 

9 om /cat i'* IL [ ia\'UJj3 tw 0apacj] om p*: om Ti»3 tpapauj 
d I Ttjv eTojv i"] post ^tin7S 1° '21: om S: om tcuv b: om ertov 
n I TTjs ftOT/s fxov I"] sub -r- ^: om tt/s b | om as i°— ^oi* 2° 
m*p* I as 1"] a ex oi'k^ a0t g^ | TrapotKuj] peregrinates sum "SI: W/ I eKarov — eri?] erj; e/carov Tptaycofxa d3t: post 7e7ova(riv 
m'' : TpiaKOVTa Kat e/carov eT77k: om Phil | (/it/cpat] irtKpat 79) | 
7rov7;pai] ma^ni ^ | om at 2° — TrapojKtjaav f | om at 2^^ — fj.ov 
2'' Phil Chr^ I ai 2° — €T(av 2**] anni B [ tojv 2*^ — ft«"7S 2°] 
?///a^ wffle' ei annorum 3£: om I Ath Chrf Thdt : om rttjv 
fTtAjv oil, Or-Iat I om ovk — irapiOKijaav k | ovk] pr Kat '^lES' 
Chr I a0tKOVTo] a^T/zcovrat bw : atpiKov m: a<p€iKeTo A: c^t- 
KOi'TO Phil: e(pdaaav Ath Thdt | om tus (25) Phil | tujv 3° — 
77/tepas 2°] om 1* : om rtov ctojv tt/s ft(J77S (18) 3E Phil Ath Chri- 
Thdt I twv erojv 3"^] post i^toTjs 3*^ v: om el^^mc^ | T77S i'tu77S 3"] 
Tujv eTiov D'. (om 71.76) | i^fiepa^ 2** (as t/m-?)] T/M^pat as Z? | 
om T]fj.€pas 2° bwBlE Phil | 7rapt«JK770'av] irapoiK-rjaa bclmswCj* : 
uixentnt IE 

10 TOv] TU3 t 

1 1 Kat Ka.Tb3Ki.aev iijoa'i]<f>] Joseph autevi deduxit % \ Trarepa] 
+ au7-oii Z>^''a-dfi-'^M-prstwxb2C2^B1L<S(sub •:;:■) Chr | ai^roi^] 

XLVII 5 rfkOov K.T.X.] haee inucnta sunt in codiee alio^^ in traditione aiitem Septuaginia non ,S 



XLVII 1 8 

avTov Kol ehonKev avTol<; KaTd<7')(e<7iv iv yfj Alyvirrov, ev t!j ^eXTiary yfi, en yf) 'Pafieacnj, Kava M 

12 irpocreTa^ev ^apato. ^-Kai tVtTO/xtT/set latar]^ tw Trarpl avrov kih toZ? dS(\<j>oi<; Kai iravTi tw 
oiKM Tov iraTpo^ avrov criTor Karn crw/xa. 

13 '3'^Ito<; Se ovK yv ev Trdai] rfj'ia^vaei' yap 6 \ifi6<; <7<f>6Spa' e^eXnrev Be t) yf] Aiyvirrov 

14 Ka\ >) yr) 'K.avdav diro tov Xifiov' ^-^avvriyayev he 'l(0(7r)(f) -Trav ro dpyvpior to evpeOev ev yf) 
AlyinrTov Kal iv y^ \avdav tov aiTOV ^yopa^ov, Kal ecriTO/xeTpei avTOK- koX eiarjveyKev \war]^ 

15 irdv TO dpyvpiov et? tov oIkov 'Papaio. '^Kal e^eXiirev to dpyvpiov irdv t'/c 7?}? AiyvirTov Kat, 
eK yfj<; 'K.avdav' rj\6oi> he Trai'Te? 01 AlyvTTTioi •7rpo<; 'lo}(7>)(f) \eyovTe<; A09 ri/Miv dprovf' Kal Iva 

16 Tt uTrodvijCTKO/iev evavTLOv crov ; eKXeXotirev yap to dpyvpiov I'jfiwv. ^^etTrev Be avTOK l<i)atj(f> 
^epeTe^ to. KTijvrj vfj,(Sv,Kal Bdxro) vfilv dpTov; dvTi twv KTrjuwv v/j.(Sv, ^el eKXeKonrev to apyvpiov % S 

17 vfjiwv. ^'^fjyayov he Ta kti'jvj] tt/so? 'Iwct;;^, Kal ehooKev avTOi<; ^\o)cn](j) dpTovs dvTi twv Xntruiv 
Kal dvn TcJov Trpo^aTQjv Kal dvrl tmv ^orov Kal dvTl twi/ ovq)v' Kal e^eOpeijrev avTov^ ev dpToi<; 

18 uvtI irdvTuiv TWV kttjvwv avTwv ev tS eviavrai eKelvai. ^^e^rjXOev he to eTO<i eKelvo, Kai 7}X6av 
7r/309 avTov er tS eVet tw hevTepw Kal elnav avTW Mj; TTore eKTpi^wfiev uiro tov KVpiov 7j/j,a)v ei 
yap eKXeXoiirev to dpyvpiov Tj/u,a)v Kal Ta virdp^ovTa Kal Ta KTtjvrj 'Trpo<i ere tov Kvpiov, Kai ov^ 

12 fffiTOfierpi A 

18 ovx B'''] OVK B* 

+ fis yr)i' yecrefi b\v : ( + ci/ 717 yeae/i 71): -\- ep 77; eSe/i j(hab et 
mg)v(nig) I aiTois] avTovs mp | KaTa(rx(^v Clir-codd | 71) i°] 
{pr Ti; 71: TT) 31): om egjCj | aiyvTrrov Bb'fnw] ai7U7rTW A 
Z>"'Mb» reU Chr | om rri bw | om yr; 2° ob^ | er yij paixcaa-ri] 
Gesem 3L: om ^ | 71; 3°] pr Tr\ bw | pa/xftro-i;] paixfa-q abl 
n(-(7i)opvvx*: /iamesa'Si: /iamasscii\ Ka0aTcph\{mg) \ -wpoa- 
CTa|e»'] TTpwera^e c: avvira^^v avTW fi^^r: + aiTw D: ■\eis 

12 Kai etjLTOfierpei] admaisits est aufe/zi 3L | ffirop-eTpct I | 
om iu}(T7j(p p I Tw Trarpt] Tois aSeXcpoit hm | avrov r^ Bf-iniq]3 
3LS(uid)] om AZJM rell 3 Chr | tois aSeXipoiS Bgi] pr iratn 
v(mg) : T(j irpt h: rw Trpt avrov m: {tovs aSc\<povt aiTOv 31); 
+ avTOV ADM rell 3H31LS Chr | wavn toi oikoi] (waat tov 
oiKov 73 mg): Tram tois ck tov oikou j(mg)Uv(mg) | iravTL] Trav 
b I om Tw 2" r | triTOp] acTovhw: {anuiv 18) | awfxa'\ ffwfxara 
bqulLS : OS a 

13 (TtTOj 6e OVK Tjv^ Kai ovk t^v fftros pl£ | om fviJX' — 
a<po5pa 1 I Xi/ios] \otfj.os n: -feTrt t-ijs yi]s o; -^ super totam 
lerratii^ \ eJfXurfi'] tfeXciTrev AZ)Mc'^(-Xi;7r-)hkmnorybj*(uid): 
e^eXtTToi' a | (ai7U7rTw 77) | aTro] -f-TrpodoiTroi; k | Xoi^oi* n 

14 (n;)'et(T7/7a7e degj | ivav i**] post apyvpiov r-" n: airaf 
Chr: (rvpLirav k | to 2*^ — aiyviTTov] tujp re ev atyvirrw Chr | yij 
i°] Til i* : om 13 I ai7i>7rroi' Bbf knoquw] aiyvwru ADM rell $J | 
Kai i°] pr Kai €i<rr}yayev avTO eis tov olkov (f)apau p | ev yij 2^] 
T7JS yqs p : Tojv ev ttj Chr | tov airov] pr aTro abnv{mg)wy : pr 
UTTO f: TO apyvpiov p: ex friimento 3L | B] 01/ AZ>''''M omn | 
T77opa^oc] pr auroi k : r\yopa^e (79) ^ | Kat etriTo^erpei airoty] 
sub — S: om IS [ ai'Toty] afroL-s m(uid) | om Kat 3" — (papaio 
p I ct<rT)>'£7Ke;'] ei<7T)7a7ej' brw Chr | om iw<n)<p 1° bw Chr | 
Trav TO apyvpiov l'^~\ airav Chr: +to evpeQev ev yr) aiyvirroi Kai 
ev yrj xo-vaav g | om eis — (15) TraJ/ 1 

15 (om Kat 1° — Trai/ 64) | eteXetTrff AZ)Mchkmnr*sv*(uid) | 
TO apyvpiov Trav B] om Traf Aafkmx-c^'ElS^'lL^ : Trai' ro apyv- 
piov />''M rell lE'*^: Xotirof to ap7. Chr | ck 7t)S i°] pr cikttc 


aj'aXw9T;vai egj : eK tt;s i* : ck ttjs 7t)5 f: i/i terra S-codd : 
terrae IE | om Kat 2° — x""'"'"' 1 I f" 1^^ ^°] ^'^ ■'■')5 7')' f : "' 
terra ^-codd : terrae 15 | om ot ai7i^7rTtot %* \ Kai 3^* — aTTo- 
&vT\aKO}xev\ tie moriauntr'^: om Kat % \ aTrodvT)GKij3ixev fn^lL ] 
eKXcXotTre;/] e^eXeiTre m : eJeXtTrf (20) Chr | om rj/tMc ZJMacdh 
kIopq5-vxb,c,gBS Chr 

16 om ain-ots n | om HijaTj(ft dp | (pepeTe] +Tjfuv p^{vfjiiv 
p*) I li/twf 1°] Tj/iuf gp' I om Kat — ii^wi' 2° mc^ | viiivj 
TjfjLiv g I aproi's] apTOV q | avrt — u^tttjf 2*^] apr aurttji' p: om n | 
om ei — ap7i;ptoj' F''^ | vfxutv 3° Bf] rifiuiv A: om Z^FM rell 


17 {rtyaye 31) | kttji/t)] +avToiv F'^fi-^'rlS Or-gr | om Trpos 
iui(TT]<p Chr I ioi(TT)<fi i"] pr TOV bw | om Kat i° — iu(Xi)<ti 2° j | 
om iu<rTi<f> 2° nplE Chr | apTous] apTov F*"': panern iL: om 
Chr I om Tttiv i*^ — afTi 2° IE | om Kat 2° — Trpo^arwv c^ | om 
afTt Tt^f 2" p I TTpoparuv] fjouv n | om Koi 3" — /Souf s | afxt 
Tioi' 3°] om p : om ai'Tt d3E | /3oi>)i'] rrpofiaruv n \ avri tuv 4°] 
om p: om arTt Chr | edpe\pev bfw | auTons] oi'tois hp: avroii 
laiTTjtf) a: +iojiiTi<p ckmob^ | ev apTois] om (76) Chr: om ev h | 
om TravTiiiv flmlS Chr | om avroiv f | ev 2" — eKctKoi] om Chr: 
om ev f I Ttij evtafTOi] post eKeivuj o 

18 om e^rfKdev — eKeivo b | cjTjXflfv] e^T\K8ov c^: SirfKOev 
¥^n I {5e] toivvv 71) | 6tos] eKfj A | Kat TjXffav] rfKBov Se 
Chr I TjX^av Bi*J tjXSov A/>''FMi»' rell | Trpot aurov] ad 
loseph %: om i* | ev] Kat Chr: om mv(lxt) | eTct] eviavrui 
dhlnptv(mg)y | om Kat etTrav auTui b^ | etTTOv F^'^'ac-fmnpc^ | 
auTw] auTO h''' : om IL | aTTo] utto e | Kuptou Tfyituv] Xtyitou s | 
om ei — Kvpiov 13'P | ei — Tj/tuv 2"] si argentiivi erat defecit 31 | 
et 7ap] quia IE | to apyvpiov tj^oiv BS"] (to Tfpioiv apyvpiov 
108}: TO Traibapia F* : om tjjuuiv A/)F''M omn iL | Kat 3° — 
KT7)VT)] et si pecora et res % \ om Kat to kttjvt; m | om Kat 4° 
t* I Ta KTr\vq\ pr Travra F"'^dfi^'npt : +7;^ajvb | Trpos 2" — Kvpiov'\ 
om F*: ante dominum nostrum iL | o-e] om b^: + sunt 3 | 
Ki'ptov] + r^ixoiv M(mg)bcegjk Chr | om koi 5° kwx | ovxi 

12 fftTov KaTa (TWjLta] a' Tpotpr]v Kara Xoyov tov ox^ov M 

14 Kat 30 — 0apacj] Kat eiaeKO/xriaev luaTjip to tov airov arrav apyvpiov Kai xPVf^ Trpos ipapato s 

18 fj,r} — Tifj.wv i^] ov fj.T] 5ia^eva6ii)ixev tuj kw Tjfjiutv F'* | et 7ap eKXeXotTrev] i5of TereXeto^Tai F"* 


XLVII 1 8 


B inroXeiirerai rjfjLiv (vavriov rov Kvpi'ov aW ij to iSlov crtifia Koi 97 yi] rjfiwv. "^'ti'a firj diro- 19 
6dv(o/J.ev evavTiov aov koX r) yrj epr}fj,<aO>}. icrrjcrai r'jfid'i koX rrjv yrjv tjfimv avrl dprtov, Koi eao/j,eOa 
ijfi.ei'! Kal ')) yrj i^fxwv iralSe^ ^apaui- ios (nrepfia Iva cnrelpwi^ei' koi fir) inrodch'cofiei', koX ■>) yrj 
epij/j-djOrjaeTai. ^°Kal eKTrjcraro 'Itoarjcf} Trdcrav rijv yrjv twv PLiyvmiuiv tco <i>apao)- cnreSovTO 20 
yap ol AlyvTrTloi rr)V yrjv avTwv tw ^apaco, eireKpaTrjaev yap avrwv \ip,o<i' Kal iyevero rj yrj 
^apao), ^^Kai tov \aov KareBovXwcraTO avrw et? TrotSa?, utt aKpav opicov Alyvirrov em? rtoj"?! 
ciKpcof, ^^■)(copl'; T^9 7?}? T(ov lepecav fiovoV ovk eKTrjcraro ravTfjv 'Itoa/jcp- ev Boaei yap eScoKev 22 
Bofia TOt? iepevaiv ^apaoi, Kal rjaOiov rijv Soaiv fjv ehioKev avTol<; ^apao)' hva Tovro ovk dtre- 

"i D SovTO Tr)v yrjv ainaiv^ '^^et-rrev Se 'looarj^ Trdcrt tok A.lyvmloi<; 'ISou Kmrr^fiai vfiav' Kal rrjv 23 
I a yrjv v/Mwi' (T7]p,epov tm (i>apaw, Xa/Sere avToli; ^cnrepfia Kal aTreupare rrjv yrjv ^^Kai earai. ra 24 

S ffira yevrjfiara avTrj<;, Baxrere to Trep,irTov p.epo'; tS ^apaco' rd Be ^Tecraepa fiepr) ecrrai, vfiiv avroii; 
€19 (T'rreppa rfj yrj Kal et? ^pwaiv vfjuv Kal nrdaiv roi? otKoi.<; vp,o)V. ^^Kal elTrav ^e(T<OKa<; rj/jid(;, 25 
evpofiev %a/3ti/ ivavTiov tov KvpLov rjiiuiv, Kal ecr6p,eda iralBes ^apaoo. ^^Kal WeTo avTot<; lwaf)<p 26 

18 VTToXtTTfTa B 

21 a7r] OTTO Z) 
23 T1JV yr\v I^] yqv\y7iv "B* ^^'^[7rjv\yqv B*^^^) 


19 i°] +0W B^*" I aiTitpuixev] +/fai fw/uf B"'""K 
22 boff€i B^^'] boat. B* 1 tepci'dt F 

24 Suaerai A | ircjuTrrot A | rcaaapa B»'' | Train F 

A(uid) I viroXenreTat Aaegi*(-Te)jsy Or-gr (repugiiante con- 
textu)] UTroXiTfTo B: viroXeXenrTai Zis''FMi^' rell a[(uid)!EE 
Chr I oni 7;jtiti' Aew | fvavT^oif tou Kvpiov] {efaPTtof aov 71): 
«»//(> /f i/ii//i noslriiin 1L: coram te domine lE"^': liomine coratn 
te !Ep I ti'/MOU 2° BxS] +-,))xu}v A£l»'FM rell B Or-gr | aXX] 
pr ovhiv b: om Or-gr Chr | T\tJ.uv 3"] tjiuv 1 

19 iva. 11.1) aTro^afWjUei'] li.r) ovv awo6. n: {fiTj anod. ovv 78) | 
ira i» B*] -t-oio- B'^AI>''¥M rell ^BIEIL Or-gr Chr | /tai 7; yq 
I"] pr /cat ye y)ixm avroi ack(oni 7e)mxb2C2 : pr et nos ^: 
■\-rip.{iiv abegjkmn3-codd | (fitffxuiOri BbdfiwIL Or-gr] pr ii-q n 

lE(uid) : epTjfxojdijireTai AZ^FM rell | KTtjaai — 0apa(ij] post epT)- 
fj.uOT]iT€Tai. d I {ttji' yr]v] tt] yr) 30 : ra kttjpt] 76) ] avrt] evavri 
m j afmov'\ pr rwp n Chr : aprov F^ | etro/uc^a] eaw^eOa clns* : 
simus 1£ I 7;^ets] pr /fat abeghjlpvw Chr | 0a/)aw] pr ro) begjq 
uw Chr I 5os] pr xai klE*^': 5u n: -Ftjm"' begjwBIE | trirep- 
/lara AD( -t- /))y | om ivo. <nmpuip.ev F^'* | fnreipwfxev B*] om 
eg] : +Kai fijo-w/nei/ A£'F''fhlmpqtu : + Ka.i '(rfsoixcv dk : -l-Kai 
'(uiiev B'''"i'BF*M rell Chr: +et uiiianiiis SB3L: +ut uiiiainus 
IE I om xai j" egj | (77) 3"] -I-t)^wj' 18) | epTifiwBrjiTeTai BA*] 
pr oil*: A'D( + D^'')FM omn aE(uid ) Chr : jtoit deseratur % 

20 iu<ri)0] pr o qu | om iraaav Chr | tijv yT)v i"] post 
aiyviTTiwv m | rwr — (papaw 2^] om 1£P: om rwv bel | tw i° — 
4)apa{0 2°] et reddidit Pharaoni omnem terrain eonim IE'' | tw 
i"^] avru m* : om degjCg | eireSoPTO I | 7ap i°] Sc 1 | 01 ai7U7r- 
Tioi\ post aifTwy 1° Cj ; -t-aj/5pes k | t7;c 2°] pr iratrav y \ ai'TWi' 
1"^] aiTui b: om y | (papaio 2°] iwarjip f | om etreKpaTTjaev — 
(papauj 3° em | auroj*' 2°] post Xt/xos Al : acroi' s: acrois f; om 
y I XoLpLOS n | 17 77;] terra eorttin 1L | 4^a.pai)i ^^ V>Dbg^v>'c.^ 
pr Tw AFMga' rell Chr 

21, 22 libere uertit IE 

21 Karebov^waaTo] Xw sup ras a'^': Ka.T€bov\waavTo e | 
ai'Tw] aiTwi' A: eaurw abkmowxbgC^: om jy | ets waiSas] fts 
Trepas m: (om 71) | aTr aKptxjv optiov] ad imlio Jiiiis 1L | {aKpujv 
I**] aKpov 128) I om opiUJ*' — aKpuv 2^ m | optw**] opeioy dp; 
(jjpaiojv t : opw;' a | (at7i'7rToi'] ai7i'7rTtwf 25) [ ews] pr /cai F'^b 
cf iknswxCj | om twv F*egj Chr | anpup 2"} -f ai<ruiv 1 : + eius 
aiL Or-lat 

22 X"^/"'] post 7'?s ti"' I M"'''"'] t^oi/uiy bcef*gjlq : ixoptjs dm 
iipt I oi'K (KTi}craTO ravrriv Bbfiw] ovk (kt. avrr\v v13; TavT-qn 
OVK fKT. F'>degjknpt : t/t/ia 7ion acqiiisiuit eos "3: om ravT-qv A 
Z>F*M rell 1L | iwcrr;0] -haiTt; M(mg): -I- ru 0apau f | edwKev 
1°] dedoiKCP ny | 5o/na] Sofiara AMbdefhi»'kmprlxa[(uid) Chr- 
codd {lipoi/iara ed): om c^ | (lepeuffii'] pr tot-c 18) | ipapau i°] 
pr irapa k | koi — ipapaw 2°] sub * M ; om b : om Kai j | 
■qadiov — rjv'\ matidticaiierunt quod 3L | (Sukcv 2"] BeiwKtv r | 
(ftapad) 2'^] iwatjtp n* | 5ta toito] (pr Kai 84): +e/nm 3L(int 
liu) I aTreSujro n* 

23 Tracii] post ai7i>irriois n: om bdegjhv Chr | KeKTTjfjiai] 
KCKTTiTe b I -quas 1 | Kai i" — vfiuv] post ari/xepov acm(T?) 7i7)ox 
bjCjSlS I i)Mw 1 I om Tu begjCj | Xa/Sfre] -roui' Chr | auTOit 
Bdi*mopstu*] avroi y; cai'rots AFMi'^Ur"* rell Chr: om lE^ | 
arrfp/xaTo. AF''abceghjmnpstyaj,'3 Chr | cnreipere w | ttji' yr)!' 
2^'] avTrjv b^ : eaiTots M 

24 eorai i*^ — auri^s] pr ear dhpt Chr (yeftjOtj pro earai 
codd); pr ai* n : quod natum fuerit ex eo'^: om IS : om etrrat 
CjlE I yevpri/iara fgjl Chr | auTjjs] ti;s 7175 h | om Soiaere — 
avTois g I 5ai(TeTe] pr Kat bdfklqtuw'Sl : dore Chr-ed | om to s | 
om Tw Aely | etrrai 2^^] post i"^ M | vpuv i°] T^/iif 1 | 
avTon] (cai aiT?; m | eis irirfp/ia] pr koi s: post yrj acklmxc^: 
ets ffirfpfiara Aquy : airepfMaTa n ; om eis bgw | ttj y-rj] (pr €f 
18: T77S 71)! 32): om b^ I om en 2" (84) 33 | v/uv 2°] ));Ui;' 1: 
VJJ.UJV cemp: +Kai eis ^pwffiv rots vqTriois vixbiv M(mg) | om 
Tracrii' lEi' | oikois BFbhnwaJ pr ev tois AM rell (oi/ciaj c) 3 
15d£(uid)lL.Chr I viio>v'\riixuv \: vfuv c: + kcli eis fipuaiv tois 
p-qiTLois v/xiov acegjkmxbgC^^ 

25 eiTrar] fiTroi' Fi^'dmnCj: +ei (JIE | acauiKai] sanasti H,: 
-i-7ap b I evpofxevl pr et '^ : evpujp.ev n: evpap-ev Ay: {evp-rj- 
Kap^ev 20) : -1- enijn 33 | evavriov — ij/ioii'] eorant te donnne t!D ( 
ti'a;'Tio>'] (fi'uirioi' 14): -f<rou(i8) 3L | om t-ou 1 | -qiuiiv} vp.on 
k I f<ro/iffla] (aa/xeffa clnsw : (-f 01 vaiSes aov 16 (<roi' ex corr)) | 
TraiSfs 0apau] aiTou olkctui n | ipapaui Begjkr] pr tv tii>\: pr 
Tw AFM rell Chr: Pharaonis IL 

26 Koi] T01170 5€ Chr | auroir] aureus di*n*pt3L | iw<ri;0] 
post vpoarayfia 31 Chr; (om 31.73) | eis irpoffra7/ua] to irpo<r- 

19 KTTjaai] ayopaaop F^' 21 ai'a7ro7pa0ous fTroiriaev {} ~ KaTcbov\o3(Ta.To)Cy 

22 ey — lepfuiTii'] a' on a/cpi/Soff/xos tois lepEutri;- MCjJoti axpi^.] axpi/J. 7ap]|; <r' ffui'Ta^is 7ap rjv tois ifpfuo-ii' Mc^: ira^. 
Kat 7ap /xepis t^v tois iepevaiv c^ 




et? TTpoaraiyfi.a €a><; rij'i ))fiepa<; TavT7]<; tVi. 7^1/ AlyinrTov tm '■hapaw diroTrefiirTovv, X'^P'f ■"/"> T*?^ 
27 ToJi' iepimv novov ovk fjv toi <t>apaQ>. ^T KaTWKrjaev 2t 'XaparjX ev yfj^ AiyvTTT^ eirt. Trj<i 7JJ9 

Feffe/i- Kai iKXtjpoi'o/iTiaav eV avrrj';, ical fTrXrjdvidrjo'av <T(f>oSpa. 
iH ^^'Ewe^Tjaev Be 'laKcolB ev yj) AlyvTrro) eTJ] BeKa etTTu- eyevovTO Be al tj/iepai 'laKO)^ eviav- 

3y ruiii T>)<i fwJ}? avTov eKarov recraepaKoi'Ta eina err), ^^ijyyicrav Be at r/fiepai laparjX atrodaveiv, 

Kai eKiiKeaev tov vlov avTOV ^lo)(7>}<f> Koi etTrei/ avTW Et evpijKU X''P^^ evavrlov aov, VTroae<; rr/v 

X^^P"- °'0V viTO TOV fiijpov fJLOV, Kai TToujaeK eV ifj-e e\er)Hocrvvr}v Kai dXijOeiav tov fiij fJ.e aayat 

30 eV AlyinrTO)' ^°aXX,a K0tp.r}6i] fx^TO, twv irarepiov fiov, Kai upei<; fie t'f Alyv-jnov Kai daifreK 

31 fie ev Ta> Td<f>(p avTcSv. 6 Be ecTrev 'E^w iroiritra) kuto, to pfjfid aov. ^^enrev Be Ofioaov fioi. 
XLVIII 1 Kai (iSfiocrev avTw-^^ KalirpoaeKvvrjaev ^\<Tpai)\ eirl to ciKpov Trjt; pn^Bov avTOV. *' Vj^eveTO 

Be fieTO. TO. pr)fiaTa TavTa dTrr]yye\r) Ta> 'Iwarjcf) oti 'O TraTi'ip aov eVo^^e'Taf Kai. dvaXa^wv 

2 TOv<; Bvo 11(011? avTov, tov Mavaaarj Koi tov 'E(f>pdifi, rfkOev ■7rp6<; 'laKci)^. ^ aTTifyyeXT) Be tw 

'Ia/ca)/3 XeyovTe^; 'IBov 6 viot aov 'Itoaijtf) epx^'rai' tt/jo? ae- Kai eviaxiaat; 'laparjX eKudiaev em 



27 om Tijs B^^ I KaL 2'*] pr Kai iji'^T/^ijtrai' B-'^""^ 

29 yy7ei<roi' A | e\ai7)^<wiivi;i' A 

^8 fjrra i"] 4-er») 15*(om ert) B*'') | reaeapaKOVTa B*'' 
XLVIII 2 (Kaeeiafv AF 

Tayfia Chr : (v wpoffTay/iaTi h : om f is gSBC | f ti yv] f " yv 
nffiiuid): in h-rra 31E1L: ek ttjs 77)5 j | yrjv K] pr T-qv bw : 
TT^s 77;s kr* ; 717s AFMr*^ rell | tw (papain) aTroTre/xTrroi'v] aTro- 
Tre/xTTTOi'i/ TW 0. AFMdeghjliKiprtvya^laJToTrejUTTTou 1^2: aTTO- 
TTffxirovcn d ; aTroTre^TTToi'trt ptj'SUSIE Chr : tw ^. ttTroTrejuTrrou 
b: {ajroTre^TTToi/i' tt/i^ 77;!' tw (papadi 128): om tw tpapaoi qii : 
+ 5e TW (papao) k | (aJTOTre/iTroi'o'w*' 1 8) | X'^P'S — tpapattj 2'^] 
mutila in C | X"P'S T Tl'] ''■'75 7')5 X"P" c : praeter terras 
\, : om T7;s 77;s i [ ^oi^ov'] fiofuiv Abcdfgky : fjLOvri^ Chr | om 
OVK — tpapauj 2° p 1 TW (papaio -2°] Pharaonis 3L 

27 icrpa7;X] iaKw/3 dh Chr | ev — y(.aip\ £7ri 77)5 yi(T(p. ev 
atyviTTQj I : om ec 717 ai7i'7rTW 3l-cod : /« Gese/u ^(Seh'm lE*^) | 
cmi 77; AFMeghi»'jpqruvya,53 Or-lat Chr | ai7i;7rToi; akmox 
Cj*(uid) I eiri — 7e(TEM] "■■' yv^ ytaffi sup ras i" | eiri t7;5 77)?] 
ill terra 3B1L Or-lat | t7)s 777s B'FMdjpvaJ om 77;! fw: om 
T7)S B*''A rell | yeaeix] yeaaf/j. Mkvx : Gcsseti Or-lat | tK\ripo- 
vop.T\(ja.v BFbfilswy] cKXripopop.ridriaai' AM rell | eTr airr7;s] C7r 
aiiTOLS cfm: i'tt outt;! dr: in ca 33L | nai (irXriBvvBTtaav B*] 
KOI 7;ff7)97)iTa>' dpt: pr km Tiv^ri$Ti<Tav B='"i'eAFM rell ^IISEIL 
Chr I a<po5pa] +01 SuScKa !: i-i/3'i='' 

28 ef7)(re m | la/cwjS i"] i^\ v(mg) | om ev 77) ai7i;7rTw Chr | 
ev 77)] f7r i* I 77;] pr tt; m : tt; k : om aoa,b,Cj.13 | ai7uirToi' 
fmqu I eT7; 1° BdfmnvJL] post Sekci ejTTa AFM rell {SeKa Kai 
enra x) Chr | 5«a cttto] cTTTa Kai deKa f : +(Tri B* | e7ei'oi'To 
Sc] eyevero de m: koi e7ei'oi'To AFMdeghjkn-rtuvya,.BiL Chr | 
ai — ouTOt'] pr iraacu {2}) IL: anni uilae laeob IE | laxw/S 2°] 
om s: -fas efTJffe f | efiauTWi' — outou] twk t sup rasa: (fwTjs 
tviavTuv avTov 76): om f Chr | ei'iai'Twi'] toi- evMvTov m | om 
T7;s Fey I iKarov — et7)] eT7) p/if dfm : om ett; It | cTrra 2°] oeto 
Wp : sex 3L 

29 riyyiaav 5e] koi 777710-0^ f: 7777i<rev 5e x*(uid) | om ai 
t* I {iffpaTjK anodaveiv'l tov airodavetv irp^ 76) | tirpa-qX] pr tou 
m: om df | airoBaveiv B] pr tou AFM rell Chr: -t-aiTOi' a^ 
J3C I TOV woe oiTou] post iw(r770 hna^b^lS | iw(r770] pr toi' flv 

A{D) FMa-ya,b2C2aj3(C"")ElL' 

Chr: om W \ (om xai eittej' avra 107) | eu/)77ica] ei/po>' s: 
{evpriKafiev 18) | dtto^es] cttiSes m : Ses 1 ] I'jro tov ^rjpov] viro 
Tuv firipwv dnpq(-poi') : etti tok p.Tipov m : eiti twi* fnipwv c : super 
carnem lE'i' : super mantim 1E'= | 7roi7;<reis] Troi.i\aT\% in Chr: fac 
33 1 ETT E|Ue] /iCT f/ioi) eg : MET tfie j : /« /«<• IL : mecum J3 | 
eX£77/ioiT>'i"7''] pr eXeos koi m | p.e\ post Sai/'ai AbdhklpstvwiL | 
ffafEtK bj I EV ai7i'7rTw] in terra Aegypti IL | aiTVTTTw] pr 777 
ry33 : 777 at7i.7rToi' I 

30 Koiii.T\BT\<!0)'\ KOipLTiBurw/iat n : tit dormiam E | om 
Km I" — ai7i/7rT0u IL | apEis] o(>7)s h : eJapEis fi : toUetit % \ 
ffai/'Eis] 9ix^r\% i : sepelient 3 | /he 2°] -f meto twv irpwv /lOK bw | 
ouTwi'] palriiin iiuonim IE | 5e EiTrtv] et dixit illi Joseph E1L | 
E7w] immo IE: om Bffi(uid) Chri 

31 om EtTTEi' — airrw m [ enrev 5e] 5e EtTrEi' n: Kai enrev 
avTUi bw : et dixit ei 1E1L( -t Istrahet) : + avra eghj : -t- micw/S 1 | 
auTw] TW.. c I om Kot 7r/)0(rEKW'77(rE>' i<rpa77X 1L | 7rpoo-EKi/>'77(rE;'] 
-j-auTW dt I ETTi— airrou] super caput lecti siii 1S'= 

XLVIII 1 TouTo BaBlS'f] -1-koi A/>i'FM omn Ei'lLCyr | 
a7r7777eX77] arr]yye\i) AD( -I- Z')FMdhi-i'k(i' part sup ras)lnp-v 
y-c, Cyr : o?r7777EX^77 bw : ai'ci77EXoi><ri f : dixerunt 1E( +fratres 
eiiis 1£=) I om tw eg] | iwcj770] -H Xe7o>'tes v(mg)33 | om oti 
IE I 0] pr /niTivi a I croii] outou /)iL Cyr-ed : noster^ \ evox- 
XeiTai] -f appwcTTEia n | ava\a^u>v'\ trapaXa^iov M(mg): \afiuiv 
{20) Chr: eepit loseph IE: + loseph '3 | avTov'] + iict axrrov A 
M(mg)ckmxc, : -(-/if^ Eoirrou Z>F''afi»'rsbj: + ■^■seeum 'Si | om 
TOV 1° Cj I /xavaaarj] piavvaairri An: /lavvaa-q q: fiavaaff-qv eb, 
Phil I 77XSE1' TTpos laKUip] punctis notauit F^' (restaurauit ¥^') : 
om IE I 77X9ei'] pr et S-codd : 77XS01' Mn | ia/cw/3] pr Toi' 7rpa 
avTov m : piitretii sutim C-cod : eum C-ed 1L : -I- tov Trpa aurou 

2 a7r7777cX77 5e] f/ nuntianerunt 1L | air7777EX77] ai'7777«X77 
a^Cj : a7r7777EiXaf m : dixerunt IE | tw taxw^] a/vw,S m | XE701'- 
TEs] XE70VT0S j(mg): Xe70>'Twi' c^: om (E-ed IS | iSov'] on. a^: 
om d-ed I om n | om uios irou x | oni lairijip IB'iL | io'pai7X] 

26 Eis TpodTayiJu] eii tvttov F'> 27 E«.-X77poi'OMi7<''<"'] KaTeaxeSn""-" c, 

31 KOI 2° — ouTou] o' icai rpoireKwriaev irjX etti KeipaX-qv T775 itXii'77!: tr' koi irpoaeKiivTiatv irj\ frri to oKpoi- T77S kXii'77S : 9 
ws 01 0' V I eiri — ouTou] o' etti to oKpov T77S kXiit7S ff' etti ke^oXtjs T77S KX1V77S c, : to lovdaiKOv etti 7rpocrKE0a[Xaioi'] t7)s jiXivrii 
avTov F^: loi'Sos Xc7ei ouk c?ri tou oKpou T77S pa^Sov oXX £7ri to irpoaKCipaXaiov T775 kX77J'77S aiTOU c | eiri — pa^Sou] etti 
Ke<pa\7jv TT/s kXii'77s oXXos etti to aKpov T77S KXtv77s j 

XLVIII I evoxXeiToi] o' oppwtTTEi F'^lsine nom)Mjv: <r' vocrei Mj(sine nom)v 



B TTjv Kkivrjv. ^Koi ^el-rrev 'laKw/S rm 'Icoaijcj) Tl<f>dt] fioi 6 de6<; fiov^ iv AoOfa iv yfj Xavdav, koI 3 
_=p evXoyrjaiv /j,€ "^Koi el'irev /uoi 'ISov eyco ae ai'^avw koI ifKrjOuiHO Kal TroDjao) ae et? avvaywyai; 4 
iOvwv, Kal Swao) aoi r>)v y>jv TavT7]v Kal rm avep/xaTi aov fiera ae ei? Kardcr'^eaiv alcoi'iov. ^vvv 5 
ovv oi Svo VIOL aov 01 yevofievoi act iv Klyvinw irpb tov fie e\6e2v etV AiyvTrrov Trpo? ae ip,oi 
elaiv, l&(fipaiiJ, Kal Mai'aaaij, Ms' 'Pov^rjv Kal l.v/j.ecop eaovrai /xoi- ^xa Se eKyova a 8' av 6 
yevvijarj^ fiera ravra eaovrai- eVi rm ovofiari twv dBe\(f>(ov avTuv, KXydijaovrai eVi. Tot? eKeivcov 
KXt'jpoK. ''eyco he rjvi.Ka ijp'X^op.ijv eK MeaoTroTa/j,ia<i TJ79 '£vpia';, aTveOavev 'Va-^ifK t) firfTqp aov ev 7 
yy H-avaav, eyyl^ovTOi; fiov Kara tov 'nrirohpofiov y^a^paOd t»/? yri<; tov eXdeiv 'Fjcj>pd0a- Kal 
Karmpv^a avrijv ev tj; oSco tov iTnToSpo/xov avTrj earlv HeOXeep.. ^ISmv Se lapaijX T01/9 vlov<; 8 
l(oar](j) etirev Tti/e? aoi ovToi ; '^enrev he \wa>)(^ tw iraTpl avTov Tlot, jjlov elaiv ov<i eBcoKev fioi 6 9 
Oeo'! evTavOa. Kal eltrev 'laKco^ H poadytiye fioi avTovs 'Cva evKoyifaw avTOv^. '°ot Be 6(f>6a\fiol 10 
lapatjX e^apvoowrjaav uiro tov y>]pov<;, Kal ovk jjBvvaTO ^Xeireiv Kal I'fyy laev avTOvf 7r/30? 
avTOv, Kai e(f>iXr]aev aiTov^ Kal irepieXa^ev ai^TOii?. "/tat enrev ^laparjX vrpo? 'l(oar](f) IBov tov ii 
Trpoacoirov aov ovk eaTeprjOtjv, Kal IBoi) eBei^ev fJ,ot 6 Oeo^i Kal to aTrepfia aov. ^^Kal e^ijyayev 12 

2 kX^LVTIV 'ij*{KKLV- B'^) 

6 a5(rX0w A 7 €(ppada sup ras B'^^^'' 

^ 6s f-Lov oj<P6tj fiOi B^*' I TjuXoyTia^v A 

10 yyjpojs AB^''/)^'' | ovk] ot'x A'' | riyy^KTiv A^ 

faKw/3 efgjv(mg) | aviKadiaev bsw | ry^v kXivi-jv] ttjs k'Kwtjs ho : 
Ttjv KOLTfjv gj Or-gr: t-t/s KOirrji e 

3 Kai etTrev] enrci' 5e bc(uid)w | (t}ip07] — fiov B*] 6s 0}<f)6r] 
ixoi D( + /)*'')bwlL: 6s nov aip6T)... F: 6s /lov 0(p6ei.s 
ixoi m!E : e's Aioi; uipdr] ij.01 B»'^AMa(-0ai) rell aj3C-cod Chr 
Cyrl-: om fiov C-ed CyrA | tv Xoi'fa] post Xdi'aa'' A: ev \ov^-q 
h^*: in iiisione (JT-ed : om d Cyri^ | ^e] /iot cms: {om 31) 

4 om ixoL 3-ed d-cod | om iSou a(£-cod Chr | om eyii> y 
BC I ere I" Bbfinw] post at'^ai-u AZJ^iiM rell 93L Or-gr Chr 
Cyr{ai:|>;ij-u ed) | 7rX7;9iww Bbfinw] + ere A/J'^'M rell SBC-cod 
1£(uid)3L Or-gr Chr Cyr | om Kat tronjffu ae Im | ffvvaywyijv 
oqu j (e^fotv] avTwv 30) | om Tavnjv dp | om Kai 5° — tre 3" 
^ ] Karaaxeatp aiujvtov] ras yeveas avTwv n 

5 vvf ow] H«Hf 31 I 01 I"] pr ouTOi IS Chr | woi] oan i* : 
post troi' (25) Cyr-edf | trou] om IL(uid) : -fouToca^ | 7ei'0jue;'0i] 
{-yci'^'w/iej'oi iS): 7e-yen'7)^ei'oi dipt | iroi] ffoudlp: om S Phil | 
aiyvTrrw] pr yii aiyri r : pr 71; AMdhklnptvza^C-ed : yr) myvvrov 
egjqu Cyr J | om Trpo — (xe B Chr Cyr J | fie] post e\6eii> ot 
Cyr J I eiae\6(i.v c^ \ eis aiyuwrov Bfi] post ae A/5*''M rell 
C-codH Ath Cyr 5 : /luc 3E: om d-ed | om wpos ae S Phil | 
om efioi etatv 11£ | pLavaaai)] va sup ras b : fxavvaaat] A : fxixvaa- 
ffTjs ac-gi*jlmpqtuyajb,""'(sup ras) Phil ed Or-gr J Ath Chr 
Cyr^ed^Thdt: ixavvaaa-qs n \ pov^t^v] povfietv c i pov^LV \^-ef\: 
pov^rjfi hk Or-gr Cyr J (pr Kai) : pov^ei/x p Chr Cyr-ed§ Thdt : 
povfiifi d-gijlnt Phil-codd-omn: pov/uij. m | av/ieoiy] pr us A£> 
fhikstvN-a^B Cyrcod^ | /j.01] fxov c^: aoi a^ 

6 Ttt 5e] et alia S : -f ets to e^rjs Chr | eKyova] eyyova aci 
k-nqru Cyr-cod|: eyova h | a] oaa (20) Chr: om kn Cyr- 
cod i I 5 or- B] av AZ)dfhimnprsxybj Chr: om blwa,^: eav M 
rell Or-gr Cyr | yevvT]arjs] yewriaeis bdghlnpu(-ffis)wa2 : 7e>'77- 
rai aoi C-ed Cyr J | om fiera rai/xa Cyr i | eaovrai — kXjjpois] 
uocabunt nomen tiitim super eos nocahunt eos nomine fratritm 
titorum et dicent nomen tiitim in sortibtis illis ffi-ed | {eaovrai 
— avrit>v] aoi eaovrai rojv adeXtpuiv avroiv ro ovopta avriav 30) I 
eaovrai BIE Or-gr] + aoi r : eriint tiU B : pr aoi A/JiM rell % 
C-cod % Chr Cyr | eiri 2° Bi*] ev A/)Mi»' rell BCE-cod !i(uid) 
Or-gr Chr Cyr | KXrjpuaiv d 

7 om Se z I eK /xeaoTrorap-ias] ev /.leaowoTa/xia li^ | eK] awo 
f I /j-eaoTTorapLias] pr ryjs Cyr-ed | ttjs avpias] sub -7- z: om 

Trjs Ds I aire$avev] +eir e/xe z(mg) | paxvX] post trou ZJackm 
xbjCj'E Chr : /jax")X 1 | eyyii^ovros p-ov] pr in iiia IE' : e77i- 
^ovri fioi bw : eyyil^ovros Se fwv r : om 1 : om p.ov a^ | (om 
Kara 84) | x«^P"^" '''Z' T"/'] '" tfrra Chabratha (J-cod: om 
r7;s 77)s (C-ed | x"/'?''^"] P"^' 7';s'SlE: xa^paraD: xa/3a9pa 
y: (yafipada 20) | 7»)s] wrjyrjs a | tou i°] pr irpo bkmw | 
eippa6a] pr €is 77;^ n Cyr: pr eis acdegh''joptv(€/3;)-txt)zb2C2'3 : 
pr ev a.^: {eis e(ppavda 79: ev ev(ppav6a 18): ev(ppa6a f | Karuj- 
pv^av a^S-codd | avriiv] + eKei bw | r-r)] y-q k | o5w] 77) bdf h 
i"'lprtxc,(txt)3[S-ap-Barh-cod | nriroSpoiJiov] mroSpop.iov i* : 
imoSpopiov f I auT?)] H Se r | ^eOXeep. BB' Chr] IJidXeep. nr: 
^T]6\eepi A/)s'>M rell(;3>; sup ras b^jB"!"!!: Cyr: Belhlahem %: 
Betliel 3L : -^ sepeliuerunt Abraham ibi sepeliueriint etiam Isaac 
ibi in spelunca Jnplici quam Abraham acquisiuit a filiis Chelh 

8 laparfK] laKoi/i f | liions] pr Svo v(mg)z(mg) | enrev] pr ei 
Ep : +ei C-cod 3E | aoi ovroi] sunt hi liii 'S.: sunt isti tibi 3i | 
aoi]r)aiv D: eiaiv c^: vioii: om bdjkw Cyr-cod : -Hj-a;;/ BC | 
ovroi] -f eiaiv kl£p 

9 enrev i° — aiyrov] Kai envev Chr | om iwat}(^ C-ed | rw 
warpi aiiToii] «' ffi : om dp | {vioi] pr 01 20.32) | /ioi>] ,noi r | 
eiaiv] om Chr: +0VT01 kmd | (SeSuke 16.77.130) | 6eos] 
Dns JL I om evravSa. Chr | Kai eiTrei'] eittc Se Cyr | io\u^] pr 
t'/ IE : ei CT-ed : htrahel 1L | 7rpo(ra7a7€Te d | p.01 avrovs] cos 
ad me IL : H- w5e k | iva] Kai n 

10 Se] post o<t>6a\/ioi AMdegjmpqrtuvxzaj | laparjX] ia/v-w/3 
dptB: ai'TOu A/JMghjIqrsuvyzaj Chr Cyr: om e | e^apvw- 
TTTjaav] e^apvuivqaav qu : e^apvv6'i]aav bdi*ptwBiin-ed : in^ra- 
ua!ierunt% \ om a?ro rov yrjpovs C-ed | Kai i" — (12) Trpoae- 
Kvvrjaav] rescr A''{sup ras usque ad ruv 70) | T/Svvaro] riSvvavro 
A''(£5-)Z'Mc-fijkmnortxyzb2Cj Cyr: r)SvvT]07}aav 1 | rjyyiaev] 
7;77iaar bw : + Se A^ | om avrovs 1° bw | avrov] avrovs m* | 
Kai irepieXa^ev avrovs] induxit eos sibi C-ed : om 1 | om avrovs 
3" bw 

11 laparfK] ia/tw/3 a^ | iwffi)^] pr toi' Cyr-ed | iSov 1"] -He'^w 
d-ed I rov — earepr]6-r]v] ovk earep-t)aev p.e Kvpios rov vpoaiowov aov 
Barn | ro Trpoauirov adf ] om aov 1° e | earepijdijv] Tjarepi6yj n* : 
fraudanil me Dcus C-ed | om i5oi' 2° kp'Sffi-ed | /xoi] p.e o | 
om 6eos (IT-ed | om Kai 3" bjo^BGT?!. | ro ar^eppa] rovs iraiSas n 

3 fleos jiov] laxvpos iKavos F^ 



lioatj(f) avTov>i (Itto rail' yovdrcov avrov, Kal irpoaeKvvriaav avrco ivl irpofftoirov eirl rfjii yf}(;. B 

13 ^3\af3a)v St- 'I&)<7/)<^ TOi)? Svo vloix; avrov, top re ^'E<l>pdifi ev rfj Se^ia, i^ dpiarepcSv Be 'lapatjX, § %" 

14 Ton Be Mavaacrt) ef dptarepfov, eK Seftwj' 8e 'lapar/X, rjyyia-ev avToiJ^ avr^. ^^eKTeLvat Be 'laparjX 
Tr)v X^^P"' "^'iv Be^idv iirelSaKev eirl Trjv KecpaXijv 'Ecppuifi., ovto<; Be >}v 6 veoyrepo'i, Kal r-qv dpc- 

15 arepdr^ eirl Ttjv Ke<f>a\))u Maraa-crtj, evaWd^ rds' x^~<-P"''^- ^^Kai ijuXoyrjaev avTov<i Kal eiTtev ^ H' 
'O ffe6<; f5 evypea-Ttja-av 01 Trarepe? /xov evavTvov avTov W^padp. Kal 'laaaK, 6 Kvpio<; 6 rpetfitov fie 

16 €K veorriTo^; ewv tj;? r/fJ.epa<; TavTi}<!, ^^6 ayyeXo(; *o pv6fxev6<i p,e eK fravToyv rwv Kaxwv, euXoyrjaai. § L 
TO -rraiBia ravTa- Kal eTriKXijOi'/aeTai. to ovofid /xov ev uvtok kuI to ovofia tu)v TraTepwv /lov 

17 'A^paap, Kal 'Itraa/c- Kal 7rXr]dvvdeir]a-av ei<{ ■rrXijOo': ttoXv eVl t^? yfi<;. ^TlBmv Be 'luxr^tp on 
eve^aXen 6 TraTijp t)]v Be^uiv avTov eirl t>)v xe^aXijr 'K<f)pdip., ^apv uvtm KaTet^avrf Kal dvre- 
Xa/3eT0 l(i)atj(j) t/;? ^etpo? tov irarpoii avrov d<f>e\ecv avT))v diro Ti'j'i KecpaXrj'i 'K(^p«t^ eVi rijv 

18 Ke<f)aXr]v Mavacraij. ^^elrrev Be 'Io)cr^<^ tgj irarpl avrov Ov^ oiiroxf, vdrep- ovto<; yap 6 rrpmro- 

13 y)yyiLU€v A 
17 tov] aov B"(toii B') 

15 ivKoy-qtnv /)*'' 
18 ovx B"!-] ovK B* 

12 iw<!T)<i> Bfin] om s: post aurout A''/>''Mc{vii(l) rell '31L 
Chr Cyr | airo] en qu | avrov] i^\ bw | Trpoa-eKwriffef x'c^ 
IE I avToj] avTov h\v{ +avT0f}: om It | €wc vpoawnov] eiri irpoir- 
WTTOv liw : (ttTTO TTpoffWTTOu 1 8) : super facie ni suain "^JSC-cod : 
om aC-ed | om m 2" bvv | rtji/ yrpi /JMc-hjlmnpst Cyr-cod 

13 Xafiuv Se] Kat 'Kafiui' bw j twatjcp] pr Cyr-cod | om 5vo 
Cyr I om aiTov 1L | rof re — ttrpatjX i°] \ix posuit C-cd ; positit 
Ephrem ad sinistmin Israel IS'"^: um iS"' ] top t€ e0pat/x] et 
stare fecit Ephrem IE | tov ti] tote q | re] fuv bw : om nvz | 
om ev i* I 5f|ia] + maiiit sua C-cod: +avTov fi^'rffi-ed 3L' | 
f| apwT€ptav 5e] Kai e^ apiaTeptav m : ?</ e'j^^/ flf/ sinistravt 1L : 
om e? (14. 16.130) C I laparfK i"] pr rou 1 ; pr toi fm : om kC: 
-r ifyyiffiv auroi'S airrw e* : -t- 7j77i(7'cv aiToi'S g* | 5c 3°] i)ost 
fiavafffftj c Cyr : re /?s : om kma^tJC-cod | fjLcwa<r(n)] fiavaatj m : 
fiavvaiTar) An : /iava<r<niv degjpqu : +Se c: + stare fecit 12 | {f J 
2" — Se^iiijv] €v TT] Se^ta e^ apifTTepuv 78) [ e^ aptaTcpuv 2^ B] tt; 
apiarfpa D: ad siiiistraiii IL': om km 13: ei- ti; aptCTcpa 
AM rell Cyr | om e/c— icrpaijX 2° m | e/c Se^iojy Se] iit esset 
ad dextram IL : om IE, \ fK dt^ioiv] ev Se^ia c, | om Se 4° 
drsa^lS I t<TpaTi\ 2°] pr tov dl: (pr tov 107): + /lai'j'aa'in; y | 
om r}yyi<rev avTovs avToj C-ed | 7;77t(rf»'] pr Kat bnwIL : +Te y | 
auTw] pr Trpos r 

14 tt;;/ X^^P^ "^V^ Sc^ioc] TTjf Se^tac x^^P^ X'ackosxbjCj : 
manum stiarn dextram 13C : dextram mantim siiam % \ eire- 
^a\ev — KetpaXrjv i"] iu posuit capudlL^ \ eue^oKev] eve^a\ev \: 
eredriKev fi^'r riiil(uid) Barn | evi i"] ett n | oiTos — veurrepo!] 
iuriioris fratris 1L^' : oni S [ ouros he t\v] qui est C-ed | ovto%] 
oiToy a2l£(uid) | (om 5f 2° 76) | (om t\v 68) | j'twrepos] »» 
int lin r» | om g | koi] ad 3L' | t-i\v aptaTtpav] pr posuit d-ed : 
+ eius imposutt B: + posuit 15: +t'"(j C | M<"'a<r(T7;] laavaa-q 
m: navvaffuri A: -^ hie enim est priiiio;^enitus*E,-^A: -foTrporo- 
TOKOS c I om f^'aXXof ras X^V' c | ti-aXXaJ] ei'aXXafas Z>Mab 
dfhi»kloprstwbjCj'''(uid)B(uid)C(uid) Phil(uid) Cbr Cyr(-fu^ 
cod) : ttvaWofai n : e%a\Kai,a% x : inimutans IL : et miitauit "3 
S( + Esrael £p) ] x^ 'P" sj + <"■' ixavaaait o TrparoTOKos amoxb^c^ 
^^/iavtt4roTj] p-avaacrt)! b, : navaati^ m: +ijv c^^ll] : + ori fici» ei 



15 oni \oi I" nc|u | iivXoyTjaev] f iXoyTjfraj k | *-oi eiTfi'] 
om C-cod: om xai k: -f ('//;> IL 1 9tos] +iiov a^C-ed | w] ex 
corr h''' I {evTjpeaTijaav] -4- avTCij 20) | «i'a»'7toi' airrou] evwiriov 
avTov AMd jlpqrtuvyza^ Phil i Chr Cyr: om m Phil i : om 
avTov 3L I om 2" Phil-cod { | KVpios BJ 6s ADM omn SBC 
IL Phil Or-gr Alh Chr Cyr Nov llil | om me e* Phil-cod i | 
veoT-qTos] -I p-ov i'abdfhiklmn'pr-uwxajCjSBClL Or-gr Ath 
Chr Cyr Nov Hil | om cws — touttjs Phil J Ilil 

16 a77cXoj] pr koi EIL Phil-cod J Cyr J Hil : -f rpetpoiv 
ixe k-ai Chri | pvop.evos] o pvffanevos bfi'''i<5C-ed(uid) AthJ 
Thdti: gut liberauil 3L Nov | iie] +eK veoT-qros pLov Chr} | 
om Toiv I" b Phil-codf | KaKuv] + ixov b<lIptwIL Ath jf CyrA | 
eiiXo77;ffai] o sup ras e*': cuXoYijfffi (20) Ath-codd \ Chr : ev\o- 
ynfftj L : evXoy-rjaov fhl : betiedices C-ed | (rairra ra Traidia 79) | 
eTnK\T\9T\<!iTaC\ eiriKXi)^?) i-^: inuocetttr % \ to i" — oitois B13 
IE' J uomeii meum super eos C-edl£^: ev aurois L: fir airrots 
ffii'; ei/ ai'Tois TO o^-OMa p.ov AZ>''M rell 311L Chr \iv] err bi*w 
1i; om j*qu | aiTois] avT-qs w: ai/TOfS i*]] | om xai 2'^ I.l | twi/ 
TraTepwv p.ov] om l£i^ : om p^ov \j | (om a^paafi Kat, ttjaaK 30) | 
appap. e | TrXTj^ui'flfiTjffoi'] multiplicelur IL: benedicantur 3: 
-f «/ i-r;(«/ C-cod 

17 o iroTTjp] pr manum siiam IE: post 5f|iav p: om r: 
-I- avrov AD( -f />'')Lachk-oqstuxya3b,c,BC11. Cyp | tt[V hei,tav 
avTOv] pr Ti)!- X"P" ALMhlnpqrtiiv(mg)yajBC Cyp( -h airrou 
ra,): pr firi b* : post etppatpt i" c^: om ttjj' de^tav d: om 
auTou Ira,!E Cyp: 4-X"P" f'"' 1 0"i '''V K(ipa\-i\v i" C-cod | 
jiapii] pr /cm y | avrtji] post icaTei/io;'?; S: (oirro 25) | eipavTj L 
fc^ I fireXo/SfTo L | tijs X"/""] po'>' ""aTpos 1 | (om tou iroTpos 
aiTou 18*) I a<pe\etv] atpeairtv 1 | avT-qv] avnjs 1: om d | otto] 
ewi b: ex 1 I etppain 2"] pr tou c^: + Kat detaDat avn)va: + im- 
posutt cam J3C-ed: +ponere earn C-cod | ptavaaaTJ] ptavatni 
m : fiavvaatXT} Ay 

18 etnev Se] Kai eiirev f | taaiiip — avrov i°] tu jrpt avrov 
iwff7)0 f I Tu TTOTpi] ad patrem Cyp | om aurou 1° i*\v | owws] 
outos ejna^: j/o// 3i | outos] ootms c | yap] eartv a^ Cyp: om 
Cj: -f e(TTi>' 31BC Thdt | TrpwToTOKOs] rpetr^vrepos bw Thdt: 
primitiuus meus Cyp : -I- «/ 3L | ciriSes] Ses egj : /xeroses Barn : 


14 ei/aXXajJ avT.ttTTpe\fias t) etniTTrjpovoi! M : a' cTrtar-qpovuis vz(sine nom) 

15 eK veoTTjTos] <t' a<f) ov et/xt M 

16 pvonei'ot] a' ayxtTTevwv Mv : ayxtorevs j 

17 /3apu auTu KaTetparq] a' eKaKU$ij it' ot/Scs avria MjvzCj |[a«5e! v | avTia] avrov v: om zj 




B roKo<;, eTri0e<; rrjv Be^idv eVi tt/v KecfiaXrjv avrov. ^'^ Kal ovk TjOeKijaev, ciWa eiTrei' OlBa, tskvov, 19 
olBa- Kol ovTO? ecnai elt \a6v, koX ovto<; vylrcoOtjaeraf aWa o aSeX^ot avrov 6 vecorepo'; fiel^cov 
t C' § IL' avrov earai, Kot ro crirepfia avrov earai eh rrXrjOot; edvSn'!^ ^^°Kal evKoyrjcrev avrov<; ev r^ Vft^epa 20 
eKeivT) \iyo3v 'Ev vfiiv evXoyrjdtjcrerai, 'laparjX Xeyovre'; Yloiriaai ae 6eo<i ft)? 'E<}>pdifi, Kal &»? 
'Mavaaa-rj- Kal edrjKev rov ^E(f)pdifi efirrpoaOev rov Mavacrcrij. ^'etTrei' Be 'laparjX tc3 'Iwaij^ 21 
§ F 'IBov eYfo drro6vrj(rK(o, Kal earai 6 Oeo'i fie6' vp,(cv Kal arroarpe'^ei vfi,d<; els rrjv yrjv ^rdSv rrarepwv 
vfimv -^iyo) Be BiBoofii croi crLKi/xa e^aiperov vrrep rovs dBeX(f>ov<i aov, fjv eXa^ov e/c -xeipo^ 'Afiop- 22 
paiwv ev fia'^ fxov Kal ro^o). 
§ dj 5' 'EvwXecrei/ 8t 'I««:f()/9 tow f/ov? avrov Kal elrrev avroi<; 2,vi'd')^dT]re, iva dvayyelXto vp,lv ri 1 XLIX 

drravrri(7ei vfiiv eTr ecr-^drwv rwv r^fiepoiv. 

^ <Tvvd')(dr]re Kal dKoixrare fiov, viol la/ccoyS' 2 

If dj aKovaare ^lapar/X, aKOvaare rov Trarpot vfiwv.^ 

H L 3'Poi//3^7' rrpfororoKot; /xov, av ia-)(v<; fiov Kal dp-^r) reKvcov fiov^ 3 

aKXr]po<; (f>epea-6at Kal aKXr]po<; avOdBrj';. 

IQ aWa i°] a\\ Al>'' | aXXa 2"] aXX />'' 20 TjuXoyijirei' A 22 Sufu D | fuixa'in] AD 

AZ)(FL)Ma-c^(d,)aB (C' IfElL'l"' 

\-avTov f I T7JV Serial'] pr tt]V x^^P^ ^^^ fi^'ni3^1E; pr ttjv 
Xeipo Ldhi*lptvz; pr ffou Barn: lie.xtram vmnuin ttiam S-ed | 
Sefiov Bfiln] X'^'-f- <""' f ■ +<roi' Ai>''LMd»(sup ras) rell 3-codd 
3L ChrCyp 

19 Kai \°']ille nutcm Cyp | »)SeX7;(rei'] + o ir^p aurou M(mg) 
acmvxzbj.Cj'SC-ed (sub * M^^z) | aWa eiTfv] et dixit Cyp: 
dicens 2C-ed | otSa 2°] ^/ ^^a C-ed : oni Chri | xai outos] //«V 
tf«;V« 13 I Kai ^''J pr -i- z I oktos i*^] ai/ros /)bw: oitws cmq* j 
(om effrai i° | om eis Xaoi' Kat m | \'xov\ populum 
magnum (E | outos 2°] (auros 76): om bwffi | I'l/'w^T/o-erai] 
magntts eril S [ ^et^uyt/ avrov] post fffrat 2'' ^ | (Ueffoi' i | 
auTOU 2°] post earai 2° a^lL : om g | eirrai 2°] firTi dl | om 
Kai 4° — eirrai 3° fc^ | earat 3°] post eCi'wi' bwE: om egjtvza^ 
3L I om eis 2» v(txt) 

20 (om Kai i" 16) | Tjfjuv d | evXayijOijaerai] evXoyrjdi) i* : 
f^f i'Xo7i)S7)0-cTai j I i<7pari\] pr iras b-egjvwz: {mKU^'ji) \ Xe- 
yovres] \cyovTo$ f ; Xe^oi^rw;' h | TTOitjaat'] iroi-qai^ Chr-codd ^- : 
faciei 5L'' I o-e] iroi x13 : om c | ttppaiji 1 °] pr rov c^ | om us 

2" cdfjl'pvzbjCjSedlSIL Chr | fiavaaffrj i"] ixavaai] m: juax- 
vaaa-T] .\y : fiavaaaTji' Legj | om Kai 3" — /xavaactj 2" ab^dL | 
TO!'] TW m I efinrpoaOei' too] ws a, | tou] tw m : om bdw | 
fxavaaff-q 2*^] /tai/atn? m : fxavvafffftj Ay : + ei' tt; f uXoYtct egj 

21 Tuj] jrpos b I idov] post e7W '31: om c | om e7W x | 
earai] post Seos \'& | Seos] +/iou s | vfiuiy i°] 7)/ia?v dma„ | 
aTToiTTpfi/'ei] a-rroarpe^T) g: arajei M(mg)j(mg)lnv(mg)z(mg) | 
u/tas Babwxb^CjIE Thdt] ^/ dg; +c/c tt^j 77;s rairnj^ KD'w 
+ ^s m : -\- 6% €K T-qs yris rauTT/s M(sub -T-)dgz{sub -7-)a,(om 
TavTT)!) rell 13 Chr | om ttji' c | u/hwv 2"] tj/xux bcdfgjl Thdt : 
p.oji' m : ^01' a^ Chr-ed : ( + €k tt^s 7?;s ravT-rjs 73) 

22 €7u Se] e/ ecce W : -^ vccc 3L | 5e5w/co x<a | o-n-ij/ta bdf 
ikmopwy ] f^atpero*'] + ttoXi*' fi^'r [ I'lrep] Jrapa L | eK x«pos] 
fi' manihus aj33L: (e/f 77)! 71) | afxappaiuiv] pr t-ui' akmoxb,Cj 
13: aiiapaiuv p: a/ifiopaiuv I,: ou^oppaiwi' dh: + I'TTfp tous 
o5eX0ous ffou n | /iiaxaipa] pr t); m | om /loi/ z* | rofoi" c*(uid)m 

XLIX 1 e/caXfffei' 5e] xai tKoXfaev (107) Chr Tract | ia)cw;8] 
post auTou Chr Tract | (toi/s i>tous oi'tod] a5eXi/>ot>$ 71) | aiTou] 
avTbiv l*(uid) I om koi IL'' | aurois BfilnrlElL Tract] om AZT 

LM rell 313 Or Eus Chr Cyr | cmaxB-nTe] a9poi<r8ifp-t M(mg) : 
<ri'XXe77;Te Phil-codd : Sfin-eOr-gr t: (7(-(rif«';yc IL' Tract : coimenite 
ct coiigrtgamini IL^ : comtenite ad me filii Jacob Or-lat \ \ ivo.\ 
Kai IE Eiis^: om A-Z | avayyeiKu] (pr eyu 31.83): a>'077eXu 
na^ Phil-codd Eus J: a>'a77fXXu Phil-codd : a7ra776iXu /JLbc 
lsv{mg)wb2C, Phil-ed Or-gr .J Eus^ Cyr Thdt : (a7ra77eXu 76): 
e7ra77e(Xw Eus-^: (irpoai'a77etXw 20): a77eXw e | om vfuv i*^ 
Phil I om rt — vfitif 2° m | airai'TT/o'et] airavT-qui} Phil-codd- 
aliq : aTravTTj(T€Tat Lacdi^pstxc^d^ Phil-ed Eusf (post vpuv\) 
Chr Thdt : aTravTT)aijTai fn : vtravTTjaeTaL o: occurral % Tract: 
awol3T)<reTai Or-gri: avfifitftnTai Eus| : e<rTai (18) Or-grA- 
latj I vpLLv 2"] ii/<as 1: om Or-gri-lat| A-Z: +post hoc iL" | 
ecrxiTuv] ecxaru F* Phil-ed: effxarou bd-gjovwza^ Eus J Cyr 

2 (TvvaxSv^f — L(rpar]\] cl covuenenwt et tiencnint filii Tacoh 
et dixit iis^{-^ A iidite cum IE') | avraxSrjTe BZ>''j(mg)qsuv(mg) 
yz(mg) A-Z] a#poi<rei7Te AFKMa(-7;<rfTai a*uid)j(txt)v(txt)z(txt) 
rell Or-gr Eus Chr Cyr | Kai aKoi-o-are /lou] iva avayyetiKw vp.iv 
A-Z : om Or-lat | aKovaare i"] aOpoia ffrjTe y | om /<oi> — aKovffare 
2° Chr I pov B/?»'ifi*s] om AFLMi»' rell ai3iL Or-gr Eus Cyr 
Tract I woi iokm/S aKov<rare] pr 01 c(mg)oajl3: om d^* : (om 
vioi 107) I la/tu^] 1^ w I aKovaare 2° — v/xuv] pr et Or-lat: 
om D I om aKovaare 2° n | om laparfK qu | aKovuare 3-' Bi*] 
om AFLMi»' rell 91311 Or Eus Chr Cyr A-Z Tract | tov] pr 
Trepi qu | vpmv'] -q/xuiv gl*n : + atidite eiint IEp 

3—7 om d, 

3 poi'^7;y] pov^iv irx : pov^i/jp. kq AthA: pov^etfj. p Chr^ 
Cyr| : pov^ifx d-gjlmnt Or-gr Chr^ Cyr^ | ttpcjtotokos] pr a, 
Chr J I om p.ov i" IL'' Chr^ Tract | av laxvi p^ov] sub -=- 
v(uid)z: om n | <rv] rt %'■■. om Laefgjmc, Or-lat 5 Chr: + ei 
i* Cyr-cod 3^ | om Kai 1" egj | tcki'oii'] pr tuiv fi»'r | (TkXtjpos 
lO—avBaSrji] diiritia iiiisli et durilia audacia 3 | <!K\-r\poi \"\ 
pr e/ 13 : iTKXjjpus kquCj Chr \ | i^epeirffai] in coniiersatioiie 3L 
Or-lat Tract: <paive(T$ai e: (ws ^oij-to-fai 18) | koi 2°] bis scr 
e : post (TxXtjpos 2° 3tS-ap-Barh Or-lat Tract : om n | <r)t\T)pos 
2°] (TkXt/pus (3i(kX-).64) Chr^: om dp: -t-xai e 

22 (riKipa e^atpero**] a' wpiov exa Mv 
XLIX 3 apxv TfKvwv fiov] a' xat Ke0aXato 
(Torepa rt^?; Kat Treptffaor^pov /fparos F^ 

Xpttt/s /^ou M I TfKi'ujc ^oi'J acSptas /iou F^' | tTK\yjpos 1° — au^aST/s] irfpttr- 

FENESIZ xi.ix 9 

4 ^e^v^piaai; &>? vScop, /jtrj eVfeo-j;?' B 

avefftji yap eirl Tr)v KoiTqv rov Trarpd? aov 
Tore efiLavaf ttjv <TTprofj,vrjv ov ilp€^r)<;. 

5 ^^Vfiecov Kal Aevl «8e\<^ot' 

avvereXeaav dZiKiav e^ alpkae(o<i avTwv. 

6 ^6t9 ^ovXrjv avrwv fit) eXOoi r/ fp-v^V /*<''') 

Kal eVi Ti? avcTTficTei avTwv fir} iplaai to. Tjirard fiov 
OTi ev TcS dvfia> avT(?>v nTreKTeivav (ivOpwirov;, 

ical €v rfi €Tri0vfj,[a avrtov ivevpoKoirr^crav ravpov. 

7 ^ e'TTlKaTapaTOt o dvfio'i avTcov on avOd^rft;, 

Kal »'/ fj.rjvi'i avTOiV on iaKXrjpvvOrf 
Biafiepico avTovi; iv 'la/cco/S, 

Kal BiacnrepcS aiWov'; ev Icrpat'jX. 

8 ^^'loiiSa, ere alveaaiaav ol dSeX^oi crov § dj 

al ■)^eipe<i aov eirl vcotov twv e-^0p(ov aov 
•jrpotTKvvriaovalv aoi oi viol rov irarpo'i aov. 

9 ^aKVftvo'; XeovTo<i, 'louSa* 

SK ^Xacrrov, vie fiov, dve^r)<;- 
avaireacov iKot,fiy)dTj<i wii Xeiov Kal &)? CTKVfivo'i- 
T«9 eyepel avTov ; 

XLIX 5 Xeuei /)] ei>e<reu% B*(aip- B-^'')A 6 avaraad B='''] ffvaraai B* 

8 atveffat(rai' B^*^] atvcaftrav B* 


4 t^v^fKffa^] exabundanti IL' | m^ ffffffT/s] non exca^idescas 8 (re a.ivi(ja.ia<iv\ 7]V€aai' u( 5E^P Just | aivfaaiaav'\ atirav sup 
2/ Tract: ibullietn 13: om Cj*(J) | eitfeiri;?] f sup ras A»: rasz'': aivco-ai/ fi*s Cyr-hiercod: aiveffeiai/ Cyr-hier-e<l Thdt 
(eirij'einis 2o): feffjjs F'''(uid) \-fa.(i\aiitem '^' \ T-r\v Koi.Tt\v'\rt]% {awiaaiiv 20): atj'eo'aTwffaj' n Hip-codd: aiveaovaiv ImBlL' 
KoiTTjs Hip: om tt)!/ bfr\vc,(J) CyrJ | om tou Cyri | Tore] ore Or-lati Cyr-hier-cod Cyr | ed \ Cyp-ed Vg: conlaudatit %' 
az: ttt Or-lat [ Cyuiai/as] c^i^atm: (e^oXuj'at 20) | oi' avf^Tjs] latidant Cyp-codd | 01 X^'P" "^"i"] """'us tua Sed : om (roi 
prras(i)A: tou 7rp$ trou a^ | a»'e/37;s 2° sup ras A-^- Hip-codd^ | cirt] Kara. Eus^ | J'Wtou] vwrov f: I'o^rwi' m 

5 Xeiir; qu | aSeX0oi] pr <roi a^ : om Chr | om ej aipeireus (vwra 79) : t[w] yuru F | TrpoaKwr^aovaiv — aov 4"] om f Or-gr^ 
aiTui' Cyr-cod J coddomni-lat i Eus} | vj)o(SKVvr]Govai.v'\ pr <tai b^ Chr Cyri 

6 eXSoi] eXSi) dfgjimnp: eiffeXOot s CyrJ cod J : uaiKBi) c T-A: aJorenl £^ Or-lat (pr *•/) : TrpoaKiv-nauxn Hip-cod | <roi] 
Qt^ I MO" i°] + super eos %' \ eiri — epia-oi] iiiuoliiat menda- ffe AF*(oi suprascr F''-''')Mbdhi-''l='prt-wyza, Just Hip-ed 
lione eoriim non artanliir IL" | ejri ti; (ru<rra(rfi] i«/;r anda- EusJ | om 01 2" FeghjlnsCj Or-gri | tod irtnfm^fralris 1L' 
(•/a;« Tract J | om n; i» t | arnud. y | ^t; epiirai] iinOT'^Aia.'^ 9 lonSo] louSas ZJIS | ^Xao-rou] H-Atou (78. 107) Thdt i : 
Q non conuinieut) J3 | epiaai ra Tjirora] consentiat mens 3 | + ascenJisli 3 | uie ^ou] /iof we Eus jL (jnoi coA) : Jiliiis mens 
epicrat] eptiaai bdegi^'o-uwxz'a^c^ S-ap-Barh Hip-ed Or-lat IL' Hil Tract: w;;7iz y/Zi Cyp-codd : milti Jiliiis Cy\>-c(x[: eius 
Cyr: (priaai f: epeiirj; 1 Chr: ep«rcToic: epeifferoi jm Hip- Or-lati: om we Cyp-codd | /uoi P"*rIL' | avepris] adseendil Ox- 
co<ld: aiprtaeraik | to ijiraTo] tj 5o^a k : om ra m Hip-codd | lati: eyei'i'ijST)? Hip-cod i: omHil: + miAi 13" : -H ras (3) J3p | 
ori\ qut %,^ I omrwqu | ay^pwTrous] a»'5pay F^ "*e : aiTouj m | ai'a7re<raji' eKot/XT;^?;^] KafM^as KaT(K\t6T]S Or-gr ^ : avaKXiden 
ev 2"] eiri g* | om tt; 2" P'*(suprascr F") | Tavpov] lauros^: aveiravaaro Thdt | ekoi/urjSi; bnx"'' Just Eus^if Cyr-hier-ed 
iirbes IE Chr § | koi — airrox] resurrexisti ut catulus Uonis Tract \ \ uj 

7 ai'^aSTjs] ai'9a5ei5 o: inuidali E'' | on e<r«:X7;pi*97j] om 2"] u<rei f | ff/cu/ii/os 2'^] -t-XeoKTOS CjaiBEtuidjIL' Or-lat Eusf'^ 
Cj*£: om OTi aj | ((SK\-npvvOyiaavhi\*vi \ Siafiepiui] (f;utsenin/ ^- Chrf Thdt J Cyp Hil Tract: -l-Xeoi'Ti m | e7epei] e 2" ex corr 
coJ I CD i°] eiri a | SiairirtpM] SiaaKopiriu A | om oirroi'S 2° Tract h*': e7eipet IS-ed : eyvpei. c 

4 etu;9pi(ras] eflaM^>)di;$ F*" | eKfeffTjs] vepuriTfiB-qi Y^ 

5 a5eX0oi] o/io->i'ufi[o«s] F'' | avvtTi\e<Fav — aipeirew!] a ffxen; aSi/cias a^'oo'Ka^e M 

6 11.71 2° — /lou 2°] a p.ij iiovriBriTu Sofa (/lou) M : /iij jxavuffi) ij Sofa /ioi/ F''(int lin) | eyevp. ravpof] a' </ e|eptfu<ra;' 
Teixos Mvz: efep«ru(rav xeixos j | ei-eup.] (^epij;u(7av F'' 7 autfajT;!] Swaros F*" 

8 lOvSa — aov 3^] e^paios lOvSa aot (^opLo\oyT)aovTai. 01 aSeX^oi o-ou ai x^'P^^ troi- eirt ra fiirntppeva roiv ex&pojv aov c^ | 
ae atKC<rai<ra»'] a' aoi €^op.o\oyT}aaa&uaav Mc, 

9 ex pXaJTOv] airo opira^/iaro! F"" | afairfirajj'] eyoi-orKra! F** | e7epei] a avaarriafi M 

147 19—2 

xLix lo TENESIS 

B ^°ovK ixXeiyfrei dp^MV e^ 'lovSa, lo 

Koi riyovfievo<; e'« twv firjpwv avrov, 
eco'i av eXOr) ra aTroKeijJieva avT<fi, 
Koi avTo<; TrpoaBoKia iOi'cov. 
"Sea-fievav •npb'; afiireXov tov vSiKov avrov, ii 

KoX rfj eXiKi TOV ttwXov t^9 ovov avTov' 
TrXvpei ev olvut rrjv tTTo\rjv avrov, 

Kal €v alfiari crTa^LiX?;? rrjv TrepijBoXt^v avrov. 
^'^ yapotroioi oi 6if>6a\fio\ avrov vrrep oivov, 12 

If dj Kal XevKol oi 686vTe<; avrov rj lyaXa^ 

^^Za^ovXcov TrapaXio<} KaroiKijaei, 13 

Kal avT6<i Trap' opfiov -rrXolcov, 
Kal Traparevei ew? StScSi'o?. 

^'*'Icr(7a')(^ap ro KaXov erreOvfirjaev, 14 

ava7rav6fievo<; dva /xea-ov rwv KXrjpwv 
^^Kal IBcbv rrjv avairavaiv on KdXrj, 15 

Kal riji' yijv on ttlcov, 
vTreOrjKev rov (ofioj' avrov et? to irovelv, 

Kal i'yevrjdr) av>)p yeiopyoi;. 

10 exXifei B*{■\ei^p- B'>'>^}AD¥* 11 eXiKi] eXi/cei B*(-« B^)A: c\iKV D 

13 axhovo% B** 15 iroviv A | (yifrj V* 


10 px^^ fs Lovda sup ras A^ | e^ ioi^Sa] /« ///da Iren | Kat 3°] + x^P°^°'°* ^^ 0(pda\fxoL m* | rriv Tr€pi^o\Tjp\ to irepi^oXatov 
i^Joi'Se kmSJ3iL'S-ap-Barh Just J Hip! ed i Or-gr3-lat Eusy\ egj : aiiaholiumlL: ttnalio/adiiim Tract | om aiTou 4" c^ 
Cyr-hier Chr Jul-ap-Cyr Thdti'j Iren Nov Hil Tract | ck — 12 x^po'ro""] x"/"'"''" gjk^'psxb/' Just Clem Hip-codd 
aUT-oii] ef iffpariX Or-gr^ | avrov] aov Thdt 3*^ | ay] ov f Chrf Chr^ Cyr: /orm?do/osi Cyp: fulgentes 3L Tract | vwep oixo;' B] 
Tlidti*! A-Z: om Jul-ap-Cyr T-A | eXffoi gi | ra awoKci/xeya airo olvov AD¥^\ omn 3J3(uid)iL Just Hip (pr ws codi) Or-Iat 
avTio] ra a-jroKcifieva avruv a^ : to airoKei^evov avrov airo- Eus Chr § Cyr Thdt T-A Iren Cyp Tract : wsoifoyChr^t (airo 
Kfiraim: w ra a7roK€ifi€va Or-gr^\; is cuius sitnt praeparata 0(70(183) | om \^vkoi 1 | om avrov 2° DY* \ t] yoXa\ a lacte 
3: cui reposila erant Or-Iat i : airoKeirat avrw c^: semen Tract | t)\ «! flEiL" Just Hip-cod^ Ath Iren-codd | 7a\a] 
quod ci repositum est Tract: airo/cfirai dfgpxz(txt)d2 Just- 7a\aKT0! Ilip-codJ 

coddf Or-grfV EusiV ChrJ edj Thdlt'^ A-Z T-A: w airo- 13 ^a^ovKov cs | TrapaXios] \Ba\aaaiiiv acknixb^Cj : ad 

Karat ejlntv(txt)b2''iL Just I ed j Hip Or-gr j\-lat f codd-ap- littora mat-is 'Si-eA: ad littus mariiim S-codd | TrapoiKi]Cii D \ 

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FENESIS xi>5i 23 

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M : Tou Xaov airrov AFb-eghjlp-uvvyajb,® Cyr : plebem siiatn -niov ex'' | aiTou] post opros acnixc^SlL | om zCj | om icoi 
1L : om taiTou T-An^ | ws j | 0111 Ko.i ^la. i3 [ om Acot X^IEIL | ai/ros o [ aiTOs] pr oufc 1 | Sweet] Stadutrei Aai-'^'orc^: Staffwtrei 
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;<Ki2 />-;A« 1L^ : iiiitis uir 'St \ ei-— (17) Sai/ mutila in V | om (v 9i3!E5L Hip Chr Cyr | {apxovaiv'^ + Kai Siairwafi Tpo<p-qv 79) 
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friBri Toi Abdopqtuvxza, (76.107) l^eyei>fT}0Ti 76 | to 107]) IE: cod: i-fi^Sa^ h* : i/e0SoXei/t Avfmglb^'' rell Chr Cyr-ed Thdl | 
ycvfjOu Phil: cirrai J3T-A | o0i!] pr ws 3L' Cyri : post o8ov areXexoi a'C'lJ-ei'Ov'] coder tff/fc/iis %' : arbor refromissionis quod 
Hipi I £0 — Tpifiov] insidialor in iiiaS, \ tip o&ov] eip o5w Cyi- ex dcfedtis IL'' | aveifxevai' \m^' | eTiJiSoDS — /caXXoj] aureus 
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/ifKos fja^ Phil I Hip i Cyr ^ | tin, rpi/Soi'] eiri rpi^ov fm : /« Sous dma. Hip-cod: (avoSiSous 20) | om tf Cyr | ytfTi/j-aTi^ 
similas %' : om (76) Hipi | Suki'ui'] pr koi b: -t-ztai a^ | Yfi/i/T/^iari AMfmnx'ya^ Hip-ed Chr Thdt : -faiTOU dlTiW^'prt | 
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post Kvpioi' T-A I Kvpiov] pr -jrapo Cyr-ed: a DTio ii,: Trapa post fijXMTos yB(uid) : /ioi di^'ptc^ : om AZ>F*Mi* rell 21 Chr 
Toil fleoi' Phil ^(uid) Cyr | ("t^Xutos] fj)\wT7;! d*ajlE(uid) Hip-cod Cyr-ed: -i- uios 

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poTvipio;-] (bis scr 71): jreipaTjjpios n | om oi'tok CyrJ | om Chr | om ;H6 m | avaarptipuv dc^ii-cw)^ 

auTos — a\rroiv dlo*pc2 [ auToj 5e] pr /cat nt Thdt : /cat ai^os 23 ets of 5ta/3ouXei'0;uei'ot mutila in F \ tii] -f- oSov f | Sta- 

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gh'J'ijmntwxz Cyri codi Thdt: aiTw fqu Cyr-ed J: auToi' k* acxbjCj(^) : -f Kat eSticao-ai'TO kc2(i) : -I- xai tStKafoi'TO m3 | om 

(uid): eos 3L 1 TroSas] -^eortiin 3L' kq.i n | aurttj] axrnjiv c: ai'TOi' n* | Ki'ptotj n* 

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ff' Xex**' jvz(sine nom) | iretpaTci'tTct 2^ — TroSa?] (poaffartvati vjTtpov F^{int lin): ei'^ti^fttT^T/trerai irrtpfay M 

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23 ets — Tolei'/xaTfi))'] to (jap.. Kai tfurrTjoaf avrov Karoxoi pitpiSuv Kat Sitfittvtv tv ^a$ti to^ov avrwv jc^ ([/xcptSa c^ \ ro^ov 
al^Ttjf] ro^tv/jtaruv j]] 


XLIX 24 


B ^■'/tai avverpi^T) /xera Kparovi ra To^a avTwv, 14 

Koi i^eXvdr] rd vevpa ^pa')(i,6vaiv ■)(€ip6<; avrdiv, 
8ta %«/3a hvvd(TTOV 'laKw^' 

€Keldep o KaTtcr'^^vcrat 'lapa^X' 
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^^Kat, €^07}dr)a€v croi 6 0e6<i 6 €fi6<;, 

Kai ev\oyr)(rev ere evXoyiav ovpavov dvwdev, 
Kai evXoyiav 7^? e-)^ovarj<; irdvTa' 
^V€Kev ev\oy[a<; p,a<7Twv Kai fir/rpa';, 
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v7TepicT')(vaev eir eiXoyiait opeiov fiovifiojv, 
Kai CTT evXoyiaK deivwv aevdcov 
eaovrai eirl K€(f>aXf)p 'la)a')]<f>, 
Kai eiri Kopv(pri<i wv ijy/jaaTO uSeX(pu>v. 

"'^^eviap.elv Xi^/to? apira^' 17 

TO irpcoivop eBerat en, 
Kai et9 TO eatrepa'i BcBcoaiv Tpo(})ijv. 
% L ^^^HdvTe'i ovTot viol 'Ia/ca)/3 SoiBeKa, Kai Tavra eXdXr]ati> avTOL<; 6 TTarrjp avTwv koI eiiXoyi]- 18 

5 C"" oev avTovi iraTijp, eKaarov Kara ti]v evXoyiav avrov evXoyijaev ainov^;. ^^^Kal elirev avroU 29 



25 TjvXoyriaev F | eiytKtv D^'V 
27 TTpotvov F* I fnt A 


24 {om Kai i" — avrtav 1" 30) | avv(Tpt,^Tf[ auvrpt^ij w : 
avvnpi^fiaav Hip-cudd | ixertx. Kparovi] post axnwv 1° a^lE: 
{Kara Kparos 20) | Kparovs] pr rov m | TO^a] TO^evp-ara F \ om 
Ktti 2" n I f(e\vtii}] eifxvdri r | om ra 2" Fl"' Cyr^ Thdt | 
^paxi-ovwv] om f: + avTujv c | x^^pos Bbow] Kai x^^P^" c: om 
fi'iaE" Cyri: maiiu %': xeipu;- AZ>FMi'' rell BIES-ap-Barh 
Chr Cyr ^ Thdt | avrcay 2^] aiTOf n* : aiTou m | x^^P^] x^^R^^ 
T){ + D) I di'faTovThdt \ omeKdd^p — aov p j omoi*mChr-ed | 
/CQTKT'xi'i^as] KaTi(Tx^<^o^'^ d: KaroLKijaa^ g: +{re Ay | KTparjX] 
laKwfi A I (^eoi'] pr rov Adt | troi'] afToi' n*lt^' 

25 om KOI 1° n* | e^orillriao'] efioriaei> a^ | (<roi] ire 73) | 
((Tf] 5e 18) I (ei;Xo7[ai' ofpacoi'] an-o oi'i'oi' €u\o7iaf 14) [ou/jafoc] 
pr airo egj : ovviov f i^'r ; {an aVov 79) | om aifw&ep Kat